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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 3)

37. How God Reversed Death

The eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in His mercy, to deliver their soul from death (Ps 33:18).

To cut a long story short, God provided Mark with some land in Ndhiwa where he could live, after his family was thrown out of their home by Rakido. While their new home was being built, they lived in a shelter with their belongings, to protect them from the elements. A few weeks later, Awidhi again mounted another attack, intending to kill Mark. The following e-mails tell the harrowing story of what then took place:

The Gang Targets Mark

Subject: The Fall of MM work in Kenya

20th July 2014. ... we have destroyed the shelter that Mark built and burned everything today... Mark escaped but we must kill him because you use him to finish our network. Idiot you cannot kill me as you have done to others. Awidhi

21st July 2014. 18.20. Mark’s life in agony.

I am from Kericho and feeling a lot of pressure in the whole of my body to move out and look for Mark, a dedicated brother, a soldier of the Lord who has fully given his life to defend the truth no matter what. It is late at night but I have in my hands Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation. My brother is in distress.

Safaricom guy wanted money and money is not available to locate Mark. I feel uneasy and disturbed but I know that Mark should not die now, God knows why he must suffer for His name’s sake... I will not sleep till I find my brother dead or alive. Our God is God. John

Part of my reply:  ... God raises the dead. M

21st July 2014. 20:18.

They [Awidhi sent false information] want to divert our attention that they have captured him. Two minutes ago the Safaricom guy sent me a message showing that Mark is in Wire Forest some 46km from Homabay. I opened the book Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation and talked to our God to push the Safaricom radar operator to assist for I believe our God ...The Safaricom operator will guide me together with a team of game reservists to reach him and rescue him. I will sell a quarter of my land to pay Safaricom the 72,000kshs they demanded to rescue Mark...

Concerning the books, he is lying because after realising that the books were missing in the post, I went to the [Kericho] prison and was given four prison wardens who ransacked the corrupt Police officer's room and we managed to take all the packets that he stole, which I carried with me...

That fake wanted to shoot me with his gun, but it would not work for I had the gun of guns Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation till he had to literally run. He is the same one who leaked your e-mail address to that rogue 'pastor' in Nairobi. Mark has no gun, if he had he wouldn't have left his family in that state. Those thugs attacked them and found he did not have the Shield (Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation) with him. Myself, since I know that we have enemies everywhere, I walk with the shield full time even when visiting toilet, for it is a gift from my God. John

Shalom. We are in Kodera forest left with 19km to the site. I am going to keep in touch with you. Thanks. J

22nd July 2014. 7:12. Mark is dead.

I am lost for words to report to you the death of my brother in Christ. We weaved through the thick forest and at exactly 7:00 a.m. today we came to the site where we found his clothes cut into pieces and a small distance from there lay his naked body. I have to arrange how to ferry the body home and bury it probably tomorrow. The saddest side is that the gamereservists that I hired to help me move through Wire Forest have all deserted for fear of police arrest to go and record a statement. I alone cannot carry the body from the forest to the main road. I have to move out and get some people to assist me. I am sure our God will be victorious. I have with me the shield (Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation). God knows why we must go through this, to spread His Truth to the uttermost. God is God. John

Reply: I am sorry, but that is what I expected, which is why I wrote those last words to you "God raises the dead."

So, now we ask Him for Mark's life to be restored, and some clothes for him. God can do anything we ask for His glory's sake. Even if he is buried, God can restore his life and bring him up out of the grave. But don't spend more than is absolutely necessary. We can't get any money to you for a week or more. (I don't know your money situation.)

Further: 9:27. God will raise Mark up.

Remember the dreams God gave. Revelations give us God’s mind about what we could not otherwise know.

There was the dream you had of Mark becoming a wealthy farmer with cattle. That is yet to be fulfilled. It has a double meaning. Then there was the dream you had about Awidhi’s family all dying... When that was given, I knew also that other things were being implied which were unsaid. To me it implied that there was more suffering we would have to bear on our side before God took that evil man and punished him. God does not work like clockwork, A B C, etc. There are many twists and turns in His plan. And He gives such revelations to give us hope in the face of hopelessness. The hope of that dream is that, in the end, Awidhi would be finished and not able to trouble us any more. But the unspoken implication to me was that before he would be taken, he would do us more damage. Yet, I never expected this, till yesterday.

God bless and strengthen you. Declare to all who see his body that Mark is coming back from the dead as a witness to the Almighty God. Spread the news to the few who are involved. Gossip spreads. God utilises it for His purposes. Glory be to God in the Highest, and on earth power to MM!!

