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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

14. Taking The Gospel

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations… teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you;
and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age (Matt 28:20).

In Lwanda

Praise the name of the living God! I reached Lwanda town after a long journey of 8 hours (Nov 7). After alighting I saw the indoor market on the other side of the road and walked straight to the left wing where I saw room no. 11 as I was told in the dream. In the shop was a thin black man who greeted me with joy before I explained why I was there.

I began asking that man if he knew C. Before I could continue, he asked me if I was from K. I was surprised that he knew I was from K because I had never met him before. He hugged me happily and welcomed me in his small shop, gave me a seat and some refreshment and told me how the Lord had talked to him concerning me and my mission to Western Kenya. He even offered me a place to sleep in his house. We shared the Word of God together in his house. There he told me that he had been commanded by God to welcome me and help me in His Work. C was in a CoG who has been opposed very much in his church for his gifts in dreams and praying in tongues. His testimony is similar to yours on how he was disfellowshipped due to his gifts, so he has been praying and worshipping God in his house.  Nimrod

26th November 2013

Imagine being directed to a man whom you have never met, by being given descriptions of what he looks like! I sat at the door of my electrical shop waiting for the Lord to accomplish His step 1 – the mission of meeting His man from K. The Lord showed His awesomeness by bringing a very young looking man. He was a simple looking man of about 30, the age of my firstborn. He reached room number 11 – my shop – and before introducing himself, instructed us to bow down and pray. He prayed boomingly in Kiswahili before we got to know each other. [When I asked Nimrod about this, he explained that he didn’t pray in a loud voice at all; just normal volume as in usual speech. The booming sound was God’s magnification to C of what he heard Nimrod pray. It may be a miraculous sign – a physical parallel of how God will magnify the results of Nimrod’s preaching.]

All this aside, I have seen the move of the Holy Spirit as never before. I have been in UCG where praise and worship songs were locked out long ago and people sit luxuriously as they ‘worship’ God. There is lack of seriousness in CoG groups. I used to admire worshipping God in Spirit and truth as recorded in John 4:23-24. One day as I was praying at night, I had a trance. God was telling me in a voice that I will receive a gift which I have longed for. I used to have dreams which I told the church but they always rejected. One of the reasons why I was disfellowshipped is because of the dream of the church pastor, which I told him. He was portrayed naked in a dream which I received several times. The dream was fulfilled when the pastor was found to be sleeping with his younger daughter who was in form two. He went further, sleeping with his daughter-in-law.

Despite all this filthy conduct nobody could cough at him. The name of the church was really tarnished beyond repair and those who pointed a finger at the lawlessness were seen as nuisances and trouble to the church. [Cult mentality.]

I have really been blessed from the powerful preaching of Nimrod, healing, miracles, exhortations, and above all the faith he upholds from MM. The songs which were sung were compared to those that made the gates and doors of the prison open when Paul and Silas were in prison. We saw the hand of the Lord and His mightiness.

I have read the book The Missing Dimension in Christian Living and it pricks hard. I love your inspired writings and the vast truth in your literature. [The thanks go to God, for His inspiration.] I was just resting in my house, fellowshipping with my family, but now the Lord has brought along some brethren whom we are now learning with in a rental house that I rented cheaply at 4000 per month…

I was shown that Nimrod has been chosen a full time minister and must be supported by all means to accomplish His will. Yesterday I got a dream where somebody was telling me to call Nimrod on the phone and instruct him to begin praying for the construction of a church building at K. The same Man also told me that a tag called F should be given an alternative to help fit a white bag which was to be given to His servant in K. I did not know the meaning of this. I pray that we continue in the love of the Lord through sacrifice and diligence.

Comment: The tag F represents a person whom God has called to help support Nimrod financially. The first person with the initial F failed to respond, so God then gave that privilege to another person whose name begins with F. It is a widow, who is poor, but who is willing to part with what little she has to help fulfil God’s calling upon Nimrod’s life. She will be blessed and highly rewarded for her sacrificial willingness. (Rom 12:1; Lk 6:38.)

Further Reading: Giving and Receiving (£2)

Two Dreams

6th Nov 2013. Dream 1. I saw you and Helena praying earnestly for the gospel to reach Kenya and beyond.

