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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

11. Dreams and Visions

We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks! For Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near (Ps 75:1).

Saw God On His Throne


Pastor I am so afraid to face God’s punishment for being slow to yield to the duty that he has assigned unto me through you His holy prophet

…many things have happened since we first knew you. We just prayed before but since we asked for your prayers for our family we have indeed felt the presence of God in our house. [That’s not because of my prayers. Yours are as good as mine. It’s God’s purpose that is sacrosanct and which merits His response to you.] Nowadays when we pray we feel joined with others and feel your presence and see the guidance of the holy Spirit and see as if God is just and not a little distance away but with us.

Apart from Xxxx’s illness our family has also been having a very serious problem (my sister Xxxxx). She has never known and wanted to hear anything to do with God…  God is truly with us. On Monday He revealed Himself to my sister and it was so terrifying that nobody in the house slept.

It started as madness when she started speaking to herself, trying to fight the invisible. She jumped over everywhere and became so strong that I and my sister Ann could not control her. [Demons in her were causing this.  They resist the Spirit of God.] The words she said proved as if someone was trying to force her to take something which she didn’t want to. She said “NO, NO, NO, don’t give it to me I will not take it. It burns, it burns! We could not understand it. It was such a mysterious sight to see. I might call it the greatest miracle I’ve observed in my lifetime and that makes me believe you are truly the [a] prophet of God.

We saw her bring her hand as if she was chained and then she knelt down, pleading: “I accept to do all! Forgive me! Forgive me!”

When she had finished speaking she fell onto the floor and immediately went into a deep sleep [‘slain’ by the Spirit]. We carried her to her bed. Me, Xxxxx, and Xxxx remained awake as we prayed.

When she woke up we never told her anything that had happened but I’m surprised that she said that she [thought she] was just dreaming and it never happened to her.

She told us that she had heard a voice calling her into a dark room, but the voice was familiar so she didn’t resist. When she entered, immediately the room was filled with light so that she was not able to see well.

She saw two Kings or a King and a Prince both seated each on his throne. She also saw another throne below the two thrones and on it you [MBH] were seated. There was a table spread with fine linen cloth in front of you and on it was a Bible.

She saw the two thrones sparkling like in flames but were not burning the fine robes of the seated Kings. She saw the Prince call you and hand over to you a leading stick [staff of leadership? or like Aaron’s rod?]. While you were kneeling down before Him He also smeared oil onto your forehead.

You took the leading stick [Aaron’s or Moses’ rod?] and told her to come forward. When she came, you tried to offer her the Bible that was on the table but she could not receive it. She said the moment she touched it she felt burned.

From the entrance another king entered [Satan]. He was in black robes, but he too was crowned. He was with the servants. Then he ordered you to release her, but you resisted. You took your leading stick and pointed to them [the demons holding her] and all were gone. Then you again ordered her to take it, and she never felt the fire anymore.

I now know greatly and with no doubts whatsoever that you are indeed the [a] chosen one from above.

It’s written in the Bible Jeremiah 42:20 that “for ye dissembled in your hearts when you sent me unto the Lord your God saying ‘pray for us unto the Lord our God and according unto all that the Lord our God shall say do declare unto us and we will do it’.” [“For you were hypocrites in your hearts when you sent me to the Lord your God, saying, ‘Pray for us to the Lord our God, and according to all that the Lord your God says, so declare to us and we will do it’.” NKJV.]

For this verse pastor I believe God has chosen you as our [His] mouthpiece; we who are still young in faith, and that our prayers joined with yours as His prophet, we will follow your footsteps to know more about Jesus Christ.

…the SDA never sleeps and are determined to bring us down… this is going to be not [just] a partial blow to the SDA and others who are fighting us, but the end of their misleading teachings.

We hope that… God is going to do great things unto us to enrich us spiritually and more other ways may God still continue rewarding you for your hard work and for MM. Yours in Christ. A, Kenya.

My reply:

…God will do all we ask, when we are completely sold out to Him. So, healing Xxxxx is no problem to Him. He can do ALL things. And we have seen Him do so much for so many people. But there is a cost to His intervention. Besides the huge price Jesus paid for us at Passover, there is a cost we each have to pay in our personal lives (Rom 12:1). But He is the Great Enabler, who enables each person to overcome and prevail.

The items of literature I have sent to you, are to build up your faith… also build you all up spiritually, as you share them in your fellowship group…

I asked God to do whatever was necessary to jolt you / alert you to the urgency and need to do what was asked – for Xxxxx’s sake, and He gave the manifestation and revelation of Himself on a throne, with Jesus on a throne. The other throne with the one in black robes represents Satan who has been trying to prevent my influence and help. We all must stand against anything, and everything, and everyone, who tries to prevent us doing God’s will, or who tries to get us to disbelieve in the love and power of God to heal, and deliver, and save. As we stand firm, God works on our behalf.

