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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

Busy Helping People
12th January 2004. H. People who need help
There were people in the house who needed help and attention. God was showing that we would have less time for each other as a family.

God Will Reach The Influential
13th January 2004. H.
1) I saw Malcolm fly high in the sky with some branches. He was taking them to someone. (Today, Malcolm wrote a letter and sent literature to a TV presenter who has been in the news to do with the confrontation with the BBC. God is reaching famous people with His Truth and the BBC will be shaken by what is to occur.) More of this will come.

Church In Need Of Reform
13th January 2004. H.
2) We went to see an old mansion which we inherited. The building was very old with lots of rooms, run down and in need of a lot of renovation. I feared it would take a lot of work to refurbish it to make it liveable and comfortable. I met some women sleeping in their beds.
Meaning: This represents the whole Church in a state of confusion and disrepair. God's teaching will being order and unity into the Church, resulting in revival.

14th January 2004. H. Dream of Malawi situation
Someone arrived in a pickup [a missionary we know of] delivering a piece of furniture. There were two boys on the side, one of them needed some attention.
Meaning: God is sorting out difficulties in Malawi. The boy on the side is Joe Mukiwa, a minister in Malawi who has used lying and deceit to extract funds from westerners for his own selfish use. [See also The Price of Disobedience below.]

15th January 2004. H. More on the Malawi situation
1) I saw men with hoods over their heads, unable to see.
Meaning: This is to do with a minister in Africa who has deceived and told lies in order to gain money for himself. He is under condemnation. God is bringing him into judgement. Part of that judgement is spiritual blindness so that Satan abuses him. The others who were hooded with him are those who have sided with him in his deceit and extortion racket.

God Will Cut Wayward People Down
2) I saw a Man cutting down trees [churches & ministers].
Meaning: Trees dominate and prevent light getting through. Many churches and ministers dominate and prevent Truth reaching the people. Truth brings light. God will bring down the mighty to humble them. God resists those who resist Him.
This is further confirmation that God will punish the minister in Malawi who has lived covetously.

Malicious Police Attack
16th January 2004. H. Malicious attack from police
Malcolm fell down as someone tripped him up. His keys fell out and when we tried to find them they were gone.
Meaning: God is preparing us for the attack that will cause us to trip up and fall down. The car keys symbolise our ability to move on. We will lose our freedom. The family and the ministry will be attacked, but as we trust God in the outcome the enemy will be defeated as revealed in other dreams.

MM’s Next Workplace
19th January 2004. H.
We moved into another property. We had to make some changes and alterations. There were some plants which were maturing and they needed to be protected.
Meaning: The plants represent people, they need spiritual protection from the wicked one.

People Resist Restoration
21st January 2004. H.
1) People resist healing of church division.
There were many people on the road. They were dressed differently and travelling different directions, ignoring each other and refusing to learn from one another.
Meaning: God is not happy with the present situation. His people are divided and don’t love the truth which would unite them. God wants His Church to be united in Truth and Spirit and to become His Bride. Contrary to what people often say, doctrine does not divide. True doctrine unites. It’s false doctrine that divides. When people RESIST the truth, that divides! Acceptance of truth restores.

A Woman Resists More Truth
2) I saw a woman’s face and her eyesight being jarred. New Truth forces us to alter our previous ideas and doctrines. This gives us better vision if we are willing to change our ways. Growing in maturity requires changes. This woman was later challenged but refused to respond. [Related in the article STOP Confronting US!] It was given prior to what occurred.

Major International Outreach Ahead
20th January 2004. H.
We found ourselves among a big crowd of people from different nations and backgrounds. I was looking after some seed trays.
Meaning: Miracles and publicity will help us to reach out to other nations. The seed trays depict helping new people to grow spiritually through teaching and encouragement. This is mainly done through sowing truth via MM literature.

Missionary Given New Truth
22nd January 2004. H. Man's eyes opened
I saw a face of an older man, his eyes being opened and the obstruction on his face disappearing.
Meaning: We sent literature to a missionary in Africa and shortly after this dream, his eyes were opened to the truth about the Sabbath. Deception will be removed as soon as we make a decision to accept the new truth and obey it. Obedience keeps us close to God through the Holy Spirit helping us to put on the garments of righteousness. He saw the truth but he didn’t want to live by it.

The Difficulties In This Work
23rd January 2004. H. Difficulties in this Work
I was on my journey to the supermarket (Sainsbury’s). I was taking the shopping trolley but had great difficulty getting there because the roads were muddy [from heavenly rain].
Meaning: This shows our present situation where there are many obstacles and we are not able to move forward much. The supermarket represents a situation where people will be able to receive spiritual food – the literature to spiritually feed people’s minds.
We need support to get the job done. The time is very short.

Like A Lightning Bolt!
25th January 2004. H. Lightning bolt!
1) I saw a row of concrete boxes. A bolt of lightning hit one of the boxes. It looked like a fireworks display.
Meaning: This portrays the miraculous deliverance which will come to someone who is in prison. It will coincide with his acceptance of God's ways. God is a Master of Timing!

Difficult For Muslims
2) Visions of the face of a Muslim from the Middle East. The demons were like bees and were pressing upon him from every side but his eyes were beginning to see the light.
Meaning: It’s a struggle for Muslims to come out of false religion and receive the truth which sets free. This dream depicts one Muslim person we know of.

3) Protesters. There were several people lying down in protest against something.
Meaning: Many people are becoming dissatisfied with life, with politicians and with wrong treatment by ‘authority’. Many are choosing to speak against the trends in today’s society.
This was fulfilled months later in the protests against the banning of fox hunting. It represents the over-regulation of society. Why should Whitehall bureaucrats decide how the country people should run things on their land?

The Next Phase
27th January 2004. H. Moving into a new property
We moved into a new property. [The new phase of 'our' work for God.] It was a long shed-like house. [Allegoric of the work involving many publications stored and sent out. The publications are presently stored in a long shed.]
We kept some plants indoors, these needed to go outside by the path. [Plants represent different people who will become visible to outsiders.] We needed curtains [for privacy, because of the coming publicity]. The next stage of the work will need some changes.
A lady and her husband arrived [S & co]. They were glad to join us [God is showing their willingness to sacrifice to do His work]. God will bring more people to help us do the work. I needed to get ready to meet friends from our former church.

Preparing To Reach Millions!
18th February 2004. H. Getting ready to reach millions!
I was busy tidying up and putting everything into a pickup vehicle to go on a journey or our next place of work which will be a new phase.
The time is very short, there is a great work to be done to reach millions with the gospel message! God has shown that MM's work will reach millions through the coming publicity when 'we' raise people who have been dead for years!

The Price Of Disobedience
30th January 2004. H. Judgement on Malawi minister
I saw a face with African features. The mouth was emphasised and the lips were exaggerated. A worm got into the lower lip and wormed its way through his lower face. It caused disintegration of flesh with serious cancer-like damage to the area about the mouth. [See also Malawi, earlier]
Meaning: This is about a minister who, through corrupt behaviour and greed for money, departed from God’s ways. God is dealing with this man to humble him and bring him to repentance. He is under God's judgement now.
Perhaps the dream portrays some sort of cancerous growth which he will develop on his face, paralleling the evil way he has used his mouth to promote deceit. Lies grow like cancer!

Don’t Hold Onto Your Idol
31st January 2004. H. Man holding on to his idol
I saw someone sitting with a heavy idol on his lap in the shape of an anvil.
Meaning: This relates to a man who doesn't want to accept the Sabbath. The anvil represents wrong teaching on the subject, which is an idol to him. It’s very hard for people to change from Sunday to Saturday Sabbath-keeping. People don’t want to change out of loyalty to the church, its traditions, or its leaders. So, honest obedience to God’s laws is comp- romised. But loyalty to man becomes disobedience to God, for which there is a heavy penalty, depicted by the anvil.

Some People’s Wrong Approach
10th February 2004. H. About a friend
1) J B arrived for a quick visit. She was flippant and scatty. I asked her if she had divorced her Husband. She wasn’t that friendly and soon left.
Meaning: Her Husband spiritually refers to Jesus. In the past, we were great friends but she became hostile when the church she belonged to, cut us off. She gave loyalty to the cult, which made her confused, and led her into spiritual darkness.

2) An Indian boy came to me and started pushing himself on me sexually. I was resisting him and arguing with him.
Meaning: Today we received a letter from an evangelist in India who was trying to impress us with his achievements. He was proud and arrogant. He has a completely wrong approach. He thought he was so special that we should go along with everything he said, but we have to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. He should be learning to do the same. Then we could work together.

Polish Relatives Arrive
3) Ala and Lila arrived for a visit. I was glad to see them.
Meaning: Represents future interest from Helena’s family in Poland. It also represents an outreach to Poland.

George Bush Reached
13th February 2004. H. US President reached
Mr and Mrs Bush came to see us. He sat on the floor and watched TV. I said to him that when I visited the US I watched TV to learn more about the country and the people. By watching TV he was showing interest in the world in relation to Bible prophecies. His wife was friendly. I asked her if they received the booklets I passed on to them through 10 Downing Street. She confirmed that they did receive my packet.
Meaning: Confirmation that Helena reached George Bush with The Imminent Fall of America which she sent for Laura Bush via Cherie Blair. For a while George Bush’s eyes were opened. Another dream (below) showed what happened later.

23rd March 2004. H. Dream of George Bush
His eyes were open but soon his vision became clouded.
Meaning: He was given a witness through 'our' Christian literature and for a while he received enlightenment, but other influences (politics and the conflict with terrorists, and his busy schedule) clouded his vision. Satan stole away, as he usually does, what could have been.

State Police, Again
21st February 2004. H. We have to suffer
I saw a Bird of Paradise plant (representing MM) which was going to suffer. Number 12 was connected to it in the dream, symbolising God’s government. The suffering will bring God into the situation, as He steps in to show His power and give a witness of the gospel to the government of man. The enemy will be exposed. God is in supreme control of all the circumstances!

Hectically Busy!
22nd February 2004. H. Complications and damage!
Dream of being very busy and not having enough time to be together. Things were getting broken and we had to deal with difficulties.
Meaning: The devil is planning an attack on our ministry. God showed us we have to suffer to expose the wicked. The judgement of God falls on those who do evil. Through suffering we become stronger as we face the enemy.

Ever-Present Threat From Al Qaeda
23rd February 2004. H.
We were walking through a built-up area. I saw a man walking behind us. He looked sinister and wore long, grey robes. We went inside a house and secured the doors and windows.
Meaning: I knew the evil figure represented Al Qaeda. It symbolises more threats coming from terrorists. The evil is unstoppable. Only Jesus will stop it when He returns to earth.
Comment: Soon after this dream (11th March) Al Qaeda bombs exploded on trains in Spain, killing and maiming many! Then on 7th July 2005 there were explosions caused by suicide bombers in London, killing 52. More is to come – much more!

Continual Opposition Against MM
26th February 2004. H.
I was trying to plant some flowers into the soil. Every time I was trying to put the plant into the soil I was prevented from getting the job done. I was totally frustrated, nothing could be achieved.
Meaning: God wants to plant people into the soil – His Word and His way of doing things. The devil is in the way, blocking it, stopping God’s work from getting accomplished.

For Evangelists Involved In Outreach
27th February 2004. H. Evangelists – learn to trust God
Three women were released from a huge prison. They felt vulnerable and feared they would be short of money. On the side there was a £1 coin.
Meaning: This is a dream to encourage evangelists to trust in God for provision. The £1 alludes to the story in chapter 4 of Lessons in Faith. The coin represents the money that will become available as you are faithful to God. The prison represents all churches where people are trapped mentally. Most of them are cults, controlled through human leadership, restricting the flow of the Holy Spirit.
You need complete freedom to be led by God and learn new truth. The three women having the freedom to learn more truth will walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, growing and developing, looking to God for direction. Faith and joy will be the result of the new challenge of trusting God rather than man (Acts 5:29). The women represent groups of Christians and individuals called to evangelise in this final time.

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You Will Be Rewarded
28th February 2004. H. 1) Tonya's huge diamond ring
I saw Tonya with a huge diamond ring on her finger, about the size of a one penny piece.
Meaning: This symbolises how God will reward her for her sacrificial giving, for giving up her salary to pay the bills of the ministry work and for helping us to get loans to pay the huge printing and postage costs. She will have a big responsibility to help with MM administration in the near future.
God always rewards you for what you do for Him. If it is good, you will be rewarded with good. If it is evil, you will be rewarded with evil. You get as good as you give in God’s Book.

2) Some people selfish or worldly; some people good
I was on a journey. As I travelled I observed what was going on in the world. On the hillside I saw some men nearly naked playing together in a hot jacuzzi. They were totally consumed by their own pleasures and seeking to follow their own lusts.
As I continued to travel I saw some brightly coloured plants growing in a vegetable plot.
Meaning: The latter represent good people, living their lives with God’s help, being planted in the Word of God and fed by it. These people are a good example to others and a witness for God.
But others are wicked in this world, just self-seeking and doing evil. They are ruined by their own lusts. God sees all.

Wickedness Is Getting Worse!
2nd March 2004. H. Wicked, evil, selfish people!
1) The previous evening we saw a news item where the police were called to deal with a drunk man arguing with his wife; he was demanding to have sex with her in the street. He was so evil!
After this, God showed me in a dream about people who have become selfish and full of lust. They don’t understand love, nor do they care for it. All they care about is pleasing themselves. There is no gratitude, or true giving any more in unconverted people. They are consumed by their own selfishness. This approach destroys marriage and breaks up families. It’s no wonder that society is falling apart.
Just as it was in the time before Noah’s flood, people are hell-bent on a mindless binge of self indulgence! Jesus predicted it (Matt 24:37-39), and Paul (2 Tim 3:1-4).

Things Begin To Get Going
2nd March 2004. H. Big lorry gets moving
2) I saw a big lorry getting on the road, avoiding obstacles and gaining speed.
Meaning: (God is using people to get His work done. This has to be done through sacrifice and total dedication to reach people who need help.) The dream is about someone whom God has called to help us in this work. We have waited what seems a long time, but finally the work of MM will expand and reach many thousands or even millions of people.

Strong Man Arrives To Help Us
8th March 2004. H. Strong Man arrives to help us
We were staying in a school-like building [school is a symbol of believers learning]. There were other people nearby (those who have contact with us at present). We needed special keys to help us to get on with the work. No one could help us.
Suddenly a Strong Man arrived with the keys. We were delighted to have assistance. This man had a muscular, athletic figure.
Meaning: The strong man represents God’s help through miracles, angels and assistance from others He brings. This shows God’s power on our behalf as we stay faithful.

New Church Situation Ahead
9th March 2004. H. The Church needs reformation!
We moved into a new house which needed decorating. The walls were rough and the corners were lumpy and uneven [the Church in need of reformation and restoration].
Tonya was uncomfortable in her bed which was too short for her. I suggested she moved into one of the bunk beds.
Meaning: As we move into the new situation there will be problems and difficulties to resolve, to do with reformation of the Church and other challenges. In some countries corruption is common. We have had to challenge some to come out of it!

Huge Flood!
10th March 2004. H. 1) Dream of a huge flood
The water was flowing everywhere. I saw a man sitting surrounded by flowing water. I saw letters floating by. We tried to catch them when the waters receded. Many other items were scattered, too. A huge fish was swimming nearby!
Meaning: God is going to pour out His power through miracles like a flood. God’s power will overflow and shake people’s lives. This will cause upheaval for all. Letters represent responses from people. The huge fish represents someone 'important' (a Royal) who will be converted.

‘Frosted’, Damaged People
Frosted plants
I went into a shop to buy some plants. These plants were damaged by frost [damaged by the coldness of the world] but I thought I could nurse them back to life. Although these plants were damaged, I still had to pay for them.
Meaning: Many people are damaged like these plants. They need help and spiritual nurturing. But, rescuing them isn’t easy and we have to pay dearly to help such people – with our time, financial sacrifice and spiritual literature.
Money is needed to get the job done!
(A reminder to people of this work's needs!)

Hectically Busy!
11th March 2004. H. Things are hectically busy!
(On this day an explosion occurred in Madrid on the trains. Hundreds were killed and injured and Al Qaeda owns up. See dream of 23rd Feb.)
We were about to go somewhere when some visitors turned up. They were old friends from our former church. We hadn’t seen them for 15 years. There were several children with them.
We were very busy showing hospitality to our unexpected guests.
Meaning: Years ago when we needed support very few helped us. When miracles come (as we have said for more than 12 years), people’s eyes will begin to be opened and they will be able to see where God is working. (It's a pity they weren't around when we really needed help!)

Healings and Resurrections!
18th March 2004. H. Healings and resurrections!
God showed me that as the terrorists do evil deeds for the devil we will be doing spectacular things for God, doing good.
Healings and restoration of life will show the power and goodness of our God.

Waywardness And Selfishness
12th March 2004. H. People influenced by demons!
Dream where filthy rags, menstrual cloths, were emphasised [the uncleanness of the Church to God]. I met up with a little Chinese man. I was hoping he would be open to truth presented to him in MM literature but he dismissed it. He just wanted to play a board game, doing his own thing.
Meaning: The dream portrays how someone who received our literature relegated it to the rubbish bin. The Chinese man represents demonic Eastern philosophy which influences him.

Another scene: There were some little pigs getting out from the farm pens [portrays self-will]. I was trying to catch them.
Meaning: This part is to do with some people in Africa who have been wayward. Everything to do with this world is uncleanness and abomination to God. God calls people out of it to be part of His Church. They are not to continue in uncleanness. God is displeased with those who play games with Him or His Word. God sees the uncleanness in people’s hearts – pride, stubbornness, selfishness, and seeking pleasure rather than seeking to please Him.

24th March 2004. H. 1) Baby needs cleaning up
Someone handed me a baby without a nappy and I was worried that the baby would mess up. As I was holding the baby the baby started to mess. I sat the baby over the toilet and waited for it to finish the job.
Meaning: This represents a person who is like a child spiritually; he is 'helping' in this work. The mess represents his personal conduct towards God and dishonesty towards us. He is being judged by God who sees everything he does. If you think God is not watching then you deceive yourself.

2) Selfishness hurts and is evil!
I was meeting my family and a meal was served to everyone except me. I was surprised that they had missed me and I felt sad and hurt that they didn’t care for me.
Meaning: This shows how families can be selfish and don’t care for God or those used by God. God cannot bless them for their selfish attitude. (Refers to Helena's relatives.)

God Punishes Selfishness
28th April 2004. H. Pig pushed out
One pig went to a herd of big pigs. A little pig then came out of the pack.
Meaning: A pig is an unclean animal. It portrays people's selfishness. We were aware there was sin and compromise taking place in MM’s Kenyan outreach. Someone couldn’t be trusted who was helping with God’s work. So, God exposed the situation through circumstances.
By selfishness and stubbornness they become cut off from God, and the devil’s ways dominate.

Church Badly in Need of Reform!
26th March 2004. H. The Church Badly Needs Reform!
(An aside: EU members got together to discuss the new constitution. Europe is uniting, fulfilling Bible prophecy.)
Dream of a large kitchen in an old house. The kitchen was chaotic with old equipment and was totally disorganised. Some old items should have been thrown out. I started putting some things in order and making the oven and cooker ready for use.
I found a bag of animal bones in the corner and cleared it away. There was so much to do that I couldn’t do everything in one go. The kitchen was ready to produce food for the people.
I sat down to have something to eat. An old, kind lady gave me a large lump of curd cheese which she insisted I should have.
Meaning: The Church has poor facilities to feed people. There are many traditions (like old bones) that need to be cleared away. God’s truth as revealed from Above will be given to people, to feed them spiritually. This will bring them closer to God and Jesus.
The kind lady represents many good people in the church who will give us support to keep going, once they get to know our needs. It will take huge sacrifices to get the job done. But the time is short and during the tribulation money will be worthless. So, better to use it for God now and receive a reward from Him later.

Stuck In A Rut!
28th March 2004. H. Stuck in a rut!
God showed me what happens when someone gets into sin and lives a life of rebellion. The sin causes them to get into a rut or a groove and carry on through life sliding down this groove, making it deeper. It’s almost impossible to get out of it.
When we repent, God helps us to change, gives us healing and restoration. Obedience to God’s laws is liberating! It enables us to keep the freedom Christ has bought for us.

Demonic Snakes In Churches!
23rd April 2004. H. Demonic influences in churches
Dream of large swimming pool with dozens of snakes, large and small. I was amazed that people would want to swim in this pool!
Meaning: This reflects church situations where people are selfish and corrupt. Some love money and power which become idols.
Idolatry is a terrible sin. God is pushed away while snakes or demons are welcomed.
God wants His Church cleaned and purified, obedient to His Word and responsive to His Spirit.

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More Warnings of State or Police Interference
29th March 2004. H. State persecution
I was on a journey, walking briskly to the next destination. The sky was very cloudy and grey and the atmosphere was heavy and oppressive.
Meaning: We are facing persecution from the State. God will deliver us, but we have to persevere and keep going ‘til we get to the next stage of God’s plan.

3rd April 2004. H. Three sinister men in black
I saw three men, dressed in black, walking towards the house. They looked sinister and hostile.
Meaning: We expect opposition from the authorities. God allows this to happen to give a witness to people in seats of authority. People are tested and confronted spiritually. Everyone is judged by what they do and how they treat others.

7th April 2004. H. The large obstructions in our drive
There were three big containers parked on the side of the road to our back garden. Another vehicle was parked just next to the container. Someone was trying to drive into our back garden and couldn’t get through. I was trying to remove the vehicle which was blocking our driveway.
Meaning: God is showing that, as we are getting ready to move forward, there is a large obstacle which we have to deal with and face – interference from State authorities who have evil suspicions about us and our work for God.
It’s all part of God’s plan to test those who think they have power over others. God judges those who misuse power to harm others. The devil is the source of that power. The Bible labels civil government as a 'Beast'.

19th April 2004. H. Evil oppressor forces his way in!
A nasty looking man looked in through the window. He forced his way in through the door and attacked me. I wrestled with him for some time before I prevailed. It took all the energy I had to resist him!
Meaning: Evil forces inspired by the devil will come against us. But it’s all part of God’s plan to challenge the authorities and to test individuals who use power to abuse others instead of to protect them. God is the one who wins in the end.
[See also 22nd April, dream 2.]

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God Uses Everyday Things
31st March 2004. H. God is drawing people
In this dream I was shown three things – Mark, a man who arranges our photocopying; a car; and a plant. God will use all these contacts for His Kingdom purposes.
Meaning: God is drawing people who have contact with us. He has a plan for their lives.
Mark: People who do our photocopying see the publications. Through that avenue God can reach some people.
The car: our son Richard is a car mechanic. After people are raised from the dead, God can call those who had contact with Richard through his business.
The plant: I am a keen gardener and collect plants and grow them. I needed to part with some to create space, so I started putting out plants by the footpath for people to help themselves. They leave a donation for whatever plants they choose.
God uses all these avenues to reach people. And God will use miracles to witness for the gospel and get the attention of millions.

Wake Up and Get Going!
9th April 2004. H. Buy your pair of shoes
A minister from our former church (FJB) came to us to buy a pair of shoes [there is a price to be paid to take the gospel to others]. He had a chance previously to buy a pair of shoes but he couldn’t make the money transfer. I went into his house. There was a double bed where he spent most of his time.
The dream took me to meet other leaders who are capable and Charismatic. Then I moved on to meet a large crowd of people meeting together. There were some who disagreed with each other. I tried to explain why there was division among them. Doctrinal error divides people while Truth unites. They had arguments about the Sabbath and Holy Days.
Meaning: Spiritually we must be willing to pay the price to take the gospel to others. Shoes represent the ability to go and get the job done. Those who choose not to go, end up sleeping. Sleep depicts a lack of activity for the sake of the gospel, and lack of spiritual awareness, and deception.
God is calling His people to be united, to come out of ‘churchianity’ into true Christianity taught by Jesus Himself. There is so much deception and confusion. God is revealing His Truth and His Word to His people through the Holy Spirit.

Helping People Move On Spiritually
14th April 2004. H. Helping someone
We were on the main road and we found some mahogany wood like a small table top. We didn’t want to leave it lying on the road so we took it with us.
Meaning: Represents someone we know who needs help.

16th April 2004. H. Hard-shelled people!
House being spring-cleaned. I came across some broken eggs. As I was throwing them away I found a few eggs which looked like duck eggs. They were damaged but looked like they could be salvaged.
Meaning: Duck eggs are known for their hard shell which is not broken easily. Some people are like that, they are resilient, tough and self-willed. God uses trials to break the hard shell. Then He can work with us when we repent, humble ourselves and change.

20th April 2004. H. Helping former friend again
Our home was broken into through the back door, which was damaged [symbolises how people who were close to us have selfishly taken from us and damaged our work]. I was concerned about what was stolen. Suddenly I found myself visiting one of our former friends. It gave him a shock when I turned up. His room was rather dark and grey.
Meaning: This is symbolic of how people were called to support us and have failed to do so. The devil has stolen from us through the people who selfishly walked away and left us with the burdens of doing God’s work. Only a few have helped us. We had to go into serious debt to get the job done. God helps us to face the difficulties.
The dark and grey room reflects the friend’s spiritual state. We sent him a packet of literature which should give him a wake up call. (God allows people to do what they want for a while but eventually they have to face the truth.)

Malcolm Close To Death
22nd April 2004. H. Malcolm in a hearse
1) Malcolm was driven in a hearse. His body was covered like a dead person. I was next to him. I knew he wasn’t dead yet, but was close to death.
Meaning: The job he is doing is killing him slowly. There are many who resist God’s work and make the job difficult.
A prophet’s job is discouraging as he faces opposition. His life is a total sacrifice to do God’s will.

2) Police surveillance. There was a small plane flying over our house very low, as if it were spying.
Meaning: The dream was given twice for certainty! It represents surveillance by the police, either in helicopters or through tapping the phones. This was fulfilled by helicopter(s) which have been flying low over our home and filming. And there is more surveillance to come.
Comment: The police are stupid really, when they don’t consider God in their equation. Do they think they can come against us with evil schemes and win!? Not while God says otherwise! Think how many crimes they could solve if they had God’s guidance!

Mass Publicity!
1st May 2004. H. Being in the public arena
Many people were involved and I was among them. Then I realised there was too much publicity and I tried to retreat to the side.
Meaning: I won’t enjoy being in the public eye, but I will have to deal with it. God showed me many years ago that it will take publicity to preach the gospel to Britain. This will be achieved through the miracles. As His witnesses we can proclaim Jesus to others.

Contact With Prince William
10th Jan. 2004. M. Prince William
I was talking to someone about Prince William. I was seeking information about him, and this individual was very helpful. He was answering all my questions. The location was a very old stone building, like one sees in old universities such as at
When we had finished talking, William turned up, and it seemed that the man who had given me all the information wondered now whether he should have given it to me.
Meaning:  William will eventually have a close relationship with our family. God will call him and he will respond.

Problems At The Printers
2) Problems at the printers?
God's Church – Whose Authority? was being printed at the printers. There was a huge problem with it. The print had come out all 'funny', like the small crosses that make up the shading in the eagle graphic on some of our front covers. The headers had also come out entirely wrong. It was a disaster!
Meaning: Future printing problems? Or sabotage against the truth contained in this publication?

Meeting Church Leader’s Son
15th Jan 2004. M. Meeting prominent people
I was meeting with the son of a very prominent church leader, someone like the Archbishop of Canterbury (but it wasn't him).
Meaning: This may figuratively depict some of the impact of what is coming in our work. A man (like the son in the dream) can depict an unconverted person, as opposed to a woman who depicts the converted – those called to be part of Jesus’ Bride. So, talking to him may portray the contact which they will seek to have with us after the mass publicity breaks out.

Coming Soon!
8th Jan 2004. M. 1) Fierce snowstorm!
In this dream we were standing in our lounge, when suddenly it became very dark outside. The darkness was intense! As I was looking out of the window a massive snowstorm erupted. I have never seen anything like it. It was furious! Torrents of snow came down.
Then a few seconds later there was a loud noise and an avalanche descended on top of our house. I heard the loud crashing noise and the house shook violently. I was thrown to the floor with the force of the 'quake'. [This depicts the soon coming police attack against me. State persecution!] I thought the roof had been smashed, but when I picked myself up from the floor, I realised it was still in tact, although it needed repairing.
Meaning: I believe the imagery is a composition of various elements: the coming police/state attack against me; how they will attempt to destroy this ministry (we have been warned of it in dreams going back several years, so it's a big thing); the darkness of evil that will come against us; but how God will protect us from being ruined by them. The snow may also be an allusion to the weather at the time when this occurs.
With everything that God permits, He has a purpose for it. Persecution invariably precedes an outpouring of His power. The dead will be raised and the darkness pushed back for a while. The purity of His truth will come down like snow on the mountains. It will be a massive outpouring!

2) Walking
Then I was walking in my slippers outside. I had been this way before and it had been OK, but now it was so wet that I had to be careful where I put my feet. I had to detour to go another route. I found a higher path that went directly between two lakes one on each side of the path. There were lots of birds and animals there. As I came, something like a penguin swam off rapidly into the distance.
Meaning: An allegory of some of what lies ahead for us in this ministry. The water on the ground may depict the results of God's outpouring. The two lakes represent the two disparate sectors of the Church. The penguin represents a person we know; it portrays the speed with which he will move.

God Shows Things About Others
9th Jan 2004. M. 1) "This person will be a dead end."
I was driving down a main thoroughfare and was surprised when it ended up at a dead-end in a person's property. It was a stone-built cottage, like a small crofter's cottage similar to what you can see in Scotland's highlands or (less so) in Wales. The driveway was not finished and there was a pile of stones in the middle, which made it difficult for me to park. The only occupant of the cottage which I saw was a lady. There may have been others, but she was the only one I saw.
Meaning: A picture of a lady in the USA with whom we have had contact, and details in allegory to do with her ministry. God forewarns us of some time-wasters.

2) In Malawi
I was trying to catch and get hold of a toad. It was hiding under a shelter which was a sort of outbuilding without walls. I tried to grab it but it was always evasive. As I was doing so, another smaller one moved. I was surprised to see it there too.
Finally I managed to get hold of them both, scoop them up and put them outside where there was water on the ground near a lake. Although they had been resisting this freedom, they were now glad that they were there.
Meaning: An allegory of two ministers in Africa whom God is bringing into judgement. Later they will find true freedom.

20th Jan 2004. M. Two snakes
Two snakes were in the corner of our kitchen. At first I didn't do much with them, but then I realised that we didn't want them there. We had a cat and I was concerned for the cat's safety. So I scooped them up with a shovel, put them in a box, and went to put them outside.
Meaning: The snakes represent two ministers in Malawi with whom we have had dealings. They have been dishonest and deceitful and needed to be disfellowshipped. The dream is confirmation from God of the correctness of instant disfellowship from other believers' company.

12th Jan 2004. M. Ethiopia
I went to visit Kassahun. He put me up to stay in a narrow but tall, 3-storey Victorian style building, on the top floor. I felt very alone. There was no one else around. He was busy elsewhere for a couple of days before he could join me.
So, meanwhile, I ventured outside. I met a young man who showed me some friendliness, and I wondered if this was Kassahun (although I have not personally met Kassahun, I know what he looks like, and this other man in the dream looked nothing like Kassahun). However, it was impossible for me to communicate with him because I didn't know the language (Amharic).
When Kassahun and I met up, I asked him how people there coped with keeping the Sabbath in such a difficult environment. He replied enigmatically: "Is a person a Christian because he keeps the Sabbath or because he accepts Christ?"
Meaning: The difficult, restrictive environment K has to work in. The two days may represent 2 years before we meet or before the outpouring of the Spirit to raise 50 from the dead. The question about the Sabbath also reflects the difficulties associated with keeping it there. But his answer shows that difficulties are minimised by the supernatural power of Christ. Among other things, the dream depicts K's Christ-centredness.

Would You Have The Temerity To Try To Teach The Prophet Elijah?
18th Jan 2004. M. A dream for those who take exception to what we teach and who think they have a right to teach us.
There were some boxes on a counter. (We have sent a lot of our literature out, in bulk, in boxes.) Someone pushed an equally big white box towards me and expected me to receive it when I had enough of my own to give and was fully engaged in giving them to others. I got annoyed, because this man's actions revealed his ignorance about me and my Commission from God. I knew that the box contained videos, tapes and books which he hoped would re-educate me.

I argued with him. I told him that "I have listened to hundreds of hours of Bible teaching and exposition on audio tape and video footage and don't need any more. God has given me what is needed." His approach was arrogant and insulting. It was really annoying! He didn't want a box from us.

Then in the Spirit I was given this to say to anyone like that man, who thinks that I am lacking something vital which they need to teach me:

"Elijah and John the Baptist had a divine Commission. They didn't know everything there was to be known, but what God gave them was a complete package of basic truth to deliver to the people, so they could be prepared for what was to come. Elijah and John the Baptist didn't need to listen and learn from others. It was the duty of others to listen to and learn from them! Those who arrogantly thought they had 'one up' on these prophets of God had not learned the most basic of basic lessons in life! Likewise it is today that those who come against us with criticism, thinking that we have a thing or two wrong in our basic teachings, are the ones who are deceived. I am a prophet ordained by God to promote the end-time message to the Church. My Commission is world-wide, not merely localised. And God has given us a complete package in basic Bible exposition, covering all the major necessary doctrines from His Word, with no need to add thereto. I am not saying that I know everything. I don't. Nor am I perfected yet. I'm not. But their duty is to learn from us, not for them to arrogantly think we should be learning from them."

The man whom the dream principally refers to, is arrogant and unteachable. [See pp 3-7 of N26.] Hence God's response and what He gave me by the Spirit after the dream.

[By the way, I don't claim to be Elijah. It's a comparison.]

Beware of Occult Predictions!
25th Jan 2004. M. End of the world within 7 years
A person was capable of giving a prediction at any time. He (or she – that was not made clear in the dream) could receive predictive information whenever he wanted, almost like turning on the tap. I knew that this type of prophetic proclivity was occult. He (or she) had 'a familiar spirit' with him, giving him the information he sought whenever he sought it. (There's a similar account of this in Acts 16:16-17 to do with the girl who had this ability.) He said that the world as we know it would end in less than 7 years.

Meaning: Demons know how short the time is that they have left before they are restrained in the Millennium when Jesus rules, so their determination to provoke evil at this time is more intense than ever.

The illustration is also quite a contrast with the true gift of prophecy. When God gives prophetic statements (see 1 Cor 14:24, 25) they are for specific purposes, with the ultimate aim of turning people back to God and promoting righteousness. While occult soothsaying seems impressive to the ill-informed, such a constant stream of information has no value in turning people to God. It is merely an exercise that impresses others, intrigues, generates curiosity, or elevates the one so 'gifted' with psychic abilities. Steer clear of it – it's demonic, despite the elements of truth that it may convey.

The day after this dream was given, on 26th Jan, a Russian girl with remarkable psychic abilities was interviewed on This Morning programme on ITV. The presenters were very impressed with her 'gift'. From the age of 8 she could diagnose the physiological and anatomical problems or ailments of hospital patients. She is given the information about what is wrong with them, and is very knowledgeable about medical matters. The information, however, comes from demons. But none of the TV presenters realised this. They thought it was wonderful.

Apart from leading people away from God, another purpose of demonic revelation of this sort is to cause pride in the recipient which can ruin their life. (1 Cor 8:1.) Evil spirits involved receive adulation and worship through what they do.

The Sabbath, A Crunch Test
30th Jan 2004. M. Cutting a corner off
The scene was in a very open place. A man was laying out paving (to walk on) on his piece of land. Our land was next to his and was larger. It extended beyond his. I went out to the extremity of our 'plot', and as I was walking back, I noticed him standing on his plot. I was affable towards him and wanted to be kindly-disposed and friendly. (That is in my nature; I don't like to make enemies. I don't suppose anyone does. But it is in my nature to want to live in peace with everyone, if that is possible.)