Dream 2. Many voices were shouting towards me: ‘Read 1 Corinthians 16:9. Rejoice in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.’ [Ps 37:4.]

Suddenly the voices turned into a song. They were singing ‘Malcolm, Bob and Helena, please know that after all these, count yourself worthy servants doing the work of the Lord.’  Nimrod

Comment: 1 Corinthians 16:9 states: For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries. The other text is from Psalm 37:4.

Nimrod’s Outreach, Day 1

Day 1. Thurs, 7th Nov 2013.

Early in the morning, we woke up at 6 a.m., bathed, took breakfast and went to NEMA [National Environmental Management Authority] to pay for the two-day gospel outreach in Hayega [Ilesi] and Leakey Stone [hot springs]. We went to the thick bush of Orlando outside the town and prayed for spiritual guidance before we began our meeting in the market centre of Ilesi at noon.

I wondered with great amazement how a stranger [Charles] could leave his business to his servant [they were with his wife] to help me do the work of the Lord. The Lord is marvellous and wonderful. We hired a platform outside the Bee Zone Centre and Charles hired a public address system with his own funds. The Holy Spirit told me to preach the topic The Ten Virgins. People were really blessed with this message.

Power flowed from on high and two pastors from SDA began speaking in tongues. Two lame people came in front to receive healing. When I stretched my right hand upon them, one received an instant healing while the other did not. As I continued to pray a voice told me that the man was trying to see if we have powers, not knowing that the power to heal comes from Above and it is not ours. He had evil spirits who had put him in bondage after killing his wife in the year 2000 [from sources around]. When we began casting out demons from him, the Spirit warned us to leave the man [an unrepentant wicked person]. Nimrod

Nimrod’s Outreach, Day 2

Day 2. 8th Nov.

Charles hired a taxi to Leakey Stone where we arrived at half past ten. His brother had arranged a meeting place in an open field overlooking the historic crying stone.

We began by joint prayers and praise songs. Many people gathered to help us praise our mighty LORD.

The Lord had instructed me to teach on spiritual gifts. How amazing! I had carried the booklet An Introduction to Spiritual Gifts. In this area, many are Catholics, Anglicans and SDAs: those who profane spiritual gifts as obsolete!

Some two SDA pastors who spoke in tongues on Thursday [Craig Wako and Lindsay John] also featured in the meeting place. Lindsay testified how the Lord has been revealing to him through dreams what is to happen shortly before the Second Advent. When he relayed the information to the SDA church, he was warned sternly to “resist those evil spirits.” He is a teacher of the Word especially the prophetic messages, but he was warned by the SDA council not to teach the book of Revelation especially Revelation 13.  [The SDA church has apostatised!]

Two brothers, Peter Calvins and Evans Gedo, asked me to pray for them to receive a gift of teaching. As I laid my hands on them to receive the gift, two hands stretched from the atmosphere [sky], dropped two booklets, and immediately I saw them swallowing these booklets. I asked them if they had seen this scenario (vision), but they didn’t see it.  Nimrod

Nimrod’s Outreach, Day 3

Day 3. Sat 9th Nov.

The Holy Spirit told us to wake up early in the morning at 6 am, pray and move to Kingsway school. Kingsway is a place occupied by tyrants of the western province. It is an area where the renowned witchdoctors, soothsayers and all sorts of evil men reside.

On reaching the main road to Kingsway, two men waved at our taxi. They were dressed like policemen. When the driver slowed down the vehicle, the two men hit the driver with an iron rod on his forehead. Three other men appeared from the bush, one captured Charles while the other two got hold of me, beat me seriously until my hands had some fracture. They quickly took my mobile phone and kshs 3000 from my wallet. They stabbed Charles in the back and took from him kshs 2500. They ran to the bush and disappeared.

Blood was oozing profusely from the driver’s forehead and Charles was also groaning in pain. He called another driver from the town to come and take us to the hospital but I kept on pressing the Lord to heal us. Glorious God! We were healed completely before we reached the hospital as if nothing had ever happened to us! Nimrod

Sat, Noon: ‘Overcoming the kingdom of darkness.’

