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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 2)

25. Bolts of Power From Above

What will you do in the day of punishment, and in the desolation which will come from afar?
To whom will you flee for help? And where will you leave your glory? (Isaiah 10:3.)

In Uganda, Christine was given instructions about the next attack:

8th May 2014. 13:57. I got this instruction in a dream last night. A group is to attack Fatmah’s place. I was shown that they should be in the house and lock the gate before 6:00 pm. Anyone found outside will be consumed with the fire from above. I told Paul to alert them of God’s punishment to the gang that has taken to terrorise God’s chosen with Midnight Ministries. Christine

10th May 2014. 7:18. I had another dream of a consuming fire and the sky turning to black. I assume this happened as God said. I am writing to Fatmah to know their state. Christine

10th May 2014. 9:48. Judgment day for 3 thugs.

This is Rinovent. There is a very big problem. Last night almost all the village did not sleep. Some people came to attack Fatmah, Ann, Vivian, Brenda and Shalet at their home. They tried to break in by cutting through the wire fence and they got shock and burned. [See prediction p 27.]  It is said that there was electric protection connected at the fence. Three people were found dead (the son of our area chief, a man called Adrian Jaoko whose ID was found in his pocket, and another Arab man).

There was a loud thunder from the sky and we thought it was a volcanic eruption but when we got outside our house, we saw smoke coming from Fatmah’s home. We rushed there and found these people dead. I believe some escaped because some villagers who were running to the scene met three people running, one was an elderly man. They had a small car parked that they took and fled away.

The police came one hour after the incident, collected the dead bodies and took Fatmah, Ann, Vivian and Shallet and have detained them for questioning.

I took Brenda [aged about 6 or 7] to my home, she has been crying that she wants her sister and has not eaten.

My mom has rushed to the police station with other two faithful. They took the girls something to eat. She has called me and informed me that the police have tortured the girls to make them say who connected the electric fence without an endorsement from Kenya Power and Lighting Company. The police said that the girls will not be released until Kenya Power together with the police finish their investigation over the incident, or be released through a bond of 60,000 kshs [£420] each while the investigation continues.

This morning too, a war has erupted in our village regarding this issue. All the MM brethren who heard this came and gathered at Fatmah’s place, and a group of chief youths together with other villagers came to destroy the home and found the faithful there. They [those who love the Truth of God] fought and defeated the thugs. The chief warned that he shall make sure Fatmah leaves this village and compensates for the death of his son.

There is fear all over because something of this kind has never happened in our area and the rumour [slander] that many now spread is that Fatmah called these people, prayed for them and used them for a burnt sacrifice to the devil.

The issue is now in the police hands and we pray they will get out from that detention. Life in police cells is not easy – no bath, little and worst food, and now that my mother said that they have been beaten all night I know they are in pain.

The police want them to admit that they connected the fence to electricity, but they have refused and told the police that it was God’s work to their enemy… R

Reply: 11:01. …Don’t be too alarmed. God, who killed the attackers, will deliver them from prison. I will send you after this a report that you can give to the police at the police station where they are being held. Thanks. Malcolm

11:28. To the POLICE in Kenya, who are holding Fatimah, Ann and Vivian in custody.


To fill you in on the background to this situation, below is some correspondence from the past week. A gang headed by Lukas Atoka Ogada and George Otieno Obunga have been persecuting people in Kenya who are associated with the Christian ministry called Midnight Ministries.

This is a Christian ministry which promotes the FULL TRUTH OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD who wants people to know his saving knowledge and power. What was witnessed last night, with the THUNDER, THE LIGHTNING, THE ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE, WAS A SUPERNATURAL OCCURRENCE ORDAINED BY THIS SUPREME GOD WHOM MOST KENYANS DO NOT YET KNOW. HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW HIM.

The Ogada / Obunga gang have tried to kill these three MM associates before. We got Obunga arrested and tried in court (Ndhiwa, in March 2014), and he received a life sentence. He had shot a policeman. But some idiot in power took a bribe from the gang and let him out of prison, and he has been on the rampage ever since.

Another member of the gang is Richard Opiyo who has been determined to kill anyone associated with MM. He and his gang kidnapped John Ongoro earlier this week, and also a police officer who was badly beaten up and left for dead near Homa Bay. We managed to rescue him and he is recovering. The gang threw an explosive last week which killed four and badly injured a young woman associate with MM. This gang again attacked Fatimah’s home last night. God forewarned us that it was coming, but that HE would deal with them by electrocuting them.

I will send you the evidence in correspondence from the past couple of weeks or so. Then you can see who is at fault in this situation.


I wish you well.
Sincerely, Malcolm B Heap


Content here deleted. It contained e-mail correspondence between 5th May and 8th May with Opiyo (included on pp 27-34).




