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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 2)

32. Antichrist Joseph Kony

Everyone will be seasoned with fire (Mark 9:49).

After God struck dead Charles Osutwa (see pp 65-66) whom Ogada had hired to do his dirty work. Ogada taunted me:

16th June 2014.

Yes he is dead but i am still alive and continue to be healthy. For one person you kill i will recruit two to cover and i have done so. There are just too many people who want my support and i can pay them to work for me. If you thought i can lose then get Christine and Paul out of my trap. If you succed in this i will accept that your God is great. Lukas Ogada

Reply: You are a liar. You will never accept that our God is great, or you would have done so already, with 12 dead on your side and none on ours (because the one you killed is coming back soon to testify against the wickedness that you promote). [See p 80 and Volume 3.] Our God can deliver Christine and Paul from your grubby, debased hands! MBH

At the time I didn’t know what Ogada was referring to. It was only later that I found out that he had met up with the terrorist Joseph Kony (the rebel leader of the so-called Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, a band of gunmen who pillage, terrorise, rape, and slaughter). Ogada had paid him a large sum of money to get Paul and Christine killed.

An angel retrieved a letter Ogada had written to Charles Osutwa, and delivered it to Fatimah’s home. She relayed the information to me:

Ogada letter of attack, engaging Joseph Kony:

Hallo Charles,

I am leaving for Uganda for more network advice from Joseph konj. I have placed everything in order as we agreed in the meeting at Lasjona hotel. Alex wife has accepted to give us the car for operation at Fatmah’s place, we shall only fuel it but don’t stop at any police check point, or use the rough roads where you know that police don’t stand. I have given to George some stickers for (KRA) Kenyan revenue Authority that you will stick on both sides of the car so that it will not be stopped.

Relax at the shopping centre till its late to attack where nobody will be able to interfered ensure you spray that charm as we were told so that nobody will come to support them.

They have placed electric protection on their fence and ensure you don’t use the main gate or touch the fence, just use the part that was destroyed. Make sure you get for me any valuable in that house. The computers, the solar, the books both English and Swahili, Ones put to fire.

The foolish Malcolm has the information that we had a meeting at Lasjona, I don’t know who gives out the information. If I get to know that one of us does this then he must know that reward of messing up with me is a death penalty.

I am going to work on reaching Beril and leave for Joseph Kony to deal with the group that is in Uganda. Call me as soon as the operation is done to get your pays from my son whom I have left the money for. [Lukas’s words.]

Ogada mentioned the “electric protection” on the fence around the home he attacked. There was no electric connection. It was God’s power that supernaturally killed attackers when they touched the fence!

Ogada Again Taunts MM

18th June 2014. 21:53

I need 12000£ from you before tomorrow, if not I’ll order for Christines and Pauls death. I have their life at my hands and its you to comply in compensation of Osutwas family and other people you have killed. After this we shall see all deal is settled. Neither you nor me will attack each other again. For the six days i have been feeding Paul and Christine and not harm them where i have them, until you comply then i will order for their release. I told you i can stop MM in Uganda but you still went on saying useless things, now you have no option if you preffer them to live. Dont write, just send the money. Lukas Ogada

Reply: 22:05. …Our God is able to release anyone from your clutches, you evil Mafia boss. You seem to have such a short memory. You have forgotten how God delivered Fatimah from your hands when your evil gang kidnapped her.

And even if God were to allow you to murder Paul and Christine, God is able to raise them from the dead, and what will you do when God takes your life in lieu of theirs!? You evil tyrant, you go to hell!!

You will get not one penny from me, you are a fool, a fool, an utter fool who is destined for oblivion! Just you wait and SEE THE SALVATION OF OUR GOD!!! Meet me at Midnight on Mount Carmel!!! MBH

Angels Release Paul and Christine

Paul wrote to me after their ordeal in the jungle:

21st June 2014. Abducted in Uganda.

