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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 2)

33. Emily Raised

Everyone will be seasoned with fire (Mark 9:49).

The graves were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised (Matthew 27:52).

17th December 2014. 17:16. Hallo Malcolm, I am a cousin to Ann and Emilly Otete. I write to know if this e-mail address still work to give you information if you can try to reach Antony and Ann to tell them about a miraculous happening of their sister (Emily) and a cousin to me coming back to life this evening.

Emily’s grave opened up and her coffin was raised up and she woke up out of it alive and same as she was. [Emily was buried 22 months earlier.] I did not see how it happened but I have seen her and she is at my uncle’s home. People ran away when they saw her and they say it’s her ghost. She has not spoken a word to anybody even the news people came but did not get a word from her…

18th December 2014. 10:53. …at midnight the Lord sent the angels to us with news that one person who was killed by Lukas in Kenya was raised again to life and has much testimony about how God works miracles in MM. If you have any news from Kenya over it we shall be grateful to hear more. Paul (Uganda)

19th December 2014. 11:20. It is true that Emily has been raised from the dead. I am from their uncle’s place. I was visited by the angels last night and told to go there with three books: Faith, and Raised From the Dead, and Mystery of the Invisible. I was told to show the books to her. [God then released her voice.]

As I arrived to their place and removed the books out of the bag, she looked at them and at her first word she said “I saw these scriptures in paradise.” I had a lengthy talk with her and truly believed.

[In the spirit realm she saw] All the killing and opposition that took place, and a big red covered book with Lukas’s name, too, she said she saw with all evils [he had committed, recorded] in it. Emily said that Lukas directly communicates with Satan and has the greatest influence of the beast in Africa… Benjamin, Kenya

19th December 2014. 15:27. I was visited by seven angels the night before last night at midnight when I was praying. They said that a lady by the name Emily was resurrected from the dead… Mark, Kenya.

What Emily related about her experience is included in Volume 3.


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