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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

Dangling From A High Tower
1st January 2007. M.
R was dangling from the top of the
Spinnaker Tower holding onto a towel. If he fell, it was certain death. He was dicing with death.

Helena And Me; Our Duties
2) Separate duties
Helena and I were in a large room, in two separate beds [depicts our separate duties coming up). People were coming and going. A man was conferring with me about something.
In the next scene, I went past a nice small building [depicts a new fellowship] and saw a lovely large plant (Ficus benjamina) of Helenaís that had been left outside in the cold. The top was a bit thinner as a result. [Depicts someone we know.] There were lots of things going on.

1st January 2007. H. Iraqi hostilities
A group of Iraqi men gathered together making hostile gestures. One of them was chosen to be their leader.
Comment: Later today we saw a hostile demonstration on TV, of people still loyal to Saddam, seeking revenge for his death. If itís not one faction, itís another, in Iraq, stirred up by demons, causing more death and suffering for those poor people.

6th Jan 2007. H. Much more severity to come!
I saw US army generals facing fierce opposition from terrorists.
Comment: The devil is fanning the flames of this war into a new level of hatred and destruction. George Bush, facing this challenge, will have to fight back with more aggression (which he since decided to do on 11th Jan). I saw his face under severe attack from the enemy. That will be the outcome.

Untrustworthy Visitor
5th January 2007. H. 1) E came to see us. I was talking to him about his family. God is warning us that he will want to have contact with us (people we once knew will come to us for selfish, prideful reasons, after we become Ďfamousí). We have not seen him for a few years. He has walked away from God and followed his own selfish path.

2) I saw two goats by the front gate [goats are self-willed and adventurous]. Young people are like that, seeking to enjoy themselves at the expense of their more important spiritual lives.

Rubbish In Nigeria
3rd January 2007. M. Nigeria
There was a massive conveyer belt, perhaps 6-8 feet wide, carrying rubbish to a dump in Nigeria. I saw a double bed on it, then a Jeep with a covered trailer behind it, and not just one trailer, but several of them, all covered with a patterned blue cloth cover. It seemed such a waste for this vehicle to be scrapped.
Meaning: Some nations take rubbish on contract from western countries. Perhaps Nigeria will do that, or is doing that. But what waste there is from rich nations! It is shameful.

Our Selfish Society
8th January 2007. H. Going down the river
I saw a group of people going on a boat trip down the river. They were enjoying themselves,  having no care for others. When the boat got into shallow waters, they just left it there in the river and went away.
Meaning: In the news today was the issue of societyís waste. We live in a throwaway society. When youíve had your use of something, you just throw it away. But this approach has long-term penalties for further generations. In 10 years, they say, there will be no more land available to dump it in Britain. If society were to continue like this, our children and their children would be having to live on a mountain of rubbish instead of the good pure earth God originally intended.
This type of society is based on selfishness, lust and greed. It wants to have it all without responsibility.

On The Royal Ship
7th January 2007. M. On the royal ship
I was on board a royal ship, like the QE2, and being served by a very posh waiter who treated me royally.
Meaning: The news yesterday had coverage of Prince William and his current girlfriend Kate Middleton. She and her parents want to be elevated by association with the royals. We do not seek elevation or association with the royal family, but it will come to us, as other dreams have shown. This is another confirmation.

Trusting God In Ministry
10th January 2007. M. We trust God to provide
A woman came to me in this dream, to ask me how we operated this ministry. It seemed that she was thinking of starting a ministry. (She was represented in the dream by a woman we know as a business acquaintance, but who is unconverted.) I replied to her that we trust God to provide. We operate by faith. ďItís explained in the booklet Lessons In FaithĒ I told her.

Meaning: The dream reveals a common problem in the mentality of a number of Christians who think that they can decide of themselves to do something like we are doing (without an organised church behind us). If God has called you to that Ė fine Ė He will make it possible. But donít think you can decide to do such a thing. The decision is Godís, not yours. And if itís your decision, you wonít succeed. If itís Godís decision, and you implicitly obey Him, follow His lead and guidance, He will enable you.

Implicit in her question was the issue of ďhow can I get money to do this thing?Ē When Midnight Ministries began that was NEVER a question in my mind. That might surprise some people, but itís true. I reacted to an inner Ďurgeí, a prompt of the Spirit, a compulsion to rectify spiritual atrocities being committed blasphemously in the name of Jesus. I was furious at the idolatry, lies and deceit of men playing God in the church. And I rose up to counter the abuse, to try and put right the wrong, to proclaim the truth where deception was being promoted.

THAT was the thing that projected me into ministry Ė something driven by the Spirit Ė not a selfish whim or human desire. I would never have chosen ministry as a Ďvocationí. I was a builder, and content to stay a builder to the end. But God had another job for me to do, and I hope I have done it adequately.

