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Unforgiven Record

I was recently thumbing through a notebook from many years ago when I noticed this title on a page with some notes: The Unforgiven Record of the WCG (the Worldwide Church of God).

My curiosity aroused, I reviewed the few notes I had scribbled on that page. I must have jotted them down more than 15 years ago:

  • Throwing people out of the church; disfellowship not exercised properly. Too ready to throw people out instead of being a last resort.
  • Satanic victimisation of saints. Satanic regime!
  • Unforgiven, because sins not repented of.
  • Matt 18 footnote NKJV Believer’s Study Bible:

Here and in 16:18 are the only references to “the church” in all of the four Gospels. Government is charged with jurisprudence in civil matters. In the ecclesiastical arena, each local congregation must assume the exercise of its own discipline. Jesus provided a program whereby the local assembly could protect its own sanctity and admonish an erring brother. The system involved three possible encounters with a brother overtaken in a fault. After the individual approach by one brother, one or two additional brethren are to be taken to confront the wayward brother. Only if this failed was the matter to be brought before the entire congregation.

Furthermore, this last action involved two steps, the first being an appeal and admonition from the church, and the second, the exercise of the ban. The entire procedure is designed to prevent this exclusion from the church. Few cases would ever proceed beyond the first and second provisions. Even when a case demanded the ultimate drastic action of exercising the ban, the intent was redemptive. The disbarment from fellowship would hopefully awaken the rebellious person. On the other hand, the reputation of God’s people would be protected if no disposition for repentance was forthcoming in the erring brother (1 Cor 5:1-13; 2 Cor 2:5-11; Gal 6:1,2).

The WCG never practiced that procedure!

The wisdom of the foregoing was lost on the henchmen who controlled the WCG cult – because they were devoid of the Spirit of God. Shortly after those infidels threw Helena and me out of their company in 1990, God spoke to me about who they are: the synagogue of Satan! I was not shocked. It made a lot of sense. I could see it because of the way they had scurrilously treated us as vermin. Prior to that we had regarded them as ministers of God, and paid them the respect we thought they merited. But God had to re-educate us and teach us discernment.

Because that ‘church’ was controlled by evil men, who were not led by the Spirit of God (see Rom 8:14 and 8:9!), miscarriages of justice took place. Our case was only one of a number. They fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah:

Hear the word of the Lord you who tremble at His word: “Your brethren who hated you, who cast you out for My name’s sake, said ‘Let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy.’ But they shall be ashamed.” (Is 66:5).

The evidence of the Spirit of God was absent in the WCG ruling junta. There were no gifts of the Spirit; no baptism in the Spirit; no dispensing of miraculous gifts or supernatural words of knowledge or words of wisdom. There were no prophets. There were no dreams and visions. There was no one raised from the dead. If there was a miraculous healing it was very rare, to the point of being a complete surprise!

But you could find plenty of evidence of the work of demonic spirits. Two were these:

Bitter envy and self-seeking... (Jas 3:14). Where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there (Jas 3:16).

It was bitter envy and self-seeking in ministers that motivated them to throw us out. After they did, God then showed me that they were false ministers.

My notes continued:

  • Matt 18:34. His master was angry and delivered him to the torturers [demons] until he should pay all that was due to him.

The WCG hasn’t “paid all that is due”. They still haven’t rectified their abuse against us. They don’t live by the Bible; they just preach some of it! That’s why they are governed by demons, just as Jesus promised that abusers would be! He fights them (Is 63:10). I bet you don’t think of that aspect of God very often!

My notes also contained this:

  • Jn 9 – man thrown out for acknowledging Jesus.
  • Satanic, accusing spirit, without love and mercy. Prov 28:9-10. Ps 119:85.

I find those verses particularly poignant! And:

How long are the days of Your servant? When will You execute judgment on those who persecute me? (Ps 119:84.)

The days for reckoning are here! It’s now 23 years further on!

Hypocrisy WILL be exposed!! (Lk 12:1,2).

The Testimony Of Jesus

I can’t wait to see the WCG destroyed!

That may sound like a vindictive or malicious cry but it’s not. The WCG is a deceitful, manipulative, evil system in which people are held in spiritual bondage, kept away from the truth of God that encourages them to participate in His gifts and power. Members are not permitted all God’s blessings promised in the Bible; only those that do not threaten ministerial control!