22nd July 2014. 10:14.

Yes God is able to raise him. Mark is like my own brother because he does not have a blood brother. I am stranded for taking the body from Wire to his home requires money which I also understand your financial situation. If I go underground then I may get jailed... To help in this case I am expected to use money which is clear is not available. Mark's wife alone is a housewife who cannot bear this load. I feel depressed but let’s leave it to God. The money in my account is not sufficient for the needs at hand.

22nd July 2014. 10:23.

I want to leave his body here, go to Homabay lands office and move with the officers to my plot to measure a quarter hectare and get okay to look for a buyer between now and Thursday to get money to pay Safaricom guy who helped us locate him, and the rest use to ferry his body home, but in all I believe that God will raise him as a witness.

Reply: 10:27. What money do you have left? What is the cost of Safaricom? What is the total cost you would need, do you think? Don't sell your land. I will borrow some money somehow. Let me know what. [We managed to borrow some money and send it to him.]

John’s reply: 11:18. We agreed with the Safaricom guy that I pay him after the work is done...

We used motorbikes, I rode mine and they rode theirs where we used 3000 kshs. I had not paid them by the time they escaped. They required 5000 kshs...

God Restores Mark’s Life

23rd July 2014. At 12:07 [UK time. 2:07 am Kenya time]. [At Mark’s home.]

From John:  Yes, God is God, we shall die in His service.

Non believers including Mark's wife and sister ran leaving me alone in the compound. It all started like a strong wind as if it wants to rain. Then we took the body into the house. It then rained for one hour from 10:11 p.m. to 11:20 till [a trench in] the compound got filled with water. At 11:45 p.m. a woman with glittering and sparkling white clothes entered the room and opened [uncovered] the body before talking to us, (myself, the widow, Mark's children and his sister).

She called the dead body: "Yes Mark, arise and do My Work. You are now fully accepted to proclaim My Word. Arise and get baptised in the Waters in your compound, and as from now you will clear all the enemies of truth that have tried to kill My true servants. Arise and get baptised." At that moment his sister, children and the widow darted into the darkness leaving me alone. The glittering woman held Mark's right hand and pulled him up. She then told me to follow her as Mark too stood up at once. I witnessed that angel-like being baptise Mark at midnight. She then wiped his face and commanded him to follow the truth by studying the truth books we receive from His only prophet. [He means the only prophet of God who is in touch with them in Kenya. I am not the only prophet on earth.]

This is how she put it "I protected your life from the enemy for you to spread the only truth from my chosen prophet who has obeyed My words to date, sending to you written truth. Do not allow rage and revenge back in to your life. I am the One who removed you from the police service because I had planned for you [to be part of] this noble work."

We all walked back to Mark's house where she told us that she was sent by God to come down and answer our prayers of rendering our enemies useless. She then told me to go back to Wire where Mark's body was found and go in to a cave and take Mark's clothes, shoes and phone...

She described what led to Mark's death: "When a group of attackers entered Mark's home, we saw that they were going to win over him and kill him. We closed the attackers’ eyes and took Mark away in spirit and hid him in a cave in the forest. They thought that they had captured him but we are the ones who captured them. We put pressure in you John to go out and witness for yourself that you serve a God who is capable of doing impossibilities. The two of you must not fear the so-called enemies. Before this week ends your enemies will meet problems of a great multitude. From now, Mark will foresee God's plans, tell all of you, and if any will fail to adhere to them, then your enemies will destroy you. Stay in God's truth without ceasing."

After that she disappeared in the darkness.

Mark then requested for water to drink and I fetched him the same rainwater from his compound where he got baptised and he drank it, after which miraculously the compound became dry as if no rain had rained.

He then started sharing about his adventure with God's angels. He prophesied to me that Awidhi's children are going to be killed till he will come to me to ask for forgiveness and that is the day God will take his life.

He also prophesied miracles that God will perform in Nairobi through a widow, and warned that Xxxx Xxxx [name protected] must move to Kisii or else that rogue police officer may kill him. 

I want to go to Wire to bring those items. This is a real event I personally witnessed and feel humbled to share with any believer or nonbeliever. God is God!

Reply: 9:31. You must be exhausted!! Hope you managed to get a decent night's sleep! Thanks for the report of the amazing happenings. We all praise God that He has acted so swiftly. I have some questions about that, to understand better what happened, but will send them in a couple of hours, when I get time. Thanks.

9:59. I haven't had sleep since yesterday. J

Reply: 10:50. God must be giving you strength to continue, if you don't feel exhausted.

