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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

Dominating Ministries To Be Cut Back
3rd Jan 2002. M. Dominating ministries to be cut back
The scene was our back garden which was a beautiful sight. [Depicting God's pleasure with MM's teaching, etc. The truth is beautiful.] However, there were tall Beech trees in the adjacent land on one side which created a lot of shade. They were oppressive and dominant, overshadowing our garden.
Then, as if supernaturally, a huge bough of one of these trees broke off. It crashed down, just missing our shed.
Meaning: The dominant ministries steal some of the light that we should be getting so that God’s truth can be seen. God will do something to cut back their overbearing presence.

Delay For Funding
5th Jan 2002. M. Three dreams
1) The application form for a loan
We had filled in an application form, like one you fill in to obtain a loan or mortgage. But something was wrong with it. It hadn’t been correctly filled in, so it was rejected. The clerk said we had to start again!
I was horrified, because I realised it would take time to get hold of the money needed. I felt we just didn’t have that time to play with. We couldn’t last any longer without money!
Meaning: We have waited a long time for income to materialise. God is warning that there would be further delay. [And there was, but He performed a financial miracle by another route, while the delay is being sorted.]

Walking Amidst The Power Of God
2) Walking amidst the power of God
I was looking up to some high voltage power lines that we had constructed as part of a huge civil engineering project. In order to inspect the power lines, someone had put a few of my scaffold boards alongside the cables, so they could walk along them. I was amazed. It was so daring. After taking a look at what others had been doing with our materials, I departed, as did some others, to go and get on with other tasks. Some guy whom I didn’t know personally was driving off in his vehicle. He was pleased to see me and waved.
Meaning: Those who dare can do great exploits for God by learning from our materials about walking by faith, etc. (the scaffold boards). The man walking on them is David Isaac Ohuoba in Nigeria, who raised two people from the dead some months after the dream was given. That's daring!

Not Much Time To Fell Some Trees
3) 2 minutes to fell some trees
We were called to lop down some trees in a school quadrangle. This school had an outer rim and an inner rim of rooms built in a square and the gap in between these two quadrangles was where there were some trees growing which we had the job of cutting down. However, those in charge told us that we only had 10 minutes to do this.

We went to get our tools, but the guy in charge was really particular [God’s standards and expectations are exacting] and told someone in our party that his saw was too blunt and that he could not use it. He had to get another sharper one. By the time we had got our saws ready some minutes had passed. There were only 2 minutes left to do the job.

Anyway, we got on with the job, despite the fact that there was so little time left to do it. The gap in between these buildings was not all on the same level. At one point one had to ascend a flight of stairs. The time passed, and even though we knew there were only 2 minutes to do it, we carried on, not concerned about when that time would elapse.

Meaning: I think it may be to do with the revival in which we will be engaged. God has previously said that it would last 2 years, and after that the Tribulation will come to Britain. But no one knows when the time is to be reckoned from and when it will end. We are not to be concerned about that. We should simply get on with the job assigned to us, regardless.

The dated quadrangle arrangement reflects the old- fashioned system in churches. People are learning about spiritual things there in two main sectors (those who value and uphold emphasis on the Word, and those who place emphasis on the supernatural giftings of the Spirit). In between (and perhaps affecting both) there are some trees (representing ministries and churches) which must be cut down. Prophets are given the task of tearing down, before restoration can occur.

When Jesus Died And Arose
6th Jan 2002. M. Booklet: The Timing of Jesus’ Death & Resurrection
In this dream, it seemed that this booklet caused a real stir! And so it should! The Church has thrown out the truth on this subject and has believed a lie since before the Dark Ages.
The 3 days and 3 nights was the only sign Jesus gave of His Messiahship, yet the Church does not believe He fulfilled it!
The majority of Christians accept the Good Friday - Easter Sunday tradition. The only other groups I know who reject this are ritualistic Church of God groups who believe Jesus died on a Wednesday afternoon and arose on a Saturday afternoon. But in our publication, I show how even this is erroneous. Jesus died on a Tuesday afternoon and arose Friday afternoon.

