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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 2)

24. Whom Do We Fear?

Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul [the spirit / life]. But rather fear Him
who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell [Gehenna] (Matthew 10:28)

Relentless opposition continued, as these e-mails relate:

16th April 2014

Fatimah and the other girls received a threatening leaflet dropped at their doorway this morning… J

Reply to others: Don’t worry. Remember, the God who saved Daniel out of the mouth of the lions; who saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the furnace; who saved Fatimah, Ann and Vivian from the gas attack, who saved John from the witchdoctors; who put to death 29 SDA folks [mostly pastors] who were vehemently opposing us; who delivers His people from trouble in so many different ways; do you think He has allowed this situation to let us be consumed by the enemy even now?!

Of course not! He has allowed this situation to test His people. Whom do we fear? Do we fear man and what man can do? (Notice what Jesus commanded us in John 14.) Or do we fear God and have unwavering trust in Him?

I have utter confidence in His ability to deliver us in these situations. We don’t trust in money. If we don’t have money for such ‘protection’ (which is really not much protection, because such determined people will find a way in), we are not to be too alarmed and think that God can’t save us.

Have you not seen God strike the wicked dead for attacking His Work?

I believe God is allowing this situation to teach you all a very valuable lesson. You can only harness the power of God by faith. If you nullify your faith in Him by looking at circumstances and letting fears take over, the devil gets the victory and God is not able to help you. But if you put your trust firmly in Him, He will come through.

Yes, we use common sense, and do what we can. But if we don’t have the physical means to provide such things as you suggest, that should not trouble us, because God picks up the slack.

God’s solution to a difficulty or problem is not always the solution we think of. God is the God of the unforeseen.

So don’t let these idiots in Lukas’s gang intimidate you. Remember the dreams God has given Fatimah and John about Lukas and Isaya fading away, being put in a hole and dying. God gave those dreams to tell you the outcome. Your duty is to put your trust in Him based upon what He has said in those dreams. You will see Him work that out.

No one can fight against God and win. We stand for the Almighty God and His Truth. So we stand victors, even though the course is not easy, and some battles appear to be lost. Appear to be – they are not lost, it’s just that God works out something else through the apparent defeats, like the recent one where F A and V were taken to hospital. You can see why now.

This is the First Day of Unleavened Bread that depicts the victory over sin. The first sin to be conquered is doubt in our God’s ability and love. God bless! M

16th April 2014

Malcolm, I know you like involving me in every trouble that falls your MM, if you try to say that i was involved in burning of Berils mothers house then you will have to give evidence, if you say i am the one who attacked Fatmah then prove it before you make a step to court because you will again loose the case… your mission to block our aid has not gone through, we have many sources. Irene has told as much about you and even where Fatmah lives, if i was a bad man i could have gone and attacked them, i could have even gone to the post 1834 and taken fatmahs books. If you go to court again, i will truly finnish you.  Lukas

16th April 2014

Lukas burnt berils house. i have the information that he is responsible in a girl called fatuma attack too, they plan another attack and wants fatuma, beril, ann and vivian dead. I got this information from adrian his companion. Charles Osutwa (an informer who was part of the gang, but God moved him to ‘grass’ on them.)

To the girls I wrote: When the enemy comes in like a flood (see Isaiah 59:19) we lift up a standard against him, guided by the Spirit of the Lord.

Get some MM literature at the ready. Faith: Raising Our Level, and other booklets like The Kingdom of God, or Faith Once Delivered To The Saints. If you see the enemy, the yobs Lukas has hired to try and do his dirty work, just lift up an MM booklet and use it like a weapon in your hand, showing it face on to the enemy. Show them you are not afraid. Show them that God’s power resides in those who wield His truths with conviction and faith.

Then “stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord” (Exodus 14:13). “The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace.” (Ex 14:14.) And you shall see those ‘Egyptians’ no more! Praise God!! We have the final victory!!! Amen!

The shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit will win us the victory in Jesus our Saviour and Deliverer. Malcolm

22nd April 2014

Malcolm, you are such a despicable person and a prophet of baal. You lock George Obunga in prison so you think our network is over. We will deal with you ruthlessly foolish pastor!!! Richard Opiyo

23rd April 2014

Remain in the ring. we will make your life miserable and your folks in Kenya. you are doomed. Rich Opiyo

In Uganda, God Portrays The Battle

23rd April 2014

I had another dream yesterday night. A white man in combat gear visited me in a dream. He had a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other hand. I met him on my way… As I approached him, I felt fear in me and almost changed my direction. At once he called me and he smiled to me which was very unusual for soldiers. I walked slowly towards him and he offered me a Bible and in it some strange currencies. He said “I am ready to help you in this war of truth.” I asked him his name. He told me to look behind me. I saw a sea of water. He said to me that that was his name. I have tried to understand who the seaman was trying to say. I conclude it was a Godly man.  Christine [in Uganda].

Reply: The white man in your dream is me, guided by Jesus. So he represents both but mainly Jesus. The commission we have in MM is to restore truth – represented by offering you the Bible. That is God’s Truth. We are involved in a “war of truth”, as your dream portrayed, because many RESIST and OPPOSE the truth. Not just people in the world, but those who are already Christians. Satan uses many people to resist the advance of God’s truths, because the advance of truth is an invasion into Satan’s territory. Many enemies oppose and fight us spiritually.

We come with a spiritual “gun”, which represents the judgement which God decrees upon those who deliberately resist and oppose this Move of God. They are sentenced to death by God – this is a spiritual sentence and punishment, not usually a physical one, but sometimes it is physical as well as spiritual.

1st May 2014

(Matt 6:14-15). [They abuse Scripture!] You are misleading the whole world. I have contacted the interpool about you. First I will make the life of John, Fatmah, Vivian and others miserable. I have given you 3 days and you will see what I am capable of doing. Your Helena is a false prophetess. Richard Opiyo

2nd May 2014

Myself I don’t fear this idiot called Opiyo. Before the three days he has given us God will reduce him to ashes. He is misguided to threaten servants of God of gods. Even myself alone I can tear him into pieces if I come across him, that’s what God told me in a dream… Who is this Opiyo?! I can offer to visit his home in Got Kojowi and curse his entire family so that God destroy all of them. Malcolm, I don’t fear this coward. When he writes to you again give him this route to my home so that he can be burnt to death… Instead of pretending to threaten you, Helena, Fatimah and Vivian. Let him come and meet me. He is God who visited me in a dream and ordered me to face these people head on, He promised to lead and we follow… we will not rely on Kenyan police or justice but we shall face them with MM lits, opened before their faces, they will all die. This battle is the Lord’s and must be fought in faith. We have got weapons – MM lits. That’s what I saw in a vision.  John

Reply: About Opiyo. Yes, God has decreed his fate. What God showed you in the dream is an echo of the words of Malachi 4:3 about the fate of the wicked – being turned into ashes. I wouldn’t necessarily take the dream to be literal. God may not intend to incinerate him now. That is his final end, along with all the wicked who reject God’s love. God may have another way to deal with him now that is as sure as being burnt to ashes. The dream reasserts God’s complete control and reminds of His sure judgement of the wicked.

And I have no inclination to incite Opiyo to come to your place for a showdown. If God means that to occur, He will engineer it to happen. We are not afraid of them one whit! But it’s not a battle fought with physical weapons. Our weapons are spiritual (Eph 6), intercession being the first.

God is working out HIS purpose in allowing the wicked a certain amount of latitude. I think you can see how He has been testing people along this road.

First He put the human justice system on trial. It was tested and found lacking, true to the biblical revelation (Ps 108:12). It is God who will tread down our enemies (Ps 108:13). The judges were tested. They failed. They fostered wickedness, so God took them, too.

The people of God have been tested. And they have been purified somewhat in the trials, and are stronger and understand more of the mind of God, more of His plan, and have more faith in Him now.

And more people will come to see and fear, and put their trust in God, as a result of what He does (Ps 40:3). Many are God’s wonderful works (Ps 40:5), and we are about to see His amazing dealing with this gang, for the sake of His glory, as a testimony to ALL peoples in the world. (It will be published. I had a dream about that last night.) “MANY will see, MANY will fear, and MANY will put their trust in the Lord.”

