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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

The Evil WCG
1st Jan. 2006. M. 1) Evil environment in the WCG
Helena and I went to a WCG service [not that we would because so very little of God is there!]. I soon found myself surrounded by a circle of men and separated from Helena [depicts how their policies and teachings cause division and that they have even separated families and spouses].

A man called my name, mechanically and impersonally. I looked around but could see no one [symbolises the impersonal, mechanical, ritualistic environment]. Finally, as I was standing alone in the middle of this circle [likening it to a witchcraft circle], a man said that I was giving the opening prayer. It was all so impersonal and cold. The situation was intimidating. I was expected to comply! The circle of men was coercive in the way it just stood there.

He didn’t ask me if I wanted to. I didn’t want to! I raised my eyebrows, showing my disapproval. He seemed a bit surprised at my response. [Many people stay inside the little demonic boxes they call ‘churches’ because they are able to fulfil their desire for influence or power over others. That is not my desire at all. Such desire is so wrong!]

Comment: As I was thinking after the dream, I wished that – if I were in such a situation (not that I would be; I was put in the position of someone similar to myself but who goes to that church for meetings), I would like to pray in that opening prayer in a way that WCG folks are not used to. I would like to talk so personally to God, so they would sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. And I would like to go on and on, so they would not have time to ‘preach’, just filling people’s minds with rubbish. Instead, I would like to keep praying so long that the prayer would form the teaching and tell them things that they are unaware of, to set them free from the bondage they are held in.

Two Lovely ‘Birds’ In Our Garden
2) The big Robin and the Bullfinch
As I was in our back garden (in the dream), I looked up and saw a really big Robin fly up onto the branch near me.
I was excited to see it so close and called out to Helena to look too. [A Robin has a red breast, which folklore links with blood. The bird represents someone’s spiritual potential that will be realised through death and resurrection.]
Elsewhere in the garden, on another occasion, I heard a lovely sound and was trying to think what bird it was. Then I saw that it was a lovely Bullfinch singing. [This depicts another person, who is a real encouragement to us.]

State Opposition
2nd Jan. 2006. M. Opposition
Dream about cows which were in cereal fields where they shouldn’t be. I chased the ones that were outside there (I didn’t have time or opportunity to chase the ones that were inside the fields). I confronted a huge, fierce, mean looking bull and scared him away. Then I scaled a high rockface which was nearly vertical. It was like the wall of a fortress, nearly impregnable.
I nearly didn’t make it. I cried out to God for help, and just managed to hold on, and get over the top.
Comment: The dream is a parody of state opposition that will come against us, and how I have to fight to prevail against all they send against us. The cereal fields depict MM’s literature ministry.
The fortress is the edifice of state legislature, authority and domination. The bull probably represents individual(s) who will come against me, and their evil intimidating approach. The cows depict those who just follow orders, often ‘stupidly’.

3rd Jan. 2006. M.
1) Nightmare
I dreamed that I had had a nightmare and that I was telling someone about it.
Comment: To do with what we must face. More is explained in the articles Is Britain Now A Police State? and When Prosecution Is Persecution.

‘Agro’ In Kenya
2) Aggravation
I was going up a stairway. A woman was painting the walls white, but she didn’t tell me it was wet paint. So, when I got to the top I noticed I had paint on my clothes. It was so aggravating! I had to ask Helena to help me clean the marks off my clothes.
Comment: Kenya, to do with the outreach there.

Horrors In Cambodia
3) Cambodia
This dream depicted a horrible method of punishment and execution. A family had their hands tied behind their backs. They were laid out on a wooden pallet, on their backs, lowered into a pit in the ground, and then buried alive.
Comment: Gruesome things like that have happened in the past. Although the country in the dream seemed to be Cambodia, such atrocities are not limited to that land. There are many countries were human rights abuses take place, where there is no love of God, or true respect and care for people.

Kenya Again
6th Jan. 2006. M. Lady gives me tea
Arriving at a house, a man [unconverted person or church leader] came out. The front entrance door had a brick plinth on either side. The render (external cement plaster) had spalled off at the base of these columns [depicts some basic teaching in need of renovation]. Where the render was still on the walls above, it looked messy. It wasn’t very well done. [This depicts doctrinal understanding of the Bible.]
As I arrived, a lady immediately appeared at the doorway and gave me tea. I said, “Isn’t this for the man who has just left?” She said, “No, it’s for you.”
Comment: The lady depicts Ben Onyango in Kenya (because he was called to be part of the Bride as are all Christians who are meant to move on in the Spirit). He gave the impression at first that he meant well (by offering tea). But that is a formality. People can offer tea to others, while they still have a self-seeking approach. They can do it to win favour with others. (Later, we came to see that B was evil, a liar and cheat. Why didn’t God show us that at first, before he harmed us? Because God gives people a chance. Everyone has to choose. The wicked are brought under judgement after choosing to do evil and not repenting.)

The Choice: Two Divergent Ways
7th Jan. 2006. M. One way street
This dream was a composite about many different aspects. I was at an intersection. The street I arrived at went off in two different directions, so it was like an ‘L’.
I had joined it at the bend of the ‘L’, and the two parts were one-way streets, leading away from each other. But people were travelling the wrong way down the part of the street I was coming onto. [The two streets represent the two divergent directions we can go in life. The one I chose was the route with God. Others travelling this route the wrong way may represent false Christians, or those whose obedience to God is not correct at the moment.]
It was really hard work for me at this point, on my bike. [How I have felt it very tough going recently.] But I just kept going, and didn’t look where the road was ending up. It ended in a cul-de-sac which was a bar. [The bar is a term for the legal profession of barristers, but it was a drinks bar like in a pub, depicting the laid-back, self-centred approach of those who will confront me.] The guy behind the bar mocked me, and said “What do you think you’re doing?” [The carnal don’t understand me or my commission.]
Then in the next scene, I saw a lovely leafy lane, with large mature trees in all their autumn glory. One massive oak tree was blood red. Its leaves were a lovely red. AC (a former friend at College) was in the dream briefly, too.
Comment: The autumn of one’s life is toward the end, so it depicts maturity and the spiritual results of our work.

Demons And Psychological Conditions
9th Jan. 2006. M. Sadie
There was a TV programme all about a psychological (mental) condition. It used Sadie’s name for the title. (I can’t remember the name that was used in the dream, but it was not her actual name.) I thought we should record the prog. We were a bit late starting the VCR, but we got most of it.
Comment: Psychological or mental conditions are caused by demons. Getting most of the prog recorded means that we have got the answers to most of such conditions people suffer as a result of demonic influences.

16th Jan. 2006. M. Prophetic words
Don’t let the devil rob you, through neglect or misuse, of what is rightfully yours.

The Sabbath In Extreme Latitudes
19th Jan. 2006. M. When to begin the Sabbath
Given a train of thoughts about this subject. Explained in the article Keeping The Sabbath In Extreme Latitudes.

Immaturity In Kenya
23rd Jan. 2006. M. Man needs encouragement
In this dream a man had wet his bed. But instead of berating him, he needed to be shown love and acceptance.
Comment: A letter came from Kenya, which was asking for me to stand firm with them in prayer that the gospel is preached in Africa. I thought to ignore the letter, except for the dream. Of course, we ARE standing firm to get the truth into Africa! If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be forking out so much to send them literature from here! So I wrote him a brief note explaining that. They’re asking us the obvious.
Perhaps the first part of the dream is an allegory of their sloppiness spiritually, but that they need love and acceptance to help them grow spiritually and overcome.

Reaching Into Italy
29th Jan. 2006. M. Italy
Dream about going to Italy, but complications made things very difficult for us, so that we couldn’t get back to our home (where we slept and had all our belongings) that night.

God Gives The Wayward A Chance
1st Feb. 2006. M. Offering someone a job
Eri (someone who once worked with us, but who stepped back from obeying God) featured in this dream. God was telling me to offer him a job to help me. I didn’t want to, because I knew how unreliable Eri was. However, we DID need some help! I had another building contract and needed someone to help me for a few months.
Then someone was sitting at the table in front of me and I told him about the work we had to do and offered him the job, but it wasn’t Eri. It was someone else. I told him that it would last 2 or 3 months – probably just 2 – and that I couldn’t pay him much. I told him I could pay him about £5 an hour, that’s all. He didn’t reply. He was nonchalant.
Meaning: Eri represents all those to whom God first offered a chance to assist the work of MM. But, the majority have done as in Matthew 22:5 – “they made light of it and went THEIR ways...” So, God offers the opportunity to others. However, the zeal and single-mindedness is not there. Most people are not interested. And the ‘pay’ from doing this work is minimal. (£5 an hour is a low rate of pay in Britain, where living costs are high.)
5 represents preparation. This a work of Elijah, preparing the way for Jesus’ return.
Comment: Frequently, we have seen that God offered the wicked a chance first, before He offered the same to the righteous. His purpose in giving them dreams, to show them His will, and the opportunities to give and be helpful, were not positive for the wicked. He foreknew that they would reject His will and do as THEY wanted, not as God wanted. God’s purpose was to bring them into judgement.
“He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat.”

Selling Our Property
5th Feb. 2006. M. Selling the grand property
Helena and I were showing a couple around our property with a view to selling it. They were a young couple and were very interested and impressed. As we showed them around the grounds, I pointed out the new concrete driveway I had laid that joined up to the old part that had been laid many years before. They liked it. It was good. We could see that there needed to be a little bit more done yet – a curved part at the end to finish it off.

Then we walked further to show our guests the rest of the estate. We passed some large monuments that were somewhat overgrown with creepers or something. They asked where they had come from. I said where they were from. It was some faraway ‘exotic’ place. They had clearly been around a long time because of what had grown over them.

I whispered to Helena, “What has the agent put this on the market for?” She replied “£1.13 million.”

I said, “That’s not enough. It’s worth far more than that.” Then we thought about what its more realistic value be. Because the figure had already been written at 1.13, somehow we had to change it without it looking as though it had been altered. I thought to change the figure to either 1.43 or 1.73 million. Finally we settled on £1.73 million.

Comment: This is an allegory of MM’s work for God. The new concrete part of the driveway represents the new MM publications written since 1992 that take the truth of God further, adding to what the Church previously had for many years (the old part of the drive). The curved part at the end represents what is yet to be written, to finish off this part of God’s Work.

The monuments represent Age-old, timeless truths of God that all Christians believe.

Selling the estate represents the publicity coming when ‘we’ will be opened up for all to see, and people will be able to choose whether they want to ‘buy into’ God’s truths.

The discussion about value shows how the truth of God is undervalued. 113 is indivisible and therefore carries no significance, showing that the estate agent couldn’t see the spiritual significance of ‘our’ work.

Through MM’s writings (signified by the number 11), we have countered Satan (13) and his influence in the Church, hence the 143, which is 11 x 13. MM’s publications are to expose existing doctrinal heresy throughout churches and restore the truth of God in closer biblical purity.

Finally, the figure of 173, also indivisible, suggests a higher result (certainly a higher spirituality for those who accept what MM has published), but one in which the majority cannot see its significance. (Prophets are rarely accepted. Just as Jesus was rejected, so are we, by most to whom we are sent.)

Up High; Top Shot!
6th Feb. 2006. M.
1) Up high. Top shot!
I was at a sort of Snooker table, but up high, about 8 feet above it [allegory of our commission which we answer by faith]. I had to take aim and shoot at this level. I did, and the ball headed straight for the pocket! Amazing! It nearly veered off at the last moment, and looked like it wouldn’t go in, but then when it mattered it veered back again and did drop in. [We will succeed in our purpose.]
My snooker cue tip was worn out, but I had no other, so that is what I had to put up with. [How we manage on insufficient resources. We make do with what we have.]

2) Richard
There were various cars and drivers, etc. I was trying to remember the name of one driver, and I couldn’t remember it. (My memory is fading.) So I asked R. But instead of helping me, he mocked me, and told me to ask God.

Wonderful Healings And Miracles!
7th Feb. 2006. M. Healings and Miracles
Someone was recounting all the healings and miracles God was doing. It was wonderful and exhilarating to hear!
Comment: This is what is coming shortly in the revival.

A Dream About What Muslims Lack
9th Feb. 2006. M. Muslims not using the washing machine
The washing machine was full up with clothes that were to be washed, but they weren’t using it. It wasn’t as though they couldn’t because of lack of time or opportunity. It was that their culture and habit (which is inseparable from what you have grown up believing) just didn’t engage in such a thing.
Meaning: Clothes are symbolic of righteousness and righteous deeds (Rev 19:8). Washing is a metaphor for being spiritually cleansed of sin. We are firstly justified (absolved of guilt) before God by accepting in faith the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins (1 Cor 6:11; Rom 5:1,8-9). His blood figuratively washes our sins away (Rev 1:5).
Then, secondly, we are further washed and purified by His Word – by living in obedience to it (Eph 5:26-27).
So, the washing machine represents the means by which we can be spiritually cleansed of sin. However, Muslims don’t accept Jesus as their Saviour. It is not part of their culture, religion, and what they have been taught.
Comment: The only religion on earth that has the teaching which can lead to spiritual cleansing from sin is true Christianity. Jesus is the Saviour of the world. The Bible gives the evidence and corroboration – factually, historically, and spiritually. [See The Bible Speaks 2, No 61 and 62.]

Making The Altar With MM Literature
10th Feb. 2006. M. The ‘altar’. I was high up, like being on an upper floor. Someone outside was below, helping me with what was being built. I was providing blocks of building stone and small blocks of wood, and he was placing them, to make an ‘altar’. I think the person was Steve. [These blocks probably represent pieces of MM literature.]
Lastly I picked up a small cube of wood (about 5 inches by 5, by 5), and, assuming that Steve was in the same place, I threw it forcefully out of the window down to the ground without looking. After I had thrown it, I looked out to see where it landed, but Steve was in a different position and it went straight for him. Ghastly! I wanted to shout to alert him, but it was already too late. It hit him all the way from his head through to his chest and on down, right to the ground. But he didn’t seem to be hurt, thankfully.
Comment: An altar was built to worship God. On it the sacrifice was laid. This work is involved in re-establishing true worship for the people of God and emphasising that it can only take place with sacrifice. The blocks are the individual teachings / publications MM has produced.

We Are Given A Room
15th Feb. 2006. M. Given a room in a mansion
Helena and I were given a very spacious room in a large mansion. The dream depicted the mansion belonging to a millionairess for whom I did building work many years ago. Although she was wealthy, she was very thrifty, too. She would burn clothes in a stove to create heat (this was in the dream, not in real life).
Near the stove was a little white dog. I went to stroke it, but since he was not familiar with me, he growled at first. Later he got used to me and let me stroke him.
Besides the exclusive use of the room, we also had access to much of the rest of the house, so there was real freedom. I felt privileged to be given such access. [Depicts our ministry being recognised in its own right, which it has not been up to now.] One other thing. The house was old. [Depicts the Universal Church, which goes back to Jesus’ time.]

Kenya: Maggots Eating My Flesh
16th Feb. 2006. M. Maggots eating my flesh
I was busily engaged in my work, so I had tied a white polythene bag around my wrist, and left it there. In it were some things needed to do the task. Some time later I felt the need to undo the bag. When I opened it up, first I saw a maggot hole in my wrist, then another, and, unwrapping the bag further, there were a number of maggots all writhing in there, feeding on my flesh!
Meaning: To do with the Kenyan situation.

The WCG Has Reverted
17th Feb. 2006. M. The WCG has reverted
In this dream I was looking in the garden of our former home [symbolising our former church]. I noticed that where we used to have a nice ornate retaining wall (retaining soil of a flower bed), there were some paving slabs inserted vertically (highly unsatisfactory – they won’t withstand much lateral pressure at all). Moss and other weed had grown over them [showing that these changes have been around now a long time].
Beside these slabs, the ground had sunk, the depression revealing where a ditch once was. And there was a little water in the bottom of it. Things were reverting to what they were like many years before.
Comment: The dream symbolises the reversion of the WCG. It came out of the false traditions of the mainline churches by asserting the biblical authority for keeping the Sabbaths and holy days. But in the nineties, they retrogressed back into those deceptive customs they formerly renounced. How ironic that the church which prided itself on how different it was, now lauds the very things it once derided and stood up against. The dog has surely returned to its vomit! A greater apostasy could not be imagined!!

18th Feb. 2006. M. Ron Stoddart
Ron featured in this dream but he was unrecognisable. He was nothing like he used to look. He was dishevelled, and had completely different features. [Symbolising the changes to his spiritual appearance that the WCG’s deception and resultant demise have produced.]
I was looking at the back cover of a magazine where there was a picture of a man standing, talking. It was a pose – or so I thought. Then the man began to move and change position. His image faded out in one place, and then emerged in another position. He became animated and started to talk.
I was astonished! I had never seen a picture enliven, so that the person you actually looked at in the photo was now alive and talking to you. The image of the man was now reality! I wanted to take this and show it to Ron. [An allegory of the Truth in the Word of God that lives. The Truth of God is a Person (Jesus), but most people merely have a mental picture or image of Him in their minds. Yet He is alive and communicates to us! But hasn’t He been relegated to the ‘back page’ of most people’s lives?! The depiction portrays the revival coming shortly which will cause Him to become real to many.]
Then in my hands I was holding a large A4-sized book. It was open, and on the double page spread before me was a beautiful picture. It was of a flowering, fruiting tree, like a cherry tree. The fruits and flowers were of different shades of lovely red, as were the leaves. It was breathtakingly picturesque. As I was admiring this, immediately the very form of what I was looking at also appeared above the pages, superimposed over the picture! It was the reality that the picture reflected. This astonished me. [An allegory of the truth-loaded literature of MM that brings the reality of God into our physical sphere.]

We Are Rejected
20th Feb. 2006. M.
1) Responses
From Warri, Nigeria we received a donation which was fairly large, and a letter. I replied to the person that in future they can send their contributions towards our work to David Isaac in Nigeria. [This is to encourage that God will bring some to donate in Nigeria, despite the poverty in that country.]
The donor (who seemed to be a pastor or evangelist) asked how we converted people, or brought them around to thinking the way we do. I said, “We don’t.” [This depicts a wrong approach in much of evangelism – trying to convert people. God converts. Jesus said we are to teach them – to present the truth to them, but they are to be left to choose whether they will believe.]
He was puzzled by my response and asked, “So how do you win them over?” or words to that effect. I replied, “We don’t. We are here to be rejected.”
Comment: Most people don’t understand that. Yet, the message of true prophets is NOT accepted. The final chapter of Who Is The End-Time Elijah? explains more.
However, despite this overall rejection by the majority, God was encouraging us in the dream that some good people will respond positively.

Good People, With Personality Too
2) People with character and personality
I was standing in a queue of people [we are queuing up to enter the Kingdom of God]. There were quite a number of people in this line. I noticed two fellas in particular. They stood out because of their personalities. They were open, friendly, and very communicative. One worked for Anglia Windows.
Comment: Compared with us, there are some people who are much more talented and with far better personality than we have. It’s good to know that they are also headed for God’s Kingdom.

Neglect In Kenyan Work
21st Feb. 2006. M. Cement bags neglected
I had some cement bags in a big warehouse [the warehouse depicts MM’s outreach in Kenya]. The roof had been leaking, and I had just fixed that. But, someone had carelessly left the cement bags where they could get wet and when I came back I found that they were all wet. I was angry and berated the person(s) responsible. But someone had the gall to blame me for the situation and said that it was my fault, because I hadn’t fixed the roof. Yet I had mended the roof.
Meaning: This is an allegory of others blaming me for problems in Kenya. Cement is used in constructing walls, and walkways, etc. It has practical uses that benefit people in life. So must the truth of God. It must be incorporated in one’s life equally beneficially, not left to get ruined by neglect.

22nd Feb. 2006. M. Coach and car
About a coach which had trouble en route, but finally arrived. [To do with the translation work in Kenya.] But a car that also departed, and was expected to arrive, it crashed. [To do with K.]

24th Feb. 2006. M. Overtaking
I was driving along the road. In front of me there was a car [depicts the translation work in Kenya] which I had to overtake. As I did so, I saw that in front of that there was another car which was indicating to turn right [right depicts reversion to ritualism, legalism, etc.]. I carried on past it, ignoring its intentions, and continued on my way.
Then I was given the meaning, that the car turning right represented K, and the other car is the translation work in Kenya as a whole.
God has shown us that it is pretty useless because of wrong motives behind those involved.

Meeting Prince Philip
28th Feb. 2006. M. Talking to Prince Philip
I was standing beside Prince Philip, just engaging in small talk. I said something about the Queen going upstairs and her husband (who wasn’t Philip in the dream) going after her. [The Queen’s spiritual husband is Jesus. She will be saved.] I made a joke about it, but it fell a bit flat because I am not well versed in royal protocol.

God Points Out Various Wrong Traits Behind Problems In The Kenyan Work
2nd March 2006. M. Talking to a secretive woman
I was talking with a woman with brown hair in a public place like a park. I was quite relaxed, lying on one side [depicts my approach to others – I don’t like formality]. I got talking about everyday things and said that I don’t like dogs in an urban environment. She was pleasantly surprised and began to show more interest in me as a result.
Then the scene changed and she was under her car, doing repair work. She had a jack like professional mechanics use, which surprised me. [Self-reliance, pride.]
Suddenly the car dropped as the jack went down much faster than one would expect. I was concerned. I looked under the car and asked her if she was alright, but she was sitting above the car now.
I got talking with her again and wanted to befriend her. Then Helena came along and I said to her “You must meet this lady.” Turning to the woman I then said, “What was your name?” She replied so quickly that I didn’t catch it, so I said, “How do you spell that?”
In reply she said sarcastically, “Quite comfortably.” In other words, she didn’t want me to know her. The relationship she wanted with me was purely superficial.
Comment: The woman depicts the believers in Kenya whom we have tried to befriend. But they keep us at arm’s length. They don’t want us to know much about them. They are secretive, proud and self-reliant.
Her brown hair depicts demonic influences.
Dogs represent false ministers.
The car represents ministry and outreach.
The jack represents support. Going down suddenly is their support being cut off suddenly.
As I awoke, God reminded me of a car I had bought some years ago for which I paid £200. The man got in touch with me, not me with him. (This is how it was in our Kenyan encounter, too.) He wanted money out of me for his unroadworthy car. I wasn’t sure about buying it, because God didn’t seem to be giving me anything on that one way or the other. So I went ahead and bought it, even though I was uneasy. I was trying to be kind to the fellow, besides thinking that I could restore the car and get it back on the road. However, when taken to the garage it failed its
MOT on so many things, it had to be scrapped!
Meaning: That was a physical analogy of what was to come with the outreach in Kenya. 200 is 20 (expectancy) x 10 (man without God). We have tried to help these people, but they have so many things wrong in their approach and motives that, until they get rid of their demons, we can’t be of the same mind.
People who hold themselves back, who are evasive, or secretive, are trying to hide something. They have demons that they are protecting and don’t want exposed. So they don’t come to the light lest their evil deeds be reproved.

The Old Bodged Church!
3rd March 2006. M.
1) Old building
I seemed to have inherited a very old building, built in Georgian times, before the Victorians. Someone was talking with me about it. He pointed out that there was some shoddy workmanship in one place and said “Look at that bodged job.” He seemed not to notice that the whole building had been bodged all over the place, so I said so.
“Not just that, EVERYTHING has been bodged! The brickwork has been bodged, the wallpapering has been bodged....” etc. And on top of that, the structure was so old it was almost crumbling. Frankly it needed pulling down.
Meaning: An allegory of the Church in its present form.

Outreach In Kenya Hindered By Theft
2) My bicycles stolen
I had a corner shop. No one was coming to buy anything and I was tired, so I shut my eyes to rest and sleep a while. Some yobbos came in while I was asleep and stole my two bicycles. When I saw that they had been taken I felt gutted (really hurt inside). This was not the first time. I had had a previous bicycle stolen before, and I had to buy a replacement. Others’ irresponsibility and dishonesty had cost me dearly.
Meaning: An allegory of the outreach in Kenya, where people have been dishonest, selfish, deceitful and frankly frauds! Spiritually, they have behaved like the yobbos in the dream.

MM’s Groundworks In Africa
4th March 2006. M.
1) Extensive groundworks
In this dream, some land which had belonged to Miss Jackson now had a massive new development beginning on it.
There were extensive groundworks, and much was happening. Trenches had been dug and some had been concreted (one wasn’t neat, but it was functional).
Nearby there was a small house, where someone else was now living. She came back to have a look at that. [Symbolises MM. She will come back from the dead.]
Meaning: Miss Jackson left us nearly her entire estate in her will, which we used to reach out into Africa with God’s truth. The extensive groundworks depict allegorically the results.

We Have To Put Up With Inconvenience
2) Van in our home
A big white van like Richard’s was in our home, in our living room! It would drive from one room to another. It was a nuisance and inconvenience to me, but we had to put up with it. Then, one day, it drove out. I was glad then.
Meaning: Symbolises the inconvenience we will have to put up with for a while.
[Zenya had a startling dream experience last night, too.]

Richard’s Renewed Interest Coming
6th March 2006. M.
1) Learning about an old church
I was looking at the outside of an old church building. There was a curious round feature in the wall that caught my attention. A man was telling me about its history. It was fascinating. He had a son who was a guide and did tours, explaining to visitors all about its history. I said to the man (as if I was Richard) “My mum and dad would be interested in this. Could I bring them along with my two sisters? And could you explain to them all this?”
Meaning: Richard will be interested in the background or history of some of these old churches in the future.

Changes Coming: MM Will Move
2) Removal lorry and Zenya
A big removal lorry was about to leave. It had some small-bore copper (central heating) pipes in it, on the left, but not many. There was something else on the right and a little cupboard in the wall on the right. And Zenya was going to travel in the back of this lorry, but there were no seats. I was concerned for her and didn’t want her to be thrown around inside this thing on the way.
Meaning: The removal lorry depicts God’s outreach through this ministry. The copper heating pipes represent the MM publications that go out at present (not many). Zenya is part of God’s purpose in this work, too.

CoG To Burn
7th March 2006. M. Burning down a woman’s home
Ciaran and I set light to an old woman’s home, but only the top half got burned up (the leadership of the church?). The lower storey remained.
Meaning: To do with a CoG, which will be affected by the fires of revival coming shortly.

Gathering The Harvest
8th March 2006. M. Digging potatoes
We were digging potatoes. It was wet, and the ground was muddy, so the man involved sorted out his paperwork before digging and getting his hands filthy dirty with mud. [An allegory of getting the MM publications ready before the harvest.] There was an awful lot to do, and one guy was up at 4 am to get busy early!
Meaning: The potatoes symbolise people whom God will harvest for His Kingdom in the coming revival in which we will be involved. A few days after this dream I read in a book about John Wesley that he rose at 4 am. And, of course, he was involved in a major revival in England in the 18th century.
I believe the other man helping is Steve, who also rises very early in the morning (unlike me!).

11th March 2006. M. S asks me to do work for him
A friend of ours, who has resisted accepting God’s truth up to now, asked me if I would re-do his plumbing system and do some building alterations for him. I really wanted the work, but I wasn’t sure what I should be paid for the job. He came straight out with it and offered me the princely sum of £125 per day for my services. I was very pleased with that, and grateful.
Meaning: Re-doing the plumbing system and doing building alterations symbolise the changes he will accept from ‘our’ teaching. The figure he offered me demonstrates his generosity. (He likes to please, and tries to be generous.) 125 is 5 x 5 x 5, which depicts this work, which is the final preparation in this age prior to the Tribulation before Jesus’ Second Coming.

