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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 3)

39. God’s Seven Angels

I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets (Revelation 8:2).

You will have read in some of these previous accounts, about seven mighty angels whom God has assigned the task of overseeing His Work with MM in Africa. There is no way, humanly, that our small family and few supporters (which have numbered less than the fingers on your hands until this time of writing in 2015) could manage to do such an operation without angelic directives. Some of God’s guidance we receive through the Spirit in various ways, aided by spiritual gifts which God gives for the purpose, and through dreams, etc. But very specific information often has to be given through angelic visitations.

Time is short and God has a very precise timetable which we must comply with. These seven angels provide a lot of necessary specific input. This chapter contains samples of some of that input.

Two Angels At Midnight

31st July 2014. 22:24. It’s 15 min past midnight, [I had a] very strange experience that shocks. Two angels and the prophet called Mark appeared to me at 00 midnight. They have alerted me over a coming attack from our Muslim brethren which is planned against us tomorrow evening. They have directed me not to leave our place but to have at hand the book of Faith. They have also informed me of:

1. Great deaths in Kenya that will take place at our village on Sabbath over Lukas allies. [Some of that is reported in the preceding pages.]

2. A great mission too of gospel outreach that I will be sent out to, after my small house is completed.

They talked of this and disappeared. I was engulfed with fear but all left as they spoke to me. Paul, Uganda

Mark’s comment: At midnight I fell asleep and lost my consciousness. I saw in a dream that I was in someplace far away but I cannot recall anything.

Reply: 22:35. To Paul: God bless! He will take care of you, as you follow their directive to use the book of Faith as a shield, and point it to the enemies like a sword. F and A have done this, as you know, and God honours that exercise of our faith in Him to deliver and protect. Thanks for informing me. Let us know how things work out tomorrow. Praise God!

1st August 2014. 17:40. It was true as the outcome is real. Muslims attacked but found us ready. We did as we were instructed and the first two leaders of the group who entered our compound, one became blind and the other got paralysed. The remaining group fled as they saw this. Paul

[I asked Paul to explain more about the appearance of the angels, etc.]

5th Aug 2014. Paul clarifies about the angel visits.

They appeared, the two of them and Mark. They were in white, shining, I had switched off my light but when they appeared, my room was filled with light from their shining bodies. They spoke and gave me an account of all that was to happen, about the Muslim attack and attack at Fatmah’s place. They told me how to use the Faith book to stop the Muslims. I was just to have the book at hand and direct it towards them when they come.

When the Muslims came, it was a big group, about 20 people. The two leaders came to our room, and as I did what the angels had said, one of them got blinded and the other fell down paralyzed. The others who were at the gate saw this and fled in fear.

The paralyzed man was carried away to his home by their family who heard about this and came for him. The other one too, who was blinded, was led home.

I told them that our God is kind and is forgiving and if they accept to follow God, then it shall be well with them. I gave each of them the book of Faith which they accepted and took in fear.

Seven Angels Appear

5th Aug 2014. The second occurrence.

Yesterday after coming back from where I took two days in search of timber, I was tired and relaxed on my bed in the evening. The sun had not yet set. There was another visit from Mark and now seven angels. They were shining and Mark was holding a very sharp two-edged sword [depicts the MM lit he now holds]. The angels spoke but M never said a word. This was their news.

They said “the MM books are sharper than this sword to those who oppose God’s work.” They also said, “there is no medicine better than the word based upon My true words found in these books. Uganda is big and your region is small; your house [construction] must be over by next week and you shall be out for an outreach and all the corners of Uganda will hear God’s Word. Do as God has sent [said through] us.” I thought the first incident was just a dream but now I believe they appeared to me live... [because the experience was so real.] P

At Midnight The 7 Angels Declared About MM Van

3rd August 2014. Greetings. Last Sabbath a mad woman was just passing by [my home] and the Holy Spirit led me to touch her with Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation. The woman fell down on the ground unconscious for half an hour, then she screamed saying “I am healed!! May the good God of MM be praised!!”

At midnight, 7 angels in white clothes appeared and said to me that a sizeable altar [for prayer] should be built because God demands that in His holy place. This is where all the Feasts of the Lord in Kenya will be celebrated.

