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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

God Will Lift Us Up
1st Jan. 2005. M. 1) High Up In Our Car
I was driving a car we had. (The registration number began with E22. 22 is a numeric symbol of the written materials which we have that God has inspired.) I was really high up, like about 6 or 8 feet off the ground. It was an unusual experience.
Meaning: Prominence coming. This is not for our sake, but for the literature which contains God's truths, hence the numeric symbol of 22 – inspired writings.

We Will Move Ahead
2) Walking Ahead
Now I was walking along the road briskly and upright [moving ahead spiritually; making progress]. A woman was walking a bit behind me and to my right. I was amazed that she was keeping up with me. Behind her there was a man, but he was not keeping up.
Meaning: The woman represents true believers. The man represents church leaders, etc.

Don't Put Your Schemes First Before The Work of God
3) The Car With Head Gasket Blown
Someone gave (or sold to) me a car. It was a sporty, high performance car, worth a lot of money [symbolises his flamboyant, expensive tastes, which are based on human vanity which is pride]. But the cylinder head was leaking and water was dripping out [but in real terms, it is not much use to us]. When I parked up, the previous owner came to have a look and we saw a little jet of water spurting out from the side of the block [how his self-glorifying way of life, symbolised by the ostentatious car, does not retain the Spirit and truth of God, depicted by the water]. I was disappointed.
Meaning: When you are given a 2nd hand car, it isn't new, and the previous owner has had the best use out of it. This is a spiritual analogy concerning what someone will give us and how he has put himself first and 'our' work for God second.
His life will not satisfy nor succeed as long as he lives selfishly. Haggai revealed the secret to success – putting God's Work first (Hag 1:9-10; 2:15-19). Why not read his prophetic book and see what God considers most valuable?

God Knows How To Catch People
2nd Jan 2005. M. 1) Caught The Parrot!
I was trying to catch a parrot. There were many of them perched in one area. I stalked them, but they all flew away.
I came onto a second group of them and tried again; this time all but one flew away. The one that remained was large and dark blue. He had his back towards me and I was able to grab hold of him from behind. I clasped him tightly to my chest, holding his wings in, and walked back home with him.
On the way, he struggled quite a bit [how he has resisted being ‘tamed’ by accepting the truth of God]. Finally, back home, he had his freedom with other birds around the place, but he didn't stay long. I thought he might stay because there were other parrots here, and a (tamed) buzzard which was perched on a pear tree in blossom. But he flew away to where he came from. There was one other smaller parrot there, and he stayed with her.
Meaning: The parrots represent colourful personalities in connection with our ministry. Parrots are very expensive birds. (We don't have any, by the way. Just garden birds.)

Carrying A Lot
2) Carrying Much
In the next scene I was carrying a lot on my shoulders. I felt like I was carrying the whole family and many boxes as well. I had to walk down a flight of concrete stairs, which was quite risky, but I was careful how I trod.
Meaning: The next phase of 'our' Work for God.

Literature Neglected In Kenya To Their Cost
3rd Jan 2005. M. Literature Neglected!
Walking past an open-air compound, I saw stacks of our literature, principally Sunday Versus Sabbath, lying unused and ignored. I felt that the place represented
Meaning: An e-mail came later in the day, from a guy who had had a dream about me, that I should come to Kenya and pray for the people, so that they can be set free. But this man has neglected, if not rejected, what is in Sunday Versus Sabbath. The dream portrays why the people are NOT free. Acceptance of Truth sets people free (Jn 8:32), but he doesn't want to turn away from Sunday keeping.

The Jeweller’s Shop
4th Jan. 2005. M.
1) A Scene In
Kenya: The Jeweller's Shop
In this dream, I saw the materialistic desires of people in Kenya (as in many other countries). This seemed to be contrasted markedly with those who want the truths of God. A colourful bright blue neon sign was lit up over a jeweller's shop [perhaps this depicts the valuable spiritual truths we are offering people] in a society where there was poverty all around. People were attracted physically by the sign where there was not much else to attract them. Somehow I sensed that materialistic gain was a principal motive at work.
Meaning: In poor societies, you would think that people would love truth more than material things, but that's not so. There is greed, and seeking after what looks good or attractive. That motive is often what prompts people to ask for 'our' literature.

Western Cities Vulnerable
2) Vulnerable Developed Societies
I saw part of a big city. It could have been in the USA. I was looking down on it from above. What I saw was a road that was on concrete stilts, like a flyover. It was a highway that was built 50-100 feet above the ground, to take traffic over the tops of buildings and a river beneath it. It was the product of a highly developed technology. Yet it was so vulnerable. In the next moment, I realised that all it would take for it to be ruined was a small earth tremor.
Meaning: The vulnerability of advanced technological societies. It doesn't take much to bring western civilisation crashing down.

Do You Fail To See The 'Butterflies'?
5th Jan 2005. M. 1) Where Are The Butterflies?
I was walking with
Helena in a field. It was a lovely rolling meadow, next to some woods. A lady came up to me, her stance very assertive, so I kept a pace back from her. She asked "Where are the butterflies?" as if there were none. But there were many of them flying about in the field. I said in a quite matter-of-fact way, "Over there," pointing to some that you could see flying so obviously, not far away. Just to prove my point, I got my net and caught one to show her. The dream ended there.
Meaning: The butterflies can represent opportunities in life that are only there for a short while. You must catch them while you can. Don't be like the woman in the dream who was so preoccupied with herself that she missed the opportunities God was sending her way.
Butterflies are things of beauty that live only a short while. So are the opportunities which God sends in this life.
The butterflies can also represent the truths of God which are beautiful. Often people miss the beauty of God's truths. They can be blind to them. Moreover, you may see them one day, but lose sight of them later, because of a failure to live God's truths in your life.

God's Immeasurable Grace and Love
2) A Second Chance
A real down-and-out – a 'good-for-nothing' person, who was unkempt, untidy, badly-spoken, and not the person you would want as a friend – was homeless. But someone gave him a second chance. I was amazed that they would give him the opportunity to have a place to live in! How- ever, he now had to prove himself worthy of the chance.
Meaning: God gives people – whom we would think (humanly) are past being salvaged – the opportunity to be part of the Household of God. He welcomes them into His House. Of course, not without conditions! Repentance means changing, and those who receive God's immeasurable grace must bring forth fruits worthy of their calling.

The Imposition Of Those Who Exert 'The Law'
6th Jan 2005. M. Unnecessary Cost
I felt pressured into getting two vehicles MOT'd that were off the road, so didn't really need
MOT'ing. The guy at the MOT centre made out that one needed a new exhaust, which it didn't! The existing one was in very good condition. But, he was 'the law', so I had no say in the matter. The episode cost me £2,150 – an absolutely horrific amount! It shouldn't have cost even three figures, let alone four!
Meaning: Those acting as 'the law' impose themselves and their decisions upon their unfortunate victims, who are made to pay dearly. This is a prophetic allegory of what the police will do to us. They will be a great inconvenience and cause us considerable cost – all totally unwarranted.

Do You Short-Change Us?
9th Jan 2005. M.
1) £5,000 Not Enough
A man gave me £5,000, but he had promised he would provide me with a new vehicle, and £5K was not enough. He had promised, and so I was entitled to receive much more than what he was inclined to give. I felt cheated.
I attempted to persuade him to increase the figure. Since he was not willing to give the full amount of about £10,000, I tried to 'bargain' with him to meet me half way at £7,500. But he would not. So I wondered if he would meet me at £7,000, but no! He was not to be persuaded. What HE thought was more important than what I thought, and was even more important than my needs for this Work of God. I was left short.
Meaning: The trait being highlighted is self-will. To hear from God, we have to be willing to shelve our own ideas and do what God says, even though it will go against our own desires and personal wishes.

2) Not Even A T-Shirt
Someone was giving T-shirts to people. They all had written logos on them, as most T-shirts do. I waited to see if he would give me a shirt, but he didn't. There wasn't one the right size for me. They were all too small.
Meaning: Like the dream above, it depicts insufficient provision from our supporters.

3) The 'Thing'
I needed something and saw some of them in a holder outside a shop. But I didn't have money to buy one of these 'things'. I had something similar, and wondered how I could exchange it for the 'thing' I needed. But it wasn't possible and I had to make do with what I had.
Meaning: How we have to make do with what we have and use what is not ideal, because of our lack of support.

If You Fail, God Will Raise Up Others
11th Jan 2005. M. Mending The Broken Gadget
A piece of electronic equipment needed mending. I thought I should contact a couple of repairers. The first one could not do the job immediately. Then I happened to mention about it on the Sabbath to a Sabbatarian. Of course he couldn't do it right then either because it was the Sabbath. But before he could fit it into his schedule, the other man fixed it.
Meaning: It is to do with fixing the spiritual breakage in a person's life. This person will be mended through his interaction with the world. The trials of life will bring him back to God. In the dream I was put in the place of God who determines how a person's life is worked out.
God is ingenious. Some dreams have dual meaning in the imagery. That is so in this instance. It depicts what some Sabbath-keeping believers should have done in Kenya, but it took a man from the Sunday-keeping sector to do it. Some of the first people whom God calls to do His Work fail, and God then has to raise up others to take their place.

Are You Keeping God & Us Waiting?
12th Jan 2005. M. S At The Bus-Stop
I was waiting in my white vehicle. It was parked near a bus-stop. I was awaiting the arrival of S, a friend of ours. [This is a spiritual meaning, not physical. The metaphors are allegoric.] Suddenly I heard the bus coming from behind me. S did too. He got up (he was sitting inside an enclosed bus shelter so he was not visible) and began to move, which is when I saw him. I tried to get his attention, but he wasn't looking my way. Then, as the bus got closer, I waved more frantically, and thankfully, finally he saw me.
Presumably he got in my white vehicle, but I didn't see that because the dream ended there.
Meaning: This concerns a person's spiritual journey. S is not the only one, by any means, who fails to recognise our Commission from Above. There are many who are self- seeking, going their own way, wanting to be completely independent.
White represents righteousness and the vehicle is a symbol of our ministry which brings Truth from God. But S does not want the righteousness which we promote, hence he wants to go independently and get on the worldly bus. What God wants is for him to fully accept all truth we bring.

14th Jan 2005. M. Preparing For Heating Pipes
I was preparing for heating pipes to be installed in the concrete floor. 
To do with the Kenyan situation.

About A Lady In Cornwall
15th Jan 2005. M. 1) Christine Musser
There was a tall gantry, with several levels and steps leading from one level to another. About the third [final] level there was a space rocket, ready to launch.
Christine had to climb up these stairs – actually run – in order to reach each stage according to the schedule. It was obviously a demanding task. It was all done for the camera. Cameramen were filming everything.
Before she arrived at the third level, the rocket had fired up with a mighty roar and smoke was pouring out from its boosters. But she wasn't yet on the platform of that stage. However, the cameraman wasn't bothered. He intimated that it didn't matter, that he would film it anyway.
It emphasised that what was videoed was all done for show, that it wasn't really true to life, but that things were staged in order to make acceptable footage for viewing.
Comment: Christine Musser is the Church of England vicar at the centre of a real-life TV series on Boscastle.
There is a lot more hidden beneath the symbolism in the dream. God is about to fire a spiritual 'rocket' through His supernatural power, to get people's attention in this country. When that explodes into action, will people be ready who have got sidetracked with a humanistic agenda? No, they won't be ready to take part in what God has in mind – spiritual revival!

Church Leadership To Fall
2) Chimney Fell In
The scene was a tall, old, ramshackle, 3-storey building where the chimney had collapsed and fallen in through the roof. It was wedged in an upper floor, between the floor joists. People were worried about the situation, but I wasn't. I told them that, despite the precariousness of the situation, it could be dismantled brick by brick and brought down to ground in buckets.
The old building represents the antiquated church, in need of complete renovation and renewal. The chimney could represent the leadership. Dismantling the reliance upon leadership is no problem to us. It seems a disaster to others, but it's part of our heavenly brief.

Rude Awakening For Gordon Brown
3) Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, the man holding the purse strings of the British economy, was relaxing in the bath. It wasn't an ordinary bath. It was really deep, about six or seven feet deep!
He was surrounded by an entourage of personnel. I was a few feet away from this spectacle, and had control of the bath plug. At a given time, I pulled the plug and then went to tell him that he had 5 minutes to get out, get dried and dressed.
Meaning: Gordon Brown is basking in the popularity and success of being hailed as perhaps the most successful Chancellor in history. But his time of 'relaxation' is fast coming to an end.
The message we bring is one of the collapse of Britain as we know it, because of its flagrant sinfulness. When 'our' call to repentance goes out, this country will have '5 minutes' (not literally this short, but depicting a very short time in terms of Britain’s past) to prepare for that disaster which is inevitable.

Indian Economic Boom Ahead
20th Jan 2005. M. India
Some people were getting very rich in India, through the new computerisation and spread of technology. But the majority of the population was still in dire poverty.
Comment: As in Russia, some business moguls in India will get 'stinking' rich, but the population will not really benefit.

The Beckhams And Famous People
21st Jan 2005. M. 1) David and Victoria Beckham
I had installed a Velux roof window in their home. It let light in through the roof. [Symbol of the spiritual truth we will bring them.] Other alterations needed to be done.
There was a small strip (about half an inch to an inch wide) of rotten wood near the floor level that needed gouging out and replacing. It was a very difficult job to do. As I began to get down to this, Victoria was lying there in a very seductive pose, exposing her upper torso. It was most inappropriate, so I turned my eyes away and had to leave, and get on with something else meanwhile. I saw David talking to her.
Meaning: Our ministry will reach some of the rich and famous like David and Victoria, but there are some deep- seated wrong approaches that they will need to change.

The Publicity Machine Coming
2) Lack of Privacy
I wanted to go to the loo, but because of Richard (the dream didn't show why), the sliding door had been wrenched away, leaving a gap at the side. It no longer closed tightly, and my privacy was gone.
Meaning: What is up ahead, through media publicity.

3) Opening the Mail
Because of the intense media or public interest, I got away from it by going to bed [symbolises going to a place where they won't bother me] and opened a letter [symbol of increased volume in mail]. The letter was so well sealed all around with sellotape that it was hard opening it!

Are You Supportive?
22nd Jan 2005. M. Door Frame Missing
I was shown a door [representing our ministry], but the door frame on one side of this door was missing, as was some of the brickwork in the wall. This left the lintel over the door precariously balanced. It was a very unsatisfactory situation.
Meaning: It depicts our lack of support by some others who should be supporting us. Because their lives are spirit- ually like the wall and door frame in the dream, they don't give. Selfishness, pride, and physical pursuit are often the main culprits at the root of such failures.

British Law-Enforcement Has Gone Mad!
23rd Jan 2005. M. 1) Legalistic Oppression!
I had an old wheelbarrow in this dream. Characters who featured in Match of the Day on TV last night (I sometimes watch the football) were used in this dream to illustrate the rich and powerful who influence society and control others. They took exception to my old wheelbarrow and said it wasn't roadworthy, and that I would be prosecuted. It didn't concern them that it was my right to use it around my home just as I liked. I had to run to avoid being prosecuted!
Meaning: The dream is a symbolic illustration of how unreasonable the assault is that is about to come against us. Legalities in this country have gone completely mad! While some criminals get off scot free, victims are hounded and penalised through the oppressive burdens of law, and the government introduces new laws to ostensibly give more freedoms, but which actually have an opposite effect. Personal freedom has been seriously undermined! We live in an oppressive police state.

2) Bugged

God Speaks Each And Every Day
24th Jan 2005. M. Geese
This was a dream about geese, symbolising the people to whom I had to write later that day.

25th Jan 2005. M.
1) Isaya
God said in this dream that Isaya is so self-willed that he has to be left alone. He won't listen to me. God will deal with him.
Later in the day, an e-mail came from him accusing me of being the cause of all the problems in the churches in Kenya! He was not to blame for any of it! Just about sums up why God said "Leave him alone."

2) Kassahun.
Two dreams for Kassahun's benefit. Kassahun is faithful, diligent and selfless.

Future State Restrictions On Religion
27th Jan 2005. M. Restrictions Coming
In this dream a woman had a lovely hen. It was a rare Scottish breed [symbol and allusion to the revival that will begin in Scotland, of which we will be a part]. She had an unusual shaped piece of pasture land where the hen could roam freely. It laid its eggs anywhere it liked. I saw a cosy little nest it made between some tree roots. But one day the hen was culled, not by the lady, but because of sinister reasons. Legislation had been passed against it, so she could no longer keep it. To say I was sad is an understatement! I saw eggs left lying all over the land, scattered singly here, there, and everywhere. Helena wanted to go and pick them up, but it wasn't possible.
Meaning: The symbols of hen being able to roam freely and lay eggs wherever she liked, depict the freedom of religion and the ability to proselyte we have at the moment. Soon, restrictions are coming that will kill evangelism and deny us our legitimate freedoms to openly share the truths of God with others. All the 'eggs' (potential children of God) will not be 'collected' because of these restrictions.

Big Fruit Ahead
29th Jan 2005. M. Massive Cauliflowers
Behind our home we had an average size vegetable garden (not in reality; just in the dream). There were some massive cauliflowers growing there. They were about 5 feet tall! A neighbour was walking along the path and away down the side of our house as I was coming. I called "hello" and waved to him (with a half clenched hand because I had been working hard and my hand had not straightened out yet), but he turned away without acknowledging me.
Meaning: Cauliflowers need rich soil to grow in if they are to grow big. This represents the spiritual growth in people who have been feeding on 'our' publications.
The man represents the world, who will see us because of the publicity which is coming, but who will not care.

Churches of God Portrayed As Clubs
4th Feb 2005. M. The Churches of God
This dream featured some former friends who are now part of the Churches of God (CoGs). The CoGs were represented by a modern glass-fronted office block. There were several floors, and you could see all through the floor- to-ceiling glass frontage. I saw GG, a former friend, who is now in Australia, talking to someone else on about the 4th or 5th floor. You could see his manner, which was more polite, smiling and affable than it would normally be to an outsider who is not a member of their church.
By contrast, Helena and I were in a double-bed with no building over us, completely exposed to the elements, and down at ground level. We felt vulnerable and in full view of everyone. [This depicts our lack of support and finance.]
Meaning: The multi-storey office block depicts the CoG groups, each floor representing a church that has formed after the break-up of the WCG. It shows their sufficient financial means compared with ours, and what they can afford which we can't. GG's cultic behaviour also depicts their hypocrisy, and 'club' exclusivism or prejudice.
God is exposing their hypocrisy. They came out of the WCG during the mid-90's and formed their own churches. But in 1991 and 1992 we had prophesied the WCG's demise. In 1993 we were laying a new foundation for the Church, and in 1994 we were shouting about the changes that were coming in the WCG, and in 1995-1998 we were shouting even louder about the heresies the WCG was foisting on the members. Only then did CoGs form, and they took no notice of what God was saying to us or through us!
Now they have humanly established their churches, and taken many people with them from the apostate mother church, they enjoy relative opulence and a-good looking 'office block', while all we have is a double bed out in the open with no support or roof over our heads.
But, you know, I'd rather have the little God gives us than all they have without God! They are just human clubs.

Impudent Publicity
5th Feb 2005. M. The Cheeky Boy
I was kneeling beside my bed, praying, when a cheeky boy came up to the window and tried to pry by peeping through the window. Perhaps he was trying to distract me. But, instead of him putting me off, I reared up to him and made a noise to scare him away.
Meaning: A parody of the media interest coming which will try and pry into our personal lives.

Sending Forth God's Word
7th Feb 2005. M. Frisbees
I was throwing a frisbee, which circled around, came back and then zoomed off again. It amazed people who were looking.
Meaning: Pictures the way the Spirit (and Word) of God does some amazing and unpredictable things. Allegoric of what is happening in our outreach, particularly in Africa.

God says: So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void [empty, fruitless], but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it (Is 55:11).

'Our' literature is going again, another time round.

CoG Indifference
8th Feb 2005. M. 1) About DG
There was some communication between us, but it didn't seem to end in a positive way. He just went off, and what I wanted to share was not really accepted.
Meaning: This is typical of the response of CoG people. DG was a former friend who is now in one of the CoGs.

2) About R. Personal to do with his lack of care for us and God's Work that we are doing.

What's Your 'Ceiling' Like?
9th Feb 2005. M.
1) The Ceiling
I was looking at a ceiling in a fairly large auditorium like a school assembly hall. Someone had the job of painting it. But it was not an ordinary ceiling. It was composed of square ceiling tiles. Where the lights usually are in those ceilings, he was to paint those squares different colours. It was to be really colourful.
However, when I came back to inspect the job, all those coloured squares had been painted very soft pastel shades that were hardly noticeable from the rest of the ceiling which was white. He had done a neat and careful job, but it was disappointing that there was no 'zip' or 'umph' in the colours.
I was hoping to see some really striking colours.
Meaning: An allegory of how the gifts of the Spirit are meant to stand out like striking colours in a white ceiling. They are meant to manifest, and create interest or attract attention. So, use with zest what God gives, and then it will have maximum effect.

Some Personal Revelations For Others
2) The Cat
I was looking for something useful underneath a cat, but there was nothing there.
Meaning: About someone near to us. How we have been looking for something of value, but found nothing.

13th Feb 2005. M. D.
This dream was about someone whom we know. He had got a train ticket for his journey, but he delayed setting out. He waited till about three quarters of the day had gone before getting going. We had to help him to get going. Finally, he set off, but because it was so late in the day, the night came before he had completed the task. He then had to find temporary accommodation in another house which wasn't his usual home.

17th Feb 2005. M. Birds of prey
I took two owls from a farmer, to catch some mice and rats. I didn't want him to feel that I was stealing them, because I wasn't. I was just borrowing them. So I went to see him to reassure him of my good intentions. I caught up with him on his tractor, which had a sizeable room in it as an office! It was a bit untidy, with straw here and there, and the farmer was sitting there with two other fellows. He was a broad, thick-set, somewhat unshaven man, but a jolly fellow, who was amenable and jovial. I mentioned about taking the owls.
Then the scene changed and to a concrete roadway. It was cold. There was snow and ice. We were going some- where else. Finally, I ended up looking in someone else's back garden where they had a really large bird of prey, a sort of eagle. I asked the man what sort it was. In a local yokel accent he said he didn't know. At that moment I saw a songbird inside the house, jumping up and down, flapping its wings, really agitated. The dream ended there.
I woke up and thought "how strange!"

19th Feb 2005. M. Nigeria
This dream featured a neglected lawn that was too long and needed cutting, and a pillar that was cracked and needed to be replastered. I didn't think I could do much about the pillar, but I thought that I could cut the grass and make that look as it ought to, even though it was not my responsibility. However, when I got to work on the pillar I was pleasantly surprised that I could do something to make it good.
Meaning: The pillar represents someone in Nigeria who is a pillar in the Church there, but who was severely 'cracked' or damaged by things that occurred. The grass depicts the people who have been somewhat neglected, and not 'trimmed' often enough.

Our Commission In The Church
20th Feb 2005. M. Copper Pipework in Building
We had 'inherited' or been given a big building that was not finished. The previous 'owner' had done some improve- ments, and there were some pleasing features about the place. For some reason, I was glad that the stairs were at the end of the upstairs corridor, not in the middle. Up this end of the corridor, I trod on a floorboard that had not been properly nailed down. There was a cut nail sticking out a bit. I pulled the board up to see what was underneath. A discussion then followed with another person (who was not seen) who thought one thing. I thought another, and it turned out that I was right.
In between the floor joists there was a pair of ¾ inch copper pipes feeding several pairs of other ¾ inch copper pipes that teed off these supply pipes. I could see that they were new, and still bright and shiny, and had compression fittings. (These were like central heating pipes.)
Meaning: The building represents the Church, in which we have a Commission to bring 'new' truth. It is unfinished and needs complete truth restoring before Jesus returns. The pipework may represent the work of others. We will see in due course more fully what the dream means.

The WCG Lives With Lies!
21st Feb 2005. M. WCG People
Three or four WCG men were part of the subject of this dream, but they were to one side. In the centre, Helena and I were making a proclamation that the WCG does not accept the gifts of the Spirit, even though they may talk about them. People must not be fooled by their rhetoric. They do not practice what they feignedly 'acknowledge'.

27th Feb 2005. M. The Unconverted
This dream featured a really carnal footballer. He represented carnal people in touch with our ministry. He was hanging around, and was a constant bad presence.

28th Feb 2005. M. GC.
About GC, whom I contacted.

We Are Charged Unfairly
1st Mar 2005. M. We Are Charged Unfairly
Our ministry was depicted as an old Vauxhall Cavalier which we once owned. Richard had to do a couple of jobs on the car. He went to get some parts from the breakers, but they wanted to charge the astronomical figure of £387 for the few bits that we needed to get it running. On top of that, Richard had to remove one part that was OK and take it to them, to get a matching part, so we lost something as well that was not broken. We were worse off than if we had not tried to do anything to the car!
Meaning: How we are treated unfairly and taken advantage of. The number 387 tells its own story. It is 9 (the number of judgement – this is what God is working towards, to those who persecute us) x 43. It is also 3 x 129.

The psalms of those numbers depict what God is foretelling allegorically in the dream, and which will soon come to pass.

Psalm 3 (NIV):
1. O Lord, how many are my foes! How many rise up against me!
2. Many are saying of me, 'God will not deliver him.'
3. But you are a shield around me, O Lord, my Glorious One, who lifts up my head...
7. Arise, O Lord! Deliver me, O my God! For you have struck all my enemies on the jaw; you have broken the teeth of the wicked.
8. From the Lord comes deliverance. May your blessing be on your people.

Psalm 43 (NIV):
1. Vindicate me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation; rescue me from deceitful and wicked men.
2. You are God my stronghold...
3. Send forth your light and your truth...

Psalm 129 (NIV):
1. They have greatly oppressed me...
2. They have greatly oppressed me... but they have not gained the victory over me.
3. Ploughmen have ploughed my back and made their furrows long.
4. But the Lord is righteous; he has cut me free from the cords of the wicked.
5. May all who hate Zion be turned back in shame...

Psalm 9 (NKJV):
1. I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart. I will tell of all your marvellous works.
2. I will be glad and rejoice in You. I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.
3. When my enemies turn back, they shall fall and perish at Your presence..
4. For You have maintained my right and my cause. You sat on the throne judging in righteousness.
5. You have rebuked the nations. You have destroyed the wicked. You have blotted out their name...
9. The Lord will also be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.
10. And those who know Your name will put their trust in You. For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.
11. Sing praises to the Lord, who dwells in Zion! Declare His deeds among the people.
12. When He avenges blood, He remembers them. He does not forget the cry of the humble.
13. Have mercy on me, O Lord! Consider my trouble from those who hate me, You who lift me up from the gates of death.
14. That I may tell of all Your praise in the gates of the daughter of Zion. I will rejoice in Your salvation.
15. The nations have sunk down in the pit which they have made; in the net which they hid, their own foot is caught.
16. The Lord is known by the judgment He executes; the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.
19. Arise, O Lord, do not let man prevail. Let the nations be judged in Your sight.
20. Put them in fear, O Lord, that the nations may know themselves to be but men.

And that's precisely what God will do! This is the time of His judgement upon all who come against His Work on earth!

3rd March 2005. M. 1) Richard's gearbox broken
I was travelling along the road in my car. Richard's van was parked at the side and I passed it. In my rear view mirror I saw that he had the bonnet up and was trying to fix the gearbox.

2) The long letter
Someone with the name G Bailey [may be depictive, but not literally a person with that name] had written me a really long letter. It was about 20 pages long and full of waffle. It was essentially a time-waster. Then they sent me a white knobbly rock in the post. It was like a big lump of quartzite. I thought, "How foolish!" It would have cost a lot to send it, but was a complete waste of time and money.
Meaning: The last words depict what the dream means – that many people can waste our time and money simply because they don't truly respond to God by humbling them- selves.
We get sent huge treatises by people with puffed up minds, thinking they are the only ones to have found God's 'esoteric truth'. With such pride, they're hearing from demons!
As I awoke, God urged me to write a letter to UCG, asking them for a response to a previous letter in which I challenged them on their incorrect teaching on life after death. They could not accept the testimony about someone raised from the dead because (they said) it didn't fit with biblical doctrine (THEIR appraisal of biblical doctrine, which is very shallow and incomplete).
I wrote the letter to them. The dream may depict their response to it.

Abuse In Society
2nd Jan. 2005. H.
Man being abusive to another
Meaning: This refers to someone suffering a miscarriage of justice. God allowed this to happen to develop humility in him and willingness to do God’s will, as well as to expose the evil in the justice system.

2) A gang of men with dogs
Aggressively, they were looking for something.
Meaning: This shows evil motives and corruption which God wants to expose through circumstances.

God Is Concerned For People
2nd Jan. 2005. H.
3) Peas
I was busy making preparations, we were also moving into another situation. I was concerned about a handful of peas.
Meaning: The peas represent people that need to receive literature to help them spiritually and prepare them for future events.

5th Jan. 2005. H. 1) Misguided affection
I saw a young lady being friendly and showing affection to a young man. I said, ”He is not the one for you!”
Meaning: We should choose Jesus and show Him all the love and affection. Yet we give our loyalty to others who become our idols.

Failed Justice System
2) Run-down house
I saw a very old house, totally rotten and falling to pieces. We had a large well nearby and I saw the rotten roof fall into the well. I was furious and began pulling the rubbish out of the well.
Meaning: The rotten house represents the justice system which is falling apart. We have to clear up the mess created by others.

