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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 4)

50. God Strikes The Judge & Clerks Dead

He reduces the rulers to nothing. He makes the judges of the earth useless (Isaiah 40:23).

17th November 2014. 10:07.

For Judge Barunge Kibbegera:

Dear Sir,

Concerning John and Vuga whom you are detaining, you need to realise some facts of the situation.

You have not seen the threatening e-mails that Masjid Musa has sent to me over recent months, and to others involved in the work of God. He has vowed to kill anyone involved in the work of Midnight Ministries, a Christian ministry that distributes Bible-based literature to people who want it. This is not a work of man. This is a Work of God.

By coming against these ordinary men, who are doing what God has commanded them to do, you and Masjid Musa are coming against God.

That van which distributes the MM literature is owned by God. He provided the money for it to be bought. He takes care of it. He defends it.

That’s why, when Masjid Musa’s men tried to kill J and V, their guns jammed. And it’s why, when those terrorists tried to burn the van, God burned them.

I hope you realise that God is now holding you accountable for how you administer justice. If you accept a bribe from Masjid, that will be against true justice. Our God is a God of truth and justice. He has very strict standards of righteousness. He will not accept your ruling if you in any way favour the terrorists who are on a murder mission to exterminate Christian workers. If you side with Masjid Musa in this, you will become an accomplice in their crimes.

Do you approve of terrorism? Of brutality and murder to promote Islam instead of peaceful means?

IF ANYONE TOUCHES THAT VAN TO TRY TO HARM GOD’S PROPERTY, OR TO SELL IT, GOD WILL STRIKE THEM DEAD. You have seen the result of God’s actions on the five gunmen. Let that be a witness to anyone else who tries to mess with us. God is watching what you are doing, and how you are treating (or mistreating) His servants.

If you want a resolution to this matter, you will need to communicate with me, because J and V have no money to be able to pay your demands.

Malcolm B Heap

Midnight Ministries, PO Box 29, Aylesbury, HP17 8TL, UK.

17th November 2014. 8:01. From Nyasirwa in Uganda: Is J well? We had a dream of him and the van being detained. Are they well??


17th November 2014. 9:32. In reply to mine yesterday to Masjid Musa, telling him “God will strike you dead,” he said:

Hahahaha! Prophet come and deliver them now.

9:34. Hope you’re fully aware of Jihad. Masjid Musa

10:14. My reply: No. You can educate me about that. What do you mean?

11:06. His reply: Muslim Holy war.

11:17. My reply: Yes, I know that Jihad means that in your ideology. But educate me about what you mean by holy war, so that you make me – in your words – “fully aware” of what you mean. MBH

Comment: He couldn’t explain, because he doesn’t know what it means, other than dishing out whatever cruelty and murder they can to Christians or ‘infidels’. And he doesn’t want to own up to that, does he?

13:16. His reply:

I won’t do that to an idiot like you.son of abitch. Ahuuh! Your John is now desperate no money to freed them they will die in custody and the van remains to me. Allah and Mohammed is great.

17th November 2014. I sent the judge (via John) two early e-mail exchanges with Masjid Musa, and wrote to the judge:

Dear Judge,

After this, Masjid Musa sent a hit man to murder John Ongoro at his home, but God struck that man dead.

Malcolm B Heap

17th November 2014. 12:51. The judge’s response.

I have given him all the letters you have sent to him through me and this is his answer.

“Malcolm I salute the honourable job you are doing, but be informed that I am a man of few words, please I don’t want to be absorbed in to your fight and Masjid, please if you care for these two young men then send £10,000 to them for this case to rest. If Wednesday will find them here then it will be a different story, get them out of my sight to go seek medical attention, John’s left eye needs surgery while Vuga’s neck is even worse. I have heard your case and Masjid’s you are fighting over people to make riches. Make your decision very fast for these two people needs rest.”

I pleaded with him even to give us his e-mail address so that you can engage him further but I realized that he too he is a Muslim. I know our God is in this war and it is His will that we are in the hands of these Muslims. John

The Judge Must Choose God Or Allah

13:27. My reply:

Dear Judge Barunge Kibbegera,

Thank you for your response, even if brief.

If you think I am involved in getting riches, you are mistaken. John and Vuga are under your jurisdiction, under your care. They were injured by Masjid’s men, and Masjid is with you there, with plenty of money to pay you the fee you are demanding. Ask him for the money, and see how beneficent he is. Why should I pay for his dirty tricks? You have seen the evidence of the power which our God holds and dispenses. Muslims cannot call down that power from on High. So, choose now between this God whom we serve, who holds life and death in His hands, or the Muslim god who has no power except at the end of a gun barrel and coercion.

