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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 3)

38. Unusual Miracles

God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul (Acts 19:11).

When handkerchiefs or aprons touched Paul and were taken to the sick, the diseases left those people, and evil spirits went out of them (Acts 19:12). God acted sovereignly like that to back up Paul and his special commission. It drew attention to what he was teaching, which many would have found hard to accept. The uniqueness of how God was performing the miracles confirmed that God was behind what Paul taught.

Similarly, today, God is performing miracles of deliverance and healing when MM literature is placed upon the sick or oppressed. By this, God is pointing to MM literature, confirming its unique and special place in His plan. He has appointed MM to restore ‘hidden’ biblical truths.

These are the days of Elijah; the time of God’s Last Restoration in this age.

Here are some accounts from Africa illustrating this remarkable phenomenon:

Demons Flee

27th June 2014. Our God did it again! Lily Waski was being tormented by demons which made her remove all her clothes and run out naked. Her parents took her to several witchdoctors but she did not get healed. One day her mother Mong'ina Reta accused me of being a devil worshipper, so she was afraid to come and ask me to pray for the girl. Her son Victor came to my compound last night at 3:00 a.m. and requested me to go and pray for the girl who is 17 yrs old. 

I only placed three MM books on her head: Casting Out Demons, Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation and Why Pray? The demon left as the girl was crying and convulsing. Then she went into a deep sleep and when she woke up she was normal. Those present praised the God of MM. I have just now left that home this morning... Our God reigns! John

John described how he was helped by God through MM:

27th June 2014. My life before receiving MM truths.

My father got killed by Onjonga [a local witchdoctor] who then openly told me and my siblings that he was going to clear us. I fell ill for over two months till villagers lost hope in me and it was in everyone’s mouth that I was going to die. Onjonga crisscrossed the village boasting how he is finishing us. I lost hope in life and I went and bought rat kill and soda to commit suicide. I was 3 minutes away from killing myself when a dream I had when in class eight came back clearly to me. In this dream a white man held my hands and led me to a high hill from where I could see the whole world.

When I woke up I told my wife the dream. We prayed together and trusted God to hold my hands and link me to the white man. When I received your e-mail address [from another person in the area] I wrote to you and you replied, and at that moment some strength came to me. I made up my mind to face Onjonga head on in Jesus’ name. From then God has remained faithful to me. God bless. John

[How John was told by God to confront the witchdoctor and what happened are related in Mighty Miracles of God Vol 1 on page 50. The demons in Onjonga were conquered when John held up a copy of MM’s Faith booklet.]

29th June 2014. More of John’s testimony.

Onjonga killed my father in the year 2010 after making him bedridden from the year 1996. My father became paralysed for all those years. I was in class eight in 1994 and 14 yrs old. My father was a Christian, in a church called Full Gospel Church. He died at the age of 59 yrs. Onjonga wanted to grab our land, hence he had a plan to kill all of us.

I bought rat killer in the evening and had planned to walk out quietly in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep, then take it. But as I pretended to be sleeping, waiting for Eunice to sleep, a deep sleep came on me and I found myself dreaming. That's how I slept till morning and the following day wrote to you.

AIDS Sufferers Healed

John had a dream on 27th June 2014, in which God told him to go to Migingo Island, to heal people who are HIV positive. He was to place MM’s book Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation on them. God would then heal those who were willing to receive.

John was short of money. He only had enough to get him there. Tonya was able to send him £100 by WU and it made the trip possible. Sadly, some accused John of being a devil worshipper and lost out. But seven were meek enough to respond positively, and they were healed.

It’s The Truth of God

4th July 2014. Last night in a dream I saw a big crowd covered with blood and crying for help and being pursued by an angry mob carrying sharp pangas. I saw you, Malcolm, standing between the warring groups and a lasting peace was realised. I woke up sweating seriously as if I was doing a hard job. John

Comment: My part in quelling the violence is, I feel, symbolic of the fact that we carry the truth of God which will ultimately bring an end to such evils in humanity. One fulfilment of the dream was this incident below:

Lukas Gang Strikes Again

5th July 2014. And from tomorrow, you shall lament for the rivange over making my doughter Jocinter mad. I know what to do to Fatmah and all who lives with her this time round and it shall remain a history to Midnight Cults, only tomorrow then Saba Saba day we shall have political break up in our country and i shall use this to pay you back. Like in 2007 war in kenya it is back and i have to handle you. Good day see who is powerfull in this war. Lukas Ogada

Reply: You and your behaviour have put demons into Jecinter. She was delivered of demons when Sila and John commanded the demons out of her in early 2013. But you sold her off into marriage at age 14, and your failure to do God's will has let the demons come back, so blame yourself for your predicament. Stop blaming us, or you will find that the power of God will strike down all whom you use to try to harm God's faithful ones.

