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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 2)

23. A Fearful Thing

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31).

Benard’s life was taken by God (in the preceding chapter). Later:

6th April 2014

Benard’s wife and children came and requested for prayer. She said Benard’s spirit is tormented. She told us Benard came to her in a dream telling her to follow a Godly path because where he is, it is full of terror and suffering and that her family should not follow his path. We gave her some literature to read, to know what it means to serve God. Fatmah  [God, in His love, was warning Benard’s family.]

It’s God’s Time For Judgement!

18th March 2014

Last night, in a dream, I saw the whole world filled with bloody waters. Suddenly a loud voice called from above sounding this warning “DO NOT DRINK THOSE WATERS, THEY ARE THE BLOOD OF ALL SINNERS IN THE WORLD, AND NOT EVEN ONE WILL I SPARE..... TAKE CARE.” In the distance I could see people crying sorrowfully. I woke up worried by that experience. John Ongoro

Comment: The time we are in is that called in Luke 21:22 “days of vengeance”. In modern parlance some would say “payback time”. God set laws in motion long ago, which, when broken, exact a penalty. The cumulative penalty of sin from time immemorial is now being reaped by this last generation. Environmental laws have been broken; health laws have been broken; God’s spiritual laws have been broken. All these transgressions have contributed to the crisis at the close of this Age.

The blood is symbolic of the many millions dying from war, famine, epidemics and tragedies. It is a very dangerous time to be alive, so God says “Take care.” Firstly we must take care to stay close to Him, to rely upon Him, and to live by His laws.  As we take care of spiritual truth and live by it, He takes care of us.

You are righteous, O Lord, the One who is and who was and who is to be, because You have judged these things. For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink. For it is their just due. (Rev 16:5,6.)

Doctors Under God’s Scrutiny

I include here a sequence of e-mails that is self-explanatory:

10th April 2014

All day I have tried to reach Fatimah by phone but to no avail. The girls might be in danger… John

10th April 2014

John phoned me 20 mins ago. Fatumah and Vivian have been ambushed by strange men. I have notified the police in Kisumu to rush to that place. John and I will travel to Kisumu very early in the morning to check on the situation. Mark

11th April 2014. 6:06. Fatimah, Ann, Vivian attacked

The situation in Kisumu is extreme… Fatimah’s neighbour phoned and explained that unknown people crept into the girls’ compound and took away their phones, tied their mouths with clothes so that they couldn’t cry aloud for help. When the Police officers in Kisumu broke in, the girls were found fainted on the floor and very confused… Our sisters are in danger, pray for us. John

9:27. Reply: Thanks, John, for the news, as tragic as it is. We knew that an attack would come, so we have to be strong in spirit and not too alarmed. God is working things out, and such reverses are unfortunately part of the course.

The girls bought a new computer recently, after Vivian’s laptop was destroyed by Lukas. Bob K over here paid for it. The details are below. I mention this now, because the police will need to know this. The computer has probably now been stolen or destroyed, along with the desktop printer and screen etc., and their phones. [We found out later that the equipment was safe. God protected it.]

Also, there is a lot of MM literature there, which the gang has probably ruined or stolen. And they may take their two PO Box keys so they can’t get the publications I have sent them by post. I’ll give you those post details shortly.

I am concerned what has happened to the two young sisters of Paul who live there, aged 16 and 6. Malcolm

9:48. The situation is pathetic. The girls are extremely weak and cannot talk… they are in a coma …traces of blood on Fatimah’s left arm. Everything in the room is scattered. John

9:57. Hello Malcolm, right now we are at Kisumu. Those girls were found lying helplessly and beaten seriously. They were rushed to the hospital, they are in a critical condition. Mark

10:14. I am in a fix, what can I do now? It is a police case and the girls are truly in serious pain. The position in the hospital is that I have to either give my ID for them to examine it or pay kshs. 15,000. Or what can I do, God? John

10:14. Also Fatmah needs an X-ray on one of her arms.

10:51. Reply: My advice is this. We wait on God for His miracles. Make the girls as comfortable as possible in the hospital. No need to spend more than is necessary for that purpose. No need for X-ray. If they are in a coma, just let them die as peacefully as possible. God will bring them back in His time.  Malcolm

11:21. Reply: …I pray for God to take them out of their sufferings and out of this evil world, to fulfil His purpose for them.

[If they die] God’s time will come for them to also be raised back to mortal life, and fulfil the next phase of God’s Work in Kenya. This would fulfil some of Fatimah’s dream of the white moths (page 80 of MMG1). God is in charge! And He will deal with the perpetrators – Lukas’s gang, and the evil judges who let that gang of thugs roam with impunity. Malcolm

11:25. Malcolm, the girls were beaten and now we have proved that even Vivian’s back is swollen and the doctors have insisted that X-ray is a must. J

Reply: If they’re paying the bill, then let them go ahead, but if they expect you to pay it, then that’s not an option is it? [Because we had no money.] Let the girls die peacefully. I presume they are NOT conscious, that they are in a coma.