Difficulties We Face
14th March 2006. M.
1) Money fell to the ground
I was standing in a queue waiting for the train when my money (notes) fell to the ground. I struggled to pick them all up. [We find our financial situation very difficult.] Alongside, a young man was writing a letter and his rough draft fell to the floor, too. (It had his address on it.) [Correspondence will be hindered by the State invasion of MM.]
I picked that up along with the money. So, at least something good came out of this unfortunate incident – I could send him some of our literature. [We will come through it.]
When I went to look for my train ticket, I had difficulty finding it. I did eventually find it deep inside my wallet.

2) My car stolen
I was talking to a policeman. While I was standing with him, I had left my car around the corner unlocked. At the end of our conversation I ran off, without telling him where I was going. I was going to check on my car. I felt uneasy about it. Sure enough, when I got there, it had been stolen!
I was really upset about it, because I had a bag in it with various things that were useful to me. I had lost them all. I had to phlegmatically accept the loss and carry on.
Meaning: What the police investigation will put us through. It is unnecessary and illicit and will cause us loss.

3) Going forward
A new tarmac surface was being completed on a small road. I asked if I could go on it even though it was still hot. Someone said I could, so I paid a toll (a small sum) and went on it. It was only for a short while.
Then I was on my bike on the footpath, but people were awkward and walked in the middle of the pavement, making it impossible to move ahead without difficulty, so I decided to take the bike onto the road. To do this, though, I had to step down about 4 feet, in two massive steps onto the main road. It wasn’t easy.
Meaning: Difficulties people cause us.

Women Made Slaves
15th March 2006. M. Poor, helpless woman
In this dream a foreign woman (with dark features, dark hair) was lying down. She was clothed from her neck to her feet, covered much more modestly than the lewd western women. She was passive, resigned to her situation. She seemed to be in a foreign country, away from her homeland, and subject to the people here.
Any carnal men would have taken advantage of her and violated her, and she seemed to expect that. She could do nothing about it. I thought I would get a map and show her where England is, and use sign language to see if she could point to her country of origin.
Meaning: Perhaps she was from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya or Morocco. She represents the enslavement coming of poor people, not just in those regions but in many other countries too, during the awful times coming. There will be many slaves, and women will tragically be forced into being sex slaves.

Russians To Be Grounded In The Truth
16th March 2006. M. Russian dolls on a hawk
I was holding something like a long plasterer’s ‘hawk’. (A hawk is a small flat board with handle that plasterers use to take their plaster onto their trowel.) On this hawk I had many coloured ‘toy’ dolls. They were like Russian dolls and I patted their heads, tapping them down into the putty-like medium they were fixed in. The hawk was bigger than usual, and was about 5 feet long, and the dolls were in three rows.
Meaning: Perhaps an allegory of taking care of people, helping them be firmly grounded in the truth.

A Calf Leaps For Joy
18th March 2006. M. A calf leaps for joy
There was a young calf in the field where I had just laid some paving in front of a gateway. It was bounding about, leaping with obvious delight at the new-found freedom it had.
I was a little perturbed, because the gate was open and it could have run outside. I didn’t want it to get harmed.
Fortunately it didn’t. It was happy to stay inside the field where I was. However, it was so ebullient that I felt it ought to be restrained a bit. There was a rope there and we thought about tethering it.
Meaning: An allegory of someone who has just got in touch with us from Australia and their new-found excitement at their new spiritual situation. But calves are unruly, too!

We Pull Out Of Kenyan Work
20th March 2006. M. I return the caravan
I had bought a caravan for £2,000. It looked good at first, but when I got home it smelled musty, so I checked for leaks. After searching for quite a while I finally found the leak. Also I found out that the paper was peeling off on the inside, and it was in much poorer condition than I thought. So I returned the caravan and asked for my money back.
Meaning: Symbolises what has happened with MM outreach in Kenya. 2000 is a multiple of 20, which denotes expectancy. We expected better from Kenyans, but we had to withdraw because of their failings.

Finishing The Building
21st March 2006. M. Fixing the skirtings
I was about to fix the skirtings in the room. I phoned the supplier to order them. I wanted ornate ‘old-fashioned’ ones, which were expensive. He was very concerned (for me) about the cost (to me).
Meaning: Skirtings are fixed after the ceiling and walls are plastered and the floor is screeded, so it denotes coming near to the fulfilment of all that we have laboured for over the years. The publicity will reach many people who are then able to finish their spiritual house and be ready for Jesus to occupy.
The cost of this work to us, however, is large.

Man Released From Prison
1st January 2006. H.
1) Small rock released
I saw a small rock, the size of a man’s fist, fall out of the trap door of a big machine like a rock-crusher.
Meaning: The rock represents someone who was framed, falsely accused and imprisoned. The machine is the State, which, through the wrong use of power, can crush people.

Evil Music Welcomes Demons
I saw someone attacked by evil spirits. This is to do with a young man who was putting lots of music into his new I-Pod. Whenever you listen to really beaty music with evil words it attracts evil demons to afflict us. They are welcomed in.

Temporary Restrictions On Us
2nd January 2006. H. Smaller property
We moved into a smaller property. The house was just about adequate but the garden was smaller.
Meaning: This reflects the next stage where we are going to have our freedom restricted by the authorities who want to control people and interfere in their personal lives.
This situation will only be temporary.

Blindness Comes On The Self-Willed
2) I had a vision of someone who is blind. The eyes were obstructed. Even a balloon popped up obstructing his vision.
Meaning: Our daughter’s friend stayed overnight and he had a dream many years ago about an upside down house. His spiritual house is upside down; he is self-willed and rebellious. Those who refuse to listen choose to be spiritually blind.

Going To A Couple In A Castle
7th January 2006. H. Going in our secondhand car
We had a secondhand car for sale. I was given the task of taking the car to a couple in a castle. I drove the car through a narrow lane, part of which was too narrow. It was too dangerous to drive so I carried the car carefully down the path. Once I was on level ground I carried on driving.
The area was new to me so I had to ask for directions. Eventually I was able to find the elderly couple living in a castle. I reported the delivery of the car and the couple got up and met with me.
Meaning: The second hand car represents our ministry with the little support we have. The road has been hard – full of obstacles. With God’s help we carry on until we get there.
God shows the way as we are willing to listen to Him.
At this time I had responded to someone’s letter published in the newspaper. I sent him MM literature (our car going to him). This person was a church leader in a large church. He responded in Christian love at first but didn’t want to move on (antiquated beliefs represented by living in an old castle).

Stunted Vegetables
2) Stunted vegetables
I was meeting with a large group of people in a large hall. They were friendly and helpful. They had garden produce on display, various vegetables. But the produce was nutrient deficient. They looked like they needed more manure to make them bigger.
After fellowshipping with the people I went on my way.
Meaning: The sale is what we have to offer in MM literature to benefit the Church. Those who love God and His truth love one another and care for the gospel (the friend- liness). But the church needs more revelation, knowledge and greater understanding of the Bible to help them grow more abundant fruit of better quality.

Britain’s Blind Leader
8th January 2006. H. Blind leader
I saw a man’s face with a demonic, snaky appearance. Slowly it cleared up but one eye was still blind.
Meaning: I put the TV on and Tony Blair was on the news. His responses to questions were whacky and misleading, depicted by the snake-like circuitous responses.
Power corrupts and causes confusion. Pride is a huge obstacle to a sound mind.
His vision partially clearing up depicts how he will see more spiritual truth in due course.

Silenced By MM Literature
11th January 2006. H.
1) Elderly man gagged
I saw the face of an elderly man gagged.
Meaning: This is a C of E leader who received some MM literature. The truth and prophecies explained would have given him a shock, hence the imagery of him being gagged.
Because of his elevated position and the sleepy church environment he is used to, he is unprepared for the events of the last days before Jesus’ return.

Baby Cot
2) Baby cot
I saw a baby cot left at the front of the house.
Meaning: The cot symbolises a baby coming (not literally but spiritually). I grow plants and flowers which I leave outside our home for people to take for a small donation. Many have benefited from this service. God will use this to birth something spiritual in people’s lives.

Hostile And Arrogant C of E Leader
14th January 2006. H. Arrogant young boy
I was talking to a young boy but he was arrogant and argumentative. Whatever I said, he twisted.
Meaning: That day I received a response from a C of E leader after receiving our literature. I thought he would be objective and open-minded but his response was hostile.

God Reveals Lady’s Occult Influences
16th January 2006. H. Faces
I saw a lady’s face which had occult marking on the cheeks which disappeared. Next, a brown face appeared.
Meaning: A letter came from a lady who was asking for prayers and spiritual help. God showed us through the dream her problems. This will help her to understand how much God cares for her. The colour brown shows a lack of clarity in Bible teaching.

Whale In The Thames Was A Sign
21st January 2006. H. Whale in the Thames
Actual event: A bottleneck whale got disorientated and swam up the River Thames to Westminster. It was beached and was lifted onto a barge by rescuers and taken back to the sea. The animal got stressed and tired and died at 7 pm.
It is a sign to the nation that things will go very wrong and unprecedented happenings will occur. The problems will be too great to solve humanly.

Rough Ground Needs Planting
22nd January 2006. H. Rough ground
We acquired some rough ground which needed attention. There was someone working there and I was trying to get to know him as a friend.
Certain areas needed tidying up. I had some potatoes which I needed to plant. I decided to plant them in the orchard.
Meaning: This is to do with future developments when we reach out to other churches. The potatoes are people who need to be planted in fertile soil – spiritual food – to help them to grow.
God is dealing with people on every level. They are given an opportunity to choose the right way. Even the wicked are tested.

Woman Rejects The Truth
29th January 2006. H.
1) Lady in the bath
I saw a lady washing herself in the bath. She had no intention of getting out! Next to the bathroom I saw a big pile of towels. I wanted to wash the towels and put them away. [We are trying to bring doctrinal order to the mess in spiritual teachings that are meant to bring people spiritual cleanness.] But my services were not wanted, so I went on my journey.
Meaning: The dream depicted someone in the USA who was in contact with us. She made out that she was moving ahead spiritually, but God revealed in the dream that she wasn’t, and why.
Bathing represents us accepting God’s grace – our sins are washed away by Jesus’ blood sacrifice, and by our acceptance of the water of the Word of Life.
But not getting out of the bath represents merely accepting grace for salvation. Some people don’t want to go on in obedience to every word of God (Matt 4:4) and live out the Christian life as God desires us to do (Matt 19:17). Our willingness in response determines our reward (Rev 22:12).
Comment: We accept Jesus as our Saviour for justification. But that’s not the end of the matter. Sanctification must occur, and that takes place as we live in practical righteousness – DOING all that God says, keeping all His commands. At the end of life, glorification takes place, but only to those who DO God’s will, not to those who don’t (Matt 7:23; Matt 25:25-30).

Warned Of Another
2) Others’ influence
I saw a person’s face. Then another face with dark influences – demons – got close to it.
Meaning: People with demons in their lives can negatively influence others who are trying to help them.
This was a warning for someone to beware another person whom he was trying to help, because of demonic influences that he wouldn’t otherwise see.
You have to be on guard spiritually. When people choose the wrong way, we have to leave them to face the consequences of the wrong way they have chosen. God’s judgement comes upon them if they refuse to repent.

Someone Takes Our Lampshades
30th January 2006. H. A person takes a lampshade
Someone came to our property and asked for lamp- shades. I found one large oval-shaped one. The person wanted to use it for storage, not to direct the light. Later I also found another smaller one.
Meaning: The lamp is the truth of God (Ps 119:105). A lampshade is to enhance that light, so that it looks more colourful and beautiful, and to direct it down to where we need it, so we can utilise the light. Here it represents MM literature which expounds God’s biblical truths so people can benefit from them.

In the next scene in the dream, the area outside our home was overgrown and weedy.
Meaning: This depicts the state of the Church as a whole. It is ‘overgrown’ with many wrong teachings. The truth of God is not being properly cultivated.
Through carelessness and neglect to the proper dividing of the Word of God (2 Tim 2:15, NKJV), church leaders have allowed false teachings to flourish.

Comment: People, on the whole, don’t want the light – the pure truth of God. But they find useful information in MM literature, so they will often accept it, even though they have no intention of living out the purity of God’s truth expounded therein. To God this is a sham. It’s hypocrisy.
Many take MM literature for selfish reasons, elevation, curiosity, etc. But they don’t have a sincere love for the truth. God requires complete obedience from us, if we are to remain in His will, so that we can begin to become holy like Him. But this does not appeal to most people.

Lion Invades Our Place
1st February 2006. H.
1) Lion
We occupied a spread-out apartment with several rooms which we used for work. A lion came into our apartment and took over. He went into every work room, bullying and threatening us.
We tried to contain it and resist it whenever we could.
Meaning: God is preparing us for the attack of the Police. The devil will use them to damage us but God will help us through the raid.

Someone’s Mouth Cleansed
2) Mouth cleansed
I saw someone’s mouth area being cleansed and purified through heat. God was forming a new mouth which will be used to serve Him.
Meaning: This is spiritual preparation for someone who was severely tested. He was framed and falsely accused, because he failed for a few years. But God worked with him through the trial. God will use him to help others.
The dream hints at his need for cleansing from deceit, which God will give him. Fiery trials cleanse us.

Lady Prefers To Stay In Bed
4th February 2006. H.
1) Lady in bed
I saw a large area of activities. [Our overview of the Church, spiritually, which God gives us through dreams.] One of them was a lady in a bedroom [depicts Sonja]. Someone was nearby with her. [The pastor; her stepfather.]
There was a thin stream of water falling on her bed. [Input from MM literature. She is in bed, showing she is not willing to move on spiritually, by actively accepting what we are bringing.] The water was redirected away from the bed and bedroom. She used strips of cloth or clothing to do this. [She deflects the truth we bring, by using bits of doctrinal information which she possesses already.]

Sisters Prepare For Marriage
2) Sisters prepare for marriage
I saw two sisters getting ready for marriage. The younger one was not ready yet and the older one was marrying a young man with dark skin. I was concerned for her that she was happy about it, which she was.
Meaning: The dark skin reflects the present spiritual state of the person. He is not yet converted.
The dream was to give positive input to these two individuals, so they know the situation.

Police Try To Shut Out God’s Light
3) Heavy tarpaulin
There was a piece of land with nice vegetables growing. Someone put a heavy tarpaulin over the plot totally blocking the light. Then someone else came along and pulled the cover off to give light to the vegetables and plants.
Meaning: God is warning us of the heavy-handed approach by the police who will try to shut us down. God will help us and deliver us from the aggressive regime which wants to smother us and shut out God’s light.

Tulips At Tonya’s Wedding
6th February 2006. H. Wedding
We were preparing for T’s wedding. The flowers were delivered and were like tulips. I was meant to share them with the neighbours.
We met up with the groom’s family and the lady looked dark. We couldn’t eat some of the food as it was unclean.
Meaning: Tulips are highly colourful spring flowers. They represent MM publications which we are meant to share with other churches.
The young man was someone we knew from the past who was a worldly character but pleasant. The lady represents the church he comes from, and the food relates to religious teaching from his background.
Many Christians follow traditions which are unbiblical!

People Who Use Us Selfishly
8th February 2006. H. Self-centred Church
A woman tried to win my affection and then she tried to dominate me. I felt used and manipulated so I got out of the situation.
A person gave me a bottle of wine to post it to someone. Another person wanted my family’s address to help them on their travels.
Meaning: A lady wrote to us seeking our help. She did not want spiritual input but elevation. People seek our company when they want something for themselves and in such situations we feel used.
There is a curse on those who live a selfish lifestyle.

Dark Clouds Of Great Tribulation
10th February 2006. H. Dark clouds spread across the earth
I saw a picture of the continents. Dark clouds moved across them and darkness and gloom took over.
Meaning: World terrorism and wars are sweeping the world. Darkness and loss of freedom will be the end result. The Bible calls this the tribulation.

Dreadful Misrepresentation Of Jesus
12th February 2006. H. Misrepresentation of Jesus
I saw many faces of Jesus. They were marred in some way. One picture of Jesus showed him wearing a hat like a cowboy.
Meaning: The majority do not know Jesus. Their understanding is limited by their religious experience and culture
I saw a programme on TV this morning where people from a big cult were interviewed. Their view of Jesus was shaped by their church which controlled them. Another Christian was an American singer. Jesus, to her, would be like a cowboy.
God wants Jesus’ name cleared so people can get to know the real Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

Man Forced To Remove Eyepad
18th Feb. 2006. H.
1) David S
I saw a man with black hair [depicts the influence of the devil on one’s thinking; deception]. His eyesight was blocked by two eyepads. [Can’t see the truth.] He forced himself to remove one of the eye pads. This took some effort. [It takes effort and humility to be willing to examine ourselves and see where we might be wrong or deceived.] This church minister has rejected previous warnings about false ministers and deception that his church teaches. Deception sets in when Jesus is pushed out. [DS.]

God Will Restore My Teeth!
2) Having my teeth fixed
I had an appointment with the dentist to have my loose crown fixed. I had to walk upstairs to meet with three dentists to receive the repair job.
Meaning: I have had trouble with my teeth for many years. God showed me in a dream that He will heal my teeth. Going upstairs is looking to God for help and healing.
Three represents finality. The timing is in God’s hands and the healing will be a witness to others of God’s power.

Get Ready!
3) Doorbell rings
I heard the doorbell ring.
Meaning: A warning to get ready. Events will speed up with the miracles and publicity. Time is very short!

Someone Is Shot
19th February 2006. H. Someone shot and killed
I saw someone shot and killed by a mad man – influenced by demons.
Comment: This sort of madness is increasing.

Trials Finalise Our Destiny
21st Feb. 2006. H. Trial and testing
I saw a man in a square area. Part of the area was black, part of it was white [symbolises how his life is not pure; he accommodates some evil besides some good].
Then the whole area became red [symbolises trial or suffering], and the area became completely black after that.
Comment: This person had been given a chance by God, but the selfish prideful motives that he holds onto have prevented him becoming purified (completely white). These evil motives are symbolised by the black area.
God has to try every person through testing to see which way they will go. Will they completely trust Him, or will they do things for selfish motive and turn bitter against Him when they don’t get what they want?
This person in the dream did not make the right choice. God is revealing that he will turn completely wicked (symbolised by black) through the trial (symbolised by red).

The Kenyan Situation
24th Feb 2006. H.
1) Kenya
I saw a woman emerge from the African continent. She was half-formed and half naked like a prostitute.
Meaning: This is the church in Africa, with much confusion and division. There is spiritual poverty mixed with pagan teaching.

2) The contents of my purse fell into a slimy pond. [Some Kenyans have robbed us through deceit.] I had to rescue the purse and get cleaned up. [Recover from what they did to us.]

3) I opened a jar of plums and shared it with others. There were leeches and worms crawling about.
Meaning: This is about a translation work we tried to do with some people in Kenya. Like leeches, they were happy to translate for money but very little work was produced. Deceit and selfishness is all too common!
We were willing to share what we had worked for and produced (plums), but they didn’t reciprocate with good motives.
Comment: Those who are genuine will translate without seeking monetary reward. As they do the task, responding to the leading of God’s Spirit, God provides.

Prince William
26th Feb. 2006. H. Prince William
I saw a young man and his girlfriend. The young man was overwhelmed by demons. The devil tried to destroy him.
He is in the army at the moment, where he would be under stress. I asked God to protect this young man, the dream showed how he recovered.

TV Presenter Receives MM Lit
27th Feb. 2006. H
1) Richard Madeley
I had some papers to deliver to a TV presenter (RM). I was waiting to see him but he was very busy. When I saw him briefly he showed little interest.
Meaning: God has spoken to this man before, but he is slow to respond. His busy life has crowded God out. He doesn’t have time for the truth, though he now declares himself a Christian after receiving MM literature.

Immorality And Evil In Society
There was a man with a weapon, he was running around threatening others. Someone had to restrain him. There was a lady in a cubicle kissing a man, someone had to intervene to stop this behaviour.
Meaning: People are becoming more and more unruly and immoral. Society has to cope with many new problems.

28th Feb. 2006. H.
1) Two men kissing
Vision of two men kissing. This scene was quite disgusting. Their faces were shown to be like pigs with long snouts. This is spiritual sin.

How Are Your Heart And Kidneys?
2) Heart and Kidneys
. I saw a picture of the human body with heart outlined – shown to be sick. The heart reflects a person’s motive. Selfishness leads to sin. Jer 17:9 – “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked”.
Next I saw another picture of the human body with kidneys outlined as being sick. Jer 17:10 – “I the Lord search the heart, I test the mind...” In this verse, “mind” is literally in the Hebrew “kidneys”, or the most secret parts.
Kidneys are used for purification and cleansing. Sins need to be overcome, otherwise the person becomes sick and weak spiritually. Repentance is a daily process encouraging growth and character development.

Preparing For Work Ahead
2nd March 2006. H.
I was busy making preparations for the journey. Some clothes needed to be sorted out. I managed to find a nice- looking dress, long and practical.
I gathered a large collection of sewing pins and secured them on the side ready for further sewing jobs.
Meaning: This is spiritual preparation for the future. We need to put on clothes of righteousness, living God’s way.
The pins will be used to make new clothes for others.
As people become aware of God, they will change their lives and make alterations to their spiritual clothing.

Man Motivated Selfishly By Demons
3rd March 2006. H.
I saw a square pen / enclosure with demons. They were aggressive, appearing to attack someone.
Meaning: This was fulfilled when a man invited Tonya to dinner. He is proud and self-centred.
The devil will use people who are not committed to God, then self becomes their idol.
Demons use selfish people to control others and try to influence them the wrong way.

Princes Harry And William
4th Mar 2006. H. Harry and William
I saw two young men rising from the bed.
Meaning: They are part of a famous family; God is dealing with people personally. These young men will be woken up spiritually. Future miracles will show God’s power and make the existence of God a reality to them.

British Eminence
7th Mar 2006. H.
1) Tall conifer
I saw a conifer which was slender and tall. I saw half of the shrub cut off. Two ears and a face then emerged.
Meaning: This represents a famous and influential man in Britain who is known to millions. He will find his identity.
God showed us to send him MM literature. He needed to understand the Bible prophecies and how they are being fulfilled. He will listen to what God has to say and God will use him to warn others. But, for that to occur, first he has to be cut down to half his present ‘size’. That is humbling.
‘Pruning’ (humbling) is God’s way of teaching people.

Miss Jackson Turns Up With Visitors
Some visitors turned up with Miss Jackson. She was lively, young-looking and had black hair. I told her how pretty she looked.
She was chatting with the group, saying how she will have to get her pension book back.
I told Richard to start praying.
Meaning: Miss Jackson died 7 years ago. She was a faithful supporter of MM’s work. When she died she left us an inheritance to help us with the work, two thirds of which was used in Africa to help spread God’s truths there.
God will use her to give a witness of God’s power, and that will draw the ‘visitors’.

A Judge Is Struck Dead
11th Mar 2006. H.
God revealed how He dealt with Judge Jackson. He was responsible for jailing a man who was framed and falsely accused. The judge didn’t listen to what we told him about it.
In the dream I saw an iron jail door. He didn’t care for the people sent there. I saw a death angel sent to deal with him. His body looked old and wrinkled – his spiritual state. Evil ways lead to death. He was put in a coffin, then the grave.
A shrub was planted on top of the grave. There were others shown ready for judgement. Anybody who is unjust and oppresses others, denying true justice will be judged by God.
Comment: Few people recognise the severity and reality of God’s judgement. But He is very much involved in ‘everyday’ affairs. Where justice is deliberately denied, and the person is warned by a prophet, after two warnings God then acts in judgement against the person.
That is what happened in this instance.
The dream also points out that God will take others’ lives, too, where they dismiss what God says through one of His prophets.

TV Presenters Overwhelmed
12th Mar 2006. H.
I saw demons attack a blonde lady then her husband. Next, a big lion overpowered them.
Meaning: This couple are TV presenters. God has spoken to them through Christian literature, but they were slow to respond. Preoccupation with their career has blocked God out of their lives. Demons are allowed to cause harm to them to bring them closer to God. God wants to use them for His work.

Vehicle Being Prepared For Helena
13th Mar 2006. H.
A mobile vehicle was being prepared for a journey. Next stage of the work will require travel, visiting different churches giving a testimony of God’s miracles and taking MM literature to them.

Church Folks Growing Laterally, Not Up
14th Mar 2006. H.
1) People not growing properly
This was a dream of a journey into the future. I was meeting with several groups of people. At one church I went to see, they had a Thyme shrub growing on the wall, spreading laterally to another wall. I suggested pruning it, but someone said that permission was needed to do that.
Meaning: Christians are meant to be rooted in the soil of God’s Word, firmly in the ground, so they can grow upwards to God. But most Christians are not growing up; they are growing sideways, laterally, towards their church. Their outreach is to people; their direction of focus is toward people, not towards God. An idolatrous diversion has taken place!

2) I saw something on TV which I recognised. There will be publicity about different events.

Good News From Kenya, At Last!
Some good news came from Kenya. I went to look for Malcolm and it took me some time before I found him in an underground hall. There were many people waiting for some exciting news. [This is for the future.]

Zenya’s New Boyfriend
I saw Zenya with her new boyfriend who had blonde hair. He was nice-looking, watching what I was doing from the distance. This includes publicity and being very busy.

Woman Leads Police Investigation
15th Mar 2006. H. There was a sudden arrival of several policemen. I said, “Now that you are here I hope that you are happy.” I was in the middle of getting dressed.
I demanded to know who was their leader. A woman was their leader.
Meaning: Their sudden arrival is meant to catch us off guard, but we have been aware of the police threat for over 10 years. God prepares us for every situation. They are totally unaware of God and His awesome power and spread of revelation!

Dreams For Someone In Australia
18th March 2006. H.
1) Blindness removed
I saw a man with pads over his eyes so that he could not see. Then his blindness was removed.
Meaning: Seeing God’s Truth anew opens people’s eyes, allowing them to receive a new flow of the Holy Spirit into their minds. The devil uses deception to blind people, blocking God’s work. MM literature opens people’s eyes spiritually.
The dream came at the time a letter arrived from Australia. Together with the following dreams also, it gives an overview of their situation and spiritual status.

Only 2 Years Left Before Tribulation
I visited a church which was spread out. There were different groups of people meeting together socially; they were easy-going. [Depicts how laid back they are spiritually, instead of wanting to be on fire for God.]
I was on a higher platform [symbolises spiritual purpose], giving a message to a group of people on a lower floor. I said, “We have two years of revival; after that the Tribulation is upon us. The time is short!” [God doesn’t say when the 2 years is to be reckoned from.] They were not stirred up but carried on socialising.
As I walked along the corridor, there were items scattered, causing chaos.
Meaning: These represent false teachings which should be cleared up. God’s Truth when accepted brings order, unity and harmony.

To one side I saw some small trees. One had red berries.
Meaning: These are people who are pleasing to God (just as the bush with berries was pleasing to me in the dream), and who are producing fruit.
The church needs revival – spiritual preparation to become the Bride of Christ. But, as Matthew 25 says, the Church is asleep across its entirety, physically-minded, lacking the moving of the Spirit, Laodicean. Jesus is knocking, but they refuse to properly respond.