My belief is that itís generally wrong to seek ministry. Usually, what underlies that is a wrong motive Ė especially in black Africa, so we have seen Ė where men race off to do it because they expect elevation through it, a secure income, a convenient  lifestyle, or for similar reasons.

In the article series Get Ready!, which is a Ďcryí to get ready for the Tribulation and the Kingdom of God which immediately follows, I wrote:

If you are looking for an easy ride, or for a place of physical comfort, you are looking in the wrong place (2 Tim 2:3). Your eyes need to be fixed on Him, not on the physical things of this world. When I say ďfixed on HimĒ, I mean that He is more vital to you than physical comforts; that obedience to His command is more important to you than satisfying your physical wants. When you have that sort of commitment, you will have the faith to trust Him in your difficulties. But if your love for self is greater than your love for Him, then that faith you need will elude you (p 3).

In the dream, the womanís concern was money. She didnít have the faith to know that God would provide for HIS work Ė if she was doing His work. But if she had been converted, her focus would not have been on the physical, it would have been on the spiritual Ė doing Godís will, which is what Jesusí driving motivation was Ė and all that she needed for that purpose would have been provided.

The pride in self-will and self-seeking keep the majority distant from God, so they lack faith, just as Jesus predicted long ago (Luke 18:8). (Get Ready, p 3.)

I remember once telling a minister in Nigeria that it would have been better for him to have given up being a church leader, closed the church, and got all those with high and mighty aspirations to go and farm the land. THAT would produce the humility to bring God into their situation. But telling him such a thing was like advising him to walk to Mars. However, there is only one way to become humble enough for God to use you, and for you to have the faith to trust in Him, and it isnít a pleasant or easy course. Few there be that find it!

Church Of God, 7th Day
11th January 2007. M. Woman not responding
In this dream I had another wife. She had black hair [symbol of unconverted mind]. She wasnít particularly attractive; had squint eyes, close together [inward-looking] but she was wearing a white bridal dress. [So, though she is not truly converted, she is meant to be part of the Bride of Christ.] She was sitting on my jacket [symbol of spiritual clothing which MM literature can provide], doing some- thing like sewing. I wanted to pick up my jacket but because she was sitting on it, I couldnít. I had to wait. Even though she knew I wanted it, she didnít get up for a while. Finally, she did, and I retrieved my jacket. Because she was meant to be my wife, I leaned over to kiss her, but she moved her head to one side and declined. She didnít respond. Instead, she carried on with what she was doing. She was more interested in that than in me.
Meaning: The dream is a representation of our recent contacts with the CoG7 in London through an intermediary. The woman (CoG7) is not truly converted, doesnít want MM literature (she sits on it), and doesnít respond to my affectionate advances (which actually depict Jesusí affection for her).

Spiritual Apathy!
12th January 2007. H. The pitiful lack of spiritual hunger in most Christians
I saw a large field [the Church throughout the world] divided into small plots with vegetables growing in all of them. We picked some cucumbers from one of the plots. There was no interest in the produce, which represents Godís truths.
Comment: Godís truth gives light, but people prefer darkness.

God Brings People To Us
13th January 2007. H. God brings people
Some people were coming to see us. They stayed for a short while and then went on their way.
Comment: God has given us many promises. These will be fulfilled in due course. As part of our work for God, He brings people to us for specific reasons, to help us in His Work and also to receive further truth. Depending upon how they respond, they either are blessed or cursed. God is in control of all that occurs. [Explained in the article Blessing Or Curse?]

Demons Mislead George Bush
15th January 2007. H. 1) George Bush deceived
I saw the face of George Bush. A snake moved across his face. There were demons present around his head. [His thinking is governed by demons.]
Comment: He is sending more troops to Iraq where many will face death because of the hostility against westerners there. The devil has led him to this decision and demons are now influencing his judgement.

Tony Blair Lacking Vision
2) Tony Blair
I saw Tony Blairís face. His eyes looked empty. One of them was enlarged.
Comment: He is spiritually without vision. His plans are futile, even though he has an eye on something big for himself.

The Devil Is Always At Work
3) Young lady
I saw a big snake wrapped around the neck of a young woman, and demons were trying to overpower her.
Comment: The dream depicts someone dear to Helena.
Demonic influences come through worldly activities, demanding our time and loyalty. The devil tries to suffocate believers by cutting them off from God through the influences and attractions of the world. Young people are particularly susceptible to the lusts which the world appeals to.

14th January 2007. H. Darkness swallows some
I saw a young person swallow darkness. This allowed demons to influence the person.
Meaning: Darkness represents sins, evil, selfish ways.

