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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 3)

43. Muslim Hatred

False prophets... you will know them by their fruits (Mt 7:16).

After John went through Tanzania and on to Comoros Island and Zanzibar, we received more death threats. Muslims were being converted to Jesus, and this was greatly disturbing to the Muslim leaders and community. I soon received aggressive, nasty e-mails. How they got my e-mail address is still unknown, but it was probably from the Ogada gang.

The first Muslim despot to contact me was Masjid Musa. So, in reply, I sent him the text from the booklet Why Is Jesus Lord? He needed a bit of education, so I gave it to him. He didn’t want it, however:

28th August 2014. Masjid Musa wrote:

I have read what you wrote but stop baptizing our people.

Could you tell me where John lives?

My reply:

1.  What's the problem about baptising people?

2.  Why do you object to that as if it is an evil?

3. Why do you not submit to the teachings of Jesus whom you, as a Muslim, claim was a prophet? A true prophet is sent by God and speaks for God to the people. His message is from God, so it should be lived by. Jesus commanded converts to be baptised. So why do you disobey the teachings of the prophets whom Islam claims it recognises? You do not obey what Jesus said, and which is recorded in the Bible. God holds you accountable for disregarding His words through His prophets.

4. Why do you not obey the teachings of Moses, who was also a prophet which Islam claims it recognises? Why do you not promote the Ten Commandments which were commands given by God to Moses (recorded in Exodus 20)? Islam says one thing but does another. There is double talk in Islam.

God hates hypocrisy.

5. You say "our people". What do you mean by "our"?  They are not yours. People belong to God. He made life on earth. All life belongs to Him. So, they are not your people; they are God's people. And if you are trying to obstruct and oppose what God is doing, you are fighting against God and He holds you accountable for that.

As a prophet of God, I must warn you that if you don't desist from opposing us, He will strike you dead or curse you in some other way. That curse is now operative upon your life unless and until you repent.

But I wish you well, and that you may repent of your hostility towards us as Christians. Malcolm B Heap

7 Angels Warn Of Attack

29th August 2014. 16:47. Someone from a Muslim background is planning to attack John but he will die on the spot the moment he touches John' s fence.

The Lord also demands that a sizeable Holy temple (Lord’s house) [spiritual meaning; many people] must be constructed as soon as possible and you should pass this info to all. The message was delivered by seven angels at midnight. May God bless and protect you all. Mark

29th Aug 2014. 18:51. A dead man next to my fence!

All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. A Muslim man with the face covered made his way to my home and died before reaching my gate. The Chief has called the police and he found a pistol in his pocket. God be praised. J

29th August 2014. 19:29. No African magic can block Him. The Muslims in Zanzibar, Comoros and Kenyan coast tried to stand in His way and all were defeated. Blessed be His name. Shalom. J

God Is Striking Opponents Dead

31st August 21:55. It was while I was reading this [N69] that the Holy Spirit came upon my mouth with the manifestation of someone dying, and as I write it is coming again! Another has died... time, 9.15 pm. My head dropped... Fiona

1st Sept 2014. 13:18. I am adding a PS, a very insistent one! Last night, and now again today just in the last hour or so, I have received many manifestations of the dying... numerous, and very descriptive. One was crying "I did wrong!"... in the last gasps and distresses. Whew!

Wonder if these are the gang of thugs... Earlier, after these 'revelations of the dying', the Lord assured me that these are in Africa, and that there were three, at that point. The Lord was saying: "The enemies of MM are surely being cut down. They called upon Me, but I did not answer. I am Jesus, and I am Holy God." Fiona (UK). Comment: The 2nd half of Proverbs 1 outlines some of this scenario.


5th Sept 2014. TIME IS NOW!  MOVE ON!  MOVE ON!




Malcolm, from last Sabbath I have been down with a serious headache. And last night at midnight 7 angelic bodies visited me and told me to wake up and pass on the information above. I don't know how John is prepared but they reported that God is pleased with the preparations. I am humbled before Him to guide this Work. Thank you. Rhoda

Reply: Thank you, Rhoda. Someone over here has offered to fund the cost of the van that God said was needed. Our family doesn't have money for such things, because we only have a very minimal income, just enough to live on. So, we rely upon God moving other people here, who have wealth, to give for God's purposes... Has your headache now gone? It was caused by demons who were trying to discourage you...

