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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

Dividing And Sharing MM Bread
3rd January 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Dividing bread
I bought a loaf of bread, divided it in half and gave it to others.
Meaning: God is confirming (to others) that we have spiritual food (the bread) to share with them. We have paid a high price to acquire and record all this bread for others, which is indicated in the dream by the word 'bought'. People often forget that when they ask us for materials. They should remember their duty to reward the worker (Matt 10:10).

Wilted Plant
2) Wilted plant. I saw a plant but it looked wilted. I gave it some water and plant food to revive it.
Meaning: Represents a person who needed strengthening.

God Is Preparing His Bride In Truth
4th January 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Fruit
I saw two hands brought together with a wedding ring [marriage is a union of love, where two minds become as one]. Two heads were brought together with a pipe between them flowing with water [the water of God's word unites people when they accept the truth]. I also saw an apple tree full of fruit [after truth is accepted in love, true fruit is borne].
Meaning: I have heard preachers speak against doctrine (truth of God), saying that it divides. It doesn't! False doctrine divides. True doctrine unites. It is the washing with water through the Word that Paul mentioned to the Ephesians (5:26). Paul also likened the Church to a radiant Bride, ready to wed her heavenly Groom (Eph 5:27). These same metaphors were used in the dream.
God is using the truth to bring people together into fellow- ship with Him. There will be fruit: people responding to God.

Churches Are Like Pig Pens!
2) I saw a big pen of pigs.
They were small pigs and were huddling together, some were like fat sausages.
Meaning: God showed me that the pigs represent people inside churches. They don't have all the truth and the human leadership has become corrupted. The church has become unclean and worldly. God is calling the people to come out of her, to come out of Babylon.

Arrogant Piece Of Flesh
5th January 2003. H. Small piece of flesh
I saw a small piece of flesh speaking to me. I was amazed by this. It was as though it was a slice of someone's body.
Meaning: God showed me that the spirituality of some people is so minimal that they are nowhere near being a whole body. It also showed their lack of humility. This flesh was arguing against submission to God, and was very arrogant.

Immaturity Likened To Toy Trailer
9th January 2003. H. Trailer ready to move on
Tonya's friend arrived and was settled. He started talking to two young women. Outside I saw a toy trailer with a long wooden handle at the front, ready for a journey.
Meaning: This is someone who has had contact with us. In the future, he will reach out to two churches or Christian groups (the two women). But at the moment, the life he leads (the trailer that follows behind him) is childish and immature.

God Loves Your Obedience
10th Jan 2003. H. Obedience is a sweet aroma to God
As we live our lives, obeying God and being a living sacrifice (Romans 12), this is a sweet aroma to God. There is a blessing on our lives as we serve God and others.
In contrast, if we live selfishly we bring a curse upon ourselves. As you follow Satan's way, what you do becomes a vile stench in God's nostrils, bringing destruction and misery.

Resurrection Power Ahead
11th January 2003. H.
Dealing with many people and teaching them about the resurrection power of God.

Crippled Lady Helped
14th January 2003 H. Crippled lady
A lady was coming towards us in a wheelchair (showing her spiritual condition). I helped her to come into our home. I showed her that by putting the lights on, it made the house visible.
Meaning: God was drawing this person to our ministry for help and encouragement, and confirming it in the dream.

Churches Without Foundations
19th January 2003. H. Houses without foundations
Dream of visiting some houses which were built without foundations. The walls were floppy, like a tent, and one end nearly collapsed.
I used the bathroom but had to be careful as I walked inside, because the place was so unstable and insecure.
Meaning: These represent churches which don't have basic teaching, and spiritually are without proper sound foundations. Churches look to their human leadership, so Jesus gets pushed out.
The churches are not ready for the trials and tribulation coming that will lead to destruction, because they ignore what the prophets bring.
When people's loyalties are given to their human leaders, those leader effectively become idols. God will not tolerate this! That is why He will allow the whole Church to be engulfed in the terrible times coming upon the whole earth (Rev 3:10).
Churches hold members in bondage to them. They need to let His people free to worship Him in Spirit and Truth!!

Churches Threatened By Total Truth
20th January 2003. H. Women threatened
There was a threat to women. They were gathered in a worship service, and men gathered around to protect the women from the threat by prayer in a tight group.
Meaning: The threat is further truth that we bring and God's judgement which follows in the wake of its rejection. The women are the churches and the men are the human leaders who are trying to 'protect' the churches. Church leaders do NOT want a prophet upsetting their cosy little world, so they exert their influence against the unwelcome input. They use prayer as a means of controlling their members and holding them in.
Such prayer is a ceremonial ritual which gives them a false sense of security. Through it Jesus is isolated and the Holy Spirit is diluted.
Churches which rely upon human leadership will face the Tribulation like the rest of the world.

Antiquated Stuff Must Go
21st January 2003. H. Useless equipment from AC
I was doing some cleaning. I reached under an armchair and found a piece of equipment which was old and useless. I felt it was used at Ambassador College probably 30-40 years ago. The only value this piece had was a scrap value, and the plastic on it could be recycled.
Meaning: God is showing that some church practices should be scrapped like a piece of rubbish. But people tend to hold onto these old teachings and old ways. God is doing a new thing and we have to use the new methods to do what God wants to be done to prepare the Bride for Jesus' return.
The antiquated ways of thinking particularly apply to CoGs.

When Insecure, God Is Our Security
22nd January 2003. H. Insecure apartment
We felt the enemy was going to attack us. The apartment we were staying in felt insecure, so I used a couple of pieces of wire to secure the doors.
An Alsatian dog died (Alsatians are used as guard dogs for security) so I threw it out so that the foxes might have it. When I closed the door I noticed that the dog had revived and was running away.
Meaning: The Alsatian represents someone we know. The foxes represent evil police personnel who are after him. And we are in jeopardy as a result of this pursuit.
However, God is indicating that although we feel insecure and helpless, He will perform miracles to keep us safe. God is our protection and His angels watch over us as Psalm 91 assures.

Allusions To Revival
23rd January 2003. H. Many people
There were many people gathered together talking, working and sitting on the side [in other words, they are affected by what they see and hear after God performs wonders – what God does is at the centre; these people are to one side].
I saw the Queen was busy too. I talked to someone who knew R Xxxx whom I knew from college in the past.
Meaning: The work we will do will reach thousands and even millions of people. Three areas of impact are mentioned in this dream, which will be affected by the revival:
1) Many ordinary folk;
2) the Royal family;
3) former friends.

MM's Huge Juggernaut
4th Jan 2003. M. MM's work likened to a juggernaut
I was driving a huge juggernaut which belonged to someone else [this is not our work, it's Jesus'; we are merely His workers].

I checked the fuel gauge regularly and noticed it going down, but thought that I could go a bit further before refuelling. However, there were no filling stations along this route, so the only thing I could do was keep driving. [Our lack of support, but we have to keep going by faith.]

Then, the road got narrower, and finally ended up in a dead end. It was a goods vehicle testing station yard, with a big area to turn the vehicle around. An inspector with a fault-finding attitude wanted to see my driving skills. He criticised me for the way I stopped and got out. I looked a bit wobbly because I was not used to doing this. After this the inspector was no longer around, but seemed to be the subject of what followed.

In the next scene, I was involved in some discussions. One of the subjects was the level of financial investment in various enterprises. I saw a huge modern building under construction. It needed massive outlay of finance to complete the job. I was totally disparaging about this and said it was an utter waste of time and money. I believe the building represented a corporate church and the amount of money that goes into setting up the superstructure of the human organisation. It is ridiculous.

Then the scene switched, and I was off on my way again. I had to take a journey, and caught a bus. It was a double-decker and I went up on the top deck. Most of the seats (which could seat two people) were taken, one person in each double seat, but there was one vacant at the top of the stairs so I sat there. I thought how nice to be able to take a ride and see the scenery for a change. I didn’t see how this scene fitted with the juggernaut or what came before, but it must portray a temporary situation in our ministry activity.

Then I was back with the juggernaut, trying to work out how to refuel it. I thought if I had a couple of old oil cans I could get some diesel in them to get me out of the temporary fix I was in, so I looked for a garage, but there was none. I ran into a shopping precinct, and tried a likely hardware store. I asked the girl if she had a couple of cans for oil. She came out with two jars; milk jars or similar. They were not what I wanted, so I left.

Then I was with someone else, and he was giving me some help. He had found an old can of what we thought might be fuel so we put some in the fuel tank. (I thought how good it was to have someone else’s help.) Then we were about to put the rest of the stuff in when I realised that this thick viscous fluid was T-cut! I mentioned this to the guy helping me, and said, “Hey, this is abrasive! This could seriously damage the cylinders, couldn’t it?” He didn’t seem to know. And the dream ended.

Meaning: A pictorial representation of the struggles in our ministry. From a human perspective, it is an impossible task. We don’t have sufficient resources. And in the eyes of others, particularly those who are ‘qualified’ as leaders (‘inspectors’), I don’t look like I ought to be ‘driving’ this huge juggernaut.

The big building represents the way churches waste huge amounts of money in setting up the structure of their organisations. But they are rigid and immovable, once constructed, not like the highly mobile means God has given us to reach out with His Word.

The helper who unknowingly gave me T-cut as fuel represents how people who are meant to help can actually hinder us, and the shop assistant depicts some others whom we have approached for help, but who proved to be useless.

Then, there were about three other dreams, which I could not remember. I think Jesus means by this that there is much more He could say, but we are not ready for it yet.

Prickly Hedgehog
4th January 2003. M. The hedgehog
Lastly, a short dream came about a hedgehog, representing a ‘prickly’ person. I did not see the hedgehog, so it’s someone I have not met. What came in the spirit with this was that “she will make it” or “it’ll be OK” – something to that effect.
Meaning: This dream was given for the benefit of a particular man whom we met that day. It was about his former wife. Though she is 'prickly' and hard for him to handle, she will finally be saved.

Prophets Get Correction, Too
8th Jan 2003. M. Personal dream for me, for my own correction.

WCG Unbelief Is Huge!
10th Jan 2003. M. I was talking to a minister from a WCG background. I was trying to convince him about the reality and closeness of the power of God. I told him about what Pentecostals have experienced for a long time – the manifest presence of God in meetings. But he didn’t want to be convinced. I tried to explain to him that when people meet together, anticipating the moving of God to produce the miraculous, the presence of the Spirit of God can be almost tangible. Sometimes it IS even tangible! Either way, you can sense the presence of God, often within. However, this man just didn’t seem to want to believe it.

Then I saw Dxxxx Sxxxx coming towards me. I was glad to see him. My hand was dirty from working with guttering. I had some sticky mastic on it. Mischievously, I thought I would play a prank on D, so I held out my hand, encouraging him to come closer and shake my hand. But, he was suspicious about what I was up to, and declined. He wasn’t in a mood for jokes or didn’t trust me. His caution made him hold back.

Meaning: This is an allegory of the approach of WCG ministers who have known us in the past. They don’t trust us.

I mean them no ill-will, but they can’t accept that. I would like to banter with them in a lighthearted fashion, continuing the friendship of the past, but they’re not interested in responding in like manner. They have a mixture of suspicion, distrust and even some resentment against me, because they know I have said and written much against the WCG. What they have yet to see is that it was not just me doing that. I was used by God

The conversation about the power of God which manifests in meetings reveals how the WCG (and CoG offshoots) have not changed their former bias against ‘Pentecostalism’. When we exited the WCG many moons ago, God led us into the company of Pentecostals. We learned about the moving of the power of God in meetings. We experienced it, and continue to do so every week. We accepted the gifts of the Spirit. The CoGs and WCG have yet to do that, despite any ‘noises’ they make to the contrary. Their unbelief is huge!

I Am Falsely Accused Of Arrogance
11th Jan 2003. M. A person came against me with a very hurtful false accusation. They accused me of the height of arrogance for writing what I have done.

Jim Rector's Broken Window
15th Jan 2003. M. Several dreams. One was of a Velux window that needed mending. A Velux window is a window in a roof that lets light in. It has specially designed hinges so that it can be opened and closed, but this one was broken so that it could not be closed. I went about to fix it.
Meaning: This became clear a day later when I had to write a stiff letter to a minister (JR) who was not accepting the gifts of the Spirit and who will not accept our prophetic status. He holds his hearers in captivity, causing them to bow down to him instead of to Jesus, and keeps them in spiritual poverty.

On 16th Jan, Helena also had a dream about this individual, which explained more about his prideful resistance to the Spirit.

I Try To Feed A Young Deer
17th Jan 2003. M. A deer was making itself comfortable, digging a depression in the ground where it could lie contentedly. I was carrying some branches [represents MM's publications] and got as close as I could to the deer to leave the branches. I didn’t want to disturb it, because deer are shy and secretive animals; they fear people getting close to them.
The deer got up, and so, before he ran off, I left the branches a few yards away. I thought that he would probably like to eat the young twigs.
Meaning: About Ben Mailosi, who wrote in at the same time.

Stockmarket Will Go Into Free-Fall!!
18th Jan 2003. M. I saw the stockmarket plummeting like an electric blue line on an electronic screen. It was in free-fall! I got the impression that its decline would not stop until it reached bottom. Then I received a word denoting the point at which its fall would come to an end. It was the word ‘Mexico’.
Meaning: The recent drastic falls in share values over the past year are a mere precursor to the most dramatic collapse yet to come. I remember hearing many years ago that Mexico was a bankrupt country. A similar bankruptcy affecting all nations is going to be the result of the coming huge collapse of the stock market.
David Wilkerson in
New York said that when Mexico goes bankrupt, Americans will have 2 weeks to withdraw their money from the banks before the whole US system collapses.

God Gives More Input For Newsletter
22nd Jan 2003. M. 2 dreams. 1) Of two windows; they were wide, but narrow or slender, one on top of the other.
Meaning: To give direction with Newsletter 20. Two important issues which need covering in greater depth. God told me I had the width, but I needed to add more height or depth, with specifics. That I did.
Those articles, which God inspired, were:
Raising Up Home Fellowships which is now part of the book Meetings With Jesus, and
You Should DEFY, Not Deify, Church Authority! available as a separate leaflet / article.

We Are Often Disappointed By Others' Response To Us
2) I was watching a man who was a plasterer. (People like to watch others work, don’t they?) He was stroking a wall with a brush and some water, presumably prior to plastering. [This was about Frans Horstuis, whose book I was reading at the time.] He noticed me watching him. [He received some booklets from me with a personal note in appreciation for his book.]

Unfortunately, he didn’t seem too happy about me watching him. He was a bit secretive. At the time, I thought I might be able to use his services, so I asked him how much it would cost to plaster a room. £300. I was also interested, just out of curiosity, how long this would take him, whether that was three days’ work or how many hours. He said “36” abruptly. He wasn’t keen to get into dialogue with me. Perhaps he thought I was prying, which I was not. I was just interested in a friendly way and thought that his services might be of value to us in our work. I was a bit put off by his response, though. When he replied, he had a funny voice.

Meaning: The dream was about Frans Horsthuis (whose book, The Royal Way, we recommend to Catholics). While he is a good man and is very sincere, he will be somewhat taken aback or challenged or intimidated by our publications which I have sent him. [That happened. He didn't want to move on with the further truth which we sent him.] The funny voice represents an imbalance in his spiritual character which the discerning will perceive from reading his book.

Why Others Believe An Evil Report
23rd Jan 2003. M.
1) People are eager to believe an evil report.
This dream was about some former friends of ours, RM and HM. There had been a newspaper report about
Midnight Ministries years ago, which had painted us in a bad light. It had said some things about us which were untrue, and they believed it, despite the fact that one of them had talked with me personally by phone and admitted that we had “got it all together”, theologically speaking. But that was just ‘gas’ because he didn’t live up to his words.
These people didn’t want to trust God and obey Him as implicitly as He wanted them to. The evil motive in their heart caused them to want to believe the evil report about us. They used that report as justification for not living out what God required of them.

Do You Think Much Of Yourself?
2) The man who wrote a book
I saw a paperback book, which had been written by a man who lived not far away from us. The book was over 600 pages long! But it was printed on that nasty cheap paperback paper, that is rough and grates your nerves when you touch it. It had small type, very difficult to read, and some of the back pages were already falling out (even though the book was hot off the press) because the binding was cheap and nasty.

There was a picture of this man and his wife inside, somewhere prominent, near the front. And there was another picture below it of another man and his wife, who had given the book a plaudit. [Symbol of how people seek prominence for themselves, and want to be noticed or elevated. They seek the commendation of men, not of God; 2 Cor 10:12-18.]

Meaning: The long book of 600 pages is an allegory of the work of man, which is evil by itself without God. (6 = human evil, 10 = appertaining to man. 6 x 10 x 10 = 600.)

The other symbols may depict the spiritual cheapness, roughness, and shoddiness of man’s ways without the guidance of the Spirit of God. Human motivation on its own only brings these poor results. The book was very long, but God is interested in quality, not quantity.

The Komodo Dragon
24th Jan 2003. M. The Komodo Dragon
In this dream, there was a dragon in our garden. (A huge crocodile-like land lizard which can be ferocious.) I jumped on the back of this thing to drive it out of our garden, and drove it out. I shouted to a small boy to open the gate at the end of the garden, so I could direct it through the gate and to the outside. But the small boy didn’t listen to me first time, so I had to shout urgently to him again, “Come on, open the gate. Hurry!” [This has a spiritual meaning as does the
Midnight Cry in Matt 25:6.] That time, he did – just in time. The beast kept going in the direction I wanted him to go. He left our garden.

Outside there was a road which we crossed [publicity], and then a patch of green grass. A small driveway was nearby, between some other houses. I thought that would be a good place to leave him. He could feed on the grass, and explore up the driveway if he wanted, I thought. So I left him there. I was glad to get him out off our property.

Then the scene changed, and I saw two lovely pairs of exotic birds in someone else’s garden. One pair were very colourful, the others were white. They were standing tall and proud like egrets, or flamingos but with different beaks – long and like a heron’s, and their heads were directed upwards.

I wanted to show the little boy these birds and beckoned across the road to him to come and see. But instead of going through the gate, this small youngster (who was only about 2 feet high) started to climb the iron fence which had sharp spikes at the top. I was aghast! I was really worried for his safety. But he clambered up, and managed to get over without hurting himself. Where he climbed over, there was a group of people gathered in the road. The dream ended there.

Meaning: This lizard was huge, had a broad back covered in smooth grey scales. It crawled on its four legs, close to the ground like lizards do. It was a formidable creature. It represents the State police machinery.

The small boy is a person who has lived ‘dangerously’.

The beautiful birds represent some of the beauty of God’s creation which He has made for us to wonder at and enjoy; they represent 1) a parallel in the spirit realm which God possesses and wants to share with us, and 2) what God is doing with His people who truly look up to Him and obediently honour Him.

Moroccans & Other Migrants Benefit In Britain, While Britons Don't!
25th Jan 2003. M. Moroccans
There was a promotion of new cars on offer for a limited period. 2900 cars were going for next to nothing, to the first applicants. The offer was expected to be open for a number of days, so on the 5th or 6th day, I went along to claim my free car. However, I was told that the offer had just been withdrawn.
I was very disappointed and asked why it had ended before it should have done. I was told that there had been so much demand, that the entire allocation of cars had been claimed by Moroccans (foreigners).
Meaning: The dream portrays the preferential treatment given in Britain to foreigners who come here. Migrants are pouring into Britain from overseas, able to easily cross from Europe. While asylum seekers from abroad can obtain a flat to live in, Britain's indigenous homeless are out on the streets, rummaging through rubbish bins for food!
The number of cars, 2900, depicts the judgement that Britain can expect (29) for following its humanistic route (10) of appeasement, compounded (10 x 10). The influx of foreigners is part of this very judgement or curse it has brought on itself for rejecting God's ways.

Further Reading
The booklet Why Britain Will Fall Soon! (£1.00) and the book
The Imminent Fall Of America (£5.00) explain much more.

You Can Be Diligent, But Still Miss It
26th Jan 2003. M. The Couple Next Door
A couple was cultivating the field at the side of our house. They were doing several things, and were obviously very enterprising. I saw a small section where they were tending one crop and another small section where something else was growing. There were also other things that I couldn’t see.

I was watching from an upstairs window at the side of our house, looking down over their sphere of activity. I was curious to see what they were doing.

Then I saw two peacocks and a peahen wandering about. They are lovely birds, and I have a soft spot for them. (We used to keep some ourselves, years ago, until a fox killed them off.) These birds, however, were a nuisance to this couple’s activities; they didn’t want them. When I saw that, I said, “Well, send them over here, then. I’ll have them.” It didn’t occur to them that I might want to have them. In fact, they were so engrossed in what they were doing that they had taken no notice of us over the other side of the fence. They had carried on as if we were not there.

Meaning: Concerns two other people specifically; it was a message from God for their benefit. But is also illustrative of a general problem of ignorance and isolation through pursuit of self-interest that permeates the Church. It limits many ministries.

Most people (I mean believers) do not recognise the value of our ministry through the publications (which the peacocks represent). If we try to get involved in what others are doing, they consider us a nuisance, just like they regarded the birds in the dream.

This dream follows on from one which Helena was given a year ago which has more about the problem of selfishness and isolationism throughout the Church as a whole:

[On 23rd January 2001, Helena had a dream about a lot of people having their picnics. What this means is that people are all engrossed in what THEY are doing, concerned about their little area of activity. It is the product of a selfish spirit. It is idolatry. It blinds people to the bigger picture.

They don't see what God means to achieve through the literature which He has moved us to write. They may see the publications, but what is inside them is lost on them. They fail to see how God wants to give this truth to the Church worldwide and how it could totally reform the entire Church around the world. This selfishness causes blindness which keeps them out of the revival which God means for many many more to share in. (From Newsletter 16, p 12.)]

The Next Phase Of MM's Work
29th January 2003. H. Large response
I saw the ground at a new property, there was some sand on the ground. I saw a Post Office bag full of letters.
Meaning: God is showing us there will be a big response, creating a large demand for MM literature, and the sand on the ground at the new place represents these publications going out from the new ministry premises that God will provide to MM.

When You Are In The Forefront Of God's Work, Demons Attack You
30th January 2003. H. Demons
I saw a head full of demons turning towards us.
Meaning: This represents the opposition coming. The devil is ready to attack us. Demons invariably use people as their carriers, attacking you through such human means.

Our Financial Situation
31st January 2003. H. 3 Dreams
1) Woman holding breath under water
I saw a woman using a 'magic' water engine. She was able to go under the water for a short time, hold her breath, then resurface. I was amazed that she was alright. She was even confident doing this.
Meaning: This depicts our financial situation, how we have gone 'under water' because of our uncertain income. But, we have been confident doing this, because we trust in God. He leads us as we look to Him.

MM's Work Ahead
2) The Work. Malcolm and I were riding motor bikes on the road. I said to him, “I will have to go to the airport tomorrow on a trip.” He carried on travelling and I was left behind.
Meaning: This shows there will be changes, and we won’t be together so much because of the different aspects of the work we have to do. The airport symbolises our work going into other countries. [We have outreach into quite a number of countries already. That will increase and expand.]

Getting Ready
3) Redecorating kitchen
We were decorating the kitchen. The old wallpaper had to come off and the walls needed fresh paint.
Meaning: Changes are coming, and a big change in our ministry. The kitchen is used for preparing food and has spiritual relevance to do with preparing for the big literature outreach.

People Come Against Us
3rd February 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Prepare for problems
Problems in the future because of the people who will come against us. Some are evil, and others will bring their own problems to us. There were other situations to be worked out.
Meaning: God knows ahead of time all the problems that will happen, and dreams like this help us to prepare so when they come, we are not shaken or disturbed too much.

Beware Manipulative People
2) Manipulators
Some people in respectable professions can appear friendly but they may manipulate you and coerce you to conform to their methods. Beware of the devil’s subtle tactics through others.

God's Power, Which Brings Publicity
4th February 2003. H. Walking the electric cables
I was setting out on a journey. I was concerned about my appearance and I asked Tonya for help. I was climbing up a ravine, with rocks in the way. I could hear a door bell ringing and I had to hurry, the reporters were at the door.
Malcolm and I were on top of layers of electric cables and we had to be careful not to fall down. Malcolm had to jump to a place lower down and it looked very dangerous. I was getting ready to jump to a smaller, lower platform. [Sometimes, you have to come down to other people's level to reach them before you can take them higher up in God.]
Meaning: Publicity is expected and God is spiritually preparing us for that. God’s power will be released to witness to the world. There are many changes ahead of us.

The Bride Must Get Ready Now
8th February 2003. H. Marriage
I woke up with the subject of marriage on my mind. This is to do with the Church which must make itself ready to be the Bride for Jesus. His chosen ones are called out of the churches, to put on pure and clean garments of righteousness.

Horse Will Be Ready To Go
10th February 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Horse rearing to go
Malcolm was standing at the window. A large horse arrived, lively and keen. He put his head through the window, rearing to go.
This was fulfilled by a friend who called.

When People Reject God's Truth
2) Spiritual mess of lives
A couple stayed with us in the guest room. I went to clean the room for them. I saw the tops of the furniture were dirty and the floor was grubby, with food trodden into the carpet.
Meaning: This depicts the spiritual mess that people’s lives are in. They have not accepted God’s ways into their lives. The dirt reflects their carelessness and selfishness, and it allows demons to mess up their lives.

Churches Die When The Spirit Is Shut Out
13th Feb 2003. H. Watering plants at previous house
I went to visit a house where we lived previously. I went back to water the plants on the window sills. The curtains were drawn and I found it hard to get the job done. There wasn’t much activity.
Meaning: The former house is ‘our’ former church. The plants are people who are neglected and without water (depicting the Holy Spirit). The leaders don’t care for them. Churches under human leadership alone dry up and die, and the people need to be revived.

Police Illicitly Intrude Into Our Lives
15th February 2003. H. Police inspection
There were policemen looking at our property. They were in several different places and were getting in the way. Although I felt annoyed, there was nothing I could do. It was an intrusion into our private lives by hostile men who behave like a foreign power with evil intent.
Meaning: God sets these things up so they receive a witness that they will never forget.

Opposition And Miracles
21st February 2003. H. Cherie-Gate
This was a dream of publicity to do with Cherie and the Labour party. She received negative publicity.
Meaning: God was drawing a parallel to how He is going to use publicity to preach the gospel. Miracles will create publicity, but there will be opposition too and negative publicity.

WCG Man Commits Adultery
22nd February 2003. H. Fornication
Dream of activities, sorting things out. Someone in the background wanted to sleep with another woman and went out of sight to do what he wanted – he committed fornication with her.
Meaning: This dream was about someone who has had MM literature from us but is too proud to accept the full measure of the truth. He refused to make changes to his life. He would rather go to his regular church (represented by the woman) which was the WCG, and carry on with old traditions.
This man committed spiritual fornication, refused to change and humble himself to accept God’s pure truth and His ways.

Seriously Impeded In Kenya
24th February 2003. H. Toilet stolen!
I was trying to bring some order to a house. The people needed to be cleaned up. The bed sheets were soiled so I tried to wash them in the bath. I was telling the people to use the toilet so that the sheets would stay clean. I took someone to the toilet, but when I got there a thief had stolen the toilet through a hole in the wall! I was astonished.
Meaning: We have been trying to help people in Kenya, but they have allowed the devil to steal away their means of staying clean. The enemy causes havoc through sin and gives the devil access to our lives.
In Kenya there are terrific demonic strongholds. Witchcraft is everywhere! Not just black magic, but more subtle kinds among believers who want to control and dominate like little tribal chiefs! This problem is not limited to Kenya, but is rife in most other African countries.

Saddam Hussein
28th February 2003. H. 2 Dreams. 1) Saddam Hussein
A big man was swaggering about, arrogant and bull-like.
Meaning: The big man represents Saddam Hussein, who will not co-operate. He does not care for his people and he will cause destruction because of his evil nature. Subsequent events have borne this out.

Getting Ready For Revival
2) Driving bus
I was driving the bus back from a journey. Donal was waiting for us.
Meaning: For some time now we have been held back by circumstances but soon we will be ready to get back on the main journey. As miracles come we will have opportunities to reach out with the gospel and literature.

2nd March 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Meeting hall ready
Dream of a nicely decorated meeting hall ready for use.
Meaning: The time is coming when more people will respond to the message and God will bring people for healing and teaching.

Fear Holds Many People Back
2) Baby fell in puddle
I was taking care of a baby and making it comfortable. I had to go somewhere for a while and when I came back the baby in the basket had fallen into a small puddle of water. I was concerned about the baby which looked very poorly. I thought it had died. I tried to revive it and the baby came back to life.
Meaning: This portrays a person who was given a challenge to give a witness to his family who are not believers, but the whole situation was too much for him. He couldn't do it because of fear.
Fear is a powerful emotion, and if we give in to it, it can paralyse us and make us ineffective. Doing the will of God is not easy, and the devil is always ready to steal away what is good.

Comment: Overcoming fear: From experience I have found that the way to overcome fear is to determine to do the very thing you fear to do. When you set your will to do it, no matter what the personal cost to yourself – regardless of being rejected, hated, ridiculed, or persecuted – then God helps you through it. The basis of much fear of others is self. We want people to like us, accept us, and treat us well. But when we are willing to give up what we want for ourselves, fear is conquered.
That is the 'secret' to overcoming anything – being willing to die to self. That's when God steps in and gives you assistance if you don't quite have whatever you need to do what you should.
The old saying, "God helps those who help themselves" is so true, when you understand its reason. It's not self-motivation – doing something for yourself – but Godly motivation – doing it for God.

Two Black Puppies
3rd March 2003. H. Two black puppies
Someone brought two black puppies as pets for us. They were meant to stay on our property.
Meaning: These represent two people who are coming into our company to be helped spiritually. Black represents evil and sin. But the endearing imagery of being puppies shows their hearts are 'tame' and they can be trained to become obedient to God.

Spiritual Awakening
4th March 2003. H. Open eyes
I saw several faces with their eyes open.
Meaning: This is a spiritual awakening where people have responded to God, by learning about Him and obeying Him, after they have contacted our ministry.

6th March 2003. H. Covering floor with postcards.
I was very busy covering a huge area with large postcards The job had to be done quickly and precisely, making sure the ground was covered completely. I was also meeting people from the past whom I hadn’t seen for years.
Meaning: The postcards represent the MM literature which people are waiting for. When God opens the door, we have to shift quickly because time is short and this world needs an urgent witness before Darkness completely closes in over it.

