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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

5. Praise God!

Young men and maidens, old men and children, let them praise the name of the Lord,
for His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and heaven (Ps 148:12,13).

Some Tongues Interpretations

16th February 2013

O Father, we thank You for the great love and the goodness that You have poured out upon us from heaven. Thank You Father for working with Your people.

And we praise You Father for the great and the glorious plan that You are working out upon this earth. You are lifting up, raising up Your people. You are bringing them into a new area, into a new zone of activity. You are bringing Your people to know You more closely and to surrender their lives to You more fully.

Father, show us the way, and lead us each day, that we may keep the evil demons at bay. (Tongues interpretations to Malcolm.)

Two Dreams About Praise

5th June 2013

I had a dream last night of you and Antony walking by my side, you at the right and him at the left. [Right and left contain spiritual meanings. Left tends to represent liberal / permissive / disobedient, and right can represent obedient / conservative / righteous.]

We were on a highway, walking in the middle [in the centre of God’s Way]. All the vehicles got out of our way to let us pass, or they got run down. [The highway is the Way of holiness, being in the centre of God’s will and purpose. No one will be able to withstand what God is doing through MM. Anyone who obstructs MM’s progress will be ‘mown down’ as an act of God’s judgement.]

We were moving but none of us knew where we were heading to. Some people we met asked us where we go and pray today? You said, “it is with those who have made ways to welcome us and the Lord that we might pray for them and give them many blessings.”

As we continued to walk, we reached a place with a multitude of people and they saw us and there was a big city. [The Final Reward in the Kingdom.]

“The Prophet is here with His servants.” I looked back and saw an angel.

You and Antony saw him too as he waved goodbye to us and then disappeared.

As people sang praise songs, in the Spirit I found myself praying and for some while. Then my friend, who I live with, woke me up and asked: “Are you charmed? You haven’t slept since midnight; you were singing. You sang strange things that I don’t think you even knew.”

I told her it was just a dream but I knew I had been visited by the Spirit of the Lord and that God had something to reveal to me. Fatumah

Comment: Praise takes us into His heavenly courts (Ps 100).

16th December 2013

A light-skinned man gave me Seven Loaves in a dream and instructed me to divide out to one million people who looked completely emaciated. Then I started giving out the loaves without questioning or complaining that the loaves are too few to feed one million persons. He was pleased with my action and went back to his store smiling, opened it and gave out very many more loaves so that everybody ate and was satisfied. They composed for him a song in his praise but before they could sing the song, the man instructed me to tell the people who were now fat and looked healthy to thank God instead of him. Immediately they started singing praises to God, the man opened 1,000,001 stores of bread and distributed out to us and left us with this message: Eat while thanking God, not me. Then he disappeared and I woke up. John Ongoro

Meaning: As you reach out with the truth, God provides more means to do the job. People must be taught not to look to us, but to look to God. Not to praise us for the literature, but to praise God for it, because He inspired it. We are merely human tools who could do nothing like that without His inspiration and direction.

Praising God For The Fountain Of God’s Truths

6th January 2014

In a dream I was shown several water sources with a large group very thirsty and crying for water. [Many people are spiritually thirsty, deprived of truth.] Malcolm, it turned out that you were the owner of all those waters. [God has entrusted us with His truths in this hour.] People had to pass a test before drinking the water. The first person to take the test was Sila who failed the test [Sila did not obey God; he fell through greed and selfishness – God took his life because of his deceit, but see below]. Next was Nimrod, followed by… [2 others] who all passed.

When my turn came, you gave me one whole water source and said “JOHN, THIS IS THE LORD’S ARM. YOU WILL NEVER THIRST AGAIN.”

Then you and I knelt and exalted the Lord in prayer. I found myself waking up singing this song: My faith has found a resting place not in a man-made creed, I trust the ever-living one, His death for me shall save… John

7th January 2014

Malcolm, I saw Sila crying to you to hold his hands. He was in black apron / clothing. I saw you pray to God, and Sila’s clothes changed to bright white and he started singing and praising the Lord. The dream was very clear, and after that I saw him share with a small group as if they were in a home fellowship. It is likely that Sila will be brought back and will be repentant for having cheated. John  

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