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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

3. “Trust And Obey”

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths (Prov 3:5,6).

25th April 2013

A day before 17th March 2013 I prayed at night before I retired to bed asking God to reveal to me what to preach to His people at Kobinto. That night I dreamt that a man carrying a Bible approached me and showed me the following Bible texts: 2 Tim 3:5,7; 4:3-4; 1 Cor 10:12; and Rom 8:9,14. Early in the morning, I woke up and sang a song entitled ‘Trust and Obey’, then I prayed before departing to Kobinto which is about 39 km away from where I live.

On reaching Kobinto market, which is adjacent to Kobinto primary school, I found the SDAs holding a convention in the school. A thought came to me to go in. Miraculously, I was welcomed by my former college mate L who was also a head Deacon in that church. He told me to be ready to deliver a sermon.

I didn’t expect these organized church folk with their organized leaders to give me a chance to deliver a sermon.

In the pulpit was a banner with the words: ‘Awakening the remnant church’.

When I was given that chance I felt like some power was flowing through me. The texts I was given at night gave birth to several other texts based on The Ten Virgins. Lastly, I read John 14:12-13 and made an altar call so that those with different diseases could come for deliverance through Jesus’ name.

Three women from the nearby dispensary moved in front. One had an eye infection which had disturbed her for five years and had been treated in national hospitals but in vain. It had forced her to use glasses. She was half blind. The other had Typhoid. She claimed that instead of taking bulky dose, she wanted free dose from the Almighty. The third had kidney failure. All these women were healed and the one who was suffering from eye infection decided to give the elders her fat bull as a thanksgiving for what the Lord did to her. [The thank offering should have gone to the one who came in Jesus’ name, Whose Power was with him. But the woman didn’t know any better, because church folks are brainwashed, and subordinate themselves to church leaders.]

A man who has suffered from a terrible chest problem also emerged later as an afterthought, having seen the marvellous works of the Almighty. When I extended my hand to touch this man I felt like I was electrocuted, not knowing that power was flowing through my hand to him. The man was also healed instantly and praised God like he was insane!

Some of the SDA elders did not believe this and they were angered at the turmoil. They called L and warned him not to bring such a scenario in their meetings again. Despite all this, some men and women who were touched at these happenings invited me to go back for more revelations. When I came back the following day, I prayed with tears forming figure eleven on my cheeks as I praised the wonderful works of the Almighty… Nimrod

God’s Shekinah Glory Cloud

26th August 2013

Having read an article Demonic Warfare by Bob Seward which he took from me, D had been very zealous to know more truths from MM. I have so far given him some others and Inspired By Spirit one by one as he returns upon completion. He was once an SDA who believed that their denomination was the remnant church described by John in Revelation 12. When G and I visited him for the first time… he was challenged by the clarity of the message in Rev 12. We used the booklet Festivals of God to teach him on shadows of things to come and the plan of God for man’s salvation.

The following day, I saw in a dream that D was walking around their SDA church compound [he was a very staunch member who was giving his loyalty to that church] and the elders saw him, called him and began warning him not to associate with me because I would “contaminate him with messages from false prophets who are teaching like Jehovah Witnesses.”

After this warning, D came to me and immediately I greeted him, a very bright light came from above and covered him. This ray of light was somehow covered with a cloud and a voice said “D will work for Me in MM. He has not gone to school and is illiterate but Nimrod will help him. Read Exodus 7:1. [Words for Nimrod.] Nimrod will guide you as you use your gifts wherever you go. I know you are poor but you will be rich in My Word.”  [Words for D.]

…We have been praying for God to bless us with a meeting hall in Nairobi because D has now reached some people who are poor in spirit and need somewhere to meet and be independent of the world churches [Rev 18:4]. Nimrod

God Is Faithful To The Faithful

20th December 2013

I have just been healed now of serious pain that resulted from a car which ran over my leg yesterday when I was waiting to board a vehicle to K. A man came to me now and woke me up to praise God for healing me. I am very GRATEFUL to God for healing me! N 

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