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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

18. Acts of Divine JUDGEMENT

There were noises and thunderings and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake… (Rev 16:18).

Church Struck By Lightning

22nd January 2013

St Odulphus church in Cornwall was hit by lightning on or just before 22nd January 2013 (not sure of the exact date). The lightning caused the spire to EXPLODE and it crashed through the roof (I’ve never heard of something exploding because of lightning, but that was what a bystander said happened!), ruining the old church, which looks to be pre-Reformation. (All these old pre-Reformation church buildings were built on the ancient pagan “high places” – sites of idolatrous worship.)

It is interesting that shortly before this lightning struck, we had chosen lightning bolts for the cover of Inspired By The Spirit Volume 22 which was at the printers at the time!

I notified Vivian who lives 5 miles from that church building – it is not a coincidence that he ‘happens’ to be nearby – it’s why God chose that church to be struck!  Malcolm

Vivian mentioned:

St Odulph’s (or St Odulphus’) church is not far away – about 5 miles. It was on the local news this evening. They said it looked like wartime damage; the insurers had inspected and were considering whether this was an Act of God!

There’s an account in the paper today which says that the pinnacle exploded and the main part then came down through the roof. Must have been impressive.

On 23rd January I replied to Vivian:

I wonder if it’s a sign – “a heavenly sign” – perhaps signifying that the Church is going to face an explosion as a result of electricity from Above?!

It was 5 miles from you, and you are very central to what God is doing in this Last Restoration; and 5, being the number of preparation, may signify the closeness of what is to come?!

After this little dialogue, God gave Vivian this dream, as a sign confirming the word:

24th Jan 2013. V. The Moon. I was looking at the moon and I said to some people within earshot, “I have bombed the moon with (I think) an atom bomb.” When I said this I had a feeling the news would not be well received!

Meaning: This is picturing the Church facing something from Above which will cause major impact!

Comment: More than anything, the ‘thing’ from Above that will be a major bombshell / explosion for the Church and blow it apart has to do with the Sabbath truth being revealed.

Al van Dyk had a vision many years ago of churches being struck by lightning and exploding. Here is what he saw:

Vision, August 4, 1989.

Picture of Revival: I saw vast rolling hills with tall ripe grain. The wind blew through the grain causing it to be like waves of the ocean. Following the wind came rain. First a gentle, soft rain of large singular drops. It was a refreshing life-giving rain. [This depicts the Holy Spirit coming upon people to imbue them.] Then the rain began to fall faster and harder, increasing until it was a heavy downpour. [God’s out-pouring of truth begins in a small way, then increases in intensity; but as people begin to resist it, the rain then becomes a force to be reckoned with – an inimical force!] Then the heavens opened wide and rain came pouring down by bucketfuls and then like huge tanks of rain were being dumped on the earth. The rain came down so fast and in such a great quantity the earth could not receive it (soak it up). The rain ran down the hills through ravines and gullies, cutting new ravines. Water was running everywhere and everything was soaked. [This is what has happened in the physical in many parts of the world. There has been flooding. In Britain there were such heavy rains and floods in 2000, 2007 and last year 2012 was the wettest year on record! The rains were absolutely astronomical!]

Judgement follows: Then followed thunder and lightning. The sky grew dark and threatening. But while the sky was very dark there was still a light hovering over the earth through the darkness and this general light came from a part of the sky where a definite light was shining through the dark thunder clouds. Lightning began to strike, streaking across the sky. As the flashes of lightning lit up the sky for short periods of time I could see some tall buildings, some with steeples and crosses on top of them. Lightning struck the tall buildings and they exploded – totally disintegrated; blown up like from bombs within them set off by the lightning. I especially noticed one church building after another being blown up. [This is both physical and spiritually figurative.]

After the rain and thunderstorm, the earth was saturated with water and became green with lush growth everywhere. New life was growing everywhere in the sunshine. However, the tall buildings including church buildings were no more.

Interpretation: The wind is the Holy Spirit, moving now among the people on earth. The rain is the outpouring of God’s Spirit life on earth, occurring now in the large singular drops and soft gentle rain but soon to increase and become an abundant downpour.

