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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 3)

41. Witchcraft In Wire Forest

There shall not be found among you... one who practices witchcraft... (Deuteronomy 18:10).

On 11th August 2014, Benjamin was visited by the seven angels. They were getting him ready for witchcraft to be cleared in the Oyugis area. He told me:

On Sabbath the angels again visited me, this time with a strange man [someone whom Benjamin didn’t know at that time, but who would later help B with cleansing Wire Forest] whom they revealed to me is a chosen prophet of God. They commanded me to travel to Oyugis and settle there and restore God’s glory in that region. They also informed me that the strongholds of the opposition now head to Oyugis as they fear the holiness of a place God appointed at Ndhiwa. They said that I should be ready to battle it out and give out the truth without any fear. Before Friday I will go... and follow all that God has said... Benjamin.

Reply: ...The prophet you saw is Mark Odhiambo who lives on land in Ndhiwa that God has allocated as a holy area. [Mark later helped cleanse Wire F.]

Witchcraft In Wire Forest

22nd August 2014. I have been moving from here and there to get more truth of the happenings that you were told. I came to know that Philip was working together with Lukas, and money you gave to Philip was being used by them to buy sheep and even cows that they were taking to sacrifice at a forest called Wire.

I also got a dream that many years ago you sent Lukas some money and he bought some cows that later died in bee attacks. I saw in that dream that the cows were to be used for sacrifice to the witchdoctor. I saw in that dream how the angels turned into the bees and killed the cows.

[Comment: Yes, when we first sent lit to Kenya, I sent Lukas some money because we thought he was spreading the Word. The cows died. We also found out about Philip after a while, that he was a deceiver. God struck him dead.]

Fatumah notified us when she heard that God’s judgement had caught up with Philip:

12th August 2014. 12:01. ...The latest news is that Philip from Oyugis and Eunice [opponents used by Lukas] died on sabbath in a very fatal road accident. No one else got hurt except those two. There were 14 in the van. Fatumah

Continuing  Benjamin’s missive of 22nd August 2014:

I also saw in another dream, that Lukas has become blind and he has a child [that’s probably Nandi] who has just started to group up people under his dying father’s influence.

I have heard that many pastors from different churches go to Wire forest to get charms to perform various kinds of miracles, for their protection in their church ranks. It is a place where many people do not think of going to. Philip did not do anything to destroy the shrine like he claimed.

I was told that I can inform the prophet to accompany me to the place and destroy this shrine to open up people’s eyes for them not to be deceived more. I have met many people who were in contact with MM before and dropped out, some went back to SDA, others are in Triumph Prophetic Ministries [Dankenbring, a false minister], there is also a church called Living and a new International United Church that has brought many to their camp. I observed much and it was so painful. United church gives flour and money to those who fellowship with them so that they make themselves disciples of them and not of God. ...I want to contact Mark and go with him to the forest to see what happens there. Benjamin

[Comment: The strongholds of Satan will be broken in the area!]

Thunder & Lightning

30th August 2014. 23:32. Our Lord lives forever as our enemies keep on stumbling not knowing what their wickedness brings afterwards.

This evening I experienced a heavy attack at my house. A big group from SDA came to my place full of anger that some of their members have left their church and got baptised by me. They came to beat me up but our God was there for my rescue. Thunder and lightning from above destroyed 3 people in this incident, and many got injured as they ran for safety. It attracted the police attention and I was arrested and locked up. Afterwards I got a chance to speak to the OC crime at the station who released me on a cash bill of 20 kshs. I will go to the police station again tomorrow to explain with no fear that the God whom we serve destroys all who are fast to oppose His Holy Work but slow to accept the truth. They have been summoned to appear and give a word as to why they accused me too. Benjamin

SDA Strongholds Being Demolished

I soon received a barrage of e-mails from scoundrels in the Oyugis area who are hostile to God’s end-time truths. Clearly, God had already caused some to be struck dead and churches supernaturally burned down:

2nd Sept 2014. 9:16. Fake prophet Malcolm, you have sent your parson again to destroy peace in our region, killed our brothers and sisters with your charms. You first burnt [down the] SDA [church building] at Kadongo and this morning you did it again, even before the completion of the re-building and also the SDA [church building] at Mikai too. We have declared war against you from today and we shall make sure Benjamin is out of our place.  Albert Jaoko

2nd September 2014. 9:22. Even if the police never placed any charges against him over the killed and injured in our compound, we shall make him suffer. We mean our words. Just the way Antony had a snake placed in his stomach [see Mighty Miracles of God Vol 1, page 16 – Antony was delivered from this] we shall do more to make Benjamin suffer and all he has will remain in ruins like Antony’s home that has been destroyed by the power in us. Albert Jaoko

Comment: The SDA church people there were engaged in satanic rituals of witchcraft to exert power and control over people. That’s why God took Benjamin there to warn them first before God exacted judgement.