7th Jan. 2005. H. People worshiping pagan gods
I saw a face which looked like Christ but it was Antichrist. It was filled with evil.
Meaning: False religions are inspired by demons. The devil will do anything to deceive people. This is one of the signs of the end of this age (Matt 24:4).
Antichrist embodies anyone and anything which takes the place of God or Christ. The transitions are subtle, and go largely unnoticed. Deception claims the majority! Antichrist rules the world, even now! Through false worship, wrong authority structure, oppression and deception.

Children Being Devoured By Lions
8th Jan. 2005. H.
1) Children playing with lion cubs
While they were young, they seemed nice and cuddly, but these grew up into lions, and the children were devoured.
Meaning:Society and family do not protect children from the influence of the devil through evil music, drugs and unsuitable friends. Children don't see them as ruthlessly devouring spiritual enemies. They have no idea!

The Devil's Influence Again
2) Blindfolded man fed polluted food by demons
Meaning: God is not pleased with him. He allowed fear and pride to hold him back. God’s teachings are pure and simple to those who are humble and obedient.

Police Vehicle Arrives
Large police vehicle
It arrived and looked brown and old fashioned. There were several policemen in brown uniforms. They looked ugly and severe. Somehow we managed to get away on a journey in our vehicle; no-one could stop us.
Meaning: The police have a ruthless, evil spiritual approach, represented by brown uniforms. God protects us when we face persecution; He gives us deliverance.

Former Friends Deeply Prejudiced Against Us
4) Accused by former friend
We met some friends and I spoke to J.V. from our former church. He accused me of something I didn’t say. I was offended by him and left him.
Meaning: God warns us of difficulties in the future of those who were influenced by cults and wrong teaching. It will be hard to help those who are stubborn.

Making Other Arrangements
10th Jan. 2005. H. Post office
I was taking some packages to the post office which was nearby, around the corner.
Meaning: People will interfere with our work of posting Christian literature. So, we will have to 'go round the corner' to post it. (Those who are hostile to God persecute Christians.)

God's Most Amazing Ship
12th Jan. 2005. H. The ship made of rock
I saw the most amazing ship brought into the harbour. It was manoeuvred manually by super-strong men. The ship was made out of solid rock. The outside of it was engraved and had an undulating and bubbly effect.
These supermen brought fear into town; people were afraid of them. I visited a warehouse next to the ship which contained material stacked high for making dresses and clothing. The designs and colours were breathtaking!
Meaning: The ship represents God’s Work, solid like rock. The supermen are people who work hard but look to God for spiritual strength, power and miracles. This will bring awareness of God and His power to millions – preaching the gospel. The fabric represents God’s truths and revelations in 'our' publications. People who live by these truths produce good spiritual character – represented by garments which adorn us. This beautiful character reflects God’s nature of love and beauty, which has such wide variety. The ship’s ornate appearance was produced by trials, dedication and sacrifice.

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back
15th Jan. 2005. H. 1) Paralysed through fear
I saw a person we know sitting with a worried look, not being able to take action. I was trying to show him how to accomplish what he set out to do. I encouraged him to take action and do whatever God wanted him to do.
Meaning: Fear holds people back leading to failure in their personal lives.

Someone Receiving God's Light
2) Someone received light into their understanding
We had sent a man a packet of Christian literature to help him in his trial. God confirmed that he will accept it. Learning the truth helps people to get their lives sorted out.

Someone Else Rejecting It
16th Jan. 2005. H. Nasty accuser
I saw a face with an ugly looking beak.
Meaning: This is to do with someone in Kenya who wrote a malicious letter with false accusations against us and others. While the devil uses people to cause trouble, through it God exposes the weaknesses of people.

A CoG Minister Gets De-Throned
17th Jan. 2005. H. 1) Man with a crown
I saw a man with a crown. Then the crown was removed.
Meaning: We sent some literature to a leader of a CoG where the leaders get elevated like rulers. People look up to them, which is all wrong. The position of Jesus is undermined, and these ministers are overlords not servants of the people allowing freedom of the Holy Spirit to guide and direct the people. Sending him literature had the effect of ‘dethroning’ him from his position.

How Can You Clean Up The Mess?!
2) Toilet being moved
The toilet was moved to a new position. A lady was trying to make sure the toilet was used properly, but despite all her efforts, there was still mess on the floor.
Meaning: This dream expresses our exasperation at some things in the Kenyan outreach. The new position of the toilet depicts change. People need to face spiritual cleansing and purification. But there is spiritual confusion – mess – which has to be cleaned up. Holiness needs restoring.

God's Work Is Like A Monument
3) Hill monument
A hill with nice shrubs and flowers, including lilies, was meant to be a monument. I stood next to it drawing people’s attention to it. [Depicts MM's work with spiritual literature.]
Meaning: It reflects God’s work accomplished through God’s power and the lead of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is personally involved in people’s lives who have repented and live God’s way. We are to share God’s truth with others.

A Revelation To Warn A Person
20th Jan. 2005. H.
1) Submitting to wrong influence
I saw an African man bow down to a large man. At the same time I saw someone trying to strangle him.
Meaning: This depicts one of ‘our’ workers in Africa who has let himself submit to a cult leader instead of standing up against him. Through this wrong situation, the devil was choking him by denying the flow of the Holy Spirit – our life-line with God. Compromising with truth (for the sake of expedience – to be ‘nice’ to people) is wrong and dangerous because you give a foothold to the devil.
Through the dream we were able to warn and help him.

Good Loyal Supporters
2) Loyal supporter
I became friendly with a man who was supportive and loyal. He was quite busy accomplishing things. I didn't get to see much of him.
Meaning: Soon we are going to have a close friendship with those of like mind, who love God and His truths. There are many preparing themselves for the great miracles God will do to wake up the Church and give a witness to the nations.

Don’t Wait: Get Busy!
3) Waiting at the computer
I saw a woman who had got the computer ready, expecting work to come through it, but nothing came.
Meaning: The computer represents the physical means to do the job. Some ‘in the harvest field’ look to the physical means instead of to the spiritual. Because their focus is in the wrong place, they will miss out. God won’t back them.
Only those who truly LOVE God’s truth and who are willing to sacrifice for it, will see miraculous power from God. Because miracles follow opposition, after you are willing to pay the price of losing what you prefer to try and keep. If you try and keep anything for yourself, you will lose it.
Preaching the gospel this way, relying upon God, takes faith and strict adherence to God’s Word. Too many try to cut corners. It doesn’t work. They will fail. The dream shows this person’s mentality, selfishly waiting at the computer for some- thing to happen, to bring them what they want. It won’t come.

Preparing For Publicity
21st Jan. 2005. H. Preparing for publicity
Our house was surrounded by news men. We had to put a towel over the window to stop them snooping. I was coming home on the footpath and had to run to escape reporters.
Meaning: God will use the news media to publicise His miracles and the gospel will be preached as a witness.

Deliverance Coming Through MM Lit
22nd Jan. 2005. H. Man received deliverance
Vision of a man receiving help and deliverance from demonic oppression. Black flakes were falling off.
Meaning: Someone wrote a whacky letter recently. It showed his confused state of mind due to cult influence for most of his life. We sent him literature to help de-programme wrong ideas. The truth sets people free.

Angels Coming To Help Us
24th Jan. 2005. H. Angels Coming Towards Us
I was leaving town to get a job done. As I was on my way I saw a most wonderful and heavenly sight. There was a host of angels floating towards me. They were tall with long robes in a pale blue colour. With them, snow flakes rained down. I was eager to receive what I could from this heavenly encounter and I felt strength come into me with joy. I had no fear of what I had to do!
Meaning: It concerns the confrontation we will soon face with the police. Reassuring us that we will have a heavenly host to give the help we need.

Restoring What Was Lost
27th Jan. 2005. H.
Lady robbed on train
I saw a train travel by. I came to a field where I found evidence of a crime committed against a lady traveller. The criminal threw the evidence from the train. I found a wallet, a handbag, and a knife used as a weapon. I was planning to find the address of the victim and return her belongings.
Meaning: Someone who has been robbed and badly treated by the authorities. God will restore what has been lost on their journey. The last part shows our help will be essential

2) Hide and seek
I was playing hide and seek with some people. I ran away and hid in a small room. After a while a group of them found me. We had a happy time together.
Meaning: This reflects some people close to us who played hide and seek with God. Eventually they returned from doing their own thing. God gives people the freedom to choose what they want, but brings them back through circumstances. Trials purify and produce humility (Rom 11).

We Provide A Cleaning Service
28th Jan. 2005. H. Towel for cleaning
I was preparing a towel making sure it was clean. I gave the towel to someone for £1.
Meaning: The towel represents a service we provide to others in order to help people get clean. We should receive remuneration to help with the burden.

Going On TV
29th Jan. 2005. H. Visit to a TV chat show
I was told to wash the shirts of the presenters which I did. A white curtain was put up on the stage of the show as a backdrop.
Meaning: This represents spiritual awakening, cleaning up of lives with God’s teaching. The white curtain means raising moral standards and helping others be revived.

Powerful Anointing Flowing
30th January 2005. H. 
1) Given a large foam sheet to provide a soft landing
Meaning: God is warning us that events in the future will be earth-shaking.

2)  Telephone with anointing dripping like water
I felt drunk (spiritually) from the power flowing.
Meaning: People will want to talk about the miracles and the dead being raised. God’s power is awesome!

Don't Keep Jesus Waiting!
21st Jan. 2005. H. Jesus waiting for young lady
I saw a good-looking Man waiting for a young lady, but she was not there for Him. He was very patient but had to go somewhere else. He came back later.
Meaning: Jesus is waiting for a young lady who has neglected her Christian walk. When she learns her lessons Jesus will receive her gladly and use her for His work.

Materialistic Churches
7th Feb. 2005. H. Visit to a traditional church
It was a large building, people were coming and going. There was a butcher’s shop inside and a car park nearby. I was trying to make friends with people and was admiring the architecture.
Meaning: I will visit some churches in the future. But the imagery conveyed that they have become unspiritual and materialistic. God has been replaced by everyday concerns.

Evil Business Conglomerates
8th Feb. 2005. Shopping at huge supermarket
One half was one supermarket brand (Tesco), the other, another brand (Morrison's). I left my trolley at one end, went to look for goods at the opposite end, then returned.
Meaning: Large companies are merging together to dominate business. This destroys small businesses and diminishes personal freedoms.
God condemns it in Isaiah 5:8.

Unseemly Kenyan Situation
25th Jan. 2005. H. 2) Person being measured
I saw books being delivered to someone after which he was being measured [symbol of being judged by God].
Meaning: The dream concerns someone who received our publications, but who walked away from God to do his own thing, following cult leaders. Judgement starts in the Church. Those who claim to be Christians will be judged severely. God hates hypocrisy and rebellion! Some will face severe trials to bring them to repentance so they can begin to properly serve God selflessly, instead of serving self.

9th Feb. 2005. H. Small house in African situation
I visited a small house where the owner was busy creating a happy home which was tidy and orderly. [This depicts a pastor in Africa who is faithful.]
As we travelled along the road, we saw a huge barricade. When we looked closely, we saw the contents of the house dumped by the road side. There was a big pile of compost left at the side (material rich in nutrients for growing good plants). It wasn’t being used!
Beds were also piled on top of each other!
Some shrubs were growing in the middle of the road. The whole scene was chaotic and a mess! There was no one about. It seems no one cared about the mess.
Meaning: The small house depicts an African pastor and his work for God. The road is our journey, reaching out with the truths to others. The barricade represents the present blockage. Progress has been halted because of inability of people to do the jobs they were assigned.
This situation is in Kenya where they have had MM literature, but have not fully appreciated it. Their priorities have been in the wrong place. Hence the imagery of beds all in the wrong place, of compost not being used to encourage growth, and shrubs [people] growing in the middle of the road [placing themselves as the central feature or ‘attraction’]. They don’t see how they have selfishly done things, thinking they were doing Jesus’ work, when they were only doing their own thing in the name of Jesus. The end result is a complete mess!

Attack Against Malcolm
15th Feb. 2005. H. Malcolm feared dead
I thought M was dead, but someone said he was not dead, just recovering in bed.
Meaning: There is a hostile attack coming against us. The devil wants to finish this ministry using people in authority. God will protect us although we won’t be able to carry on as normal. God’s power will be manifest during the confrontation.

Shallow-Rooted Christians
20th Feb. 2005. H.
1) Conifer with shallow roots
I was examining shrubs in the garden and found a conifer which had shallow roots. I dug it up and found a better position. There was another conifer near a pool of water. When I lifted it, it had no roots.
Meaning: The first conifer represents a young woman who has allowed friends to influence her and cut her off from God. She loves God and He is training her through the trials and spiritual obstacles.
The second conifer is a false minister who has received MM publications but refused to learn from them and accept new truth. Those in cults who refuse to give up their idols cannot be used by God.

2) Masked face
I saw someone’s face whose sight was blurred. He was wearing a mask which was disturbed.
Meaning: This reveals why some believers are shallow. They are independent and self-willed, and so they cannot be released and healed until they relinquish pride. A mask is a false image they portray. They live a pretence.

Supernatural Wind Will Soon Blow
21st Feb. 2005. H. Wind blows into box
I saw someone make themselves comfortable inside a large box. Suddenly, the wind blew and the contents of the box were scattered.
Meaning: A young man we know bought a motor caravan fulfilling his pleasure in seeking adventure. He refuses to obey God and chooses to follow his selfish ways. Disaster must come to bring him back to God with complete healing of body and mind. He will then dedicate his life to serve God by preaching the gospel. God's supernatural wind will achieve all this.

Spiritual Eyes Opened By MM Lit
24th Feb. 2005. H. Eyes opened and cleansed
Bits of dirt were pulled out.
Meaning: A good lady wrote to us having received prophetic revelations from God about the state of the Church. We sent her publications which will give her more spiritual teaching and revelation.

Middle East Descending Into Chaos
28th Feb. 2005. H. Map of the Middle East
Some men rose up and targeted a leader and took his life.
Meaning: Perhaps this is a Palestinian leader? Such an assassination would destroy any hope of peace with Israel. Lebanon’s government has resigned today – demonstrations taking place. Terrorists are destabilising the whole region.

The Famous Will Get The Gospel
1st March 2005. H. The famous reached
I was visiting people gathered together in a theatre. There were hundreds of them hidden behind the curtain. I saw some familiar faces. I spent some time with them. I continued on my journey and met some famous people and heard their private conversations. A well-known TV presenter was arranging a keep-fit get-together with a friend. As I walked further someone told me the presenter wanted to marry me. I was puzzled by this but they were adamant.
Meaning: The people in the theatre are people in other countries (unseen by us) who will be reached by publicity. God-fearing people want to fellowship together. God’s miracles will cause special friendships to develop, hence the expression of marriage.

Response From Nigerians
10th March 2005. M. Nigerian Naira
I was given millions in Nigerian Naira. The only problem was that they couldn't be used anywhere except in Nigeria.
Comment: This depicts a response from Nigerians, probably in the UK, as a result of what is coming. Whether the amount of Naira received is meant to be taken literally or figuratively remains to be seen.

Kenyans Suffer Loss
13th March 2005. M. Wallpaper stripped!
In this dream wallpaper had been stripped from the walls of a caravan / bus which, although it was not ours, we felt a responsibility for. The action was evil, malicious, nasty! It had been done before, not just once, but twice. And this time, some of the hardboard backing the wallpaper was also damaged and torn. I was very saddened by the sight.
Meaning: Wallpaper adorns and beautifies walls. The walls of the Church are composed of people. So, people have suffered spiritual loss through the influence of evil in their lives. The dream depicts what has happened in Kenya. (Addressed in some detail in Newsletter 31, pp 17-30.)

God's Time For Me To Reach GM
15th March 2005. M. About GM
This dream was about a person from our former church, who is now in one of the CoGs. I didn't know what it meant until about mid-day, when I received a prompt from the Spirit to send him some publications and a personal letter. Then the dream was fulfilled.

If there is a prophet among you, I the Lord make myself known to him in a vision; I speak to him in a dream (Num 12:6, NKJV).

God Warns Us Not To Use Someone In Kenya
16th March 2005. M. The Shark
A man was 'helping' us around the home, doing some work for us. I asked him for a length of telephone wire or cable. He was willing to give it to me, but was spendthrift in his approach, even careless. He clearly thought nothing much of the wire, giving me 3 miles of it! I didn't need that much. But, to him, such things were cheap because he made so much money in his labour charges.

He gave me a list of prices for various jobs. I saw £995 for one job, £995 for another, £345 for another, and various other figures that I felt he could have picked out of a hat. They seemed to be marked up so high that he would make a big fat profit out of each job. I wasn't going to employ him!

The next day, he turned up on his early morning milk round. Helena saw him. He said he would be back at about 11 to see me about the other work. She was a bit alarmed at the thought. It didn't bother me. He would get the hard nose treatment from me! I certainly wasn't going to employ this fella, who was clearly just out to make money out of me!

Meaning: To do with a letter from Kenya which arrived after the dream that day. The man was offering to translate MM materials. God was showing his unworthiness to do so.

Comment: We have received 'flack' from some people in Kenya who have no idea of the extent to which God speaks to us about various people there, and their motives. They think, because we have given some corrupt people a chance to take our literature to others, and to further MM's outreach, that we are stupid and don't know what we are doing, or that God is not behind us in this venture.

What such critics don't realise is that God gives the charlatans a chance to repent and receive His truth, too. They are used for a time, but after they reject the truth, they are rejected by God (and us). Judgement always follows rebellion. So critics – you had better watch out!  

On The Seashore In Australia
17th March 2005. M. On The Seashore, Australia
A man was finishing tamping the surface of a concrete base on a seashore. He was careful not casual, but was doing it in a somewhat relaxed fashion. It was not hard work. The base just blended into the sea, where the waves were gently breaking over it.
Meaning: Helena and I were talking about a new contact we made in Australia yesterday. The dream depicts what this minister (GC) is doing spiritually, in allegory. Helena also had a dream that depicts his approach.
Comment: The base represents what he has done to make for himself something firm to stand on in his church (Sunday-keeping). It provides him with income. But, though he has been careful in that respect, his spiritual approach is relaxed. He does not oppose much of what is wrong in such mainline churches, where theology blends into the world like the concrete base blended into the sea in the dream.

Scotland – Going Offshore
22nd March 2005. M. Phoning The Lady In Scotland
I was talking to a lady in Scotland, asking her some details to help us with our trip. She must have been on an island offshore because I asked her things to do with the ferry crossing, and there was something else about our caravan.
I was finding it hard to express myself, and had to talk slower than usual because my mind seemed a bit worn out.

Young Kenyan Man Deserts Me
26th March 2005. M.
1) The boy who shut me out
I was sitting side by side with a young man or boy. I wasn't sure of his age, but I tend to treat people as equals and hoped that he would treat me likewise. He was capable and wanted to 'reach out' in some way, perhaps in evangelism, but he was young and had so little experience. I pointed out that I had been a student of the Bible for 40 years. He had barely a few years' experience under his belt.
Then the scene changed and we were walking together through a big old red-brick building with a dirty floor. We were walking in our socks, and I commented that I would get mine absolutely filthy! There was nothing happening in that big old building. It was a totally empty shell.
After going through there, we came into a carpeted area where people lived. It was like a tenement block, with many flats connected by a central stair well. Suddenly he raced off to his home where his family lived and left me behind. He shut the door behind him and left me alone.
Meaning: About a young man in Kenya who has gone back to his family instead of helping in MM's outreach.

Kenya – Two Women Fly In
2) Two women fly in
I was in an open place like the local town square. Some black birds [demons influencing people] flew overhead and I clapped by hands to scare them away. After that a colourful vulture tried to fly in and I scared him off as well. Then two women, dressed in very colourful clothing, came flying in and landed. I nearly treated them in the same way as the previous birds, but I managed to control my normal reaction to something flying into 'my airspace'.
The two women sat to eat at a small table. I was nearby and I jumped up, intending to jump over them and their table but I didn't jump as high as I expected and my foot caught the top of a cup on the table. I didn't mean any harm and I didn't knock it over, but I apologised to one of the women.
Meaning: The black birds represent demons. The colourful vulture represents a false minister with his flam- boyant personality and capabilities. The two women could depict two churches or groups of believers from Africa (where the women tend to dress very colourfully). They will be happy to eat the spiritual food we have prepared. But interaction with them is not without its problems, because I want to get on with doing the job of reaching others and things can get knocked over in my enthusiasm to move on and up, hence the image of knocking something over accidentally.

Thorny And Difficult Situations
27th March 2005. M. Richard and Tonya
On a train, going backwards. Aware of evil minders nearby, imposing themselves upon the situation (demons).

29th March 2005. M. Fighting through brushwood
I was on my bike, riding up a pleasantly undulating bit of tarmac [our present situation]. Then I came onto the main road and kept to the left of the road in case cars wanted to pass on my right. But the trees and bushes had overgrown the road, and I had to struggle through them as I was riding. Most of these were blackthorn!
Meaning: An allegory of the very thorny and difficult situation immediately ahead of me.

Someone Receives A Prophecy
31st March 2005. M. Someone prophesies to Scott
Scott was on the phone to Dxxxxx, and during their conversation she said that someone they knew (the name was given in the dream, but I wasn't allowed to remember it) had prophesied to her that Scott would meet David Leary (or O'Leary, I'm not entirely sure) in June.

UCG Folks Stuck In The Toilet For 37 Years!
2nd April 2005. M. 37 years in the toilet!
A woman had been stuck in the toilet for 37 years and was now being let out! I was astonished that she had survived for that long without adequate food.
Another scene then portrayed her experiencing some- thing ecstatic from me through the new situation.
Meaning: This dream was given at the time when I had been sending our written materials to some people in UCG, one of the spiritually 'dead' Churches of God. It is they who have been stuck in the toilet, spiritually speaking, for all this time.
And now, with the spiritually enriching new information they are receiving, they can be let out of that restrictive closet they have been in (if they accept the additional truth and live by it).

Police Road-Block Ahead
3rd April 2005. M. Police, my pick-up, Richard's bike
This dream was about me coming up to a police road- block in my pick-up; Richard behind me on his bike, and how he fell off his bike, his bike fell on top of him and trapped his leg underneath it, breaking it [the imagery is symbolic].
Comment: Because Richard has backslidden from God, he will come under God's judgment shortly.

Kenya – The Flimsy Boards
10th April 2005. M.
1) The white boards
We had some white boards, like large plywood sheets (8 foot by 4 foot). I thought that they were sturdy like ¾ inch thick ply, but they were thinner, about half that thickness. So, when they were lifted up they became wobbly. They were too flimsy, so we said they had to go. I knew in the dream that they became slaves to others.
Meaning: I have been very concerned about our outreach into Kenya, where certain individuals have become lifted up by pride and self-seeking instead of lifting up God's truth more than anything else.
The boards depict them. They are not spiritually sturdy enough, because they are not humble and as fully committed to God and His truth as they should be.
We can't work with people whose hearts are compromised by self-interest or pride, and nor can the Spirit, so they have to go.
In effect, they become slaves to something or someone else than God, until they learn their lessons in life.

The Snowdrop Buried In The Road
2) The snowdrop buried in the road
The scene was a road made of hardcore and dirt, packed down hard by the traffic that had gone over it. Amazingly, I saw a snowdrop plant, deep down in this road, about a foot down! (Far too deep for a small bulb like this.) Miraculously, the material and dirt around this plant had been removed, so it was sitting in its own little crater now, able to receive light from above.
Meaning: We received a letter yesterday from a man who has been trodden down and buried by the trials and problems of life. We have sent him some publications to help his deliverance, and the dream depicts how he is now able to receive spiritual light.
Comment: He rejected all our input!! Many will wonder then, why did God bring him to contact us? The answer is that God loves people and wants to reach them, so He does. He gives them a chance, but if they reject His input, He rejects them. The wicked are those who reject God's love.

3) Richard was setting off in his van, but he wasn't going fast enough, so I overtook him. [Spiritual meaning.]

Our Needs Greater Than Others'
11th April 2005. M. 1) Miss Jackson, and the £3,000
Miss Jackson gave someone £3,000. [She once gave us £2,000, after God spoke to her to do so. She didn't know at the time that my computer had crashed, that we needed another one urgently, and that we had no money to buy one. That's why God spoke to her to give us that money.]
In this instance, she gave £3K to someone else who was in desperate need, for his business. I was glad for him and didn't begrudge him having the money at all. And I was pleased for Miss J because of her generous heart.
But there was another more important thing given in this dream: I was a little disappointed, because we had equal and even greater needs than the man to whom she gave the money. He now had no debts, but we still had unpaid debts.
Meaning: Miss Jackson symbolises some of our faithful supporters, because she was a very faithful supporter when she was alive. [She died in 1999, but God will bring her back from the dead, for a witness to the obdurate, hard-hearted bigots who won't accept our message from God.]
There are some people who, although they have given us their support, don't realise the financial burdens we still carry. And while they have been willing to recognise and reward us for what we have done, they are unaware of our continuing need, and they can ignore us while they give support to others whom God says in the dream are less worthy. (The man's need was not for spiritual reasons, but for business ones.) We are promoting God's End-Time Message, not just running a ministry like others do as a business.

UCG – Killing The Cat
2) Killing the cat

Helena and I were sitting in a garden somewhere (not our place, but somewhere else) when I saw a rabbit going up into a tree next door to my right. Then I saw another one to my left, also climbing a tree. I said to Helena, "Come on, let's go and get them." [We have rabbits break into our garden from time to time, and we have to constantly scare them away. They can do a lot of damage to young plants.]
We stealthily crept round next door [how we have come to them]. There were dry leaves on the ground and I trod on some, and so did Helena. They made quite a bit of noise under her feet, but we continued anyway. [Depicts the prophetic input God has given us on UCG.]
I didn't see what happened to the rabbits or what we did to them. [These symbolise two ministers in UCG whom I have contacted, and to whom I have sent a substantial number of our publications. The symbols of right and left depict their differing spiritual make-up and responses. High up in a tree portrays their elevated position in UCG.]
While I was there, I found a big cat, and I grabbed it. It wasn't going to run away. It was very lethargic, but it was big, solid (not soft like many domestic cats), hard, rigid and not malleable. I laid its head on the chopping block and cut it off.
Meaning: A letter came in the post today from Peter Hawkins, at UCG in Watford, after the dream was given. The last part refers to what I then wrote to Peter Hawkins. God exacts judgement when people reject His words, after two warnings. [More is explained in the exposé Is UCG Good News Or Bad?]

CoG Arrogance!
13th April 2005. M. 1) CoG arrogance!
I was in a large galleried entrance hall and stairwell, except that there were no stairs. The building was like a stately mansion [figurative of the Church of Jesus], but there was an emptiness or vacancy to it. In place of the stairs, there was a ladder and we wanted to go upstairs. Cxxxxn was there and he got on the ladder in front of me. [C is a CoG minister; it shows how these people don't defer to us; they are arrogant and think they are superior.]
I was about to go right behind him, but the ladder was wobbly, so I waited until he had gone up before I went further [how we actually defer to them for the sake of peace and practicality; we are more intent on getting the truth out than seeking recognition or honour for ourselves].
When I got to the top of the ladder, I was conscious of the fact that the lights could go out at any moment. [Symbol of the Tribulation.] I felt an urgent need to get two torches, one for me and one for him. [Torches represent the light of God's truth.]

Lovely Little Birds
2) The little birds
There were some new little birds in the garden. They were really lovely finches – different from any that we have had here previously. D was over to the left and I pointed out the birds to him but he wasn't interested.
Meaning: The birds represent new people from an entirely different background. The trait of disinterest which is highlighted here stems from a self-centred approach.

Dismiss Truth: God's Judgment Falls
15th April 2005. M. Booklets for a second time
In this dream, I had given booklets to someone before, but he had not wanted them. In the imagery of this dream, I offered them to him again, but he was even more closed to accepting them this time. After that the judgement of God fell on him.
Meaning: Last night I got some booklets ready to send to Eddie Lyle of Release Int. Then the dream came before the booklets were sent with a final letter. Release Int are reaching out into China, where they need Bibles and spiritual literature. But they shut the door on what God is doing through us.
As Paul stated in Titus 3:10, divisive people should be challenged. After two warnings, if the person doesn't repent, reject him. Judgement then falls from God, to bring the person to repentance through humbling.
Comment: Most people don't consider the seriousness of dismissing input that God sends. God's judgment falls! Of course, because they are spiritually dull or are self-satisfied with their current theology or position, they don't recognise input from God. They just think it's from someone else. They don't realise it's actually from God, but through a prophet.

What is this judgement?
People also wonder what this judgement is. That varies according to what God determines. It's not usually a lightning bolt from heaven. In some cases it has been death! It can be sickness or disease. But more often it comes in the form of negative situations, tragedies or disasters in life, AND always with a loss of spiritual understanding and spiritual peace. The Holy Spirit begins to depart.

MM's Work To Speed Up
17th April 2005. M. Giving up what I would prefer
A prophetic reminder of what I must face to do God's will.
Comment: Personal exhortation for me.

18th April 2005. M. The road just ahead
In this dream I was driving back from Aylesbury. D was following in his car. My car didn't seem to be going as fast as I would have liked and I noticed that the handbrake was on. I released it and suddenly sped up. D got left behind.
Then out of nowhere I came to an abrupt halt at roadworks. The road went into a tunnel and I had to walk around road signs and other equipment in the way, but I kept going, even though no longer in my car. There was a strong smell of tar that one gets when resurfacing is in progress. D didn't follow on at the point.