Intercede For Others
15th January 2007. H. 1) Pure white light of God
A womanís head released pockets of white light which were sent to other people.
Meaning: As we pray and intercede for others, Godís spiritual light is directed to those who need it. This happens through the power and agency of the holy Spirit. This dream was given to encourage believers to intercede more for others.

Repression In Britain
2) Restricting our freedom
I was resting in the TV room. When I got up I noticed that half the room was empty; some furniture had been removed.
Meaning: Someone will try to restrict our freedom of worship and interfere with our way of life. This is another dream warning of how we will be affected by the evil oppression of Britainís police force.
God allows this to happen to expose the wickedness in the system.
Comment: The dream also has a further meaning. Britain has prided itself on its latitude and liberty, being a haven for freedom-loving people. Those times are changing fast!

Immature Christian
18th January 2007. H. Toddler in baby bath
I saw a toddler sleeping in a baby bath. He was bathing in fluid with vegetable bits. Even a cabbage leaf was on top of him. A hand was feeding him gently but he didnít like to be disturbed, and quickly went back into a sleepy pose.
Comment: This dream came after I was meditating and praying about Xís situation. I felt he had become hostile (in a spiritual sense by resisting spiritual exhortation).
I felt very sad about this because we have tried to help him spiritually for many years. And there is plenty of spiritual food available to him. But he prefers to only accept bits of what God has revealed.
Stubbornness and pride cause the indolent to hide from acknowledging and acting upon their spiritual responsibilities. They neither acknowledge them to themselves, nor to us, nor to God.

Preparing The Church
19th January 2007. M. Preparing the Church
I was doing internal redecorating to a large building [represents the Church]. I had artexed an area of the ceiling, perhaps about a twentieth of the entire area. Much more had to be done and I paced out the roomís internal dimensions to calculate how much stuff to order, but it wasnít easy doing this because people were in the way.
Meaning: The spiritual task we have to do to prepare the Church and restore it to the way it should be. But we are hindered by others who get in the way. 20 is the number of expectancy.
Perhaps the ceiling was illustrated here because we want people to look up more Ė to God Ė for their spiritual direction and help.

One Personís Struggle Against Self
19th January 2007. H. 1) Facing a struggle
Someone was battling with demons which dominated his life. After a struggle he moved away. (D).
God wanted him to face a new challenge in his life. [This dream is further to Hís of 18th Jan, as are the next.]

2) Moving forward. A man was inside a compound. He took one wall down and rearranged it in a new position. The demons which held him in were slain. (D).
Meaning: This shows how he will take responsibility for his actions and move forward spiritually.

3) Person affected by demons. I saw a young person visiting a friend whose influence is negative. Demons became active and a leopard demon took over.
Meaning: Unconverted friends carry demons, and they can influence you. Because demons are invisible, people take little notice of them and donít discern their negative influences upon them. A leopard demon is cunning, aggressive and overpowering.
Only God and angels can protect us from these evils. Young people are not aware of the dangers they face through evil music, smoking, alcohol, drugs and crime.

20th January 2007. H. Toddler in a pushchair
I saw a toddler sitting in a pushchair. (D).
Meaning: The dream portrays a Christian who has not grown spiritually and has been carried or pushed by others. He has not faced his own problems. Fears and insecurities have held him back, allowing demons to keep him in bondage.
When self is number 1, Godís Spirit is quenched. The pushchair illustrates how he needs others to help him to move forward.

Precious Ring For Young Woman
24th January 2007. H.
1) Ring with precious stone
A young lady was given a special ring with a precious stone. A demon came along and stole it from her.
Meaning: Understanding Godís truth is akin to having special treasure. It is precious. God gives His Spirit to those who love and obey Him. But this young woman allowed her friends to steal away her love for God, and take the precious things He gave her as individual tokens of His love for her. Satan invariably uses those who are close to us to steal away Godís treasures.
Comment: The number of dreams God has given about this personís rebellion are very substantial. That tells just how much He is grieved by it.

MMís Work Will Finally Be Recognised
20th January 2007. M. Value of MM recognised
Someone offered me £3,000 for our postal rights (whatever those are?). I was tempted to accept it because it seemed a good offer, but then someone else upped it to £4,000. I was also being given £5,000 but was aware that we needed to accept this in a different way to previously.
Meaning: The dream probably portrays allegorically that the value of MMís work is finally recognised. People donate where they perceive God is at work. We need thousands of pounds to do the task. Many thousands!! (which we donít have.) The 3, 4 and 5 depict the fact that MMís work embodies the final (3) witness to this world (4) which also prepares (5) the Bride of Christ for rule with Jesus.