Also there was a false minister present, who had austere facial features, with obvious occultic / demonic influence, and who was wagging his finger in antagonism or hostility.
Meaning: This is another warning from God about someone whom the correspondent in Australia knows, who is a minister (or who acts as a minister to the people), and that he will turn hostile towards him and undoubtedly accuse him of something evil, probably of embracing heresy.
(We are often accused of being false prophets; that is a favourite ploy of those influenced by demons. We try not to let false accusations bother us. We only counter them where we feel there is a need to, in order to protect the sheep from the wolves.)
People like him will resist the spiritual revival and stand in the way of God’s work. Some men have even died because they resisted God and those who come in His name.

Lack of Worship
19th Mar 2006. H. Lack of worship
I saw a few people in a room worshipping God. The ceiling was low and there were some objects stuck on it. The light was dim.
Meaning: The objects are obstacles people have in their lives which get in the way of worship. The lack of light is the spirit flow diminished by the cares of this world. This was another warning dream for certain people in Australia.


The Church Fights Against The Fires Of Revival!
Here are two earlier dreams given to Mila Thompson.

Sept 17, 2004 (the night of the Feast of Trumpets) House on Fire
I was a student at school. We all (my class) were in the upper room. [A class of advanced learning, closer to the pure truth with God. Part of MM’s work.] There were many of us.

Then a fire alarm sounded. We didn’t see any fire, but most of the students hastily left the room. Only a few students remained in the classroom, including myself. I don’t know what kept the others, but I was looking for my books.

I was going from desk to desk looking for my books and could not find them. [Mila was put in the place of Christians who are engrossed in their own studies, unaware of what God is doing.]

Suddenly a fire began coming through the ceiling. One of the male students started putting it out. I noticed another place where the fire began coming through the wall in front of me and ran to fight that fire. I began beating the tongues of fire with something I had in my hands. Then I noticed that the tongues of flame I had been fighting were only forerunners of a very powerful ball of fire that was cutting through the wall.

The same thing was happening at other places in the room. It was a very bright white flame resembling that of the welding rod. It could not be extinguished. So I stopped trying.

There was no fear, no feeling of danger. However, I cannot say that I or anyone else of those who remained in the room had any idea of what was going on.

Meaning: The school building represents the Church, and we are all students of the Word of God. The upper room and the fire coming through have such a strong parallel with the account in the Book of Acts, that I believe it symbolizes the work of Elijah – the fire of God’s Spirit.

I think it means that the outpouring of the Spirit has already been happening. Sadly, the majority of the Church got scared and ran away, leaving without a chance to receive it.

To my shame and reproach I must say that not one of us who did not run away were understanding what was going on. I was depicted being too busy with looking for “my books” (intellectual knowledge?) Others were also minding their own business. And later, when the fire began coming through, we were trying to put it out!

I believe that this dream is a wake-up call and a warning to all Christians to stop being busy with what we think we need and listen to God, paying attention to His Spirit. Mila Thompson

26th Nov 2005. Mila.
Attacked on a bus
I was going somewhere on a bus, standing not far from the exit.  When the bus made a stop, a man who was standing close to me (it seems that I knew the man) turned to me and unexpectedly punched me straight in the right eye. The hit was absolutely unwarranted, and I was shocked. The man turned around and got off the bus. Of course it hurt, but then I realized that after such a strong direct punch from such a short distance I should have lost my eye, but I didn’t! My eye was OK! The Lord had protected me.

Meaning: The meaning became clear next day, when I visited two Charismatic churches in Chernovtsy. It portrayed the blow I was to receive from my own brother, who openly rejected me as a sister in Christ. He did not reject just me, but also a message from God which, I had brought to him in a translated publication (A Message To The Charismatic Church, MG6) and in two personal letters from Malcolm.

In my person he was also rejecting Malcolm as a prophet of God, and other believers who believe that we must keep all God’s commandments and keep His Sabbath holy (the right eye hit). [More importantly, he was rejecting Jesus!] He said that we did not belong to the same house (spiritually). [More details are described in my report in Visit To A Charismatic Church.]   

Mila Thompson [Mila currently lives in Ukraine, and is doing the arduous task of translating MM literature into Russian.]

The above dreams show just how much God wants to make Himself and His pure nature known to you and to all people. But they reveal also the resistance that there is in humanity to accepting all that is so good in Him! (Rom 8:7.) Because of this unconquered ego – in most of those whom He has called – the Church needs radical reform.

Through the dreams, He is calling for repentance, urging reform, and yearning for spiritual restoration.

The dreams God gives, reveal His complete knowledge of you and all else, His perfect foreknowledge of what is to occur, and His masterly command of all that takes place.


Believers Who Reject Our Help
26th March 2006. M.
1) Two geese
I had walked around a green hill and so had Helena. Then I went back to the beginning to get some geese. I sent them around the hill to meet Helena, but while they were on their way, Helena came back around the other side of the hill, so they missed her.
Meaning: To do with two believers and their need for deliverance, but they have missed out on Helena’s help because they have gone the wrong way. They are self-willed, and deliberately refuse the help that we offer. Their behaviour is rooted in pride. When you reject the one whom God sends, you reject God who sent him or her. That is rebellion!

Time Is So Short To Complete The Job
Not quite enough of this ‘thing’
Dream about something that I cannot put into words yet this ‘thing’ was portrayed in the spirit. It was completing what we were doing. I felt there wasn’t enough of this thing, yet it was just enough, but only just! I wished we had more.
Meaning: The time to finish the task is so short. We could wish we had more time.

Learning To Walk By Faith
1st April 2006. M. Reuben
The night before this dream, I had been praying for input on our Nigerian brothers. I was concerned for David and Reuben, and their families. God put my mind at rest with this dream.

In it, Reuben’s lower legs were blown off, like occurs to some people in a terrorist outrage. I was worried for him and thought that he wouldn’t be able to cope, because in poor societies such as Nigeria, people need their legs to be able to work and survive. But later his legs grew back and he was able to manage.

Meaning: The dream employs powerful, dramatic imagery to get the point across. Legs are used symbolically. They are our means of ‘going’. Losing both legs depicts how Reuben (and David) have lost their physical means. And the shock to their system must have been as great as that for a person losing both legs in a terrorist bombing.

However, we learn to walk by faith (2 Cor 5:7), and the legs growing back portrays how Reuben will learn to do so.

God provides as we trust Him. We do what we can for ourselves, to survive, but we don’t rely upon ourselves; we look to God as our Ultimate Provider.

Comment: Many believers think that they trust God when they don’t. They don’t have faith in their hearts; they merely have mental assent in their heads. They agree with the theory, but they don’t have the conviction in their hearts to KNOW that God does and will provide for them.

That faith comes from Jesus, as He lives in you. When you die to self, and live to God, Jesus takes His place in you.

If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you (Jn 15:7).

When Jesus commissioned the first disciples (and He gives the same commands to all subsequent disciples), He said:

Do not take along any gold or silver or copper in your belts; take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or a staff; for the worker is worth his keep (Matt 10:9,10, NIV). (Similarly in Luke 10:4.)

Later Jesus asked them:

When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything? [They replied:] Nothing. (Luke 22:35, NIV.)

You see, God does provide for those whom He calls into His Work, IF they are following the lead of His Spirit.

Lack of supply is usually because those who have ‘gone’ are not properly in the will of God, and do not sufficiently follow His specific guidelines by listening to the Spirit every day. Sometimes it can be because there is not anyone ‘worthy’ (Matt 10:11) to support you in your efforts (a temporary situation), as it was for the apostle Paul at one time in his ministry to the Corinthians, and about which he gently chided them (2 Cor 6:3-13; 11:8,9; 12:14-16).

But, even when there are genuine difficulties that are not of your making, God will still bale you out. He won’t let you sink into the mire of an impossible situation. He will deliver you, even if it takes a long time.

It is a promise of God that we have seen fulfilled time and time again, that God DOES provide for those who are faithful in His service. They are provided with enough finance or whatever is needed to do the job which God has assigned.

Guidelines For Evangelists and Lessons in Faith explain more about God’s faithfulness to you in this area. So, you CAN trust Him, but it is something that is LEARNED. You don’t grow that sort of faith or trust overnight.

Former Friends Will Be Approachable
3rd April 2006. M. J and J come towards us
About Jxdx, and later Jxx, coming towards us.
This dream is about friends from 30 years ago, who were turned against us by lies that false ministers spread about us. They became antagonistic and unreasonable. But the dream shows that they will finally come through.

Humiliated By The Truth
4th April 2006. M. Woman intimidated
In this dream I was on the floor, in a very awkward position, trying to fix something. I had a drill in my hand, and had to attend to a woman’s legs above the knee. Naturally, she felt intimidated by this, perhaps humiliated.
Meaning: The dream portrays someone in Australia. After the dream, I received an e-mail which explained the dream.
Comment: It was humiliating for the person to receive my input, giving him (a man who is called to be part of the Bride of Christ can be portrayed as a woman) truth that he had once known many years ago, but was drawn away from retaining by wrong teaching that he accepted in its place. Now he has to re-accept the truth all over again, to retain God’s approval. It’s not easy swallowing your pride.

Dogs Damage Our Concrete
6th April 2006. M. Concrete marked
I had just completed some new concrete and a dog had run over it. There were some large paw marks on it. What was unusual about this concrete was that it was on a slope.
Meaning: The concrete depicts what we are laying out – the truth of God – making a permanent firm base for people to stand on. The slope may depict the difficulty of the job, as well as the ascent to God. Accepting more truth takes you closer to God.
The paw marks were permanent damage that will be done to our work by infidels – dogs – whom the State will send against us. They will defile some of God’s truth by the way they walk all over it.

Going To David Wilkerson
8th April 2006. M. About David Wilkerson. (Pastor of Times Square Church, New York.)
I had gone all the way to New York to meet David Wilkerson. It took a lot of effort to try and reach him. I went to his flat. I knocked on the main door (of all the flats) at ground level and a woman came and opened up to me. I asked her which flat he lived in. She said it was No 278. I thought it would be on the top floor, so I went up there, but he didn’t live at the top, merely half way up the tower block.
Finally, I saw him coming along a corridor with a small crowd of people following behind him. I politely asked him to spare me a couple of minutes, even though he had “500 people to see to.” (That part was what I said, even though it might not have been the case.) He gave me the impression that he would spare me the two minutes that I asked him for, but I waited and waited, and he didn’t do so.
I felt that I should have had two publications with me: The Imminent Fall Of America and one other one, but I didn’t have them with me.
Meaning: Depicts how difficult it has been for us to reach this man of God. 278 is twice 139, and Psalm 139 describes how God knows all about us. God is revealing some of his failings through this dream.
David W doesn’t have time for the message we bring.
Sadly there are many who have done great things for God, but who cannot accept the further message of Elijah at this time. They are not at the pinnacle of what God wants for them. They have only reached midway. [He didn’t live at the top.]
The part about not having those two publications with me shows that he needs what those publications contain. (But he wouldn’t accept them even if I had sent them. I tried before.)

Doing The Miraculous Works Of Jesus
10th April 2006. M. ‘Wheelies’
I was on my bike and did a ‘wheelie’ (lifting up the front wheel so you are only riding on the back wheel). I was surprised by this ability and called to Helena to watch. Then I did it again, and I found that I could do this amazing feat continuously. So I did. It was exciting.
Meaning: This is a symbol of doing miraculous things. Later in the day we could see why God gave the dream. An e-mail came from Kenya, from a man who had reached out to God for the resurrection of his sister who died a couple of days before. I had encouraged him earlier, when he missed an opportunity to raise the dead, and he took my admonition seriously, so God gave him another chance. He still had more to learn, and God used the opportunity to further ‘hone’ him.

Why Someone Was Imprisoned
11th April 2006. M. Man with head in a box
A man was in prison. He was a rapist. He had to be transferred to somewhere else, and to do this his head had to be shoved in a box. However, it seemed that I was the only one who could do this. I closed the opening (which was on the side of the box). But it was not a lid that I used to close it. It was an axe head!
His hair was black and fuzzy like many Negroes have.
Meaning: The imagery is figurative. Black hair depicts demonic influences on the mind. The fuzzy hair symbolises Nimrod’s dominating influence (evil spirits of that type). He wants to be chief – pre-eminent.
The symbol of being a rapist depicts his deep self-centredness and grasping approach. Greed.
Imprisonment is a means God uses to teach lessons.  God wants to ‘tame’ this person, and my involvement is linked to what God is doing because we bring the spiritual input that can help encourage change, in our publications.

Intolerant Man
13th April 2006. M. Intolerant man
A man gave me a piece of paper. It had some things on it that I didn’t understand. He asked me a question about something written there. I didn’t recognise the word and I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I responded “I’m sorry; I don’t understand. What do you mean?”
He blew up into a rage and berated me as an imbecile for not being able to give him an answer.
Comment: About police interrogation.

Trying To Reach A Man At Sea
14th April 2006. M. Man at sea
A man was standing in the sea, quite a distance from me. I wanted to get to him, to reach him. I needed to tell him that there was the danger of a depth charge exploding. So I went towards him. But, while I was about half way to him, he disappeared. Suddenly he was on land.
Meaning: The sea depicts the world and its systems. Land depicts safety and freedom. The depth charge depicts sudden, unexpected, unseen danger. The man doesn’t realise that serious danger threatens his life. I have to get to him to warn him. Going towards him also portrays how I have tried to reach him with spiritual things, but he disappears before he is completely reached, when only half way there.

Need Maturity And Independence
18th April 2006. M.
1) Dxxxx
Dxxxx was waiting to go somewhere and I was about to take him. His car, which was white in the dream, was there. It was a bit tatty and he anticipated getting a newer one sometime. Instead of me driving him, however, I suggested he drove himself, which he did.
Meaning: Personal for D, to do with his future, and his ability and need to become more independent of us.

Unloading The Rubbish Of Your Past
2) White lorry
A white lorry (Bedford box van type) pulled onto our property and started to unload stuff at the back. It seemed as though there were stacks of magazines like the Plain Truth being dumped ready for burning. However, they just don’t burn, so I didn’t want them on our property. There were several advertising names on the side of the van. The Plain Truth was one of them.
Then the van mounted a rock garden and drove right over something we had built, but which was still under construction. I was horrified at how this thing took such a risk of going over such uneven ground. It parked up out of sight in a sort of L-shaped space at the side of our property (which was not like our present property).
Meaning: People getting rid of the rubbish of their past by contact with our ministry, and other inherent meanings.

Many Things To Do In MM’s Work
22nd April 2006. M. Lorry and place, etc
White lorry, which was actually a camper van, with timber on roof. A struggle to get up to the timber on top. Giving timber to various people. One guy peeing nearby, so I had to drop the piece I had for him and leave it somewhere else.
TS (a WCG person, former friend) on his vehicle on opposite side of hardstanding. He ignored me, though he saw me. Likewise I saw him but didn’t say ‘hello’. Clearly, we were no longer friends.
Nice garden. Fence, and gate at end. Beautiful mature trees. Fence had hole in one place that needed mending, to prevent dogs getting in. Made a mental note to fix that.
Getting rid of nails (like from our fire ash) in ground. Thought to dig up a larger area for this. But where to put the soil? Don’t want to waste such a valuable commodity. Doing one task made life more complicated. Problem not solved. Moved on to another aspect.
Two crates of milk nearby. Large bottles (not cartons any more) in water to keep them cool. Still in shade. Sun not come around yet. Another job to do to move them.
Meaning: About various things associated with MM’s work.

Our Magazine
23rd April 2006. M. Magazine
I was writing the small print inside the front cover of a magazine. I was the editor, and I was trying to find the right words to explain that the cover may be changed at our discretion, and that the length of the magazine may not always be 28 pages. It was a bit of a struggle finding the right words.
Meaning: Probably means that there is more writing to do ahead. Magazines are generally produced by well established ministries, so maybe it is an allusion to that.

Kenya: Bad Workmanship
24th April 2006. M. Kenya: The bad puttying
I had left someone to do a job of glazing, and expected that it would be done properly, but when I came back later and looked at it, the puttying job was so shoddy. I was very disappointed because it really ought to have been done again yet I still had to pay. The cost was £33.24.

Meaning: Putty holds glass in. Windows are to let light in, so the job represents how someone has handled MM literature – which is to bring the Light of God into people’s lives.

A letter arrived later the same day from Kenya from someone who has distributed MM literature there. It portrays his spiritual workmanship. Since this sort of situation applies to many, I include some of what I wrote to this individual in reply:

“If people don't learn to put their faith in God, and if they don't do what He says, if they don't follow the lead of His Spirit in their lives, how can I help them? Am I responsible for their failure? Your letter infers that I am.

“I'm sorry about that. You and I are on totally different spiritual planes. Your approach is one that looks to money and people. Mine is to look to God. Since you don't accept 'my' philosophy, which is the biblical one, how can we walk together? I see now the reason for God saying "Enough!" You have had enough, but have not done His will in the way that He wanted.

“If you tally up all we have sent you over the years... have I shortchanged you? No.... So where is the fruit of that investment? Where is your faith? Who is it in? Where are the converts brought to Jesus? How many have been healed? How many have received deliverance from demons? How many have you raised from the dead?

“The figure in the dream was £33.24. 3324 = 3 x 4 x 277. It could imply this. You were given a final chance (3) to take the truth of God to others in the world (4), but the result was 277 (nothing of significance, because it is an indivisible number). Add all the digits, 3 + 4 + 2 + 7 + 7 = 23. That shows that sum of the whole episode was mere hypocrisy. Isn't that the truth? Isn't God saying that you are just a hypocrite? You didn't take MM literature to others because you loved Him and His Truth more than yourself, but because you loved yourself more than Him and wanted Him to lift you up. And you come to me with lip service, with hypocritical statements that I am a prophet, etc., in the hope that such fawning will induce me to part with what you want (physical mammon). Such behaviour is mere manipulation, and as Derek Prince pointed out, it is one of three aspects of the working of a spirit of witchcraft.

“I did not call you. God did. You were not called to work for me. He called you to work for Him. He brought you into contact with MM and caused you to get involved working with us. The purpose of that was not to give you what you wanted physically, but to give the truth to those who need it spiritually. The latter is not paramount in your life. The former seems to be more important.

“Likewise, I didn't give myself the dream last night that portrays your poor spiritual workmanship. So, please don't argue with me over your lacks. It's pointless talking about it with me. Take up your complaint with the One who is in control of MM and all things on earth. He holds the purse strings. He is no respecter of persons and rewards the righteous for their righteousness, and rewards them openly.

“My heart aches for you, but I can do nothing more to encourage you to have faith in Him. If you won't have it, you don't have it.” When the Son of Man comes, will He find [real] faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8, NIV.)

Kenya: Exposing Hidden Things
25th April 2006. M. Kenya: Rabbits uncovered
I took a swipe at a bump on the floor covering with a mallet. The cover was swept off by this drastic action, revealing three rabbits. Two were more hidden away, but the first one was really obvious. It had red eyes [depicts anger]. I grabbed it and killed it.
The others were to be dealt with, too, but the dream didn’t show how. They were all keeping out of sight, like rabbits do, in a cosy little nest hole. But we didn’t want them under our floor!
Meaning: Depicts how some Kenyans have been trying to make a cosy nest for themselves at our expense. Conveys their wrong motivation.
The one with red eyes has become angry at me because he didn’t get what he wanted from me (money). His death is spiritual. He has forfeited eternal life by his selfishness and deceitful lifestyle.

Old Building Of Methodists
26th April 2006. M.
1) Old building
I was taking a look at an old building. Some of my relatives were there (from Wyevale). [They were, or are, Methodists.]
I was reading about the revival Methodists enjoyed many years ago. [The Methodist movement arose from the revival which John Wesley was involved in.]
Comment: Today they are desperately behind the times!

Give Me £50 Or Accept The Truth
2) £50 or our booklets
I was parked on the right hand side of the road in my lorry. A bus was parked on the other side of the road. Another lorry tried to get through the gap and scraped my mirror, and probably did some other minor damage along the side.
The driver got out and came over to see what damage he might have done and offer me compensation. I thought at first that £20 might be all I needed to ask of him. I didn’t want to ask him for much, but then I realised that there might be more damage than I could see, so I thought £50 would be more realistic. [The figure depicts release. It’s the Jubilee number.]
However, not being interested in money, and being more interested in the truth, I said to him, “You can give me £50 if you want, OR read these booklets and promise me that you’ll become a Christian.”

The five booklets were:
Why Believe in God?
Why Human Life?
Why Did Jesus Die?
Why Repent?
And another Why? Booklet.

Meaning: What motivates me is not money, but the truth and seeing others accept it. That means more to me than anything else!
Why Believe in God? is an introduction to the fact that God performs miracles when you truly believe in Him.
Why Human Life? explains the purpose of human life and heavenly life beyond.
How to come into that eternal existence is the subject of Why Did Jesus Die? and Why Repent?
And another Why? booklet (which symbolises all that is contained in the others in that series) made the preparation (symbolised by 5) complete. When people accept these truths they are beginning to compensate God for what He has done.

God Is Very Grieved By People’s Rejection Of His Holy Days
28th April 2006. M.
1) God is very grieved!
Most people were rejecting the truth about God’s holy days and refusing to keep them holy as God commands. In this dream God put me in His place and I was very sad, hurt and grieved.

Meaning: God is truly hurt by those who reject and refuse to keep His Sabbaths and Festivals. God is not hurt for His own sake but because these Christians are denying themselves the fulness of the fellowship God wants to share with them on these holy days.
God spoke to Colin Urquhart and he wrote this prophetic word in his book My Dear Son:

“It is not for you to disregard what I say, choosing to believe only what you want. I don’t submit My Word to you that you might judge what I say with your limited understanding. No, beloved, you are to submit your mind to My Word so that I can inform you of the truth.”

Ironically, Colin Urquhart did not see (or did not care to see) how he himself has fulfilled that very word God spoke! I was at one of his conferences once, and on the way home God said that He would remove the scales from his eyes and it would be as if he had never had them. Truth is very simple!

South American Evangelist Receptive
2) South American Evangelist
I had a word from the Lord for a S American evangelist. I told him that God wanted him to start from the USA and then travel all the way south throughout South American countries. I was amazed because he accepted the word from God through me (most won’t!!) and did as he was commanded.
Meaning: This dream encapsulates the progress of evangelism, beginning in the USA and then proceeding into S American countries. It contains an implied condemnation against evangelists in the USA who can’t be used any longer because they don’t accept the prophets whom God sends, so He used a ‘Gentile’ who is truly God-fearing.

Helena And The New Door
3) Helena upright
Helena was standing upright outside the rear wall of our home. A new door was where there presently isn’t one.
Meaning: Changes coming. Her new role where she will be visible. A door represents an opening to reach others with God’s truths.

Main Harvest Of This Revival, Later
29th April 2006. M. Harvesting grass
I was harvesting a field of grass (hay or silage), cutting it with an old tractor and machine scythe. 2 strips around the edge had been cut, and were lying on the ground ready to be gathered. I had Helena’s little watering can in my hand, but it was clogged with mud. [We struggle with very minimal means. Not sure why a watering-can should feature!]
It was a nice sunny day and someone asked me if I was going to cut the rest of the harvest today. I said, “No, tomorrow.” (Perhaps that means next year?)
Meaning: The main part of the two-year revival must wait awhile. As I have written in Newsletter 35, page 14, the main part of the revival is after dead people are brought back, but I believe that the 2-year revival has already begun.

3rd May 2006. M. £50
Helena went out to the front, by the road, to see if anyone had left some money for her plants that she sells. There was £50 in the pot! She was surprised but I was not. (Usually there are a few coins, amounting to a pound or two, but we don’t get callers every day.)
Meaning: Rewards coming with deliverance (50). The £50 was in £10 notes. 5 is God’s grace and 10 is mankind.

A New Hen House
4th May 2006. M. Hens and eggs
We had a new hen house, quite big. It was lovely to have it again after so long without. And it was so encouraging to have quite a number of laying hens, too. There were a number of eggs. I went to collect them.
Someone called me up on the phone and wanted me to supply them with new chicks. I fumbled a bit in my response, because I was new to this. I tried to remember who had provided us with point of lay pullets many years ago.
Meaning: The new situation coming up when we will receive fruit from our years of labour. New people (hens) and the excitement that comes (like collecting eggs) when they produce fruit (reaching out to others who respond).
But people will look to me to provide them with this fruit or a ready-made solution to their problems, rather than go through the same process of learning to follow the lead of God’s Spirit individually in their own lives.

My Loss Of Memory
5th May 2006. M. Memory loss
A woman was in a place that was like an open market, but there were no other traders there except her. Previously I had bought a couple of things (books etc.) from her. I wanted to share with her what I now had. So I went to her and told her of my previous acquisitions from her, as a lead-in to what I wanted to share (we possessed more than she had already) but I couldn’t remember what else I had to say. (I do suffer from loss of short-term memory.)
Meaning: Perhaps the woman represents the Church, whom we have a message for, but whom I find so hard to give what we have.
Maybe the memory loss is a means of portraying our human inadequacy for the task God has assigned.

Police Interference
22nd March 2006.  H.  Police interference
I looked into a large office. Many police officers were going through the hundreds of boxes of MM literature. The scene was chaotic.
Comment: This is a future event about which God has forewarned us, but there is nothing we can do to prevent them rummaging through our personal possessions or through the carefully packed and stored MM publications.
Knowing how booklets can easily get damaged by being taken out of their boxes and being re-packed, the suspicious and evil behaviour of the police is an affront to us and our ministry.
We will be seeking compensation for their abuse and high- handedness. It amounts to a denial of our legitimate rights – which include that of religious freedom and presumption of innocence. Their behaviour is an intrusion into our personal privacy which should be protected as free citizens of this land.
Britain was once a ‘land of the free’, but no longer. It is now an oppressive police state in which there is intolerance of personal rights (whatever does not fit in with the current flavour of political ‘correctness’) and prejudice against Christianity in favour of other (false) religions.

Evil Effects Of This World
23rd March 2006.  H. Evil friends will corrupt you
I saw a face with a lock on the forehead [symbol of your mind, and what you believe]. The rest of the face was severely pockmarked [effect of infection].
This young person allowed angels from hell (demons) to influence her and set her mind against God through self-will and rebellion. Friends of the world have had a negative influence on her life. Paul warned about this in 1 Cor 15:33. Bad company can influence you negatively.

24th March 2006.  H. Person submits to wild beast
I saw the face clear, but the wild beast (powerful demon) wanted to destroy this person. Although the family tries to help, this individual lets the devil cause harm.
Restoration and healing can only come after repentance; then spiritual maturing can follow on.

Independent People Need To Change
28th March 2006.  H.
1) Person who is independent:
We met many people on our journey [symbolises our ministry outreach]. We met one man briefly who was an authority on fish [fish can represent Christians; one other meaning is nourishing food]. I greeted him, but then he walked off on his journey.
Meaning: We meet many people and have had contact with this person who likes his own privacy. He keeps himself to himself. He has a measure of pride, because he thinks he is an authority on ‘fish’ (Christians; or – if it is the alternative meaning – spiritual food or truth), having been around a long time. He doesn’t want to share himself with us.
The Christian life involves sharing oneself with others, and through our example, helping them to accept God.

2) Many people refuse what is good for them:
We came back to our home where there was a table with a plate of fish and salad that someone had left. They should have eaten it. [How some people refuse the truth we offer them, which would nourish them spiritually.]

Prominent Politician’s Wife
3) Wife of prominent politician
We watched some TV and saw a politician’s wife (CB) sunning herself in publicity. After a while her husband took her away. [Publicity can harm politicians.]