God Plans To Electrocute Some Opponents

20th April 2014

The Lord has spoken, the opposition will soon be over in Kenya. Christine, a lady here in Uganda, saw this in a dream. The Lord instructed that Fatmah’s home should be fenced after the holy day. She told us this.

She saw a home newly fenced. There was something like an electric cable dropped from the sky and attached to the fence wire.

In that dream she said that she saw some heavily armed people come to attack the home. When they got to it, they found the gate locked and they went to try and break through the fence as they were guided by an old man. As they were cutting the wire there was a sudden bolt of electric current and they died on the spot.  Paul [Paul is Kenyan, whom God sent to Uganda for the MM outreach.]

Comment: This happened on 8th May (see later).

24th April 2014

In a dream I saw an old man open a dirty black pot with bees and direct them to a group of MM worshippers. Instead of the bees stinging them, the people prayed and all the bees died. Then the old man died soon afterwards. J

Meaning: The old man is Lukas Ogada. The bees represent demons. Directing them to a group of worshippers represents the next attack he mounts. The bees dying represents their power being thwarted, likewise the old man’s.

God be praised! Things are steadily moving forward and the foes are being vanquished in God’s good time.

Comment: On 30th April, George Ouma from Ndhiwa was arrested at Kawangware estate in Nairobi. He was found with a gun. He had been part of Lukas’s gang. Mark [Mark was a police detective before God called him.]

2nd May 2014. Ouma will be jailed for life. J

29th April 2014

This afternoon I received a threatening message from a hidden identity: “We have known that you and Fatimah are the ones behind our war with Police. If we don’t kill you then we must kill Fatima.” I am not afraid because indications are clear that the devil cannot defeat God. John

30th April 2014

We will tear Fatmah into pieces and set their house on fire. Wait and see, goober!! Richard Opiyo

Comment: That’s what he thinks, stupid man!

I had a ‘word’ from the Lord the other day that when they touch the fence, they will not be able to remove their hands from it for quite a while, and will be screaming with pain. God is going to let them suffer a while before they die. Presumably it will be direct current He puts through the wire, not alternating current. God is not mocked! (Galatians 6:7.) [Fulfilled. See page 35.]

They Bomb The Police Station, Trying To Kill Mark

5th May 2014. 12:13. The war is on, just be on your toe. Richard Opiyo

I didn’t reply to several of Opiyo’s evil intimidating earlier e-mails, but this one I did reply to:

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Proverbs 6:16-19.

Psalm 2:1-5.

Psalm 37:12-15.

How can you forget what God did in healing you when you were willing to accept the truth of God promoted by MM?!

Have you forgotten what happened to Judas?

Have you forgotten that the POWER of God is with us and with those who submit to Him, not to you thugs?!

You’d better get a few more weapons than you’ve got, because the weapons we wield are far greater than your puny weapons of evil. MBH

5th May 2014. 15:50.

The report that I have just received now is that Opiyo has blown up a building in Ndhiwa and four people have perished. Mark is one of them. I am on my way to Ndhiwa to pray over Mark’s body and to get to know the truth. A police detective Vincent Ombuya has called to inform me that a troop of 8 armed policemen are looking for Opiyo and already they have surrounded his home. John

16:52. I am at Ndhiwa and this is the situation; a bomb blast occurred at 5 p.m. Opiyo and two unknown men entered the police station pretending to be taking a report on a faked road accident when after something like 10 minutes one of them threw an object outside the station. A blast occurred killing 4 people and injuring several. Hannah Hamisi Mark’s niece [who worked in a police dept] is one of those seriously injured [she died later], not Mark. I have confirmed that Mark is alive and they are pursuing Opiyo and his gang. I am travelling back to Homabay hospital to pray for Hamisi to be well… Shalom. John

5th May 2014. 17:01. Your informer Mark is dead. Now it is Fatmah turn then we clear John and his family. Opiyo

Reply: Ha! Ha! Ha!