I am a prophet of the Almighty.
Malcolm B Heap

10th May 2014. 18:05. To Christine:

We don’t have that sort of money to be able to pay such a fee that they are demanding.


The girls don’t have money, and nor do we have that sort of money. It’s extortionate!! THEY ARE INNOCENT, AND THEREFORE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING. They should be compensated for having been wrongly charged before the evidence has been properly assessed, and for having been maltreated in prison. GOD WILL JUDGE THE EVILDOERS! Malcolm

10th May 2014. 18:48.

In the middle of our praise session on the Sabbath, I got up and sent an e-mail to Christine. I don’t normally do such a thing during praise, but that was what I was being moved to do.

To Christine, with copies to Paul, John and Rinovent:

We call down fire from heaven again:

Furthermore, even if we had that exorbitant amount of money that these scoundrels are demanding from innocent people, I would not give it if I had it. Why? Because this is EXTORTION. It amounts to holding people hostage and then demanding a ransom in money for their release. It’s EVIL!

And those police who are so corrupt as to resort to such evil methods of bribery and extortion WILL ANSWER TO GOD FOR THEIR EVILS.


God of Elijah, we call upon you to bring down fire from heaven to consume the wicked, and release your little ones. May Your will be done. Amen.

Remember this dream John had: 23rd March 2014.

We were in a hall praying when four police officers came from nowhere pleading for forgiveness from us. Before we could answer them, George Obunga also appeared with bloody hands shouting at the top of his voice. You then cursed him and the police officers turned on him, arrested him, and took him to an unknown destination. I then woke up.

God is working out His purposes, and we must suffer to enter His kingdom. The piece Help In Trials contains that in the introduction. It is a quotation from Acts 14:22.

I had to be taken to a whisker of death before God could birth the miracle phase of this ministry in Kenya. You and Mark have experienced it – looking death in the face. When we read the letter to the church in Smyrna (Rev 2), we are reminded that others fared far worse than any of us have done. That church was nearly wiped out through martyrdom.

11th May 2014. 8:54.

I and two other youths slept at Fatmah’s house for the safety of their property. All things are safe. My mother sent some foodstuff to them and water.

Whatever they now undergo will be over through our Lord. I sent the message to the police station and they read it. They told me to explain how God used electricity to kill, they harassed me and told me that they will not release them until the investigation is over or on the bond. They said that they will take them to prison remand and will be at court after 14 days if they get more information.

The police cell is a very terrible place to be, the room is congested, cement floor with no chair, no beddings, there are bedbugs and lice and it is hard for them.


Reply: 9:19. Yes, I know how awful these cells are. But God is in charge. Joseph suffered many years in prison before God could lift him up. We have suffered, and still do. The road to the kingdom is one of suffering.

The church in Smyrna suffered terrible persecution. (You can read of that in Understanding The Book of Revelation.) Mark was beaten up and left for dead last week, but God rescued him. And we face death, too. So, encourage them to hang in there. God will deliver them in due course.  There has been a lot of intercession take place here, fighting the demons that are in the situation with you all. A LOT!

11th May 2014. 23:21.

To The Police Who Are Holding Fatimah, Ann, Vivian and Shallet,

You are holding in custody – ILLICITLY, without sufficient evidence against them – four innocent girls. You say you want a full investigation carried out (into how three members of a criminal gang got electrocuted) BEFORE you release these girls. You are holding them on the assumption that they could have been responsible for electrocuting those thugs! That is ridiculous!

All you have to do is:

1) Ask the eyewitnesses, and they would tell you that there was a massive clap of thunder like a volcano exploding, then the men got electrocuted when they tried to cut through the wire fence (which is a crime against the victims you are holding hostage). A lightning bolt from the sky hit the fence, causing it to become alive.

2) Check with the fencing contractors. They can confirm that there is no electrical connection to the wire fence.

Anybody with a measure of common sense can see that there is no electrical connection to the fence. It is ridiculous to claim there could be.

3) Read the booklet When God’s Judgement Falls about other instances when God intervened supernaturally and struck evil people dead for opposing the work of Midnight Ministries.

You are being dishonest and unjust in holding these girls hostage. They are no threat to society. You don’t have to protect society from them. It’s the thugs whom you should be pursuing to protect society from their rampages – Lukas Ogada’s gang, which includes George Otieno Obunga, Richard Opiyo, Paul Otuoma Orongo and others like Adrian Jaoko (now dead, killed on Friday night). These criminals have been continually harassing us and people in Kenya associated with MM.

Why are you holding these girls? Because the chief’s son was killed? Is that why? Come now, be more objective! Just because he’s the chief’s son, does he warrant special treatment that you don’t even give the innocent who have been harassed by criminals?! Are you merely acting on a motive of revenge from the chief?