The tents will be pitched here and all MM folks in East Africa will gather here for the Feast of Tabernacles this year, and anybody suffering from any kind of disease who will step here will be healed. [That came to pass in October 2014.]

Lastly, the Lord will touch someone’s heart who is willing to provide the MM van to ferry MM books. He will touch one of His servants to buy it for the distribution of MM books by J, prophet M and anybody he chooses to do His work. The van will be used to visit far places like Ukerewe Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mombasa, Fort Portal Uganda, Rwanda etc. where the Holy Spirit has seen many of God's children in need of MM Truth. Those are the words from the Lord and should be obeyed, and should anybody disobey them they will face God's wrath.

They also warned me that, I prophet M should not receive money from anybody; that is why they have chosen J to instal power in His holy place... Mark

Comment: In the tabernacle of Moses there was an incense altar on which incense was burned as a ritual symbol of our prayers that ascend to God. So, maybe the proposed altar is meant to remind people of their need to pray and give such 'sacrifices' of their spirit to God by sacrificing their lives to Him in obedience (Romans 12).

What did the angels look like? Were their faces shining or did they look like ordinary humans...?

Mark’s reply: It is an altar where people will go for prayer...

The angels were shining and their eyes were like fire burning. They were dressed in white clothes.

3rd August 2014. In a unique dream I was shown an MM motor boat resembling a van crossing a turbulent sea carrying MM publications to the other side of the sea where very needy people sat in groups waiting eagerly for them. J

Reply: Perhaps your dream about the motorboat / van incorporates imagery that conveys double meaning? The turbulent water can represent the storminess of opposition from others in the world (the sea), taking the truths to various groups of people hungry for the truth, and also across the water to Zanzibar and the Comoros Islands.

The Seven Angels’ Eyes Were So Bright!

7th August 2014. 18:53. Praise the Lord. I have witnessed the greatness of God. I couldn't see since y'day at midnight till today at noon, when I regained my full sight. At 12:20 midnight 7 angels came in long white glittering clothes each carrying double edged swords all pointing at me. Their eyes were so bright like the sun’s rays that I couldn't look at them twice. They spoke in one voice loudly saying, "Prophet Mark! Wake up! Time has come to pass this info to all MM folks wherever they are. Matthew 24:14 must be fulfilled, the Lord has said. MM books must be distributed before the Feast of Tabernacles to areas that the Spirit of the Lord our God has identified, failure to which the Lord will not spare any MM folks wherever they are."

The Lord will reveal the names of those villages and the people the Lord has chosen in 2 days.

Lastly, I saw someone die on the spot when he set fire to a simple structure. It seems something is about to happen or has happened. Good day, M

Comment: The last part is what Rhoda mentioned two hours before this. An evil pastor, Leo Warfa, burned her sack house down, making her homeless.

8th August 2014. 19:25. It is clear that God is speaking aloud that this is the time to reach all corners to distribute MM truth.

While in Mombasa at exactly midnight, I saw a vision in which seven angels in glittering clothes and sharp swords gave us directives to go out of our ways to distribute this truth. They were addressing one who to me looked like you but if not you then a prophet in MM. When I reached home my wife Eunice had also had the same dream. What does this portray? May God lead you to explain it. John

Reply: About the 7 angels. God’s perfect number is 7. God is perfecting His Church, His people, with the final restoration of truth in MM lit. The angels are overseeing that.

In the last book of the Bible, 7 features very prominently. There are 7 churches, 7 seals (wax seals, as on an ancient letter), 7 trumpets, 7 plagues, 7 angels, etc. God’s perfect plan is being worked out, and 7 depicts that.

I believe the dream shows how late the time is in God’s plan. There is a need for urgency, which is why the angels said to Mark “WAKE UP!” That is to alert us all, and to do God’s Work with diligence and devotion. That is a wake up call for all to whom we go with the message. TIME IS VERY SHORT!

The sharp swords are symbols of the Word of God, which cuts both ways. It cuts down those who refuse to humble themselves and repent. And it penetrates deep inside us who are repentant and submissive to the will of God. There is a short piece in Hebrews 4:12 about the penetrating nature of God’s Word. The writings of MM contain a lot of penetrating challenges to people’s perceptions about God and about what He is telling us in His Word the Bible. So the 7 swords in the angels’ hands could depict what they are watching over and bringing – the MM publications, which they are foretelling will go out far and wide. They are getting us all prepared for a much bigger outreach in the near future, as soon as the van comes, and as more funds come (because we are desperately in need, but God does supply). I do believe the dream was given to you and Eunice to pass on to me, as I featured in the dream receiving this command from God through the angels. It confirms the MM commission.