As I got closer, I was able to say "Hello" and have a brief chat. He was intending to chamfer the corner of his patio – in other words, cut the corner off at 45 degrees, so instead of it being square at the end, it would have a corner missing. It was a large corner, too! When he discussed it with me, he wanted me to do the same on my land. My immediate reaction was to be accommodating and agree to his wish. But, within seconds, I felt that it wouldn't be right for me to go along with what he wanted.

Meaning: It symbolises someone (a missionary) whose 'paving' (represents teaching that lays out a way of life for people to walk on) has a large chunk missing from it. But he WANTS it that way, and he wants others to conform to his views also. He prefers an incomplete 'patio'.

It's important to remember, however, that Jesus holds teachers much more accountable for what they teach than the 'ordinary' individual He has called. Teachers' rewards in the Kingdom will be very much affected by what they choose to teach (Matt 5:19).

If you want to know what the corner represents, I would refer you to the article The Stone Which the Builders Rejected in Articles of Faith Volume 5. Jesus is the Cornerstone, and corners represent the most major teachings in His spiritual syllabus.

The next dream was about him, too.

A seductress
31st Jan 2004. M. 3 dreams, but I was only permitted to remember the last one. It was of a man who was being seduced by a woman. He was allowing himself to be seduced.
Meaning: It's a spiritual allegory of how a person is allowing himself to let a church dominate him through very subtle means. A seductress uses her physical charms to lure a man and get him under her control. This is a spirit of witchcraft. It comes from the devil, but in churches it is so subtle that it's hard for victims to perceive who is behind it. They easily fall prey because they LIKE to be seduced.
Last night, too,
Helena was given a dream of the same person with an idol in his lap. The idol was like an anvil. It had demonic connections and he wasn't willing to throw this idol away. After all, it is a very heavy object, and takes a lot of effort to heave away. Being an idol to him, there is also the emotional attachment to it which is hard for him to overcome.

A Prophet Can Receive For Others
2nd February 2004. M.
Michael Howard (Not the British politician.)
This dream was complicated and involved. It portrayed me receiving revelation from God through dreams for Michael. There was quite a lot! I cannot remember all the details but it conveyed that Michael was wanting to co-operate with us.
It was a very welcome response from him. Part of the dream indicated that his remit was to reach people in America before its destruction as conveyed in the book The Imminent Fall of
America. In the dream it seemed to indicate that he wanted to rush ahead in some way, but God expressed that he should wait a short while because, as the dream conveyed, He would reveal to me at the right time how best he could do what God has in mind for him.
Meaning: Besides being a prediction of Michael coming to assist us or work alongside us, it implies that he will help to reach many in the USA with what is in the prophetic book The Imminent Fall of America. I suppose one of the purposes of the dream is to emphasise the fact – most often ignored by many Spirit-filled believers – that God speaks through prophets, and where a person's inclination or plans differ from revelation given to a true prophet, they should modify them to suit what the prophet receives from God. It sounds easy in theory, but in practice it's very hard for people to do, because self-will is such a strong determinant. Most people don't want to listen to what another person says, even if he is a prophet!

God Provides For His Work
6th Feb 2004. M. I received a bar of gold bullion.

7th Feb 2004. M. 1) £195,000
In this dream we received £195,000.
The figure is a symbol. It represents a large amount of money, which will be needed to do a lot of publishing and posting of publications. It is comprised of 5 x 3 x 13 x 103. 5 depicts God's preparation. 3 portrays finality; 13, Satan; and 10, mankind. The figure is a composite to convey WHY God is going to provide large funding for this ministry. It is to spiritually prepare (5) mankind (10) like John the Baptist prepared the way before Jesus' first coming. It is part of God's final preparation (3), to defeat Satan and counter his false doctrines which fill the Church (13).

About People's Attitudes & Approaches
2) Petrol
. I was pouring petrol onto paviours on the ground. It was a waste really, because paving stones don't absorb petrol. Then I looked to my right and saw a small container made out of paving slabs like we have on our patio. It was able to contain the petrol and I went to pour it there.
Meaning: An allegory of how our materials are often wasted at the moment. We send them to some people who are as hard as paving stones. Their hearts are hard, spiritually. Here we are pouring 'petrol' on them, which could ignite them and create a fire, but they are impervious to it and don't respond properly to the truth. The truth needs to be 'contained' like being poured into the container which I saw, otherwise it easily goes to waste.

9th Feb 2004. M. 1) Tonya. I went into my bedroom and there was a worldly girl in my bed. She had platinum blonde (dyed) hair. I wondered what she was doing there. She was very upset and was crying. I asked her what the matter was. She said "Tonya has been hung". I said "What do you mean? Do you mean Tonya has been hanged?" She said "yes".
Meaning: Helena suggested that it is to do with Tonya's work situation and what will transpire there. Some will be very upset.

2) We suffer for people's complacency
I was going down a corridor where there were a lot of people milling about. I passed a woman to whom I had given some literature. Her response was complacent and blind. She made a comment that indicated she hadn't got a clue about our situation. It was something to the effect that she assumed we had no need of funds, that we were OK on that front.
I turned around and said to her slowly and emphatically, something like: "Madam, you have no idea how much we have sacrificed to do this! We have had to go deeply into debt, to the tune of more than £70,000...!" I said more, too. This woman was spiritually dull and uncaring. It hurt! Because we have suffered for the negligence of people like her.
Meaning: This is an allegory of the approach of members of our former church, and WCG people, and CoG people. Their current complacency is an affront, not only to us, but to God also!

12th Feb 2004. M. 1) Kxx. Her supply of bedcovering came to an end. It ceased.
Meaning: A covering for sin can only be extended as long as a person is willing to repent and change. Where they hold on to something dear to them (concepts can be idols), the covering comes to an end. In this instance the idol was to do with liking a particular form of worship. It can be as subtle as using Hebrew names instead of colloquial terms, when it makes you feel special or different (pride is involved).

2) Jxxx
A man was driving a pick-up truck with me and Helena in it. We drove up to a building where there were a lot of people around outside. He got out and went round the side of the building, outside. While Helena waited in the truck, I got out to go into the building. Before I did, I noticed his tool box on the back. A cover had slipped off from the top of this tool box exposing it, and with all these people around I felt it was a bit exposed and unsafe, so I put the cover back on top of it. Then I went into the building. It was very large inside! I was quite taken aback by its size.
As I went through the door, I saw many people sitting at tables arranged in long rows. The people were facing both directions, as if it were a banquet, although I saw no food. Jxxx was sitting at the end of one of these long rows of tables. She saw me walk through the door and immediately sprang to her feet. Her face lit up and she ran towards me with arms outstretched. I was a bit taken aback, knowing that she was about to give me a big embrace, and so I stepped back a couple of paces to be out of sight of as many people as possible. I didn't want to be the centre of a big spectacle. She flung her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I kissed her on the lips. [Symbolising very close friendship.]
Meaning: Pictorial representation of the Church waiting for what we have to bring, and that Jxxx will finally be very friendly towards us.

Some Amazing Things Ahead
13th Feb 2004. M. 1) Dad
My father and I were ascending a large flight of stairs. We walked alongside for a while, but I never was patient, and I didn't want to 'hang around' so I went on up and left him behind. There were many people on this large flight of stairs.
Meaning: The stairs depict our spiritual journey. My father died on my 40th birthday, which was very meaningful. God has also predicted through other dreams that he will be brought back to physical life, but that I will die for the witness I must give, so perhaps the dream portrays us going different directions temporarily in our spiritual development.

2) 15,000 copies of How Soon Will Jesus Come? In this dream, we needed to do another print run of this booklet. I wasn't sure how many to do, so we shot for 15,000 copies. (This is on top of the 10,000 which we have already printed.)

Worldwide Outreach
21st Feb 2004. M. MM's worldwide work
In this dream there was a small headline with writing underneath it in the bottom right corner of the newspaper. It said that we had a worldwide ministry or outreach.
Meaning: The reason it is in an obscure place in the newspaper, hidden from most eyes, is an allegory of MM's obscurity to most eyes. But that doesn't change the fact of what God is planning and how He can use the most unknown and insignificant people for very significant ends. (Never forget that. It doesn't matter how small and insignificant you are, He takes the 'mustard' seed, the smallest of seeds, and causes it to grow under His direction.)

MM's Shortage of Money Now
22nd Feb 2004. M. Money
I was short because I had taken £60 out of what was already allocated to use it for another need. However, God made up the loss by bringing it to us from somewhere else.
Meaning: A reassurance that, despite the shortage (because people have robbed us and let us down), God will make good the loss, so we are not short. The number 6 denotes evil in people and 10 man / people, and so the figure of £60 gives the reason why we are short.
Those responsible will have to answer to God.

Responses To MM's Work
23rd Feb 2004. M.
1) Reached through How Soon Will Jesus Come?
Our place was undergoing some alterations. While this was going on, a window was missing and the room was therefore open. It was possible for intruders to get in, and some were worried about this but I casually 'laughed off' the danger, even though we were vulnerable. Then a man delivered our newspaper the next day and, through the window, he saw the booklet How Soon Will Jesus Come? He picked it up and looked at what it contained. He became interested and was persuaded by what he read.
Then he got talking with me and I found out that his family had had some contact with the WCG many years ago but that he had not got involved because he saw the controls that the church hierarchy exerted over members and didn't agree with the way they operated (his fears were justified!). That caused him to step back from joining and he also stepped back from any further spiritual growth as a result. But now he was being revived through 'our' literature. It was gratifying.

2) Mansion claimed by others
I was in the foyer of a plush, old, but expensive mansion. It was of the Victorian era with high ceilings, and ornate fixtures and features. The foyer had a particularly high ceiling with a chandelier. Clearly a lot of money had been spent establishing this edifice of grandeur!
I expected to be able to have or buy this property, but when I talked to the footman or agent at the door, I was told that it was already under offer to someone else and that I couldn't buy it. Although that was a bit disappointing, I accepted it without further ado and went away.
Meaning: The mansion is the church structure in which men have invested a lot of money. But I am not welcome, although I have a right to it. A symbol of how prophets are rejected. Has some other secondary meaning in our ministry.

3) The about-turn. In this dream, I was driving away from the mansion in my pick-up. As I passed a large lay-by on the left, I suddenly felt that I needed to stop, so I pulled up as sharply as I could and pulled over to the side of the road.
However, I had just passed the lay-by. It didn't matter, though, and I was able to pull off the road just beyond the lay-by and back up.
As I was reversing, another car pulled in behind me. I was hidden behind shrubs (curiously, dreams can convey things that have no bearing on reality, in order to get a point across) and the driver with three other passengers (men and women) were unable to see me. They nearly clipped the back corner of my truck, but fortunately the driver was able to turn his steering wheel just enough. He missed me by an inch! I was able to back up, and as I did so I smiled amicably to the people. Then I did a complete U-turn and went on my way.
Meaning: The pick-up symbolises our ministry. The other car with 4 occupants depicts other ministries in the whole world who can't see us. Because they can't see the purpose for which God is using us, and the unexpected direction we must take as we follow God's lead, it nearly causes others to run into us. If they don't take avoiding action, they will cause a collision and damage their work.
The U-turn symbolises a major change in direction in our ministry coming up, which will be fulfilled by publicity and will cause us to no longer be hidden.

The Immense Power of Faith in God!
25th Feb 2004. M. If you believe, NOTHING shall be impossible to you
As I was waking up, thoughts were planted in my mind which were astounding. I was reminded of Jesus' promise that, if you believe, nothing will be impossible to you (Mark 9:23). Now, I know that you can't divorce that from its context which was doing what Jesus would want. But this remarkable 'thought' was that I could do ANYTHING! NOTHING would be impossible. All I had to do was believe. The power of faith is MASSIVE!

David Blaine, the New York magician, can levitate by the power of faith, make things disappear and reappear, and even 'juggle' with life forces. Of course, his power comes from demons – evil spirits who oppose God's purposes. But he believes in those powers and his familiar spirits deliver according to his faith. They don't mind doing what he wants in order to draw attention to themselves. They get a 'kick' out of the attention they get.

But with Jesus' faith in us, we can do even greater things – ANYTHING in His service! We can 'fly', levitate, disappear, reappear, walk on water, still storms, heal the sick, raise the dead, and achieve any number of impossible feats – all by the power of faith. It's according to our faith and that faith is given to us by Jesus as we serve Him and do what He wants.

And I was (in this visionary experience) doing these remark- able things – things that it would have otherwise been totally impossible for me to do! I was reminded that I had 'been there' before, like it was a déja vu. Somehow I had known it and this was another prompt to get ready for the outpouring of God's power!

Now, I'm not suggesting that you should 'try' and levitate. That manifestation is usually a demonic one, to draw attention, wonder and curiosity. Like other similar attention-seeking miracles, it's generally something which demons engineer because they can get worship out of it. But, IF God has a need for it to happen, it will happen, as it did for Elijah in a big way, on his departure (2 Kings 2:1-11).

That 'IF' depends upon God's purposes. When Paul was imprisoned, it was God's purpose to unlock the prison doors supernaturally, so that they flew open and chains fell off the prisoners. It was God's purpose to cause an earthquake (Acts 16:26). That purpose was to save the jailer and his family (Acts 16:29-34). And so it will be today. The 'jailers' of society are going to be reached, and it will take supernatural power to do so.

USA Outreach
28th Feb 2004. M. 1) New York impacted
Xxxx will receive (or has already received) a vision showing the intense impact of the outreach into New York. The two words intense impact were specifically given.
The dream was given at the time when 500 packets were sent to NY churches, each containing The Imminent Fall of
America. The immediate response was virtually nothing, but seeds often lay dormant in the ground before they germinate!

2) California excluded; Iowa included
I was sending some boxes of 'our' literature to S and M. I went to the freight terminal somewhere in America (I don't know why I should be there, but dreams portray some unusual things). Two people were at the desk. A young woman on my left, and to her left (my right, as I was facing them) a fella. She took the orders and issued the paperwork, and he despatched the goods. However, she said that there was no service to California. Apparently they could not reach there, but she said that they could go to Iowa. There were some other aspects to do with sending 'our' materials, but the dream petered out and I was not permitted to remember any of that.

3rd March 2004. M. A plumber was getting his pipes ready
The same day Helena had a dream about a large lorry getting on the road, avoiding obstacles and gaining speed. These dreams are telling us about things we cannot see to do with someone whom God will use to help us.

Reinhard Receives More Truth
9th March 2004. M. Dream of Reinhard Bonnke with me in the North
Reinhard and I were going somewhere together. He was with me in the same car as we were travelling to a remote area up north. Although I was aware of this region and the people there, it surprised me that he was not. I was showing him around. He commented that it was new to him. There was more that followed, about reaching out and taking God’s truths to others, but I was not permitted to remember any of that.

Meaning: What this dream symbolises is going further with God, who lives ‘in the North’. Those who know of the prophecies we have received from God about manifold resurrections will understand the connection. After Jesus brings back many people who have been dead for some years, the publicity that such feats will bring will draw attention to why. It is for the purpose of promoting truths which we ‘carry’ for the whole Church, but who have been held in ignorance about such things up to now. These are summarised in Wielding The Divine Axe.

God emphasised that Reinhard's present teaching is unbalanced because it leans too much on the side of grace. It’s not that what he preaches about grace is wrong. But there is not enough instruction given to people about the specifics of obedience which God wants to see worked out in people’s lives after their receipt of His grace.

A Church which merely basks in God's grace all the time is not a disciplined Church. It is not emphatic about His holiness. It has no substantial outworking of the practicalities of His righteousness.

Sure, we are righteous because of Jesus’ grace. He imputes His righteousness to us, as Paul told the Corinthians (2 Cor 5:21). But that does not absolve us of a duty to live out a very practical righteousness by avoiding sin, and by fulfilling every aspect of God’s commands.

Yet there are huge gaps in the practical outworking of God’s righteousness in people, because of the failures in the teaching. God wants to give people more, MUCH MORE! That was what He emphasised to me as He concluded that dream of 9th March.

Promise of Beauty Ahead
12th March 2004. M. I was looking at a lovely garden with Forget-Me-Nots
In it there was a beautiful stone path and areas of attractive gravel where plants grew. Although I accepted the garden as ours, it was not our present garden but a new one. There was a nicely kept barn or outbuilding at the end, with white wall and contrasting rich dark oak wood. Against this wall, some lovely blue Forget-Me-Nots were flowering. They really looked beautiful with the backdrop of the building behind them. They were dotted around all over the garden, here and there. It was most pleasing sight.
Meaning: The spiritual beauty being formed in people whom God can never forget because they are His own special creation. They are really attractive to Him. The white wall with dark oak wood represents righteousness and permanence – enduring features of God's character.

In The Philippines
16th March 2004. M. Work in the Philippines
I was looking at several islands from above, like on a map. They were arranged in an arc, and the one just to the right of centre seemed to be where most of the activity was taking place. But things were happening also on other islands, although I did not see what was going on there.
I went to see a man's smallholding. He was really industrious, because every inch of the land was covered with something growing. There was a thick crop everywhere. It was absolutely amazing how much was packed into this little plot of ground. And it all looked so good. The crops were so fruitful!
Meaning: The imagery depicts the hard work of Lxxx who has been very diligent to spread the truth wherever he can.

Influencing Another
19th March 2004. M. 2 dreams
1) Water gushing out!
We were represented as a townhouse. The building was old (the truth which makes our ministry what it is has been around for a long time) and, like most terraced townhouses, space is restricted. They are cramped in between other properties.
Water was flowing out of the overflow pipe from the water tank high up in the loft. You could see the water running down the outside of the wall. I was concerned because it could make the place damp.
Then the water gushed out of the pipe with so much pressure that it sent a water spout out about 20 feet from the property. Passers-by were getting douched with water!
I felt that perhaps I should fix the problem, but the pipe was a lead pipe, and so it was not something I could do.
Meaning: The dream was given after events yesterday in which Helena and I talked with a solicitor about some of the things which God has spoken to us. The conversation also included comments about angels, miracles etc. Although he is not a Christian, he was listening and not disbelieving.
Later, in May, I wrote two lengthy letters about legal matters, which also fulfils the dream.

The Cheek of It!
2) “2 tons of ‘silver’, please.”

Cxxxxx wanted to come and collect building stone from me. He called it ‘silver’. He asked for two tons of ‘silver’. This individual is a CoG member, and holds a ministerial office in their church.
Meaning: His coming to collect building stone from me shows that he will recognise that there is value in our written materials – at long last! That is after a delay of more than a decade!
Silver is not the most precious metal. For a long time gold has had that accolade. Calling it silver represents how he won’t place the truth which we promote on the highest level which he should.

God Portrays The WCG's Spiritual Madness
22nd March 2004. M. A man was reducing the size of a window in a bathroom which was about four feet square. The window seemed to be between the bathroom and another room (a bit of a peculiar arrangement). He was filling in part of the opening with bricks, and installing a much narrower window only about a foot high and four feet wide. However, instead of doing it like any sensible builder would, by putting the window frame in first and filling in above it, he had laid a couple of courses of bricks below, but was sticking the courses above the opening to the bricks above them (they wouldn't normally stay put in reality, but strange things can be shown in dreams!). Besides this madness, he intended to instal dark or black glass in the window. I asked him if it was opaque glass, since it was in a bathroom and you wouldn't want people seeing in. He said, "no, it's clear." That was pretty stupid, and I told him so.
Meaning: The WCG is as mad as ever!

30th March 2004. M. Returning to former friends
I was driving along a country tarmac lane to go and see some friends who lived there. I was going to collect some local stone (this was an area like the Cotswolds, where there was local stone for building). To get to them I had to come off this road and do a sharp left turn, which was effectively 180 degrees. Thus it took me in the other direction to get to them down a rough track which was gravel overgrown with grass.
As soon as I turned off, there was a stile or gate which had to be dismantled so I could get through. They put these obstacles in the way to prevent unwanted people (like me?) getting in.
I saw the building stones that I had gone to collect. They were very rough and weathered, and not very many of them.
Meaning: An allegory of returning to collect some people (building stones) from the WCG soon. The other imagery in the dream depicts the run-down, uncared-for state of their 'way' which needs remaking, and how they put obstructions to block unwanted people like prophets getting in.

6th April 2004. M. Worldwiders were finally – at long last! – learning to listen to God!
The dream conveyed it as if with a huge gasp, a massive sigh, and the words: "How long it has taken...!!!"
The pride, arrogance, self-reliance and failure to look to the Spirit in that church and its offshoots made those people the most obdurate and slow to accept and receive spiritual gifts! It's amazing that any of them ever do receive a new spiritual awakening, but God revealed it occurring!

23rd April 2004. M. The commercialism of the WCG
I was taking a look at the back garden of our former home [represents ‘our’ former church]. A tractor came along the track or driveway. I was astonished to see this there. On this tractor there was a large tank or container. Clearly they were using the place in conjunction with a commercial enterprise.
Meaning: The church which we belonged to at one time has degenerated to the point where its main aim is now to make money. Their focus is on money, not on God. God doesn’t provide for them. They have resorted to human methods of commerce to raise funds.

In the second part of this dream I went to the front of the house and talked with someone there. He was quite openly discussing who the new neighbour was next door.
Meaning: This portrays how they have no shame about their apostasy, and openly talk about their new-found 'friends' who have renounced aspects of obedience to God in favour of an all-encompassing 'grace' teaching (it is licentiousness!).

God Gives Input On Africa
25th March 2004. M. 2) L being secretive
The dream is about someone not wanting me to know what he's up to. (But God tells us anyway. It's silly trying to hide. Just be honest.)

26th March 2004. M. Rabbits eating our crop
This dream was in answer to my plea what to do about a situation in Africa. In this dream there were some lovely rabbits in our vegetable patch. [We have to fence in what we grow, because rabbits try to break in from the adjacent fields.] They were all munching away on our choice peas, feeling very protected and hidden underneath the pea stems which arched over them making a canopy or covering. They were enjoying the results of our work and effort in growing this crop.
The rabbits depict certain people who have relied upon us for support, and the peas depict our assets.
I think God used peas as the symbol in this dream because last year a thief came at night or early in the morning and stole all our pea crop. We only had one row of peas, and a day before we were going to pick the crop, someone beat us to it. It was hurtful, as you can imagine. (You have all probably experienced similar things.) We had dug the land, weeded it, sown the peas, protected them from slugs and snails, put in sticks to support them, watered them, etc. Four or five months' work all disappeared in four or five minutes, because of someone with wrong motives.
Similarly, God has been warning me of wrong motives in some in Africa, who have been spoiling the spiritual fruit of this outreach. He has warned me of deceit and cunning in some who have lost sight of Him and failed the test. They need turning around.
I have written to them, to call them to repentance.

11th April 2004. M. Small hippopotami
Several baby hippopotami were vying with each other, competing with one another to grab food or what they wanted for themselves. One of them was hogging a dish and sitting in it, claiming it for himself.
Meaning: A representation using local imagery of the selfish behaviour and lack of spirituality of some African Christians with whom we have had dealings.
I came into the situation and tried to sort them out.

21st April 2004. M. The mortuary is cheaper!
I was going to the post office to post a parcel. A boy arrived before me, rang the bell and went in to deposit his post (although he shouldn't have gone in; he should have waited at the door). I rang the bell and waited. That was the proper procedure. It showed respect to the post office staff. While I waited for someone to come and attend to me, another man came behind and pressed the bell too. He got impatient waiting and pressed it again, until it stopped ringing. Finally someone came.
He accepted my parcel and told me the price. £10.70. [Read Ps 107. It's relevant!] Then he told me that the mortuary around the corner was operating a postal service now and that it was £2 cheaper there. Naturally, I thought to go there to save precious money, but since I had already paid for my parcel I said, "Well, I'm here now. I'll send it through you this time. Thanks for letting me know," or something like that.
Meaning: The high cost of postage we have to pay which is crippling us at the moment. People write asking for publications (some of them heavy) and send nothing, thinking that we are some sort of wealthy ministry (which we are not!) from whom they have a right to receive whatever they request without trying to cover any of the cost. It's an insult. I know many people are poor, and it is often the poor who want to receive. But they are selfish, too, and they don't consider helping at all, or putting out any effort to assist us financially as we serve them. That duty is one outlined in Matthew 10:10, but that scripture has been turned on its head by selfish, thoughtless people who give us lip service of praise while they exploit us by default.
It's cheaper going to the mortuary. In other words, it's cheaper to die!

22nd April 2004. M.
Wrong (humanistic) approach damages us
Someone was arguing with me about work training. I said that you can get on-the-job work training that is as good, if not better than academic qualifications in preparing young people for living. They wouldn't listen! They insisted that it's best to get academic qualifications.
Meaning: About L's concept and approach.

6th May 2004. M. 1) Detestable practices
Someone went to the toilet, but did it all on a sheet laid out on the ground. It was foul practice. Then, instead of cleaning it up, he carried on doing other things. He got a jar of thick-cut marmalade and spread it out next to the waste. Uuugh!
Meaning: It is an allegory of how some people treat their sinful ways. They don't change from the heart as they should. Instead, they ignore and avoid the spiritual cleaning up that they should do, and carry on regardless, doing what they want, what appeals to them.

8th May 2004. M. Unhelpful criticism
I had got someone to help me with my building project. [I used to be a builder, so God uses this imagery as an allegory of the spiritual building project which He has given me to do.]
This person was a scaffolding contractor and he was supposed to help me with the task. I have used scaffolders in the past, and I have seen them really MOVE! They got on with the job and erected the scaffolding really fast. But this guy didn't. He just stood there, finding fault with me, criticising, instead of getting on with the job. He was most unhelpful and uncooperative! I told him "Look, either you get on with the job and do it, or I'll get somebody else."
Meaning: Illustrates L's approach.

Then there was another scene where I was looking at the way a toilet was operating. There was something wrong with the pipework. It was letting air in. You could see the bubbles in the water, so it must have been leaking. I tried to find the source of the problem.
Meaning: The system of cleansing is not operating properly. Applies to L and those who are with him.

In a third scene, someone was demonstrating a trick shot they had perfected using snooker balls. He fired a ball at some things stacked against the wall, and caused the ball to land in place of something else. I think he was trying to make me feel small, because he could do this and I couldn't. But I could only think to myself "What a pointless exercise!"
Meaning: Aren't some people like that? They make a big thing out of things that are so petty and pointless. They do it to bolster up their own ego.
The dream is emphasising spiritual traits that need to be addressed by this person and others like him: pride, clinging to physical / worldly values, unco-operativeness, self-righteous justification, fault-finding, not putting God first, and using human substitutes such as cleverness and human achievement in place of reliance upon God.

"You Can Pay, Matey!"
27th March 2004. M. The holiday camp
In this dream
Helena and I were going to a holiday camp to stay [a new situation]. It was as if it was a festival. Although we were going together in the same car, somehow Helena arrived first. I went to the reception building which was large. As I walked through the door, Helena was standing on the left, beginning to ascend a flight of stairs. She said, "Come on, dear," in a rather matronly manner. [Which she finds rather amusing now.]

As I came in, I was wearing shorts because it was summer and the weather was hot. Over my left arm were my trousers which had a fat wallet in my pocket. I was trying to hold onto these as well as some receipts, and assorted clothes and bags, etc. There was also a long till receipt hanging out of my right pocket. I must have looked quite a sight, trying to handle all this at once.

I went up to the desk where a number of ladies were sitting (I think there were 3), looking through paperwork etc. No one took much notice of me standing there waiting to be served. After a while someone did. Then I was told the cost. First I was told it would be £30. Then someone quickly said "£40". I reached for my wallet which was in my trousers, but the trousers were no longer over my arm. By now another lady was holding them. Then the third lady at the desk said "No, it's £50." The lady who had taken my trousers with my wallet was not one of the three sitting at the desk. She was nowhere to be seen. She was somewhere else. My wallet was gone!

Meaning: The last part depicts how we were ripped off by someone, who has fleeced us of our assets and left me without my essentials. In allegory, that's how we are now, without adequate means to continue.

The three ladies at the desk represent three ministers with outreach into Africa with whom I had contact, who should be assisting or co-operating with us but who take very little notice of us.

The escalating costs show how we are continually expected to pay out, first for this, then for that, then one African outreach, then another. Yet we don't have enough for ourselves, let alone others! Those three should be sharing the burden, but they expect US to shoulder the whole cost of distributing 'our' literature, not recognising that it's not ours, but from God for the whole of the body of Christ, and they have just as great a responsibility to pay for it to go to others. But do they? Heck, no! They expect us to pay in full, and more so!

God holds people like that accountable, hence the dream.

It also depicts how we are going to have to pay out more and more as time goes on. The harvest is great but the labourers are few!

Negligent people effectively say: "You can pay, matey!"

28th March 2004. M. Blossoms all plucked off
Our plant which should have been coming into flower was a sorry looking sight. Someone had plucked off all the flowers. God likened it to a Forsythia which is a shrub that has yellow flowers. In this dream, our plant was a mere solitary stem, and all the flowers were lying at the base of this solitary stem. Someone had plucked them off, so we had nothing to enjoy.

Meaning: The plant represents our ministry which is solitary and very denuded. Like the previous dream, it depicts how we have been badly treated and harmed as a result of people's selfishness and lack of consideration. A lot of money, which we should have been able to benefit from, has been wasted through self-seeking and avarice.

Some years ago Helena had a similar dream, but with different imagery. She saw wads of new banknotes, still in their wrappers fresh from the bank, thrown in the mud and wasted. That is how we have been defrauded.

God called people to respect and love His truths, which, if they did, they would not be seeking selfish gratification, and would FIRST contribute to 'our' Work for God. But, instead, they have taken away what little we had!

We are suffering. We are paying the price of others' sins. Like Israel, we are devoured:

Strangers devour your land in your presence; and it is desolate as overthrown by strangers. So the daughter of Zion is left as a booth in a vineyard, as a hut in a garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city (Isaiah 1:7,8).

What is the cause?

Isaiah 1:3. The ox knows its owner and the donkey its master's crib; but Israel [God's chosen] does not know, My people do not consider.

1:4. Alas, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a brood of evildoers, children who are corrupters! They have forsaken the Lord. [But they think they haven't! They justify their rebellion with deceit, and carry on doing what they want, ignoring the obedience and selfless compliance which God requires of them.] They have provoked to anger the Holy One of Israel. They have turned away backward.

1:5. Why should you be stricken again? You will revolt more and more. The whole head is sick...

29th March 2004. M. Discredited!
This word was given to me in a dream. It depicts our rejection by others, who discredit our witness as if it is from ‘just another person’. They don’t see God behind what we say.

Hurtful Dog!
4th April 2004. M. 1) The dog
I was being scratched by a dog that Zenya was keeping. She was very fond of it, but it was a nuisance and kept hurting me with its claws.
Meaning: Portrays an evil friend of hers whose spiritual insolence hurts me a lot. Don't keep bad company! (1 Cor 15:33.)

Selling Our Home
2) Selling our home
In this dream we needed to sell our home – presumably to raise some money to keep going. I was thinking of trying to sell it privately, to economise on costs. (Estate Agents can take a huge 'whack'!) But as I was considering this, someone just 'happened' to come along and wanted to buy it. I was amazed! God must have sent this person, because it was most unexpected and unlikely, otherwise!
Meaning: The financial vacuum in which we operate. The only way we can be delivered is through God's supernatural means. Although He moves people in this, it is His miraculous intervention and moving of events that achieves the otherwise impossible in this Work for Him.

About A Charismatic Church
7th April 2004. M. Abundant Life Christian Fellowship
I was walking along a roadway with many other people on it, going towards a building at the end. It reminded me of Psalm 55:14 which relates about going with many others to the house of God to worship.

A bit further along this road, on the left [the left depicts a liberal slant in belief and practice] we passed a lovely weeping willow tree outside a bungalow. The tree was lit up at night and looked very attractive.

We went a bit further and had to go on the grass verge for a while [depicts how we will be prevented from continuing the same way by secular powers shortly]. I stooped down under some overhanging branches at this point, and in the darkness I could see a peacock very close in front and slightly to my right [the coming physical restitution of what we have forfeited to do this work].

After passing him, I was able to go back onto the road and up the few steps to this building. My mother was standing right in the middle of the doorway, as if wanting to be noticed by everyone that went inside [portraying a wrong spiritual approach]. That's where the dream ended.

Meaning: We happened to see on BBC1 last night, a programme by Rick Wakeman entitled Jesus Who? about some aspects of Christianity in Britain. On this programme there was coverage of a large church in Bradford, pastored by Paul Scanlon at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship.

This church is a modern, popular charismatic church which 'boasts' a weekly offering in their Sunday services of £600,000! (Perhaps that was a unique occasion.) It is popular, because he has portrayed Jesus to others in a very appealing manner.

Thousands attend because of the uplift and enjoyment they derive from the worship, as well as the spiritual food he provides to them in an environment that is pretty much a spiritual desert.

This is the weeping willow tree depicted in the dream.

But this church is not without some massive drawbacks.

1) Firstly, the pastor has become centre-stage. HE takes Jesus' place, although he would think he doesn't because he lifts Jesus up verbally and gives Him glory with his lips. The transfer has taken place because of the format of worship, which is another variant of the 'us-and-them' situation.

2) On stage is a group or band with electric guitars and modern musical equipment, with polished professional musical presentation and singers ('worship leaders'). The congregation expressively joins in. It's nothing unusual for most modern charismatic and evangelical churches, and not to be decried. True worship takes place.

But, it is slick marketing and most people don't see this. It's not much different from Nicky Gumbel's Alpha Course which has found wide appeal and acceptance. But God showed me what HE thinks of it in a dream. (Related in the leaflet, The Alpha Course.) Just because people like it doesn't mean God doesn't want something better.

3) The result of this looking to the pastor and elevating him is a church congregation with only a partial appreciation of God's Word and of Christian practice. It is limited by what the pastor understands and accepts. His teaching and practice is too liberal. Hence the dream portrayed this lovely willow tree being on the left along the way.

4) The people are not being prepared for the Great Tribulation that is looming on the horizon, and which will probably be upon us before this warning has reached all ears to which it needs to go! These people are being prepared as a flock for the slaughter! (See the leaflet, Preparing A Flock For Slaughter.) Like Judah of old was taken captive by the Babylonians, and sat disconsolate under the weeping willows of Babylons gardens (Ps 137), so these people will suffer a similar fate under Britain's modern captors.

Paul Scanlon needs to give his flock a different emphasis, one which prepares them for hard times ahead, in which they will be prepared to suffer for Christ, not merely enjoy Him in the physical.

10th April 2004. D's car damages our wall
In this dream, our three cars were in our driveway, pointing outwards, towards the road, ready to go. D's car was there also, but at an oblique angle, pointing inwards, towards our front door, between the first and second cars.
The first car left and went out onto the road [symbolises the literature outreach that has already taken place]. The next car was readying to leave and Helena was to drive this one. But D's car was blocking the drive. I wanted to go and move it but I was inside the house and could only look on from there. D had to move it, but instead of getting into the car, he 'drove' it without sitting inside. Somehow (you can only do this in a dream!) he started it and drove it backwards while standing outside it. Then he revved it up, as if he was about to turn the engine off. But the car was still in gear and it accelerated and smashed into our wall behind it, damaging the wall and radiator on it. (In the dream this wall was where a green Leyland hedge is at the side of the property.)
I was aghast and went to look at the damage. I was really upset. It looked like £500-worth of damage had been done.
Meaning: The direction of the cars represents the spiritual direction of our lives.
The first car represents the literature outreach which we are engaged in. The 2nd car is the next phase of this work in which Helena will figure prominently – the public witness. The 3rd car is another phase after that, reaching others with the gospel truths.
Personal character traits or approaches can damage our work / assets. People in touch with us must behave responsibly, or their selfish / foolish actions will impact our 'wall'.

