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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 4)

56. Uganda Islands

…Let the multitude of isles be glad (Psalm 97:1).

10th November 2014. I believe this mail has at last reached you after having tried for more than six times. It would not go through…

I am Nyasirwa living in Uganda at Fort Portal. I and my friend Musama had received the news one time at midnight from God’s angels about the coming of good news in our region and about God’s chosen latter day prophets.

We are fishermen and at the time we got visited by the Lord’s angels, we were deep in the middle of the lake trying to put up our net traps as always. That night, we left home at six to the lake since we make a good catch at night and sell in the morning. The lake was calm without any waves as we boarded our boat, but a strong wind suddenly arose at midnight. It was so fierce that we got frightened. We thought the boat would capsize, but as we lowered the sail sheet to allow the wind to pass, we saw seven angels surrounding the boat and the lake became completely calm.

These are the words that the angels spoke to us. “My servants, we have been sent by God. You have been chosen by the great God to help His Word reach the parts that are locked out. Do not fear, for the Lord your God who has sent us has chosen you and shall protect you if only you will obey. The Lord your God has chosen for Himself a great prophet in these last days and supported him with much wisdom to write and publish many books that have to be used to help all mankind to be restored unto Him. Go out from the churches because the Spirit of God has left the big buildings that have been stained with many kinds of evils, led by idolatry and worship of money. Go out to the people, into homes, and use these Gospel books that have been compiled by God’s prophet to help all understand God’s nature. You shall receive the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit and proclaim God’s greatness to the faces you meet. You shall be rejected [by many] but anyone who accepts, you shall baptize and add into His flock.

“Take heed to the words that have been written by the prophets because the time will come when you shall not have him near, nor will you be able to get these books, as the time for you to reconcile to God will be past.”

After they spoke this word, M disappeared from the boat, and when I looked again, he was sitting and all his clothes were wet. It just happened in a second or micro second. The angels appeared again and said “we have baptized him. You too are to go and baptize. And all those who accept the good news will be baptized and added. Two days from tomorrow, you shall come to the shore by 6 am and a servant of the Lord will meet you bringing much gospel material and you shall meet him and receive from him. You shall take these books to all the islands and the Lord will direct you through visions, through dreams and through His call to the prophets.” They then vanished from our sight.

That night, our catch was so huge that we left one net unattended to, as we would not be able to carry all the fish if we had collected them from the nets.

We never went back fishing for those two days but waited to see if what the angels said would come to pass. But when the day came, we went to the shore and our meeting with a man of God from Busia came to pass and we received the books to start the outreach.

Our first outreach at Ssese Island.

Ssese was the first place to visit after Paul left, and that was a week before we left to Kenya for the FoT. We knew we were going to Ssese to meet people, give out the books and leave, but this was not how events turned out.

On reaching Ssese, we landed on a small market beach. It was just so highly populated, with different tribes. As we stepped out of our boat, a woman rushed and grabbed M to lead him into her tent. (There there were few houses there and most traders live in tents.) The Spirit of God had already started working and M first rebuked the demon in that woman and she fell down and cried as the demons left her. The woman’s name is X. She had lived at that place for seven years and only did prostitution. After the demons left her, she confessed that she took to doing that work when she came to know she was HIV positive and knew that she was going to die of AIDS. She also said that when her husband died and her last two kids, she had no option but to be a prostitute, because she didn’t have any job. Many women at the beaches get much income from prostitution. After her confession, she requested us to pray for her, so we did. X is now healed and has started her fish selling business and is now out of prostitution.

Three other prostitutes were also baptized after accepting the good news.

We had never at any time been teachers of the gospel nor had we ever worked or held any high ranks in churches or trained to be pastors or priests, but the Lord God placed understanding into our minds, faith in our hearts, words in our mouth and the Holy Spirit in us to guide us, and we were able to reconcile many people during the three days of our stay.

We have never visited the place again, despite many daily calls we receive to take them more books, because we had no more to take there until last week when we received two boxes from Paul again which we plan to take to Bubembe Island. We plan to sail anytime when the winds change towards that direction. We only use a yacht because the owner of this boat doesn’t have an engine.

Last week on Monday, we were out fishing at night and the angels appeared to us again and told us that we have to stop using the boat that belongs to Zemba. The angels told us that Zemba has been using blood, killing people as sacrifices, so that his boat brings in a big catch of fish. All his twelve boats come back never less than half full. And that has been the practice of many rich boat owners – the belief that any new boat must be sacrificed for in order to make money. On the first trip of any new boat, one fisherman would be left to die in the lake as a sacrifice. After we received this news, the boat that we took on Tuesday was just a small one that can’t cross the lake and reach all the islands that we need to go to. It’s only meant to move along the shore and can’t go to the middle of the lake where the currents are strong.

