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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 3)

34. The Grave Opened Up!

You, who have shown me great and severe troubles,shall revive me again,
and bring me up again from the depths of the earth (Psalm 71:20).

In 12th January 2015, I received an unexpected e-mail. It was from a man in Kenya whom I have never met. He was writing to tell me of the astonishing thing he had witnessed the previous month, on 17th December 2014 – the ground over a grave miraculously opening up, and a young woman coming out of her coffin.

It is something we had said, a year earlier, would happen (see page 71 of Mighty Miracles of God, Volume 1), although I didn’t know HOW God would perform this feat. I didn’t know the grave would open up. But, with hindsight I can see why. To unbelieving people, rooted in the physical dimension, they need to see to believe. If God had resurrected Emily but left the grave undisturbed, most would simply not have believed she had returned. God raised her from the dead as a witness to His Truth.

The world as a whole has rejected His Truth.

We Saw Seven Angels

Here is what our Kenyan friend reported of the incident:

[My comments or clarifications in square brackets.]

Sent: 12 January 2015 13:33
To: mbh@midnightministries.org.uk
Subject: Emilly came back to life.

Hello! I’m Mr. O, I work with Kenya Public Works as a serviceman driving graders and forklifts at rural road contraction level. I was given your email address to write to you as a witness over what happened during the time Emily came back to life.

That day, I work up [woke up] to complete the last face [phase] of what we were making, I started working around 8.00am and reach near the girls homestead at around 12.30pm. I saw a strong wind pack flowers [blow flowers and plants around] that were at a point in that homestead and stopped by to see because it was only at one point. [There was no wind elsewhere in the area. It was only at that point where a wind was disturbing things on the ground.]

I called the three laborers who were assisting me and they came to observe it. [Then] We saw wind scatter the soil as if [it] digs it down [the wind dug into the ground, excavating and scattering the soil]. The two laborers ran away as they thought earth quake was about to take place but I stood still with the other one man.

The wind digged more dip [the wind dug deeper] and we left all the fear in us [fear left us as we became more curious to watch what was happening] and jumped over to the home stead. [What did you jump over? Was it a boundary fence? Did you jump over it to get a closer look at what was going on?] The wind stopped and we saw seven people in white worship cloths as the angels, they had wings. The fear posted [arose in us] in us that we could not move any more step near [we were afraid to get any closer].

We closed our eyes because we were terrified and as we opened we saw a girl with burial cloths seated at the side of the grave. We ran to the nearby homestead to call those near the place. As they came to look, they called at her name and they said that girl resembled a lady called Emily who was killed some year  back. [Yes, she was murdered about 22 months earlier. She has been in  heaven (paradise), where good people go when they die. But God sent her back to earth to witness to God’s truth that this ministry has been commissioned by God to promote.] She was not speaking but spoke at last when a man called Benjamin came and spoke to her as he raised some books over her. [Those books were writings of Midnight Ministries, which carry the power of God.]

This is all what I saw.

Emily wrote to me about her experience:

5th January 2015. From Emily:

I am happy to gain memory at last and get to write to you once again in this lifetime.

The glory of God is around you Malcolm. You have been given the authority to deliver mankind [through the spiritual power conveyed by the Word of God, to those who accept Jesus as Saviour] and prepare the world to meet Christ.

People have depended on the Bible for knowledge which is so good for Christian life, but do they understand all the Biblical concepts? [Many Christians do not, and are still in darkness about God’s truths.]

I have little time left but until [unless] I pass [on] this information [to those who will listen and whose lives can be changed by this witness about God], I believe my coming back to life [would have] no meaning otherwise.

I tasted the spiritual realign [realm or kingdom] and much [spiritual] understanding and message [information] has been given to me that [to convey] I pass to the world.

Time is short, but chances to choose the truth are enough for all who wish to hear it. Midnight Ministries’ publications are approved by God for synthesis of the Bible [making clear and understandable to people the Bible’s teachings] that many may understand God's nature in belief that all is possible [and come to know that all is possible through belief in Him].

All churches who have published any misleading scriptures [incorrect teaching and who have distorted what God means in the Bible] [and who have been misleading people with their false teachings] will have fatal punishment. [I saw] there [in heaven] books from Restored [CoG], SDA, United Church, Living Church, Trumpet, Triumph Prophetic [all these are false churches and ministries], and [from] many many more denominations in paradise [ – all those] books are [in a] pile and locked in a store, and all this will stand [be used] as evidence [against all who did not teach God’s Truth] during the judgement day. [because false teachings are inspired by demons, and have led the majority astray.]