You have also prevented reading materials being given to the girls by their friend Rinovent. What do you expect them to do while you hold them in custody? Rot?! It is one of the most basic simple and reasonable acts to allow harmless reading materials to be given to inmates.

These reading materials are being offered in prisons across Kenya at this present time. Today, they are being taken to Nairobi prison. Last Monday they were distributed to inmates of Nakuru prison, and the Monday before that they were made available to inmates of Kisii prison. Those are being given to convicted criminals. Yet YOU can’t even allow the same Christian reading materials to be given to girls who want them while they are under the jackboot of your brutal regime…

I have warned you once already that you are illegally holding hostage innocent citizens. If you don’t release them immediately, I will take this matter further to request the highest power in the land to administer the appropriate justice to you for your miscarriage of justice.

The appropriate judgement upon you should be to have you incarcerated in a vermin-infested cell, after being beaten and thoroughly mistreated! Would you like that? Then, get a move on and release those girls, or you will get WORSE THAN THAT.

SOMEONE WILL DIE FOR FLAGRANTLY ADMINISTERING A VIOLATION OF PROPER JUSTICE. Will it be the chief? Will it be a police officer? The police officer who is in overall charge? Who among you wants to be the first one struck dead by God, like those thugs were struck dead by God last Friday night? And how are you going to arrest God for that ‘crime’?

Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

Comment: Rinovent delivered the letter to a uniformed police officer, but he just tore it up and threw it in the bin. So, she sent someone with another one. They have no excuse. Whether they had read all of it is immaterial, they had read enough to know the gist of what I was telling them. God holds them accountable and they will be judged.

12th May 2014. 8:29. Re: We call down fire from heaven again.

The Lord spoke again this night in my dream. Before tomorrow night all the chains and locks on the cells will be consumed by fire and they shall melt off. All the police on duty will be put into a deep sleep. They will only wake up to find our Lord has led the girls from this bondage. Christine

An Angel Opens The Prison Doors!

13th May 2014

Today God delivered us from the cells. It was terrible in there. First we were beaten by the police. Then they locked us in a crowded cell with hardcore criminals. They were smoking in the cell with little air circulation, it was so terrible. There was one bucket used as a toilet and when full it poured onto the floor. Some ladies inside tried to offend us sexually, they were lesbians and all new people in the cell they used to quench their sex thirst. God protected us in this too. We had been praying day and night since we were placed in there. We recalled how God delivered us before, and our faith was stronger as we continued to pray for God to deliver us again.

After we had finished praying, we sat down at a corner the four of us because there was nothing to sleep or sit on in there. Almost all the other captives were asleep but two were watching us. They came near and asked us to pray for them which we did. They narrated much about their lives but they had hope after our word to them. Then we went to sleep.

What followed was a soft sound in the distance calling me. The voice said that it was time to move. I opened my eyes and found that the power had gone off and the inmates were all fast asleep. A man in a fine white robe appeared. I know it was an angel. He said: “Tell your friends to move.”

I quickly woke Vivian, Ann and Shallet. Then a light appeared at the door and the door opened. We rushed out and found all the four police officers on duty were also asleep. We got out, but in fear of the night, walking the streets.

After walking for around three hours with all the risk, it was almost morning. The cocks had already started to crow but our place was still distant. Suddenly a car came towards us. Before we could hide, it had already caught us in its headlights so we didn’t. First we thought it was the police pursuing us but if it was, I had faith that God would deliver us once again. It came and passed, then stopped and engaged a reverse gear and stopped nearby. It was a man. [It was an angel.] He asked where we were going and then offered us a ride. This is how we reached home. The police have not come to our place since morning and we don’t know their next move. The only thing we know is that God is with us in this fight. Keep praying for us. Fatmah

Reply: Yes, thanks for the story. Don’t worry. God is going to protect you.

If the police call, just give them the letters that I have written to them and which I sent via Rinovent. 

1. Ask them: who has been bribed by Lukas?
2. Ask them: is it the chief?
3. Ask them: have any of the police officers been bribed by Lukas?

Because someone has been bribed to let him come and do his dirty work, and someone has informed Lukas that you have managed to get out of the cell.

I think the police will be afraid to come for you, because you got out in a way that they can’t explain. And that will make them fear, when they remember the letter I wrote to them, warning them. But if they do come, tell them that your escape was supernatural. Just tell them God sent an angel and he let you out because you are innocent of what they wanted to accuse you of. They refused to do God’s will, so He sent an angel to do God’s will and he let you out.