9th May 2004. M. Careful!
Someone came along and made a big splash in our swimming pool. [We don't have a swimming pool; it is an allegory of our area of activity.] He splashed two lovely pieces of furniture and I was very concerned. I didn't want to see them get damaged.

But It's Not All Bad News!
2nd April 2004. M. New pair of shoes
This dream was very short. I was giving a new pair of brown leather shoes to someone. They were very high quality and really comfortable – lovely to wear.
Meaning: S D wrote from Ethiopia, asking for literature. I sent him our A5 leaflets which outline the spiritual way to walk, and refer people to other literature.
I couldn't help thinking how few are those who respond! But because they are few, they are very special in God's eyes. If there's only one person responding, God gives us a dream about that one person. Doesn't that show God’s individual care and attention?!

Islam To Be Challenged by What's Coming
14th April 2004. M. ‘Invading’ Islam
In this dream I was driving down a road. There was a sharp bend in the road [sudden change of direction for us] and at this point I saw a gateway into a property where there was a gravel forecourt and people all standing around in (mainly) two circles going through their religious ceremonies. In my car I zoomed around on the gravel. The people all stood and stared at me doing this. (The gravel was of large stones, so I felt that you had to keep moving fast.) The place obviously had a lot of money behind it!
Meaning: Probably a pictorial representation of Islam or some other religions to which many people subscribe. Hence their wealth and the opulent looking places where they can meet. The car zooming around depicts the fast moving pace of events to come shortly and the public witness surrounding miracles of raising the dead, which they will all see. God will witness to all people trapped by false religions!

Unexpected Things Will Happen
15th April 2004. M. The human tram
Helena and I were a tram. No, I didn't make a mistake. We were not IN a tram, we WERE a tram, in this dream. We were going through a public place, as if it were Aylesbury town centre. Many people were milling about in the shopping mall. At some point, I sounded the horn, blurting out the noise from my mouth. "What a peculiar dream!" I thought.
Meaning: The dream was fulfilled a few days later when Zenya's car was involved in a collision with another car, during the busiest time of day, coming back from Aylesbury. I went to the scene of the accident and, more than half an hour later, was involved in giving a very strong verbal warning to various people, including two recovery drivers and the police, about the deceit and malpractice they were fostering in the way they wanted to deal with the situation. That was the loud noise which I blurted out of my mouth.

19th April 2004. M. The door bell rang
A 'wake up call', that what we have been waiting for is imminent.

20th April 2004. M. Look forward to Jesus' rule
Kassahun had read something I had written. It was about the Millennium. He commented on the scripture which I had used in the piece, and asked whether people would lose their individuality in the Millennium. He thought the scripture meant that they would, but I explained that it didn't mean that exactly, but was to show how people will be so obedient in that time when Jesus rules the whole world.
Perhaps it is a reminder to look forward when troubles come heavy upon us, so that we can look up as it says in Luke 21, to keep our eyes on Jesus and His deliverance. Despite the horrors of this world’s Tribulation and anguish, we must look beyond, so we are not discouraged in doing God’s work.

Did You Kill The Lady?
24th April 2004. M. It was as if I had killed a lady. Although it seemed as though I had done this, actually the real culprit was not me. The blame lay with someone else. But I wondered how I could avoid being blamed for the ‘crime’. The body lay in this lifeless state for about 7 days. I was concerned and not happy with this situation, because I didn’t want to be charged. Then someone put the body in a body bag.
Meaning: The lady is someone who has helped us substantially – so much so that she is effectively ‘dead’ in financial terms, having given up all her financial lifeblood. The seven days depicts the time lag that we perceive between the ‘death’ or loss of the physical and the restoration from God which is to follow. It shows God’s perfect oversight or control of the situation. (We can’t see that, however, from our perspective. We have to walk by faith.)

Don't Let The Negative Hide The Positive
25th April 2004. M. Security guard
Helena was talking to a security guard on our patio and discussing something with him. He was looking at the surface, not too happy with it, but I joked that at least it wasn’t covered with cow dung like some farmyards are. He seemed a bit more positive after that.
I suggested that
Helena took him into the cellar and showed him that. As they went, Tonya came upstairs dressed in shorts and carrying a bowl of food. Apparently she had been having a work-out there.
I was doing other things then, running up the stairs time and again. I felt my legs getting really tired! [Things can tire you out.]

5th May 2004. M.
Vision of lovely flowers in flower borders
At midnight I had just finished work for the day, writing Guidelines For Evangelists. As I lay down to go to sleep, I saw a vision of lovely flowers. I believe they depict the many beautiful people whose lives will be changed as a result of this writing God has had me do. Praise God!

6th May 2004. M. 2) We were occupying a new place
It was on a corner, highly visible to passers-by. It was spacious and open. There was a large area of gravel for parking. Richard was parking his van against a fence. He was backing up to the fence looking out of his right window, but couldn't see on his left that the rear of his vehicle was already touching the fence. He continued backing up, much to my dismay, and damaged the fence. I berated him mildly about it. "That will cost us £10 - £15!"

7th May 2004. M. Kxxxx Mxxxy turned up and said "Hello, do you remember me?"
Some people who were in contact with us at one time, but who dropped away, will be back in touch again. But their approach is self-centred.

15th May 2004. M. Oxxx Wxxxxx visited us. [This former friend will be in touch with us in the future.]

10th May 2004. M. We acquire three more trees
A lady offered us some small trees she had grown in pots. They were young trees and needed growing on. There were two silver birches and a tree I had not seen before, a Gregory Tree [Gregory means ‘watchful’.] I was more keen to have the latter than I was the former. The birches were still beautiful, though.
I knew that I would have to pay and I didn't want to be stingy or appear mean. But we just don't have money to spare, so we have to be very careful how it is used. I thought of declining, but really I couldn't. So we accepted them. Although I was glad to have them, I was very aware of the cost. [About the cost of helping new people.]
At some point I also 'moaned' about how stingy some people are. [By the road outside our house,
Helena puts potted plants for people's gardens. People can decide how much to give for them. There is a small pot for donations. It is noticeable how stingy some people are!]
Meaning: It is an allegory of the cost to our ministry of accepting people to help them grow. The cost in providing them with help and publications is high. Even though we can't really afford it, we take on such propositions.
The 'moaning' about how others are stingy towards us reflects the lack of generosity in most who make contact with us. (We have to lop off our mailing list those in western countries who should be contributing something but who don't. Do they think plants just appear in pots by themselves!?)

The Antiquated Church (In Africa)
13th May 2004. M. The antiquated woman
In this dream there was a fat, overweight woman, living in an old house. There seemed to be a man living there as well, although he was not focused on in the dream. The house needed work doing to it.
I was trying to replace some roofing tiles which covered a ledge on the outside wall. I had to really stretch to try to do this. As I did so, the length of tiles, cemented together, broke. I told the woman that there was little point in putting them back anyway, since there were not functional really, they were more for appearance. We could waterproof the ledge with bitumen.
The woman rambled on a bit. She was totally out of touch with reality, because she was referring to Winston Churchill as if he were still around.
Meaning: The antiquated Church. So behind the times. Ministering to these people is like in the dream – you really have to stretch to reach out to them, yet there's not much you can do with them. [Refers to many in African countries.]
The obesity of the woman represents laziness and / or poor understanding or knowledge. (People can be fat because they are lazy, but equally there are other reasons, such as hormonal imbalances, often caused by poor quality food or other factors outside their own control.)

Thanks, I Could Do With That!
14th May 2004. M. Cheque book returned
Someone found my cheque book and put it through our letterbox. There was £1,000 in the account, so I was glad that they were honest.
Whoever it was came in a small black car, like a Fiat. As I looked out of the window, I saw the car leaving, turning to the left. There must have been four people in it, but the only one I saw was one young man in the back seat on the right. He was looking to the left as the car pulled away.
Meaning: The cheque book being returned represents how others have stolen from us but that money will come.
Interestingly, it will come from people in the world (not so much from the Church), symbolised by the black car with four people in it. But they may not want to get close to us, or subscribe to all we say, hence they keep their distance.
The anonymity of such people may be depicted by the fact that I didn't get to meet them. I could only see one young man from a distance. That may have meaning.

Obstructions Posed By Churches
22nd May 2004. M.  1) Weaving our way
In this dream I was weaving my way through a car park where cars were parked in all directions, higgledy-piggledy, haphazardly, all over the place. I had to drive slowly to avoid all the obstacles that these cars presented.
Meaning: The way we have had to weave our way through all the obstacles that have confronted us in our ministry. The other cars represent churches and ministries which are without proper direction, not facing the right way.

2) What is wrong with the Sikh religion
A number of Sikhs were sitting in a little group, talking amongst themselves. They were a clique. Then another Sikh rode past on a motorbike, but he was from a different group. He didn't greet the ones sitting, nor did they greet him. They just ignored each other.
It was impressed in my spirit that there was factionalism here, not unity. That division was caused by national or ethnic differences. One Sikh did not recognise the other because they were from different cultural backgrounds.

Then the Spirit of God pointed out what was wrong with Sikhism. It is an attempt to approach the divine without the essentials of truth to enable man to find God. These are:
1) The recognition of our own sinfulness.
2) The acknowledgement of our need for a Saviour to pay the price of those sins so that we could come into God's presence; without this there can be no promise of eternal life.

Sikhism is an ideology based upon human works that denies the Divine by its very nature. It claims it doesn't need God in the way God declares in the Bible that we DO need Him:
1) To show us our sinfulness; to bring us to repentance.
2) To make atonement for our sins. To redeem us from death.
3) To provide a holy Spirit that can enable us to be freed from the bondage of sin in our lives.

Money Buys Power In Britain
23rd May 2004. M. Corrupt election practices. Money 'talks'
Someone had complained about the canvassing practices of a politician prior to the upcoming elections. This man had effectively bought his way into the position with money. He pumped loads of money into his publicity campaign, and when that ran out he wheeled another £60,000 into the campaign HQ. Others could not compete because they didn't have anything like as much money to buy their prominence.
Andrew Marr had commentated on this for the BBC News. While he was still sitting in the building after making his report, I complained equally loudly about this corruption that passes as acceptable. But I concluded my discourse, rather like he did, phlegmatically, that there is nothing we can do about it. It's the way the corrupt system operates in which we live.
Meaning: 'Money talks'. A picture of how money buys influence and power in this evil society in which we live. Those who are in power – primarily politicians, but also pop icons and film stars whose wealth has bought them status and influence – are not those best qualified to govern.
The amount of £60,000 denotes human evil (6) x 10 (man's number) x 10 x 10 x 10. Ten used four times is a summation or expression of that evil in the entire world (4).
In other words, money is used as the main bargaining force in evil human society throughout the world.       

The Self-Willed Reject God & Truth
1st Jan 2004. M. Richard and our car
Richard was doing some maintenance work on our car [symbol of our ministry], which was a Vauxhall. He was changing the cam belt or something similar. I was talking with an expert on the phone about it [symbolic of getting the correct instructions from God], and He said that there should be two nuts on the end of the shaft, not merely one, otherwise the job couldn’t be done. I then went outside and looked. There had only been one nut, but Richard had undone it, without first checking what the correct procedure should be. He had ‘done his own thing’. I saw the camshaft leaning at an angle and knew that the engine was now ruined and our car was useless. I asked him whether he still had the other camshaft we took off our old Vauxhall. He didn’t. It had been thrown away. I could only feel very disappointed.
Meaning: An allegory of the damage Richard has caused our ministry over the past 10 years.

17th January 2004. H. Friend steeped in idolatry
My daughter is helping her friend to understand God. While he wanted her company he didn’t want God. Now God is challenging his false ideology inspired by demons through the friendship. False ideology becomes a huge idol, as they bow down to this false god the true God is pushed away.

Police, Police, Police
27th Jan 2004. M. Unfair treatment
I went to buy some items of underwear in a shop. Wanting to be private, I put the items over my shoulder but under my jacket where they could not be seen. When I came to the check-out I couldn't remember for a moment where I had placed them. Then I remembered, and took them out in full view of the shop assistant. She thought I was trying to conceal things like a shoplifter would, and wanted me to go into a little room where I could be searched. But I refused. I protested that I wasn't hiding them out of sight from a wrong motive and that I wasn't concealing other things. "Would I bring this out in full view and hide other things there as well?" Of course not! But she wasn't satisfied. I looked all over the package to see what the price was, but that was concealed. So, she wasn't being fair with me. I gave her £20 to pay for the items and waited for the change, but she refused to give me any. I felt cheated and insulted! First I was insulted that she would be suspicious of my motives. I wasn't trying to do anything underhand. She was accusing me falsely. I was also annoyed that she wouldn't give me any change and refused to be co-operative. Although I asked for my £20 note back, she held onto it. I felt so frustrated!

Meaning: An allegory of the way the police look at me. They think I am involved in some underhand activity. I am not. Their surveillance of us is unreasonable, but they are determined to find fault. In their pursuit of their wrong suspicions they treat me unfairly, take away my rights, and freeze my money.

I am writing this on 27th Jan, the morning after God gave the dream. It is a testimony against the police who will come against me and my family in due course, as God has revealed in many dreams. Why will they do this and why will God allow it? To expose the wrong motives behind many criminal investigations, which too often target the wrong person. Why do they often target the wrong person? Because of pressures put upon them by government to bring down crime rates. It's harder to catch the hardened career criminal, so they come against the soft options, the people who are law-abiding but whom they can catch out on technicalities and get prosecuted on trivia. It increases their 'success rate' and makes the figures look good.

What is so wrong with this type of prosecution and victimisation is that it completely fails to take into account the true motives of the individual and WHY he does what he does.

We see a similar abuse of power in the operation of speeding fines. Prosecution takes no account of all relevant circumstances, nor motives – why someone is breaking the speed limit. Often it is a simple oversight, an innocent slip-up, a mistake that has harmed no-one, but for which the 'offender' is punished severely.

God wants to highlight the abuse of power going on in too many instances by police utterly failing to perceive or care about the motives of decent people who end up trapped by the law for having committed some offence of which they are totally unaware. They had no intention of being lawless, but some fault-finding officers are intent on prosecuting for prosecution's sake, not for the sake of justice. Such abuse is very hurtful and damaging to the victims. And, so much of this may be going on that the frustration underneath that it is producing in society may soon come to the boil and erupt into a wave of rebellion against the police and their maintenance of law and order. Anarchy can be the result!

6th March 2004. M. A large animal shoved me from behind. It was very provocative and aggressive.
Meaning: Police – how they behave.

17th March 2004. M. Police blocking some of our e-mails
In this dream some e-mails were not arriving in our mail box. It seemed that ones with the word ‘police’ in them were being intercepted and were being prevented from reaching us.
Meaning: The dream depicts police interference with some of our activities. Actually, this sort of thing is illicit, but it goes on because police power is unchallengeable when it goes unseen.

25th March 2004. M. 1) Police car
I was travelling down a three-lane highway, behind some other vehicles. There was a police car up front on the left and I took notice of it. I was watching it. The queue of traffic passed it with our car behind. We were the last vehicle in this queue. I was trying to slow down and had to keep braking, so as not to get stopped by the police car.
With the police car now behind us, I was conscious of the fact that he was now watching us instead of us watching him.
Also, as the dream ended, it was impressed on me in the spirit that they will be concerned about the publication Listening To God. They will know that God speaks to us!

The Flock Held in Check by Fears
30th May 2004. Pentecost. M. Several dreams
1) Delay. I had to make a gate for a sheep pen. But I got held up and couldn't get to it in time. By the time I arrived, all the sheep were dead. They had been worried to death by dogs. I think there were about 50 sheep there.
Meaning: The delay we have experienced, that seems so tragic from a human perspective (and yet, God has a purpose for it). The sheep represent believers, as in John 10. The gate represents the truth in Jesus. In this allegory it also depicts the protection that He can provide.
Dogs are false ministers – who do not provide what people need spiritually. People are held inside their sheep pen (church) by very subtle psychological controls, one of which is fear. But fear does not lead to freedom. It can lead to death.
50 represents release, a reminder of the Jubilee, and therefore the total freedom which God can give. The prophet – who opens the gate in Jn 10:3 (see NIV – ‘watchman’) – has what is needed to bring those sheep protection. But, as in former times, prophets' work is hindered by false ministers and the lack of desire on the part of the sheep to hear what he's got to say. Sheep have a tendency to run away from the one they consider a stranger!

Money Needed: God Will Provide
2) £85,000
. Someone gave us this amount to enable this part of God's Work to continue.
Meaning: 85 = 17 (deliverance and healing) x 5 (God's preparation / grace). The thousands represent a large amount.

3) Kassahun sent me a roll of £50 notes. There were 85 of them! I was astonished.
Meaning: The numeric symbol depicts deliverance and healing (17) that God can bring once His preparation (5) is complete. 5 x 17 = 85. Like the previous dream, God confirms why He will bring money into this ministry. It's not because of us but because of Him and what He is doing through us to deliver others. Kassahun is featured because much release can come due to his dedication.

4) V. A personal dream.

Inconsiderateness Hurts Us & Harms Our Work For God
1st June 2004. M. Xxxxxxx turned up, but did not want to come and see us. Instead, he just left a brief note to say that he had been. He went to his room to get what he wanted. He also took my car keys, thinking they were for his, but they weren't. If only he had asked, I could have given him the car he wanted. But he left without saying a thing to us, nor leaving a contact address or even phone number. I was frustrated and annoyed, because I couldn't contact him to let him know that I did have all that he was looking for but wasn't able to find on his own.
Besides that great disappointment, we had to bear the frustrations of the inconvenience we were put through because he had taken the keys to our car.
Meaning: The character traits being portrayed here in symbol are of someone who is:
1) fiercely independent,
2) selfish and self-willed,
3) inconsiderate and thoughtless.
Although it portrays a particular person we know, it also applies to others who can harm and hinder us by their selfish attitude and approach.

Next Phase of This Work
4th June 2004. M. 2 dreams
1) Building again. In this dream I had to go back to building. The first thought that came to mind was about pricing. That was always a difficult part of the task. But somehow that was taken care of. The other aspect which the dream conveyed was how I felt inadequate and unqualified to do the job.
Meaning: I used to be a builder before God ushered me into this Work for Him. The dream doesn't convey me literally having to go back to the job in the physical, but is allegoric of what is coming – having to do more mundane work to build up the House of God again.
It is a prelude to the new phase of our work for God.

2) Car abandoned
At night, someone had abandoned his car on the right hand side of the road on a left hand bend. [On the wrong side of the road depicts his spiritual position – he has not yet come to fully embrace God's will properly. A bend to the left depicts heading towards liberal tendencies, as opposed to more strict obedience – which turning to the right would portray.]  I had the same model, and my key worked his, too. [The key is symbolic of what you need to have from God to keep going and do His Work.]
I used my key to get the car going, and went off to someone's place (it seemed to be an institution of some sort like an old people's home, or similar). I picked up a computer and printer. Then I went and did some other things with it (this part was vague).
Since the owner was coming back for his car the next morning, I was fully intending to return the car. Then the thought occurred to me – and I was given a fearful feeling – "what if he comes back for his car before I return it, and he finds it missing and reports it stolen to the police?" For a moment I sensed the fear that such a situation would engender.
Meaning: The car in this dream represents our means of 'going' (getting the job done) in this work – in the physical this is primarily finance. Presently it is in someone else's possession, but it is rightly ours also, hence my key could work his car too. The key also represents rightful ownership – rights and privileges given by God to achieve the task.
The person who currently owns the car is not in the full will of God. He has turned to the left (liberal, lawless – this is a spiritual attitude being conveyed here) and he needs to change his position and direction. Hence his car has stopped and he has had to abandon it. But we have the God-given prerogative to move forward, so God has provided us with finance to move ahead. We are on the move again.
The fear which God portrayed me experiencing is what would naturally occur to someone who finds himself in the difficult position of being accused of breaking the law – even though his motives are the opposite, and he is rightly entitled by God to use the car.

Many Christians Don't Want All Truth
5th June 2004. M. Christians who don't want all truth
Bxxxx Sxxxx came to me, asking whether I had an old bit of second-hand carpet that he could have. I always want to help if I can, so I said "yes, I've got this old bit of orangy-red stuff; it's only about four feet wide though. I always keep bits and pieces; they're always useful to put in a shed or something."
Meaning: This person is someone whom we knew from the past and whom we have not seen for many years. He was part of the Salvation Army and wanted to be hired as a preacher in their church, but he didn't get the position. The second hand carpet represents his lack of desire for the 'new' things to him, such as Sabbaths, holy days, etc. He only wants to retain the handed down traditions of the mainline church to which he belongs.
The dream shows that he will make contact with us (many will, after the outpouring of miraculous power makes us household names), but will not want to accept all truth.

The Wonderful Helpful Woman
6th June 2004. M. Helpful woman
A coloured woman was assisting me. She was very helpful. She would arrange meetings, organise all the details for me and make all the necessary arrangements. She was really efficient, a terrific help! She was coloured – dark brown skin, not very black, and had unusual features. Facially, she was not attractive.
Meaning: Jesus was not physically or facially attractive. But He had wonderful love and care for people, and was very efficient. He would never let anyone down. He was so reliable. The woman probably depicts a person who has these godly qualities and traits who will help us in the future perhaps in Africa.

A Person's Depraved Spiritual State
7th June 2004. M. Depravity in the old stately home
In this dream I was going with someone else to an old stately home. The person accompanying me on this visit first took me into a large bedroom. A big double bed was in the middle and a young woman was still in bed even though it was 9 in the morning. She was not covered by bedclothes, and with her back to me, she was somewhat exposed. In her state of half-sleep she tried to cover herself up.

I thought to myself, she must be tired from her sex session the night before. [You have to understand that the imagery God uses, while it may be graphic, is designed to get across some very serious points by allegory. The dream conveys this person's state of spiritual slumber and inactivity – tired. Illicit sexual activity is used in Scripture (primarily in Revelation) to portray wrong spiritual relationships. Sex is special and is only to be shared between husband and wife. The woman in this instance represents someone called to be part of the Bride of Christ, and who should wake up, become actively doing what Jesus wants, to prepare to be married to Him at His coming.]

The grand stately home in this dream was big and old. [It depicts this person's spiritual background; the part of the Church where they have come from. It is antiquated.] Amongst its grandiose features was a big arch (possibly Victorian or Edwardian) standing on some pillars which this person was wanting to show me. He or she was rather proud of it. But, I commented that I had one of those in our place, too, so it was nothing to be proud about.

On my way out, I noticed some dreadful stains on a carpet in the hallway. They were like water stains, but were very dirty, as if dirty water had been leaking in through the roof. [Roof depicts our spiritual covering of protection. The stains represent demonic influences in this person's spiritual house.]

Meaning: Besides the meaning in square brackets. God wants to point out spiritual aspects to this person (he wrote to me and his letter arrived in the post a couple of hours after God gave me the dream). Pride is one of those. Pride in what he believes. He thinks he has special spiritual knowledge or understanding that few others have. He thinks he is special because of that.

He also has become inert – not doing all that he should be doing in his spiritual life and outreach. Jesus wants to wake him up and get him out of his spiritual bed – which may represent the place where he is content to stay, spiritually speaking.

He doesn't accept 'our' literature can teach him anything.

Struggling to Keep Going
11th June 2004. M. 1) Engine trouble
In this dream, water was spurting out of the engine in our car [symbolises our ministry and our means of 'going']. It was on its last 'legs'. I knew it would pack up shortly, so I drove it round the back, hopeful to get it to its resting place or destination before it finally gave out. I succeeded.
Meaning: A major change will come to our ministry in due course, as many other dreams have portrayed, but before it can come, the present situation will continue for a while longer until it appears to others as though we are finished, and cannot continue.

Jesse Duplantis Ministries
2) No help or acceptance here
I was walking down the road. It was early morning and still dark [symbol of how the world we live in needs light]. Although I had no trousers on, I was not too bothered. [Perhaps an allegory of how I am not prepared for what is coming. Or it depicts how we have gone without personal things to do this work of God.] At least I had underwear on! I tried to thumb a lift but there were few cars on the road and no one stopped. [Depicts our lack of help from others. Most don't care and don't help us.] So I just kept walking. [We must not give up. It's a heavenly assignment.]
When I arrived at the place where I was visiting, I was tired. There was a baby or child sleeping in the front room, but I asked the man if he could let me rest there anyway. He refused. He didn't want me. I accepted the fact and set off to walk the long way back home again. It was a fruitless visit.
Meaning: It depicts the response we get from most people and ministries. A circular letter arrived in the post today from Jesse Duplantis Ministries. The dream depicts what is coming – their lack of response to what I will send them following their missive today. [See page 194, 21st June, Helena's dream.]
[After this dream, I wrote to them to point out their inadequate and incomplete theology, and sure enough, just as God predicted, they didn't reply. They didn't want to know!]

3) Tonya's hat pin
I held a curious round looking object in my hands. There was something bright and colourful hidden in the side of it, and I wondered what it was. Then someone told me it was a hat pin. So, I suppose the object I was holding was a hat.
Meaning: Something special in the future? (When I was a boy, ladies attending church or special occasions used to wear hats with highly colourful hat pins in them. The pins were often decorated with beautiful coloured feathers.) [After this dream, Tonya wrote a letter to someone who was giving us grief. Her letter silenced this critic.]  

14th June 2004. M. A new situation
It seemed as though I was in Australia. Some people I knew formerly while in College, who then went on to serve as ministers, were in this situation. Brian Orchard was one.
Then I asked about Ron Stoddart who served in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Someone said he had gone to Australia, and was now either assisting Brian, or was nearby. They made contact with us or were coming towards us. [This probably depicts a spiritual move towards what we teach. Perhaps it also means that they will literally get in touch.]
I noticed that Ron was allowing Charles Hunting in, and I was very disturbed by that. [Charles Hunting was a false minister in the old WCG. He was a very prominent figure, with dominant, flamboyant personality. He was a very impressive individual, humanly. I don't think the dream means that Hunting will literally visit. He's probably no longer alive. More likely, it means that Ron is leaning too much in the direction of trying to impress others through personality – perhaps to gain influence, or to retain a job – instead of giving people the purest truth available. Or perhaps it alludes to liberalism.]
Then I was in a large auditorium with a lot of other people. I was seated alongside others this time, not shoved to the back and ignored. I had opportunity to be heard (which is new!). [After we become well known through the miracles which God will do, people will listen to us for a change.]
Sam Kneller came into the situation and said that he needed funds to survive. Could anyone offer him a loan? No one else seemed willing, but I cared, and I reached into my wallet and took out a brand new £10 note. I was glad to help him, but he didn't seem that appreciative. [10 is the number of man and reliance upon man. It probably symbolises his humanistic approach. But such an approach does not rely upon God, but upon people. The new note represents new funds which will come to us. The willingness depicts what is in my heart. But the response is often not what one would hope for.]

Tassel: Representing Ritualism
16th June 2004. M. 1) The tassel which Mxxxxx gave us
Mxxxxx gave us a massive tassel that was about a foot long and broad!
Meaning: A tassel is a symbol of ritualistic religion. When God wanted to remind Israel of His laws, He instructed them to tie tassels on their robes, so they would not forget (Num 15:38-40). More about this is mentioned in The Woman Question pages 45-49. Ritualism is idolatry.
The size of the tassel that he gave us in this dream depicts his flamboyant personality. He is a show off and wants to impress. But such an approach is empty and doesn't impress God.

People's 'Help' is Often a Hindrance!
2) The expensive bank account
Someone (an unconverted, rebellious person we know) had opened a bank account for us. He made out that he was doing us a favour. He had got an overdraft facility on the account, and I thought "Oh, good; that will be really useful!" But I found out later that the bank was charging us a horrendous interest rate! It was no favour at all!
Meaning: The person depicted in the dream represents another (or others) who should have His Spirit and truly help us. But because they lack His Spirit and don't exercise love as they should, what they do to 'help' actually harms our ministry. We can do without help like that!

Mixed Up Person!
17th June 2004. M. Rxx Pxxxxxson wrote to me
With his letter was a diagram which had a square on it and all sorts of notes around it. It seemed to be his plan, but I couldn't make sense of it. He asked me in his letter to provide him with four film screens. (He seemed to think that I had the ability to provide anything almost instantly!) His letter was sent one day, but didn't arrive the next. It came two or three days later, but he expected me to have provided him with the screens the very next day! [Perhaps an allegory of a personal trait of being demanding – people like that are intolerant of others and want what they want immediately.]
I asked Miss Jackson to have a look at R's diagram and see if she could understand it. She got down really close to have a look, but what she said was what I knew already. She couldn't add anything to help us understand what he was on about. [This may be a parody of how mixed up he is, spiritually.]
People who are selfish and demanding end up mixed up. Deception follows in the wake of selfishness and rebellion.

Proud People
21st June 2004. M. The neglected cats
I was in another home / building. It was from about the sixties because one wall was a timber frame painted white with glass from floor to ceiling. At the bottom of this frame was a small pane of glass about four times as big as a cat flap. As I opened it, I said to someone, "Hey, the pussies can come in through here!" (I am fond of cats.) Just as I said this, a couple of cats appeared and bolted in, (and there seemed to be others in the background that I could not see). I was a bit taken aback. They had been left by the previous owner of the house. They were very hungry and thin, and delighted in the new attention they felt they could now receive!
Meaning: A letter came after this dream, from someone who was in the WCG (symbolised by the rather old-fashioned white painted glass frame), who seemed hungry for more of God, and who oversees a group of about 12 people from that background.
Unfortunately, as things progressed, it turned out that this man and those with him were very proud. Their pride prevented them receiving more truth. (More on this on p 185.)

North Scotland
23rd June 2004. M. In the north of Scotland
I was reaching out to people in the north of Scotland. They lived in a small place. We were able to take them a wide screen for their TV.
Meaning: The wide screen represents increasing their scope or breadth of vision. This was fulfilled a short while later when some of our literature went to the Far North.

Some Things Ahead
25th June 2004. M. 1) For Helena. (Personal dream.)

2) I was in a car, travelling. This time, however, I was not driving. I was reclining in the back seat. Jxxx was also in the car and as I lay back there was some light-hearted banter between us. The car was divided down the middle. Through the centre from front to back was a partition, and we could not see the people on the other side of this divide but we could hear them and they could hear us. So I had to be careful that my words didn't sound arrogant, cocky, or not fitting in some way, lest they got the wrong impression.
Meaning: The car depicts our 'going', i.e. the work of God in which we are all involved. Jxxx was an old friend from our former church. We understand each other well because of that background and, since we were friends before, you tend to joke more with friends than with new people. But joking can often sound arrogant or cocky to others who don't understand in what vein things are being said.
The divide represents the division that exists between those who keep the Sabbaths in the Church and those with the Spirit who don't, such as charismatics. (People who don't observe God's Sabbaths may have the Spirit when their lack of observance is not deliberate rebellion, but due to wrong teaching which gives them misunderstandings.)
The dream may also show how others DO regard me as arrogant for stating that I am a prophet. (I can only say what my function is in the Body!) I also tend to joke and poke fun, and that can be misunderstood, too.
The dream depicts a future phase of outreach, and some things in overview to do with it.

The 'Dead' SDAs and 'Sabbatarians'
27th June 2004. M. The Dead SDA or Sabbatarian Church
In this dream I was in a large building being used by the Seventh Day Adventist church or others who were Sabbatarians. A meeting of hundreds or even thousands was in progress, but not much was happening [a spiritual allegory]. I was standing at a higher level, looking down upon all this. It was clear that the Holy Spirit was not present.

I wanted to blurt out aloud for everyone there to hear, "You need the Holy Spirit! You need to be baptised in the Spirit!"

As much as there was a desperate need among them for the Spirit of God, which they were not even aware that they were lacking, I knew that any such outburst would not achieve its object. The people aren't listening and the leadership would have smothered my attempt to wake them up. It would have had the opposite effect to that desired. On the other hand, I knew that if I was invited to speak on their platform, that I would stand a far better chance of getting through to them. So I desisted from any proclamation on that occasion.

In the next scene, Helena and I were walking down an aisle in this vast meeting hall, looking for our seats. When we found them, about half way to the back, next to the aisle, I showed Helena and she sat there. But I had more work to do, so I went straight out to the back of the hall, to get on with my next assignment.

Then the scene suddenly changed. There were five cars following mine down the road, keen to get to the new destination I was taking them to. You could sense their excitement, anticipation and hunger for more of the things of God. That was good! In front, right behind me (a bit too close at times), was a woman driving a VW Scirrocco. She was a really go-ahead type.

Behind her car was a man driving a family saloon, then two other similar cars behind him, and finally in the rear a modern bubble car that was not really stable on the road at speed. These cars were keen to move ahead, and overtake whatever they might come up behind. [This part of the dream depicts God's preparation with these groups, who will learn from us, and be keen to move ahead in the things of the Spirit, which they have been denied for so long in their lifeless groups.]

At some point in all this, Helena was very concerned that I might be overtaxing myself. She said "But you've got cancer of the ........ You should be taking it easy." I said, "No, I've got cancer of the ....... (a lesser thing.) Don't worry, I'll be OK."

Meaning: The dream portrays the deadness of the major Sabbatarian churches, who are here all lumped together as one. They don't accept the baptism in the Spirit to bring spiritual gifts to all the people. And they are so tightly controlled, that the leadership don't permit any such new truth to penetrate and benefit members. [Hierarchic domination is an evil that prevents God working amongst His people. The truth on church government is explained in God's Church – Whose Authority?]

The five cars depict those who are learning from us and who are moving ahead. At that point in the dream there was a real excitement amongst these people, and they put out a lot of effort to drive a long way to arrive at the destination where I was taking them. It portrays in allegory their willingness to learn and hunger for more of God, despite how difficult it is in the physical to 'get there'.

I do have cancer, but it's only benign, and I don't worry about it, because my life is in God's hands. He will heal me of it. I must be busy about the Father's business.

The bubble car was a bright colour like an orange-red. It represents a person we know. All the others overtook it, so it was last in line. Travelling along at speed it was very unstable, and meandered all over the place. [His spiritual state.] But I think the dream holds out hope that he will come through eventually.

The Proud People Again
28th June 2004. M. (Sequel to dream of 21st June. M. ) What's wrong with Pxxxx Jxxxx' group
I went to a small house down a narrow country lane. It was a place out 'in the sticks'. [Depicts how these people are cut off, and isolated spiritually.] I can't recall my reason for going there in the first place, except that it was part of our outreach. After talking to the young woman who lived there, as I was walking away I thought to myself, "I should have asked her if she had any work for me, while I was there."

So I turned around and went back. I offered my building services, but she declined. She said their improvements had been done already and my services were not required. [They were too proud to accept what God has given to us.] But in her 'generosity' she brought out a box and offered me used sandpaper [that's pretty useless and depicts the content of their written materials] and a used face mask which was half clogged with dirt [demonic stuff]. I rummaged through the sandpaper and accepted one sheet. I thought I could use that.

Then the scene changed [time lapse between these fulfilments of the dream]. I saw her house elevated upon a small incline. The frontage was about two or three feet above ground level, so the thought occurred to me that the foundations may not be deep enough. About a metre below ground is required to take the load down to a stable moisture level, but the incline made the effective depth only about 2 feet or less. If there was a severe drought, the house could suffer shrinkage and severe cracking.

Then I saw plans for a new improved frontage. It was of a porch – so what she had said about all her improvements being done already was untrue. The truth is she didn't want me to do any work for her. The planned porch was quite large for a small house and would totally alter and improve the outside appearance, the frontage of the property.