You are fighting GOD WHO HAS POWER OVER LIFE AND DEATH. You only have power over explosives for as long as He lets you. And that’s not long. Kill God’s people, and GOD WILL RAISE THEM UP, and He will take your life in lieu of theirs. GOD IS GREAT!! Puny Opiyo! M B Heap

5th May 2014. 18:11. I am still blocked from reaching Hamisi… I have gotten Mark at last, we have talked over the phone and he has informed me that they are still in pursuit of Opiyo and his gang who are moving towards Kisumu. J

Reply: …God is greater than all these evildoers, and I KNOW THAT GOD ONLY ALLOWS EVIL TO PREVAIL TO WORK OUT A GREATER DIVINE PURPOSE…

I had a threatening e-mail from Opiyo today, so I guess that’s why he wrote. They’ll try and do Fatimah’s place next, but they won’t succeed. God will laugh at them.

God will have the final say in these skirmishes.

Remember the dream given to Christine in Uganda. God will strike the gang dead when they touch the wire. That’s what I believe the dream means. We stand and fight with our spiritual weapons… Like Moses said to Israel at the Red Sea, “Stand still, and see the salvation of the Almighty.”

5th May 2014. 19:42. At 5 pm, my niece and I were going to the shopping centre to buy some food for dinner. Suddenly some strange men appeared and threw an explosive device. l found myself in a ditch and people running up and down. When I stood up, they tried to shoot me but I managed to escape. [God protected Mark, possibly by blocking the bullets from hitting him]. Immediately the detectives came, we rushed to Opiyo’s home at Got-Kojowi. On arrival we were told three armed men are moving towards Lambwe National park. We followed them and found out that they boarded a speedboat at Mbita and are moving with speed towards Kisumu. Right now we are at Homabay then leave to Kisumu.

Anyway, 4 reported dead, leaving several injured including my niece who suffered multiple fractures and other injuries. John is with her at the hospital. Mark

Reply: Psalm 2:5. God will distress them in His deep displeasure!! When the gang touch Fatimah’s fence, God will put electric current through it and they will scream in pain, not being able to remove their hands from it. God will let them suffer a while before they die, because of all the sufferings they have inflicted on other innocent people… I look forward to hearing the report of the gang’s deaths…

But The Gang Capture Mark

5th May 2014. 20:26. Already your men … are in our hands. We will take their life as soon as posible. Idiot! Opiyo

5th May 2014. 20:27. Malcolm, let’s pray for Mark, it seems he is captured by the gang they were pursuing. I have received a unique call and I know it is Opiyo’s, he has said that he is coming for my head. He used Mark’s number.  John

From: Richard Opiyo
Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 20:35
To: johnkongoro@gmail.com

Be ready you are the next patient. We are coming for your head.

John’s reply to Opiyo, 20:43: I am not afraid to die, but the devil who is your master cannot kill me. You are not fighting MM but God. In the name of Jesus you are cursed. Come on and meet the wrath of God of MM.

5th May 2014. 21:32. Let them have strong faith! In Christine’s dream, God showed her that Protection is at their compound guarded by angels with fire ready to consume anyone who shall attempt to interfere with God’s work. They need not fear anything, because our God has assured them of protection. Paul [in Uganda]

5th May 2014. 22:30. Listen here, Opiyo. You accuse Mark Odhiambo of being an ‘informer’. He did not inform me, your man C informed me. So you have chosen the wrong target. And you have ignored what God has spoken in those Sacred Scripture texts below, so you are about to reap the results of your folly.

We’ll soon see who the biggest idiot is! …In the name of Jesus, the Almighty God, whose name you have blasphemed… called to be a son of God, but who defected to follow Satan… you will die the death you deserve as Psalm 2:5 has decreed. MBH

6th May 2014. 4:27. You are the biggest fool. Idiot. Opiyo

6th May 2014. 9:07. To F and A: …there’s a bit more nasty opposition to come first [before their end], which we all have to steel ourselves for.

…If you wield a MM publication as John has done, showing the demons that you do not fear them, God will respond to your demonstration of faith in Him. It is imperative that we harness the power of God by not buckling to their demands, and by refusing to submit to fear them. We are to fear no one but God. That obedience allows God’s angels to work on our behalf.

All this is testing people; whom do we serve?