The Wicked Continue Their Evil Plotting

13th May 2014. 13:42. The death of Adrian and the others are on your head. God has never killed, it is your cult powers that you used to kill my son Sila, you used to kill Andrian, im never going to rest until you apologise to me, even though they mannaged to break off from the police custody, dont be much assured of their safety. What will privent us?, the charm fence part is out and we will walk to their compound anytime it pleases us and bring shame to you through our revange. Lukas Ogada Atoka

13:46. Have you saved all people in the UK, why not first do it before you pock your nose in our country affairs. Or try Uganda Tanzania and other places. Is it that Kenya is the only place you can make followers?, it time you think deep or put our citizens in risk. Lukas

13:48. The death of Adrian has not robbed me anything i have a strong network, i have the money and i can pay anybody ready to deal with you. Lukas

13:52. It will be very painfull for a big man calling himself a prophet coming onto his knee to begg me to forgive him, it shall be late if my door shall be locked to hear from you, and you shall die through the powers given onto me.  Lukas

Reply: 13th May 2014. 14:19. Get lost Lukas! I am not a big man. I am merely a servant of the Almighty God whom you HATE! He demonstrated His power to you on Friday night at Fatimah’s, and He will do whatever He needs to do to protect God’s chosen ones.

So, get lost. I warned you via Opiyo that you wouldn’t be able to thwart us because you are fighting God. But Satan never listens to reason, nor do you.

The whole nation of Kenya will know of the Supreme Power of the Almighty God, just as this nation Britain, before the end comes. And you will get blown out of the way like a little fly. You breathe out cursings against us, boasting about your satanic powers of evildoing. Carry on to hell and take your evil hordes with you! MBH

13th May 2014. 20:37. we are aware you have sent a lot of MM books to John. Tell him to be ready we will set his house on fire very soon and burn all them MM publications he has plus anything he owns. You are a man of sin with satanic spirits. Your Helena is the woman of Rev 17:3-6. The horse of Revelation is laughing at foolish prophets like you. Opiyo

Reply: 13th May 2014. 22:22.

The last time someone tried to burn MM books, the kerosene didn’t catch alight. So, they poured petrol on them as well, and they still didn’t burn. Instead, the flames flew back onto their car. That was a just punishment for trying to set God’s materials alight. Nice new car all destroyed! Shame he didn’t read the Bible first and obey God’s words. Could have saved him a lot of grief.

I wouldn’t like to see you hurt, too. But you seem to like to cause a lot of grief, so a lot of grief will be coming to you shortly, and to Lukas, and to George.

You are all utter biblical illiterates! If you had read God’s Word properly, you would see the several places where God warns that those who dig a pit for others will find that they fall into that same pit. You don’t learn, do you? You’re a bunch of twerps. With all your money and sabre rattling, you’re not getting very far, are you?

Fatmah has escaped AGAIN, a second time. This time, God sent an angel to open the prison door and let her out. He put all the coppers to sleep, and the angel opened the prison cell and led all the girls out.

When you went to try and do Fatmah’s place, God thundered at you from above, threw down lightning, and burned up Adrian and sent him to hell where he is suffering now, poor fellow. Adrian didn’t listen to God nor God’s prophets. Just tried to con them for money. Didn’t get him far, did it? And do you think you’re going to escape the judgement of God?!

You’re still not learning. So it won’t be long before you go to meet Adrian and keep him company in his misery. You should have read Luke 16 about the fate of the rich man, before you embarked on this journey of wealth and wizardry.

Didn’t you read the book of Daniel, where John Ongoro, Fatmah Ali and Vivian Awuor were cast into a fiery furnace? And they all walked about in the furnace unhurt, and God appeared to them there. Their attackers were burned alive, but they weren’t.

So, come on then, go for it. The sooner you get on with it, the sooner you will get burned up and go to your reward in hell, and we will be free of your incessant drivel and claptrap.

We are not afraid of your intimidation. We welcome it, because the book of remembrance is getting bigger by the day. All these stories of your scurrilous exploits make fascinating reading, and the world audience is going to have a feast reading about your satanic stings that backfire onto you.

You demand that I don’t publish your names, but you give me no choice. I can’t resist it! It’s so juicy. Keep going. Do a lot more! And be a bit quicker this time. Thanks. MBH

Oh, and by the way, the last gang that went to John’s place, John dealt with single-handedly like David dealt with Goliath. They all ended up in the clink. MBH

14th May 2014. 3:44.

Your ancestral gods cannot prevent me from doing anything. Bitch! Opiyo

14th May 2014. 10:02. Opiyo is threatening to burn my home. I don’t fear him and his team. The Lord who saved me from their trap is alive to scatter them in confusion. They will burn no MM publication, and it may be their last time to even think of terrorising God’s people. Your prayers will send them into confusion. John

John’s Home Attacked, The Attacker Is Struck Dead

14th May 2014. 14:07. Paul Orongo struck blind.