20th April 2005. M. Sorting out in the warehouse
I was doing all sorts of things, getting the warehouse ready and organising it for literature. I wondered whether we would even need another false floor to make twice the floor space. I was making a platform higher up to put a box on. It wasn't clear what this was.

Those Who Try To Flatter Us
23rd April 2005. M.
1) Black couple
I went to a meeting hall [our interaction with the Church] and looked for a seat. A black man and his wife saw me and came over to greet me. He had known me previously. He ingratiated himself upon me and raised himself up to try and impose himself above me. The woman got too close for my liking, almost as if she was trying to seduce me by making bodily contact, There was a small child with them.
Meaning: The man represents evil church leadership. These men want to dominate. Black in this instance depicts evil and demonic influence. The woman symbolises the church people under his domination, who go along with him. The small child, which was very much to one side and almost unseen, portrays the very minimal outreach they have.
As we become prominent to others, those who formerly knew us, but who have not yet left their evil ways and compromised 'worship' behind, will 'suck up' to us, trying to dominate, manipulate, ingratiate and just about every other 'ate' in the book of human nature!  And... much I hate!
Daniel prophesied of it in Dan 11:34 – those who will try to cling to others with flattery.

Physically-Minded People Ask Us For Non-Spiritual Advice
2) Others ask us to solve their problems
I was in someone's back garden. I greeted a lady over the fence, who was in her garden, and introduced myself. Then I turned back to listen to the man telling me about his problem. He was wanting advice about a secular problem he had.
His son had been living in a bed-sit in London while at University. The father had bought the property thinking it would be a worthwhile investment, but now his son had finished his education and no longer needed it, he wanted to sell it. But it wouldn't sell, much to my surprise. I couldn't really give him any advice. God was silent on the matter.
Meaning: People will look to us for advice for all sorts of physical matters, but that's not our domain. Like Jesus said to the man who felt cheated of his inheritance, and who looked to Jesus to solve his problem, "Who made Me a judge or divider over you?" (Luke 12:14.) So it is with us.
God speaks to us about spiritual matters of greater importance, not to do with matters pertaining to this world and the physical things in it. (Except as they impinge upon our spiritual loyalty to God.)

God Foretells What Someone Will Do
24th April 2005. M. Jxxx
Jxxx was staying in a caravan in our back garden. She came out of the caravan bleary eyed in her dressing gown to go to the toilet. I was sitting in the house and happened to see her through a large clear window. I moved back from the window a bit because I didn't want to be noticed.
Meaning: Probably means that she will come and stay with us, even be part of the ministry effort for a while. Bleary eyed means she will only then be waking up. She won't be properly dressed spiritually. Me moving back from the window depicts how I don't want to be prominent or noticed.

Obedience Must Be From The Heart
25th April 2005. M. Someone in Africa did what he did merely to conform to my wishes
I was disappointed by his reaction. He did what he did not because he believed in it because it was right, but merely because he knew I wanted it. I wanted to tell him that I don't want people doing things just because I say so, but because it is right. I yearn to see people act from the heart, doing what God wants, not obeying men (in this case, me).

The Kenyan Situation
30th April 2005. M. The house next door
I was at the neighbour's house [depicts our outreach in Kenya]. There were lots of Celcon blocks (lightweight building blocks for building walls) there. I felt an urge to get involved and get building again. I went onto the scaffolding and looked around.

Then I was in the bungalow that these people were living in. The decorations were ghastly! Because they had some old-fashioned pieces of dark oak furniture, they had painted all around the bottom half of the walls in the same dark dingy brown, up to the line of the top of the furniture. There was no plaster on the walls. They had merely painted straight on top of the bare bricks.

Another wall had gaudy wallpaper laid horizontally (not vertically as is the proper way to paper a wall) all around. It even covered the architraves (the wooden surrounds to doorways, etc., which should never be papered over). The paper reminded me of the Victorian styles which are now really old-fashioned. But I made no negative comments about what I didn't like, and what was rather grotesque.

Then behind me there was a window that didn't let much light in. I suggested that they put a patio door in there, to let a lot of light in. They didn't agree to a patio door but they did agree to change the window and instal a bigger one.

I went into another room, which was long and narrow. The floor was peculiar. It had three levels. I walked to the end of this long narrow room, which was like a corridor, and stepped up all three levels. At the end I looked out of the window and saw some trains going underneath the building. They weren't life size trains, but were toy trains, models, smaller size, but large for toy trains. [Illustrates how they like to travel and go here and there, but it's mostly just playing games, doing things for fun, entertainment or recreation.]

Then I went out to my vehicle, a tipper truck, which was fully loaded on the back. I had all the keys to the property and the woman didn't like that. She didn't want me having all the keys, but I had been given them, and I explained to her that it didn't matter. I was not going to use any of the keys to her place, so no harm would come to her or her property. No one else would have these keys except me.

I put the key in my ignition to start the vehicle, but it was having a lot of trouble even turning the engine over. I wondered if it had been sabotaged! The thought came to me that perhaps someone fixed a G-clamp tightly to a pulley, preventing the engine from turning over and firing.

There was a big tree in front and I was facing downhill. The handbrake was not 100%, and the vehicle had run downhill a little, so that I was now too close to the tree to be able to even bump start it. It was aggravating! The dream ended there.

Meaning: It is about our outreach in Kenya, with all the problems and difficulties we have faced, and the way things are not ideal. The job has not been done very well. Things need improving and altering.

Tonya's Shoes For Sale
1st May 2005. M. Tonya's shoes
Tonya was selling two pairs of her fancy shoes. There were 100-200 people present in the meeting hall where the shoes were on offer. A pair was put in a shoe box on some weighing scales at the front of the room, and we looked to see who would buy them.
Only one person was prepared to buy a pair. A buyer could not be found for the other pair. But that person was not willing to pay the price Tonya had paid for the shoes, and even then it was hard getting the money out of them.
Lorraine was in the room, too, and amicably chatting with us.
Meaning: Tonya was willing to give most of her wages for 9 years to fund this ministry's shortfall. She has paid a high price. There are very few who are prepared to pay such a high price as that, in financial terms. She has had to financially give up what she wanted for herself to keep this ministry afloat.
The dream reflects also our continuing financial lacks, and the unwillingness of most people to contribute.

6th May 2005. M. Looking for a place to... Etc.

The Dandelions
8th May 2005. M. The bright dandelions
I saw a patch of dandelions. (We have dandelions flowering here at the moment. They are deeply rooted wild plants about six inches high, and are so hard to dig out because the roots are so deep. Also, if you leave one bit of root in, the plant grows again.) But the flowers were not the usual yellow, they were an intense dark yellow or orange.
These plants were all closely packed together and made a very bright display of colour. But they were growing (as dandelions often do) on ground that had been well trodden on and worn (like a gateway), and nothing else could grow there in between them.
Meaning: To do with Catherine Brown and believers with her. See The Vision Delusion in MM Newsletter 31 to understand more.

The same day, Helena had a dream about a dark blue coat left on one side and discarded. It was a very handsome coat with lots of precious berries or 'buttons' on it. But people left it on one side and didn't make use of it.
Meaning: This represents what we bring, the truths from God that the Church as a whole disregards and does not want to accept or incorporate into its theology and practice.

People Just Turn Up
13th May 2005. M. People turn up
Helena and I were in our home when two young men turned up. They had come to visit us out of curiosity. [This sort of thing will happen after the publicity.] I shook hands with them and said 'Hello' in our hallway.
Then another person appeared 'from nowhere' out of a doorway. I told them that, although they hadn't come at the right time, they might as well stay for the meeting which we hold every Sabbath afternoon.
When we got talking, one guy with black hair and strong features said that he had seen an angel. As he said this he looked up with a peculiar mannerism, as if to suggest that he felt a bit aloof because of what he had experienced.
To his comment I replied that the reason God gives such experiences is to encourage the recipient. [People need to understand why God does these things, and that it is completely wrong to be proud as a result.] I commented in a matter-of-fact way that I had never had such an encounter.
Meaning: Expect visitors at almost any time, but they will come with the usual blend of pride and spiritual immaturity. Hopefully they will be willing to learn.
About the angel visitation, Tonya mentioned today that near Edinburgh in Scotland people have been receiving through their letterbox an envelope asking them whether they believe in angels. Inside the envelope was £5 or £10 or £20.

Making Money From Ill Health
8th March 2005. H.
1) Making money from ill health
One lady was offering a testing service for flower remedies. It was a very basic service. She was charging £13 for it, yet people were willing to pay to get the help.
Meaning: In this evil world which Satan controls, represented by the number 13, people need help and healing. But they pay a high price to go to practitioners instead of to God. And those who offer their services in the field of health can make a lot of money out of the misfortunes of ill people.

Dead Idols, Buddhas, etc.
2) Dead idols
I saw someone give a figurine with an ugly face to a lady who had a weight problem. She accepted it, hopeful that it would help her to lose weight.
Meaning: People have great problems, but they don't know where to find the answers to those problems. Society only offers them palliatives, not solutions, because the root is spiritual. (The lady's weight problem is merely a simile or likeness.)
The idol-like object fulfils a religious need people have, but it is a worthless substitute. God should be the one to help them with their problems. Instead they look to a dead idol. For example, many people now carry silly Buddhas with them or put them in their homes or gardens. These objects only bring demons with them!

Selfish People Exploit And Hurt Us
3) People who take advantage of others
Someone stayed with us who was selfish and manipulating. I felt used and cheated. So I walked away and didn't want to be part of it.
Meaning: The dream has many specific applications in our life. Helena and I have been used and exploited by many people:

We have had people stay with us who were not on the same spiritual wavelength. Their motives and ambitions in life were diametrically contrary to ours. Ours is to do the will of God first and foremost, and to publish the truths which He has revealed to us. This has cost us dearly. We have had to give up much to do it. Yet, such people don't appreciate what makes us 'tick'. Their motive for living is SELF – self-seeking, self-aggrandisement, and self-satisfaction. Because of their wrong motives they further hurt and harm us.

In our foreign outreach, people in poorer countries think that we are rich, because of what they have heard of the wealthy in the West, and of what they know about some wealthy churches, and because our literature looks like it cost a lot to produce. (It did! But it doesn't mean it's all paid for without sacrifice, or that we are wealthy.) So, such people try and exploit us, too, to get what they want for themselves!

Then there are former friends whom we have tried to reach with the truths that God has bequeathed to us. The cost of it all has been many thousands of pounds over the years, and not one of them has reimbursed us! Their stubbornness, pride, and selfishness has prevented the seed taking root in their hearts, and so they also have hurt and harmed us.

Besides the above categories of people, there are those in the world, from whom we cannot expect much. They exploit us, too, where they can.

            So, all told, all we can do is walk away from those who don't share our aspirations or faith.

Hostile Police Helicopters
10th March 2005. H.
I saw helicopters flying and trying to hide behind the clouds. They looked hostile and landed near our property. I opened the door into our lounge and saw the man with my husband. The atmosphere was tense and hostile. I tried to keep out of the way.
Meaning: God is preparing us for the police visit. They hide their real motives and behaviour (behind the clouds). We can't see them, but they are monitoring us. (Tapping phones.)
Their surveillance is unwarranted. They are misguided and will falsely accuse us. But God will deal with those who come against His anointed, to bring them down from their high and arrogant positions.

11th March 2005. H. Richard
I saw a plant pot being prepared for a plant. [This imagery is used because Helena does a lot of potting up, and puts plants beside the road outside our house for people to take and leave a contribution.]
Meaning: God has circumstances all under His control. Although Richard has walked away from God, God will bring him back and the place for him is now being prepared. He will once again become a cultivated 'plant'.

UCG's Rubbish Teachings
15th March 2005. H.
We were helping an old lady [some people in UCG] to move house. There was a lot of rubbish in the cupboard which we had to dispose of.
Meaning: Malcolm had to write to some leaders of a cult, United Church of God. Their teachings need cleaning up. They need to accept more truth so they can be delivered from their close-minded approach, and the error in their doctrine.

"Prove It!"
15th March 2005. H.
 A presenter from TV's This Morning programme was discussing action and responsibility as a topic. I said to him, "Why don't you read the booklets I sent you?" [Helena had previously sent him some of our publications which provide a moral ground for responsible living.] He responded, "How can you prove it?"
Meaning: This shows people's negative attitude toward God. Even if you give them Truth, they don't want to believe it. God will raise the dead to prove to the world that He exists, and that what He says is true!

Most People Don't Want To Move On
17th March 2005. H.
I was travelling on the road. I saw a house nearby and stopped to visit the couple. I invited the lady to join me on my journey, but she wasn't willing to come, so I carried on without her.
Meaning: This is to do with our spiritual journey. We made contact with a couple in Australia, sent them quite a bit of our literature. God was giving them a chance to move on spiritually. But they were comfortable in their present church situation and didn't want to accept the challenge God was offering them. Hopefully they will respond later.
There are many people like that!

Malcolm 'Winds Up' A WCG Minister
19th March 2005. H.
I saw Malcolm rev up a racing car. It was like one of the earlier models with a long front. He challenged one of the drivers to a duel. A S, who was in the other car, responded with fury! He was going to go for Malcolm's car but couldn't get to him.
Meaning: Malcolm had written to A S (a WCG minister) exposing his hypocrisy, dishonesty and manipulation. The dream depicts what took place in the spiritual. A S's response portrays his reaction and unspiritual approach.

The Police's Calcutta
21st March 2005. H.
I was driving a small car through the streets of Calcutta. Having parked the car, I looked around. When I was ready to leave, I couldn't find the car. I felt very frustrated.
Meaning: This is a future event, when we will be prevented from moving forward. Secular authorities have a way of meddling in people's lives and taking their freedom away. God has warned us many times and has promised to give us help through the unpleasant ordeal.
Calcutta is the dirtiest, most impoverished city in the world. It represents the state of the unconverted who will come against us, where confusion and spiritual poverty prevail.

Young Boy Sitting On Someone's Lap
21st March 2005. H.
I saw a young boy sitting on a man's lap. He behaved erratically as if demonised.
Meaning: This is to do with a contact we made with GC in Australia. It reflects his spiritual state. He is relying on another church leader (sitting on his lap), and is under his influence. This loyalty to man, instead of to God, gives rise to his confused mental state. He is full of prejudice and unwilling- ness to learn more truth.

Imprisoned In Our Home By Police
23rd March 2005. H.
We were imprisoned in a compound. There was an automatic gate. When we tried to get out, the gate would shut on us. One boy who was about seven (age indicates his lack of spirituality) imposed himself on me, denying me privacy and freedom. I put up with it for a while, then I got fed up with it and told him to GET OUT!
Another man, who looked like a teacher, had a book. I inspected the book, which was full of useless information. [Typical of legal procedure and human laws.] Outside the fence I saw some sheep being scattered. [This predicts how they will prevent our friends from fellowshipping with us in our home for spiritual purposes.]
Meaning: The police raid will be illicit and out of order. Wrong use of power becomes abuse. God showed me they will be guilty of wasting tax-payers' money. Besides that, they will deny us our legitimate rights and contravene international and British law by their actions.

We Have The WCG Pinned!
26th March 2005. H.
Malcolm was talking to F B, a WCG minister. He looked taller and thinner than in real life. His height reflects what he thinks of himself. His thinness reflects his spiritual state – being undernourished.
Malcolm was confident and talked with wisdom and clarity. F B  was responding, trying to defend himself.
Meaning: God showing through the imagery of the dream the impact we made upon these leaders through our correspondence. We had the moral and spiritual victory, even though they don't admit it.

Police, Yet Again!
28th March 2005. H.
When I woke up I noticed that Malcolm had opened up the front of the house (not in reality, in the dream). I felt vulnerable. I saw a wall of plastic sheeting on our boundary at the front of the house.
Meaning: Police use plastic sheeting in their forensic investigations. This is yet another warning from God about the impending assault against us by the police, especially against Malcolm, to try to find him 'guilty' of something in their law. Their action will damage us. However, there is not much we can do about it. It is all part of what must take place before God judges the world and the Church.

The Precious Seeds Of Revelation
29th March 2005. H.
I was given precious seeds. I planted them very carefully, so I didn't waste any.
Meaning: These seeds are God's treasures through revelation to us. God has inspired MM literature to be written, and its contents. When accepted by people, germination and growth will take place, producing fruit in their lives, like seeds planted in good soil.

Malcolm's Relatives
29th March 2005. H.
We went to visit Malcolm's extended family (cousins) to receive the deeds of the house which we had inherited. There was a large room full of freezers along the walls. There was some old furniture stored in a room to the side.
The relative showed me a piece of old equipment they use to get the wine from.
Meaning: These people come from a Methodist back- ground and are still of that mindset. Their doctrine and methods of worshipping God are like the old furniture – outdated – mere tradition.
Freezers contain food which is stored away, and not being consumed. But the Bible is meant to be a living book, used and lived each day.
They use a mechanical (i.e. human) means to get their 'wine'. Wine is a symbol for miracles. They restrict the out- pouring of God's power, and have little faith for miracles.
God is going to open their church to further revelation and Truth, to bring more Spirit life into the people.

Two Kenyans 'Pulled Up'
31st March 2005. H.
I was looking over a large field and noticed two large weeds growing. I pulled them up.
Meaning: This was confirmed in our outreach to Kenya where two individuals who were helping us with the outreach, had allowed selfish ambition to get in the way of true service to God. Malcolm pulled them up on their failure to do what was right. He wrote some stiff corrective letters to sort things out.
Personal ambition and desire must never become more important to you than God!

'Unhooking' From An Unbeliever
1st April 2005. H.
I saw a young man obsessed with racing cars. A young lady was friendly with him, but her home was half full of the baggage belonging to this young man. She was trying to help him spiritually but all he cared about was racing cars.
She developed a friendship with someone else who loves God.
Meaning: The dream depicts someone whom Tonya knows, and what motivates him. The baggage represents emotional involvement which had to be dealt with. (If you are a young person contemplating marriage and you get emotionally involved with someone who doesn't care for God in their lives, you need to 'unhook' yourself, because it would be an unequal marriage, which could eventually fail. See 2 Cor 6:14.)
Selfish people impose themselves on others, becoming a burden, refusing to change their ways.

Taking Care Of Plants
3rd April 2005. H.
I was taking care of several trays of plants.
Meaning: These are people whom we are reaching via our literature. They were a sect which broke away from a cult. They need more teaching and truth to help them on their spiritual journey. (The couple's initials are GM and DM.)

The Pope Dies
2nd April 2005. God did not give us any dreams about him at that time, They had been given previously and are written up in two leaflets: Was The Pope Saved? and The Pope and The Catholic Church.

Setting New Street Aylesbury Ablaze!
5th April 2005. H.
We were given a new vehicle. It was a medium-sized bus. There was a special prize of a China tea set given to those who choose to ride on it.
I was talking to Zenya's friend, a young man, about the prize if he chose to take a ride on this bus. I told him to join it en route through Aylesbury, in New Street. As we went to New Street, I noticed that the whole of the road was on fire. There were dozens of firemen fighting the fire.
Meaning: The bus depicts a new beginning for MM's outreach. Fire in New Street depicts the miraculous fire of God coming, bringing His new way to many. Miracles will create a platform for promoting the Faith Once Delivered, cause controversy, and set hearts ablaze in folks who want God.
God is going to show His power to those who don't believe! Anyone who wants to have a part in this work will be blessed. (A China tea set is a valuable, high quality item.)

Praying For Someone In Prison
7th April 2005. H.
Last night I felt moved to pray for someone in prison. His release was delayed and I asked God to help him. God answered in this dream, revealing that he was committing his life more to Him, and He would intervene in his circumstances.

UCG Smothers People
7th April 2005. H.
I saw a tray of young plants completely smothered. When the cover was removed, the plants in the middle were tiny, and the rest were growing sideways.
Meaning: This dream was given when we were communicating in writing to a group called United Church of God. It is a cult, where leaders dominate and shut out much of the light of God. They only let a very little light in. People are smothered spiritually.
We sent them MM literature, but they are not open to receiving it yet.

CGI, Covered In Dust
7th April 2005. H.
At this time, we also sent literature to several branches of the Church of God International, another similar ex-WCG breakaway cult, to help them see outside their boundaries. And God gave this dream:
I opened a small room which was untidy and full of odd items. It was really dusty.
These people need delivering from their closet mentality and their old, stale tradition. They are not moving at all, spiritually.

Preparing For Travel
10th April 2005. H.
I was shown a sleeping bag which needed mending.
Meaning: This is to prepare for the future travelling which we will do, meeting other Christians from different churches, and sharing the truths God has given us.

Amazing Exploits!
10th April 2005. H.
I saw someone walking up the side of the doorway and into the room.
Meaning: This is symbolic of unusual events taking place. (You can't walk up a vertical wall, can you? Not without some help!) The dream is to emphasise that many will do exploits in the name of Jesus, and perform many miracles.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
11th April 2005. H.
There has been news media coverage of the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla.
A dream showed that this would continue for a while, then suddenly it would stop. That, maybe, is because of other much more sensational news that is coming. Camilla doesn't pull the photographers like Diana used to.

Many Famous People And Crowds Will Hear The Truth
14th April 2005. H.
I met a family in their home, shared their hobbies like the love of plants. I saw their poverty and difficulties, and felt kinship with them.
In the next scene, I met a young man who is famous (PH). I was having a friendly chat with him. I encouraged him to ask questions and be frank.
After this, I went into an open area where there were huge crowds. I mingled among them. These were challenging situations, but exciting too.
I felt I was able to comfort and help people on a personal level. People need help. Above all, they need God, who is able to heal them and teach them. Publicity will follow the miracles and many people will receive spiritual help then.

Police Raid Is To Test Their Hearts
18th April 2005. H.
In the police raid that is coming, many will be tested and sifted through it. God knows people's hearts. "You shall know them by their fruits..." whether they are good or evil.

Unblocking The Sewer In Kenya
20th April 2005. H.
I was present in a place which was filthy dirty. There was a sewer nearby. I saw a brave man diving into the sewer with a bucket, trying to unblock it.
He was determined to clear it. It was absolutely filthy! And his task was a filthy, messy job.
Meaning: This represents how Malcolm has tried to clean up the mess in Kenya that has developed over years. People to whom God gave a chance to promote MM literature ended up being contaminated by wrong motives: Wanting money for its own sake.
Wanting to be elevated and considered 'important'.
Wanting to be 'a little chief'.
Wanting power over others.
Other selfish motives.
You get messed up trying to clean out sewers! Likewise, in trying to sort out this mess, Malcolm got 'mucky', spiritually speaking, in others' estimation. [That's what others thought, but the truth was that he was following God's lead. God let this mess develop, to show the culprits their terribly wrong motives and their negligence of what God wants to see promoted.]

The dream continued: Nearby I saw a turkey and cheese left under a chair. I said, "Why is this good food left to go to waste?!" Someone didn't care about it. They just dismissed it. I was angry and picked up the meat and cheese and took them to another place.
Meaning: This represents the truths contained in MM literature which have been entrusted to a number of people, but they have not fully appreciated what it contains. God depicts it as highly nourishing meat and cheese. But many people have undervalued it. They haven't changed their lives in accordance with the righteousness MM literature expounds. So they got in a filthy mess, spiritually.

Spiritual Baby Needs Cleaning
22nd April 2005. H.
My daughter, Tonya, invited a friend to stay the night. As I went to sleep, I prayed for him and asked God to help him. Then God answered in this dream.
He was depicted as a small baby, sleeping in a tiny room, totally neglected. The carpet was wet and soggy. The baby needed cleaning and comforting.
But there was no sink or water with which to clean him or the room. I tried my best to clean the room, and the baby which needed cuddling.
Meaning: This shows his spiritual state from God's perspective. The lack of washing facilities reflects the lack of spiritual cleansing through the Holy Spirit. (He attends another church that does not give him what we can in MM literature. But he's not interested in what we have written. He's proud and unwilling to learn much.)
His selfish lifestyle rejects God (except nominally) and leads to spiritual poverty or sleep.

Isaya In Kenya
22nd April 2005. H.
I was shown that a man was dying. The reason was because he was friendly with a young girl with black hair.
This morning we received a letter from Isaya in Kenya who has rejected God's calling on his life because of his selfish ambition and greed for money, from which he has not yet repented. These false goals became his idols, and so he became blinded by Satan.
Because he didn't get what he wanted selfishly from us he joined with a CoG group that God depicts in the dream as so immature [young girl] and demonised [the black hair].
The devil traps people in cults through the leadership structure, denying them true freedom of worship.
[If anyone is critical of this exposure here, we suggest you read 1 Timothy 5:20 and Romans 16:17-20.  And if you know Isaya personally, you should go to him to point out his faults according to Matthew 18:15-20, Galatians 6:1, 1 John 3:3-11, and James 5:19.]

Spirit And Truth Unites People Who Accept Them
23rd April 2005. H.
We were in a large assembly hall [depicts the entire Church scene where God is at work]. There were groups of people scattered in different places [the division in the Church into many different groups]. Someone was trying to arrange chairs in orderly rows to bring some order into the assembly hall [what God has ordained this ministry for, because the acceptance of pure truth unites].
Meaning: God is bringing people together from different backgrounds, and through the teaching, cause harmony and unity, allowing the Spirit to do its unifying work.

Hostile Attack
24th April 2005. H.
We were travelling along the road. There were some difficulties and obstacles to deal with. It was hard going, trying to resolve the problems.
Meaning: God is preparing us for a hostile attack which will cause us problems and difficulties.

Abominable Attitude To God
27th April 2005. H.
We were staying in a caravan [symbol of the temporary state of our ministry]. I saw someone trying to come in. When I looked closer, it was a large pig.
Meaning: God showed that someone who got in contact with us doesn't want total obedience and submission to His Word. This lady wants God on her terms, not His. This attitude is vile to God, like a pig's behaviour is to us. See Psalm 66:18 —

If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear.

Things Are Going Crazy!
27th April 2005. H.
I saw a clock face with hands moving erratically. Then there were several clocks [representing different countries], each with their hands turning wildly and totally out of control.
Meaning: A clock represents God’s time of judgement for a church, a country, a people. We are living in the last hours of this age, when so much is going crazy and out of control. Catastrophic events are taking place at an alarming rate, regularly.
God showed us that events will speed up and cause more chaos the closer we get to the very end.

Smothered By Demons!
29th April 2005. H.
A young person was smothered by demons, then pushed towards hell fire.
Meaning: Someone close to us has allowed friends to choke the love of God in her life. The devil has used friends to push her towards hell. Only God can rescue her from her desperate condition, and it won't be easy!
Comment: When you refuse to do something that God wants, and instead follow a course determined by your own desires, you allow the devil a foothold in your life. Those desires can seem legitimate, even, like having worldly friends. But bad company corrupts good character (1 Cor 15:33) and will draw you away into the grip of demons, and finally into Gehenna fire if you do not repent.

Spiritual Children In Kenya
30th April 2005. H.
We were on the top floor of a building. [Depicts our position in the Church, where God has placed us.] I saw a long ladder, with children climbing up it, trying to reach us on this top floor. I was concerned for their safety. I couldn't reach them, so I had to leave them. [This depicts how Malcolm has tried, through letter after letter, to reach people in Kenya spiritually, but they have been unable to grasp the spiritual things he has been trying to convey to them about what is in MM publications, etc..]
Meaning: Some people aspire to be on our level [this is pride] yet they behave like little children. They are not qualified to do what we have to do in the Church, yet they think they are our equals in God's plans. God puts people in different positions to fulfil His plan and their potential. Doing what they are meant to do helps them to mature spiritually.
For most people their place in God's work is to distribute the meat contained in MM publications.

Police Make Our Lives Unpredictable
1st May 2005. H.
I was flying in a balloon. The journey was exciting and challenging. When I was trying to land, it became risky and unpredictable. The balloon could land anywhere, and it was hard to control it.
Meaning: This is an allegory of the difficulties we will face shortly as the authorities (police) cause us trouble. Like in flying a balloon, you don't know where the wind will take you, or where you will be able to land, things will be unpredictable.

Kenya: Sammy Samkeni Thrown Away
2nd May 2005. H.
I had a chipping (tiny irregular piece of broken stone) in my hand. I looked at it again and saw how small it was.
Meaning: The chipping was Raphael Sammy Samkeni. He started to distribute MM literature in Kenya. God performs miracles where it is distributed to others with pure motives. He realised this, but like Simon Magus who wanted the power for himself, after a few months he became deceitful and greedy for money, and was 'thrown away'.
Comment: People look on these tragic happenings as disasters, and they are in one respect – for the ones who reject humility and obedience to God. But God uses such situations to test others, too.
People have criticised me for using the man. What they don't realise is that God chose him to 'go' (not merely me – I was following God's directives), but he failed the test. The critics also failed their tests through what transpired. Many were weighed on the scales and found lacking! 
God used the incident to highlight their need for repentance. That's the most fundamental purpose of the work of a prophet – to call people to repentance. But God can only achieve it after He has engineered circumstances where people can do wrong, and then be brought to see their evil attitudes and wrong approach. Then, it's up to them whether they repent. The righteous do, but the wicked don't.

