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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

12. God’s Guidance

When He brings out His own sheep, He goes before them; and the sheep follow Him, for they know His voice (Jn 10:4).

Fear Not, Little Flock

27th May 2013

I’ve received another threat from Lukas and it makes me feel so disturbed. Now that he knows where I live I have no peace. [It’s in situations like this that we learn to place our trust in God and determine not to worry and fear man.]

I had a dream last night about being visited by an angel of the Lord. He instructed me to depart and go because I was being pursued. I can’t sleep in my house any more since I know that he won’t give up before his evil motives are accomplished. Now I have a very tough time to go through…  Fatimah

Note: On Sat 25th May, we received this Psalm to read: Ps 21:8-13. It answers Fatimah’s concerns and ours.

In your situation God answered you in the dream. God ALWAYS helps us in our trials, when we trust in Him. [God guided Fatimah to relocate.]

God Is Great!

11th June 2013

I’m thankful to inform you that [two members of Lukas’ gang] were struck down and taken out of the way.

The happenings come just a day after I had a dream about Helena and Tonya in a fasting and prayer commitment for the ministry. I saw them kneel in a hall all day speaking to God to give rest to us. [Intercession here has helped you.]

…Yesterday a woman called me, she wanted us to go and pray for them over her son’s illness. I passed my prayers to them by phone. I told them to lay hands over the sick as I prayed but she insisted to see me. I told her that it was not my prayers alone, not even meeting me, but about what she believed, about her faith and willingness to receive the healing. [God then healed her son.]

She called me today and said God is great and that she has found the true faith! I gave her a few books for her spiritual knowledge and uplift. There are many calls now. The Lord is truly strengthening the MM foundation since we got the Swahili translations. I believe there is much God is going to do and people will truly believe in God’s power and that He speaks to us. Fatimah

The Stern Voice of God

12th July 2013

…God warned me [about a CoG preacher] in a dream at night. A Man came and told me not to waste my time in such crusades of others. He pointed me to follow Him through MM publications and leave the lukewarm flock. He went on to say this “I have put words in Malcolm’s mouth to guide you. Please work together as you will be led by the power from on high. Wait till I tell you where to go.”

These words were stern warnings with a voice like raging water. He told me to focus ahead, not going back to dead ‘women’. Nimrod

God Mentions Articles Of Faith

14th Oct 2013

Praise God! Today my wife told me that she saw you in a dream giving me a Newsletter with The Midnight Cry and some A4 books entitled Articles of Faith. Thanks to God I have never seen them. Nimrod

Comment: So I sent them those publications.

A Voice Spoke At Midnight In A Bright Light

4th Nov 2013

I have a faith journey to preach the gospel in western Kenya in the five places God told me to go. Thanks very much for your concern… I have booked a bus to Lwanda town where the Holy Spirit had told me to meet C who is going to show me a boarding room called Sabbaoth Lodging and Restaurant. I was told in a dream to meet that stranger in Lwanda hypermarket room number 11. I have never been to that place… [See how the word was fulfilled – on p 52.] I was told in a dream to go with what I have and the Lord is going to speak to His servant [Bob] to send something in Western Union to sustain the work.

Again I was told that I may meet great challenges but I should stand firm. A voice talking to me through the Bright Light at midnight told me that I need to adhere to the new law passed by the government that 2500 kshs be paid to the NEMA [National Environmental Management Authority] each in those five places. I was told not to sleep near the historic hot springs of Ilesi [Hayega].

I will then begin my seven to ten day journey on Wednesday morning.

Things seems to be tough for evangelists in Kenya because Members of Parliament nowadays wake up every day with a new bill on them, but through faith I am ready for any eventuality. Put me in your prayers.

It may be a bit costly to evangelize western Kenya as compared to the first five places I went to… but God IS MAKING IT POSSIBLE on our side. Nimrod.

Jesus Urges For The Meeting Place To Be Built

18th December 2013

On Monday afternoon as I was sitting in my house where I have now settled according to God’s directive, I saw in a trance somebody carrying an iron rod. On His head were seven bright lamps. I was afraid and I wanted to run but He told me not to worry. He said: “C, please talk to my servants in England to begin sending what they have to build My house in K. Let them send something to begin laying the foundation. I have noted with great concern My servants Vivian, Fiona and others you will know who should offer anything they have for My house to get started. The cement you wanted to send on 29 December should be sent this week for a start. I am going to reward you for your generosity and that won’t be enough. Keep it up and you will receive blessings.”

He immediately disappeared and I found myself resting on my chair. I called my wife and we prayed together happily thanking God for His manifestation to me. My wife advised me to take part of the money that we got after selling our plot in Lwanda town and buy 50 bags of cement.

Yesterday, I hired a truck which carried the cement to the site where I met Nimrod’s wife. I am very grateful also to receive these wonderful publications which I have longed for. C

12th December 2013

This morning when I was taking some food to the workers in B Road, I met two men at the corner of X Sisters’ home [Catholic church]. They greeted me with some humour but to my surprise they mentioned my name. ‘Madam, would you mind showing us the right way to Living Streams?’

‘Please, who are you? because it seems you know me very well.’ I replied.

‘Don’t worry madam, you will know us. We want to know the site where Midnight Deliverance Ministry is going to be built. We have to pass over there to enforce security because there are plans to steal materials kept at Living Streams church compound.’

I was curious to know how these young men wanted to enforce security while they are not looking like police officers or security officers. I had alighted from a psv and I felt a bit tired after that strenuous morning chore, therefore I did not want to further question them. I said: ‘Follow me, that’s where I am heading to.’

When we began walking together, they said, ‘Madam, let your husband not worry too much about how the house is going to be built. We know some dark powers are working on ways to hinder him but he should take courage… We are watching… and read the book of Luke 17:10-11. Tell your husband to be ready for a very technical [strategic] prayer and warfare awaiting him in a certain home [maybe here in the UK]. There are men of God in the UK who must stand with the brethren in K to help complete that building…’

The moment they finished speaking, they disappeared about 300m from the site. They left me wondering what kind of men they were. [Angels.]  Sharon

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