Buried Treasure
21st January 2007. M. Buried treasure
I was telling Tonya where the buried treasure was. It was all in a straight line. She commented on that, a bit surprised that it would be in a straight line.
Meaning: Godís truth is His buried treasure. You have to dig it out to benefit from it. Solomon wrote:

My son, if you receive my words, and treasure my commands within you, so that you incline your ear to wisdom and apply your heart to understanding; yes, if you cry out for discernment, and lift up your voice for understanding, if you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures; then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God (Prov 2:1-5).

With Thousands Of People
24th January 2007. H.
2) New situation
We were in a public place with thousands of people. We planned to meet a friend. He feared to meet us. We sent him a message through two women. I later saw him walking in the distance.
He looked older and mature, because he has suffered many trials.
Meaning: These people will be those reached through the publicity. The friend is someone who did not comprehend our commission from God, which is a central part of the work of Elijah prophesied long ago. He will fear to be near us because of the power from God, the responsibilities, etc.

I used a special tool, which was long, and I was able to cut the tall grass down with it. This caused one woman to be exposed. She was naked [spiritually derelict] and ran away. As she left I saw her behind was soiled. It was a very unpleasant sight.
Meaning: A woman represents a church. Nakedness depicts their spiritually liberal teaching which is lacking purity. Sin is the result of a worldly lifestyle, disobeying Godís laws.
Comment: The publicity will expose many who are hiding in the overgrown pasture. Jesus is very sad about the state of the Church.

Polish Catholics
26th January 2007. H. Adjusting Catholic papers
I met a friendly man. He had two long strips of brown paper, pinned together, which were rather untidy. I helped him to align the strips of paper and adjust the pins. He was glad of the help.
Comment: I believe he is a church leader and the strips represent the teaching which needs adjusting.

He introduced me to his wife who was Polish. I was glad to meet her but she was aloof. She made me feel uneasy. Her face was the shape of the moon.
Comment: She represents the Catholic Church. As the moon reflects light from the sun, so the Church is meant to reflect Godís light in earthís spiritual darkness. But she Ė by having a face in the shape of the moon Ė claims to be the True Church, which she is not.
This woman did not reflect the love of God, but came across cold and superior. Roman Catholic members consider themselves as true Christians and their church as the only true Church. They are reluctant to interact and learn truth from others. God will reach some of them through miracles, and then their doctrines can be straightened out.

The Young Are Vulnerable
27th January 2007. H. Young woman, misled
A young lady became spiritually blind, because the devil used her friends to deceive her and lead her astray. I saw her as a skeleton [she will face death], and her eyes will be mended by Jesus. God will bring her back to life and use  her greatly to preach the gospel to many people.

30th January 2007. H. Shark
A shark was swimming towards a person. At the last moment it swam away.
Comment: This person is involved in worldly activities, causing spiritual weakness. This opens a way for the enemy to attack. The sea represents the world, and the devil is constantly looking to see whom he can devour. In this instance, God will save the person in the last minute.

Patiently Waiting
28th January 2007. H. Waiting for her husband
I saw some writing about a young lady who waited patiently for a husband, who will be brought to her shortly.

Struggling Against Demons
31st Jan 2007. H. Man struggling with demons
I saw a face struggling with demons. The teeth were rotten [shows his unhealthy spiritual state, so he is unable to deal with spiritual input effectively]. (D).
Comment: The dream was given as further input for a man whom we were trying to help (with earlier dreams of 18th, 19th and 20th Jan). He was facing a personal crisis, trying to overcome fears and personal weaknesses. We all have to struggle with ourselves, the world and the devil.

Bird Flu Coming
1st February 2007. H.  Dropping dead
I saw a picture of someone falling down as if dropping dead. The next day there was an item on the news of how some people have been taken ill by bird flu and suddenly died. Other mystery diseases will claim victims, too.

SUDDEN Destruction!
4th February 2007. M. SUDDEN Destruction!
The night before this dream, I was talking with Helena about how what is to come to Britain, to the Church, and to all nations is going to be very sudden. God was inspiring the thought for comment. A clear dream came that night.

I dreamt that we were buying a large house at the top of a hill overlooking a big city. [The house depicts the Church.] The decorations and design of the house were modern but not what I would have chosen. It had a swimming pool [for recreation and cleansing by the water of Word and Spirit].

We hadnít yet purchased the house, we were looking at it. When we came back the next day [a year later], tanks were moving into position in the city below. The houses were all close together, like in a third world shanty town. A tank had positioned itself with its gun barrel pointing toward the city, and although I couldnít see them, I knew that other tanks were ready elsewhere for their destructive mission. They were just going to blast everything to oblivion! I was horrified! These tanks were going to fire their huge shells at close range into the houses, where there were people, and people would be blown apart, legs and arms blown off, and houses demolished on top of all the other hapless victims!

We knew we had to flee! There wasnít even time to get our belongings together. We just had to get out as we were.