Helping In Satan's Work
3rd May 2005. H.
I saw someone giving money to others when we had great needs.
Comment: This was fulfilled by a person who had problems with evil spirits. He had written to us for help, and we sent him literature that could deliver him, if he obeyed what was in it, but he rejected the input. We sent him a monetary gift (£20) to help his family, so they didn't go without, despite the fact that we have huge debts ourselves. But this man didn't care. He gave £18 to another ministry. He was led by Satan in that.
[When you give to ministries or churches that are not in the will of God, you are assisting Satan in his evil work!]
The story is explained more on pp 9-12 of Newsletter 31.

Trying To Get To The Station
3rd May 2005. H.
I was trying to get to the station, but had problems getting there. There was no car and I had to walk, which was slow.
Comment: This illustrates our frustration in trying to solve problems created by human selfishness, and by false ministers who are used by the devil.

Mind A Tin Doesn't Fall On Your Head
5th May 2005. H.
I was inside a small kitchen filled with food. [An allegory of our ministry.] There were big tins on the shelves stacked to the ceiling! I made a comment: "If one of these tins hit you on the head, it might kill you!"
Meaning: Our ministry is one of presenting the truth with judgement to follow to those who reject it – just as it was with Jesus' ministry. Notice Luke 20:18.
Our ministry 'kitchen' is full of spiritual food, providing abundant sustenance for everybody. Those who are willing to eat it will be blessed. The wicked refuse to accept God's ways and they will by judged and killed by the Truth.

Kenya: Man Covered In Darkness
5th May 2005. H.
I saw a man covered in darkness and slime. In front of him the number 50 appeared. He was struggling to come out of bondage. He saw a bit of light. At the end of the struggle he became a healthy bush like a fig tree.
Meaning: Deception and false teachings hold people down, keeping them in spiritual darkness. If you receive and live the truth from God you can grow and produce good fruit.
The number 50 represents release and deliverance. It was the number of the Jubilee year, the 50th year.

Trials Strengthen A Person
8th May 2005. H.
A plant was being potted up. One shoot was stronger than the other. The taller shoot was shaken.
Meaning: This was to do with one individual who faced a trial and became stronger through it. His strong shoot represents his knowledge of God, of the truth, and resultant faith; the shorter shoot represents the practical side to his life.
Comment: God gives dreams like this to point out to us what He is doing, here and there, in people's lives. Then we are able to respond appropriately, if we are meant to, in order to help people.
Trials are not pleasant, but they strengthen us as we face them in the right way, with resolve and determination to do God's will. When we have that approach, God provides the help we may lack, both physical and spiritual. The booklet Why Trials? explains. Also the article series Help In Trials.

Someone Else Moving In
8th May 2005. H.
We had a spare room which held some of our items. These had to be cleared as someone else was moving in.
Meaning: This was about two people who are close to us, whose lives are going to be shaken and their circumstances are going to change completely.

The Dark Coat With Colourful Buttons
8th May 2005. H.
I was packing up different items, plants, and preparing to move to the next destination. Along the way I saw a dark coat with special, colourful buttons. The coat was just left there. It seems no one cared for it. I decided to take care of it and protect it.
Meaning: The coat represents God's teachings and truths. They are freely available to anybody through MM publications. But no one cares for it, except for a very very small few. We have a responsibility to protect the truth which is given by God to benefit the Church.

Dying Person Revives
9th May 2005. H.
I saw someone dying. I prayed for his healing and restoration. Soon the person revived. Complete healing took place. He was shown as a strong healthy shrub. Before the healing there was only a stump.
Meaning: It is about someone who has walked away from God. He will face a huge crisis in his life which will bring him to the gates of death. Then God will restore and heal him through our prayers. This experience will bring him back to God and he will no longer dismiss or reject what we say.

Richard And Judy Take Our Light
10th May 2005. H.
I saw Richard and Judy (TV presenters of the Richard and Judy Show) taking a bedside light that belonged to us, to their home.
Meaning: Some time before this dream was given, Helena had sent some of our publications to Richard and Judy at their TV address. (She has done this to several high profile people on TV, as well as to the Royal family, etc.) God is showing that they have taken note of some of those things.
It has brought some light into their understanding and helped them spiritually.
Comment: A short while ago, on their show, they were talking with a person who is able to see angels. (This is a spiritual gift which God gives to some individuals. It is another supernatural spiritual gift in addition to the nine which Paul listed in 1 Corinthians 12, which he knew about.)
The lady on the show commented that Judy had several angels around her. (I take this to mean that she will be used by God in some way in the future, to give spiritual benefit to other people.)

Dominating False Minister In Malawi
11th May 2005. H.
I went on a journey through an old town which was run down. When I got tired I looked for a place to stay. I came into a house where there was a spare bed.
During the night there was a young woman sleeping next to me. I noticed a man got into the bed and had sex with her. I was horrified how this young lady was used.
The owners didn't like me being there. So, not to offend them, I apologised, but I complained about the visitor. I said, "Did you know that a man came in at night and had sexual relations with the young woman next to me?"
He replied that he knew all about it, as if there was nothing wrong with it. But it was horrible and depraved. He thought he could do what he wanted without any consider- ation for the young lady's feelings. It was effectively rape!
Meaning: A minister from Malawi wrote, asking for money for Bibles. This man is using his position to oppress and control the Church there. God hates this, where people are oppressed by human leadership.

As I left the house, somehow ants got into my bag. I tried to dispose of them along the journey.
Meaning: Ants represent people who are demonised. They are a nuisance. They pester you continually to try to get what they want. This is how that minister in Malawi behaves. He has persistently written to us over the years, begging us for money and Bibles. We don't have money to send, nor can we afford to buy them Bibles. We can't even afford to send out MM literature to these places! Postage is astronomical, and we go into debt to do it. Yet, that man has no gratitude whatsoever for the sacrifice we have made to send him our literature. We shan't send any more from now on! He has disqualified himself by not using it.

MM's New Place & Richard
13th May 2005. H.
I was walking up the hill to visit the new place we moved to. [The next phase of our ministry which will involve raising the dead, a public witness, and sending out much more literature.] The building was large. There was a lot going on with people doing different jobs.
Someone was cooking. We shared a meal together.
I noticed that there was a wall outside which looked grey and dirty. I thought if we painted it white it would reflect the light better and brighten up the property.
Malcolm suggested that Richard could spray the paint on, doing a quicker job.
Meaning: The next stage of our work involves moving into a bigger property where people can help us to send out MM literature to different countries.
The dirty wall outside represents the Church and the world that need the light of God's righteous truth to beautify them. Spiritual filth has to be cleaned up. Richard's miracle will kick-start the process of leading people to God, causing rapid and sudden transformation.

God's Judgement Is Coming Upon False Christians!
14th May 2005. H.
I saw the hand of God coming in judgement against false Christians. For a while His hand was withheld, while He gave them a final chance to repent and change. But they were worshipping a false messiah. After the delay, when they didn't repent, His hand came down in judgement upon them.
Comment: This morning we received a letter from a religious leader in India. It was full of arrogance, expecting financial assistance, as if we would be honoured to be serving him and providing for his church and ministry.
India is full of false religion! Christianity included!!
When people there take the knowledge of Christ, after having been Hindus or whatever, they are still very much conditioned by the wrong ways of their former religions.
Without the whole truth, and without sufficient change of attitude and heart, they are really no better. They are still corrupt.
There are many Indian Christians who exhibit wrong traits, especially selfishness, arrogance and pride.
Leaders are particularly prone to this. By worshipping Jesus in their own image, they deny the teachings of the true Jesus!

Big Police Van Observing Us
16th May 2005. H.
I saw a big police van observing us. The van watched every move I made! If I moved, the van moved.
Meaning: While this is to do with coming police surveillance of our lives, the dream was given at a time when news reports were reporting on similar Big Brother activity elsewhere.
The police are able to catch motorists whose cars are not registered (and then, who don't have tax or insurance). Through this monitoring, they have been able to apprehend hundreds of criminals who, besides driving unregistered cars, are drug dealers or who are involved in other serious crime.
Through computerised surveillance, the police can now keep track on people quite closely, restricting everyone's personal freedoms. While this is viewed as a good thing in order to deal with crime, it does have a negative side to it, in that it can also be used to limit legitimate freedoms of decent people who are not criminals.
Very soon, this surveillance will be turned against Christians whom the State considers a threat to national security! (Top of their list will be prophets.) 

Two Bowls Containing Idols
18th May 2005. H.
1) Two bowls with figurines
I saw two bowls with figurines in them. These are idols.
Meaning: One bowl represents the world. The other depicts the Church. The majority (even in the Church) are guilty of worshipping idols. They don't care about the true God, their Creator, who rules the universe.
God's way is love and obedience to His laws. Selfishness is one of these idols. People who serve idols have spiritually empty lives. They are unfulfilled in the real sense of the word.

Sexual Promiscuity
18th May 2005. H.
2) People in bed with each other
I saw people in bed. They were behaving immorally, doing what they wanted sexually.
Meaning: Sexual promiscuity is one of the most common sins, but it is devastating to humanity. There are always penalties for sexual sin. One is sexually transmitted diseases – and there are many of them, including AIDS, which is now killing millions in Africa and around the world!
Adultery leads to family breakdown, and the loss of any true love (which is caring for others, not getting from others). It has far-reaching, highly damaging consequences for society as a whole, and gives rise to maladjusted children, a more perverse next generation, an impoverished selfish society, and so on... The list of kickbacks is massive! I can't list them all!
And, unseen to most, is the damage sexual perversion does to your spirit. Sexual union in humans is not just a physical act, but one which has emotional and spiritual links. Demons get hold of people who don't fight against promiscuity. They make themselves a home in you, and come back to torment you day after day. There are more spiritual penalties, too. You lose some happiness God wanted to give you. And in the end you reap death!

If there is a prophet among you, I the Lord make myself known to him in a vision; I speak to him in a dream (Num 12:6, NKJV).

The Unbelieving Won’t Be Saved
20th May 2005. M.
1) People still don't believe!!
This dream was involved. Many things were happening – many miraculous things! Even after God had done many amazing miracles – raising the dead, restoring missing limbs, giving people a sound mind after being mentally deranged, etc. – there were still many sceptics who just wouldn't believe!!
Meaning: The problem with unbelief is not that people cannot believe, but that they will not believe! It is a problem rooted in the heart. And the human heart is stubborn and rebellious, and wants to go its own way and not be subject to the ways and mind of God.
Such people who refuse to believe will not be saved (Rev 21:8.)

2) Miraculous deliverance to safety
This dream followed on from the previous one and emphasised the lack of belief and trust in God.
A Man had a machine that was capable of travelling at 10,000 miles per hour. I was astonished and so were many others, to the point of incredulity! But I went for a 'test drive' in this amazing machine and it seemed to have the ability to do anything!
Like the previous dream, I was not permitted to remember in detail all that occurred, but it emphasised that, even after having travelled in this 'thing', like many others, I was having trouble believing what it was capable of.
Meaning: The machine is a symbol of God's ability to do anything in order to further His Work and protect those who are engaged in it. When the time comes for God to protect His chosen as He has promised in Revelation 3:10, He will do so in some amazing ways that defy human comprehension.
Never forget how Elijah was taken (2 Kings 2:1-11).

Warned Of A False Christian
22nd May 2005. M. False believer in Philippines
What I was permitted to remember from this dream was little – merely to beware a false believer in the Philippines. Perhaps this dream was given to help Lxxx. True believers are very trusting and generous. But they can be exploited by false Christians. So, we have to be discerning and wise.
‘Goats’ always exist alongside ‘sheep’. ‘Tares’ (weeds) exist beside ‘wheat’.

Police Malice
25th May 2005. M. My blue shoes and the hot stove
This dream depicted me having a pair of blue [a colour symbolising heavenly things] plastic shoes. A hot stove was nearby and they got put on the stove and started to melt.
I woke up with a start at the shock of seeing my shoes melting.
Meaning: To do with the police turning up the heat against our ministry shortly. They have no right to put my 'shoes' on a hot stove. It's irresponsible and shows complete disdain for my spiritual walk in life.
Secular authorities do not respect true religion. They don’t care, and they even exhibit malice in their evil approach.
It is actually religious persecution!

What’s Wrong With Human Authority
28th May 2005. M. Legalistic intolerance!
I was driving my pick-up. In the cab there was the driver's seat and a double seat which was designed for two people. But I was taking three thin children on that seat, and although I had three seat belts so the children were safely strapped in, someone in authority found fault with me over this. He maintained that he was justified in his assertion that I was breaking the law, because one inch of the end child extended beyond the edge of the seat. It was utterly ridiculous!

Meaning: Also to do with the prevalent police approach which is wrong. Law is meant to protect the freedoms of decent people, not find fault with any minor aspect of conduct that really has no bearing upon true morality. By this nit-picking, fault-finding, petty legalism, the police have brought oppression onto the population of this country, and turned Britain into a police state not dissimilar from that which was once seen in Eastern Europe.

The root of the problem is lack of true love or care for people. When law is administered with an evil heart, it results in such petty legalism that does the opposite of what law was originally meant to protect.

No account is taken of MOTIVE or INTENT. For this reason, many people have been prosecuted and unfairly penalised and even jailed, for having been found 'guilty' of some legal infraction, when they had no malicious or evil intent. Those with the evil intent were the ones who brought the prosecution against these innocents. They were the ones with the intolerance and lack of love for others.

The Pharisees were condemned by Christ for this same wrong approach (Matt 12:1-8), because they found fault with the innocent and sought prosecution against them – heavenly prosecution, in this instance. But it backfired on them, because they were the ones prosecuted on high for their hypocrisy and evil fault-finding approach (Matt 23). Likewise, shall those in authority in this generation find no mercy until they show mercy and proper administration of justice.

30th May 2005. M. Bob gives me a bag of tapes
Bob, a friend, gave me a whole sack full of audio tapes.

Church Leadership Decrepit
6th June 2005. M. The old man
An old man [represents church leadership] was meant to have intimate union with a woman [represents the 'ordinary' people of the Church], but he was so decrepit that a harness needed to be made for him so that he didn't crush the woman.
Meaning: A figure of how crushing and oppressive church leaders are. This dream came prior to receiving a communication from someone who has recently come into an understanding about keeping the Sabbath and who was glad to hear about a Sabbath-keeping church. However, in this part of the Church there is much leadership oppression!
The harness represents the Holy Spirit which lifts you up and carries you under her wings.

A Warning About A Person
12th June 2005. M. Uneasy about receiving a gift
A former acquaintance, Exx, wanted to hand a wad of banknotes to me. They were foreign, but I felt uneasy about receiving them. I didn’t trust him because I knew what his character is like.

The Next Phase Of Our Work
13th June 2005. M. The new place
We had to move from our home to somewhere else. These houses were portrayed as if they were on a housing estate. The present home had a wonderful vista or view, and I didn’t want to move, because I thought we would never have such a lovely outlook again. However, the view or outlook at the new home wasn’t that bad. Although it wasn’t as panoramic as what we had been used to, and there were houses all around, some tall trees blocked out the houses directly in front of us. They made an otherwise less than pleasant outlook much more pleasant.
Meaning: The houses represent the phase of our ministry. Other houses on the housing estate means being closer to other ministries. This is what will happen after the publicity brings us recognition in various quarters, which we don’t have now. Instead, we have lovely freedom, depicted by the unrestricted view. The tall trees represent mature people who will be helping us with counselling and other ministry duties.

Reaching Out To Former Friends
14th June 2005. M. Beverley  T
This dream was about a young Australian lady whom Helena and I knew over 30 years ago. She was sitting at a table with a man, as if he were her date (portrayed young as we knew her 30 years ago, but she would be over 50 now). Then I came into the scene and tried to catch her attention.
Meaning: She probably symbolises the friends and acquaintances whom we knew in college 30+ years ago, and whom we will try to reach in the events coming.

Restoration Work Is Expensive!
18th June 2005. M. Restoring the car park
We were at our new place. Outside there was a car park that was in a terrible mess. I thought at first that it wouldn’t cost too much to do the restoration job on it. But when the estimate came in it was £50,000. I was aghast! But when I looked again, I could see why it was going to cost us so much. The place was in a dreadful mess!!
Meaning: A car is a symbol for a ministry, taking God’s truth to others. So a car park is a symbol for a facility where many ministries can come to get what they need. It represents our ministry making the truth available to many other ministries.
The trouble is, WE have to pay for them to receive the truth that can deliver them (hence 50, which is the number of jubilee, a symbol of deliverance). It is a high cost to us! We don’t have the funds to provide for them. The price is also a high to us in spiritual terms. To do this work it takes sacrifice, high expenses and a lot of effort.

Scorching Correction
25th June 2005. M.
1) Concerned about another tent
In this dream, I had a tabernacle or tent inside a large building [represents our ministry inside the greater Church]. On the other side of the building was another tent similar to ours. A flame or scorching heat came out from our tent and scorched the front of the opposite tent, and I was very concerned that it might have damaged the tent, so I went over to see and to offer my apologies.
Meaning: What occurred later that evening when I wrote a letter to apologise to someone to whom I had written previously with some scorching corrective comments. Unfortunately, the comments were warranted, and the man didn’t change one bit!

Feels At Home With Us
Five-year-old girl
A five-year-old girl came and lay down on my bed. She curled up there and made herself at home.
Meaning: This depicts a minister in Kenya, who is a new contact, and who is happy to be associated with us.

The Great Falling Away
30th June 2005. M. The Great Falling Away
In this dream, some people were claiming that the great falling away or apostasy (of which Paul wrote in 2 Thes 2:3) had already occurred. Others were insisting it had yet to happen.
Meaning: It illustrates the arguments and division that can arise when people only partially understand the Bible. The truth is that both opinions have validity. The apostasy has already occurred. A huge falling away from the truth has happened since the first century, with masses believing heresies masquerading as Christian teaching. Also, there is coming another episode in this unfolding drama of apostasy when the truth which we will present to the Church will be rejected and many more will step back or fall away.

Barbara Jackson
1st July 2005. M. G M and Miss Jackson
I was washing my hands. My nails were filthy with grime [symbolic perhaps of the spiritually mucky work I have to do], and since I hate it when I get soil in my nails, I was at the wash basin scrubbing them to get them clean.
While I was doing this, bent over the basin, I turned my head to see who was behind me. GM (someone who is currently in UCG) and Miss Jackson who died in 1999 were sitting there, waiting for me.
Meaning: Barbara Jackson will be brought back from death. GM will be rescued from UCG, the cult he is presently in. And I will be able to finish the dirty spiritual work I have had to do all these years, which has entailed a lot of graft.
[More on the dead coming back is on p 32 of Newsletter 32.]

You Must Spread MM Literature!
7th July 2005. M.
1) Literature MUST be duplicated!
In this dream, God conveyed that those who have received MM literature have a RESPONSIBILITY. It is not just to live out this truth in their lives, but to duplicate and distribute the literature. This is a grave responsibility, a duty to be fulfilled. LET
ALL TAKE HEED! God’s truth must not be sat upon or squandered. He will bring all to account who neglect this commandment.

Catching Up David Isaac
2) Catching up the man in the lead
I was on my bike, cycling after another rider who was in front. I was gaining ground on him, catching him up by pushing hard and cutting across some big corners. But I really felt it! It was hard work and I felt tired, but I kept going.
Meaning: I didn’t know what the dream meant until the morning’s post came. There was a letter from David Isaac in Nigeria, relating a miracle which God had performed for a barren woman. She had been healed and was holding her newborn baby in her arms. Also were pictures of those whom David had baptised. This was some of the fruit of his endeavours.
David has blazed a trail of faith and daring. God has performed many wonderful miracles for him, particularly four people raised up from death. [In Raised From The Dead, Parts 1, 3 and 4.]
The dream is an encouragement that we are not far away from the outpouring of power which we have awaited for 12 years now.

Some People Not Upright
8th July 2005. M. 1) The corner was not upright
In this dream I was engaged in doing a lot of building work. I was really busy, but felt weighed down by all the things I had to consider. The brickwork had been done using mortar made from one batch of sand, and I was concerned to see that the next batch should have the same colour. (Sand varies in colour and it can affect the final colour of the set mortar. It’s no good having patches of mortar of different colours on the one house, or the same wall.)
I noticed that the corner I was looking at was leaning. It wasn’t upright. I put a level up to it to see how much it was out of plumb, and wondered how we could adjust it to get it to line up with true vertical.
Meaning: It concerns people. They represent the walls of the Church. They need to conform to the true biblical yardstick and I am concerned that what is crooked or leaning shall be made upright, as God would have it be.

Hunger For Truth In One Sector Of The Church
2) Big fish in the pond
A pond had filled up from recent rain and it was really full! I noticed two large clearings between the water weed where I could see large fish. They were really handsome looking Koi Carp, orange and white. There were lots of them, in two separate groups, one of the left and the other on the right. I was amazed to see so many. But they were not moving, and some had keeled over on their side.
I wondered why. Perhaps they didn’t have enough oxygen, or perhaps it was lack of food. So I stood up to throw them some fish food. As I did so, they disappeared (as fish are prone to do). But I threw a handful of fish food onto the surface and suddenly the surface of the water was a frenzy of activity as the fish on the left suddenly came up and grabbed the food. I didn’t see what happened in the group on the right. The fish seemed to be more dead there.
Meaning: This depicts the outpouring of the Spirit coming shortly and how good Christians on the left (from the non-Sabbatarian sector of the Church) will gobble up the spiritual food that we will be able to make available to them.
However, there will be a comparative lack of response from the right, the Sabbatarian sector of the Church, where believers tend to be more spiritually dead or resistant to learning new things and to change.

Our Work In Kenya
9th July 2005. M. 1) The price of malice
A young boy came into a shop – it may have been our shop but that wasn’t clear in the dream. There were all sorts of goodies (food and delicacies) laid out on plates. He grabbed hold of a handful of chocolate squares (a type of delicious cake) and scattered them. He held a couple for himself in his hand, but didn’t care that most of them fell to the floor. He WANTED to disrupt and cause harm by what he did!
I grabbed hold of him and was determined not to let him get away with this. I explained that everything a person does, whether good or evil, carries a price ‘on its head’. All that he took or damaged has to be paid for. He wasn’t about to pay for it, nor could he, but I wanted him to realise that someone had to pay for the damage that he caused.
Meaning: An allegory of what Isaya Owak has done with our literature in Kenya [and some others, since]. And we have paid the price of his negligence. He has hurt us deeply in many ways.

Few People Care
2) Burdened!
I felt such a burden in this dream. People were wasting my time with so many problems that I couldn’t finish the extension I was part-way or most of the way through building. (I used to be a builder, so God uses this imagery to portray the spiritual counterpart in which I am involved.)
I was talking to another guy about this, lamenting my predicament, and although he was listening, he didn’t care.
Meaning: Most people don’t care about the task we have to do, because they are so preoccupied with doing what they want for themselves.
I have recently been unable to get on with the tasks I have, because of the problems that wicked people cause trying to disturb and destabilise the brethren (particularly in Kenya at the moment) with false accusations and untrue gossip about me and MM.

Flatterers Arrive
13th July 2005. M.
1) The Lodges arrive
A family which we previously knew from our former church arrived. These people thought a lot of themselves. They were arrogant, self-satisfied and complacent. They had become this way because he worked in the hub of the church’s headquarters in the UK, and was a department head. He was also ‘ordained’ (human ‘ordination’) a church ‘minister’. They arrived and were all over us. They invited us around to have a meal with them. I wasn’t keen.
Comment: I wasn’t sure what to make of this dream before the post came. I knew that the man portrayed in the dream was a false minister, and that he won’t be saved. God showed me that before in other revelations about him.  However, the post included a letter from the States from a couple who are ‘all over us’ now, having seen our web page. They are from an ex-WCG background, and they now think they’ve got all they need to race off out into ministry. But, there’s a school of learning to come first which they probably don’t realise. I hope they can take it.
Comment: Well, they didn’t make it! The dream was a prior warning, not to be enamoured by their talk – it’s flattery. They received our literature, didn’t contribute a bean towards it and then promptly ran off to follow false ministers.

God Sends Financial Deliverer
2) Auction fetches us £40,000!
Someone in the timber business gave us some wooden packing cases. They were no ordinary packing cases! They were huge!! They were probably custom made because they were so big. They must have been unique. I didn’t have a use for them so we sent them to auction. I thought we might get a few hundred pounds from their sale. The phone rang one day and Tonya answered it. She said that they had sold for £40,000! She was over the moon and I was astonished too!
Meaning: £40,000 or an equally large sum of money is coming our way through a most unusual means or source. Goodie! We could do with that. It will just clear our debts!
Comment: This was fulfilled recently. Someone sacrificed a great deal to clear our debts with this amount of money. We have struggled for years (God has enabled us to cope and shown us how to manage), and we are not completely out of the woods yet, because there is so much to do. The man who sacrificed so generously and selflessly will reap a spiritual reward that is far more valuable than what he has given up for God and His work on earth. (Read Matthew 6:19-21; 19:21.)

Do You Tolerate Your Sins?
14th July 2005. M. The pipe
X had to shovel human waste into a 5 inch pipe. That’s what he had to do to get cleaned up [this is a spiritual analogy of his life]. The pipe is like one that is used in foul drains for domestic sewers. But this pipe was above ground. It was sloping uphill, and then had a couple of big convolutions [depicts his life and the trials of life]. He needed to shove all this human waste into that pipe, which was about 30 feet long, and then get it blown through with tremendous pressure. [Depicts the determined measures that are needed to get cleaned up spiritually, to get rid of spiritual waste – sin.]
He did this. He shoved all this excrement into the pipe. [Depicts the vileness of sin from God’s perspective – if God didn’t use allegories like this, people wouldn’t see how vile the sins are that they tolerate in their lives through weakness, negligence and selfish preoccupation.] I was wondering whether the huge amount of waste in this pipe would cause a blockage and prevent it being blown through. But when it came time to blow it all through, it did get flushed through and clean water flowed afterwards. [The water is a symbol of the cleansing of the Holy Spirit.]

Release Doesn’t Come Cheaply!
15th July 2005. M. 50p for the folding table
A woman came by and saw all the things we had on offer. (Helena offers plants for sale outside our home.) She saw a folding table (like one you take camping) and was going to take that. She said, “It’s not often you can take whatever you want for 50p!” I was horrified. Her approach was to pay the minimum and to get what she wanted for herself. I said, “We’d like at least £1 for it. It cost 50p in petrol just to get it here.”

After that she didn’t take it. Obviously she valued her money more, and didn’t want to part with that. Then I saw her doing the washing up. I said something to Helena about her doing that, because I was rather surprised.

Meaning: This is an allegory of how our ministry is treated. Most people value their money more than the truth of God. Their lives revolve around themselves, and they like to take at cost price, or less, what we offer. (The folding table is a symbol of taking ‘our’ truth to others. More about that below.) When they consider parting with their money in order to take ‘our’ truth-loaded literature to others, they draw back from that. Why? Because it takes sacrifice, and they are not willing to pay that sacrificial price yet.

50 is the number of release. People want release, but they want it cheaply. However, it doesn’t come cheaply. Jesus gave up everything to save you and me. How dare we think that our response should be anything less?!

The parables of the pearl of great price (Matt 13:45), and the hidden treasure (Matt 13:44), were given to emphasise the only acceptable response to God’s truth. If you truly value the Kingdom of God, you are willing to sell all, or give up all, to obtain it.

However, in our self-orientated consumer society, with equally self-orientated religion, that sacrificial love for the truth is a rare commodity.

The folding table is one that you might take camping. In other words, it is for a short trip. It is not a permanent piece of furniture that you would have in your home. The analogy is that this work of Midnight Ministries is not like those of churches, which promote God’s word (what they know of it) in order to establish their church as a permanent structure. MM’s work is to bring God’s truth to others. We are not here to establish ourselves or to build something permanent out of what we are doing. This task will only last a short while a little over another two years, after which the Tribulation will come. Then all permanent church structures will be demolished by legislation, secular controls and persecution. God will allow it. So, whatever you want to invest in, in your church, as an institution, is a waste of time and money. Those who don’t fully accept the truth which God has raised us up to promote in this short time will not be ready as the Bride, because they are not willing to pay the complete self-sacrificial price yet. They will go through the Tribulation to purify them, so they can also be part of the Bride. [The dream doesn’t depict all this. I am explaining more so that you can put it into context.]

Doing the washing up is a symbol of a ritualistic approach or emphasis in a person’s spirituality – they would rather do something by their own effort, than pay the price that God requires them to pay, which is total self sacrifice (Rom 12:1), and that starts WITHIN, with a right attitude. Doing something human or physical can be a cheap substitute for the fruit of the Spirit that comes from true internal conversion.

Comment: This dream came after a minister got in touch with us and wanted our literature (to nurture his flock), but was not prepared to pay the price God expected of him. He was selfish and wanted to retain HIS power and control foremost.

Someone Who Really Values MM Lit
18th July 2005. M.
1) White fur coat
I gave a beautiful white fur coat to a lady.
Meaning: The white fur coat depicts MM literature which we gave to someone (one among many). Unlike most, this person really values it.

Don’t Trust In Us; Trust In God
2) Moving house
A person had sold their house but had not received money for it yet. So they were in a difficult situation. They wanted us to help them.
Meaning: This depicts a situation in Kenya where an SDA couple have seen what is wrong with the church in which they formerly ministered and have resigned. But that leaves them without the pay they formerly had. We cannot support people in such situations. They have to learn to look to God to show them the way and to provide for them.