Meaning: The house represents a small group whom we have been in touch with recently. The co-ordinator or 'overseer' has the initials PJ. There are several things which are wrong in his approach. One is humbug. He claims he accepts me as a prophet but he denies our input. Giving lip service is not enough. God wants people to truly accept His prophets and the truth they bring, but most people lack the humility to do so.

True to this norm, PJ refuses to acknowledge that he's got anything much to change in his theology or prophetic appraisal. He rejects the correction that we have brought to alert him to the falsity he has believed from Linda Newkirk (see later), who is an American prophetess who has a mixture of truth and error in her prophecies, and who will probably turn out to be false in the final count. (That depends upon whether she is willing to accept input, change, and alter the mistakes in her prophecies, and publicise where she got things wrong. Up to now, in her pride, she has rejected all correction.)  [She rejected all input.]

But, I have sent these people quite a number of items of our literature which will educate them about testing the spirits, listening to God, and harnessing the prophetic. The dream shows that they will radically alter their frontage, meaning how they appear to others, and what they can present to them. I believe the dream shows them doing this by taking on board some of the truth contained in our literature. However, WHY people do such things – their motive – is the most important factor. And God is not saying that just because they do this that their motives are 100%. They may be sincere, but they are proud, selfish, self-centred, self-righteous and independent. I don't believe they will give me much credit, while they use what they may learn from me for their own benefit.

This approach is despicable, but there's nothing we can do about how others abuse us and exploit us. There will be very little blessing to them personally in the 'new porch' they will build to impress others.

One more feature: There was one other feature in this dream. The young woman felt vulnerable. Well, actually her father felt she was vulnerable and knew this more than she did. As I was talking to her, another person was listening to this part of the conversation [ST in the USA]. I suggested to her that she needed a close companion, for her own safety and security like a girl friend – not a man for obvious reasons. She lived all alone 'out in the sticks' miles from anyone else.

I thought to myself that Helena could call on her and give her that help she needed.

Meaning: This part highlights how their independence gives rise to their unwillingness to learn from us. Such an approach is actually an outgrowth of pride. "I don't need your help!" There is insufficient humility, so they are vulnerable to what the devil can send their way through evil people who can rob them or hurt them in other ways.

My thought that Helena could help them probably depicts a future occasion when she is very much in the public eye. After the dead are raised, they will see this prominence and elevation (which we don't seek, but which will come for the sake of God's witness to the nation, not for our sakes), which they pridefully desire for themselves. They are currently seeking it through the prophetic, but because of that wrong motive, they are receiving a compromised mixture in which the devil is strongly influencing what they receive. When Helena is 'lifted up', they will remember what we said, be humbled by seeing that we were right and prophesied correctly. And hopefully they will then be able to receive salvation. (While people are arrogant, prideful and vain, they are not saved. They must become like little children in their attitude and approach to be saved.)

Revelation Advice For The Kenyans
29th June 2004. M. The escalating cost!
In this dream, a heater in one of our bedrooms had stopped functioning. It needed repairing. I called in an electrician to fix it or replace it with a new one. I trusted him to do the job as cost-effectively as possible. But it seemed as though cost didn't matter to him. (He didn't realise that we are really struggling to do things for as little as possible because of our lack of money.) I went in to see how he was getting on and he proudly showed me the new heater he had installed. It was huge – much bigger than we needed. It stuck out about nine inches from the wall! I wasn't happy with that. When I asked him how much it had cost, he avoided telling me at first. Instead, he proudly declared that it was the best heater on the market. It was the top of the range. It was fan assisted, and a fine piece of workmanship! But I was not impressed. All I wanted was something that would do the job and cost as little as possible. I knew that we could get a heater for about £20 or £25. I nearly hit the roof when he finally told me it had cost £525!!
Meaning: An allegory of the exorbitant costs in our African outreach. Need to handle money better by making changes; need to economise.

Laodicean Resentment Of 'New' Truth
30th June 2004. H. 2) Careless handling of the plant
This dream of Helena's complements mine last night (see below). They both convey how we have tried to help various people who are meant to be part of God's spiritual 'building' or 'plant', but who reject our input and help. In their pride, they think they can 'help' or teach us. [Follows on from 'The Proud People Again', p 185.]

Helena dreamed that someone was digging up a plant. As this person dug it up, two leaves broke off, which they gave to us as a gesture of 'help', but they threw the bulb to one side, as if it was no use. The 'help' they offered us was useless! And they dismissed the most valuable part (the bulb), which symbolises the truth stored in MM literature.

Meaning: The plant is God's 'plant' which He is growing – His people whom He is nurturing for His Kingdom. It can also be a picture of His righteousness and truth which He gives us, which He wants you to treasure, not treat lightly.

The dream portrays how some people have contemptuously treated the truth God has given us which we have, over the years, carefully 'stored' in publications for them to feed on. They have disdained it and treated it with casual contempt.

The purpose of the corrective imagery is to remind you of how God wants to see His spiritual input to His people grow like plants. The truth He gives you is meant to grow. It's like a living thing. But some people carelessly break off two leaves (vital for growth to continue), and disregard the bulb, which represents the main store of spiritual food contained in our literature. Thus, their spiritual plant has now been demolished through their spiritual carelessness and contempt for what God is doing through MM literature.

The dream is a warning to those people (who will probably disregard it, as the following dream highlights) that they are in danger of seriously ruining their spiritual 'plant'. Laodicea says "I've got all I want, thank you! I don't want your input. I've got my own. You should take note of mine!" This response is based on pride and presumption, which lead to a fall.

30th June 2004. M. The disintegrating plaster
My dream was of plaster that was damaged. There was serious efflorescence in various places. Metal reinforcement (which plasterers use on corners) had corroded and caused the plaster to spall and disintegrate. I went to work on this, carefully dealing with all the damaged areas. But all my work was undone, because, when I came back later, somehow everything was back where it was to begin with! All the affected areas were still damaged. It was disheartening and frustrating!
Meaning: Most people don't want us cleaning up their 'plaster', showing them what to get rid of, or telling them where it is 'cracked' and in need of repair and renewal.
When God brings new people across our path, they invariably casually dismiss us and what we bring. I don't mean new converts – they are far more pliable. I mean existing Christians who meet us for the first time. They don't handle the Word of God with care. Where pride and self-will are still part of their character, they rebel and refuse to do whatever God is requiring of them. (You know how difficult it is for people to change their views, especially when they are emotionally attached to their idol!)
If they don't turn after the first and second admonition, God can only leave them to it. He lets them have what they choose, until they get sick of it and wake up later to their folly. God has to teach them through circumstances.

Temporary Cessation of MM Coming
2nd July 2004. M. My car parked at an angle
I had parked my car near our home. I had pulled off the main road, over the kerb and left it there. The angle at which I left it (about 45 degrees to the road) made it appear to others as though it had run off the road out of control, but I had deliberately parked it there. I got out and walked around the car. There was quite a bit of traffic passing on the road and people saw me as they passed. They were slowing down and not passing fast. Not far down the road they all came to a standstill (must have been traffic lights or some blockage).
Meaning: To do with the cessation of our work shortly. It will only be a temporary stop, however. I will go back for 'the car' later. (Explained in the article Police and Persecution.)

Next scene: Piles of prophetic words
Then I came into our front gateway. On the gravel at the front of the house someone had dumped a pile of gravel, thinking that we could use it. Well, we could, but it meant I had more work to do because of it. It needed to be spread. It's a pity they didn't help me with that! They actually increased my work load by their 'help'.

The gravel was already deep enough on our driveway. Adding more only created more difficulty for us to walk or drive on. We didn't need it. It was 'help' that was a hindrance.

I went out again and when I came back, someone else had been while I was gone. They had deposited a pile of gravel, also, on the other side of the yard. This pile was of large white spar chippings [represents purer prophetic words which ARE from God]. Once again, it meant I had more work to do, which I could have done without! But I did consider the spar chippings valuable. They could be spread out to make a nice feature, contrasting against some blue stone – if only I had time to landscape them.

The depositor thought he or she was being helpful by leaving a mechanical shovel with three-way bucket that was working automatically. (Perhaps he thought this machine would spread the stuff on its own, and that I wouldn't have to do anything.) Well, the bucket didn't even touch the gravel, and didn't spread it at all. And as it moved it got mighty close to a window. I was afraid that it might break the glass. Fortunately it didn't. But the contraption was not much use to us.

Meaning: This was later fulfilled when the proud people portrayed in the dream of 21st June and the two dreams of 30th June, dumped loads of prophetic words on me and thought I would be glad to have them. (These words were not pure; they were a mixture of truth mixed with error – demonic.) People often think they are helping us when they aren't.

The mechanical shovel represents the Internet. Spreading the truths of God takes a lot of work. Please don't think that by bringing us a pile of your 'truth from God', that we are in a position to spread it. We are not.

While we are certainly grateful for financial assistance and real help (which is practical in nature), it doesn't help to have people deposit piles of their prophetic words, or anything else, on us. We don't have the capability of spreading them. This is a family run ministry.

We listen to God and follow His lead, as we have done over the past 14 years and more (after learning from our previous 22 years' experience in a regular church).

He has showed us what literature to compile to edify and educate His people about spiritual truth. And I have put all that down in writing, at His direction, so that it can provide sufficient spiritual nourishment to bring the Bride to maturity. (Many argue with that statement and say it is presumptuous. No, it's not. It's backed up by revelations given to others elsewhere, confirming that God gave me a commission to write these things for His people, and that He backed me up continually with the guidance of His Spirit — see What God Said About Midnight Ministries.)

[See also dream of 18th January 2004. M. This is a work of 'Elijah'.]

Old Friends Slow To Accept Us
3rd July 2004. M. Jxx and Jxxx and our caravan
I offered Jxx and Jxxx our caravan. It was a 14 footer, but was second-hand, of course, and there were some signs of wear and tear inside, but it was still a very worthwhile gift. But they didn't jump at the prospect. In fact they hadn't decided whether to accept it or not. I was still waiting for their decision.
Meaning: We are still waiting for them to make a decision to accept our ministry and the truth it brings. Admittedly, it's 'old' in that others have had gifts of the Spirit and the power of God to raise the dead before. But the evidence is there that God is raising the dead in connection with MM's work, but still they refuse to accept it.

Coming Contact With The WCG
4th July 2004. M. Buying the old property
In this dream, we were negotiating to buy an end of terrace property. It was narrow, had restricted space, and was just a shell of a building. The old wooden floor was sloping steeply downhill, the property was mis-shapen, and although there was a roof over it, there was nothing inside. It was a mere shell.
I thought it could be bought for about £100,000, and that we could get it turned into a one-bedroom maisonette, with living room, bathroom and kitchen. I was weighing up the practicalities of the prospect. There was one major complication. A roof purlin had to be accommodated into the new structure because it was still supporting the adjacent property. So, that could not be cut out. It would have to be built in to the new roof, when built.
Someone else was also interested in buying the shell of a building, so we had to negotiate a buying price. We finally settled on £105,000.
Meaning: The dream is to do with the vestiges of the WCG in Britain. It is a shell of its former self and needs renewal. It needs to be completely rebuilt.

I wrote a letter last night to a man who is still prominent in the WCG, and who has contacts 'high up' there. The letter follows. The dream conveys what will be an outcome of this, in due course. We will reach many in that church at last, and 'buy' them with the power of God, etc.  But the roof structure (the leadership) cannot be totally got rid of. One 'purlin' or possibly two (a purlin is a large beam placed at a right angle to the rafters and which supports the rafters – the sloping roof timbers) must remain and be accommodated in the new arrangement when these people finally respond and are 'bought out' by us.

My letter:

3rd July 2004

I enclose a small publication relating how a Nigerian pastor was raised from the dead through his wife's claim of Jesus' promise in Matthew 10:8. [Raised From The Dead, 2.]

You may have heard of Reinhard Bonnke, the German born evangelist who has done much to evangelise black Africa over the past 30+ years. He is mentioned in the enclosed leaflet, but you won't have heard of Nneka Ekechukwu, yet it was she who had the faith for this miracle to occur. It was not Reinhard. God merely used his prominence to make the miracle well-known. (Food for thought.)

The WCG is now affiliated with the Evangelical Alliance, as is Reinhard Bonnke. Yet, in the mid-nineties, when we sent – to you and many other WCG members – videos of Reinhard Bonnke ministering and preaching in various places, most of those videos were rejected, binned, returned, trashed, graffitied, or wiped and given to 'charity' at the direction of WCG ministers who prejudicially dismissed anything and everything we said or promoted.

Yet, it was as a result of our promotion of anti- exclusivist teaching in A Message To Worldwiders, A Message To 'Law-Keepers', and A Message To 'Sabbatarians', sent to all WCG offices and hundreds of WCG members, that the WCG junta was forced to radically modify its formerly exclusivist stand, and nominally accept these 'other Christians', preachers and evangelists, though they wouldn't accept us!

Now that the WCG is a part of the Evangelical Alliance, the auspices of which Reinhard Bonnke utilises, I presume you now accept this man of God. I first heard him in 1988, while still in the WCG, and God showed me then that he was a man of God, as we later learned (in 1991) about many other 'outside' preachers. But Paul Suckling rubbished our claims from the pulpit, and Harry Sullivan privately equally polarised WCG minds against us for saying such things. However, now that we have been proved right, there are no apologies or retractions made about us from WCG overlords, and you still react to us with hostility and prejudice. May I ask why that is?

It's part of the gospel to raise the dead, just as it is part of the gospel to heal the sick, cast out demons, or speak in tongues. But of course, all this is alien to those who still cling to restrictive theology which denies Jesus' words in John 14:12, or who allow church leaders to prejudice them against others in God's service. The Open Letter enclosed explains more. Hope it's useful to you.

Ironically, it's easier raising the dead than reaching old friends!

We have power to raise the dead, and will be demonstrating that shortly. The small publication I sent you previously related that, and the sequel enclosed shows that it's not just us who claim that privilege, lest any think we are being presumptuous in stating it.

It's now 14 years since we were falsely accused and thrown out of the WCG for exposing sham and hypocrisy (though members were never told the truth about why they got rid of us). Don't you think it's about time they buried the hatchet and acknowledged the truth we teach? Or do we have to prove that we speak for God by raising more people from the dead?

I invite your reply, so that severed relationships can be healed.

[There was no reply. These people are too proud to receive correction.]

Ireland Next
8th July 2004. M. Reaching out to Ireland
To abbreviate, here are the essences of this dream:

Scene 1: There was a little retaining wall, about two feet high with rough coarse grass on top. The grass was about 4 or 5 inches tall and needed trimming. [This symbolises the 'coarse' faith and beliefs of the people to whom God will take us.] I got my Flymo out and mowed it short. After that it looked neat and tidy. [MM literature helps here.]

This grass was only a small patch, barely big enough for two people to stand on. [Lack of spiritual scope.] I had to lift my bike up about 2 feet onto this small patch to go through a gate. [The door of outreach into Ireland. It takes some effort to get there.] The gate was about 5 feet tall [an opening that God has prepared], solid. I opened it and went through.

Scene 2: I heard about a rich man in Ireland from someone who was on our mailing list. He told me that this man had won the jackpot or lottery. (The man wasn't named in the dream, so I'll call him Patrick.) Then Donal told me that Patrick was rich anyway. Patrick always seemed to be getting money somehow. He had lots of it! But, because he had lots, he didn't know hardship, and so he could not empathise with people who suffered for lack of money. [Rich people are often calloused.]

Although Patrick knew about our ministry and claimed to be in agreement, we had never received any donation from him. Yet, we were struggling to do this work, and carrying debts. When I heard from Donal about how rich Patrick was, I blurted out something like "Well, he could at least unload some of that to help us...!"

Scene 3: We were on a ferry going over to Ireland. People had their own compartments or cabins. Food [this is a spiritual analogy] was being prepared in little containers [home fellowships?] for the people on board, when the lights went out [probably depicts the Great Tribulation arriving]. The food preparation then ceased, because there was no light to see by. [During this time of spiritual darkness, open distribution of truth will not be permitted by the State.] Donal was in his cabin which seemed to be a bit higher up and off to the right. We could hear him but not see him. [God has a separate calling for him ahead.]

Then all the people said 'grace' to thank God for the food [I believe this part of the dream emphasises how the Irish tend to be very traditional in their religious practice], but instead of saying a prayer like most would have done, they all broke out into a song. They sang Danny Boy or some similar well-known Irish ballad. [Nationalistic?!] It was really rather nice (although I later wondered about its appropriateness). I didn't know the words but I wanted to, so I could join in. [Perhaps this last part illustrates the very strong place of music in their culture, and music, used in the right way, can be a very powerful means to praise and worship God.]

Wale Babatunde's Ministry
10th July 2004. M. Indecently dressed man
A man came towards me. He was involved in doing something, but as he got near me he bent over. His upper clothes parted from his trousers, and his underwear and flesh became visible. He wasn't wearing proper underwear. He had on something skimpy and black that a male stripper at a nightclub would wear. You can imagine what I thought!
The dream came, as usual, prior to the post. There would be something in the post that God was illustrating with the dream.

Meaning: In the post was a flyer from Wale Babatunde, Moravian Trust ministry in London, inviting people to come and join in prayer for the nation. The dream reveals that something is very wrong in his plan, but which people don't see. It is worldly.

His letter which accompanied the four colour flyer (which, as usual, elevates the three speakers for the upcoming event; and which is like the slick, visually appealing advertising from worldly advertisers), contains a number of half-truths and errors. I won't detail them all here but in summary he says "we shall be praying for... [the] media industry, [the] entertainment industry, people in politics, educational establishments..."

When did Jesus ever pray for such?! When did He ever instruct us to pray for them?! He didn't!! (Jn 17:9-21.)

What do they want us to pray for? For their destruction? That might be more appropriate! Because that's what God says is coming! They should pray in line with God's will, not contrive to pray for something that is contrary to God's plan and which can never therefore come about!

The three speakers at the event are Dr Clifford Hill (Prophecy Today), Julie  Anderson (Prayer for the Nations) and Pastor Wale Babatunde.

In previous dreams about the latter two, God was very revealing! Coupled with my correspondence to them, these are related in Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus! (a leaflet) and Praying For The Nations?

The Olympics & Some Other Matters
11th July 2004. M. The road, the Olympics, and three individuals
1) I was doing some work beside a road [represents our journey in life], but no one was taking any notice of what I was doing [people don't care for God's truth]. Traffic was slowing down as there was a blockage in the road ahead [Britain is going into hard times].
As I was looking, a man dressed in shorts and vest (like a sportsman) was performing a stunt as if it was a new event at the Olympics. He slid as far as he could on his front along one of the flat plastic rails that are used in road works to cordon off the area. He managed to go quite a long way and keep himself pointing straight forward.
The another man came after him and he tried it. He was also dressed appropriately in shorts, etc. But he slewed from one side to the other and was all over the place.
Meaning: This is a parody of how silly the Olympics are – a lot of useless activities as pointless as the exercise in the dream. The two individuals are not participants in those games, but people I know, pointing out the differences in their character and spiritual make-up. The second person is 'wobbly' spiritually.
Then Richard came along in a small van. Although he saw me and I saw him, we got on with our respective tasks. [This was fulfilled in our lives in the weeks following the dream.]

Two Individuals Lovingly Depicted
2) I was lying in bed in what seemed to be an open space, although there was a roof over me (which I could not see, however). A small furry animal was with me in bed because I was protecting it and looking after it. Then I folded the bedcover back and the animal suddenly left. It scampered off, clearly delighted by its new 'freedom'. I saw it jump up on various piles of boards and other stacks of things stored in the area, which seemed to be like an industrial yard. As it did so, it turned into a cat. [This depicts Z.]
Then, not far away, on the top of a stack I saw a bird's nest. A mother bird flew away after feeding its young one. The cat saw this and went to investigate. When it looked inside the nest it saw the young bird and grabbed hold of it. I was aghast, because I thought it was going to kill it. As the cat got hold of this bird, the bird changed into a cat also – a big cat, too. Now it was too big for 'my' cat to handle and I knew it couldn't deal with the situation. I was also concerned for the other 'bird' cat, and went to grab hold of it, so I could put it back in the nest.
I tried several times to put it back into the nest, jumping up with it. But it was very hard and I couldn't reach the nest. Finally, I got a ladder and climbed up the ladder to put the cat back in the nest.
Meaning: This is an allegory of a personal situation involving two people whom we know, and whom we have been trying to help. But, like cats, they are independent people and it's hard to help such folks because they don't heed advice.

BBC Correspondent, Andrew Marr
13th July 2004. M. Andrew Marr wants to talk to me
Andrew Marr is the chief political correspondent for the BBC [he was at the time the dream was given]. He is frequently on TV news, giving colourful and incisive reporting on current trends and events concerning national issues and politics.
I was walking along the road and Andrew was walking a little way behind. He called out to me and asked me a question. It was just a general sort of question to illicit a response, which might hopefully lead into something of substance. I stopped and turned round to reply. I really didn't think I had a worthwhile answer, but then something came to me to say and I talked further with him.
As I spoke we walked side by side, like two friends would, sharing conversation. I told him about the coming troubles in the
Middle East which would engulf the whole world in terrible conflict. I mentioned the King of the South which is prophesied in (at first I said) Daniel 12. I quickly saw my mistake and changed that to Daniel 11. (Showing I needed to brush up a bit on this part of scripture.) I told him that this conflict would centre around the material need for oil.
I used just the right jargon that commentators would use when giving a documentary or report on TV about it. I also commented that I had known about this major power shift and what would trigger it 24 years ago (actually, it is longer still, because I first knew of it in 1967).
Meaning: I believe the dream means that, when the appointed time comes, news reporters like Andrew Marr will take note of what we say, or write. For, what God gives us is highly relevant to the current situation in the world, and up to date (hence the right jargon). The knowing about it for a long time is because God gives understanding when we heed what is in His Word.     

Be A Christian In The Heart, Not Just In The Head
16th July 2004. M.
1) The friend and the plate glass window
I went to visit someone. When I first met him he was black skinned. [Indicates he has radically changed.] We were keen to meet. He took me to his office just around the corner.

As we went round the corner, I led the way. I was about to go into the first open door, but he said, ‘No, not that one.’ [He has been helpful to us in areas where he has more expertise.] We went to the next door. It was open. In deference to him, I let him go in first. The room was large, with a huge double glazed plate glass window, the full width and height of the room. He stood beside it while I went to sit down about 12 or 15 feet away.

There were several seats. I chose one to sit on where there was a box [represents our literature outreach] and an open Bible on top, with some loose leaves of paper inside it [that is how my Bible is, with several sheets of paper in it – it depicts my holding onto the truth, for the sake of other people]. I put them all on my lap – it was quite a juggling act, trying to handle all these without letting anything fall to the ground – but somehow I managed. [All the things I have to do. I couldn't do this job without God's help!]

I started to tell the guy how indebted I was to him: “You don’t know how much your help has meant to me...” etc. [The minimal support we get from others means a lot to us!] Then I changed the subject because I didn’t want him to feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

I then talked about how, although I have been a Christian for over 30 years, much of that time I lived as a Christian with the precepts and essences of the faith in my head – it was an intellectually based belief – but now my Christian life is radically different because the things I believe are internalised and part of my heart. What makes me a Christian is not because of what is in my head, but because of how I am different from the heart.

As we were talking, there were people passing by outside the huge window [the world outside]. Suddenly, during the conversation, he would somehow go through the glass to be on the other side, and [perhaps this part illustrates his sense of humour and desire to have a laugh] he would mimic the movements a person would make in getting out of the way of something falling from the sky, and all the people around him would think something was falling from the sky. It was quite funny. [There’s a comedian here who does this. He sets up large speakers in a wide pedestrian area, then suddenly plays sounds of car wheels screeching. At the same time he dives to one side, and the people walking towards him also take avoiding action, thinking the car they hear is behind them.]

As he mimicked this avoidance, people would bang their heads against the glass, trying to avoid the same imagined thing falling from the sky. Then he would come back inside (even though there was no door in the glass!). Sometimes the glass was clear and you could see outside with clarity. Sometimes it was misted up. But when someone banged their head on it, the condensation or mist would suddenly clear.

Meaning: It is a picture of a friend in the USA, who has a keen sense of humour. The mistiness in the glass represents demons and their influence. They cause people to lose clear vision. The glass represents his outlook on life. Going outside the glass is his spiritual outreach to others in the world.

The emphasis on being a Christian in the heart, not just in the head, is meant to convey to him the greatest need – not just for him, but for all – the need for God's Spirit to dwell within more fully. It changes your outlook, understanding and everything.

Don't Take Life Easy, Spiritually
2) The woman reclining at the water’s edge
As I walked down the road, I came upon a lovely place. The house was situated at the water’s edge by a lake. It was a very picturesque spot, secluded away from all the troubles of the world. I put my head around the corner to see a lady reclining on a sunbed reading a magazine. The lady wanted to shut out the problems of life, by enjoying the comfort and security of the moment.
Meaning: It depicts someone whom we are in contact with. It is a human tendency to take the easy option. But God is not in your comfort zone because it doesn’t take faith to sit and do very little, hiding from problems that living in this world presents. It takes faith to come to grips with them, rather than ignoring them and hoping that such things will not affect us.

Helena & Me In A Public Place
Helena and me in a public place
We were at the pub down the road. We didn’t want to be noticed. So we stayed outside. We didn’t want to go in. The atmosphere was not desirable. We realised we were in a very public place, but we just had to try and carry on with what we had to do despite that.
Meaning: An allegory of what is just ahead.

Richard Returning
17th July 2004. M. Richard and flat-pack wardrobes
Richard had his new wardrobes delivered in flat-pack, wrapped in brown cardboard. Two fellas brought them in a van and carried them into the house. As they were bringing them in, the second guy lost his grip and the pack slipped out of his hands, scraping the front of my car. Fortunately, the scrape was low down and not too visible. I went to have a closer look, examining the damage. I think they were worried that I might want to ask them for compensation, but I didn't. I just said, "Don't worry about it; it's OK."
Meaning: Wardrobes are used to store ones clothes. The dream foretells that Richard will come back and have new spiritual 'clothes'. God is in the process of bringing him back now, making the necessary preparations.

Football, Inconsequential
18th July. M. Football match
I saw a short clip of a football game. It was a 'big' match and it could have been England playing. Phil Neville had a strike at goal from long range. It was a good strike but the ball hit the crossbar and bounced back into play. He made the usual facial grimaces for a near miss, but other players gathered around him to congratulate him on his strike even though he hadn't scored. He grinned.
Meaning: Perhaps it shows how much people think of things that are so inconsequential.

Reinhard Bonnke Approaches Me
24th July 2004. M. Reinhard Bonnke came to me and asked me to pray with him for 15 minutes. However, I wasn't keen to do so. There was no point, and I told him so. All he needed to do was to read the literature. The truth is in there.
Meaning: There are various purposes for prayer. But when God has made truth available in writing, one doesn't need to pray for it, just get on and read it! Perhaps the request for me to pray with him was one of manipulation, albeit subtle – to try and exert his dominance in some way.
In the dream God emphasised the spiritual value of MM's publications which most people want to ignore. 'Our' literature contains the truths of God laid out in sufficient detail for people to know once again what the faith once delivered to the saints was (Jude 3).
More dreams about Reinhard and his ministry are recorded in the leaflet Some Pitfalls Of Reinhard Bonnke’s Ministry.

Being Very Careful With Money
25th July 2004. M. 1) Taking care of money
A dream about putting cash into envelopes, counting it in our car, taking care of it; being wary of others who could steal it.
Meaning: We are very conscious of our need to protect our valuable assets. What we have is so little, but it must achieve much; 'go a long way', as they say. We protect and guard it from marauders as much as we can.

Linda Newkirk, False Prophetess
2) Undermining the foundations
I was digging below the floor of a square room. I was going very deep. That was precarious enough, I thought, but then Helena wanted me to dig even closer to the foundations. It's dangerous to excavate soil within a 45 degree angle from the foot of the foundations, because of the angle of shear. But she wanted me to dig right up the vertical line beneath the foundations! (This would be three or four feet below them also – highly dangerous!) I knew this automatically jeopardised the building, and that it would be sure to fall in due course – not immediately, but it would be inevitable in time.
After receiving this dream, as I was thinking about it, the words of a scripture came to mind. I looked it up. It was 2 Corinthians 11:12, where Paul says: "I will keep on doing what I am doing in order to cut the ground from under those who want an opportunity to be considered equal with us in the things they boast about." (NIV.)
"For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve" (2 Cor 11:13-15, NIV.)
Meaning: An e-mail came from a woman who was defending Linda Newkirk, a false prophetess in the USA. I wrote back to her, to undermine the credibility of these false 'prophets'.

26th July 2004. H. The bear and Linda Newkirk
I saw a bear and next to this bear there was a chunk of meat. The bear was drowsy and sleeping. We had to put a chain around its neck (to suppress it and prevent it mauling).
Meaning: We had an unsought confrontation with Linda Newkirk's group. (LN is a false prophetess in the USA.) The dream depicts these people and the demonic spirit (likened to a bear's ruthlessness) that is behind Linda Newkirk et al. We chained it by our responses. (Steve Thompson also wrote to them, as a second witness, to point out their errors and why the accusations against us were false.)
Then we had to lead the bear away from the meat (represents the people who were influenced by this wrong spirit – the bear's approach is to bite and devour others) and collect healing plants to help it with its high blood pressure. (That aptly summarises the explosive response of AW, LN's right hand woman who came out against Malcolm with all guns blazing! She let rip with all the false accusations she could think up, without first checking the accuracy of her vindictive rhetoric against Malcolm. That sort of response is symptomatic of a demonised person. You can't reason with them, because they are not in their own mind. They are not objective, fair, rational, or even reasonable.)
Feeding it with healing herbs can symbolise giving them the truths of God in our literature. (We sent all of the people, who received this correspondence, our literature list and offered each of them any two items of our literature free. But we received no replies, either to that offer or in response to our refutation of the false accusations. These people just would not accept correction. They are so deceived.)

30th July 2004. M. 1) Fault-finding person
Dreams have various purposes, one of which is to show the absolutely perfect or complete foreknowledge of God!
Someone looked at my hair. There was some mucus on it, which I didn't know was there. I simply wiped it off with my hand and carried on with my work. But that wasn't good enough for this person. He found fault with me over it, because he thinks he is superior.
Meaning: The mucus represents some demonic waste that has been dumped on me. To be more specific, it is as a result of having contact with a small group of people who follow Linda Newkirk (see earlier dreams). I was dragged into this situation with them against my own volition. God likened their teaching to this slimy 'snot' (to use the vernacular). They put it on me and wanted me to accept it.
This person's fault-finding comment comes from a wrong attitude. It is condescending, superior, patronising.
The dream was fulfilled later that day when a letter came in the post from someone who thinks himself better than us because of his prophetic gift. (N G P.) Yet he receives words from familiar spirits and doesn’t realise that.
The dream was given to convey his wrong spiritual attitude of superiority, and because of this he has a tainted viewpoint and concepts.

Church of God Spiritually Dead
29th July 2004. M. 1) John M visits us
We were beginning our fellowship meeting (although the venue was not our home, but an old place somewhere) when a former friend pulled up in his car with John M. After they came in, I wanted to get on with the spiritual stuff in the meeting by getting into reading the Word and then communing with God afterwards, as we normally do. But that was not possible with him present. He didn't say anything, but his presence just made that impossible. (This man's manner and approach is alien to true worship.)
I went upstairs in this old house to try and find a praise music CD that we could play. I wanted something really anointed like we have in our worship meetings. It was a lot of effort for me to walk up these 2 or 3 flights of stairs to get to where the praise music was. But there was nothing there that was any good. I came back down exhausted and disappointed.
Meaning: John M is a minister from the WCG, who left when they apostatised doctrinally. Now a minister in one of the CoG groups, he still has the same arrogant dominating approach. This lack of humility prevents him participating in true worship, and prevents true spiritual fellowship taking place in the CoG of which he is a part.
This is a widespread problem in the Churches of God, where ministers are overlords not overseers. They rule and dominate instead of love, and spiritually serve.
I wrote to this man a few weeks ago, sending him some items of our literature, but he didn't reply.
The dream may be a prior warning that when he does get in touch (after the resurrections), these people will be so set in their wrong ways that they won't be able to join in with us in true worship, and could hinder such meetings.
[God gave another remarkable dream, in some detail, about this same problem to a Nigerian pastor. It is recounted in the leaflet The Deadness of the Churches of God.]

David Beckham
2) David Beckham
I was driving down a street. David Beckham was in the car with me, in the front passenger seat. We passed a hair dresser's shop which had the name "Posh and Becks". I commented on it as we passed. But only after passing it did I realise that David was in the car with me. At the end of the road I turned right and then pulled in to the side.
Meaning: David Beckham will be converted, as will quite a number of other 'celebrities'.

Surging Ahead
30th July 2004. M. 1) Surging ahead, despite opposition!
I was driving a flat-bed lorry on a motorway. There were a couple of bigger lorries in front of me in the second lane, but I had such determination and grit that they were not going to slow me down. So I overtook them in the third lane (it is illegal for lorries to be in the third lane). I was really hammering along!
Meaning: Allegoric of how we are pressing on. Nothing's going to stop this work of God (except what He allows). Human factors and human obstacles won't prevent us achieving the objective. The dream depicts what is just ahead of us, too. The dream is given to remind us that we are not far away from the big surge coming, despite a temporary delay as revealed in a dream of 2nd July (p 186).

31st July 2004. M. Sxx
I met up with our friend at a rendezvous point. He was discouraged and concerned. His anxiety was to do with one of his former associates. He was really worried that this man could do him great harm. (And, humanly, I'm sure he could seriously harm him!) But, I said to him, "Look, this guy is nothing to God. God can take him out just like that." As I said this I clicked my fingers. Then I continued, "It's all a matter of whether we are ready, spiritually. That's what God is waiting for. He's waiting for us to be ready. I'm not ready. Helena admitted yesterday that she's not ready. You're not ready. Look, when we are ready God will take care of everything. We don't have to worry about people or fear what they can do to us."
Then in the next scene, he turned up at our home with someone else. I showed them into the living room, then went out to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Later in another room I gave S a hug.

Building With Solid Glass Panels
1st August 2004. M. 1) The Building
I was responsible for doing a major construction work. In this building, I had to erect the walls. I had the option of building them from solid glass panels, which were very thick, with ornate 'thermo' (raised) design (like you see in Greek architecture), or conventionally with board that is finished. I was not permitted to see or remember much about the building.
Meaning: The building is the Church of God. The walls are composed of people. The construction takes place as people take in the truths of God into their lives. We are responsible for giving them His truths in our literature.
The very unusual glass panels represent a most unusual construction, but which lets maximum light in. That is what we will do.

Writing To Gordon Brown
2) Gordon Brown
I wrote Gordon Brown, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, a very long, thick letter.
Meaning: This dream came after I saw one that God gave me earlier in 2001 about the collapse of the stock market.
There is much that this chancellor, in all his knowledge, fails to know and understand. God is in charge. God is the one who really holds the purse strings. The thick letter represents the judgements which will fall on this land, taking it into economic chaos of which Gordon Brown is totally unaware.

Police Unreasonableness
3rd August 2004. M. 1) Tarmac surface delayed
My tipper (I used to have a Ford Transit tipper when I was a builder) was loaded up with tarmac, ready to put the finished surface on a driveway. But the area had not been dug out yet, or filled with hardcore ready for the tarmac! [Depicts the present situation in allegory.]
Meaning: The tarmac represents our publications which are ready to provide the finished surface to 'the way'. But most Christians aren't ready for this yet. Preparations for that are nowhere near ready.

