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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 2)

28. Special Healings

He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed ALL who were sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying: “He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses” [Isaiah 53:4] (Matthew 8:16,17).

2nd March 2014

In yesterday’s Sabbath meet Paul Odero a young son of Japheth Olang’ and Dorcas Achieng’ was healed. The parents brought the sick boy to our meeting all the way from Awendo 30 km from us. The 8 year old boy had suffered from stomach upset from January 23rd 2012 as was reported by his mother. This family are members of Roho Singo Church.

They heard of MM deliverance from the news of Rusbella Adhiambo who got raised from the dead. Their story was a sad one. They have taken the sick, emaciated boy to more than 6 big hospitals including the Aga Khan Hospital, have visited several witchdoctors and sorcerers including the Mombasa based well known Dumba Wa Dumba. They had also travelled to Tanzania Sukuma Land to seek for more powerful witchdoctors. They took the sick boy to Dr. Prophet Owuor’s Grand meeting in Kakamega Bukhungu Stadium on 25th Dec 2013, but the persistent stomach upset did not stop. This is their only child, the mother has had 5 miscarriages since 1999 February when they got married.

God moved me and Eunice to go into my bedroom to seek God’s guidance on the issue. While praying, the room turned totally brick red for over 10 mins, then a bright light engulfed the room and the Holy Spirit moved me to place the book HOLY FIRE! on the boy’s stomach and the whole group in the meeting called the name GOD THE HEALER 7 TIMES. The 7th time brought with it the healing; the constantly crying boy stopped crying, started laughing and running.


3rd March 2014

Our Sabbath was accompanied by two healings: Wickliff was healed; he had been lame but stood and walked; and Caroline was healed from stomach problem. They both testified and accepted the truth and were baptized. Two others were also baptized… Fatmah

Demons Can Cause Headaches

5th March 2014

God’s presence was felt in our meeting. There is a pupil at Omoya Primary School called Benard Otieno a class eight who was attacked by a strong headache and became unconscious for over two hours. We were invited by the teachers to pray for the boy. God led us to read for them chapter 7 of Lessons In Faith. When we offered a prayer in faith, the God of MM HEALED THE BOY. And the teachers accepted Jesus. Two of them requested us to baptise. J

A ‘Man’ In White Clothes Appeared

1st April 2014

I was told in a dream by a certain man in white apparel to visit a place called Ongoche where my aunt lives, and preach to the people there. I had never preached in my life and I had no courage to do that because I am not a public speaker.

I woke up in the morning of Sunday and left everything ready for my young children. At 9 am I left to a bus station where I took a vehicle to Ongoche. That is after calling on my aunt who told me that she had many visitors who were coming to fellowship in her home after her child was buried last week Friday. On reaching, I found a mammoth crowd gathered in the arena.

The SDA members were the ones in the arena. My aunt told them that I am an SDA Dorcas sent to teach them the word of God.

According to the SDA dogmas, any person outside the church should not be allowed to teach because he / she can contaminate the mind of the remnant church.

I was given a chance to teach the word of God. Some courage came to me and I preached on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit using the book Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts. I explained the importance of prophecy and speaking in tongues, something the SDAs are disputing.

God is great! Some people began speaking in different languages some in Ekegusii and some in Luo.

One boldly said, ‘‘The Lord is soon coming and we should wake up to the reality of His word and stop lukewarmness lest we be swept away in sorrows and gloom coming.’’

Something that I had never seen is what happened that day in that home. I marvelled at that. I even had an altar call for anybody who needs prayers. Two men with high blood pressure came in front and as I laid my hand on them they jumped with joy feeling relieved of the disease. Today I heard that they went for diagnosis and were found free of high blood pressure. I walked with several copies of Revelations from God about MM. My aunt took the book Faith and Healing and What God said about MM were also given.

I have realized that it is not our might but by the Spirit of the Lord that things do happen.

Some people were interested to know more about MM but some church leaders confronted my aged aunt for allowing such confusion in their organized church. Some thought that the SDAs have become the Pentecostal church. Benter

Merciful Healings In Uganda

14th April 2014

One healing took place on Thursday. A woman who had a complication giving birth was healed after all hospital attempts failed. She is called Ziporah.  Paul

6th May 2014

Our Lord has shown His greatness to us. It is 00:26 past midnight. Here in the hospital a woman has been freed from the devil’s chain that has locked her up now for twelve months before delivering a baby. We came here and have been in prayer for seven hours till finally the devil fled and the woman was delivered without any doctor’s assistance. They had lost hope; the baby was at a bad angle. But with our faith it has been done through His mighty power. We are here with Christine.

The doctors are left amazed with no say of what happened. They said more than thirty women die or lose their children at birth in this similar state every month in this hospital. It is late for us to travel to our places now but we have managed to get a place for the night.  Paul

23rd April 2014

Deliverance has landed in our community …since I started reading MM books… I have seen changes in my life. I was born asthmatic and since I got prayers from Paul, I have never felt any chest pain. This was the time I realized that God can cure all who have faith. Christine

Blind Man’s Sight Restored

2nd February 2014. We had another blessed Sabbath and a man called Victor Owino, who was blinded in a lab where he worked as a lab technician, got healed and his sight was restored. He had lost hope in ever seeing again.  Ann

Congenital Condition Cured

19th April 2014. Today God cured my firstborn son, Billy Bravine, aged 4, of sickle cell anaemia. From birth Billy was diagnosed suffering from sickle cell anaemia. My dream of Helena giving back my ID brought with it God’s healing to my son. The boy changed from weak to very strong, so Eunice took him for a test at Ndhiwa district hospital. The result was negative. God had healed him. I have scanned the lab report as a testimony for people to know that we serve a God of gods. [John sent me the scanned report as evidence of the miracle.] Amen. John

Vomiting Blood

14th May 2014. [After their ordeal being locked in a cell] Shallet had stomach pains and was vomiting blood at night… after night prayers she feels better today… Rinovent

14th May 2014. I have slept all day long. We had sustained injuries, and the food we were given there gave us much stomach pain. We shall be well… Fatmah

Comment: The food was probably poisoned! The police were in cahoots with the ‘mafia’ boss, Lukas, who would have bribed them to try and get rid of you.

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