Until Jesus Christ died is when many came to realize that he was truly the son of God, [people did not realise Jesus was truly the Son of God until He died]. Likewise, many will not believe my words. Some have told me to do miracles to show that I have truly tasted the spiritual life in paradise but this is not what God made me to do. [Like it says in Luke 16:31, they have Moses and the prophets (and modern prophets such as MM); if they won’t listen to them, they won’t be persuaded even though someone comes back from paradise.]

There is much I enjoy right now that natural man can't. I can see much of the spiritual as I have shared [experienced] the glory of God.

Each man is born with a spirit in him, but does each man’s spirit join with the body to live a whole life? No. This is the basic teaching that you have to help the world understand. Many tend to let their physical state rule them when awake, forgetting to let their spirit control over them, all men have the holy spirit to guide after them but the pride of man makes him/her join into the evil spirit and therefore the devil to control over them. [Each person is born with the spirit in man within them. But are people aware of this spirit within them and what they must do with this capacity? No. This is a basic concept that you have to help the world to understand. Many tend to go through life merely caring about the physical, and neglecting the spiritual. They are unaware of their spirit, and that they need to let the Holy Spirit guide them. So the pride of man, and their sole pursuit of the physical cares of this life (1 John 2:16 – physical desires, or desire of the eyes, and the pride of life), cause people to connect to the unseen evil spirit world, and thereby the devil controls them without them knowing it.]

During sleep, man forgets the physical and joins into the spiritual state, and for those who (are posed with) [live their lives motivated by] pride and evil, always have the devolic [devilish] spirit hovering over them. [They] dream of destruction and much evil which ends up controlling them (over) [throughout] the day (as) [after] they wake up.

I say this as (they) [these things are the] are truth and what i experienced. The devil has dominated Lukas’s world and his name appears in the front line in the Book of Judgement. God never killed Satan but left him to trail [test or try] the world. Lukas has gained much of the earthly things, fame, wealth and position to fight. [But] God has kept watch over this. [Lukas Ogada is a staunch, violent opponent of MM, who has mounted terrorist attacks against MM readers, and who commissioned murderers to kill Emily 22 months before she was raised from the dead. God has a purpose for allowing him to become powerful, to test many other people.]

All the truth about resurrection [the prophecy that Emily would be resurrected] has been fulfilled despite [even though] few believe [it] as they see me alive once again. To those who wish to know the truth God has allowed [given] them [here] my testimony and [they can] know that God's glory has come to mankind through MM.

This year will be great to entire Africa [This year there will be a great witness to all of Africa] (just as) [beginning] from this month. God has chosen not to center the new in [centre or base the new outreach in] Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia but to move it out to all countries in Africa.

Lukas is going to try and reach the MM supporters in Africa to convince them to stop all their support but we have Faith as God directs us. Let you not be shaken for all that is going to take place this year in Africa.

Big church organization to put their interest in Africa after that they shall join hand to fight and destroy MM. [Big church organisations have invested much in Africa, so they will join hands to fight and try to destroy MM.]

God is with you in this good fight. Emilly Otete.

The Seven Angels Said

Other witnesses testified of Emily’s return: 1) Her cousin was the first to let me know about it. That was on the evening of her resurrection.

2) That night seven angels appeared to Paul in Uganda and told him that someone whom Lukas murdered has been raised from the dead and has much to say to confirm how God does miracles in conjunction with MM’s work. The next day, 18th December 2014, Paul wrote and told me about that encounter.

3) A day later, Benjamin in Kenya got in touch. The seven angels had also visited him and told him to go to the home of Emily’s uncle with three MM publications: Faith, and Raised From the Dead, and Mystery of the Invisible. He was told to show the books to her, which he did.

4) Mark in Kenya wrote to me on 19th December, telling me that when he was praying on the night of the 17th, at midnight the angels appeared and told him that Emily had been brought back from the dead.

All these corroborations are included on page 80 of Mighty Miracles of God, Volume 2.

But, will people believe? No. Most won’t. Only the pure in heart will. The testimony of truth is clear:

If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead (Luke 16:31).  


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