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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 2)

22. God’s Severity

Consider the goodness and severity of God: on those who fell, severity; but toward you, goodness, if you continue in His goodness. Otherwise you also will be cut off (Romans 11:22).

God has very strict standards of righteousness. His nature is such that, while He is extremely merciful and forgiving towards the repentant, He is totally uncompromising, implacable and unrelenting in His vehement punishment of evil.

MM’s main opponent in Africa was Lukas Atoka Ogada, who gained great wealth by conning western ministries and churches that he was one with them, and faithful and true. He was nothing of the sort! As Satan’s prime tool in Africa, he was used to try to ruin God’s Work. When he could not fleece us of funds, he resorted to more ruthless techniques. With his fraudulently acquired money he hired hit men to murder MM folks and people who ‘knew too much’. His objective was complete domination.

In Volume 1 you will have read of how he kidnapped Fatimah and her friend, intending to kill them. God delivered them miraculously.

Lukas later targeted Fatimah and Ann on several more occasions (see later). God warned in a dream:

The Devil’s Advocates Regroup…

2nd February 2014

I had a terrifying dream that Lukas had recruited a new team and gathers to attack and destroy the MM faithfuls. I dreamt that they had sharp swords and went to slay John Ongoro who lives near them, and that they had other groups in Kisumu and Oyugis. I saw them slay people as they were full of anger. Ann

…But God Will Thwart Them

3rd February 2014

In a dream we were in a battlefield fighting our enemies. We received instructions and a command from God through you and Helena. Suddenly a sound from above instructed you to put all the enemies into a hole, lock them up and wait for God’s last judgement. And to my utmost surprise the first two enemies to be arrested were Lukas and Owak with their families. Their names were written on their faces hence it was easy for us to identify them. They all died immediately they were thrown into the hole [the abyss, Rev 9:1]. John

God Takes Away Two Judges

After Lukas threatened to murder Beril for informing on him, I asked John to get the police to arrest him. This was early March 2014. Beril had written to me and told me about his scheme of deception. She worked in an Internet cafe, typing Lukas’s e-mails. God moved her to inform me of what he was planning, but when Lukas found out, Beril had to flee for her life. She lost her job and was penniless. Lukas then took revenge by burning down her aged mother’s house, leaving her homeless.

Mark went round to help her, bought her some bedding, some food and a tarpaulin for temporary cover, and later we sent her £500 to help relocate her away from Ndhiwa. Several months later Lukas traced her to Lwanda and took further revenge. This illustrates the depth of his evil.

After Lukas was arrested, we had to hire a lawyer and try to get him prosecuted. John in Kenya handled all this for me.

Lukas was found guilty by the judge on 13th March 2014, for which the sentence was life imprisonment. But when John got home, he received a disturbing call from the lawyer. Lukas had bribed the judge with 200,000 ksh and forced a ‘retrial’. All this cost us more money because we had to pay again all the expenses of the witnesses whom Lukas had maltreated who now had to travel to court for a further hearing – or they would have found themselves jailed for failing to attend court! Satan was trying to suck us dry of our very limited funds.

I asked God to kill the judge. A few weeks later, John wrote:

25th April 2014. Judge James Nandwa who presided over our case was involved in a road accident and died instantly. No one can mess with our God! J

Before the retrial, we had to get George Obunga arrested – a key hit man whom Lukas used. That court case proceeded on 20th March and was successful. Obunga was jailed for life. But he got out of jail a few weeks later after Lukas bribed corrupt officials.

There is no true justice in Kenya, or in much of the rest of Africa. It is riddled with bribery and corruption!

The second trial against Lukas Ogada was equally fruitless. Lukas bribed that judge too, so he got off with merely a slap on the wrist. (What transpired in these episodes is recorded in MM Newsletter 68.)

Between 28th March and 31st March, I wrote a series of e-mails to Judge John Jamin Owidi who had presided over the court case we brought against Lukas Ogada on 28th March 2014. I outlined the true facts of the case and pointed out his wrongdoing. The judge’s arrogant responses betrayed his motives. I chided him on 28th March:

“In your contemptible missive earlier, you mention that Lukas Ogada is ‘a special person’. Pray tell me, what is special about him? Does he have diplomatic immunity? Or is he such a good arm-twister that he has bribed you as well as the other judge, and bribed other officials higher up in your corrupt system of rule?

“From a prophet of the Almighty, Who takes vengeance upon evildoers (Ecclesiastes 14:12).”

