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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 1)

1. Opposition!

We must [pass] through many tribulations [to] enter the kingdom of God (Acts 14:22).

The manifestations of God’s power and deliverance which Jesus pointed out in Mark 16:17-18 are not the only ones He performs. He does MANY other amazing feats to demonstrate His power and supremacy. He said:

ALL authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth (Matt 28:18).

When He allows us to suffer serious opposition and unpleasant attacks there are very important reasons why He does. Sometimes it is to strengthen us: either in our resolve, in our determination and endurance; or to increase our faith in Him – when we see His deliverance worked out.

Kidnapped, To Be Murdered

Fatimah and a friend were kidnapped by evil opponents in Kenya who intended murdering them. The gang had already murdered Emily in February 2013. Now they wanted to completely destroy MM’s outreach in the Kisumu area. They targeted anyone who received MM publications.

After her escape, Fatimah wrote about her dreadful ordeal:

20th May 2013

It has been a time of confusion after being tricked into a trap where we were detained and suffered great pains – of being whipped, locked in a dark room with just a meal of a mug of porridge and two slices of bread per day. It was like a year in hell!

On Thursday 9th May, we got visited by a lady who lied to us that her son was so sick and needed our support in prayer. I requested her to bring her son to our place the following morning but she cried that he would be dead if we didn’t leave with her at once. My heart was reluctant to go with her. When we got to this destination we found ourselves deep in the enemy’s hands.

When we arrived, we did not believe it, Stephen from Oyugis was there and another man whom I had supported with literature called George Williams and someone else I didn’t know but had met somewhere before. The lady entered with us but then left us with the group. We sensed something was wrong but there was no way to escape.

There was an old man too. He sat, watching us as if he had much anger. He started speaking and said: “This is an opportunity to meet you at last.” He then asked “Who is the prophetess called Fatumah between the two of you?”

We did not answer. Then the others laughed. He asked again and while still quiet I felt a slap on my face and I was down [knocked down to the ground]. We were beaten, and our noses were bleeding.

We were led into another room without ventilation, so dark that you could not tell when it was day and night. One by one they came to the door and questioned us much. First it was Stephen; he appeared so humble but I knew he was a member of the gang since he did not stop them from beating us. He asked me a question that I was not able to answer, just to cause confusion. He told us to tell him where Emily is. He said that they had gone somewhere and met her. He told us to tell the truth about the person who was buried at Antony’s home instead of Emily. [Satan is the author of confusion; he muddies the truth with lies.] We told him that the only truth we know is that Emily died, got buried and will resurrect and be among the Lord’s chosen since she did well in her lifetime.

The second person to interview us was George Williams. He said, “Why have you chosen to fight a battle you can never win? I had made a good relationship with Malcolm [blatant lie!] and you came in and destroyed it and so you dominated me. I could not get any money and feel good just because of you. You have to make your last prayer and see if Heap will deliver you.”

The old man, too, came and looked through the door for almost five minutes without a word. Then he lit a cigarette and started smoking. He said, “Have you not fought a good fight? I knew I would meet you in this lifetime before I die, but I am thankful to God for answering my prayer that you go deep into the grave before I do. I am Lukas. Look at me, know me, but I don’t give you another chance to go and tell the experience you’ve had with me. Pray that Heap will get all the information through dreams about how we got to square all this together. You are Godly and you will inherit the highest glory when you depart before six. I believe you can pray and God will hear you. Tell Him you are on the way and supper should be kept for you in the kingdom of His.” [What despicable mockery!]

They all laughed at us as Lukas spoke.

We knew it was our last day on earth. Lukas, too, said about Emily’s existence somewhere and said that he will still fight us even if God brings us to life again and takes us to Emily. We didn’t know what he was talking about but we wondered whether God had raised her from the dead. [They were confused. Because Emily’s body disappeared from the mortuary, they think that she was taken away and is somewhere on earth. They are stupid. Their rational minds have been destroyed by Satan, because they sold themselves to him to do evil.]


This is another great miracle in our lives to see God show us mercy. This is how it happened and we praise God for this.

It was dark on Friday night [17th May] in this room. We felt a soft calm wind within the house. Then abruptly the room was filled with an unusual light. We heard a soft voice say: “It’s okay. It’s time to depart.” Suddenly the door was wide open and I rushed out with fear and found the person who was guarding the door sleeping as if he was half dead. I told W [Fatimah’s friend] that we should make use of the chance and this is how we escaped.