Satan Blinds People
4) Satan’s attack to blind people
God gave me two pictures (visions) of how Satan uses demons to attack Christians. In the first picture, the eyes stayed open [can still see what is true, but that is being clouded by error through temptation to human appeal], but the devil sent demons to attack.
The second picture showed that the devil will not give up until the person’s vision is completely blocked and they are overwhelmed by demons.

Deception In Church Of England
29th March 2006.  H.  Vicar and spiritual deception
As I was walking down the road, a vicar (minister in the Church of England) was coming towards me. When he passed [their spiritual direction is not the same as ours], he looked back and asked, “Is that you?”
I answered, “Yes, it is me.”
The vicar’s face was red. [Drunkenness produces a red face. Drunkenness depicts spiritual deception (Rev 17:2).]
Meaning: Publicity will make us relatively well known to the organised church leadership. They will be rather puzzled by us. The church leaders have failed to prepare the church (the people comprise the church, not a building, nor the leadership – ‘ecclesiastics’ – nor the organisation) for Jesus’ return.
Going the opposite way down the road depicts the fact that they are not in the will of God any longer.

State Pindown!
2nd April 2006.  H. 
1) Pindown!
I felt a negative heavy burden like pindown.
Meaning: This depicts a future attack on our freedom and liberty. God will help us and He will judge those who oppress and persecute us.

Helping People
2) Big babies
We were helping big babies.
Meaning: These are Christians who have suffered through cults. They are spiritually immature and need help in their spiritual development.

4th April 2006.  H. 
1) Two people need ‘planting’
As I was clearing the grounds, I found two plants under a big bush. One plant was half burned, and both had no roots.
Meaning: The big bush represents the world, which shades people’s lives from the light of God. These plants, which represent new believers, need to be planted in new soil so they can grow roots. The soil is the Word of God.
These two people have lived without God and they are dying spiritually. God will intervene in their lives and heal them and restore them spiritually.

Demons’ Negative Influences
A young lady, whom we know, was living separately from us in a house. She didn’t want to mix with us as she didn’t want God in her life. Rebellion and stubbornness are among the worst sins. 1 Samuel 15:23.

5th April 2006.  H.  Demons stress people
I saw a face with demons crowding around it.
Comment: The young lady depicted in the dream came back from work very stressed and confessed that she had had a hard time with an abusive customer. The devil used this man to attack her.
We need God’s help continually to fight the devil and demons. God allows us to face these trials to see the reality of spiritual warfare and the enemies we face.

7th April 2006.  H. 
1) Shoes not wanted
I was trying to find a pair of shoes for someone, but the person didn’t want them.
Meaning: This is a young person who is running away from God and doesn’t want to walk in His ways.

2) White dove drowns
I saw a white dove [represents the Holy Spirit in her life] drowned in a small tank of water. I pulled it out to rescue it, but it was too late. It was dead. I felt so sad.
Meaning: This person’s spiritual life was drowned by her friends and the world. The devil uses temptations to lure us into sin that cuts us off from God, if we give in to them and don’t repent.

8th April 2006.  H. 
1) Sexual lust
A man was sexually aroused. I showed him that his behaviour was offensive to me and he ran off.
Meaning: This was fulfilled by a famous young man who went to a lap dancing club in London. His visit was reported in the news.
The prevalent lack of moral guidance, and temptations thrown at people, have ruined many young lives. Sexual perversion and permissiveness can destroy the future happiness of those who don’t counter illicit lust.

A Rare Person Who Is Willing To Pay The Price And Change
2) Someone else uses the washing machine
I was gathering garments to be washed. Someone came along with their load and used the washing machine by putting 50p in the slot. I had to wait for my turn.
Meaning: Someone who has received MM literature is responding and making the necessary changes in his life.
This was a man who called at our door, having seen the writing on the front of our garage: Jesus Raises The Dead. He lives on the other side of town. He is devout, and he was humble and willing to receive literature, which Helena gave to him after chatting with him awhile.
The symbolism means he’s willing to pay the price for his deliverance (50) so that he can put on clean clothes – he will accept and live by the ‘new’ teachings we promote.

Poorly Plant
3) Unhealthy leaves
I picked up a plant and examined its leaves. They didn’t look healthy and the flower was small. The plant was not attractive so I put it on the side.
Meaning: We had a letter from Africa, asking us to help this man so that his son could get educated in Britain. Although he said he could pay for all his expenses and merely needed an invitation, I doubt that he even realises the immense cost of things over here compared with his country. His money would not go far!
God confirmed in the dream that his approach was selfish and not in line with God’s will. He has wrong priorities, as do many in African countries who look to a physical and human solution to their problems.
The time is too short to seek human, selfish ambitions. This world is facing the greatest crisis in all time, and only Jesus can deliver us from the worsening critical situation.

9th April 2006.  H.  Mocker abuses us
Someone was being abusive towards us. I responded by telling him: You are a mocker!
Meaning: People who are ungodly will not accept those who fear God. They mock them. (See Ps 10:2-5.) It is a natural but evil trait to mock what you don’t understand (Jude 10).

One Day And The Queen
2) One day at the old house
We were back in the old house. [Going back to the old house represents going back to the old church to deliver the people there.] We had a cow which we took to the school at Princes Risborough, [the cow is symbolic of provision – you get milk from her, and meat] for the purpose of teaching. [The purpose of this provision is to provide the spiritual teaching in the publications. School is a place of learning. The Church will have to go back to school in the sense that it must start again to learn some basic truth.] We were there for one day. [Probably a year.] Because we couldn’t leave the cow there, we had to take it home afterwards. [Isaiah 55:11 declares that God will receive the results of the Word that He sends out.] On the way back, the Queen helped us to take the cow back home. [We need help to do this Work. The Queen will assist in this Work in the future. She is a God-fearing lady. And she will respond to the need. She will be saved.] She was extra careful to keep her dress clean. [Her care about spiritual purity will increase.]
Comment: There is an allusion to reaching the princes (William and Harry) through MM’s work, which shouldn’t be hard for anyone to see who understands that Diana will be resurrected. (Also conveyed in Helena’s dream of 4th March 2006, on p 18 of DD34.)

Selfish People Are Thieves
13th April 2006.  H.  Empty tray
I saw an empty tray. (Tray in which you put plant pots.)
Meaning: I didn’t know the meaning of this dream until I checked the plants for sale beside the road. I noticed that several plants and a couple of small shrubs were gone. The person had left a small donation – merely 3 coins. I felt cheated. I realised my dream was fulfilled.
Comment: People think God is not watching them (Ps 10:11. But He knows ahead of time what they will do. Each person is judged in this life for EVERY deed done, whether good or evil.

[God] will render to each one according to his deeds: eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good, seek glory, honour and immortality; but to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness – indignation [see God’s indignation in the dream of 8th April 2006] and wrath, tribulation and anguish on every soul of man who does evil... (Rom 2:6-10).

Dangers Of Alcohol
22nd April 2006.  H.  Alcohol can lead to depression
A young lady went to a pub for a social evening. In a dream I saw demons dancing around her and the people she was with, encouraging them to drink. The next day the lady became discouraged and depressed.
Comment: Alcohol can lower a person’s inhibitions. Then demons are able to influence people, especially the young, and cause spiritual harm, leading them into deeper problems.

They Won’t Look Into The Sabbath
1st May 2006.  H.  Won’t accept the Sabbath truth
Someone was finding fault with my garment.
Meaning: Relatives of mine were staying with us at the time of this dream. They are from a Catholic background and don’t like what we stand for. Rather than learning new truth, in their minds they criticise our observance of the Sabbath.
Comment: While we can prove by accurate exegesis the veracity of what we believe, most people are too prejudiced by worldly tradition to examine it.
Although the dream is a revelation specifically about Helena’s relatives who were staying with us, it is also fulfilled by many others who don’t care to obey the Sabbath, so they don’t want to look into the issue. They avoid it.

Police Accuse Us Falsely
2nd May 2006.  H.  Accused me of being a thief!
A man came to me, accusing me of being a thief. I was offended by this false accusation and showed him my purse which contained only a very small amount of money.
Comment: I carry a very small amount of cash. Most of our bills are paid for by credit card or cheque. We have nothing to hide.
This work has existed for years with debts, and still does. The accusation against us is risible! We don’t steal, we give!
The devil will use the authorities to accuse us falsely. God warned us about this over 10 years ago! (A number of these dreams have been included in two articles Is Britain Now A Police State? and When Prosecution Is Persecution!)
All civil authorities are subject to God’s judgment and exposure! That is what God is setting up. It’s His time for them.

Parliament,  A Den Of Demons
7th May 2006.  H.  The unseen demonic influences in Parliament, the seat of British Government
I saw the news on TV in the morning. A prominent politician (Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer) was being interviewed by Andrew Marr. GB’s answers were manipulating, evasive and controlling. His response sounded like a tape recording. There were plenty of vague promises, lots of words that said little, but which pointed attention to himself.
After this programme, God gave me a vision of Parliament. It was a flurry of demonic activity! First one man got up and spoke and demons influenced him. Then other demons moved another man. Demons were having a field day!
MPs responded deceitfully, guided by all these demons.
There was other news on the TV later in the day, and it was quite noticeable how the vision was fulfilled in what I saw.
Selfish ambition is the main motivation behind an MP’s response. Instead of allowing God to lead them – the suggestion sounds so ludicrous, because they have strayed so far from God – they let immoral conduct spread through their selfishness. The nation is engulfed in so many problems you can’t count them, because she has been sold to the devil.

Cleaning Up Your Spiritual Rubbish
13th May 2006. H. Cult influences
In this dream I had gone to visit a man’s house [his spiritual life]. It was untidy and totally cluttered with rubbish [needing spiritual tidying; getting rid of error and false teachings, and accepting truth and true practice in worship]. I offered to help him to get rid of all the rubbish into bags and throw it away. [God would not use this imagery if we did not have the ability to help people sort out their spiritual lives. But because He has given us His wonderful truths that can set people free through Jesus’ power and enlightenment, He gives this imagery.]
Comment: We had a response from a man in a church which is a cult in Kenya. His theology was more influenced by the church than by the Bible. Church errors clogged his think- ing and messed up his spiritual life.
God’s truth is pure, simple and deep. God’s Spirit helps us to understand the Bible. Human leadership blocks the flow and freedom of the Holy Spirit, thus dominating members’ lives.

Sacrificing To Help Others
18th May 2006. H. Suffering to help others
Someone gave me a hug. But it gave me a pain the back.
Comment: We have to be willing to sacrifice to comfort and help others who have been hurt or damaged by evil men or the devil.

Going Up The Mountain
19th May 2006. H. Climbing the steep hill
We were getting ready to climb a steep hill. We were busy planting plants as we were beginning our ascent. The next job that had to be done was to carve out steps up the hill. These will be done one by one as events develop.
Comment: The dream is an allegory of our spiritual work.

Man Emerges From Mist
22nd May 2006. H. Man’s face becomes visible
I saw a man’s face become visible through the mist. There was some smoke near his mouth [mist and smoke symbolise demonic influences – his speech is demonically influenced].
Comment: The dream was about someone who has faced many trials, and suffered deception and attacks from evil men. God is helping this man with spiritual healing and deliverance, preparing him to face the future. God wants to use him to do His Work.

Reaching TV Presenters
27th May 2006. H. Helena, and Gloria Hunniford
I was travelling in a tall vehicle [symbol of MM’s coming public ministry after the dead are raised]. I saw a big building [the media, TV, etc] with Gloria Hunniford in it. I waved to her. [Helena has sent her some MM literature. She is a presenter on TV, and has hosted the Heaven and Earth Show.]
I was travelling to pick up a Christmas tree. The purpose of this was to celebrate a new development.
Comment: God is doing a new work. Much of His work is unseen by others, only by those directly involved. We all have a part to play as Bible prophecies are being fulfilled daily.

Friends Turn Up
31st May 2006. H. God brings people
A bus brought some passengers to the front of our house. I recognised a friend who came out. We have been expecting him for some time. He came into the house for a short time. We enjoyed the reunion with him. He had to leave quickly. I didn’t even have a chance to say ‘goodbye’.
Meaning: God is showing how much He is in control of people’s lives, and knows ahead of time every detail. He prepares us to face every situation. God wants us to trust Him completely.

Cleansing Precedes Moving Ahead
1st June 2006. H.
We had to move house. Cleaning and packing revealed a pile of dirty laundry in the corner. [People’s spiritual lives that need cleaning up.] This had to be dealt with before we could move.
Meaning: The dirty laundry belongs to people who have rebelled and gone their own ways, rejecting God. We clean our spiritual clothes by living God’s way through His Spirit. God’s Word cleanses us by showing us how to live the life of Jesus with His Spirit in us.

Warned Not To Trust Two People
7th June 2006. H. Kenya
I saw two people cuddling and kissing.
Meaning: The vision was about two men in Kenya. This ‘unity’ between them was confirmed by an e-mail we received. These two men were conspiring together against us. God showed us not to trust them.

Making A Film
8th June 2006. H.
This dream was full of activities. The main purpose was to make a film about health and how to lose weight.
Meaning: It is allegoric about our spiritual health. We have spiritual food to help people become spiritually fit and healthy, but getting their attention so that they accept it is a problem.
The film metaphor indicates how God will do it via publicity.

An Attack Against Malcolm
9th June 2006. H. Attacked. (See p 29 of Newsletter 36.)
I saw a picture of a demon looking like a dog.
Comment: That night Malcolm was attacked by an evil spirit which tried to kill him. God protected him. A man from Kenya sent a hostile letter demanding money. The devil was angry when we didn’t submit to the man. He couldn’t harm us.

Plants Crying
18th June 2006. H.
Several plants were crying out with tears.
Comment: The dream was fulfilled after a thief came and stole many plants and flowers from my flower stand. It’s sad to see evil people stealing from others. God judges everything.

Trying To Get Some Privacy
18th June 2006. H.
We had to hide in a big warehouse for a bit of privacy. Malcolm needed some time to relax.
Comment: Future events will be overpowering.

Evil Situation
18th June 2006. H.
I was taken into a huge warehouse. The floor was covered by thick sponge material making walking impossible. I felt fearful and threatened by evil.
Comment: This is a future situation where evil men will make our lives difficult. Their evil motives will threaten our freedom. But God will deliver us and He will judge the wicked.

Young Man And Rock Music
24th June 2006. H. Young man bombarded by demons
I saw a young man bombarded with bee-like demons. Then God came into his life and he changed completely and became a nice person.
Comment: When I talked to him he explained that he is a member of a boy band. Being part of a rock band explained why he would be influenced by so many demons. Music is a powerful medium. Many are led astray by its evil influences. God is showing that He will deliver this young man.

Evil Police System Being Exposed
26th June 2006. H.
We were living in an underground compound. There was no light; we moved about in darkness.
Comment: The underground compound represents the system in which we are forced to live, in which the truth of God is shut out. In this instance it represents the police system.
God is showing how authorities treat people, denying them freedom and interfering in their private lives, often using violence and intimidation to extract ‘evidence’ like in the Forest Gate incident. Innocent people were abused and one man was shot. Combining this with other dreams, God is exposing the evil police system in this present evil world (Gal 1:4).

Don’t Just Store It, Use It
26th June 2006. H.
I saw Bob and a friend bagging compost which was stored in bins. I thought this could be useful for our compost pit.
Comment: This shows his life. Compost is organic matter that contains plant food when mixed with soil. Soil would be God’s Word, and compost would represent all the material of other ministries that he has read. But it’s no use unless it is used for the benefit of others. Storing it is not enough. It has to be used in service towards others.

Large Cauldron, But No Fire
1st July 2006. H.
I was shown a room with a huge cauldron, filling half the room it was so big! The cauldron was lifted up to show a big hole in the floor where there was a big store of wood ready for burning. But there was no water and no fire.
Comment: This dream is similar to the previous one. It emphasises that you can have all the knowledge about God and the Bible, but if it is not used, nothing of worth will be produced. You have to be on fire for God, so His Spirit flows.

Two Chickens And Cockerel
3rd July 2006. H. Two chickens and a cockerel were running around on the back lawn. I feared for their safety because foxes live in the area.
Comment: The dream is about three young people whom we are concerned for. They enjoy their freedom, doing what they want, but they don’t see the dangers in their lifestyle. Satan has many clever means to deceive and enslave them.

Demons Make Her Blind
9th July 2006. H.
I saw a young lady with demons sitting on her shoulder. They were leading her astray and causing her to be blind. The spiritual blindness led her to the grave.
Then I saw the grave burst open, and she came out.
Meaning: The dream portrays a young lady who is self- willed and allowing demons to govern her life. But God is not mocked, for what you sow you reap – unless you repent before God. Some will die for their rebellion and be brought back from death to witness for Jesus and reach many people.

No Consideration For Others In Society
10th May 2006. M. The massive hen house
A building was suddenly erected behind our house. It was huge! Three storeys high, and made in prefabricated timber sections, it emerged so suddenly behind our home that I was aghast! It was a massive hen house.
No one had asked beforehand how I felt about such a development. It was just put up, without any consideration for us. Whoever erected it didn't care about its impact upon our lives.
Meaning: Commercial considerations in society take priority. Those with power ride roughshod over others. They don't really care for others. This is often reflected in the planning system, where it is overly strict in some areas and lax in some other aspects (the latter, often in agricultural developments).

African Christians’ Wrong Focus
11th May 2006. M. The Secretary
I was in a room with two other people. A secretary came in. She was dressed for the job. She was smart and 'looked the part' (clearly she was worldly in that respect). Some things were said about the work of God and money in relation to that work.

The secretary commented that the wealth was with the western churches (this secretary was in an African country – Kenya). She said that all these other churches which didn't preach the fulness of God's truth had plenty of money, but that God doesn't give money to 'us'. By 'us' she meant those who subscribe to keeping the Sabbaths and holy days, etc.

I immediately started to correct her. She was not right. God DOES provide for those who are in His will! I was vehement in my response, because she was speaking doubt and unbelief. She didn't have true faith in God. Her trust was in the physical, in the flesh, in money. She was merely looking at things from a human perspective, and didn't know God. That was because her reliance was upon the things of the flesh; she sought to BE someone, hence the way she dressed to look good in the eyes of others. She wanted to APPEAR 'with it' to them. That is seeking the approbation of others. It's not seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt 6:33) upon which God's promise of provision is predicated. But she couldn't see what was wrong with her approach, and that evil still in her heart.

I started to tell her about Elijah, how God separated him. God told him to take his servant and dog (I'm not sure that Elijah had a servant or a dog, but they were in the dream, so it can apply to others today whose situations are different from Elijah's) and go to the place He told him. There God provided for him, because Elijah just listened to God. He didn't listen to others. He did the will of God. He was not out to gain the approbation of others.

I had barely started this discourse, when the woman tidied up her things to go home. It was the end of her shift, and so she was off home. She didn't stay to listen to what I had to say, so clearly she didn't care. Her comment about not having money (that SHE thought 'we' needed to do God's work in that part of the world) was obviously not one that came from a heart genuinely seeking the mind of God. It was more a gripe. It was from unbelief. Her deeply rooted belief was that God DOESN'T provide, and that the churches who preach falsity have money. So, from her limited viewpoint, she drew the conclusion that God's promise of provision in the Bible is false, and that money comes to those who preach 'smooth things, who prophesy deceits' (Is 30:10).

So, many such people reject God's message of pure truth; they rely upon oppression and depend on deceit (see Is 30:12, NIV).

After she had gone out, I carried on speaking. The words were pouring out of my mouth. They were from God and were a blistering attack on the churches who pander to people, so that they can get money from them, which gives them power and influence.

There was so much vehemence in the words that came from the Spirit! They were a blistering attack on people who compromise, who accept worldly (physical) standards and norms, but whose heart is not on the purity of God and His truth.

As I woke up, I wanted to retain all that there was in the Spirit to be received, but there was so much, I couldn't. In the state of semi-sleep, coming out of the Spirit realm and back into the physical realm, it was not a welcome transition! In the spirit realm, it was so easy to comprehend and to express all that is truth, all that is right and good. But, as soon as you come into the physical realm again, you just cannot take all that with you. After this dream I was longing to be in the Spirit realm again. [The last part is a longing that is partly because of all the aggravation that physically minded people in Kenya have given me!]

Meaning: The dream highlights the wrong approach in most people in Kenya and other similar African countries, including most Christians, who have come to rely upon money instead of God, and who look to western churches or ministries to provide for them instead of God. The transition is subtle and largely unseen.

Mice Eating Our Beetroots
13th May 2006. M. Mice eating our beetroots
In this dream I had neatly stacked, in a cube shape, a pile of our beetroots we had produced. But when I came to inspect some months later, although the pile seemed to be unchanged on the outside, they were all eaten away inside by mice. One central core beetroot remained in the middle, but half of all the beets on the perimeter had been eaten away, and all that were in between the middle and the outer rim were eaten up, too.
Meaning: Beetroots are my favourite vegetable, rich in food value. They represent MM literature which is nourishing. The dream portrays some people who have received MM lit, but who are hiding; they are not willing to accept the ‘outer’ teachings such as the Sabbaths, holy days, etc., while they take what they want from ‘inside’. Their approach is like mice – scavengers. I wrote an article once entitled Scavengers and Scoundrels (now in Articles of Faith).

Revival Spreads Into Scotland
16th May 2006. M. Scotland
About revival and reaching out into Scotland..

Someone Who Lives To Please Himself
17th May 2006. M. Fun-fair equipment
Someone had parked a large contraption on our front lawn. It was a piece of equipment used at fun fairs / fair grounds, etc. It was like a trailer, towed behind a vehicle, and he parked it in front of our place without asking. He pushed it right up to our building till it was even touching the wall! I was not pleased, as you can imagine!
What effrontery! What presumption!
Then, after he took it away, he came and did the same thing again! He didn’t ask if we minded! He just parked the thing in front of our place and expected us to put up with it as though there was nothing wrong. He didn’t care about us.
Meaning: The dream uses imagery to portray a spiritual meaning that exposes a person’s inner motivation. Fair ground equipment is for having fun. This highlights the person’s motivation in life, which is to please himself. He is not living to please God, but to have a good time for himself. (However, while he has this wrong pursuit, he won’t be getting the satisfaction he craves so much.) And he uses us for HIS pursuits. God is not having any of it!
If you want God in your life, and God’s blessing on your life’s activities, you MUST put Him first, not yourself and what you want.

18th May 2006. M. Water pouring in
Water was pouring in through the roof – although I had mended the roof before. It was a big stream of water! Aggro!!

Richard Involved In Building
19th May 2006. M. Building work
A lot of building work was taking place. Richard was involved, too. [Future building of the Church.]

You Reap What You Sow
27th May 2006. M. Writing an article
In this dream I was writing an article which contained a ‘new’ emphasis. That is, it is new to many Christians. I was explaining the principle of Gal 6:7 – everyone reaps what they sow. Many Christians are under a curse, and have lives that are far from ideal because they think that as long as you profess Christ, and ‘accept’ Him ‘in your heart’, that it doesn’t matter much how you live.
The dream conveyed also that the prophetic message we deliver is one that is rejected. It seemed that every true prophetic message is NOT accepted by most!

Comment: The dream depicts one major emphasis of what we do write. For example, Newsletter 34 carried an article on the front page entitled Cursed Be... It explains why many Christians are under a curse. They are shut out from the blessings of God. It is to do with not accepting ALL God makes available.

And Newsletter 35 contains similar articles:
Cursed is he... which is about ministries that are cursed.
One In Two. Half of ‘the Church’ will not be saved!
Complacency – A Spiritual Killer.

And other newsletters contain articles that give a ‘new’ emphasis for most Christians who are simply not taught enough truth! People need to LIVE OUT biblical truth in their lives. DOING is the most important part of your life. You will be rewarded according to your works (Rev 22:12-14; 20:12; Jn 15:8).

The second part of the dream is fulfilled all the time. The people to whom we ‘go’ mostly reject what we deliver.

Water, The Boy & The Oppressor
28th May 2006. M. Water, the boy and the oppressor on the roof
Water surrounded our house (although it didn’t seem to be our house in the dream, but I knew it was – depicting the fact that this is God’s Work, not ours). Then I saw a small person standing in the water. Perhaps he was a boy. That wasn’t clear. [But I knew whom this person represents in real life.] Then a man came and stood on top of the house, standing astride two pillars. [This depicts the State authorities, and their approach.] He was wanting the boy. While the man waited, he sat down on our roof. This man was huge in comparison with our house, so when he sat down he totally crushed the roof. I groaned. It was completely destroyed, and I knew the aggro this would cause me, with water leaking in all over the house. Everything would be ruined!
Comment: Water depicts the world. The small person or boy depicts someone we know who is unspiritual whom the authorities want to apprehend. They will oppress us in order to try and obtain their quarry, and cause us immense harm and damage to our ministry.

29th May 2006. M. Many aspects
This dream contained many aspects to do with:
Hypocrisy and flattery of church people (red dress, etc.) but their permissiveness.
Someone receiving love from us.
Our ministry not being accepted.
The anointing upon me for writing, and telling two men about this (but perhaps it won’t be for much longer?).
My tiredness.
Red around my eyes (to do with what is coming).
And some other details.

People Need To Be Independent Of Us
30th May 2006. M.
1) Someone left their vehicle
Someone had left their vehicle with us, but I was concerned that they should also keep a set of keys. They shouldn’t leave their keys with us.
Meaning: The vehicle could represent their ministry. Even though people may fully accept the truth that we teach, they should still keep their independence from us.

One Day At A Time
2) Take one day at a time
In this dream I was going in short bursts, a bit at a time.
Meaning: Our spiritual lives are like that. We have to take one day at a time; and when things are extremely difficult, we have to take one step at a time, in each day. Don’t think you will overcome in one day. It’s a process, bit by bit, step by step, day by day.

Dead Wood Exposed After Trimming
3) Bush reshaped
[Helena was recently reshaping some bushes in the garden that I have trimmed into a round shape over the years. She wanted to change their very ordinary appearance.] In the dream she cut back a round bush (a conifer), and you could now see that two thirds of it was brown dead wood; only one third was green. It looked a mess. (Conifers rarely grow back from brown dead wood.) New growth had to take place to cover the brown area. That would take some time.
Meaning: Symbolises people’s lives. If they have been growing in a very ordinary way and are suddenly pruned by the truth, their past lives look a mess. We had an e-mail from someone in Australia yesterday to whom the dream refers.

Police Approach Like The Gestapo’s
6th June 2006. M. Police lack of respect and care
We had a lovely small hedge, just beginning to develop at the back of our property (which was actually the front of the property). [This part means that what people regard of little consequence, or at the back, is actually what is at the forefront of God’s Work. The hedge depicts the literature outreach which is growing and developing.] But huge earth moving machines, lorries, and other traffic was coming along and flattening our hedge. They had made a big rut in the ground, which was only soil and was muddy. Another large vehicle came along. I thought it would avoid the rut, but it went right into it, too. I was aghast! Even though they had made the road just outside our land, their wheels came onto our land and flattened the hedge, ruining it almost completely. There was only one little bit of green left.

While I was looking at this horrendous mess these vehicles had made, a lorry drove over our land, through our back garden and over our lovely lawn, leaving two large tracks where its wheels had been. I was furious. I leaned out of the window and shouted at the bloke “What the hell do you think you are doing!!? Get out!!” I remonstrated with him furiously and he backed off a bit. But it didn’t deal with the problem he had caused or the mess he had left behind him. In dealing with that, I said in a very conciliatory, tolerant way, “Well, you had better tip your load and be gone.”