Meaning: The dream emphasised the suddenness with which this was occurring. One day we were looking at the house (the Church), the next day the city was going to be destroyed. The other thing that stood out in the dream was the heartless cruelty about the way the city and people in it were treated.

People, most Christians included, donít realise that the Great Tribulation which Jesus prophesied in Matt 24 is to come so suddenly that they are unprepared for it. Paul emphasised this in 1 Thes 5:3.

Also, the Beast that is to arise on the world scene, in Europe, is going to treat people with dictatorial contempt. It will not care about peopleís pain, suffering, anguish and grief. It will be brutal. Revelation discloses it will arrive suddenly and will shock the world! (Rev 13:3; 17:8).

Police Treatment
7th February 2007. H.  Police evils
I saw a rough looking man force his way through our front door, entering our house without permission. He had a cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth [depicts him like a gangster in the movies].
I was shown other faces in connection with this intruder. The faces were covered with black balaclavas. The eyes looked evil, furtive and sinister
Comment: The dream is about the police, and what is wrong with the way they will treat us.
Today, on the news, there was an item about the police releasing 3 people who were arrested 7 days ago without charge. The police are heavy-handed, using their power to control and crush people. They lack moral character to treat people with respect and dignity. There are many with wrong motives who hide inside the organisation, and wrongdoing is often covered up. This breeds corruption and many have become a law unto themselves.

Man In Prison
10th February 2007. H. 
1) Imprisoned
Last night I interceded for a man in prison. He was shown with a metallic face [this hardness is caused by demons]. God wants to use this man but he refused to submit to God, so he suffered imprisonment and injustice.

2) Then I was given a dream about a man waiting nearby. I was waiting near the doorway of a building for the man inside the building, which was a prison. I went to see if he was ready to get going, because he was holding us up and others were affected by this also.
God showed this man in a courtroom, being judged. He was covered with demons like bees.
Comment: God judged him for his rebellion and stubbornness which caused him to be brought under the power of demons Ė the metallic face. When he repents, God will heal him and deliver him from prison.

I saw God provide a horse to rescue him [angelic intervention]. This horse arrived with power and took him away into safety.
Comment: Godís work has suffered due to peopleís negligence Ė self-willed people who refused to support what God is doing in this end-time work of Elijah. Unfortunately, they pay the price for their rebellion. They will not learn, except the hard way.

Church Of England
11th February 2007. H. The Church of England
I went to visit a building complex which was spread out with many doors and open-plan inside. There were many beds near the walls, creating cosy areas for people to settle down to rest or sleep. Many people came and went. I was concerned for the people, as I thought their spiritual safety was in danger, with the enemy being free to enter at any time. I had the key [the truth of God which gives people access to God and His heavenly kingdom] to lock the doors, but with so many doors I didnít think it would be feasible. [We cannot reach people inside the C of E. You can.]
Comment: God gives us the keys to keep the Church safe. Godís truth in His Word give us the protection from Satan and demonic powers.

When I went outside there were a few people who were friendly. There were a couple of beautiful birds walking nearby [symbol of spiritual beauty to God in two people who are a blessing to us; they live Godís way].
Comment: The building represents the Church in England which is spiritually weak and open to the enemy. The beds symbolise the spiritually sleepy state inside. The Church of England today is more concerned about the repair of buildings, and the physical preservation of its  human structure, than the spiritual health of the people who are meant to be the building of God (2 Cor 6:16).

The Great Tribulation
12th February 2007. H. The Great Tribulation
I saw some aspects of the future during the Tribulation (which Jesus prophesied in Matt 24:21). This time is very close now, as can be seen from the rise in demonized terrorism and other factors which we explain in various MM publications.
There were sheep [symbol of Christians] grazing in the hills. Most of them were taken away or slaughtered.
As I was weeding a round flower border, I saw a hole in the soil where a fish [symbol of isolated Christian] was hiding. Another big fish lay nearby with its head cut off [a prominent Christian who will be martyred for his faith]. This gave me a shock [the reaction of other believers to what is coming.]
Comment: Christians wonít have the freedom to worship and will have to hide to be safe.

As I walked a bit further I saw two men sitting at a table. I felt they were friends. Their faces were covered with balaclavas to protect themselves from the oppressive evil system. There were some young people watching and spying. [This reminds us of Jesusí words in Matt 24:10.] I rebuked them.
There were a few friends who were kind and I felt safe with them.
Comment: This represents that there will be a place of safety for likeminded people who are true to God, where God will protect them from the hostile world.

What ĎAggroí He Put Us Through!
12th February 2007. M. Looking for someoneís key
I was searching high and low for someoneís car key. I was going through all their belongings, and through a coach full of things, even his personal briefcase. He didnít like me going through that! [Very personally protective.] Finally, I discovered that he had the key all along on him, but he simply hadnít used it. What trouble he had put us to in our endeavour to help him get on his way! [This was a personal dream for another individual.] (D).

