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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 3)

42. Jamming The Enemy’s Guns

No weapon formed against you shall prosper... (Isaiah 54:17).

When John was returning from Kakamega, where he had visited the prison and shared some of God’s truth with them, the bus he was on was stopped in a roadblock by six gunmen dressed as police. As they opened fire, shooting indiscriminately, killing and injuring many people, John scrambled to get his copy of Faith out of his bag. As he held it up, their guns jammed. (Full account in Mighty Miracles of God, Vol 2, p 60.)

When Mark confronted the gang and they tried to shoot him, he did the same thing and their guns jammed (Mighty Miracles of God, 2, p 59.)

On an earlier occasion, when John was abducted and the gunmen were about to kill him at close range, John defiantly held up Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation. At that moment, their guns jammed and they fled in terror (Mighty Miracles of God, Vol 2, p 30.)

The same thing happened at Kericho prison, when a corrupt police officer tried to shoot John (p 25, MMG3).

Jesus promised us that He is with us always as we reach out with His truths to others (Matt 28:20). That doesn’t necessarily mean that He will deliver you from the enemy’s clutches in every situation or prevent you being killed (when it is in His will). But He is in charge in all circumstances. The reason He is jamming those guns is because of the restored truth which MM has been commissioned to preserve and distribute.

In January 2015, near Lusaka, Zambia, John and Vuga’s van was stopped by five gunmen. When John threw MM’s booklet on Faith at their leader, the gang opened fire with their guns – but not at John and Vuga – at each other, killing all five! God is making a point. Truth is more powerful than guns. And the purer it is, the more powerful it is in routing the enemy. MM literature is His, not ours, just as the Bible is His, not ours. It is given to each of us to read and obey – not to resist it.

Gunmen Thwarted; Healings; Miracles; Because It’s God’s Truth!

7th September 2014. 17:24. In Uganda.

We have reached home safely after a long night travel from our outreach. We were being tracked so we could not communicate but tomorrow we shall send all the news about our outreach in various parts of Uganda. Our God is so great for all that took place! Paul

8th September 2014. We left Mbale on Sunday morning 24th August to Lira where we had three days’ outreach.

On our way to Lira, the bus was attacked by gunmen who had boarded with us from Mbale. There were six men. They ordered everybody to leave their seats and lie down on the floor. They took control and drove the bus into the bush where they forced people to strip off their clothes.

Almost everybody did but Christine and I refused. They pointed their guns at us and shot a man dead. After that they aimed at me and Christine but their guns failed [they jammed]. Seeing this, the other passengers took to fighting the thugs and defeated them.

We prayed for the dead man and he came back to life and everyone was astonished to see this.

The driver took off and we headed to the police station where the gang was locked up.

We continued our journey to Lira and arrived late on Monday evening, the 25th, and lodged in a hotel.

From 26th Tuesday, we had door to door meetings, giving out the truth until 28th evening. Many people got healed. Others spoke in tongues. A woman called Jane, born blind, received her eyesight and got to see. It was so amazing for her to now see all that from birth she was only able to feel! She was now able to see it for real.

Another woman called Axxxxx got completely healed. She was able to walk after being confined to bed for three years after a tragic road accident.

We slept at her place and then started our outreach from there. J, A, M, and B, got baptized there after accepting the truth. We gave them the address to get the booklets and also left a few.

We left Lira on 29th Friday morning to Kampala, the greatest part of our outreach. On reaching Kampala two young ladies called M and L were at the bus stop and as we got off they came direct to us and told us they were expecting us and said “the good news is in your hearts to enrich others.”

They took out the book Why Believe in God? and showed us. We were amazed how they got this. They took us to their home where we met a big group waiting. They informed us that Antony was in their region for two days two months ago and taught them much before he left to Rwanda giving them three MM books.

We had a two day outreach there where the Lord’s great Spirit was seen – two healings, speaking in tongues, and fulfilment of prophecies.

L told us how God’s angels appeared to them the night before we arrived and told them to meet and welcome us, and that the news we carried was the only truth that all must follow. [In other words, the Last Restoration of Truth.] They also said that the angels appeared to them and informed them that no other prophet is to come after you manage to give this truth to all parts of the world. [Probably what the angels meant is that MM is God’s last prophetic work to restore truth. The 2 witnesses will come while this truth is still spreading.]

They also said that the vision of a van transporting books to all parts of east Africa will be fulfilled and that it is to come before the Feast of Tabernacles.

Six people got baptized: [names withheld.]

The Angels Speak About This Holy Work

We travelled from Kampala on 1st September to meet M and the group of fishermen. We met them as we arrived and they told us how the angels visited them and informed them that they will be needed to ferry some books across the sea and that a van will deliver to them. The angels stated that it is a holy work that God had told them to be a part of. They also requested that we baptize them as was predicted to them, which we did, and to obtain some books from us.

We spent two days there and left on the 4th in the evening to go back home. It was a tiring journey. We reached home yesterday on the 7th, winding up the first phase of the outreach.

We spent all and reached home empty. The little money we left for Christine’s mother and the two was used up...

Some intelligence [spies] from the government wanted to stop us and use us for their selfish ends, to make us go to places hard hit by Ebola, but God gave us the news and told us to stop any form of communication [using his mobile phone] to prevent them tracking us. This was why we never communicated.

In God’s Service, Paul and Christine.

It Was Just As The 7 Angels Said

6th October 2014. We got visited by angels who informed us of Paul’s arrival and our planned baptism and to carry the duty that God was to anoint us over. We were told to go and wait at the Modern Coast bus park and to see a man dressed in white top and black trousers and a lady in black skirt, each with a Bible in their hand. This is what happened, just as the angels said that night. L

Further clarification about the angel visitation:

We were in different bedrooms too and I thought it was a dream but what I saw was the same as what my cousin saw. She came to my room to tell me, but I too had seen the same vision. The angels were seven in number as they came to me and my cousin. Since Paul visited us we have been able to catch up with the study of the gospel. Last week, I again got visited by the same angels and saw in a dream that my father’s Quran was burned. When I woke up it turned out to be true. I heard my father lament over it.

The angels told us of our travel to Kenya for the Feast of Tabernacles... L  


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