9th August 2014. 19:22. The seven angels came back in a dream and told me to share in our Sabbath from 2 Peter 1:19-21. They said all that you, Mark and other MM prophets have prophesied are from God Himself and will come to pass. J

Angels Announce Outreach To Muslims

11th August 2014. 6:58. Zanzibar outreach.

God of gods is our God. Praise be His name. In a dream, 7 angels with long and sharp swords sparkling like stars, surrounded Malcolm and told him, "Don’t fear, I will provide a van to take my truth to Moslem dominated areas like Ukerewe Island, Zanzibar and Comoros. I am very happy with my servant John Ongoro who has even reached out to many Moslem souls distributing to them MM truths. I, God, who makes what is not there to be there, have said that no one will stand in your way till this work is completed. Don't worry, the van is coming." This is a unique vision brought to me, Rhoda Tonge. I don't know anything about the van but God does. Then I saw Malcolm kneel and thank God.  Rhoda

11th August 2014. 18:08. The Lord has revealed that someone is planning to attack the new Muslim converts [those converted from Islam] – some in Uganda and Kenya which J reached recently – but God will not allow that to happen...  Mark

11th August 2014. 19:45. John baptised 4 Moslems here in Nairobi and this evening 6 armed Moslems came and attacked me to tell them what MM is all about and where John comes from. All had got guns. I told them that John is an angel from God and does purely God's work. They left but warned me not to engage any Moslem in Biblical discussion. This event opened my understanding on why God talked of a van to distribute God's truth in MM books before Moslem attack on MM supporters, because in Zanzibar, Ukerewe Island and Comoros Island almost all people are Moslem. We are awake now and have placed the book Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation outside our new home to keep them off if they creep back to attack us at night. They are out to have John dead. Rhoda

11th August 2014. 20:05. Masked men in a dark brown saloon car inquired about me at Rongo this evening. Daniel went to buy fuel for our generator and they asked him where I come from and whether I was at home, and my link with MM... Daniel said that they had Moslem robes. I don't know whether they followed me for baptism because I managed to baptise a total of 7 Moslems... J

11th August 2014. 11:36. ...Nobody can buy Irine's phone for God's Spirit through prophet Malcolm in a vision, told me to ..."inform Irine to throw away that phone in a flowing river for her father's demons not to follow her." [Her father, Leo Warfa, burned down Rhoda’s home.] God through Malcolm in a dream said that a computer-like phone will be provided to me and Irine from God Himself to help in translation of MM books, for He God removed Irine from class to do His work. He brought me back to life to tell the truth, come death come life. I don't know when that phone of 69,999 kshs Nokia make will reach us, but God... will honour His word. Rhoda

12th Aug 2014. 19:44. I couldn't believe my eyes to see a hand writing on our new house wall. "Rhoda, tell J, P, and M that I want My truth taken to the places I mentioned NOW, NOW, NOW." Then the same hand rubbed it out.

Irine threw away her father’s phone [which had demons on it] and now she can see good visions. Thanks. Rhoda

13th August 2014. 6:30. God is serious it is NOW, NOW, NOW. The Spirit of God through a dream showed me the route to follow to Ukerewe, Zanzibar and lastly to Comoros. This journey kicks off tomorrow Thursday at 4:00 a.m. So that this Sabbath I share God's Word in Ukerewe. Sunday very early in the morning I will start my journey through Indian Ocean to Zanzibar where I will take 3 days sharing God's Word. On Thursday I will start my journey to Comoros Island where I will spend the Sabbath. My journey back will take the same route and hopefully reach Nairobi Kenya on Tuesday and home on Wednesday. This journey to and fro will require £2500 on top of what we have at hand. This is because we need to photocopy more publications. The whole night I did photocopying work.