We went to a nearby home and were accommodated there till morning. Then we took a van to Kisumu on Sabbath. We didn’t attend the Sabbath meeting that Saturday. We made warm water to bathe our injuries and now feel better. We travelled to M… for Pentecost yesterday… Fatumah

God’s Judgement Is Inexorable

Lukas’s evil thugs who perpetrated these crimes all came under God’s judgement. George Williams committed suicide. Stephen died in some other horrible way. And the gang was doomed.

The promises of God’s Word are always fulfilled:

God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil (Eccl 12:14).

The nations have sunk down in the pit they have made; in the net which they hid, their own foot is caught. The Lord is known by the judgment He executes; the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. For the needy shall not always be forgotten; the expectation of the poor shall not perish forever.

Arise, O Lord, do not let man prevail; let the nations be judged in Your sight. Put them in fear, O Lord, that the nations may know themselves to be but men. (Ps 9:15-20).

Every inspired prayer, like the above, is answered! These are prophetic prayers; they are fulfilled continually in human experience. God never fails His faithful ones!

The wicked in his pride persecutes the poor (Ps 10:2).

He sits in the lurking places of the villages; in the secret places he murders the innocent; his eyes are secretly fixed on the helpless. He lies in wait secretly, as a lion in his den; he lies in wait to catch the poor; he catches the poor when he draws him into his net (Ps 10:8-9).

But You have seen, for You observe trouble and grief, to repay it by Your hand. The helpless commits himself to You; You are the helper of the fatherless. (Ps 10:14.)

The Lord is in His holy temple… His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men [by temporarily allowing evil to take place, as if He doesn’t see – but, of course, He does see everything]. The Lord tests the righteous, but… upon the wicked He will rain coals… (Ps 11:4,5,6).

We are all being tested. God reigns supreme. He is watching to see our response. Do we choose the appealing evil or the unappealing good?

The Spirit Is Being Poured Out

Earlier, God demonstrated His presence like this:

4th April 2013

…We have been enriched to have attended the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread… Many were blessed, healed and received the gifts of the Holy Spirit and many saw the true works of God in their lives. One paralyzed woman was healed due to her faith, and others too of their ailments instantly. Many people saw and some believed that God truly answers prayers through MM.

Some spoke in tongues and in the process something bad happened to a man who came to disorganize the feast. He mocked the Lord’s Spirit and laughed at the sight when others spoke in tongues. Then he became dumb and could not speak. …Many people attended the feast… the Lord did much. Fatimah

God cares so deeply for each child of His. A young woman, still in her teens was raped by an evil gang of opponents in Kenya:

8th March 2013

…I had been so desperate that even to write has been unaffordable to me. Things have continued being hard… my sister X tried to poison herself. She has been found pregnant and HIV positive after being examined by the doctor. Lukas has truly messed up my family. My sister is now going to live in pain of guilt to bring up a child with unknown father after having been raped by Lukas’ gang.

I truly have pain and now prayers are the only weapon to rely on.

[I had previously asked him how they were progressing in worship meetings.] About the worship I can say that… much of the worship activities are done through small family groups. There isn’t any form of leadership… we do not have any worship centre nor leaders.

The manifestation of the spiritual gifts have been experienced and this is what I may say brings the opposition from the other churches. When one gets the Spirit to speak in tongues, the people in SDA say it’s an orthodox kind of practice or the worship of the old age. When I was healed many went about rumouring that MM is a cult organization.

God truly visits you in Spirit and in dreams to give directions of true worship. I believe were it not so then it would be too much for you to bear and support the ministry.

I will stand before the Lord through courage and to observe what is righteous before Him. I know the opposition is high but God will show me love despite the past. Thanks for your great love, through Christ our Lord. May this kindness always be in your heart and to enrich you more. Through humbleness. A

Desperation is the stuff of answered prayer! I replied to him:

My heart aches to hear of all that you and X have suffered! Oh the price of wickedness is so high! It makes me so sad.

It is good news what you relate about how fellowship meetings are progressing in the new way, out from under the previous man domination of church leaders who block the moving of God’s Spirit. That’s so good to hear.

All I can say to X is: “Put your complete trust in God. Rely upon Him. Depend upon Him to heal you and make you whole. He will. He never fails if we don’t fail Him… Just commit yourself to Him and He will hold you in His hand. Read Psalms and see how many righteous folk who lived in times past suffered similarly, and how they placed their trust in God. They prayed in their desperation, and God came through for them.” I recommend Healing Inner Wounds.