We are free after facing the worst time in the thick forest under strong security for us not to escape. It has been days of terror to us under Joseph Kony. He ordered for £10,000 to release us that was to be paid to Lukas but we told them that we had no money. They stabbed Christine in the breast and me too in the head and back.

God delivered us last night at midnight after a thunder came from above, and the six gunmen who surrounded us dropped dead to the ground. God’s angels came for our rescue. Last night was the day we were to be killed with other captives of Joseph Kony.

We never ate anything till our rescue. They tried to force us to eat beast meat and we refused, but it brought beating and torture on us. It was so cruel there. A few minutes before our escape, they tried to rape Christine but that was the moment the thunder was heard from above.

We tried to find a way out; we hoped to reach a nearby village. In a very short space of time we found ourselves on a rough road. We didn’t know where it was leading to. We walked a few yards and at a bend we saw a car parked and its engine running. We feared getting close as we thought it was the gang’s operation car. But then we saw a woman come out from a nearby bush as she zipped up, so we concluded that she had gone to ease herself. We ran towards her and asked her if she could give us a lift to our place. She said she was not heading that direction but she agreed anyway and drove us to our centre. It was like a God-sent angel to us. [That’s who it was.]

We reached home three hours after midnight. When we got near we could hear people crying in our compound. That was another shock. We thought that perhaps Christine’s grandmother had died, but when we went into the compound, there were many people there, including Christine’s parents, sisters and other relatives. News had come that we had been kidnapped and killed. Someone claimed that he saw us abducted by gunmen and taken away in Kony’s pick up [that was an angel creating publicity through the story]. When they all saw us, nearly everyone fled. They thought we were ghosts. We went into the house and they followed one by one and finally believed we were back. It was a miracle to them as no one has ever escaped from Kony’s kidnappers since he began his operation to overthrow the government. Our God is so great, Malcolm, for keeping us all those 7 days without feeling any hunger despite all we underwent under the bloody man’s control. We shall praise Him and uplift His name higher.

Everybody wanted to know much about this God… Paul

I asked Paul to clarify some details. He replied:

It happened on Friday evening 13th June. We were returning from our outreach and they met us on our way back home. They took us captive, saying that we had killed their members in Kenya and they asked us if we know Lukas Ogada but we said that we don’t know him. They also demanded six million Ugandan shillings for them to release us.

[I had asked him about the pain they had to endure when they were stabbed.] We were stabbed a day before we got rescued. We felt much pain.

The gang who were holding us were more than twenty at first, but after killing twelve captives in our presence we remained few people. The other gunmen went out, I believe for another raid, and left six to watch over us.

We don’t know any of their names but the leader, Joseph Konyi, came and introduced himself to us on the first day in their camp.

We didn’t see the angels [except the one who drove the car] but we believe they came to rescue us. The death of the soldiers and the breaking of the chains on our hands demonstrates the unnatural power that saved us from them.

No speaking was allowed and if we tried, they beat us and prevented us.

[I had asked him: Did the other captives know why God released you? While you were held in captivity did they come to know anything about your belief in God?] The way we were released assures us that they knew later. I happened by chance to give a copy of the booklet on Faith to one of the captives when we left them. If she had an opportunity to read it she will know the power that rescued us. [This was Arabella, whose story follows.]

The woman who helped us back home, can I say that she was a visible angel? [Comment: She obviously was an angel sent by God, and the car was created and materialised on the spot by God.] The journey took about 3-4 hours.

She spoke to us, asked us where we were from and where we were going to [to put you at ease]. After getting into the car, she never spoke any word to us. After a few minutes of our travel, she took out a book from the dashboard entitled Golden Bells, opened it and started singing. The book had two trumpets on the cover and some music signs. [Praising God for what His Spirit was accomplishing.]

I was dizzy while Christine was fast asleep, and I too fell asleep until she woke us up when we reached home. She never said she was an angel but we thought this because she was able to take us home without us directing her. She told us “you are a few yards from your place, you can proceed.” She dropped us off, turned the car around and left.