The large buildings represent organisations, institutions, companies, corporations, both secular and religious, including ‘church’ organisations and buildings. These are modern day Babels as in Genesis chapter 11. God will destroy them and everything that is raised up against Christ and His rightful place of rulership and authority on earth. Then finally, earth will be filled with the abundant, lush healthy life of God in Christ everywhere. [The Millennium.]

Vivian also had this dream:

19th Dec 2012. V. Reinhard.

I was at Malcolm’s; his appointment diary was open on the table. I noticed an entry on the last Thursday of the month: Reinhard. Malcolm had not mentioned anything about a visit from Reinhard. I wondered if Steve Thompson [deceased] would come over to meet Reinhard. [The raising of the dead will reach many.]

My attention was taken to cobwebs in a corner of the room. [Symbol of neglect. Need to clear out the old, and get ready spiritually.]

Satan Uses People

For some years we have had much opposition from hostile people in Kenya, some of whom are followers of William Dankenbring in America, who has allegedly paid sizeable sums of money to various people in Kenya to promote his ‘work’, and some of his followers have mounted attacks against us.

We have had to put up with a particularly aggravating thorn in the flesh in Kisumu – a man there who works in a cyber cafe who was able to access e-mails to Fatimah and others in touch with us, and thereby see what we are communicating or sending them. He called himself Paul Thister, but I knew all along that was merely a pseudonym to hide behind. God didn’t let us know who ‘Thister’ really was, except ‘George’ someone, until God had accomplished His purposes for letting him intercept our e-mails for a long time. God has a very ingenious plan! (Ps 18:26.)

Thister continually taunted me, and mocked me about being a prophet, yet I didn’t know who he was, or how I could put an end to his schemes that hindered us. He fed us with lies, hoping we would be put off writing to various people, and gave us misinformation to try and create confusion.

When Fatimah changed her password, somehow Thister would know about it and intercept her e-mails and mine to her. This situation went on for months. He would feed all the information he gleaned to Lukas, our chief opponent, so that eventually Lukas’s gang of evil henchmen knew where Fatimah lived and they kidnapped her. And you’ve read about Emily being murdered, and her sister attacked by this gang. It nearly led to her suicide, but God healed her, and delivered her wonderfully, and she is back in God’s service, stronger and aware of His providence. (I believe God will resurrect Emily, and use her to witness to that society in due course, along with some others He will bring back from the dead. This is the end-time witness! Time is short!)

After Thister taunted me again last night (1st Sept 2013), when I prayed before going to sleep, God put Psalm 12 in my mind. I looked it up. There in verses 3-5 is what I believe is the answer, finally, to this saga. God will take Thister out of the way in due course. Following that short word of knowledge last night, I received the e-mail below from someone I have not heard of before – Jannet.

She was urged to write to me and confess that she was the one who betrayed Fatimah and gave her password to George [‘Thister’]. And, from the little pieces of information Jannet divulged, I could finally identify ‘Thister’ as George Otieno Obunga, a man who was on our mailing list some years ago, and who defected, preferring to follow a lifestyle of deceit and deception to defraud gullible people in the West, by impersonating other people and making up stories of woe to tug on their heartstrings and thereby extract funds from them through deceit.

God is not mocked! (Gal 6.7.) Judgement falls in God’s due time.

God Urges A Traitor To Confess

2nd Sept 2013

I am the one, who have been giving the information. I stole the first passwords from Fatumah, Ann and K when they were living here at Mbale with us at Kenneth’s home. They changed them, I again found Fatmah’s password when she came to pick Ann from here. I watched her use her computer and cheated that I don’t understand anything.

The person who calls himself Thister is not, he is George, he visited Mbale and it’s here he came to get some information. There was nobody near and they paid me 30,000 kshs to search for the passwords. I felt greedy and just took it.

My tongue is as if burning charcoal has been place. It just started me and something an instinct [that’s God’s Spirit] has been forcing me to say it out but I still kept quiet, it has now come to my body, it is burning that my body turns to red.

I feared telling Fatumah this that I have done to her since she has always been of support to us here at Mbale.