Read Why Is Jesus Lord? that I sent Masjid Musa in an e-mail. And then make your decision whom you will serve.

“If Wednesday finds them in the prison cell…” let those words judge you on the Last Day (which may be much sooner than you think).

I wish you well and that you will make the right decision.

If you are not willing to communicate with me further over this matter, then I can’t arrange any money, can I?

Malcolm B Heap

The Angels Speak Again

17th November 2014. 13.00. From Rhoda:

MM lits will bring a lasting peace in Somalia a country that has never seen peace. I am down financially but God directed that I must not eat till J and V are back. The three Angels visited me and said..... “AS SOON AS THE MAD JUDGE WILL TOUCH £7000 FROM J AND V, MASJID WILL DIE AND THE JUDGE GO MAD. DOGS WILL FEAST ON THE REMAINS OF MASJID’S MEN. WATCH, IT WILL HAPPEN.” [God will wipe out all the soldiers of Masjid. Feasting on the remains of Masjid’s men is an echo of what God said would happen to the evil woman Jezebel in Elijah’s time, and which occurred. See 2 Kings 9:30-37.]

17th November 2014. 14:02. John replied:

When I gave him your answer this is what he wrote: “This should be the last thing to fight over, even from a lay man’s reasoning it is clear that John and Vuga fought Masjid’s men and killed them that’s why they got injured.

“But I don’t want to go into that for I have realised that you work for a true God whom I too after this case will liaise with John and Vuga to come back and give us your good books. But now let us clear this mess, leave alone Masjid he is in pain for loosing 5 people. Make your judgement either to send money or not. I rest my case.”

Comment: The devil is a liar.

17th November 2014. 14:22. To John:

Masjid Musa’s reply to my question about what does he mean by “holy war” is below. You can pass that on to the judge.

And to the judge, my reply to him is, “Yes, I can send some money if that is how your justice system works, but I can’t manage £10,000. I can manage £5,000.”

God bless. MBH

14:26. To John: Masjid won’t succeed. The Almighty God is on our side, even though we suffer at the hands of infidels. This is what Rhoda was given. [I included Rhoda’s e-mail above.] Just share it with Vuga, no one else. Don’t let anyone overhear you talking about it. God bless.

17th November 2014. 17:29. From Mark:

I talked to J thru an e-mail. He told me that he is required to pay £10000 so that they can be released but the Lord spoke to me thru His angels that Masjid and the so called judge are going to die when they touch the money and the dogs [these are demons] will feed on their souls. J told me that he is feeling bad but God knows and He is in control of everything… Mark

Reply: 17:55. Yes, the corrupt judge wants money. Usual story! I have told him that I can’t manage £10,000, but can manage £5,000, and I’m waiting to hear back from J about it. I have sent J £7k today which should be in his account tomorrow. This is miraculous how that amount of money came in over the weekend. God’s timing – perfect! My mother died about a year ago, and she left some money in her will. It is that money that just came through, and was able to be sent today.

Hopefully it won’t be much longer before they are released, and God will heal them after Masjid Musa is struck dead and the judge goes mad. Rhoda received about that. I’ll send it to you after this.

17th November 2014. 16:33. To John:

Are you still able to communicate with me? I have been able to do a transfer. God has miraculously brought some money into our account which I have been able to send to your account. You should get it before 5 pm tomorrow, they said. When you can reply, I can let you know how much has been transferred. If that judge demands that sum, then you’ll have to let him have it. Blood money. I believe God will heal you both as soon as this matter is settled. Helena has been interceding ALL DAY. It has been exceptional! Like when my life was on the line a few years ago. God bless!

17:53. John’s reply:

We have just finished MM lit discussion here using the book Why Love?

Today one more police officer called … also joined us, we even invited the Muslim judge who failed to attend. We are sure that our God will destroy both the judge and Masjid and it will be a big lesson even to his team in Somalia. From here we shall be moving to Somalia to show the people there how powerful our God is. We are fine in our souls because the intercession fire from sister Helena is BURNING. Masjid and the judge are powerless. John

18:08. Reply: That’s really good. May Vuga start to feel better soon, too. £7,000 has been sent. It’s all we can offer the judge. It’s more than 30 pieces of silver to us, but it’s 30 pieces of silver to him – Judas.