Fault-Finder Exposed
3) Boy being berated
A boy was being berated by a woman in a VIP place. It was like the personal beach of the president and his family, yet this evil woman had somehow got into this situation by associating herself with us, and was pouring out a constant tirade against the boy who was a bit overweight. She was using that to find fault with him. I was horrified at how this woman had no manners and was full of vile attitudes!
Meaning: This was to do with a woman who was finding fault with Cameron, a friend of T’s.

Some Step Back & Rebel
20th July 2005. M. Dream about Alan Clarke
The dream was given during the final stages of correspondence with this missionary, who refused to accept further truth. Instead he rejected God’s input and rebelled. The dream portrayed his spiritual state.
He was living in a shack in a shanty town in an African country. There were other shacks all around, nearby. [This depicts others with whom he is in contact who are in the same spiritual state.] He was lying there, doing nothing. [Depicts his lack of spiritual action.] He couldn’t get up, but he didn’t care to, either. [He doesn’t want to change. He has chosen to stay put in squalid spiritual surroundings. Since God wants His children protected from charlatans, I name false Christians and false ministers whom God exposes to us.]

21st July 2005. M. Mila left
Mila went somewhere and didn’t come back. The dream conveyed that I was terribly shocked and sad, which is Steve’s natural reaction [Mila’s husband].
Comment: But this is all part of God’s plan. We have to accept the things that we don’t like and which are difficult. As explained in the Newsletter (N 32, p 32), she has gone to Ukraine. [She is also translating MM literature into Russian.]

Richard Needs To Turn Back
23rd July 2005. M. Richard and his camper van
Richard was inching his way slowly alongside our home which had an aluminium wall like a caravan’s. The top of his van caught our wall and scraped it, making a foot long dent in the wall. I called to him, “Go back, go back!”

People Who Trust In Medical Science
1st August 2005. M. Medical operations
In this dream I was put in the position of a person with a serious health condition such as cancer. (I do have a minor cancerous complaint, but since my trust is firmly placed in God to take care of me, He does. The complaint is held in check, and finally, when it is God’s time, He will completely heal me.)

The doctors recommended a major surgical operation. Their ‘spin’ made out that it would cure me of the problem. So, rather than trusting in God, I went ahead and allowed them to operate. After the operation, I saw the massive scar across my abdomen. It was very graphic in the dream!

They had cut a huge portion of flesh away, and grafted in replacements, including transplants of parts of organs. Only a bit of what I originally had in that area, remained! Looking at what remained, I felt mutilated and abused! But worse was to come.

As a trusting patient, I was full of confidence in their expertise, and fully believed that there would be no problem afterwards. But the grim reality only dawned on me when it was too late. The doctors didn’t tell me about ‘Factor X’.

They said this is a side-effect or medical condition that always results from surgery. Only now did they mention that I would have to put up with ‘Factor X’ as a result of the operation, and that the area of the body would now be very liable to cancer or something similar.

Psychologically it hit me like a ton of bricks! I felt so let down. I wished that I had NOT had the operation, and had done what I should by trusting in God to heal.

Meaning: The dream is an example of what most people suffer who put their trust in medical science instead of in God who is our healer (Ex 15:26; Matt 8:3,14-17).

Nowhere To Run From The Troubles
4th August 2005. M. Nowhere to run
People were afraid of what was coming, but there was nowhere to run to, nowhere for them to hide from the troubles that are now inevitable.
Meaning: This dream was given prior to what was to be announced later on the 4th August. The evening TV news carried the threats of Osama Bin Laden’s ‘deputy’ saying that London can expect further terrorist outrages.
The only place to run from troubles is into God’s arms of protection. Get your mind on the spiritual and off the physical.

Church Leaders Resent Us
5th August 2005. M. Resentful church leader(s)
I was driving my car downhill along a three lane road. There was a car in front of me that was holding me up, but he was on the extreme right of the road [where he should not be; he should be keeping to the left in this country] and I couldn’t get past him. So I tried to pass him on the inside.

The road at that point was a complete 180 degree bend, curving to the right. So, the ‘inside’ lane was actually the outside of the bend. I was conscious of the greater effort and distance I had to travel to overtake him. Not only that, but because he was in the wrong place (on the right) and could have smashed into any traffic coming the other way (fortunately there was none!), I also had to leave a lane between my car and his, just in case a car came from the other direction.

I sped up to pass this obstructive driver, but immediate- ly he sped up, too. It was really annoying. I had overtaken him and began to pull in front of him, but he manoeuvred the nose of his car to threaten mine. It was so dangerous that, even though he was behaving maliciously, I let him go ahead. I didn’t bother chasing him. I just let him go now. He drove off ahead and was about ¼ mile ahead of me when his car suddenly flipped up in the air and crashed. As I came near, I thought to stop and help him, but I realised that if I did, he would blame me for his mishap, so I didn’t stop. I carried on past him.

He and I were the only ones who knew what had occurred.

Then in the next scene he was blaming me to Helena for what happened to him. He said that I caused him to crash, which I didn’t. It was his own fault, because he had gone racing ahead.

Meaning: His car represents his ministry. Our car represents ‘ours’ of MM. The driver’s behaviour symbolises someone who is independent, self-willed and resentful of us. There are many ministers like that. They want to be ‘top dog’. They want to be pre-eminent, or first. But this self-will leads to disaster. We are not motoring by our own strength. We are impelled by the Spirit, so he was not merely blocking me, he was blocking the thrust of God’s Spirit.

He complained to Helena. The reason he would do this is because when the dead are raised here, Helena will be more of a public figure than I will. She will handle most of the publicity stuff in front of the cameras. I have work to get on with, to get the literature out. So, him blaming me for his accident shows how he – representing church leaders – will resent me, and try to find fault with me, though the real blame will be his.

The Spiritual Mess In UCG
8th August 2005. M. UCG Men in their prison cell
I was looking down upon four men in a small prison cell. They were sitting in a horrible watery mess of urine and faeces. I communicated with two of them. The other two were in the background, silent and completely inactive.
I had carefully written out a long page of explanation, exhortation and encouragement. It was all painstakingly handwritten in black ink on the white paper. I dropped the sheet down to them. It fluttered down and the guy on the right caught it, but he took the briefest of looks at it and then dropped it into the mire they were sitting in. He didn’t care for it at all.
The guy on the left was sitting up higher and more upright than the other one, but because the other guy had dumped the sheet, he couldn’t have the benefit of it.
I was concerned about how we could help these people. There was only one way and that was through intercession. But my part in that intercession was to berate the authorities who had allowed them to be left in such a mess, and to petition them for better conditions.
Meaning: This depicts UCG. The dream was given because yesterday I sent our dream diaries to a minister in UCG in Africa, who dismissed everything as junk and falsity – he dropped the paper into the mire.
The dream portrays allegorically the spiritual mess they are in. They have no cleansing from sin, and the people are all imprisoned in a dungeon, unable to get out. Half of them are completely inactive, spiritually dead!
The authorities are UCG leaders who are responsible. Next will be an appeal from me to them to do something to release these people from their prison.

10th August 2005. M. Ruth phoned
I was working on an article and didn’t want to be disturbed or have the ‘flow’ interrupted, but Ruth phoned up. I ignored the phone. In the next scene Ruth was ‘uppity’ about the fact that I ignored her call. Some people need to be a bit more considerate of what we need to do this Work, instead of just thinking of themselves and what they want from us.

Decent Likeable People Will Find God
11th August 2005. M. Jimmy White
The dream was about Jimmy White, the well-known celebrity snooker player. He is well liked. There are many people in society like him, who are decent, likeable people, but who don’t know God. They need God in their lives. What is coming through the miracles and publicity, will enable these people to have access to God, and come to know Him.

When Fools Hold Power
12th August 2005. M. The fault-finding idiot
I had in my possession a document with the letterhead of a prison on the top. It was something that proved my identity. A man accused me of being in prison, and of being a criminal, because I had this document. His claim was ridiculous and inane, and I told him so. But he wouldn’t listen. I blurted out at the end of the conversation, “...you bloody fool!” That phrase was repeated in the dream.
Meaning: There are some idiots in power. They hold positions of authority and wrongly use their authority to oppress and falsely accuse. The result is total exasperation of the accused, hence my words to him in the dream.

The Self-Willed Misrepresent Me
13th August 2005. M. 3 dreams
1) Arrogance / pride
This dream featured someone we know (D). He said, “I’m 23, yet I get this manipulation.”
It was a false accusation. We don’t manipulate him. He doesn’t want to change, so he misinterprets my letters to him, which are exhorting him to change in his spiritual life, as ‘manipulative’. They are corrective, not manipulative, but his pride causes him to balk at the correction and he stubbornly carries on the same old way.
He is not 23. The number 23 symbolises hypocrisy.

About Some Other People
2) Cameron
was moving to Aylesbury. He had accepted the Sabbath and was beginning to keep it holy. He was looking for a church which observed the Sabbath but he couldn’t find one. I said, “Well, he’ll have to worship with us then, won’t he?”

3) Michael Howard.
We were having dealings with someone in an African country. It was portrayed as Nigeria but that is probably allegoric. A letter came from someone in Malawi yesterday so I think the dream is about what will come out of that contact.
The young man was in a Bible college and was learning a lot from us, including about the Sabbath, etc. This didn’t go down well with his Bible college instructors.
The initials of the Bible College were “C and M H”. I was amazed when I found out that the Bible college was Michael Howard’s.

UCG Needs Major Alteration
17th August 2005. M.
1) Making a new entrance way for UCG
In this dream, some virgin land was about to be built on. A new building or house seemed to be needed. It was my task to make the entrance or driveway for this place. The layout of the entrance was given to me as if I was looking at it from above. It was pleasing to the eye. There was also a large rock in this area, which was to stay.
Meaning: Yesterday I completed an article set about the UCG, giving those people an opportunity to enter a new place with God. It portrays that in allegory. The Rock is Jesus, who must stay in the middle of this entrance way. They need to leave their old ‘building’ behind and start again.

The articles for UCG written prior to this dream are:
The Church of God Debacle
UCG – Good News or Bad?
Dreams From God For The Churches of God
Coming Out Of The Churches of God.

2) Dream of going to the city. The SDAs
I was driving someone in my car. He was in the back seat. He wanted to go somewhere, and so I was taking him there. I knew where I was going, and drove through side streets to get to a main road in London. When we got there, we stopped at traffic lights and I said something to him, asking him if we were now near to where he wanted to go. I mentioned the district’s name. He was nonchalant in his reply, and repeated the name of the district but in another town in Wales, a long way away. He didn’t seem to care. And he didn’t care to go where I was taking him.
Meaning: This dream follows an article I wrote yesterday about the SDAs. It depicts their nonchalance about spiritual things and about their destination. They have a spiritual couldn’t-care-less attitude to where they are going. That’s called lukewarmness in Rev 3.
The imagery of London was used, because it is a big city, and the SDAs are a big church with many millions of people. Perhaps they have the same number of members as there are inhabitants in London.
The imagery of me wanting to take this man (who depicts SDA leaders), to his destination, reflects what I was doing in the article I wrote yesterday, Revelations From God For Seventh Day Adventists.
God gave the dream to confirm what is taking place in the spirit. It shows that the SDAs won’t take any notice.

Beware The Power Of God!
19th August 2005. M.
1) God’s judgment is lethal!
A man was doing something with electricity around an upturned boat. It was only 240 volts, but the dream conveyed that if water were to come over the hull of the boat, there would be thousands of volts! It would be lethal!
Comment: The dream was to convey how vital it is to listen to God, and not just do ‘your own thing’, otherwise you can easily get ‘electrocuted’. (Something else was given, to do with N.) It is a warning dream for someone else, who cannot see the danger of doing what he’s doing.
He’s in a dangerous place and doesn’t realise it.
The following dreams were also for him, to help him realise that motivation is all important. We are not here to please ourselves.

2) Flat tyre
A man was riding around on his bike. (I was put in his place, riding, because this can happen to any one of us.) A thorn had punctured the front tyre, but instead of fixing it, he put something over it like blue tack and kept on riding round and round in little circles, enjoying the freedom of riding his bike. But gradually the tyre went down, and as it did, the bike was getting harder and harder to ride. Eventually, there was so little air in the tyre that he had to stop. It took too much effort.
The verdict seemed harsh. He hadn’t listened to God. The tragedy happened because of neglect. He had neglected to do what God said. He was riding round and round in circles, doing what he wanted, instead of going somewhere which is what we are here to do with God’s truth. We are here to go where God leads. But we can be lazy or content with our situation. (Self-will, complacency, and pride in what we are doing, block the Spirit. Such traits can be ever so subtle and unseen!)

3) Forlorn little animal
I saw a pitiful, little, scraggy creature all on its own. It was scruffy and its fur was dishevelled. The others had left it all alone. I went near to have a closer look at him, but didn’t get too close because I didn’t want to scare him away.

Prophetic word given after the dreams: "Whoever resists your words resists Me, and whoever rejects you rejects Me.” [This is from Luke 10:16.]

Don’t Let Pride And Selfishness Hold You Back
24th August 2005. M. The disappointing car
The night before this dream came, I received a word of knowledge to send a packet with some items of literature to a man who used to meet with us 10 years ago. But he was utterly selfish, and became offended by a prophetic word that I once spoke [watch out for that – God offends the mind to reveal your  heart], and he never came back again.
His pride kept him away from being with us for 10 years!
Rather than deal with his pride and selfishness, he turned away from receiving more truth for all that time.
Then last night, this dream was given after the packet of MM literature was prepared:
In this dream, I had ordered a car. It was a secondhand car. Two men came, one to deliver it, and one in a spare car, assuming that I would buy it. It was a Mitsubishi. But it was not what I had hoped for, and I told the guy of my disappointment. It was smaller than I wanted and had bits missing. It was in poor shape! There was oil on the brake pedal and there were obviously things I couldn’t see that would need fixing.
Meaning: This is an allegory of the man to whom we sent the literature.

The other guy went off to the toilet while I was looking at the car. Then I walked off, past the toilet and around a quadrangle and back to the car. [Shows how far we have to go to reach these people. We have to go out of our way. It also illustrates how long it takes them to change. We are still waiting!] I didn’t really want to accept the motor, but it seemed that I had no option.
Meaning: The other man going to the toilet symbolises his getting rid of spiritual waste while we are going out of our way to deal with the first man who has problems. [BB.] The other guy is BB’s son.

A Lot Of Work Ahead
30th August 2005. M. 1) Long work hours
People were working long hours, mostly about 10 hours a day, sometimes longer. I was working in a factory, too, and it was owned by the Chinese. I was diligent in my work but there was still more to do and I had to stay longer to get things done. I worked another 1½ hours after the end of the work day, but I felt I would be rewarded for it.
Meaning: A lot is probably all enmeshed in this dream. The long work hours can be symbolic of harder economic times coming. Also, they probably depict the literal situation we will face after publicity breaks about raising the dead, because we will have to meet terrific demands in supplying literature requests. We will have to put in long hours.
The Chinese owning the factory is a symbol of the control they will exert over the world economy through production and commerce.

Kassahun & Raising The Dead
2) Kassahun and the electronic equipment
In this next dream, Kassahun was doing things. He had some electronic equipment rigged up. There were cables in use, but one cable like that for a TV aerial was not being used. Someone came by and saw it lying there, thinking that it wouldn’t be used, and without asking he took it. When the time came that Kassahun wanted to use it, it was gone, and he had to go looking for it, which caused him inconvenience and extra work and trouble.
Meaning: It shows how Kassahun will be very busy too. The electronic equipment probably depicts his harnessing the ‘electricity’ (power) of God. Such equipment is used for amplifying and projecting sound, so it depicts the Gospel truths going out so that people can hear them.
The TV aerial cable being stolen may portray the damage selfish people cause him by taking instead of giving and not considering his needs, nor realising what God is about to do by bringing publicity there through raising the dead. Such people are not mindful of the things of God because they are selfish.

The Police Radio Jammed
26th May 2005. H.  Police radio jammed
We were on top of a hill.  We saw a police car with a young boy. Someone jammed the radio of the police car.  This gave him a shock.  When I met the policeman at a meeting he was not aware who had jammed the car radio.
Meaning: God helps us in every situation.  He warns us of problems before they happen. This concerns the police assault against us. They will be used by Satan to try and finish off this work of God, but God will “jam their radio”. In other words, He will thwart their plans and make it impossible for them to proceed against us.

Driving A Sewage Lorry
1st June 2005. H.  Sewage lorry
I was getting ready to drive a big lorry full of sewage.  The job was dirty and we had a problem staying clean.  There were a couple of TV presenters on board (R & J).
Meaning: This is to do with the moral state of the country.  It is in a filthy state and needs a good clean up.
R and J are Richard and Judy, TV presenters. They will have Helena on their programme, and that is when she will “drive the sewage lorry”, showing where the muck should go!

6th June 2005. H. Sage plants
I was meeting many people. I was trying to give each person a sage plant.
Meaning: Sage is a cleansing herb which has health benefits. ‘Sage’ also has a meaning of someone who is wise. People need help with their problems. The health of many is suffering, but their greatest need is spiritual. They need to fulfil their true purpose in life. I will be able to offer that to many through the publicity and 2 year revival.

Returned From The Dead After Several Years
11th June 2005. H.  Miss Jackson back!
There were lots of excitement and activities with many people. The centre of attention was Miss Jackson who was raised from the dead. We were busy travelling. Forms had to be filled in for the taxman. It was important for that letter to be posted to the taxman later.
Meaning: This will give her official recognition by society. People will be forced to acknowledge there is a God in heaven who gives and takes away life.

Someone Lost Her Keys To The Kingdom Through Disobedience
21st June 2005. H.  Lost keys
A young lady went away on holiday.  When she came back she forgot to bring food and the keys.
Meaning: This depicts a young lady who has walked away from God and went to follow her selfish desires [holiday]. She lost the spiritual food – which could have helped her to stay close to God.  She also lost the keys to the Kingdom of God by living a selfish lifestyle. But God will finally deliver her from her selfish and worldly ways.

Light Comes When You Seek God
26th June 2005. H.
1) Leader receives light
God gave me a picture of light coming into a man and next into a lady. 
Meaning: We had prayed for a Christian leader and his wife who was mentally disturbed.  When we seek God and His ways, God does intervene to help us.

Others Will Help
2) Entrance fee paid
I went into a large hall with lots of people. I had to pay for a ticket as I walked through the door.  I said someone else has paid for my ticket and I was allowed to come in.
Meaning: The huge hall represents the scope of the Church with what it has to offer to people. For us to be in there too, we have to pay. But we have no money. We are only a family doing this work. God is showing how He is going to bring people to help us with the huge bills we have to pay to publish MM literature.

The Queen Will Have The Truth
27th June 2005. H.  Visiting the Queen
I was visiting the Queen’s Palace. I was waiting near the kitchens. Some food fell down the stairs. I started to clean up the mess.
Meaning: This has spiritual meaning. Food represents spiritual teaching. The heretical teachings of the church are about to ‘fall’ and be removed. God’s pure truth will replace old church tradition, and bring people closer to God.

Carelessness Exacts A Price
31st June 2005. H. Careless cyclist
I saw a young man riding a bicycle. I shouted to him “Watch out!” as he wasn’t looking where he was going. He hurt himself.
Meaning: This person has walked away from God and refused to listen. This will cost him dearly. God has to punish those who refuse to obey him (Heb 12:5,6).
The young man will be healed and restored to God, but only after he pays a terrible price for  his spiritual carelessness.

Live 8
3rd July 2005. H. Live 8
“Live 8” concerts were organised to bring attention to poverty in Africa. These took place at several big cities. But they were a ploy of the devil. God showed me in a dream how Satan was behind it. Through pop music, millions fall under the sway of the musicians who are used by the devil to stir up rebellion and other evil character traits. Satan can very effectively reach people through music that stirs up emotive responses of pride, arrogance, defiance, rebellion, crudity, self-will, lust and all forms of sexual permissiveness and depravity.
Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of pop stars calling for reform and ‘equality’. Which of them has given away their millions to help the poor? They hold onto their millions, while they climb higher up the ladder of fame to get money from others. They seek their own elevation, power and influence more than help for the downtrodden.

Some People Must Die To Repent
4th July 2005. H. Man dying
I saw a man dying – there was a host of demons leaving him.
Meaning: This man was used by the devil to cause harm to us and the Church through his greed and selfish life. God will make him accountable for his actions. Some people have to die to see how evil they are, and to reform.

Terrorism Is Part Of The Judgment
7th July 2005. H.  Dreams fulfilled re. terrorism
On this date, terrorists bombed London trains and a bus. Many people were killed and injured. God had earlier warned that these things would happen. [This was written up 2 years ago in Dreams From God About The Judgement Of Britain.]
God’s hand of protection and blessing has been removed from Britain because people don’t care for God. The nation has rejected Him and refuses to obey His commandments.
The curse is the alternative, that is unavoidable when people depart from living obediently in harmony with God’s ways.
Terrorism is among the worse calamities that are to befall this nation in the run-up to the Great Tribulation, when the nation will be completely subjugated by foreign powers. [Explained more in Why Britain Will Fall Soon!]

Cleaning Up The Mess In Kenya
9th July 205. H.
1) Messy situation
In this dream there was a pile of human waste. Malcolm got close to it in an attempt to get it cleaned up, but he got messed up by getting involved.
Meaning: An evil person created a mess in Kenya through sin and rebellion against God. As Malcolm tried to clean it up, others found fault with him [explained in N 31].

Folly Caused By Demons
2) Foolish boy
I saw a naughty and foolish boy saying, “Are you going to kill me?”  I responded: “Don’t be foolish!”
Meaning: This individual in Kenya is throwing inane accusations at us. It shows the extent and depth to which he has allowed demons to influence him.

Police Aggression
10th July 2005. H.
1) Police aggression
We were in a large house, the police raided the house. They behaved with aggression. We had to fight for our rights.
Part of the house was set apart for worshipping God. It was a special place where the police had no right to interfere, but they did. The law gives us the freedom to live our faith, but police often abuse others and pervert the law, thinking they are above the law as they try to catch people whom they perceive as ‘criminals’.
The dream is forewarning of what they will do to us.

Someone Changing
2) Little boy changes
A little boy who was oppressed by demons decided to change his clothes.
Meaning: This shows how someone has changed and decided to live his life with righteous deeds.
Choosing to live God’s way is not easy, pride blocks true understanding.  A change of heart is necessary.

The Queen
13th July 2005. H.  Queen gives weather forecast
I saw the Queen far away on the horizon.  She was giving the weather forecast against a light blue sky.
Meaning: To most people the Queen seems distant – on the horizon. But she will be used to give warnings about the future. Light blue shows she cares about God.
There has to be more zeal and intensity for God in this nation. So He will allow trouble and trials to bring people to repentance and knowledge of God.
The dream seems to indicate that she will tell the nation of its moral lassitude and why Britain is languishing.

Richard Preparing For What’s Ahead
2) Richard was planning to buy a house
We were very excited, and wanted to go and see it.  Richard was fearing that the owner would be unhappy about this.
Meaning: The house is symbolic of Richard’s spiritual future. God is the owner of the house and Richard’s life and future are in God’s hands. God is preparing him to be ready for what he has to go through in the next phase of his spiritual journey.

Another Person Restored
27th July 2005. H.  Caring for plants
I was taking care of plants and flowers in the garden, potting and planting.  I also checked some plants next door.  I saw a cactus-like plant with wide leaves. This plant was totally rotten at the root, only half the leaves were alive.
Meaning: People are like plants. Each plant needs special attention. Good soil and water are vital. This is how God cares for his people.  They need feeding and teaching. Spiritual food is most important for their growth.
The cactus-like plant represented a lady who was sick, and stressed. She had suffered abuse from her husband. She came to stay with us for a break from her negative circumstances and to receive healing. Through prayer and care, her health improved rapidly. It was wonderful to see her happy and laughing after a few days. God intervened in her circumstances as she was seeking God’s help.
Complete healing accompanies acceptance of the Spirit of God in your life.

Muslims Pray On The Roof
10th August 2005. H.  Moslems pray on roof
I saw two young Moslem women in light-coloured dress climb onto the roof of a house. They lifted their arms and prayed, then came down the ladder.  After a short time they climbed the ladder and prayed on top of the house again.
Meaning: God is not pleased with a religion where people alienate themselves through rituals which are empty and lead to pride. The light-coloured clothing shows they want to appear to please God, but they are put on. Such public displays of ‘piety’ are not the way of true religion. True religion does not seek to be noticed for self-glorification (Matt 6:5,6; Jas 1:26,27).

Moving Ahead Spiritually
8th August 2005. H.  Darkness gone
I saw someone receive a small light, then darkness which turned into grey light.
Meaning: This concerns a man who lived a selfish life- style – drinking, smoking, using foul language, being abusive to his wife and treating her very badly. She was able to stay with us for a while to receive healing and to recover from poor health. When the husband realised that he had lost control over his wife, he felt empty and miserable.
He decided to commit suicide which he had threatened many times before. After he took his life, he saw on the other side his evil ways and the suffering he caused to his family. In this ‘grey’ state, he can now see that only repentance can bring him peace.

Family’s New Start
13th August 2005. H.  New start for that family
I saw a family moving into a new property. It was basic and untidy. There was a good sized pond near the house but the water was dirty.
As I was inspecting the water I had to struggle to get out because of the steep muddy bank.
Meaning: This is about the lady above, who suffered poor health and abuse from her husband. She was offered a new start spiritually. The dirty pond is her family’s spiritual life. They need to seek God through Bible study and prayer, if they are to be cleansed. But she is still unclean, so I ‘got out’.

Dead Irish Man To Be Raised
16th August 2005.  H. Dead man raised
I saw a man dead. Then I saw power come into the man like lightning.  This man was restored to life! Then I saw the map of Ireland. The SE part was pinpointed [where he came from originally].
Meaning: This is the man above (Oliver – see dream of 8th August), who lived an evil life, abusive towards his wife and family. When his wife came to stay with us for 12 days to receive help, he committed suicide. Demons controlled him.
At death he would have to repent of his evil ways (or go to hell), and determine to make sincere changes to his behaviour. God will bring him back. He will have to live his life again, accepting Jesus as his Saviour.
He will be raised up to preach the gospel in Ireland, as he lives a new life, proclaiming Jesus to others.

Killing The Pests
18th August 2005.  H.  Rabbits killed
I saw two men dressed in black killing rabbits and putting them into bags.
Meaning: Rabbits are pests and destructive in gardens. There are many false ministers who devour the vineyard – the Church, the people of God. These evil men are resisting God and holding people in bondage. God uses those who are faithful to expose the wicked workers.
This is being fulfilled, as CoG false ministers are exposed.
How to identify false ministers is explained in the booklet Apostasy In God’s Church!

TV Presenter Reached
22nd August 2005.  H.  Friendly TV presenter
A TV presenter paid us a social visit.  He was friendly and felt involved in our work.  He was welcomed by our family.
Meaning: Some time ago I sent him and his wife MM literature. God showed me a dream that they benefited spiritually. I wrote to them again and sent more information which they need to have to prepare them for future events.  God will use them as part of the end-time witness.

Trials Purify You
24th August 2005.  H.  Car intruder
An intruder came into our car. I had to fight him off.
Meaning: This represents a person who was with us. He became critical and fault-finding.
Self-will, pride, and stubbornness are some of his problems. God is not pleased with him. God lets people have their own way, until they are willing to repent and change.

28th August 2005.  H. 
1) Gold and demons
I saw a large amount of gold with demonic influence surrounding it.
Meaning: Gold is purified by intense heat. Likewise, we must go through the heat of many trials caused by demons, to become pure before God. God uses demons to test us.
1 Peter 4:12-19.

2) Bush pruned
I saw a bush sprouting some wild shoots.  These were cut off.
The bush represents a person’s life. He is being tried and tested – pruned.  This will produce humility and love for others. John 15.

Resurrections & Revival Are Coming
30th August 2005.  H.  Revival and resurrection
I was looking out of the window and saw the sea flooding [revival coming]. Water was coming close to the path. I saw three children, barely alive, being carried by the waves [young people we know; they are easily swayed by the pulls of the flesh in this world]. I went out to rescue them but then they were gone. [This means God will rescue them through His divine means. We cannot do so, though we want to.]
Next, I was sitting in the post office area [we will have much posting to do]. Howard Silcox was next door in a hospital room. I put my head through the doorway and saw many visitors talking to him. They were interested in his story.
I said that all this would be good for revival.
Meaning: The waves of revival restored the children so that they no longer needed our help.
The post office depicts MM’s work of sending out truth- loaded publications.
We knew Howard Silcox many years ago, but he became spiritually sick after he rejected us. Yet God was doing a work of restoring truth through us.
H S died recently. He will be brought back to be restored spiritually, to build righteous character, and witness for the gospel during the revival. Having died, he will now see the truth that he rejected from us while he was alive, and God will use him to testify to its veracity after his return. (There is so much unbelief and deception to be countered!)

The Queen
2nd Sept 2005. H. The Queen gives Helena a present
The Queen gave me a present of a box of handkerchiefs. They had green edging.
Meaning: This simple act tells a big story. By giving us a present, it shows her respect for the Work of God and the things of God. Handkerchiefs symbolise sympathy and expecting sorrow in the future. The sins of many will bring punishment in judgement upon Britain.

Demons Damage People
6th Sept 2005. H. Person being influenced by demons
I saw a plant damaged by thieves [demons] who stole and ran away. [Demons use people close to the one they want to harm. Some who are not close to God are influenced by demons. They cause division, trouble, and steal away health.]
I saw the same plant gain strength and grow new shoots. Although the plant looked stressed, it kept growing. When the wind blew, smaller shoots broke off.
Meaning: The trials of life cause stress, but we can keep going if we look to Jesus to help us. The second part of the dream gives hope for the future for this person depicted.