It is two minutes since that incident occurred. He was only 200 m away from my home with 20 litres of petrol. He was heading to my home but supernaturally something hit his eyes and he fell on the ground near Omoya School. To the surprise of those who were present, he cried out “Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm, stop burning me with hot coals!” He is on the ground and cannot see or talk. Villagers have called the police to arrest him. I am leaving to my place quickly. He seems to be dead. God.... God.... God is great! John

14th May 2014. 19:46. So you think you are very clever. You supply your folks with guns to shoot our members. Hope you are aware your men killed Paul in Kabuoch area yesterday night. The war is on and dont turn your back. We will finish that home within no minute. Opiyo

14th May 2014. 19:55. You’ve got your facts all wrong. I don’t think myself clever. It is YOU who think yourself clever. That’s why you keep attacking us.

None of our folks have guns… [Their gang has several guns.]

If you think you will finish that home within minutes, you better think again… God has a present for you when you get there. What happened to your gang member thug Paul Orongo is that he was struck down by God. MBH

19:54. I was once a soldier before joining teaching. So killing you is very easy. I will book an air ticket to England. I will make your life miserable. Idiot!!!  Opiyo

Reply: 20:36. Oh, wonderful, I look forward to meeting you… if you ever get that far. God has a much longer hand than yours! Who IS the idiot? MBH

22:00. You are the idiot. Foolish pastor!! Opiyo

Reply: 22:08.

Idiot? Yes, a fool for Christ’s sake, unlike you.

Psalm 9:16; Psalm 7:14-16 ; Proverbs 24:15-16.

14th May 2014. 21:05. I had a terrible dream last night. I saw a house burning beside the river bank and some 3 men were fetching water with buckets to put the fire out but suddenly the house fell on them and consumed them all. Mark

Meaning: The gang is going to be destroyed. The three could depict Opiyo, Obunga and Ogada. Psalm 9:16; Psalm 7:14-16; Proverbs 24:15-16.

22:12. Lukas and Opiyo both live next to the river… Their days are number- ed and they will soon face the consequences of insulting the Spirit of God. Mark

22:19. I am warning you if Mark try prevent our plans i will make sure he is sacked from his job. Opiyo

Reply: 23:20. Mark is not trying anything. It is our GOD – God Almighty, The Supreme One, The Creator, The Judge, The Ruler of the Universe, The One Who Holds All Life In His Hands – who will deal with you.

Our ALL-POWERFUL GLORIOUS GOD will prevent your plans. So go ahead, do what you must do. Get on with it, and see the judgement of God. MBH

Psalm 9:16; Psalm 7:14-16 ; Proverbs 24:15-16.

Reply: 8:17. George Obunga, it is you who have been bothering us. I have merely replied to your (plural) rants. You have been continually trying to deceive, but you have not won this battle because you are fighting The Prince of Peace, the Alpha and Omega, the Almighty One. Read those Scripture references. They predict your fate. You can go now. MBH

15th May 2014. 15:38. You are just an idiot as I had told you. We are just counting hours before your folks starts mourning. Opiyo

Reply: 16:47. That’s what you think. Psalm 2:1-5 tells a much different story, but you don’t believe that, and anyone who doesn’t believe it is the real fool!

15th May 2014. 22:26. There was an Arab killed at Fatmah’s place last week, his true names are Abdul Kaliff Omar. He is from Qatar but had Kenyan ID illigaly. He organised with Lukas and took six people from Kenya to Qatar, Benta, Antony and james, i dont know the other three. They work there and third of their salary comes to Lukas account and they have no option to stop him. Lukas took two girls to South Africa and were killed there then their bodies were used to traffic hard drugs that brought him immense wealth after the two shipments. He has got a wide network that enables him to pass even weapons across the boaders like somalia which he uses for his gung to terrorise his opposers. You can only defeat him but with Gods support. Charles Osutwa (an informer in Kenya.)

22:42. The death of Omar is a big blow to him, he got the information that Antony and others might be landing into kenya antime from sunday and he plans a hide out in Tanzania or Uganda as he has connection with Joseph Konyi (the leader of rebel group in Uganda, Lords Resistance Army) he knows that the coming of this people is the end of the road to him becouse they will sue him and even his income from Qatar is cut off, the biggest source of his income. He had a pending case regarding the killing of a girl called Emily, the case was stop becouse the complainant (Antony) was not present and he saw there was much evidence against him so he used someone to trick Antony out of Kenya. Lukas plans to kill fatmah, Ann and Vivian. He plans another attack tomorrow in the day if he can meet the three outside their compound and shot them dead as they believe that there is protection within the compound. This are the latest news that reached me from a very close parson to Lukas. Charles Osutwa (an informer.)