Next scene: I was sitting in the tipper in a cul-de-sac, waiting. There were two others in it with me in the back (it doesn't have back seats, but that's a dream's licence). An official came along, like a parking attendant. He wanted to 'book' me (prosecute), but I was only there for a short while and intended moving on. But he was totally unreasonable. He went to get a ticket to slap on my screen, so I started to back up. It wasn't easy manoeuvring backwards, and as I slowly reversed, I asked the others to let me know how I was doing on each side at the back. When the guy came back he was still intending to give me a ticket, even though I wasn't stationary. That was totally unreasonable. His behaviour was from a malicious motive, of wanting to hurt me by prosecution. I looked for a bystander who witnessed the fact that I was moving, so that I could prove my innocence of his charge.
Meaning: This depicts the evil motive that underlies the police charges that they will want to stick on me.

Some Think They Can Do My Job
2) Wheeling barrows uphill
I was pushing a wheelbarrow up a very steep hill, tipping loads of soil (or whatever the barrow contained) in various places. The distance wasn't far, but the slope was very steep and it was hard work. It wasn't easy, and took a lot of effort doing this! Some others didn't realise how much effort it took, and thought that they could do the job. They wanted to take over, but really they hadn't got whatever it took. As they say in the vernacular, they "hadn't got a clue".
Meaning: Some people who want 'glory' for themselves think that being a prophet is 'glorious', but it's just plain hard work, and can be tedious or monotonous. You have to plod away, pushing uphill, taking the barrowloads of truth to the places where it is needed.

The Promised BMW Car
4th August 2004. M. A remarkable letter
In this dream I had received a letter with a large donation from a garage proprietor. There seemed to be a lot written. The letter was divided into four rectangles. In one of the lower rectangles there was Psalm 2:6. In the other lower rectangle the writer had told me to go and buy, with some of his donation, a BMW car as was prophesied in 1993 that one day we would have.
Meaning: Symbolic of what is shortly coming to MM. The ministry outreach will go into all the world (symbolised by four). Its purpose is to prepare the Bride in holiness so she is ready to be wedded to her heavenly Groom, Jesus.
Psalm 2:6 says: "I have installed My King on Zion, My holy hill." Zion is a figure of the Church, the Bride of Christ. And holiness is the essential character which God is looking for in her. Our witness with literature is produced to that end, and will reach into the four corners of the earth.
When the person who is to give the BMW to us is willing to accept 'our' input (which has holiness as its ultimate aim) and incorporate it into his character, he will donate the car.

Weather Will Suddenly Change
8th August 2004. M. Heavy rain, tomorrow
The weather has been hot and sunny here recently. This dream depicted the same. Then, suddenly, somehow I knew prophetically that the weather was going to change. There would be torrential rain the next day.
Meaning: Two meanings: 1) The weather which has been hot and sunny here will suddenly change and there will be heavy rain. That occurred a week after the dream.
2) The outpouring coming. Does the 'next day' point to it coming full pelt next year? Very probably!

Getting Ready
9th August 2004. M. 1) Steve T
I was planning to take a plane to America to see Steve. I felt I should also take
Helena with me.

2) Getting booklets ready for re-run
I was planning to do another print run of Why Have Faith? and a few other booklets. In this dream I was getting them ready, proof-reading them to see that there were no typing errors, etc.
Meaning: More printing will soon be necessary, of basic things that we have produced in the past.

People Need To Deal With Their Spiritual Responsibilities
10th August 2004. M. 1) Woman died
We were trying to help a woman but she died. When I saw the carcass, she had been eaten away inside and her skin had fallen off one side.
Meaning: We try to help people, but if they don't deal with the internal attitudes that Satan implants in them, they will die, and there's nothing we can do to rescue them.
Some of these wrong spiritual attitudes that eat people away inside are: pride, ambition, selfishness, self-will, jealousy, envy, malice, bitterness, unforgiveness, anxiety, fear, guilt, resentment, lust and greed.

2) The girls had to get their own insurance
Our daughters now had to obtain their own insurance.
Meaning: Spiritual independence of young people is encouraged. We all have to work out our own salvation with God's help, not rely upon others (Phil 2:12).

3) 666 miles 686 yards
Someone who was with us on our journey went so far with us and then they pulled back and wanted to go no further. The point at which they stopped going along with us was 666 miles 686 yards.
Meaning: 666 is the number God gives to indicate loyalty to man's system instead of to God's. A substitution takes place that is fuelled by the devil. This person has chosen to give their loyalty to man (can be friends, peers, other people in any capacity, not just government authority) instead of to God. They have stepped back.
686 = 2 x 7 x 7 x 7,
2 depicts certainty. It's an emphatic number. 7 cubed as it is here, depicts the perfect plan of God being worked out in the end (3 times depicts finality). So although this person has stepped back, God is fully in control and has allowed it so that they will eventually return to Him.

4) People pleasure-seeking
In this dream I took a seat which needed spraying (with an aerosol paint can), into the middle of the road at a road junction [depicts a very public situation], and started to spray it. A car pulled up, but the driver wasn't in the least bit interested in what I was doing [spiritual improvement to benefit others]. They turned around and went off in search of their relatives since it was a Sunday and they were only interested in doing what they wanted on that day.
Meaning: People in this country are more interested in doing their own thing than in seeking to please God. Hence they take no notice of our work. They only live to please themselves.

Laodiceans Will Have To Die
14th August 2004. M. 1) (A dream for someone we know.)

2) Ken Peters (a prophet in the USA)
Some time ago I heard Ken Peters say that he could now determine the outcome of his dreams. That always puzzled me, because my dreams are very 'cut and dried'. The outcome is always determined and I could not alter it if I tried.
In this revelation, which was not a dream so much as an enlightenment in the subconscious, I was shown in the Spirit why. It is because Ken has not yet made the full commitment to God, so the outcome of his dreams reflect that. They are still somewhat indeterminate like the outcome of his life would seem at present.
Although God knows he will be saved in the end, his commitment does not become total until his wife dies. Then his commitment becomes complete.
The same message is relevant to most other Christians. It is the Laodicean Age, and most are not prepared to lay down their own lives for  Christ's sake. That's why Jesus will require that of them before they can enter His Kingdom.
The first dramatic dream which God gave to Ken Peters is contained in He Saw The Great Tribulation (50p) from MM.

6th May 2004. H. Man engulfed by demons
I saw a man engulfed by a cloud of smoke on his bed. There was a young woman nearby.
Meaning: Someone we knew who was consumed by a selfish lifestyle. Lusts of the flesh dominated his life. This caused him to be infatuated with a young lady, but the relationship was totally inappropriate as he was too old for her.
The cloud of smoke represents demonic influence in his life caused by sin and idolatrous self-seeking. Confusion of the mind was the end result.

Unity and The Spiritual Journey
7th May 2004. H. 1) The spiritual journey
I went on a bus journey with a group of people. We got to a large hotel with hundreds of people. There was a family atmosphere. We were glad to be together. We had the same purpose and were of one mind.
Meaning: God is taking His people on a journey. He wants them to be united in Spirit and Truth, and to follow Him. When there is true unity there will be joy and love amongst them caused by obedience to God and His Word.

2) The old ladies
Across the road I saw some old ladies. They were pushing a tall trolley full of luggage. I felt I knew them from the past, so I waved to them.  They were on the side of the road, pushing the trolley when the luggage fell on them.
Meaning: The ladies are people from 'our' former church. They will find their spiritual journey difficult, as they were taught to rely on their church leaders. The cult mentality prevented them from being led by the Spirit.
Listening to the Spirit will be new to them. They will need extra help in the future. They rely upon the 'luggage' – all the paraphernalia of the way they have traditionally done things, their church customs and rituals, etc. – to keep them going.

10th May 2004. H. Rats exposed
I saw rat holes opened up to expose the rats. They had to come out of hiding.
Meaning: God was illustrating a situation where some people were dishonest with us and tried to deceive us. We suspected something was wrong, and then God confirmed it through dreams. No one can hide from God!

Wrong Police Approach and The Judicial System
11th May 2004. H. 1) Police pigs
A freezer full of food was attacked by pigs. The freezer was emptied and the food lay on the ground.
Meaning: God is warning us of the aggressive behaviour of the police; how they will treat valuable and carefully stored things ('our' literature) with contempt. They will look through everything. Their approach and attitude is evil, totally inconsiderate of people.

2) Stranger spying on us
We were sitting on a big bed, trying to get things done. There was a stranger sitting next to us, spying on us. He was intruding into our privacy and treating us like prisoners in our own home.
Meaning: This also illustrates police actions against us. We have to suffer abuse so we can speak out against it. Our freedom will be restricted, portrayed by being confined to bed.

25th May 2004. H. 1) The judicial system
I saw a rider on a horse. Then someone took a heavy object and threw it at the rider's head, forcing the rider to retreat and go away.
Meaning: The rider represents authorities that dominate others through the power they hold. They are high and mighty. God challenges them and exposes their uncaring nature and their hypocrisy. The judicial system is far from being just.

18th June 2004. H. Police being aggressive
The police turned up at the door with aggression and guns. They went for Malcolm and Tonya. God is forewarning us of the attack. They will accuse us without evidence of wrongdoing. God will judge them for their evil motives and oppression of the innocent.

God Gives, But He Also Takes Away!
15th May 2004. H. Man without legs
I saw an old man without legs trying to get dressed. He was in bed and found it difficult to get himself dressed. I tried to help him. He was truly stuck!
Meaning: Someone we know who is being tested severely by his circumstances. His handicap shows his spiritual state and the struggles he is facing. God allows people to be tried and tested. They are necessary to prepare us for His Kingdom. Trials are needed to develop humility, and to test our faith, to prove whether we will do what is right even under duress (Jas 1), so we can become spiritually mature.
The man in this dream is portrayed as old because he is worldly wise.

17th May 2004. H. A woman lost her two horses
She was looking for them.
Meaning: The horses in this dream represent money and power. This refers to someone who has no access to money or power due to negative circumstances he is enduring. I tried to help him in the dream. When we learn from trials, God will bless us and restore what we have lost.
Spiritual lessons are more important to obtain than wealth and power.

People Unaware: Tribulation Coming
19th May 2004. H. Warnings go unheeded
I looked at the town below [depicts seeing things from a higher spiritual vantage point] and saw a factory complex [our western industrial society] on fire. Dark clouds of smoke billowed into the sky. Next to the factory there was a dormitory with people sleeping in their beds [the Church]. I ran through the dormitory shouting "Fire! Fire!" [A warning about imminent spiritual dangers.] Some people woke up. I urged them to get out to save their lives! "Leave everything behind and run!"
Some men [men depicts leaders – those in charge] turned up at the door with fire extinguishers and put the fire out, and everyone settled down again. They encouraged calmness [complacency]. But the factory fire would engulf the dormitory soon, and people didn't care to know and didn't see the danger. They trusted other men who deceived them through their actions.
Meaning: Prophetic voices sound an alarm from God about spiritual dangers which will lead to the destruction of civilisation as we know it. Yet people reject those voices because of their pride and refuse to humble themselves to hear a warning through another servant sent by the Lord.

Sin Denounced Uncompromisingly
29th May 2004. H. Get cleaned up from sin!
A woman suffering from diarrhoea soiled the bed. She felt bad about it and got up to get washed and cleaned.
Meaning: God uses this to portray human sinfulness. Sin makes people unclean. We need to put extra effort out to get cleaned up through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

31st May. H. Abortion or murder
I was walking through the street and saw many dead foetuses lying there. These seemed to be deformed. I was shocked how they were just abandoned. Then I went to visit people who lived in box-like compartments. They were cut off from each other, isolated, and unconcerned about others.
Meaning: A picture of today's uncaring society. Today's newspaper reported about the trend of aborting children [murdering them!] who were deformed. God showed how despicable is the selfishness of people who murder unborn children for convenience and selfish reasons!

The Gospel Will Go Out Widely
25th May 2004. H. 2) The huge cross
I saw a huge cross, suspended in space.
Meaning: God is planning to demonstrate His power to the whole world. The gospel message and the power of the cross will be manifested globally. The film The Passion of the Christ received international acclaim, but this is only the beginning. Much more is to come.

4th June 2004. H. Teaching many about God's love
I talked with many people about the greatness of God, His power, and prayer. People have lost touch with their Creator God. They need to be taught about God and how to talk to Him in prayer. They need to be shown how to have a personal relationship with their Creator.

18th June 2004. H. 2) I saw two TV presenters (Richard Madeley and Judy) playing around. R played with a young person. This portrays their casual easy-going manner.

22nd June 2004. H. 1) Young lady to be used mightily for the gospel
I saw a young lady showing her bridal dress [future fulfilment]. She looked happy. The dress was made of pleasant cotton material in a country style.
Meaning: Although the devil has used someone to trap and deceive this young lady, cutting her off from the family and destroying her faith, she will be rescued in the end. Her family warned her of the spiritual danger and prayed for her, but she took little notice at first [present situation]. Later, she took note of the warning and started praying and seeking God, who used her mightily for the gospel [future outcome].

10th August 2004. H. Prince Harry
We were travelling in a car and we saw Prince Harry cycling wildly in the opposite direction. We were glad we saw him. Later I met him and spoke to him personally. I urged him to get ready for the future. "Prepare yourself for future events." There was a bodyguard nearby, so we tried to talk privately. I encouraged him to "be sober minded spiritually." (M wrote him a letter and sent some literature.)

God Points Out The Faults Of Others
20th June 2004. H. Potatoes need planting
Someone left some potatoes on our doorstep. I knew they needed to be planted in the ground to grow and produce fruit. A day later a letter arrived from a small group of people who came out of a cult and who were seeking spiritual direction. (However, it turned out later that they didn't want to be 'planted in the ground'!) [This dream was about the group who are described in M's dreams of 21st June, 28th June, 30th June, and 2nd July under 'piles of prophetic words'.]

21st June 2004. H. Jesse Duplantis Ministries
I visited a big rambling house. I was puzzled by the large kitchen where the dishes were washed and neatly piled up. [It's a neat and well organised ministry, but...] All the kitchen utensils were left in the open. Even small glasses were stacked up. I was afraid to touch anything in case the items fell down [there is fragility there, and things are precarious because the teaching is unfinished; it needs practical application, which is where ours could complement theirs.].
Meaning: This dream is figurative of Jesse Duplantis Ministries (see M's dream of them of 11th June). It is a charismatic movement relying upon the Holy Spirit but which neglects basic doctrines of the Word. Their house needs to be put in order by making changes in their doctrines. (They don't know where things fit, how to 'put things away'.) [Malcolm wrote to them later that day about changes they need to make, but they didn't reply.]

22nd June 2004. H. 1) The show-off
I was in a large building [the Church], where there was some disorder. I saw some mess on the floor so I got a cloth to clean it up. At that moment a motorbike arrived at the messy area. The rider rode with aggression, preventing me from cleaning the floor. He was just showing off! I was most annoyed!
Meaning: The dream depicts a group with whom a friend in the USA has come into contact. The motorbike rider is a minister who claims to be a prophet, but who uses his prophetic gift from a wrong motive. He wants to impress and show off, but that only causes confusion. It doesn't really help people, and it certainly doesn't clean up the spiritual mess in the Church. It only creates more!
In that group there have been false manifestations (from demons), e.g. gold dust, wrong use of tongues. We have literature to help these people to clean up the wrong teaching (Testing The Spirits) but they love the power in the flesh. Demons love to impress and deceive.

26th June 2004. H. 1) Cherie Blair
I saw a small vehicle driving along the road. Then it drove too fast around a bend and I saw Cherie Blair fall out of the vehicle onto the pavement. This indicates a future development which will affect this Prime Minister's wife. There are difficulties ahead and events which will get out of control. God warned of this previously.
2) I asked people to pray about a case taken by an MP into Parliament. It's about an injustice in the system and the abusive behaviour of the police.
3) JV, a friend whom we have helped in the past, was critical of us.
Meaning: This was fulfilled when a letter from someone came. He was arrogant, abusive and totally confused. The dream, using JV as an example, portrayed the wrong traits of the person who wrote. He was damaged by a cult. There are many like JV who need help and teaching to get their minds sorted out.

Happiness, Friendship and Sharing
30th June 2004. H. 1) Friendly man with tattoos
I developed a close friendship with a man. I realised I didn't know his name. He said he was Jack. I noticed he had tattoos. He was quite pleasant and friendly.
Meaning:  Because of the publicity, many people whom we would not seek out as friends, will become our friends. We won't know them at first, although they will know us. Many will be helped in seeking God and getting to know Him personally.

1st July 2004. H. Queen and many others happy
We looked out of the window and saw the queen talking to some people, with much laughter and cheer. It was good to see her so happy and enjoying herself. Nearby there were more activities where families were having fun.
Meaning: This is looking to the future when God's ways are going to be taught publicly through miracles and raising the dead. Learning about God will bring many blessings to those who choose to live God's way.

12th July 2004. H. I befriended a nice man and I got married to him in haste. However, I didn't remember his name. I had to check what it was. He was pleasant to be with.
Meaning: This situation represents a new job in the near future when things will happen quickly. We are going to meet many new people who love God, and who will be glad to befriend us.

17th July 2004. H. Neglected plant in need of care
I saw a picture of a medium sized plant which looked unhappy and neglected. It was a special plant which needed some treatment to make it healthy again.
Meaning: This plant is symbolic of a person who needed help to restore her relationship with God. She needed the right teaching to encourage her and put God first in her life. Her husband needs healing and restoration of his health. God will heal those who put their complete trust in Him and determine to obey His every word.

20th July 2004. H. Many people
There was a gathering of many people of different ages and backgrounds. I was concerned about many of them and the children, making sure their needs were provided for.
Meaning: God will bring many people together through the work of preaching the gospel.

Problems Of An Expanding Work
9th July 2004. H. Security will become more difficult
We acquired a large piece of land, mostly woodland. I was concerned about the security of the boundary.
Meaning: The work is expanding, making it more difficult to control the type of people who come in contact with us. We just received a letter from someone who was rather suspect, with a confused state of mind. (Many demons will use their human hosts to try and cause trouble for us.)

2nd August 2004. H. We are not welcome
I was visiting some public places where I felt scrutinised and unwelcome. I had some papers and literature with me.
Meaning: These could be churches where leaders are suspicious of people who are outside of their group and are unwilling to cooperate with us.

Pure Truth Must Be Accepted
11th July 2004. H. Old teachings must be discarded
There was a yard where there were stacks of clothes. I was sorting them out. Any garments which were old with holes were disposed of. The good ones were stacked up neatly.
Meaning: The Church has many doctrines and traditions which have to be examined, and any teachings which have 'holes' in, have to be rejected. The Word of God is the standard, the point of reference. This process will  help the Church to prepare for the return of Christ.

14th July 2004. H. Large spotless house
This house was like a mansion, ready for use. Someone showed interest and wanted to have a look around. I encouraged the person and said that the house was spotless! "Tell others about it."
Meaning: This is to do with God's truths presented in MM literature, ready for to be used by Church folks and others. God's truth is spotless and pure. We should be willing and eager to share it with others.

Nearby there was a smaller house with plants growing in it. By the front door we tried to welcome people with a special cup of coffee.
Meaning: God uses different means of attracting people and getting their attention. Plants are people whom God has brought to us to help us with the job. God will draw millions to Himself through the outpouring of miraculous power.

Resistance Of Former Friends
21st July 2004. H. Trying to reach former friends
I was walking up the hill to visit old friends in Wales. Along the way, I met J's parents. Her dad was carrying a laptop computer. He was rather preoccupied with it.
Meaning: We have tried hard to reach them. It has been an uphill struggle with no meaningful response. We have to compete with those who are close to them. They are preoccupied with worldly things like computers. God is not pleased with their response. They don't care for the work God is doing with us.

9th August 2004. H. Disrespect from former friends
One of our former friends turned up (AC) and tried to befriend me. He was rude and disrespectful, and acting in a way that was far too familiar. (We have not seen him for about 20 years, and he has returned literature we sent to help deliver him. He has rudely ignored us, and failed to respond.) But the dream showed he will turn up and treat us as though we are still the closest buddies, but without a proper spiritual approach. I was offended at his actions and told him to get out and show some respect.
Meaning: He (and others like him) will make contact as a result of all the publicity coming, but will treat us like former friends and not have the proper respect for the truths we convey or the purpose we fulfil for God. God is angry with those who have been disloyal to Him and who have disdained our witness to go following after false ministers, giving them allegiance and support, while they left us to rot!

Sudan Tragedy To Get Worse
24th July 2004. H. Vision of floods in Sudan and a river swollen through the rainy season. I saw people drowning in the swollen river, and swept away by the torrent.
Meaning: There is a disaster waiting to happen in Sudan, where they are already starving, and many people killed. When the rains come, floods will be a new danger to these poor downtrodden people.

Lady To Come Back From The Dead
29th July 2004. H. Miss Barbara Jackson
Miss Jackson (a lady who died in 1999 aged 85) turned up and started settling down in a home of her own. She has been dead for five years now, but God will bring her back so she can be a witness to many, and live out more of her allotted physical life to complete God's plan for her.

Dealing With More Problems
5th August 2004. H. Clearing out rubbish, and the pansy
We were cleaning out some rubbish in a garden and threw it down an embankment. Nearby there was a pansy plant, about a foot tall. (A pansy is normally much smaller, only a few inches high.)
Meaning: This depicts a situation with people who are assisting us in Kenya. The problem areas need to be resolved and evil influences challenged. The devil causes division among people, cutting them off from God. The tall pansy is one individual who likes to feel important, but is not really stalwart towards truth.

7th August 2004. H. Need to put the light on (in Kenya)
We were doing some work in a small room. There were several bulb holders without the light bulbs. It was difficult to see what we were doing. I insisted that we put a bulb in to give us light. Eventually the light came on and we were able to see clearly what was going on.
Meaning: This depicts the situation in Kenya, where we have had to sort out some difficulties caused by people's inappropriate response and behaviour. The light represents the guidance of the Holy Spirit which is needed to expose the darkness of evildoers and their sins. Selfishness and pride are the chief causes of problems. They need to be overcome so that God can come through in the situation and use people in His service.

8th August 2004. H. Trying to put a roof on in Africa
We were trying to put a roof up on a building. There were several sections to this. When we had a few of them up, suddenly they all fell down to the ground. We tried so hard, but to no avail.
Meaning: This again depicts what we have been struggling to achieve in Kenya, where nearly all previous preparations were demolished by the selfishness and desertion of mainly one individual. He affected others.
The sections represent individuals who have fallen spiritually, and therefore have become useless in God's hands to get the job done. Our efforts cannot solve other people's problems. They themselves have to overcome the evil one who has caused so much destruction.

13th August 2004. H. Man in the loft (India)
I went into a large hall where I noticed a man in the attic (the space high up, just below the roof). I asked him how he got there. He said he used a ladder, which stood in the corner of the hall.
Next I saw him down, surrounded by a nice thick blanket, looking rather cosy. He must have fallen down.
The floor of the hall, where he was, was untidy, with rubbish all over the place. I wondered why no one thought of cleaning up the mess. I was discouraged by the dreadful untidy state of things and went away.
Meaning: The man in the loft is someone who is trying to lift himself up into a high position. He wants money to elevate himself, and to make a name for himself. He is ambitious and seeks money so that he can set up a large church. But it's an entirely wrong motive and so he will come down to earth. God brings down all who seek glory for themselves.
The blanket represents how his personal comfort is very important to him. He makes sure he takes care of himself! But basic Christian work like helping others spiritually – symbolised by clearing up the rubbish – doesn't get done. He's not interested in that. Serving others is too humbling.
This man seeks power and elevation, while the messy problems are left to clutter the church. The ordinary people suffer while leaders make sure they take care of themselves.
Further comment: A few hours after the dream was given, a letter came from India, which fulfilled it. From what the man said in his letter, his motives were revealed by the dream. God always gives us salient dreams about people just before their missive arrives!

16th August 2004. M. Police questioning
I went into a room to be questioned. The room was dark and the seats were arranged in a circle. At first I couldn't see because my eyes were not accustomed to the dimness after being in bright light outside. I heard a woman talking to me to take a seat, but I couldn't see her at first. After a few moments my eyes adjusted and I looked around to see the seats. There were several people present, all sitting at a distance from one another, each separated by three or four seats. [The police are formal and distant. There is no real friendliness there, as we are used to.] I sat at a seat at the end of the curve. It was leather and slippery, and because the seat was sloping, it was impossible to sit on it properly. I kept sliding down [they want to see me slip down so they can prosecute me].
Meaning: An allegory of the police 'service' and what they are like from God's perspective. The slippery seat that I had to sit on depicts their unfairness towards me. You wouldn't treat your friend like that, nor anyone whom you wanted to respect. It depicts my impossible situation in their scrutiny of me.
The darkness is a spiritual allegory. The love of God is hard to find there, and their operations are governed by evil spirits, hence the spiritual darkness or gloom.
The room depicts their secretiveness. It is a secret society like the Masons. The circular seating also conveys that. Although I could see the end of the curve, that was the only place where I could sit. Effectively, they are a closed circle.
Implications: The dream shows, once again (like several other previous dreams), that I will be a target for police scrutiny with a view to wanting to prosecute me. Although I have done nothing wrong (I have merely tried to help someone they regard as a criminal, in order to assist his spiritual reformation), they will try to 'do' me in some way. God is greater by far, and can see through all their schemes. While they will want to bring me under their cosh of human judgement, they will find that God will use it to bring them under His hammer of Judgement.

Further Reading: God Exposes What Is Wrong With Britain's Police System (article containing several dreams.)

Some Good News
16th August 2004. H. 1) The church banking facility
We were able to use a church banking facility. On their statements there was a special mark which indicated that the bank was supportive of those who preached the gospel. The mark was a little cross in the corner of the page.
Meaning: This may represent the much larger fiscal support coming that God has promised us.
There is often a delay between the promise and its receipt!

When The Power Comes
16th August 2004. H. 2) A gloomy day at the beach
We were going to the beach on a gloomy day. The bus journey was dangerous as the seats were high up without seat belts. I had no shoes with me so I was bare footed.
Meaning: This is to do with a situation which will be outside of our control. We will be forced to take a break – stopping the work we do – because of the police action against us – unwarranted state interference.
Going to the beach on a gloomy day is not our choice. It's forced upon us by the authorities. Not being able to take shoes means things will happen suddenly, for which we are not completely prepared. God has warned us about this many times. He has a great purpose to work out through this conflict. When the devil opposes God's Work, then God releases His power to overcome the enemy.

18th August 2004. M. The aero-car
In this dream Someone was showing me a remarkable car. We were travelling down the road (sometimes in the dream we were a part of the car [God's Work], or in it; at other times we could be behind it, watching it) when the car changed its whole appearance. It turned from being an ordinary car to being one with wings. I saw these wings grow out of it, and the back of the car completely changed, too (when the wings grew out of it, I was viewing it from behind). It was incredible! It could fly! It took off and zoomed over the rest of the traffic. Wow! This thing was something else. On one occasion my dad (who was a RAF pilot in World War 2) was driving (not flying) this thing and I was beside him.
Then the scene changed and the Man said, "Do you want to see someone murdered?" He had a short stubby gun in His hand, which was so small that it could be hidden completely in His hand. I wasn't interested in seeing someone murdered (sounds gruesome, yet it's a spiritual analogy), but He got on with it. I didn't see it occur, of course, but after He came back He pointed out that it was very important not to leave any evidence behind, to cover all traces of culpability. So He took the murder weapon a long way away from the crime scene.
Meaning: The dream is an allegory of what God is doing. The car represents His Work, which can change into a plane in order to take off suddenly or come back 'down to earth'.
My father died at age 77 (symbolic) in 1989 on my 40th birthday (showing God's design). After that, God moved upon me and MM started a short while later. God will raise him from the dead as one of the 50 whom He will bring back.
The 'murder' is Jesus' judgement of the law system in this country which is corrupt and evil. The other details are to make us aware of our need to be vigilant and "wise as serpents, but harmless as doves."
God is bringing all man's institutions into judgment!

Morris Cerullo And Dead Churches
21st August 2004. H. Morris Cerullo And The Dead Churches
I saw some pews in church. There were human figures sitting down, but they were lifeless, as if chiselled out of wood. One of the faces had pig features. I recognised a man dressed in a long robe feeding someone from a bottle of milk.
Meaning: The churches spiritually are dead, like the pews. People are selfish and self-orientated – hence the pig features. The man in a long robe, feeding others from a milk bottle is US evangelist Morris Cerullo. (This may shock many people who elevate this man as if he were God.)
The Church has lost its way, spiritually. She is not aware of what God is doing. Those who are feeding church people are doing a human work, giving them milk rather than the solid truth of the fulness of God's Word.

Demons Implant Pride And Vanity
22nd August 2004. H. Demons At Rolls Royce 'Do'
I saw a sequence of demons, as if they were showing off and parading themselves. They had Indian feathers around the face and wings.
Meaning: My two daughters were invited to a picnic at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, where people who own ostentatious 'swanky' Rolls Royce cars had a get-together. (God hints that it is akin to a North American Indian 'pow-wow'.) I knew these demons were connected with this event. They were going to have a party through the people who went there, causing them to be puffed up, arrogant, vain, and all the rest.
It pleases Satan when he can cause people to be proud. It displeases God immensely, because it is the most ruinous spiritual trait!

Giving People Spiritual Help
23rd August 2004. H. Spiritual Guidance Needed
I was showing somebody how to find their way to the next destination (house).
Some people who need spiritual guidance and direction for their journey.

25th August 2004. H. Display of seeds
I saw a display of seeds. There were many of them. People were helping themselves and enjoying the nourishment from them. I was curious about some of the seeds.
Meaning: Today, we received a letter from a lady who has received spiritual encouragement from our web site and publications. These are like seeds. They give people food for thought. Some who are searching for Truth are glad to get in contact and ask for literature to help them with their problems.

Helping New People
28th August 2004. H. New People
I met several new people. They were polite and friendly. They seemed to be from different backgrounds. I was shown that one of them was promiscuous. I had a special date with one person who was extra-friendly.
Meaning: God will call people, many of whom will be promiscuous and need to change their lifestyle. Others will be extra-supportive of our work for spiritual reasons.
These are future events – when miracles happen, many will be drawn to God.

31st August 2004. H. Helping Famous People
I was helping famous people to start putting their spiritual house in order. I was helping one of them to build a small wall. He needed a little help with it.
Meaning: God will reach people through miracles and publicity. When that occurs, people will become aware of God and who He is, and then begin to change and grow spiritually.

Unlawful Restrictions Coming
1st September 2004. H.  Our Freedom Restricted
We were busy doing different things, but we were living under the ground. There was semi-darkness, and we felt cut off from others.
Meaning: God is warning us about a future event when our freedom will be restricted. (Not far away.) The devil is planning his attack on us. God has shown us the outcome. His angels will be helping us and deliverance will come through God's power being released.

13th September 2004. H. Intolerable Police Surveillance!
Two women PCs turned up at our home. They watched everything we did. I went to the supermarket for food but was not allowed to buy anything. I was told to pick out the items from a huge mountain of packages. I wanted to use the bathroom but there was no privacy. Even then we were watched!
Meaning: It illustrates the huge problems the authorities will create for us, interfering in our daily lives. I tried to communicate with these women but they were not friendly. They will 'bug' the house to try and frame us and gather information against us. But how stupid! We are not involved in criminal activity; we are representing God and promoting His truth! God showed me they will be guilty of wasting tax-payers' money.

15th September 2004. H. Our Power Supply Smashed!
Our power supply was smashed by someone who was hostile to us. In spite of this, we were able to grow plants. We got some bulbs and planted them.
Meaning: Plants represent people. They need planting in the Word of God so they can grow.  They need feeding and caring for. The power supply represents income or money. The devil will use people to try to destroy the work we are doing for God. God will send angels to help us.

22nd September 2004. H. Police Helicopter
I saw a big spacious chalet style house. There were people milling around and a police helicopter flying over the property. The pilot tried to see what was going on, even looking through the windows. Eventually the helicopter landed on top of the car and the pilot came inside. Once he realised we were just normal people fellowshipping together, the pilot felt disarmed. He couldn't find fault with us.
Meaning: God will use this to witness to the police. There are some Christians among them who need spiritual awakening. God will expose the wicked amongst them.

Publicity Ahead: Dead Brought Back
4th September 2004. H. 3 Couples Getting Married
There were three couples getting married. I was one of them. The couples were intertwined together and naked.
Meaning: This has symbolic meaning. The union involves being 'married' to a job or new situation. The nakedness involves public exposure. (The media tend to try and expose everything about you.) But we have nothing to hide.
God will set up publicity through miracles. This will be time-consuming, intense and hard work. Like marriage, it takes total involvement and dedication. God sets up circumstances to show His great power to the nations. Raising the dead will astonish the nations and give a witness for the Gospel.

20th September 2004. H. Miss Jackson Returns
There was something special going on. People were gathering together. I got closer to see what the excitement was about.  Amongst the people I saw Miss Jackson [who died in 1999]. She looked happy. I noticed her face was spotty.
Meaning: Although Barbara Jackson died some years ago, God will raise her up and bring her back again to this temporary physical life. The spots on her face depict spiritual impurities. By living her life for God, she will be cleansed and purified.

24th September 2004. H.
1) Publicity
We were sitting discussing something. Nearby was a man we know from our previous church association. He was able to hear what we said, but we could not talk to him. This is because of publicity. People will get to know us but we will be cut off from others.

2) I went to a huge meeting place full of armchairs and people. The place was disorderly. I managed to find a seat, and later I went looking for Malcolm where we were staying for a while
Meaning: This is the Church situation – spiritually disorderly – in a mess.

As I went on my journey I found someone who needed to eat a healthy diet and I encouraged him to eat lots of salads. Someone came to help me with him. After giving more advice, I left them and moved on.
Our job is to help people to become spiritually healthy and stronger. The right spiritual diet is necessary. This will be done through teaching and 'our' literature.

As I travelled, I was conscious of some coins in my hand which I had to take care of.
As we reach out, people will give us support, but money always goes too easily. It has to be looked after carefully.

Different People: Different Problems
17th September 2004. H. Sick Child
I went to the hospital and picked up a child who was weak and sick. I brought it home to care for it.
Meaning: This is someone we know who spent time with friends, who didn't care for God and who followed selfish ways. We have to be careful with the company we keep. Bad company corrupts spiritual character (1 Cor 15:33).

28th Sept 2004. H. 1) The Hostile Woman
I went to see a woman who lived nearby, but she was hostile towards me and didn't want to see me. I said, "I'm not here to see you. I came to collect the rent which you owe me." Reluctantly she gave me some money.
Meaning: This relates to a group of Christians who don't care to fellowship with us. We shared valuable spiritual materials with them from which they can benefit spiritually, but they have not reimbursed us as is scripturally correct. The labourer is worthy of his fiscal reward. We carry the burden of printing and costs of taking it to others, but most people are so selfishly orientated that they don't consider their duty towards the provider.

2) I was caring for a child with eczema
I put some ointment on her hands and tried to keep her comfortable and safe. This is someone who is young spiritually and needs help and protection from danger.

1st October 2004. H. 1) Meeting David Beckham
He was fearful because I said something strange.
Meaning: Miracles of raising the dead will draw people's attention, but it won't be all 'plain sailing'. Some will be fearful of us, and think us odd.

2) The Big Green Car
Someone drove a big green car through the streets (and later came to see us). I made contact with the car. They showed great interest in our garden.
Meaning: The person driving the big green car is a 'celebrity'. God uses different means to reach people. Our garden is one of the avenues that will impress people.