Tony Blair Will Be Embarrassed
7th Jan 2002. M. Tony Blair
An audience was listening to a speaker at a function at which Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, was present. I don’t know if the speaker was a prophet or not, but he prophesied to Tony Blair by telling him some secrets of his personal life. He really embarrassed him by telling him in front of all the people that he should enjoy sex more. His face turned red.
Meaning: Tony Blair will be really humiliated and in some way it will involve the giving of prophetic input. The dream may also hint at some aspects of his life, his priorities, and the stress involved in holding his position. But he sought power and that is accompanied by arrogance. All the arrogant will be brought low as the prophets declare (Is 2:11-12,17; 5:15; 13:11; 26:5).

Kenyan Outreach Below Standard
9th Jan 2002. M.
I was inside a bungalow considering what alterations should be made to it to make it as it ought to be. The entrance floor was all uneven, being of brick underneath and only covered with a sheet of lino. Then there was a small step up to the main floor which was covered in a light red carpet with a regular unobtrusive pattern. It was not my choice of carpet, but since it was there and it was functional, I thought it should be retained. I suggested that the uneven floor at the entrance should be covered similarly, since there was not much else you could do with it. The carpet would cover the imperfections, etc. I suggested that there might even be a bit of the main carpet left over, lying around, which could be used.
Meaning: An e-mail came from Xxxxxx in Kenya this morning. The dream is probably an illustration that there’s not much we can do about altering things there and making them as we would like them to be. They will always be below what we would consider ideal, but we just have to make the best of the situation and get on with things.

Confrontation Unavoidable
12th Jan 2002. M. 2 dreams. 1) Dream of Opposition
Two groups of people were facing each other. One group (ours) was coming down a river on a raft made of (believe it or not!) builders’ trestles with scaffold boards on top, on which soldiers were standing with swords. They had some asbestos sheets in front as a shield.
Then, downstream, another group was standing to oppose this ‘army’ coming towards them. They had guns and prepared to open fire. Seeing what they were about to do, I became very concerned. ‘Our army’ was no match for those with guns. Then the guns fired. But the bullets didn’t kill any of our soldiers, they just ricocheted off the asbestos shield.
Meaning: God has employed metaphors in this dream which reflect my past work as a builder. Now He is employing me in working to build His spiritual temple. The dream portrays substantial opposition which we will face in the near future as we take His confrontational message to the Church.
The Sunday-keeping fraternity are going to mount great opposition against us over the Sabbath issue.

2) Resistance to truth. This dream also conveyed the fact that a large part of the Church is vehemently against receiving further truth!

The Antiquated WCG
14th Jan 2002. M. The old house of the WCG
We were visiting an old house to have a look around it. We went inside. The ceilings were so antiquated and high – about 15 feet high! I noticed a water pipe below the ceiling, which would usually be above the ceiling. Someone had tried to disguise it by covering it with plaster like the ceiling itself.

This room also had old fashioned ‘chunky’ mouldings and cornices. In the hallway, there were some equally old paintings like old masters. One was of a ship – a galleon – at sea.

The whole place was so much behind the times. I asked, in a very soft voice (not wanting to disturb anyone), to the man who had let us in, if we could see the rest of the house and whether the woman, whom we presumed lived there, would let us in. We waited for him to come back to us, but he didn’t. We were just kept waiting. She didn’t appear, nor did he.

Meaning: This dream depicts the WCG. We know this because it was given when we had contact by correspondence with one of its church leaders. The church is antiquated, but they have tried to 'modernise' it, without much success. It's a bodged job. Like the painting in the dream, the church is 'all at sea'.

We had just written to the man in the dream. God warns us through the dream that he will fail to be truly open and will not respond, despite the polite and endearing tone in my letters. That occurred precisely as God predicted! [Always does!!]