Sexual Abuse
7th March 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Sexual abuse
Dream of a child being abused by a parent.
Meaning: This evil is spreading because of the sexual sins being tolerated by society. These sins are bringing a huge curse upon the nations.
Likewise leadership abuse has brought equal curse into the Church!

Police Abuse Coming
2) Serious crash
I saw a serious crash on the road. A man in a vehicle [Malcolm] was hit by a lorry. He was damaged but still managed to keep going forward with great determination. I was warning Tonya and Zenya not to get close because of the danger. I was at a safe distance.
Meaning: The police, like a lorry, will target Malcolm. He is in danger but they won’t be able to stop him. God is protecting him and watching over the whole situation, because we serve Him, not ourselves.

God Reaches Out To New York
8th March 2003. H. Literature to New York
Dream of a huge box being sent to each of the churches in New York. The boxes contained literature and were full of heat!
Meaning: The literature was producing the heat – the fire of a spiritual outpouring. The size reflects the scope of the spiritual impact that the literature will have on believers.

Comment: This began to be fulfilled some weeks or months after the dream, when Steve and Mila Thompson in the USA (Midnight In America) were moved by the Spirit to send The Imminent Fall Of America with a covering letter to some 500 churches in NY.

The response was virtually zilch! You may wonder how that fulfilled the dream. Well, it was only the beginning.

God sends prophets first to warn. The warnings are not heeded. Judgement then falls. People suffer. And then, after people learn through the rigours of what they suffer, they heed what God had tried to tell them previously. Only then will they welcome the spiritual content of God tried to give them before.

The dream was a prompt and confirmation (beforehand) of what God then moved Steve and Mila to do. It is also confirmation that what MM literature contains is the fire of God, and can restore people spiritually ,when heeded. And it conveys what God would love to do to all NY, if only they would accept it!

Big Brother Invades Our Home
13th March 2003. H. Big Brother
The police invaded our home and started searching through. They took the floor up, looking for evidence against us. When they found none, I challenged them about wasting tax payers’ money, but they wouldn’t have it!
Wasting tax payers’ money amounts to stealing! But they don't listen, because they are a law unto themselves.
They installed a camera in front of our front door to spy on our private life. I saw the police riding a vehicle that looked like a comfortable sofa on wheels.
Meaning: This shows the ‘Big Brother’ control over our lives, invading our privacy illegally! The police use their power to interfere and meddle in people’s lives, looking for information to frame their suspects.
A judge told a court recently that authorities should presume a person is innocent until PROVEN guilty, but the police operate in reverse. Based on their suspicions (which can be demonically planted in their minds), they presume the person guilty and then look for information to frame him or her.
Their vehicle shows the arrogant, complacent attitude of the police towards others. Their ambition takes priority over the needs of the people. A serving attitude is no longer there.

God Says To You: "WAKE UP!"
14th March 2003. H. “Wake up!”
I heard the front door bell in a dream. A voice said, “Wake up!”
An angel was used to give us a wake up call to prepare for the future. Things can happen very quickly and we need to be spiritually ready.

Human Rat
16th March 2003. H. 2 Dreams. 1) Rat hidden in blanket
I picked up a blanket lying on the ground. As I moved it I saw a rat attached to it [a rat is a scavenger]. The rat had a white face, and I could see its hole nearby. I was forced to leave the blanket.
Meaning: This represents one man’s situation. He is portrayed as a rat because he was 'scavenging' from us at the time, instead of looking to God to provide for him.
We couldn't do much to help him because of his wrong motivation. He was allowing his difficulties to hold him down because he had not yet learned to submit properly to God and receive the faith to trust Him to work out things in his life. God will help him in time.
Despite the imagery which portrays him at this time in a negative manner, we love him and care for him. If we didn't, we would have set a trap for him and 'killed' him, as most people do with rats, or got rid of him. God did that in time anyway.

News Reporters Will Chase Miracles
2) News reporters. As I was passing by I saw a reporter and a cameraman doing a news report.
Meaning: Publicity will accompany the coming miracles.

Preachers Perform, Using Gimmicks
17th March 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Church entertainment
I was passing by a big church, in a big city like New York. I saw a preacher showing off how he could eat a tool made of metal. Next to him was a huge alarm clock, and he was going to swallow it.
Meaning: God is showing how the church has lost its way. The dream is about a preacher (BS) in New York, but it can also fit other preachers who are using tricks to entertain the congregation. MM literature is the big alarm clock which we sent this man, but which he rejected. His time is now up! That's what God is saying. He will come under God's judgement!

Former Friends Will Return
2) Call from old friend. I received a phone call from someone I knew from the past.
Meaning: God will bring back some of our former friends.

The Bride's Dress Is All Creased!
18th March 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Superficial socialising
I saw people mingling together. I heard two people speaking Polish. I recognised the language. There was a casual, superficial atmosphere and everyone was doing their own thing.
I saw a tall lady with a cream coloured garment, it looked like a bridal gown with a long train. The design of it was quite ordinary, but the dress was untidy and creased. I got hold of the end of the train and the creases began to unravel. The dress got straightened out.
As I held onto the dress the lady carried on walking and left the dress behind! [God predicted that this preacher, shown he is meant to be part of the Bride of Christ, would reject what we brought him. Sure enough, he did!]
Meaning: This dream shows the American society’s influence in the Church. There is also a Gentile influence of Jezebel, depicted by the two Polish speaking people.
The help we give to the Church, in ironing out the creases, is not appreciated. This represented a person (BS) who is set in his ways and moves forward only in old traditions, not willing to take on board the new thing that the Lord is instigating through another prophet (in this case, it was MM).

Church Needs Purified Teachings
2) Woman purifying herself
I saw a woman going to the toilet. She was also examining her garments and was keen to have them washed.
Meaning: This is symbolic of the Church which needs to be cleaned up and purified. The Church needs to examine her teachings and beliefs to get in line with the pure Word of God.

Pride, Self-Will, & Stubbornness
19th March 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Plants being rooted
I saw some plants getting rooted beside the river flowing by.
Meaning: When a person decides to do things God’s way, submitting to God totally and dying to self, then we can be properly fed through the Holy Spirit.
Stubbornness blocks what God wants to do with us. Self-will and stubbornness allows the devil into our lives and God is pushed away. Pride and stubbornness go together.

Consume MM Steaks Quickly!
2) Steak meat
I was given a trolley full of thinly sliced steaks of meat. They needed to be used up quickly before they got spoilt.
Meaning: This represents the literature being prepared. It must go out quickly, as time is short. The job is urgent and the Church needs revival and feeding. The tribulation is just around the corner. Jesus said to Peter three times, “Feed My sheep.”

God Sends A Financial Deliverer
20th March 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Support for the work. There was a small group of people and Richard was there waiting with them. We brought some logs for someone. A lady offered to invest in the ministry and I gave her our details and told her of our great need, and that she would be blessed for helping us.
Meaning: The logs represent the literature which we produce.  God will use someone to help us to get the job done. God will provide in a miraculous way.
This is what He did some time after the dream. God moved someone to help pay off our debts.

Taking The Church Back To Its Roots
2) Carrying a child to its motherland
I was carrying a child in my arms and walked into a beautiful mountainous area. The beauty was breathtaking.
I said to the child, “We are going into the area where your grandmother was born.”
Meaning: The child is the Church, God is carrying the Church back to its roots, the faith which was once delivered to the saints, where there was purity and truth, beauty and holiness, and that is the whole purpose of the journey: to prepare the Church for Jesus’ return and for the Kingdom of God.

Dramatic Things To Come
22nd March 2003. H. Exciting things to come
A lady was telling us something exciting was going to happen. I told her to wait until I get Zenya, as she had gone out for the day. There was a reason for her to be away a little while.
Meaning: The dream portrays our concern about Zenya, our younger daughter, who is stepping back spiritually.

Cold, Unfriendly Policeman
24th March 2003. H. Cold and unfriendly policeman
A policeman came for Malcolm. He had a long coat and his mouth had a mark on it [demonic speech]. He was cold and unfriendly.
Meaning: The police are out to get Malcolm but God is going to protect us, and they will get a witness!

False Charismatic Confidence
26th March 2003. H. The boastful woman
A woman was boasting continually about how happy she was and how pleased she was with herself. She was proud of herself and everything was going well for her. I said to her, “All this happiness means nothing if we won’t allow the Holy Spirit to work with us. When the Holy Spirit works with us we have to be sensitive and obedient. We have to make changes to be in the will of God. We should accept those that God is using to bring fresh revelation for the Church.” I went into a big building to take something in. The ground floor hall was cold and icy.
Meaning: This represents the Pentecostal preacher BS, and includes the part of the Church which is cold towards us.

God Will Strike Some People Dead
28th March 2003. H. Facing God
Some people will die and be given out-of-body experiences. They have to face death and meet God in fierce judgement (Heb 10:31), before they can be brought to repentance.

Richard Attacked
31st March 2003. H. Demonic attack against Richard
Vision of a demon trying to kill Richard. Later we visited a hospital where he was nearly dead.
Meaning: He will recover even if he dies. God’s power is great, and this miracle will give God the glory.

Christians Who Attack Us
1st April 2003. H. Mess and hostility
Dream of a house in a messy state. There were ants in the bed which I tried to vacuum, mess on the floor which I tried to clean up. I could see there was old and fresh food mixed together. [Old food is old wrong doctrine, and new is that which incorporates spiritual gifts.] A man was being hostile and violent to another, trying to beat him up. I shouted at him, and told him it was not acceptable in my house.
Meaning: In this dream God was warning us of an attack. People attack us and are full of hostility as they are used by the devil. They cause problems for us that we then have to clear up after them. The old food on the floor is wrong teaching, which is mixed with new that symbolises Holy Spirit gifts. [This occurred when BS responded with hostility to Malcolm for suggesting to him that he should clean up the mess in his doctrines.]

In The Company Of Famous People
2nd April 2003. H. Famous people
I was in the company of famous people. Two of them were Richard and Judy (Channel 4 TV presenters). Judy told me of some health problems. I was in their home and God showed me that He has no respect for their lifestyle, which is worldly and selfish. I was in one big room with a big window. I saw many famous people carrying on with their lives. They do not care for the work of God. At the top of our room there was a big hole through to the room with famous people.
Meaning: God will give us a breakthrough with publicity, attracted by miracles, which will witness to celebrities.

Unbalanced Charismatic Teaching
3rd April 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Man walking amongst clouds
I saw a man walking among the clouds in the sky. When I looked around I saw him on the ground, and this surprised me. I asked, “What brought you down to earth?!”
Meaning: Some ministers teach the power of God and His healing without giving balanced teaching from the Bible. This was about BS, yet again!

New Phase And Literature Going Out
2) New developments. I was moving into another situation, taking some items into a new place.
Meaning: New developments are coming.

9th April 2003. H. Plates of food
I was aware of my area of responsibility. I was gathering a meal together, a plate of food. Others who were in the house had the same responsibility.
Meaning: This shows the importance and responsibility we have of sending MM literature (represented by the food) to others,. We are gathering spiritual food for people, to feed them and help them grow spiritually.

Other Ministries Reject MM
10th April 2003. H. Unhelpful contacts
I was having contact with a man who had a ministry. I was hoping he would show interest in MM literature, but he wasn’t at all helpful. I had contact with a secretary who was supposed to help us, but she didn’t get very far either.
Meaning: God is showing that the Church is not ready for what we have to offer. Most ministers are spiritually asleep! (But the raising of the dead will wake up the Church!)

MM's Long Saw
11th April 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Long saw like a sword
There was a group of people I was dealing with. I was given a long thin saw, or a sword. It was so long I couldn’t see its end!
Meaning: Letters had to be written to help people in the US. The sword is a corrective tool, God’s truth, which we wielded via our corrective letters represented by the long saw, which goes back and forth. (Some of these were included in Newsletter 21.)

Relief! I Found My Purse!
2) Purse found. I was able to find my purse which I thought I had lost. This was a great relief.
Meaning: God is showing us more money is on the way to help deliver us from our debt situation.

Revelation Channel TV Programme
12th April 2003. H. Christian TV drama
I was shown a TV studio where people were acting out a drama [they are play-acting]. I was trying to keep my head down, to not get caught in the activities. The walls had wet paint, and the wallpaper was falling off. [Spiritually poor.]
Meaning: This is God’s evaluation of a Christian TV channel. Their output has become staged, almost like play acting. The gospel is perverted by people who don’t properly know the will of God. Their spiritual preparation is incomplete.
(We had an opportunity to be more involved with a Christian TV channel, but we turned the opportunity down, as God showed Helena that I should ‘keep my head down’. GOD will make us and His message prominent in the way and at the time of His choosing. Most ministries are merely following their own agenda and way of doing things, not God's ideals.)

We Will Topple False Gods
13th April 2003. H. False gods collapsing
I was meditating about the witness we have to give to the nation, which no longer acknowledges the true God of the Bible. Pagan religions have taken over in public life in this country.
God gave me a picture of two false gods collapsing as a result of the witness we are going to give to the nation about the true God who performs miracles. His power from heaven will speak for itself. Two may depict two false religions literally, or may be a symbol of the certain fate that all false religions will ultimately fall, and that God is using us as part of that toppling.

Police Want To Jump On Us
15th April 2003. H. Police arriving
The police arrived. They were keen to jump on us. I said, “I’ve met you before in my dream!”
The dream insinuates their motives and actions are evil.

Thieves Steal By Not Contributing Towards MM Literature
16th April 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Dream of thief stealing from lush garden
I saw a garden full of lush vegetables and fruit. A thief came into the garden and stole some of the vegetables.
Meaning: Some Christians take things from us without giving us back the support we need. Thoughtless and selfish people will take our literature and fail to reciprocate financially. Their pride and selfishness prevent the truth from going out, and helping us to do the job. It makes life very hard for us.
Note: a thief did come and steal our pea crop from our garden, a couple of months later.

Saddam Hussein In Hiding
2) Vision of Saddam hiding
Saddam Hussein going underground and out of sight. This was later confirmed in the news, that he could not be traced.

Severe Opposition
17th April 2003. H. Opposition
God showed me that we are going to face opposition. Some men will come against us and we need to resist their influence and their power.
Meaning: God tells us not to fear the enemy. God will help us and give us the words to speak to counter false accusations.

God Reveals MM Will Reach Millions!
18th April 2003. H. Vision of many being saved!
When we will give a witness to the nation about God, because of the miracles, many will turn to God. I saw them climbing the ladder to heaven. Those who are wicked and are resisting the will of God were chased away. God’s work will be done by the preaching of the gospel, and the witness through miracles. Millions will be reached and brought into the Kingdom! (Most of these will repent during the Tribulation, NOT before.)

Barbara Jackson Now Waiting
19th April 2003. H. Miss Jackson arriving
I saw Miss Jackson, our friend who died several years ago, and she was standing near our house. She was waiting for something to happen.
Meaning: God is preparing us for her arrival. She is in heaven at the moment, awaiting her return, when God brings her back from death to witness to sceptics here on earth.

Rubbish On TV's Revelation Channel
20th April 2003. H. Highway strewn with rubbish
We watched videos of the Christian TV channel ‘Revelation’. That night God gave me a dream of a highway, which had trash and rubbish scattered across it. There were dead pot plants around the place. I started to clean up the mess. I also saw an old woman.
Meaning: This dream depicts what God thinks of the folly of this TV station in allowing all sorts of false ideas (the trash) to have an airing alongside some of His truth.
The dead pot plants represent dead Christians.

In Isaiah 57, God says He wants all the obstacles removed to make a straight path. God’s way is a way of holiness:

And one shall say, "Heap it up! Heap it up! Prepare the way. Take the stumblingblock out of the way of My people" (Is 57:14).

The old woman represents the Church that is full of old traditions and devoid of the life of the Spirit. The Church needs to be revived and renewed to become the Bride of Christ.
The dream is yet another confirmation from God that MM is appointed by Him to clear up this spiritual mess. Too many other ministers claim His authority but don't have His commend- ation (2 Cor 10:18).
Here He again confirms that He has given us His authority to put right out doctrinal error. It doesn't change others' approach to us, however. Most of them stubbornly cling to error!

Evil Police Watch Us
23rd April 2003. H. Being watched
We were meeting people in a public place. I was aware that we were being watched by ‘undercover’ policemen in plain clothes.
I went into the kitchen, just to test one detective as he followed me to keep watch. I went in and out quickly and caught him out so that he collided with me in the doorway.
I also saw a face of authority, almost covered with demons, and eventually becoming totally possessed.
Meaning: The police will find us a threat and will try to restrict our freedom of speech. The face represents the spiritual warfare that is going on! They will get worse when they will reject the truth which we present.

Huge Paint Tin Flies Overhead
31st Jan 2003. M. 1) There was a loud noise overhead. I looked up and saw a huge paint tin fly over. (It was like a 2½ litre Dulux paint tin, but much bigger of course.) It landed like a plane and a girl got out and walked off. I watched this amazing phenomenon with interest.

Man Rescued From Jim Rector's Grasp
2) There were many people in the next scene, which was a road which I was on. In the distance, I saw a taxi get rammed from the rear. It caught fire and was a write-off. Two passengers fell out, whose clothes were on fire, one of whom was a young boy. I watched from afar, hoping that someone would run to his rescue. I was concerned for this fellow.
For a while, no one seemed to be on hand to help him, so I started to run towards him. It was urgent to put the flames out before he got seriously burnt. But before I could reach him, somehow someone else smothered the flames. I was thankful he was not seriously hurt. Then the dream ended.
Meaning: Concerns J R’s ‘taxi’ and J B who has been ‘on board’ with him.

Zenya On Her Bike
2nd Feb 2003. M. Zenya was on her bike.
She tried to scale a vertical fence but fell backwards onto her back. (You just can’t do that on a bike.) We laughed, because it was such a silly thing to try and do, and she had bits of dry grass on her back.
But she didn’t listen to reason, and she was planning to scale something even bigger and higher, so
Helena said, “Go on, then.” She got on her bike again and tried to vertically scale this next fence or hedge. She fell back again, but this time she was really hurt. We were worried for her, and that her injuries were serious. The dream ended there.
Meaning: You can't rebel against God and not get hurt.

Danger Of Nuclear Radiation
6th Feb 2003. M. People in Britain were in danger from nuclear radiation. No specifics were given, highlighting the danger from terrorists and ‘dirty’ A-bombs.

The Nuisance Of Others & Of Demons
9th Feb 2003. M. We were hectically busy. So much was happening! There was a really heavy downpour and I noticed that some water had somehow got through the roof and run down an internal wall. It got the wallpaper wet. [Symbolises the nuisance that some other believers, especially false believers, give us.]

At the front of our house, there were many piles of gravel or stones. There was also a pile of much larger stones. I moved these from near our house to our gateway, because there was nowhere else we could put them. It was only a temporary move. I knew that I would have to move them back later. There was so much to do! I had worked very long hours. But, even after doing all this, after all the other work, I still had to move this pile of large stones back, so that I could get out of our entrance.

Meanwhile, my attention was taken up with all the other piles on the hardstanding at the front of our home. In some way, they were connected to people drinking water. It enabled them to drink the water. But there was one problem that concerned me. The water had not been sterilised by being boiled and there were little organisms in it that could cause a disease like Bilharzia (a disease caused by the presence in the human body of a parasitic worm that lives in blood vessels). I was troubled about how I could prevent people being infected. However, there was nothing I could do about it.

Then, as I awoke, God reminded me of a woman to whom He had wanted to give the gift of tongues about ten years ago, but she had walked away from His offer.

Meaning: This dream was given when a man with the initials NGP got in touch with us. The piles of stones represent our literature which we have produced to enable people to drink in from the Spirit of God. But when people seek spiritual things, where they have impurities in their motives, they can also receive harmful things from the devil, which NGP has. Demons want to find a host for their spiritually parasitic lifestyle.

When people seek God with wrong motives to receive spiritual gifts, some receive impurities from the adversary along with the genuine article from God. For example, there are false tongues, which can taint the beauty of the true thing, and there are prophetic words that come from the devil. But, there is nothing I can do about preventing that. When you promote the truth, the devil always tries to influence any that he can by injecting his counterfeits that detract from the true and genuine.

[However, one word to those who reject all spiritual gifts because of such interference: the presence of the counterfeit is sure testimony to the validity and reality of the genuine article. And God does not allow His purity to be contaminated when your motives are pure.]

We encourage all believers to accept spiritual gifts, but we have no control over what they receive, and there is nothing we can do (except to warn) to prevent people’s wrong attitudes, approaches or motives, which allow the devil and demons to do their dirty work amidst God’s people.

Church Of God 7th Day, Restrictive
10th Feb 2003. M. CoG7
I was going with a man (I will call him Paul) to a prestigious block of flats in London. These flats looked very nice from the outside. The building was a modern high-rise, fronted with glass and classy looking grey panels below the glass. I felt it was really something special, as if it were in Mayfair, the most sought-after location in London. I was going with Paul to his flat, and I felt a bond between us.

When I went into his flat I was surprised to find it very poky. There were only two rooms, both used as bedrooms, and they were quite small. One single bed took up about a third of the room. There was one bed in each room and the beds were unmade after being slept in. There was so little space that the bed was nearly tight up against the door, so it was very difficult to get in or out.

I went over to the window and pulled back the curtain, wondering what the view would be like. I was astonished. There was no outlook to the outside world. Instead, it overlooked someone else’s bedroom, which was on a bit of a lower level. A couple were asleep in their double bed. I looked at Paul, amazed, and quickly shut the curtains. I commented something about how terrible it was, that you might look out into their room and see someone totally naked. It was far from ideal!

Then Paul asked me if I had seen his cat. I was just about to say ‘No’, when I saw the cat come out from a corner. He saw me and came over to greet me. He was very friendly and was like a large black and white cat we once had called George. He was very affectionate, and I responded by putting both hands to his head and affectionately stroking him, saying “Hello, you know me, don’t you?” like old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

The flat was a far from ideal place for the cat to live. It had no real freedom and was very shut in in such an environment. Wherever Paul went he took the cat on a lead.

Meaning: I didn’t know what the dream portrayed until later the same day, when I heard from a lady in London, who told me about her recent visit to a congregation of the Church of God 7th Day in London.

The imagery is depictive of their spiritual situation and the specific circumstances surrounding her contact with them.

In a personal letter written to the lady who visited this church, I said:

God has taken you to meet these people, and wants to help them move on in the Spirit. They may say they accept tongues (and the other gifts of the Spirit), but they would because it’s in the Bible. But it’s not part of their experience. So, what I would suggest is that you pass on to them some of our publications, such as the following:

Dead Boy Resurrected At Midnight
The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints
An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts
Prophets and Prophesying
Who Is The End-Time Elijah?
Dreams and Visions From God
Listening To God
God’s Church – Whose Authority?
Apostasy in God’s Church!

These will open up and broaden their spiritual horizons. It sounds like the pastor is a good man, as is the other man you described. So, maybe something good may come out of it. But they have some moving on in the Spirit to do first. They need to move on into an experience of the power of God, an accept- ance of spiritual gifts so that they can give the Spirit free rein in meetings, and correct the errors in their calendar.

Most of the CoG7 doesn’t keep the holy days, so if they keep Passover, that may be all that they observe. You might find out more on that, and give them a copy of God’s Calendar Revealed To Man and The Festivals of God.

Psalm 107:5 has some symbolic significance in this context for these people, and the rest of the Psalm. [End of letter.]

Outcome: No response! Dead churches don't respond. They just receive further truth for a witness against them. God then judges them as Jesus says in Revelation 2 and 3.

We Carry Others' Burdens
12th Feb 2003. M. Dream of paying for petrol
I had spent about £20 on petrol and when I went to pay, I didn’t take a really close look at what I was paying for, and ended up paying £5.89 (1.9 x 3.1) also – a bill which someone else had incurred.
Meaning: People cost us money! They need to carry their own burdens instead of dumping them on us and expecting us to carry them. This has particular relevance to the gospel outreach in African and other Third World countries.

Your Good Works Follow You
16th Feb 2003. M. 2 dreams. 1) The attachments
People were attaching something to themselves, as a result of what this ministry provides. They went with these ‘attachments’ following on behind them where they went.
Meaning: Their good deeds which follow after them. See Rev 14:13. The result of how their lives have changed as a result of ‘our’ teachings. God rewards you for everything you do.

A Big Bear Hurts Us
2) A big bear was lying down, making himself comfortable, and a small white pussy cat. I was a bit afraid of what the bear might do to the cat, but I couldn’t do anything about the situation. The bear was lounging around, feeling very satisfied, and taking care of his own comforts. That seemed to be his only concern.
Then, suddenly, the bear, for no apparent reason, lashed out without thinking and mauled the cat. With his big paw and claws he hurt the pussy cat. He must have seriously hurt and injured the cat. His actions were thoughtless, careless, and without any regard for how his behaviour might affect another creature. He was just inconsiderate and that lack of love caused injury and harm to another lovely and harmless creature.
Meaning: How another person, represented by the bear (because it depicts his character) has hurt us and will do so again.

Predicting Death Of Church Leaders
18th Feb 2003. M. Predicting the death of church leadership
We were preparing for a man’s funeral. We had dug the grave and the coffin was ready. The lid was open. But the man was not dead yet. How was the funeral going to go ahead without the corpse? Then someone (the dream didn’t show who, but seemed to infer that it was either me or Helena) determined that they would kill the man. I wondered how we could do that without being found guilty. It was a totally unrealistic proposition.
Meaning: This dream was given in the wake of Newsletter 20 which outlined the necessity for home fellowships to take over from organised churches where there is dominant male leadership, often autocratic and inflexible to the new demands of the Spirit. It is an allegory of the need for church leadership to ‘die’. But ‘he’ is not dead yet. So, those who see what is wrong with church leadership must speak out against it and put to death whatever is against the wishes of the Spirit.

Preparing The Nest Again
19th Feb 2003. M. A dream about preparing the nest again. (Meaning to do with another person.)

Jesus Is Directing This Work!
22nd Feb 2003. M. I was with Someone who was in charge of a huge articulated lorry
The vehicle was massive! I had never seen anything like it! He was backing it into a small garage. It was such a precision job that only He could do it. There was hardly any room for manoeuvre, which is why He was the only One with the expertise to do it. When in position, there was a tiny gap on each side. You couldn’t have been more accurate in positioning the vehicle.

Then I noticed some little dangly things on the side [the 'ornate' teachings promoted by this ministry; they hark back to God's command to Israel to fix tassels on their clothes remind- ing them to be careful to obey God's Commandments]. They were white, round, and hung from small threads. While I was examining these unusual things, the scene then switched to something else.

There was some water and I put my hand into the water to feel something like a wad of algae. I took hold of a glob of this stuff and looked at it on the palm of my hand. Someone else was standing beside me, looking at this too. As we looked, the amorphous mass miraculously transformed into a lovely cat which came alive. I realised that there was miraculous power in my hand, which God had placed there, and so I put my hand into the water again and drew out another mass of this gooey stuff. This time I got the attention of others nearby and said, “Watch what happens to this!” Then the mass was transformed into another creature, like a mouse.

Meaning: The articulated lorry represents the huge job ahead in distributing publications. Jesus is just about to put things in place for that to begin. He is the Driver, not me. The garage represents where we are now. It is small by comparison with what is coming.

The dangly things were unique. I had never seen anything like them before, which symbolises the unusual nature of what He is doing with our literature. It also depicts His supreme attention to, and care about, details, and alludes to God's commands in the Old Testament which most of the Church today neglects.

The water represents the pool of power that is available through the Holy Spirit, when we are willing to put our hands where others would not naturally want to. God is going to create publicity through raising the dead, and He will give power to our hands to do miracles as the first disciples did, as a means to promote God’s truth.

Fault-Finders Zero-In On Money
7th March 2003. M. Two dreams
1) Many parasols on a nice block pavior patio / drive. They had been up a long time, so the colours were a bit faded. There was something in the dream about protecting ourselves from those who wanted to find fault with us, who were looking for a way to accuse us of having lots of money because of these parasols.
Meaning: Possibly means this. Parasols protect you from the searing heat of the summer sun. The truth in MM literature, if practiced, can protect people from the searing wrath of God.
The stacks of literature we have produced may give the wrong impression to some that we have lots of money. No, we have debts which we still need to take care of. The volume of literature is our response to the leading of the Spirit and our willingness to sacrifice to get this literature ready above all else.

Release Only Comes To The Willing
2) A man was meant to give us a substantial donation. Of BS, and $1150 which he should be donating to us, and our $500 which I wanted to give to him from the bottom of my heart.
Meaning: The spiritual value of what we took to him is far greater than what he gave to us. Hence God revealed in the dream that he was meant to give us a sizeable sum of money. The amount was 50 (release) x 23 (hypocrisy). Had he been humble and willing enough to learn from us, as God intended, he could have been released from the falsity which dominates his thinking.

Former Friends No Longer Friendly
8th March 2003. M. 2 dreams
1) Dxxxx Gxxx and Oxxx Wxxxxx
A number of people were gathered together, sitting at tables. I was there too. Through an opening in the wall, some people came performing their acts. After one or two initial acts, Dxxxx Gxxx came, and did a piked front somersault. It was quite ‘impressive’.
Then I saw at some distance from me, separated by an invisible line, Oxxx, sitting at a table. I gestured to him with my index finger to come to me. He came over. I wanted to be in unity with him, but when I asked “We need to get together; when can we get together again?”, he said “At the end of December.” That was months away!
It was utterly useless for finding unity between us! But there was nothing I could do about it.
Meaning: These are WCG ministers who were once friends. But they are no longer that friendly!

Ron Stoddart
2) Ron Stoddart’s name was in the TV Times. He had a documentary appearing at 9.30 am. It was a programme he had made on South Africa. [A former friend and ex-WCG minister.]

Some Individuals Likened To Rats
10th March 2003. M. Rats were scurrying around in this dream. A really big rat caught another one, and as it did so, I was trying to catch it. I was able to get close to it. But just as I was about to grab hold of it, it escaped. In the top corner of this building, I also saw some wasps making a nest.