Please pray for me that I can get well, please ask Fatmah to forgive me. I am the one who stole into Fatmah’s email and found Lukas’s email address and gave him all the information on how to locate Fatmah till they were kidnapped…

I did all this out of jealousy since the Lord’s Spirit of healing refused to manifest itself on me, yet I wanted to be like them. Please forgive me.  Jannet

My reply:

Dear Janet,

Please give me more information first. What is George’s full name and where does he work, at what cyber cafe? Thank you.

Did you give Fatmah’s password to anyone else?

2nd Sept 2013

Pray for me Malcolm,

I am going to reveal all the truth to you. George came with Lukas, a man who kidnapped Fatumah… He [George] also comes from Ndhiwa, but also lives in Kisumu, I gave them Fatmah’s password and they gave me 40,000 ksh to continue giving them information about Fatmah and everything they do.

George uses the name Thister, sometimes Otieno. They also opened an email account with Antony’s name after they got Antony’s identification card and have been getting money from many people, as they write to cheat that they are Antony. They have also a Facebook with Antony’s name and they posted many pictures I did steal from Ann’s photo album and gave them.

They have been giving me money but I did not know I would feel sick out of it. Please forgive me, I can’t face X, Y and Z after all this time… Please pray for me. I don’t want to die… Please pray for me. Jannet Ogam

Comment: Hebrews 10:31. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!

God Strikes Kadongo Church With Lightning

Wherever God’s truth advances, there is opposition. Demons harness people to oppose us and MM’s outreach. Established churches are usually chief culprits. Where opposition is serious and could hinder God’s plans He takes radical measures to judge such opponents.

In December 2011, I received this notification of one such measure of God’s judgement on an SDA church in Kadongo, Kenya:

5th Dec 2011

Kadongo SDA church burnt down

Friday at midnight the SDA church came down into ashes after heavy rain that was accompanied by thunder and lightning which they believed caused the fire. The SDAs now blame us, because of the name Midnight since it occurred at that time. They are trying to make people believe that we are truly a cult. I believe this happening is an opposition [judgement] from above and to show the SDA that they are sailing the wrong way. A.

Shortly before this incident, Stephen, a recipient of MM literature, reached out in that area. On that very night before the church burned down, he testified to SDA folks at Kadongo (but later betrayed us).

11 months later, a recipient of MM publications in another area of Kenya was told in a dream that God is going to make an example of the SDA churches. This was what the dream portrayed:

7th November 2012

I saw seven people gathered in front of my house. Their hands were pointing at all SDA churches in Kenya. They all spoke at once: “You will be an example.” Then they left, walking towards the gate. They were pointing at SDA churches with a negative sort of tone. D.

It’s judgement time for the SDA church because it rejects the Truth!

“Sin No More, Lest A Worse Thing Come Upon You” – John 5:14

8th Nov 2013

The parents of X [name withheld] came to ask us to forgive them for having beaten and injured X since she accepted and got baptised. They also took MM publications from her and burnt them. They came to us to forgive them and pray for them because they feel frustrated. Her father’s limbs now refuse to bend and are rigid [he is cursed for his evil deeds]. He is the one who burnt the books.

We told them we don’t have any direction to heal them but they should look to the Lord whom they offended, humble themselves, accept repentance as a solution and give their lives to true worship, since they saw what God can do to those who oppose His work. They refused and say that they can never leave SDA since they have invested much in that church and the man holds too big a rank in their church that if he loses it he would not be able to survive.

X [name withheld] was baptised last week. She told us that her parents said that if she doesn’t stay with the SDA church they will no longer pay her fee to complete her education. Fatimah

Comment: When I was 16, God showed me truths that my parents didn’t know, and I was convicted of my need to obey God on those aspects of truth.

So I defied my parents, though my mother made threats to take court action to stop me. But when she saw she could not control me – that the power of ideology was greater than threats – she gave up. It is always best to obey God rather than man – Acts 5:29.