16th May 2014. 9:08. You as well I have given you 72 hours to repent your sins and face the future. Kneel down and cry for the Lord to forgive you, your wrong doings. I want you to write apology to me that you will never smear our names with mud again and failure to do so count yourself dead. Bastard!! Opiyo

Taunting The Taunters

Reply: 9:20. I was just about to write to you, to let you know that you’re a bit slow. What’s wrong? Did you get bogged down in mud last night? Had any more lightning bolts recently? Did you hear about the ground that opened up and swallowed the evildoers alive? What way do you want to go? … MBH

10:14. …After John you are the next victim and this is because you are the stem and your folks are just like branches. Fool! Opiyo

Reply: 10:51. You think you are above God’s punishment for your evildoings? Huh. I shall be writing up your names in our next volume of Mighty Miracles of God because when you come against John, you will find much greater angelic opposition against Satan and the demons that motivate you than you have experienced before. We have asked for God’s protection. Did you never read Psalm 91? Didn’t you ever read John 14:14? Did you never read of how God delivered His faithful ones from jail in Acts 16, or shook the earth approvingly with thunder and earthquake at the disciples’ prayer in Acts 4?

You are out of touch with spiritual reality. So you won’t be able to touch us.

Up to now, you’ve had your guns jammed, when you tried to shoot John dead. You’ve had lightning strike Adrian Jaoko and Abdul Omar and the Osele boy when you went to murder Fatimah and the four girls in Kisumu.

You couldn’t kill Mark in your bomb blast. You’ve had all night rain and a sea of mud last night. You’re awfully slow to realise that the POWER OF GOD is with us, and that your power is puny by comparison.

…how do you think you can touch me over here?! Are you going to get on your magic carpet, pulled by hyenas, and come here overnight to attempt to kill me with your brand of witchcraft? Ha! If you try that it will dump you in the English Channel and the lifeboats won’t bother to come and rescue you riffraff. You are just more flotsam and jetsam on the ocean of evil humanity that has made its mark in history – following the satanic impulses of greed and power mania, leaving a trail of devastation and destruction behind. You will soon be destroyed off this earth to go to your reward in hell.

11:11. Oh! Very interesting. This is to inform you that we already have a network in UK and soon they will be on your neck. Opiyo

11:57. Oh, that’s good. We’ll see some fireworks over here then! Anyone who comes against this ministry is coming against God. The stem is Jesus Christ, the Almighty. We are branches on His stem. Come against us, and you come against Him. He protects His Work, and judges His enemies. Give me their addresses and I’ll send them a free copy of Mighty Miracles of God Vol 1 so they are forewarned. Tell them to get a move on and then we can see swift judgement from God, and ALL your names can be included in the tally. You didn’t say how you wanted to go. Do you want to be swallowed up in the earth like Korah, Dathan and Abiram (Numbers 16)? MBH  [How Opiyo’s accomplices later went.]

16th May 2014. 9:19. John forwarded this hate mail:

From: Richard Opiyo <richardopiyo72@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 00:57:58 -0700
Subject: last prayer
To: johnkongoro@gmail.com

Kneel down and say your last prayer to God before you are slaughtered. Time is a key factor and we have given you a few hours to repent and join our group. Faliure to do so count yourself dead. Opiyo

From Richard Opiyo <richardopiyo72@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 03:20:36 -0700
To: johnkongoro@gmail.com

I warned you to repent and join this group so that you can make enough money but you seem to be tough headed. We don’t need your services.

Wait and see if you will live again. I look forward to meet you when christ return on this tired earth.

This is a reminder of John’s dream about protection:

6th April 2014. God’s protective canopy over us.

In a dream we were in a home fellowship. 7 people discussed Demonic Warfare and the situation in Kenya where gunmen got into a church and shot worshippers. Suddenly it started raining but we remained adamant and continued with the discussion. Even though it was raining, our bodies and books did not become wet. Then when we looked heavenwards directly above us we noticed a cover over us. It was made of the wings of 5 big white birds which were stretched out forming a canopy over us preventing rains from reaching us. After the rains, the 5 birds left and flew back to the west. [Angels sent through Helena’s intercession.]

17th May 2014. 21.14. Oh! Yes, ask your Helena to interceed what is about to happen. Opiyo. [Mocking Helena’s intercession in the Spirit.]

Comment: There was very intense intercession that night. Helena was interceding until 3 am before some really big demons were shifted and she could get some sleep.

18th May. 10.54. Lets meet at midnight as you always quote and remain in the ring. Fools carry themselves. Opiyo. [Clearly, he was planning another attack!]