Don’t be too concerned about threats against you by evil-minded people. Just ask God to deal with malicious accusers, and continue to trust in Him. He will help and deliver. I hope this helps and encourages you… Malcolm

Flying By The Power Of The Spirit

Flying over wells

15/12/12. I was in a white robe and immediately light came from heaven directly to me. Power to fly invaded me. I flew past seven wells which had very clean waters but these waters were bubbling as if they were being boiled. On landing, a man with a white robe told me to pray for these waters to settle. Nimrod

Comment: The dream portrays you receiving truth and enlightenment or revelation from God (some is given to you in these dreams from God). Jesus has imputed His righteousness to you (dressed in white).

Flying is a symbol of being moved by the Spirit to do various things in service for God. He gives you that power = God’s ability which He imparts so that you can reach out with His truths.

Seven wells bubbling with water = God’s perfect truths in the water of His Word, (expounded in MM lit), which are stored up and bubbling (‘alive’), ready to reach those who need them. God can’t wait to share them with needy people whom He is calling.

God Specifically Identifies Three Opponents

1st July 2013

I had the following dream at night:

A white man who seemed to be bald headed [I’m not quite bald!] was calling me on the other side of the river to give me a present. It was a shining golden lampstand which was already lit. Beside him was a woman who was ready with a royal lotion to pour on my head [Helena]. He provided a boat to take me to them. They looked as if they were very happy to see me. They were waiting to receive me with joy.

Suddenly, some 23 beasts appeared before me and walked straight to the white man to try to put out the light from the lamp. But they didn’t succeed, because a voice came from heaven saying, HE MUST GO WHATEVER! These beasts upon hearing this voice disappeared. I woke up and prayed to God to reveal this dream to me. [The evil system which is trying to prevent your visit.]

When I fell asleep again, I saw a pastor from one of the Pentecostal churches coming to me. He began telling me that the white man and I must beware of the three beasts masquerading in white clothes, one of them a Muslim pretending to be converted to Christianity.

He assured me of the inspiration in that white man’s ministry and how God is not only sending me to him for those presents but to tell him the potholes that the devil wants to drill using some cunning men whose names he showed me and warned me not to mention until I reach him.

Some of these men he showed me left my mouth agape; it took me some minutes to believe this. Suddenly, the men appeared with rage as they wanted to clear this pastor out of existence, but before they stabbed him with a sword they were carrying, a stone dropped in their midst and they all took to their heels. He told me that God is going to bless the ministry of that white man and that many are going to come into the knowledge of truth in Kenya. Before he bid me goodbye he said “Nimrod… the man can also take more than a week with you to avoid these wolves who have known that you are going there. This is according to how the Almighty God will guide him.”

I was astonished to hear all this from that pastor. Nimrod

Holding A Pearl Of Great Price

16th July 2013

I had the following dream. I was walking on my way to Canaan (an area in Kuria East District). A voice spoke to me from heaven like this: “Hey! My son, have you known that you are holding a pearl of great price? Yes, I would like to inform you that the books you are receiving from My prophet Malcolm are pearls of great price. I love the way you value them like a treasure. My son, you and Malcolm will work together. The ministry you are in should be called Midnight Deliverance Ministry. I have sent you to Helena to receive a talent. You will use it to preach everywhere in Kenya and her neighbours, adhering to the call of the Spirit and the Great Commission.

“I am very pleased with my prophet and his wife Helena. Even after the visit I urge you to preach the gospel and everything will be added to you…”

I looked up but there was extreme brightness. I bowed down my head and asked Him a question:

“Master, what then did you mean when you said that I will support Malcolm’s work?”

“Know very well that you will not reach out with an aim to convert any Tom, Dick and Harry but to make disciples through MM’s publications. This is what I meant by supporting Malcolm’s work since Malcolm will not come to Kenya physically. I am warning you of the following: self-will, unbelief, affiliating with those who have cheated my prophet that they are working under his ministry yet they have pocket organizations – some of them you know very well…

“The Inspired by Spirit series are books of power. Please read them repeatedly, meditate upon them, pray and reach out to people with messages from them. But I want you to reread Witnessing for Christ. You will see the life weight it is carrying [value it contains].