11:22. The strength I have is truly not mine it is from God, I feel okay. J

Further: 11:42. Below are some questions to clarify your account (when you have rested). Thanks.

1. What was the angel's face like? Was it black, white, brown, or was it also shining like 'her' clothing?

2. I don't believe I am His only prophet. I have always thought that there are other prophets He uses around the world. I'm pretty sure there are others. So, perhaps she qualified that statement by adding "...in Kenya". For example, Kassahun is a prophet in Ethiopia.

3. Did the attackers manage to find where he was in the forest? Did the attackers cut up his clothes into pieces?

23rd July 2014. 5:18.

Your man Mark is gone. Idiot!! Awidhi

Reply: 14:54. What do you mean Mark’s gone?

23rd July 2014. 14:36.

How painfull, i laugh at you??? Lukas

Reply: 14:55. Why? What’s the problem? [They deserve some mockery.]

(He didn’t reply to that till later. He found out a short while later that Mark was alive, and not dead!)

Further: 21:13. Are you still laughing? MBH

23rd July 2014. 14:49.

I am from Wire with Mark’s phone, clothes and shoes.

Mark explains that when the attackers reached his compound, he escaped and before reaching far he fainted. Then in that deep sleep [an out of body experience], he met a group of people in white glittering linen who warned him to rely on God's protection and not his own. He was then shown gold and silver, then told to come back and share God's truth without fear.

He reports that the attackers did not reach him [while he was alive; to spare him their brutality; they obviously got there after the angels had taken Mark’s spirit]. He had no marks on his body when we found his lifeless body.

The angel-like being had a shiny and glittering face that I even feared to look at. She said that our enemies will meet problems of big magnitude including deaths.

Reply: 15:05. Thanks for the clarifications. So, the angel put Mark 'to death', so that when the attackers came they saw his lifeless body already dead.

Were the clothes you collected mended, all put back together? Or were they still cut up in pieces? The gang must have done that as an act of revenge, and then cleared off.

16:09. The clothes were cut in pieces, as a revenge I guess.

Reply: 16:23. So, maybe they are meant to be kept like that, as evidence for some reason.

17:59. The angels showed Mark silver and gold. I was wondering what significance that had. Were they trying to tell him that God holds all the wealth in His hands, and that He ultimately makes it available? Was it a way of portraying the fact that God will provide Mark’s needs?

I saw these 2 texts today:

He [Christ] will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure. (Isaiah 33:6. NIV.)

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord... wealth and riches are in his house (Psalm 112:1,3).

24th July 2014. John’s reply: It was a confirmation to him that in true worship of God all the good things are available. He is not to look back to the days he had a salaried police job, but to fully trust God in everything.

24th July 2014. I see you can give life. Beril has no option but has to pay back the laptop or before this week she will be in prison with her old fullish mother who dont know the value of having property. We have all the information... and directed us to Berils house. ...You killed rinovent becouse i got the information i needed from her, i dont ow her anything. [Rinovent betrayed us by accepting money from Lukas to hand back to him his letter which the angel delivered to Fatmah (see p 73 of MMG Vol 2).]

.... We will see who will lough last.  Lukas Ogada

Comment: Ogada’s gang then attacked the home where Beril and her mother moved to, to escape from him. It was rented. They were forewarned and moved out, but the gang burned the house down which belonged to the landlady and left them homeless again. J sent them some money to get a tent for them to live in temporarily. There is no money at present for them to have their own home, but God will provide for them as they continue to trust in Him. Ogada falsely accused Beril of stealing a laptop. It was a ploy to try and get her arrested, imprisoned and her life ruined because she associated with MM.

When God Resurrected Mark

24th July 2014. 20:31.

Further clarification about how Mark was restored by God:

We arrived with the body in a hired vehicle to Mark's compound at 5:02 p.m. To my surprise the compound had very few people. Later I discovered that the neighbours kept away since they falsely accuse M's family of devil worship.

We were 5 people in the vehicle – the driver Mr. Ali Nyongesa, his assistant Mr Moi Budi, myself, and Miss Khalif, Mark's family friend. After removing the coffin from the vehicle, the driver and his assistant left to Homa Bay leaving me, M's wife, M's children, M's sister. Khalifa went to sleep at Rodi to come back the following day for burial.

All through the process I kept asking God through silent prayer to save M, and placing the book Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation on his coffin. From 7 p.m. a wind began to blow. It got stronger. This pushed us to carry the body into the house, after which it started raining till water filled [a trench that builders had previously dug in] the compound.

