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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

8. Jesus Appears

And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead, but He laid His right hand on me, saying “Do not be afraid…” (Rev 1:17).

Jesus Walks In The Room

12th Sept 2013

Today at 9 am, when I was praying before I left to the hospital to pray for our sister in Christ Matinde in K District hospital, in the room where I was praying I saw a Man walking majestically towards me. He was dressed in white apparel and His eyes were shining. I wondered how he got in that room which was closed.

He began to say: “Yes, I do not need sophisticated things of this world like pianos etc., in order to serve me. But write to Malcolm and a copy to Bob S telling them to sit down and see how to help you get the cheapest laptop just in time before the feast, because after the feast you will go to those five places and you will not have time to go to the cyber. I appreciate how they are really straining to serve My people in Africa but I will redouble their efforts to do more. Tell Helena that she is using her talent [spiritual gift of intercession] well and she should continue doing it tirelessly.

“My servant, challenges are still ahead, but if you endure to the end you will overcome… Be blessed.”

As he disappeared, I stood up without strength and bowed down with tears to give Him glory.  Nimrod

Jesus Urges Promptness – Don’t Delay

28th Oct 2013

Just after reading Articles of Faith Volume 1, I went to bed at 11 pm. The message was really touching and preparing.

I heard a voice from my small library: “Are you ready? If you are ready then would you mind going to the five places you were told? Yes, go and make disciples from these places. I know it is costly to go to these places but you see I have instructed My servant to help you wherever he can. Just from Nairobi, you are going to arrange visiting these places. I am going to open the eyes of some few individuals there, heal the sick, exorcise demons, and give some articles especially tracts that I will show you.”  Nimrod

Comment: Yes, indeed! I have found over the years that it is vitally important to do what God says as soon as possible, without delay. By delaying, often that lets the devil in to cause troubles. For example, when given an article to write, or the title, if I delayed getting on with it, I found the inspiration for the task disappeared, or was hard to get back. I learned the importance of SWIFT obedience to Jesus’ personal and individual commands to me.

Jesus Said It’s 3 Minutes To Midnight

6th June 2013

A Man whose eyes were shining like the sun approached me. I could not withstand His eyes’ brightness so I bowed my head. He showed me a watch and it was three minutes to midnight. He told me that these three minutes should be used to preach the gospel to every man. He told me that His prophet in England has been called and chosen for this purpose and some few in the fold. He said: “You are chosen alongside My servant. Therefore as I have been sending you, I am sending you lastly to My servant. Go to him in England. You are going to meet his wife who will touch you physically and through her I am going to impart to you a gift. This family will accommodate you for one week…”

He also commanded me to believe that after this period of time, I will come back and preach the gospel with zeal and I will even begin supporting the prophet’s work without any problem. I wanted to ask Him how I’ll go about the passport and the air ticket but He vanished and I woke up.

…I had a terrible malaria and typhoid for one week but yesterday God healed me as I kept on praying humbly before Him. Praise God! Nimrod

Somebody Strong Chased Satan Away

24th January 2014

It came as a big surprise that Alice could not speak any word for three past days until today, when we received a book Testing The Spirits from someone. We were both studying this subject with a lot of interest.

As the book deeply expounded into the matter, at every pricking truth Alice could say loudly “Yes, correct!” or “Alleluja!” But suddenly she was thrown down three metres away from the seat. She shouted, then stopped speaking. She couldn’t say anything. She had to use sign language to communicate.

She says Satan wanted to kill her but Somebody strong chased him away.

We must study this book to the end of it. By doing that we are going to discern more about Satan’s deceptions. Satan is against inspired writing I can see well. God bless your effort to produce and send out those blessed works.  Hesborn

Betrayers of Midnight Ministries exposed

25th January 2014

At night in a dream the hand of God wrote the following words on your forehead: “This is the time to shame the devil. Publish a book with the topic ‘List of God Robbers.’ Write all the names and how they stole from God’s MM. Forward the copy to John Ongoro to produce more copies to distribute to people to ashame the devil. Do it very fast. I the Great I AM have sent you. Do it without delay.” John

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