You've got a short memory. On 24th June you said you were no longer going to fight us. Now you are attacking us again. Can't you remember that more than 24 of Kony's soldiers were struck dead for trying to attack us, and you want to do that again?! You're utterly mad! You never learn.

7th July 2014. Today is Saba Saba. Today is today and all your people shall meet up with my rivange for their evils. Buttle line has been drawn and between you and i. One must shine today, you or me. Lukas Ogada

7th July 2014. Just be ready, I have to finish John before you kill me! Awidhi

7th July 2014. We are thankful... Lukas’s threat doesn't bring any fear to us. On Sabbath night we got informed through a dream that Lukas will strike and we were shown how to use MM lit to defeat Lukas.

...Rinovent is not truthful anymore... [Rinovent betrayed us to Lukas for money; and gave him back the letter about attacking you which he had written to Charles Osutwa, and which the angel left at your gate.]  Fatimah

From my dream diary:

7th July 2014. M. Intercession. (Not a dream.)

On this day there was a terrific load of intercession which Helena was engaged in. The Spirit didn’t let her have a break till very late in the day. She was interceding pretty much all day long!

It was the day on which demonstrations were taking place in Kenya, organised by opposition to the government, complaining about the poor state of security in the country, unemployment, corruption, tribalism, and the low standard of living, etc. It was feared that the demonstration could erupt into local warfare. Many people fled their homes, the day before, in fear for their lives.

In line with John’s dream of 4th July 2014, in which he saw a big crowd covered with blood [see above], we were informed some days later that the event passed off relatively peacefully. War was averted. I believe that in the dream my standing between the two factions represented Helena’s intercession. God prevented the war. War was not meant for now, but will happen later, after MM’s witness has gone forth throughout the nation.

13th July 2014. Victory on our side an hour ago against Lukas’s gang – three dead after we faced them with MM book. The dead have been collected by the police to the mortuary. We were prepared for this by God and did what He said. Nothing of ours has been destroyed. Yesterday God gave Vivian the dream that we should keep awake till midnight today, because the enemy was to attack. And so it happened...

Two of the dead have been confirmed to be from Somalia, members of the al-Shabaab terror group, listed among wanted criminals by Kenya police for past attacks in Mombasa where more than 70 Christians were gunned down. One other man has not been identified... Fatmah

14th July 2014. Until when, how many people do you need for sucrify [sacrifice], again you killed three people who went to bring peace with Fatmah. I regret ever knowing you but know that you and them have much to answer at judgement day. Lukas Ogada

A Betrayer Commits Suicide

14th July 2014. ...those who died are Ishmael, Karim, but police do not know the identity of the third. Rinovent hanged herself and died. People are still mourning at their place. We can’t understand why she chose to kill herself. Fatmah

Reply: That's very sad! Just like Judas. When a person lets the devil take over their life through a wrong desire that dominates them, they are his vessel. He can sift them like wheat. She was a wicked person.

When you look back and consider her behaviour, you will probably be able to see her bad fruits in life. God gave her a chance to be saved, offered her His Spirit, received the gift of tongues to enable her to pray and maintain fellowship with God's Spirit, but she threw it all away because she didn't appreciate the huge price Jesus paid for her. Perhaps you may also see how she wanted to be in charge, or was dominant, or aspired to be noticed, or to be number one. Usually wicked people seek control. [She also desired money. It got the better of her.]

These things are very subtle, and take discernment to recognise. People cover up; they put on a good front; they appear good to others to gain their favour; they even try to appear good to God, but He knows the heart. Self-centredness, manipulation and control are often traits of false believers, who seem OK to us on the surface. The Spirit penetrates all motives and cuts through appearances.

Ann Explains How God Struck The Attackers

24th July 2014. The last attack.

At midnight we were awake as God directed us. Then it happened. First, before they attacked, a cloud carried up as if it was to rain. Then there was thunder and lightning and as this continued we heard a crash at the gate and we knew the time had come. With the book of Faith in F’s and V’s hands, and me also holding The Mystery of the Invisible, we opened the door to face the enemy.

They had managed to enter the compound and when we saw them, we lifted up and pointed our books towards them. In my hand I felt something like an electric charge go through my hand. There was another heavy lightning and thunder, and the three attackers were dead on the ground.

