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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

9. Changed Lives

“I will put My Spirit within you…” (Ezekiel 36:27).

Bandit Converted

27th Sept 2013

Testimony of Vincent C, spoken in the Kurian language, yesterday:

“Praise the name of the Almighty God who has given us the grand opportunity to gather for this year’s FoT. I have been blessed so much to come here testifying how God delivered me out of darkness to light. Many in our area still marvel that a bandit like me could change and follow God, and some are still doubting my redemption to God’s family.

“I had killed many people and was living a wretched life of loneliness and uncertainty. Uncertainty because I feared to be in the company of many people, thinking that I would be caught. I had landed in jail several times, while my brothers kept paying the heavy fines. Through God’s will and infinite love, the man of God Nimrod came to Ntimaru and preached a wonderful message that cut my heart deeply. I was convicted to follow Jesus Christ and work for Him.

“My daughter has been operated on twice and has been ill for two years. We were taking her to big hospitals like Kenyatta National Hospital, but she was healed after I decided to pray while touching her with a photocopy of the booklet Faith – Raising Our Level of Expectation. Imagine – she was just about to die due to her condition in the ICU. Immediately after prayer at midnight she stood up and began singing as if she had never been sick. I praised my God the whole night and called on the servant of God Nimrod who had consoled me before that “the child is going to be well at midnight.” Praise Hosanna in the Highest! My child is now well and has gone back to school.

“Children of God, I have decided to join with MM and work hand in hand with you for God’s glorification. I have decided to bring a bull to this feast to thank God for what He has done to us. Children of God, I have heard the man of God teaching about tithes. Please, I was unhappy to hear him say that we should try our level best to contribute the little we have because it seems there would be a huge debt if we do not commit what we have for the glory of God. I know we are living below poverty line and most of such poor people are the ones God has made to understand this wonderful message.

“I praise the name of our Lord when I heard that the debt for tents has been settled by our friend and man of God from England. May God bless him for his continued support. I urge you brethren to try and through faith that the man of God said, we will live because the Bible says ‘the just shall live by faith.’ In fact we will overcome even the debts that are before us. May the good God bless you all as we continue with the feast until the Last Great Day!”

This was related in the Kurian language and translated into Kiswahili by Rah Chacha his wife.  Nimrod

Delivered From Violent Satanic Bondage

28th November 2013

My family was in satanic bondage in my village back in Eldoret. I believe Fatmah informed you about the happenings back there when we invited them for prayers, how the evil spirit which was on me left and I became free again. Before this I had lost control over myself. I had to be chained up not to go out, since I had strong power and became destructive. I would beat the wall in the room where I was locked, and end up causing my head and hands to bleed. But with the prayer I was saved out of all this, and this now remains as a testimony as to why I have to believe in the teachings that led to my restoration and salvation.  Benjamin

“Ask And You Will Receive”

24th June 2013

Fatumah reported the increased demand on her ministry of healing the sick and helping people: “the number is becoming so big!” One example is this from Susie B: “This is unbelievable to me, I believe you saw the unbelief in me when my friend brought me to you to pray for me over my son Earl who went missing for more than four years. My son came back home at last, Fatumah. It was a cry of joy to my family since even we felt he was now dead.

“He told us about a lady in white robes who visited him at night in a dream and convinced him to pack and leave where he was hiding (as a result of a family disagreement). I have seen the true miracle in Christianity that I didn’t want to associate myself with. I wanted to remain a true Indian and serve Buddha, and saw Christ as a white man’s God…”

What God Has Done Is Wonderful

29th January 2014

Malcolm, believe you me, what God has done in my village through MM lits is wonderful. Always I pray that we remain low and don’t talk much over it, for God alone to receive glory. X [name withheld], a lost bang’ smoker, a well-known manslayer, stopped his wayward deeds just when I lent him some of our MM lits to study. K [name withheld], a well-known prostitute at Rongo, gave her life to God through MM lits. Many people will still walk out of the fake satanic doctrines of the SDA church very soon. The truth in MM is Bible-based, inspired by God Himself.

I foresee world leaders come to MM, just like I saw in a vision the president of the USA bow before you. [Figurative meaning: Rom 14:11.] God bless. John   

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