We covered Ssese Island because this island was shown to us in a night dream, that God had planned for us to take His news to the natives there and those who have never heard of Christianity in their lifetime. This is the list of the places that we were told to go to and give out the good news.

·               Bukasa Island
·               Ngamba Island
·               Yuweh Island
·               Koome Island
·               Banda Island
·               Bugia Island
·               Ukerewe Island
·               Bugala Island
·               Bubembe Island
·               Pyramid Island
·               Bulingugwe Island
·               Maboko Island
·               Rubondo Island
·               Nabuyongo Island

Apart from these islands, we also saw the angels tell us that they will guide our route to meet other fishermen and sailors from Kenya and Tanzania and we can give some of the books to them so that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ will reach all the water surrounded region that cannot be reached by a van, which we also saw transporting these books.

In that dream, I saw myself asking the angels about what they had said, because they told us to return the boat to its owner, that we had first used to travel to Ssese. It was the only big one that could manage to navigate the currents and travel across the lake. They told us to get a new sailing boat without any fault and that is not stained with blood.

I also asked them how we shall survive and they told us that the Lord will help us obtain a boat and fishing net. They told us that we shall go out to deliver the books to the places, and as we return, we shall drop our net just as we are about to reach the shore and we shall always catch a lot of fish like those who go fishing overnight. We shall be doing this each time we come back from outreach and the fish we catch will be sold and the money will be for us to plan other outreach and feed our family as we are away doing God’s duties. The fish will be many and the money we get will be used to purchase fuel for the engine that the Lord will give us soon for the outreach.

We had also shared with Paul about our outreach at Port Bell. We went into a home there and found almost all the people were possessed by demons. We managed to deliver them. The elder woman Xxxx, the owner of that home, told us that her husband died. Then her children also became afflicted from this bad omen. Two were blind, one crippled, another one mad, and the last child was bedridden. All five children were sick. The woman was a SDA follower. She told us how she loved God but did not know why God had paid her with this pain and suffering.

As we joined hands to pray for her, the Lord revealed to us about how evil the husband was. They showed us a private room in that house and we asked the woman to open it for us, but she could not. She said it was her husband’s order that no one should ever enter that room even after his death. We broke the door down and God’s Spirit was with us, so that what we met didn’t made us shake. We saw a human skeleton, and more than one hundred bats flew out of the room. There was a tortoise too, and other painting and writing on the wall (like an Ogu Ogu shrine). The woman came to know that her husband was practising witchcraft, but he also had a high rank in the SDA church. We destroyed all those witchcraft items and prayed for that family and left everybody well, but they were left dazed by what they came to know about their parent whom they thought was holy.

That night when we travelled back to our place, God again directed me to read the article Dismantling Churches, and indeed I found more answers about true worship and the stains in the organisations we call churches. N

14th November 2014. 00.24. …the spirits [angels] of the Lord are telling me that a boat capsized in Fort Portal, Uganda, killing several people. That boat belongs to a certain witchman and he is killing people so that his boats can catch more fish. That man is going to die very soon and the Lord is going to provide a boat there soon to ferry books to other islands there. The message was delivered by seven angels at midnight. Mark

14th November 2014. 8:18. We have been so busy since Wednesday in the water trying to get out bodies of eight sailors who capsized in the four boats that belong to our ex-employer Mumba. We have managed to get six bodies but the search for two is still going on. I have not gone to the lake today because my body has caught cold for being in the water all night and all day since the tragedy.

Another development reaching me.

I have again received another phone call just now that one more boat for Mumba has gone down and one more person died as two managed to swim out. Is this an alarm and rescue that God has brought on us? One of the boats that capsized is the one we were using and for now we just say that we would be among the dead if God never found us and brought us towards his love. Nyasirwa

23rd November 2014. 3 more boats of the man capsized and killed eight people. Many now don’t go fishing for fear. Many don’t know why. They say that the lake is weeping and needs a sacrifice but don’t know that it’s a punishment to our former employer. He brought four new boats again today from Migingo and two of his are coming tomorrow. He called us to take one of his boats but we refused and told him that God has greater plans for us in His service.

We had a visit from the angels yesterday and they told us to get prepared to travel to Migingo to meet J and get a ready boat there to start the work after next Sabbath. We are now just ready and wait for any call over it as the angels have spoken, they know where the support comes from. Ours now is to wait, believe, and do as they have informed us. N 

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