Nuclear Attack On London Coming
13th March 2003. M. Nuclear Attack on London
I saw the streets of London. They were deserted. It was as if everyone had been evacuated. I saw some men in lead (the heavy metal) ‘suits’. They looked like cumbersome pears, with these massive chain armour ‘dresses’ around them. These ‘suits’ totally encased them, and they couldn’t even see out of them! So, they couldn’t see where they were going.

Meaning: In the Middle Ages, warriors wore chain armour for protection. So, the dream is about the concerns the government will have about protecting its citizens from a nuclear bomb (a ‘dirty’ bomb). [Occurred some months after the dream.] The heavy metal lead is impervious to radiation, so it shields from nuclear fallout. The dream portrays a nuclear catastrophe coming to London. But any protective measures are ineffective. Despite the very elaborate planning of the authorities, symbolised by the men staggering around in lead ‘suits’, it will achieve nothing of value. What’s the use when you can’t see where you are going? And that’s the problem with government planners who try to avert or deal with these problems. They can’t! They don’t know where they are going, physically or economically, because they don’t have the right spiritual direction. The most elaborately laid contingency plans will be pointless in the face of such a disaster.

The repercussions of such a situation in London are colossal. Imagine the cost of evacuating everyone from the City? Yet, I got the impression that, despite the evacuation, press photographers were there, photographing the scene – which made an absolute mockery of the ‘men from the ministry’ in their lead suits!

A previous dream, which someone else had while staying in our home, foretold of a nuclear device being planted in a subway in London and causing about a million deaths. This scenario will create a huge shaking, both economic and sociological! It is one of the severe curses to come on this people, which God will permit, as part of God’s judgement against sin and moral corruption.

Person Healed
14th March 2003. M. Healed!
I heard that Richard Pearce’s wife was very unwell (he was a farmer who lived near our previous home). I went by to see him and say “If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.”

As I drove up, he was standing by the road talking to another man. I didn’t want to interrupt, so I drove on past, got out of my car, and walked back to the spot where I had seen them. By the time I got there, Richard had departed. I asked the other man if he was still around. He said he was not sure where he was, so I asked him to pass on my card to him. I took a calling card out of my pocket, and noticed that something about healing was written in the top left hand corner.

Richard must have called me up, because in the next scene I was in the bedroom where his wife was close to death. I asked for God’s healing power to restore her, and touched her forehead with my forefinger with a drop of olive oil as a symbol of God’s healing. Then I lifted the bedcover a bit to see if she was dressed – a sign of my anticipation that she would get up and be totally healed. And the result? She was completely healed.

Meaning: Could be a literal occurrence, but equally, it might be symbolic of miraculous healings to come to ordinary people we know.

Afterwards, God guided my thoughts about what He had revealed:
1. Many people desperately need healing.
2. God wants to heal them just as desperately.
3. So why are not many healed? One reason is that unbelievers do not know Him. They’ve got to come to the Healer to receive. But, sin repels God and keeps them away from Him. They must be taught about sin, and about Jesus who has made a way for us to approach God.
4. That is where we have a responsibility. I do not just mean those of us in Midnight Ministries. Everyone who has Jesus’ Spirit living in them has that responsibility. People need help. God wants to give it, and He needs YOU to administer it, otherwise He can’t reach these people to help them.

So pass on MM publications to them! You can choose which ones are most appropriate to give them what they need.

Time Of Jacob's Trouble Is Close!
15th March 2003. M.
I was shown two valuable banknotes.
I thought at first that they were £50 notes, because they were a large size. But then I noticed that one was for £40 and the other was $52. Why were they presented to me in this dream?
40 depicts trial and testing.
I thought at first that God was foretelling of the personal trial and testing to which I will be subjected shortly because of police abuse. This is part of the meaning, but there is more.
52 = 4 x 13; where 4 represents the whole world, and 13 denotes Satan.
God is saying that there is a time of trial and testing coming upon the whole world. Notice:

Since you have kept My command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth (Rev 3:10, NIV).

This time is the prophesied horrific Great Tribulation (Matt 24:21). Moreover, two currencies were depicted: those used by Britain and America. This impending time of troubles is going to be their worst time in history! All hell is going to break loose upon them because of their unrepented sins.
Jeremiah called it the time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jer 30:7), but God will allow it because Jacob will come to repentance and be saved as a result of what takes place.

Arrogant Evangelist Heading For Fall
18th March 2003. M. This dream concerns an evangelist (BS) whom we have been corresponding with. It follows a letter I wrote to him last night. In this dream I walked out to our back lawn. A man was riding his moped over our lawn! But I didn’t respond with hostility, although that would have been the natural reaction. I waved to him, even though I was annoyed at the way he was treating our lawn (that we had tended carefully) with disregard.

As if his freewheeling behaviour was not arrogant enough, I then heard another noise – of a machine starting up on our lawn! I looked again and saw another man (perhaps he was the same man, but shown in another ‘clip’) with a lawnmower, about to cut our grass. What cheek!! He hadn’t asked permission of me, so I went up to him to ask if he was trying out a ‘new’ machine he had bought – although the machine was obviously old and had rusty patches on it. It was not very up to date. He claimed he had asked permission and had approval to crop our grass.

He was portrayed as our neighbour, who is a farmer and who regularly takes crops of grass off his land for animal forage. So, the dream depicts the wrong attitude and approach of the person who was pictured in the way he would think of using our literature. Arrogance and presumption have entered through a measure of self-seeking and pride.

Meaning: About an evangelist in NY. Can also apply to others in God’s service. When evangelists go out into the harvest field and start preaching and reaping, being prepared to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead, God performs those signs and wonders. He does it out of faithful- ness to His Word, and to promote His truth. But the men (and women) He uses often sadly get puffed up, thinking they are the centre of His activities, instead of the Truth of God which sets people free. Some of them think they are indispensable, and that God needs them, in order to perform His miracles. There is a misplacement of priorities, and pride has entered subtly, to undo some of the good that God has achieved.

In another scene, I went to open our gate. Very close to the gate, there was a compound with some dogs in it. When the gate was open, the dogs could jump over the wall of their compound and land on the ground, to bother us. But when the gate was closed, the dogs couldn’t do this, as they would crash into the gate.

Meaning: We ‘go out’ in the course of our ministry through our ‘gate’. As we minister to others with the prophetic input God gives us (the prophet is the one who opens the gate for the sheep – see Jn 10:3; in the NIV he is called the ‘watchman’) dogs come against us. Dogs can represent various things. They can be both useful guard dogs, but also troublesome opponents. In this instance they represent a nuisance, giving us opposition. In this mode, they are motivated by demons, resisting us and making our ministry difficult, every time we ‘go out’ to others.

We Have Urgent Needs
19th March 2003. M. 1) Concreting driveway
I was re-doing our concrete driveway. The concrete was mixed and was being poured [literature published and going out]. However, there were no edging boards in place, so we had to rush to get these to enclose the concrete. The concrete was being poured over the top of the existing drive; that was not taken up first (as would usually be done in practice).
Meaning: This represents the new phase of our work, regarding production and distribution of literature that restores ‘the way’ for God’s people. The means to contain it is not yet in place. It will be a rush!

Our Approach Unconventional
2) Plastering ceiling
I was plastering a ceiling (trowelling the finish onto the plasterboard), but was not used to it. I hadn’t done this for quite some time! I heard someone in the background comment about what was happening. I had to make two mixes of plaster to get the whole ceiling covered. The first mix had been used up, and about half the ceiling was covered. I still needed more. The way I had applied the plaster left the edge of that section like a large ear, when you looked up to it from underneath. Some people might have thought that would be a problem for joining up the next half to it. But it wasn’t. I could marry in the two sections by trowelling them again. Although my technique may have been a bit unconventional, I managed to accomplish the task.
Meaning: This represents the two parts of our work (applying the Word of God to where it is needed to prepare the Church). The first phase is now passing. The next is just about to follow on without any break. My ‘preaching’ or way of doing things may be unconventional, but God will accomplish His task nonetheless, because we are listening to Him.

Evangelists' Pride Hinders The Work
20th March 2003. M. Pride
In this dream, I was writing a long letter to various ministers – mostly evangelists. It contained much information, and clearly there was a lot that they needed to consider, and make changes. At the end, one thing stood out – there was a need to deal with pride. It was hindering what God can do through people on earth.
(See also Helena’s dream of 19th March.)
Meaning: God is warning about the damage of pride in hindering evangelism. Pride is so insidious, and so dangerous. Because of its subtlety it ‘creeps up’ on people without them noticing. It is the cause of the downfall of so many evangelists, and ruins God’s work through them.
Later that day I had cause to write a long letter to Dave Hunt’s ministry, to Benny Hinn. The dream came that morning, before God led me to write those two letters, and also after writing similar corrective letters to ministers BS and JT. So, the dream applies to these men.

Our Train & Benny Hinn's Transporter
21st March 2003. M. The train
In this dream I was driving a very long train. But the train was not on tracks, it was on the road. We travelled through towns, villages and open places. At one point, the road we were on narrowed – as often happens in the High Streets of towns.

As I was driving the train down this High Street, a huge car transporter, fully loaded with cars on both decks, came round the corner in the opposite direction. It looked like we would not be able to pass. I could not back up (a train can’t do that on a road), but the car transporter manoeuvred itself tight to one side so that we could get by him. Interestingly, we were both driving on the right, not the left.

In the next scene, I was taking our train across a town square. There were some fellas on motorbikes sitting in the middle of the square. They seemed to have very little to do, just watching things go by. Then another guy on a bike rode across our path and parked himself in amongst these others sitting there. Thoughtlessly, he parked his bike so close to where we wanted to go with our train that it was really annoying to me. But, fortunately, I managed to steer the train around him, missing him, and drove on.

Meaning: The train depicts our ministry and the Word of God in our literature which follows on behind. The motorcyclist who got in the way depicts the person who only thinks of himself, who isn’t really concerned about our commission and helping us fulfil it. They want to see what’s going on, but not get on board. Their selfish behaviour is thoughtless and causes us some problems, which we have to steer around.

The large car transporter probably depicts Benny Hinn’s ministry because the dream preceded another letter which God moved me to write to him later this day.

Preacher Is Like A Deformed Tree
26th March 2003. M. The deformed tree
(This was again about BS.) There was a big evergreen tree at the end of our garden. It was next to a deciduous tree that was ours and was dominating over it. Moreover, the evergreen was not a nice shape. It was misshapen and had a bough broken off. Where the bough was broken off, it had been chafing against another branch, and the stub of what was left was still rubbing against it as the tree swayed in the wind.

This rather unsightly evergreen tree was high. It was higher than ours and was intent on reaching for the sky. I thought it should have its top lopped down, because it was too high and such a bad shape that it wasn’t visually appealing, but I decided that was not my duty to do that. [Judgement is God's dominion.]

In the next scene, we were in our garden. Some people who knew us (I think it was two men) brought in another man who was interested to know more about us, especially what we had been doing in Africa. Some of our publications were laid out on a table, and he could see them. Perhaps he was having a cursory look at them, although they may not have been open at that point. He seemed more interested in other things. At that moment, he was more intent on finding out straight from me what we were doing in Africa. (But all this explaining is so time consuming, unnecessary and tiring. It is all written up already in our newsletters.) But, to be polite, I had to respond to him. As I began to explain, he took out a £20 note. It looked like he was about to make a donation. (But it didn’t show him doing that. He held back because he refused to be corrected.) Then, suddenly a tiredness came over me and I had to stop talking and put my face in my hands. I said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry, I’m so tired!”

I couldn’t go on. The dream ended there.

Meaning: To do with a person (BS) in the USA, who has a ministry. Personal meaning about him, if he is willing to make spiritual changes [but he wasn't willing]. The struggles to reach evangelists via correspondence are so tiring! What tires you out is their intransigence and unwillingness to change.

Loss Of Personal Privacy
31st March 2003. M. Several dreams. Only one recorded. It was to do with information on people. The loss of personal privacy. It seemed that everyone’s personal details were open for others to see on the web. As an example, I was shown information about Dxxxx Bxxxxxx’s finances. I saw two entries concerning money he had given to the WCG: one for £410 and one for a much larger sum, I think it was £850. But this sort of information should not be visible to just anyone!
Meaning: It shows how much personal information is now being kept on people, and is carelessly available to anyone. Our freedoms and privacy are lost through computerisation.

Police Crocodile Coming!
1st April 2003. M. 2 dreams
1) I was in a river and a crocodile was coming towards me with its jaws wide open. I wasn’t afraid in the slightest, but my defensive preparedness was not as quick as it should have been. I had a high pressure water jet to defend myself, but only at the last minute did I raise it and fire straight into the croc’s mouth.
Meaning: To do with the police attack coming.

Selfish People Take Without Giving
2) I had a white flatbed lorry. Someone was wanting to take this from me. They had such cheek that they thought they could just drive off with it; they thought I would let them take it for nothing. Not on your nelly! I ran out into the road and stopped them before they managed to run off with it.
Meaning: People take our literature and think that they need not bother to give us anything in return. Their approach is as wrong as the person in the dream.

The Trouble Richard Has Caused
2nd April 2003. M. Richard had totally gutted our bathroom. He had removed the bath, basin, loo, everything. There was dust and small rubble all over the place. Helena came in and wanted to use it, but couldn’t. He had created a real inconvenience! I got the vacuum cleaner and began to clear up the mess.
Meaning: The bathroom is the place where you can get cleaned up. But spiritually, he has demolished it in his life, and created difficulties and severe inconvenience to us by throwing away spiritual truth.

Why Young People Are Lewd
3rd April 2003. M. 2 dreams. 1) Fiona Mxxxxxxxx
God was pointing out in this dream that this young lady is behaving lewdly, with mascara and make-up and seductive clothing. While God does not approve, to put it mildly, He understands why young people go this way. It’s the result of lack of love, proper teaching, discipline and training in childhood. They grow up feeling insecure because love and discipline are not as they should be. So, they seek love in a natural way from others in later life, and follow natural instincts, instead of seeking what really satisfies through spiritual pursuit. They need to know God and His love for them! That’s true satisfaction and true love.

2) It was as if I was in the war in Iraq. The only way to avoid being shot at, was to dress in a business suit. Otherwise, anyone casually dressed could be mistaken for the enemy.
Meaning: A prediction of the complete loss of safety that has since come about in Iraq.

Helena's New Hair 'Do'
4th April 2003. M. Of Helena with a new, trendy hair 'do', really attractive. Also, with new eyelashes, and a face that was totally different. Her appearance was like someone who is a presenter on TV.  
Meaning: Allegoric of the new role she will perform; publicity, etc. It is not meant to be taken physically, but an allusion to what God will do through her with His truth.

Selfish People Exploit Us
5th April 2003. M. 2 dreams
1) The selfish, exploitative, man
Warning dream about a correspondent (AJ), likening him to a carnal glazier I know. I let him rent a part of our place, because I thought he just wanted to use it for personal reasons. But I found out later that he had been deceitful and selfish, and had taken advantage of us. He wasn’t using what was ours for personal reasons, but was ‘running a business’. A woman drove up in her car, and backed into our garage. I was very concerned, because she didn’t look a competent driver. She only just missed hitting something. The dream came before a letter in the post from someone, who is selfish and exploitative.

God Said I Had More Writing To Do
2) The unfinished article
I had sent off a publication to the printers. It was something like Articles of Faith, with several entries in it. I thought it was completed and ready for printing. But, after the proof had gone to the printers I discovered some small errors that needed altering. I wasn’t shown what they were: either they were typographical mistakes or poor phraseology. Anyway, something needed changing, which I did.
Then I relaxed a bit, glad that the changes had been made. But then, to my horror, a short while later I was going through it, and after the middle page I noticed that there was an unfinished article. The first page was fine, but overpage there was less than a quarter of the page with writing on it. The rest was blank. “Oh, no!” I thought.

Meaning: More writing to do. I thought I had finished, but there is always something more to explained, to add to the foundation. God has more for us to do.

When I thought I had finished writing the publications, others were then revealed that needed compiling. These were some of the later ones:
Meetings With Jesus
Casting Out Demons
Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time!
The Bible Speaks
, Vols 1-5
And a range of A5 leaflets that 'salvaged' what God moved me to write in various articles in Newsletters.

The Perversity Of Church Leadership
6th April 2003. M. The perverse domination of Church leaders
The scene was a public place. A woman and a man were standing in the open, and what they were about to do was pre-announced. It was about to be televised. The man brazenly announced that he was going to fornicate in public with this woman! The woman just stood there passively. We were horrified! It was outrageous! We wanted to turn off our TVs so we didn’t have to see this awful thing take place, but we were transfixed by the revulsion of it. The man put his hand on his flies, waited a short while as he looked around (for drama’s sake), and then unzipped his flies and exposed his phallus.

Meaning: Are you shocked? I bet you are. The dream was meant to shock. It is a representation of the brazenness with which church leaders impose their dominance over members. They don’t give true respect to ‘the woman’ who represents the ‘ordinary’ people, the ‘laity’ who want to obey God. While she wants to submit to God, church leaders force themselves onto her. Their approach is as perverse in the spiritual as the physical analogy was in the dream. They use intimidation, manipulation and coercion to exert their authority over others.

Church authority is the biggest single abuse and abomination in the Church!

The dream conveyed more than just the present ecclesiastical situation. It seemed to contain a prophecy also about a declaration or pronouncement – a public statement from human church leaders that they had a right to act in this perverse fashion, thereby suppressing any move that undermines their power.

Then it was put in my spirit that Reuben in Nigeria needs further assistance to counter this resistance.

Meaning: Nigeria is a country that has a huge Christian population. But church leadership is very active and dominant. Reuben has been promoting God’s truth about human church government being spiritually perverse.

He needed to print in Nigeria thousands of copies of God's Church – Whose Authority? MM literature which contains the truth on the subject of church governance is the most effective means to counter this abuse.

Reuben also told me later, how church leaders in Nigeria have literally imposed themselves sexually on church women, and claimed that the women would be defying God's authority if they were not to consent!

A Very Helpful Philippino
7th April 2003. M. A young, pretty little dark-haired girl was helping us out in our office. She was really helpful and obliging and endearing. It was delightful to have someone wanting to please, working with us.
Meaning: This refers to a dear brother in the Philippines who is really helpful and industrious. He exhibits these fine qualities, and it’s a pleasure to have him ‘with us’. (A man can be portrayed as a girl or woman in dreams, because he will be part of the Bride of Christ.)

Preachers' Poor Workmanship
9th April 2003. M. The cowboy builder. (About BS again.)
Scene 1: I was in a building in which I felt a sense of possession, as if it were mine. I felt a great sense of responsibility towards it. [Afterwards I realised that the building represents part of the Church, the people of God, whom God is ‘building’ as a home for Himself. My personal identification with the building and sense of ‘ownership’ shows how we each have a responsibility towards others in this House for God, of which we are all a part. And the responsibility I felt is a reflection of my calling as a prophet, to give input where God shows me to do so, for the benefit of that part of God’s House.]

In this room, there were some heating pipes laid in the floor. Instead of being below the surface, they were proud of the top of the floor. It was really annoying that someone had laid them like that. It meant that a door would not be able to close properly, and they could not be covered adequately to make a proper floor for people to walk upon. I suggested several ideas of how the pipes could be properly covered, but there was no quick solution. The only real way to deal with this very unsatisfactory situation was for the person who laid them to take them up and re-lay them as they should have been in the first place – below floor level.

Meaning: The pipes, down which heated water flows, but which have been raised up to a position they should not occupy, symbolise the power aspect of the gospel in this ‘cowboy’s’ ministry – miracles, healings, etc. The floor depicts the living area, i.e. Christian living. It was a lounge or living room, where people could come and go, and sit and rest, etc. What God is saying is that things are out of balance in this man’s ministry. Power has been elevated to an improper place, and this has seriously affected the ability of the people to whom he ministers to ‘walk’ properly.

Scene 2: Then I saw more of this man’s workmanship. I saw some small steps, leading down to a lower level, beside which there were two low-slung ‘gates’, a bit like saloon bar doors, but much more open and flimsy, made out of what could have been bamboo, they were so flimsy and useless. I looked more closely at one, and the post on which it was hung wasn’t fixed into the floor properly. You could push it around. It wasn’t firm at all. It was dreadful workmanship! There were other aspects of building construction that were equally poor quality and needed radical repair and upgrading.

Meaning: An allegory of the teaching in this man’s ministry which is well below the standard which God now requires. He needs to get busy and revise it according to what God is now revealing. When God sends someone along with more truth, that shows up the shoddiness of the former workmanship, and the need to make improvements.

Scene 3: I was talking with the builder. I pointed out the way his gatepost was wobbling around. I told him he needed to get it fixed, along with some other details that needed equal attention. But he was nonchalant and uninterested. He said he didn’t care to make the changes. He said he would rather be outside doing landscaping work. (The trouble is, he had a responsibility to put right his shoddy workmanship inside the building, instead of pleasing himself by seeking the more enjoyable landscaping work outside.)

Meaning: He prefers to go evangelising [‘landscaping’] ‘outside’ (in Africa). That’s far more fun than the painstaking work of doing repairing the inside of the Church by giving it the proper teaching.

Scene 4: Outside I saw a patch of tarmac which had been done. There was a large original area in black tarmac, then a small patch at one end, also in black, which had been added to the main area. Beside it was another small patch, this time in red tarmac. It was totally out of place; it didn’t match.

A planning official [who represents God] was saying that it was totally unacceptable, and that it needed to be redone.

But the response from the man who had done the job, was defensive. He was mindlessly defending himself, saying that red tarmac is really expensive and the only place you can get it is somewhere a long way away, and that it had cost him a fortune to do this patchwork (which looked awful!). His response was silly. It was totally irrational, without any common sense or wisdom. It was a purely natural human reaction. Red tarmac is very expensive, yes. Then why didn’t he do it in black, to match? Why did he go the more costly route and use red? The reason wasn’t shown, but it was clear that this man was not listening to sense. He didn’t want to be told what to do or how to do it. He was very self-willed, stubborn and rebellious.

Note: We sent this man a box of 'our' literature at our expense, but he refused to even open it, and returned it before looking at what we had sent him! Because of his attitude, God's judgement will come down upon him very severely! From a dream given earlier, it seems God is saying that He will take this man's life! (See dream of 28th March 2003. H. Facing God on page 123X.)

Someone's Irresponsibility
14th April. M. Exx was in difficulties in this dream.
Either he had got into serious debt, or he had committed some sort of fraud and was in trouble with the police.
But to get out of it, he didn’t deal with his own irresponsible behaviour, he tried to plant the blame on me, to lessen his own burden. He wrote me a letter in which he made inaccurate and false statements which made me look like I was somehow guilty of his law-breaking. It was totally unfair, and malicious, and his accusations about me were totally untrue, but he didn’t care. If it helped him to get off the hook, he didn’t mind.
Meaning: The dream highlights his utter selfishness and irresponsible way of life, and how he does not blame himself for his difficulties, but others – principally us (because Satan is the accuser of the righteous).
It is a fault of human nature to blame others and be easy on oneself, like Cain excused himself, instead of getting to grips with his own sinfulness and changing (Gen 3:1-15).

Few Christians Have 'Night Vision'!
15th April 2003. M. The strange word
In this dream, there was a word which was esoteric, almost secret. [This depicts the knowledge of God and understanding His plan and ways.] People in the world did not know it nor understand its meaning. It was something from God.

Even in the Church, although people knew the word, they didn’t all understand it. Only some people knew it, and it could only be seen or perceived with night vision. In this dream, I saw this night situation. It was as if I was looking through night vision glasses, which made everything appear green.

In this greenish hue or mist, I was focusing on this word, and trying to get it to others and make its meaning more well known. But it was a real struggle, and I wasn’t allowed to remember this word upon awakening.

Meaning: The night depicts the spiritual darkness which surrounds people in this world – the ignorance about God, about the knowledge of God and His magnificent spiritual realm.

Many of the things about God are deliberately hidden from us (Deut 29:29), but He permits some of Himself to be seen and known. God gives ‘night vision’ to those whom He has called, so they can see and understand some of His mysteries.

But, even some of these people are ignorant and don’t perceive. All those whom God has called should know, but not all do, because understanding comes with doing (Ps 111:10), and not all are prepared to ‘do’.

Oh Dear!
16th April 2003. M. Ixxxx was speaking to a fairly large number of people in an open-air situation. He had a megaphone (loud speaker held by hand). Although he was preaching, what he was saying was not guided by the Spirit. He was using human cleverness to try to ‘win’ people, like he may have heard WCG ministers do, formerly. The ‘crowd’ was not impressed. Also, there was a long distance between him and the people.
Then I was shown another scene, and certain things happened and were said, after which he was standing before a pool of human waste. The dream ended there.
Meaning: The dream portrays an evangelist in Africa, who has done what he has done to be seen of men, to be lifted up, and for other human considerations. God here foretells of his downfall. He will end up in a moral mess.

The Demons Which Make Christians Hostile Towards Us
17th April 2003. M. The Trescotts
This dream depicted confrontation between ‘a gang’ and us. There were several of them opposing us. There were two main ‘players’ [a couple in the USA involved in an independent ministry] with several other presences behind them in the background. Upon awakening, I sensed that the figures in the background may well have been demonic presences. These were probably the evil influences behind these people, causing them to attack us (Eph 6:12).

These people were insolent and arrogant. The man was lying on the floor, in a nonchalant position. While he was lying in this position, he picked up a bottle, and with the sole of his foot, he arrogantly attacked me by kicking the empty bottle at me. It somersaulted in the air towards me.

Meaning: I told him in a letter: “The empty bottle represents a container for the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, which you don’t use properly. Instead of using it to help, you use it as a weapon to attack me.

“Prophets, whom God sends to correct, are meant to be listened to. Their corrective words are from God, but you don’t listen. You are nonchalant, arrogant, and couldn’t care about the fact that God is speaking to you through us. Your response to what God has had us ‘deliver’ to you is insolence. Instead of meekly listening and heeding, like David did with Nathan, you dismiss ‘my’ words. God is showing in this dream the wrong spirit behind your behaviour. You wouldn’t take it from me, so He has given this dream as confirmation.

“You cannot see the demonic strongholds in your life, the main strongman of which is your pride or desire for pre- eminence. Other demonic ‘presences’, and their effects, include arrogance, carelessness with the Word of God, misinterpretation and misapplication of the Word, a ritualistic emphasis, lack of respect for God’s offices, insolence, and others that you can identify yourself...."

He didn't repent. He continued being hostile. The Almighty will sort him out! (Heb 10:31.)

Archbishop Of Canterbury Has A Vision Of Christ
21st April 2003. M. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams
My letter to him of 21st April 2003:

“Last night God gave me a dream about you. It was very simple, but conveys a meaning and portent for you.

“You had written an article which appeared in a major national newspaper. In it, you mentioned a deeply significant spiritual experience which you had. Jesus had appeared to you in shining glory and, in the midst of this article, more as a part of what you wrote rather than the main subject, you described it.

“It rather surprised me, because, as you will see from an article in the enclosed Articles of Faith Vol 2 on page 89, your predecessor was not truly a God-fearing man. I believe God is saying something different about you, despite your unwelcome position.

“I don’t believe the dream has literally been fulfilled yet (but if it has, I would be interested to hear more from you about that – thanks). I believe it is futuristic, and has symbolic implications that are very significant to the nation as a whole.

“You may not understand where we are in the panorama of Bible prophecy. (Matthew 24:8-22 is very close to being fulfilled, and this country will be caught up in the middle of it.) So I have enclosed a couple of other booklets which provide more information about this.

“My wife Helena has also enclosed some items which she thought you would appreciate having. Hopefully it won’t swamp you. I know what it’s like getting loads of stuff unsolicited all at once! It can be a bit daunting.

“Thanks for your time. I hope you find this contact useful.” (MBH).

Meaning: I believe the dream is very symbolic. The vision may not be a literal vision, but probably depicts the fact that he will see Jesus much more clearly as events unfold. He will see Jesus' glorious power in the raising of the dead and other stupendous miracles which God will perform to accompany the giving of His truth to people.

But he will not consider all this as important as what he is engaged in, to do with his job as an illicit hierarchic head of an anachronistic institution called the Church of England. It's not the Church of Jesus Christ, that's for sure!

As for the Archbishop understanding the deeper things of the Spirit that are contained in the publications we sent him, that is doubtful. (See dream above of 15th April 2003.)

The Desert Of Islam
23rd April 2003. (7th Day of UB.) M. 3 dreams
1) The desert of Islam
In this dream God gave me a spiritual picture of Islam, the religion which has taken so much prominence recently, and which is gaining more adherents as time progresses.
The dream was very simple: I was shown a desert. There was nothing there. Nothing was growing; there was no life, no trees, no shrubs, no plants, no beauty, no people. It was all open and the expanse was huge. The word ‘broad’ was also given to me. But I saw no people at all.
Meaning: Islam is an impersonal religion. It is faceless. That’s why there were no people present, just a barren desert which depicts extreme spiritual dryness. God’s Spirit was not there to give life and cause growth and beauty to form. There was nothing.
Jesus describes the way to God as a narrow way and few who find it, but the desert in this dream was the opposite, it was broad and open, signifying that many find it. Many choose the dead religion of Islam instead of true faith and life with Christ.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it (Matt 7:14, NIV).

God Promises That Money Will Come
2) Some cheques came in, but I was so busy that I didn’t have time to bank them by filling out the cheque deposit slip, etc. I had to go off somewhere else that day, and meant to go via the bank the next day, too, but it got left until the third day.
Meaning: Perhaps it means we will have to wait until 2005 or 2006 before God clears our debts.

Moral Sexual Standards Best
3) Someone could not understand why we held such rigorous sexual moral standards. I told him why – not only is it right, but it’s best for you. God knows what is best for us, and if we abide by His standards, WE are the ones who benefit.
But, in the world, they don’t understand that. They think that what seems right is right, and that it’s Victorian or something less than sensible to be so strict about sexual taboos.

Injustice Masquerades As Justice
24th April 2003. M. Unjust court case. (A real situation; the dream is not symbolic.) I received a court summons for failing to identify the driver of our car for having exceeded a 30 mph speed limit by 8 mph after midnight in September 2002.
Despite the fact that I am told the law in this land does not expect you to remember details after 11 days, the police want to prosecute me for failing to identify the driver (a ridiculous 'crime'). In my defence I wrote out a long statement which I asked them to read out in court. It included the article Is
Britain Now A Police State? and Angela’s Trial and the Tiger.
But in this dream, God revealed that they would NOT read out any of this in court! I will not be present, so they think they can get away with avoiding reading out my defence in full.
And that's precisely what happened. Because I was not present in court, they didn't read out what I had written in my defence. The magistrate didn't care about me or justice, merely about clearing his or her bench as quickly as possible. I got a hefty fine for supposedly 'breaking' a law that is unreasonable! This is typical of our justice system which does not seek fairness, but merely to convict and condemn where it can.