Committed The Unpardonable Sin
7th Sept 2005. H. Man dies spiritually
I read a personal testimony from someone we know who has had a sad and unhappy life. We had tried to help him over the years, but because of pride, selfishness and stubborn self-will, God could not help this person. Then I received a vision of a grave which was rather large. God was indicating that this person had committed the unpardonable sin and was dead now, spiritually.
When people refuse to change, and choose their selfish ways, their end is death. There can be no way back.

8th September 2005.  H. 
1) Jim Rector won’t change
I saw a man try to get hold of a young boy, but he refused to be restrained. He fought and resisted us with all his might. He behaved like a street thug.
Meaning: The boy represents Jim Rector who resisted Jesus coming to him through us. He chose his own self-willed ways, teaching others to follow him rather than Jesus.

CoGs In 2nd Hand Clothes
2) CoGs in 2nd hand clothes
I saw a woman dressing up into 2nd hand clothes [symbol of passed on down teachings]. She was really proud of them, although they were plain and rather boring. When she looked at them closely, she realised she needed new clothes.
Meaning: This is to do with the Church of God groups. They are proud of their teachings which are hand-me-downs. Later, when they see what God is offering them, they will want to change into new clothes.

Letting Demons Take Over
14th September 2005.  H. Letting demons overwhelm
I woke up with a vision of demons overwhelming someone.
Meaning: We have to see how the devil uses demons to overpower us. We have to resist and eradicate wrong influences. If you are willing, Jesus will give you strength. If you fail, the demons will take over your thinking and spiritual life.
Pride is the worst enemy, by pushing God away, people become victims of the devil. James 4:7.

Need Fresh Soil To Grow
17th Sept. 2005. H.
1) Roses need dividing and repotting
I saw a pot of roses which needed to be repotted and divided. There were several rose bushes. I planted them in fresh soil. (Whether this occurs is up to the recipients, but that was Helena’s good intent in the dream.)
Meaning: This shows how people need a new start with fresh spiritual food which can enable them to grow and achieve their full spiritual potential. God’s truth through the Spirit helps us to become stronger. MM literature is provided for that purpose and is the soil that God is alluding to.
Christians who are stuck in groups need to be set free and have the freedom and space to grow, unencumbered by close proximity to others with demons, who are holding them back.
Remember what Paul said about bad company corrupting good character (1 Cor 15:33). Your spiritual growth can be severely restricted by false teachers and false teaching! False Christians and misled preachers are tools of the devil.

2) Those who won’t be repotted
I saw another pot of plants with no soil and no space. These plants looked undernourished. They needed help but I couldn’t help them.
Meaning: This depicts some Christians whom God caused to cross our path. They rejected help because of their self-will and lack of humility.
Many people choose to stay in their circumstances and don’t want any changes. By rejecting spiritual food – soil – they will slowly starve to death.

Evil Person Rejects Light and Truth
20th September 2005.  H. 
1) Light rejected
I saw some lights moving towards two faces but the lights were rejected.  I saw an evil-looking face filled with demons.
Meaning: A letter came from a prisoner who was hostile, confused and arrogant. He had rejected ‘our’ input.

Evangelist David Hathaway, Arrogant
2) David Hathaway
I saw a face with Jesus' head squeezed inside the head. Jesus was restricted to a compartment in the man’s mind. The rest of the face had rigid features with zigzag and odd markings. There was also an evil influence painting the side of the face.
Meaning: This is a UK evangelist who is well known especially in Russia. He is proud and unyielding to God.
He resisted our input on several occasions. The imagery portrays his wrong mentality, and that he is now very much influenced by demons. In his mind, Jesus is not as important as his own notion of self-importance, hence the imagery of Jesus being compartmentalised.
The rigid features depict his unwillingness to change and move on in the Spirit. He won’t be corrected!

Put Under Close Scrutiny
21st September 2005.  H.  Close examination
I saw several items examined very closely and in detail.
Meaning: This was fulfilled in someone’s life who had certain deep-seated problems which God exposed through a confrontation on a personal level.  This brought these hidden things into the open.
Pride is one of the biggest problems in people’s lives. All have to face up to it. Demons have to be resisted otherwise they will take over. The result is you become confused, irrational and cut off from God. A person in this state will blame everybody else for their problems. Humility is the only solution. It is developed through trials and difficulties.

22nd September 2005.  H.  Flies
There was a plague of flies, they were dirty and a nuisance.  One of them bit me.
Meaning: These represent demons which dominated someone who became hostile towards us and irrational. Demons infect the spirit of the person who becomes irrational.  False accusations are the end result. Repentance and humility are the only way to fight the devil.
Jesus our Saviour helps you through every situation if you submit to His will. The problem is, many don’t!

26th September 2005.  H. 
1) Vicious dog
A vicious dog came for an old piece of meat. The dog was chased away.
Meaning: Depicts the person in 7th Sept dream.
The person was submitting to a demon which tried to come back and maul us. We resisted and so the demon had to flee.
As you submit to God the Holy Spirit gives you protection but the demons don’t give up, so you need to be vigilant and on guard. This builds character and faith.

2) I saw another person’s face crowded with bees.
Meaning: These are demons. Self-will and stubbornness destroy faith in God and allow demons to control the mind. Selfishness is a big problem for people. The self becomes an idol and it’s impossible then for the person to accept God into their life in the prime place He should occupy.

The Power Of The Enemy
27th September 2005.  H.  Girl taken over by beast
I saw a girl with black hair next to a beast. She looked around, then decided to merge with the beast. This beast looked like an elephant and a lion combined. Its big ears looked like wings and it was an evil-looking creature. 
Meaning: This lady became hostile and critical of her friends and family. She refused to listen and decided to seek her own way. Demons cause trouble in people’s lives. Humbling and repentance will bring them back to God.

Church of England Half Naked
29th September 2005.  H.  Half-naked woman
A woman was walking on the main road. She was half-naked, wearing only a top. She felt uneasy as a taxi driver showed her attention when she was passing by.
She passed through a big gathering with people coming and going [may be a symbol of the coming publicity]. The queen was nearby with a black hat. The woman carried on her journey up the stairs. A man pursued her, intending to assault her. She managed to get a stone and threatened him.
Meaning: She is a symbol of people in the Church of England. Half naked spiritually, they are not ready for the return of Jesus Christ. She is not free to leave as the church leaders don’t let her go. She had to fight them off with the Word of God (the stone). By living God’s way, the church will become fully clothed.
The queen’s black hat depicts the deadness of the church.

Place Of Safety
1st October 2005.  H.  A place of safety
I saw many people camping; they lived in harmony and were co-operating. There were many people in a small area, but they were happy and safe. There were loaves of bread (potatoes was one of the ingredients) to keep people fed. I was taken within the walls of a castle and there were many people there, protected and safe.
Meaning: This is a future event when people will need protection and safety during the Great Tribulation. Those who obey and trust God will be taken care of in a supernatural way. God provides for those who love Him.

Man Behind Bars
2nd October 2005.  H. 
1) Man behind bars
There was a man released from jail. He felt beaten down and rejected. I tried to comfort him but there were bars between us. I held onto his hand which had an open wound.
I held onto him as long as I could to let him know that we cared for him. There was another person helping him who also held his hand
Meaning: The bars between us are spiritual. The devil and demons put barriers between us, keeping us apart. They are the real enemy.

2) Rxxxe stirring
I saw a mound of darkness with demonic creatures within it.  It looked like a shrine.  There was a person asleep inside the shrine.  I saw this person wake up and slide away.
Meaning: This is a lady who is religious and who learned many things from other churches. There is danger in collecting religious knowledge. It gives a false security, and the true God is pushed away. Religious knowledge becomes the shrine and sleep is the end result.
Truth and Spirit have to go together. We have to worship God in humility and from the heart. Knowledge puffs up, this leads to pride. The devil uses this to cut us off from God.

Vulnerable Girl
4th October 2005.  H.  
1) Vulnerable creature
I saw a little creature taken by a squirrel which started to eat it. I was angry and got hold of the squirrel and hit it on the head. It tried to bite me but eventually the creature was released.
Meaning: The creature is a young lady who walked away from God. Someone with evil intentions will harm her. She cannot see the danger and trusts people who are used by the devil.

Person Admires Our Beautiful House
2) Our beautiful abode
Someone famous came to see our house and he thought it was beautiful.
Meaning: MM literature offers people true spiritual beauty to create the house in which God can dwell (1 Cor 6:19).

People Under Demons’ Sway
6th October 2005.  H. 
1) Politician’s evil influence
I saw a couple of demons making a phone call on the mobile to a politician. After this he went on the stage to speak.
Meaning: The devil has a spiritual connection with the leaders of nations. Deception and lies are the end result.  They talk about peace while they plan for war (2 Cor 4:4).  Because the nations refuse to obey God they unwittingly choose Satan and his demons to lead them.

2) Demons cause confusion and blindness
I saw a face with a demon sitting on the bridge of the nose. The demon was causing confusion of the mind. The eyes became sticky, blocking the vision.
Meaning: This lady allowed distractions and sin to get her bogged down spiritually. Demons dominate our thinking when we get careless and self-willed. This blocks our spiritual vision.

Stubborn & Thick-Skinned
8th October 2005.  H.  Metallic skin
I saw a head with metallic skin. A big earplug came out of the ear.
Meaning: This is someone who refused to listen to prophets. Through self-will and stubbornness the person would not accept input from others. Metallic skin shows an insensitive approach to others. God knows how to expose the inner demonic strongholds and through circumstances He brings them into the open.

11th October 2005.  H. 
1) Sxxxx
I saw a man’s face under demonic influence. Slowly the face became clear and healed.
Meaning: Fear and stubbornness cause demonic oppression. Once we repent and start obeying and trusting God, He heals us and delivers us from demons.

2) Thief
I saw a thief coming onto our property.
Meaning: The devil uses people to harm us. These people have evil intentions and don’t care for God. That day I discovered a thief in the night had stolen valuable potted plants which had taken me years to grow. I was deeply hurt by this. People who commit wicked acts against others will be judged and punished by God.

Prince William
20th October 2005.  H.  Prince William
I wrote a short letter to Prince William and put the letter inside a book. I went to find the letter but it wasn’t there. I was quite upset.
Meaning: This shows how we have some information to pass on to Prince William but we are unable to get to him at the moment. In future we shall meet him and share what God wants him to know.

Prince Charles
12th October 2005.  H.  Prince Charles
I met Prince Charles and developed a special friendship with him. He needed encouragement and moral support. I offered him some MM literature. I felt he needed the book on Revelation.  Malcolm got a large book and cut it into a smaller one. We felt restricted and not able to help others as much as we should.
Meaning: The previous evening I watched a video by Henry Gruver who had a detailed vision about Prince Charles talking to US army generals about a serious crisis facing the US. Perhaps he would find the book on Revelation too much.  Authorities will place restrictions on us.

God Hates Laziness
13th October 2005.  H.  Plant thief
I saw the man who stole our plant pots, sunning himself in his garden, taking it easy and being lazy. 
Meaning: God hates laziness. By working hard we can help others instead of taking or stealing from others. 

Great Difficulties Ahead
19th October 2005.  H.  Opposition and hardships
I was climbing up a steep hillside. There were some steps, some of them were very narrow. People were following behind me. I came to a bend. There were no steps, so I had to hold onto the rough ground. I stopped for a while and felt unable to move forward. Then a Hand came and rested on my shoulder and I was able to move forward with great care.
Meaning: The hand is God helping us not to fear and press on forward when opposition comes against us. The bend also indicates a change of direction.

2) Dangerous journey
We were walking on a narrow main road with cars and motorbikes driving recklessly. We had to be careful not to get run over, especially on the bend with bikes speeding by.
Meaning: MM will become publicly visible to others through publicity and the miracles.

3) Old shop
I visited an old shop which was large and chaotic. There was no one to help me and the experience was totally disappointing. I realised I had a long walk home, the weather was foggy and getting dark.
Meaning: The shop reflects the Christian Church in a state of confusion and chaos. We receive very little support from others.  We need to press on to get home.  The world and the Church are in such a state, they need so much redirection!

Demonised Man
20th October 2005.  H.  1) Demonic man
I saw a man’s head full of bees. He was pushing himself onto a lady and transferring demons onto her.
Meaning: The bees represent demons. He (PJ) is a religious man who elevates himself.  Pride and arrogance are part of his psyche. The lady trusts him and gives him her loyalty making it easy for him to influence and deceive her.

Beheaded For His Faith
2) Tribulation
I saw a person being beheaded. I said to someone, “You are next, you will join the other one”.
Meaning: This is a future event. Christians will be persecuted and many will be martyred.
The prophet Ken Peters describes this in the visions and dreams God gave him about how he will face his own death. (Recounted in the leaflet He Saw The Tribulation.)

Taking Care Of The Immature
21st October 2005.  H.  Caring for baby
I was taking care of a baby which needed cleaning up.  The nappy was messy and my hands got dirty. I asked someone to give me a towel to clean my hands.  After a while someone helped me and I was able to get clean. 
Meaning: This is a young person who walked away from God following the example of her friends (angels from hell). I tried to help her but it takes time, and others need to assist to help people to follow God’s ways.

Giving Comfort And Hope
22nd October 2005.  H.  MM outreach
I was able to reach out to groups of people from different backgrounds: the poor, average, famous and politicians. I was able to touch them spiritually, giving them comfort and hope.
Meaning: God will use miracles to speak to people and draw them to us.  We are going to be witnesses for Jesus.

27th October 2005.  H.  Sxxxx awakens
A man with a swarthy appearance, rough shaven [reflecting his somewhat wild spiritual state], turned up as I stood next to my car where I was tending plants. He looked as if he had just woken up. I asked him if he had been asleep in one of our rooms upstairs. I asked if he wanted some coffee and he replied that tea will do. He was friendly and glad to be with us.
Meaning: Spiritual sleep reflects a lack of awareness of God’s purposes. Waking up spiritually helps us to be part of God’s revival and His work. Offering coffee is a symbol of how we are trying to stimulate people to be awake. He prefers tea – in other words, he doesn’t want to be ‘too’ awake!

You Can’t Hide Behind A Mask
28th October 2005.  H.  Lady behind mask
I saw a young lady wearing a mask and under the mask she was wearing makeup.
This young woman has walked away from God. She fell under the influence of her friends, following her selfish desires. The mask is covering up the truth and believing a lie. God will bring her to her senses and will work with her when she is humble.

Denominations Asleep
29th October 2005.  H. 
1) Asleep on floor
I saw Malcolm’s parents asleep on the floor. There were beds available but they chose the floor.
Meaning: Malcolm’s parents are a symbol of the denominational church which they used to attend. It illustrates the spiritual poverty of the churches which influence so many people. God’s pure truth has been available through the ages but only a few have chosen to live by it.

Turquoise Flowers
2) Many flowers
There were many turquoise flowers. They needed to be planted up. One person had a black flower planter ready for the pots.
Meaning: These are people who love God and His truth. Turquoise is a heavenly colour. The black planter shows some have to die to find God. (Black can be a symbol of death.) Their healing and restoration will be wonderful.

God Promises Income
31st October 2005.  H.  Coins in a pot
I found a few coins inside an empty flower pot.
Meaning: I grow hundreds of flowers and plants and display them near the road to raise funds. This is to help us to care for the sick when they stay with us.

A family car stopped to look at the plants. There were several people. I was able to meet them and share with them MM literature.
Meaning: God uses this point of contact to reach people with the gospel message. Some will be grateful and leave us some money.

Work In Kenya Hurt
1st November 2005.  H.  Wheelbarrow
I saw a wheelbarrow with some items which looked worthless.  A man with a crown made from a tin can was also inside the wheelbarrow (normally used to tip soil or rubbish).
Meaning: This man has chosen to rebel against God, behave deceitfully towards us, hurting the work of God in Kenya. He has to repent and change before God can use him. The tin can crown represents his childish pride and wanting elevation for himself. (See dreams of 9th and 11th Nov too.)

Such A Lot Of Work!
2) Malcolm in freezer
I saw Malcolm stuck in a freezer prison, he was unable to get out. After a while he was thrust out. He complained of a bad back and feeling unwell. He said in the past he has visited Romford.  (This town is known to be drab and very built-up.)
Meaning: The freezer prison depicts the spiritual state of most churches. People are stuck, unable to get out and move on! Like Romford, the churches are drab and boring. We have literature inspired by God but we are unable to reach people because the churches behave like cults. People are not free to learn from others.

9th November 2005.  H. 
1) Sweating from hard work
I saw some people running and busy. My husband was very busy and on the move. I saw him later sitting at the table with other people. He was sweating from the hard work he had to do.
Meaning: These are future events, where there will be much work to be done.  Many people need help!

Mending Broken Fences
2) Mended fences
I saw some broken down fences and gates mended. 
Meaning: This reflects the work in Kenya where some have neglected their responsibilities. God brings people under judgement for sin, and restores them if they repent. He also makes provision for His Work to continue. (Also 11th Nov.)

God Is Calling His People To Prayer
3) Woman told to pray
I saw a woman sitting on a mat.  She was told by God to get on her knees and pray earnestly.
Meaning: The church is asleep spiritually. God is calling His people to prayer with humility and zeal.  Prayer helps us to draw closer to God so we can resist and fight the devil.

Some Are Good; Some Are Bad
11th November 2005. 
1) Friendly neighbours
We were in a new situation with new neighbours. They were nice and friendly and were glad to meet with us.
Meaning: We shall meet people who will share our goals and dreams. God wants us to be united and care for one another.

2) Damaged booklets
We had a large back room where we stored many items and the room was rather untidy. I found a small booklet which I needed to give someone. I examined the booklet very carefully. The pages were not cut, were uneven and looked untidy. Sadly it wasn’t good enough to give to anyone. I had to find another one.
Meaning: This reflects part of our Kenyan outreach where we have experienced many problems. The devil causes many problems through people who are selfish, but thankfully there are some who are zealous for God.

Blind Missionaries
2nd September 2005. M. £5,000 and the white man
I sent £5,000 to a white man in Africa to distribute MM literature. When I went to see him, he just looked at me and wondered why I wanted to distribute it. Although he said nothing, you could see by his expression he was thinking: “What on earth for?”
Meaning: The white man represents missionaries and ministry leaders of western outreaches in Africa. God is pointing out their spiritual blindness. They can’t see what God is doing through MM lit.
In contrast, more of the local people can and they are requesting our literature by the sackful!

Don’t Try & Patch Up The Old Thing
3rd September 2005. M. Cxxxxx’s pick-up
Cxxxxx was trying to get his old pick-up back on the road (B88 WNK). It was past it, but he thought he could get it up and running. He had a go at doing the work himself. However, he found that one wheel was locked solid and he couldn’t shift it. He didn’t want to get it MOT’d. He hoped to get it on the road secretly, without that. So, he phoned Richard to get his help.
Meaning: Cxxxxx’s old pick-up represents the ways of the old church, out of which we have come. But he hasn’t, and when the time comes for him to leave, he won’t go about things the right way. He will try to go it alone and revive the old thing, rather than begin completely anew. This is a reflection of his independence, pride and self-will.
You can’t revive an old dead church. You have to come out and completely part company with the old ways, and start afresh by the Spirit.

Get Ready
11th Sept 2005. M.
1) An alert
The doorbell rang very early in the morning. It was still dark. I woke up with a start! When I got to the door, there was no one there. I realised that it was not our doorbell, but a very striking noise in a dream, which sounded like our doorbell. It had the same tone, but it was a different tune.
Meaning: The things that must take place before the publicity will be soon. It was an alert to be ready.
When it happens, things won’t be quite like we expect (the different tune).

CoG Man Plagiarising MM Writings
2) Plagiarism
A ‘Church of God’ minister or someone similar was plagiarising my book God’s Church – Whose Authority? He was using what he wanted from it, to preach to others, as if he were the source, and not giving me credit. By doing this he was elevating himself in their eyes. At least, that was his motive. It was deceitful and hypocritical.

In Australia
12th Sept 2005. M.
1) Australians
I walked past two small Australian girls. They had dark features like black hair and eyebrows. They were small and seemed malnourished. [Depicts a couple whom we contacted in Australia. The black symbols depict evil in their lives.]
I had things to do and kept going forward. I was walking along a footpath through woods. It was a lovely walk, and I was half floating along as I walked down this path. [Being carried along by the Spirit in this Work of God.] A group of schoolchildren were coming up the path the other way with their teacher.
Then one of the small girls ran and caught up with me. She wanted help. She held in her hand a small piece of a map and asked directions. We laid the map on the ground, closer to a light that was there. (This was an electric light – strange to have an electric lightbulb hanging in a wood!) It seemed that I was able to give her some help or direction. [It shows that our outreach into Australia will help some.]

Jon Snow
2) Jon Snow
The TV Channel 4 news presenter, Jon Snow, was giving me some help, and he was helping another guy too. [The other man represents a church leader.] That guy needed to change his clothes [changing clothes depicts accepting teaching that promotes righteousness and a change in conduct]. Jon was helping him. As this guy was changing, he was sitting there exposing himself. I thought it was crude. He seemed to have no shame. [This depicts spiritual lewdness – false doctrines of the church leader, and how such people have no shame about the evils they promote through their folly.]
Then Jon came over to me and wanted to help me. [This shows his good heart.] He poured some honey or cream / ointment into my hand, which I was to rub onto my back. But I found it hard reaching my back. I was stiff and no longer had the agility I once had. (Old age!)
In the next scene Jon gave me a place to rest and sleep. It was his own bedroom! He didn’t mind sharing it with me. I was touched by his generous spirit. He let me have one bed. He had another, in the middle, and the other guy had a bed too, on the other side of Jon away from me.
Meaning: Probably depicts his support at some stage in the future. But, a false church or false minister will also get his support too. (Don’t media personnel try to appear completely unbiased?) So even when truth comes along, they tend to encourage what is false also.

Promiscuous Church Policies
13th Sept 2005. M. 1) Perverse church initiative
A church was trying to keep its young people in. They began an initiative to encourage them to stay. It was called “husband for one night”. A 15-year old boy was chosen to sleep with a girl in the same bed. Nothing sexual was intended (which showed the naiveté of the church leaders) and the boy was chubby, red faced and very young.
It was hoped that this scheme would prevent young people leaving the church.
Meaning: Isn’t this a parody of the way church leaders use human means to try and attract young people to church or to keep them in once there!? Truth is not first on their agenda, but numbers of people.
Their schemes are iniquitous, because they downplay morals, water down standards, and go along with worldly trends in their pursuit of a compromised agenda. They encourage lawlessness.
Their agenda should be to seek, restore and retain God’s truth, but the purity of God’s Word has been sacrificed for the sake of selfish humanistic goals.
Comment: After the dream, my thoughts were drawn to how Jesus would have reacted in that situation. Just as He stormed into the temple precincts and shouted at the moneychangers and drove them and all the animals out (Jn 2:15), so He would have stormed into that bedroom, with one violent stroke, pulled the bedcovers off, and verbally berated those involved not to turn His House into a house of iniquity!

Churches Exclude True Prophets
2) Front door replaced by man-made door
I saw a bland or boring ply flush door, like a firecheck door, freshly hung where the person had formerly had a nice ornate front door with glass in it. The previous door could let the light in, but the door that had been used to replace it had no ornate beauty to it, nor could it let light in.
Meaning: The dream came after I challenged some people over internet the day before, about their rejection of truth. The dream shows that the church leaders are taking measures to exclude me, to keep the fire of God out (hence a fire check door). But they are also preventing light coming in. Jesus is the door of the sheep (Jn 10:7), but they are replacing Him with a human substitute.

50 People Will Be Resurrected
Day of Atonement. 14th Sept 2005. M. 50 raised from the dead
In this brief dream it was conveyed that 50 people are to be raised from the dead. Another 50 concerned something else, but I wasn’t allowed to remember that.
Appropriately, the Day of Atonement signifies release, depicted by the number 50. Release from debt and sin.

Rectifying Spiritual Faults
17th Sept 2005. M.
1) How to plaster upright.
There was a wall that was somewhat bowed. It was not upright. I was showing someone how to rectify the fault. Although the wall could not be altered, I showed them how to plaster it and cover up the poor workmanship, so that the final product was straight and upright.
Meaning: An allegory of how MM’s work, with all the publications, can show people how to change their lives so that the final spiritual product is pleasing to God.

God Cares For People’s Wellbeing
2) Steve’s daughter
Steve had a daughter, Jennifer. She had had two illegitimate children, but they died. God took their lives. She was sad, but it was better for them to be taken out of the way than to grow up without a father in this cruel world.
God considers more the wellbeing of His children than our personal desires or feelings.
Meaning: Allegoric. The name Jennifer is the Cornish form of Guinevere (Welsh), which means “soft and white”. Guinevere was the wife of the legendary King Arthur.

Hectically Busy!
3) Hectically busy, serving
We were serving drinks at a bar. There were many people coming and we were hectically busy. It was frenetic!
Meaning: MM’s work shortly ahead. The revival of the next 2 years, providing the literature and being in public view.

Charismatic Church In Ukraine
20th Sept 2005. M. The immature girl
A girl was accentuating her boobs, puffing out her chest, and partially exposing her upper shapeliness. She was doing this because she thought that was beautiful, desirable and good.
What she couldn't see were her motives, and the underlying reason for her behaviour, which centred on wanting to appear enticing, alluring and attractive (in a wrong way) to others.
She was portrayed as quite young, still a teenager.
Meaning: The dream portrays in allegory, charismatic believers in Ukraine and Russia who have swallowed the deceptions of the western prosperity gospel.
They are using the physicality of human appeal to try and attract others to Christ, but it’s a carnal and wrong approach. Jesus is not behind it.
God reveals their immaturity and physical preoccupation.

Money Doesn’t Solve Problems
24th Sept 2005. M. The Money fallacy
Mohammed Al-Fayed (the Egyptian owner of Harrods in London, the most prestigious department store in the city) featured in this dream (he is a rich man).
Then another man appeared, named Mohammed Al-Riyadh. [Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia.] This man had a clever speel in which he claimed, and convinced many, that the solution to any problem was to pour money at it. That would solve it – so he thought!
Meaning: A parody of the inane thinking in the world, where governments and various agencies try to solve problems economically while they ignore moral causes.

Advancing Spiritually
25th Sept 2005. M.
1) Two people move ahead
I was helping two people move into another flat. It wasn’t new, but it was an advancement for them. They were conveyed as two men, (although they are man and woman in real life), to depict their spiritual leadership role.
About Steve and Mila.

2) Another man helped
This dream then depicted another man whom we have been able to help, as in the first dream. This depicts J B.

The Great Tribulation Is Near
3) The motorway suddenly ends
I was driving along and came onto a motorway. It was really huge! It was not just four or even five lanes (which are the biggest in Britain). It had twice that number! [This depicted the scope today for preaching the Gospel.] I came onto this lovely smooth tarmac road at the last possible moment before the slip road ran out. I noticed rubbish lying on the side of the road.

As I entered the first lane, I could see a few other cars or vehicles in some other lanes, but there weren’t many, only about three or four. I could have chosen to be in any of the ten or eleven lanes, but I was in the first lane [simplicity and lack of prestige].

Almost as soon as I came onto this road it seemed to come to an end, and I was travelling in what was now a metal tunnel or tube, completely enclosed, and very narrow. It was only one lane wide. There was a lorry behind me.

I thought that it (the tunnel or tube) would collapse under the weight of that vehicle, but it didn’t. This ‘tunnel’ was also a bridge, above ground level. In it, you could not see anything outside. Your view was completely restricted. It did a complete U-turn, turning in entirely the opposite direction. I didn’t see where it went. It was extremely short.

Meaning: The wide road represents the freedom that is available at the moment to preach the Gospel via public means. But after the upcoming publicity, this freedom will suddenly disappear.

The cold metal ‘tunnel’ depicts the restrictions that the State will impose, preventing the truth of God going out during the time of Great Tribulation that is coming upon all lands, first and foremost against America, Britain, Israel, and English-speaking peoples.

Note: While this time of worldwide calamity is near, it is not next week, next month or next year (but it will be, one day). But don’t think things are going to carry on as they are. The dream is a warning that everything is going to drastically change – suddenly!

Kassahun Is Shot
29th Sept 2005. M. Kassahun is shot
I was aghast! Kassahun was shot in this dream.

Comment: You know that we must all face death for being prophets in His service. I know that is my fate. It doesn't bother me. Richard was given a very strong, disturbing premonition or sort of 'inner vision' of my life being taken. It was when he was at SEP in Scotland many years ago. It was in the late eighties.

At the same time, Helena was shown that she would lose me. They were 400 miles apart, but both received the same thing in different ways from God. It was shortly before our big showdown with the WCG henchmen.

Later Richard had a dream of me being shot by a hit man (probably a State-sponsored individual, MI6 or someone hired by them) in our hall. There was blood on the floor, but Richard was assured that my departing wouldn't be painful and it would be relatively quick.

It doesn't bother me. I think of how all the prophets have had to face this probable fate. John the Baptist had one of the most degrading departures, yet he was such a bulwark of a man who never minced his words! His 'lack of tact' (as some critics would say) got him his head cut off.

So, the dream about Kassahun may be literal. But it also has a more important (to him) spiritual meaning, like the one about Reinhard Bonnke being shot. That one was figurative and portrays the effect 'our' work will have on his outreach.

