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The Imminent Fall of America

* * *

Dream of the Destruction of Seattle

The following dream was received by Gary Cook on 10th November 1998.

He thought the town was Seattle, Washington, USA. He was above the city and looked out and saw what seemed to appear as a mountain rising out of the middle of the city.

Then there was smoke, dust, debris, etc., and the buildings just began collapsing into the centre, kind of like a whirlpool effect, from the way he described it.

He just kept watching from this place on a hill above all this. It sounded like he was apart from it or permitted to escape it, but he was allowed to see it happen.

Meaning: The dream portrays in symbol the destruction of, not just Seattle, but many other similar American cities. The ancient city of Sodom (and her sister Gomorrah) was destroyed by God because of the incorrigible sins of the inhabitants (Gen 19). So, it shall be with all American cities which impugn the holy standards of the Almighty God.

Abraham and Lot, being righteous men who wanted no part in Sodom's depravity, were saved from this destruction. In the dream, God depicts Gary looking on over this terrible destruction, just as Abraham was allowed to see the destruction of Sodom from an overlooking hill (Gen 19:27,28).

God always watches over His faithful.

* * *

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