Atrocities In Iraq
14th February 2007. M.
1) Atrocities in Iraq
Four policemen or officials had been brutally killed, and their bodies stripped naked and left in the street. The scene was horrifically graphic! One body had been dismembered and blood, gore and filth was all over the ground. It was disgusting. Another man, also naked, but not killed, was cowering, squatting in a foetal position on a sort of trolley.
Meaning: The dream portrays some of the horrors that will continue to take place in Iraq as vicious insurgents cause mayhem. Gruesomeness and cruelty will increase.

2) Manic suicide
A man was by a river in Britain, preparing to commit suicide. He was naked and made a video of himself before perpetrating the horror. He filmed himself with a ban-the- bomb sign in his pubic area. After this he committed suicide.
Meaning: This dream was bizarre. It depicts the hold Satan has on some people, who, through occult influences, draw attention to themselves by the outrageously wicked things they do. The ban-the-(nuclear)-bomb campaign was part of the hippie movement and then New Age religion which followed it. It is also part of similar earth religions who are pacifist, but deeply occultic in their inspiration. The river may depict the satanic flow they are in league with.

Addiction To Smoking
15th February 2007. H.  Addicted to cigarettes
I saw a young womanís head targeted by cigarettes.
Meaning: She is addicted to smoking, because she has cut herself off from Godís help through rebellion. Demons rule her life, tempting her to continue smoking, keeping her in bondage.
When a person is willing to surrender completely to God, to obey Him, then all such demonic influences can be severed.

A Hard Test To Move Home
2) I looked down into a room from above, its ceiling had been removed. The person who lived there was preparing to move and getting the car packed, ready for the journey.
Comment: God gives us tests to see if we want to be in His will. The person concerned found it a hard test for him to move home, but he finally did.

The Trials Of Life
16th February 2007. M.
1) Struggling
Meaning: The Christian life is a continual struggle against: 1) Self, 2) Satan, and 3) the worldís influences.

Going To The Mountain Retreat
2) Going to the Mountain Retreat
We were going to a mountain retreat in a small camper van (VW type) for two years. The surroundings were lovely. When we arrived at the entrance, we had to wait. No-one was there to welcome us. After a while a boy came to grant us entry and we went in.
Meaning: The mountain is Godís mountain, depicting His kingdom and His work upon earth. A retreat is a place for rest and renewal, so it represents the revival which lasts for two years. The boy represents a person we know who is yet to get himself ready for his task in making a way for us to enter the next phase of this Work of God.
We have waited and waited. From a human point of view that seems discouraging, but God is in charge, and He has other things for us to do while we wait for the change to occur. He is encouraging us not to worry or be concerned about the timescale. That is in His hands.

Outreach In Kenya And Nigeria
3) The two desks
I had bought two desks at a rather splendid looking modern establishment. It seemed good to buy them at the time, because I thought that I would be able to sell them on and make a profit. But, something happened, the situation and circumstances changed, and I realised that I would not be able to recoup my initial outlay. They cost about £39 - £40 each.
Meaning: The two desks could represent MMís outreaches in Kenya and Nigeria, which have cost us an enormous amount. Some of this is justified, but some of it was not, because it was wasted by selfish pursuit and the weaknesses which humanity is prone to.
39 depicts the satanic elements involved in hurting us (3 x 13). And the 40 depicts the trial and testing for which God used the money to test the recipients.

Church Leaders In Nigeria
17th February 2007. M.
1) Two boys
Two boys were sitting on the ground. They were well- dressed. I knew that the country was Nigeria. They didnít have much to do, it seemed. They werenít working, and started rolling on the ground, playfully.
Meaning: Imagery of boys suggests church leaders. God is emphasising that their activities amount to play instead of work. This is not right. Work must take first place in oneís duties in life (after God, and family).
It takes work to minister to people. It is often hard work! But many ministers in Nigeria do not serve their flocks.

Nigeriaís Disgusting Water
2) The water was awful!
The place again was Nigeria. I went to take a drink from a water hydrant. The water was cloudy and completely contaminated. I spat out a mouthful of red stuff! Yuck!!
Meaning: Christianity in Nigeria has so corrupted the pure water of the Word, contaminating the Holy Spiritís flow.

Evangelism In Nigeria Is Wayward
17th February 2007. H. Crab-like creature controlling evangelism
I saw a crab-like creature with many long, twisted legs. It was like a robot. This creature used pincers to cut whatever came his way. This evil presence was meant to die, but it resisted for a long while before it gave up and died.
The devil causes people to respond and do things mechanically. He has power to get undiscerning folk to engage in activity which works against God, while drawing attention to themselves.
God is not trying to convert the whole world now. He has a plan for everyone, and a time for all. The holy Spirit reaches out only to those who are ready to respond or be challenged.