Meaning: The dream portrays allegorically how the police force invades people’s privacy (in this case, ours) without any genuine consideration for citizens. They (the police) have become crude, uncaring, and behave with a total lack of respect for individual rights. The dream depicts how they will cause us immense damage, from which ‘our hedge’ will never recover, because of their blundering, brutal insensitivity.

Someone recently, writing in the newspaper, likened them to the Nazi Gestapo of Germany during World War 2.

This is the end result of humanity seeking to assert power over others without God’s love. There is only one true and rightful source of authority and that is God. If He does not live in those who hold power, they wield authority abusively with tragic consequences for the oppressed!

Evangelist David Hathaway
9th June 2006. M. Naked man
This short vision was of a white man who was standing naked.
Meaning: The night before this vision I was completing an article about David Hathaway, entitled David Hathaway: Man of God? Or Tearaway? It exposes his spiritual nakedness. The vision confirms the correctness of what is written about him.
There was another aspect to the dream which I will not record, which not only shows his unconverted character – that is the representation as a man (if he were converted he would be represented as a woman, because he would be part of the Bride of Christ) – but this undisclosed aspect reveals his wrong desire to dominate and rule over others. He has a POWER motive.
I had brought that out in the article and God confirmed it by the imagery in the dream.
Comment: David Hathaway – because of his pride – consistently rejected all the input I sent him over the years.

God Reveals Inner Hostility Of Others
10th June 2006. M. Former friend (SF), hostile
A former friend (Sxxxxx Fxxxxx) turned up at our place. I said in a very cordial way – still thinking he was a friend and treating him as such – “Hello, Sxxxxx”. But he didn’t reply. He was icy as Siberia in winter and turned away.

I replied, “OK, be like that, then,” and turned to get back to what I was doing. (I was doing something outside the house – in other words, something practical.) Immediately he started to say something about his boat; he wanted it delivered back to his place. He claimed Richard had moved it, and S now wanted it back. I said I didn’t know anything about the boat, and anyway, Richard was not here. But he was adamant that he wanted it ‘returned’ to his place (somewhere in Yorkshire, I think, a long way away).

S had come in a big navy blue van with another guy. The van was old and tatty, although large. He could have moved what he wanted in that, but he expected us to do it for him.

Then he also said something about having the loaf of bread, too. He expected to have a large loaf of bread from us. It was presumptuous of him to expect so much from me while he did very little or nothing himself.

Meaning: Symbolises someone’s attitude in Kenya who wrote to me recently, blaming me for his predicament. He expects money out of me (the large loaf of bread). The boat represents his means of doing a ministry. He is a former friend. “We walked to God’s house side by side” (Ps 55:14) But he didn’t develop faith in God. He put his trust in me and in physical things, including money, so he has no faith. He is dead spiritually.

Navy blue in the dream portrays the mixture of spiritual things (heavenly sky blue) with evil (black) making navy blue.

Missing Post
12th June 2006. M.
1) Delivery man
A delivery man arrived and something was said about missing post. I made some forceful remarks about losses we had suffered in the post!
Meaning: Perhaps it portends the postal system becoming much more undependable. We have already lost quite a bit of literature sent abroad, for which we are not compensated.

Infringement Of Civil Liberties
2) Talking to two men, and another turns up
As I was talking to two men [officials – possibly dealings with local authority people], a copper turned up and tried to persuade me to let him in. He wanted to bug our place. As you can imagine, I was not going to let him in if I could help it!
It’s an infringement of our civil liberties to be subjected to such treatment.

Miracles Occurring!
14th June 2006. M.
1) Miracles
Miracles were happening! [What is around the corner.]

Large Mailing Operation Ahead
2) Post Office not yet open
I was at the Post Office, but it wasn’t open. It was 5 minutes before they opened for the afternoon.
On the side I saw a tape from Donal. He had given it to someone there. On the box I saw “Donal’s Dreams.”
Meaning: Our mailing operation is a short while ahead. Donal is one whom we have helped over the past decade. So he is a figure for others who will likewise be helped.
As people accept the truth, laying down their pride, and humbling obeying God, they too receive dreams from God showing them various things that can help them, just as was promised in Acts 2:17-18.

The Church IS CORRUPT!
16th June 2006. M.
1) Denouncing A Corrupt Church!
There were a number of people near me. One man was black and, as I was walking away from him, I was saying things for his benefit. I said in the most emphatic and derogatory tones: “The Church is CORRUPT! The leaders are corrupt! It is riddled with corruption!!” As I said these forceful things – which I knew would offend the man (but I didn’t care about that, it was truth) – I didn’t look at him.
I was growling with fury as I said them. That is God’s great displeasure expressed towards those who harbour corruption in churches.
Later in the evening, God moved me to pick up and specifically read chapter 11 of God Speaks To The WCG. He made me want to be reminded of what I had written in that chapter: Finishing Off The WCG! There I noticed five places where the corruption of the WCG was exposed and emphasised! Now I knew what God was referring to!
Just in case I had missed an important mention of corrupt or corruption, or corrupted, etc. somewhere else in that book, I put it through a word search, only to find that there are 39 (3 x 13) occurrences of variants of that word in that volume!

The Way Others Regard MM Literature
2) Man sawing wood
I was standing in a queue of people at a DIY store or builders’ merchants. I had a large trolley with much on it. Two other men used my trolley for their benefit. They rested their piece of timber on top of it and sawed one end at 30 degrees. He was careful to lift it up so he didn’t touch anything of mine with his saw.
Meaning: Yesterday I sent an inquiry to an SDA person because of a recommendation from an SDA leader (not to me personally; it was printed for many to read).
The dream predicts their response. Our literature is not important to them and they will not want to touch it, except to use it as a base for what they want to do.
That is what occurred. They ignored me and did not make proper use of MM publications.
One piece of their wood depicts their one item they are concerned with. What they have is limited. Cutting the wood at an oblique angle symbolises their slanted approach. SDAs are prejudiced, and they look at everything, and respond to everything according to their own slant. They do not accept anything that does not fit their preconceptions.

Our Isolated Ministry
3) In my small camper van
I was all alone in my small camper van [not that I have one – it is symbolic] somewhere by the sea. No one else was around. There wasn’t a person in sight!
Meaning: Symbolises how isolated our ministry is. (Elijah felt this way – see 1 Kings 19:10).

Person Hiding In Squalor, Deep Down
17th June 2006. M.
1) Person(s) in squalor
This was a most unusual dream! Someone (perhaps more than one person – this part of the dream was not clear, meaning it is not so important as the rest of the dream) was living deep below ground level in a hideout of their own. To get to this deep underground room you had to descend a vertical narrow shaft. A very slight, small man with Afro hair [symbol of demonic influence] beckoned to me to follow him down this shaft. I went after him.

The shaft was so narrow that it was only just wide enough for one person. Someone like John Simpson, the BBC correspondent, would not have managed. It was a spiral or circular staircase. The other guy was familiar with the descent, so he descended fast. It took me much longer.

I thought it would only be a few feet down. But I went down 10 feet, then 20, then 30. I began to feel very uneasy. Misapprehension gripped me. I felt very vulnerable. What if there was some ground movement? I could be trapped! The shaft was so narrow that it would have been easy to get stuck and you could die in there.

I carried on down. It went on and on... hundreds of feet down!

When I got to the bottom there was the little room, but not much was shown about it. The dream was emphasising the narrowness and depth of the shaft, the feeling of vulnerability, and the isolation at the bottom.

Then I was moved to consider something Derek Prince had written many years ago about how people who are hurt tend to try and hide away – like the dream symbolised, so they are totally inaccessible and isolated. They don’t share. They do this to ‘defend’ themselves from what they imagine could happen again. They have been hurt badly in the past and carry shame, or guilt, or feelings of being betrayed by others, so they react with such defensiveness. Derek Prince wrote:

“When someone betrays you, you may say, ‘I’ll never open myself up again. No one will ever get another chance to hurt me like that.’ That is a natural reaction, but it is also dangerous. It will open you up to a second problem, defensiveness, which is the reaction of somebody who has been hurt once too often. Defensiveness says, ‘All right, I’ll go through life, but I will never let anybody come near enough to hurt me again. I’ll always keep a wall between me and other people.’

“Do you know who suffers? You do. Your personality shrivels, becoming incomplete. You grow as a tree does when its main trunk is lopped off – in a distorted manner.” (God’s Remedy For Rejection, p 34.)

In my dream God revealed that the person(s) lived in squalor as a result. God means spiritual squalor. He can’t help them because they have chosen a human solution which is actually inspired by demons, because it shuts God out of the equation for their healing.

Need To Pray More
2) Need to pray more
This dream is urging people – all of us – to pray more!

Helena was standing in front of about 70 or 80 people, teaching them. We were all sitting at desks like children have in school (showing that we are all learning). I was also sitting at a desk. (I do realise that I am learning too, so I hope no one thinks that I would be presumptuous enough to think I have nothing more to learn just because I am a prophet. Remember, though a prophet speaks what God gives him and has a divine assignment, it doesn’t mean that he cannot learn further.) So, Helena was teaching here and I was listening.

Then she stopped and handed the meeting over to me. I didn’t quite know how to continue so I quipped (made a joke). Then I thought I should share a dream. (What prophets receive from God is often in dreams, because the symbolism is highly depictive.) However, (I have a bad memory) I couldn’t remember the dream, so I shut my eyes and started to ask God to give me the dream. As I prayed, the others closed their eyes and all began to pray, too. In fact, the prayer continued much longer than anticipated and everyone really benefited from it.

So, my failing was turned around to be for everyone’s benefit, because God guided in the situation.

Returning To Complete Two Tasks
19th June 2006. M. Going back to finish the 2 jobs
In this dream, I suddenly had a thought about two building jobs I had previously been working on, and wondered whether I had finished them. I couldn’t remember, but I had the feeling that they weren’t completed and so I wrote to the clients to find out. I remembered that in one of the jobs there were many blocks of wood, all laid out in a row on the ground, ready to be installed in the building.
Meaning: God is going to take us back to those who formerly rejected us, and they will have a chance to instal what we provided that they rejected, and to finish the task.
The job where many blocks were laid out in a row is most probably the (people of the) WCG, which had more input from us than any other group.

God Speaks About Sex For Catholics
22nd June 2006. M. God speaks about sex (for Catholics and others)
I had several dreams at night, but when I awoke all those were erased from my memory (because God did not mean them to be remembered). Instead, He just implanted these words: “Sex (sexual union) is good in the context for which it is intended (monogamous, heterosexual marriage), and is meant to be enjoyed.”

Comment: God designed sex. It is not evil as some religious people infer. Catholics have taught that sex is a necessary evil and is only permissible for procreation. Better (they wrongly say) to be celibate. But that is not what God reveals in His word (see Song of Solomon, Gen 1:31 and Gen 4:1 – Eve “acquired a son from God.”) God does not make evils. Evil comes as a result of sin. Satan, through sin, was the origin of the shame and guilt feelings about sex (Gen 3).

Perhaps God gave the dream at this juncture because we had watched a TV prog the night before about a Catholic convent where the nuns take a vow to be celibate for life. Despite their virtues of kindness, human tolerance, empathy and love, their theology is grossly lacking in the area God highlighted. God intended man and woman to marry and enjoy the sharing of sexual union for pleasurable purposes (it is one aspect of the expression of love for physical people in marriage) as well as for procreation. So, Catholic dogma is really twisted up in this area!

However, having said this about sexual union, because the sex drive is so formidable in young men, and the desire to be loved so strong in women, sex has been perverted and abused by being indulged in outside of marriage. That brings with it all manner or problems, particularly if the partners are incompatible and have a selfish approach.

Sexual union is perverted by taking. It is enhanced by giving. So it is essential for true love to be its basis, nothing else. And only God can impart that.

God protected this sacred institution of marriage by the commandment not to commit adultery (Ex 20:14), which Jesus extended to the area of one’s thoughts (Matt 5:28). “For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies” (Matt 15:19).

Because marriage is a sacred union (not just in sex, but in spiritual sharing and companionship), Jesus warned that those who treat it lightly and ditch their wedded partner for another are under condemnation from God (Matt 19:1-9). At that, the disciples were horrified and said that it’s best not to get married, then. Jesus did not say in reply that anyone is wrong to stay single. He merely said that such is the best state for some – not all. Everyone has to make their individual choices and decisions in life.

It’s better not to get married, than to get married to the wrong person. But Jesus does not encourage celibacy or say it is a higher spiritual state. For Him it was His lot, for obvious reasons, and He was content with that. And there are some others for whom marriage is not possible either. But God enables each person to be content with their situation, and to glorify God in it.

Wrong Influences In A Lot Of Music
25th June 2006. M. Adultery in song
In this dream I ‘heard’ a well known song. It was a nice tune. Then I found out that it was promoting adultery.
Comment: I didn’t know what to make of the dream until later. On the night of the dream, Zenya had a musical friend staying over. The dream points out that music which is very appealing can often have undertones of evil, or be based on an evil theme in the lyrics. People don’t see the harm in it, of course, They like the tune or song, because it is emotionally appealing, and they ignore the other dark side to it, not realising that they are being affected by evil.
The catchiness or appeal of the music is a means to either trap or influence the person in wrong ways.

Our Car Upturned By Others
26th June 2006. M.
1) Car upturned
In this dream someone had turned a car (probably ours) upside down on top of our sofa. Oil was pouring out all over the sofa and making a dreadful mess. I tried to retrieve some of the oil which was clean engine oil, so that it didn’t go to waste. [This depicts the upset that the police will create in our home, and the waste they will cause us.]
I took a small container of it somewhere and left it outside a lady’s house, under her window. As I was walking away, she came out of the house, so I turned around and went back to talk to her. I told her not to worry, and tried to reassure her of my good motives.

Meeting With God
2) Tents in every room.

I was putting up little camping tents in every room – other people’s rooms, not ours – one in each room.
Meaning: The Israelites had a tent of meeting (the tabernacle) where God met with them. We are bringing to others teaching that enables people to meet with God equally personally and realistically. (In the book Meetings With Jesus.) This is an individual thing that each person can engage in in their own homes. They don’t need to depend on a church for fellowship or weekly worship.
However, this work we are doing is temporary, just as is a tent in its purpose. It provides temporary cover. God told us many years ago that the revival in which MM takes part will only last 2 years. It has already started!

Preparing For New Birth
3) Preparing for a new birth
This dream depicted us preparing for a new birth. [Has a spiritual meaning to do with someone close to us.] This new birth will not be easy.

Careful What You Say
28th June 2006. M.
1) Careful with words
In this dream Helena was speaking freely, but I waved to her to be much more discreet in what she said.
Meaning: Twofold, warning about what is to come. People with evil motives will try and find fault with us.

Kenneth Copeland & ‘Charismatics’
2) Kenneth Copeland and other ‘charismatics’
People were having a hard time believing what we were saying about the fact that Kenneth Copeland is a false minister and has deceived many people. There are other charismatic ministers who are false, too, because of their pride and self-elevation. The charismatic movement has been misled wholesale by a wrong, very subtle message.
Comment: More is explained in A Message To The Charismatic Church.

Britain Will Accept The Euro
29th June 2006. M. Britain accepts the Euro
It was March and I was in Tesco supermarket paying for some things. As I got out some Pounds, the cashier said “Don’t you realise we are using Euros now?” She showed me the rates of exchange – they were 93 and 123.
I asked her when the Euro came in and the Pound went out. She said January. If we wanted to pay in Pounds, we would have to pay much more. I was annoyed.
Comment: This is another dream about the demise of the UK and of the ascent of Europe. The rates of exchange must be symbolic because 93 Euros to the Pound would be 1.07 the other way, not 1.23. But it seems to show that the value of the Euro will rise and the Pound go down.

God Reassures Me About The Drought
30th June 2006. M.
1) About the water shortage
I had been concerned about our use of water (because there is drought here in the south of Britain at the moment), and in this dream God put my mind at rest. He portrayed the use of water on our property as comparatively small. Next to our place (where there is currently a field) the guy was using a huge horticultural sprinkler, which was chucking out millions of gallons onto the land!

The Faith At 56
2) The oldest defender at 56.
This dream portrayed me as a football player – as a defender, a full back (the position I used to play as a child). I was talking with another footballer. He was telling me of what he planned to do – he was travelling somewhere ‘exotic’. (Something I couldn’t consider at all.) I then asked him his age. “You’re 38, aren’t you?” He replied, “37.”
I added “At 56, I must be the oldest defender still playing!” He was shocked and amazed that I was 56. (Most footballers pack up in their thirties. It is a rare one who reaches 40, while still ‘in harness’.)

The Standoffishness Of The Proud
1st July 2006. M. Do you want to see a peacock?
In this dream a lovely male peacock, with bright blue front feathers, landed on a branch of a tree on our land. It was some distance away, but clearly visible from where I stood. There was also a female pheasant nearer. You don’t see pheasants often on our land, either, especially females (they are very shy). So this was an occasion to be savoured.

I called to a fellow nearby and told him to come and see. But instead of coming to where I was standing (he should have stood right beside me to get the best view), he didn’t. He went and stood about 20 feet away, and thought he could get closer. But in so doing, he scared the nice pheasant away. And where he went and stood, he couldn’t see the lovely peacock.

Comment: This depicts the approach of some people who are independent. It is based on pride. They downgrade our vantage point as prophets. (God allows us to see things more from His perspective, so that we can relay that to others for their benefit.) But the proud person doesn’t want to acknowledge a prophet. He won’t humble himself. He thinks he can hear all he needs from God by himself. He doesn’t want to think he is dependent upon what God gives the prophet, and even thinks he is superior by himself. (It’s not a question of superiority, but that’s often what people subconsciously think about prophets.)

So the proud, independent type tries to go it alone, but that approach doesn’t achieve the desired objective. He misses out. He doesn’t see the wonders God wants to show him. Those who don’t submit fully to God won’t accept us as prophets, and that self-will (it can be unseen and hidden beneath the surface) causes them to behave with the mindset of “I’m as good as they are; I don’t need them.” Yet it’s not us they are rejecting. They are depriving themselves of seeing some of the goodness of God, because they are rejecting more of Him.

This psychology is very subtle and it cripples many!

Man ‘Flips’
3rd July 2006. M. The incredible stunt
A man did an incredible stunt. He ‘flew’ from the ground upside down, doing a pirouette (full turn in the air) on the way, and landed upside down on a diving platform.
Meaning: It was fulfilled a day later when a man did a complete ‘flip when I sent him info about the CoGs.

Two More Jobs To Do
8th July 2006. M. Two more building jobs to do
The time was summer (as it is now – it is a dream for now). I remembered that there were two building jobs that I could do. One was a roofing job, and the other was a major construction job like a house extension. I knew that I had time to do these jobs so I chased them up.
Meaning: An analogy of what I still have to do this summer before the publicity thing gets into gear.
I don’t know from week to week what God has in mind for me to do. He leads day by day, and shows me what to do each day. The dream indicates that He has two more important things to be accomplished.

Unforgiveness Creates Bondage
9th July 2006. M. Starting to re-do a ceiling
We had started to strip an old ceiling that was in need of being redone. It was in a real mess, with old white flaky paint and some perishing polythene which was torn and shredded. The task was far from easy or straightforward, because new plasterboard couldn’t be nailed up. The surface to fix it to was concrete or something else hard. The board would have to be stuck! We didn’t get anywhere near that far! We were still doing the initial preparations.

Meaning: Helping people spiritually. In our meeting yesterday, there was a very strong urge from the Spirit for one (or more) to go back into their past and forgive anyone who had hurt them, so that they (the one forgiving others) could receive a more complete deliverance.

Unforgiveness can be hidden deep down inside, buried away for years, often from childhood. But bondages are often linked to some long-forgotten hurts and they need to be relinquished for the person to be released from demons. The way to relinquish them is to forgive all who caused the hurts. People who have hurt us have invariably done so without meaning to. They did it through ignorance or folly, just as we have all done things through ignorance and folly and God has forgiven us everything. So should we forgive all who have hurt us.

Any aspect of unforgiveness can breed resentment or bitterness, and shelters the demons who want us to retain such wrong traits. When you release deep-down emotions of unforgiveness, resentment or hurt and lay them at the foot of the cross, where Jesus paid for all our sins, then full release can come to the sufferer. Demons are sent away.

The process began yesterday for someone, but has further to go (and may have helped more than one person), before they can be completely refashioned, as the dream portrayed.

Someone Not Communicative... Yet
10th July 2006. M.
FJB (someone we know) was with us in our room, but he was not communicative. It was very hard to talk to him or hold a conversation. We had so little in common.
Meaning: The dream shows that he has been contacted (by someone else) with our materials, but that he has further to go before he can feel like he wants to talk to us. Other dreams show, however, that he will talk with us one day – and be helpful and cooperative. He was a former friend. It has taken 17 years to try and heal the rift between him and us.

Web Page Not Ready
12th July 2006. M. Not ready
A lady called for the car I was selling. She turned up suddenly and Tonya hadn’t got the paperwork ready, so I was searching high and low for it.
Meaning: To do with getting our web page updated. We don’t have enough help to do such things.

Fearful Person Hiding
15th July 2006. M.
1) The fearful person
I was in the middle of doing something, and also eating some bread. I put it down on top of a sink which was full of various things. Where I put it down there was a small furry animal, lying there, hiding underneath a cloth. It had been too fearful to emerge, because of all the activity around, so it was doing nothing.
Meaning: The furry animal depicts someone who is bound by fear, unable to come out into the open. Fear is linked to pride. Where people are proud, they won’t come out into the open, and various fears govern their behaviour, holding them in check spiritually. They become inert.

Someone Helping Us With Internet
2) Help with internet
I went to someone’s house and talked to them briefly about the Internet. Then I went away and came back later. I asked if ‘Malcolm’ was in. They went to find Malcolm and he came to see what I wanted. He had black hair. I asked him whether he had Internet. He gave me a key, like a door key (not a computer key) and let me use his computer.
I was aware that I had to wipe everything before the end of the month, otherwise we would get charged more for using it. It was the last day of the month, but I thought it was either the 27th or 28th.
Meaning: When we are restricted, an unconverted man will help me by letting me use his computer.

My Blue Hose
16th July 2006. M.
1) Given a blue hose
I was given a blue hosepipe. [Blue is a heavenly colour.] There was a small hole in it, so when the water flowed through it, a small jet of water was shot high into the air.
Meaning: God pours out His Spirit from heaven and He is using the ‘pipe’ of MM literature to direct His flow. The jet of water that went very high (about 10-12 feet in the air), although it was thin, could be seen at quite a distance [depicts how some miracles will cause some of MM’s literature to be seen a long way away].

Helena Sick And Tired
2) Helena sick in bed
As Helena was sick in bed (she was sitting up in bed), WCG ministers came to show her respect.
Meaning: After the dead are raised by God’s power through this ministry, WCG ministers who formerly opposed and vilified us will pay us the respect due.
Helena represents our ministry. We are sick and tired of the flack and disrespect we get, and the disregard such arrogant people have towards the truth God has given us.

Welsh Person
3) Pasty-faced Welsh person
A young woman was talking to me. She was Welsh and I couldn’t help noticing how pasty-faced, pallid, even sickly she was. She looked almost anaemic.
Then a young man with equally pallid complexion was standing before me, too. I’m not sure if the woman had turned into the man. That part of the dream was not clear.
Meaning: An upcoming contact with a Welsh church? The bloodless complexion depicts their lack of spiritual life. They need reviving!

Large Owl
17th July 2006. M.
1) Big owl
A large owl flew into the hawthorn hedge to my right. It was shy (as owls are) and didn’t want to be noticed. I tried not to look at it and carried on walking ahead.
Meaning: This was fulfilled by someone writing from Kenya who was hiding and secretive like an owl.

Liberal Church Overgrown By Weeds
2) Bindweed
Outside and to the left [depicts liberalism] of the large building [Church] where I was working, it was all overgrown with bindweed (one of the worst weeds to deal with). I had never seen such huge bindweed!
Comment: Bindweed grows where land is neglected. The liberal sector of the Church is very neglected! Without proper teaching about obedience to God, it becomes like the dream depicted in allegory.

Man Asks Me About David Isaac
3) Someone questions David Isaac
A man asked me what I thought of David Isaac. He must have had some misgivings about him. Perhaps he thought David had a religious spirit. I pointed out that, even if David did, he is a devout man of God. (Many people have other spirits attached to their lives, even though they are sincere and dedicated Christians. Life is a continual struggle against these forces that want to influence us or dominate us.)
I pointed out that David has raised four people from the dead, so the man should not have misgivings about him, even if he does have a religious spirit as well as the Holy Spirit.
The man was quite helpful. I asked him for some help with a battery and he was obliging.

David Blaine Poses As A Messiah As Does The False Church
19th July 2006. M. David Blaine and false religion
In this dream David Blaine (the New York magician or ‘illusionist’) had written a big thick white book, like a Bible. It looked special and had white square studs. The house he lived in was small, like an upstairs flat and it was very run-down.
I was nearby and seemed to have offered to do some repair work to concrete outside. It was badly cracked and was very old. It needed attention.
He came out and looked at what I was doing and mocked as if what I was doing wasn’t much use. There wasn’t any point in doing a major repair job because he wasn’t going to pay for it and no one cared other than me, so I just patched it up in a temporary fashion.
Meaning: David Blaine is influenced by demons. That’s the source of much of his inspiration and his supernatural power (some dispute that he has supernatural power, but it’s pretty evident to me).
He is a figure for the false Church who, likewise, has demonic influence.
Through the white book – their theology which masquerades as truth (which is in the Bible) – they influence the masses and think that what they have is superior to what we have. So they mock and reject our work.
Because what we do is repudiated and rejected, we are unable to do much to repair the existing structure which is flawed, like badly cracked concrete. We can only do a little work compared with what needs doing overall. [Explained in God’s Work CANCELLED For Lack Of Interest!]

Hypocrisy In Many
20th July 2006. M. Hypocrisy
God said in this dream that people need to take a look at themselves, especially to do with hypocrisy.

The Persecuted Church In Sri Lanka And India
23rd July 2006. M.
1) Sri Lanka or India
I saw a long queue of women queuing to get into a swimming pool. It was either in Sri Lanka or India. The weather was very hot and they had been standing there for a long time.
As I went past, one woman made herself really conspicuous by complaining. “How long do we have to wait...?”
I said, “Be patient, love.”
She exploded, “Be patient!!? I’ve been waiting here for five and a half hours!!”
After I had gone, a state official came along and told her to go into a small room. He ordered her to take all her clothes off. Then he raped her. She couldn’t escape this awful ordeal. Afterwards, he coldly said, “Now you can go and wash yourself in the swimming pool.”
She was crushed, and wept and wept, and didn’t feel like doing anything. It nearly destroyed her.
Meaning: The abuse of the State is going to be so crushing for churches. Any that are vocal will be singled out for the most horrendous treatment. This persecution has already started. God is warning that it will get worse.

African Believers Find It Hard To Pray
2) Africa: No place to pray
I saw people poorly dressed in clothes with holes. They were trying to find a quiet, private place where each could pray alone. It was hard for them. Some hid themselves in sleeping bags, or curled up in a corner, to try and get somewhere alone where they could pray on their knees.
Comment: Perhaps this is a reflection of the influence of society in black African countries upon Christians. Certainly there is nothing more important for a Christian’s spiritual survival than prayer, and prayer is sorely needed in those countries. I don’t mean public prayer; I mean what the dream portrayed – soul-searching, humble, honest, private prayer of the individual before God.

