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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

4. Wonderful Healings

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead (Matt 10:8).

Nearly Dead

4th Feb 2013

It is true that in a few days from now people would have been talking of me as past. Only memories would be left. If not for all these people I did hate, I would have died. [He hated Fatimah, who prayed for him to receive healing from Jesus.]

After walking in almost all the best hospitals I know, spending almost a fortune for treatment but getting no relief, the people to whom I did much evil came to my rescue and Fatmah prayed for me and I got healed freely [instantly].

I have a testimony to share throughout. My remaining life is a testimony of forgiveness, of love and care, and of healing that is in Midnight Ministries. I can today walk without being supported, I can eat easily and I am healed. [Antony was suffering from cancer of the tongue or throat. It was untreatable cancer. The hospitals could do nothing for him because it was so advanced.]

There was a serpent in me and made me do much evil, how can a living thing like a serpent live in someone? I have asked this question many times…

I did much bad but I have always prayed for forgiveness. I want to serve the Lord with all my might for what God has done for me. Antony.

Comment: Any healing is predicated upon our proper response to God’s grace. If a person does not change and live righteously, but persists in going their own way and doing evil, they can lose their healing. Sin opens the door for the devil to re-enter and harm a person. So, it is imperative that those who are healed live for Jesus from now on, and reject sin in every way, and put right any wrongs they have done insofar as that is possible. Forgiveness is extended so that the recipient can also be forgiving and loving like God.

When Antony was healed, a bystander (who wrote to me later) saw a snake coming out of his body. He, and others who were standing by, saw this and got so scared they ran away! It was so real!

The Master Healer At Work

13th May 2013

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob really blessed the people of Mashangwa with the message from Matthew 22:1-14. Many of these people do not have time for God, especially men who are ever busy twenty four seven.

I was shocked that many churches have been planted there but many are not attending them. It was a miraculous day when the small market of Mashangwa was full to its capacity – something they had never before witnessed. A woman whose husband was a bandit and had been suffering from a heart attack was healed. I was invited to a certain home where I exorcised some evil spirit of infirmity. …I went back to Ntimaru and Canaan…

My brother in Christ, I tell you I have been battling with problems of sickness (malaria and typhoid) but on Friday our Master Healer healed me and I testified before our congregation on the Sabbath.

Inspired By The Spirit volume 24 has preached to me. I have read the book three times and I find tears flowing. May the good God bless you as you spread His message…

…I am praying to God to speak to His people to give tithes for the work of God to continue. Many are very mean and some who are coming from poverty stricken areas like Ntimaru think that I may be the solution to their financial problems. I believe God is going to also provide… I have been in problems financially to such an extent that I strain in order to live. Nimrod.

Comment: Paul experienced lack, similarly, because of the carnality of ‘his’ converts in places like Corinth. It takes time for people to learn to live out the Give Way. The booklet Giving and Receiving covers the subject quite fully.

It’s God’s Spirit That Is Slandered

16th June 2013

Many people have been coming to see the miracles and manifestations that accompany our ministry. Many receive healing when they come in faith, but others don’t since they come to test the Spirit [without a pure motive].

I have heard that there are some leaflets going around to give MM a bad name. George Williams is distributing the leaflets here in Kisumu. We don’t have any fear over this since people have known that they [these faultfinders] have their own agenda which is not Godly. Fatumah

Corrupt Pastors Try To Buy God’s Power

God grants gifts according to His will. The gifts of faith and healing which He works through Fatimah – as any spiritual gifts – are not for sale or for human exploitation. Fatimah has had several invitations like the following:

26th June 2013

“…The Lord should be praised for your enrichment and support to others as I have gotten some information over His great power of healing and miracles manifestation bestowed upon you. I am the pastor of Living Waters Springs of Life church. I have a desire to meet you and gain just little teachings and know more. I heard you have turned down many who have called upon you to join their churches but I don’t know why since you are not a member of any denomination. Do you use black magic, as people spread it out, and if not, why do you not go to any church?

“My church need young people like you who can intercede in prayer, who are not afraid to exercise the talents and gifts like yours that He has bestowed upon you.

“I also have heard the situation you are living in. You don’t have a place for yourself as a house. I have for so, ready to give you a quarter at the church to live in and also provide for your basics and a monthly allowance if truly you desire to take this godly offer.