Pain, Death & Suffering
25th April 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Mint sauce
We were busy making mint sauce before the lamb was killed.
Meaning: There are certain events ahead of us which we must face that will be painful. While we are waiting, other preparations must be done, like the Newsletters and other publications.
The lamb is a symbol of a sacrifice or death. Mint is a bitter herb, denoting suffering we have to endure.

Diving In The Deep Sea
Dream of a deep sea
We were trying to get things done, diving in and out.
Meaning: This depicts future difficulties when the police restrict our freedom and interfere with our lives. But also the revival when the flood of the Holy Spirit comes.

Revival Brings New Life
26th April 2003. H. Boats coming to life
I saw many little boats with little sails launched into deep water. They were being fertilised and life came into them.
Meaning: The Holy Spirit brings life. The flood symbolises revival and the outpouring of the Spirit. The little boats represent people or fellowships where the Holy Spirit brings new spiritual life and growth.

Church Leaders Are Often Abusers!
28th April 2003. H. 2 Dreams. 1) Rape
A strong man was going to rape an older woman. He got hold of her hair and pulled her violently, pulling out a handful of hair. She tried to escape but he had the power over her. We stood up to him and told him to stop abusing her. He let her go.
Meaning: This is to do with the leadership in the churches, which is abusive and corrupt. The woman has no freedom, she is treated as a slave. The book God's Church: Whose Authority? can give the Church deliverance and freedom to worship God.

Major Task, Moving MM Literature
2) Big move
I was trying to shift some books from one property to another. I needed a car to do it.
Meaning: We have so much literature it will be a major operation to move it to the premises of our new ministry HQ.

Church Structure Prevents Revival
29th April 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Church structure must be shaken.
God was showing me how it is impossible to change the structure of the churches, how they are based on human leadership, and that blocks revival. Churches have to be shaken up to release people who really belong to God, not to them.

Revelation Channel Again
2) God portrayed the Revelation Channel like a spreading grey [spiritually impure] plant. It was lying across the ground and nothing could be done with it.
Meaning: The man running that channel has set his course. But he doesn't realise that people are not being fed spiritually. God is doing a new thing elsewhere, outside what you can see.

Spiritual Porn In The Church!
2nd May 2003. H.  Spiritual Porn
Pornography and sexually explicit films are promoted in the media, where men and women prostitute themselves and promote immorality and sexual perversions. These undermine family values.
God showed me that, likewise, the Church is prostituting itself spiritually by worshipping idols and pagan gods – through acceptance of Christmas, Easter, Sunday worship, etc. in place of God's appointed times. You would tend to think porn was far worse than keeping Christmas, but God makes no such distinction. Sin is sin! It is vile! In its present state, the Church is as despicable as those who indulge in pornographic perversion!
While the Church is playing the harlot, by not giving up such idolatry, it is not ready to be the Bride for Jesus.

The Church Is As A Naked Woman
3rd May 2003. H. Naked woman hiding
I was sitting next to someone at a huge gathering of people in a big hall (a public arena). [The public witness coming.] A few rows in front of us I saw our friend preparing a place for us. He was busy. I wanted to get to him but there was an obstacle. I had to go all the way around the hall and past the stage area. On the side there was a broom cupboard and I saw a woman hiding her nakedness. She was trying to put an undergarment on to cover herself.
Meaning: When God will perform the miracles about which we have prophesied, the Church will feel exposed spiritually and try to cover her nakedness and stay hidden.

Church In Scotland Dying
10th May 2003. H. Dying woman in Scotland
Dream of visiting Miss Jackson who was living in Scotland. She was elderly and close to death and I held her hand to comfort her. There was a couple who looked after her and the house. They said they kept the house for her benefit.
I also gathered a few antique looking books.
I was trying to revive the people and bring new life into them. I told them that when the lady dies that they should take care of her inheritance.
Meaning: God is showing how the Church in Scotland is nearly dead. They hold the structure together to keep the Church alive, but the Bible has been made old-fashioned. By quenching the Spirit they are rejecting God and His Truth.
Miss Jackson died a few years ago and God is going to bring her back to life. She is meant to go and live in
Scotland and this will help revive the Church and make people more aware of God and His power.
When Miss Jackson died, she left us her inheritance. That money was used up very soon for the spiritual purposes of God. Roughly two thirds of it went to Africa, to further the gospel there, and one third was used here to get MM publishing off the ground.            
In the dream, taking care of her inheritance is an allusion to the importance of MM literature and outreach. It needs taking care of, which presently these churches in
Scotland downgrade.

We're Opposed By Those Established
12th May 2003. H. Field
Dream of a field (a piece of land). The owner of the field [someone we know] opposed the one who was doing the work of God [us]. Next to the field there was a small patch of land with a few bits and pieces on it. There was no order there.

Meaning: It is a truism that those who are well-established tend to look down on, or dismiss, those who have very little to show for the guidance of God. Yet, God may be starting a new thing (like the mustard seed), and the 'big fellas' can't see it.

When God first began to move upon me by His Spirit to write articles, one of the first things I wrote was on humility. It was later expanded to form the booklet The Missing Dimension In Christian Living. The article was nothing special to look at. It was only a few pages on white A4 size paper. There was no colour, no glossy cover, no 'feel' to it of physical substance behind the writing. It was like John the Baptist in the wilderness, pretty stark to look at and uninviting. But the contents were from God.

I gave it to Andrew Wommack when I attended one of his meetings in 1992. I also passed it on to Dave Duell and Kevin van der Westhuizen, who ministered and preached alongside Wommack. I also wrote a note to Andrew Wommack, telling him some of what God had told me – things to do with the acceptance of truths that he was not yet willing to live out.

The next day, Wommack preached. I was in the meeting. He criticised 'someone' for daring to suggest that he had a ministry from God while all he had to show for it (physically) was a couple of articles. In a noticeably vituperative and emotional outburst, he 'had a go' at me (not by name) from the platform he was privileged to stand on. He chided me to first show forth the fruits of ministry before 'having the gall' to challenge him on his theology. (But even if I went to him now and presented the same points, he still would not accept it, despite the hundreds of revelations we have received from God and the mountain of print that testifies to the leading of the Spirit in MM.) Why? Because acceptance of truth is from the heart.

The dream highlights the fact that those with wealth and power – 'the owner of the field' – oppose the prophet God sends to bring 'new' truth to them. Yet, all they have to show for their teaching – the results of their outreach in the patch of land on one side – are bits and pieces with no order. See 1 Cor 14:33.

Big Publicity!
13th May 2003. H. Publicity
Dream of many activities, many people were present. I said to someone, "When the dead are raised then there will be some big publicity."
God is preparing us to face the future.

Overcoming Sin
15th May 2003. H. 2 Dreams. 1) Overcoming sin
Dream showing the price of sin. I saw a young woman attacked by her father [this is a symbol in this instance of the world we are brought up in] who wanted to rape her. She withstood him with all the strength she had. By resisting sin there is a reward, in striving for perfection.
I saw an item for sale for £13, reduced to £7.
Meaning: This portrays numerically, our transition from the evil in Satan's system (13), and how God can use it for His purposes, so that we can receive the perfect will of God (7).
Overcoming and resisting sin takes all our effort and energy. With the help of the Holy Spirit and Jesus on our side we will reach perfection – eternal life.
More on this vital subject is expounded in the article series Help In Trials.

Coming Out Of Your Comfort Zone
2) Comfort zone. I was in a room nicely decorated with flowers on the walls. It felt cosy and comfortable. Gabriel was there (he was a worldly man, selfish, and died rejecting God).
Meaning: Gabriel was Helena's uncle, who was a wicked man and was not saved. In the dream, God is showing that we can choose the comfort zone of this world and enjoying worldly things with ease, but this will take us away from God and bring us eventually to destruction.
Overcoming is not the easy route. It's the hard way!

MM In The Royal Kitchen
16th May 2003. H. Kitchen
We were occupying a kitchen in the royal household. Someone important phoned up and had a chat.
Then A K phoned up to have a chat about her husband who was sick. I was trying to encourage her.
Meaning: Our being in the kitchen represents our supplying spiritual food received from the King of the universe. When the publicity comes many will need help and counselling. Some 'important' people will make contact with us then.
The person who was sick in the dream is spiritually sick because he has accepted false theology. He must give all that up and unlearn the error before he can be truly healed.

The Devil Attacks
17th May 2003. H. Tonya attacked
Dream of Tonya, she will face an attack from the enemy.
Meaning: A warning from God.

Tony Blair Won't Solve The Problems
21st May 2003. H. Man with burden
Vision of the British Isles. A man [this was Tony Blair, the Prime Minister] was shown with a burden on his head. He tried to protect himself with a cloak and started to sink until he vanished.
Meaning: Tony Blair is facing problems with Europe and the Euro and terrorism. He thinks he can cope but there will be problems that are too big for him to solve. Eventually they will overwhelm him completely.

Proper Teaching Helps People Grow
25th May 2003. H. Plants in road
As I was travelling in a vehicle. There were a couple of plants growing in the middle of the road. I felt like transplanting them into some good soil so that they could flourish.
Meaning: These two plants represent a couple of individuals who have had a hard life, full of personal problems and trials. They need more teaching to help them in their growth and developments. They need 'transplanting' into the fertile soil that MM publications contain.

Human Selfishness
13th June 2003. M.  2 dreams about human selfishness
1) I had bought a number of items at a motor parts department. They cost £100. Amongst these items was a mat, for lying on when repairing cars underneath. It was only a simple bit of carpet with binding around the edges. It was 3 or 4 feet long and about 1 foot wide. It had cost £30, which was steep. It should have been much less than that.
I had paid by credit card and not questioned the cost at the time. Later, I realised what a 'rip-off' it had been, and I went back to complain and to ask for my money back.
Meaning: To do with former expenses in some overseas countries, etc., and how we have paid a high financial price for the little that has been achieved. Laziness and spiritual apathy (hence the symbol of the mat for lying down) have prevented the advance as it should have occurred. Because of widespread selfish and deceitful use of resources, some people in various African countries have held back our outreach there. We are left with large amounts unpaid on credit cards, which ideally we should not have.

We Give, But Do Recipients?
2) Thoughtless and selfish people have drained this ministry
A letter arrived from someone in Germany at an army base. They were requesting literature, but they didn't ask for specific titles and sent no money.

This posed a problem. If I was to send many items (which would be my normal reaction), without expecting anything financial in return, we would find ourselves throwing a lot of money away needlessly. (Thousands of such requests, would cause us to have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds with nothing in return.) Despite my desire to supply lots of literature in response to such requests, and to trust God to provide our needs, I recognised that He was pointing out the need for wisdom in stewardship of what He provides.

Another option indicated a better way to handle it. Merely send two (or at the most, three) items, with basic spiritual content. If they are interested in more, they can write again. 

The fact that they didn't send money is an indicator of their lack of spiritual depth, so anything spiritually advanced would be wasted on them.

As much as I would like to give it, it wouldn't achieve anything. And if they received loads of booklets, it would be like having a huge 12-course meal piled in front of them. They just couldn't take it all in! Jesus made the point in His analogy about not throwing your pearls before pigs. Selfish people can't grasp God's truths!

Further Reading: Giving and Receiving

A Lot Of Work Ahead For Richard
16th June 2003. M. There is a lot of work ahead for Richard
Richard was levelling a large area of hardcore. It was deep, too, and close to what we had built, so he had to be careful with his machines not to damage what we had built. He had two machines: one was a JCB digger, the other was a larger machine like a Hi-Mac with a big bucket like you have on the back of a JCB, but the bucket and arm were much bigger!
Meaning: Richard is making preparations (or rather, God is preparing him) for what is to come. His ministry will be large in scope or cover a wide area, hence the sizeable area of hardcore. Hardcore is used to form a base for the concrete floor that people can walk upon. [Two days after this dream R said that he was going to pave his back garden with concrete slabs. The base for this is hardcore. God uses imagery of the present to convey His greater spiritual meaning.]

18th June 2003. M. Tanzania
Helena was considering spending a year teaching in Tanzania.
Meaning: The dream's spiritual implication is that Tanzanians are in need of teaching God's truths. To spend a whole year teaching them shows that they have many things they need to sort out spiritually.
The same is true in
Kenya. There has been a gross failure to appreciate spiritual things!

HURRY! Judgement Is Coming!!
21st June 2003. H. Hurry! Get on board before it's too late. Judgement is coming!
A group of us were in a small ship [depicts our ministry]. Although we were grounded, we kept moving round a town square. Suddenly, there was a huge wave of water coming our way [outpouring of the Spirit, which will bring revival to the receptive, but condemnation on the rebellious]. I felt sorry for those who were not on the ship. I was scared for their safety. Tonya was away. I wondered if she would be safe. Later she turned up.
Meaning: The ship represents the ministry work we are doing by God's guidance. Although we are not making great progress (from a physical point of view), we are waiting for the revival. Tonya will join us later when her work for her company will come to an end.
The huge wave coming depicts the outpouring of God's power, which precedes the giving of His truth and the ensuing judgement which follows in its wake.
There is safety in accepting God's truth which we are promoting – portrayed by the imagery of getting on board our ship.
In the next stage, I had to go on a journey myself, to visit some people. I had to go and wait at the bus-stop to start my journey. This will be a new venture for me.

The Proud, Aloof Man
23rd June 2003. M. 2 dreams. 1) About an arrogant, aloof, unapproachable upper-class man
We wanted to introduce a lady to him. She was called 'Lady Gerkin' (Gherkin?). As his limousine (car) arrived, I was first to his door and politely introduced myself and my request that he meet the lady. I even put on more of a 'posh' accent so that he would not be offended by my normal more 'coarse' accent.
But, in his toffee-nosed aloofness, he flatly turned down my request. He insisted on living in his own little world, his responses dominated by his pride, arrogance, stubbornness and self-will. [About a man we know, R.]
Comment: It's astonishing that a Christian can be like this! But everyone whom God has called, was called because of their spiritual filthiness that needed cleaning up, not because of any righteousness or good on their part.

An African's Evil Motive In Asking
2) Horribly selfish use of our literature
Someone (from Africa, it seemed) wrote to us, asking for literature. They said it was good for masturbating. How vile and disgusting! I did not send what he asked for. Instead I got some blank white sheets of paper (maybe symbolising that he got a severe personal rebuke from me in a letter) and one publication, which seemed to be A4 size, that corrected his vile sinful behaviour head on.
Meaning: Masturbation is a vile self-indulgent sin. It is a sexual perversion, and God uses sexual metaphors to portray the vileness of sins of attitude which we would otherwise not recognise for what they are like God does.
In this instance, it portrays how some people request our literature not because they love the truth and want to share that truth with others unselfishly, but for other selfish reasons.
Some pastors in Africa want it to impress others whom they are reaching. Or they use it to manipulate people in some way for selfish reasons, so that they get what they want from them.
This dream came at the same time as a letter from a false minister in Africa, asking for literature. Because he refuses to keep the Sabbath, I sent him Sunday Versus Sabbath. Later, he also received a note from me which was a rebuke containing this dream which God gave. It was also fulfilled again two years' later by another selfish individual.

The Devil Is As Ferocious As A Lion!
24th June 2003. H. Lion coming!
We were in a room and became aware of a lion. We had to get out and shut the door on him. Later we warned a crowd about the lion – people were not aware of the danger. At the end, he appeared with young cubs. I felt an urgency to warn people about the danger.
Meaning: This is a spiritual danger from the devil and demons. The Church is in danger and so are people in the world. God is allowing the devil more freedom. God's hand of protection is removed because of sin and wickedness.
The intruder who gained entry into William's 21st birthday party at Windsor Castle symbolises how the enemy prowls around. This is a wake-up call to the Royal family and the police (their security utterly failed!).
The devil is cunning, trying to cause trouble. Spiritually, people are not aware of the danger. We need God and His angels to protect us. God has to be central in our lives.
But most people have rejected God. So people pay the price for their sins and rebellion against God.

Malcolm Arrested By Police
25th June 2003. H. Police arrest Malcolm
Police turned up at the front door. When Malcolm opened the door they arrested him. I demanded to know why they were doing this. I was furious!
Meaning: God is warning us how the devil will come against us. He wants to destroy God's Work.
We have had several dreams about an attack which the police will illicitly mount against me. These were written up in Newsletter  20 (p 20). The devil attacks through people!

MM Is Rebuilding The Wall
26th June 2003. M. Rebuilding the wall
Note: Compare with Nehemiah 4:1 onwards.
In this dream, I was shown the upper part of a wall where bricks were missing. There were several courses of bricks to re-lay. I went about replacing these. Then there was something to do with a friend, and 2 or 3 weeks were mentioned, but I didn't know what that meant, except that it might be a time scale target of significance to him.
Meaning: Rebuilding the wall represents restoring lost aspects of truth to the Church.
Interestingly, the same day, David Isaac wrote me an e-mail, in which he mentioned the opposition that he has experienced as he has set about to 'rebuild the wall' of Church teaching in Nigeria. He likened this opposition to that of Sanballat and Tobiah against the restoration of Jerusalem in Nehemiah's time (Neh 4).
Again, I was also reminded by the Spirit of this comparison. Every matter is established in the mouth of two witnesses (2 Cor 13:1; Deut 19:15). God is confirming that He is restoring more of His truth to the Church through the publications of Midnight Ministries.
(Dream of 27th June 2003, given to
Helena, also relevant in this context.)

Pointing Out The Faults In The Church
27th June 2003. H. Dream of many activities. Lots to do. Malcolm started drawing the face of a woman with black hair. He was doing it with skill and confidence. I commented on what a good job he was doing. He responded, "Yes, I know."
Meaning: The woman represents the Church. The black hair is a symbol of demonic influences. It depicts the new phase of our work coming up, when we will be able to point out -- through the publications -- to many people, what is wrong in the Church, in its teaching and practice.
Jesus is preparing the Church to be His Bride, spiritually purified. Malcolm's confident response is not arrogance, but shows how we can be certain about the revelation God has given us for the Church. It is based on the Truth and the Spirit, and is confirmed in many revelations given to other parties.

"List Your Dreams"
27th June 2003. M. God spoke to me in a short dream about listing dreams. I didn't know what it meant at the time.
Meaning: This was fulfilled when I wrote to Lameck and Vincent in Kenya later on in the morning. (Vincent and Lameck are translating 'our' publications into Luo and Swahili, so that Kenyans can read and understand them.)

Muslim Hatred & Revenge
29th June 2003. M. 1) Grotesque and horrible massacre: Muslim hatred and revenge!
I saw three groups of 3 bodies in each. They were men who had been killed by Muslim fighters in their Intifada against the Jews. Their bodies, on their backs, were laid out in a star shape, 3 in each star. [3 depicts finality. 3 x 3 = 9, which portrays judgement.] The bodies had been mutilated.
The Muslims had perpetrated the worst humiliating and disrespectful atrocity they could upon these victims. They had cut away their clothes around their genitals and cut off every man's penis.
Meaning: This portrays the horrible hatred which Muslim fighters have for the Jews. They want them exterminated! The symbolism portrays how they want to totally cut off their ability to regenerate. (See Ps 83:2-4.)
Comment about Islam: Westerners who have no idea about Islamic philosophy think that it is peace-loving and tolerant, because that is the prevalent religious undercurrent in which they were raised. Democratic Western society developed under Judaeo-Christian ethics which are peace-loving.
However, an inspection of the Koran and the writings of Muslim clerics reveals an acute intolerance of those who don't accept Muslim philosophy. Such non-Muslims are called infidels and are regarded with contempt. These so-called 'holy' writings even encourage the forcible conversion to Islam and the killing of Jews, Christians, and those who don't convert to Islam!

Revival & Raising The Dead
2) Revival and raising the dead
There were lots of bodies (light skinned, Caucasian) laid out to my left. I sensed that these were people whom God was about to raise from the dead. I was really interested to see what He would do next, but before I could, I heard a rustling sound a bit further away in the undergrowth behind a hedge.
I went to look and I saw a boy, who was bound and gagged and who had been left for dead. He was struggling to get free as he came alive. The dream ended there, but I presumed that we helped to release him. [About Richard.]
Meaning: The bodies represent people whom God is going to raise from the dead shortly. We will be involved in this restoration to physical life, which also depicts the parallel restoration of spiritual life and truth which will come to the body of Christ at the same time (revival).
Richard will be released and restored prior to this. He will play a prominent role in reaching out to others and bringing them to God.

3) Dxxxx was sitting in our garden. The spot of ground beneath his feet had been made bare earth by the continual shuffling of his feet. [Depicts procrastination and demonic influence.]
Comment: There is a solution to procrastination. It is to exert your will to do the things you put off, and to develop a pattern of doing unselfish or (what are to you) unpleasant duties until right habits of behaviour and response are formed in you.
Demons cause people to procrastinate. They cause you to put off doing what you know you should do, and you choose an easier route, the route of expedience or selfish indulgence – doing what you want, instead of what you should.

Getting Ready For Revival Worldwide
4) We are getting ready for revival and restoration
I was in a big empty hall, getting it ready for other people whom we expected to come. There was one other young lady helping me to get things ready. I asked her to give me a hand preparing this.
Meaning: The big hall indicates the large size and scope of what is just ahead. It depicts most of the Church, if not the whole Church worldwide!

The Apostate WCG
4th July 2003. M. The apostate WCG
I was in a WCG meeting. A man was standing to address his audience. I was among those present. He was not long into his speel before I heard something wrong, so I stood up and contested what he said.
However, there was very little real interest from the audience. They seemed disinterested in knowing the truth and didn't care about what I had to say. There was also prejudice, pride, fear, close-mindedness, and other wrong traits.
Then the scene changed and a man was standing before me completely covered in a shroud or cloak from head to foot. I couldn't even see his face. When the shroud was taken off his head, it was Dxxxx Sxxxx! I was amazed.
Meaning: The close-minded state and deception in the WCG. They don't want to know truth. D is completely covered with a cloak of deception. He is deceived and is deceiving others, as are other WCG ministers. A deceived person is unable to recognise their own deception.

God Is Eager To Show The World His Power
5th July 2003. H. God can't wait to show His power!
Dream connected with the film of a man who displays the powers of God ("Bruce Almighty"). God is going to show His power to the world through miracles.
He can't wait to show Himself, who He really is, to the Church and to the world! He can't wait to show His power! Why? Because He can then deliver His sheep from deception.

Revival Time – Very Busy!
9th July 2003. M. Very busy time ahead!
Dream that Helena and I were apart, probably due to our work commitments. As I saw her walking away, I ran to catch her up. But I wasn't sure if it was her, so I (in my joking way) crooned my head around to see her face. "Oh, it is you!"
Meaning: A satirical / humorous portrayal of how the workload of what is ahead will affect our relationship. We won't have much time to be with each other as we do now.

Charismatics Who Reject Us
10th July 2003. M. God exposes hypocritical fault-finders
I dreamed that I had previously had a dream about a solicitor who (it was prophesied in that dream) would sever his connections with his client after finding out that he had had some association with a man with a criminal record.
It came to pass just as 'my' dream predicted – the solicitor dropped his client. Then the person blamed me for the solicitor no longer wanting to have anything to do with his client, claiming that it was my written account (beforehand) that caused the solicitor to drop his client. The charge against me was completely unfounded, because the solicitor had NOT seen the written account of my dream as the person claimed!
Meaning: The dream reveals what is in the heart of various people who like to find fault with me, merely because I am the vehicle of God's transmission of some negative prophetic revelations. The dream is a complex blend of imagery and I don't believe it is meant to portray exactly a parallel situation in the physical. Its purpose is to throw some light upon what is in some people's hearts. It highlights these weaknesses:
1) Of a legalistic or self-righteous trait in character.
2) Of finding fault with me over prophetic revelation that they didn't welcome.
3) Of rejection of the prophetic office / call from God upon my life.
4) Of false accusations that they use to try and justify their failure to accept spiritual reality.
The dream came after Newsletter 22 was published. In that there is an account which prophesies against some charismatic ministries (N 22, pp 9-13). After this, I had some personal correspondence with a lady who leads another similar ministry. She didn't like it. She was obviously feeling the heat also. God gave the dream, and that below to Helena, as correction to her. But she didn't accept it.

10th July 2003. H.
Dream of a charismatic minister portrayed as a young girl. I suggested she used the toilet (symbolic of need for spiritual cleansing). The girl wanted to use her own child-size toilet. This showed her immaturity and childish ways in spiritual matters.
Meaning: That day we received a response from a charismatic lady who has a ministry outreach. She was negative towards us because we exposed the sham and shallowness of what passes for spiritual warfare in most charismatic quarters. (Recounted in N 22, pages 9-13.)

Love Absent From The WCG
11th July 2003. M. At the WCG
I was considering sitting in a meeting of the WCG, where F B was due to preach. Some people were sitting in seats, but took no notice of me. They did not show love and were not interested in newcomers. Others were talking amongst themselves in little cliques. [They lack the love of God.]
I realised I was quite out of place to be there. I had nothing in common with these people. They were not living out the Christian life as they claimed. Then I thought of FB who was due to arrive soon. If he saw me he would throw me out, which further confirmed that I was in entirely the wrong place. So, I determined to go and leave them to their own devices.
Meaning: The last part portrays this man's intolerance of me. Yet, God will draw him out to be with us.

God Calls WCG: "Ugly, Repulsive!"
11th July 2003. H. Ugly, repulsive, WCG Mud-fish
In this dream, the WCG was portrayed as an ugly-looking mud-fish. I was carrying this mud-fish in a box, as if I was looking after it. This thing was really repulsive and ugly to look at. It had a hideous face and an evil eye. There was a muddy river nearby, so I picked it up and threw it back into the dirty river.
Meaning: An allegory of the spiritually ugly state of the WCG from God's perspective – what He thinks of them.
The WCG is a demonically controlled cult. They have rejected us and resisted the truth from God which He had us present to them. They don't want to co-operate. They are hostile. The dream depicts in symbol the judgement they will face as God throws them out to the 'mercy' of the world.  God has given them a long time to repent -- many years – but they have not. He has lost patience with them!
Through what is coming via miraculous power, which God will pour out shortly to raise the dead and perform other miracles, considerable publicity will be triggered. There will be a lot of negative things said about the WCG because of its failure to seek justice, equity and righteousness. In effect, they will be seen as ugly by others also, and thrown into the river of the world at the mercy of their currents. They are without God's protection.

12th July 2003. M. 1) Air flight to the Philippines
Our aeroplane was in flight. There were several destinations on route [places where our literature reaches], but we overflew all these to land in the Philippines.
Meaning: A letter arrived later the same day from the Philippines. It was a very positive and significant response.

Public 'Display' Coming
2) The trampoline display
I went into a huge school hall. It was absolutely MASSIVE! [This represents most of the Church, if not the entire Church.] I was due to give a public demonstration on the trampoline. [I used to be a proficient trampolinist, and won a number of competitions when a teenager, and represented England once in an international meet.]
First, I wondered whether the trampoline would actually get through the door without having a bit cut off it, but it did. Then I told the organisers of the display that I had not done this for many years and that I was tired and had been sick not long ago, so I didn't really feel up to it. I didn't want to disappoint, and I said this so that hopefully they wouldn't expect too much of me.
Meaning: The huge hall represents the Church Universal – the people with whom God is working throughout the world. The public display is the publicity coming soon which will put God's truths on open display.
My response is a reflection of my desire to give the best to others and an awareness of my own inadequacies. If God was not behind me, the work I am responsible for would have been nothing!

God Is Topping The Mountains
12th July 2003. H.  "Topping the mountains."
A prophetic word given.
Meaning: I was given that the mountains represent countries, churches and institutions. God is shaking them and will cut them down in His own time. His judgement has started and will intensify.
This was the thrust of the prophets' message in former days too. Isaiah wrote: Their land is full of idols; they bow down to the work of their hands... So men will be brought low and people humbled – but do not forgive them. God into the rocks, hide in the ground from dead of the Lord and the splendour of His majesty (Is 2:8-10, NIV).

False Christian Identified
13th July 2003. H. Dream about TS, of whom I've dreamt previously. God showed in this dream that he is a false Christian. He has lived a selfish lifestyle while pretending to be Christian. [God reveals the heart of various individuals to us, for His Work's sake.]

16th July 2003. M. Indian man
A black-haired man was with me, making himself a bit of a nuisance, reading my Bible when I wanted to read it. I pulled it back from him and said "Interesting, isn't it?" I was reading Zechariah at the time.
Then, two young pinkish rats ran across the ground near us. I said to the guy, "Come on; let's get them." He was willing. We both pursued them and nearly caught them, but they just managed to get away.
Meaning: A letter arrived from India later that day (we receive quite a number from that country). The dream depicts some things to do with reaching out in India. They need to learn and live by Zechariah 4:6, looking to God in faith, instead of trusting in man and looking to the physical so much. The black hair depicts demonic influence over the mind or way of thinking (incl. erroneous concepts).

Chicks Getting Ready
18th July 2003. M. 1) Some chicks were getting ready
Meaning: Believers getting ready for Jesus' return. Follows a letter I wrote two days ago, stirring people up about how little time there is. We all need a great sense of urgency! (See page 28 of Newsletter 23, under Time Is Short and below, dream of 25 years.) God uses endearing imagery to portray those whom He loves, who are His spiritual children.

Police Python
2) The python
I went outside our shady area of land, where there were many trees, into another location. It was a sunny grass bank, beside a canal. [It may depict new ministry premises which we will have.]
I was immediately shocked to see a huge python lying there, sunning itself. But as suddenly as I saw it, equally suddenly there was an audible 'crack' in the air, and I saw that the python had been cut into bits supernaturally. There was one large bit that I could see, with a small section of the tail end cut off beside it. Behind me, where I could not see, was the remainder of the snake. But I knew it had been destroyed or made powerless by being cut up.
Meaning: Pythons crush their prey and kill them by suffocation or asphyxiation. This is symbolic of the police attack which is about to come against us as we move into a new situation. Shows what they want to do, what they will try to do, and what God will finally do to them for their wrong approach!