Reply: 11:42. Albert, are you any relation to Adrian Jaoko. Was Eunice Jaoko your mother?  [Both of whom died for attacking and undermining MM’s outreach in Oyugis.] You write to me as if I am responsible for the burning down of SDA church buildings. I am not responsible, SDA leaders are, for resisting God and imprisoning people through psychological domination. So, God has declared war on you. I am merely His spokesman in the situation.

Yet, you declare war on me and on Benjamin, who also carries the truth of God. So, you declare war on God Almighty whom we represent.

You are a fool to think you can win by attacking us. It is God you are attacking, and He has demonstrated that to you by what He has done to your churches.

I suggest you repent before Him, confess your sins of revenge and hatred, so that He can forgive you and have mercy on you. Otherwise He will blot you out of existence in this physical world and send you to hell.

I wish you well. God bless, Malcolm B Heap

2nd September 2014. 9:32. Before this day ends, we are going to seek from our great African God who lived and still is, greatest power and might will be given on to us and we shall demonstrate it to your so called Benjamin. We have gathered much to sucrify [sacrifice] at the holy forest and Our god will destroy you all, and my uncle Lukas will recieve back his might and his sight to see and direct us. And before the night ends we shall have achieved the glory. And you will know how powerfull our God is. Ogada Bonface

Reply: 11:55. What rubbish you talk! You are a fool to think that you can fight against the living God who is ALL POWERFUL, who made and rules the universe, and whose people we are! He is the God of POWER and of love and of a sound mind, which your uncle Lukas does not have. Lukas is full of hatred, of malice and evil. While you engage in his witchcraft, you worship Satan, a demon god, who has much less power than the pure, loving, righteous, holy God whom we serve.

Have you forgotten what happened to Charles Osutwa? God took his life for attacking God's people. Didn't you go with him on the rampage to Fatimah's home and burn all the girls' clothes and bedding, and steal their possessions, their food, their money? And you think that behaviour is right?!

If so, you are a jerk, and worse than a jerk. You deserve to die for that evil you perpetrated. And I am now calling upon our God, who is Almighty, and who holds life and death in His hands, to exact upon you that judgement which you deserve. If you come against Benjamin to harm him, you will be struck down.

So, I urge you to repent before the Holy God, not the mean demon you serve. I urge you to repent on your knees before the true Holy God in reverence and remorse for the evils you have perpetrated, that He may forgive you and have mercy on you. Otherwise, you are cursed and finished! God bless, Malcolm B Heap

2nd September 2014. 9:39. My mother Saraah was killed by you. Stephen and others too. It’s time to pay back. I will be on the forefront to support and seek for justice from our ancestors at the holy Wire forest. Marcy

Reply: 12:07. Is your name Marcy Oluoch Awino?

I did not kill your mother Saraah, God did, because she defied Him and refused to submit to the revealed truth of His Word the Bible. She did not live by it, but attacked and opposed the God-sent bringers of His truth. If you side with evil people like Lukas Ogada, Bonface Ogada, and Albert Jaoko, who have vowed in their witchcraft to attack God's representatives on earth, then you will suffer for it.

I don't want to see you suffer. So I suggest you withdraw your false accusation against me, and desist from fighting God, and separate yourself from those evil people I have mentioned, and from anyone else who wants to defame or oppose Midnight Ministries. Also, cease your idolatrous ancestor worship, because thereby you worship demons and Satan the archenemy of goodness.

The God whom I serve is ALMIGHTY. He is holy, pure, faultless, and offers His love, His kindness, His mercy and forgiveness to those who seek to do what is right in the way of His love. I urge you to leave your evil ways and seek His forgiveness for your vitriolic abuse, or He will strike you down too, along with the others who are mounting a vengeful campaign of witchcraft-induced murder and mayhem.

The murder and mayhem will come back on your own heads if you do not heed this appeal to sanity.

God bless, Malcolm B Heap

To Benjamin. 11:37.

A witchcraft attack is planned against you by Bonface Ogada, Albert Jaoko, and Marcy Awino. They operate in witchcraft in Wire Forest as you probably know. I have received threatening e-mails from those three, but we are not alarmed or perturbed. Our God all powerful.

They are challenging to wipe us out, but it is they who will be wiped out, because we carry God’s authority for the sake of His righteousness and love.