Men who masquerade as ministers of God in the WCG preach Christ but deny His Spirit latitude. They deny Jesus’ prophets any voice. They repudiate them and their messages from God. They shut the door in Jesus’ face by slamming it shut on us (see Matt 10:40,41). They reject and hold in contempt the one(s) Jesus sends to them (Lk 10:16).

They reject and ignore the outpouring of the Spirit which true prophets have received in dreams or night visions – for the simple reason that it exposes their duplicity, spiritual penury and cant.

God has not ceased speaking about the WCG in dreams to us. That shows there are still some people trapped inside that cult, whom He wants to deliver from spiritual death. Sardis is described as about to die (Rev 3:1), but Jesus exhorts her to strengthen what remains of His Spirit. To do that, you need to harness the Word of God more fully.

Denial of the Spirit and quenching the Spirit’s gifts leads to the spiritual death He is talking about. Humble acknowledgement of the failure to accept the baptism in the Spirit with supernatural spiritual gifts is the start of revival. I can’t wait for the day when WCG folks – the minority who will be willing – acknowledge their poverty, and start to desire the Pentecostal gifts.

When we acknowledged our lack and desired more of the Spirit, WCG overlords threw us out!

Soon afterwards, God baptised us in His Spirit, and began to give us dreams, visions, prophetic words and even visitations by angels for His purpose. He imbued us with His Spirit, inspired written compilations to expound Bible truths, and much more. All of this is our vindication from God – the evidence Jesus said you should be able to see to know whether we are of God.

In contrast, He also said you would know the false ones by their fruits (Matt 7:15-20) – evil fruits.

They threw us out on false pretenses, claiming we were spiritually wayward. It was THEY who were spiritually wayward. The fruits have demonstrated the veracity of those statements. Other things vindicate us:

Two ministers in Kenya, who had contact with MM, but who didn’t live out their profession of faith, died. They met Jesus on the other side of death and Jesus said to Kennedy:

“Do you know prophet Malcolm?”

Kennedy didn’t answer. He was uneasy that Jesus called Malcolm a prophet. Jesus repeated the question. Kennedy said:

“I wanted to say NO but it couldn’t come out. There you only say truth or keep silent. I answered that ‘I know Malcolm of England.’ I was scared to mention that you were a prophet lest I be asked ‘why then did you not believe him?’ Then I was ordered to go back with the following words: “He is My prophet and the restorer to the old paths. Many are brainwashed now. Resist him not.”

To the other person in Kenya, Isaya, Jesus said:

“Do you know prophet Malcolm? He is doing a good work and I have appointed him to be a restorer of the true path. Believe he speaks for Me. As a human being he has [some] little failings but don’t let that disturb you. He is sincere, dedicated and well-meaning. He is My prophet!! Be humble and down to earth like him. You will go back to earth and be a testimony to people.” (The full account is in Back From The Dead! in Inspired By The Spirit Vol 22.)

Do You Perceive The Spirit?

Do you perceive the inspiration of God’s Spirit in what I jotted down in my notes? How did the WCG junta differ from the Pharisees in John 9? Not much.

Do you see God’s displeasure and condemnation of the heavy-handed, jackboot treatment by ministerial overlords in that cult?

Can you understand why their behaviour is unforgiven? And why God no longer accepts them?

In Matthew, we find Jesus’ words:

...if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift (Matt 5:23-24).

I have much against the WCG!! — They need to rectify all their abusive rhetoric against us; all their abusive rejection of MM writings which Jesus inspired me to write. They need to restore what they destroyed – reputations and more – and reimburse us for the thousands they cost us by their cultic cloning of minds that ditched everything we sent for their deliverance.

If you think I’m vindictive, then your concept of God is amiss. He has a controversy with the peoples who reject Him (Jer 25:31). He has a legal charge against His people (Micah 6:2) and I speak for Him where I am appointed to speak.

It is not revenge – of which I am falsely accused. It is not resentment, hatred, bitterness or any other evil trait which my detractors accuse me of. Those are not my motivations. Purity of truth and justice are the motivations of the Spirit of Truth whose I am.

My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready [margin: skillful – one guided accurately by the Spirit] writer (Ps 45:1).

Until the WCG leaders repent of rejecting MM’s witness, they have no forgiveness (Jn 20:23). And the demons with whom they cohabit will invite more to torment them. We know of what we speak, because Helena can find out whether people are carriers of demons and how many they carry. That’s one of her spiritual gifts of discerning of spirits (there are a range of gifts under the category of discerning of spirits).