I will carry 7 boxes of photocopied MM work both English and Kiswahili copies. God wants us to move on...  John

The 7 Angels Give Detailed Instructions

13th August 2014. 8:21. Malcolm, God talked to me: "...Rhoda, tell My servant John not to follow Kisii [route] but use this route from Kabuoch-Rodi-Sori. Board a motor boat to Musoma where I have identified a boy called Roba Vuga to take him through Tanzania mainland to Ukerewe, Zanzibar, up to Comoros. Vuga will assist when it comes to converting Kenyan currency to Tanzanian currency. John will find him fishing at the shore of Mwanza and just immediately John arrives he will be the first to greet John in Swahili: ‘habari gani ndugu yangu.’ From Kabuoch John must switch off his mobile phone till he reaches Musoma. From Musoma to Comoros the phone must be on. John must arrange with a taxi to collect him today evening at his home so that by 5:00 a.m. finds him in Sori boarding a motor boat. I THE GOD HAVE SAID." This was passed to me by seven angels holding burning swords at Midnight. John is required to move on. I don’t know how, but it is NOW, NOW, NOW!  Rhoda

13th August 2014. 10:21. Mark is here in my compound to inspect how prepared I am for the journey. He has delivered the same message from God that I move on NOW, NOW, NOW! He has told me that no one will stand in my way. I should not fear. Any place my foot will step in, God's glory will be seen. He has given me the route written on a plain paper and how I will meet Vuga in Musoma.

He left after saying "John, go fast, for God has chosen you to, by faith, distribute His truth. You may be having less [insufficient] money but know one thing, our God owns everything. Go by faith." John

13th August 2014. 14:02. This is what the Lord said, "J must not use Kisii route. From Kabuoch thru Rodi to Sori and board a motor boat to Musoma where God has chosen a young fisherman known as Roba Vuga who will lead him thru Tanzania mainland to Comoros Island via Ukerewe and Zanzibar. Vuga will help in conversion of Kenyan currency to Tanzanian currency and help when it comes to use of Tanzanian dialects. J must arrange with a taxi to collect him at his home today evening."

The Lord also said should anybody stand in the way of MM van, meant to distribute God's word, will face His wrath to the seventh generation. The message was delivered by seven angels with burning swords. I had to take this message to J face to face because failure to do so all over could have meant death.  Mark

Comment: This is a scary bit about the van – a very stern warning of facing God's wrath for failure to do it.

Angels Press Urgency To Reach Out

14th August 2014. 7:17. All the building work ended late yesterday and I will move all my things in it tomorrow... The angels visited me again about the urgency of reaching out that I will start just a day after Sabbath. I know my first trip will take many days, since the distances to cover are far.

A disease called Ebola is now a threat to people’s movement but God has assured me safety in my journey and that many healing miracles will be seen over those who will believe God’s word.

We still don’t know how we shall travel [he has no money] but we just take God’s orders and we shall see what He says over our journey... Paul

11:34. It was also revealed to me that God has chosen another faithful to go and support His work in a place called Oyugis. I saw that this is the remaining stronghold of the devil in Kenya (see Witchcraft in Wire Forest pp 53-60). I was shown too that some people who were in contact with MM there died last week, and also, I saw multiple MM lits lie in bad shape not collected in a post office. The angels showed me its box no 238, code 40223. When the man reaches Oyugis let him get the books.

God’s work is opening up as the devil sinks with his evil men. P

God Will Open Up Oyugis

13:44. Reply to Paul: Intercession is ongoing over here, many hours each day, most of the day, clearing these areas of demons. The two people who died there were Eunice Jaoko and Philip Ochieng, both of whom were deceivers, trying to undermine MM's work there. God bless. Malcolm

14th August 2014. 15:10. I have managed to travel yesterday to Oyugis and got a place to settle. I tried to get a post in Oyugis but did not, so I travelled to Kadongo and got one. I got surprised when I saw a packet that looked like the ones you send us mails with. I asked the woman about the owner [they are now dead] and she told me they have no interest with them because the owner did not come for them for now more than a year. She opened it and to my surprise MM lits. I told her that the books are from ‘our’ Christian ministry and she accepted to give them to me. She brought more – sixteen packets, with much to read and share. They were addressed to Saraah and Stephen from box 238 Kadongo and code 40223 Nyanza. I have taken all the books to my place.

May God lead me in this work He has called me to. Benjamin

Comment: Stephen and Sarah Oluoch were deceivers who tried to con me. They were used by Lukas Ogada. Much lit was sent before we found out how evil their motives were.


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