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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

6. Casting Out Demons

Paul, greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her!”
And he came out that very hour (Acts 16:18).

Demonic Strongmen Expelled

3rd May 2013

Our friends requested our support in prayer for their dad who had evil spirits put onto him. He was fighting everyone he came across and was out of his mind. He was locked in a room but broke the door as if it was made of paper. They tied him up with ropes, then gave him some injection to calm him down, but when the injection wore off, he was again the same.

When we arrived at E, we found everyone outside the compound since he had broken the ties. The moment he saw us, he rushed at us with a rod. When he was almost onto me, he fell down to the ground kicking as if he was dying.

I felt a cool breeze and a whisper said, “they are gone” [the demons].

Immediately the man cried: “leave me.” At that we prayed much, and God again showed healing power to him…  Fatumah

Healed From Deadly Snake Bite

25th August 2013

We were returning from grinding maize for flour at a Poshomill. We found a young lady surrounded by people by the roadside. We could not reach where she was lying down; a space had to be made for us to see her. She had a swelling on her feet, and was crying in pain. When we asked, we were told it was a deadly snake bite and if she was not rushed to hospital she would soon die – many who have been victims don’t survive after three hours. The ambulance had been called, but due to the poor muddy state of the roads here, it was held up. Her chances of survival were so limited.

None knew us there, so nobody knew about the healing power found in MM, but K at once said to me “Look unto the Saviour, and let them too have a chance to experience our Lord’s super healing power.” The term “look unto the Saviour” we often use to refer to joining hands to pray over someone.

When K knelt down beside her and placed her hand on the girl, as we prayed for her, God’s power came strongly and many standing there fell down under the power. The girl vomited what was a rotten mixture that none wanted to be near. [This is evidence that demons were being cast out.] The leg also burst open, allowing a flow of blood, taking the poison out till the swelling went down. Many were so amazed to see what happened!  Her name is Brenda.       Fatumah

Chameleon Demon

19th January 2012

On Tuesday last week, as I was walking towards the house, before opening the door, a strange voice spoke to me telling me to pick, among the publications, a book entitled Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation and read the message in it. I thought it was a ghost but immediately I heeded and as I entered the house, I went straight to my bedroom and prayed over it. Before I opened my eyes, I saw the image of the book hanging in the air. Without wasting any single minute, I went to the bookshelf and picked, at random, a packet. The first book I got was Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation.

As I began reading the first page, the parable of the widow and the unjust judge sunk deep into my mind. I prayed before continuing. I pictured myself and saw myself unworthy.

After supper, I read the book without stopping up to half past midnight. The following day the Lord directed me to a neighbour (a woman) who had been complaining of a neck ache. I went to her and the Lord gave me a humble time with her. I took time to relay the information as they were flowing from my mind fresh as I had just read them from the book.

The woman was really touched especially when I was elaborating on ‘Blocks to Healing’ in pages 51-55. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she asked for prayers. She knelt down and I prayed for her.

On Saturday, the woman came to our meeting and gave a testimony on how she was healed by the Lord.

After I had prayed for her, she saw a dream that she was in a very decent [beautiful or plush] conference hall that seemed to be of VIPs. Immediately when she stood up from the chair, she coughed persistently until she vomited an animal resembling a chameleon. Suddenly, her brother appeared at the front door and killed the animal.

From that time up to now she has never complained of this pain that has disturbed her for so many years. Praise God! The woman is healed. Nimrod.

Comment: The dream revealed that the neck pain was caused by an evil spirit of infirmity and that God cast it out by His Spirit through your prayer.

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