Cursed For Stealing

25th November 2013

The shameful thing I did has been haunting me every day. I am the one who stole the stuff which Nimrod had to use for his visa application. I went ahead to instruct the postmen not to give Nimrod the key to the box which was once mine, but because I could not further pay it, it was to be sold to another client. Honestly, the box was not leased out yet. The postmen just cheated Nimrod to pay for a box which was functioning under my name. I have, since the time I took Nimrod’s application stuff, met problems in my life. I was paralyzed symmetrically, lost my job, and all my properties were lost through the hands of bandits who beat me until I was half dead.

I am an Anglican who does not believe in either dreams or spiritual gifts but one day I dreamt that somebody was telling me that I will receive a letter that will either change my life positively or negatively depending on how I will react to it. If I ignore it without asking for forgiveness then I will continue facing the wrath from on High, but if I ask for forgiveness with tears then my way will be open to know the secrets of life. [I was moved to write a letter to whoever stole from the post what I had sent to Nimrod. It explained that the person was under a curse according to Deut 28:15 and Zech 5:4.]

Last week Monday, I received a letter explaining the curse for stealing. As I read it through, it pricked me deep into my heart. I have never been pricked that way even when my dear parents died [they have both died]. I cried bitterly and prayed hard until I heard a smooth sound telling me that my sins have been forgiven and the only thing I need to do is to ask you for forgiveness.

As I slept I was shown the picture of Nimrod whom I have never met, but I was told that he will pray for me to get healed of paralysis. I was then given a warning that I should walk out of a dead church – I am still wondering why Anglican is termed a dead church. May you forgive me, man of God. [Yes, of course you have that.]

Your publication also has some magnet such that when I read, I do not get tired. How I wish that I get them through the same box number. [You shall.]

 Finally, pastor, pray for me for my ways to open. I have nothing to even eat and my neighbours who were helping me are now becoming tired of feeding me and my children. (I am a widow.)  God bless,  B

Comment: The Anglican church is dead because of hierarchic domination which shuts out the guidance and manifestation of God’s Spirit. Men have taken His place and they rule over people. It was prophesied (Jer 5:31; Is 52).

This dear lady was brought to conversion through this incident, and has found the true way to eternal life because of Jesus’ mercy.

God Makes An Example Of The SDA Church

On page 33, I have listed the 29 people whom God struck dead in the SDA church in December 2013. This incident happened after John was attacked on account of the truth that MM is promoting, and which he is also spreading. Here is the story of what God said and what occurred, as explained in our shared communications:

11th December 2013

Dear Malcolm, I have been woken up by a unique sound that has called me three times. In fact, the first two confused me; I opened the door and walked out believing that someone was calling me from outside. The third voice was louder and this time I did not go outside. It gave me this command:

Go and photocopy 700 copies of the booklet What God Said About Midnight Ministries and give to the youths in your village.

As I opened my mouth to ask why? that voice thundered:


The sound was so loud, it sent a shudder of fear through me. Then suddenly the whole room was filled with a bright light like the sun and that voice sounded the last word: PASS THIS INFORMATION TO MALCOLM HEAP FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION! IT IS URGENT!

The light then disappeared at once. We are still trembling right now. When we looked at our watch, it was exactly midnight. [John sent me an e-mail right away.] Please talk to us now we are awake. Whose voice and bright light was it? Can God talk to people literally like that? Malcolm talk to us. John

Reply: Yes, God can talk like that. Jesus does speak very audibly sometimes, although I have never received from Him in that manner, but I know that some others have. God chooses how He speaks to each person individually.

We will arrange a pdf file of “What God Said About MM” and send it to you tomorrow by e-mail attachment. It may not be until the afternoon by the time we get it done.

If you then get it printed out at a computer place, you can then take the proof to a copy place and get it photocopied 700 times. When photocopied, you would then have to fold the pages in half to produce an A5 size leaflet that you could hand out to the young people. Malcolm

12th December 2013

After that, as we were still wondering, the same voice then declared how the photocopies should be distributed and why:

1) On Sabbath, the day after tomorrow, wake up at exactly Midnight and take 100 copies to each of the seven SDA churches in your village and just drop them at the gates. 2) Do not look behind after dropping them. 3) I WANT TO SHOW THE PROUD THAT I AM, AND WILL REMAIN I AM.