Kassahun knows he will have to flee at some time. God has shown him where he must go and who will take care of him. And he will be delighted to be with these humble Sabbath- keeping people who love the truth. Being shot represents his ministry outreach ending.

If Kassahun is literally killed, (he has been shown he must face prison again, and God will release him; that he must meet the PM (or is it President?) of Ethiopia and witness to the government, as we must to the British government and Royal Family here, etc.). I have the faith that if he is shot, God will raise him from the dead, and use it as a platform. Others will be raised from the dead to witness to the country before it is engulfed in the fires of the Tribulation (which will be Islamically caused in Ethiopia).

Do you tell the person about such a dream? You need a word of wisdom on that if you get such a dream. Kassahun knows now that I have been given more of its meaning.

Never forget Tertullian's words: "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church."

Miracles and martyrdom go together, in my opinion, for true repentance and reform to take place. Jesus showed us by lifting up the standard (flag) by what He did.

United Church of God Is Evil!
30th Sept 2005. M. UCG: black, inert animal
There was a fat, ugly, black animal with a face like a bear or large shrew, with a long snout. It was humanoid, but was not doing anything. It was just standing there with a black leather jacket on, which had metal studs like Hell’s Angels wear. I wondered, who could mate with that?!
Meaning: The animal depicts UCG, because after I awoke God put in my mind to send a piece of literature to someone in UCG. The animal symbolises their spiritual ugliness and inertness.
Jesus is looking for a beautiful Bride whom He can marry and enjoy complete spiritual union with, hence the question about the physical allegory in the dream.

God Gives Forewarning And Caution
2nd October 2005. M. 2 dreams.
1) Sxxxx was released but didn’t want to come to us.
2) About my office on the first floor of another building. Talking to Sxxxx and discussing things. But he was not believing me about what I was trying to forewarn him of.
A van pulled up outside, showing that what I was saying to him was really imminent. It was happening NOW. He only believed me when he saw it happen. [Other details withheld.]

Our Unoccupied House
3rd October 2005. M.
1) Our deserted house
We had built a huge house, with many rooms, but they were all unoccupied. There were rooms that should have been lived in, but they weren’t.
Consequently, dampness had taken its toll, and plaster was spalling everywhere, causing all Helena’s painstaking work of wallpapering to be ruined. It was tragic!
Meaning: This dream came after some correspondence the previous day in which someone had ignored the value in MM literature, and instead chose to exercise their itching ears, listening to others rather than what God was trying to say to them (2 Tim 4:3,4).
People neglect God and His truth, so what we offer falls into desuetude.

God Will Give More; Much More!
2) There is more, too — much more!
In this short dream it was emphasised that “where that has come from [the Source of truth in MM literature], there is an endless supply. There is more, much more, to come.”
Meaning: People don’t see the value in what we have given them through MM literature, but God has inspired it. Because they are not right with God, they fail to see its full value, and often choose something else instead.
But God reassures us that He has much more to give, and He will give it to us as we continue in His will.

Further Reading: Is Midnight Ministries’ Literature Inspired By God?

Awkwardness Caused By Pride
4th October 2005. M. 1) Jeff V
Jeff V (a former friend) wanted a place to put his saw (he was a joiner / cabinet maker). He didn’t think we would have a place for it where he could work, but I told him we did.
He came to see and was surprised.

He measured the building, but not like a person would usually do. He got his tape and measured diagonally from corner to corner instead of the length and breadth. [He is at cross-purposes with us in this Work.]

Furthermore, he held his tape above his head, measuring across the ceiling, which is most awkward. He didn’t ask anyone to hold the end of his tape; he did it all by himself (independent). [The imagery depicts his personal traits of independence, which is based on pride, and self-will. It also shows how he doesn’t think much of this part of God’s Work.]

Then the scene changed. We now had a new patio door in one wall of this shed. It had smoked glass. It wasn’t wide, but it gave us a new vista to the outside. The shed walls were only two or three inches thick. On that side, there was another flimsy wall about 3 feet away, with a small high level window, through which you could see the sea outside. It was beside a river estuary. [God lets you see what you need to see.]

I wondered why we couldn’t have the patio door looking right out over this estuary, and why we had to have this other wall as well.

Then I noticed the water was 5 feet up this flimsy outer wall! How on earth could it restrain that wall of water?! I was glad to have it there, otherwise the water would have broken the patio door and come pouring in! [This part depicts the protection of God, and the flood of revival and human events coming. God knows what is best for us to see, and how to protect us from what would be too much for us to cope with.]

Most Australians – Pleasure-Seeking
2) Australians, pleasure-seeking
In this short dream, God portrayed the main problem with most Australians. These people were merely seeking pleasure. There was some crude talk as if sex was all they lived for.
Meaning: Probably highlighting the total physical pre- occupation of most Australians. If any love the world, and merely live for pleasure, they are far from God! (1 Jn 2:15-17.)

When Wealth Is Squandered
5th October 2005. M.
1) Wealth squandered
In this dream, God portrayed someone asking me for a large sum of money. They wanted to invest it. I gave them what they asked for. No questions were asked. I freely gave, as Jesus commanded in Matthew 10:8.
Later, however, I found out that the entire investment was wasted. It was lost, and there was no way the man could repay what I had loaned him.
Meaning: Later, when I downloaded e-mails, I found one had come from Nigeria, from someone to whom we had sent a whole box of MM publications a year before. He was asking questions that those publications answered. Clearly he had not read them, so he was still in a state of confusion.
Very few people realise the goldmine in truth they have sitting on their shelves when they put MM publications there to collect dust.
That man received from God, but disdained what he got and so he wasted the precious Word of God. Truth fell to the ground, as Jesus’ parable forewarned in Matthew 13:4, 13:12 and 13:15 would occur.

Unsatisfactory Caravan
2) Old caravan (trailer) comes
We possessed a farm. In the farmyard, in the middle distance, someone had parked a white caravan for us. (In the US a caravan is a trailer.) We had previously given nice caravans to some people [this is all allegoric, not literal], but didn’t get any back. [This depicts how we are not reimbursed properly by most who receive our materials.]
However, there was now this one caravan that came. But it was old, small, and had white shiplap boarding on the outside (totally unsatisfactory, not what you should have on the outside).
Meaning: The dream depicts someone in the USA who has received spiritual help from MM literature. However, they still need more deliverance, as the caravan depicts the inadequacy or unsatisfactory nature of their spiritual life.

6th October 2005. M.
1) Muck
Short dream about muck on our vacuum cleaner, taken onto a bed, etc. To do with someone who has caused us some trouble, and others who want to spread this muck by their wrong approach and attitude.

Prosperous Ministry Leaders Will Come, But Will Not Find Things Easy
2) A well-to-do man comes in his car
He came to our house in his car [symbolises a ministry] and was negotiating obstacles (facets or features) in our place.
He didn’t have any room for manoeuvre [depicts doctrinal accuracy in MM materials]. I waved him goodbye as he left, and went to carry on with my work of overseeing operations.
I noticed that he left behind his hat and another similar object. I picked them up and left them by the door, so he could take them with him at a later date.
Meaning: I got the impression that he was enamoured by being with us. People tend to forget things in such a state of mind. The man depicts a prosperous ministry leader(s) who will visit us (after publicity).
He will see that we have many facets of teaching that will not give him much room for manoeuvre, other than to obey what is laid out.

Beautiful Trees In Every Room
3) Lovely trees in every room
There was a lovely tree in each room of our house. They were really pleasant plants, six feet high, with green leaves, and looked like a cross between beech and ash. They were really beautiful and an adornment to each room. Donal saw them and desired to have one, too.
Meaning: These represent people who have grown with us, in our ministry, over the years, and now bring us pleasure: people like Eleanor, Jim, Steve, Mila, Vivian, Joy, Kassahun, David and others. (Think of the pleasure such people bring to God!)

4) Beautiful copper beech trees
Someone gave us a number of lovely copper beech trees. They were about 8 feet tall and had fresh coppery-red leaves as they do in spring.
Meaning: Eight depicts fulfilment, superabundant and completely satiating; faith, love and godly characteristics. The trees depict further lovely developments, and more people contacting us who are yielded to God.

MM Inherits Stone Monuments
5) Stone monuments
We inherited a large garden or piece of land which was covered with stone ‘monuments’. They were like grave stones, or small monuments that you see in mausoleums. Each was about four or five or feet long, and three or four feet high and wide. All were of solid stone, like marble, granite, and other rocks. Some were polished, some were not. Some had different features and shaped tops.
Meaning: God says the earth is all His and its fulness (Ps 24:1; 50:12). The wealth in it is all His (Hag 2:8), but people don’t consider this. They work all their lives to amass what they can’t take with them when they die.
It is a monument to their pride. The more wealth people can amass, the more important they think they are – as the tombstones on graves illustrate the size of a person’s bank account and pride.
But God will bring these people to see the futility of their lives without Him and they will want to give it all to Him. This will occur after the dead are raised, and God is known in a new way across the earth to those who want Him and what He is revealing in these days of Elijah.

Heavenly Blue Bowl
9th October 2005. M. Zenya and the blue dish
Zenya had been offered a blue bowl. It was a beautiful thing, made of highly glazed ceramic, glass or pottery. It was bright and shining blue; really lovely! It had four ‘compartments’ or bowls within this one square ‘dish’. It was quite large, too.
Some others had been chosen to receive one of these as a gift, but I knew that this beautiful one that I saw was for Zenya. However, instead of accepting that, she had a piece of tatty paper, on which was scrawled the name of her boyfriend (which was “Jones”, perhaps “Peter Jones”).
Meaning: God offered Zenya heavenly things (the beautiful blue bowl), which are more valuable than possessing the whole world (symbolised by four). He gave her His truths that reveal how she could share such a gift, but she has rejected that because of worldly friends who are just very ordinary people, depicted by the very ordinary name of the boyfriend.
[God will bring her back to Him through trials, as other dreams reveal.]

Get Grounded In The Word
23rd October 2005. M. The fallen chimney
I was doing some building work. A chimney had been built, and I was constructing a wall somewhere else, too.
This chimney was very slender or narrow, and it had an unusual thin chimney pot on top – rather ornate. The next day I saw the chimney leaning and thought I’d better get a rope tied around it to prevent it falling over in the wind, but I had other work to attend to, and before I got back I saw it blown over. What it had needed was a broader base, so that it had more stability.
Meaning: I was told yesterday about how a number of people in Kenya have defected from the truth we have presented. It portrays this group. They needed more grounding in the Word, but because they hadn’t read much of MM literature, nor put the things there into practice in life, some of them got blown away by the winds of Satan.

The Lion Of Judah Goes With Us
27th October 2005. M.
1) The Lion
Everywhere we went, a lion came with us. It was our friend. It was not like a male lion with a big mane around its head. It was more like a female lion, but had the strength of the male. Whatever we had to do, it made it possible, and it dealt ferociously and efficiently with all the opposition by its huge front legs or arms. They were really powerful! Nothing could withstand this ‘beast’.
Yet it did not have the nature of lions. It was tender and loving. He showed great affection to us and responded to the affection we showed him. [This is Jesus, the Lion of Judah (Rev 5:5).]
Two men in black were scheming something against us and they had guns [human power on their side]. One took aim and fired at the lion. The other had a little black secret box, with which he did something first. Then he was about to fire his gun at me. Just before he did, the lion responded and prevented it.
This all happened so fast, but the lion was clearly unaffected by the shot. These evil men could not prevail against us.
Meaning: This is all an allegory of the power of the State through the police, etc. They are fighting Jesus and they won’t win. He is invincible. Such people don’t realise their own motives are guided by Satan, and hence those who are truly doing the Work of God come under their persecution.

Harry Greenwood Walked By Faith
2) Harry Greenwood and Wesley
This was a short dream. Harry Greenwood (deceased) was preaching. In his amusing way, he joked at the end of his message about a wealthy businessman called Wesley. He said that Wesley had four Jaguars (expensive cars). They were enough, but that (addressing Wesley): “Wesley, a fifth would not be out of place” – insinuating that Harry was glad to receive the wealth of this businessman.
Comment: Harry Greenwood was an independent preacher. He was not paid by any church. He preached at any church where he was invited.
He mentions on a couple of his taped sermons about the Jaguar he drove. It might give the impression to those who didn’t know him that he was wealthy, but I’m sure that is an illusion. I didn’t know him, but he talked much about faith, and clearly he had truly lived by faith, trusting God when he had little or nothing of his own to rely upon.
The name Wesley reminds one of the Wesley brothers who were so powerful a force for God in the 18th century from whose legacy Methodism grew up. Harry Greenwood ministered in some of those established churches.
A wealthy businessman depicted as Wesley (his wealth of the world was symbolised by his possession of four Jags) probably donated that car to Harry for use in Harry’s ministry.
The dream is a reminder that those who minister truly for God have to rely upon Him for their provision. However, God is in overall control of all the wealth of the earth (Haggai 2:8) and He can move rich people to donate to His Work.
Indeed, when He wants to, He does just that!

Poisoned Spiritual Motives
28th October 2005. M.
1) The poisoned land
A large field was unproductive and barren. It was land that I had worked with in the past. I had used a chemical on it that had not been tested, and it proved to be poisonous, with long lasting effects. Now the land was useless and it needed restoration. There were a few bright blue patches of ground on it in the distance.
Meaning: This dream came as confirmation after I had dealings with Isaya Owak in Kenya yesterday. He was poisoned through pride and greed. The ‘chemical’ I applied to the land was money. He had not been tested, and the result is now a poisoned spiritual attitude. (God can restore such ‘land’, however, and that is what He will now do.)

Most Ministries’ Tiny Pathway
2) Tiny path
Walking through the woods, I saw a very small path made out of tiny pieces of crazy paving. It was so diminutive that it was useless for walking on.
The path I had laid out, however, had massive pieces of paver in it. The two paths were a marked contrast.
Meaning: Most ministries have totally insufficient teaching to prepare the Bride.

God’s View Of The Church Overall
29th October 2005. M. A spiritual overview from God’s perspective
I was on an area of land that seemed to be community parkland. There were some large old specimen trees, here and there, on this gently sloping grassland.

I had some cement powder (that I knew represented MM literature, particularly Testing The Spirits) and I mixed it with water (the Holy Spirit) to prepare for what was to come next.

A man drove in with a vehicle loaded with cardboard to burn. He sees some already in a small pile and thinks to tip it there, but I wasn’t sure that it was the right place to burn it. It wasn’t completely away from under the tree canopy and there were one or two other places where there were boxes awaiting burning elsewhere. So I suggested that he should start his bonfire in the open somewhere else on this land.

I looked up the hill and there was a large old dead tree already burning. I wondered whether he should burn the rubbish there. I suggested that to him. Some people didn’t like that idea.

Then we saw a really big beech tree that had been lopped. Only 20 feet or so of the tree remained. It must have been two or three times as high!

A crowd gathered around as we looked at this tree. I asked if anyone knew when it had been lopped. Was it one year, two, or three years ago? No one knew. (I wanted to ascertain whether it might regrow.) The people around me in this crowd were all so tightly packed together; I was in the middle of them and could hardly breathe!

Meaning: The large beech tree that has been lopped harks back to an earlier dream in which Morris Cerullo’s ministry was likened to a beech tree that would be lopped. This will happen to his ministry and all the big ministries when the publicity surrounding raising the dead causes a ‘crowd to gather’.

The undulating parkland is a symbol of the Church scene and the individual trees represent ministries that God has used (I didn’t see the full extent of these in the dream, only some of them, as it is in reality).

The dead tree on fire represents the fact that God will cause old dead ministries and churches to be destroyed by the fire of His Spirit in purging judgement.

The cardboard is rubbish that needs to be burned up, principally wrong ‘packing’ of God’s truths (i.e. doctrines in need of purification).

My suggesting to him about where to burn the stuff shows the function of the prophet in God’s scheme of things. And the central place in the crowd is also an illustration of what God considers the position of this ministry amongst all the other ministries and churches ‘out there’.

Terrible Destruction & Persecution
5th November 2005. M. Terrible destruction and persecution
There was mindless violence and wanton destruction happening in western society. [This outburst of rage is taking place in Paris at the moment.]
Christians were fiercely persecuted, as were ‘westerners’. Western society and businesses were targeted. The scene was awful.
It seemed as though Zenya had lost her job because of it, and was destitute as a result.
Meaning: It is a reminder of the mindless persecution that is coming against Christians, and the hatred that will be vented by Islamic radicals against the societies that they identify as ‘Christian’.
Zenya represents those in society who are ‘on the edge’ financially, struggling with debts. If she were to lose her job she would be bankrupt. There are many like her.
The dream warns of such eventualities occurring, and of the terrible destabilising effect such hatred and violence produce. This will lead to a more radical political approach to counter it.

Richard Meeting Others
10th November 2005. M. Richard on someone else’s land
I was going somewhere in my car. Richard and one or two others were in the back seat of the car, depicted as very young in the dream. When we stopped, they got out and went into someone’s green pasture field. The man who owned it came along and questioned Richard as to why he was on his land. Richard, portrayed as about 7 years old, sat on the ground and crossed his legs like a little child would do to sit on the floor. He made some endearing and amusing gestures as he spoke. The man found him quite entertaining, so he made no complaint about R being on his land, which seemed to be somewhere local like Stone.
Meaning: It portrays how Richard will ‘invade’ the lives of others who are unconverted (the man symbolises those who don’t have the Spirit of God). These will be local people, who will hear Richard’s witness one day after his experience meeting Jesus, etc.
Application: While the unconverted will be reached, the dream did not convey anything meaningful coming out of the contact. So it may be a caution to avoid time wasters (?).

13th November 2005. M. Richard’s money
A short dream about Richard and Zenya (and others like them). They had three large silver coins. In between there were little flecks of gunpowder. They would rub the coins together and some sparks would fly out, which gave them some excitement.
Meaning: An allegory of how they use their money at present, for physical fun. When God turns their lives around toward Him, they will have different motivation.

David Cameron
17th November 2005. M.
1) David Cameron
I was talking to David Cameron, the young Conservative MP who is presently expected to be the next Conservative Party leader. He asked me what work I did.
I replied “I used to be a builder, but I’m a minister now.”
I didn’t say minister of what, but I think he knew I meant that I was a minister of God, because I also added “It’s a complete change.” He was a bit red-faced at that point.
Then I tried to make conversation with him, which I found difficult (I’m not good at that). Since we were standing in a meeting hall where there were a lot of other Conservative people, I tried to ‘dig up’ what some other Conservative had said about the party. It was something to do with death or that it was dead. He responded quickly, “Oh no, not dead, not at all...” Etc.
Then I was in the front of a minibus, but it was low like a car. Someone else was driving. Behind us there were a number of others. I knew this was a Conservative party vehicle. It stopped and someone got off (or actually fell off or dropped off) the outside at the back. Then it moved on.
It stopped again a bit further on and someone got out of the back. The car proceeded again. I looked behind to see how many there might be behind me and was surprised to see four rows of seats, not three as in the largest cars. (I thought it was a car.) Then I exclaimed, “Oh, it’s a minibus!” At that, all the people behind mocked me for being ‘ignorant’ of such a basic physical point. They made a real meal of it!
Meaning: The dead ‘religion’ of party politics, where many people want to reject God and find a human solution to society’s ills and to run the country by humanism rather than by divine precept.
The mockery shows what is in these people’s hearts. There is no love for God and they despise those who do.

Tony Blair
2) Tony Blair
Tony Blair said to someone who hadn’t been helped by society: “I think you’ll find that Jesus should be able to help you.” But he didn’t say it with much conviction.
Meaning: Finally, he will come to see that Jesus IS the only answer to the insoluble problems people face. At first, however, he will find it hard to accept, hence the lack of conviction at the outset.

WCG Folks Physically-Minded
3) John Dxxx
This person we knew in the WCG (many years ago) was coming from a shopping trip. He met me in the High Street of the town nearest where he lives, and said, “So and so are offering new kitchen units all for £230.” That’s all he said.
Meaning: His focus is entirely physical and the figure of 230 (23 x 10) illustrates the hypocrisy (23) in his religion which is merely human (10), not of God.

It’s Not My ‘Thing’
18th November 2005. M.  The tennis game
I was playing tennis against an opponent. (I haven’t played tennis for decades!) Whenever I tried to throw the ball up to serve, it went too far forward instead of vertically. So, I resorted to underarm serving. I had more success with that.
I scored a few points, but felt that I shouldn’t have to be playing this game that I was not good at.
Meaning: This is an allegory of how I will have to face police questioning which I am not used to. Their ‘game’ is not mine. My underarm serving illustrates my simplicity, even immaturity, and lack of familiarity of such situations.
When I awoke, I remembered also that they will not be able to prosecute me, despite their superior expertise in such legal matters.

TV Presenter
16th November 2005. H.  Jeremy Paxman
I was spending time with JP in his apartment. [Jeremy Paxman is a TV news presenter for BBC2’s Newsnight and some other progs.] We were drawn together in a special way.
He was tidying up and I was helping him with the task. I found a clump of hair which I suggested he burn.
Another of Mrs Smith’s daughters was also present with me.
Meaning: This is a future situation in connection with the miraculous outpouring. It will have considerable impact on people’s lives, especially with many prominent people like JP.
They will get their lives sorted out with God and experience spiritual cleansing.
Hair is used in African witchcraft, so it is a symbol of the demonic influences and approaches that such people will discard. Hence the suggestion that it should be burned.
JP is known as a hard-nosed interviewer, who intimidates (or tries to) the politicians and other leaders he interviews. Anyone who uses intimidation, and evil manipulation in order to exert a spirit of control over someone is giving in to a spirit of witchcraft (as strange as that may sound to some ears).
God does not intimidate, manipulate or try to dominate us. He persuades, but wants us to voluntarily make up our own minds to do what is right.
The publicity coming up (which many simply don’t believe) will bring an awareness of God and spiritual realities to those for whom the visible Church does nothing but turn them off!
Many will be humbled. Many will be reached and helped.


The above dreams show just how much God wants to make Himself and His pure nature known to you and to all people. But they reveal also the resistance that there is in humanity to accepting all that is so good in Him! (Rom 8:7.) Because of this unconquered ego – in most of those whom He has called – the Church needs radical reform.

Through the dreams, He is calling for repentance, urging reform, and yearning for spiritual restoration.

The dreams God gives, reveal His complete knowledge of you and all else, His perfect foreknowledge of what is to occur, and His masterly command of all that takes place.

The Evil System We Live In
21st November 2005. M.
1) Evil contemptuous man
An evil man was in our living room. He got hold of our TV remote and put on the programme he wanted without asking our permission. He also turned up the volume really loud.
I was indignant about his contempt for our rights. This was OUR home! Who does he think he is!? God!? Even God doesn’t force Himself upon others, or contravene their free will!!
Meaning: This imagery exposes the evil motives of State law-enforcement ‘machinery’.

Our Life Is Our Exam
2) Zenya.
In this dream she was dreaming. In her dream she had an exam to take, but she thought she could let someone else sit it for her. I wondered how she could do this, but she thought it was not too difficult. All the person had to do, upon whom she was relying to take her place, was to take the exam paper with Zenya’s name on it.
Meaning: An allegory of life, which is our ‘exam’. Z doesn’t take responsibility for her own life. She lets others have that control, instead of being responsible for decisions that she should make herself. Thus, others have great influence over her. Many young (and old) people succumb to peer pressure.

With Cherie Blair
3) Cherie Blair
Helena and I were sitting at a round table with Cherie (the British PM’s wife). She was opposite me. Helena was closer to her side (on Cherie’s right). The conversation was about how we do not have the facilities we really need to do this work. Cherie was amazed and felt that it wasn’t right.
She asked where we kept all the literature. I said “In the shed; not in that small one; in the big one.”
“That’s all we can do” I said.
Meaning: Illustrates something quite profound by inference. Cherie has made a lot of money by lecturing around the world. But her lectures do not (as far as I am aware) touch on moral aspects that most need addressing in society.
In contrast, what we promote in our literature has a complete moral foundation, yet we have minimal support, which is insufficient for us to have ministry premises which worldly organisations would say are necessary in order to operate properly.
However, God infers that Cherie will be concerned about the work we are doing. I believe it shows that she will be saved in due course, because concern for others it the main trait of a converted person.

Cloned People
4) Cloned people, like zombies
People were looking at the features and behaviour of four women. These women were two pairs. They seemed to be clones (identical genetically). Two were identical with each other, and the other two were identical with each other. Although the two pairs were markedly different, they had come from the same parental stock.
The four women were sitting eating a meal. They were not talking at all. Their manner was bland, turned off, completely devoid of personality and individuality. The only noises they made were incidental noises, like snorts or grunts, as they ate. They were grey haired and had big noses as if they were old.
In their overall appearance and manner there was nothing that was attractive.
Meaning: I wonder if this is a caricature of genetic cloning, in which scientists are ‘playing God’. It reminds us that when men genetically manipulate humans or animals, the product is not an improvement, but an inferior result of what God intended from the beginning.
That always happens in some way, when men leave God out of the equation.
It could also portray what happens to many people in cults and churches where leaders take the place of God.

Some People Get Left Behind
23rd November 2005. M. Boy left behind
I was on my journey, to walk up a High Mountain. I took the first turning right on this road, but after a while this road ended up in a quarry. I turned around as soon as I realised it was a dead end and went back to the main road. I carried on along this road, past houses, etc. A little boy came alongside for a while. He was going to climb the big mountain with me, so it seemed. But after a while, he disappeared into a shop somewhere. I carried on walking briskly toward the destination. I realised later that he had got left behind.
Meaning: The night before this dream was given, I was thinking of someone who had contact with us some years ago. The rest of the allegory should be clear.
People get left behind when they are not willing to pay the price God requires for their spiritual advancement. Sacrifice!

The Religious Con Merchants
24th November 2005. M.
1) Waiting for our new car
I was waiting for our new car to come. Meanwhile, I took a look at some secondhand cars in a motor trader’s. It was a real con what they were asking for them!
Meaning: Our new car is the new outreach of our ministry that is coming. We are waiting for things to occur now very soon, which will cause that to come about.
The secondhand cars depict other ministries with hand- me-down teachings that are not in line with the purity of the Word of God. They are deceiving people that they are value for money, but they are not. They are a ‘con’.

We Need Support
2) Panel by our side
We needed a panel or sheet of metal beside our vehicle although I couldn’t see why, other than for some sort of protection or support.
Meaning: An allegory of the support that we need for our protection, both physically and spiritually, from people who are meant to be keeping by our side. [Some have run off and left us, defaulting on their duty to which God called them.]

Human Laws Unreasonable
3) Unreasonableness of human laws or the way they are administered
I was on a bus. A headteacher was in charge. The bus wasn’t going anywhere; it was at a standstill, so I got out a sandwich and started eating it. The headteacher said indignantly and unreasonably: “You can’t eat that here!”
“Why not?” I retorted.
“Because, it’s just not done. There is a rule that you can’t eat while the bus is in the middle of the road.”
The rule was stupid and ridiculous and I told her so. I said, “Look, rules are for a purpose. They have to have a point. If the rule has no point, then the rule needs to be abolished.”
Meaning: An allegory of the stupidity of man’s law system in many instances. Laws are meant to help and protect people, not to enslave them and make life more laborious, burdensome, or unnecessarily restrictive.
In far too many instances laws are legalistically upheld as though they were more important than the people they were put in place to protect and serve!
We live in an increasingly overbearing and over-regulated Big Brother society.

Kenyan Outreach Damaged
26th November 2005. M.
1) Hole in the roof
I was looking at a flat asphalt roof, but someone had done something drastic to it. They had dug a hole in it, several inches deep and equally wide. It needed mending. In fact, if they had gone down another ½ inch, they would have broken right through it, ruining it completely!
Meaning: An allegory of the damage someone has caused to MM’s outreach in Kenya. Instead of maintaining a protective covering over the people, they have dug a massive hole in it that needs repairing!

2) Sloping floor
There was a sloping floor in this house, also. When it rained, the water ran into the room, which was a hopeless situation. I wanted so much to get this problem fixed, but to do so was a massive amount of work. It meant totally relaying the levels both outside and inside.
Meaning: This is also an allegory of the poor quality of some of the believers’ spiritual work in Kenya. (See Ps 26:12 NIV – “my feet stand on level ground.”)

3) Richard helping with the boiler
Richard was helping, working on the boiler, getting the pipework ready and painting it. He was being helpful (but making sure he remembered how many hours he had worked) as I went into the next room to get on with other things.
Meaning: In the near future when Richard helps us. The boiler symbolises the source of power, the pipework depicts the means to convey to others what God gives, and painting it portrays how Richard will do his part in trying to improve the appearance of that means.

We Oppose Oppressive Authority
4) The oppressive ruler
A strong man was standing dominantly, oppressing people. No one dared to challenge him. I looked at this thug and wondered how I could challenge him and put an end to his brutality. I weighed up my options, then I went for him.
He seemed to be standing higher up than me, so he had a tactical advantage, but like David went against Goliath I went for this guy. The dream didn’t show how I attacked whether with fists or feet, but he certainly got it!
When all the other people who had been oppressed by him saw what was happening, they joined in and went for him too, attacking him so that I didn’t have to do any more.
Meaning: The dream is an analogy of human authority structure, both civil and ecclesiastical. It is a monolith that needs pulling down because power in the hands of men who are lifted up is abusive and oppressive.