“Your wife Sharon is a great blessing to you and she will be with you wherever you go. Your family will be taken care of. Please begin training the few members in the church as you were instructed by the prophet so that they can be strong in faith. Love all people, be simple, ready to learn and possess child-like character. Be ready for any corrections. The same should apply to my prophet. Hey! Last warning: Tell Malcolm that generosity is good BUT he should beware of charismatic deceivers.” After this the voice ceased and I woke up. It was 3.00 am. I was amazed, I prayed with tears rolling down my cheeks. Glory to God! Nimrod

Malcolm and Kassahun

2nd August 2013

On 29th July 2013 I dreamt that a Man came to me and told me to follow Him and He would show me two men with gifts. We went on a narrow path with rugged terrain. We could not reach the two men easily because the path was full of obstacles like rocks, thorns and thickets. On the other side was a very nice tarmac road where so many people were going along. I saw one of my old friends walking with a very glamorous lady. He shouted at me “Why do you follow that man who is leading you astray? See the path you have chosen. Grow up and be modern!”

The Man did not react. That tarmac road had a diversion. I did not heed my friend’s kind of tomfoolery. After some time we met a white man and a black man. The Man introduced me to these two people who were carrying seven-headed lampstands with lamps shining bright. He told me that the white man is His prophet from England and the black man is His prophet from Ethiopia. I guessed they might be Malcolm and Kassahun. He instructed the white man to give me a lampstand. Immediately I received the lampstand with seven lamps, another one appeared in the white man’s hand and I woke up. Nimrod

Comment: The glamorous lady is a false church.

Massive Tidal Wave Coming!

25th August 2013

A tidal wave rolled in to the shoreline, surprising many, even though they had been warned that one might come. Some made light of it: “that’s nothing!”, others became concerned for they saw the loss that the wave had brought.

We knew that the place where we were now would not sustain another wave. So we grabbed what we could (change of clothes, a special outfit, some odds-n-ends) and sought a different shelter. Many others were seeking shelter in the place that was thought to be the strongest, and it was suggested that we go there too, but I kept telling my family, “NO! I will go where my God has told me to go.” Panic was beginning to sweep over the people as they watched the next tidal wave come in. People rushed to their shelters, some running to and fro, not knowing what they should do. Some nearest to me had heard what I said, and then decided to go where I was going because “If God has told me to go there, then it must be safe!” they thought. (They didn’t understand.)

Survival was not my reason for seeking this particular shelter [see Mark 8:35]. I went there because God told me to. If it were God’s will for me to die, then at least I would be in the right place at the right time for that to happen. We found one of the tallest buildings in the city. A big high-rise made of bricks, and then went up to the very top, where glass rooms were layered, forming the top floor. We went in. It was crowded already, but God made room for us till we could go in further. God then told us to make sure all the doors and windows were shut, and then told us to wait. We watched the waves as they kept coming in slowly wiping out the shorter buildings below us. The panic we all felt was severe. We watched the water level slowly rise around us, and feared to stay where we were. So we looked to get out and move inland, but when we looked in that direction we saw three men dressed in black fatigues, pointing strange guns at us. I sensed the guns were the cause of the tidal waves, but did not understand how.

Then I saw a huge tidal wave coming towards us from behind them, and I wondered, “Why in the world would a tidal wave be coming from inland?” The wave advanced along with them, like a well-trained dog following its master. I realized with shock that they were forcing all the people to stay where they were. So we remained in the glass house (the room reminded me of a local aquarium) and watched as wave after wave rolled in, each one washing away more people and more shelters [churches], till the waves reached up to our level. The first wave to hit us did not do real damage. The people on the floor cheered. But then the next wave came ripping off the outer glass section and carrying away all three people within it. Wave after wave came, removing each of the layers of the glass floor till there was only one container left. I watched the ocean and thought “now it is our turn”. When the final wave came in, it was more like a swell upon the ocean, for the water was already up to our level. Like a big hand, it gently lifted us up and carried us along on the wave at great speed until we found ourselves gently placed far inland on lush green land. We then looked around and found that only those that survived by “chance”, and those that had listened to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and done it, had survived. As we climbed out of the shelter, I woke up.  Irine

Comment: The dream is a depiction in symbol of the destruction of Great Tribulation, which is explained in Understanding The Book of Revelation. The tall building with glass at the top is a symbol of MM’s work where God’s truth is lifted up (by God) above all else, above all human achievements.

The Evils Of State Control Increasing

28th August 2013

I had the following dream: It was a terrible scene, people seemed to be indulging in leisure including the charismatic pastors. Prostitution, lesbianism, adultery, ‘gay’ and all sorts of evil were legalized by ‘a nice man’ who had been given power to rule the whole world. The man had also brought in digital machines in every urban centre with the leading one in Nairobi where cctv cameras could detect every pickpocket in the town.