25 Years
3) 25 years
This dream seemed to suggest the view of many in the Church that there could be 25 years or more until Jesus returns. I was horrified! It may look like that length of time remains – to some who are all in the physical – but it's not so.
Complacency is no helper of spiritual preparation! Urgency is. I was reminded of the words in the NT that, while they are all thinking and talking of peace and safety, sudden destruction will come upon the complacent (1 Thes 5:3).
God will make a short work upon earth. He will cut it short in righteousness (Rom 9:28).

Northern Ireland Retreat
21st July 2003. M. Northern Ireland retreat
It was as if we were buying a flat in Belfast or somewhere similar in Northern Ireland, as a retreat.
Meaning: I believe it means that someone there will be very friendly and co-operative, so that we can stay there.

People Don't Want More Truth
21st July 2003. H. People don't want more truth!
In our back garden I lifted some boards which covered a water tank. I saw people inside the tank, floating in the water. I also saw a big chicken and other pieces of meat floating.
I asked a young boy with white hair to give me a piece of chicken. I felt he was an angel. It seemed like the people were not interested in eating the solid food!
Meaning: This dream depicts the very unwilling state of the Church, spiritually. They don't really want deeper, more solid truth! They don't mind floating in water (symbol of the Holy Spirit), but they are not prepared to put out the effort to eat meaty food! All who are given the truth must practice it and live it out, otherwise they are hypocrites!
Asking the angel for meat represents how we want the truth. We seek it and are glad to accept it. For that reason, God backs us up.

Are You Laying Your Paving Stones?
22nd July 2003. M. The patio and pavers
Our patio was all ripped up [this depicts upheaval, to do with our situation and 'the law', etc., and how it will disrupt our lives]. Then the dream showed that someone in touch with us needed to do a patio of his own.
I knew Someone who had the pavers and they were available for free [depicts the truths of God we have with which to make a path to walk on in life]. So I was keen to tell him.
Since we were very much in need of some money, it was an opportunity for me to ask for a small remuneration for the information. I only wanted £100, which was about half the total cost of what was being offered gratis (but, of course, it involved him having to collect the pavers and do the patio himself).
Meaning: The pavers represent God's truths. Each person has a responsibility to take God's truth – which is offered free – and lay it out in life. You are to stand and walk upon it, because it's your sure foundation. (Who Is The End-Time Elijah? contains a chapter entitled Restoring The Way.)

Church Is Cold And Icy
24th July 2003. H. Church is cold and icy
I saw some goslings inside a barrel of water which was cold and icy. These birds were huddling together for comfort.
Meaning: This represents a church situation for someone locally. The Holy Spirit is iced up in churches and people are looking for comfort, warmth and guidance. They are stuck in their church situations, relying upon human leadership to give them guidance. But they are not getting what they need.
They need the fire of God to warm them up.

Distraught Girl Helped
25th July 2003. M. A young girl was distraught and we were able to help her. [A letter came a day later, to which I could reply and help this person.]

God Depicts MM Publications
25th July 2003. H. God depicts MM publications
Dream of a Victorian style large room full of books. It was like a library with shelves on all the walls, full of books to the ceiling. This library looked uncared for and neglected. It was covered in dust. A lady came in and she started helping to clean up the room.
Meaning: The library represents MM, with all our publications ready for people to read. But the Church at large doesn't care for this work we are doing for God. They don't care for more truth, especially the aspects which God is now restoring to the Church. Hence the state of neglect.
The lady -- the Church -- then becomes aware of the need, and starts to support us and help. It's long overdue assistance! (It will come after the miracles, which are after the assault.)

Sly WCG Leader
27th July 2003. M.
1) David Silcox, Regional Director of the WCG in the UK, wanted to meet up with me to 'discuss' something. [This represents his final realisation that he needs to try to 'get in' with us, after all these years, because of the imminent onslaught of publicity which will project what we say into prominence. We hold the trump card. He's a political 'animal' and does what he does for appearances' sake.]

I didn't really want to talk with him. He hasn't sought me out at all for decades, indicating he doesn't seek truth and justice. He only seeks to maintain his power and control. So, I didn't welcome his response. I felt like saying, "Oh just go away!"

But, being more obliging than I probably should be, I looked for a place where we could sit down and spread out a reference work, to examine it in detail. [God is showing that I am willing to examine anything in our teaching that might need revision or alteration to make it absolutely accurate. I seek truth, whereas the WCG does not. They seek what lifts them up or makes them look good. God is warning me to beware; to be wise.] However, it was a real problem finding somewhere to do this.

Finally, we found a table and opened up this big reference work which was like a huge concordance. It didn't open from right to left like most books, but from top to bottom. I found the page in question and started to try and read it, but the words just weren't what were in my Bible. I couldn't recognise the passage; it made no sense. The words were totally different! I was trying to read them when the page turned over by itself [demonic interference], and we were unable to turn back the page, so I couldn't read any more. It was so annoying!

There was no way we could resolve the differences between us, because the text he was using as a basis for his doctrine was totally inaccurate! It wasn't biblical at all!

Meaning: A warning that his theology is totally governed by demonic deception. He thinks he knows the truth, and takes exception to MM theology, but his main point of reference is not biblical at all.

The dream also illustrates the absolute impossibility of ever finding a meeting of minds with him. He is of a different spirit. It was not the Holy Spirit turning the pages, but a demon spirit who doesn't want the truth to be exposed.

Morris Cerullo Misguided
2) In another dream about Morris Cerullo, I saw what he was doing and saying, and it was so off-beam that I could only shake my head and sigh deeply!
Meaning: Morris's theology and practice is so wayward, but he still relentlessly pursues his evangelism thinking he is so important in God's plan, as if he were the centre of what God is doing, which he is not. He is proud, obdurate and very misguided.

Lots Happening
27th July 2003. H.  Dream of lots of activities and dealing with  many people
One of the people was someone famous, who was helping us, sharing in what we were doing. I was telling him that he owned the floor of our room.
Meaning: Many will be glad to help once they understand what we stand for. God will be able to reach some famous people, too, for the first time.

New York Hit Again By Terrorists!
29th July 2003. H. 1) Terrorist strike again in the USA
I saw the American continent. The scene was near a peninsula like in New York, and I saw a terrible explosion take place.
Meaning: Another terrorist strike!

African Atrocity
2) I saw three African heads with African hair styles
Meaning: That day I heard the news of a Nigerian gang who were arrested for children smuggling. This trafficking was to do with Satanic rituals – the children were abused and sacrificed in some horrific way in pagan religious rites.
There is much black magic and witchcraft in

End Of The Age Is Very Close
3) The end of the age is very close!
I read some literature to do with the end of the age. I was stirred up by it. I wanted to share it with others, but somehow no one cared!
Meaning: The apathy in most people. They have become spiritually dull and don't care about what really matters. So they don't know where the world is in God's heavenly timetable! God has to get people's attention, through raising the dead!

Grumbling Old Man
30th July 2003. H. 1) Carpet samples and the old man
I was busy looking through some carpet samples, trying to choose a suitable colour. Next to me sat an old man, moaning and complaining, being totally unhelpful, obstructive and negative.
Meaning: He represents Church leaders who oppose the work we are doing for God. We have to just get on with the work in spite of all the negative stuff that comes from people!
The carpet may be something to do with the changes ahead concerning new premises for offices.

God Will Bring The Help We Need
2) Later someone gave me some herbal tablets to strengthen us.
Meaning: God will give us the help we need to get the job done.

Richard's Face Mask Removed
3) I saw a face mask removed from Richard's face and his eyes were opened so he could see.
Meaning: Concerns Richard's spiritual restoration. He will have his spiritual sight restored.

We Have To Endure Bad Conditions
31st July 2003. H. What others have consigned us to
We were living in a rented flat which felt like a dungeon. There was very little light. It was full of spiders in the corners. The floor was uneven, slimy and oily. When I tried to wash the place there were strange water mice living in the floor cavity. We felt trapped and imprisoned.

[The depiction is meant to highlight the effects of others' neglect – how we have been deprived of what God wanted us to have, but which we could not, because of the failure of others who ran and hid instead of responding properly and helping.]

I looked out and I could see S and D with Michael Howard. They were having fun and going for a walk. [Depicts past activities.] Later they came to see us with another lady which I felt symbolised the Church as a whole. I felt embarrassed that we had to live in such a grotty place.

Meaning: The dream represents our financial predicament. Many were called to learn from the truths which God gave us, and to come into agreement with what God revealed and had us write in the publications. In agreement, they would then support us. Instead, the opposite has happened, which has caused the complete depletion of whatever we had and the amassing of huge debts, while we wait for the turning point.

People take time to learn lessons in life. We all have to learn, so we don't hold anything against anyone for what has occurred. (The apostle Paul suffered similarly, see 1 Cor 9.) But God points it out because His truth is of paramount importance, and where it is not appreciated and accepted there follows a corresponding dearth. In this instance, we have had to bear the consequences of that spiritual languor.

The Church doesn't care for the truths of God. She prefers to have fun and even play the harlot! (That's God's viewpoint of accepting error in place of His truth!)

David Kelly Speaks About Richard
2nd Aug 2003. M. 1) Richard was sitting beside David Kelly (the man caught in the middle of a row between the government and the BBC, who committed suicide a couple of weeks ago). [It is now possible that he was murdered!] We were quite a distance away from them but within earshot. I then heard David Kelly say something about Richard having a 'head on' and how tragic it would be. I cringed that he would say such a thing in Richard's hearing.
Comment: God deliberately makes a correlation between the two fates.

MM Literature
2) MM literature awaiting widespread distribution
I was on a balcony looking down on (overseeing) what was going on all around. There was quite a bit going on! In the storeroom downstairs there was a lot of produce; I saw what looked like nice fat cabbages and other goodies waiting for distribution. [Symbolises our literature in our current situation.]
Then I found myself upstairs. There was a small attic room up there, where one man lived. The room was very small – long and narrow. He was up one end of the room having a leak [symbolises getting rid of spiritual impurities / waste] when I arrived, so I waited a while before making myself known to him. Then we met and I felt a real affinity with him. He was very likeable and I wanted to get to know him. [This began to be fulfilled a day later, when the man in the dream visited us.]

Most Ministries Are Skeleton Carriers Of God's Truth
6th Aug 2003. M. 1) God depicts most ministries as skeleton carriers of His truth
I was in America, near the coast, walking along a cliff top. I saw a ship come sailing by, except that it had no sails. It was powered invisibly. It was also a 'skeleton' of a ship. The structure was like a skeleton of an old galleon, or a ship made out of sticks. At the back, where the stern of the galleon swept up, was a skeleton framework which reminded me of a whale's tail fin. There was a vertical central support, which ended in a horizontal tee. At each end of this tee, a couple of people were sitting. Thus, they were very high up and I could see them as the 'ship' moved past.
Another ship came along, like the first, then another and then a fourth. They were large, despite being skeletons.
I went to see the place from where they were being sent out. To get down to this spot, I had to be very careful, as the path almost disappeared, and I could look over the cliff top and see a long way down [an allegory of how we have had to continue in a very precarious situation]. It was a vertical drop! If I slipped it would have been almost certain death or serious injury! The Man sending out the 'ships' told me to wait a while.
Meaning: The ships represent ministries which God has sent out. Many have gone around the world (hence the number 4) from America. But they were only 'skeletons' of God's truth. They needed more body, spiritually speaking.
We have to wait a short while before God sends us out.

2) I was standing on our upstairs landing, where I put out the various items and letters for the post, or for filing away. Then our cat, Angus, (which died a few months ago), came along and seemed a little bit timid, so I encouraged it and befriended her again.
Meaning: The cat depicts Zenya, who works with me in the office, sending out literature and doing much needed work on the PC, etc. She was a great help to us, but two years after this dream she ceased working for MM (she wasn't paid because we had no money to pay her) and got a job outside. She has also stepped back from obeying God.
Befriending her again alludes to her return, after she has learned the necessary spiritual lessons from going her own way for a while. God sees everything before it occurs!

Work Ahead Is Not Easy
6th August 2003. H. 1) Work ahead difficult and public
We were setting out on a new journey. The road ahead of us was uphill, narrow and rough. We had to keep our identities secret because of the publicity. I had to carry something into a room and out again.
Meaning: There is a work ahead of us full of challenges and difficulties. Being in the public eye won't be easy.

Tying Up The Lions
2) Vision of lions. These lions were being put into bags and had to be tied up so that they couldn't escape!
Meaning: This represents those who come against us and who are used by the devil. There are many such people!

Selfish & Demanding
8th August 2003. M. A C phoned us up and wanted to come and visit with us on Saturday night. I had already arranged to meet a close friend that evening, but rescheduled plans to accommodate Andrew. [A future meeting with him.]
Meaning: This concerns a former friend who will finally seek out our company (when it's a confounded nuisance!). He is demanding and selfish and considers what is convenient to himself, not what fits in with what we have to do.
I sent this fella some literature (he lives abroad, so it cost us quite a bit), but he returned it all and wouldn't read any of it, such was his cloned cultic mentality! I'm not looking forward to meeting him again.

People Are Unreliable Donors
11th Aug 2003. M. In this dream I had taken part in a Prize Draw. There were only about five taking part, so I had a really good chance of winning the jackpot which was £5m. [All this is entirely symbolic]
When the time for the draw came at the end of the day I was really eager to see what I had won – desperately so! Everyone got a prize. The other prizes were much lesser -- things of practical value. I think there was even a small JCB digger.
Anyway, I was so eager to find out whether I had got the £5m because of all that we could do with it! There is so much demand for literature about God's truths that it would be fantastic to be able to supply it all, and that money would make it possible. (In Africa we have a massive open door. With that amount of money, we could flood huge areas with God's truths!) Boy, was I anxious and eager!
But the dream ended without me knowing the outcome. (It is up to others whether we get the money needed to do the job, and God likened that to a lottery because people can be that fickle in their approach to giving to God's Work!)

We Lose What We Should Have Had
14th Aug 2003. M. Selfless sense of urgency needed!
Dream about the next premises for doing this branch of God's Work. We had to move as fast as possible. It was as if any delay would have permitted another interested party to get in before us. God is saying there is no time to delay! We need to put all our plans on the backburner, so that His have priority, full scope and take immediate effect.
Meaning: All that is now history. It happened as the dream forewarned. Someone else bought the place which God showed us He wanted to give us for His Work. But God cannot over-ride human free agency. He doesn't force anyone to do His will.

MM Outreach Will Go To These Places
14th August 2003. H. Vision of the British Isles, Europe and Spain, and the rest of the world
Our job will be to reach these places, the nations and peoples with God's Truth. Firstly, this nation, and then Europe, then further abroad. Miracles will be publicised and the media will then take this news around the globe.

Widespread Idolatry
15th August 2003. H.
1) Dream of trinkets which have religious symbolism.
Meaning: These represent the false religions and the deception of idolatry. We have literature that will help people to believe the Truth about the True God and the Bible. People need teaching for them to develop a spiritual relationship with their Creator. In worshipping false gods people worship death.
The dream emphasises how widespread godless idolatry is.

Huge Job Of Cleaning Up!
2) I was busy using a cleaner, like a carpet cleaner. I had a huge area to clean and I tried my best to be thorough and get the job done. There was someone watching me do this, constantly. I said to him, "Are you learning how to do it?"
Meaning: This is to do with the publicity (being watched) and helping people to clean up their lives. They have to remove all the dirt (sin) from their lives and be pointed to God and His ways. People have not been taught how to live the right way. The churches have taught much error. There is so much cleaning up to do, the task is daunting!

Stick With It: Don't Step Back
16th Aug 2003. M. 1) Don't Step Back!
Richard had been concreting or screeding a floor, but he had gone off and left it for a few hours. His approach was casual. (You can't leave a screed that long. It will set in a few hours.) It was unfinished around the edges. Most of the middle of the floor was more or less level, but the edges needed another mix or two to fill up voids and then it needed a final levelling off.
When he came back to finish it, of course it was now much harder work – very difficult. That's where the dream ended.
Meaning: It's harder to go away into the world and then come back to complete what God had previously begun in your life. It's better to stay with it continually, and keep going to the end.

Antiquated Churches Of God
2) The Antiquated Church of God mentality
I heard a car pull up outside. I peeped out of the window to see who it might be and I saw an old Morris Minor estate (about 30 years old) had pulled up on the main road. It was JB. (A CoG minister.)
Because I wasn't dressed (it was early morning), I didn't go out to meet him, but Helena did. I went in the bathroom to get ready. Later, I saw him bringing some farm equipment onto our property. It was also the Sabbath when he was doing this. I was unable to stop him.
Meaning: The car represents the CoGs with their antiquated theology and practice.
JB coming here with his farm equipment symbolises how such people will want to bring along their old ways of doing things, particularly in worship meetings on the Sabbath.
And the fact that he was bringing this stuff in on the Sabbath is an indicator that they do not keep the Sabbath properly in the Spirit; their obedience is merely in the flesh. They need the moving of the Spirit!
They need to welcome the Spirit and move in spiritual gifts instead of traditional Spirit-dead (human) ways.
Combining this with other dreams, it indicates that when such people make contact with us they will want to continue down their traditional route, rather than learn from us about being Spirit-led.
Prejudices, dogmas and selfishness keep them attached to the old junk in their spiritual lives.

People Tied Up In Wire Cages
18th August 2003. H. Dream of several wire cages
I was aware that there were people tied up in these cages. I went to one of them and released the people from inside. They were glad to come out and taste new freedom.
Meaning: Represents the spiritual bondage people are held in through churches. They need to be set free to follow Christ as His children.

Some Move Ahead: Some Don't
20th August 2003. H. Dream of unusual events, meeting new people
One man brought some twigs and bits of wood. We were glad to meet up. I saw several other people who worked for God but who were deceived in some areas.
Meaning: Someone who has done work for God will be glad to join hands with us for the sake of the gospel.
The others represent those who refuse to receive more revelation and truth. The demons of deception then overpower them. Some isolate themselves from those who are used by God and elevate themselves. Pride and arrogance take over, and the devil can enter. God is pushed away and the falling away occurs to many who were working in the Vineyard but who refused further truth and revelation.

Money Supply Stolen!
23rd August 2003. M. 1) Supply cable stolen!
I was about to move in to our new ministry premises, but the previous owner had nicked the overhead power supply cable. It was lead (the heavy metal, lead) and was an inch or more in diameter. (It must have been worth quite a bit of money!)
Since it was not legally considered part of the property, the owner felt justified in taking it, although it was totally against the spirit of the transaction. It was a nasty act of selfishness. It would cost me some £50,000 to replace what had been taken!
Meaning: Dual meaning. We will have to spend an additional 50K on replacing things the present owners will remove.
Also symbolises how those who should have been providing our finance (primarily the Churches of God) have selfishly cut us off and, through their controlling rhetoric, have stolen away the supply of money that we are entitled to for God's Work.

Getting Ready With My White Van
2) I was using my white van, getting things ready so we could move ahead. Behind me was a garage at another property. There were pieces of overhead canopy or some other bits and pieces of building materials left over. We were looking to see what we could use to replace the missing 50k's worth of overhead supply cable. I noticed these sections of prefabricated canopy and considered how we could use them.
Meaning: We have to make use of 'bits and pieces' that come our way, and incorporate them in what God is having us do in His name.

I had stopped my van and parked it outside the garage, thinking that I shouldn't really be parking in someone else's property. But then I realised that it was ours now and I could park there. In fact, it would be a better idea to park inside than outside because the vehicle would have some cover and protection.
Meaning: Future situation, and the new HQ place.
Also, persecution is coming, and God will provide a means of protection and cover for us.

Churches Of God Will Be Ruined
3) Judgement coming against the WCG & Churches of God. Jxxx Dxxx, a former WCG member, was living in a tiny little town house in the middle of a row of terraced houses. He was about to move house. But driving back in his car one day, something went seriously wrong and he crashed into his house, seriously damaging it, even ruining it.
Meaning: The Church of God to which JD belongs is spiritually shut in, with little scope and of low spiritual quality. It is spiritually poor. [He rejected us years ago, and dismissed our materials as of little worth. By so doing, he chose to 'live' in his present spiritual house.]
His car crashing into the house symbolises how their church will be damaged by the publicity coming up in which we will be thrust centre-stage, and is a judgement from God against them.

This Ministry: Held Back!
29th August 2003. M. 1) Dream of our van at a T-junction, waiting to turn right onto the main road, etc.
Meaning: This allegorically depicts the present situation of our ministry as we approach coming publicity and expansion.

Hindered By Malice Of Others
2) My bicycle and malicious people
In this dream, I went into a shop to buy a newspaper. I put my bicycle against the wall outside, realising that it was vulnerable to attack from malicious kids. There were some coming along the path to the left, but I thought I could carry on with what I was doing and keep an eye on my bike from inside the shop.
I had just put my hand into my pocket to get some change for the newspaper when I heard a loud hiss. I realised that some imp of a kid must have let a tyre down. I shouted, "Oy!" and ran outside to confront the culprit. The dream ended.
Meaning: The bicycle (instead of a car) depicts our means of 'going' in this ministry. It symbolises our lack of assets to get the job done. We manage on very little compared with other ministries.
The malicious young people represent others who want to harm us and who will interfere with our means of accomplishing the task so that we are seriously hindered.
(Helena had a dream the same night about the same kind of opposition.) It refers initially to the police who want to mount an attack against us which will hinder our movements. The 'raid' against us is entirely unjustified, as I have explained previously concerning other dreams and in Police and Persecution in Newsletter 20, page 20.

We Sure Could Do With Money!
11th Aug 2003. M. In this dream I had taken part in a Prize Draw. There were only about five taking part, so I had a really good chance of winning the jackpot which was £5m. When the time for the draw came at the end of the day I was really eager to see what I had won – desperately so! Everyone got a prize. The other prizes were much lesser – things of practical value. I think there was even a small JCB digger.

Anyway, I was so eager to find out whether I had got the £5m because of all that we could do with it! There is so much demand for literature about God's truths that it would be fantastic to be able to supply it all, and that money would make it possible. (In Africa we have a massive open door. With that amount of money, we could flood huge areas with God's truths!) Boy, was I anxious and eager! But the dream ended without me knowing the outcome.

(It is up to others whether we get the money needed to do the job, and God likened that to a lottery because people can be that fickle in their approach to giving to God's Work!)

Symbolism of 5 and 3, etc (from earlier dreams):
The number 5 depicts at least two things:
1) God's preparation, and
2) His grace.

We could or would have nothing if it were not for His grace. All we own and all our opportunities in life come from Him. He holds the destiny and life of every person in His hands.
Some will use for good what He allows them to have in this life. They will receive eternal life.
Some will not use for good what they have access to, but will squander it selfishly.
So, God's grace and His preparation are seen (but only to the spiritually perceptive) in all that takes place.
3 depicts finality.
We are now in the final stages of this age before Jesus' return in a mere handful of years.
We are also a very short while away from the final outpouring of His Spirit that will come to bring mass publicity to the gospel – triggered by the raising of the dead.
We know from the many dreams which God has given to us that He will do some remarkable things in order to jettison 'our' work for Him into prominence.
One purpose of a prophetic witness is that it forewarns of God's judgement. 3 is also a factor in the numeric symbol of judgement (9) in the Bible (3 x 3 = 9).

Have You Been Terribly Hurt?
30th Aug 2003. M. Some people have suffered terribly!
I saw a man, who was shortish and a bit stocky. He had suffered a terrible tragedy in his life. He had no genitals. He was a eunuch.

He told me how it had happened. He had been in the Navy and had fallen from high up on the mast while doing some work on a jib. The fall had seriously damaged his abdomen. Since then he had to carry his bowels separately. They were in a separate head (would you believe!?) which he carried on one side of him.

As he was telling me his story, tears welled up in his eyes and a lump developed in his throat. As I listened to him I couldn't help weeping too. It was so tragic. It tore the heart out of you to listen to his account. (Years later, he was still carrying this hurt in his heart. He was emotionally wounded inside, and needed healing from God.)

Meaning: This dream is so bizarre, but it refers to a literal person. She is a lady not a man, but was represented in the dream as a man because she has been so hurt and unloved in her life that she has manly emotional responses. The imagery in the dream will help her to understand herself and her emotional responses. God loves her very much and this love was expressed in the great depth of feeling in the dream.

It also represents how other people have suffered and still suffer because they don't release their feelings and hurts from their past to God, by acknowledging inside (not in their heads only) that they are covered by the sacrifice of Jesus.

The feelings and compassion I felt for this person are the feelings God has for all who suffer. The more they suffer, the more God hurts inside for them and wants to express His love and sympathy, and heal them. But they must come to Him and ask for that healing.

Carrying his bowels in a separate head may depict how people carry their emotions (the bowels are the 'seat' of the emotions) and deal with such problems intellectually (in their heads), rather than the way they should – internally.

We will be spiritually neutered if we quench our emotions. There is a need for emotional expression towards God, so that He can come in fully and heal us completely. Healing is more than merely physical. It involves the healing of past hurt feelings and emotions.

The man symbolises anyone (man or woman) who practices faith in God without truly surrendering their emotional 'inside' to God, and allowing Him to touch them internally via their spirit, to heal those inner hurts and wounds from the past.

Such people were represented in the dream by the man, because men tend to quench emotional expression more than women, and be less feeling.

But God created emotions to be expressed, and we cannot develop in His image if we stifle proper emotional expression, or purely work out our salvation in the head only. He must be in our hearts, too, in every way.

Police Interference Unwarranted!
6th September 2003. M. 3 dreams
1) Bindweed under the floor
There was some bindweed, with a really strong root, coming up through our floor. (Bindweed is a really pernicious weed; you can't get rid of it, except with great difficulty!) It had a really large root. I wanted to get to this thing and uproot it. I got hold of a fork and thrust it into the floor, but the fork struck a pipe – also at the point where there was a tee, making the task of repair doubly difficult – and I knew that I would be unable to uproot this dreadful weed. We would also have to get a plumber to repair the pipe.
Meaning: The bindweed represents the nuisance of the police. Their strong root, which we are unable to uproot portrays how they are unchallengeable and we are effectively powerless against them. (There is really no body to which the police are independently accountable, so that their abuse can be eradicated.) They are in a commanding position and can bother us with their unwarranted investigation – symbolised by coming up under our floor.
The dream also portrays my inner desires for the justice and righteousness of God; how I would like to reform the system to bring equity and goodness into it, and uproot the evil. But any attempt to do that in this corrupt system only brings further problems and damages us, hindering our ability to continue unharmed with our work for God, hence the pipework being damaged.

Churches of God Very Unhelpful!
6th Sept 2003. M.
2) Jxxx Bxxxxx. [A Church of God person.]
We were laying some carpet. It was a rather tricky situation, where the carpet had to cover two areas joined together across a doorway.
The two areas were at an unusual angle to each other, like 45 degrees, so we had to lay the carpet at the doorway first, and in line with the unusual angle, not in line with the walls of the buildings.
I had to do this. It took quite a bit of working out! But, I finally realised how to accomplish it and we got on with the job.
But Jxxx turned up with her family and seemed to want to be in the centre of things. She was argumentative and awkward and was making herself a nuisance. Her husband just stood there and did nothing about this. (I don't suppose there was much he could do.)
Since she was holding us up and just being an opposing force, I insulted her by telling her to go home and take all her family with her.
Meaning: Whilst depicting spiritual limitations of our former friends, it also represents most people in the CoG's. They have no real depth of spirituality, and so they are a hindrance to spiritual progress and to our work for God.
Two can only walk together if they are agreed, but the CoG folks generally are set in their ways. Their minds are made up, and there's not much we can do with them except leave them to 'go back home'. They won't move forward spiritually.
There is stubbornness there, with arrogance and self-will. God has to leave them in that state until they acknowledge their sin and their need for more of His Spirit.
They need the baptism in the Spirit to receive spiritual gifts.

Preparing Food For The Church of God 'Children'
25th August 2003. H. Church of God
A lady was expecting a child. We were getting ready the food for the children.
Meaning: The church is giving birth to a new thing. We have the spiritual food to feed the children of God to help them to become the Bride of Christ.

The Power of God
6th Sept 2003. M. 3) The supernatural means
In this dream we were trying to get on with our task. But someone built something like a wall or similar obstacle in our path which was impossible to bridge humanly. So, I declared, according to the authority of the Spirit which God has given me, that we would dematerialise one side of the obstacle and rematerialise on the other side of it so that we could continue and not be prevented.
Meaning: The wall could well depict some injunction or other 'legal' obstacle which the police may use to try to stop me operating. But, God says that no weapon formed against us will prevail (Is 54:17).
What is impossible with men is possible with God (Mark 10:27). Have faith in God (Mark 11:22). Whatever you ask from God, believe that you receive it and it will be yours (Mark 11:24). Everything is possible for him who believes (Mark 9:23). Because Jesus promised us: "I will do whatever you ask in My name... You may ask Me for anything in My name and I will do it." (John 14:13.) We have LIVED by this faith! It works!

Nuclear Bomb
7th September 2003. M. Atomic bomb
This was the briefest of dreams, but I saw a man showing others how easy it is to prime and prepare to detonate an atom bomb. He was an amateur!
Meaning: A threat to Western society from terrorists. It is part of the judgement of God upon this country's decadent and depraved  unspiritual way of life.

God Will Humble All
10th Sept 2003. M.
Everything that is lifted up, will be brought down. The brevity of this dream was striking. It is the over-riding message of all the prophets in the OT.
It's no different today. God's prophets declare that everything that is proud or lifted up will be brought down.

God Reveals Weaknesses Of Other Prophets
13th Sept 2003. M.
My pick-up was inside a large shed / warehouse. We were getting it ready to deliver literature to others. There were three long lengths of timber, like 3 x 2 planed, several metres long. Somehow they had got burned at the ends, up to about a third or more of their length and so they were now useless. They were still burning when I threw them down onto the ground. As I did this, the smouldering ends broke away, and I saw the red hot coals lying on the floor. My thought was of protecting what was in the shed, so that nothing caught fire from these coals. Then a voice said, "What thou hast done, thou hast done well."

Meaning: This imagery represents three people whom we have had contact with, who also run a prophetic ministry in the USA. It is Jim Green, who is a prophet, his wife, and his prophetess sister.