14th March 2013

…On Tuesday… another great miracle happened. X got healed after an overnight meeting with God in prayer. A flow of blood was seen from her when we were praying. God removed the foetus in her womb. We have confirmed this at the hospital too that the dreadful disease she got due to rape [she was diagnosed with AIDS] is not any more and God has again shown His power to her family.

Her brother too, he was visited with the Spirit speaking in tongues, then suddenly fell to the ground unconscious as if he was dead. [Slain in the Spirit. It’s like a trance mentioned in Acts 10. That manifestation is explained in MG2, A Message To Law-Keepers.] He became conscious about an hour later.

We asked him what he saw while ‘dead’. He said he saw himself taken up by winds and landed at a place dominated by Arabs. He was in the middle of a battlefield where he saw Christians and Muslims fighting.

He saw an angel in white give him a publication and when he got hold of it, it turned into a sword. The Muslims saw it and fled, but some did surrender and denounced their faith in Islam to join Christianity.

Truly God works miracles through belief! I always tell my friends that one has to truly prepare his heart before meeting with God in prayer… Fatmah

MM Being Pursued By Enemies

2nd August 2012. In this dream 2 policemen were chasing me and another person. They seemed to challenge us by rounding the bend towards U H Road just to let us follow the F Road for easy capture. They claimed that we had committed a treason by preaching about the kingdom of God.

We were given wings to fly to a high land which looked virgin with green grass, and pure and clean water, and nobody had occupied it.

Yesterday, I had another dream, like this:

We were eating, and drinking fruit juices, in my mother’s house. The room was occupied by several women who wanted to learn something from me. As I began to teach them with a lot of vigour, three mad men came making deafening noise at the door. I rushed to the door to lock it because they were carrying very dangerous weapons. My mother also came very fast to help me lock the door. The other women stared at us in disbelief. The mad men hit the door with a huge stone and immediately the door got opened I woke up. Nimrod

The dreams are about opposition against God’s truth which you carry, so persecution will come against you. However, if you place yourself completely in God’s hands He will work out His purpose, even if you suffer some loss. Those persecuted for righteousness’ sake have a great reward in heaven (Matt 5:10-12). Those at the forefront of God’s Work are very much opposed! 

Opposition Wants To Destroy MM Lit

12th Feb 2013

Today I dreamt about people opposing us, collecting MM literature from the brethren all over and trying to burn the publications to stop the spread of this gospel. These people were dressed in black with black hoods, like Catholic priests wear. They had red belts tightened round their waists.

I saw something happened that the books could not catch fire. I was seeing the books each multiply by seven as it was put in the fire. The more they tried burning them, the more the books multiplied. They were littered everywhere so that everyone in the region was not without the literature.

[Comment: Maybe the dream portrays the Catholic church opposing the truths we bring. Even though they persecute us and try to destroy this Work, their opposition and persecution will actually spread it as in Acts 8:1.]

Continuing: I also had a dream about Emily and my late mum visited me as angels wrote [rode?] in white. They stood above me and sang a song of praise about the kingdom. They told me to be strong and to stay committed to Jesus and the truth; that I am doing what is right, as I have found the true path to meet God. I saw myself weep since I was not able to hold their hands and share much time.


Comment: After leaving the body, the spirit of a dead person does not usually manifest to us earthlings. Such appearances are usually demonic apparitions, which is why God forbade necromancy in the OT (necromancy is contact with the dead, and seances). However, there are rare instances where God has allowed a very brief contact between the spirit of a dead person and a close relative. For example, a woman’s husband died and she was distraught and anxious. She wondered whether he was alright. Her care for him was genuine love and concern, and suddenly she saw a vision of him coming to her and saying “I’m alright.” Whether it was actually his spirit saying that to her, or a visionary representation of it by God, we don’t know.

When we die, our spirit returns to the spirit realm, as explained in the article The Near Death Experience and the booklet Life After Death. Life carries on in the spirit realm until the time of the Judgement.

Hebrews 12:1 mentions that we are surrounded by a great ‘cloud’ of witnesses – these are the spirits of righteous people, some of whom Paul mentions in Hebrews 11. They ‘died’ – which is merely a transition from the material realm in which we live to the spirit realm in which they live. Your mum is in that plane of existence – a very wonderful place to be for the righteous. (Described in Contemporary Revelations.)

Heb 12:22-23 mentions the spirits of just men made perfect – describing those faithful ones who have died. Their spirits are living on in the spirit realm, and God may let them know something about what is taking place on earth.

The dream of your mum looking over you approvingly reflects how God is pleased with you. I wonder if God may bring your mother back from the dead, to spread His truths?


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