Two From Hemel Hempstead
19th February 2007. M. Two boys from Hemel
Two boys from Hemel Hempstead came to us to obtain a (new?) car.
A car symbolises a ministry or outreach. Hemel is a town about 15-18 miles from us. It predicts something for the future.

Evil Fashions
20th Feb 2007. H. Womenís degrading fashions
I was shown a womanís low-cut blouse (plunging neckline, which is a deliberate fashion ploy to sexually attract men). A hand wrote a message on the chest Ė ďlook here!Ē Then I saw a man, full of demons, lusting after the woman.
Comment: Fashion designers are leading women to wear clothes which draw menís attention, causing distraction and lustful wrong thoughts. Although fashions have often been so misguided and done this for centuries, the demonic onslaught in this regard is far worse than it has ever been! If you want to see a display of demonic influence of fashions (not that I recommend it!) just look at the catwalks parading the latest bizarre designs and corrupt incitements to perversity, which degrade women.
The following dream takes such sins one step further.

Shameful Promiscuity
21st February 2007. M. Terrible promiscuity
God reminded and emphasised how horrendous is the extent of promiscuous sexual behaviour in this land. The spread of prostitution is but one example of the scope of sexual degeneracy that has reached massive proportions!

Restored Hall With New White Floor
21st February 2007. H.
1) White floor covering
I saw a huge hall, restored, with new floor covering in white. [MM literature contains Godís truths which provide such a righteous basis for you to stand on.] Some people came in and marked the floor with their dirty shoes. [In other words, they donít care for purity of truth; theyíll stay with the compromised version they have already, and argue against what MM has restored.]

Place Of Safety
2) Deep valley of Godís protection
I saw a gathering of people settled in a deep valley, with steep mountains providing protection. There were some tents pitched up the hillside. This felt like a place of safety for people protected by God from persecution and war.

Serious Inconvenience
23rd February 2007. M. Toilets dismantled
Dream of public toilets dismantled. Urinals and WCs had been taken out. There was nowhere to go to the toilet.
Meaning: The Great Tribulation is not far away. State controls will legislate against true freedom of religion, and churches will be dismantled, other than the State approved apostate edifice. So, people will not be able to get their spiritual lives cleaned up, and get rid of error and sins (waste and toxic products of life). It will be a serious inconvenience!

So Many People Resist Help
23rd February 2007. H. People who most need help, reject it
I gave some MM literature to a sick lady. I also gave her information on health and nutrition. I was pondering how she would respond. God gave me two pictures.
1) There was a round iron door which looked like a prison door.
2) The other was of many demons firmly shutting any opening.
Comment: Her husband is cold and spiritually dead. Her loyalty to him creates a spiritual prison for her (because she is not willing to confront his demons). She is friendly and helpful, but submitting to demons makes her unable to respond to God and receive His help.

Countering Demons
25th February 2007. H. Demonic influences countered
I saw a spider-like demon with many legs. Demons like that control people and mock what God is doing.
Then half of the demon became paralyzed and half the mouth was shut up with a plaster.
Comment: When God acts, allowing certain things to happen as part of His judgement, demons fear and lose their power to control people. This builds humility in people. Submitting to God pushes the devil away.

MM Is Restricted At Present
26th February 2007. M. My wall is damaged
In this dream, my bedroom was smaller than it is. There was a very narrow gap between the bed and the wall, so that whenever I got out of bed, my arm would touch the wall. The wallpaper became worn there. I could see older layers of paper underneath.
Meaning: Depicts how I am presently restricted by the lack of freedom of movement afforded by circumstances.

Physical Preoccupation Shuts Out God
27th February 2007. H. Mollycoddling herself
A young lady was pleased with herself, making herself comfortable in her room. Her bed filled half the room; the mattress rested on the floor.
Comment: This illustrates her physical approach, making her own creature comforts her priority instead of loving God and His truth.
I was trying to encourage her to wake up spiritually.

Lazy Person Exposed
27th February 2007. M. God gives dream of lazy person
Someone else had a dream that D was not acknowledging his problems (which centre around selfishness and laziness). They told me what God had said to them in the dream, and it concurred with what God had told me likewise.
Comment: Lazy people donít see themselves as God does, but their malaise is spiritually dangerous. If they donít DO what God requires, they will abort spiritually and cannot enter His Kingdom. But people with deep-seated problems often lapse into denial and ignore the issues.
Self-will and stubbornness may also accompany lethargy. This trio of selfish preoccupation is only broken by a concerted campaign of rigorous self-denial and serving God and others instead of self.
God will give you opportunities to serve Him and others, and prompt you by His Spirit. You must not turn them down, but respond immediately. To deny the Spiritís prompt through self-centredness and apathy is to deny Jesus. Paul warned forcefully about this in 1 Thessalonians 5:19.