I haven’t heard what has happened to Mark, but they could have killed him. If that is so, don’t let it trouble you, because God is here to raise the dead and prove that He is God as a witness to many in Kenya. These things have to happen for revival to occur. We can’t have the one without the other. Darkness precedes light. Malcolm

John Is Abducted, Then God Delivers Him

6th May 2014. 9:05. Paul Orongo and his group came in to the hospital and ordered everyone to surrender. They took valuables like phones, bags and shoes from us. Then one of them pointed at me saying, “this one”. They grabbed me and forced me into the boot of a car and drove away at a terrific speed. It was dark, I did not know where they were taking me to. After a very long drive of about three hours they stopped and opened the boot .

They pushed me into a thicket and the three of them aimed at me with their guns. A supernatural force raised my hand with the MM booklet Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation clenched in my hand. Their guns refused to operate! [At that moment they must have seen a frightening vision.] They turned and ran to their vehicle as I continued to curse them pointing the book at them.

As they struggled to leave in haste one of them fell on the road and their vehicle ran over him killing him instantly. They stopped and took his body then drove away. When I looked at my phone which miraculously they did not take [God blinded them to that], it was midnight. They took my bag containing MM books, kshs. 78,000 which Bob sent. I withdrew it from Nakuru and planned to save kshs. 40,000 in MM account, give Mark kshs. 20,000 and use ksh. 18,000 for family needs like buying food. They took my shoes, shirt and long trousers. I am left with vest, bare foot and small shorts. I hid in the thicket where I spent the night. It is this morning that I have realised that they took me up to Kericho area in a tea farm. I am happy they did not harm me and also left me with one MM book, ID waiting card and my phone. I have explained my situation to a good Samaritan here who was passing by to town this morning and he accepted to take me to his house and gave me some clothes to put on, it is very cold here. J

6th May 2014. 7:26. we have delegated authourity and the iron mens of this country. We fear none other than our Almighty God. John is already in our inbox. We will take their life as soon as possible or leave them on conditions. I have warned you severally to end your baalism teachings. We will see who is serving the God of Israel. The God who consumed the prophets of baal. Richard Opiyo

Reply: 6th May 2014. 10:23. Meet Me At Midnight!

Kindly elaborate on what you mean. Your first sentence is incomplete. What are you saying about your so-called “iron men”?

If you feared God, as you hypocritically claim, you would not be mounting satanic opposition against us, because Scripture declares that the fear of God is to depart from evil. You are compounding evil upon evil. Your time is nearly up! You need to have one last attempt to destroy us before GOD destroys you.

I suggest that you read the MM publications your men stole from John Ongoro, together with 78,000 ksh, his shoes, his trousers, his clothes. When you read Mighty Miracles of God 1 you will see how you have utterly failed to defeat us. Your opposition has only strengthened our resolve, our faith in God, our deter- mination to see the end of wickedness that you have illustrated “so bountifully”.

You have not killed the Work of God. You may kill some people, but GOD WILL RAISE THEM UP to be a witness against you, against wickedness in your land, and against Satan and all who side with him.

Meet me at Midnight on Mount Carmel and you will meet your fate, son of Satan! Malcolm B Heap

6th May 2014. 12:33.

Malcolm, I don’t fear you any more and I am not afraid of your intimidations. What is 78000 Kshs? That is just like a 1000 Kshs to me. Come on swine. I will deal with you ruthlessly that you will not forget in your entire life. Opiyo

Reply: 13:12. I am not intimidating you. I am merely warning you, but you don’t listen. It is YOU who have been intimidating us.

78,000 ksh [about £550] is a lot of money to us. You have stolen all that our workers have in the area, just as Lukas has stolen from us and taken God’s money through deception and trickery. But you refuse to repent. You perpetrate one evil after another in the name of God, blaspheming the holy name of God. Since you don’t heed our call to repentance, you will meet me at Midnight. You will be judged by God, and sentenced. Then you will know that a prophet has been among you (Ezekiel 33:33). MBH

Further: 13:17. Oh, and one other thing, Richard. Remember I told you previously that your weapons are no match for ours. Ask your men what happened to their guns when they pointed them at John Ongoro. The Power that is behind MM literature manifested. They panicked and fled because of what God did.

You’d better get better weapons than those guns. You’ll need better than submachine guns to deal with the Power of God that is going to come against you. This is not intimidation; this is a frank warning.