As John can tell you from his own experience, God has instructed us to use a piece of MM literature (such as the Faith booklet) like a shield and a sword, and the anointing God ascribes to His Word defeats the enemy. By holding the booklet up to the enemy (if they appear at your home), as an expression of one’s defiance (the sword of the Spirit) against evil, and as an expression of one’s trust in God to protect from harm (the shield of faith), God’s angels spring into action and defeat the foe.

It would be a good idea to pin to your door, or put on the doorstep or gate, a MM booklet that is equally demonstrative in its title (like When God’s Judgement Falls). That then marks the boundary over which those thugs cannot cross. If they attempt to go over that, God will strike them down, as you saw previously.

It is important for us to demonstrate our faith in this way, then God honours it with His defence.

2nd September 2014. 13:09. I am an SDA, and Benjamin lives in my house, and the ugly thing is that he fights my church and made it burn down. For this I can’t hold him in my property and he has to leave before sunset. I will go and lock my house so it shall be up to him if he don’t secure his property. We don’t accept evil people at our place. So the sooner the better. Zaddock Okoth

Reply: 13:23. Hello, Zaddock.

If you are an SDA, then you keep the Sabbath holy on the 7th day, do you not? So does Benjamin.

You clearly have not read the article we produce Revelations From God For SDAs, which contains dreams which God has given to prophets about things in the SDA church that are wrong and which need to change.

If God tells a prophet of errors that need changing, and if you ignore that input to the prophet from God, you are then held accountable before God. This is why the SDA church is coming under 'fire' from God, because the SDA leadership are rebelling against God.

One of the things the SDA church in your area is involved in is witchcraft. Do you not know that God outlaws witchcraft in the Bible? You should do.

And God has sent Benjamin into the area to bring further truth from God. Now you are opposing him, opposing Midnight Ministries, which brings that restored truth, AND OPPOSING GOD        whom you claim to serve.

Jesus taught explicitly in the New Testament to love one's enemies, not hate them. But you are not just hating an enemy, you are hating a brother and throwing him out of your house when he has done nothing wrong. For that, God holds you accountable and He will strike you down, unless you repent.

I am a prophet, so I caution you to be careful to respond to God properly over this matter, or it will cost you dearly.

God bless, Malcolm B Heap

His reply: 2nd September 2014. 13:19.

And for the recent and past deaths, we promise you all shall pay for it. The month has ended so i dont ow Benjamin but he has to leave, i dont accept his this months rent and i am going to pass my news to the board of housing and landloard not to accept him any of the vacant house in our area and so he will have to pack off and your mission will have failed. Zaddock

Reply: 14:03. Our mission failed?! That's where you're entirely wrong, mate. I gave you a chance to repent, but you have not repented or shown the slightest willingness to consider rationally the input I and Benjamin bring you from God.

God will strike you down, I warn you, unless you repent of your malice. MBH

2nd September 2014. 16:33.

Its only the starbon [stubborn] fly that follows a corpse into its grave. I had worned Antony Otete but he reffused but to cling to Midnight, I warned him and gave him the messege from our gods but went on to spread the news that Midnight was a mesenger of true God. He became sick almost died. Today we cousion Benjamin and if he wants war with the gods of our land then we wont stop him but to see for himself. I am just a mouthpiece of the gods and does as they fell pleased.

But be warned. You are trading a wrong path. ARE YOU NOT AFRAID????????, only a wise child who follows the words of his elders. Anyway let me keep my words.

Hesbon Owuocha

Reply: 17:53. Hesborn, afraid of you and your gods???? Ha!!!!!! You've got to be joking! Not one whit! You're on the wrong planet, mate. This is going to be God's territory now. I mean THE ALMIGHTY GOD OF THE UNIVERSE'S, not your little tin pot god who can't rout the servants of the Almighty!

You want a challenge, do you? Right. I'll give you one right now.

Open your Bible, and if you haven't got one, go and get a Bible and read Psalm 2 and see what God says there about the nations in proportion to Him and His greatness. Read Isaiah 46:9-10. Read Isaiah 40:15 – the power of the nations and their gods is a mere drop in a bucket compared with the power and supremacy of our God!!!!!!!

You'd better learn pretty quick, because you are soon going to be on the receiving end of His vehement judgement if you don't heed this here, what I am telling you. His Word from the mouth of His servants, the prophets, is like a sharp sword (Isaiah 49:2). He has made me a polished shaft in His hand. At the end of His shaft is a lightning bolt and the FIRE of God.

Have you not seen what He did to the Kadongo SDA church building? And to the other ones He bolted because of His sore displeasure at the SDA witchcraft they call 'church'?!

Are you prepared to see your witchcraft den incinerated like Sodom?

You need to get on your knees and repent in humility in front of the TRUE GOD, the ALMIGHTY GOD whom I represent, before He blitzes you for your insolence and blasphemy against Him and His servants.