The praises and worship songs ‘made’ some people speak in tongues. We were happy and looked like conquerors as if nothing had happened to us. I preached on the topic ‘Overcoming the kingdom of darkness’. Little did I know that this gospel was treading on the ground of the witchdoctor Kasalu famously known as ‘Western Giant’ or ‘Danger’. He came out of the blue and began pointing at us with a human hand decorated with a chameleon’s figure. He retorted: ‘You little brats. You want to pretend you know the Word of God to the extent that you abuse the Western Giant! Today before 2 pm, lightning must strike you all.’

The chief of the area came warning us to quit the place because the man was going to wipe us out of existence. We cast out demons towards the direction of his home as we joyfully praised the name of the living God for His protection and wonderful intervention.

At 2 pm, owls of all colours flooded the meeting place. We commanded them to leave and they left crying like little babies. Suddenly, we heard a cry from the valley road towards the witchdoctors’ home. People came saying that the owls went and killed him.

Many people, instead of being sorrowful at the man’s death, began to praise God for taking his life because he has caused the death and ruin of many people in the village, especially the élite and working class. Nimrod

Nimrod’s Outreach, Day 4

Day 4. Sun, 10th Nov.

We headed to Wanga Sportsground at 10 am. Some brethren who were already convicted to work for the Lord could not hide their zeal. They followed us in a hired taxi to Wanga ground 31 km from Lwanda town. We had already informed them that our next meeting will be there. We sang praise and worship songs which made many people gather.

I taught the topic ‘Traditions which the church should jettison’ [which is found in Articles of Faith vol 3]. This really amazed some people who wanted to know the origins of Sunday worship, Christmas and Easter, and blasphemous titles. I explained further, but to my surprise I heard the chief of the area, who is a staunch Catholic, saying that we are the antichrists who are teaching people against what they have known for a long time. He commanded us to leave that place immediately before we contaminated people’s minds with wrong teachings. Little did we know then that he was being pushed by a certain ‘reverend’ in the Pentecostal Assemblies of God [PAG]. That ‘reverend’ thought we had come to establish a church there to snatch away ‘his people’.

By the time the chief and his cohorts were forcing us to leave, heavy rain began to pour with hailstones. There was no shelter around and I prayed to God to stop the rain so that our public address system would not get damaged. It stopped raining just over the sports ground, but continued raining all around outside it. That is when the chief came and apologized, saying that our God is great.

It continued raining heavily in the surrounding area until dusk, so we had to sleep in the lodge in the small centre of Wanga. It gave me the opportunity to give the chief the booklet Why Keep Christmas? Nimrod

Nimrod’s Outreach, Day 5

Day 5. Mon, 11th Nov.

Praise the name of the living God! This was another wonderful day when we began our services at 11 am at Orlando shopping centre. I preached on the topic: Faith – Raising Our Level of Expectation.

The area was occupied mostly by the Pentecostal churches who claim to have the Holy Spirit. The message sunk deep into the congregation until some two men, Jeff and Brian, invited us to go and pray for them at home. Their homes were overlooking the shopping centre to the west. We found that Jeff’s children had been held hostage by demons for a long time. His elder son was a mad person eating tree bark and sleeping naked in the forest. We prayed and it was revealed to me that he had killed his sister when collecting firewood in the forest. The parents had refused to educate him because he was born out of wedlock, but had been educating his sister.

We talked with Jeff until he admitted that he was not willing to educate nor love a child born out of wedlock. But because he had humbled himself and wanted prayers to rescue his children from the bondage of demons, we prayed for the child to agree to be brought home for prayer. Mark you, the child was very hostile. But when I went to the forest to bring him, he agreed swiftly to follow me – something he would not do if his parents had gone. When I brought him home, we prayed earnestly as we told the demon to come out of that boy. The murdered girl – a demon impersonating her – began to talk through the boy, saying that she won’t depart from her brother Kelly who killed her in bitterness. She added: ‘You people, if you are insisting, because I am seeing fire coming towards me, then let me go to Kazee who is resting in his house with his wife. Kazee was a second born to Jeff and he did not want God’s people in their home. He was busy entertaining his newly wedded wife in the house with lots of music. Before we could respond, she went directly to Kazee who ran and jumped in a swimming pool next to the home. We rushed to save him and persisted against the demon. It really disturbed us until she (the impersonating demon) killed a lamb, but praise God, it departed!

