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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

15. God Said

And on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days; and they shall prophesy (Acts 2:18).

Miracles In Nairobi

22 August 2013

It was early in the morning when my friend David, who is a pastor, called me to a meeting at Uthiru grounds, having received information that I had arrived in Nairobi on Sunday at 5.00 am. I was tired, due to the long journey, but like a soldier, I picked the Bible and a booklet The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints and moved to Railways bus park to board a vehicle to Uthiru.

At Uthiru, I was given a chance to preach the gospel. I preached the gospel of Faith and Healing, and when I made an altar call for people to receive deliverance, power came onto me and I touched three paralyzed men who stood in front of me and immediately they were healed.

A child and a woman who were severely injured in a road accident were brought. In fact the woman had broken her arms and legs. Blood was oozing profusely from her damaged chest. The child had a broken neck and he wasn’t expected to live. When I touched them, they were instantly healed!

There were praises and glorification to God.

Seven more women who were demon possessed were delivered after we cast the demons out with my friend David.

It was a very wonderful Sunday indeed, because in that meeting I marvelled to hear a man speaking in tongues and a woman interpreting. These were the words he said to me:

You have received a light from a prophet of God to heal, preach, edify [illumine] church doctrines, see visions and dreams – this is an apostolic call. You will face challenges but God will help you overcome them. Surprisingly, you are not going to receive what brought you to Nairobi. This is to test your patience and the prophet’s. Tell the servant of God in a foreign country that you will see him [later].

You must travel to places like Mwingi, Karatina, Hayega, Kutus and Lamu to preach the gospel as a quick service to deliver some people there. You must have a meeting place in Nairobi, but know that after your visit to the prophet, you will come back and travel to places like Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa and even America to carry out great exploits.

The ministry of the prophet must be known across the globe before the end of the age…  Nimrod

Message In Tongues

31st Oct 2013

Ann speaks in tongues. Rinovent also got the gift just the day she was baptised. I have the gift of interpreting tongues. I have seen things happen, which were spoken in tongues, that I managed to understand.

Last month I interpreted a message in tongues through Ann about a cult’s altar in Kisumu. A week later, a container with sinister goods arrived at Mombasa port. The container was destined to Kisumu and said to belong to one of the influential politicians from Nyanza. It contained human limbs, sculptures of big spiders, a portrait of a suffering man being attacked by rats all over, a banner written ‘join if you dare’ and many more terrifying things. People have come to the conclusion that there is a cult church somewhere in Kisumu.  Fatimah

Could This Be The New Church of Satan in Kisumu?

7th Nov 2013

Today we saw a convoy of expensive limousines heading to Kenyatta Sportsground under tight security from Kenya Police. We thought it was the senator or the governor but we said ‘no’ since there was no coat of arms on the luxurious cars. We went to the sportsground and were shocked by what we saw – money being spread all over and people scrambling for it. They said it without hiding that that was a new church in town and the only place of riches and comfort, and they called many to come and be initiated in it. 

Kisumu has now become a terror, with all sorts of evils, and there is no more Christianity. The preachers tell people to plant a seed, meaning offer something (this too is a new religion in Kisumu). The pastors tell the worshippers that God only can listen to their cry if they plant a seed (pay for prayers). They even tell their church members to pay for their picnics – that God commands them to have a refreshment in cool places to uplift their hearts to communicate well with God. One pastor was at Kisumu court for trying to sleep with another man’s wife. (The woman went to him for prayers. She wanted a child. The pastor told her that the Lord’s Spirit told him to plant a seed in her and then she can conceive.)

In that church each employed member MUST show his salary payslip to the pastor’s office and be shown what he ought to pay for tithe. There is a monthly contribution for the pastor’s upkeep like food, rent, suits, his children’s school fees, car service and fuel and more. If you fail he can curse you, or be suspended until you pay a big fine. The church is called Healing Waters Altar of Jesus.  Fatimah  

The Curse Of False Devotion

25th November 2013

Two of my neighbours’ daughters died in a road accident this morning – the daughters of the man who joined the church of Satan. Just last month he worked as a water vendor in town like me. Today he flows in wealth and drives [a car]. It is said he offered his daughters to his gods to acquire this wealth. He did not cry on getting the tragic news [that they were killed in an accident].  Benjamin

Comment: Zechariah 5:4 should remind everyone that a curse accompanies disobedience to God’s laws: “It shall enter the house of the thief and the house of the one who swears falsely by My name.” Those who join a church to get rich are taking the name of God in vain. What empty religion!