About three weeks ago I sent them each a packet of our literature. Each packet contained publications specifically and individually chosen for them. Each of the three persons received different booklets, challenging them to move on and embrace further truth, which includes that of the Sabbaths, holy days, Church government (they are very hierarchic, even militaristic in that) the place of women in the Church, and other salient truths. A total of 23 booklets were sent! (That is significant, in itself. There is hypocrisy hidden in their lives.)

A short while later Helena received a dream predicting what their response would be. [See below.]

This morning a bag of their literature arrived in the post, at the same time as a dream which Helena received showing that they were imposing themselves upon us in an illicit way out of wrong motives. Truth is not highest on their list of priorities. Promotion of their ministry is. The man is behaving as an overlord, a cult leader, and seeks to elevate himself, and uses manipulation to achieve his less than honourable ends. A spirit of witchcraft is at work here!

After being presented with further truth – to which they have not responded, acknowledged, or accepted – the fire of God will burn them, and they will be cast down to the ground – judged. They are now of less use to God. He was a prophet. He prophesied daily (and still does). He prophesies on short-wave radio in the USA, but his heart is not right with God now, and he needs to make his peace with God.

"What thou hast done thou hast done well" refers to the presentation of God's truth in our publications, which is why God will use them to feed many of His people. (By the way, for any who may misunderstand, I don't want recognition – merely recognition for God's truth. THAT is all that matters.)

More About A False Prophet
27th August 2003. H. Major Green
I saw the face of Major Green. He had a beard and dark patches on his face.
Meaning: He considers himself to be the prophet, but if someone were to challenge his position his response will be carnal. [A short while later, the dream was fulfilled. When I wrote to  him his response to my input was to ignore it!]

13th September 2003. H. Jim Green
Dream of a busy yard, in which I was tidying up. There was a man who seemed to be in charge. He started giving me intimate personal attention (sexual) which I found embarrassing. I put up with it for a bit, then I rejected the influence. He was forcing himself on me, without caring for my well-being. His feet and hands had a dark appearance [indicates influence of evil spirits].
Meaning: This is the spirit of witchcraft. This morning we received a bag of literature from a cult leader, Jim Green, in the USA. He expects us to co-operate with him while he rejects the input we have for others.
His attitude is full of pride. He wants to control others and manipulate them. This is an evil attitude.
The sexual interference in the dream portrays his wrong spiritual approach. God cannot use someone who is not humble and who uses his position to manipulate others. He is now under judgement.
[God gave more input on his prophetic words. While God has surely given this man a prophetic gifting, the way he has used it is anachronistic (out of place, old-fashioned), and he has used it to draw attention to himself – to elevate himself.]

Others, Who Shouldn't, Ignore MM
23rd Sept 2003. M. Revival and people coming
Bob turned up with some friends, as did Rxx Mxxxxxxx and many others. Obviously, they had spread the word to their friends. The place was full!
There were a number of people I didn't know. I went up to one couple, to say hello. I introduced myself to the woman, hoping to know who she was. But she didn't reply to me. She ignored me – not maliciously, but she was engrossed in what she was doing.
Then I turned to the man next to her and said, "Hello, I'm Malcolm. What's your name?" and he ignored me too, and carried on with his conversation with someone else.
Meaning: Being ignored by the woman and the man represents the two sectors of the Church that are engrossed in what they are doing and have ignored what God is doing here. The woman represents the Spirit-led sector of the Church; the man is the other 'half'.

Building Underway & Lovely Garden
There were other aspects to this dream.
I was showing others the new building site, where foundations had been laid, and I was telling them that we were planning to build a large block of flats.
I was also trying to explain to people how to get to the new place, and working out how it was best for us to get vehicles in and out. There was a tight corner to be navigated to get there. Things were not quite as I had imagined.
Then there was a scene where I was in a small but lovely garden and tending it. A few people were admiring it.
Meaning: The last part is a pictorial representation of our ministry and the fact that only a few people fully appreciate the spiritual teachings we uphold.

Don't Worship The Money Idol
21st August 2003. H. Love of money
I saw a bag of coins with faces on them looking like idols.
Meaning: Some people have not learnt to tithe and support the work of God. God is angry with those who make money their idol. This breaks two commandments. The love of money is a sin and the devil will use it to enslave us.

Warning Others Of A Spiritualist
24th September 2003. M. Caydor?
In this dream I was going to look for a job. (We are so short of funds to provide 'our' written materials to others, that the human solution would be for me to go and get a job.)

I went to a building site where a huge building was being erected. I went inside. It was massive!! I had never seen such a vast room. It was rectangular (like Solomon's Temple) and very long! The walls were all a whitish stone, like limestone. They were very light and radiated light.

A Man came towards me from the distance. (The building was so vast that it took a person 5 minutes to walk from one end to the other!) I told Him my 'credentials', that I have built home extensions for people – done foundations, brickwork, plastering, roofwork... etc. He asked me if I knew of Caydor. I wondered if it was some specialist type of door or window which He wanted me to fit. The dream ended there.

Meaning: Some people visited us and in the conversation last night Edgar Cayce (pronounced Kay-see) came up. He was a spiritualist, psychic, or medium who died in the 1930's. He was an expert in necromancy – receiving information in messages from spirits. The information which God wants us to have – represented by the window which lets light in – He has given us in the Bible.

Jesus warned us to beware of false prophets who come in sheep's clothing (Matt 7:15), and Paul alerted Christians to the fact that these people can come as angels of light (2 Cor 11:14,15). But who is meant to bring us light from God? Jesus, primarily. He is the Light of the world (Jn 12:46).

When men come in His place, supplanting Him, they are usurpers. Jesus is our Mediator between us and God (1 Tim 2:5; Heb 12:24).

In the book Testing The Spirits, I explain that it is essential for us to test the spirits (1 Jn 4:1) and how to do so. One of the tests is "Does the person or revelation point to Jesus as our Mediator, and to God; or does it focus our attention on the man and his revelation?"

Satan is a master of subtlety and cunning. He will reveal truth (mixed with some error, as it has always been from the beginning in Eden) to people, in order to steal their attention away from Jesus, the Light of the world. The transition is not noticed. We, because we are only people, can be easily fooled, unless we have the Spirit of God enlightening us (and this is a process; we have to grow to maturity and full openness to the Spirit of God).

The huge building in the dream is the spiritual dwelling God is creating with His people. Millions of believers around the world are being prepared spiritually to dwell with God and become part of His heavenly 'Jerusalem' of the future (Rev 21 and 22). The Man who came towards me in the dream was Jesus, symbolising how He has come to us and given us revelation which we have expounded in our publications.

He is the One who should have all honour and glory, and all our worship and praise, because He is God. No man should have accolades that are reserved for the One who is divine. He died for the sins of the world, not Edgar Cayce. He is the Light of the world, not Edgar Cayce. He has given us His Word in the Bible, not Edgar Cayce. Despite all the truth which psychics like Edgar Cayce may possess in their writings (and don't forget that it's mixed with error!), the overall effect of what they wrote was to draw attention to themselves, to elevate them, and to subtly supplant Christ, so that people who learn from psychics are drawn away from the greater spirituality and riches of Christ and onto a lesser substitute which is idolatrous.

We see a similar transference of worship and loyalties in our society where medical science and doctors are lifted up onto a divine level and given the elevation and adulation which Jesus deserves because He alone is the Saviour of the world, not any man, nor anything man has achieved without God.

Swimming In The Muddy River
27th September 2003. M.
The area all around was 5 feet deep in muddy water, and
Helena and I had to swim in this. I could feel twigs and plants underneath as I kicked my feet. Helena went first and I was close behind.
I saw a woman to my right, wading in this water, carrying on as normal, doing her work, even though only her head and shoulders were above the water. I couldn't help but wonder how on earth she could still carry on! She was planting rice.
There was also another woman to the left. I recognised her as African. [These two women may represent our outreach abroad.] Helena and I swam for quite a while and we made considerable progress, but eventually I got tired.  At that point I turned over on my back and rested. As I did so, I was aware that others were watching me [publicity].
Meaning: The difficulties we face in this ministry in moving ahead. (Helena had other dreams showing likewise that our difficulties have been caused to a large extent by the failure of others to respond properly and support us, because they are not willing to go the whole way.)
The muddy river represents the spiritual environment around us, full of deception, lies, heresies, half-truths, and opposition from church folks, the unconverted, and from the State.

Don't Worship The Money Idol
21st August 2003. H. Love of money
I saw a bag of coins with faces on them looking like idols.
Meaning: Some people have not learnt to tithe and support the work of God. God is angry with those who make money their idol. This breaks two commandments. The love of money is a sin and the devil will use it to enslave us.

We Struggle With Credit
27th August 2003. H. Struggling with a belt
Wherever we went we had to take a rolled up belt, three inches wide. This made our life difficult and cumbersome. We had to roll it out everywhere we went.
Malcolm said we have to make some changes. God showed that the belt had to be used to produce flowers, dark pansies.
Meaning: This portrays our financial difficulty, and the debt we have to constantly struggle with. The belt depicts credit card transactions. However, the struggle will lead to good results in people in the future, depicted by the lovely flowers.

We Are Hidden At The Moment
26th August 2003. H.
We were hidden behind a long curtain. On the other side someone was making preparations for the future.

We Are Temporarily Parked Up
29th Sept 2003. M.
It was dark, in the deep of the night, and I was looking for a place to park our car so it would be safe. I went into a car and coach park, where there was hardly anything else parked, just one other car I think. I decided where to park our car.
Meaning: The car represents our ministry. The blackness of night is a symbol for the spiritual darkness all around people who need the light of God which 'our' literature brings. Parking the car represents not moving forward as yet.

Malicious Self-Centred Heart Exposed
4th October 2003. M. Dream of someone shooting another who was running towards us to be with us. [This dream is also recalled on page 9 of Newsletter 24.]
Meaning: Concerns an evil motive in someone else who has prevented another person coming towards this ministry. I wrote to this person about it:

Several people were in a house or 'fort'. We were represented as soldiers in this dream. [After all, we are supposed to be soldiers in a spiritual sense, all fighting in a war against the devil.] Three young soldiers were coming up the hill towards us. They were friendly and wanted to be with us. The middle one was a bit portly, or 'dumpy'. He wasn't overweight, but he was a bit chubby. But he was very well meaning and wanted to join with us. However, someone in our fort took careful aim and shot him with one shot! I was horrified! The act was malicious and evil.

I saw the young man fall down. I saw blood on his chest from the wound. He stood up almost immediately, determined to continue. He really wanted to meet with us. But as soon as he stood up, he collapsed again. He realised he couldn't make it. He asked his two friends to go and get help. That's where the dream ended.

I wrote to the individual concerned:

"As I was wondering who the person was, God gave me the interpretation. You are the one doing the shooting. You have done it before with regard to....

"The person in the dream whom you 'shoot' is another interested party, who wants to meet with us or get to know more about us and what God is doing here... [rest of letter is in N 24, p 9.] We don't try to manipulate, intimidate or control anyone. We don't seek domination or influence in others' lives for selfish reasons like God is showing that you do."

God Exposes Editor of Vanguard
7th Oct 2003. M. Nasty, abusive woman
I was in touch with a woman, trying to offer her our publications, in particular God's Church – Whose Authority? But she was abusive and nasty. She returned the good we wanted to do with evil! She opposed me and maliciously sought to hurt and hinder me. She showed her hostility by taking my fingerprint off a pencil I had used.

I was furious and lurched towards her in the anger that was within me, but it seemed that I was restrained by two others who were with me. [This dream came before the arrival of Vanguard, edited by Siam Bhayro. I didn't understand it then. But I wrote to Siam Bhayro a positive letter offering him more information on the matter of church authority which was the subject he has been addressing in his magazine Vanguard. He didn't even acknowledge my letter or reply!]

The dream continued: I was also looking at a couple of houses, with a view to occupying them or purchasing them. But the accommodation was not really very good there. They were small and had several features which were substandard, one of which was that a tree outside was seriously damaged. They weren't very appealing at all. [This depicts the couple of responses we received from Vanguard readers who did acknowledge my letters to them. Initially they did reply, but apparently they're not interested in moving forward either.]

There was also a large machine like a lorry chassis with engine, some sort of workhorse, that I noticed. It seemed that I could have this as well if I wanted. I wondered about it. Later, I was back in our own garden and heard the large machine coming up the drive in the field alongside. I peered around a branch to see this contraption and what it would do. [This part of the dream is yet to be fulfilled.]

God Foretells of Close Association
28th August 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) D S
I was in bed with DS, a minister we formerly knew in WCG. His ex-wife C turned up at the door. She looked sheepish so I invited her to get in on the other side of DS and encouraged her to get her feet warmed.
Meaning: This shows DS shall work together with this ministry. C will come along too, to be involved in the work.

2) Donation to Kenya
Dream of DM, whom we knew from the WCG. She said, "I have sent some money to Africa, to Kenya." I said, "Lameck is doing a great job. [Lameck has done quite a bit of translating.] We need people who can help with the burden of supporting the outreach in other countries."

Opposition; Old Church; & Revival
29th August 2003. H. 3 Dreams
1) Vandals stop fountains flowing
We worshipped at a fountain of water. Springs of water were bursting out of the ground. Vandals came and destroyed the pumps and stopped the springs from working.
Meaning: The springs of water represent the published truths of God. The enemy wants to destroy the works of God, to prevent the truth of God being made available to others.

2) Old American preacher
I was talking to an American preacher who was old and set in his ways. There was some furniture made out of iron. I was wondering if I could get an address to send him our literature about revival.
Meaning: This preacher represents the American churches, which are old, rigid and unwilling to change. They need revival. Only God can reach them through miracles.

3) Friendly lady
A lady in a blue dress wanted to renew her friendship with me. I embraced her to make her feel welcome and offered her a place in our home.
Meaning: The lady in blue represents the true Church – blue is a heavenly colour. She will be glad to be associated with us once her eyes are opened and she sees the miracles which come from God.

Gearing Up For Next Stage of Work
30th August 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Finding key to gate
I was going to go through the gate but couldn't find the key to open it. I asked someone to help me. They showed me the key hidden under a pot. I was glad to have it so we could move on.
Meaning: God is opening new doors. God gives us the key to the new door – He opens up the next phase of work.

2) Dirty baby
Dream of a baby sleeping in bed. The bed was dirty and the baby covered in faeces. I was horrified. I asked someone to clean him up.
Meaning: The baby represents Richard. God is the one who will clean Richard up and heal him completely. Richard phoned late at night to chat about a famous singer being a Christian. This was a positive sign of him being prepared for the future events.

Rubbish In Churches
31st August 2003. H. Plants growing in rubbish
Dream of a rubbish tip with plants growing in between the rubbish, rocks and broken-down walls. I felt I needed to move them into more fertile soil.
Meaning: This portrays the state in churches where there is a spiritual mess. The people need to be delivered and given truth about God and the Bible. This is the job of the 'Elijah' Work, to feed and teach the Church to become the Bride of Christ.

Attack On MM Imminent
2nd September 2003. H. Coming attack
I saw a hand guiding and directing schemes. It looked like snakes were on the move.
Meaning: The devil is planning an attack on MM. He wants us destroyed. The enemy attacks but God has the victory! Persecution and opposition cause God's power to be released!

3rd September 2003. H. Crocodiles
Dream of several crocodiles in our pond. I was afraid to get close to them in case I would be attacked. I thought that putting netting over them would keep us safe. Another option would be to get a specialist to deal with them.
Meaning: The attack is coming. God is going to protect us and deal with the enemy.

4th September 2003. H. Hedge covered
Dream of a long, tall hedge. Most of the hedge was covered with plastic sheeting but some of it was left uncovered.
Meaning: The hedge represents the ministry work. Plastic sheeting is used by the police in their forensic investigations. When the enemy strikes (in this instance, it is the police) we will be prevented from being able to carry on with the ministry work. But some of the work will continue. God is allowing this situation for a witness to the authorities. (Acts 21-22.)

6th September 2003. H. Toilet intimidation
Dream of compartment of toilets. The supervisors were controlling and bullying the people who were using the toilets. They were hassled and intimidated.
Meaning: People use toilets to get rid of waste, and wash basins to wash their hands afterwards, so this is an allegory of getting cleaned up spiritually. The supervisors represent the police. They will prevent people worshipping with us.
The police are becoming more aggressive towards people and tend to meddle more in peoples' private lives, interfering with their personal freedoms.

14th September 2003. H. Wild animal
A wild animal with a big head and big teeth came through the chimney. A man started poking about, looking for something.
Meaning: The creature represents the devil. An attack of the enemy is on the way. The devil wants to destroy what God is doing. When men are used by the devil to attack the work of God they will be punished and will come under judgement.
N. B. We have received several other dreams, earlier, about the attack which the police will mount against us. These are written up in Newsletter 20, page 20, under the article Police and Persecution. God is exposing the dishonesty and corruption in the police force, which is spiritually wayward.

1st October 2003. H. Intrusion and annoyances
Someone was going though our cupboards. Some bags of potatoes were on the top shelf and were already sprouting. Two people parked themselves on our bed, watching everything. There was a leaking tap over a sideboard which was a nuisance.
Meaning: The potatoes represent people who are spiritually ready for planting into fertile soil. The two men represent Scotland Yard detectives who are going to intrude into our private lives. The PR will be a hindrance to us but God showed us that we are going to have victory. God will deal with them.

5th October 2003. H. People turn up
The wind was blowing. Some men turned up. I felt they had an agenda.
Meaning: The wind is a sign warning of evil. The men represent people from authorities.

Church Folks Are Careless With Truth
11th September 2003. H. Children careless with wine
There were hundreds of women who were Catholics. They wore old fashioned clothes. They behaved like children at a school playground, running around and being active without any purpose, amusing each other.
I gave these women two containers of wine and they ran off with them like children would. I gave some wine to another lady (TW) whom we knew previously in the WCG. [Because the WCG rejected truth and accepted heresies she is represented as Catholic.] She was walking with the wine but carelessly walked into a wall. She was hurt and the wine got spilt. I was very upset at the waste of the wine!
Meaning: The wine represents God's teaching, which Catholics don't take seriously. They prefer to accept the traditional teaching of the church. WCG members have had access to the truth but through carelessness and negligence they have lost it.

25th September 2003. H. Idle fat lady
Dream of a fat lady sitting on a bench doing very little.
Meaning: This represents a lady in America whom we know. She has resisted our ministry and has not responded to the spiritual food which we have given to her. Pride and complacency get in the way of what God is doing. The Church is asleep and doesn't want to be stirred up!

26th September 2003. H. Unpresentable lady
A lady was wearing her favourite slacks which were ill-fitting and had a hole. Malcolm was trying to show this lady what was wrong but she didn't like it and resisted his input. She had lots of other clothes on her bed but she didn't appreciate them and just left them in a pile. There was a building where there was tidying up going on. A large bedside cabinet was brought in.
Meaning: God has given her beautiful clothes to wear, but she doesn't care. She would rather carry on in her old ways.
Preparations are being made to wake up the Church so that she can prepare to be Jesus' Bride.

30th September 2003. H. Nice plants lacking soil
There was an old house. When I went in I saw some unusual plants which were pretty and colourful. I was concerned that the plants had only a handful of soil to grow in. I wanted to transplant these plants into pots with plenty of good soil.
Meaning: The house represents one of the local churches. We have shared some literature with a family which attend this church. God is showing how these people need more spiritual food. What the churches give is not enough for the people to thrive on and grow into maturity.

Some Of What Is Ahead
10th September 2003. H. Journey ahead
Making preparations, very busy. Getting ready for a journey. A car was waiting outside the house.
Meaning: Whatever situations we have to face help us to prepare for the next stage of activities. God has much work up ahead for us, in giving His spiritual truth to many people.

4th October 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Special friend. I met someone who was friendly towards me. He gave me an envelope which contained an offering. I was glad to receive it. The friendship was very special. 
Meaning: That morning I received a thank-you note from Jxxx Mxxxxx for the literature which I had sent him a few months previously. This man is a well-known TV personality.

2) New house and difficulty
I was moving into our next house. The doorway was quite high up. I had to put one foot onto a stake and get hold of the door frames to lift myself up in order to get into the house.
Meaning: There are obstacles and difficulties ahead of us. We have to be careful how to handle certain situations.

6th October 2003. H. Friendly again with former friends
There was an open market area. I was sitting on the side with FB having a friendly conversation. I was glad to make the acquaintance again after 13 years of being cut off (in 2003) from our former friends. He was wearing all black, the colour of mourning.
Meaning: Publicity will bring everything into the open. People we formerly knew have suffered because of the division in the church.

8th Oct 2003. M. Our shed had two big double doorways at the front and Richard and Tonya were 'joy-riding' in their motors, zooming into the shed. Their motors, however, were large vans like Transits.
I was very concerned at the speed they were going and worried for my shed. I wondered if they would collide inside, since they both went into the shed through different entrances. But somehow they didn't. Richard was not shown emerging, but Tonya was.
She came zooming out of the right hand exit / entrance. I was horrified because there was so little space between her van and the doorway. She was going such a speed! On the way out she clipped the top of the door frame and knocked a chunk out of it. But fortunately, the shed and doorway remained in tact.
Meaning: It will become clear in time, but it may have a lot to do with the large work ahead of us with lots to do.

God Brings People Here To Be Taught
18th September 2003. H. Traveller with baby
Dream of a traveller walking with a horse and cart. He looked a well seasoned traveller, with boots hanging from the side of the cart. I saw him again with suitcases and he had a baby with him to take care of. The baby was a grown up man with dark skin. We offered to help out but the traveller felt confident he could cope.
Meaning: The dream is about someone we know. The baby is someone else (a friend of his who used to work in a prominent ministry) who needs spiritual help and assistance.

23rd September 2003. H. Giving flowers
I chose one of my flowers and gave it to someone.
Meaning: That day a lady turned up whom we knew from many years ago. She lives in Spain with her husband. She showed interest in the flowers and plants that I grow as a hobby. I gave her some to take back to Spain with her with lots of literature. God brought her here for that purpose and there will be spiritual fruit from it eventually. [After this, Kassahun also had a dream that our outreach spread to Spain.]

Moving Ahead
11th October 2003. M. The bank
We were in the bank making alterations. The safe had to be moved with millions in it, and the air was full of dust from the building work which I was doing. I was shown various things to do with the bank. It was a very prestigious building, ornate and imposing like the hallowed temples of Greece or Rome. When I suggested where this bank was in
London I was then told "No, not there. Threadneedle Street."
Then I was taken to quite a modern bungalow which someone was considering moving into and altering. We looked around it. I was asked whether we could instal a big patio door in one room where at the moment there was only a window. I said "Yes. But it would be very wide!"
Then we went walking outside in the grounds. It was a very nice location. The land was undulating and there were trees. A man was walking with us and someone said that his job was to arrange cheap mortgages for people. I thought, "Oh goodie! Just the man I need to speak to!" "How amazing," I thought to myself, "the way God provides all you need and brings along people to help you at the most needed times."

12th Oct 2003. First day of the Feast of Tabernacles
The way ahead
The scene was a three lane road. Although there were three lanes and not much traffic on this road, I was driving in my car along the pedestrian footway. But not for long. A bus came in the other direction and, because the pavement narrowed at that point, I got out of its way and went onto the main carriageway.
Meaning: This depicts our present ministry situation, how we have not been able to go on the 'main road' yet, as other ministries with high profile have been able to do, and the opposition that is coming against us. The main road depicts 'travelling' / taking the message into the world / society at large. It is not possible to do this without being well known.
A little way further along, I had to turn suddenly to the left and come off the main road to take another route. As I came off the main highway, there were road works. A lot was being altered. Then I was on the bank of a river. I had to row across this river but my boat was like a coracle and made out of leather. Because it was flexible, and didn't have a flat firm base I knew that this would prove difficult – actually impossible humanly!

Then I was on, not just a river, but what seemed to be like a sea. Now, however, I was in a motorboat. It was small, but had a firm base and a small outboard motor on the back.
Meaning: This depicts our backing which is coming.

Amazingly, we were travelling uphill on this 'ocean'! There were two other larger rowing boats to my right and we seemed to be 'in competition' with them. There were several people on board those boats and they were all rowing. But, with my small motor behind me – which was not powerful, but kept me going at a steady pace – I was able to keep up with them and even gain on them. I was 'winning' this race! I was moving ahead faster than them. That's where the dream ended.
Meaning: This latter part depicts coming progress in the ministry.

14th Oct 2003. M. 1) Dream of Tonya and Zenya enjoying themselves in a lake, etc.

2) I was running over the mountains
The ground was rough and it was hard going. There were two others running also, which I found irritating because they were trying to compete with me instead of co-operate with me.
It was unnecessary. I wondered why they couldn't just leave me alone! And why were they not happy to assist me?
Meaning: The rough running over the mountains is depictive of our ministry work. But others don't help us. They don't want to be outdone and so they compete instead of cooperate.
This was fulfilled a few days later. On 20th October, I had to write to a pastor, Derek Walker, and an evangelist, David Hathaway, about their failure to co-operate with us. They deliberately ignore God's work being done here by this ministry, because they are engrossed in what they are doing, and don't want to accept aspects of truth which we promote. Pride is the root which causes them to compete with us instead of co-operate.

N. B. Most church people, and especially ministers, are among our biggest hindrances! You would think that people who profess to love and obey God would be only too glad to co-operate with us and help. But no! The fact that they get in our way, oppose us, or simply ignore us, is evidence of the widespread state of spiritual sleep in the Church! (Matt 25:5.)

More About What Is Ahead
18th October 2003. M. Our new car
I was talking with a car salesman about receiving a new car entirely free. I asked him what he had available. He said that it was a Vauxhall Astra. I asked him what model; was it saloon, hatchback or estate? He said it was an estate car.
I was pleased to hear that because it's the model I would prefer because it's the most practical for carrying loads. But I didn't want an insipid light colour, so I asked him what colour it was. He replied that it was number 55111. I had no idea what colour that was, so I asked him again whether it was a pastel colour. I didn't want that. He said, no, it was blue. "Light blue?" No, it's middle blue. I was pleased to hear that. Then he told me that it's the ONLY car available!
Meaning: The new next phase of our ministry. Blue is a heavenly colour. The number 55111 reminds us of the 55 issues of Awake! Awake! which we produced, containing articles over 7 years which are now in five volumes of Articles of Faith. 111 reminds us of a major facet of this ministry – that of promoting God's truth about His Sabbaths. (There are 111 references to Sabbath in the OT.) That it is the only car available depicts God's unique calling and purpose for this ministry.

We Are Short-Changed
19th October 2003. M. The caravan
I was looking at a caravan which I expected to receive. I didn't think I would have to pay for it. I thought it was owed to me (the support which we expect from others to be able to temporarily provide for this ministry).
However, the caravan I saw was shoddy. There were lots of small holes in it like shot gun pellets would make. I told the person how to deal with the holes. This was by making some special mix with small particles of polystyrene or something like that, and spraying it on. It covered the holes and made it look much nicer.
But, instead of me receiving the caravan, someone else offered £300, and then another person who offered £500 got it! I was really disappointed and felt cheated.
Meaning: The caravan is a symbol of what we need to give us the temporary accommodation and provide what we need while we 'go' to other places. So, it represents others' support for our work for God as we take the truths of God far afield.
However, what we are entitled to is given to others. Why? Because many people look at us and think we are not worth their support. They see other ministries or churches, more prosperous, and think that God must be with them more than with us, so they give them the money instead.
They don't take any notice of the fact that WE have given them the means to plug all the holes in their theology, and told them how to do it! (Our literature has been used by various ministers and churches to feed their sheep – as far distant and separated as the Catholic church in Poland, various ministries and churches in the
USA, and the Worldwide Church of God in the UK – yet we have received nothing in return!)

People, Who Formerly Knew Me, Surprised At What I Do
20th October 2003. M. Telling others
I had assembled a fireplace front which I had bought. Two other guys who had known me in the past were there, and when I got to placing the threshold piece at the front I pointed out how small it was. It was only 3 inches wide!
I commented how skimpy it was. (Everything is cut back to the minimum and even less than the minimum to save money!)
They agreed it was a travesty. Then one of the fellas asked me what I was doing these days. I paused a moment and then said that I was involved in writing Christian literature. Although I used to be a builder (for 17 years), now I was doing something completely different. They were a little surprised.

Famous People
22nd October 2003. M. 1) Dream about David Beckham
Hints at some contact or response from him in the future, but is not specific, other than showing him in a public place, in some way loosely connected with us.
Meaning: The dream is among many others, showing that famous people will have contact with us. The way that can occur is by becoming as 'famous' as them. Publicity will do that.

My Task
2) Removing the wall
In this dream there was a long wall that needed taking out. Because it was loadbearing, the roof and superstructure above would need supporting with a massive RSJ (steel beam). I was offered this task. It wasn't very appealing, because I have done much work like this before. It's hard graft and I didn't want the responsibility again, so I turned the offer down. Then the work was offered to someone else who had worked with me previously and he now approached me asking me if I would help him with the job. I wasn't keen because of the massive size of the wall. It was huge! However, since he was taking more of the administrative responsibilities I was less reluctant to get involved and agreed, pending coming to a mutual agreement about what I would be paid. I wasn't going to work for 'peanut' money again! I mused on what I should ask for wages.
Meaning: This is to do with major alterations to the spiritual House of God. It reflects the fact that I have no personal desire to do this work. (I didn't choose to be a prophet, or to write for God.) It also depicts how we have worked for next to nothing up to now, and I don't intend to work for nothing from now on. A worker is worthy of a fair salary. He should not be exploited.
The dream also hints at the fact that our expertise and help is needed, even when God uses others. This is a true reflection of the value of what is in 'our' publications. (How few people there are in the body of Christ who are truly spiritually alert and see the worth of what God has had us print!)

Solutions To The Frustration Of 'Yobbish' Young People
15th October 2003. M.
Dream of a teenage boy practising his driving skills on a patch of waste ground. However, he was stopped by someone official who said it was dangerous to any small children who might also want to play on the land.

I had to admit that they had a point, but I felt sorry for the lad because of the lack of facilities or opportunities for young people to develop and express themselves. Society does not provide enough opportunities for young people to do things, to enjoy some adventure and have some clean excitement (unless you've got money!).

