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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 3)

44. At The Festival

You shall observe the Feast of Tabernacles seven days... And you shall rejoice in your feast... (Deuteronomy 16:13,14).

God gave prophetic input to several people about how the FoT in Africa would be a very special occasion. Rhoda saw the sick being healed and the lost getting baptised. And that is what happened. Paul said:

The Lord has planned great things in this year’s Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day when we will be in Kenya to give praise to Him and to bear witness of the things of the Lord.

Twelve people will travel with me from different parts of Uganda for the Feast and I have observed how it’s going to be great as people of different tribes and from different parts of the continent from different countries too will unite to praise God. I've two people from different parts of Africa – Tanzania and Zanzibar – and one from Congo and Burundi. This is the biggest God’s feast ever done in Africa, and shows how God is kind to bring people towards the truth.

Holy be His name, the Lord our God whom we serve in truth. P

Benjamin added:

30th September 2014. Many have run away from the churches here in pursuit of the truth in MM. I’m happy to know that the Lord’s FoT is soon and preparations are ongoing to host a great multitude never before seen in Kenya coming together in God’s praise [by keeping that festival].

I have heard that people from different parts of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and other places are coming... B

A Dream That Sets The Tone

24th September 2014. Humility.

In a dream last night I saw you sharing with a good number of people about the above topic. After the meeting the people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and all spoke in tongues. You distributed booklets on the topic. John

Reply: I believe God is emphasising that trait because it is so basic, so essential, yet often so lacking in many believers. It's the topic of The Missing Dimension in Christian Living. The opposite is covered in The Subtlety of Pride.

The Angels Make Preparations For The Festival

19th September 2014.

The angels visited and informed me that F and A should be going to M’s place. I too will join them there. This should be on 27th this month to start up the preparation for the FoT. I saw that the number of people attending the feast is more than 300 who will camp at M’s place for the eight days as the feast will run up day and night sessions. Much of God’s power will be seen and there will be an attack to stop the feast but those involved will be struck by thunder... Benjamin

21st September 2014. Hallo. The whole week has been very challenging. The Lord appeared to me on 14th night and took me into a deep sleep where I was shown how several people joined John, Mark, Paul in the Feast of Tabernacles. The sick got healed and the lost got baptised.  Rhoda

1st October 2014. A dream to Fiona (UK).

There was much activity of speaking in the dream, and of attacks too.

I heard something about coming out of the battle, for a time, and "There will be a time of unprecedented calm."

Comment: This predicted events surrounding the FoT in Kenya. A lot of speaking, but demonic attacks to try and undermine the benefit God’s people will be finding in good teaching and fellowship. But the attacks will be thwarted and God will give peace to His people during the FoT.

Successful First Feast of Tabernacles

20th October 2014. John reported: ...By 7 pm [the first night] 115 people had arrived. That night at exactly midnight the Lord appeared to Mark in a vision that warned us that some of us [some of the people who have tagged along with MM] will betray MM by dining with betrayers [in Betrayers of MM In Africa].

Day 1: A large team from Zanzibar, Ukerewe Island, Mombasa and Tanzania arrived at 10:00 a.m. By midday we had a total of 281...

SABBATH DAY: A mad girl called J got healed from demonic torment. She came in the midst of our meeting and started to cry aloud saying, DO NOT BURN ME WITH HOT COAL. An MM book Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation was opened before her and she fell down into a deep sleep [‘slain in the Spirit’] and when she woke up she was delivered.

Day 3: A bhang smoker meets with Jesus. O, a young man of 18 who had consumed bhang for over 5 years till he raped his mother in 2012, got saved and baptised when he came into our meeting with the plan to rape the women who came from all parts to worship with us. Instead, he was carried supernaturally and fell on the MM book Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation. God touched him and he fell to the ground, shrieked aloud, crying that he was burning in hot coals [see Ps 11:6]. He stayed on the ground for roughly 35 minutes.

DAY 8: BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. At exactly midnight the Holy Spirit visited the ground. Everybody saw a sharp flash from heaven that rested on each of us. It started with a strong wind, then fire spikes and thunder came and caused all to fall to the ground [they were ‘slain in the Spirit’]. It was Friday 17th after teaching on the Holy Spirit by prophet Mark. When Mark woke up he repeated the same message of God exposing false believers.

The meeting extended to midnight supernaturally because after days of Bible study, many other people from the village and far areas thronged the venue requesting for prayers. We later realised that it was God who brought them to shame the MM betrayers who boycotted our meetings. [God healed them all as was prophesied – see page 42.]

People were so many that the sleeping rooms became inadequate. That’s why the night meeting was divided into two topics.

Last Great Day, Friday 17th October 2014.

Hello. I have never seen God appear mightily like it happened in Mark's place. God appeared at midnight in thundering sharplight like sparks, bringing all to the ground. Myself I attended the meeting while feeling headache. I felt some ice cold feel on my face and back. The sickness was healed at once. I saw some people speak in tongues, and groanings could be heard as the devil escape from people including the Moslems who came all the way from Zanzibar. It was a awesome sight that left us baptised in Spirit... Rhoda

17th October 2014. In this meeting Joseph regained his sight. He had been beaten by thugs when he went back to K to pick up his ID, and he was nearly blinded by them. Rhoda also received a word of encouragement that God will remove her out of the city centre to a piece of land near [a remote Kenyan region] where she will be mightily used by God to remove the [tribe] out of demonic traditional practices.

God healed a mad girl named Y who came by force to our meeting all the way from Kit Mikayi in Asembo near Kisumu. God did many wonders. God is God.

Many people saw visions. For example Rhoda saw 7 angels promising to remove her from the town centre to [a remote Kenyan region] to spread the Gospel of Truth. Obala saw a fire train being pulled by seven horses at high speed and each horse had a placard on which was written THIS IS THE HOUR, DON’T REST. They were moving towards a large town surrounded with a concrete wall. Jimnah from Zanzibar saw several Muslims bowing down before him and accepting MM publications. Paul saw God providing pick-ups to deliver required materials to M's place of worship. People who attended have got a lot to tell! God bless. John

Many from different religions came running to witness the miracles the Lord performed. Some were dressed in long white robes – they were led by the Spirit of the Lord to the feast in Kenya from Zanzibar. [Those dressed in long robes are from the Yoruba tribe, I was told.] I devote myself fully to work for the Lord. Mark

19th Oct 2014. Yesterday... the seven angels appeared to me and Benjamin as we were going through a study. They said that another group which dines with devils and have rooted themselves will be exposed and driven out... Paul

20th Oct 2014. 21:17. There is good news from the angels which reached me 30 minutes ago. They’re going to destroy any evil plans to block God’s work. The seven angels have informed me... [about the betrayers]. Benjamin

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