18th May 2014. 17:38. Malcolm, my wife has called me to inform me that another suspect called Bita Anjialo, a Nigerian citizen, was driving a white saloon car from Rodi to Omoya about 300 m from my home and got killed by a mud slide. Villagers took over 4 hours to remove the car and his lifeless body and his passport. I see that gang use foreigners to attack us but God has answered your prayer. Earth opened up to consume them and more is still coming. John

Opiyo’s Evil Revenge

18th May 2014. 18:01. You are very happy now because of Bita’s death. No wasting time now. Son of bitch! Opiyo

18th May 2014. 21.02. John’s house is on fire! I received a text message from his wife. I am going to the station right away to take a vehicle and two officers to accompany me. I’ll let you know what is going on. We beg for your prayers. Mark

18th May 2014. 21:31. To Opiyo: So you think you have succeeded by setting fire to John’s place? Well, God rewards evil with evil. Your houses will be the next to burn down. God will set them alight. Not us. GOD! HE will punish you. MBH

18th May 2014. 21:29.

Why don’t you ask your gods to deliver your folks now? Bastard! Opiyo

Reply: 21:33. That’s what you need to do, because your judgement is going to be much greater than that!!! MBH

18th May 2014. 21:35. It is you who will burn. Ha ha ha ha! Opiyo

18th May 2014. 21:58. I dont know whether they will recover anything because electricity was install in that house. Nugu!! Opiyo

19th May 2014. 3:52. It is morning here, we were stuck in the mud at night and were unable to reach John’s place in good time, but at long last we managed to make it there. This is unbelievable. John lost everything except MM publications which were kept in a steel cupboard. We are doing everything we can to assist John’s family and also hope he will be here soon. Mark

19th May 2014. 4:12.

Oh your demons seems to be very wise. Our main target escape. Learn that he was not around but I am sure all your publications burnt because they were unable to save anything. I told you I will make their life miserable. Opiyo

Reply: 10:41. I told you yesterday that we were in Nairobi yesterday and Mombasa today, so, of course, John was not around. But you just don’t believe me. Every time you make foolish mistakes because you are all sons of the evil one who was a liar from the beginning, and so are you (John 8:44). If you think your evil gang will escape punishment from God, you’re stupid. I met you at midnight.

Still want to carry on your fight against God?  Come on then?!! MBH

19th May 2014. 7:51. God of MM be praised for ever Amen. Shalom, Shalom, Shalom …MM books are safe, the PC too not burnt. They threw a bomb to the fence, burning my house. Eunice, my children and technicians who were connecting the power back up generator are safe and fine.

I will take a flight to Nairobi, then to Kisii at 13,500 kshs. Hopefully I will be home at 4 p.m. today. [John was visiting Mombasa as part of his prison outreach.]

I am happy because all the people who torched my house died at Midnight. The area chief has just informed me that 5 people were pursued by angry villagers but got killed by a mud slide. Their bodies are still being unearthed.  John

19th May 2014. 10:07. Thank God for His protection. John was their primary target to finish him completely but they failed. I went back to Ndhiwa to get some household items and food for John’s family to help them for the time being. But now am back at the scene where a landslide killed 4 people. The villagers are very busy trying to remove their bodies. Mark

19th May 2014. 15:06. The following are the names of those mudslide victims: Omundu Mlala, Paul Otuoma, Azibe Okebe and Rama Salim a citizen of Somalia. Right now there is heavy downpour here. I and John’s family, we just cover ourselves with a tarp I brought with me in the morning. Mark

19th May 2014. 13:22. Malcolm, l received an urgent message that Opiyo’s house is on fire and the police are there to take the body of his son who was involved [killed] in the tragedy. God be with you. Mark

Opiyo Begs For Mercy!

19th May 2014. 12:28. Malcolm, i am on my knee please forgive me I have offended you and your folks in Kenya doing very bad things to them. I have realized that the God you serve is a true God of Israel. We have lost six of our members and now my little son was lighting a jiko to cook suddenly the mattress caught fire which burnt the whole house leaving my son dead. If you dont forgive me then you will not be forgiven. Opiyo

Reply: 13:31.

First things first. Luke 3:8. You need to show ‘fruits’ (results, actions, deeds) that verify that you are truly repentant, not merely mortified that you have lost your son.

You organised a gang of thugs to go and destroy John Ongoro’s house. God has chosen him in the region to spearhead the outreach of MM. But you have now destroyed it. He needs more than £2,000 to rebuild it and replace all that you have destroyed. If you are sincere, you can be forgiven. The first proof of your sincerity will be in giving John that sum of money so he can get things sorted out.

Secondly, you mounted an attack against the girls in Kisumu, caused more than £300 worth of damage to their fence and gate. Shallet (16-year-old girl) was shot in the chest. She has been in hospital, and needs to pay the bill. Other attacks were mounted against the five girls there, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. The bill there has come to well over £1500 that you have caused by your damage.

You breathed out threats against John and kidnapped him, almost murdering him. By God’s grace he was saved from death (because God has a purpose for his life here). You did the same against Mark Odhiambo. He was a whisker from death when God rescued him (because God also has a purpose for his life here). All these attacks against people who associate with MM, (because they know that God is with us and that it is His ministry not our own), have cost us thousands of pounds. When John was kidnapped you stole £550 from him (in Kenyan currency) that had just been sent to help him minister to people and pay his costs in doing so. Your gang stole all that, and cost us considerable sums of money to rescue John and rescue Mark.