The Grand Mufti of Mentaltown

6th Sept 2014. 12:20. Oooh! I warned you to stop your satanic teachings and baptizing our people but you go ahead and kill our member at John's place. I will not let you have peace as from today. Son of a bitch!!.  Masjid Musa

My reply: 21:03. Who are you? The Grand Mufti of Mental town?

You warn me to stop...  Well, you can forget that for a start. Who do you think you are? You are not God. Who are you? The Grand Mufti of Mental town?

Are you blind? Or can't you read? I wrote to you previously "As a prophet of God, I must warn you that if you don't desist from opposing us, He will strike you dead or curse you in some other way."

You have totally ignored the writing Why Is Jesus Lord? which was inspired by the Spirit of the Almighty God. You said you read it, but you obviously didn't read much of it, nor with your brain in gear. Jesus is all powerful, and He strikes people dead who blaspheme to the nth degree.

You have blasphemed by calling 'our' teachings "satanic". It is YOU who are satanic, not the teachings of Jesus Christ which we promote.

Who was the guy you sent to murder John? What was his name? How much did you pay him to do your dirty work?

I did not kill him. God did. And for that you find fault with God. But God is just. He declares in His Word that those who take to the sword shall die by the sword (Matt 26:52), so your man died, because you sent him to murder.

Why didn't you go yourself? Are you a coward? I suggest you try and murder John yourself, since you know where he lives, and prove that you are not a coward. [I do not say such things lightly. It is because God promised through a prophecy to use John like Joshua that I dare to taunt such opponents.]

Or come over here to the UK and try to murder me. Because, you won't be able to, mate. You are mentally deranged and your demons are not powerful enough to counter the power of God's angels who protect us for God's purposes.

You won't be able to disturb our peace, because it rests in Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world. The curse you threw at us will return back onto your head, because you are cursing the very God who made life on earth and who sustains life, yours included. Do you think He is going to continue to sustain your life while you curse Him and His servants? Not likely! He's going to pull your plug sooner than you think. Malcolm B Heap

7th September 2014. 13:26. Masjid has dug his own grave and will face death soon. I can see he is trying to insult the prophet of the Lord. Mark

Comment: I had not told Mark or anyone, other than Helena and Tonya, that I had written to Masjid Musa and given him the last chance to repent before God exacts judgement upon him. God’s Spirit showed Mark what Musa was doing, and what would be the end result.

Van Bought

In mid September John managed to buy a Toyota Hiace diesel van in Mombasa. It will distribute MM literature in Africa, just as God promised. Wilfred kindly provided the funds for that, as God showed him.

Stony Hearts Who Try To Stop Outreach Will Die

30th September 2014. ...I can also see some people with hard stone hearts. They will try to block MM outreach and destroy the MM van which is meant to distribute books in E. Africa and beyond, but the Lord will not allow that. They will die instantly whenever anybody touches it... These are the words from the Lord. Mark

Comment: The van left on Sunday 28th Sept for the trip to Comoros Island, Zanzibar and Tanzania, taking MM lit. The cost of the trip was some £4,000 (mostly fuel and charges).

Intercession, Very Heavy!

3rd October 2014. All afternoon we [Malcolm and Helena] endured a fierce demonic attack. We were blitzed by demons which we think came from Kenya. God was probably clearing the demons away from people there so that their minds can be freed to accept the truth soon to be presented. Helena was forcefully pushing at the demons for hours! This was on top of her general intercession which she does each day until 2 am and from 8 am to 2 or 4 pm continuously every day because the demonic onslaught is so great! She didn’t have any letup that day, except for a few minutes!

Another Attempt To Kill John

4th October 2014. God's hand visited us in today's Sabbath meeting in my home. A Muslim man, who turned out to be Masjid Musa's nephew, pretended to be mad and came up to 200m from my home. Then, before he could do what his satanic instructors sent him to do in my home, God struck him dead. He was heard crying aloud: 'please don't burn me in hot coal!' [See Ps 11:6.] Then he died.

God also moved us, I and my wife Eunice, to open the MM booklet Why Hell? next to his lifeless body, after hand grenades were found in his pockets. His body has been taken by the police, and we have taken the MM book back with us. He was sent to kill us, but God's hand finished him. God be praised. John

Reply: Presumably you didn't hear Musa's nephew call out those words before he died. I presume some witnesses heard him say that, and witnessed what happened?