‘Categories’ Of People
26th July 2006. H. People we will meet
The wealthy. I met a young man from a wealthy family. He showed me attention and offered support. However, he got distracted (by the things of the world) and left.
Comment: Wealth becomes an obstacle for the rich, and cuts them off from God.
The faithful. Next, I met another young man who was supportive and attentive. This young man stayed with me, being helpful and loyal.
The mad. Another man I met was totally mad and mentally deranged. You couldn’t do much with him and he couldn’t be helped.
Comment: These are those whose minds have been messed up by the devil. They are some of the people whom we will meet in the future.

Snail-Like Creatures
28th July 2006. H. Are you a snail-like creature?
We moved into a new house [new development in this ministry] on an estate [like other ministries]. The house was plain and simple. There were no shrubs or plants in the garden [lack of response from people].
There was an open stairway [symbolises the way to God and spiritual learning with MM literature]. Underneath the stairs I saw a small pool of water [holy Spirit] with snail- like creatures playing in the water [people who are not doing as much as they should spiritually].
We were making preparations for a young man’s baptism [depicts someone we know], getting new clothes ready [clothes depict changing one’s outward appearance spiritually, putting on righteousness]. The atmosphere felt like a wedding [celebratory, as in heaven when one sinner repents – Luke 15:7].
Comment: The first part of the dream was specifically about some believers in Kenya.

Persecution Of Christians Coming
30th July 2006. H. Christians attacked by Muslims
I saw men attacking Christians. They were wearing religious hats like Muslims wear.
Comment: Muslims are becoming very vociferous and aggressive in their demands that others not only recognise their religion, but convert to it. They will persecute Christians.

Spiritual Blockages Being Removed
3rd August 2006. H. Removing spiritual blockages
A man’s eyesight was unblocked slowly. Until now he had had a blockage, preventing him from seeing properly. Then I saw the face of another man which was covered by demons. They were like bees. Gradually these began to shift.
Meaning: These men are ministers in a particular church organisation. Until now they have been hostile towards us, and failed to perceive that we were being used by God. They disagreed with us and opposed us.
God is indicating that their eyes are being opened gradually to see that they have been wrong. (I have been sending them MM literature over the space of more than a year. As they read, their spiritual eyes can be opened.)
It is hard and slow delivering people from cult mentality which exists in most churches.

Human Snail
7th August 2006. H. Snail
This was a vision of a large barrel of water. A large snail attached itself to the outside of the barrel.
Comment: The large barrel of water represents God’s Holy Spirit, His truth and His blessings. The snail represents a person who has lived a self-centred life, resisting the flow of the Holy Spirit. The devil uses pride and fears to control people and keep them in prison, so they are not productive.

A Person Changes
8th August 2006. H. Person changes
I saw a man (D) being active and busily getting things done. [This dream came after Malcolm wrote a letter to him the day before, correcting and exhorting him. It shows that he will listen and change.]
Comment: It is good when people humble themselves and allow the Holy Spirit to flow instead of bottling it up for themselves, selfishly. When we allow the Holy Spirit to flow, God uses us to serve others and help them.

TV Presenter’s Faults
10th August 2006. H. People’s weaknesses
I visited a TV presenter’s (RM’s) apartment. He had a huge bed [asleep spiritually and self-indulgent] where he settled for his sleep. He invited me to rest in the same bed. I thought his wife should be with him.
I felt unsettled. I wanted to move on. I had a bucket of yoghurt with me and was careful with it. [Yoghurt has natural healing properties; our job is to bring spiritual healing into people’s lives by educating them about God, about His miracles and His truths.]
I saw someone on the stairs, sitting, thinking why he was inactive. [I had talked to this person on the phone the previous night, exhorting him to get back to God after rebelling for many years, putting his family before God.]

Terror Plot Foiled
10th August 2006. H. Terrorist plot fails
A plot to blow up planes failed. Many were arrested.
Comment: This was fulfilled a short while later when British police arrested Muslim radicals who were planning terrorist atrocities.

But They Try Again
12th August 2006. H. Sinister schemes
This was a vision of evil and a beastly face. It radiated evil energy to destroy others.
Comment: A plot was uncovered in Pakistan after this vision. The sinister schemes were exposed.

But I saw the same evil face again, with new evil plans, to cause explosions and mass murder.
Comment: These evil schemes are inspired by Satan and demons. They are one of the signs that the end of this age is upon us.

Civil Authorities Malicious, Too
14th August 2006. H. Malicious authorities
A car arrived suddenly at our gate, with hostile intent to leave a listening device. This was done in the form of several metal razor blades.
Comment: This portrays how the authorities plan to hurt us. By snooping and spying into our private lives, they want to trap us and find us guilty of anything. The dream shows their evil malicious approach to decent law-abiding people.
Those who dig a pit for others will fall into it themselves (Prov 26:27).

God’s View Of Some Christians
15th August 2006. H. A look at some Christians
We were present at a gathering of Christians from various backgrounds. Some of them were carefree and immature. One of them was an old friend (GM) who had a sense of humour. He brought out his funny handkerchief.
Others were happy to fellowship together. But there were items left on the floor and some hair. It was messy.
Comment: These are signs of spiritual confusion (1 Cor 14:33). God wants His people to be together and united through miracles and truth. But the devil causes division and trouble for the Church.

Assistance Needed
17th August 2006. H. We need help
A few people stopped to pick up plants which we leave by the road outside our house. I had problems restocking for lack of time. I was hoping a young lady would help me but she was selfish and did her own thing instead.
Then a big lorry arrived [large ministry outreach ahead] and there weren’t enough plants. I felt sad that more couldn’t be done.
Comment: Plants represent MM publications which we are trying to make available to new people. We have very little support to do the job.
The lorry depicts the great demand in the future. Some people are hungry and in need of spiritual guidance. We have the spiritual food in MM literature, but we need help to make it available to others.

Two Ovens
19th August 2006. H. Two Ovens
There were two ovens, one larger than the other. I wanted to stoke up the larger one, but the smaller one would have to do for the time being.
Comment: The ovens represent our outreach. The small one is the present situation. The larger one is what will come in due course. We are facing restrictions and persecution from the authorities. Our freedom will be restricted and strangers will meddle in our personal lives.

Pushing Demons Away
20th August 2006. H. Pushing demons away
I was concerned about a young lady who was hostile, self-willed and stubborn, not caring about God. I interceded and asked God to help her and give her healing.
Then I had a vision of three lime green creatures leave the pit. These demons had come on her through worldly friends. After the prayer her attitude changed and she became more helpful. There is more healing to come in due course.
Comment: Lime green is the colour of the cover of Rebellion Is As the Sin of Witchcraft, which explains that if anyone deliberately refuses to keep the Sabbath, or do anything else that God explicitly requires of them, that they are in rebellion against Him and will pay a price. Demons are spiritual jailers who oppress the disobedient.

God Predicts What A Person Will Do
22nd August 2006. H. Baby
I saw a pretty lady [a spiritual analogy] give birth to a baby. She expected the baby to be stillborn. We wrapped the baby in a towel and the baby started to breathe.
After a while it stopped breathing. Some time later the baby revived again and the lady cared for it.
Meaning: The baby represents a new convert who was hostile to the truth to begin with. God showed him that he should keep the Sabbath holy, but he was reluctant to support the lady who had brought the truth to him.
God is showing that, although he will step back, he will come around eventually. (Mi’s brother.)
The devil deceives people and cuts them off from God. Rebellion is the end result.

Evil Men Invade Our House
30th August 2006. H. Evil men take over our home
Several men came into our house. One of them ran off with our house keys, the others settled down to do their own thing. They took over our home and invaded our privacy. I had to hide to get dressed.
Meaning: Our human rights will be denied. God is warning again about the authorities, who are scheming to descend on us, to find fault with us. After a struggle and great inconvenience and difficulty, God will give us the victory. He warned about this visit more than 10 years ago!

God Takes The Lives Of 2 People
31st August 2006. H. God takes out 2 evil people
On 29th August, I (Malcolm) wrote a letter to a prison governor because my communications and publications were not getting to a prisoner under his ‘care’. I sent the same things to him that had been denied to the inmate, asking him to make sure the prisoner receives them.
A day earlier (28th August) I wrote to the Home Office about illicit police surveillance of our lives They have been evasive in their response when I asked them to say whether we are being watched. I know we are! Helicopters have been overhead; two men called one day hoping to bug our place; and God revealed what the police are going to try next!
Then, this morning, Helena received this dream:
I saw an evil looking mouth mocking. Next, I saw the person fall. Then I saw another evil-minded person full of demons. He fell too.
Comment: The dream probably means that God will strike two individuals dead for having blocked the will of God. Or, if it is not death, they will come under God’s judgement in some other severe way.
Galatians 6:7 declares that God is not mocked!

Spiritually Blind Man
2nd September 2006. H. Man who is spiritually blind
I saw Richard’s camper van leave for a holiday in Scotland. [At the time he was planning to leave in 2 weeks.]
I also saw a man wandering among my flower pots. [This is someone we know, whose conversion we are waiting for.]  He seemed to be blind and lost.
Comment: Just as the apostle Paul became blind from an encounter with Jesus, and through it he was brought to repentance and his sight restored, so will this man be turned around. He was told to expect a miracle.

Woman With Dirty Laundry
3rd September 2006. H. Woman with dirty laundry
In this dream a house was open to the elements. There was a big pile of dirty laundry.
A lady took a bundle of laundry up the steps to an attic room where she had the washing machine.
Comment: The open-top house reflects the spiritual state of her life – unprotected from demons – and the laundry symbolises accumulated sins.
The washing of the laundry is done as SHE chooses, which is the hard way. (You don’t put a washing machine in an attic!) Self-will and pride cause people to resist God and instead welcome demons. [About a lady, R.]

2 Evil Men Arrive With A Digger
9th September 2006. H. 2 men come with a digger
Two rough looking men were standing by our hedge at the front of our house, to the left [depicts their liberal, lawless spiritual state]. They were setting up a secret camera to spy on us and were laughing and mocking, thinking they would ‘catch’ us out. Next to them was a big digger, reflecting their approach of wanting to dig out information about us to accuse us with.
Comment: This is deceitful, underhand and malicious. It is the evil approach which God reveals these men have. They are using their power – which is meant to be used for the protection of freedoms in society – wrongly to oppress. The digger represents the machinery of the State’s police.
God will judge them according to their evil deeds.

The next scene involved a piano [symbolises worship]. They drilled a hole in the top of the piano and inserted a secret camera there to snoop on us.
Comment: This is a breach of our right of privacy and right to worship without interference, intimidation or threat.
Scotland Yard are suspicious of us as Christians (because SY is a Masonic institution that is governed by demons and Satan). Their actions amount to persecution. They are power mad, seeking control over people, which breaks the spirit of the law.

God Depicts Syrian Bomb Plot
12th September 2006. H. Bomb defused
I saw a bomb that could explode. It was defused.
Comment: This preceded a terrorist attack on the American Embassy in Syria, which was reported the next day. A car bomb attempt, outside the American Embassy, was intercepted. The terrorists were either killed or caught.

People Who Are Like Straw
17th September 2006. H. Many straw bales
There were many straw bales scattered on the main road in front of our home. It looked a mess. Amongst the straw were greetings cards saying “Congratulations!”
Comment: The straw reflects people’s poor character, as in Paul’s analogy in 1 Cor 3. Each bale represents a believer. We have reached many people over the years with God’s truths, but they were took weak to continue with us. They watched us from a distance.
The article GOD TV Is NOT God’s TV was uploaded onto the web a few days earlier and a person (who is part of a group, so they probably all know about it) was glad to read it there and sent me a personal gift as a result. That response is depicted by the greetings cards. Many will do similarly in the near future after the dead are raised.
However, while they did their own thing, and did not support us or promote MM literature to others, they blocked God’s Work, hence the bales block the road.

CoG7 Minister Pulls Out A Rifle
18th September 2006. H. Minister turns hostile
Someone came to visit a man in his house. The man turned hostile and pulled out a rifle.
Comment: This is to do with a false minister in the CoG7 who is being challenged at the moment by a member who received MM booklets. When Jesus reaches out to His people with more truth, to release them from the controlling power of false ministers, they turn hostile and show their evil nature.
The devil uses false ministers to subjugate God’s people. God is separating the true from the false. The truth sets people free to worship Jesus.

Spy Camera Warning Again
23rd September 2006. H. Spy camera again
God reminded me about the secret camera again, hidden in the hedge near our gate.
Comment: The ‘police’ tried to bug our place earlier, but could not gain entry. So, they will try another ploy, as this dream reminds us.
God allows wickedness, so that evil is later exposed for what it is. At present it masquerades in official uniform!

Get Rid Of The Dead Body!
24th September 2006. H. Dead body decomposing
I was visiting someone’s house, which was very sad, creepy and needed sorting out. There was a dead man’s body left in the house. I wanted to help the person to dispose of the body which was decomposing. Yuck! We put it in a body bag and arranged to bury it at the cemetery.
Comment: The house is someone’s life which needs changing. The dead body represents the self, the ‘old man’ which everyone needs to deal with and get rid of through the power of the Spirit.
Selfish ways lead to death. Living God’s way brings life.

God Castigates Churches!
27th September 2006. H. No proper teaching or cleansing in churches!
I visited a bathroom which was bizarre and totally impractical. The room was narrow and long. There was a towel rail near the ceiling with old army coats hanging, providing a screen.
I moved one of the coats to give me some privacy. There was no seat on the toilet. It was just a big box with a thin tube. I pressed the button and the human waste was dumped on the floor! Nor was there any equipment or water to flush the waste away!
Comment: This is depictive of churches who block the Holy Spirit (water). There is no cleansing of sin, no purification, no holiness.
The army coats reflect the character or approach of the church leaders, who want to keep people in line under their orders. They stand in the place of Jesus, controlling the teaching, manipulating the people, preventing them receiving cleansing from God.
Church doctrines are mostly impractical and don’t give enough guidance for daily living, or proper expounding of the meaning of God’s Word. The lack of adequate teaching and cleansing from sin leaves people with no other option than to live in sin. Their lives are soiled through deception and giving loyalty to church leaders.

Ala Arrives
28th September 2006. H. Ala comes here
As I was cleaning a garment, Ala turned up [my niece from Poland]. I asked her how she was coping, being back in L [not where she lives, but the place where her father was born].
Comment: This is future, when, during the tribulation, Christians who obey God won’t be able to live in cities. There will be dangers and shortages of food also.

Trying To Catch The Yellow Bird
23rd July 2006. M. Catching the yellow bird
A brown bird flew away. I called out to Helena to come and help me catch it. But I couldn’t wait for her, so I went off after it on my bike. As I put my bike against a fence, the bird flew into a little cosy place where it thought it could hide in the fence. I was able to grab hold of it with both hands. I had to leave my bike there and walk home with the bird. I noticed that it was not brown, but yellow. As I walked home with the bird, he struggled and tried to claw me, but I said to him, “Don’t worry little fella; we won’t hurt you; we’ll look after you.”
Meaning: Brown is an ordinary colour. The bird depicts an ordinary person who is trying to fly away. On closer inspection, he is actually yellow, meaning very fearful, and likes to hide where he thinks he can be safe. But he is really flying away from those who can help him, if he would only receive that help.

Legalistic Myopia
24th July 2006. M. My white van threatened by legalistic myopia
My white van [symbolises our ministry for God] had been parked in a parking area, quite safely, for some years. However, it was now threatened. It had no MOT and no road tax disc (because it is not used on the road), and it seemed as though someone wanted to ‘do’ me for not having tax. Yet, it wasn’t being used on the public road, it was just sitting there in the parking area.
Technically, he could bring a prosecution, but it was unreasonable. I wanted to move our van to a safer place, but it was all so inconvenient and really unnecessary. It had been where it was for 5 years, so why the fuss now?!
Meaning: Symbolises the approach of legalistic police policy nowadays, which has created oppression and unnecessary restrictions.
It shows how the police will come against our ministry, looking for the slightest ‘infringement’ of law to try and prosecute us. A wrong motive lies behind their fault-finding approach. They are not really trying to help people, or encourage them to be upright citizens. They are merely out to try and catch them out, and get a prosecution for its own sake. ‘Rules are rules’ is a stupid ideology. They need to look at WHY the rule is there in the first place, and seek to administer justice with that PURPOSE in mind.
Fair-mindedness needs to replace ‘bloody-mindedness’.

Theologians & The Sabbath
29th July 2006. M. The theological fraternity and the Sabbath truth
I was doing something with our literature, but then had to go somewhere. I waited a while for Tonya and Helena, but didn’t wait any longer and went off in my car to Luton.

When I arrived, the main road ahead was blocked by police, so I turned into a side road. I didn’t want to suffer the indignity and inconvenience of having some legalistic nit-picker find fault with a borderline tyre or something. But, the side road was also blocked. [Probably depicts the increasing control the police have over everyday activities.]

I went into a building which was a theological institution. I made some comments – the usual pleasantries – then went through a door and upstairs. Before I did, I took my shoes off and left them at the door.

Upstairs, there was a spectacular view across very undulating countryside. It was unspoilt scenery. I stood on the beds to look out of the high windows at this sight. There were a few other people up there and I commented to them on what a lovely scene it was. Then I went downstairs.

As I got to the door where I left my shoes (which were on the other side of the door) a man said “You can’t go in there, he’s preaching a sermon.” I didn’t see why I couldn’t go and get my shoes, but it seemed I wasn’t able to get them.

Then the scene changed and I was talking with a man who could have been the principal [who represents most theologians]. The subject of discussion was the Sabbath. He stated his interpretation of NT Scripture on the matter, against which I could not argue. It’s not that his view was correct, but that he WANTED that appraisal. (You can’t argue a man out of a viewpoint that he holds because he wants to hold it.) Theological argument is useless. [People believe what they want to believe, and especially about this issue of keeping the Sabbath on the 7th day.]

I merely said, “Jesus told me to keep it.” End of argument.

Meaning: Theological institutions will not accept what we say. They exclude us, and hinder our work (symbolised by them preventing me retrieving my shoes).

1st August 2006. M.
1) Africa
In this dream I had sent ten postal orders for £30 each to Africa [this doesn’t depict giving people money literally; it symbolises giving people valuable MM literature].
A girl in Kenya collected the counterfoils. She said they were worth 30p each. I was amazed that she said they had any value.
Meaning: 30 contains the meaning of a final (3) witness for mankind (10), contained in MM writings. This is the spiritual value we offer others. But they don’t see its value.
The girl depicts some believers with whom we are in touch in Kenya, where there has been more response than in other countries.
They are greatly impoverished physically. (But never forget what Jesus said in Rev 2:9!) The imagery suggests that they focus on things of no value, which they place value on.

Man With His Calendar
2) The man with his own calendar
Many people were in a large room that seemed to belong to us [depicts MM’s ministry]. They were being taught. I let a man speak, who was keen to teach. During his discourse he hung up a calendar on the wall. But it was his own calendar [symbolised his life; what he has done with his time]. The last month on the calendar had 127 days in it!
Meaning: Last night I was reading Carried Along By The Spirit, being reminded of what was written there. I got to the middle before I was too tired to continue and went to sleep. This morning I noticed on the open page the words of Psalm 127:1 which says that unless God is involved in and guiding your life you are wasting your time.
After this I saw him going off in his own Austin A35 (an old model of car), which represents his own ministry that he has begun through God’s (7) preparation (5). God used this same imagery of an Austin A35 to depict our ministry when it was in its beginning stages.
The dream depicts Nicholas in Kenya (because he was in touch at this time), who was temporarily responding to God because Jesus had spoken to him to distribute MM literature.
But the first part of the dream shows his intractable independence and stubborn unwillingness to acknowledge MM’s work, other than to get what he wants for himself.
If he doesn’t change this approach, he won’t be saved.

MM Literature All Ready
3) Timber all ready
I saw a stack of sawn and planed timber, ready for use. It was all loaded on a timber trolley, ready to go. I wanted to make use of this (it was oak), and was about to take the top piece and cut it to size, when I realised that it was impracticable because I was so far away.
Meaning: The last part indicates that it also probably applies to what is going on in a faraway place like Africa. The oak could represent MM literature that I am keen to make the most use of. But others aren’t so keen, so it sits on the trolley unused, ready to go.
MM literature is all ready to be used in building your spiritual house. God is saying “Take it! Use it!”

Where Is Our Back-Up?
2nd August 2006. M.
1) Our back-up is ‘late’
In this dream I was waiting to go somewhere. I was waiting for Helena. [She represents our helpers – both physically and spiritually.] She kept me waiting and waiting.
Meaning: The dream emphasises that those who should be interceding, but who are not getting on with it, are holding me back. It also applies to some who should be financially supporting us but who aren’t.

Stingy Ministries
2) Other ministries not so generous
I was in a building where people were fellowshipping in the corners of rooms, passageways, etc. I was getting some items and asked a woman if I could also have a praise tape. She went to get it, but put it on the list of costs. She wasn’t willing to give it to me. I had to pay for it.
Meaning: The building represents the area of spiritual activity of various ministries / churches, etc. People are only properly fellowshipping on the fringes.
Praise music produced by various ministries (mostly music ministries) is sold. I have yet to find a music ministry which is willing to give its materials away like we do.
It’s easy for us to bleed when people don’t contribute to us. We are willing to let our materials go to those who are unable to contribute, but while we are in this situation, we still have to pay to receive worship materials from others.

Specific Guidance
3rd August 2006. M.
1) To write an article
God spoke to me to write an article on nutrition. This was written shortly after the dream and entitled A Brief Look At Health and Nutrition.

2) T to help more
A dream for T, to help more with a specific aspect of MM’s work symbolised by a water pistol (the web page).

Two Believers Who Aren’t Doing Much
6th August 2006. M. Two women
Two women were hanging around, one on the left, one on the right. They weren’t doing much, and I wondered if they were really using the Spirit, so I challenged them. The more I talked about receiving the Spirit into our lives, about gifts of the Spirit, listening to the Spirit, yielding to the Spirit, doing what the Spirit wants, etc., the more the woman on the right slunk away. She didn’t want to be around. It was too uncomfortable for her.
Meaning: Symbolises two people, but the one on the right is not responding to the Spirit and is afraid for fear of being exposed. Right in this context symbolises ritualism or self- righteousness, instead of God’s righteousness.
Such a human approach is the outgrowth of pride. Hence the fear. Demons don’t want their stronghold threatened or exposed.  They fear that, and transmit that fear to people whom they can influence.

God’s Ship Has Everything You Need
8th August 2006. M. The ship
I was on a massive ship. It was really huge, and it had everything you could want or need. It was fabulous! The dream was so vivid at the time, but when I awoke I couldn’t remember all the details. All I know is that you had every- thing you could desire. It was so satisfying and fulfilling!
Meaning: Symbolises God’s provision for those who completely trust in Him. In Him, you have complete fulfilment and satisfaction.

In a final scene, some young people were having breakfast, but instead of eating a balanced meal, they were going for sausage and chips. I was horrified.
Meaning: Depicts the main problem with young people, that they tend to go for what appeals to them, rather than what is best for them.

John Prescott Abuses His Privileges
10th August 2006. M.
1) John Prescott
The Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, was dining out with his secretary and another man. Fortunately, the other man sat between John Prescott and the secretary. [Allegations of his adulterous affairs have ‘decorated’ the papers, some of them true.] They weren’t doing public business at the time. They were just enjoying themselves at public expense, abusing their privileges.

2) Cat coming back
A personal dream for us. The cat symbolises a member of our family who has strayed. Cats are very independent creatures.

Expectation Now
3) 15 becomes 20
I had 15 boxes of watercress. [15 is 3 (finality) x 5 (God’s preparation), so it depicts the final warning from God to prepare His people for what is coming. Watercress is rich in nutrients, as is MM literature, spiritually.]
I added something else to them, to make up 20 boxes. [20 is the number of expectancy. So, the preparation is finally done, and now you can expect something to occur – something that God has predicted for a long time.] They went to PO Box 26, Ndhiwa, Kenya. [Not the real address but is symbolic. A lot of MM literature has gone to Ndhiwa (and other places) in Kenya, but not much fruit has resulted. You can see why from the number 26 which shows the certainty (2) of the presence of Satan’s influence (13) – which people have welcomed rather than what is pure and true. What can people expect from God for such a poor response? His Judgement / condemnation / curse.]

4) 26
This was written in large letters, as it would in a notice or sign.
Meaning: As explained above, 26 is 2 (numeric symbol of certainty) x 13 (Satan), and is a reminder of Satan’s attacks which are certain.
Comment: This morning we awoke to news in Britain that a massive terrorist attack had been foiled at various airports in the country. Islamist (presumably) terrorists had planned to blow up a number of planes in mid air and cause substantial death and misery.

This was the next headline which I saw written up in large letters above. It was repeated.
HUGE! HUGE! was its counterpart.
Meaning: What is coming, after Satan’s initial attack against us, is going to be so massive that it will take us aback.

6) Z.
The next caption in large capital letters was WORLD. Then there was a pause before the next word appeared: SIN. [A personal warning from God’s Spirit.]

Tree To Be Cut Down
7) Someone else cuts the tree down
This dream featured some land outside a house that was ours. I was in the house, upstairs, which had a sloping floor (it must have been old; some old houses have sloping floors on old oak beams). We had neighbours next door, who also had some land but there was no division between our land and theirs.
I looked out of the window and saw a man cutting down the dead tree which was on our land. I had been intending to cut the tree down, as was my right, and use the tree for firewood. At the point where the dream ended, I was about to go out to talk to him about it.
Meaning: The dream may be to do with the WCG, the ‘old dead tree’. (It was a very big tree, not like the one that graces the cover of God Speaks To The WCG.) Now, after having ‘primed’ some WCG ministers, they may be the ones to finally cut the old tree down.

8) Our huge swimming pool
We had been given a large swimming pool. It was full of warm water. Helena had put some everyday things in it. These included some cheese in the corner, and the electric cooker. I said, “We don’t want the electric cooker in it,” and was planning how to get it out. “As for cheese, surely you want that in a cool place, not somewhere warm!”
Meaning: The pool can represent all that is coming in the fulness of revival. It will encompass our lives so much that our everyday activities (represented by the cooker) are going to be surrounded by this ‘warm water’. It’s not going to be easy. Somehow we are going to have to cope.
Cheese could represent mature spiritual food.

Good Quality Publications Of MM
11th August 2006. M. The terrazzo floor
In this dream I was depicted laying a terrazzo floor. But work had temporarily stopped for lack of finance. After a while I agreed to restart the work. I wanted a legal contract drawn up to ensure I would receive the funds I was entitled to. As this was being arranged, I resumed the work.
Meaning: Terrazzo tiles are highly polished floor tiles made of rock aggregate in a cement bonding. They are a very good quality, durable, shiny, attractive product that make a beautiful floor. They depict the publications that God has had us lay out to restore “the way” which Isaiah predicted in Isaiah 40:3. The dream predicts the publishing work being stepped up again in the near future.

Reinhard Bonnke Not Listening
13th August 2006. M.
1) Reinhard Bonnke
I was walking side by side with Reinhard, trying to get him to listen to what I had to say, but I wasn’t succeeding. He was not paying attention.
Meaning: Side by side depicts the equality we have in God’s sight. Many people would think much more highly of Reinhard than of me, a ‘nobody’, because of the millions to whom Reinhard has preached. But God’s estimation is not to elevate him. He’s on our level, and I have input from God for him. But can I reach him? Will he listen? The dream shows the present situation and is a prompt to send him some recent items of our literature. [I did, but he doesn’t respond.]