Dangers of TV Evangelists
30th September 2004. H. Influence of TV Evangelists
I saw a small tree in a pot. A person tried to cosy up to the tree and find comfort in the pot. The person had a turban on their head and became sleepy. The face was covered with black spots.
Meaning: The tree represents a Christian TV personality (TV evangelist). The person was one of his followers. The turban indicates that he / she treats the TV presenter as a guru. The black spots are symbols of demonic influence, caused by the powerful psychological influence the teacher holds over the follower. Obeying and following men rather than God is idolatry.
[For more on this subject, please refer to the separate article entitled God Is Not Pleased With Tele-Evangelism!]

3rd October 2004. H. Deformed Plants
I saw people chopping the tops off plants to make salad. These plants looked deformed and left under the table. I noticed one plant had only one side-shoot left. It looked neglected.
Meaning: This depicts a correspondent who was in touch with us. Many people are influenced by religious leaders (TV evangelists are among this bad influence) to their detriment and need spiritual help to be healed.

Malice Will Be Rewarded!
4th October 2004. H. Malicious Damage
(This is not a dream but what happened.)
I love growing plants and flowers. I put some of them at the front of the house for people to take for their gardens for a small donation. I noticed today that some of the plants were damaged. At first I thought that that someone damaged them by accident. But looking closer, I noticed that they were deliberately burnt with a gas flame like a blow torch that plumbers use.
This upset me, and as I was thinking about it, God showed me that an evil person used by the devil wanted to hurt us. God gave me a picture of more flowers and bigger ones that will be given to restore those destroyed. The wicked are given freedom to do evil, and they will be judged according to their deeds. And good people will be rewarded for their good deeds.

God Helps Us Financially
6th October 2004. H. Paying Bills
I came to a cashier, where I was to pay three bills. Two were like shop receipts and the other was like a phone bill.
Meaning: This was to do with credit card transactions. God was giving us guidance as to what to do. (He showed us what the dream meant, which isn't easy to see from this alone.)

7th October 2004. H. 1) Living Below Ground
We lived in a small apartment below ground. The place was simple and spartan, but we were quite happy to stay there.
Meaning: Combine this dream with the earlier ones about police surveillance and you will see what it shows. Our financial situation will be worse through outside interference. But we trust God to help us through it.

Challenge and Sacrifice
2) I saw a woman kill another woman
. She found it difficult at first, and tried again.
Meaning: There is a spiritual battle going on. The Church is being challenged on her old traditions and teachings. God is giving new truth to the Church. The old ways have to die. We all have to face a personal crisis and struggle. The 'old man' has to die so the 'new man' can grow through the Holy Spirit.

8th October 2004. H.
There was a road with upright crosses standing on either side.
Some people have sacrificed to help with the gospel outreach. Crucifying self is part of the Christian life. It is a way of life that leads away from self and towards God.

The Devil Influences People
2) The Huge Dam
I saw a huge dam blocking my way. The wall was steep but there were ridges on it. I was on my bicycle and I had to get off it to go up the steep wall. As I ran with the bicycle up the wall, I managed to grab hold of one of the ridges and pulled myself up. I held onto the bicycle and I was able to get to the top.
Meaning: The devil uses people to cause trouble for us, but God will help us to get over these obstacles. This is about the struggle we will have with the police.

14th October 2004. H. Two Buckets With Snakes
Meaning: These depict two young people who have walked away from God, and the demonic influences (snakes) they have allowed to develop in their lives.
He tipped the buckets over and the snakes got out. Two of them were quite big. They slithered all over the place and hid underneath the furniture. We had to be aware of their positions.
Comment: People who disobey God attract demons and bring negative judgement upon themselves. The two represent two attacks from the enemy.

16th October 2004. H. Lion And Scorpion Grab Man
I saw a picture of a man dragged into hell and death by a lion and a large scorpion.
Meaning: This depicts someone we knew (initials are DS). He promised to help us, but he did the opposite! He rejected truth, and gave in to basic lust for money. He used deceit, lied to us, cheated us, lied to others about us, gave false testimony about us in court, and the devil took him over.
Comment: Deceit and greed bring the judgement of God (Acts 5). The lion and scorpion are symbols of death and evil, and represent the devil and his demons.
God gives people opportunities in life – either to do good, or to do evil. He gives us all the choice to do either. The man in the dream chose the latter. He sold his soul to the devil and demonstrated the wickedness that he loved in his heart.

17th October 2004. H. Group Of People In A Mess
I went to meet a group of people. Their place had no shape; there were merely some broken down walls. There wasn't even a recognisable building. [This depicts their doctrinal teaching is in a mess. There is no 'structure' spiritually, to protect and shelter people from demonic harm.]
I was met by a lady [a lady in a dream portrays people who are called to be part of Christ's Bride] who was not friendly. [Depicts PJ's approach towards me, which has affected most in 'their group'. His hostility is masked by subtlety and a charade of smooth deceitful words.]
I asked her if I could use the toilet. [Symbol of spiritual cleansing. We're willing to be cleansed, hence the imagery.] She told me where the toilets were. They were below ground. [Symbolic of the fact that there isn't true openness in the group, but defensiveness, secretiveness, hidden things that they don't want brought out into the open or to be cleansed. An unwillingness to receive correction.] She asked me "Will you be long?" [This depicts a certain intolerance; a selfish, controlling spirit. It is rude, uncaring, and shows that we are not wanted. The one who exerts most control doesn't want us around, because he wants control for himself. He is prideful. And these wrong spirits infect others to varying degrees.] I felt there was an uncaring approach towards others and their needs.
Spiritual cleansing and purification are essential for, but not considered important by, this group. This will lead to spiritual poverty. The devil traps people if they make themselves or their ideology an idol.
Unfortunately, they pride themselves in their 'gifting' and through this pride, the devil has subverted them, but they don't know it and don't care.

Getting Ready For Next Phase
21st October 2004. H. Cleaning and Tidying Black Dress
I saw a young lady paying attention to her wardrobe. She took a black dress out and started cleaning it, laid it down and made it nice and tidy.
Meaning: This is about T, who has had a good job for many years, but which has come to an end. (Black is a symbol of mourning and death.) She is preparing for a new job where her skills will be used to help with the gospel and have dealings with many people.

About Some Believers In Kenya
22nd October 2004. H.
1) Child Lacking Discipline
I saw a big building with lots of things going on. [This is frequently used imagery – a symbol of God working with people in His Church.] I met up with a mother [the Church] and her child. Suddenly the child [N] needed to go to the toilet and produced a big puddle on the landing in our home. I was hurt by this selfish and thoughtless behaviour. It was a lack of self- discipline. I had no time to get back and clean it up.
Meaning: This depicts someone (more than one, actually) who has been selfish and lacking discipline in Africa, who doesn't care for others as he should. His behaviour has hurt us.

2) The Tall Plant
I went into the garden where there were many trees and shrubs. I was drawn to one tall plant. It looked rather slender and thin. I was looking to see if I could find a flower bud, but as I squeezed it where there should have been one, there was nothing there, and the plant keeled over.
Meaning: The imagery depicts a person, pointing out his weakness and lack of spiritual fruit. He is 'tall', which symbolises how he aspires to be high up, elevated, important. But he [L] lacks spiritual character and maturity. Under pressure, he will fall. [He did.] Pride precedes a fall.
Comment: These 2 dreams depict how people’s personal weaknesses give rise to problems which harm the work they do – and also harms us. The devil takes advantage of people's weaknesses and takes them away from God's blessings.

3) People Enjoying Fellowship
In another part of the building there was a group of people singing and enjoying being together in fellowship. They looked orderly and united.
Meaning: This depicts someone’s fellowship group in Kenya, where they held a successful small Feast together.
These are three aspects of the outreach in Kenya.

24th October 2004. H. 1) The Trashed Tray
I was tidying up potted plants. I looked for trays to put them in. We loaned one tray to some children. I went to retrieve it, but it was damaged and had been trashed. I felt let down.
Meaning: We had trusted people with literature and money which have been misused. The tray is a symbol for our literature that holds / contains the Word of God and which can help to keep people in place, spiritually.

Next Phase Of 'Our' Work
2) Authorities Misuse Power
Someone scattered my pot plants in the middle of the road. Cars had to drive around them. I had to go and rescue them. This was distressing.
Meaning: It shows how authorities will come into our private lives, meddling, and cause trouble.

3) Next Phase of 'Our' Work
I knew I was going away on a journey. I wanted to take the plants with me but this was not possible. I could only take one. The others had to be left in trays and hope that the rain would water them while I was away.
Meaning: The journey depicts the next stage of God's Work for us. God takes care of people like rain watering the plants. The one plant is our daughter who has faithfully supported us financially and morally all through the difficult lean years.

23rd October 2004. H. Alan Titchmarsh
There were different plants and flowers in pots which needed attention and repotting. One plant was tall and needed pruning and repotting. I met up with Alan Titchmarsh and had a chat. [H wrote to him, and sent him some of our literature.] I told him about my husband who writes Christian literature. [He's a bit of a 'nutter'.] I told him that "If you read it, it would blow your head off!"
Meaning: This has spiritual meaning. God deals with people like a gardener deals with plants. (Alan Titchmarsh is a TV garden presenter.) God may give people freedom to do what they want, but eventually He will deal with His creation.

27th October 2004. H. Three Men In Suits
I saw a man in a black suit appear, then another, and then a third one appeared. The black suit had some silver flecks in it. They had something to do with our web site. They looked somewhat stand-off-ish, rigid, and a bit suspicious.
Meaning: We think it depicts three church leaders who will get in touch in the future.

More Rain And Floods For Britain!
2) Weather – More Rain and Floods for Britain
I saw a weather forecast for the future. It predicted heavy rain spreading all the way to Scotland, and flooding in most parts of the country.
Meaning: The bad weather is one of the signs of the end of the age. God allows things to go wrong as punishment for sins that people don't care about.
At the same time there will be an outpouring of heavenly rain and God's power, to give a witness to the world of God's existence and the importance of His truths. It will revive the Church spiritually (the part that accepts it).

Those Who Left Us
28th October 2004. H. Flies In Our Drinking Water
Our son Richard showed us some videos of family events over the last 20 years. As I saw some of the visitors we have had over the years in our home, I was sad how many of them have been selfish and gone their own way. When they needed help they got what they wanted from us but when we needed help they didn't care. They showed their evil motives by rejecting God in their lives. I was given a dream of drinking water from a bottle which contained small flies in the water, which I spat out.

Watch out that you do not lose what you have worked for but that you may be rewarded fully (2 John 8, NIV).

Get Ready!
1st November 2004. H. Preparing Building Site
I was busy preparing a site, on a slight slope. The site had to be cleared of any rubbish which would get in the way of a new church building. This preparation has to be done before the construction work starts.
Meaning: God is doing a new work through MM. People should be ready spiritually, for what is coming.
Comment: 50 people will be raised from the dead – people who have been dead a long time (some of them for years!). Truth will then be presented to the ‘audience’ that ‘gathers’.

What Utter Cheek!
2nd November 2004. H. The Man Who Moved In
We moved into a new cottage which was very small but a man decided to move in with us (what a cheek!). There was a double bed for the lady of the cottage, yet the man expected to share the bed with her. His presumption was the height of arrogance. There were only two rooms in the cottage and they were very small. There was no spare room for visitors. I said to this man, "when the husband comes back you will have to sleep on the floor in the other room."
Meaning: The dream is about a man who tried to attach himself to our ministry for his own selfish purposes. We want Jesus to be at the centre of our ministry. He is the Husband of the Church. But the man in the dream wants pre-eminence for himself. He doesn't have the right approach.

4th November 2004. H. Lion Resting
A lion was resting. I had to give him some food to keep him happy.
This dream was fulfilled when we sent our literature to a person who later became hostile when we gave him revelation from God about how the devil has deceived him and his group. They hold on to their idols.

Good People
3rd November 2004. H. The Good Parsnip
I was shown a parsnip. It was strong and long. It had several ridges along its length.
Meaning: A parsnip is a good healthy vegetable, full of vitamins and minerals. It has a long root, so the plant is able to absorb nutrients from deep down in the soil. The ridges reflect trials in this person's life. The dream depicts the spiritual fruit and development of someone close to us, who is persevering in seeking God and His ways.

8th November 2004. H. Church Leaders Miserable, But Ordinary People Helpful
I was aware of people singing in a church. I didn't feel welcome so I went out to see a lady. There were stars made out of white paper scattered all over her house. I picked up these little stars, and some white paper as well.
There was a little man around who looked miserable. I just ignored him. The lady was helpful, though.
Meaning: The main church does not care for us. 'Miserable' represents being selfish and unconverted. When we reach ordinary people with literature, they are most likely to respond and give us encouragement and support.
By contrast, church leaders won't. They don't want to lose control over people, so they will resent us.

Don't Be Fooled By Men!
14th November 2004. H. Ugly Face Of The Devil
I saw a figure with an ugly face. I threw things at the face to expose it. As the face was exposed, more evil showed up. Eventually it looked like the devil.
Meaning: The dream depicts a Christian organisation promoting facts about geology that demonstrates the truth of the biblical account of Creation in Genesis. But they are devoid of the Spirit, and all 'in the flesh'.
The devil hides in people who are deceitful and proud. They may teach about God, but they want people to follow them, so their real inner self is camouflaged. This is a sham and idolatry.
Only as you challenge such people with further spiritual truth (throwing things at it in the dream) do you see their real colours, and their demonic characteristics become clearer.

A Lot Of Work To Do
17th November 2004. H. Church To Be Readied
I was making preparations for the Church, seeing people and visiting places. Someone was willing to donate some cushions, but they were stained and needed to be washed. I offered to pay something for them. [How we are not after people's possessions or money. That's not our motive.]
Meaning: The dream is a prompt about a lot of work ahead so that the Church can be made ready for Jesus' coming. We have to sacrifice and be willing to pay the price to benefit God's people.

Donations Delayed
19th August 2004. M. Dream about hold up concerning money coming in.
Because this work is not like a conventional Christian organisation that has a church base with tithe-paying members and therefore a steady income, God shows us at various intervals what we need to know about how to cope. He raises up various donors to help us when we desperately need it, and other times He shows us when to pull our 'horns' in. If He didn't speak in this way, we would have been finished long ago!

WCG Facing Final Collapse
23rd August 2004. M. The WCG's Bulging Walls
This dream featured a man who was in 'our' former church who lived in a very large home that many people would term a 'mansion'. But it was an old house, and high up, the walls were bellying out. In the dream, the walls were bulging out so much that the house was liable to collapse at any moment.

I was looking at this sight with a friend. He knew that I could fix it, having been a builder. But the job was so big that I didn't want it. It would have meant buttressing the walls temporarily, then taking them down brick by brick, and rebuilding. It was too big a task and would mean having to get many workers to help. I said to him, "Just let it fall." But he didn't listen to me, and contacted the guy to tell him I could fix it. I was annoyed with him, because I didn't want him offering my services. Nor did I want the job.

Meaning: The man in the mansion apostatised along with the rest of the WCG. They all renounced truth in order to keep with the organisation as its wayward leadership led it spiritually downwards. They rejected the instruction of God. Hence, the WCG will soon fall.

Isaiah 30 is a fitting epitaph to this once proud church:

Now go, write it before them... that it may be for a time to come, forever and ever: That this is a rebellious people, lying children. Children who will not hear the law of the Lord; who say to the seers, 'Do not see,' and to the prophets, 'Do not prophesy to us right things; speak to us smooth things, prophesy deceits. Get out of the way, turn aside from the path. Cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us.'

Therefore, thus says the Holy One of Israel, 'Because you despise this word, and trust in oppression and perversity, and rely on them [want to make 'pacts' and friends with other churches to curry their favour, despite the false teachings they have], therefore this iniquity shall be to you like a breach ready to fall, a bulge in a high wall, whose breaking comes suddenly, in an instant. And He shall break it like the breaking of a potter's vessel, which is broken in pieces. He shall not spare, so there shall not be found among its fragments a shard to take fire from the hearth, or to take water from the cistern.' (Isaiah 30:8-14.)

The words that follow in Isaiah 30 are also relevant to the WCG in this context.

Church Old And In Need Of Restoring
24th August 2004. M. Trying to restore an old door
It was an old fashioned door, painted white, which had four panes of glass from bottom to top. But it was in a hopeless mess. It had rust marks, and a great big chunk like a knot had fallen out of it near the top. I felt it was too far gone and not worth all the effort trying to restore it.
Meaning: The church worldwide (numeric symbol of 4).

Muslims And £1,000,000
29th August 2004. M.  Muslims and £1 Million
In this dream there was a million pounds and a mound. The mound was an orangey buff colour and represented Muslims. These people were coming to Christ! There was a correlation between the money and these Muslims being converted. It was quite many!
Meaning: In a dream some years ago, God conveyed the figure of £1 million. Either we will receive this as a result of the publicity that is coming after the dead are raised, or it represents the value of the publicity if you were to try and buy it through advertising. In that dream, Paul McCartney featured too, as an allegory of media attention that will come our way. (We don't want it, but it's coming.)

Hostility And Persecution
9th Sept 2004. M. 1) Persecution
We were being persecuted by church folks for all sorts of reasons. They didn't like us and so they found fault with us over many matters.

2) The Holy Spirit
This issue was one which church leaders most took exception to in 'our' message. It was their biggest bone of contention with us. [For those unaware, we contradict the widely held view that the Holy Spirit is a distinct 'Person' of the Godhead. God is not 'three in one', nor is the Holy Spirit a separate entity or Being.] The dream showed the massive hostility of church leaders against us; and they used this difference of belief as an excuse to dismiss everything else we said.
It shows how much of a dogma the Trinity theory has become and how close-minded church leaders are. There are many bigots in the Church!

13th Sept 2004. M.
1) Hostility and persecution
I was being taken to court. Hordes of people were there wanting to see me prosecuted – there were masses of people; the court was packed out! – but I had done nothing wrong. They were persecuting me for what I have said. [Nothing new for prophets!]
Meaning: It highlights the malicious motive in many people. Their hatred of God's will.

Then I had to plead either 'guilty' or 'not guilty'. But I didn't respond quite the way they wanted. I started to say "I am innocent; I'm not guilty..." but the judge interrupted me before I could say my next words "so I plead 'not guilty'," and told me to say either just 'guilty' or 'not guilty'. [This part of the dream illustrates how rigid, inflexible, legalistic and unreasonable the legal process has become.]
I was given in the spirit how to respond and said, "I will say what the Holy Spirit gives me to say." In my spirit I felt anger against this arrogant overlord who was just a stooge of the wicked system he presided on top of. He didn't like his authority defied, but I was going to defy it because God told me to.
Meaning: This highlights wrong attitudes and a wrong approach behind Britain's judicial system, besides society's intolerance of what God's prophets have to proclaim to the people.

The Church Does Not Want It, But...
2) The unwanted piece of furniture
I had a piece of white furniture that was to be installed in a house for a young girl who lived there. (There were many things going on in this dream, but I was not permitted to recall all of that, just a couple of aspects.) An older person said that the young girl didn't really want it. I said, "Yes, I know it's not trendy...." "Exactly," two older people commented.
But I started putting it in place anyway.
As I put it against a wall, I had it upright instead of horizontal. (It was like a long dressing table or similar.) It caught a power switch above it and tripped the power off. As it did so, there was a bolt of electricity or something that gave me quite a jolt. But all the lights went out.
A few minutes later, one young lady came downstairs followed by another. I apologised for the power going off, but she was not too put out. She managed to find her way downstairs in the dark.
Meaning: The piece of white furniture represents God's Sabbath which He wants His people to accept. The older people represent the old church leaders and others who have been around a long time. In the charismatic churches and mainline denominations, they don't want it, but we're going ahead bringing this truth. If they don't accept it, their power will go out, and they will be left in darkness. God will withdraw Himself from them. Things won't be the same as they have been. The two young women coming downstairs might depict charismatics being brought more down to earth by what we are to present.
The young girl could symbolise the immaturity of most charismatic believers, or it could depict the newness of what God is creating with His people.

Return To Your First Love
16th Sept 2004. M. 1) Richard cleaning out our car
Richard was cleaning out our car. That was welcome. There was another black car nearby, too, with a huge gaping hole in its side. A panel was completely missing at the side of the engine compartment. It needed repairing and Richard was going to fix that, too. It was an off-road type of vehicle, higher off the ground than most cars.

2) The man who left his first love
A man was married to a woman and was in bed with her. But he got tired with her and went off and left her for another woman. His wife was very drab by comparison – not as shapely as the 'new love' in his life. Clearly his motives were entirely wrong. He was only following his own carnal desires and whatever appealed to him. Since the woman in his life didn't please him, he left her.
Meaning: The dream is an allegory of the selfishness and wrong motives of many in ministry. I know a man who walked away from serving people spiritually – trying to build them up spiritually by feeding them the Word of God – and who decided to do his own thing to bring him personal satisfaction and 'glory'. It wasn't what God wanted for him to do, but he didn't care about that. He thought he could use what he understood of God's truth (and he needed much more of that) to get him acclaim and to satisfy his carnal lust to be recognised and 'important'.
He has left his first love.
God calls people to love Him, to do what Jesus wants, not what we want. We show that love to Him by having the needs of others at heart, principally their spiritual needs. Especially in ministry is this absolutely vital! But there are many ministers who don't care for others' spiritual needs; they use the flock (the woman) for their own gratification. Such men are charlatans, and will be thrown out of the Kingdom where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, unless they repent. (Matt 24:45-51; 25.)

17th Sept 2004. M. 1) Dream about our van
The details of this dream were all very involved, but it illustrated a struggle we are having at this very moment with trying to get some former friends to simply listen to us and have sensible dialogue. They are just being totally unreasonable. Their aberrant behaviour is governed by pride, bigotry and prejudice. (Typical of Church of God folks.)

2) Keep the Sabbath holy!
It was Saturday morning and Tonya and Zenya were up and about. They were with Helena at the front of the house. Something came up about Monza, which was a temptation to them to break the Sabbath. They didn't know what to do. Helena said something that was irrelevant (possibly to leave them to make up their own minds), but to the girls it seemed like she didn't even realise it was the Sabbath. They chided her "Mu'uu'um, it's Saturday morning!"
Zenya wanted to do it, whatever this was, and she just went off and got on with it without caring. Tonya's response was more considered, but ritualistic. She was trying to work out in her mind just how much you could do on the Sabbath that would be OK. I just blurted out, "Well, I wouldn't have anything to do with it at all."
Meaning: We must never forget the sanctity of the Sabbath, that it is a holy day, and we revere God by keeping it holy. That means we must be careful about what we do on that day, so that we don't treat it like any other day. The more we direct our thoughts to God (and that necessitates controlling what we do) the more we can share in the great spiritual benefits God wants us to have.
Tragically, being human, it is all too easy to slip back into a sloppy couldn't-care-less approach, or one that is not ideal, so that we are cheated of the spiritual benefits. We also insult and hurt God by demeaning His holiness and purity by focussing on our selfish physical pursuit.

19th Sept 2004. M. For Tonya
I Am Rejected By Fault-Finders

20th Sept 2004. M. Rejected
Someone refused to accept me as a prophet because of something I had said many years ago before I was a prophet. It was a critical comment about a person with a funny name like Buse Bode or something similar. I can't remember the name. But I had commented that he couldn't possibly be a true Christian because he was not making any spiritual progress. Twenty years later, he seemed to be making changes. So, the person who once heard me say that incorrect statement said that I couldn't be a true prophet either.
Meaning: People reject me as a prophet for various specious reasons. It's stupid and a mere excuse to reject a prophet for something incorrect or ill-advised that he said out of his own head before he was called to be a prophet. Prophets are human, you know!

The Dark Blue Car
21st Sept. 2004. M. Navy blue car
I was in the back seat of someone else's little car. The colour of the car was dark blue (navy blue). The person was on my right. Someone else was having a conversation with him from outside the car. His conversation had mainly a physical emphasis. He was talking about things such as money, stocks and shares, etc, and lamenting the lack of value of things in the world or the plummeting values of his investments. I said something to the effect that we had no money anyway! Just large debts from doing this Work.
While I was in this car I was hemmed in and couldn't get out because of the person seated to my right. I didn't think of leaving through the door on my left.
The owner of the car got out, and went round to the back screen. Just below the screen he showed me the petrol filler cap. He undid it and showed me that it wasn't the one for that model, so it had to be pressed down really hard to tighten it up. I could see this from inside. Then I got out of the car. Apparently, I was to be the new owner. It had cost me £1,000. A lot really for a little car. But since costs don't concern me much, I didn't think about the fact that it was a relatively high price to pay.
Meaning: A letter came from Nigeria today, amongst others. The dream depicts the outreach or little church that will come to us (depicted by the car) from this small beginning. The navy blue colour and the ill-fitting petrol cap may represent his scriptural knowledge, which was very broad but not very accurate.
It costs a lot for us to send our literature to Africa. A huge amount! But that's where the response mainly comes from at the moment.

Corruption In Christ's Name!
22nd Sept 2004. M. Religious fraudsters!
In this dream, a man was fundraising. He persuaded people to sign a small amount of money to him. I saw the counterfoil of one person's donation which was made with a credit card. The person needed to hold onto it as proof of the amount they had donated. But, after he had gained their confidence, through cunning deception and clever persuasion, the man (he was probably a preacher) managed to get hold of this slip of paper, combine it with his copy and change the small figure to a much larger one, of several hundreds or thousands of pounds. It was wicked! He took advantage of trusting people!
Meaning: This is a picture, in allegory maybe, of how many preachers are intent on raising funds, but are ripping the people off – 'fleecing the sheep' for their own selfish ends. They don't care for the people as they should – as it is also portrayed prophetically in Jeremiah 23.

27th Sept. 2004. M. The Church – Antiquated and Useless!
In this dream I was in a queue at a kiosk or small shop like holiday camps have for buying general items for everyday use. As I waited in the queue, a boy behind was looking at some spanners, wrapped in cling film. I was just about to help him get the packet down when the person in front moved on, so I turned round. I asked the guy at the till if he had some small chocolate bars. I threw the ones I had on the counter so he could see which ones I meant. But he hadn't got any of them.
There was a book which caught my eye and I asked him how much that was. He opened it and it had a price of £65 on the inside. "Oh no, sorry, that's too much," I said. It was an old book, like those I remember as a child in the fifties. The paper inside was rough and poor quality compared with today's publishing.
I thought he would at least have some bread so I asked for a sliced brown loaf, but he didn't even have that! I went away empty-handed. What a useless shop!
Meaning: The shop represents the Church. The truth it publishes is antiquated, poor quality (containing heresies, hence the 65 = 5 x 13), and not worth what people pay for it. (This is an illustration of the spiritual poverty of much of the Church.) They don't have much to entice people (allegory of the chocolate bars that they didn't have), nor did they have bread. Jesus is the bread of life; and His truth is that sustenance which is likened to the satisfying staff of life. But they didn't have any of that, either! All they seemed to have were a few useless items, like toy spanners that would only interest a young boy. That is allegoric of their pitiful spiritual state.

The Changing World Scene
28th Sept. 2004. M.
1) Russia: huge unemployment coming
We were in a car park, waiting with a number of other cars in front of us. Then the car park completely filled up with thousands of other cars! The mass of cars was huge! I heard people talking about going to Poland to pick cherries. I thought to myself that it was the wrong time of year, but they were seriously considering doing any seasonal work just to get some income, no matter how slender the chances of success seemed to be.
Meaning: There is massive unemployment coming to Russia, and as God spoke to another prophet some time ago: "Watch Russia; as Russia goes, so goes the rest of the world."

2) The countryside totally deserted!
In this dream Helena and I were in a beautiful idyllic spot in the country. It was hilly moorland like in Yorkshire. There was an old narrow tarmac lane going uphill with high hedges on either side and moorland beyond. The road undulated and I thought what a nice country walk that would be. Another old disused road came from the left, and went into a tunnel that had been dug below a small hill. It was such an interesting spot, so picturesque.
Helena was on the phone, using my mobile to talk to her relatives in Poland. She was getting quite agitated and I could tell that the conversation was heated. It went on for quite a while, about 15 minutes or more, and I wondered why the phone had not run out, 'cos there was only about £12 on it.
While she was talking I was looking at all the lovely scenery around. But there wasn't a soul in sight. It was completely desolate. There wasn't one car; not one person nor any animals – not even a sheep! The place was completely deserted!
Meaning: During the Tribulation, the time of Jacob's Trouble (Jer 30:7), the people will be transported to work in cities of their subduers, and such places will be desolate. "Then the land will enjoy its Sabbath years all the time that it lies desolate and you are in the country of your enemies; then the land will rest and enjoy its Sabbaths. All the time that it lies desolate, the land will have the rest it did not have during the Sabbaths you lived in it" (Lev 26:34,35, NIV).

What's Coming Is Scary
29th Sept 2004. M. The Vertical Wall
In this dream there was a vertical brick wall which I had to scale. There were built-in iron treads, like ladder steps, protruding from the side, so I thought it would be a formality to get up the face. But after I had gone up half a dozen or so of these treads, I found it much harder than I had thought. It was very scary! I couldn't do it and went back down again. [This part emphasises that we cannot do God's Work alone. HE is the Enabler. Humanly it is impossible.]
Meaning: What is immediately ahead of us now. But Paul said "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Phil 4:13). He exhorted "Don't be anxious" (4:6) but take it to God in prayer and He will lift you up.

1st Oct. 2004. M.
1) The frilly black cat
A personal dream about someone close to us.

Rescuing People From Tele-Evangelism
2) Rescuing the empty video boxes
Empty video boxes and cassette tape boxes were dangling precariously from a window ledge. They were on a small wooden tray with nothing to hold them in place. They could have fallen off at any moment, and plummeted to the ground. I was leaning out of a window higher up, trying to reach down to this small tray to rescue them. I had to be very careful. I was aware that if I wasn't careful, the boxes could have fallen down and it would have been impossible then to recover them. I was trying to bring them into the safety of this upper floor room where I was.
Meaning: The dream came in the wake of a video which someone sent us of 3 programmes of a US tele-evangelist. As good as his messages were, there is an unseen danger. People get trapped by the entertaining, impressive things they hear, to the point that some rely upon the man and his TV prog instead of on Christ. Their lives then become an empty shell, like the video box. The spiritual substance which they need is not there, because they are relying upon someone else more than Jesus.
Helena had a dream two days later about things for this person's benefit. [More on Tele-Evangelism is on page 199.]

Strengthening The Walls
2nd Oct. 2004. M. Repairing and re-building the walls
This dream featured some walls, like inner partitions in rooms, made of lightweight blocks. These walls were badly built and needed seeing to. I set about to do the necessary repairs. One part of a wall near a doorway was so flimsy that the blocks weren't tied in to the main wall and would have fallen away in due course with the comings and goings through the door. I 'keyed' in this section of loose blocks into the wall, so that they could stand firmly.
I also noticed one really huge block, between four and six feet long, composed of at least three blocks joined together as one. I was amazed to see such a huge block! [Represents some substantial teaching, despite the other faults.]
Meaning: To do with repairing / rebuilding the walls of the Church with proper teaching. God's people need true doctrine restoring, so that they can stand strong in days to come.

Jesus Wants The Closest Relationship With You
4th Oct. 2004. M.  "I want sex."
This dream is a call to the Church to come into union with Jesus, not merely to look nice. In the dream, a middle aged woman, tall, slender, with brown hair and some make-up used possibly to hide her age, stood silently in front of me. She was not particularly attractive, even though she wanted to appear nice. She was a bit gaunt, especially in the face.
There must have been some things said prior to the 'punch line', but I was not given those in the dream. Even though it was me saying the words, I represented Jesus and said to her "I want sex." It was that blunt! You may well be shocked by such words. I was in the dream! At first, I wondered what it meant, but I was then given three words which clarified and confirmed that the meaning is what I am giving you here, although I was not permitted to remember those three words.
Meaning: What Jesus is saying is that He wants the most intimate union with her, like that which only husband and wife should share.

Application: Jesus doesn't just want a Church that looks nice, which puts on a good outward appearance, to try and mask antiquated theology. He wants her to submit to Him in the closest possible relationship. He wants the most intimate and meaningful sharing or fellowship. This takes place in the spirit.
There is resistance at the moment, throughout the Church, from the left (the charismatic sector) to the right (the ritualistic sector). The 'left' doesn't want to keep God's Sabbaths. The 'right' is resistant to the full panoply of miraculous gifts. Neither segment is in full union with Jesus and He is bluntly stating what He wants for each. The blatant, even offensive, words which He stated have a different application for each sector of believers, as explained in the booklet The Ten Virgins.
He was deliberately blunt in the dream, because that depicts how He has to be equally blunt in dealing with most believers today, because they reject His will, mainly in the ways I have described.

7th Oct. 2004. M.  Repentance
I was teaching and emphasising repentance.
Meaning: What God wants more of.

Moving Ahead
8th Oct. 2004. M.  Moving ahead
I was talking to some people, especially to one man in particular. He had black hair. Then there was a time lapse, and I was in my car moving ahead. I drove along a short stretch of road, when there was an S-bend. Just before the bend I passed one pedestrian on my left going the other way. Then, similarly, I passed the man with black hair, also walking the other way on my left. This was on the S-bend. At that time he was using a stick to walk with, although he was not old. Then, the road opened up into a long straight stretch. It was not wide. It went up into the mountains. It seemed to be heading towards somewhere like the highlands of Scotland.
Meaning: The man with black hair is a man who still has to deal with sinful aspects of his mind and approach. Talking to him (and to others in the dream at first) symbolises dealings, discussions, and sharing of information.
The S-bend depicts a change in direction, to avoid a substantial obstacle we will shortly come to. Passing the two people on my left depicts leaving people behind who are liberal or unwilling to obey God fully.
The long straight stretch symbolises moving ahead with the truth to others. Perhaps it is also an allegory of the outreach that will impact Scotland.

12th Oct. 2004. M. The New Place
We were moving into our new place. There were spacious rooms. I was pleased about that. I was carrying in some bollards made of plaster, but the bases of these were falling apart from age. The rooms in the house while big, were also somewhat old, as were some of the items of furniture which we took with us, but with which we were very familiar.
Meaning: Changes are ahead soon which will give us more scope. We have waited quite a long time for this to happen, hence the things that are falling apart with age that need replacing, and some of the familiar furniture which is rather dated now. (Truth in the literature which has waited for a long time to be put in place for others to benefit from it.)

14th Oct. 2004. M.  The Bungalow And Garage
There was a small bungalow and separate garage (prefabricated) all on its own on an island surrounded by the sea. [This depicts a couple in the USA whose ministry complements ours.] I was curious to know what was going on there, since it was a place which we once owned. [This part probably alludes to our coming from the same church background; a common 'place of origin' to which we both once belonged.]
I wanted to get to the isolated bungalow to have a look and find out what was happening, but the sea cut it off from the mainland for much of the time so I had to know when high and low tides were. I asked a man whom I saw nearby what time the tides came in. I interrupted someone else talking to him (although I didn't see the other person), and said "Sorry." [Perhaps this is how things sometimes happen in the spirit realm when a request comes in. Helena was interceding last night. She didn't know what for, but perhaps the man represents an angel, and her intercession is represented by the request.] I didn't wait to hear his reply, but presumably there would have been one. Anyway there was a delay. The next thing I knew I was on the island, and looking at the garage close-up, standing right by it.
Meaning: It represents my curiosity to know how our friends were getting on. It represents their ministry. The prefabricated garage may symbolise that it is one that has been quickly erected. A garage normally houses a car, which is the most oft-used symbol of a ministry outreach to others. But I didn't see a car in this, just the housing for it. So, maybe that is meant to symbolise that it's a covering or back-up for ours.