Youths need challenges, but are often denied by financial constraints in the community. Considerations are usually material instead of social. And because of lack of recreational amenities or opportunities, young people resort to 'yobbish' behaviour as an outlet for their frustration.

Now we hear of a new government 'initiative' being promoted to reduce vandalism and yobbish behaviour, but it overlooks causes and doesn't really provide solutions for people. It tends to treat people like statistics instead of people with needs that ought to be met. Unless young people are given substitute activities as outlets for their adventurous spirit, such policies will only meet with failure.

What the dream depicts is the frustration of young people in western society. They have very few outlets for their energy and adventurism unless they have money.

It shows that the industrial society is weak, not strong. It may have material strength, but it has gross spiritual weakness! Young people (teens and those in their twenties and even in their thirties) also seek friendship and social contact. It's an important part of their development. Yet our society doesn't provide that.

They need a sense of belonging, of community and feeling part of something worthwhile, where their needs are met so they can find fulfilment. But our society doesn't provide that.

No wonder many young people feel frustrated, unfulfilled, despondent or despairing. Many turn to antisocial activities, illicit sex, drugs, alcohol, and anything else which might seem to offer some satisfaction. Seriously disheartened, some commit suicide, because they are so held down!

As surprising as it may sound, the answer to this adolescent problem is in Leviticus 25 and 26.

What we see today is the end-result of failure to put God's laws into practice. One of those laws was the 'antiquated' rule of the Land Sabbath, and another closely allied with it was the Jubilee.

The Land Sabbath
Every seven years, God recommended that a nation's land be rested, and not used for commercial crop growing. Each family could reap and eat what generated by itself, but it should not grow crops for commercial sale.

The repercussions of this rule were immense. It meant that if you didn't have land, you would go hungry in the seventh year. So, it paid you to hold onto it and not to sell it for quick profit.

It also meant that you would have to work it. This encouraged people to be physically active and industrious, and to spend some of their time growing their own fresh food. At the minimum, they would have to do this in the fifth and sixth years of every cycle, or the land would not provide anything for them in the seventh year through natural regeneration.

It was a fail-safe measure to keep land, if at all possible, in family ownership, and to limit the spread of extreme poverty.

If people have their own land, and if weather conditions are favourable, and they are prepared to work, they will not go hungry!

In our society, there are extremes between rich and poor that can only develop in industrial societies and where there is human oppression through human failure, laziness or misrule.

The Land Sabbath limited the impact of oppression or human failure. If kept, it would have prevented the rise of the industrial society – the real reason for which is political, in order to exert power; to support huge war machines and even weapons of mass destruction.

If the Land Sabbath was observed universally, it would maintain an agrarian-based economy, in which huge disparities between rich and poor cannot occur.

It could establish a much fairer society and one where there is an active local community, centred around the necessary activities of food production, and where neighbours and whole communities could help each another in harvest time, etc. It's the type of system in which children get involved alongside parents, learn to work, to be useful, and in which they have a better chance of finding fulfilment than in our materialistic demonically-inspired computer age.

Young people would automatically have valuable social interaction through essential community activities – for example at harvest time, when people can come together and pool their labour for efficiency and out of necessity. It would deter and counter selfishness to a certain extent, teach community responsibility and consideration for others.

Furthermore, a society which would observe the Land Sabbath would also be honouring God, remembering His weekly Sabbaths to worship Him. There would be more social interaction than there is in today's selfishly orientated society, where people tend to ignore one another, driving past one another without so much as a greeting in their insulated metal and glass bubbles! Social interaction would be much greater, a sense of individual responsibility would be instilled in youth, and feelings of acceptance and self-worth would increase.

In such a system, there would be minimal delinquency.

Our society is now reaping the end result of thousands of years of human misrule in which such principles have been totally ignored. No wonder our cities are scabs of misery and decadence!

The Jubilee
Alongside the Land Sabbath, the Jubilee is another protective law from God. If kept with the Land Sabbaths, the Ten Commandments, and the Statutes governing Festivals – which were co-equal with the weekly Sabbaths (Lev 23) – society would be much more idyllic.

While the Land Sabbath encouraged people to retain their own land for growing some or all of their own food, they were not restricted to doing solely that. They could also develop other skills. Those gifted with abilities in making clothes, or shoes, or building, or engineering, or producing other commodities people require, could branch out and pursue their own line of business. If so, they may prefer to lease their land to others.

But at the end of every 49 years, the 50th year was declared a Jubilee and all land was returned to its rightful owner. Thus, land would perpetually stay with each family, providing a safeguard from starvation or extreme poverty.

Outstanding debts were also cancelled in that year, so that there would be no perpetual debt. Today, many people are caught in a poverty trap, unable to extricate themselves from this fiscal oppression of rich overlords. None of that would be possible if the Jubilee was a law of the land!

If anyone had to lease their land for financial reasons, it would come back to them at the end of 49 years, so they could be released from the enslavement of grinding poverty. All debts ceased very 50 years! What wonderful system!

These were laws to protect citizens, given in God's wisdom, out of immense love for all people.

It's a pity humans look at God's laws through suspicious, unbelieving and disobedient eyes!

Helping The Immature
15th October 2003. H.
Teaching a boy. I was helping a little boy to ride a bicycle, showing him how to stay safe on the side of the road.
Meaning: It is a dream of someone we know but also applies to many young people. When the youth are not cared for, problems arise. They live by the street culture which descends into drugs, crime, and sexual permissiveness.

Money Needed
28th September 2003. H. Mountain of refuse
Dream of a mountain of thrown away items made out of wood. I was looking at some trays to grow some lettuces.
Meaning: This illustrates our financial position. We buy second-hand wherever we can, and even 'scavenge' to a certain extent. We use what others have thrown away. We don't mind because we are not proud, but it's a shame on the Church.
The Church is not interested in what God is doing and does not provide for His servants. Only a mere handful of people support this work!

Spiritually Careless & Proud
26th October 2003. M. A lady was in an open car park near some modern stores. (Like somewhere we know in Aylesbury.) A young girl was with her. The woman [represents a person we know] was a bit scruffy and badly dressed [depicts her spirituality] because she was a vagabond.
She dropped an egg on the ground [her spiritual carelessness], but scooped it up into a pot in which she was cooking something. She threw a bit of white bread into it, too, then walked off and left it to cook. While it was unattended, I went and lifted the lid. It was an egg omelette. It had finished cooking so I put it on my plate and started eating it.
Although I wasn't very hungry, I had presumed that she was preparing it for me so I helped myself. Then she came along and said that it was for her, not for me, which rather surprised me. But I was apologetic and offered to give it back to her. I said, "I've only eaten round the edges. I haven't touched the middle. Please have it." But she wouldn't accept it back now.
Meaning: This is about someone we know whom God means to bring us some support so that we can give spiritual food to others. It's an indication of intent. It reveals selfishness – only thinking of herself (the egg was for her, not for me); pride (she wouldn't have it after I had touched it); and spiritual laxity (she was badly dressed and scruffy).

Relieved To Get My Purse Back!
7th October 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Lost purse found safe
I thought I had lost my purse and handbag on the beach. I was trying to get back to the seaside to find it. The weather was gloomy and misty. As I was looking for a way of getting there I came across a couple who had found my purse and handbag. They kept it safe in case I came back for it. I was relieved.
Meaning: This shows our financial situation which is gloomy. We can't find a way out of it, but God shows us the way and He keeps the money safe for us.

2) Welcoming people. There was a huge car park. I was welcoming a couple who were arriving in a vehicle.
Meaning: Expansion will come. God will bring along a couple to help in that, and more people will be reached through MM literature.

People Asleep & Need Waking Up
8th October 2003. H. 2 Dreams
1) Couple asleep. I saw a man and wife sitting in their chairs in a deep sleep. They didn't want to wake up!
Meaning: We had an e-mail letter from a couple in Kenya who argued about the law. They are spiritually asleep and this deception is due to their unwillingness to accept the truth on law and grace.

2) Girl under control. Dream of a little girl in the company of a man. I was fearful for the girl because the man wanted to control her. I wanted to rescue her from his influence.
Meaning: Depicts the people of God under the domination of church leadership and our purpose in delivering them.

11th October 2003. H. Gagged man released
I saw the face of someone who was bound and gagged. Then he was released, and a big smile came on his face.
Meaning: This dream depicts someone we know, but there are many others like him. The devil holds people in bondage through sin or because of the influence of other people. When they are released and healed they will feel wonderful joy.
God's people are refreshed and healed by obedience to Him, and this can often occur when observing His Festivals.

20th October 2003. H.  Wake up call
There was someone sleeping in bed in our room. We were busy getting ready for a journey in our vehicle. I came into the room and switched on the light and caused the man to wake up.
Meaning: This was fulfilled when someone came to visit us who was overwhelmed by personal problems. He received help to deal with the trial and received healing.

Three Things You Must Do
19th October 2003. H. Three carrots
I saw a picture of a blind man and then saw three carrots in his mouth.
Meaning: Carrots are good for the eyesight. God is concerned about spiritual sight. There are three things Christians have to do to have good spiritual sight:
1) Read and study the Word of God;
2) Put into practice what the Bible teaches and let Jesus shine in your life through His Spirit;
3) Use the gifts to stay close to God and to serve others.

Work Out Your Own Salvation
21st October 2003. H. Young girl
A young girl was living nearby. Instead of going to the toilet she used the hallway which made it smelly.
Someone suggested she should use our toilet. I felt she should use her own bucket instead. Why should she insist on using our facilities when she should cater for herself!?
Meaning: This dream was about someone who relied upon us for spiritual stability instead of taking responsibility for their own problems. Some people try and use us for their own advantage, instead of working out their own salvation.

15th October 2003. H. Stranger taking advantage
We had a visitor in our home. I presumed he was one of our friends. Malcolm realised he was a stranger who took advantage of our hospitality. Malcolm was angry with him.
Meaning: Some selfish people take advantage of others and we need to be careful to protect ourselves and our privacy from their selfishness which can harm us.

The Rich & Famous Need God
17th October 2003. H.
1) Messy house
I was present in a huge room of a large house. It could have belonged to someone famous or rich. The floor was covered with bits of rubbish and there was a big sweeping machine clearing the rubbish away.
Meaning: The imagery depicts the mess in this celebrity's life. People need God in their lives to cleanse them spiritually and make them aware of sin which is the mess in their lives. People need the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to cleanse them and remove evil, and to counter the influence of the devil.

2) Richard Madely
I was busy brushing away lots of small seeds on top of a car engine which belonged to Richard Madely, a well-known TV presenter.
Meaning: His job is part of a system that runs on power and fame (the engine). The seeds represent bits of information and knowledge which he uses to elevate himself. (Self-elevation is a power thing, coupled with pride.)
People who seek power have a hunger that's never satisfied. God has to fill that void, and it can only occur when a person is humbled.
He needs help spiritually to fill an empty hole in his life. Fame and power are addictive. He has to feed the 'engine' with 'seeds' to keep himself satisfied. Without God everything is merely chasing the wind. The success is short-lived.
Only God can satisfy such spiritual hunger through the Holy Spirit.

Attacked By A Snake
24th October 2003. H. Snake and worm
I saw a strong snake coming for me. I got hold of a pipe and started pushing the snake into the pipe. I forced it all the way in until the head came through. I held the pipe at the top end, making sure the head of the snake was held firmly.
Meaning: This was fulfilled when a Christian turned hostile towards Helena. The devil attacks us through people. We have to counterattack to put people in their place when God reveals it is necessary. God protects us as we stand up against them. It's the prophet's task to correct. Jesus won't let them harm us.

On the side I saw a sausage-like worm with a face. I poured some milk into the nostrils, then gave it another dose until the worm drowned.
Meaning: Milk represents spiritual food which could help that person change for the better. Helena gave counsel to him.

These dreams were fulfilled in late October, but may presage further incidents. The devil doesn't give up. He often attacks again and again wherever people allow him to influence their minds with wrong attitudes and approaches.

Authorities Cause Trouble
11th October 2003. H. 1) Wearing two skirts
We were expecting a visit from the council who want to inspect our property for business use. They are being used by the devil. I was getting myself ready for the visit. I noticed I had two skirts on. When I woke up God was saying that He is going to protect us. The second skirt is there to give us extra protection from the enemy.

2) Lizard
I pulled out some weeds from the pond. From the pile of weeds a big lizard ran away.
Meaning: The enemy coming against us is like a lizard. When the people who are used by the devil are exposed they run away. This probably refers to the council people with evil motives.

15th October 2003. H. Wrongly accused
I was visiting a shop full of antique items, artistic and small. On my way into the shop, I carried my own little bottle of water. After looking at all the items I decided not to buy anything and was on my way out when the shop assistant told me to pay for my bottle. I said that it was mine and that I didn't have to pay for it. They went to check it out.
Meaning: This represents the world's approach. People find fault with us. We are falsely accused and treated wrongly.

22nd October 2003. H. Spying aeroplanes
I saw a remote control aeroplane flying over our property, trying to spy on us. I reached out with my hand and got hold of it. Then I saw another smaller plane flying, remote controlled. I got hold of it and brought it down.
Meaning: These planes are sent by people who are abusing their power to spy and snoop into our private lives. They think if they look hard enough they will find us guilty of something. They have evil suspicious minds, yet they are guilty of wasting tax payers' money to spy on law-abiding citizens. The devil is their god, giving them evil ideas. God is their judge.

Hindered By Others
25th October 2003. H. 1) Man cutting our bush away
There was a man nearby who was cutting branches from a bush which was ours, one by one.
Meaning: This applies to someone who was hurting this ministry through his selfish lifestyle. Instead of obeying God’s command to him to give us finance (which he had – plenty of it!), he disobeyed God’s specific instructions to him personally.
More than that, he took many MM publications without reimbursing us. This sort of approach hurts our ability to do the task. (The story is recounted on page 17 of Newsletter 25.)
However, God will sort out those who resist His ways!

Soon-Coming Publicity and Work
2) Given odd object to carry
I was given a very odd object to take through the streets. One end of it had a narrow tip while the bottom end had a bulbous shape. The size of it was twice my height. The whole thing was very odd and it would attract attention from a long distance away.
Meaning: God is showing that the work we are doing will be given publicity for the gospel’s sake. People won’t be able to ignore it because of the unique and unusual miracles which will draw attention to God’s work and His power.

So Busy!
26th October 2003. H.
1) Much time-consuming work to be done
We were so busy that we didn’t have time to take care of our personal needs.
Meaning: The work we are doing is demanding and time- consuming. Our lives have to be totally dedicated to getting the job done, because time is short. It is total sacrifice.

2) Blind person
I had a dream where God showed a person to be in a box. He was blind and sleep overpowered him.
Meaning: This represents someone whom we know and whom we’ve recently helped through some personal problems.

God Is Getting Ready To 'Plug' Us In
27th October 2003. H.
1) I saw a plug, and wires being connected.
Meaning: It is vital to be connected to God through the Holy Spirit and the Word, by living God’s way and having active faith in God.
Also, God is about to ‘plug’ us into His ‘electricity’ supply and amazing miracles will occur!

2) A man covered himself with a blanket. This man was escaping into his own comfort zone when he should be looking to God for comfort. (Wrong priorities and pursuit.)

3) Meeting former friend. I was getting near to DS.
Meaning: God is setting up for us to get back with our former brethren. Dxxxx Sxxxx is someone from ‘our’ former church.

Value Of This Ministry’s Teaching
30th October 2003. H.
1) Strong, deep-rooted parsnips
I saw several big parsnips growing on an embankment. They were strong plants with good-sized, strong roots.
Meaning: These parsnips represent Christians who are nourished through this ministry. Their roots are deep and strong because they love the truths of God and accept the full depth of truth we expound from God's Word. Willing obedience allows the Holy Spirit to come in (Acts 5:32) to develop strong faith.

New People Come To Meet Us
2) Several young men came to visit us. I welcomed each of them with an embrace. They were glad to meet us.
Meaning: Represents the good response from some people whom we have reached. They are glad to learn the truth of God and be part of the end-time work, exhibiting love.

5th November 2003. H.
A new person moved into one of our small rooms. The room needed tidying up.
Meaning: At this time, CR from Leeds contacted us through the web site – a lone Christian seeking fellowship and spiritual stimulation. He is glad of others accepting him into the fold of the family of God.
His room [life and mind] needs spiritual cleaning and tidying – to be aware of what God is doing through the ‘Elijah work’, so he can respond properly. The dream shows he will have a small part to play with us.

Trust And Obey!
6th November 2003. H. Trust and obey!
A man we have known for some years came closer to us. He was timid and cautious at first.
God had to correct him for not listening to Him. But God is working with him and God will intervene on his behalf as he is willing to do all God says. Complete obedience to God is the key to success in life. This man is learning and moving ahead.
Nothing pleases God more than to see people turn around.

Prince William
11th November 2003. H.
Prince William and climbing steps to another level
There was a lot of drama and dealing with many people.
I started walking up the steps to a higher floor level. Half way up to the top I saw Prince William and I gave him a personal message, “You won’t need her” [personal meaning, which he will understand later]. He smiled back.
Each of the steps had worn down by so many feet over a long time. This wear had produced indentations in the shape of footprints. I had to place my feet carefully into these indents until I got to the top. On the top level there were many people feasting and having a good time. I joined someone who looked after me and served me a dessert. I felt accepted and there was a certain excitement.
Meaning: This dream portrays God opening doors through publicity for the gospel to reach the rich and famous in Britain.

State Persecution Is Coming!
12th November 2003. H.
Vision of a big pig with a barrel of explosives. Firecrackers on this were exploding or firing! It was highly dangerous!
Meaning: The enemy is getting ready to attack us.

21st November 2003. H. 1) Spy planes
Two small aeroplanes were flying over our property. I felt they were the enemy spying on us.
Meaning: Some evil people in authority will want to find fault with us and prosecute us, not because we have done anything wrong but because they have a wrong attitude and approach. They are motivated by evil spirits – the devil and demons.
They would contest what we say, but God has given these dreams beforehand (to several people) to attest to our innocence.

26th Nov 2003. H. Evil motives behind the police raid
There was a group of people at the door demanding to enter our home (police). They were after our secret book (prying into our personal details, which they have no right to). I had the book in my bag and gave it to Malcolm to hide (we are not under an obligation to give anything, information or otherwise, to authorities who act outside of their lawful jurisdiction – I will not submit to abuse of law, only its proper use).
They came in and took over the house (how our ministry is going to be over-run and occupied by the enemy) and would not leave. They went to look into our private affairs.
They are suspicious and want to accuse! But their accusations are false, and their suspicions are unfounded, merely based upon evil suspicion that Satan has put in their minds. God will deal with them and judge them for their evil motives.

Some Succeed, Some Fail
14th November 2003. H.
I saw two men in wheelchairs. One of the men received an input and something was adjusted (symbolic of spiritual healing). The other man is worldly and spiritually handicapped.
Meaning: The two men are representative of all people, besides being specific individuals we know.
When people receive God’s truth from us, some accept it and move ahead. Others resist it, reject it, and step back. This is how God sifts people – the wheat from the weed seeds.

22nd November 2003. H.
1) Person falls and dies spiritually
There were people here from different backgrounds, with many things going on. I took a slender young woman and put her up on a ledge over a window of a house. I made sure that she was secure before I left. But when I came back I heard that she had fallen and died.
Meaning: This person was brought here by God and given the opportunity to be a witness to the villages around us by delivering our booklet The Answer To All Your Problems through every letterbox in four villages (that's what God spoke to him about doing). But he was lazy and only cared about himself. He delivered them to only one road in each village.
He failed to do as God commanded  him. (The command was through a word of knowledge which Jesus spoke to him personally.) It was a final test which God placed upon him. He didn’t want to do this, because he wanted to be the centre of evangelism. He wanted a more central position than God’s truth. (A man can be portrayed as a woman in a dream because he is meant to be part of the Bride of Christ.)
[Psalm 74 was also given at this time. Fools mock God all the time (74:22). There are many fools in the Church!]

2) I saw the face of a man (the person above) with someone who was full of darkness (someone very close to him who has a spirit of Jezebel, who strongly influences him). The darkness was smothering his face. Eventually a mud-like substance covered his face, blocking his vision.
Meaning: This person needed to use the power of God to fight demons. These evil spirits came against him through the other person. Evil spirits are transferred when people value human loyalties before loyalty to God. This man submitted emotionally to someone who is living in error and darkness. Acts 5:29 holds the key to overcoming here: obey God rather than man. We have to obey this daily like Abraham did when he gave up his country and son whom he loved so much.
Many will seek to enter into the
Kingdom of God, but will not be able (Luke 13:24).

Held Back!
16th Nov 2003. H. Allegory of our ministry at present
I pulled out 2 carriages, each of which comprised 2 wheels and 2 seats at the back. They were parked in a town square. There was nothing to pull them with.
Meaning:  Although we are becoming more visible to the outside world, and are about ready to go, we are stuck at the moment, awaiting the ‘horse-power’ to move ahead.

Tony Blair
19th Nov 2003. H. 1) Tony Blair
Tony Blair was towering over a situation (how he likes to dominate and impose himself over others with his decisions). He was busy moving small items along (shows how what he does is of very little use in real terms). He looked imposing but what he did was worth very little (God’s estimation of the value of his work which lacks spiritual depth).

Ready To Move Ahead Soon
2) Spiritual food could go out!
In this dream, I saw big dishes of food all prepared and served out. [Depicts MM literature ready and waiting.]
Comment: This dream was given at the time when God brought someone here to whom He specifically and personally commanded to hand-deliver our booklet The Answer To All Your Problems through letterboxes in the locality (see under dream of 22nd Nov). The dream showed the potential of what he could have done. But God’s Work is hindered by the unwillingness of many whom He calls!
However, the dream does not only portray what failed to be, but what WILL be! Others will take up the call, and God will achieve His purposes. A witness of His truth WILL go out! The spiritual food WILL be served. The choice rests with each person as to whether they are willing to be used in such a way for God’s glory.

Ian Huntley & the Power of Demons
20th Nov 2003. H. Wrestling with Ian Huntley
I was wrestling with an evil person, Ian Huntley (a young man accused of killing two 10-year-old girls in
Soham, UK). I had to struggle with all my might because he had demonic powers within him. Eventually I was able to throw him into an empty bath tub (symbol used because it features in the trial of what occurred – one girl died in a bath tub). Once I was free I ran down the hill to get away from the evil presence. He lay lifeless in the bath tub. (When demons leave their victim, he recovers and regains his normal mind.)
Meaning of the dream: The devil used him to kill Jessica and Holly, two young girls. God allows the innocent to suffer to expose the devil. Ian Huntley is a victim, too. He was a victim of the powers of evil spirits who can take people over in times of panic and crisis. Ian Huntley did not mean to kill those girls. His responses were governed by evil spirits who had been able to possess him and do their evil deeds through him in a crisis situation.
The dream is also a portrayal of the evil powers that are coming against us in equally ruthless force, but that we will finally prevail.

Deliverance From Demons
20th Nov 2003. H. 2) Deliverance from demons only comes when you’re prepared to accept all God’s truth
I saw a woman’s face. There was a lot of foam (symbolic of demonic oppression and being delivered from demons) coming out of her mouth. There was food on her face (spiritual truth the person is faced with and should eat), but she was reluctant to eat it. Eventually she was forced to eat it.
Meaning: I have passed some booklets to her, but people are slow to accept the spiritual food contained in them. Accepting God’s truth helps people to be delivered from demons.

Darkness in Church Needs Dispelling
20th November 2003. H.
3) Desserts ready for people to enjoy
I was inside a classroom [the Church is in an immature state, spiritually]. The curtains were drawn [indicating in symbol that a lot of truth – ‘light’ – is prevented from entering]. These had to be opened to let the light in. [Allegory of what must occur soon. God’s truth must be revealed.] People were waiting to come in. In the kitchen there were beautiful jelly desserts in various red colours and pretty shapes.
Meaning: We have many attractive booklets full of spiritual goodies that can bring spiritual enlightenment and colour into people’s lives. The time is approaching when the curtains will be pulled back so that these can be made public and people can partake of what is prepared for them.

21st Nov 2003. H. 2) Run-down state of the Church
I was inside a huge building with many corridors and rooms. The place looked like an old ruin with weeds and moss growing everywhere.
Meaning: There are old traditions in the Church which need to be destroyed before the new building, built on purer truth, can be established.

29th November 2003. H. The Church needs cleansing through the Word
We were staying in a house with 3 bedrooms but no bathroom. Each of the bedrooms had a toilet (symbol of being cleaned up spiritually and getting rid of waste). Malcolm and I were staying in one of the bedrooms. The lady of the house said that putting a bathroom in would make the house more valuable.
Meaning: Bathroom facilities represent spiritual washing and cleansing through the water of the Word. ‘Our’ literature makes this possible.
God is emphasising the need for spiritual cleansing in the Church through accepting the purer truth of the Word! That’s what ‘our’ publications are here to promote and teach.

2nd December 2003. H.  1) Woman hiding in a big house (symbol of the Church as a whole)
In one corner of this house I kept a big box of dusters. As I was looking for some, I saw a woman hiding in the box. She hid her clothes in the box. I was annoyed to find her there, because she got in the way of the job I was trying to do.
Meaning: This represents a person who has gone back to his selfish ways, forgetting about living out his faith. He has denied God by his apostate lifestyle. Hiding clothes represents lack of action and not being willing to face the responsibility of obeying God. He should be putting on the clothes of righteousness which Jesus has given His Bride to wear.
[Dream of this man who stepped back, which he received while he was here: He was witnessing to prisoners about Jesus. The jailers (demons) attacked him and tried to squeeze the Holy Spirit out of him. He tried to resist the attack. This was God’s warning to him!]

Demons Await Those Who Step Back
8th December 2003. H. Spiritual nakedness
I saw someone fall into a pit where demons were waiting for him. I also saw this man’s nakedness from the back.
Meaning: God brought this person to help us with the work but he chose to walk away and selfishly ignore the needs that we had. God gives people tests and when they rebel and refuse to obey God this exposes the person as spiritually naked now. [This was another dream about the aforementioned man.]

Some Begin To See, Some Don't
6th December 2003. H. Some people’s eyes opened
A man whom we know featured in this dream. I saw his eyes were being opened. However, there were other people where demons were still blocking their view.
Meaning: As we pray and intercede for others, and give them God’s truth, they can come to see the light. But not every- one is ready to be humble and obedient, so some don't see.

Police Spy On Us
2nd December 2003. H.
2) In the distance, I saw a man being aware of what is going on. I felt he was spying on us.
Meaning: This represents the police who are aware of some things by their surveillance of us – they tap our phone, etc. But they misinterpret why we have dealings with ‘criminals’. As an outgrowth of their suspicion and wrong motive, they will do anything to find fault with us.

Helena Is Hurt Flushing Them Out
15th November 2003. M.
A man was showing how to flush a snake out of a pond. He knew exactly where the snake would exit the pond – it wasn’t just anywhere. When he had flushed it out, Helena then took over. She had to grab the snake just below the head, so that it wouldn’t harm her. It had to be a quick move. When she went for it, she couldn’t get it just below the head and it bit her. I was concerned and came over to ask if she wanted me to suck the poison out of the wound, but she told me not to worry. Then there were other things which we were involved in, but on awakening they faded.
Meaning: In the near future. It has to do with the police who submerge themselves so that you can’t see what they are planning or doing, but a solicitor whom we are in touch with will flush them out to expose their evil schemes. Helena will try to thwart them but will be hurt because of their evil motives and behaviour. (Perhaps this is when she tries to protect me from their false charges and accusations.)

One Person’s Selfishness Revealed
26th October 2003. M.
A lady was in an open car park near some modern stores. (Like somewhere we know in Aylesbury.) A young girl was with her. The woman [represents a person we know] was a bit scruffy and badly dressed [depicts her spirituality] because she was a vagabond. She dropped an egg on the ground [her spiritual carelessness], but scooped it up into a pot in which she was cooking something. She threw a bit of white bread into it, too, then walked off and left it to cook. While it was unattended, I went and lifted the lid. It was an egg omelette. It had finished cooking so I put it on my plate and started eating it. Although I wasn't very hungry, I had presumed that she was preparing it for me so I helped myself. Then she came along and said that it was for her, not for me, which rather surprised me. But I was apologetic and offered to give it back to her. I said, "I've only eaten round the edges. I haven't touched the middle. Please have it." But she wouldn't accept it back now.
Meaning: This is about someone we know whom God meant to bring us some financial support so that we can give spiritual food to others. It's an indication of his intent. His selfishness is exposed by the dream. He doesn’t care about us, nor about God’s Work. His care is about himself! God contrasts this with my inner motive of respect for him in the dream.

Peru and Bolivia
28th Oct. M. Peru and Bolivia
Dream of a lovely young woman wanting to have contact with us and becoming very friendly with me. She was from South America, was black-haired, and probably from Peru or Bolivia. There was such a rapport between us that I was planning to marry her. [Figurative of the Church there, and of the close spiritual affinity with us because of their desire for God’s unadulterated truth.]
Meaning: God is portraying the beautiful spirituality of His people in those countries, where there is much hardship. He is probably also predicting future contact with people from those countries, and the distribution of ‘our’ literature there.
Interestingly, God used this dream to prompt me to contact Voice of The Martyrs in the USA, the ministry which Richard Wurmbrand founded. I sent them samples of our literature, but the office manager is not interested in what God wants: God wants His people in Bolivia and Peru to receive ‘our stuff’.

People With Wrong ‘Ministry’ Motive
30th Oct. M. People who want to promote themselves
There was a gap in our ‘line-up’ and someone saw this and wanted to fill it. But their motive was wrong. It wasn’t that they wanted to promote God’s truth so much as they wanted to promote themselves. They sought to elevate themselves, and use our ministry as their means of self-promotion and subtle exaltation.
This is a failing of quite a number of people, unfortunately. Instead of wanting to truly serve – which means you are prepared to do what you do for God, without reward and without being noticed – too many people want to be noticed, to get acclaim or credit for themselves.

Warning About Printing Errors
1st November 2003. M. Beware booklet faults
In this dream, we had a batch of The Timing of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection booklets in which there were a couple of blank pages. Page 16 seemed to be highlighted, too. It was a problem that probably had its origins in the bindery of the printers, to do with collating.

