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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 2)

31. Visions Into The Future

I will pour out My Spirit… your young men shall see visions,
your old men shall dream dreams… and prophesy (Acts 2:17,18).

‘Travelled To’ Heaven And Hell

25th May 2014

I had a dream of having travelled to heaven and hell last night. Heaven is a wonderful place, very cool and calm. I saw clean rivers with all kinds of fish swimming. The grass was very fresh as if planted and cared for. I saw slopes and cool fields. I saw angels sing songs of praise, some in a room made of fine gold, others sang outside moving around the house. I saw flowers so beautiful and fresh; the fallen flowers never withered and had a wonderful fragrance.

I saw all people similar and so healthy. No one had a scar nor even a pimple on the face. I saw Jesus and many children seated at His feet and they were happy. I saw everything perfect. I was led into the house and I saw a room as a court. I saw the judgment seat and many big files on a table. I saw big books. One was the Book of Life that contained all the names of those who accepted Christ. In it I also saw a list of prophets recorded with times of their prophecy. I saw your name listed among them. It was the last among the names in the list. I saw a red line after your name, then a writing “Christ coming”. I saw a library of other books from MM and a seal was in them written “approved.”

I saw in that court room another door. Then it opened and I looked through. Behold, there was another land with all kinds of afflictions. I saw houses like cages and all people in them were chained. There was fire all over the surrounding area and people there were in pain and wounded. I saw a banner written “result of sin”. All this dream showed me more to believe in [the message of God in] MM [and that time is late before Jesus comes]. I saw more things that I can’t recall but all heaven is beautiful for all who labour hard.  Christine

MM Worldwide Outreach Prophesied

29th May 2014

…all opposers of MM who rejected the words of wisdom and teaching from you have died or are suffering tremendously. Self-willed people do not want to hear from prophets and hence perish.

I had a dream last night. I saw you Malcolm in a group of prophets. You were wearing a white glittering robe while the other prophets were in mixed dirty clothes, some red, some black. You were supernaturally carried to the sky above all of them till they became annoyed. But to all those who accepted your words, I saw their clothes turn to bright white. I then saw multitudes of people from all corners of the earth coming to listen to ‘your’ teachings. They got baptised. Tents labelled MM were constructed all over the world, and people observed God’s festivals according to MM calendar. John

Numbers 12:6

8th January 2015. Kassahun (in Ethiopia). Terrorism will increase.

In a dream a man held my hand and showed me 14 different underground terrorist cells in various places. The cells were well equipped with weapons and other equipment, ready to attack countries on their list.

Comment: The world will become more and more unsafe. Terrorism will get the upper hand and we will see more killings and mass murders.

12th January 2015. K. Persecution.

I was receiving a message through the Holy Spirit about my next move. The Spirit told me that there will be storms ahead, so be ready to face them.

Comment: The storm is a symbol of coming persecution on Christians. We have to be ready for it by prayer and stand firm in God’s truths. When the time comes, God will tell us what to do but we have to be in tune with the Holy Spirit.

14th January 2015. K. Famine. In a dream I saw hungry and thirsty people looking for food and drink. They look like ghosts. One can see only their skeleton without flesh on it. If they are left like this, they will die within minutes.

Comment: This depicts famine coming in the world. See Rev 6:5-6.

7th January 2015. K. Several banners illustrating our booklets in English, Amharic and other languages were hanging everywhere. I was stunned and thought who has done this wonderful thing. I couldn’t control my joy. The advertisements were a wonderful way of preaching the truths of the hour.

Comment: MM’s worldwide witness through literature. See Matthew 24:14.

8th January 2015. 18:55. God’s Authority bestowed because of the truth.

7 angels in glittering clothes said that “Malcolm will be given a ring of gold” [like a wedding ring, a signet ring, symbolising God’s authority bestowed] “by God, showing the whole world that God is pleased with his work.” Rhoda (in Kenya).

Comment: Esther 3:10-12. Dan 6:17. Haggai 2:23. All these texts mention the signet ring which conveyed the ruler’s authority.


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