Malicious Arson
15th Oct. 2004. M. Fire in the warehouse!
I had timber stored in a warehouse with a small heater under it to keep it dry and in good condition. It was a huge warehouse, and there were some lovely long lengths of good quality timber. Some of this was premium quality, such as 9 x 2's in long lengths of from 20 foot to 30 foot long. Really valuable stuff! However, a fire started near my heater which made it look like my heater was at fault (but it wasn't). I was aghast! The whole warehouse and its contents were in danger of being completely destroyed!
The long lengths of timber got burned at one end. It was a tragedy that such prized lengths should be damaged and I wondered if I should cut the ends off before using them. But I decided to just use them as they were with charred ends. It was a shame, but there was nothing we could really do about it.
Meaning: A short while later this day, I received a phone call about a court case. Apparently, a man who once knew us and stayed in our home, but who turned away from the truth, gave false testimony in court against me (in a trial involving another man). This was depicted in the dream by the fire breaking out near my heater, and seriously damaging my timber. [This man was also depicted in Helena's dream of 16th October 2004. God is showing that this man failed to be saved, despite his claim to be a Christian. He chose evil, not good!]
The lies this man told about me in court will now give back-up to a legal assault by the authorities in this country against me and my ministry. (As foretold in Police and Persecution and When Prosecution is Persecution.)
Such presumption of guilt is against the tenets of true justice on which this country once based its judicial system, and it is entirely unsound to heed the testimony of one witness (2 Cor 13:1; Deut 17:6; 19:15).

Further: This country's legal system was once based upon the Bible, the greatest legal book in historical annals. In the Houses of Parliament there is a massive wall painting hanging on the wall of the Moses Room. It depicts Moses coming down Sinai with the Ten Commandments on stone. Deuteronomy is a restatement of that Law.

In Deuteronomy we find this wisdom:

One witness is not enough to convict a man accused of any crime or offence he may have committed. A matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. (Deut 19:15, NIV.)

If a malicious witness takes the stand to accuse a man of a crime, the two men involved in the dispute must stand in the presence of the Lord before the priests and the judges who are in office at the time. The judges must make a thorough investigation, and if the witness proves to be a liar, giving false testimony against his brother, then do to him as he intended to do to his brother. You must purge the evil from among you. (Deut 19:16-19, NIV.)

In British courts on the wall above the judge's seat hangs a coat of arms which reads Dieu et mon Droit, "God and my right." However, no longer is God invoked for the sake of true justice. God and His moral code for living have been forgotten. And nor are citizens' rights properly upheld by the Crown Prosecution Services.

The man who slandered me from the stand was allowed the freedom to do so, but I was not given the opportunity to defend myself or clear my name of this character assassination. God shows in the dream what occurred in allegory. It has damaged our ministry.

Law-Enforcement System Is Cruel
17th Oct. 2004. M. Cruel state punishment
The scene was our home and the road outside. I went out in my van and came back [symbolising our work up to now and the temporary lull]. On the way to Aylesbury, not far from our home, there was a bend in the road (not in reality, but in the dream). On this bend a man was planning to build. He must have been a developer and had physical substance behind him. A huge TV screen completely filled the front of the plot of land, so that passers-by would see him. His face filled this flat screen like those which you see at political rallies and football matches. [Symbolises the ego. Massive trait of wanting to be noticed.] He was looking out onto the main road, waiting for his chance to go.
Then the scene changed and he was with another man. Apparently, they had been involved in some devious work, something underhand to do with moving cheese about, but had been apprehended by the authorities. They were tied down. I saw them lying there on their backs, talking to each other. Even though they had been apprehended they were not concerned and were light-heartedly talking between themselves. But then, suddenly, their punishment loomed. A cheese-wire was wrapped around them and pulled tort with so much pressure that it was intended to cut right through their arms. When they realised what was beginning to happen to them, their attitude changed and they were worried now for the first time. I was horrified too. This part of the dream was intensely vivid and ghastly and I cried out to God for their deliverance. The cheese-wire would have cut right through their arms, completely cutting them off! But before that happened, the dream ended. Other dreams were given later in the night.
Meaning: Where some people fall foul of the law of the land they come under completely ruthless punishment. While God is pointing out a personal spiritual trait that is utterly unacceptable to Him, He is also pointing out that the law-enforcement system of man goes overboard in the way it punishes some offenders.

Close Friendship
16th Oct. 2004. M. 1) Young man
We were planting young trees in our garden. A slim young man passed me and took no notice of me, headed straight for the mound where Tonya was planting, wanting to surprise her. Some friendly banter followed. It was obvious they were fond of each other.

Answering People's Questions
2) A young woman is murdered!
In this dream a young black-haired woman was killed. She was a couple of months pregnant. The tragedy was terrible for a man to bear (probably her husband). All sorts of questions were naturally asked about why, and where is God in all this. In quick fire succession, Helena answered all the questions. She obviously knew what she was talking about, and that would be very reassuring to listeners.

What A Mess!
20th Oct. 2004. M. C
In this dream someone else had been given permission to use our land as a smallholding. They were utilising it. However, things were neglected.
There was a caravan (trailer) on the plot for them to live in. [Temporary housing.] I saw three pigs that they kept. Some had damaged the grass around the caravan. They had been digging it up as pigs do, and made a mess. Then I saw two large potatoes. They were as big as the pigs, who had eaten holes in the top of these potatoes, which were unusually white. I could see white milky sap still in these holes.
Then I noticed that the fence around the land was broken down, and two pigs had gone off. Only one remained. The whole episode had turned out to be a bit of a disaster at running a smallholding.
Meaning: C is a person whom we know. He joined a Church of God group, and may be one of their 'ministers'. But their ministry is not true ministry, for they don't know how to hear from God or follow the lead of the Spirit. Their connection to God is not there because, like pigs, they are all selfishly preoccupied.

22nd Oct. 2004. M. 1) Rats
[This dream is to do with some people to whom we have been trying to convey God's will, but who hide from our input.] We were searching to find two rats.
Finally, I found them hiding in long corn in a cornfield. They had cut out a neat pathway in the corn which was about three feet high, and they had obviously been going back and forth along this neatly cut tract.
I looked down upon one big rat from above and thought to stamp on it with my foot to kill it, but that wasn't practicable. The other rats were not visible. They were out of sight.
God likens these people to rats because He sees very devious qualities in their lives! They are takers, not givers. (Rats are scavengers and do not contribute positively.)

2) Two kittens.
Zenya had got two kittens, black and white ones. She was pleased to have them, but I told her to make sure they were kept outside and didn't come in the house. However, she was not diligent in making sure they didn't come in. When I went to check on them, they weren't outside, but had slipped in somehow and we had to go and look for them. There was more to this dream about the old house in which I had to find Z's room, and nakedness (spiritual impoverishment).
Meaning: To do with her friends, etc.

23rd Oct. 2004. M. Peru
Dream about making contact with a woman in Peru. We had to be very careful about security, because in Peru there is no real freedom for Christians. Persecution is a big problem.
Comment: We have had earlier dreams about Peru and Bolivia, but we cannot get in there by ourselves. Others who have contacts have been unwilling to spread the Word.

What Some People Do
24th Oct 2004. M. 1) Triple somersault
I saw another man do a triple somersault with half twist. (I used to be a trampolinist, but I never managed to achieve that. My 'best' was only a double somersault with half twist.) He was slight and scrawny. And the speed with which he performed the stunt was so fast! I was amazed.

Fault-Finders ‘Go’ For Us
2) Fault-finding
The second dream featured a man finding fault with me. He was sarcastic, cutting, judgemental, suspicious and unbelieving. He saw Richard sell a car and assumed things to do with me because of what he saw R do. He remarked cuttingly "You've done well for yourself, haven't you?" I was accused of selling cars for profit. One of these cars seemed to have come from Bricket Wood.
Meaning: Unclear yet, but it may be that people will find fault with us in the future and accuse us of operating this ministry for selfish profit (that's a joke!). Bricket Wood was the place where the WCG had its headquarters at one time, so it may depict people coming over to support us from that background.

26th Oct. 2004. M. Z moving the snooker balls
Meaning: Personal for Zenya.

Selfish Person Exposed
27th Oct. 2004. M. C and the new building under construction
I was involved in constructing a new building. The walls were up and the roof carcass was being completed. C was helping me at this stage. I was looking at the workmanship on the roof timbers and saw various details.
I was acutely aware of the fact that rain was imminent and I wanted to get the roof sheeted out with felt, or covered with tarpaulins as soon as possible. There was a sense of urgency about the operation.
Then Richard came on the scene to help. At that point C asked what I was going to pay him. I hadn't thought of that up to now (we don't think of wages, because we don't get paid). Then I realised I hadn't paid him for his work, so I asked him how much I should pay him. The dream ended.
Meaning: Others' motivation is often selfish. They think about what they can get out of their work for God. The new building is this phase of God's Work under construction now. C is someone who will want to work with us in the future. The rain is a symbol of the outpouring coming. It will also parallel literal heavy rain to come to this country, causing floods, as Helena had a dream this same night about that.

Three Evil Traits
28th Oct 2004. M. Three evil traits
1) A man had contempt and disdain for me. You could tell by his demeanour that he had malice in his heart. He was looking for an opportunity to find fault and torment me. He had crept in unawares and he deviously awaited his opportunity to throw his nasty and tormenting rhetoric my direction. He got a dollop of chewing gum and threw it at my face. It stuck to my nose, and I had to shake it off by some sudden head movements.
An allegory of some of the police.

2) A man turned up in a Metro. He parked it right in the middle of our drive. It was in the way, but he didn't care about us. He only cared about himself. The inconvenience he caused us was of no concern to him. I shouted at him to move it, and got really vehement and aggressive in my approach. I even thought of pushing the car out physically, to get rid of the problem. Finally he went.
Meaning: This dream depicted beforehand how someone tried to 'move in' with us.

3) Then the third category of person was depicted as someone who wanted the blessings. There was a book on the floor (the Bible). They were supposed to stand on it, but they merely went inside the pages. Perhaps he was trying to hide amidst its pages. That was no good. You have to live the promises of God, not just selfishly want them.
Meaning: Allegories of wickedness in people, with their wrong approaches. (These can be those who won't be saved, but they can also include 'the righteous' before they are purified.) Let the dream be a warning to all fellowship groups to beware the wicked who will try to subvert your meetings and use subtlety to undermine the advance of truth and hinder you.

The wickedness of people can include:
1) The deliberately malicious and nasty, some of whom choose to go into the police because they want to exert power over others.
2) Those who are selfish. They get in the way because they only care about themselves. They want to be noticed, or 'important', pre-eminent. To get rid of this sort of person in a fellowship or church, you have to be aggressive against their evils until they either change or finally go. Don't be afraid to offend them. Better to upset someone than tolerate the devil in your midst! If they are to be saved they will thank you one day for your forthrightness.
3) Then there are selfish and deluded Christians who don't live out the truths of God's Word. To them God's Word is merely head knowledge, and because they have this knowledge they think they are entitled to receive God's blessings automatically. They don't stand on the Promises by living out God's Word in their lives through conviction and commitment. They are merely 'hiding' in the Bible. That doesn't do them, or anyone else, any good.

Economic Crash Coming!
30th Oct 2004. M. 1) Ian Wright and economic downturn
In this dream Ian Wright (ex-footballer) commented on some things the newspapers were saying about him. He pointed out one thing that was untrue. They had said he had bought an expensive house, but he said that he had actually only spent £67,000 on it.
Meaning: Figurative. 67 is a prime number (indivisible). Prime numbers can reflect a new start. It comes after 66, which is 6 x 11. 6 depicts human evils, and 11 is a numeric figure of disintegration. Our society is disintegrating because of the evil that it tolerates and even applauds. The outcome of this is that even the rich and famous will have to economise. They will be brought 'down to size'.
Also through the public witness coming, the literature God has had us compile (symbolised also by 11) will help people to 'downsize' themselves and repent.

Who Will Be Saved & Who Won’t
2) 'Bill' now much different!
'Bill' is a pseudonym for someone who once stayed on our property. He was a homeless person and asked us to help him. We agreed, but as time progressed, we saw how evil this man was. He was unregenerate and would not change his evil ways.
To give you a 'flavour' of his evil mentality, before he left, he deliberately got his faeces and put them in a waste bin in our bathroom instead of in the toilet. It was a premeditated, vindictive, malicious act. We had allowed him to stay on our property (in a caravan we owned) because he was homeless (but some homeless people are homeless because they are undisciplined and lazy).
He returned our kindness with evil. He had a 'bent' mind. He thought that because he was on our property, that he had equal rights to all we owned. He stole things from us, where he thought we wouldn't notice. So, when we asked him to move out, he thought we had short-changed him, which we hadn't. But vengeance – for helping him – was in his heart.
God allowed all that to occur to reveal why the wicked won't be in the kingdom of God.
But the dream showed Bill with a totally different face, manner and appearance. I was astonished! He had completely changed! I could see that God was now present in his life instead of Satan!
Meaning: The dream is figurative. 'Bill' won't be saved, but he is used to illustrate others who have lived very bad lives (like Bill) and have done equally wrong things in the past, but who will be saved.
For example, we know someone with tattoos all over his body, with studs in his ears and eyebrows (these are inspired by demons, who claim the person as theirs, and these outward marks are signs of the demons’ claim on the person). Despite the way he is now, this man will be saved! He will come to repentance and turn his life around to do what is right. How wonderful! But, looking at him now, you wouldn't think such an outcome would be possible.
The dream reminds those who are 'already saved' that they can't judge by appearance. God sees the heart, and therefore the future.

31st Oct 2004. M. Dream of Tonya. Personal for her.

Fighting A Cobra
3rd Nov 2004. M. 1) The cobra
I was fighting a black cobra, one of the deadliest of snakes. I was very wary of it, but I managed to get my hand firmly round its neck, although it was struggling to get free from my grip.
Meaning: The dream follows in the wake of dealing with someone yesterday and confirms that he is a false Christian used by Satan (as does the dream of 4th Nov).

People Used By Satan
2) Water flowing

I turned the kitchen tap on and left it running while I went upstairs quickly. I only expected to be gone for a short while, but I got waylaid and forgot about the tap. When I came back the kitchen was flooded. There was about 6 inches of water all over the floor. I looked at how close it was to the power point, concerned that water might get into it and ruin the electrics, but it was not up to that point yet.
Meaning: An allegory of the raid coming. It will come rather suddenly, and it will be that unpleasant to cope with! But, it will lead in to an outpouring of the Spirit, to which we will have to respond quickly, with diligence and devotion.

Paper With 13 On It
4th Nov 2004. M. The piece of paper with 13 on it
Meaning: A warning about someone whose letter came in the post after this dream. He is used by Satan, and not a true Christian, despite his feigned words.

Big Black Mercedes
7th Nov 2004. M. The Black Mercedes
I was following a big black Mercedes in my car. The Mercedes had lots of equipment in it on the back seat. It went towards Aylesbury and I was keeping fairly close behind. When it had gone through Stone it sped up. The road was dry and although I tried to keep up with it, going round a corner it moved away from me.
Then the roads suddenly became wet and there was a lot of water on the road – in large puddles that covered nearly the whole width of the road – some of it muddy. I tried to avoid the worst of the 'lakelets'. At that point the Mercedes disappeared. I didn't see where it went. It just vanished.
I drove a bit further until I came to the main road, where I wanted to turn left. At this T-junction there was a vehicle on the left, partially blocking the turn. It was backing up, and got in my way. Another vehicle was coming along the main road from the right, and it slowed down at the junction so that I had to wait a while until I could get out onto the main road. That's where the dream ended. I hadn't yet got onto the main road.

Someone Backs Into Me
10th Nov 2004. M. Someone backs into my pick-up
Someone was trying to manoeuvre their car in a confined space where other vehicles were parked. My pick-up was there, and I was watching from a distance. The person tried to get round these cars but couldn't, so he or she backed up to make a better angle, and in the process they bumped into the front of my pick-up and scraped another parked car. I went over to assess the damage.
They were very concerned about what damage they might have caused. I looked at the car that had been scraped and said "Oh that doesn't matter; it's scrap anyway." I then looked at mine and there didn't appear to be any damage, so I said "It's OK."

The Book That Fell Apart
6th Nov 2004. M. The Book That Fell Apart
I was turning the pages in a book. The binding on it was what we term 'perfect binding' (like the binding on our books, Mystery of The Invisible and Dreams and Visions From God.) The pages are glued into the spine. If this is not done well the pages can come loose and fall out. This is what was happening to this book as I turned the pages. They were coming loose. Then I put some more pressure on the spine and the remaining pages fell away from the spine. The whole book had totally come apart.
Meaning: When God puts pressure on people they can fall apart. Perhaps this is an allegory of the Church as she faces the Great Tribulation. Immense pressure will be brought to bear on her to give up God's truth (which the pages contain). The entire Church is going to disintegrate in the trials that are coming. Fragmentation will result.

Further: I was picking up the pages and trying to keep them together. It was a very difficult job.
Meaning: Perhaps it is an allegory of how individual Christians will need to be rescued, nurtured, helped. The 'spine' is Jesus.

Kassahun Prophesies
11th Nov 2004. M. Kassahun prophesies
Kassahun came here and prophesied. The second part of the dream was about others and their approach to prophesying. They didn't want to prophesy. They didn't care.
Meaning: Sadly, many are not in tune with the Spirit, and so they don't prophesy. But what makes it worse is that they don't care to prophesy. They're lukewarm and aren't bothered. Paul said we should be eager to prophesy (1 Cor 14:39,1) – for the right reasons, not for self acclaim.
This dream came on the morning that the booklet Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time! was completed. In it there are a number of Kassahun's dreams. He is prophesying in that publication, fulfilling the dream.

Do You Short-Change Me?
13th November 2004. M. £165
I was helping a man. He had driven his car to the airport and I was waiting there. I had my car, too. He felt he should pay me something, I suppose it was for my help. He knew it should be £165. (3 x 5 x 11, which has numeric significance for the Work we have to do for God – see the explanations of numbers below.) He wrote me out a cheque, but it was for £163, not £165. I nearly told him that he had not given me the full amount, but I decided just to put up with the shortfall and say nothing.

He parked his car outside the airport on the road where waiting is very restricted and was going to leave it there while he went to do something. But that was very unsafe. You could get your car impounded. I said, “You may be able to leave it for five minutes, but no more.” Then I realised that was even too long, and changed it to two minutes. But that was risky as well. Finally I saw him writing out a cheque for £20. I presumed it was to pay the parking fee, and that made me feel relieved. It put my mind at rest.

Comment: The figures are significant:
3 = finality.
5 = God’s preparation, grace.
11 = writings inspired by God (so, His truth); secondary meaning is disintegration, disorder.
This is the final (3) outpouring of the Spirit in this age, for which the truth of God (11) is preparing (5) God’s people. If it is rejected, disintegration and disorder (11) results.

He should have given:
165 + 20 = £185.
20 = expectancy.
185 = (17 x 5) + (10 x 10).
17 = deliverance, healing, etc.
10 = mankind without God.

Or 185 = 37 x 5.
37 = Word of God. This number is a denominator in all the most used words to describe Jesus in the NT (Jesus, Christ, Son of Man, and Theotes).
Instead he held back some and gave:
163 + 20 = £183
183 = 3 x 61.
61 is a prime number which represents a beginning.

He will have to begin again to do what He should before God. But, much to my relief, he paid the necessary £20 parking fee, as law-abiding citizens should. God wants all Christians to obey His law.
Because of the man's willingness to finally obey God, he can expect God to guide him in pursuing God's call upon his life. So can you: trust and obey are the two keys to success.

Deceitful Police Officers
14th Nov 2004. M. Police sharks
Two [depicts certainty] police officers turned up at our front door. They appeared friendly, but I wasn't fooled by their outward manner, because what is in their hearts is the salient thing. They wanted to see me, but I wanted their ID's. So I asked them for their ID cards, so that I could copy their details down and make a note of them for future claims against them. I tried photocopying them on our copier, but it wouldn't work properly or I couldn't get it to do the job for some reason.
Meaning: I will find it very hard to get full IDs of these men when they come barging into our home. They will probably not allow me the time to take their ID's or they will make it very difficult for me to get what I need from them.

Christians In Underground Prisons
15th Nov 2004. M. People in underground prison
Some people were living underground in a prison. But they were continuing life without realising they were in prison. Somehow their roof was broken by something, and through this hole oxygen could penetrate. Up until that time they were living on a substitute gas, which I was given the name of in the dream but cannot remember. It was something like Itrium.
However, now that oxygen could penetrate, the combination with the gas they had been on would prove fatal unless they could block up the hole. But they couldn’t, because it was a big hole. So, they were doomed.
Meaning: This is an allegory of some ‘Christians’ in Scotland. Tonya took them some truth that has shattered their cosy little world, which is actually a spiritual prison (although they don’t realise it). (Because the majority there don’t want to accept this truth, judgement will fall upon them and they will begin to lose what measure of the Holy Spirit they have had.)

MM Going Into Europe
18th Nov. 2004. M. Travelling Through Europe
This journey in the dream was in Europe. We were going to an area that was somewhat flat, and semi-rural. There were six people in our party: me, Helena, Zenya, Richard, one other guy whom I don't know, and another person who wasn't seen in the dream. (Perhaps the last person represents Jesus who will accompany the 5 of us on our travels.)
We were looking for a place to stay overnight. I pulled into a hotel / guesthouse. A young girl (I think she was Chinese) attended to me. She had big round eyes (unusual for Chinese, I would have thought), very pronounced facial features, and a large rectangular mouth. She seemed to be a bit facially disfigured. Most noticeable was that she had a bruised cheek from the eye right down to her mouth, even half her mouth was bruised. (Had she been beaten up?!)
She showed us a nice bedroom with three beds. I thought that would do for Helena, me and Zenya. But then we needed another room overnight for Richard and his friend, and the other unknown person. The dream ended.
Comment: The dream is figurative of the work ahead of us in Europe, and will make sense when fulfilled.

Steep Hillside In Cornwall
20th Nov. 2004. M. 1) The Steep Hillside
This was just a brief vision. I saw a steep hillside, with a slope of about 60 degrees. Amazingly it was cultivated and the land was planted vertically with rows of vegetables, although I could not see what from a distance. This was part of the side of a river estuary, like you see on the Cornish coast or somewhere similar. But what was noticeable was the weather. Heavy rain was making things extremely difficult.
I wondered how the person could cope in such circumstances! I was amazed.
Comment: Perhaps it is an allegory of how difficult it is for some people to cope in this world once they learn the truths of God. It is a huge struggle! But this person was coping and a crop was being produced nonetheless.

God Likens MM To A Monument
2) The Tree Monument
In this vision I saw a tree – and yet it was like a monument – in the middle of a busy city road.
The road was wide and traffic could pass both sides, so it was in a prominent position where everyone passing couldn't help but see it.
The trunk of the tree was ornate, with vertical fluting like on most Grecian columns.
The head of the tree formed a shapely symmetrical dome like a Lombardy Poplar, only a bit wider.
I was amazed by this sight, because it was a tree and yet it was a monument also.
Comment: A symbolic picture of MM and what is coming, as many other dreams have portrayed.

Terrible Suffering!
21st Nov. 2004. M. Terrible Suffering!
In this dream I was experiencing terrible suffering, not physically, but mentally. It was the mental distress that accompanies physical suffering. I was earnestly – desperately! – crying out to God for help! I felt that many people around me were going through equal distress although I couldn't see them. But what I did see, horrified me. People were being plunged off a high place, onto metal spikes below. I saw one young man. A metal spike had gone right through his body. It was ghastly. I can't describe the sufferings! Words don't convey how awful it was! When I woke up I was glad it was only a dream!
Meaning: Part of this is a pictorial analogy of what we have to go through in this ministry shortly. I will suffer because of the sins and wrong approach of others. It will not be physical so much as mental torment inflicted by those used by Satan. Part of this suffering will be the anguish we will have to endure through Richard's trial. It will be terribly painful for him, and as his parents, we will suffer terribly, too. No one likes to see their loved ones suffer. It is very distressing!
Mary was equally distressed when Jesus died. It was prophesied by Simeon about Jesus and her: "This Child is destined for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign which will be spoken against (yes, a sword will pierce through your own heart also), that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed." (Luke 2:35.) Parallels occur all the time as people's hearts are sifted through trial.
The dream also symbolises the terrible sufferings many Christians will endure in the times of distress coming soon upon the whole world.

People Worship Worthless Idols
23rd Nov. 2004. M. The IT worshippers
This was the briefest of dreams. People worshipped something that was an 'it' – not God – not Someone Almighty. They were merely paying homage to something that was inanimate and absolutely worthless, but they thought so much of it!
Meaning: Isn't that the way people are in western materialistic society? They devote their lives to the pursuit of things that have absolutely no spiritual value. What utter emptiness!

The Enormous Cost
24th Nov. 2004. M. £26. The Blind Man and the Enormous Cost!
I wanted to reach a blind man with the truth. But, of course, he couldn't read our literature. To reach his mind, we would have to transpose the wording into braille. To do just one little publication would cost £26 each!
Meaning: 26 is 2 x 13 which represents the influence that Satan has had in the world, blinding people to the truth of God. The whole world is so deceived, as is most of the Church (Rev 12:9). The cost of reaching people with the truths of God so that they can see spiritually, is enormous!

Fishing For God
25th Nov. 2004. M. Fish stuck in the throat
A woman was fishing. Her line tensioned and she knew she had a big catch! The next moment the fish was in her mouth, stuck in her throat. It was a big fish like a carp or trout and had large sharp scales on it. We had to try and get the fish out without cutting her throat with the scales which would turn back on themselves when pulling the fish out the other way. Fortunately, we managed to get the fish out and there was only one small cut in her throat.
Meaning: This is probably to do with the coming assault by the authorities against us. God has a purpose for everything, including the bad things. He's going to reel some into His Kingdom through what transpires. Big fish, too!

27th Nov. 2004. M. Mark
A dream to give Mark a copy of Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time!

The Legalistic Approach Of The Unconverted Police
30th Nov. 2004. M. Legalistic Malice
After being given a dream, God then gave me a train of thoughts comparing modern police legalism with that of the evil-minded Pharisees in Jesus' day.

Those power-mad religious leaders accused Jesus of breaking the Sabbath because He healed people on that day. It broke their legalistic strict code of 'right and wrong'.

Likewise, today, the police want to bring charges against me, find fault with me according to their legalistic code and prosecute me. I do not flout the law of this land and have no desire to be a lawbreaker, but I have helped people, even criminals, in the course of my ministry, in order to bring spiritual healing and physical healing to such folks. The motives of those in Scotland Yard who want to accuse me of breaking the law, are not right. They are the same evil motives that moved the Pharisees against Jesus, chief among which was MALICE. (Matt 23:28,33,34.)

The second point which the Spirit then gave was about the effort put out to try and entrap me. He likened it to the Pharisees in Jesus' day who went over land and sea to win a single convert, and when they had trapped him they made him twice as much a son of hell as themselves. (Matt 23:15.)

Likewise, today, the legalistic police will expend a lot of effort and waste huge amounts of taxpayers' money to try and trap me according to their code of 'righteousness'. But again it's a malicious motive. It's not fair-mindedness and seeking justice. It's merely to get a prosecution. It's not to protect citizens from abuse and to preserve their freedoms. It's from the opposite motive. It IS abuse, and denies citizens their legitimate rights. It's oppression perpetrated in the name of State law-enforcement.

The agenda behind police law-enforcement is wrong. It has gone from being protective of decent, upstanding citizens, to being oppressive, seeking prosecutions for their own sake, not in the interests of society nor the individual.

2nd Dec. 2004. M.
1) "We've got to get off!"
Helena and I were travelling in a vehicle with two men who seemed to be army personnel. I wasn't paying much attention to where we were going, but Helena was. At a certain point she called out to the men to stop. We had to get off, because we had to go somewhere else, not where they were taking us. They stopped the vehicle and we took all our belongings out and put them on the road (there was nowhere else to put them for the time being). It was bizarre seeing a bundle of my clothes just laid on exposed tarmac!
In the next scene, we headed to visit J and V (probably because we had nowhere else to go). Their home was old and quite 'Victorian', with high ceilings, old fashioned architraves, large skirtings and some squeaky floorboards. Some floors were well worn, uneven and even sloping a bit.
Meaning: The dream could portray being taken where we don't want to go for a while by the police. But they will have to let me go because I am innocent of their charges. J and V are among our few very faithful, supportive friends where we are always welcome.

Economic Downturn Ahead For Britain
2) The Massive Concrete Mixer!
A sale was taking place of some business or enterprise and a large industrial concrete mixer was there. It was huge, far bigger than the biggest ones that builders use. It was rectangular and enclosed by flat metal sheet walls. The guy said he was only going to get £1 for it in the sale of his business. I was aghast! It would cost £1,000 new and I told him so. He said "I know, but that's all they will offer me for it." Perhaps he was being forced to close down through bankruptcy. I said to him, "Well, I'll give you £100 for it."
Meaning: Hard economic times are coming for industry and commerce, but God will provide us with the means to do the task and throw in some bargains along the road.

I Need Some Income
3rd Dec. 2004. M.
1) I Need A Job
I was looking for a job because we need some money to live. I applied at a nearby manufacturing business. I think it was a factory, but I couldn't see the workers or what they made. I only had dealings with a secretary. I came back a short while later and asked her if I had the job. She said, "Obviously, we would like to have you." The salary was £8,400 (700 x 12). That was £700 (7 x 102) a month or about £175 (52 x 7) a week. It wasn't much, but I thought I might just be able to get by on it in our expensive society. Since her answer sounded positive, I danced a little jig and asked if I could have a raise, because the pay was so minimal. She declined.
Meaning: The imagery combines several facts: 1) we desperately need finance; 2) the Church is not interested in paying us, although my appointment is a valuable one from Above – the figures portray in numeric symbolism its godly importance to mankind; 3) we have to struggle.

Church Doesn't Listen To Prophets
2) Woman In The Bath
A woman was having a bubble bath in a huge bathroom. I opened the door and peeped around the corner to ask her if she would like tea or coffee. Her nakedness was exposed, so I took my eyes away outside, where she could not see me and I could not see her, but left the door ajar and called to her through the gap. She didn't respond.
Meaning: The Church doesn't respond to the prophetic call. She's engrossed in pleasing herself. But in this self- orientated relaxed state, she is spiritually naked and unprepared. This dream followed an article I read last night about how some modern, popular-music-orientated churches have huge attendances on Sunday, attracting young people. But the worship is experiential, sensually appealing, fun, exciting. A blur occurs between godliness and feel-good emotions. Discernment and depth of spirituality are lacking.

Many Healings Coming
3) Richard Coming
Richard turned up in his car. I heard him revving it up. Somehow he managed to get it into a parking space in the narrow road. I puzzled as to how he had managed to get it in, with a car blocking the way in front. It looked totally impossible, but apparently the other car had pulled in afterwards, so there was a rational explanation.
By this time, there were also other people around.

4) Little Boy
A little boy was standing watching. I was below ground level in a trench that was about six foot deep. I looked up to him lovingly and could see his bewilderment. I smiled kindly and said "Would you like to see someone healed?" as if it was so commonplace that we could expect it at the next turn of events. A young lady was standing nearby at the time. I think it was Zenya.
Meaning: Children are open to God, but they need to be shown His love and taught so they can understand. God's healing hand is one evidence of His great love for people. God frequently heals children and those whom they depend upon as a platform to teach them His spiritual truths.

Someone Lets My Tyre Down
4th Dec. 2004. M. Flat tyre!
I got into my pick-up to go somewhere, but I found the steering wheel heavy. I had a flat tyre on the offside front. I tried to change it, but the jack wouldn't reach the underside of the body, so I got some wooden blocks to set the jack up on. Even they weren't enough, so I asked Helena to find some more. That's where the dream ended.
Meaning: The difficulties coming. I think someone deliberately let my tyre down so I couldn't go anywhere. Probably to do with the police interfering.

Being Inconsiderate Is A Hindrance
8th Dec. 2004. M. Personal dream for someone else
In this dream, a brother brought some long lengths of timber into our lounge, They were thin, old, damp, half rotten, and had jagged ends. In other words, they were useless for building with. We certainly didn't want them in our lounge! But he didn't consult us or ask us whether we minded. He didn't consider our wishes at all.
Meaning: Selfishness or self-centredness are traits of many Christians, unfortunately. Each person has to be considerate of others' needs, wishes, and desires. If you are not, you will not be helping, but hindering the building process. Paul employed such building metaphors in 1 Cor 3:12-17. He also sternly warned: "If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are" (1 Cor 3:17). No Christian should ever forget that, nor treat the issue lightly. Tragically however, many do.

Ministry Work Is Tiring
9th Dec. 2004. M. Many Different People
A woman whom we knew from the past came to meet with us. Helena 'complained' afterwards to me, because she was so tired. She said something about the 50 people who were coming to our meetings each week that it was taking it out of her. [50 represents release. Releasing people from bondage is tiring! It's hard work doing this sort of ministry work.]
Then the next scene seemed to be like a Feast location where there were lots of people all doing different things. Some old ladies were going somewhere to play scrabble, while in another area there were lots of boys of all ages and sizes, getting ready to participate in their various activities. Strangely, they were all dressed the same in blue. None of them took any notice of me there, walking in their midst.
As I left them, I went along another corridor and Helena appeared through a doorway in front of me with a shopping bag containing a loaf of bread. I took it from her and she went off to do more shopping.
Meaning: The dream probably depicts the many varied people whom He calls, possibly whom we will reach, and they all have different needs. However, the ladies probably represent church folks who are rather cloistered and self- orientated, while the boys in blue (a heavenly colour) could represent church leaders and ministers. It is poignant that none of them took any notice of me. Prophets are not accepted, except by a comparative few.

In Despair? Go Deeper In Him
10th Dec. 2004. M. In Despair? Go Deeper In God
There was a news item on the TV news yesterday about a young Iraqi Christian woman. She had been kidnapped for eight days and a large ransom was demanded from the wealthy family. In tears she related some of her ordeal. She was stripped naked and tortured in horrible ways. She was repeatedly raped and tormented for eight days. Finally, the family scraped together $10,000 ransom and she was released (many others are not!). As we heard this sordid and tragic tale, our hearts went out to her and of course, we prayed that God would heal her deep psychological wounds. That night God gave me a dream about her, that for her to receive that healing, she needs to go deeper in Him.
Comment: If you are unfamiliar with the expression 'going deeper in God', it means to give up oneself more to God, to relinquish love of self, to lay oneself completely at His feet, just as Jesus allowed Himself to be cruelly nailed to a cross and die. It is a matter of yielding your spirit and will to God.

God Likens Someone To A 'Growth'
11th Dec. 2004. M. Growth Cut Off
This dream depicted me with an annoying growth on one of my shoulder blades. A bone growth was sticking out of it. I thought of getting it cut off by a surgeon [God]. It would be easy – just a shot of local anaesthetic, an incision and a couple of stitches after the growth was removed.
Meaning: The dream depicts someone who was meant to be an integral part of the body, but who detached himself from us through his prideful spirit of independence. In going it alone, although maintaining contact with us, spiritually he is like the bone growth, neither one nor the other: he's not independent, doing his own ministry, nor is he fully supportive of our work. God will have to bring him to the point of severance, and cut off this spirit of independence that is prideful and self-righteous, otherwise he won’t be saved.
By keeping himself to himself, instead of coming to the body, he behaves as if he expects the body to come to Him. [Further revelation from God showed that this man won’t be saved. See Luke 13:24.]

Church of God Slums
13th Dec. 2004. M. People Living In Slums
In this dream people were living in dreadful conditions in slums. Some buildings didn't have windows, merely openings where windows should have been. Nor did they have food, but were scavenging from rubbish for scraps to eat.
Meaning: I didn't know what the dream meant until a hostile e-mail came from someone in Kenya later the same day. It was appropriate that it came on the 13th! It was accusative and fault-finding. The person is someone who received our literature some time ago, but clearly hasn't acted on the truth it contains. They are influenced by demons, and are giving their spiritual loyalties to a CoG.