Mark's wife and sister were busy crying when the angel visited M's house. I was not praying then. It just happened supernaturally. Her arrival made M's wife and sister keep quiet. But when they saw M's lifeless body coming out of the coffin when the angel called it to arise, they all ran out into the darkness. A witness is Miss Khalif... John

God’s Appointment On Mark’s Life

24th July 2014. I visited Mark's home and found him alone in his compound, and before even greeting him, he told me that a group will attempt to attack Beril but she should stand firm for the angelic forces will attack those thugs at midnight and leave some blind and some dead. He also told me to inform B to study and practice all that is recorded in the book Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation.

Mark went on to tell me that his family will stay in my compound, and God will take care of them. M looked unique, meek, but firm in his words. He talked of B and her mother getting a well-built house soon through God's intervention.

In future, Mark said that God will provide MM van to distribute publications. He assured me that all our enemies will die one by one. He repeated that Awidhi's children will all die, his wife then will leave him and lastly he will die.

He then told me to leave to Kabuoch and prepare to visit the prisons I visited, to baptise the inmates in water, and God will fill them with His Spirit. I left him at around 6 p.m. J

26th July 2014. 20:20. [Interesting time. See 2 Chronicles 20:20.]  

God appoints Mark as a prophet for Kenya.

Praise the Lord. I am prophet Mark. The Angels of our Almighty God showed me and instructed me to tell you – Helena and you – your prayers have entered into the ears of the Lord, and you have been accepted into the kingdom of God for the good work you have done for the past 22yrs to promote the gospel of His kingdom to the poor. So don't worry about the MM outreach in E. Africa, be it financial or those planning to attack the folks. He will provide for His work and protect His people.

Many will come before you in the name of our God including top government officials because of what you are doing to save this tired earth. [The government officials will be brought under judgement. See revelation about the sword in the government office of Kenya, on p 63 of  IBS16.]

Lastly, whoever refuses to do the will of God and obey His words will drink from the bowls of God's wrath who lives for ever and ever, whether he is from Africa, Europe or any other parts of the world.

I told John that Awidhi's children will die at midnight and his wife will run away and he will come to you pleading for forgiveness. You can confirm that from John.  Lukas also will go blind soon.  May God bless you all. Mark

Awidhi Begs For Forgiveness

27th July 2014. 11:33. Malcolm, please forgive me. my children died misteriously and my wife also escape. I know I have done wrong to your people. We thought Mark died but God raised him. you are serving the true God of Israel. I beg for your mercy. Waiting to hear from you. Awidhi

Comment: Every tongue shall confess and every knee will bow to Him! (Romans 14:11.)

Reply: 13:38. Yes, God struck your children dead, and sent your wife away, as punishment for your evildoings which were against Him. It is not only my forgiveness you need, but more importantly God's forgiveness. He grants forgiveness to those who are willing, from now on, to DO the right things in life.

Below is what I warned Lukas at midnight on 25th June 2014. It also applies to you. To demonstrate that your request for forgiveness is genuine, you will need to fulfil what I asked of Lukas (but he refused to accept it, so God will strike him blind). The compensation figure for him was higher because he has pots of money. You have less, but God requires sacrifice as a token of your genuineness.

Nevertheless, the cost of your damages against God's workers in Kenya has been monumental. It amounts to several thousands of pounds. When you let me know that you are willing to do the right thing from now on, I will give you details of where you can deposit the compensation money.

Remember what it has cost us. You shot Mark. He was hospitalised and the hospital bill was more than £500. You or your gang stole a similar amount from John when he was attacked and nearly killed. You had John's house burned down, which cost £2,000 to be restored.

And there were a number of other attacks against us, so £3,000 would look like being a minimum figure for your reparation and repatriation to begin.

Sincerely. But the question is: are you sincere? I think not.


[I KNOW he is not sincere. What I wrote was not to try and initiate a response; it condemns him in the afterlife.]

Comment: The above letter was also sent to Lukas Ogada the next morning, so that he knew why God blinded him. The same missive was also sent to ‘Paul Thister’ who intercepts our e-mails and informs Ogada.

27th July 2014. 20:19.

It is too late for Awidhi to ask for forgiveness God will take his life soon as He did to his children.

The Lord showed me that there are intruders who are trying to block MM outreach in Kenya. They will even try to write letters and send thru the post but simply ignore them because they are not healthy.

Lastly tell Nimrod that, the Lord has seen his good work [but God doesn’t mention Nimrod’s apostasy that was to come shortly, and his loss because of sin; see Ezekiel 33:12]. He will be rewarded accordingly. God bless you richly.


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