[I had asked him about the other ‘person’ who, with impeccable timing, had told the family that he saw C and P kidnapped by Kony’s gang. He must have been an angel also because his ‘announcement’ was shortly before C and P were brought home by the other angel.]  Nobody was around when we were captured, nobody saw it. A van came, stopped in front of us and at once we were thrown into the boot and driven away. The next thing I saw is us being in the forest.

The person who took the news to Christine’s grandmother stated that he saw us being captured. He talked to her in the sitting room. After a while he requested for drinking water and the old woman went to bring it for him from the kitchen only to come back but find nobody. There were strange happenings.

My pain stopped a few days after our escape. Christine’s wound also took time but now has healed well.

In captivity we were padlocked and chained with metal chains, but the moment the guards fell down dead, the chains broke and the padlock miraculously opened up.  Paul

Heap It Double! Double!!

At that time, John in Kenya was given a stunning vision:

23rd June 2014. “Heap it double – double!”

These are the words I saw written clearly in the sky above. I saw you and your family lifted heavenwards, towards the writings.

Many people pleaded with you to help them, for a big fire was getting closer to them.

Then suddenly you dropped for me a plough and seeds, and told me to till the land and plant those seeds. I harvested a lot of maize which fed the whole world. Then I too got lifted up to join you and your family. What a vision!! J

Comment: I believe the vision is an urgent call to move ahead with more drive – to double our and your efforts.

God is drawing the righteous ones to Himself, making them part of His heavenly family. The ‘fires’ of the Tribulation are approaching. And God’s judgement is doubling!

The seeds represent MM literature containing God’s truth, which is sown into the lives of God’s people, bringing a harvest of righteousness. Feeding the whole world probably represents the fact that MM publications will go into all the world as part of the end-time witness to all nations.


On the 18th June, Ogada demanded £12,000 from me (which I didn’t have, because this is a poor ministry) or he would kill Christine and Paul. I told him: “…Our God is able to release anyone from your clutches, you evil Mafia boss…” And God did. The six gunmen holding them hostage were struck dead at midnight on 20th June, the weekly Sabbath, and an angel took Christine and Paul home to safety that night.

By the 24th June 2014, the number of Ogada’s evil hit squad whom God had now killed was 26… plus Kony’s men, which we heard a few days later numbered a further 29. God took their lives to prevent them coming after Christine and Paul again.

A short while later, He took Vincent Awidhi’s life and his children’s, because Awidhi had been a chief malefactor against us.

When someone opposes a servant of God, they are opposing God (Luke 10:16). The consequences are serious!

Ogada refused every opportunity to repent and change his evil ways to avoid going to hell. But he continued blindly on towards that inevitable fate. Ogada wouldn’t give up trying to destroy MM.

Satan’s target is the God-sent Truth that is contained in MM’s publications – the last restoration of biblical truth in this age prior to Jesus’ imminent return.

These are the days of Elijah, as God foretold in the Bible long ago. (Explained in the booklet Who Is The End-Time Elijah?)

I am not ‘the Elijah’. The Work of God is.

Maxwell and Arabella’s Ordeal

We have written up what happened to us, so that the world may know that the Lord served in Midnight Ministries is the true God.

We were kidnapped and taken captive into a forest under strong security, just waiting for our death day to come.

How it all began: Our father was a member of the Lord’s Resistance Army from 2008 and lived a wild life in the forest under the leadership of Joseph Konyi. Our dad went out for raids with the gang and sometimes came back home with many goods he acquired.

Life was so good as we never suffered. All we wanted we got easily without any hardship. Life started becoming hard when many members of the group were surrounded by the government police force and were killed. My dad escaped and went into hiding in Ethiopia for six months but Konyi’s group came looking for him. When they didn’t find him, they took most of the valuables from our home to compensate for our father leaving their group.