In another missive to him on 31st March 2014, amongst other things, I reminded him:

“I have confronted you about the miscarriage of justice that you have presided over. You claim to be a Christian and espouse biblical principle, yet the Bible is explicit in its condemnation of acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent (Is 59)…”

He didn’t change. I was informed on 12th April 2014 that an armed gang stripped him naked and sprayed him with bullets (Mark’s report p 21).

God is not mocked, for what a man sows he reaps (Gal 6:7).

The Wicked Benard

18th February 2014

Dear Benard,

Two friends of mine and my wife’s live in a rented property that you own. I have been informed that you came on Saturday in a drunken state and disrupted their social gathering.

If you are sitting in your living room with some friends, and some yobs turn up and disrespect you by just behaving in an antisocial manner, invading your privacy and interrupting your conversation, you would be very upset. You would feel very aggrieved. You would feel insulted and angry at them.

This is how you have treated Fatmah and Ann who rent your property. The gentlemanly thing to do would be to apologise to them and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I would also like to point out to you that you are being unfair to them in another matter. Your roof failed and you didn’t repair it for them. They were very inconvenienced by the damage, and by your unwillingness to get it mended, and had to borrow money to get it fixed because you failed to do what was really your duty as a landlord.

The decent thing to do would be for you to give them a completely free rent until ALL the cost of that remedial work is covered. But, instead of that, I hear that you are INCREASING their rent as well! That is known as extortion. You are trying to take unfair advantage of two poor young women, and you are not showing them any kindness or true consideration.

I have asked them to pass on to you some booklets. One (When God’s Judgement Falls) explains that people who oppress others come under a curse for so doing. God is very much involved in all our lives, and if you ignore Him and oppress innocent people, you will find Him working against you and making things hard for you, even imposing sickness or disease or some other calamity upon you.

Also, in Life After Death and Why Human Life? you will see that God rewards people who do good, and there is a life beyond this one in which good deeds in this life are rewarded. So it is in your interests to show kindness and generosity. God will reward you for those good deeds.

Givers are blessed. Takers are cursed. It’s that simple.

I wish you well. Sincerely, Malcolm

Comment:  Fatimah gave Benard that letter, along with:

When God’s Judgement Falls,
What Happens When You Die,
Why Human Life?

19th February 2014

Benard brought back the books torn to pieces together with the letter also torn. He said that you can’t buy him with your sweet talks to change his life. He wanted me to give him your contact address… He told us that from next month the rent is increased to 10,000 kshs. He was so angry and said that we looked down upon him and also said he has to control everything happening in our compound because it is his. Fatmah


Benard replied:

20th February 2014


I dont know you but dont try to threaten me with your god, i also have mine. This house is not a community or government but my own property, i charge the rents as it pleases me and to the highest giver. Dont ever send them with your books to me if you need safty for them, i dont belong to your cult group neither do i want to be. You cant do me anything so if you are not pleased with my charges let them pack off before i take a step to do so. You can build your house if you think its easy for us to see, not bring your mind onto other peoples property, there are many people who needs my house at a good rent not what you offer which i see no profit in. I dont want anything to do with them in my building it is not a Bible collage so they must get out.  benard ojal

20th February 2014

Dear Benard,

I am not threatening you. I am just stating facts for your own good. I wish you well, but you are wishing me evil.

Fatmah lives in your house, yes, we acknowledge it is your house, but she pays the rent and has even repaired the roof which failed a month or two ago. She has done you no evil, only good.

I have done you no evil by giving you some booklets that you could have benefited from and learned from. And in return, in a fit of rage (for no justifiable reason), you tear them up and throw them back at us, calling us a ‘cult’ which we are not. If you look up the dictionary definition of ‘cult’ and compare what Midnight Ministries teaches with the Bible, you would see how misinformed you are.

You are now falsely accusing me, my God, and Fatmah.

All I did was point out to you that you owe Fatmah an apology for disrupting their get-together with some friends on Saturday, and now you threaten them to throw them out when they have paid the rent and done nothing to harm you or your property.

Malcolm B Heap

20th February 2014

I will go to the chief tommorow and tell them that you wanted me to join your church by sending to me your books but i refused so you are threatening to kill me to get my property freely. I did not force fatuma to make my house they would have left for another if they saw it was not fit for them to live in so know that i dont ow them anything and have to pay my rent without any bagain, yes i dont have any kindness and this is the heart my god gave me so i dont need to know what your comments are. You cant rob me my property be it you are the mp, senetor, governor, pc or dc, i will not let you do it so just take the easy way and tell them to leave my house just as i have informed them. I am not your anything so dont write to me again and also to tell them not to bring any message to me from you. Benard

20th February 2014

You now accuse me of wanting you to join my church. I don’t have a church, we are a ministry, offering Christian literature freely to those who want it.