The Icy Church Of God
14th Dec. 2004. M. 1) Siberia
Jon Bowles (a deceived minister in one of the CoGs) was planning to go to Siberia. He was thinking about how to do it and planning everything in his mind. On the ground there was a flat concrete lintel, 9 inches wide by 2½ inches thick and several feet long. I wondered how that would be used, whether as a bridge to cross a stream, or what?
Then the dream contrasted what he was doing with us. Automatically, intuitively, we knew what to do, where to go, and how to do it. We didn't have to think things through with our own minds, we were guided by the Spirit. It was an 'instinctive', quick and effective response. God was constantly guiding and leading us in what to do.
Comment: David Hathaway has evangelised Siberia in the last few years, so there is no need for JB to be thinking of going there. That's not literal, anyway, but figurative. It depicts how his ideas are 'way out', and he has grandiose schemes, but they are unreal. He's not led by the Spirit. And, on top of that, his attitude to me is as icy as Siberia in winter!
He used to be one of my best friends. That all changed when he took the arrogant, aloof, and insulting line promoted by the WCG hierarchy against me and Helena for contesting church dogma and for naming a couple of false ministers. If he doesn’t humble himself, he will be one more, sad to say.

India – Tightly Controlled Society
2) India
I was shown India and the people there. The name of the river Brahmaputra was given, perhaps symbolising the massiveness of the task of evangelism. The Brahmaputra is a massive river.
Then I was in a city where many people were queuing, waiting for a taxi. The queue was so long, there seemed to be hundreds of people waiting! One man stood a few feet from this crowd. He was at the front of the queue and would get the next taxi.
Helena was standing all alone nearby. I pulled up in our car and picked her up. We had to leave all the other people standing there. (There were many other things going on.)
One other thing was given: "tightly controlled society".
Meaning: The dream depicts the massive task to reach India with God's truths. It is impossible in this age. There simply aren't the resources or the ability to do the job this side of the Millennium.
One major problem is the social order. It is a tightly controlled society, where customs and traditional thinking hold people in bondage, including Christians. Even though they may have come out of the worst of this bondage, much more remains to be changed, but it simply isn't possible in this age. Jesus, come soon!!

Police Deviousness
15th Dec. 2004. M. Cunning Questioning
This dream was about the deviousness of the police in their dealings with us. It showed various things, one of which was their cunning deceit. They put on a nice kind front, but it was false. They were being sly and deceitful.

17th Dec. M. 1) Our Wardrobes Moved
The wardrobes in our bedroom had been moved to the other side of the room.
Meaning: State interference.

God Warns About False Christians
16th Dec. 2004. M. Three dreams
1) Bob and 2 Children
Bob came to our new place and brought two very young boys with him. We welcomed them in kindness. I said "Why don't you go and make yourselves a cup of tea?" They did. One of the little boys was delighted with that idea and raced off to the kitchen.
Next I saw a fire break out, the size of a teapot. I thought someone would get a towel and smother it, but before they did anything worthwhile, the fire spread and the whole worktop was engulfed in flames! I was aghast. I looked around for towels to smother the flames. We needed wet ones, too! The dream ended and I presume the fire got put out.
Meaning: Probably to do with controversy that immature believers can instigate. Heretical fires must be put out quickly before they spread! The dream was given to warn a friend about these false believers.

WCG Minister Unforgiving
17th Dec. M. 2) A Silcox Being Sarcastic
Andrew Silcox was being sarcastic and suspicious. He clearly still held a grudge against me for what happened 14 years in the past. He asked something about some forged letters and wanted to know more about them. I saw a bus go past on the road outside and said, "Oh, look, they're they go." I then went on my way.
Meaning: Those whose unforgiveness and resentment cause them to be sarcastic towards me will get as good as they give until they repent of their wrong attitudes. I'll get on with what God moves me regardless. It's their problem, not mine.
Some will criticise me for naming and shaming this individual. Do you want to see him in the Kingdom of God? Well, if he's going to be there, he'd better get rid of his spiritual venom quick. There isn't much time left. Do you think God is pleased to be waiting 14 years for a man to forgive one who is used as a prophet of the Almighty? And is He pleased by this man welcoming such demonic attitudes to persist in his arrogant psyche, with which he will then infect other children of God? You bet He's not pleased!! He's sick of it!! That's why Andrew is named. He used to be a friend of mine, too. But the Work of God overrides human friendships. Spiritual duty comes first.
Anyone who wants to criticise me for what I write in these exposés will have to answer to God. HE gives the dreams, not me. I am hopeful that Andrew will repent, and we can be friends once again. Until then...
There are many false ministers in Church of God groups; let me mention a handful more: Harry Sullivan, Paul Suckling, Les McCullough, George Delap, David Silcox, John Halford, Peter Nathan, Joel Meeker... and many, many more. Beware!
[And, since this was written, God has shown that Andrew has had his opportunity to turn to God, but he has consistently refused. He is now a false minister and won’t be saved.]

The CoG7 Is Sick!
18th Dec. 2004. M. 1) Woman In Hospital – the CoG7
A woman was in hospital. Her former Husband went to see her. He visited her even though He was remarried and she was no longer interested in Him. I thought that was remarkable on His part. Apparently the marriage had faltered because she had lost interest in Him, but He still cared for her nonetheless.
Comment: The dream depicts the spirituality of the Church of God 7th Day and Jesus' care for them. There is a rift between them and Jesus because they have drifted away from their first love for Him. Perhaps this is due to putting the church and its teachings before Him and before the further truths He wants them to have. They are spiritually sick and need spiritual healing. Somewhere in our literature they will find the answers to their situation. It's mainly to do with accepting the baptism in the Spirit, with the demonstration and exercise of spiritual gifts. Most CoG7 people don't accept the gifts. (ISG and AA3-7 redress the imbalance here.)
That may also have something to do with underlying prejudice against non-Sabbatarians who have the gifts (which MM booklets, MG4, MG2 and MG1, address).
Last year a lady who lives in London visited the CoG7 in London. At that time God gave me a lengthy dream about them (10th Feb 2003). That is below, with a couple of other relevant dreams. I wrote to this lady about the dream following her visit and how it illustrated the spiritual problems in the CoG7 (below).

10th Jan. 2003. M. I was talking to a minister from a WCG background. I was trying to convince him about the reality and closeness of the power of God. I told him about what Pentecostals have experienced for a long time – the manifest presence of God in meetings. But he didn’t want to be convinced. I tried to explain to him that when people meet together, anticipating the moving of God to produce the miraculous, the presence of the Spirit of God can be almost tangible. Sometimes it IS even tangible! Either way, you can sense the presence of God, often within. However, this man just didn’t seem to want to believe it
Then I saw David Sxxxx coming towards me. I was glad to see him. My hand was dirty from working with guttering. I had some sticky mastic on it. Mischievously, I thought I would play a prank on David, so I held out my hand, encouraging him to come closer and shake my hand. But, he was suspicious about what I was up to, and declined. He wasn’t in a mood for jokes or didn’t trust me. His caution made him hold back.
Meaning: This is an allegory of the approach of WCG ministers who have known us in the past. They don’t trust us. I mean them no ill-will, but they can’t accept that. I would like to banter with them in a lighthearted fashion, continuing the friendship of the past, but they’re not interested in responding in like manner. They have a mixture of suspicion, distrust and even some resentment against me.
The conversation about the power of God which manifests in meetings reveals how the WCG (and CoG offshoots) have not changed their former bias against ‘pentecostalism’. When we exited the WCG many years ago, God led us into the company of Pentecostals. We learned about the moving of the power of God in meetings. We experienced it, and continue to do so every week. We accepted the gifts of the Spirit. The CoGs and WCG have yet to do that, despite any ‘noises’ they make to the contrary.
2 Timothy 3:5 is highly relevant in this context!!

Earlier Dreams About The CoGs
16th Dec. 2002. M.
I went in my van to buy some cement at the builders’ merchants. I enquired about the price; I was very careful with our money. It had to go a long way. They couldn’t supply me with the five bags I wanted; so I had to settle for two. [The job of building up the House of God. We are short of what we need, physically, to do the task as well as we would like.] As I went on my way, somehow I had a cup of grain (wheat seeds) in my hand. [These depict the Word of God which we carry in our publications, to be planted in others’ lives.]
I went into a housing estate. [The Churches of God.] Everything seemed to be very neat and orderly. It was a quiet and respectable neighbourhood. The houses were built in the mid-20th century, rather old-fashioned now, but one of them had some bizarre alterations done to the roof. They had altered the roof to open it up in an outlandish modern style, with big wooden beams projecting at ostentatious oblique angles and glass in between. [One of the off-shoot organizations which has tried to be more open and modern than most in the CoG movement.] It was designed to let more light in. I entered this house from above, on the upstairs floor, and called out "Hello, is anybody there?" A lady appeared, really disturbed that I was inside. She was really agitated and worried. But I wasn’t there to do her any harm, although it was clear she feared I was. She would have wondered how I got in and why. I merely said something about the grain in the cup in my hand.
I went downstairs to leave and on the way out saw two other workmen who were not doing much, but were there in her house.
This dream was about Norman Edwards' Servant's News (which may have since ceased production) and his associates. It also has relevance to other CoG people because they all have a similar mentality that is fearful of the power of God, suspicious and dismissive of 'Pentecostalism' with the manifestation of spiritual gifts, and totally disapproving and rejecting of prophets such as us.

10th Feb. 2003. M. The CoG7
I was going with a man (I will call him Paul) to a prestigious block of flats in London. These flats looked very nice from the outside. The building was a modern high-rise, fronted with glass and classy looking grey panels below the glass. [Represents the whole Church, of which the CoG7 is just one small part.] I felt it was really something special [the Church, not the CoG7], as if it were in Mayfair, the most sought-after location in London.

I was going with Paul [the pastor] to his flat, and I felt a bond between us. [He is converted.] When I went into his flat I was surprised to find it very poky. [The lack of spiritual freedom and scope in the CoG7.] There were only two rooms, both used as bedrooms, and they were quite small.

One single bed took up about a third of the room. [Very little room for spiritual activity.] There was one bed in each room and the beds were unmade after being slept in. [Not sure yet what this untidiness or tardiness represents, because I don’t know these people.] There was so little space that the bed was nearly tight up against the door, so it was very difficult to get in or out. [Lack of outreach. May also depict that few people are coming into their church, because it is spiritually insulated and spiritually restrictive. The door also represents Jesus, whose greater access into various groups is via a prophet or prophets, as John 10:3 (NIV) indicates. It shows they have not had a prophet yet open their door on Jesus further. That’s why they need our literature.]

I went over to the window and pulled back the curtain, wondering what the view would be like. I was astonished. There was no outlook to the outside world. [They’re a bit shut in.] Instead, it overlooked someone else’s bedroom, which was on a bit of a lower level.

A couple were asleep in their double bed. [Their field of vision is from their past, which is from the SDAs and then the offshoot CoG7. This could represent their doctrinal outlook, too, which looks back (not up) and to people in close proximity in the (now) adjacent movement. Sleep is endemic within.]

I looked at Paul, amazed, and quickly shut the curtains. I commented something about how terrible it was, that you might look out into their room and see someone totally naked. It was far from ideal! [The allusion to nakedness – although it was not seen – is to do with the church from which they have emerged. The SDAs are a dead church, where believers have little faith, and follow human leaders in the name of Christ, but don’t follow Christ as they should. The CoG7 is much the same, and nearly as dead spiritually.]

Then Paul asked me if I had seen his cat. [Someone who is close to him in his church, and who shows affection. Another man.] I was just about to say ‘No’, when I saw the cat come out from a corner. He saw me and came over to greet me. He was very friendly and was like George, a large black and white cat we once had. He was very affectionate, and I responded by putting both hands to his head and affectionately stroking him, saying "Hello, you know me, don’t you?" like old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

The flat was a far from ideal place for the cat to live. It had no real freedom and was very shut in in such an environment. Wherever Paul went he took the cat on a lead. [This person is very much restricted spiritually, being under the pastor’s thumb.]

Comment: This dream was given for the benefit of the CoG7, as well as for a lady who visited them. I didn't understand what the dream meant until she told me about her visit, and about whom she had met there.

God wants to help them move on in the Spirit. They may say they accept tongues (and the other gifts of the Spirit), but they would because it’s in the Bible. But it’s not part of their experience. They need some of our publications, such as the following:
Raised From The Dead At Midnight
The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints
An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts
Prophets and Prophesying
Who Is The End-Time Elijah?
Dreams and Visions From God
Listening To God
God’s Church – Whose Authority?
Apostasy in God’s Church!

These would open their minds and broaden their spiritual horizons – if they are humble enough to accept them.

They have some moving on in the Spirit to do first. They need to move on into an experience of the power of God, an acceptance of spiritual gifts so that they can give the Spirit free rein in meetings, and correct the errors in their calendar.

Most of the CoG7 doesn’t keep the holy days and need to live by the truth in God’s Calendar Revealed To Man and The Festivals of God.

Psalm 107:5 has some symbolic significance in this context for these people, and the rest of the Psalm.

I believe God has given all this input for the spiritual sake of these people, who are trapped by spiritual slumber. They don't see how much they need the baptism in the Spirit and spiritual gifts. They need greater spiritual vision and scope. [All this was presented to them, but they rejected the input!]

The Lofty Will Be Brought Low
18th Dec. 2004. M. 2) Manchester Utd Selling Land
Manchester United football club were selling 9 plots of land for nine houses to be built [9 symbolises judgment, so a downturn in their ‘fortunes’ is coming]. I was astonished that they would do that. The land was undulating [depicting the Club's ups and downs].
Meaning: Helena happened to write to the Daily Mail today. In that letter it mentions the fact that God will bring down everything that is high and lofty. (I tend to watch foot- ball on TV a bit, so God used imagery of something with which I am familiar to depict this downfall coming.)

Here is that letter:

20th December 2004

Dear Editor,

"Religious Dithering"

Under the very apt heading Religious Dithering you published a letter in today's Daily Mail commenting on Stephen Glover's article about the Archbishop of Canterbury's moral evasiveness. While it's disappointing and despicable that the Archbishop should defend 'moral' no-man's-land instead of the moral high ground, is it any wonder?

High leaders are in office because they give people what they want to hear, not what is morally good for them. Christians should be reminded that their moral duty is not to listen to an obsolete figurehead of an anachronistic and unbiblical 'Church', but to the Word of God in the Bible.

God still speaks today – to the few who want to listen. He prophesied through Isaiah about 2700 years ago that everyone will be humbled, especially the lofty (Is 5:15).

This prediction is as alive and active today as it was back then, and has been consistently fulfilled throughout history. It is accompanied by another which you can see being fulfilled today:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Is 5:20, NKJV.)

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! (Is 5:21, NKJV.)

You will see Gordon Brown eat his words one day, and Tony Blair, as well as all other politicians and church leaders who have led people further into the abyss by moral default.

David Blunkett is only one recent casualty in the long line of candidates for the fulfilment of Isaiah 5:15.

Last night God gave me a dream of what is to follow. Like a huge tree blown down by a strong wind, all who are mighty and lifted up, all who are wise in their own eyes – because they give no glory to God, and impugn His morality – will come crashing down to earth.

Jesus prophesied: There is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be made known (Luke 12:2). That happens continually. Those who seek to hide their sins and misdemeanours eventually get exposed. And people think God isn't at work?!

The wise man asked: "How long, you simple [naive] ones, will you love simplicity [naiveté]? For scorners delight in their scorning [scorning the applicability of the words of God], and fools hate [spiritual and moral] knowledge" (Proverbs 1:22).

The outcome of this moral vacuum will be disaster (Prov 1:24-27). There will be calamity upon calamity, terror, and destruction like a whirlwind. Because they hated spiritual knowledge and did not choose moral conduct (1:29).

They shall eat the fruit of their own way, and be filled to the full with their own fancies, for the turning away of the simple [naive] will slay them and the complacency of fools will destroy them (Prov 1:31).

There you have an apt summary of the results of this religious dithering.

Sincerely, Helena Heap (Mrs)

God Illustrates Others' Spirituality
18th Dec. 2004. M.
3) Couple wanting to buy a car from us
A couple of people came to us to buy a car [depicts a ministry outreach]. The cars were really small. I backed a car out from being parked, for them to have a look at. They were amazed at how precisely I could manoeuvre it [perhaps an allusion to the precision and correctness of 'our' doctrinal teaching and to God's guidance]. There was so little room to get in between stationary objects. But instead of choosing a car, they wanted to get a moped for two. I was a bit amazed. I had never seen a contraption like it. It wasn't really a practical option.
Meaning: About two people who came here. A spiritual analogy.

4) At Xxxx's In The USA
Suddenly I went there. He had two books on the shelf and one was half read. It was about health and diet, etc. I thought it was a bit elementary and basic.
Meaning: About the need to progress more spiritually. An exhortation via a dream. Much more for X to learn.

Church Drastically Needs Repair
21st Dec. 2004. M. Called In To Repair The Roof
I was called in by a Man to repair the roof of a very large house. It was leaking in various places. The house was very old, with 12 foot high ceilings. It was old-fashioned and in need of modernising and repair. The roof was an old lead roof and needed replacing. The job was very daunting!
Meaning: The large old house represents the Church. Its leaking roof and need for refurbishment presuppose the need for people to accept the truths we bring, such as the observance of God's Sabbaths and Festivals, etc., which will provide her with a new covering. But it is a daunting task.

Given An Ancient Valuable Artefact
23rd Dec. 2004. M.
1) A Very Ancient Artefact – God's Truth Restored
I was given a very ancient artefact. It was so old, and so rare, that I could be the envy of other collectors.
Meaning: The restored Truth of God.

Unusual Situations Ahead
2) Going To Scotland
I was preparing at short notice to go to Scotland. It was as if it was a mini-Feast. There was a lot to do and very little time in which to prepare. All sorts of other things were given in the dream, such as how unusual the situation was.

25th Dec. 2004. M. Helena's Father Maciej (Mathew)
Helena brought a man to our front doorstep. I opened the door and said "Hello." He stood bolt upright, like a sentry, sentinel, or statue. He seemed rigid in his uprightness. I didn't know who he was, but he had Polish features, so I asked "Staszek? Janek? Gienek? [Helena's brothers.] Wojtek? [Grandson]" He didn't reply and the dream ended.
Meaning: Helena's father died in the early 1970s aged 74, but he will return from the dead. God will bring him back to mortal life again as part of the End-Time Witness of the Gospel. It will have great impact in Poland.

Prepare For The Future
26th Dec. 2004. M. D (someone we know)
D seemed to be out of work. [A coming situation.] Helena was talking about a new 'thing' some people were doing in business. It was something to do with farming small lakes. He was seriously thinking of doing this, and renting a lake, but the venture was very risky and only for the very enterprising and resourceful.
The dream was given for his benefit, so he can prepare for his future.

27th Dec. 2004. M. Getting A New Job
In this dream I was about to get a new job. I had to go out to work again as a builder. Immediately, I thought about how I should prepare, which vehicle to use, etc. But my main concern was what was the going rate now for a bricklayer or carpenter, because I had been out of this line of business for so long.
Meaning: This dream parallels one which Kassahun had on 8th December, in which I said "the time has come to finish God's building."

In The Public Eye
28th Dec. 2004. M. T-shirt and MBH
Many things were happening in this dream to do with people. It seemed to be a busy public place. Amongst these people I saw a young man wearing a white T-shirt. He had stencilled his own wording on it, which included a slogan incorporating 'MBH' in it. It was a positive reference to me as if I was a well-known celebrity. My reaction was a mixture – somewhat pleased, but also annoyed because it was rather foolish. It's not right to lift people up like icons and draw attention to them.
On a human level, I don't want to be noticed. The only reason I would be pleased about it, is because people will be taking notice of God's truth that we convey.

29th Dec. 2004. M. 1) Michael Portillo
Michael Portillo (a former politician) was due to give a speech to a public audience about the
Iraq war. His stand was in favour of it, as is the Government's in this country [I don't know if that is true, but that's what the dream portrayed in order to make the moral point]. Most politicians can only see a human approach and 'solution' to such problems, but they don't have the whole picture. I said various things to him about what God permits but which is not ideal. He was a bit disturbed by what I said but he was unable to alter his speech even though he knew I had a point.
Meaning: There's not a lot politicians can really do of much worth. Their hands are tied by circumstances and situations. They are trapped and their own policies are frankly of little value to changing the terrible state of the world.

2) Helena's peas
Helena was planting peas. She had prepared the soil and watered it. One by one, she was planting pea seeds. But every time she pushed a pea into the soil, it kept popping up above ground.
Meaning: The dream came after she was planning to send MM literature to some prominent people in society such as Cliff Richard and Gloria Hunniford. It shows in allegory the little effect God's further truth has on them. To take root, they need to stay below ground – to 'die' (see Jn 12:24). But those who want to be prominent, to be famous, acclaimed by people, etc., are loving their own lives, and those who do that will not 'win' eternal life (Jn 12:25). Why not? Because their behaviour is based on selfishness and pride.

Selfish Neighbour
30th Dec. 2004. M. 1) Neighbour
This dream was about a neighbour whose behaviour was self-centred, ambitious and had complete disregard for us and our property. It involved our mound in our garden, his livestock and his digger, etc.
Meaning: The meaning is spiritual.

Perverse and Collapsing WCG
2) The WCG's Disused Toilets
The dream featured the terrible run-down state of the WCG's toilets. They were so old and dysfunctional and no one used them.
Meaning: Spiritual, to do with not getting rid of sin.

3) The WCG's Roof Collapsing Badly
The roof of the WCG's building was collapsing. It was a laughable, yet tragic sight. The ridge tiles were tightly held together [ministers], sticking up into the air, while the roof below them had collapsed about three feet.
Meaning: They have thrown out the Truth that supports and protects a church. They have rejected God in favour of human appeasement. The result is a church that won't stand.

Are You Independent? It's A Sin!
31st Dec. 2004. M. 1) K's Car
We had a car for K to use, but he disregarded what we had arranged and went off to get one of his own. Only, he didn't tell us; he was secretive about it. I found out anyway.
Meaning: The dream points out self-will in K. He could have used our car. We were willing to share it with him, but like most young people, they want to do their own thing and want a car that suits their self image. The dream may also be pointing out a materialistic selfishness, and his lack of interest in conveying the spiritual things which MM (our car) is here to promote. He is pursuing his own career instead of promoting the Truth of God which he has been privileged to receive. (This dream is NOT about Kassahun; it's someone else. Kassahun is not selfish. Far from it!)

2) The Car On The Road
I was standing on the road, which was wet. It had just been raining. I was looking at a car which was pulling away from me and saw the dashboard from through the rear screen. I saw the oil pressure gauge and other instruments. The oil pressure gauge was fluctuating wildly. The car was a low-slung type of sports car, with wide bulging wings.

3) MM’s Work In Kenya: Don't Hide Facts From Me
Two guys had been selling me some cars. The cars had various small problems with them. One of them in particular had a really bad fault which I didn't know about. I berated them for not telling me. While I was trying to find out what the fault was, another guy was standing there counting his money that they had given him. He seemed to be the one who did the MOTs for these 2 fellas. They were willing to tell me, but not while he could overhear. They signalled to me to be quiet.
Meaning: It highlights the attitudes and approach of some in Kenya, who have been involved in MM outreach. Secretiveness, fear of others, and selfish interest (money lust) govern their behaviour, and need to be sorted.

Many Good Testimonies Coming
18th Nov. 2004. H. Testimonies
There were several people coming to see us with their personal testimonies and stories which were written down on a sheet of paper.
Comment: Many are confused and are searching for more truth. Churches don’t provide the answers. We have literature to help people from every background.
In due course, as the miraculous outpouring brings publicity and people accept the literature which is for their help and deliverance, many people will testify of how they have been helped and delivered. Jesus never fails!

26th Nov. 2004. H. Recognised in public
I went inside a church building which was full of people. I took a package and left it at the front of the church and left the building. The church was packed with people. They seemed to recognise me; I recognised a few of them. I felt I couldn’t stay there. Outside was a clothing stall where I inspected a nice long skirt to suit public functions.
Meaning: The time is coming where we will become visible and many will want to hear about the miracles God has done. Then we can give them the truths of God packaged in 'our' literature. But our permanent place is not in churches of men. We will present the message and then leave.

Ruthless, Unfair Approach Of The Law-Enforcement System
21st Nov. 2004. H. Horrible, grey, massive blob smothering us
We had to resist it and fight it off.
Meaning: Warning of attack from evil forces.

28th Nov. 2004. H.
1) Chair in a cell
There was some rope on the chair [symbol of how this person has been tied up or restrained]. Then I saw a man, someone had put dark spots on him and tried to dig into him.
Meaning: The dark spots represent accusations of evil. It is about someone being mistreated by the authorities, who use cruel and manipulative accusations against people. But God’s judgement will fall on those who are wicked and unjust in their ways.

Moral Slide
2) Decline in morality
Vision of people drinking which led to immoral behaviour.
Destruction of family life and increase in sexual diseases.

Someone Uprooted Spiritually
3) Small tree uprooted
I saw a small tree with some leaves but the roots were disconnected from the soil. I tried to push the tree into the hole so it would grow and become healthy. My husband had to go somewhere else.
Meaning: The tree represents someone who has walked away from God. Spiritually he is nearly dead but God will plant him again. He has to face severe trial and repent of his rebellion.

Our Commission
29th Nov. 2004. H. 1) Responsibility to help
I was given the position of an MP.
I went to the office to accept the position. There was a car to go with the job.
Meaning: Our position given by God to speak for the people of the Church. It is a function and responsibility to help others with teaching and warning of future events.

Interference Of Police In Our Work
2) Unwanted baggage someone has dumped on us
I was driving a car and collided with another vehicle on the road. The owner came to inspect my car in detail ignoring his which was old and hardly damaged by the crash.
There was an old suitcase and a box which was left in our home – the crash was an excuse to obtain entry into our home. I inspected the suitcase and a box which were old and dirty inside. I tried to find who they belonged to but couldn’t find any clue. [Baggage / problems dumped on us.]
Meaning: The dream portrays allegorically the difficulties someone has brought upon us, because of his actions and the consequential suspicion against us with police surveillance.

3) Police interfere
Two policewomen gained entry into our home, took over and started bossing us around. They brought young children who were unruly and naughty [unqualified staff or problems]. There was a Christmas tree which they started taking down [interfering in people’s religious beliefs and personal lives]. One of the women tried to latch onto me like a leech. I had to shake her off because she was rude and interfering.

3rd Dec. 2004. H. 1) Pushed into a hedge
Someone put me on a platform with wheels on and pushed me into a hedge. I gave the intruder a warning about the hedge but he didn’t care.
Meaning: Those who come against us want to harm us and interfere in our private lives. A hedge is a boundary which no-one should cross or meddle with, yet they don’t care for other’s rights.

Beware Evil Influences From Others
30th Nov. 2004. H. A drunken party
I saw a group of people drinking and having a wild party. A cloud of demons swarmed over the party like bees, blending into the activities.
Meaning: Excess alcohol allows people to lose control of their minds. As they submit to each other’s influence they become vulnerable to outside spiritual influence which will dominate their lives with harmful consequences.
1 Cor 15:33 warns against letting others influence you and pass on their demons to you!

3rd Dec. 2004. H. 2) Z going to school
She said, “Bye Mum!” And walked out the door.
Meaning: She has started a new job where she is learning many things. God is training her for her future job.

MM About To Be 'Lifted Up'
5th Dec. 2004. H. 1) House high up
We were moving into another house which was high up. There was a very steep path to the house making it impossible to access.
Meaning: The immediate destiny of this ministry in moving into 'higher position', more prominent, after publicity due to raising the dead. But we face severe obstacles caused by hostile enemies, such as that mounted by the State, mentioned above. [However, God will deal with the opposition and we shall move on to the next stage.]

Explaining About Jezebel Spirit
2) Person settles into caravan
There was a caravan in the corner of our field, a person was settling in and getting sorted out.
Meaning: A lady contacted us wanting to understand the Jezebel spirit. Malcolm explained how Jezebel manifests in the Christmas celebrations based on selfish indulgence and rebellion against the Most High.
There are many evil spirits gallivanting in the Church using syncretised pagan concepts to gain worship for them- selves. Gullible Christians don't realise they are giving a leg up to demons by following unbiblical traditions in churches! [More on this is explained in Understanding The Book of Revelation.]

God Exposes The Childishness Of The Plain Truth
Plain Truth’ childish
I was looking at a magazine (Plain Truth) which was used by God for about 50 years to preach the gospel. God showed me a picture of children playing on toy bicycles. Their clothes and toys were brightly coloured.
Meaning: Depicts spiritually childish ways – wanting to attract attention to themselves which is totally immature. Deception brings darkness into their minds.

God Helps Us, Lifts Us Up
7th Dec. 2004. H. The little helicopter
A little helicopter helped us along the journey. We were preparing for the next part of the journey; the helicopter was parked in our home. I marvelled at the size of the blades, and how small they were. There was a young lady pilot who was making preparations for the flight. We were all busy getting ready. Someone stopped by in the car who wanted some plants which I leave at the front of the house for people to help themselves to. I was too busy to assist him, I told him to help himself and put the money through the front door.
Meaning: God is showing us how He will send us assistance to keep us going. He is aware of our needs and He performs miracles along the way. His Spirit and the angels are there to help us to do the work. They lift us up.

Attack From The Devil Is Coming
8th Dec. 2004. H. Dark sinister figure
I saw a black figure in the shape of a man trying to push through the front door. He looked evil and sinister. I felt angry and tried to fight him off with my slippers.
Meaning: God is warning us about a hostile attack on our ministry. The devil is busy planning this attack. God sees the secret plans of the wicked. We don’t have to be afraid of them. We can use whatever we can to resist them. God will give us the victory over those used by the devil.

14th Dec. 2004. H. 1) Tree falls on house
I saw a house, half of which was single storey and the other half two storeys. There was a tall tree next to the house. Suddenly, a strong wind blew and the big tree fell on the roof of the second storey part of the house. I heard a loud crack when the tree hit the roof.
Meaning: This is predicting a hostile attack on the ministry by the state authorities. Satan (the wind) will stir them up against us. This conflict will expose those who are evil!

18th Dec. 2004. H. 1) Telephone monitored
I saw a man interfere with one of our electrical sockets to attach a bug. Then someone interfered with our telephone.
Meaning: This will be done by those who are hostile to the work of God. But He will judge those who are trying to harm us.

God's Stupendous Power Ignites
Flue almost catches alight
I was inside the house and there were people walking about along the corridors. Suddenly, I saw the flue from the stove hidden in the ceiling turn red hot. I thought the whole house would catch on fire! I ran to get some help but I couldn’t find anybody. I tried to find the stove to shut it down, but the stove was not connected. I realised this tremendous heat was supernatural.
Meaning: This power is coming from God to show people His greatness and His miraculous power.

Don't Hold Back
15th Dec. 2004. H. Man holding back
We were busy doing many things. Suddenly I noticed there was someone sitting very quietly. I said, “I didn’t know you were there!”
Meaning: This is about someone who tends to sit back and needs to get going to do things for other people. This inactivity is holding him back from growth and development of his character. Listening to the Spirit involves work and living a Christian life takes effort!

Compromise Undoes Spiritual Growth
16th Dec. 2004. H. Plant for re-potting gone
I saw a plant in the oven wilting. I took the plant out and prepared a fresh pot for the plant. When I looked for the plant it was gone. I couldn’t find it.
Meaning: Fulfilled by a letter from the U.S. Some time ago a lady wrote to us about her marriage problems. Her trials were like an oven. We sent her literature to help her. She and her husband both benefited and received a healing in their marriage. They were positive for a while, but something was lacking – they didn’t want to move on spiritually.
The new pot represents the challenge to grow, develop and learn new things. God is disappointed when people get what they want and won’t receive more from Him. He wants to feed your spirit which will live forever.

18th Dec. 2004. H. 2) One eye open
I saw someone with one eye open and the rest of the face smothered with demonic influence.
Meaning: This young person is allowing others to influence her and suffer spiritual blindness.

The Dead Will Be Raised In Africa
3) Skull comes alive
I saw a skull being made alive. As a result of this I saw someone preach the gospel in Africa with great zeal.
Meaning: God is the only One who can raise people from the dead. But such feats are coming – soon!

What Is Lifted Up Will Be Brought Down
20th Dec. 2004. H. 1) Politicians brought down
I saw a big vehicle with large wheels which had faces of politicians on them. I saw a huge tree blown down by strong wind.
Meaning: The vehicle represents politics. God showed me that politicians will be blown down like the tree.

Their land is full of idols; they bow down to the work of their own hands, to what their fingers have made. So men will be brought low, and people humbled (Is 2:8,9, NIV). The eyes of  the arrogant man will be humbled and the pride of men will be brought low (Is 2:11, NIV).

Cliff Richard
Chat with Cliff Richard
I had a chat with Cliff Richard. He was friendly.
Meaning: I was shown I needed to give him more information which I did, as part of the gospel outreach. Through ‘our’ work, God is reaching out to many people who would not otherwise move on spiritually.

Small Churches In Africa, Vulnerable
21st Dec. 2004. H. Small girls vulnerable
I saw small girls living in boxes which were exposed to the elements without any roof. These girls were vulnerable. There were men nearby who were threatening, aggressive and abusive. They were hostile towards the girls.
Meaning: This confirms a situation in Africa where leaders are harming those who want to keep the Sabbath and obey God more fully. The secure shelter provides spiritual teaching which will shelter them from those who are evil and used by the devil. God will give them safety with miraculous help.

Hard To Come Out Of Deception
24th Dec. 2004. H. 1) Young man deceived
I saw a young Christian who suffered much through false accusation and imprisonment. One of his eyes was open, the other was obstructed by demons.
Meaning: Many follow false prophets. It’s hard to give up old ways of thinking. Following Jesus is a challenge for the rest of our lives. The Holy Spirit helps us and the Word of God cleanses us.

2) Little blue car
I saw a little car in bright blue parked on the other side of the road. [Bright blue is a heavenly colour.]
Meaning: This is a person who has suffered many obstacles. God is training him for the next journey of fulfilling God’s will in his life.

The Church's Rotten Foundations
27th Dec. 2004. H.
The Church’s rotten, crumbling foundations
I went to visit a big building and went to inspect the foundations below the ground floor. The foundations were rotten and needed underpinning. I looked for solid material to do some repair work but there was none.
Meaning: This represents the Church’s need for solid teaching based on truth to make the foundations secure and strong. II Thes 2:10. Those who don’t love the truth will allow the devil to deceive them, leading them to destruction.

New Church Being Constructed
28th Dec. 2004. H. Construction of a new Church building
I saw a large building being constructed; the rooms were taking shape at foundation level. There were lots of activities going on. The builders were busy. In the middle of the building there was a Midnight Ministries building [MM is in the centre of God's plan]. On the ground floor there was a meeting hall with rows of chairs. Upstairs there was a small room for our family.
Meaning: God is building the new Church through those who are prepared to take the truth to others and sacrifice in helping with the work. MM literature has to be in the centre so the church may be restored and healed. The meeting hall represents reaching out to people who want pure truth, and unity with the Word of God through the Holy Spirit.

31st Dec. 2004. H. New job
There were many people busy. I was amongst them. I saw a seat belonging to a minister (D.S.). I sat down and said to the minister, “I’ve got your job now!” He looked shocked. I put my hand on his shoulder and said: “You’ll be alright!”
Meaning: Church leaders have failed to feed the sheep. God is taking their job away from them. God’s miracles will set the scene for change. Those who are faithful will be used as His witnesses. Jesus is preparing the Church for His return.


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