Our capture: When my dad came back, they got the information and after two days they raided our home, killing our mother, our father, grandfather and our sister. They captured me [Arabella] and Maxwell and burnt our entire home to ashes. The gang led us deep into the thick forest where we stayed (I believe for more than a month).

It was so cruel there. When it rained we did not know if a day had passed since it was so dark in the forest. Food was so scarce that they provided it only when they saw someone was weak and almost dying.

We saw people brought in day by day and shot to death in front of us. Young girls too were brought and raped, then afterwards they were killed. It was so terrible. We lost hope because everyone who was trapped by Konyi had to die.

When Paul and Christine were brought in to where we were locked up, we saw how they were tortured but we heard them say that God would deliver them. That was something the other captives laughed at. They said to them that nobody ever gets out of the forest alive.

After they had been chained to a tree near where we were chained, Paul removed a book from his pocket and said: “God, all that is written in these books are Your true words. If this power of deliverance exists upon it, free us that they may know that we serve You, the true God.

Paul and Christine continued to pray day and night until the day that the leader Joseph Konyi came and ordered that Christine and Paul were to be killed after three days. They beat them and wounded Christine. Her clothes were soaked in blood [she was stabbed in the breast]; Paul was stabbed in the back and head; they both endured great pain]. The gang said that they were paid from Kenya to kill Christine and Paul for disorganizing a certain group. [That was Ogada’s false accusation. Lukas Ogada had hired Konyi’s men to kill them because Paul and Christine are faithful believers who are loyal to MM and God’s outreach in Africa.]

We spent that night chained up and locked with Christine and Paul at a safe place, but in the morning the captors came back and took both of them away. We knew Paul and Christine were going to be killed. After a short while, we heard four gun shots. We began to cry, believing that the two had been killed.

Our release: That day it had rained heavily and we were freezing in the cold. Two other people near us died without the gun or sword on their chest. In the evening the soldiers guarding us fell asleep. To our surprise we heard footsteps. When we looked it was Paul and Christine. They said “We have been delivered.” They gave us the book on Faith, and said to us: “Use it, for the power of God rests in it! You too shall be safe.”

That night after they were delivered, the soldiers never rested. We were ruthlessly punished and twelve captives were killed. They wanted to kill us too, but one said: “No, they are children of our brother and they have to join us. We will kill them only if they don’t accept to be part of us.”

The Spirit of God visited Maxwell and for the first time we started to pray. I found myself joining him in the prayer and to our surprise our chains fell off! The soldiers guarding us fell down. I think they were dead. We just took off, and the power was in us that it didn’t look like we had not eaten or been in the cold.

We didn’t know where we were running to, but we continued to run for so long, until night, and we found ourselves in a village near the border of Uganda and Kenya. We went to a home and got accommodated. For three days we stayed there. Then we finally found the way to our place, but we were homeless until God helped us to meet Paul and Christine again during their outreach mission in our area.

They were surprised and glad to see us, but they said that they knew God had to deliver us. We got baptized after accepting the truth of God in Midnight Ministries, and Paul took us in and offered us shelter, which is where we live now. God has continued to support us and daily we depend on Him in all of our lives here. We shall praise His name for all the good He has shown us.

Maxwell and Arabella. Uganda

Footnote: Maxwell and Arabella were captured by Kony’s gang more than two weeks before Paul and Christine were taken captive. Two days after Paul and Christine’s release on the Sabbath (the Sabbath is a day of release), God delivered Maxwell and Arabella; they were finally able to escape on Sunday 22nd June 2014. That was 32 days after Maxwell and Arabella were captured, Jesus says in John 8:32 that “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

Shortly after their escape God struck dead many of Kony’s gunmen in order to protect the MM outreach from being obliterated in the area. God preserves His Work on earth for the sake of His Truth. This is God’s time to RESTORE His pure biblical Truth for those who will accept it.

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