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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

13. Defeating Witchcraft

There is no sorcery against Jacob, nor any divination against Israel. It now must be said of Jacob and of Israel
“Oh, what God has done!” (Numbers 23:23).

God protected Israel from the curses of witchcraft when He led them out of Egypt towards the promised land. God does the same for His people today – the spiritual Israel of God – IF they are fully committed to Him and His purposes.

Jesus’ promise to you and me, if we stay in His will is this:

Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions [symbols of evil spirits which can inflict great harm], and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven (Luke 10:19-20).

Africa is riddled with witchcraft. It has been the religion of the black race, and still is in so many ways! But it cannot stand against God’s Truth!

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world (1 Jn 4:1). You are of God, little children… He who is in you is greater than he [Satan] who is in the world (1 Jn 4:4).

In 2012 or 2013, I was notified that a man who was in touch with us at the time (Antony) had been cursed by a witchdoctor on the orders of Lukas Atoka Ogada, an evil man who has mounted vicious opposition against MM’s work in Kenya for many years. But the curse boomeranged back on him, as Psalm 7:14-16 promises. I was informed:

A charm man allied to Lukas, died. His stomach burst and a serpent came out of him. We came to hear that he was the one who planted the serpent in Antony but it came back killing him. Many people now have fear of Lukas… He is much connected in the government and can’t be punished.  [Name withheld.]

But he will be punished. God has a day of reckoning for every evildoer (Eccl 12:14; Matt 12:36).

Jesus Said “I Have Delivered You”

18th April 2013

I dreamed about Lukas and his gang all in combat and they were riding on a beast and it was terrifying. Each carried a sword and were moving door to door to slay all people they found with the MM literature. They came to my house when I was kneeling by my bed praying before retiring to bed. I heard knocking on the door but before I could open it they were all inside. I was terrified at the sight. I was about to scream but the Lord’s Spirit said from above: “I have delivered you today and given you power over your enemies.” As I lifted up my hands carrying my Bible, Lukas went down onto his knees and melted away and all who were with him took off without harming me. It was a terrifying dream. Fatmah

Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom (Luke 12:32).

What followed that dream to Fatmah is related on pages 5-7.

Terrific Opposition

21st Oct 2013

It’s two o’clock past midnight and have just been woken up by a nightmare. I had a dream that we were in a battlefield, surrounded by enemies. They were really armed and we went right into their trap and we could not escape.

As the enemies started to attack us, something like a cage made of strong metal fell from above and sealed us from the enemies. They tried to destroy the cage but anyone who touched the cage felt something like an electric shock and fell down dead on to the ground till the few who remained fled away. I woke up fully covered with sweat and tired as if I was truly fighting.  Ann

Reply: The dream portrays the terrific opposition against MM’s work of God in Kenya. We are surrounded by enemies used by demons.

However, this is all in God’s hands. He allows it for His purposes in His huge wisdom, and no one can come against God and defeat Him! Anyone who comes against God’s Work with MM is equally defeated. That is symbolised by the electrified cage of protection around us. It might look like a prison, but it isn’t. God is protecting us all, as we do His work.

Of course, it is essential to stay close to God by being humble, faithful in prayer, and doing all that He asks of us in our daily lives.

Learn to yield your spirit to Him, so that He lives within you. Then, He takes care of us for His purposes. Part of that yielding in prayer is to pray in the Spirit / in tongues, so that you defeat the enemies which surround you.

The dream was fulfilled dramatically the next day:

Witchdoctor’s Curse Thwarted

22nd Oct 2013

… we have seen God’s protection in all this. God truly speaks in dreams and shows His love, care and protection.

Last Sunday night Ann had a dream about us being attacked. Yesterday at night the dream repeated itself to me and I felt something was to happen. When we woke up today I was surprised about what was at my door, (a pot tied with a red ribbon, painted eggs, sea shells and bits of calabash, some feathers tied together with human hair).

At seeing this, I concluded that it was a charm. I went back into the house and woke Ann who was still asleep. She felt afraid and told me not to touch it if it was a charm. [We need not fear.] Many witchdoctors use these kinds of items.

I went back into my room and prayed about it and strong courage entered me. I went out, took the items together and set them on fire. After this I went back into the house to dress to go and check the post.

As I left the compound, another terror I encountered. A man on the ground dressed in leopard skin. He looked strange and all his face was painted, his tongue was all out and his eyes were fully open. He seemed to be dead.

I went back into the house and called Ann and we prayed for this man till he was back to his senses. He said, “don’t destroy me; I was paid to do this. Your God is super powerful! I accept to praise him too.”

I thank God for having given us this protection over evil spirits. Fatimah

Witchdoctor Killed By His Hyena

31st Oct 2013

…three people were baptised on Monday. I did not attend the session with Ann and Rinovent. They informed me about one person (Odero) who brought news at the poolside about the death of the witch who came to charm us. He was eaten up by a hyena which he had domesticated at his place.  Fatimah

Satan Manifests As A Snake

9th July 2013

On Sunday morning at 5 a.m., I heard a rustling sound like that of maize leaves. I woke up and heard something drop on my bed. I assumed that it was a lizard because they are numerous in our area. I usually sleep under a mosquito net so I didn’t bother about what had dropped because I knew it would just slide onto the floor.

