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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 2)

30. Intercession

The Spirit also is aiding our infirmity, for what we should be praying for, to accord with what must be, we are not aware,
but the Spirit itself is pleading for us with inarticulate groanings (Romans 8:26, Concordant Literal NT).

In the chaos in Kisumu hospital (see p 21) John lost his ID card. He was understandably worried about this. People have been put to death in Kenya for crimes they didn’t commit, simply because the perpetrator planted someone’s ID at the crime scene. To put John’s mind at rest, God gave him this dream (my reply to him follows that):

16th April 2014

I dreamed last night that Helena – in bright, shining, very white glittering clothes – brought to me my lost ID in person up to my home and encouraged me to continue to work for God without fear. She gave me a story from the Bible which Jesus told His disciples of the sower. She then knelt at the site where the tent foundation is and prayed to God three times to support His work by providing an MM tent for His work.

Helena left me with the following words, .... ‘John, John, John, He is God who has held your hands. Now follow His will in all that you think, ask for, want, and plan to do. He will not leave you alone even if the situation is hostile as it is, never lose hope.’ She left after giving us five loaves of unleavened bread and wine and encouraged us to pray to God always without ceasing… J

Reply: Here is what I can add about your dream. Last night I was sitting on my bed when my attention was drawn to a book on one of my shelves. I took it off the shelf. It was God’s Remedy For Rejection by Derek Prince, a little book I had read many years ago. Derek Prince recounts in there this experience he had:

“The army stationed me for a short while at a railway junction in the northern Sudan called Atabara. I was in charge of a small reception station for military patients. I think it had three beds. I worked in liaison with a civilian doctor in the city, but I was my own boss for the first time in my military career. For the first time, too, I had a bed to sleep in. Additionally, among the issued equipment in this reception station were long, white nightgowns. At that time I had spent about three years sleeping in my underwear, and I was tired of it. So, I availed myself of the facilities and put on a flannel nightgown, and slept in a bed.

“One night as I lay in bed, the Spirit of God came upon me while I was in intercessory prayer for the people of the Sudan. The prayer had nothing to do with my natural feelings toward them at all, but I could not sleep. I was driven by an inner urgency, which I know was the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I found myself praying with a supernatural love far above the level of anything I could achieve by my own reason or emotion.

“Sometime in the middle of the night, I got out of bed and began to pace the floor. Suddenly, I was aware that my white nightgown was actually shining. I realized that for those brief moments I had become identified with our great heavenly Intercessor, the Lord Jesus…” (Pp 100-101.)

That is why God illustrated Helena in shining white clothes. She intercedes regularly, spending MANY HOURS every day pushing away demons which she feels in her head, so that God’s plan in Kenya can go forward. There are many demons coming against you (plural) all the time, and she pushes them away so that they don’t swamp you and thereby ruin God’s Work that is moving ahead gradually.

The ID being brought back to your home is probably literal, although it may be delivered somewhere else for you to collect. [What occurred is related on pp 51-52.] Whatever the specifics about how it turns up, God is going to send it back to you, because of Helena’s intercession. (Remember the laminated Title Deed which was returned to your doorstep!) When we are in God’s will, God can move heaven and earth to achieve what is needful.

Our duty is to trust Him and not fear… Demons inject fears into us… It takes time to learn to submit fully to the lead of the Spirit. God is teaching us. We have to learn to resist fears and counter them by exercising faith in God.

Remember when Jesus appeared to you in your room? He was behind you. That portrayed the fact that you were not looking towards Him. Looking towards Him is a synonym for trusting in Him / having faith in Him to sort out our difficulties.

<< She gave me a story from the Bible which Jesus told his disciples of the sower. >>

Helena, being the intercessor, is used here as the one who is conveying what she receives from God for you. She is encouraging you to sow God’s Word, the seed, into people’s lives. That is what God wants you to do, so He is emphasising that to you. It is an exhortation to teach them about obedience to the things of God contained in the Bible and which are expounded more in MM publications.

Many Christians don’t understand much from the Bible because it has not been adequately explained in churches. The SDA church you came out of has left behind many wrong concepts and wrong customs.

The way most churches conduct meetings is wrong. In Meetings With Jesus we explain more. The format is too regimented. Ministers have to learn to let the Spirit lead, not themselves. This is part of the seed which needs sowing into people’s lives. There is a lot more of this seed of God’s Word, which also needs sowing, contained in MM lit.

<< She then knelt at the site where the tent foundation is and prayed to God three times to support His work by providing an MM tent for His work. >>

God has already told you that He will provide the tent. It’s just a matter of time. So, this is a reminder to you that He WILL do that, and Helena’s intercession will bring it about as the demons blocking it are pushed away. The timing is in God’s hands. He wants us to be patient and continue to trust Him to fulfil His promise, no matter how long it takes.

<< Helena left me with the following words, .... ‘John, John, John…’ >>

Those are the words Jesus spoke to you very clearly not long ago. There is an insistence in them, a pleading. He is pleading with you to believe Him, to trust Him, and not to worry, but just to rest confidently in His promise. God is grieved when we doubt him (Psalm 78:40-43). When we want it now, we are impatient, and that impatience can be a sister of doubt in Him / lack of trust.

<< He is God who has held your hands. Now follow His will in all that you think, ask for, want, and plan to do. He will not leave you alone, even if the situation is as hostile as it could be. Never lose hope. >>

God’s emphasis to you is on doing His will. As you get in line with His will, He shall bring to pass His promise of the tent and everything else. The faith walk is not completed in one day. It takes months and years of walking in God’s will to fulfil.

<< She left after giving us five loaves of unleavened bread and wine and encouraged us to pray to God always without ceasing. >>

Five denotes preparation in humbling and self-abasement, which is what Passover should teach us (with the footwashing ceremony which all participate in), and the taking of unleavened bread and red wine depicting the [sinless] body and blood of the Lord who died to set us free from sin.

God, through Helena, is encouraging you to hold fast to Him, and through your union with Him in prayer, He will bring things to pass and work out His plan. The encouragement is one to endure to the end, to continue steadfastly.

The dream is also an expression of God’s love for you, and for all who want Him more than anything else in life. What care He takes to reassure us!

Helena in bright, shining white clothing, depicts the righteousness that surrounds her as she intercedes against the enemy. She is bathed in the Spirit of God, harnessing His Spirit as a sharp weapon against all the demons. As I compile this in February 2015, each day for her is usually an almost continuous slog using God’s Spirit coupled with her mind against the foes. In her head she feels the strength of the demons which are sent her way to deal with, and can sense when she has pushed them away. After about 7 or 8 hours’ intercession in the morning and afternoon, and a couple of hours’ break which the Spirit allows, she then has to resume the process again in the evening and night, sometimes not finishing till 3 am.

This has gone on, not just for weeks or months, but for YEARS. It is the means God uses to clear the way in Africa, so the gospel can go to those for whom God is delivering it.

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