A Commission was also formed to vet pastors or censure those not following the rule of law. It seemed as if they had stopped allowing radio evangelists from preaching alongside televangelists. Some pastors who refused to worship on Sunday and had not registered their churches in the so called ‘Reformed Religious Movement’ were jailed and some were wiped out of existence. Some few individuals were taken to a secret place which was a wilderness. When we reached the wilderness, we saw from a distance how some people were being tortured and killed.

When I woke up, I marvelled at this and prayed for more power to keep on moving with zeal to preach the word amid sorrows. Nimrod

Lovely Sugarcane

I saw you tilling very healthy looking sugarcane [MM lit has been prepared for a spiritual harvest]. When I came to you, asking why you are toiling like that the whole day [it has taken many years’ constant work], you said: “My son, the question you are asking is mere rhetoric. Can’t you see how you have walked all the way through road diversions [obstacles in your life which have tried to block you receiving MM materials] to get here and possess part of this sugarcane? So, distribute it to your brothers who have the teeth to chew it. My only advice to you is to enter the garden and begin cutting the good looking sugarcane and help me distribute it.”

On the eastern part of the garden was some clean water flowing down to a tree [symbol of Life] which had some doves in it. As I began chewing, before I gave to my brothers, seven doves stood on my head [Holy Spirit enlightenment through the content of MM publications]. Nimrod

Angels Will Help Resolve Problems

A Man wearing very white clothes took me around the Living streams along B’s Road on the western part of K town. He showed me land for sale and He was carrying a measuring rod to measure the land for sale. He told me that the land must be purchased with whatever I have to build a meeting hall and my home to avoid paying hefty rent for both church hall and my house. He gave me the picture of how the meeting hall together with the house should look. He also told me to enquire more from His chosen prophet in England.

He carried some ropes whose functions He did not tell me. The rope had some knots which He asked me to loosen but I couldn’t undo them. Then three men appeared instantly and when He gave them the rope they untied the knots. When I asked Him the meaning of this, He told me to be patient and wait for the answer later. He then vanished and I woke up. I kept on wondering what He meant by loosening the rope but as I told my wife about the dream, she encouraged me to pray and He will reveal the meaning. Nimrod

Meaning: The knots represent difficulties ahead that are beyond our capacity to resolve. But God will send His angels to sort out these problems so we can move ahead.

Britain To Lose ‘Her’ Sea Gates

22nd November 2013

Three men blowing trumpets said: ‘The gates of their enemies which the Lord gave the descendants of Rebekah will be repossessed by their enemies. As God delighted in blessing them, He is going to be delighted in cursing them.’ They carried placards with Genesis 24:60 written on them but to my surprise the writings kept on fading. On the other side of the placard was a small map with several names but I was only able to read ‘Gibraltar’ and ‘Falkland Islands.’ One man told me that sea gates will be given to their enemies unless the inhabitants of these places repent. I was amazed by this dream because I know very little about these areas.  Nimrod

Another Person Who Has Chosen Hell

3rd May 2013

…I had a dream last night about me and a friend B that we were active in politics. She was opposing my candidacy and I opposed hers. We met somewhere and fought and died in the process. Then we met in the spirit realm and were each shown a place to choose to live in.

The first place was hell; there we met Satan as king. He was dressed in fine robes and people were revelling, drinking and dancing. Many beautiful women were clinging to men and praising Satan.

I asked: “Are you the Satan I have known?”

He said: “Yes. I know you didn’t expect this, since many believe I am a bad person. See I have given people things to enjoy and they are glad I’m not a good person.”

We then moved to the second place and we were in heaven where we found Jesus seated humbly on His throne. [This is an aspect of His nature that is remarkable and beautiful. He has no arrogance.] It was a lovely place. People were praising as they went around the throne. Jesus asked: “Where truly is your heart?”

My friend B looked and said: “No, I don’t belong here. Let me go back. I want to enjoy all I can.”

But I said: “I humble myself before You, that I might be a sheep in your flock.”

A ladder came and B was back in hell. As she arrived, she found hell on fire and people were crying. Satan had changed into a beast and he was so terrifying! She wanted to come back but the ladder was not there to climb. Then Satan said: “You did drink and I gave you enjoyment, and now we have to share the pain. I didn’t give it for free.”

I have seen the truth that Satan tries to associate himself with comfort [pleasure] to blackmail people. Ann

Taken To The Hill Of The Lord

24th Nov 2013

…in 1995 I had a dream in which I was taken to a tall hill by a white man and a white woman. They gave me a Bible and a hymnal, trained me to sing for God and told me to go back to school. I then did all that they told me.