At 6 a.m. when I got up, I heard something crawling on the floor. When I looked at it closely, it was a black snake with white spots like a leopard. To my surprise, it was hopping with rage. My goodness! It seemed I had stepped on its tail. [This also carries a spiritual analogy.] I went out immediately to get a rod to kill it. I was again amazed after killing this snake that it had four legs – two on either side just like frog’s legs. My family was also amazed. I disposed of it and we prayed after reading Psalm 91. Glory to God! He is our refuge and fortress.  Nimrod

Witchdoctor Brought To Repentance

25th November 2013

There is this man who has really created terror in our home called O. He has made us live in fear so that we have stayed away from home now for one year. On Saturday night in a dream a light skinned man and woman gave me a glittering iron rod and instructed me to take it to the witchdoctor, and not fear him. When I awoke yesterday I decided to take a step of faith and visit home. I took only one MM booklet: Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation.

When I arrived I found him at home felling trees uncontrollably in the compound. After chasing away my mother and injuring my younger brother Daniel with a panga, he turned and charged at me with a sharp panga. When he lifted the panga to slash my head I raised the booklet open towards him. He suddenly stopped, the panga fell, and he started to shake violently. I did this six times without saying anything. Then on the 7th time I shouted JESUS IS ALIVE!

At that, he screamed aloud and fell at my feet into a deep sleep. His wife and children started to wail that I have used magic to kill him, but when he woke up after two hours, he invited me inside together with many people who had arrived at the scene, including an SDA pastor.

In his home the witchdoctor said that fire came from the MM booklet into my eyes and then bounced back onto him with great heat. He felt it. It was very painful. It was a frightening heat which made him cry out in pain.

He even narrated how he had used magic to kill my father and how he had planned to kill my mother. After that, I shared with them my faith in God and secrets of home fellowships sharing Bible truths as published in MM booklets.

The witchdoctor requested me to pray for God to cleanse him and accept him. The Holy Spirit led me to open to page 28 of Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation: under Miraculous Signs Follow Believers. I placed the open page on his head and called the name JESUS seven times. Then he started to vomit some yellowish substance. [When demons leave, they frequently make a manifestation like this.] Because it was late I left for home.

Surprisingly, this morning the man, his wife and two of his sons came to ask for forgiveness for the wrongs he has done to us at our home.


Comment: The shiny iron rod portrayed the booklet that John held up to the demons. Because it is anointed by God, the contents terrify demonic spirits.

Witchdoctor Struck Dead By God At Midnight

20th January 2014

Johnson Ligawa has remained the talk of the village. Since my birth the whole village has been in fear of being killed by this man, but SDA records show he was the SDA church elder of Omoya church in Kabuoch for twenty years.

When I took God’s message to their church [in December 2013], God left him out [of the 29 whom God struck dead – see p 33] (maybe for him to change). [Or to make a special spectacle of him to others.]

Then he started organising groups to harm me for having challenged him to stop killing young and old in our village through witchcraft. He wrote to me a letter warning me of dire consequences. Last evening he was seen by my brother Daniel spraying charms at my gate and when I was called he told me in the face that I will not see today. He cursed me and promised that I would see fire.

I went into my room and continued with my work. Then at exactly midnight I pleaded prayerfully with the God of gods, the God of Elijah, the God of Malcolm, God of Helena, God of MM, God of heavens and earth to handle the battle and set the stage for people to know that we should fear none but God only. God directed me to go and kneel at the gate where charms were sprayed by him, holding the booklet Why Forgive? Then at midnight I forgave him sincerely, deep down in my heart and left the battle to our God. [We have no animosity towards such people; but they are seriously misguided in their evil pursuits, used by Satan.]

Johnson died mysteriously at midnight. The wizard is dead!  John

Intercession / Spiritual Warfare

To the uninformed, delivering people bound by Satan and thwarting witchcraft, in these accounts, looks quite simple and easy. What is not seen are the months and years of painstaking intercession that has preceded these things.

If you have read Half An Inch From Death and At Midnight The Death Angel Will Pass Over in Volume 22 of Inspired By The Spirit, you will know of some of the arduous intercession (and pain) that has preceded these victories. Jesus paid the ultimate price for us all, and won the victory over Satan and all demons, when He died on the cross. That bought us all – who believe in Him – the legal right to be free of demonic bondage in our lives. But for you and me to remain in that freedom it takes work, effort, resolve, exercise of godly character, as well as faith in Him. Trust and obey: the two go hand-in-hand. If you only want to have faith, and are not prepared to exercise your will against evil forces, they will “have you for dinner.” But as you walk in righteousness, God’s Spirit lives in you, and that repels the demons. Walking is not something you learn overnight. It’s developed.

God has raised up believers in the Body with various spiritual gifts, so that His Work can go forward. It is not generally appreciated that before a person can be called by God, the evil spiritual powers that govern the area where they live and which control their lives have to be cleared away first. That is done through intercession. Before God raised up humans as intercessors, Jesus did all that by Himself (Is 59:16; 63:5; Ezek 22:30; Is 53:12; Heb 7:25). But now He involves specially trained intercessors also. They clear the area of many demonic powers so that people’s minds can begin to be opened to what God presents them with.

Helena is an intercessor, and with the spiritual gifts God has given her, she has been engaged in spiritual warfare for many years, displacing the principalities and powers in the various regions where God takes MM’s work. We may not be shown where these are, because we don’t need to know. She simply senses them in her head as she couples up to God’s Spirit, clearing the areas of demonic powers. Now you know how God has achieved great victories here and abroad.

See also on page 55, another remarkable defeat of a witchdoctor.

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