Malcolm, I am going to start photocopying at a nearby centre as you too arrange for all that you have said. God has a reason for giving me this task. I believe He will take over from where our funds are depleted… John

12th December 2013

It is a sad news to bring to your attention that the Police Officer who tore up MM lit. when I was arrested is dead. He hanged himself at the station last night. He was Kipkoros Misoi, a Kalenjin by tribe who hails from Eldoret, Chepkurumum School. I am told that his body will be taken home to Eldoret on Tuesday. John

Comment: You reap what you sow (Gal 6:7); he treated God with contempt!

14th December 2013

…This is the day. Tonight at exactly midnight I will start at 1) Okota, 2) Magina, 3) Omoya, 4) Obera, 5) Aluor, 6) Kongo, 7) Opapo. I will cover a total of 18 km. It is top secret known to only MM team around. I will keep in touch. John

Later, 14th December 2013

I am off to the first church. God showed me in a dream that He will create confusion in these churches because they are the places where His truth has been changed and replaced by false and misleading doctrines. John.

15th December 2013

A total of eight church elders are reported dead by this morning. They all died at Midnight just after I had dropped the MM publication at their churches. At 3 a.m. the whole village was turned into a mourning field. This morning is when the MM lits were discovered at their churches and that is when they unanimously declared war on me that I have to also be killed. Malcolm, I have gone underground because my life is threatened. I will be away in a hidden place in Eldoret town till the day the Lord will lead me out. The whole village is mourning and accusing me of using demonic powers. John

15th December 2013

I have received threatening messages from strange numbers but I want to register my heartfelt thanks to Almighty God for the work He has started in my village. I believe that all the opposers of God’s truth will be weeded out for God is a respecter of nobody… J O

Reply: You are under intercession, so don’t worry. God is in charge.

When He sent Moses and Aaron into Egypt, against the ‘invincible’ power and might of that (then) world power, Moses didn’t stand a chance against Pharaoh and all his hosts.  But Moses was the winner… in the end.

Ours is not a battle against flesh and blood, and God doesn’t send us into battle to lose, but to win… I’m surprised that only 8 pastors were taken out. I expected a lot more. But probably God hasn’t finished yet.

Helena was given a dream last night of a man cruelly, brutally raping a woman. He was so perverse! That portrays the SDA leadership, how they treat people, spiritually.

15th December 2013

…In my secluded place, I studied Revelations From God for SDA’s; and realized that am not the first person to be called a devil worshiper by the SDA’s and subjected to harsh treatment; they did this also to Kassahun Ayele in Ethiopia.

After going underground to pray, I am back home. God has created a big turmoil in our village and people have accepted that truly MM literature is inspired by God. Many people suffered in the hands of God. The correct number of those who died is twenty nine. Some people also lost their livestock. …I couldn’t believe my ears to hear a senior pastor cry over the phone for God’s deliverance. J O

Reply: When God said “I AM…” and that He would demonstrate to these proud pastors that He is still the I AM, I knew that He meant He would judge them severely as He judged Egypt. In Exodus 3:14, God told Moses to tell the people: “I AM has sent me to you.” And Moses was sent to deliver the oppressed, and bring judgement upon the oppressors.

“Don’t look back” is reminiscent of what God told Lot before He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (see Gen 19:17,26).

…every person should be willing to acknowledge that God is sorely displeased with the SDA church and its leadership. They need to understand that God’s power is being manifested through MM because He has bequeathed the Final Restoration of His Truth in these last days to the independent prophetic ministry of MM, not to the SDA church. …That is the crux of this issue. God has demonstrated by His display of power whom He is working through.

I presume the chief has made the announcement now to all the people that no one should attack or oppose the work of MM in Kenya. [This was one of the conditions which I required of those who attacked John, for God to restore their eyesight. They were all blinded by God for attacking MM’s outreach.]

29 is the number which signifies God’s judgement can be expected! More of such judgement will fall on others who dare to attack God’s Work. This is God’s end-time witness, preparing the Way, as prophesied. (Is 40.)

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