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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

2. Using MM Publications

The Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword… (Heb 4:12).

Jesus Appoints Nimrod

18/12/12. A call to witness. A gentleman whose eyes were shining and His clothes as white as snow instructed me to go and preach using Malcolm’s publications in five places: Naora, Canaan, Mashangwa, Ntimaru and Kobinto. I wanted to object, giving reasons that these are the most dangerous places in Kuria area, and the traditions, witchcraft and superstitions are rife in these areas; lastly that I don’t have any money because private schools do not pay teachers especially third term. He instructed me to read the book of John 14:13-14 and 15:16… Nimrod At Midnight, God Spoke…

28th August 2013

At midnight, a voice called from my living room saying: “There is no time to waste because sorrows and gloom are coming. What do you hear about Syria? [In other words, see what has happened there, implying that destruction is soon coming to other nations, too.] Preach the word of God and know very well that you have to use your strength and resources to do it.

“Get prepared for the outreach ministry and tell My prophet to open his arms for it. Have a meeting place in Nairobi to help reach out to my called out ones.

Beware of deceivers; they are really scheming, especially in Kenya, to besiege MM. Go to the five places and you will only preach the gospel of the Kingdom. Some signs and healing may follow you but let it not be your first priority.

Use MM publications to do great exploits. You have to see My prophet in England and talk to him face to face about the ministry in Kenya as you receive the gift from Helena.” I woke up and prayed. Nimrod

Paralytic Jumped Up And Prophesied

24th Jan 2013

Praise the name of the living God!! …I indeed evangelized two places: Naora and Ntimaru. In Ntimaru about seven people were healed from different maladies. One from kidney disorders, another from eye infections.

The most amazing was the one who was healed from lame hands. He even jumped up and spoke to the crowd telling them that there is a prophet, a white man, whom God has anointed with His Spirit to restore truth. I was tongue-tied as I heard that person shouting amid joy. I had not told them about you, so I was wondering how he could pronounce that. [He prophesied as God’s Spirit moved upon him.]

Praise God! I am still praying for God to continue leading me the way you instructed me in your reply letter. May God continue blessing the work of your hands. Yours in Christ, Nimrod.

Attacked, But Miraculously Delivered

24th Jan 2013

Praise the name of the Living God! God is really working through your publications!

In Ntimaru town some people gave a message, like the apostle Peter’s, which amazed me, and I further concluded that God is working through you and your publications. I had not told them anything about you, but when we were praying he uttered these words loudly: “God is working with a man in England to restore truth to His people.”

…Religious leaders in Ntimaru were not happy with that convention. The truth really terrified them and they thought I wanted to establish a church which would snatch some of their members. Some laid a trap and came to my room to beat me. They were trying to enter by force. After a spirited fight with the guards, I stood and called on the name of my Lord and they all scattered, running back as fast as their feeble legs could carry them. Before they could go further the security officers caught them. I went straight for their rescue and they really cried, repented and dedicated their lives to Jesus after narrating how they were given money to kill me and take some of the few items I had.  Nimrod.

Healed When She Held Onto Faith & Healing Book

Jan 2013

…Some time early last year, before we left Mbale, we visited a lady who was sick, to pray for her. She did not have enough faith to believe that our prayers would do some good or heal her, but still she welcomed us and allowed us to pray for her that night.

I had dreamt that I and the lady were being given some presents by a donor organization. We were given sealed caskets to open and discover what was in them; we were to choose according to our desires. She picked first the gold one and left me the wooden one. She opened it to find something valueless inside (a toy). I opened mine and found very expensive medals and a cheque of big money. I offered her what I had received and she was so happy. [God’s truth that is the real treasure, but doesn’t look so appealing on the ‘outside’.]

Two days later, she called a friend of ours and informed her she wanted to see us again for prayers. We visited her and prayed, laying our hands on her as she held the Faith and Healing book. She was healed. I am very thankful. Fatimah

Feeding On The Word

1st Sept 2013

We had an enriched Sabbath yesterday since many more gave their lives to Christ. Brenda [healed of a deadly snake bite] and her family, the raised woman (Grace) her two sisters and her husband too attended the Sabbath meeting with us. Others also from our neighbourhood were there and also witnessed the healing of another two – Debra from chest problem, and Timothy whose sight was restored. Timothy has been blind since birth.          

Ann spoke in tongues as the Spirit visited her and many were amazed since they had never seen this before.   

We led them through the publications and also gave them some to go and read but to bring back for exchange when they are through. It is a blessing to see people rush to hold the truth. We haven’t lived here for more than two months but the number of readers has become so high. We thank God.   Fatumah

Plenty Of Lovely Food

13th Sept 2013

I dreamt that we were at the Feast of Tabernacles and many people attended. As the feast went on more people came till the food was not enough to provide for all.

We went to the store to check what was left and we found you seated there. Also there were sufficient new supplies to feed all the people. There were a lot of fruits and big containers of honey. And we were very thankful to God, since nobody went home hungry.

You served all the people with much to eat as we helped you.  Ann

Comment: I’m sure you realise that the meaning is spiritual. The lovely food represents the literature from MM that is available to spiritually feed people.

It’s Massive!

I recall a dream which God gave me on 31st December 2005 in which I was telling Reinhard Bonnke, “What God is about to do is MASSIVE!!! It is MASSIVE!!!” Reinhard reached millions in Africa for the gospel but I believe God is saying the impact of MM’s work will be bigger. Numbers are not so important. More importantly, the spiritual results of this revival will be massive.


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