2) The precarious tower and GOD TV
I was climbing to the top of a very narrow, extremely high tower. It was highly precarious and dangerous, and I felt very insecure. The view from the top was out of this world, but it sure was a hair-raising climb! even though I felt in the dream that I had done it several times before.
Comment: I didn’t know what the dream specifically meant until the end of the day. After doing regular chores, God then moved me to begin writing an article on GOD TV, the TV channel that is devoted to Christian broadcasting.
The high tower in the dream allegorises a TV transmitting mast. It depicts my very tricky assignment, climbing up very high to give an overview of their operations.

18th August 2006. M. Prince William
I was talking with William. [In the future, we will have close contact because of God’s purpose in this land.] He was talking about the usual physical things that concern young people starting to make their way in life – about the house where he would live, etc. I explained that we would not have been able to afford to buy a house when we were his age if we had not been given a large sum of money by family that paid half of the purchase price.
Then he mentioned that he was thinking of buying a big white van. It was like a Transit or similar. I asked him what it did to the gallon. He replied “18”. At that I drew my breath to express how exorbitant it would be to run!

Can’t See What We Are All About
21st August 2006. M.
1) Rxxxx Sxxxxxr
RS (a man in the USA) had written a page. Most of it was worthless waffle. Then I came to one sentence which was about us and it said that he didn’t consider that we were any different from any other ministry teaching God’s Word.
This is typical of many people who have little spiritual discernment and who cannot see that we are part of the prophesied Work of Elijah.

The Book On Pebbles
2) The book on pebbles
Someone gave me a book on pebbles (cf cover of Why Church Divisions?) about all their differences. I was very glad to receive it and looked forward to reading it. However, the author’s name (one syllable) was crossed out. Presumably a typing mistake had been made before the book went to press. The present author’s name (two syllables or more) had been written by hand on the cover and inside the book.
Meaning: Pebbles may represent Christians with all their differences and individual qualities. We will be learning more about this subject as we meet more people. God is the real author of all this knowledge, but it is passed on through others (the name of the original author crossed out).

The Problem With Selwyn Hughes’ Work
24th August 2006. M. The late Selwyn Hughes
A friend had left with us a copy of CWR Today, the magazine produced by Crusade For World Revival (CWR), an organisation founded by Selwyn Hughes who died in January. Yesterday, Helena was looking at this and commenting to me. She said Selwyn was about 78 (6 x 13) when he died, which is significant. Was he a false minister? Considering his total lack of acknowledgement or response to several letters I wrote to him in the past, and how he promoted himself, I now had my reservations about him.

Not wanting to prejudge him or be wrong, before going to bed, I prayed that God would show me (if that is what He wanted to do). In the early hours I had a nightmare. It was frightening! [I was put in SH’s position, or the position of some of those whom he taught.]

I was in a rectangular box and couldn’t get out [the trap of the teaching, or lack of it, in CWR’s ministry, and / or SH’s spiritual situation]. I felt I was lost, that my fate was irrever- sible. It was a state of utter hopelessness and fear. It was horrific! For about ten minutes (I guess) I felt this sheer panic and terror at the realisation that I had not made it into God’s kingdom and that I could not do so.

Then I woke up and realised – thankfully! – that this nightmare scenario was only a dream! It was so real and ghastly! Was it God’s confirmation of the fact that Selwyn Hughes was NOT a true minister? Was God trying to point out the horrendous trap that lies in impartial acceptance of the truth of God?

SH preached about Jesus, and promoted some of what Jesus taught, but he wouldn’t preach the whole truth, and most of all, what he established was an institution (Waverley Abbey House) that glorified himself more than Jesus. No one is exempt from the judgement of God, and His judgement is not going to be pleasant for many ministers who have taken the name of Christ to glorify themselves!

Missed Opportunities May Not Return
25th August 2006. M. Man comes back
Some time ago, we offered a man a car we had for sale but he turned it down. Later we sold the car to someone else. Then some months later (now, in the dream) he came back and said “OK, I’ve got the £1000 for you now.”
For a moment I didn’t know what he was referring to, because he was so brusque and didn’t explain himself. Then I realised that he had come for the car we had offered him. However, we were unable to give to him. Our circumstances were now much different.
Meaning: The car depicts our ministry materials that can set a person on their way for God. The person portrayed in the dream is now waking up to the realisation of what they earlier turned down, but we are unable now.
The dream is a reminder from God that if you turn down what He first offers you, there may not be another chance.

God Has Iraq Solutions
26th August 2006. M. Iraq
God gave answers to dealing with insurgents in Iraq. There were three different approaches needed to deal with them, according to the three different types of people they were targeting. But I was not permitted to record these answers, and they were wiped upon awakening.
Comment: I guess this epitomises how God is with- holding wisdom and answers from America and Britain now, because they have ignored Him.

I Am Falsely Accused
27th August 2006. M. Falsely accused
I was in a massive gymnasium [depicts the Church]. There was a trampoline there [I used to be a proficient trampolinist]. A man started to blame me and falsely accuse me of bringing mud into the building on my shoes. I protested vehemently because it was not true. After remonstrating with him about this, we were walking side by side, and I was about to leave, when I saw a child’s drink bottle on the ground which was covered with a dusting of snow. I went to pick up the container, and the lid which was manufactured with several holes in it (used for dribbling babies). I gave it back to him. It was his. [God is insinuating that he was a mere babe, spiritually.] Then I left.
Comment: We are falsely accused by those who are spiritually immature – in this case, a leader (man) who is either unconverted or at a very low spiritual level. They accuse us of defiling the Church by the teachings we bring (probably principally about the Sabbath). We come INTO the Church, bringing God’s message FOR THEM, but when they don’t accept us, we leave them in their spiritual immaturity.

Be Like The Bereans
28th August 2006. M. Beware unloved woman
This dream was a warning about an unloved woman [symbol of church or Christians] who seeks attention, acceptance and love from us. It was a warning to beware letting her take our time, and avoid what happens in so many churches where those who lack love and acceptance find it in fellowship with other Christians and church leaders. But her union is meant to be with Christ, not supplanted by a human substitute.
People must be pointed to MM literature which contains truth from God, and they should be like the Bereans, who were willing to search the Scriptures for the answers instead of taking our time. We have already spent the time to provide what they need spiritually in the literature. They should reciprocate like the Bereans (Acts 17:11).

Man Who Harms Us
29th August 2006. M. A man damages us
A farmer next door had been asked to help us with the harvest. He did some things, but I was not able to see those from my vantage point. But he also damaged us. First, he parked his tractor on our veg patch which was soft. The wheels sunk in, making some very deep ruts and compacting the soil. He realised he had done us wrong and apologised, and although it hurt us, we said (as one does when you don’t want to harbour resentment), “Don’t worry about it.”
But, he also engaged a massive earth-moving machine. I didn’t ask for it or want it, but he didn’t ask or care about what we needed. He did what he thought best [ego]. He got a low-loader to transport it from next door. The cost was astronomical! Then he expected me to pay for it. The bill was over £600! I was going to refuse to pay it, because it was not my wish. Why should I pay for what I have not asked for? [This depicts someone whom God called to help us with our work in MM, but whose self-will has harmed us. He did things out of ego (pride), thinking he was doing us favours, when actually he was harming us. Then he expected us to foot the bill for his folly!]
The last scene in the dream was of me looking at an area of hardstanding we had been given. I was looking at it to see how we could best organise parking cars there. [MM expansion ahead. Cars depict other ministries (people) who will learn from us.]

30th August 2006. M. MM clearing the oversite
Dream on page 10 of Newsletter 37.

9th September 2006. M.
1) David Isaac
I was talking with David. [Spiritual exhortation ahead.]

2) Coming round the corner
A dream about prominence coming. We will come ‘round the corner’ and into public prominence, but I didn’t like the attention, I don’t like being in the limelight. I am a shy sort of person.

Decide Within Four Years
10th September 2006. M. Within four years
Someone was prophesying to me in this dream. He said “Within four years...” the rest of it was vague but it concerned associates in a motor club which Tonya and Zenya attend, that either they would be converted or lost and discarded.
Meaning: The dream shows how short time is for people to choose the way they will go. A universal witness is coming, after which they will have no excuse if they don’t accept the truth. But the dream hints that some will be converted.

12th September 2006. M. Kevin
Someone told me that K was writing his autobiography.
Meaning: Presently, he is wrapped up with his own life.

State Intimidation
17th September 2006. M.
1) Taken
I was taken somewhere, as if I was arrested, and held in a drab room, badly in need of being redecorated. I was left there for hours, unable to do anything. I believe it was part of an intimidation tactic. Persecution by police.

Get Ready For Tribulation Coming
2) Small group comes
A man, and a group of people with him, came to us. They were in agreement with us, and I was warning them of the persecution coming, and giving advice on keeping your head down and meeting in small fellowships.

26th September 2006. M. The Tribulation
Things were falling apart in society. They were not like they are now, where things function fairly normally. There was a breakdown in various aspects, causing much inconvenience, difficulty and trouble.
Comment: This dream was given the night before I was due to write Get Ready For The Time of Trouble (in N37).

27th September 2006. M.
1) Moving Ahead
I was on my bicycle [symbol of our small ministry because I write the publications alone – “just me and the Holy Spirit”]. I was on a main road where there were lots of lorries and big vans [symbols of other bigger ministries]. But these vehicles were coming to a standstill and I was passing them on the inside slowly but steadily. There was a light covering of snow on the ground. Another feature of this dream was that it was hard work pedalling. I didn’t have toe straps, and it was noticeable effort! [You can say that again! It is hard going.]

2) Keeping going. In this short dream I was doing something like pedalling and I kept doing it. It seemed almost compulsive, but it wasn’t a demonic compulsion. It was the compulsion of the Spirit upon me. Then I remembered what Paul wrote about false ministers: But what I do, I will also continue to do, that I may cut off the opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the things of which they boast (2 Cor 11:12, NKJV).
That is one of our God-assigned duties, to expose false ministers and their false teachings.

Second Time, But Still Unresponsive!
19th September 2006. M.
1) Second time!
I had bought an old car for £200 and got it roadworthy. It was the second time I had done this, but again it was not utilised! I was annoyed, frustrated. I had gone to all this trouble and effort, and it was all for nothing because the person who was meant to take the car didn’t come for it.
Meaning: 200 has these significances in this context:
200 = 40 (trial) x 5 (preparation, humbling).
200 = 50 (release) x 4 (from the grip of the world).
To release someone from the grip of this world’s sinful greed, selfish ambition, and pride, God has to subject each carnal person to trial to humble or prepare them.
200 = 10 (man without God) x 4 (world) x 5 (humbling).
Meaning: The dream portrayed a carnal man who is self-orientated, stubborn, self-willed, and who will not obey God – and our dealings with him, trying to help him spiritually.

2) Muslims
This dream was vague; about Muslims, and demons, and how I countered their demonic demonstrations.
Meaning: Fulfilled in December when I wrote the booklet Islam, The Koran, and God; Some Observations.

Endure To The End; Finish The Task!
23rd September 2006. M. Finish the job!
One or two men were rendering (plastering) the outside wall of a building. They only had a bit more to do at the top to finish the job. It would have taken about an hour to complete it. But they sat down to have a break for half an hour. I said to them that they should not stop now but carry on until it is finished.
Meaning: Don’t stop; keep going in your spiritual life. Keep going with the work that God has called you to do. Gal 6:9. There is only a short time left (an ‘hour’) before Jesus comes.

God Is Fashioning A Person’s Life
29th Sept 2006. H. A young lady watched me as I planted a small tree into a new planter with fresh soil [depicts someone we know]. The tree was cut down and pruned, but left with a reasonable root ball. [Reflects her life of being tested through worldly influences and friends. She has faced many trials, but God has watched over her life, to bring her into a new situation where she will grow into a special person whom God can use].

Two People In A Deep Pit
1st October 2006. H. People in a deep spiritual pit
I saw two people climb out of a deep well. They both looked black [covered in sin – this is due to demonic influence.] Through pride and stubbornness people dig deep holes for themselves. When we learn our lessons, humbling ourselves before God, He will lift us up out of the pit, heal us, and forgive us our sins of rebellion and selfishness.
I saw another picture of someone shining a bright torch down the deep well. There were some people trapped there in the dark.
The devil lures people, through deception and sin, into a deep pit of wrong attitudes. The light is shone through a friend who is trying to help by writing a corrective letter.
Comment: God portrays the pit as deep, because their problems are deeply seated. Wrong attitudes are the hardest sins to change.

Peanut Person
3rd October 2006. M. A peanut fell out of the dish
I saw a small dish of peanuts with some salt in the middle. One of the peanuts fell out of the dish.
Meaning: The Bible tells us to be the salt of the earth. We must be genuine and thirsty for God. God’s truth gives us that special flavour.
A lady received MM literature, but the dream predicted that she would reject it – which she did. She didn’t want the salt. Instead. she thought much of her own book about Holiness, which was incomplete and contained much error. She preferred to hold onto that error than accept further truth. Consequently she has fallen out with God, without even knowing it!
We all have peanut brains compared with God. How much we need His wisdom!

The Old Hollow Oak Of Methodism
2nd October 2006. M.
1) Massive oak tree
I was going down a tarmac road in a lovely country area and decided to leave the road and walk by foot. I had a view over a lovely valley. It was really picturesque. Then, as I turned to the left, and walked a bit further, there was a massive old oak tree. The trunk was huge. It was obviously several hundred years old! It was so old that the inside of the trunk was hollow.
Meaning: The oak tree represents a really old Christian church, such as the Methodists. They are so old they are hollow inside as a movement.

Many New Believers To Come
2) Many children come
I was coming back to our house after being somewhere, and came in the back door. There were many children coming with me. It seemed that I had to take care of them for a short while. They were all over the place. It made life difficult. There were three in the hallway blocking the way to my room. I couldn’t manage them all by myself.
Meaning: New believers after the dead are raised.

Analogy Of The Great Tribulation
6th Oct 2006. H. I saw multitudes of people in a large building. I was aware of Prince William at the side of the huge crowd. Suddenly, a big missile hit the building bringing the roof down. The crowds of people fled for safety.
I also saw a herd of cows fleeing into the distant hills.
Meaning: The large building is the society we live in, at the moment reasonably peaceful. In the future the enemy will strike and upset the stability of this nation. People will have to flee somewhere else to safety.
Cows provide food and wealth, which will then be in short supply. Matthew 24 talks about Tribulation, the time of trouble and austerity. (See article on p 17 of Newsletter 38.)

Further Reading: Understanding The Book of Revelation (£7.00).

Repent Or Face Oblivion!
8th October 2006. M. Eri
Eri arrives and I give him straight talk!
Meaning: The dream portrays a young man who knew the truth, but who walked away from it, despising God. Yet he will come back again – for superficial reasons.
I will give him an ear full when he does! It will be for his own good. Then he will have his last chance to repent, or face oblivion in hell after his physical life is over.

9th October 2006. H. In public with Camilla
I was in a large room, sitting at a table with some people. Camilla (wife of Prince Charles) sat next to me. We chatted. It felt like a café in a public place. A lady we knew many years ago sat at the far corner. She became hostile to us because of her self-will and stubbornness. When we become public figures (unfortunately!) she will see what she has missed and how she followed false teachers.

God Is Really Grieved!
9th October 2006. M.
1) God is grieved
Someone had had all MM literature but obviously didn’t appreciate what he held. He sent me two copies of an A5 booklet which was not ‘ours’. The cover had a white back- ground with many small blue pictures [depicting the comparatively small or insubstantial truths it contained]. His action revealed that he thought as much, if not more, of this booklet than he did of what MM’s publications contained.
Then I was exhorting this person. It was so lengthy that what I said would have filled pages, had it been written! The only part I remember was asking him why it is that MM publications have significant numerics in the numbers of words used. “Don’t you think that’s significant?! Don’t you think that God is showing His inspiration...?!” The guy either didn’t care, or was too blind. I tried, and tried, and tried, to help him to see the importance of what he was holding in his hands, but it was all to no avail. At the end I simply wept.
Meaning: “Jesus wept” (Jn 11:35) is the shortest verse in the Bible, but the most poignant. He wept because of the lack of belief and spiritual perception in those whom He had called to believe and perceive.
Today, ‘believers’ are not perceiving either, and it grieves God’s heart. I wept in the dream because I was expressing what God felt.

Black Car and White Van
2) The black car and white van
I was driving into a carpark. There were a few cars near the entrance (because it was the nearest place to park to where you wanted to go). The entrance was a bit tight so I had to be careful. A white van was parked there with its back door open, which made things difficult for me, but I managed to get round it. The next time I came in, the van was not there. In its place was a black car, and it restricted the entrance even more than the van did. It made things even more difficult for me. The person who parked it had no consideration for others. He parked it there because it was convenient for him. That’s all.
There were many empty spaces in the carpark – which was very extensive! At the end, the fitting treatment or punishment for the owner of the black car would be for him to park it as far away from the entrance as possible, in the farthermost parking space, even though there were many empty spaces which were nearer.
Meaning: Black and white have obvious spiritual connotations. The two vehicles represent the ministries and lives of two people. While they are types of people in general, they depict two people who have met in our fellowship, which is why the dream was given today, on the occasion of the 1st Day of the Feast of Tabernacles.
God is grieved by self-centredness.

The Pheasant
12th October 2006. M. The pheasant
We had a pheasant in a cage. It needed to be let out. The authorities for dealing with such cases came to collect it (like the RSPCA). The woman tried to carry the bird and the cage and something else. It was all too much so I offered to help her by carrying the bird. As I took hold of it, I got it rather higher up the neck than I had wanted to, and had to readjust my grip.
Meaning: This is about someone close to us, in our family, who will receive spiritual deliverance. The bird chosen depicts his ‘wild’, freedom-loving spirit.

Not Now, Later
12th October 2006. H.
1) Man doesn’t want to cease his own pursuit
I saw crowds of people milling around, socialising and drinking. I saw someone we know personally, and called his name. When he saw me, he didn’t want to stop his partying and said, “Not now.”
I let him know that we would be parked on the side waiting for him.
Comment: This person has refused to obey God in spite of punishment for pursuing his selfish and ambitious ways. God is revealing his heart. But He has a way to deal with rebellion, as illustrated by how He confronted Paul and brought him to repentance. God will bring him round, too.

Publicity Coming!
2) The problem of publicity
We had to hide from neighbours to protect our privacy.
Comment: This dream is warning us (yet again) of future publicity after the dead are brought back.
Have you seen the publicity surrounding Kate Middleton, current girlfriend of Prince William? That will give you an idea of the melée we will have to face.

Man Gets Fried!
13th October 2006. H. Man being ‘fried’
I saw someone frying an egg. The egg had two eyes. [Represents a person getting ‘fried’, ‘cooked’ by the heat of trial.] A person standing nearby had a red face. [Symbolises the same person later, ashamed by the way he behaved. This is the precursor to true repentance.]
Comment: The frying represents God bringing a man under judgement, turning up the heat, because he rejected correction and refused to listen to God (Prov 1:22-32).
God knows how to challenge someone’s waywardness and rebellion till genuine repentance takes place.

Again – Not Now, Later
13th October 2006. M. Looking for the new moon
I went to look for the new moon. It was the end of the Feast of Tabernacles (NOT the new moon). Then I realised that it’s not the time for the new moon. That would not be visible until another week or more.
Meaning: The new moon is used as a symbol of the timing of something else we have been waiting for, and God is giving me an indication of how much longer we must wait.

Paralysed Spiritually
14th October 2006. H. Person spiritually paralyzed
I saw a person (D) paralysed inside a big brown box. His eyes were obstructed. He was trying to clear one of his eyes. Outside the box there were demonic creatures guarding the box. These looked like lion dogs.
Meaning: This represents the spiritual state of someone we know who is facing personal challenges and obstacles. Weaknesses, if you don’t take a strong stand against them, will eventually overpower you.

15th October 2006. H.
I saw a young lady being hounded by demons, eventually overwhelming her. She has walked away from God, looking to her friends for support instead of to God. She will face a serious crisis which will bring her back to God, and then she will change her ways.

A Conversion
16th October 2006. M.
1) Person converted
One person was converted through MM’s work and I was delighted.
Meaning: This may depict a stranger who called at our home yesterday. Also it is a symbol of the few who will be converted by this ministry. (We are not an evangelistic ministry; so it’s not God’s purpose to use us to bring many to conversion. That’s the task of others. So never rate the value of a ministry on how many are converted. MM’s prophetic ministry has a much different function.)

Dominators Are Used By The Enemy
2) Someone tries to dominate
A person tried to dominate our meetings. I groaned.
Meaning: Beware of people who use fellowship gatherings to try and elevate themselves. People who dominate through their speech and behaviour are seeking attention for themselves, not seeking attention for Jesus and truth.
Manipulation, intimidation and domination are three aspects of the working of evil spirits.

Prepared To Marry A Finn
17th Oct 2006. M.
1) Anticipating marrying a Finn
I was going to marry a Finnish woman. She was very skinny, but I felt that we would have much in common and get on well. However, I saw one of her publications and the writing indicated an exclusivist mindset still (probably from a WCG or ex-WCG background). I was talking about this with Helena, somewhat concerned.
The woman was standing fully clothed with her back to a swimming pool. Then she leaned back and deliberately fell in, with all her clothes on.
Meaning: Obviously not literal, but symbolic of upcoming dealings with some Finnish believers. That day I sent some literature to the WCG in Finland, because of the dream. We’ll see what comes of it.

2) T and Z
They were sitting at a distance from the house, near the shed in the garden. I shone a torchlight onto them and they smiled back.

The Right To Discipline Has Been Removed By Stupid ‘Nanny’ State
17th Oct 2006. M. Cherie Blair and Discipline
I saw Cherie Blair dealing with a rebellious child. She felt unable to discipline it by giving it a smack because of fear (the stupid new law making it an offence to strike a child). I asked her if I could discipline the child for her.
Meaning: This shows how the divine right parents have to discipline their children has been taken away by the State ‘experts’ who dare to meddle and interfere in family matters.
Comment: Cherie got into trouble with the authorities in our ‘police state’ Britain, for touching a teenager who played a prank on her. She was innocent, yet the police had the audacity to question her innocence!

If You Achieve Humility, You Have Everything
18th Oct 2006. M. Humility and Morris Cerullo
Someone was talking with me about Morris Cerullo and other things. The person was impressed with what Morris had done. The trouble was, he couldn’t see that Morris was seriously adrift spiritually. I guess the person also thought he hadn’t achieved much in comparison with Morris. I don’t recall the conversation, but at the end I simply said, “If you achieve humility, you achieve everything.”
There was terrific force in the words, which you can only appreciate in the spirit realm. The first part if you achieve humility, is not the same as how it was in the Spirit, but it’s the only way I can get near it with words. You don’t achieve humility but it is the most essential spiritual product.

BBC Refuses To Cover Resurrections
18th October 2006. H.
1) BBC
I saw a BBC news presenter refusing to read the news. He was protesting. This is unheard of.
Comment: God is able to shake all human institutions, to show His supreme power over men. The BBC will resist God’s power, miracles and revival. It is a propaganda tool.

British Society’s Mindless Violence
2) Mindless violence
I saw a man behave aggressively towards a passer-by. He punched a lady in the abdomen, for no reason whatsoever!
Comment: This is a picture of the mindless violence that characterises society to a degree Britain has never known before.

Obsessive Behaviour
3) Obsessions
I saw another person making an object using layers of bright colours. This person was totally absorbed by their hobby, and obsessed by it.
Comment: Some are obsessive in their behaviour and totally impractical in their daily life. This lack of balance leads to a failed life. Obsessions are caused by demons.

19th Oct 2006. M. Young rat
I saw a young rat running for cover.
Meaning: This dream came prior to a missive from a correspondent. It epitomises his selfish approach.

21st Oct 2006. M.
1) Surveillance
A dream about surveillance and me being at the top of the building [represents God’s spiritual house].
Comment: What on earth has Britain come to, that police should consider a Christian ministry a threat to others?!

Nazi-Type Regime
2) Wicked regime coming
There was a wicked Nazi-like regime in power. The red insignia on a black background, on their uniforms, was very intimidating and struck fear into all. It was so horrendous living under such an oppressive system that I just wanted to commit suicide. [I was put in the position of a person living under this coming system of rule.]
Meaning: Probably the coming system of rulership in Europe. It applies at the moment to North Korea’s despotic regime where people wish they could die. They are controlled by fear, intimidation and oppression.

Getting Ready For A Journey
21st Oct 2006. H. Getting ready
We were getting ready to go on a journey, filling a small van with baggage.  We prepared some hanging baskets to take with us.
Meaning: Some people will need planting and feeding through literature. The next journey will be difficult, but God will help. He has helped us to get prepared up to now.

22nd Oct 2006. H. Hindus
I saw a tray of lights, which then changed into demonic creatures parading themselves.
Meaning: These represent Hindu gods. One of them is the Elephant god. Yesterday Hindus celebrated their Festival of Lights in Britain. This nation has forgotten the True God, and false gods have taken over, bringing a curse on the land.

Two More Conversions
24th Oct 2006. M.
1) Two young men
This dream was about Frank and Margaret G’s sons. They were talking with me. It was the Day of Atonement and I was explaining why we were keeping it two days after the Jews. (It is because the Jews wrongly take the invisible conjunction of the moon as the new moon, instead of when it is old enough to be seen.)
As I described the slender crescent of the moon, a third boy with them laughed, and mocked and ridiculed what I was saying.
Meaning: These two young men will be converted. The third fellow is a worldly friend or friends whom they must come to see as a bad influence.

Don’t Put Your Job Before God
2) Don’t put your job before God
It was the Day of Atonement. In this dream, when I got up, I had a tiny bit to eat by mistake. I forgot that I was fasting. I wasn’t the only one. We all forgot and had a small mouthful to eat. [This symbolises how we all make mistakes through forgetfulness.]

T had to go somewhere to do with her job, but the road was blocked somehow. [God will block our worldly physical ambitions and plans.] She came back and I advised her that it is best not to go anywhere on the holy day. The way to keep it holy is to stay at home, rest and worship, and forget about your work. [That’s the command in Lev 23:28.] However, there was some penalty or forfeit she would pay for this. [We all have to pay a price in the physical for implicitly obeying God. But it is well worth paying! That’s God’s test of our character.]

She was meant to call a rescue service to justify why she didn’t make it to work, but didn’t do so. [Jesus provides a way out to rescue us, but we have to seek Him in daily devotions.] I said that if she told them (her worldly employers) that the road was blocked, that would suffice for her. However, they came back and said that she didn’t do that, so she was not exonerated. [Unconverted people find fault with us for what we do.] I wondered about how they knew. Obviously the rescue service had a record of all the calls they received. [Everything we do, or don’t do when we should, is recorded in heaven.]

Meaning: The use of the Day of Atonement in these dreams’ imagery is to emphasise what God wants for us – to be holy. (This is explained in the recent leaflet Holiness and The Day of Atonement.) But we hinder development of holiness by:
1) neglect and forgetfulness – forgetting God, or forget- ting to do some things He asks of us, and
2) by giving loyalty to man instead of God. This was symbolised by being more faithful to one’s employer.