Jeff’s younger daughter, her name is Rose. She had been a commercial sex worker for five years just from the moment she was raped by her uncle in Rusinga Island. Fortunately she came back home from Mombasa where she would sell her body in Mtwapa, Mombasa. When we were praying, she began feeling uncomfortable. She started to cry out. We got hold of her, talked to her, but she still cried like a cat. Her eyes changed to those of a cat and her stomach began swelling. She spoke with a loud voice saying: ‘We are paying the price of the mischievous actions of Jeff and his mother’. She dashed outside and picked up several stones which she threw at us but the stones hit her father. We really battled with soft prayers for three hours until these evil spirits departed in a whirlwind shouting: ‘Cling to Him lest we come back and invade you seven times.’

The girl really cried as we prayed for her. We exhorted her to turn to the Lord wholeheartedly. Kazee also was convicted to pray and fast for three days for the Lord to open him, ‘spirit, soul and body’ for His work. Nimrod

Demonic Attack

Various demons, angry at what God had achieved in this outreach, mounted another attack against Nimrod in revenge:

19th Nov 2013

On Friday, when one of my children [orphan] was coming back home after school, she got into a psv car heading to the bus park in Nairobi. Unfortunately this was not for passengers… she was kidnapped. …a schoolmate told us that they saw Clara boarding that vehicle. We are really searching for her with my wife. We have tried to use media to help us get her. Right now we have heard that a certain schoolgirl has been found in Mwingi, Eastern province, about 70 km away from Nairobi. We have to go there right now and investigate if she is Clara…  Nimrod.

22nd Nov 2013

Praise the name of the living God! The Lord has enabled us to get Clara in Mbooni about 93 km away from Nairobi. We really thanked the Almighty for rescuing her. Thieves carried her to Mbooni where they abandoned her after taking all her property including bags and the money she had. These people carried many schoolchildren including boys. They even raped some girls who did not have anything good to steal. Our daughter was helped by a good Samaritan who was residing nearby. Nimrod

Doing God’s Will

28th December 2013

Last night in a dream you were invited by several presidents to offer a talk on: How To Please God. To my surprise, you invited me to accompany you and we visited all the presidents in Africa and Asia, baptising them in the name of Jesus Christ. When you were through, you gave out a booklet entitled To Be Able To Find Happiness In Another’s Joy, That Is The Secret of Happiness …Malcolm, you then read from Isaiah 61:1-3 and bid us goodbye. John

Comment: The dream is highly symbolic. I think it portrays the worldwide witness of MM which will happen in due course, as God raises people from the dead who have been dead for some considerable time. Some of them have been dead for YEARS! These people coming back will bring ‘our’ message to the attention of most, if not all, world leaders.

MM literature explains how to please God. Obedience to God’s commands, and faith in Him, submission to His will: these please God greatly, and they are all expounded in the publications MM produces. God has invited you to join with us in this commission to make the truth available (in written form). So, in that sense, you are accompanying me; you have joined with us in this mission.

Our object is to bring people to Jesus, the Saviour (the Christ), and teach them to die to self (the symbolic meaning of baptism) and live for Jesus.

Finding joy in another’s joy is what we all experience when we sell out to God fully, wholeheartedly. Jesus’ great joy is in bringing sons and daughters into His kingdom to live with God for eternity. Our joy, as converted disciples, is to achieve the same goal. And He enables us to do that, as the prophet declared in Isaiah 61:1-3, because He has anointed us with His Spirit to achieve all the duties outlined in those amazing three verses.

To bid someone goodbye is to bid them “God be with you” (shortened to ‘godbye’ and later ‘goodbye’). So, I am merely ‘passing on’ the anointing from God to do this task to help people in Kenya. There is no greater fulfilment than in being fully engaged in service to Him, in whatever capacity He has called us to fulfil.

One final word about baptising world leaders. It is highly unlikely to be literal. It probably depicts death – either they surrender to God, or they will die and not be saved.

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