“See this power God has given unto you to make use of it, uplift others and have comfort too. Why not gain? Going out to do these odd jobs like washing and cleaning in the neighbourhood just robs you of whom you are, you degrade yourself while God has given unto you a chance to elevate yourself to a respectful class. You are blessed, but will never realize this till you lose all God’s love. Pastor Jeremiah.”

Comment: That guy only rates 6 out of 10 with God. If he’s bothered about his respectability, he’s got too much pride. Usual problem with church leaders! If you were to accept such a position, God’s power with you would diminish markedly. No wonder these churchmen think that it must be black magic. They’ve never seen such power working with them (because they are not properly surrendered to God; they haven’t died to self yet; that only occurs through ordeals like God allowed you to suffer).

4th Feb 2013

I was about to leave my house yesterday morning as always to go to the neighbourhood and help in household cleaning and washing clothes. (I always work for them and they pay me to sustain myself.

That morning I was visited by a wealthy person who introduced himself as Pastor Mike. He said he came near Kisii. In between Oyugis and Kisii is the location of his church. He said he had heard what happened when we went to pray for Antony last week.

He wanted me to join his church, and that he would be paying me for ‘my’ gift of healing that was manifested over Antony. He also informed me that he would give me a bigger rank in his ministry, a nice place to stay with all comfort and a car to be driven in. He took out a bundle of Kenyan shillings (Kshs) notes and offered me the bundle but I never took it.

I told him that this was not the time to join churches but to dismantle them. I also told him that… it is not good to indulge in earthly things that can cause us to lose the precious things from God.

After I had refused his offer he told me [contemptuously]: “Africans will never wake up!” and that I will remain in poverty all my life! He laughed at my state, my house and all that I had; then angrily entered his car as he shouted to me: “Foolish girl!” I felt like laughing. He called me poor, yet he was in need of what I have. He was rich but desperate. I felt I have much from our heavenly Father. Preachers who have a church are lifted up. But what we have challenges a hypocritic man like Mike. Fatimah

Comment: There is none like our God!! We praise Him for His goodness.

Cancers Cured Miraculously

19th June 2013

Praise the name of the Living God! God is Almighty and loving! Glory be to Him for healing me from cancer. Nimrod

28th Oct 2013

Two young men just came out of the blue to be prayed for; one was suffering from prostate cancer while the other was suffering from arthritis. When D raised his hands on them, they were healed and I have got the reports that the test [for prostate cancer] was negative. We thank God for his goodness.  Nimrod

16th January 2014

God heals, Malcolm! I have had a painful cancerous growth in my lower jaw for 20 years – since 1994. It has been oozing blood for all these years without a solution. I have diligently asked my God to cure me. On Monday evening while having our Bible study I trusted the God of MM. That same night, at about midnight I found my mouth bleeding, with a piece of meat in my mouth. My head then started aching, and I found traces of pus oozing from my head. And that was the end of the pain I have been suffering for years! Praise God! I am well in Jesus!! John

The Angel Paid The Bill

18th December 2013

On Sunday morning, I had gone to Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital in Migori. MMH is a private hospital and my sister, because of the circumstances, had to admit her daughter to this hospital due to doctor’s industrial action in public hospitals. She told me that her daughter had been diagnosed with malaria, was dehydrated and lacking blood.

The child was admitted on Wednesday last week and the bill had mounted to 28,500 ksh. Her husband refused to pay this bill and therefore she had to stay in hospital that long until she asked me to help her. The child’s condition worsened and she passed away for five hours.

I went there and found them crying. As I entered the children’s ward, I knelt down and prayed silently to God to do His will for His name to be glorified. When I stood up, I touched the child’s hand and she coughed, sat up and asked for water. We were very happy and we prayed again silently as the doctors stood there amazed by what happened. We again prayed to God to give us a way forward to settle the huge bill because I didn’t have that amount. My sister advised me to go to the cashier to ask for the bill. When I went there, to my surprise the bill had been cleared! The pharmacist told me that the bill had been cleared by a person called Nimrod. [Nimrod’s angel paid.] I was really happy to hear that, yet I didn’t pay any single cent! Praise God for this marvellous miracle. Nimrod

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