Cutting The Old Tree Down
3) Man cuts a tree down
A man was climbing a tree to cut it down. (Amazing! You don’t cut a tree down while you are up it! But he did.) As I saw him do this, I was getting excited. It was nearly dead and needed felling. It was next to a building [the house of God in which God is working]. He cut it down, and it was near the end of the day; it was almost dark.
Meaning: The tree is the WCG church organisation which is nearly dead. The late hour of the day depicts where we are in this Age shortly before its end. The man depicts a person (might be male or female) who has leadership ability and who uses it courageously to bring down the church that needs felling. Hallelujah! He is up the tree, meaning he is within that church organisation.
It can apply to all other dead church organisations.

Killing A Glass Of Water
26th Oct 2006. H. I saw some people trying to kill a glass of water. I could do nothing about it. We carried on working.
Meaning: The glass of water depicts what God is doing through the writings, reaching people with new revelation and truth. Very few people want God in their lives, however, and refuse to drink from God.

Internal Examination
30th Oct 2006. M. Internal examination
Dream of a pregnant woman (MM) being subjected to the indignity of an internal examination.
Meaning: This disreputable procedure is unnecessary. It depicts what we will be subjected to by state authorities.

New People Learning
30th Oct 2006. H. 
We were busy making preparations for extra seats in the lounge, expecting new people to be meeting with us.
Comment: A few weeks ago God brought a couple who were looking for a pampas grass. I was able to give them a new shoot. They were visiting different churches, searching for a place to worship. I gave them some literature to help them on their spiritual journey. God uses different means to reach people individually. In this case, a garden plant was what God used.

Myanmar Response
2nd November 2006. M. The meat is not good
I dreamed that I had bought a whole animal but without the head. It was for meat and was supposed to be lamb. But it had long brown hair. As we started to eat some of the meat I thought it was either pig or bear, not lamb!
Meaning: We have high hopes for many people who get in touch with us, hoping they will be true to God, as real lambs, but they turn out to be unclean and not good. The dream depicts a Bible College principal in Myanmar who wrote at that time. I sent him literature, but the dream predicts the outcome.

Man Demands People Back
3rd Nov 2006. H.
As we were travelling along the road, we saw some flower pots on the verge. We stopped to pick them up. When we took care of the pots someone demanded to have them back. We were forced to give them back.
Comment: Flower pots represent people neglected by the church leaders. When someone shows them some concern the leaders get ‘worried’ about losing their influence, and start to interfere, demanding ‘their’ members back, manipulating them to be loyal to them or ‘the church’.

No Privacy!
3rd November 2006. H.
I went to visit a restroom, and one wall was full of windows. I felt intimidated by the total lack of privacy.
This is warning of future events which will restrict our personal freedoms.

Person Restored
4th November 2006. H.
1) Young lady restored
I saw a young lady under demonic attack, eventually with tragic consequences. This is due to worldly influences / friends. After that she was shown restored and happy with a future husband.
Meaning: God knows the future. He allows the devil to cause damage but God heals and restores lives!

Being Watched
2) Watched by Sinister People
A man in black clothing was plugging into an electric supply to connect a secret camera. He looked sinister with black gloves.
Meaning: He is trying to frame us. This is against the law and shows the evil motives of the authorities. But those who dig a pit for us to fall into will fall into it themselves.

10th November 2006. H. Evil men watching us
I saw a man, dressed in black, climb up an electricity pole on a ladder. He was fixing something to the power.
Meaning: Another confirmation of the evil ‘tricks’ of police that is coming up.

10th November 2006. H. Evil men come against us
Some evil men came into our home. They were aggressive and tried to harm our family and ministry. I saw a knife which could be used to kill some of us. Someone grabbed Malcolm by the throat and took him away.
Next I saw a big stove. Something was thrown into it.
Comment: The police have powers to interfere in people’s lives. Their evil approach is fuelled by demons. The devil wants us killed and the ministry destroyed. Malcolm will be arrested and treated roughly.
Those who die will be purified (the stove). God will heal them and restore life. When people walk away from God, demons are allowed to harm them. When people repent, God heals and restores them. The wicked have to answer to God.

Britain Under Attack
5th November 2006. H. British Flag targeted
Vision of the British flag being targeted by the enemy. The flag was in mortal danger. Eventually the evil overwhelmed it. I saw a bomb exploding.
Meaning: This is to do with the army fighting on foreign soil where resistance is fuelled by pure hatred and evil inspired by demons. This war is not winnable without God.

Rat From Malawi
7th November 2006. M. A big young rat, with long brown hair, came into our garden. I was just about to kill it, when something made me hold back.
Meaning: Fulfilled by a letter from someone in Malawi which arrived after the dream. He fulfilled the symbolism of the rat. I wrote to him and sent him more literature, as the dream hinted that I should work with him more.

Two TV Presenters
13th November 2006. H. R and J
I saw the two faces of a famous couple who are presenters on TV. Demons tried to obscure their vision by placing face masks on them.
Comment: I wrote to them warning them about this, encouraging them to seek more of God’s will in their lives. (Of course, you rarely get a reply from such people, not so much as an acknowledgement.) Seeking God will protect them from the devil (if they do it). Most people have no idea of the power of the devil and his influence. Even most Christians have little idea of the extent of his influence and deception.

Soon To Enter Another Room
14th November 2006. M. Another room
In this dream we owned a large old house made of stone [represents the Church]. One end was boarded up outside with a large black wooden shutter over the entire wall and windows, so you couldn’t see what was behind it. Then I noticed that the wood had rotted away sufficiently to reveal that there was a window behind it. There was another room there!
The dream implied that that room was then available to us. [The room represents some shut-in part of the Church, which can be accessed, or will shortly be available.]
Another round turret-like room was attached at the end of the building also.
Meaning: Depicts two parts of the Church which we will be able to influence shortly.

Bringing Down Lofty Politicians
15th November 2006. H. Chain sawing down trees
Several men in black were using big chain saws to cut down several trees. They were ruthless and efficient.
Meaning: This is the legal machinery of the State through Scotland Yard, dealing with politicians of the Labour Party. Corrupt fund raising is being investigated, bringing some MPs into judgement (cutting down the trees). God has a way of causing the proud and arrogant to fall, bringing down the lofty.

Going Back To Rescue Some People
15th November 2006. M. Going back for two cars
Suddenly I remembered that I had left a car (symbol of someone, in regard to their spiritual life) in a carpark in Southend (I grew up there), and also remembered another car left somewhere else. The car tax would have run out by now, and I sensed an urgency to go and recover them.
Meaning: People whom we reached many years ago, but who didn’t go along with us, are going to be recovered soon.

£1 Million & White ‘Cakes’
16th November 2006. M. £1,000,000 & white ‘cakes’
A million pounds was coming into our bank account. It was the Sabbath. I was thinking of checking at the bank to see that the transfer had come through, but I didn’t need to because there were white ‘cakes’ (like rice cakes) dotted here and there all over the ground in the public place outside the bank.
Meaning: The money needed to do this Elijah task will come in. We don’t need to check on that. We will see it fulfilled. God will provide.
The white ‘cakes’ here and there all over the place represent MM literature accepted by righteous people.
“In a public place” may mean that they are new folks who were not previously affiliated with churches, but who have come to Jesus through MM’s public outreach.

Eating Bitter ‘Fruit’
16th November 2006. H. Eating the bitter fruit of one’s own ways
I saw S’s face with a half lemon in his mouth, and his face hard like a flint. He was undergoing a transformation; facing an internal struggle, being cleansed from within. [The lemon symbolises the bitter thing he must eat (one eats the fruit of one’s own ways) in order to cleanse his spiritual attitude / approach.]
There was a big container of sand where I saw parts of the body sinking. [This represents him gradually dying to self.] As he struggled with himself, there was a release in his face and something positive began to emerge.
Comment: God has waited a long time for this change to take place in this person.

17th November 2006. H. Demons leaving
I saw this man, who was stuck inside a tube, stirring, waking up, and demons were leaving like butterflies.
Meaning: Because of his selfish lifestyle, demons imprisoned him through sin. As he repented and let Jesus be his Lord, demons had to leave.

18th November 2006. H. Cut in half
I saw the same man again. He looked cut in half and very small. He was being planted into a fresh pot of soil.
Comment: God rescued this man from his prison state and put him into a new situation where he can grow and develop spiritually as he trusts in Jesus and looks to Him for help and guidance.

Demons Oppressing Iraq
1st Nov 2006. H. Iraq
On the TV news the night before this vision, I saw more horrific scenes of bombing in Iraq. A wedding procession had been attacked. There were many dead and injured, especially children. It was horrendous! People are in total despair after the deaths of so many family members.
God gave me a vision of a Muslim full of demons attacking others. There is so much hatred between Muslims, and in Muslims against those who are not Muslims. All this is being stirred up in people by invisible evil spirits, demons.
The devil uses war to promote hatred and revenge which is against God’s law of love and mercy. Those who promote evil and hatred are used by the devil, who is the god of this world (2 Cor 4:4; Eph 2:2).

The Carnal WCG
18th November 2006. M. WCG not interested
I was waiting to talk to a man whom I once knew in the WCG. I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt what he was doing, so I waited near him while he looked at his papers. But instead of looking up and paying some attention to me, he just ignored me and carried on.
I wanted to urge him to read a publication. It was either God Speaks To The WCG or God’s Church – Whose Authority? As I awaited my opportunity, in continual hope, two young women came in and got his immediate attention. But he didn’t spare a moment for me in the same way.
So I departed into the wide area beyond him. There was no one there except one person, a large and fat young man [this depicts an arrogant and self-centred church leader]. He had a big library book with him to read. He wasn’t interested in learning from MM literature either. But he was lonely and sought some company, and so I offered him my company if he wanted it. I told him that I would be over by the patio doors soon, if he waited a short while. But he seemed disinclined to move there.
Meaning: The WCG is not interested in moving on with truth. The dream depicts their approach towards us (nil!).
The fat young man represents self-centred people who ‘befriend’ us for selfish reasons.
The patio doors represent the area where full light can penetrate.
Overall, the dream allegorises how people are mostly engrossed in what they want to do, and how the revelations from God in MM literature have no appeal to them.

Split Personality
19th November 2006. H. Vision of someone’s face
In this vision I saw a face illuminated [this happens when the light of God’s Word shines on people exposing their sinfulness and ugly spiritual traits]. The appearance was ugly and the face was full of cracks. There was one big crack vertically through the mouth, splitting the lips.
[Comment: This depicts a schizophrenic or split personality – someone who can say nice things one minute, but horrible things another, as they are guided by demons. This person wants God, but only wants Him on her terms. The self dominates her life; it is an idol.]
Several solid chips of food were put in her mouth. They were pushed in forcefully with a fork. [Corrective words given to help her spiritually. Pride is a huge obstacle to receiving more from God.]
In this vision, Eleanor was left on the side, quite small [in other words, Eleanor is regarded as of little importance by this person; yet Eleanor is more spiritual, and in God’s eyes is dedicated to His purposes and is being used by Him].

Runner Beans More Broad Than High
20th November 2006. M. Runner beans
I saw some very broad runner beans. The pods were three times the width of normal runner bean pods.
Meaning: Later in the day I had a prompt from the Spirit to write to a Christian law firm. The dream portrays their unbalanced spirituality.

Helena Exhausted
24th November 2006. M. Helena exhausted
We were going about our separate responsibilities, not at home but somewhere different. I hadn’t seen Helena for a while (perhaps for a whole day), so I went to look for her. When I found her, she was sitting in a boiler room. She said, “I haven’t slept at all last night.” I also knew that she hadn’t slept at all the previous night, so that was two nights without adequate sleep. No wonder she was exhausted!
Meaning: How the imminent two-year revival will affect us. Although the revival has started, this first year (from before Pentecost) is unseen by most. The next two years will be highly visible and we will be rushed off our feet!
The boiler room represents the place where energy is converted to heat that can benefit people. It represents the unseen place of spiritual activity – spiritual warfare. Helena is an intercessor. She will be hectically busy with many more people to intercede for!

Massive Demonic Pressures
21st November 2006. H. Suicide
The scene was the coast. Someone had tied themselves to a heavy rock and jumped into the water, committing suicide. [Those who take their lives are distraught and unable to cope with the stresses of life. They need Jesus. See Matt 11:28.]
I saw a horrible demon attacking another person. Evil spirits overwhelm people causing depression and mental illness. [You need God’s help to fight these evil powers which torment and influence mankind. Even children are vulnerable to these unreasonable demonic attacks.]

22nd Nov. H.
I saw a young person attacked by a wild animal which looked like a leopard. This demonic creature is overpowering someone who has rebelled against God and chooses to live a self-willed life.

Old Churches Spiritually Asleep
24th November 2006. H. Can’t wake them up
I went to visit a big open house. There were several old ladies sitting, separated from each other, totally inactive. I tried to befriend them, but there was no response. There were some chairs stacked against the walls. Since I couldn’t talk to them. I moved on, leaving them in their sleepy state.
Meaning: These women represent churches which are old and asleep spiritually. They don’t want to wake up, so God lets them sleep on!

27th November 2006. H.
1) Malcolm shouts ‘Heaven!’
I heard Malcolm shouting with a loud voice: ‘Heaven!’ This woke me up.
Meaning: Malcolm has great desire to point people to God and to heaven. Many wicked people will go to hell. God wants to save people from sin and that awful punishment.
Comment: More on this dream is in the article Heaven.

2) Russia will shoot ‘dissenters’
Someone was shot with a gun. I saw a tall tower with machine guns. The tower swivelled. Murder was ordered by the evil system in Russia.
Meaning: Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by radiation. The dream is warning that others who expose this evil system, will not be disposed of in the same way. They will be shot.

28th Nov 2006. H. Far-reaching consequences of sin
I was seeing in the Spirit the consequences of SIN. Demons were constantly hovering over and controlling a person in sin.
Meaning: Demons push us into sin and then control us through these evil choices we make. This is a constant battle. When we repent, Jesus helps us to live a godly life, turning away from self and the sin that sticks to self.

Death Of The Present Pope Benedict
29th November 2006. H. Pope Benedict
I saw the present pope, Benedict, pushed into a death tunnel. At the bottom there were demons waiting for him.
Comment: In the spirit realm he will have to fight these evil powers and choose Jesus as his Saviour.

I saw someone’s head as if in a gun’s telescopic sight with a cross mark. It seemed someone wanted to kill him.
Comment: Al Qaeda has threatened the pope’s life, and Muslims hate him for his remarks about their religion.

Elephant Spirits Finally Leave
30th November 2006. H.
1) Two Christians
2 people were drawn together through demonic influence. The man managed to extricate himself. As the woman struggled to overcome her problems she exerted influence over others.
Then elephants left the scene [symbol of matriarchal spirits leaving], and I saw a phone.
Meaning: God is showing that she will receive deliverance. The phone – this will be the means of helping her by talking to her and giving her support and intercession.

Cause Of Middle East Turmoil
2) Hostility erupts much more
I saw a man with a turban on his head. God lifted the turban and showed how the demons had taken over his head; he had become hostile.
Meaning: We are seeing this hostility in Iraq, Lebanon and other war torn countries. The devil is stirring up the nations to war.

Christians’ Lives - Some Good, Some Bad
1st December 2006. M.
1) White workshops
I was passing by some works units which were painted white on the outside. But the wood front on one of them was run-down and I saw a big rotten hole in it. That needed refurbishing. Others, however, as I moved on, were very nicely painted in gleaming white.
Meaning: These represent Christians’ lives.

Manipulation, Intimidation, and...
2) Three evil ‘women’
In this dream, three women were in the situation, which seemed to be somewhat uninteresting, uninviting, with drab brickwork on nearby buildings. One woman was at the fore, the other two were a short distance behind her. [These three women represent manipulation, intimidation and domination in churches. They are the workings of Satan and evil spirits, masquerading as good.]
The dominant woman was talking to me. [She represents domination.] She monopolised the conversation. As she talked, there were some things I agreed with, but she didn’t allow me an opportunity to really respond because she talked and talked and talked. As she did so, she paced back and forth behind me. I felt very uneasy. I didn’t know whether she was going to stab me from behind. I didn’t trust her. [You can’t trust religious spirits. They are evil!]
At some point in the conversation, I said “I’m a Christian” and some other things, showing her that I didn’t agree with her approach because the Spirit of Christ is in me. As I contested what she said, and contended with her, she realised that she was completely losing any influence she hoped to gain over me. Then suddenly, she and the two other women nearby started to spin. They spun faster and faster, and with a loud whooshing noise, they vanished in their own vortex. The whooshing noise was so loud that it scared me and woke me up! It was quite frightening.
Comment: Evil spirits in churches influence people through manipulation, intimidation, and domination, most often through church leaders or ministers who are false. Satan wants to dominate Christians so that he can cause them to abort. Their spiritual growth is held in check by these evil forces.
The only way forward for you is to be led by the Spirit of Jesus, and you can only do that if you confront these evils head-on. Then, like the dream portrayed, Satan will flee from you as James wrote (Jas 4:7).

Neglected Grass
3) Grass needs cutting
The grass in the public place outside some flats or houses needed cutting. I was going to do it, and said so to a friend nearby (someone whom I had not met for some years), but because it was the Sabbath it would have to wait. There were other things to see to as well.
Meaning: This is a depiction of the spiritual neglect in society and churches. There is untidiness. When a lawn is trimmed it looks nice. It is an appealing sight, pleasing to see.

Price Of Rebellion
3rd December 2006. H. Young man taken over
We know a young man who has chosen selfish and worldly ways, who rejected God many years ago. I saw his face covered with demons, his eyes blinded by them, and a big dark creature who had overpowered him.
Comment: We have known some who rebel against God lose their lives for their self-will.

Big Grub
6th December 2006. H. Grub in with the vegetables
I had fresh vegetables packed in trays. I noticed a big grub hidden in the corner. I pulled it out and threw it away.
Comment: This reflects someone’s self-centred life. God will intervene to direct his life (D) and help him to be more fruitful and productive.

Person Blown Off Oil Rig
7th December 2006. H. Blown into the sea
In this vision I saw an oil rig. Severe gales caused a worker to be blown into the sea.
Comment: The dream depicts the above ‘grub’ person, and the trial in his life that God has to allow to cause him to become spiritually fruitful. The oil rig depicts MM’s ministry.

10 Downing Street
7th December 2006. H. Battering ram at No 10
I saw the door of 10 Downing Street (the British PM’s official residence). A huge battering ram was used to break the door down. [This depicts the Police investigation into the cash for peerages scandal.]
Comment: Politicians suffer from self-delusion, due to pride and arrogance. They forget about God who rules the universe and allows external forces to challenge them.

Christians Who Suffer
9th Dec 2006. H.
1) Christians tortured and hung
As I prayed for others, God showed how some Christians suffer persecution, some are jailed, some are tortured, some are hung for their faith.
Comment: There is much more hostility today against the Christian faith than there was 50 years ago. We need to pray daily for God’s people as they face hostility from the wicked.

2) The danger of false ministers
False ministers were abusing and controlling church folks. They behaved like wild animals, devouring their flesh, right down to the bones, causing them to be helpless.
Comment: This is spiritual death caused by the devil and his ministers who are in the church.

3) You must submit to God and resist demons, Jas 4:7.
I saw someone, facing a severe trial, being smothered by demons. He had to fight and resist them seeking God’s help in his spiritual battles.

Fat Cats
10th December 2006. H.
1) Pride in church leaders
A group of fat cats were standing upright in thick fur coats. They were parading themselves and also squabbling with each other. I scolded them for their behaviour.
Comment: These cats represent church leaders who behave selfishly. God will expose them. As MM literature is shared with churches and their leaders (the dream illustrates one such confrontation taking place at present), their response reveals the true heart. God is not pleased with them. Pride is their biggest problem.

2) Banknote
I was given a large creased banknote which I was careful to take care of. This shows some people will respond and help us financially with the work we do.
Comment: For those in other ministries who face financial lacks, please note the later dream of 10th Jan 2007.

We Are Waiting
11th Dec 2006. M. 1) Waiting
I was at the local super- market, waiting to pay for something. I was standing there with several lengths of timber [represents MM literature]. I had to wait and wait. The cashier was taking so long! Because of the long wait I went off to get something else done and came back later in the day, but still there was a wait.
Meaning: Depicts our situation. We expected things to come to a head a year ago, but we are still waiting. Never mind, God is on time, even if we think He’s not!

My Thumb Drops Off
2) My thumb drops off
My thumb – which is deformed as a result of an injury I had with a power saw about 20 years ago – fell of. Well, actually only the outer ‘casing’ of the thumb fell off. What was revealed then was a beautiful, perfect new thumb!
Meaning: Perhaps this is a depiction of the miracles God will do in the near future to restore what is damaged or deformed, paralleling the restoration of lives through the acceptance of His spiritual truth.

£10 Note
12th December 2006. M. Peeling off a £10 note
There was a strip of banknotes stuck on with temporary glue (like Prittstick). I peeled one off.
Meaning: 10 represents something human not divine. The dream came after Eleanor had contacted a man with the initials TS. It predicts that he will give a small donation.

Rebuilding The Dome
16th December 2006. M. Rebuilding the dome
I saw a building with a dome-shaped roof. I had been given a task to take the top part off and rebuild it. It was constructed of breeze blocks. I set to work and rebuilt it. When it was finished, the blocks had the appearance of smooth, polished, white marble.
Meaning: The task of prophets is to dismantle the spiritual edifices that men have built that are not built according to God’s design. This dream came after I had completed the booklet Islam, The Koran, and God. Many mosques have dome-shaped roofs, so perhaps it depicts what that booklet will achieve in the lives of Muslims who will be willing to listen to what God has to say to them.

Malcolm’s Bike
19th December 2006. M. Malcolm’s bike, etc.
I was going along on my motorbike. It was not rowdy like some motorbikes, but was making a very pleasant sound [depicts what comes out of this ministry – the written materials]. I had a chest band draped around my shoulder diagonally around my chest. It was multicoloured and had every colour of the rainbow on it. It was really beautiful.

Main Motive Problem In Kenya
20th December 2006. M. Only want money, not truth!
In this dream God conveyed that [most of] the people in Kenya to whom we reached out are still more interested in money than in His truth.
A letter came from India today, illustrating the problem. All he asked for was physical, not spiritual. People like that don’t benefit at all from our ministry. We are not here for hand-outs, we are here to give something more precious!

Muslim Man Challenged
23rd December 2006. H.
An elephant arrived, picked up a building block and walked away sheepishly.
Comment: This represents a Muslim man who was trying to convince us that the Koran is the only holy book. He claimed that it’s the only book that can be learned by heart from cover to cover!
We gave him Islam, The Koran, And God, which exposes a primitive error of his religion. He was hostile at first, then retreated.
Elephants are dominant animals like some religions want to dominate others, but it’s not God’s way. More about this episode is recounted in N38 under Intercession Diary.

24th December 2006. H.
We went to visit an old mansion. There were two entrances into the building. A solid steel stove (heater) was at each of the entrances.
Comment: MM literature has been reaching into the CoG7 which the dream’s imagery portrays. The congregation has a false minister over them. God is exposing this minister by providing spiritual food to some members, helping those who want to, to be revived and warmed (the heat from the stoves).

27th December 2006. H. Man’s head covered by bees
A man’s head was covered by bees [demons]. Then he started to shave to make himself appear more respectable.
Comment: This portrays a false minister who dominates and controls that church for his own ends (power?). Some people are exposing him and his abusive behaviour. He is making cosmetic changes to try to look good in their eyes to avoid him losing his position. His heart is still evil.

Man Moves Ahead
28th December 2006. M.
1) Mr Peacock
Richard Peacock’s father was running along with me, going to where I was going. Then he ran ahead of me. I was just continuing at a steady pace, running at the pace I was happy with. As he was running, he looked back to give me a smile.
Meaning: Mr Peacock (I can’t remember his Christian name) has probably died, and so the dream shows he has gone to glory, hence his happiness. He was a deacon in the WCG at Cambridge, where we witnessed in 1995, ‘gate-crashing’ their meeting and telling the people they had a false minister there as pastor (Harry Sullivan). Sullivan was transferred to N Ireland shortly after that episode (presumably to squelch any questions and embarrassment of the WCG ruling junta).

More Building Work
2) More building work to do
I was involved in a building job with one other person (a man). It was the afternoon and there wasn’t much time left in the working day. I was clearing old dead leaves out of the bushes, using a rake, tidying up. Then I came to something like a cloth seat cover, which had vertical ribs on it (like a domestic house radiator), and continued, without thinking, to use the rake on that. I tore vertical strips off it and ripped it to shreds because I didn’t think it had any utility value. But then a woman suddenly came out and berated me. I apologised and told her that she could deduct the cost of a replacement from my wages. (I appeared to be working for her on the building job.)
As we were preparing to go home for the day, I then realised that there was a large building job just begun. The trenches had been dug and were ready to concrete. Until then, I didn’t realise that this job was there. It was in a different place, a short distance from where I had been working.
Meaning: More work to do. This dream came after completing The Prophecies of Hosea Concerning Britain. Still there is more to write after this, to prepare people for what is ahead.
It also depicts a situation in the CoG7 where we have been working to release the people from their bondage (along with others there). It shows them that there is another new building awaiting them when they come out of that organisation. It is the spiritual building that Jesus is constructing – His Church – that is explained in God’s Church – Whose Authority?

Sea About To Come In
29th December 2006. M. Sea about to come in
The sea was about to come in over a large bay area which had been dry land up till then. A number of people, perhaps more than 50, were assembled there to see this sight. I stood there with them for a while, anticipating it, but I got a bit impatient waiting and went off over the bay to the other side. I ran up the slope at the other side, aware that they were watching me. I saw a nice flower there and admired it.
After a while the sea came in. I looked over the bay and it was covered in water. It was quite deep. I couldn’t go back now. I wondered if I still had the car keys in my pocket, because I didn’t want Helena to be stranded and unable to use the car. (But I needn’t have worried about that because there is a spare set.)
Meaning: The sea represents revival – the waters of God reaching out to new people (dry land). The more than 50 people are those who have been faithful towards MM’s work. The other side for me could depict death, or a new situation. (It will become clear later.) The car depicts our ministry.
The sea completely covered the whole area, depicting how the truth we have been given will spread to cover the whole world during the Millennium.

Young Man Deceived By Demons
29th December 2006. H. Needs deliverance
Last night I had a chat with a young man who is friendly with our daughter. He was mixed up spiritually, but stubbornly refused truth. God then revealed at night the demonic influences he is under and portrayed him with darkness coming out of his mouth (his speech is influenced by demons). By rejecting God he has no protection from them, so is deceived.

30th December 2006. M. Man untrustworthy
This young man (not the one in the dream above) is a friend of our daughters. God showed that he is not to be trusted.

The Wild Beast Of The State
30th Dec 2006. H. Wild beast breaks into our home
I saw a wild beast – several wild animals all in one – break the windows of our home and push his way in. Next the evil beast retreated as a woman appeared wearing clothes of many bright colours.
Comment: God is showing the British police system as a barbaric evil system, likening it to a beast. It uses brute force to break into people’s lives. Once it is in, it changes tactics, appearing soft, nice and appealing to people’s better nature, to try and extricate information which they then use to prosecute whomever they can. (Remember Forest Gate?) Innocent people are often targeted and are bugged illegally.
I also saw a secret camera with a special hood connected to a transformer. Their schemes are devious, cunning and evil.

Saddam Hanged
31st December 2006. H. Saddam and others hanged
I saw dead bodies taken on a trolley into a mortuary. [This happened later that day; Saddam was hanged. Two others, condemned alongside Saddam, were to be hanged later.]
Then I saw an Iraqi man stirred up by demons, becoming threatening. [A new leader, probably Islamic.]


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