Copeland’s Ministry In Trouble
27th November 2005. M.
1) Kenneth Copeland
Kenneth Copeland’s ministry was in serious trouble. Either it was about to collapse financially, or fold up for some other reason. He sent out a letter to all his supporters or mailing list. It was very short. He asked people to FAST and PRAY for his ministry – notice the word ‘HIS’! This was the selfish focus of his letter.
Underneath each part I wrote a prophetic rebuff from Isaiah 59: Behold the Lord’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save; nor His ear heavy that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you so that He will not hear.

Other Ministries To Be Rebuked, Too!
2) A column of further rebukes
Then there was another column of rebukes.
Meaning: Many other ministries are going to come under the hammer of God’s judgement. They don’t listen to God’s prophets because they are self-willed. The men or women who founded those ministries have become the centrepiece instead of Jesus and that self-orientation will bring about their ministries’ collapse or closure.
The Tribulation is coming to try all who dwell on the earth including all God’s people. The wayward will be brought into punishment and those who are lifted up will be humbled.

Scavengers In Kenya
28th November 2005. M. Two dead mice
I was clearing up some mess in a rather dirty courtyard. I swept the dirt and unwanted stuff underneath a board on the ground. There was a lump of human waste in it all.
Someone came in and asked if I had two dead mice. He lifted up the board to look underneath and found the dead mice he wanted. Briefly he picked up the lump of human waste, but then put it down. I found all this rather abhorrent.
Meaning: The two dead mice represent two people in Kenya who have been scavenging from this ministry instead of doing the Work of God. They are now spiritually dead. God gave them an opportunity to serve Him, but they served themselves instead. He gave them time – several years – and various opportunities and tests, but they failed.
If you don’t properly use what God gives, He takes away what He originally gave you.
The man wanting them is most probably a CoG leader, who will pick them up for his purposes.
The human waste represents another filthy individual in Kenya, whom God called into ministry, but whose approach is foul. My abhorrence in the dream is a reflection of God’s abhorrence of the spiritual vileness that is tolerated there.

Hardgoing In This Work
30th November 2005. M.
1) My bicycle ride
I was riding on a steady uphill climb. It was hard going. [This depicts our ministry work.] I was conscious of the fact that I had no rear light. [My bike doesn’t have a rear light at the moment, so that fact was used to make an analogy.] I didn’t want anyone to run into me. It was dark, but there was nothing else on the road.
Meaning: The symbolism is an analogy of Midnight Ministries’ work. It is hard going. We keep moving ahead nonetheless. The darkness depicts the spiritual darkness of our age, and alludes to why we are called Midnight M.
Nothing else on the road depicts the uniqueness of this work. It is not a work of man. We are not an organised church. We are a family, who have been given the job of restoring the truths to the Church, in writing, prior to Jesus’ coming.

Massive Revival ‘Structure’
2) Inside a massive structure
I was inside a massive structure that was a warehouse or could be considered a greenhouse, because the whole roof let the light in. It was transparent. It was like the construction just opened in London called the David Beckham Academy, which houses two football pitches.
There was no one else around. I sat on a high office seat that was probably that of the boss. There was a cap or hat on the desk, so I put that on too. Some might have thought that presumptuous of me, but I meant no harm in it. I sat there waiting for others to come, but no one did.
The ‘building’ was about 40 feet high. It had a large rectangular open end, about a third of that height. The opening must have been about 100 feet wide! Just above the opening there was a strip of timber about 2 or 3 feet high, on which were mounted speakers, lights and all other electrical and electronic equipment. This place was really well equipped!
I wondered whether the structure belonged to some wealthy people like my cousins who own (or used to own) a national chain of garden centres. I sat waiting for others to turn up.
Meaning: Perhaps the structure depicts the ‘building’ of God that He is going to use in the upcoming revival. This is all symbolic, of course. The transparent ‘roof’ enables the truth of God to penetrate without hindrance.
The electrical and electronic equipment symbolises the media outreach. The wealthy owner is God. And I am the only one on the scene at present, waiting for others to join with us in getting the truth out.

Woman Stung By Bee
3) Woman stung by bee
An old woman was moving a large box or frame in her garden, when a bee flew out and stung her on the leg. I asked her if she was OK, but she ignored me. She was very self-sufficient and independent and didn’t welcome my concern. But I bent down, nonetheless, and pulled the bee sting out of her leg, With both hands, I also caressed her face, showing her that I cared for her very much.
Meaning: The woman is the old church (the people of that frame of mind) that needs reform, but she resists it like the stubborn woman in the dream. Yet God is showing her love like I showed the woman. The bee represents Satan who stings all those who resist God.

Individuals In Kenya Depicted
4) Lovely trees
I was looking over the fence at a neighbour’s garden. She said she wanted to sell the house. In the garden there were some lovely flowering trees. They were small, but were covered in wonderful pale lilac blossoms that were huge like Camellia blooms but much bigger. At first I thought there were only a couple of these trees, but then I saw a third one, and then a fourth one.
I commented to her that it is very difficult to sell a very ordinary house like hers, unless the viewer happened to come at the precise time when the trees are in flower (which is only for a short time, once a year).
Meaning: At the time of the dream, I was having a lot of communications with four individuals in Kenya. So, the trees depict them. The unsaleable house represents the Church in that country, which is not very attractive. Only the beautiful character of individuals like the four ‘trees’ can make it appealing to others.

Moving Fast
2nd December 2005. M. Moving along fast
I was driving a Citroen Dyane in the fast lane, doing 80 mph. There was a temporary road block across two lanes, created by another vehicle that was facing across the road instead of forward, but I slowed down a little here (to about 50) and just went on past it. There was a motorbike trying to catch me up from behind.
Meaning: This dream depicts our work in Kenya. The make and model of car is cheap, very basic, and very ‘down market’, but it was moving fast. It portrays the lack of funds we have to spend on such things, and therefore the outer appearance of publications, etc. There.
The car blocking two lanes represents someone who lost control of his spiritual life and caused us some problems. He was supposed to be translating, but ended up cheating us of funds sent for that purpose. But we continue on.
The motorbike depicts someone else.

Badger In A Box
3rd December 2005. M.
1) Badger in the box
A badger was in an open-top box. He seemed to be dead, but I left him there for a few days. When I came back and lifted the box, he stirred and opened his eyes. He wasn’t dead! I was amazed and pleased.
Meaning: The badger represents someone we know.

Everyone Has To Learn Their Lessons
2) Zenya.
Z took a caravan to go on holiday in it. I was aghast because it had three leaks in the roof. I wondered why she would want to go away in such a thing. In the evening, after a short while (only a few hours), she remembered her commitment that she was supposed to be doing something and came back.

Do You Respond To God?
3rd December 2005. M. Prophetic words
1. Truth has no value unless it is lived. It is not something to be put on the shelf of your mind, but something to change the fabric of your heart.
2. God has showered His love upon us, but is it an unrequited love?
3. God has shown us His compassion, hoping for reciprocation from us.

Many People Not Ideally ‘Planted’
3rd December 2005. M.
1) Plants not ideally planted
The gently sloping ground was covered with a sheet of dark polythene. At regular intervals there were holes in the polythene where plants could be planted, and Helena had done what she could to establish these plants in those places. You could see them, each planted on its own little conical ‘hill’, raised up above the ground level. The soil was dark and fertile that she had put around their roots.
Meaning: This depicts the state of many Christians’ lives and how we have to deal with them. Their foundations are not ideal. They are not planted on ‘level ground’, spiritually (Ps 26:12, NIV, says “my feet stand on level ground.”). THEY have to change their motivation. We cannot do that for them. All we can do is feed them with the good soil of God’s Word, so they can be nourished.
If they don’t go deep down and make a proper foundation so they are firmly rooted in Christ, their changes are superficial.
Many Christians are like this. They only want to carry on from where they are, without putting out the effort to get firmly planted in the proper way. If you want to go higher with God, you’ve got to go deeper first.
Helena was depicted as the one doing the husbandry work, because she is the intercessor who intercedes for them.
It’s far from ideal being planted on a little hill. There, the roots can dry out, and it’s hard for rainwater to be retained.

Canadian Man Hit
2) The chimney flue is unblocked
I went round to the back of the stove and whacked the metal flue from the woodburner (this was in the dream). A load of soot and dust came out of it. Clearly it had been blocked!
Meaning: Last night, before these dreams came, I was thinking about a man in Canada who is not responsive. The Spirit was urging me to write to him. I was given some words to write, and questions to pose to him. Then I went to sleep. Both these dreams were given after this.
Today (written 6th Dec), I have written to him. The letter is corrective, and an exhortation to move ahead spiritually instead of being inward-looking. The various questions ought to cause what the dream portrays in allegory – unblocking the flue of his life with all its built-up soot and dirt, but that’s up to him now.

Selfish Person In India
9th December 2005. M.
1) Seductive woman
This was a warning dream to me to beware someone in India who was represented as a seductive woman. The dream was given 5 minutes before the fax machine transmitted his letter.

Zenya Moving The Tables
2) Zenya moving the tables
The place was a spacious dining hall in a mansion. The room had large windows as the old stately homes had. But Zenya had moved the dining tables to one side and put a lot of stuff on them. (These tables were represented like the light coloured office furniture we have.)
All I could find were two small coffee tables, and they were not in as good condition as I would have liked. Since they were all I could find I put them out in the middle of the room, ready for what was to come.
The dining tables were at one side of the room, and on them, amidst all the other paraphernalia, was a jug of water which Zenya knocked over. I had to clamber up on top of the tables and mop up to minimise the damage.
I berated her, and also pointed out that she should have used the stacking tables to put all her junk on, not the tables which we needed for putting food on. [Corrective meaning.]

Kenyan ‘Roof’ Unsatisfactory
10th December 2005. M. The unsatisfactory roof
I was on the top of a building, looking at the roof which was far from satisfactory. The building was still being built. The roof was built but was wrongly constructed. There were two pitched (sloping) roofs, which fed into a wide, flat, central ‘gutter’ or valley. It was far too wide, and totally impractical for its purpose.
Furthermore, a pipe was discharging water on the left part of the roof, and the water was running down the felt (the roof carcass was also covered with roofing felt, although there were some holes and tears in it), and pouring onto the concrete floor below.
Helena was very concerned about this, but I said, “Don’t worry, the floor will dry out in due course.” However, the water flow did need to be stopped until the roof was properly sorted out and rebuilt.
Meaning: The dream came the night after I received letters from someone (V) in Kenya. It metaphorically applies to him and his outreach there. The water is the spiritual value in MM materials that is going to waste.
The two aspects to his roof depicts his double-mindedness and tolerance of views of CoGs who oppose the Spirit we bring while he ostensibly accepts me. It’s a hopeless situation. He is living in hypocrisy and double standards.

Human Effort Of Tele-Evangelism
15th December 2005. M. Tele-evangelism
In this dream, various tele-evangelists were engaged in their work of trying to reach out to others. They seemed as if they were ‘scraping the barrel’ – running out of ideas of what to do. All they could do was to rely upon personalities to try and get the attention of their audience.
As one example, they asked Floyd McClung to come on their show. We have a tape of his, entitled The Father Heart of God, which is a basic message explaining about God’s loving heart, as that of the most loving Father you could ever want to know. Perhaps that’s why he figured in the dream. They asked him to appear on their TV set, hoping that his message would attract viewers and improve their ratings. But I got the feeling that it was a human effort and the content of what was covered was shallow.

Most Africans Need A Big Wash!
17th December 2005. M. Fixing the bath in
This bath had a really big waste pipe. I was making sure it was working properly.
To do with sorting out problems in Africa. There is so much deceit and corruption in Africa, even among Christians!

Don’t Depend Upon Me
18th December 2005. M. Need to be independent
This dream was about someone in Africa having a really intimate relationship with me. However, God pointed out in the dream that he needs to be independent, because the intimacy is based upon dependence upon me or what I have. That is idolatry. He needs to be dependent upon God.

Time Of Evil And Sorrow Coming
19th December 2005. M. Sorrow and grief
The forces of good (including Christians) had their freedom to reach out and promote good. But then another time came, and the forces of evil took over (including Islam in the dream).
At the transition between these two phases, when the forces of evil took over, someone tied my hands behind my back. I was full of sorrow and grief. I wept and wept. I said to the attackers, “I do not mean anyone any harm; what I do, I do in love...” But they didn’t care about my motives, nor about what I said.
Meaning: This is an allegory of the Great Tribulation which is only two or three years away. I was put in the place of Christians. There is a coming a time of great woe and grief for all Christians, as false religion and evil take over.

Waiting A Long Time For Friends
20th December 2005. M. I hug Jon and Judy
I arrived at J and J’s home. I got there at 2 pm, but they
didn’t take any notice of me outside. I waited until 11 pm to actually meet them inside.
J and J had a cubic rectangular door on the side of their house. It was bright lurid shiny green. It must have been some sort of plastic or perspex. It was the usual height for a front door, and about 3 feet wide, but it was three feet deep as well, being cubic. It was really ostentatious, bizarre, pretentious, even outrageous. It was pointless having such a thing. It was totally out of place.
Eventually at
11 pm I found myself inside their home. They didn’t come out to invite me in. I just found myself inside. I gave Jon a hug, then Amber, but she squirmed and tried to wriggle out of it, and then Judy, whose hug for me lasted a bit longer. Estelle and Robin did not appear in the dream [probably means they have rejected God].
Meaning: There are nine hours between 2 and 11. Nine depicts judgement. That has to fall before they take notice of what God has given to us.
The showy front door, which is totally ridiculous and out of place may depict their approach or the arrogance in their mindset. Green is a colour we use to portray naiveté, lack of maturity. The artificial substance it was made from (plastic) symbolises the artificiality of their religion. Jesus is meant to be the Door for the sheep (Jn 10:2) and in that analogy the prophet is the doorkeeper (Jn 10:3) who can open Him to others (made clearer in the NIV translation).
Through the publicity coming, we will find ourselves in new situations. People who have formerly ignored us will not be able to ignore us any more. The hugs represent my fondness and love for the people, and their willingness to accept that which we bring.

Political Correctness In Britain
24th December 2005. M. The inoculation of political ‘correctness’ in Britain
In this dream I had been pricked and been given a compulsory inoculation, without my even knowing it. It was the cause of my pain in the back.

Comment: This dream came Saturday morning (24th). On the Thursday afternoon I was working in the garden, when, for no explicable reason, I suddenly got pain in my lower back. At first I thought I might be deficient in minerals, so I took some dolomite tablets (that provide calcium and magnesium) and some vitamin C and garlic (which fight pathogens in the body). That evening it didn’t improve, even though I asked God to remove the pain. I had a restless night. In the middle of the night I awoke and many thoughts were racing through my mind about our outreach in Kenya, where there have been satanic attacks and problems. God showed me some things I needed to do the next day in that regard.

B had been thrown out of his former church where he has boldly tried to introduce further truth. The church board severed his appointment and threw him out, initially taking all the money that had been donated to him for their church outreach. A Muslim man’s mother, who had been bed-ridden for six months with a mystery condition, was healed after the man read one of MM’s volumes of Articles of Faith. He converted to Jesus after this miracle and was invited by B to tell his testimony to the church. As he was doing this, the church leaders shut him up and disrupted the meeting. B and ‘Paul’ (who was giving his testimony) were unceremoniously evicted for promoting MM literature. (I am giving you all this background because it has a bearing on the dream’s meaning.) This was a demonic attack, and church leaders are often the first to oppose the truth of God.

In the British newspapers on the Friday (23rd Dec) were reports of a Christian couple in Lancashire (England) who had asked their local council if they could place Christian literature alongside that of leaflets promoting homosexuality as a legal ‘alternative lifestyle’. [This shows how far Britain has sunk into the mire of moral ignorance.] Instead of answering this couple’s polite and reasonable question, the council called the police and they were interrogated for 80 minutes as if they had committed a crime! The police even had the effrontery to tell this couple that their literature would be offensive to homosexuals, and as if they had no right to even hold views that suggested that there could be an alternative to homosexuality!!

The Daily Mail of 23rd December 2005 carried this comment in the editorial:

“What kind of society is it where the peaceful expression of religious belief brings police knocking at the door? And where blustering officialdom thinks it can ‘challenge’ and ‘educate’ honest citizens whose opinions don’t meet with its approval?

“Time was when the answer would have been obvious. Such things might happen in banana republics or Communist dictatorships, but never here. Not in tolerant, democratic, free speech Britain.

“Yet something unpleasant and deeply disturbing is emerging today, even as civil partnerships for gays seem to celebrate our tradition of live-and-let-live tolerance.

“Take the experience of Joe and Helen Roberts, sincere Christians whose principles led them to object, – perfectly politely – to their local council’s policy of promoting gay rights.

“They committed no offence. Their views on homo- sexuality may be unfashionable in liberal circles, but are shared by millions of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

“That didn’t stop Wyre Borough Council reporting them to the police, ‘with the intention of challenging attitudes and educating and raising awareness of the implications of homophobic behaviour.’

“Evidently the legitimate expression of a religious point of view is beyond the pale in that part of Lancashire. But the police response was even more chilling.

“In a country where violent crime shot up by 17 per cent last year, you would think the force would have better things to do than follow up this outrageous attempt to censor free speech. But no.

“Two officers called at the Roberts’ home and spent 80 minutes solemnly questioning them about their non offence. They even had the effrontery to warn the couple they were ‘treading on eggshells’.

“A more clear-cut case of official bullying would be hard to imagine. But this isn’t the first time police have tried to suppress opinions that don’t suit the political élite.

“Remember 82-year-old Walter Wolfgang, who shouted ‘nonsense’ during Jack Straw’s conference speech? For that he was manhandled by Labour goons, then held by police under the Terrorism Act.

“Maya Evans too knows all about the new censorship. When she stood at the Cenotaph to read out the names of British troops killed in Iraq, no fewer than 14 officers were summoned to drag her away. For making a peaceful protest she was locked up, charged and fined.

“And for questioning on the radio whether gay male couples should adopt boys, author Lynette Burrows was told to watch what she said.

“Whatever happened to proportionate, common sense policing?

“Today, politically correct senior commanders seem ready to push their powers to the limit and beyond, if they think it will please the establishment....

“But just as worrying is the intolerance of views that don’t follow the prevailing fashion. Isn’t this supposed to be a country where there is an inalienable right to honest opinions, honestly expressed? And where no law-abiding citizen need fear a policeman’s knock?” (Daily Mail, Comment, Friday Dec 23, 2005, p 14.)

Not any more!

In 2002 the Spirit urged me to compile all the dreams God had given that mostly concern us and which were about the heavyhandedness and unreasonable exertion of police power in Britain. It was entitled Is Britain Now A Police State? It’s not the sort of subject I normally write on! And at that time there didn’t seem to be any obvious signs of this police abuse. But here we are three years later, and the abuse is now public knowledge, although little is being done about it. It is swept under the carpet as if it doesn’t matter. Why?

Because there is a vehement hatred of genuine Christian views, and the unseen forces which govern this country (and Europe) want those opinions and values squelched and obliterated.

That’s why God gave me the dream. It portrays how the population of this land (I was put in their place in the dream) have been unknowingly inoculated by harmful opinions and damaging values. The source is demonic, but they don’t know it. And they are not allowed to express views that will oppose this demonic onslaught to promote false values that fly in the face of what God says.

That’s Why Britain Will Fall Soon!

Miss Jackson
26th Dec 2005. M. Miss Jackson was wanting something like soup that she had seen offered somewhere. She expect- ed me to go and get it for her. However, I was busy and had many other things to do. Then Tonya came into the situation and I was glad to be able to ask her to run that errand.
Comment: Barbara Jackson is currently dead, but she will return to earth – be raised from the dead! And then she will live like any other normal human.

Reinhard Bonnke
29th December 2005. M. Reinhard talks to me
I was sitting in a vehicle waiting to go somewhere [our present situation in allegory]. Reinhard was a little way off standing talking with someone. I noticed him, but I didn’t go over to him. In fact, I felt a bit self-conscious and shy, so I preferred to stay out of the situation and ‘mind my own business’ [represents the way I am, inside].
Then Reinhard came to me and started an animated conversation. He was very talkative. We talked about healing and I mentioned my own situation and that I just put my complete trust in God to heal, without resorting to any alternative such as surgery. To resort to a drastic alternative or substitute, to me, is wrong and is idolatry.
I mentioned another person who needed healing (this could represent Lupo who was healed in October) and he just got on with serving and being busy about the Lord’s business. As he did that, God healed him of all his ailments, including cancer. That is the paradigm to follow.
I said to Reinhard that he has done many good deeds in his life, but one doesn’t go around ‘blowing one’s own trumpet’ about them, does one? [That illustrates the good motivation of Reinhard’s life and the fact that his service to the body of Christ has been very substantial. He has done many good deeds!] But I said that if these were included as stories in an autobiography, they would form a powerful testimony to the guidance and will of God.
Comment: After the dream I recalled the two books that John Sherrill wrote many years ago about Reinhard’s early ministry in Africa: Plundering Hell and Populating Heaven. They contain material that is very uplifting and faith building for people to see how God has worked.
I believe this last part of the dream is a hint about what Reinhard should do: write more about how God has moved and how He has brought him to his present situation.

Another Construction Job To Do
30th December 2005. M.
1) Two building jobs
I was engaged in building a garage (I used to do building work). Then I had another garage to build at the same time.
Comment: It’s not advisable to do two tasks at the same time, obviously, because the job can suffer from lack of continuity. But it seemed I had no choice in the matter.
On the first job I was getting the invoice ready to receive the first payment of £3,000 on the work.
Meaning: 3 is finality. We have been waiting for the final ‘push’ to do with the resurrections, for some time, as you may know. That’s not far away now, as the dream reminds us. It will bring some needed income in!

Anointed For The Task
2) Anointed for the task
Someone was anointing me. I was bent over forward as his hands were laid on my head. At first, I wasn’t praying while he did this. Then I realised that I should be yielding myself more fully to God, otherwise I would be blocking the spiritual anointing He wanted me to receive. Immediately, I entered into the heavenlies in submissiveness.
Comment: God requires our submission in all things for His will to be worked out. He has a plan, and I know some of what He has in store for me to do. However, I also know that I cannot do this at all without Him!!
He is confirming that He is anointing me (and Helena) for the task. His will shall be done. His Kingdom shall come. Praise His glorious name!

Unity With Derek Prince, At Last
31st December 2005. M.
1) Derek Prince teachings
It wasn’t clear in the dream whether Derek Prince came to me or whether I went to him, but I was sorting out the errors in Derek Prince’s doctrinal teachings. I sensed that it led to unity between us.
Comment: The last prophecy in our OT states that God would send Elijah the prophet before the very End and that he would turn the heart of the fathers to the children (Mal 4:5-6). Two can only walk together if they are agreed (Amos 3:3), so restoring pure doctrinal truth brings unity when it is accepted.
Previously Derek Prince had been hostile to me because of the doctrinal exegesis I presented but God is showing that he now agrees and is in harmony.
The dream also symbolises unity coming similarly to others who are presently hostile and who oppose the truth.

Telling Reinhard It’s MASSIVE!
2) Reinhard Bonnke and me.
Reinhard was at home and giving his wife a big hug when I came in. I interrupted and gave him a really big hug too [this symbolises God’s love that we both share]. While in this embrace, I said to him [for God] “Thank you for all you have done!” [I also appreciate what he has done for God throughout his life.] Then I said, “What God is about to do is MASSIVE!!! It is MASSIVE!!!”
Comment: This last outpouring of the Spirit in this Age, just before the Tribulation and Jesus’ return is going to see at least 50 people raised from the dead who have been dead for some considerable time, massive publicity that will reach around the world as a result of that, which will take the gospel into countries that have suppressed it, and make it known throughout the whole earth.
There will be a restoration of truths to the Church, but conversely, there will be massive resistance and resultant turbulence, leading to opposition and counterfeiting by Catholic and Humanist ‘theologians’, and finally the onset of the Great Tribulation.

Kenyan Overwhelmed By Demons
15th November 2005. H. Overwhelmed by demons
I saw someone overwhelmed by demons; gradually he overcame most of them.
Meaning: This is someone in Kenya we tried to work with but the response was not sincere. God provided others to help with the translation work.

Gift To Richard Madeley
17th November 2005. H. Gift for TV presenter’s kid
I went to visit RM (TV presenter) and took a present for one of his children. The present was round in shape and large.
I found RM in his bed. [He is spiritually asleep.] I had a chat with him for a short time.
Meaning: The present is God’s truth that young people need and would benefit from. People need to be aware of the future and the spiritual implications for their lives.

MM’s Big House Ahead
23rd November 2005. H. Big house
Short dream of a big house where people occupied some of the rooms.
Meaning: This is expansion of the work we do of reaching out with MM literature.

Helpers Are Few
26th November 2005. H. Ready to eat
There were many people sitting down ready to eat. I prepared a meal and took it to one of the people. I went back to prepare the rest of the meals. As I was the only one doing the preparation I wasn’t able to get the food to others.
Meaning: We need people to help us to get the job done. The harvest is ready but labourers few. The dream shows the need for others to distribute MM literature.

Elephant Mask
10th December 2005. H. Elephant face mask
I saw two people getting on a long vehicle, one behind the other. When they sat down, one put on a mask of an elephant face, and the one at the front did the same.
Meaning: These are two people whom we know. When they will be brought together, one will dominate the other. Elephants have a dominant matriarch. A mask shows someone deceitful and dishonest, hiding their wrong approach which is based on selfish ambition and pride.

Intercessors Needed
12th Dec 2005. H. People should pray / intercede more
I was at a prayer meeting with a small group of Christians. I was expecting one of them to lead in prayer but nothing happened. I offered to pray and through it I felt I contributed to others’ healing. I felt sad that others didn’t want to contribute as they have a responsibility to pray for others.
Comment: Helena is an intercessor and prays most of the time, while she does chores, and sometimes even awakening in the night to intercede. Others need to share the burden.

The Ugliness Of Sin
15th December 2005. H.
1) Ugliness of sin
I was shown what sin looks like. It was ugly, messy and sticky. When we sin we become spiritually unclean.
Comment: People tend not to see how evil sin is. But from God’s perspective, it is vile!

Pride And Stubbornness Are Idols
I saw two faces. Both of them had demonic influence. One of them had an idol next to it. Pride, stubbornness, selfish ways are idols, which resist God and cut us off from Him. Through sin, demons have power over people and control their thinking and their lives.
Comment: This was about two people whom we know.

In Kenya, Too Many Are ‘Laid Back’
16th December 2005. H. Samuel and John in Kenya
I visited a large village, it was large and spread out. It seemed to be divided into areas. Groups of people gathered in different places. There were entry points between the areas where people took their socks off.
I took my socks off and walked about. There was an easy-come-easy-go attitude; everybody was doing their own thing. There was no order and no hurry. I had problems finding my socks and I left frustrated and sad.
Meaning: This reflects work in Kenya. There is a lack of zeal in doing God’s work. Taking socks off means they are not ready to move on. They are taking it easy.

18th December 2005. H.
1) Ben Onyango in
I saw a small flooded pool. I rescued some large plant bulbs from the water. I was planning to plant them into rich soil in a field near the house. [They need rescuing from liars like Ben Onyango.]

Man Falsely Accused
2) Man painted black
I saw a head inside a frame. Someone was painting the head with black paint.
Meaning: This depicts a man whom we know who was painted black by what others said about him falsely. He ended up in prison, stitched up by his business partners.

Massive Deception About God
19th December 2005. H. People in the world deceived about God
I watched a TV programme about God and different religions. The TV presenter was a scientist with a religious background. In a dream I saw his face clouded with demons and there were others like him.
Meaning: There are too many religious opinions about God, truth and error mixed together. Deception and ignorance are the biggest problems in our society. They cause people to come under demonic influences that ruin their lives and cause misery. God’s laws (when obeyed) protect from such harm!

Woman’s Head Cut Off
20th December 2005. H. MM cut back
I saw a woman beheaded. I was horrified. I wondered who would have committed this horrible crime. I was going to report it to the police. I went to see the victim and saw how the woman put her head back on her body. She was alive and lively!
This was a miracle. She was doing all kinds of things. I warned her not to be too active in case the head came off. In the next scene I was helping someone and the police watched every step I made.
Meaning: God is warning us of the authorities who want to hurt this ministry. God is going to help us in a miraculous way. Angels will be given charge to assist us. The evil and wicked will be exposed for others to see.

Religious Spirits In Nigeria
24th December 2005. H. David Isaac’s Ministry
I saw a small compound. There was a creature with several heads on long necks. A man came to it and started cutting it off and with zeal pushed it away.
Meaning: The creature with long necks is demonic – it wants to dominate through pride and religious spirits. Wrong motive will allow these to grow.
Religiosity is a problem in
Nigeria where David ministers. There are many religious spirits – evil spirits infesting Christians, causing them to behave in a religious manner, but it’s falsity.

Chinese Invasion Of America
30th December 2005. H. Chinese Invasion
[Last night I was reading the dream I received in 1999 about the Chinese invasion of America and how God was going to confirm it closer to the event. At night I was given more about the invasion.]
I saw many planes flying towards us. They were black and foreboding. I thought they might see us and attack us, but they carried on to another destination. These were enemy planes and I felt they were going to attack America. This could be two years away, or perhaps a little more than 2 years away.

Demons Gathering To Attack
31st December 2005. H. Demonic attack
I saw demons gathering together like a black cloud. Next, I saw an evil-looking beast starting to move.
Meaning: This is to do with a demonic and evil attack against us by forces used by the devil.


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