John’s reply: 5th October 2014. You are right, I only went there when he had died. Over 50 people including the area Chief witnessed it happen.

From: Malcolm Heap
Sent: 04 October 2014 20:39
To: 'Masjid Musa'
Subject: Who are you? The Grand Mufti of Mental town?

So you have sent another one to his death for doing your dirty work, eh!? I warned you, but you don't listen.


You have believed lies in your Muslim so-called 'faith'. There is no true faith in your religion, because you trust in human weapons, not in the power of God. True faith relies upon God, not on the things of man.

Your man was struck dead by God's supernatural power today at John's place. The police have his body. You can go and collect it from them.

You had better read again what I told you on 6th September. God Almighty, whom we serve, is going to pull your plug sooner than you think.  Malcolm B Heap

5th October 2014. Masjid Musa’s reply (after I told him that his nephew had been struck dead by God for going to John’s place with 2 hand grenades to kill John and blow up his premises):

idiot!! look at you. silly fool.

6th October 2014. I had asked John some questions about the most recent attempt on his life.

John replied:

The area Chief confiscated a mobile phone from him which the police officers used to call Masjid who confirmed to them that he is called Mohammad Bin Yussuf Ali, a son to Masjid's sister. He refused to disclose his home area but the last word Masjid said was ... OUR PEOPLE MUST NOT BE BAPTISED! [Look how Satan fears people being baptised and receiving God’s Spirit to become His children!]

Yes, the grenades were removed from his pocket. Masjid went ahead to inform the officers that he must kill me. It is from Masjid's threatening words that I confirmed that the dead man was sent to attack me. J

The story about Muslim attacks on us is far from over! Much more follows. Masjid Musa claimed he had an army of more than 2,000. He probably didn’t command that number of men, but had connections. With a small band of 5, and a briefcase full of money, he tailed our van in Angola and through the Democratic Republic of Congo, intent on assassination, but he failed. I will detail that episode later.

Koran Destroyed By God’s Power

I had asked L about the angels who appeared to her in Uganda:

15th October 2014. Further clarification. We saw the angels as they appeared to us. We knew that they were angels by seeing things like feathers and their bright shining faces. Their white clothes shone with beauty.

My father’s Quran was on top of the table with other books of Islamic prayer. Something we could not understand was how it happened. The table never got burnt, and other books and documents didn’t burn, even though they were placed on top of the Quran and the prayer books. My father now knows that we are Christians and knew of our travelling to Kenya [for the Feast] but he has chosen to hate us because of our new found FAITH in Jesus Christ. L

I asked her whether the prayer books also got burnt:

Reply: Yes the prayer books got burnt too. My father thought we might have done it because of us getting to follow Christianity. But he could not prove it because no one gets into that room and as he leaves for town he locks the door and gives the key to our last mother (the fourth wife). But when this took place he never left the key to anyone. No other document in the pile had any trace of burning or charring despite being in the same place.

Comment: Clearly, God was demonstrating a vital point to Muslims, if they would heed what He is trying to tell them.

Thrown Out By Their Muslim Father

After attending the Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Kenya, at the holy site which God had appointed on Mark’s land, L returned home. Her father had declared Jihad (‘holy’ war) – total intolerance – against her:

22nd October 2014.

We arrived at Kampala today at around 1 pm after a long and tiring journey from Kenya. We went to our house and our father sent us away. He threw our clothes out and gave us nothing to start our life somewhere. The little money we arrived with we have paid to have a place to spend this night. We had started this outreach program and now my father has taken a step to challenge God’s work here in Kampala. We shall sleep in this hotel tonight and tomorrow. God knows because He first found us and planned for our work here in Kampala. Whatever He plans we will follow.

...we can be able to survive this mess that our father has decided on us. He said that once we decide to stop every work with Midnight and rejoin Islamic then he will accept us in his home. We have found God and want Him to dwell in us. We sleep here today and we don’t have even little money to buy food; nothing, apart from the few clothes we have. The devil is trying us but we can’t leave and follow the wrong path just because we have been sidelined by my parents.  L

Reply: It will all work out OK. First I need your father's name, so I can write him a short letter for you to drop through his door.