Big Brown Bear
28th February 2007. M. Big brown bear
A big brown bear was at our door. Beside the door there were two vertical water pipes with gate valves or stop cocks. He wanted to turn them off and stop the water flow.
I told Tonya and Zenya to go upstairs, to be protected from this monster, while I went to find a gun to deal with it.
Later, there was a smaller bear in our living room.
Meaning: The bear represents the State authorities. The big bear is the police and prosecution system.  They want to Ďdoí us, because of malice against the things of God (Romans 8:7).  They will come in force (big).
The water is the flow of Godís Spirit and His Truth which we promote in MM literature.
Going upstairs represents drawing near to God for protection from these agents of Satan.
The smaller bear represents a lesser investigation which will follow the initial onslaught which will be mega. What utter fools to think that we are involved in anti-State activities! True Christian practice and teaching is societyís biggest friend, but the unconverted mind doesnít see things straight. It has things upside down!

28th February 2007. H. Malcolm gives a hug
I saw Malcolm giving a young boy a hug. (D).
Comment: This was fulfilled when Malcolm wrote a letter of encouragement to a person who faced a personal crisis.

Racial Disturbances
4th March 2007. H.
1) Racial disturbances
In this dream God was warning about racial disturbances.
Comment: This morning there was a news report about Muslim women demanding special clothing in hospital for Muslim staff, and special treatment from the NHS for Muslims. This causes division and violence will be one result.

Jews For Jesus
2) Jews For Jesus
There was a cellar room with white walls. There were broken areas where water was seeping in. Gravel and mud were on the floor and needed clearing up.
There was a side room with small flowers and plants which needed trimming.
Comment: We had sent some MM literature to a church with Jewish Christians (Jews For Jesus). The dream depicts them and their set-up. God wants them to accept more teaching and revelation on Bible knowledge. At present they are in a bit of a state.

Al Fayed Attacks Prince Philip
6th March 2007. H. Prince Philip attacked
Without any provocation, someone thrust a stake into the face of Prince Philip. I was horrified.
Comment: This was fulfilled by Mohammed Al Fayed, who has monstrously accused Prince Philip of being behind a plot to get rid of Princess Diana. Al Fayedís demonic accusation is without foundation against Philip who is of good character.

Crisis In Life
9th March 2007. H. Tornadoes head for a young lady
In this vision I saw a young lady. In the distance there were tornadoes coming towards her [trials].
Comment: This is a warning of a crisis in her life. Tornadoes bring destruction and changes. Restoration has to take place afterwards. Some severe trial will bring great change in her life for the better.

Prince Charles
9th March 2007. H. Charles
I found myself in this dream in the company of Prince Charles, surrounded by huge crowds of people. I filled up a glass with clean clear water and gave it to him (symbol of the truth of God which we have to pass on to others). But the water turned muddy and dirty.
Comment: We have sent MM literature to the prince, but the truth it contains is easily polluted by human influences Ė circumstances and other people (church leaders are the chief polluters of the purity of Godís truth!).
I was trying to talk to him about God and the glass of water but I couldnít get very far. He was polite and helpful but his life is controlled by commitment to state duty or protocol.
As I walked around I saw the Queen Mother. I was surprised to see her as she died a few years ago. [She was a major influence in the life of Prince Charles, hence her appearance in the dream, showing she has left her mark].
Yesterday, there was a negative documentary on TV about the prince. His enemies criticise him for interfering in politics, yet he is trying to help other and be a voice for those who have no voice. God will use him in the future.

Leaving ĎHospitalí
20th March 2007. M.
I was leaving hospital (I was put in the position of others whom we have helped spiritually). I said a very sincere ďThank youĒ to the lady (nurse or matron), and was about to go out. Before I did I said ďDo you think I could I have a cup of tea?Ē But it was 5 oíclock in the morning. She said that she would have to get someone up to make the tea. Obviously it would have severely inconvenienced them, so I replied, ďDonít worry; Iíll get one at the station.Ē
But on the way out, I saw the tea-making stuff and made myself a Ďcuppaí anyway.
Meaning: I believe MM is represented by the hospital and we are the helpers, particularly Helena who intercedes in the Spirit. The early hour at 5 signifies that this work is preparing (5) the Bride. A few are truly grateful for our help, but there is a problem of thoughtlessness in nearly all people, symbolised by asking for a cup of tea at the unearthly hour. Perhaps that part of the dream is an exhortation to you to do what you can for yourself rather than expecting or asking others to do it for you. This ministry is a do-it-yourself ministry.


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