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What Now?

"So, how are you going to deliver the WCG captives like God said?"

Here's how.


Moses accomplished God’s purpose for him. Elijah achieved his commission from God. And Jeremiah did his job successfully, too. Every prophet of God with such a commission does not fail, but succeeds, because it’s not the prophet but the One behind Him who is all-capable.

Cultic Conditioners

In 1990, when Harry Sullivan lied about us, falsely accused us, and excommunicated us from the WCG, members were not permitted to hold views that were contrary to the church’s official teaching or at variance with the minister’s opinion. As one former WCG member wryly commented, you were expected to leave your brains at the door.

So, when Helena and I learned new things about dowsing, about geopathic stress, about demons and demonology, Harry Sullivan and Paul Suckling (WCG ministers) started to get agitated, to put it mildly. They were the Diotrephes (3 Jn 9) in the works, determined to stop this new knowledge helping others.

Just as John wrote of Diotrephes:

...if I come, I will call to mind his deeds which he does, prating against us with malicious words. And not content with that, he himself does not receive the brethren, and forbids those who wish to [fellowship with true believers and with the apostle John], putting them out of the church (3 Jn 10)...

...so, also I relate about these evil ministers of the Worldwide. I have God’s permission and mandate for the sake of the body under WCG influence. Those two were by no means the only false ministers in the setup. We discovered that the church was riddled with them! - and still is! Jesus said you would know them by their fruits (Matt 7:20) - and so we do!

In dreams over the years, God portrayed the evil fruits or demeanour of Andrew and David Silcox, WCG ministers who promised in 1995 to have our case more appropriately looked into and rectified, but they never did. We were too ‘dangerous’ with what we knew.

Demons do not want to be found out!

Then there was Les McCullough, who waited until retirement before he took a stand against the new heretical teachings of WCG in the Tkach era. He didn’t want to jeopardise his pension before he left, so he went along with heresy for expedience’ sake. When he got his payoff he left and tried to get a prime position in one of the CoGs that had rapidly formed after Tkach started to spout his libertine heresies about the 4th commandment.

In Pasadena, WCG world HQ, we had a run-in with the top brass there. We rattled Tkach snr’s cage before God took his life through cancer after 9 years’ rule. And we received unmitigated hostility from Larry Salyer the chief church overlord in the USA, and saw cloned obsequiousness from his sidekick Randy Dick.

All these men had a witness from the Spirit through us in the affray that developed over our case. Howard Silcox confided in us one day when he came to see us after our dismissal from the church, saying he was amazed at how far up the ladder we had reached! We had got all the way to the top, and Tkach was none too amused to learn of what we were doing and writing.

They tried to silence us with menacing phone calls and solicitors’ threats. When I said that I would welcome an open skirmish in court to expose their cultic behaviour and the way they held members in psychological bondage, they backed down. Their threat of legal action was just sabre rattling.

The devil is a liar - and fearful, too. He fears the truth. It is devastating to his kingdom!

Leaders Put Out The Spirit’s Fire

In 1991 God revealed things to us about church government, showing where the WCG was very much in error and unbiblical in their organisation and practice. I wrote down this new knowledge and understanding and sent the articles to hundreds of WCG members whose addresses God had given us over the years.

Needless to say the WCG rulers promptly put out the Spirit’s fire (1 Thes 5:19) and badmouthed us.

In 1992, God continued giving us insight and revelation knowledge. He had me write a booklet The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace, a subject that was never properly understood in the WCG. The wife of a former member of the Board of Trustees for the WCG commented positively about it to that effect, as did one other man who knew me. These comments were rare. Most people didn’t dare make any contact, or reveal their ‘disloyalty’ to the cult by reading our materials. We kept sending materials out at our expense, hopeful that some would heed and be helped.

But all this was regarded as subversive by WCG officialdom. Everything we did was spoken against from the church’s Ivory Tower.

They didn’t perceive that God was trying to warn them of what was coming. Three years later, Tkach snr began to circulate official new church teaching, doing away with the biblical basis for Sabbath observance, and undermining a basic tenet of the faith once delivered which God had used the WCG to preserve for its entire history. Some months later Tkach was dead!

But Tkach jnr continued in his father’s footsteps. Nepotism isn’t biblical, but that didn’t deter the WCG!

1995 was a pivotal year. They had had three years to consider what I had written in The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace. They chose to ignore it. David Hulme received a personal copy while he was still in WCG Pasadena. He didn’t acknowledge it. When the doctrinal changes were introduced in 1995 he left and formed his own church. It was becoming more obvious that what motivated these men would not allow them to give credit where God was at work elsewhere.

This cult mindset was perpetuated in the CoGs.

Back to 1992. That year God was introducing us to the ministries of others where He had been at work through the operation of gifts of the Spirit. These were Sunday-keeping brethren who had not been privy to the truth of the Sabbath like He had shown us.