If you try to come against any more of our workers in Kenya, you and those who do your evil work will be struck down…

13:56. We haven’t reached the climax of this war. False prophet! Opiyo

19:08. Your John escape, now Mark will pay all these. Opiyo

19:30. Malcolm, you are very lucky because you are far away from here. I would have shot you dead on the spot. Opiyo

20:02. John wrote: I am grateful to God for saving my life. I am grateful for your prayers Malcolm, Helena, Tonya and Bob, may God bless you. I am grateful to God for that money from Bob, God bless. I received it and bought new clothes, shoes and paid for fare back home. I arrived at 7 this evening. I cannot fear, for the war belongs to God and He will deal with all our enemies. Yes, they stole all that I had, including ministry money. They thought they were going to kill me but God proved them wrong.

I have bought photocopying papers, ink and staples to produce more copies for Monday’s Nairobi prison. I cannot meet my family needs like buy common household items and food but I AM HAPPY GOD REDUCED OUR ENEMIES TO NOTHING, WHEN I POINTED THE MM PUBLICATION AT THEM THEY ALL RAN AWAY LIKE MAD PEOPLE. [The demons are terrified of this literature!]

I will go back to Homabay hospital tomorrow to see how Mark’s niece Hamisi is doing. Mark is still lost. Maybe they have injured him or killed him, but what I know now Malcolm, God is soon destroying this gang. I look up to God to provide for my family. God’s work first then family later. I have to thank God and thank Him for the great salvation. Paul Otuoma Orongo was the full name of the leader of that gang that captured me. GOD OF MM, GOD OF MALCOLM, GOD OF HELENA, GOD OF TONYA, GOD OUR REDEEMER. I FEEL HAPPY TO SERVE THIS GOD. PRAY OVER MARK’S CASE… I BELIEVE OUR PRAYERS ARE GOING TO SAVE HIM. God bless. Thanks a lot. J

Then Mark Is Rescued

7th May 2014. 4:23. Thank God! These people dump me in unknown forest and I don’t know how I can get out here. They left me naked. I have sent John and some officers text messages to contact Safaricom Network so that they can trace where I am but no response. I am very weak I can’t write much. Pray for me. Mark

[Comment: I didn’t get Mark’s e-mail till hours later. What is noteworthy is that God blinded the gang to the phone Mark held. God gave him that lifeline.]

9:35. Malcolm, Mark is calling for me to link with Safaricom to locate where he is for us to go rescue him. We need God’s help because Safaricom will require not less than £250. It is painful but God will act. God bless. John

10:08. Can’t the police deal with it? He’s their officer, and they should pay to rescue him. M

10:38. Malcolm, the security situation in this country is completely bad because the police remuneration is not good. Even compensation of officers who die while on duty is not paid. This is a failed, doomed and corrupt state. They can not [pay]. I have made several phone calls to head office at Homabay and I was told that his family to pay for him. Their work is to arrest the perpetrators. …Mark is a complete orphan with no living brothers apart from the niece Hamisi who is in Homabay hospital… J

10:39. I would have to put that money on my credit card and borrow that money from somewhere to pay it off later. But it’s not just £250, is it, that you would need? Besides the £250 to Safaricom, you would need fuel in your bike (assuming you can reach the place by bike) or cost to hire a car.

Let me know the cost and we’ll see what we can do. It’s painful, yes, but more painful for Mark. I do know that angels can help in times like this. I shall send him an encouragement to ask for angelic help.

10:53. Thanks, £350 can take us through. God bless. J

11:25. Thank you so much for your encouraging mail. I am in a bad situation and I don’t know what will happen to me if I spend a whole night here. All I have left in God’s hand. Mark

11:33. Third reply: We’re trying to get a transfer done to John so that he can pay Safaricom to locate you, and then for him to come and get you. But there is a problem (as usual, when there’s an urgent need), the credit card is not accepting it at the moment. But we will find a way, even if takes longer than wanted! Praying for God to strengthen you and uphold you. He takes us to death that He may give us life. M