We saw three other people run away. I believe those were other gang members who had not entered our compound. Then we heard a car engine start and it drove away fast. Many were asleep in neighbouring houses.

As we stood thinking of what to do, a car passed, then stopped and engaged reverse. It backed up to our gate. When they saw the lamp we were holding outside, they entered our compound and we found out they were police officers in uniform who were on patrol. [Actually, they were not police, they were angels whom God sent. If they had been police, they would have arrested you, like in an earlier incident when attackers were supernaturally killed. Angels were sent to take the dead bodies away, to protect you from arrest and further trouble.] Ann

Last night’s dream

Last night I had another dream where an angel spoke to me and said:

“My daughter, now you are free at last. Never accept people in your house to live with you. I have driven away all those who challenged My Work. Never follow them or accept their visits because they will be used to spy on you.

“Do not sell this house. Nobody will give back its value to you. Order five copies of the Faith book. Stick them on the four sides of the house and the remaining one you shall stick at your gate. The five copies will remain as protection over you. This will act as your eye when you sleep, and never will you see any attack again and no one will spy against you.

“Next week I will give an order on what you will do next after this is done. Get to know the entire Why? series books that have been translated and the remaining too. Your home is now protected after doing this. Do not buy from the market nearby. They have planned to poison you.

“Get a list of all the translated work.

“I will come back and destroy all the wicked people in that community. That night will be a night for crying to them who have opposed My Work in that region, and you will know that your God is powerful.” Fatimah

30th July 2014. 20:43.

Before you sent me this missive [about Beril and her mum being made homeless again] I had a dream from God. The angel showed me that Lukas will boast and you will receive threats from him because someone has generously given him some money but all that money he has will not last in his pocket. I have seen the greatness of the Lord. He is going to do a miracle soon. Mark

God Wipes Out Lukas’s Money

31st July 2014. 7:42. Can it be true that Lukas has a problem? Has God taken control to pay him back for his evils? I had a dream last night that Lukas was lamenting and cursing MM for his loss. I saw him crying on the street. I also saw something strange where a huge sum of money was flying high above him, carried by the wind and Lukas was trying to hold onto it but he couldn’t. He was crying in great pain as he said that all he has has gone. Have you received any latest news from Lukas? Is he still alive??? Paul

Reply: 9:12. ...Lukas is still alive and planning more attacks. I'll send you his latest after this.

31st July 2014. 9:08. My money! You have succeded in destroying my life. All my money 6,000,000kshs have been frauded and i know you have a hand because you fought to see me bankrupt. My money Malcolm, you have destroyed my life, all i have worked for all these years. My money you and your people have stollen, i cry for my money not yours that you people have taken, refund my money, i have accept that you have won but return my money. That is all i have worked for all my life. Please return my money before i engage the police. My doughter has turned mad, what do you want in my life to do all this to me. Return my money.

Reply: 10:23. I don't know what you are talking about. What has happened to your money? Who sent you money recently, about which you were gloating yesterday? And what is this huge figure of 6 million you are talking about? MBH

31st July 2014. 11:08. It is true. Lukas was seen naked in the town, crying that someone has withdrawn all the money from his bank account. That is just the beginning of his downfall. Have a good day. Mark

11:23. Look at Paul's dream closely. Isn't it God who has just taken the money out of his account so that it isn't there anymore, and no one can see where it has gone?!!

Escaped Because Of MM Book And The Angels

5th August 2014. A surprise to uplift God’s name. We informed you about our escape from the captivity [of Kony’s gang] and that we gave one book to two captives in the forest. They too got saved and God led them to meet us after a long search. They have given an account of their attack [in MMG Vol 2]. Paul

6th August 2014. Account of the escape.

In 2009 the Kony gang came to Maxwell and Arabella’s village and kidnapped their father and killed their mother. Other tough men, too, were captured to work in the forest as ironsmiths, making weapons. They kidnapped women and girls who were to cook for them [and to be sex slaves].

After four years Maxwell and Arabella’s father escaped and came back home. In less than three days the gang came to pursue him, killing their father, burning and destroying their homestead and all that they had. This is when they captured Maxwell and Arabella.

Maxwell says how he was forced into hard work while in the forest and given only one meal a day. Arabella says she was used in sex work and was defiled at night; any soldier who felt thirsty for sex would come and grab her and sleep with her, making her get sexually transmitted diseases.

We were with them the last two nights before our rescue in that evil forest. [After they located Paul] they said how they escaped through accepting to read the MM book we left for them.