However, we needed the dynamism and moving of His Spirit in the operation of His gifts, so God taught us through these others. We learned much and shared these new truths with all for whom we had addresses.

We were denounced from WCG pulpits in congregations where they considered us a threat to their Stalinist control of minds. Circulating materials without their permission was “totally subversive and intolerable.” Members were taught to fear any such outside ‘interference’ with their minds, so it was an impossible uphill struggle for us trying to awaken them.

I read widely to learn all I could about things to do with the charismatic renewal and revivals. We bought loads of books from Christian bookshops. When we ‘discovered’ about the existence of prophets, and of the working of God’s Spirit through spiritual gifts - that these were still in operation today - we considered it so important that we bought 50 copies of various books that expounded some of these things and sent them in 1992 to all the WCG offices around the world.

We received one negative reply from David Bedford, who ignorantly claimed it was all a load of hogwash, but otherwise there was silence.

The books disproved the foundational fallacy upon which the WCG had operated so successfully as a cult for more than 50 years! No longer could they claim that true believers didn’t exist in other churches, or that they were the only ones with whom God worked!

Their exclusivism was now exposed as an utter sham - a fraudulent fib - tragically swallowed by naive and unsuspecting brethren who knew no better because they hadn’t been privileged to know more.

If Tkach was going to hold onto his control over the church, he knew he had to do some fancy footwork. God was at work in the ministries and churches of others who did not keep the Sabbath. The evidence was all there in the books we provided, of authentic miracles God was doing, of gifts of the Spirit in dynamic operation, and of prophets prophesying.

The Pentecostalism which his predecessor Armstrong had contemptuously derided could no longer be ignored. Tkach had to do something to counter this threat to his ‘superiority’ in doctrinal appreciation. He had to show that he knew all about it and was being informed from Above. So, he got his own set of charismatic books, learned all the jargon, and set about to flatter the church with his newfound ‘wisdom’. Only problem was, he didn’t do it honestly; his motive was still control. He sought to dispense further knowledge - not all of it correct by any means - to maintain his grip over the minds of his subjects under him. He had to give the appearance that he knew his stuff.

Since these Sunday-keeping ministers were enjoying all this power from on high, clearly Sabbath-keeping was not a necessary observance; it was merely a legalistic ritual, observed by those who had no experience in ‘Supernaturalia’. With that false premise under his belt, Tkach swallowed the devil’s bait and assimilated the convenient rationalisations which ‘did away with’ the Sabbath command on the 7th day.

When this radical doctrinal shift caused a mass exodus from the WCG in 1995, I wrote to Rod Meredith who formed the first CoG (other than the extreme cultic PCG which had formed in 1989 under Gerald Flurry), encouraging him to seek God for new directives and providing him with 500 addresses. His first message on healing was more inspired than anything preached on that subject before in the WCG. But from then on, he went downhill, because he established a church little different from the old WCG, led by men, shutting out the Spirit of God. God revealed their shut-in, spiritually restrictive situation in a dream to me in 1997.

In 1995 I wrote, and sent, articles to urge people in Worldwide to be more spiritually alert, to think for themselves, and to heed the witness of the Spirit. From the lack of response, probably none did.

We didn’t direct all our attentions to trying to reach Worldwiders. We had many other commitments. God was leading us in writing down what He was showing and teaching us. Gradually, over the years, a foundation of biblical literature was being laid.

Three years later, in 1998, God spoke very dramatically in dreams, showing me that He was now going to use me to write some short articles which would be very helpful to WCG members.

In one dream He portrayed me flying like Superman with my fists clenched and arms stretched out in front of me as I flew through the air. Not only that, but there was an air of exhilaration with this revelation. It was stunning and exciting. I was being carried along on the Wind of the Spirit!

Between January and March 1998, the Holy Spirit was on me as I churned out those 50 or so articles. They were written so effortlessly that one was written in a morning, with no problem. The title for each one formed in my mind for that day. After I typed that in, the first words then came to me, and I continued receiving the thought flow without interruption. There was no writer’s block. It was an amazing experience.

Clearly, God considers that information vitally important, otherwise He wouldn’t have provided such inspiration. There was relatively little perspiration!

If a WCG minister would give those 50 articles to the brethren in his congregation to read, with a positive recommendation, half the prevalent close-mindedness to ‘external’ input would surely evaporate. For it is as God says through Isaiah:

...O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err [lead you astray], and destroy the way of your paths (Is 3:12b).