The Letter:

Dear [you can insert your father’s name],

Your Quran and prayer books were burned by the Almighty God whom I represent. If you curse those whom God has approved, the curse returns to you because you insult the Almighty God who created the universe. I don’t want to see you cursed and suffer, but you will suffer and die if you continue to curse God by the way you are behaving.

You have cursed me, but that curse will not affect me because I am a prophet of God Almighty. Instead, that curse will return upon your own head.

Besides the prophet Mohammed, Islam recognises other prophets such as Jesus and Moses. A prophet is one who speaks for God, as you know. So, if Islam recognises Jesus as a prophet, why do you disobey the teachings of Jesus?

Jesus said: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies...” (Matthew 5:43-44).

You are not loving your daughter(s) in the way you are treating them. You are hating them, and they are not even your enemies!

Love is stronger and more powerful than hate. Our love will overpower your hatred. Our God will overpower yours in Islam, because He is supreme and ALL-powerful.

Love appeals to heaven. Hate appeals to hell.

Jesus also said: “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven...” (Matthew 5:10-12.)

So, by persecuting your daughters, you are bringing an extra blessing upon them, the opposite of what you are trying to do.

I am writing to you because I care for you. I do not hate you. I want to see you blessed. So I appeal to you to withdraw your hostilities against me, and against your daughters, and against the God we serve, lest He strike you dead or curse you in some other serious way.

Malcolm B Heap

It’s important that the warning gets to your father, because then, afterwards, God is able to do whatever He needs to do to bring your father under judgement. If we don’t warn him, we are limiting what God can do. It is necessary to warn such people first. God always tries to warn people first before He acts in dramatic ways.

24th October 2014. L’s reply:

We went to our father and gave him the letter you wrote to him. He took it, opened the envelope and started reading and the moment he saw Bible verse in it, he said "Christian! My foot!" and his temper rose high as he tore it to pieces. He moved into the house and came out with a panga to slash at us. My sister ran away but I did not know that the angels of God had surrounded me, and I could not move. My father fell down and the panga cut his arm. We left him there still bleeding. He claims that he will never accept Christianity into his house.  L

My reply: Well done. You have done what was necessary. Perhaps he will think about it more soberly and sensibly as he recovers from the wound. If not, and if he tries to create more trouble, God may strike him dead. We would prefer to see his life turned around, as I'm sure you would, but that seems remote.

Since he has torn it up, can you give the same message to your mother(s) who live with him? God bless.

The Angels Strike 7 Muslims Dead

4th November 2014. A group of seven Muslims with my uncle were killed as they planned to attack us. One man who was with them, Ali, was left and told us what happened. He said that seven people appeared inside the room [these were angels] and killed all the other seven [who were conspiring to murder L] and told him to go and testify about what happened. He came to us and told us that the people who attacked [angels who manifested as people] killed the evil men and disappeared without him seeing how. He feared and said it is like God sent them. [Precisely!] He told us too that he was told to repent and be baptised and do good.

I am happy this day that God has opened to me and S to get a job in a hotel as cleaners where they provide us with breakfast and lunch even though the salary is small. We found a house too at 180,000 Ushs. We don’t have either beddings nor any household to support us at this moment.

A was baptised yesterday together with B and J. We also received more books from P for the outreach programmes. L

7th November 2014. We have just finished moving and settling in with things we bought after all God favoured us. [A supporter helped her to pay the rent and buy some household items.] And we have just received news that our father’s house has burnt down with everything in it. Nothing has been rescued. Now we have a place but my father is homeless – as he made us. Glory glory be to God.

I pray this will open my father’s eyes and see where salvation and true worship can be found [the wicked don’t change!] that he may use the time he has left in his old age to make a place for himself in this Kingdom of God that I now desire to be part of.  L

God Raises A Dead Girl In Comoros Island

In Comoros I was received by [a formerly Muslim family. He has a library in his home where people can come and borrow the MM lit. Here I stayed for 4 days.

I had planned to go back to Kenya on the 3rd day, but God wanted to turn the rocky hard hearts of these Muslims to know His power. M fell ill and in less than two hours she died.

People came into the home baying for my blood, saying that I was responsible because [they accused him falsely] I am a devil worshipper...

At midnight the girl was found reading MM lit in the house surrounded by 4 copies of the booklet Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation. How it happened none could explain. I was sneaked out very early in the morning to move back home, for the Muslim mafia could even burn the van. Vuga 


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