11:36. Now Malcolm I am being treated as the girls’ relative and the hospital management have instructed the security not to allow me to leave… these doctors have insisted that they can’t sit back and see the girls die. I am in a problem now. J

Reply: Let them talk to me about it. Tell them that we serve God ALMIGHTY! And if God says they are going to die, who are they to argue with Him? YOU ARE NOT THEIR RELATIVE. If anyone is going to pay, then Vivian’s parents should pay. Malcolm

11:46. [In reply to mine to John of 11:21.]

You may be right, but those girls are under treatment. Since they don’t have any relatives around, the doctors will force John to take the full responsibility. God is the giver of life. He takes people’s life at His appointed time.

I am out of the hospital. So I don’t know what is going on. The law doesn’t allow somebody to be neglected. So John will be held accountable and jailed not less than 10 years. That will be a blow to MM. Mark

11:53. Reply: << … somebody to be neglected. >>

This is not a matter of neglect, this is a matter of common sense. But doctors who play God have taken away God’s prerogatives.

<< So John will be held accountable and jailed >>

Rubbish! Will they also prosecute him for raising them from the dead, fully healed, without any broken bones? Why don’t they just shut up and listen to God for a change! MBH

11:51. Vivian’s parents… I don’t have their contacts. Malcolm, I am in problem for failure to take responsibility. I stand to be jailed for neglect, over 10 yrs. God is my last option, this country is down to the dogs. J

11:54. Reply: Like I said, give me the doctor’s contact e-mail and I’ll explain to him. Thanks, M

12:08. He has dismissed my request stating that it is not his own decision but a law in the Kenyan constitution. He has refused to offer his e-mail address. J

I thought Fatimah’s dream from God about the white moths meant that she would die and God would bring her back from the dead, as He has done with Emily, and will do with some others, too. I wrote to the doc:

12:25 Reply: Dear Doctor,

I understand the ethics of your profession and why you want to insist on doing all the various treatment that you think is necessary. But you are not the guardians of these young women. God is.

And if God has stated that they would die – through no fault of their own, but because He foretold that such would happen to them because of the evil that is rampant upon the earth – then why do you argue with God? Do you know better than He does?

Please do not go above and beyond the necessary treatment for now. They do not need X-rays right now. Their lives are not going to be saved by X-rays.

I have given my advice as their temporary provider (they do not have living parents, except for Vivian Owuor), and that is to MAKE THEM AS COMFORTABLE AS POSSIBLE WHILE THEY ARE IN A COMA, so that they are relieved of pain, and leave further treatment until they are improved.

Your treatment cannot prevent them dying. You are taking on the prerogatives of God. That would be fine if you were God, and if you can pay, because God holds all the resources of the universe. He has all the money in the world at His disposal, if He wants to use it. But the fact that you insist on someone else paying shows that you are not God. Only God raises the dead. Do you believe in Him? Do you believe that He can raise the dead? If not, it’s time to raise your level of faith a bit higher.

I need to state that John Ongoro is NOT A RELATIVE, NOR IS HE THEIR LEGAL GUARDIAN, so for you to hold him hostage as if it is his responsibility to pay for their treatment (which he will do as far as he can, and IF you follow our directives that I have given you above), is unethical. You want to be ethical, then be ethical, instead of using bully-boy tactics by holding him hostage and blaming him for their predicament.

I will take this matter up with higher powers if you do not listen to what I am telling you here. Thank you, and I wish you well. Malcolm B Heap

12:31. The doctors are on with treatments and all have refused to listen to me or read your letter. I trust God will come in to rescue me. I am not afraid now come what may, my God is in control. John

12:41. Reply: How much do you need to pay to let them release you? I have just thought of one other option. I think Bob is at work now and can’t be contacted. But we could put a WU transfer on our credit card and pay in a month’s time. That’s the only option I can think of. Would £200 be enough? Malcolm

John’s reply: £350 will cover all the cost, for the 3 girls. J

12:43. But will they let you out to collect from WU? M

12:55. Yes, I will show them the message, then they give me one security guard to the bank to collect the money, after which I pay, and walk out to home. J

13:14. Reply: Good. Before you show them the message with the money transfer, show them the one to the doc., otherwise don’t show them the WU one. I’m not going to be held to ransom. This is blackmail.

I can’t afford £350.

Vivian is not our responsibility. She is the responsibility of her parents. They must pay for her. They will have to contact her parents. If they don’t know how to find her, ask the SDA church in that area. Vivian lived in Kisumu at N....., so they are nearby there somewhere. The father is some sort of big wig in the SDA church there.