And I certainly didn’t give you those booklets because I want you to join anything. I was giving them to you freely, for your consideration. And you didn’t read them before destroying them. What kind of attitude is that? It’s close-minded, bigoted, prejudiced, and malicious.

You have shown what a vile god you serve. It is not the God whom I serve Who is supreme, who is kind, who is loving, but who is just and who exacts judgement upon wickedness when it is not repented of. That is why I warned you not to behave so rashly, because He is listening to this written conversation we are having.

By all means go to the chief and tell him your diatribe. And show him these e-mails, and ask him to write to me to ascertain what is going on first, before you make any rash judgement that could cost you dearly.

I’m not robbing you, nor is Fatmah. Please withdraw your slander and false allegations.

Like I said previously, I WISH YOU WELL, but you misinterpret my motives.

Malcolm B Heap

21st February 2014

I have given back fatuma her 8700/= which was for their next month rent, they can go for it at the chief camp, on 29th the month end a new parson is going to take over so its better they start looking for another place becouse want anything like them in my compound. I told you not to call me again but you still do, thinking that you can change my mind. I dont know your god and you too dont know mine so lets not weigh ourselves becouse of my property, dont let me do bad thing, just tell them leave my house in peace.

My reply:

You have an insulting nerve to ask for my contact details to contact me, and then tell me NOT to contact you! Your manners need some improvement, to say the least! And as for you demands, orders, etc., I don’t take orders from you. I take them from my God whom you do not know, but whom you will know in due course, although not in the way I know Him as Supreme. You say I don’t know your god, but you are very wrong there. I know more about him than you do, because the Bible reveals who he is, what he is like, what his motives are, how he will one day be destroyed, and what will happen to all his blinkered followers.

I am not trying to change your mind. I am just warning you that my God takes vengeance on those who deal unfairly with His servants, whom you are foolishly dealing with. Show this to your chief and see what he says about it.

Malcolm B Heap

Fatimah wrote a couple of days later:

23rd February 2014

It’s not possible to get the email of chief Osele.

He was at our place and it’s clear to us that he is using his position to exploit us. He gave us 6000 kshs and told us that 2700 kshs was for his car fuel to come and give us the money and notice to get out.       Fatmah

3rd March 2014

we have seen Benard come to punishment. Yesterday, his four cows were attacked by bees, stung and died. I also heard that he is sick from malaria.  Fatimah

0Reply: Thanks for the news. Helena suggested that the bees were not normal bees, but were a demonic creation. Demons can manifest in various forms (according to God’s will). For example, some demons manifested as owls when Nimrod was cursed by a witchdoctor, and the owls went and killed the witchdoctor. The curse was returned onto his own head.

6th March 2014

Benard has been rushed to Kisumu in critical state, he drank locally brewed beer that had poison as some say. He was vomiting blood.    Ann

…Benard is in a coma at Star hospital.   Fatmah

13th March 2014

Paul phoned and he told me that Benard just died some hours ago.   Fatmah

Two months later, on 18th May 2014, God took the chief’s life (p 49). Before he faced God’s justice, God had other things to work out first. His plan involves bringing judgement upon many people (see pp 35-49.)

People Burning In Pain

5th March 2014

In a dream Eunice received last night a very large group appeared from a vast sea, burning with a lot of pain and crying for help. Fire was coming out of the water. Water always puts out fire, so how can fire arise from water? John

Comment: Fire can be a symbol of the Spirit of God. But there are two sides to the activities of God’s Spirit. There is the good or pleasant (spiritual gifts, inspiration, etc), and the unpleasant (judgement, punishment, trial). The sea represents the mass of humanity. So, the ones drawn up out of the sea (believers whom God has called to receive His Word and truths) are going to face trials. These are not pleasant. Some will face, like you have done, difficulties, opposition, persecution, unpleasantness from other people.

But others will face trials as a result of their disobedience to God. In self-will they go their own way, and so they face God’s wrath. That ‘fire’ is painful and will obliterate them for good. I think the dream mainly portrays them.

In general terms, the fire would probably represent the awful difficulties of the Great Tribulation in the near future, and final punishment of the wicked.


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