Revelations About WCG Corruption

The night before I wrote the above piece, God gave Helena this dream about the WCG:

3rd February 2013. H. A WCG congregation.

I saw a rusty old-fashioned military tank [they fight us and God!]. It was really old and rusty! A few people were inside it. Two or three [the leaders] put their heads out of the porthole at the top [hierarchic system is still in place in the WCG] on the left side [their liberalism] of the tank. They used binoculars to look around and see what was going on [spying / keeping a lookout on what is happening elsewhere, but being careful to shield ‘their’ people held within]. Then the hatch got shut and they were all locked inside.

Meaning: The WCG’s cultic behaviour hasn’t changed. They are still just as much a cult as ever, with the system operating by human domination. Ministers still act as overlords, although far more subtly than in former times (because they are careful not to be found out).

Like all false ministers, WCG overlords use devious and corrupt spiritual means to hold people in psychological and spiritual captivity:


They are not ministers because they do not serve in the truest sense of the word. They dominate. They are lifted up. They are elevated to a higher level than the congregation. They love their positions like the Pharisees did. Much of this is subtle, unseen.

Pride is bred in such a system. Hierarchy is not biblical, but secular. It is part of Satan’s system, of which the WCG is a part. Pride is the mother of all sin. It is why the unconverted WCG ‘ministers’ closed ranks to defend their comrades when we exposed two as false – ministers of Satan! Their élitist setup was threatened by the Spirit in us. Though the Bible gave the identifying characteristics of false ministers, who masquerade as ministers of righteousness, the demons controlling those false ministers transferred to the good ministers in WCG through human loyalties and the good ones could not discern nor see how those traits were being displayed in their colleagues. So spiritual corruption prevailed.

Instead of throwing out the false ministers, they threw us out because we could identify falsity!

They took God’s tithe and used it without qualm to reward the devil’s ministers! That was a blasphemy.

When I was a member of the WCG I made a Deed of Covenant to pay them tithe money, from which they could then recoup tax from the government which I had paid on that money earned.

Some while after we were thrown out, I received in the post a form to be signed so they could receive that tax from the government. Were they more interested in money than in truth? It certainly looked like it.

It irked me that they had thrown us out without allowing us a hearing in front of the whole congregation (not that that would have had a positive result, because ministers were adept at polarizing minds against us, which they had done by that time – members were effectively cloned and brainwashed!), yet here they had the audacity to claim money that they then used to fight against us and oppose the Truth. But because I still had hope that they were well-meaning, I didn’t argue. Helena and I just let them have that three or four hundred pounds, although they didn’t really have a right to it, for they had disowned us and asserted we were no longer members.

The incident demonstrated that they were not a church of God, because only God can put you out of His Church and remove His Spirit from you. We never lost His Spirit; we gained more! The incident proved the point that they were merely a human organisation, acting humanly. And whenever people act humanly, in such situations the real players orchestrating the moves are demons behind the scenes.

God’s Spirit had been substituted by demons. The men who led them made that choice (Is 3:12). The members had to go along with it or be jacked. Most were happy to follow their leaders, not questioning their integrity, not discerning, not doing what Jesus commanded them to do, to BEWARE of men!

These observations are not just mine. They are what God has revealed in dreams. Without revelation from God there is no vision; there is no direction. The WCG is like a rudderless ship at sea, tossed about by the waves and helplessly blown off course by demonic winds. Numerous dreams came to us after our abrupt dismissal. These visions painted a picture of the WCG that is shocking to the gullible, but which enlighten those who seek truth and truly love God. (Half of all believers don’t love God, and don’t seek truth; their seeking is for self, hence the demon attraction.)

We uploaded many dreams onto this web page and have published a large number of them in publications:

  • Dreams From God About the WCG and its Offshoots, and
  • Dream Diary Supplement For the WCG.

So, there is plenty of testimony from the Spirit of God through prophets about the WCG. They are not without excuse! They preferred to ignore it all and go their own way, deluding themselves that God would still accept them in their newfound ‘theology’ of grace.

They never understood what Jesus meant:

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10).

Jesus says a lot through His prophets by the inspiration of His Spirit!

Jeremiah 22

In 1992 God awoke me early and repeatedly said to me: Jeremiah 22, Jeremiah 22, Jeremiah 22, Jeremiah 22, Jeremiah 22.

I didn’t realise it at the time that God was commissioning me to deliver the captives in the WCG. What He said is so vital that I feel I should reproduce here the article I wrote about what He was driving at.


Malcolm B Heap,  March 2013

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