Slain In The Spirit For Two Hours

2nd December 2013

…On the issue of me going into full evangelism, a prophet prophesied to me that the God of heavens and earth has chosen me and my household to proclaim this truth starting with my village to the rest of Kenya. He went further to quote the words that God told Joshua after the death of Moses in the book of Joshua chapter one… NO ONE WILL STAND BEFORE YOU ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE (Joshua 1:5). MEDITATE UPON THE LAW OF GOD DAY AND NIGHT AND YOU SHALL PROSPER IN HIS WORK.

…The Lord performed a miracle in me; I was killed in the spirit for two hours. In that time I was taken through [what seemed like] permanently built rooms, self-contained with TV sets showing MM channel with sister Helena teaching on the topic: the power of effective prayer in the life of a true Christian.

I was given the keys to all the seven rooms and told to take its full ownership. Then a voice like thunder roared and told me to go back to earth and arrest all the forces fighting MM publications. A star-shaped sword was then put into my hands as I was told to go back to earth.

When I woke up the prophet called immediately to inform me that the heavens have assigned me to spread the true gospel starting with the SDA church…

I was amazed by all this because just after about one hour elder Denish of Ojunge SDA church brought for me a letter inviting me to their crusade starting on the 6th of this month to go and share on the topic OBEDIENCE TO GOD, TAKING GOD AT HIS WORD… John

Comment: What you saw was our ministry outreach to come shortly, here in the UK. The permanently built rooms, where people are self-satisfied, watching their TVs, and indulging in physical pursuit, are a portrayal of the UK population. They are soon going to see, on their TV sets, the result of what God does by bringing people back from the dead who have been dead FOR YEARS!

Helena speaking to them about the power of prayer is symbolic of the spiritual truth that will be presented to people quite widely. There will be a public witness.

Then in the vision you were put in the place of us, for it is to MM that God has given the keys to open the doors of this outreach (to the UK), which is God’s, depicted by the number 7.

Then God emphasised to you the vital importance of MM publications. These are anointed, and are the MAIN BENEFIT to people whom you reach.

It’s not your ministry. It’s HIS ministry that He is giving you the privilege of performing on His behalf. If they see too much of you, and not enough of the truths in MM publications, your ministry will not be so successful. If they see a lot of the truths in the MM materials, then it will be more successful. Too many evangelists hog ‘the show’ for themselves and thereby compromise God’s impact and influence. I hope this helps.

“Pray Over This Water”

20th January 2014

On Friday as I was praying, I heard a soft whisper from my library saying “Fill a plastic container with water then pray over it. This water is going to heal some people whom you will be shown.”

I had arranged to travel home and see my mother who was sick. She had been diagnosed with a kidney disorder which needed an operation for a transplant.

I went home on Saturday morning with an aim to meet my brethren who are in Migori to teach them on Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation and exhorting them, for there have been wolves hovering around them to devour God’s people.  I carried that water and on reaching there I found that the brethren had gathered in a rented hall. They were singing worship songs.

When the three brethren who heard me preaching about faith came to receive healing, one of them, Clyde, was healed instantly from chicken pox when I poured this water on him. Another was healed from fracture of the bone which was as a result of an accident in his workplace. I poured water on him and the right leg which was seriously injured was healed on the spot. The other was suffering from serious stomach ache and on drinking some of this water, he got healed also on the spot.

When I went home after the Sabbath service, I found my mum groaning in pain. I prayed for her and gave her this water in a glass. Immediately after drinking it, she was well!

On Sunday, I went to pray for a teacher who was also seriously injured on a motorbike and was to be taken to hospital. His left hand and right leg were broken. Somehow he was to go on crutches to hospital. His wife called me by phone and when I arrived, he was crying bitterly in pain. Some blood and pus were oozing out of the wound. He could not let anybody touch those areas, they were so painful. I prayed for him and sprinkled this water on him and he immediately stood up from the crutches and praised the Lord!

Indeed our Lord is so merciful to His people!!! Nimrod

Comment: We read in Acts 19:12 where God gave a similar instruction to Paul, to anoint handkerchiefs or aprons. People who were given the aprons were healed. God did that as a sign of the special nature of Paul’s apostolic calling.

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