11:45 To John: We managed!!! Amazing! Tonya is the sender. M

11:46 To Mark: Managed to get some money sent to John. Hang in there! M

18:33. God of MM be praised. I received the money sent at the right time, sent 35,000 kshs [about £250] to Safaricom. This was at 5:21 pm. I also forwarded Mark’s phone number to Safaricom service provider. After ten minutes they sent me a signal through my phone showing the location where Mark is. Signals showed it to be around Nandi Hills town, about 400 km from Homabay. I moved to Rodi Police station, reported the matter and I was given three armed policemen. I then hired a taxi paying 15,000 kshs. We started our journey to Nandi Hills at 7:04 in the night. Now we are at Katito and it is raining heavily. We have just called Mark, he is alive but seemingly very weak and even his phone may go off but we rely on God to lead besides Safaricom guidance… J

8th May 2014. 4:18. Praise be to Jesus. We reached Nandi Hills at 10:11 in the night, parked the vehicle then followed the Safaricom lead to the site. It took us almost two hours criss-crossing the tea plantations. At exactly 12:07 we found Mark lying in a pool of blood, completely naked. His mouth tied with a cloth but thank God his hands were free that allowed him to write to us. To our surprise, we found a yellow polythene bag next to him with all the MM packets they stole from me. [This was so that when Mark’s dead body would be found, MM would be directly implicated in the crime, MM workers would be arrested and it would cost us a dreadful lot more to get them released.]

…I prayed and placed MM book Faith Raising Our Level Of Expectation on him and there and then he gained strength. We untied the cloth around his face. He hugged me, thanking God of MM who joined us. We then covered him with my jacket and we all walked to Nandi Hills. We gave him water to drink and milk and bread that I had bought. We stayed in the vehicle until 4:00 in the morning when we started our journey back to Ndhiwa. Now we are at Awasi. We shall stop at Ahero to take breakfast and buy him some clothes and shoes. God has done it! His name be uplifted! J

8th May 2014. 5:32. Thank you so much. We have reached Ahero then stopped for a while to get a cup of tea and some clothes to cover myself. I will ask them to drop at the hospital because I sustain some injuries.

May God bless you all there. Mark

The Gang Is Rattled

7th May 2014. 4:34. Last warning, if you dare again publish our names in those your books demons lead you to write, I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget. Idiot! Opiyo

7th May 2014. 4:55. I am warning you for the last time. If you made a mistake and publish George Obunga, Lukas Ogada and my name in your publications, i will kidnapped your girls and sell them in the market. Opiyo

8:59. Reply: I wasn’t going to write to you again, because I gave you the last warning and you have rejected it. But you threaten yet again!

I must tell you that, not only are your names published in Mighty Miracles of God, Vol 1, but your names will be published further in the next volume, just as infidels in the past have been mentioned in the Bible – God’s Book to mankind, which you do not live by.

Yes, you want power, so you can have it. Your names will be amongst the most notorious names, known throughout Kenya, and around the world where God spreads this Last Restoration of God. Your names are being hung up to dry, along with Alexander the Coppersmith, Demas, and the most well-known biblical reprobate, Judas.

You blaspheme the Holy Spirit by your flagrant violation of God’s 10 Commandments, and by ascribing writings inspired by God to those of demons.

You threaten to kidnap and sell ‘our girls’. They are not ‘our’ girls. They are God’s girls. They belong to Him, and He will protect them and deliver them from your hands… MBH

7th May 2014. 18:44. We have a lot of money and also connected to top government officials in Kenya. MM will not have a life in Kenya if you go ahead and publish our names in your books. We will make sure that you are blocked from sending your books to Africa. You need to repent!! Opiyo

Comment: …Satan always thinks he can thwart God. I didn’t reply to him. Instead, I goaded the other two madmen (George Obunga and Lukas Ogada):

7th May 2014. 19:53.

George Obunga, Lukas Ogada, Paul Otuoma Orongo, and any other Tom, Dick and Harry in your corrupt evil gang TAKE NOTE! … if you don’t call off your attacks against Midnight Ministries’ workers in Kenya, you will find yourselves all exposed, much more than at present, in the next batch of publications we produce.

You come against us with guns and money. We stand against you by the POWER OF GOD. MBH


Comment: And, of course, those others above are in the same irredeemable category. They have had it!!

8th May 2014. 21:09. Be ready! Next attack. Opiyo

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