God bless and strengthen you both!!

18th November 2014. The angels have also informed us that we tell J that the engine oil has been drained off from the van, that the van can knock as they travel, and most parts of it have been tampered with like the brake pads so that they can die in a road accident… Our God is much greater than Mohammed they call and God’s power will prevail against Masjid. Glory glory to the most high God, we shall serve Him in faith for doing all these miracles to challenge those who fight His Word. N

Masjid and Judge Finally Struck Dead

19th November 2014. 11:59. John wrote:

Masjid, the judge and 4 clerks dead. We’re moving.

20th November 2014. 11:50. Our God did it. We are fine though tired. The judge demanded that we must pay £10,000. The Lord worked in a way that up to now people are still wondering. I forced him to take £7000 you sent and immediately Masjid saw me place the money on the judge’s table, he fell on to the floor trembling and that was his end. He died. And when the judge and clerks around his table touched the money we only heard a bang and all were done.

The friendly police officers who escorted me to the bank to withdraw the money allowed a mechanic to come in to their station where the van was and he checked the brake pads, oil level and all parts. Then we left to Tanzania where we stayed in Vuga’s home town. Now we are at Rongo 8 km from my home.

We are left with only £400 from our outreach kitty and pray for God to continue with the work He has started in clearing Muslim radicals.

In Mombasa through Helena’s intercession the Kenyan police were moved supernaturally to enter into mosques and arrested Muslim youths being trained to attack God’s work. We hope God will lead us into Somaliland to accomplish His work. Praise be to God.

Comment: I also believe, like you, that God pulled the rug out from under the feet of those Muslims amassing weapons in Mombasa mosques. He made sure someone informed the police. I would like to know how big Masjid Musa was in the terrorist setup from Somalia. It sounds like he was a chief warlord, because God said that his men – more than 2,000 in number(?) – would be wiped out. The angels told Rhoda that dogs would feast on the remains of Masjid’s men, “and arrival of the MM books in Somalia will mark the beginning of peace.’’ I presume God means peace for Somalia.

Comment: People may think, as I did at first, “well, now that the unjust judge and the colluding clerks, and the terrorist Masjid Musa are all dead, we should be allowed to have our money back, because it was all a ‘cooked’ case.”

However, the judge had the authority of the court, of the area government, and so his decision was final and would be upheld by the other witnesses present which included at least two police officers. If they had allowed John to take the money with him, they would have been going against higher authority in their area and could have been accused of stealing the money themselves.

Moreover, the money was an evidence of what took place. Some questions would naturally be asked by higher authorities in the land about how these six men died. J and V would be accused of murder and other crimes if the money was not there. The police officers witnessed the events and would be able to vouch for the fact that J and V submitted to the punishments placed upon them, even though unjust.

In any situation of wrongdoing a price has to be paid. In this case, we had to pay the price.

Furthermore, there are the words of the angels who said that for a meagre sum of £7,000 Somalia will be freed of the terror that has bedevilled that country for decades! Peace will come. Millions of pounds and dollars have been poured into that land in an effort to bring stability and peace. All those attempts and expense have failed to bring it, but God brings a solution via £7,000, intercession, a van, two men and boxes of MM publications. [That is, IF people are willing to accept the remedy, which is living by the Spirit of God.] Surely that is a price worth paying!

22nd November 2014. To John:

Just a quickie. Helena has interceded lots. Till 2.30 am last night and again this morning. There were many demons attacking you and attacking Vuga, making you feel unwell, tired, etc. She has been pushing them away. Hope you are improving now. Obviously, they are angry at what God has done, and is doing. God bless your day!

J’s reply: Exactly at midnight I felt a warm feel down my back from the head down my spine. I woke up everyone in my home to witness what our God had done to me. I got healed from the headache and also my eye is improving. Vuga is also ok and we are set to move out to Somalia.

Comment: The £7,000 – which was the dirty money the wicked judge demanded – came to me, miraculously timed. We had nothing. This ministry is not funded by more than a handful of ordinary people. From 1992 to the present, it has been underfunded. We don’t have proper offices or warehouses. We manage by our own efforts. It’s a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ ministry. God has to continually bale us out because of the lack of adequate human support. When the judge demanded those funds, that £7,000 came to me from my mother’s will, which just ‘happened’ to come through that day, after probate had taken several months. We weren’t expecting it. But God was!

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