I can only afford £300. Don’t pay for Vivian, just pay for the two for whom I have taken responsibility. Tonya is doing the transfer now. Malcolm

14:04. Mark has recovered the PC, it was kept in a separate room. …he has called me. I have collected the money, and off to the hospital to set myself free. J

14:18. That’s one bit of good news. And I heard that Paul’s 2 sisters are also safe. That’s a relief! Before you leave, please get the doc’s name. Thanks. M

God Strikes The Doctors Dead!

14:34.  Doctors have fainted! [Been slain by God!]

Malcolm, the three doctors are down and may die [they did die] but the three girls have recovered. Uwiiiiii!!! Immediately I handed the whole amount sent, then [there was a sound] like thunder, I heard cries from the rooms and people running helter skelter and the first to reach the clearance section was Fatimah.

God’s power worked in a way that even the patients are left wondering!

We are with the three girls now, they have a lot to share with us. We have turned the hospital into MM meeting now, thanking God for this miracle…

[When the gang broke into the girls’ home], their phones were all stolen, but God sent them [the attackers] into confusion and no computer was touched. I want to accompany them to their house but the three doctors are now in the same state the girls were in when they were brought in. God is God and man is powerless, we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus! John

A Mighty Wind

12th April 2014

…the doctors who tried to block God’s plan, all of them died mysteriously. The judge who presided over Lukas’s case was shot dead by unknown people. It seems he took a bribe from them but refused to do their will. Mark

15th April 2014

About the incident at the hospital where the three doctors died for treating God with contempt, I asked John if he could describe the sound which earlier he had said was like thunder when he paid the hospital bill of £300. He replied:

The sound in Kisumu hospital was unique. After giving the money, it all started like a very strong wind breaking down trees and glass windows. People were wailing and running all over, the doors banging, water systems breaking up and splashing water out. Malcolm, it was a great confusion [commotion] that lasted for around 20 mins.

…hospital workers got my phone contact from the registry department and have made several phone calls asking for our materials. I gave them your box no. J

About the attack on Fatimah, Ann, and Vivian.

We were attacked last week. Some people entered our compound and broke our sitting room window glass at night and dropped a substance like a gas that choked us near to death. We inhaled the gas and fell unconscious for two days, not knowing what happened afterwards.

We had locked the house from inside. We came to know later that our door was broken in the attack. The police came to deliver us. John also came to help.

The doctors wanted to perform some treatment to us but John told them that prayer is all we need to be healed. They became furious and even wanted to drive us out of the hospital by force. [That’s why God struck them dead.] Fatmah

15th April 2014. The doctors’ names were: Joshua Otuoma, Simon Liech and Philip Thuol. Almost ¾ of the people in that hospital heard what happened and the news spread all over the area. People were confused, running up and down. J

16th March 2014. I foresee all these people [the many gang members hired by Ogada and Obunga] dead… it was being rumoured that Tindi Samwel was in a critical condition after being bitten by a big snake… I believe that God is destroying all the MM betrayers. God is God. J

Comment: 10 days later I was informed that Tindi died from the snake bite. He was a betrayer and deceiver.

16th March 2014. Leave me out of this, i have never hart anybody and i see my association with Lukas can land me in much evil. If you know George Obunga, i may advice you to hold him before 5pm at Bundubar restaurant in Kisumu, this is where he is going to meet other people to plan this night rade in Vivians house they have the location through Irene who Lukas paid so handsomely to do the job of locating Vivian, Fatmah Ann and Beril, i dont want to be part of the innocent blood. … He george uses name thister and will use to chalenge security officers in case you follow him up. Dont put me in this, my deals with Lukas is over. Irene got 50,000 from Lukas, he get money from Williams and other hidden who he patners with from Migori and Oyugis, (Owak and Adrian Jaoko), in Ndhiwa Shaban othoo is his strength, he is Lukas son after Lukas inherited his mother… Shaban is a Muslim but Lukas uses his name to reach you. The gung is big that i cant tell you all becouse i joined lukas again just resently. (From an informer, Charles Osutwa.)

15th April 2014. Helena and I believe that this attack against the 3 girls was planned by Lukas, and put into action by his evil gang. To use poison gas is sophisticated and shows a high level of criminal organisation.

I was reminded of Irine earlier in the week. [God plants salient thoughts in your mind at times.] …she informed Lukas about where they are living. Malcolm

14th April 2014. In a unique vision God showed me Irine hanged. John

Comment: A representation of God’s judgement on her – death… M

That’s what happened, later. Irine committed suicide. She had feigned support, claiming to be one of us, but she was an infiltrator. John’s family had housed her, thinking she was genuine and homeless, but she was only seeking information for Lukas. She betrayed us like Judas.

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