If you truly mean what you say, that you are sorry, you will show it with actions of reimbursing our losses that you have caused by your demented behaviour.

I don’t personally believe you are repentant, and if so, God hasn’t finished with you yet. He will yet strike you dead. But you can prove me wrong by reimbursing us for all the damages and costs you and your gang of thugs have caused.

There are the immense costs we had to pay for court cases, both for Ogada and Obunga’s aggression against us. Thousands of pounds! Adding it all up, it’s well over £6,000.

So, make good the damage by reimbursing us for those losses and I will forgive you. I am always willing to forgive and grant clemency to the truly repentant. But God declares in His Word (Matthew 3:8) that the responsibility is first upon you to show forth fruits that demonstrate you truly mean it.

So, when you have let me know that you have obtained that money, I can provide you with the details of the bank account to which you should deposit it. And then we can talk further about where we go from here.

Thank you. I wish you well, sincerely,
Malcolm B Heap

Also, 13:59

Also, if you want my forgiveness, I will need an answer to these queries:

1. What are the names of other gang members?
2. Where does George Obunga live?
3. Give me all other necessary information about Lukas Ogada’s gang(s) so that I can beware further threats and know who these people are.
4. While you are still “in” with Ogada and Obunga, you can borrow the money off them to reimburse some of our losses that you all have caused.
5. If there are further threats and intimidation from you, or from Ogada or Obunga, or others in association with them, I will call down fire from heaven upon them also. God will strike them dead or cause serious damage to them or their ‘estates’.

Thank you. I await your considered response.
Malcolm B Heap

Comment: Unregenerate people are not capable of a proper considered response. I don’t expect it.

The Chief’s Life Is Taken

18th May 2014. 19:55

Ten minutes ago we received the news about our chief. God is eliminating the opposers of His great works. He died in his seat in his sitting room. He was not ill.  Fatmah

The chief had warned that he would get rid of Fatmah from the village and compensate him for the death of his son. God took his life for his opposition to God’s Work (see pp 16, 35, 36, 40 and 41).

Shot, Nearly Killed

16th May 2014. 15:08. [Lukas Ogada paid gunmen to lie in wait for the girls]

Shallet was shot in the chest returning from the river 30 minutes ago and has been rushed to the hospital by Rinovent’s mother. Fatmah

Reply: 15:56. Why take her to the hospital? You could have prayed for her healing, and for God to remove the bullet.

Even now, just pray for her from home without going there, specifying what you ask God to do. John 14:14.

16:14. Helena is interceding into the situation right now. There are packs and packs of demons on Shallet, trying to kill her. But I don’t believe they’ll have the victory. It’s Jesus who must have the victory. M

16th May 2014. 20.09. I warned you, see tomorrow. Lukas

Bullet Removed By Jesus’ Hand

18th May 2014. Shallet is still in the hospital. The doctors were planning for operation on her tomorrow but the hand of our Lord has worked. The bullet has come out by itself leaving the doctors questioning themselves.

Shallet is so weak as she lost much blood in that attack. If she stays here it shall be very expensive to us. Until now the bill has gone to 51,710 kshs… Fatmah

Comment: We thank God for removing the bullet in His way. When any disaster hits, seek God FIRST. Don’t put your trust in a human substitute. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING! Just trust Him. Better to put your trust in God than in doctors. We can’t afford doctors. Jesus has PAID THE PRICE for us to be healed, and for EVERY INFIRMITY to be dealt with by His power, IF we only ask Him and put our trust in Him, laying down our lives. Don’t let Satan steal what is yours!

20th May 2014. Some doctors never accepted that the bullet came out through God’s power. [This is the height of unbelief! There they have the evidence in front of them. A bullet no longer in the body. They must be stupid if they think Shallet pulled it out, or that it came out of its own accord! Deep personal pride is the root of their unbelief.]

They permitted us to meet the patients and pray for them in the hospital admission wards. Three got healed (Benta, Faith and Ruth) and were discharged. We gave them books and one nurse (Beatrice) who requested from us. F

God’s Judgement Falls Upon Opiyo

Opiyo’s house burned down (see p 48) and his only son was killed in the inferno. Then I was informed:

21st May 2014

Opiyo’s wife was killed by a lightning bolt. Her body was taken to Osano Nursing Home by the police. It seems Opiyo is also in a bad state. If he doesn’t appear to take the bodies then they will be buried at the cemetery. Mark

…Opiyo is paralysed and the body of his wife has been taken away by the police. John

God later struck Opiyo dead when he continued attacking us (p 59.)

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