…then early this year on 3rd February 2013 the dream I was given in 1995 appeared to me again. The white man and woman took me to a tall hill, gave me two booklets, a Bible, a hymnal, and a keyboard. Then they pointed me down the valley where there were many people, some crying and others emaciated. They told me to go and share the Gospel of truth with them, sing praises to God with them, and strictly note all the references from the Bible and the two booklets. …in the month of June the same dream appeared to me 3 times. That’s when I went and explained to X and Y, who prayed to God with me, gave me a MM publication titled Meetings With Jesus. Man of God, a unique thing happened in my family when we started studying the book together. My wife, who has been shy, was no longer shy.  She led us in family fellowship clearly quoting verses as they appear.

I humble myself to be used by God… people in my village have suffered in the hands of preachers who propagate false doctrines. I am submissively crying day and night, since receiving this truth, for God to hold my hands through Spirit empowered MM publications and your Spirit-guided prayers and counsel to save the people of my village. I strongly believe in what is written in Mark 9:23.  John O

Last night a young baby appeared to me in a dream, gave me a white paper written: THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH – ALONE. [Three depicts finality. God has given MM the End-Time Restoration of God’s Truth in MM literature.] Man of God, together with your household, let’s join in prayers for this truth to drop to my home village where falsehood is the order of the day propagated by Catholic and SDA churches. May God open their hearts to MM publications and see the truth in them.  John Ongoro

Obama And America Face Humbling

12th December 2013

I was shown this in a dream… There was a vast field of long green grass [long green grass symbolises people who are not yet ready for harvesting] that needed to be cut down in America. [Surely, this is judgement / punishment.] Workers were employed to do the work but did a shoddy job. [The evangelists or prophets whom God has sent up to now have not given enough truth or declared with sufficient clarity what God requires from us all.] Then Malcolm and Helena in long white robes presented themselves for the task, and when the work was half way, President Obama went to supervise [this probably portrays how he considers himself in charge, when really he is not; he seeks pre-eminence for himself because of his pride] and instead I saw him kneeling down before Malcolm [there is a promise in Revelation 3:9 that the synagogue of Satan – stooges of Satan – will come and worship at the feet of the faithful] as Malcolm shaved him with a sharp razor blade [this may be a symbol of humbling / mourning]. When this happened Helena and Obama’s security guards clapped their hands. [So, that would imply their approval of what was happening.] John Ongoro

Comment: It portrays Obama’s humbling. The security guards would represent God’s angels.

The dream overall emphasises that the time has come for judgement upon America. Things are already going badly wrong in that massive nation. They have had terrible weather – storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought in the south in the summer, forest fires, and now snow storms over many states. Besides their precarious economic situation, there are many other problems besetting America, and these difficulties are increasing year by year, and will eventually break the country.

I think God will keep it from sinking for a year or two yet, while we get out the witness to all nations, but after that all hell will break loose when America and Britain finally go down. Your dream portrays the humbling of America, most of which will take place in the Great Tribulation. 

Further Reading: The Imminent Fall Of America (£5)

The Gospel To Cover Oyugis

11th December 2013

I had a dream last night that I went to my home place in Oyugis. Then I met a young man and he held in his hand a container with red paint and a brush. He said “I am the only faithful one left [that is, in Oyugis], please help me complete this that I have been chosen to do.”

He said a white man with two bodyguards in white, and who were like angels, gave him the paint and instructed him to mark all the churches in Oyugis with a X with the red paint. He produced the booklet Dismantling Churches and said he was given these publications to go door to door and give to all who request from him.  [Red can symbolise trial, or judgement, or death. God is going to give a witness to Oyugis, and those who refuse to obey God will be severely judged.]

I helped him and when we finished, he took me to his house and produced another tin now with white paint and said “they gave me this to paint this building white.” [This is symbolic of bringing truth and righteousness which results from living the truth. It symbolises the people who will repent and be converted.]

In the room were shelves which were empty. He told me they were for many books he expected from an unknown person who told him that his house is going to be used by God to bring God’s news to the region.  

I saw the man and me in court. The Judge was not visibly present; only His voice was heard from above the roof as He said this: “I call the two of you to come and witness the judgement of these people who refused to teach My Gospel in this region.” I saw Stephen, Saraah, Eunice and others being judged.

He also said to me: “You know the truth. I want you to help this boy to know what to do so that My Gospel goes forward and brings people to the truth. I have drawn a battle line and will punish anyone who refuses to listen to the gospel I have put in this young boy. I will bless him and give him all he needs in his work to serve Me.” Ann

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