They heard a voice telling them to put the book on the chains. They saw the chains loosen [undo]. Four soldiers were guarding them, and after the chains got loosened, thunder from heaven with lightning struck the soldiers dead. This is how they escaped.

Two days after their escape, angels appeared to them over a tree where they were now forced to sleep [a baobab tree], as their house was no longer there. The angels gave them directions to where they would find peace and continue to strengthen their knowledge about the true God. They said how they have been nearly starving, so they gathered leftovers [given to the Hindu gods] from the Hare Krishna Indians’ temple, to get at least something to eat. They said that they were told by the angels to make a testimony about how God delivered them and share it out to the world to know that the truth in MM is God’s message to mankind to help them serve Him in truth. Paul

Another Visit From The Seven Angels

6th August 2014. 22:12. There was another visit this night from the seven angels with more news on what is to take place in Kenya:

 1) F and A have been told by the angels to be silent [until] the angels have cleared up the entire group that is fighting them in the area [because the gang intercept our e-mails].

The angels showed me that a parcel with literature and a list of translated books is held at the post and that those involved will lose their lives the day after tomorrow, also that F and A should shift their post office to Xxxxxxxx.

2) I have been informed of the construction of a holy place where God’s feasts will be taking place in Kenya, and a van branded “MM” that ferries MM publications all over an Island and other very unreachable places.

3) Lastly they showed me a group which Lukas uses. The angels said that those who have been attacking MM in Kenya are to die just after Sabbath. They said Lukas supporters have withdrawn from him after not accounting for a huge sum of money sent to him lately.

4). We remember when Jesus was on the cross that one of the two thieves accepted his word and was promised well, the other ended for his blasphemy. We were delivered because of our faith that the others didn’t have. M and A got delivered too after they got the message from us. When we escaped, it was only me and Christine whose chains were unlocked. That’s why the others remained. When M and A left, there were still other captives remaining in the forest. Paul

He Witnessed God’s ‘Executions’

11th August 2014. 9:36. I had three dreams last week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, that God’s angel was telling me to travel to Kisumu and see God’s work there. I had to leave the job and I travelled to Kisumu on Thursday.

On Friday, I went to Nakumatt to buy some foodstuff only to pass at the post and be a witness of what occurred. I may say that God called me there to come and observe. [What He foretold on 24th July; see page 36.]

At the post, I saw two people become mad and spoke to themselves saying much about MM. They said that they had stopped MM books reaching destinations and even said that they were paid for that by Lukas. They talked for so long that it attracted a crowd who watched for a long time until the two fell to the ground and then died at the spot.

That Friday night God revealed to me that there is more to come, another wipe at the place where Fatmah and Ann live. They said that some people who oppose them will also die... Benjamin

Six Other Evil Ones Struck Dead By God

18th August 2014. God commanded us to be silent to this day and watch as we keep accounts of the happenings. Just as the angels said in the dream is what has happened. On Sabbath a man called Zadok came to our place at around 8.00 am to request our forgiveness; he was one of those who escaped when we had the last attack where three people died. Before he finished speaking, thunder came from above and struck him dead. We called the chief who then came with the police and collected the body to take to the mortuary late in the evening. We were called to the police station to write our testimony over the happening.

Yesterday, I and A went to buy some vegetables at the market. A lady tried to persuade us to buy from her. We first felt uneasy to buy from there because all along they have never been accepting our money... It was another evil plan from them to sell us charmed vegetables to kill us. The moment I touched the vegetables, they all turned to worms, and the woman seeing this, ran away. But her evil caught up with her. As she crossed the road a car came at high speed and knocked her down dead. Two others who were involved in the plot also died in their homes mysteriously.

When I went to the post today I came to know that the people who have been holding the packets we have been waiting for to continue the translation work also died on Friday. We managed to receive the parcel afterwards.

The total number of those whom God took within the short period came to six. God has paved the way and we believe we shall never again stumble as He continues to care for us. May his name continually be uplifted ... Fatimah and Ann

Lion Killed By Wielding The Faith Booklet

24th December 2014

Praise the Lord. I have seen His holy hand... Yesternight as it was raining I got attacked by a lion which pushed me to the ground. I had the MM lit Faith in my hand and God moved me to point it at the animal 3 times and finally the beast died. When the [remote Kenyan tribe] heard of that they requested for the power I used to do that.... Rhoda

On the same day, 24th December 2014, Mark e-mailed me, saying:

...The Spirit of the Lord is telling me that there is a lion chasing Rhoda at [the remote Kenyan region]... Mark


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