Yes, Antony Otete was cursed by you lot, BUT when we invoked the power of the God whom we serve in Midnight Ministries, that snake was cast out of him. It's a pity you didn't see that happen like the witnesses who were there and who ran for their lives when it came out!

Are you still going to challenge us, or are you going to repent and fear the Almighty God, the pure and holy One who loves righteousness and hates your wickedness? The choice is yours.

If you repent, He will show you love and mercy. If you continue stubbornly to attack and oppose us, you will be struck down. That's your choice, now, chum. I'm not messing. The burnt skeletons of the SDA churches are mute testimony to the veracity of my words from the Spirit of the HOLY GOD.

Malcolm  B Heap

2nd September 2014. 18:56. My landlord has locked my house but I have got a place to sleep. Our God will quickly answer, and if this happens they that fight the TRUTH will cry and seek but time will have gone far that they will never get a chance to repent. I will go and seek for a house at the government housing quarters and they will be shocked to see me live here and do God’s Work as He sent me.

I had a dream again... has the van the angels informed me about arrived and started reaching out to the regions that God appointed it for? ...very many great healings and other miracles are happening in Uganda as shown to me by the angels. Put all in prayer, as victory is for us who serve the TRUE God. He will deliver me from the evil men’s hands. Benjamin

Reply: 19:31. Yes, He certainly will deliver you from the evil men's hands! It is good that you are out of that house, because it wouldn't surprise me to see it incinerated tonight! (I have not been given any revelation on that, but I know how God acts at this time. He is very stern with such opponents.)

The van is not here yet. Someone over here is getting money together for that purpose, but it will take a week or two yet to arrange.

You are under intercession. Helena is doing that faithfully. God bless. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Thunder & Lightning At Midnight

2nd September 2014. 23:26 [his time was 1:26 am.]

The seven angels visited again this night for revenge, all with sharp swords with two words (don’t fear) and they left.

It was at midnight, and from then the sky turned deep dark, no stars nor moon, and since that time thunder and lightning as never been experienced before continues with no single drop of rain! Benjamin

Reply: 23:49. Praise God, He's backing us up!! As always! He's always faithful to His Word. God bless. Let us know tomorrow what the damage is, and who was struck dead. I expect several of those evil people's houses will have been destroyed.

3rd September 2014. 16:51. All those who contacted you all went to Wire Forest with goats, sheep and a cow for sacrifice. By the time all the thunder and lightning happened, they were getting their punishment for their evils.

Today I went and collected my property from that house and an hour after that the house too ended in flames, killing the son to that landlord who was doing cleaning to settle a new tenant. Benjamin

Fiona Sees Dying Men

4th September 2014.

I am seeing amazing manifestations of dying men, in distress... The Lord is saying "These are the enemies of MM." He is revealing they are in different areas of Africa, and of 'society', people in apparent good health struck down! "Allelujah", the heavenly chorus is calling, and "Wowee"!!

The day I first received the manifestations was 1/9/14. I noted: "Repeated manifestations of the dying of the evil enemies of God's Midnight Ministry, ‘dying like flies’ is the expression God is giving me."  

The manifestations continue until this very moment, very strange, but also very descriptive of dying in distress. I realise there are possibly women as well as men, concerned in this heavenly blitzing.

There was a lot happening, as you would realise, with manifestations coming really fast, sometimes one after another... such dramatic revelations... there was a nervous type of chattering, as the people who rejected MM's message are in fear and trembling... Fiona (UK)

The Witchcraft Charms Were Destroyed

And The Opposers Were Struck Down By God

7th September 2014. 14:30. I am still in Oyugis. Benjamin is ok. Y'day after Sabbath we held a prayer at Wire forest for 8 hrs and destroyed all the charms and burned all the witchcraft items used for evil purposes. Mark

9th September 2014. At Oyugis.

I got a chance to meet with prophet M and I believe he gave you the information about the destruction of the traditional shrine and the gods.

Things have been going on just as we expected. All those who contacted you are now past; they died in pain. Three SDA church elders are also down in health, all are paralyzed.

Many are moving out of the churches to seek God through the truth given unto us. It’s a good move as we approach FoT with many changed hearts ready to follow their faith and commitment in doing God’s wish. Benjamin

They Lose; We Win

On 19th September Benjamin reported:

...I also got a dream that a lady has been chosen to catch up with us in Oyugis to destroy us. She is called Marcy Achilla... Benjamin

But, finally, on 30th September, he informed us:

No opposition is being experienced in Oyugis anymore as our opposers have run into fear. We again praise and thank God in this. Benjamin

No one can attack us and win, because they are fighting against God, who guides and protects this Work to distribute His end-time truths.

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