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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

17. Protection

They will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them (Mark 16:18).

5th December 2013

We travelled to Kanyamedha for outreach. Many did receive the news and eight got baptised. We thank God too for caring for us. The place was distant so we had to sleep there since we finished late and we could not walk back.

At the place where we were offered to sleep, we were welcomed and much was brought for us to eat. It was home to one woman who got baptised. Despite her inviting us, her husband did not come even to say ‘hi’ to us.

The table was set with much food to eat but we never ate. Just as we were about to, it turned rotten in front of us. The Lord saved us from being charmed. We never did sleep in that home.  Ann

Comment: That woman was a ‘plant’ of Satan, to try and trap you. She carries 78 (6 x 13) demons!! She was being utterly deceitful. We thank God for His protection over you.

Protection & Healing On A Bus

25th Oct 2013

Praise God for His wonderful protection! When Nimrod was travelling to Nairobi during the day just before reaching Kisii, two stones were thrown from the Kameji High School to Transline bus which he boarded. The stone was aimed at the driver for the express purpose of causing road accident. One stone hit directly where Nimrod was sitting but to his surprise it did not break the glass. The one which was thrown to the centre broke the glass and the passenger was seriously injured on the head. Women on the vehicle screamed and the driver stopped for a while to investigate the problem.

The driver and conductors wondered why the stone thrown towards Nimrod did not break the glass.

When they wanted to take the injured man to hospital, Nimrod politely advised the driver and the conductors to allow the man to be prayed for before they rush him to the hospital. They unanimously agreed. The man had a deep cut on the forehead. Nimrod prayed asking God to heal the man to save him from going to hospital. Immediately after they had said amen, the man was surely healed. Passengers ululated as they praised the name of the Almighty!

Those who threw stones disappeared and could not be traced. Rumours had it that the Kameji area is a black spot where several unemployed youths gather and plan for robbery with violence, cause road accidents so that they can get some money or items before the traffic police come to rescue the victims.

Nimrod called me through cell phone and told me this wonderful happening.


In Poland

In 1976, Helena and I had been married three years. Richard, our firstborn, was just 7 months old when we three travelled to Poland by car to visit Helena’s mother (then widowed, aged 64), and Helena’s brothers and their families.

We had entered Poland from East Germany, but on the way back, we exited Poland in the south, into Czechoslovakia (and then Austria). The barbed wire and concrete fortifications at the Austrian border were formidable! Two rows of eight feet high electric barbed fencing, with a ten or twelve feet wide area of bare ground in between, presumably laced with landmines, and huge concrete bulwarks beside the border barrier to prevent vehicles crashing their way through. Although the details are sketchy in my mind now, nearly 40 years later, they made an indelible impression of what Winston Churchill first referred to as the “Iron Curtain”!

Earlier, at the Polish / Czechoslovak border, the guards – all armed with rifles – were butch and unprincipled. We were the only vehicle passing across the border, so they took their time to search our car. They spent over an hour. They went through just about everything, and took our Polish currency, claiming that we could not change it back into pounds sterling.

They found a magazine which we had thoughtlessly taken with us on the journey to read, forgetting that the Communist system there viewed with great suspicion anything religious from the West. It was a Christian magazine which we used to read. It contained some articles on Christianity and world news. In that particular issue there was an article on a country in the Eastern bloc. It may have been about Poland, but I can’t remember now.

A guard was thumbing through this magazine, when he stopped at one page and asked us what the caption said underneath one of the pictures. It was written in English, of course. I didn’t understand a word of what he was asking, because I don’t speak Polish. But Helena did; she understood his question. However, at that moment, her mind went blank. She simply could not translate the words. There was a sudden mental block which came over her mind! The guard persisted for a minute or so, but then gave up when we couldn’t answer his query.

Later, after we had left, it dawned on Helena that the caption was actually anti-Communist. Now we knew why she had experienced a mental block. We could have been arrested, falsely charged with insurrection or some anti-state activity, had our car impounded, baby Richard taken into care pending the outcome of a court case, and who knows what else? But thankfully God protected us.

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