When Leaders Welcome Demons

Leadership has a lot to answer for! Gullible ‘sheep’ tend to follow them without questioning. Yet, the Bible is full of warnings to question (‘judge’, 1 Cor 5:12; 14:29), to be watchful (2 Tim 4:5), to test spiritual fidelity (1 Jn 4:1; 1 Thes 5:21), to prove (Acts 17:11), to beware heresy (1 Tim 4:1,7,16; 2 Tim 2:16; 4:3), to beware impostors in disguise (2 Tim 3:13; 2 Pet 2:1; 2 Cor 11:13; Matt 7:15; Jude 12; Matt 24:24; Acts 20:30), and to rightly divide the Word of Truth (2 Tim 2:15).

Do WCG mentors sufficiently warn congregants of all the dangers lurking in the spirit realm? No. Why not? Because they are not even aware of the dangers themselves! And many of them are equally duped so that they are ill-equipped and incapable of adequately providing the armour that members need to defend themselves from the invisible foe.

There are NO gifts of spiritual discernment operative in the WCG! Nor casting out demons!

Ministers are supposed to be able to give timely instruction to flocks to ward off danger (Matt 24:45; Acts 20:28; 1 Tim 4:13; Titus 1:9, etc.). But WCG ministers don’t even see spiritual danger! They have been sucked in by it, because no spiritual gifts operate, and they don’t allow true prophets in.

God speaks to the prophets, to alert the Church to dangers. For example, Agabus in Acts 21:10-11 and Acts 11:28.

A prophet turned up one day to give Herbert Armstrong a message from God. Armstrong showed him the door before he had even heard his message! His arrogant alacrity was based on the preconception that he and he alone was God’s vehicle of inspiration. And the legacy of that presumption still permeates the mindset of many in the WCG, who think they’ve got all they need (Rev 3:17). The door is firmly shut on Jesus coming in again (Rev 3:20).

“Oh, no, you are sorely mistaken. The WCG has changed. It’s not like that any more,” you may retort.

If that’s what you think, it’s because you have been conditioned - brainwashed - by words from the pulpit, persuading you to think like that. But the leopard hasn’t changed its spots.

I recently sent some MM literature to a WCG minister, as we have done many times in years gone by. His response was as cold as ice. He didn’t respond to me. He responded to one under his tutelage who had passed the literature on to him. He told that open-minded person to drop contact with me. That is a sample of the bigotry that still infests WCG mentors. (God also revealed his evil approach in a dream to Helena.) They say such demonic bigotry is no longer there, but it is. It is very difficult to cast demons out when you don’t have the Spirit living in you. In the WCG, the Spirit of God is shut out, so the demons stay.

How can this terrible situation be reversed?

Well, as long as people blindly follow church leaders, they’re not going to get out of the pit. And many won’t, because they are false believers - ones whom Jesus called, but who did not accept His Spirit (Matt 25:3). About half the Church is in that category.

Only the truly converted ones can be salvaged. They have been trapped like we were, and held down in a carnal system, deprived of spiritual freedoms, denied the baptism in the Spirit, robbed of spiritual gifts operating in their lives, denied hearing from God and being able to follow His personal lead (Rom 8:14), because of WCG leadership domination.

But God will release true believers in His time.

Deliverance Is Coming

When is that time? Soon; very soon.

And how is He going to do it? By raising from the dead various people who have died years ago in our generation. Some of the names which God has given are in our article WAKING The Dead.

We have received MANY dreams from God about this, as has Kassahun, a prophet in Ethiopia.

When dead people return who died years ago, WCG ministers won’t be able to keep that silent. They have shielded their congregations from me, and lied about me to neutralise my influence on their minds, but they won’t be able to stop them hearing the national news when these things break into the open.

Some former WCG members will be in that number. Two are:

  • Barbara Jackson, who died aged 85 in 1999, and
  • Stella Smith, who died in 2001. She was the first WCG member baptised in Ireland.

If Jesus decides they should take a trip to visit a WCG congregation on the Sabbath (or Sunday for those who have been so deceived!), I don’t think you will be able to successfully shut the door on them like was done on us 18 years ago!

Then the Midnight Cry will go out, as Jesus foretold in Matthew 25:6. It is in MM writings.

What God has had me do over the past 22 years is compile a complete biblical foundation for the Church at this late hour. It is now ready.

The various MM publications cover all the basic and more advanced biblical teachings, as well as provide exhortation and enlightenment directing you to the truth and encouraging you to live by it.

I didn’t do it alone. Jesus appoints. Jesus directs. Jesus inspires. Jesus achieves His purposes. So, you see, I’m not the deliverer; He is. We are merely tools He has used to help. And He can use you, too.

There is a task awaiting you, when you are ready to ‘go’. So, get ready. Get your running shoes on. There’s a lot of work to be done, and very little time in which to do it! Jesus is coming soon. The Bride must be got ready. All the bridesmaids currently sleep. Will you be used to wake them up? You can if you will.

It’s all a question of willingness. Faith is nurtured by desire; and that desire is birthed in the love of God.

Malcolm B Heap,  March 2013

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