Expose False Ministers
3rd November 2003. M. 1) Patrick Omondi Owuor
In this dream I saw a photo of Patrick Omondi (a Kenyan pastor). He was huge – really fat! [Portrays his selfishness, pride and ambition.] Underneath the photo was his name [depicting self-promotion].
God often exposes charlatans to us! From now on, we will name them like this, to protect the people of God.

Value For 'Money' At MM
3rd November 2003. M. 2) Value for money
This dream had two main aspects:
a) the value of what we produce, and b) the need for others to take responsibility for their own spiritual lives.
a) I was doing some alterations to a house (I used to be a builder). Someone commented that what I had done was much cheaper than what other workmen charged. It was really good value for money, they said. [Depicts the literature which we supply which can change people’s lives and alter the Church.]
I saw various aspects of these alterations in the dream; some were small, but very significant to people, nonetheless. Among these were alterations to a heating system. Afterwards, someone else had also made a further minor addition to the system. [Demonstrating that there are always small items of useful information that can be added to what God has had us lay out as a basis.]

Be Spiritually Responsible
b) A plumber was looking at my work and commenting favourably on it. At that moment, I saw water leaking through the ceiling over where he had been working. I quickly went to get a bucket. He didn’t move [people are not ready to take blame for their own errors, or quick to want to do something about them]. Although I had a bucket, I didn’t feel it was right for me to use my bucket when it was someone else’s problem. They should use their own bucket. I asked if anyone else had a bucket. The dream ended there. I presume that they used their own bucket to deal with the problem that was their responsibility, but the dream didn’t show that before it ended. (Actually, the person [G] to whom the dream pertains, is slow to take responsibility for his spiritual life.)

Want to be a High-Flyer?
5th November 2003. M.
There was a gathering of people at a motor racing event. They were all standing around, or talking relaxedly amongst themselves. It surprised me that there was no screen, showing progress, so the event was not literal but figurative.
These people were ‘high flyers’ – the ‘jet set’, who thought much of themselves. And the motor event was an opportunity for them to display their elevated status to others. [There is a huge amount of pride involved in motor racing, both by participants and spectators. There is a conjugal relationship between that and the massive amount of money that swills around in their coffers.]
S was there at this event. Then I saw him stand up in front of all the people on a platform and start to speak to the people gathered there. It was clear he felt very much at home, and he addressed them with confidence. However, what he said didn’t contain anything of spiritual value. It was merely words that were ‘functional’ and which fitted in with the arrogant lifestyle that these people aspired to and liked to project to others.
Meaning: Portrays an inner motive in this person whom we know. [But... 1 Corinthians 10:12!]

We Are Determined To Do the Job!
8th November 2003. M.
I was using a chainsaw, holding it up in the air, and sawing through a large structure. It was something made out of timber, but it had nails in it. However, I was so determined, that these did not prevent me doing what I felt had to be done. I looked around to the other people alongside who were watching me and said, “You shouldn’t really do this, but...”

Future Sale Of Our Home
9th Nov 2003. M. We sold our home for £1,570,000. (May not be a literal price, but figurative.) There were other vague aspects to the dream, such as knowledge of another home somewhere else and of Brian Glenister being with us or nearby.
Meaning: Future sale of our home, when it is time to go. At the moment it is for God’s use, until the task is done.

One comment to those who think we are rich because of the high value of our home. We have worked industriously most of our lives, both my wife and myself. When we bought our first home in 1975, we had financial help to do so, otherwise we could not have bought a house. They were too expensive, compared with our meagre earnings. But God made sure that we had a ‘head start’ up the property ladder, because of what He had in mind for us to do later. We worked on that property for 11 years. We had to do just about everything to it – underpin it, replace windows, doors, re-plaster, build an extension, a garage, and finally a loft conversion. This was all in our ‘spare time’ outside normal working ours. (I was a builder for 17 years.) By the time we had finished, Helena was sick and tired of all the continual mess, upheaval and stress!

Then we had to do almost as much on the present home where we moved in 1986. Since then, the values of properties in the UK have skyrocketed! We would not normally be living in what many might consider above average accommodation. It’s not luxury (God would not want that for us), and it’s hard work maintaining it, but it was built for this branch of God’s Work to get off the ground, and He guided us in all we did to that final end.

We have never made any money out of promoting God’s truths. We have lost mountains of it that we formerly made in business. That is not a complaint, just a statement of fact for the benefit of those who want to find fault with us, and who may jump to the wrong conclusion and assume that we have made lots of money out of the Gospel, hence we live in a large home. It was quite the reverse! (Like Paul – 2 Cor 2:17.)

One other meaning of the dream is that God requires us to give up all for His Work's sake. You must be prepared to do so too.

People Hinder Us, Instead of Help
18th Nov 2003. M. Someone was mixing concrete for me to help us in our work for God. He had mixed a lot and it was piled up ready for me to spread. But in this long pile he had also dumped a load of unmixed raw building sand! I remonstrated with him about this, because it was no good and made my work load heavier to cope with and doubly difficult to handle.

Why Are We Looked Down Upon?
20th November 2003. M.
1) Two buildings were being erected in our garden! (In the dream, although I knew it was our garden, it was not the garden and home where we are now, but another place.) I watched this building taking shape, and it was only after some while, when they had got up to window height that it suddenly dawned on me that these buildings were in my garden! They had no right to be building them there! The nice view was disappearing. Why hadn’t we been notified or approached by the local Council about this proposed development?! I realised that I should get in touch with the Council immediately to complain. It was Friday afternoon and the Sabbath [depicts Jesus' Millennium] was drawing on. I ran up the stone steps to the front door of our home (our home is not like that, but that’s how the dream portrayed things) to get on with this task of writing.
Meaning: The symbolism contains an allegory of how most people don’t respect us for our work’s sake, as they should; how they don’t consider our wishes; of the centrality of keeping the Sabbath in the faith; and of the work we must plough ahead with, of writing and publishing to make the truths of God known.

But wasn’t Paul disregarded by the Church, too? Notice:

For it seems to me that God has put us apostles [and prophets now, too] on display at the end of the procession, like men condemned to die in the arena. We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to men. We are fools for Christ, but you are so wise in Christ! We are weak, but you are strong! You are honoured, we are dishonoured! To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly. Up to this moment we have become the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world! (1 Cor 4:9-13.)

Yes, Paul was dishonoured by many believers, and his work for God looked down upon. Likewise, so are we. Those who disrespected Paul were later humiliated. God reveals how He will give us honour and humiliate those who should have been supporting and recognising ‘us’ first (please know that we don’t seek recognition for our own sakes, but for the spiritual truth we bring).

2) My wife [symbol of the Church] was neglecting me and taking no notice of me. I could have been a bit put out, but attention came from elsewhere. Ulrika Jonsson (a well-known TV presenter) showed up on the scene and, although the dream was not specific, it was as if she gave me the attention that I was due.
Meaning: The Church ignores us and doesn’t like what we have to say, but some famous people will listen and heed. Ulrika is a symbol of celebrities. The dream is to do with the public witness we will give to the nation.

Revival on Lewis
Vision received by someone else concerning people on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, where some have been seeking God:
The sun was setting [depicts the closeness to the end of this age] and the scene was the sea shore where there were sand dunes [an allusion to the place where this is happening]. Open hands reached over the dunes on outstretched arms, as if grasping at anything that was available, and voices – desperate for more truth – uttered: “It’s the end time! It’s the end time. We need to know the truth! We need to know the truth!”

Will You Keep God’s Sabbaths Holy?
25th November 2003. M.
S and D went shopping on the Sabbath. I was horrified. There was also something else about DS – that he is disobed- ient to God. Then, in the dream, Tonya slammed the door.
When I awoke, Tonya did slam the front door when she went to work, which is unusual for her. She rarely slams it, but shuts it normally. So, that occurred to place the dream in the current context. God is saying that S and D (two people whom we know) still don’t want to keep the Sabbath properly, and are not submitting their spirit to God in that area. It’s one thing ‘keeping’ the Sabbath in the physical, or acknowledging it as a legitimate command of God. It’s another thing to keep it in the spirit, willingly and wanting to do so from the heart.
There are many Christians like this. The Sabbath is a difficult issue for many to submit to.

Our Rescue Coming
25th November 2003. M. A man arranged for a helicopter to land in our back garden to rescue us and airlift us to safety.
Meaning: Probably to do with our finances which have been interfered with so that we have been prevented from receiving money that is due to us.

New Situation, New Opportunities
29th November 2003. M. 3 dreams
1) Beautiful scenery. In this dream our home (although it was not our present home; it was in a different location) was on top of a hill and the scrub had been cleared away near it, so that a beautiful vista opened up all around our home.

2) The man on the scooter. A man was coming to us on a ‘scooter’ (like a Lambretta, which was a popular small-wheeled motorbike in the sixties). The scene was a busy city street; a main road. It was quite difficult to cross this main thoroughfare, so I was wondering how he would manage this. But when he came along, traffic lights up one end of the road had stopped the traffic and the road was clear. There was only one other similar ‘scooter’ coming up behind him; it was going faster than he was. Although he didn’t look behind him before veering over to the right side of the road, fortunately he just managed to go in front of the other scooter rider and safely crossed the road. He was able to ride right up to our door and come in. There was a push-bike partly blocking the doorway, but he got in anyway. As soon as he did, I reeled around on my push-bike and came in after him.
Meaning: This is all allegoric of our journey that God is working out with us in our ministry and of someone He is bringing to us to help us in our task for God.

3) Can’t remember this one. (I left it too late before sitting down to record it. Rap on my knuckles for that!)

2nd December 2003. M. 1) Iraq
A lion was being kept as a ‘pet’ in a home. The door was left open and the lion was free to come and go, which was really stupid. You don’t treat a lion as a pet. It’s a ferocious, unpredictable predator! Anyway, after a while this lion decided it had had enough of being cooped up inside this house and walked out the door. It went roaming into the desert terrain nearby. The army had to go after it and round it up.
Meaning: Symbolic of the impossible task that is before the American army in Iraq.

2) The scene was a garage. It was built of cold, clinical and basic breeze blocks. A mechanic put a jug of oil on top of something fairly high up. He was not careful how he placed it, and after he had gone off to do something else, the jug fell over and spilled oil on the floor. I got this oil on my feet. I could not avoid it; it was a real nuisance.
Meaning: Someone has made my life difficult by his carelessness. I have had to cope with the after-effects of his spiritual negligence. It’s not easy. Let that be a reminder that sin always has a sting in its tail, even after you are forgiven!

The Approaching Circumstances
4th December 2003. M. High up and precarious
In this dream I was on a vertical rock face, high up. The position was very precarious. I looked down and it was really scary! There was water below, which I could have jumped into, but I didn’t know how deep it was and whether it would be safe to jump into it from about 100 feet up! There could be rocks beneath. So, I couldn’t really get out of the situation. I just readjusted my position and moved down a bit.
Meaning: An allegory of our position vis a vis those who want to accuse us falsely, and of our ministry position and circumstances concerning our Work for God, etc.
People who find fault fail to consider that these dreams reveal God’s total knowledge of the situation we are in, and the fact that He allows them to persecute us and find fault with us. If they were God-fearing, they would believe, as a result of these revelations, and start to live righteous and holy lives themselves. But the wicked will ignore such things as irrelevant, dismiss them as nonsense, and carry on doing wrong regardless.

Be Careful Not To Damage This Ministry By Your Selfishness!
5th Dec 2003. M. Utter selfishness lets demons run riot!
This dream was about someone we know, who has hurt this ministry by his actions and words. It is a parody in which God used a fictitious name to represent him.

In this dream someone called Ian called us up on the phone one evening. [This individual sent us an e-mail the evening before God gave this dream.] Helena and I were out from 7pm till about 11 or 12, ministering to people, delivering them from demons. [This is what ‘our’ literature will do, if people determine to live by the precepts expounded therein. We tend to work late, hence the name Midnight Ministries.] Ian left a message, but because he didn’t mention his surname, I didn’t know who he was. [We didn’t know what this man’s true character was.] I tried to get in touch with him, but couldn’t. He was quite elusive! [The way he is. He only responds to suit himself, not others. He’s like a mouse, which scavenges; it gets what it wants and then hides to live in its own little world.]

The next day I went into our garden to do something and Ian was there. He was sauntering around with all the time in the world! (He didn’t work, other than doing what he wanted to do.) That was when I found out that his full name was Ian Moresby. [Similarly, it wasn’t when we first met him, but later, that we discovered this man’s dreadfully selfish character.] I also found out that the reason for his phone call the evening before was purely selfish. He wanted to GET something from us, and he had managed to do it anyway, somehow by connecting up through the internet and downloading what he wanted.

Meaning: This is a parody of a person whom God brought to us. We ministered deliverance to him. But his motives are so unbelievably selfish that, although he received a wonderful deliverance through our willingness to help him, the demons that governed his behaviour have come back in force, with even more to foul up the cleansed vessel! [See The Bible Speaks, Vol 1, under Which Power?]

His surname Moresby is a caricature of his greed. He wants more for himself and is not prepared to give his considerable wealth away. He promised us a large sum of money after we helped deliver him from his demons, but after he had ‘signed the cheque’ he stopped the funds. Through his utter selfishness, he allowed demons to steal away the good which God intended him to do to us (1 Cor 9:11-14).

The internet connection, by which he has got what he wanted from us, is an allusion to the fact that he has copied the contents of our web page (which anyone is entitled to do) and pasted it all on his own web site. That’s fine of itself. But what is not fine, from God’s perspective, is the MOTIVE that underlies his behaviour.

Those who live for self will not enter the Kingdom of God. Only if they give up the wealth that they put their trust in, and their selfish pursuit, can they inherit the promises of God. Most such folks are not prepared to do that! (Matt 19:23,24.)

Derek Prince Ministries Again
8th November 2003. H. The Old House of DPM
I was reading an article about Derek Prince and his ministry, how he rejected input by a prophet sent by God. He has died recently.

That night I received a dream of an old fashioned house, with big beds against the walls. Someone was switching the TV on, trying to find old programmes by Derek Prince.

There was very little food in the house. I found some bread but it was old and stale. The house was untidy and disorganised.

There was a group of people standing neatly and patiently outside the house. They were staging a demonstration. They were wearing a plain uniform which made them look cloned. These people were not happy with the organisation of DPM, which has let them down spiritually. The teaching is controlled and regimented. Being the main teacher and leader, now Derek Prince is dead, he has become a cult figure.

People have been deprived of fresh revelation given to the Church through the prophets, who are not welcomed. God is doing an ‘Elijah work’, preparing the Bride for Christ.

God’s people need to come out of organised religion and give their loyalty to Jesus who wants His body united, one in TRUTH and one in SPIRIT. Leaders have become IDOLS, God will reject them.

6th December 2003. M. 1) Derek Prince Ministries.
A man wrote to us. The envelope was addressed to “God’s Church – Whose Authority?” PO Box 29, Aylesbury, etc.
Meaning: After this dream was given, a letter came the same day from Derek Prince Ministries. The office manager there wrote a hostile and insulting letter to me, following his dismissal of our written materials sent to the office staff there.
Through subtle manipulation, he controls them and limits their spiritual freedoms, so much so that they don’t know Midnight Ministries. Hence the absence of the name on the envelope. This is spiritual repression.
The antidote is to know what is in God’s Church – Whose Authority? and to live by the truth it contains.

An Old Person Writes From America
We are not here for your entertainment
I was riding my bike around the perimeter of an old people’s home. It was like a veranda. I was careful not to ride too fast, as I felt that these people would soon find fault with me if I did.
An old lady wanted me to come and talk with her because, she said, I was interesting and could talk on just about any subject (or so she thought). Clearly, she wanted me to entertain her. I tried to point her to our publications because I didn’t have time to spend one-on-one with people in personal conversation to satisfy them and massage their brains.
Meaning: A letter also came in the post the same day from an elderly person in the USA asking for our newsletter. The dream portrays his approach.
Often, older people, who have been Christians for a long time, don’t really want to change. They are set in their ways and impervious to new truth. God was revealing the selfishness of this person, who would effectively be a time-waster.

Lovely Turquoise Cushions
7th December 2003. M. 1) Turquoise cushions
I was given turquoise cushions. They were really nice. Such a lovely colour!
Meaning: Turquoise, like blue, is a heavenly colour. Cushions are for comfort and support when you sit down. So, being given them depicts the spiritual comfort and support which God will give us. (This dream was given shortly after someone let us down badly, as encouragement to persevere.)

2) A young woman mounted some sort of machine, and I was close by. We were closely and affectionately involved together in some way that wasn’t made clear.
Meaning: The woman represents loyal believers with whom we will be very close, probably very soon.

Self-Denial in Prison
10th December 2003. M. 1) Prison
The dream was brief. Some prisoners were denying themselves the temporary ‘pleasure’ of sex (probably illicit sex, which is rife in many prisons).
Meaning: Probably means that a number of prisoners will come to Christ and turn their lives around.

Coming Restrictions
2) The postbox

A notice, “Do Not Use”, was stuck over the mouth of a postbox. But I tried to use it anyway. When I did, the top came off, the box fell apart, and the postbox was completely demolished so that it was unusable.
Meaning: Probably indicates the restrictions that will be put upon MM shortly by the police, so that we will be unable to post out our literature.

15th December 2003. H.
1) Dream of a young woman’s face
A big dark hand came over her face and pushed her down.
Meaning: A violent attack is coming against us from the enemy through the authorities in this land.

God Will Heal, So I Trust Him
11th December 2003. M. 1) I have cancer
I have been having pains in my abdomen recently. (Real life, not part of the dream. They are not serious pains, but just ‘grumbling’. I have suspected that they are due to too much radiation from being in front of a computer for too long.) Then I was given this dream last night. The affected part of my abdomen had a growth which had caused the skin to lift up by a few millimetres. I knew it was cancer, and I was a bit concerned, but I have put my trust in God to heal me of it.

Others Not Friendly Towards Us
2) We are not really welcome
[This dream depicts the attitude of most other ministries and churches towards us.]
In this dream I did a job for a customer, for which I had quoted a price. A sub-contractor was involved doing some of the work and so I had to pay him for his part. However, after he had done his bit, he claimed that he had had to do more than was specified and so he wanted more money. I paid him in cash without complaining, but I knew it was going to be more difficult for me to claim this extra from the client because my price was fixed. I gave the guy the money, and he gave me some small change which were the old fashioned large pennies (which are now worthless). As we had dealings together I quipped to him about his next job being at
Buckingham Palace. It was a joke, but he didn’t laugh. In fact, he wasn’t friendly at all. I got the message that he didn’t care to be with me.
Meaning: A parody of our ministry work. We have to bear extra costs without receiving enough remuneration. What most people give us is small change compared with our real costs.
The subcontractor represents other ministries. They don’t want to get involved in working with us, although we are willing to share with them and even use their services where they are qualified.
If we want any of their literature, we have to pay them to receive it, but it doesn’t work the other way around. We have to give ours to them to get ‘our’ message across. So, we end up being the losers financially and in other ways.
Like Paul said, we are considered as the scum of the earth (1 Cor 4:13).

When A Person Dies Spiritually
15th December 2003. H.
2) We were going to send someone a packet of literature, but we found out that they had committed suicide.
Meaning: God brought someone here, whom He meant to learn and accept His truth from us. But this person turned away from us and away from accepting God’s truth. In effect they committed suicide. Spiritually, they are lost and cannot be saved.
If you reject truth finally, (even if you accept some of it to begin with), you forfeit eternal life. The person in question committed the unpardonable sin by refusing to listen to the Holy Spirit. Instead, he went his own way, doing what he wanted.
Worship of idols cuts people off from God, so they become blind. If that blindness persists for too long, God cannot reach them or retrieve them.
God has shown us several individuals in this category who are irretrievably lost.

Britain and Immigration
12th December 2003. M.
Immigration controls became utterly useless, presumably as asylum-seekers and economic migrants pour into Britain. This dream portrayed immigration procedure being totally ineffective in dealing with the massive problem that is just around the corner.
It seemed to make no difference whether you had a British passport or not, you could get into

Do You Put Out Enough Effort, Spiritually?
15th December 2003. H.
1) G wanted to go on holiday. His shirt needed changing and he asked me if I had any shirts to give him. I went on a long journey to get them for him. The journey was involved and difficult. I had to walk through a town, and drive a long way by road, before I got home. It was a lot of effort for me.

The dream is about someone we know. It portrays how willing we are to do things to help others spiritually, and how Helena has helped this person, giving him considerable personal attention. But often people don’t do what they should for themselves, spiritually speaking, because they are lazy, self-seeking (wanting to ‘go on holiday’), and seek comfort for themselves, instead of seeking God more. When they need spiritual uplift, they resort to some physical substitute instead.

The shirts in this dream represent aspects of clean spiritual clothing which this individual needs to put on. In his own circumstances he is not putting out sufficient individual effort in spiritual pursuit in his own life, and in resisting the enemy. Instead, he wants to get from us what he is lacking, but this is sponging and irresponsible on his part.

Getting Ready To Move On
15th December 2003. H.  2) Dream of moving on
First I was tidying up, picking up any small items to take with us, making sure that nothing was wasted.
Meaning: The dream depicts how we don’t waste anything physically. We are frugal, and careful to keep costs to an absolute minimum because money is very hard to come by. We live economically and don’t spend money on ourselves. We buy second hand whenever we can. We don’t eat out, or treat ourselves to entertainment, concerts (we did when I was in business), go to the cinema, theatre, etc. In some ways we live a rather boring lifestyle. But we are not bored! I would rather do that than be guilty of wasting resources that belong to God.
So, we use carefully what He provides. And anyway, we have to, because we don’t have funds at the moment; we have debts to manage carefully. Soon, however, God will clear those and we will move ahead.

16th December 2003. M. Truffles
Others had been collecting truffles in fields nearby, but it always seemed to us that this was their good ‘fortune’ and that it would not be ours. But, one day, truffles appeared in a field near us. I saw a big one, and there were others, too – and, what’s more, they were golden! (Truffles are very rare toadstools that restaurateurs prize highly. They are so valuable they can fetch £1,000 or more per kilo.) So, with enthusiasm, Helena and I quickly went to harvest them.

Then, in scene 2 of this dream, we had a small team of workers who were able to help us with this work. The location was now different – a large open-air swimming pool. The leader of this team was a squirrel, who had fast responses. He would dart here and dart there. He was agile and would get on with things quickly. Behind him in a line were several other furry and cute animals. They went to look for and gather truffles in this pool. (Strange what dreams can include!) However, we knew that there was a huge snake under the water, so they had to be very careful. We could see part of it, but not all, and we weren’t sure where its head was. But, the part of the snake we saw made us realise the size of this monster. It was MASSIVE! About 100 feet long! And its girth was like a tree trunk!

Meaning: The snake depicts the power of Satan in this world. The pool is the world, in which God is reaching out to others through people whom He has called and appointed. The animals represent people who will shortly help us in this task. The squirrel’s behaviour depicts one person’s leadership qualities and zeal for evangelism. The truffles represent the valuable harvest which God is about to give us in MM.

Two Big Fish
17th December 2003. M. Two big fish
We had nicely prepared the soil around a pond. There were things going on, and indications of activity. I was talking with the girls about how it should be done, etc.
Then, in another area, adjacent to the pond, there was a sandy zone where there was a very small pool of water just large enough for two big fish to swim around in. I was amazed to see them. They were really large, about 2 feet long, like Koi Carp.
Meaning: God is indicating that two ‘important’ (in society’s eyes) people are responding to the literature we have sent and are making some spiritual progress. The two fish represent the Queen and another Royal who received our literature from Helena.

Judgement Falling on Britain Soon!
19th December 2003. M. Police approach wrong
In this dream, a man driving a large van had had a mishap. He was used to driving a van like a Transit, but on this occasion he was driving something much bigger, like a small lorry with more gears. He was quite forthright and friendly and he glibly commented in his reply to the police, when they were questioning him about the mishap or accident, about the fact that he was not yet quite used to having nine gears.
Instead of just accepting that the incident was a mishap and leave the guy alone, the police victimised him. They took his statement about not being quite used to the nine gears as a contributing factor to the accident, and blamed him. They sought to prosecute him for the mishap! Their approach was totally unmerciful, condemning, ruthless and malicious.
Meaning: An example, symbolic maybe, of police malice in the way they seek to prosecute. Their motives are wrong in pursuing ‘justice’ that way! They’re not seeking to promote harmony in society, or to be fair-minded and truly act in the interests of the public. Most are just out to exert their power ruthlessly out of cruel, unjustified malice!

Why did God give the dream?
It was not merely to portray what is wrong with their approach, but to give them a prior warning before He avenges, judges or exacts punishment. Nine is the numeric symbol of judgement.
These are not merely my human words. They are from the pen of a prophet, to whom God Almighty has spoken concerning what He is doing now in this time.
He is bringing down everything that is high and lofty. He will crush the mighty oppressors. It is time for Britain’s judgement. Every edifice and institution of man that defies Him, His prophets, and His righteousness will be brought down to the ground! “Thus says the Lord Almighty!” He is not messing. This is for real. Judgement is coming!!

Further Reading: Dreams From God About The Judgement of Britain

Some People Will Radically Change
20th December 2003. M. Politician writes
I received a letter from a politician. Perhaps he had learned about us from John Bercow, our local MP, but clearly he had great respect for our stand on moral issues and for truth.
He introduced himself and, in his hand-written letter [showing that his communication was much more than mere formality], on the second page, he started to voice his disagreement with some of our views [probably on strict adherence to biblical law]. The sentence was at the top of the page.
After he had written it, he realised he was wrong. So, he crossed out – in the most noticeable way possible, in red biro – what he now recognised as error. I was amazed.
Meaning: It probably depicts this man’s honesty and integrity. He was not afraid to be seen to have been wrong, nor to change his opinion. Perhaps it was also very important to him that he knew we knew he had changed his views. So it shows his respect for us (a rare man indeed).
The dream indicates a man brought to true repentance because he is willing to humble himself.

Reinhard Bonnke Concedes We Are Right
28th December 2003. M. Four dreams
1) Reinhard Bonnke is told about the Sabbath
I was in a room with Reinhard and I stated that the Church was missing the mark of God’s holiness in several ways and was severely adrift, not obeying God as she should. He was surprised, because he didn’t think such could be true.
He asked me to give an example and I replied: “The fourth commandment.” I gave him a paper or publication about it.
He looked at it and considered what I had written. Then, with a sort of shake of his head, he admitted that he could not fault my claim and had to concede I was right. There was a hint of reluctance on his part, but he could not deny it.
Meaning: After the dead are raised, to get his attention, Reinhard will no longer be able to deny the veracity of the thesis of the Sabbath about which we have been commissioned to correct the Church, as well as to present the other truths expounded in our literature.

The Way Ahead For MM
2) Road outside being altered
In this dream, the road outside our house was being altered. We met some people and were friendly to them, but this part of the dream was not clear.
Meaning: The course ahead for MM, with marked changes from the way things are at present.

Evil Man Is Judged
3) The vendor’s stall

On the road outside our house, a man came by in a weird looking contraption. It was square with sharp corners, rather like an old-fashioned invalid’s carriage. It was like an ice-cream vendor’s stall.
He parked it up near our house in a lay-by which had been made from the old road. He was going to make some money for himself by what he was doing. It was illegal to trade like that, but he didn’t care. He went ahead anyway.
Meaning: Applies to someone (SB) who came into contact with our ministry, and who then took our publications (without paying for them), and started to use them ‘in trading’ for his own benefit. He calls this ‘ministry’, but it’s not.
He’s using written materials – that we have produced under the unction of the Spirit – and without paying for them, for his own benefit.
He has not been called from Above to do that, but has decided to do it for his own devious motives that he cannot see himself.
His motive of making money and being dishonest or deceit- ful is revealed by the dream.
This person has since come under God's judgement.

Indian Christians
4) Asian family
An Asian couple had 10 children, ranging in age from teenage to about thirty.
I didn’t see the father, but I was able to talk to the mother and one of her daughters. I tried to get out of her some practical details, such as their names and address, so we could send them some literature. The mother, however, was not talkative. She just smiled and acted polite, but didn’t answer my questions about her Christian name, surname and address.
I wanted practical information which would help us minister to them, but I just couldn’t get it. I only managed to get the younger daughter’s name. It was Esdaelda [old fashioned, strange, out of touch?].
Meaning: Asian Christians tend to be formal and distant. They don't open up or communicate on a brotherly level, so it's hard to help them until they do.
We receive many letters from
India and they are always like this – polite, formal, non-commital and distant. You can never really get to know them like close friends.

Judgement Falls on Those Who Refuse His Call
26th December 2003. M. Two mice caught in a trap
There was a mouse trap under our cabinet. I couldn’t see it, but I knew it was there. I put my hand underneath to feel if anything had been caught, and I felt two furry bodies! It was not a nice feeling, though, and I recoiled. Two medium-sized mice had been caught in the trap.
Meaning: This refers to two people whom God called to send The Imminent Fall of America to churches in New York, but who refused the call. After we contacted them, they stepped back and rebelled. God is conveying that His judgement has fallen on them.

Helping New People Ahead
29th December 2003. M.
1) Young woman
A young woman had no home and nowhere to stay. We were able to give her a room, although it took quite some effort to do so.
The dream conveyed that the room which we gave her was the bed-sit which I lived in when I was 17.
Meaning: The young woman represents new believers who will come shortly. (The bed-sit featured, because when I was 17, I dedicated my life to God in that room.)

State Persecution Coming
29th December 2003. M.
2) Charged by a speed camera
Richard was driving my van and I was sitting in the back looking out of the back window as we went past a speed camera. I saw it flash and knew that we would soon get a ticket in the post for £60 and three points on my licence!
What a curse these things are! They don’t help the ordinary person in society. It’s over-regulation. It’s oppressive.
Meaning: The State will want to penalise us in the future. It will be something to do with Richard and what he does. (Probably, because of the resurrections of the dead, and the subsequent prophetic preaching, which will not be liked.)

Attempt By The Authorities To Fleece Us
3) Fleeced by the powers that be
Following on from the above, I saw an attempt to fleece a sheep of its wool. But it was not a wool breed. It was a meat breed of sheep. Its only wool was thin and was meant to keep it warm. But they tried to fleece it. The poor animal was losing its covering and was suffering. They pinched its skin and hurt it a few times. They had a real problem avoiding cutting its flesh!
Meaning: State persecution of true believers is coming! 


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