Get A Move On! There's Little Time!
19th Jan 2002. M. 3 Dreams
1) Going to the Train Station
People were walking along slowly down a railway track. I came up from behind and passed them, moving briskly. I nimbly skipped from sleepers to the rails, and off the track, down a slope into a train station. The people I had passed seemed a bit surprised at the speed with which I was walking.
Meaning: We have a sense of urgency to move ahead. It’s necessary. There is so little time to get things done. But most Christians are just ambling along, not realising the urgency of the times. There is much to be done in a very short space of time! So, everyone needs to really move!

Reinhard's Dead Procession
2) The Funeral Procession
Reinhard Bonnke
was in this dream.
The funeral procession. There were a number of people going to a funeral. All the bodies – and there were many of them, probably 20 or 30 – were loaded onto a flat-bed cart which people were pulling. The corpses were covered with reddish-brown sheets, like the colour of burnt soil.

On other smaller trailers, small people were sitting (in sixes), totally covered (over their heads as well, so they couldn't see anything) with charcoal coloured blankets. Also, they were facing the other direction to the way the procession was going. Reinhard Bonnke was at the front, leading them. I couldn't help but think, "Why doesn't he show them what is wrong with their customs? Why does he just go along with them without correcting the error in their tribal traditions?!"

Comment: Here God is revealing that there is a need to forcefully address the matter of wrong traditions in the Church, such as Sunday worship, Easter, Christmas, hierarchic church authority, etc., which are as pagan in their origins as tribal (demonic) traditions.
It is now time to move on. The old church structures and teachings are inadequate to prepare the Bride of Christ to accept the full purity of God's teachings in His Word.
'Elijah' must do his work. He must challenge all the false prophets of Asherah and Baal and their compromised teachings promoted by Jezebel in the Church.

Meaning: Here is what the imagery of this dream portrays:
Funeral. The Church with its present teachings is heading towards death, as in Sardis. It needs new revelation of truth to revive it.
Many dead bodies. There are many dead Christians, who are not alive by the Holy Spirit.
People sitting in sixes. Six in biblical numerics denotes the evil which men subscribe to. From God's perspective, these small groups of people need to come to terms with the evil in their Christian practice.
Totally covered... they couldn't see anything. The blindness of the Church. They can't see where they are headed. They are blindly following customs that have no biblical basis.
Facing the other direction to which the procession was going. Reinhard is pointing people towards God's Kingdom of righteousness which Jesus introduced. Despite the fact that he has got some things wrong in his theology, the overall thrust of all his work is towards God. But many believers are facing the other way. They don't share his aspirations. They are selfish and self-orientated, which is backward looking.
Reinhard was at the front, leading them. God holds him responsible as their spiritual leader for not showing them the folly and unbiblical nature of their religious practices.

Reinhard, my dear friend,

There needs to be a radical re-emphasis in your teaching to these people. You need to upgrade the content and spiritual depth of your preaching. After all, you are not preaching to the unconverted. Most of those gathered at your meetings are church folks (with a minority who are not), and they need to be fed and challenged not merely entertained.

Your evangelistic meetings are opportunities for all these people to come together for a big celebration, which is wonderful. But there needs to be more. As long as spiritual instruction stays in the shallows, how can they be made ready for the final thrust of preaching that must come to prepare the Bride?

Will they be ready when Jesus comes? Or from now on will they just continue to remain in the dark, heads covered, going backwards towards their own funerals, after they have attended those of others?

[See earlier dream on p 41, Reinhard Is Assassinated, and also two dreams below.]

3) Dream about someone in Kenya, so we would know how to handle a certain situation.

Malcolm Lifted Up At The Banquet
22nd Jan 2002. M. Dream of a Banquet.
I was in a large meeting hall with lots of other people. They were all sitting at tables, enjoying food and fellowship. Hilary McKenzie was there amongst them.
I was in a separate area on my own. Instead of being on the floor level with all the people, I had a table where I seemed to be by myself. It was at a higher level. I didn’t like being lifted up, but I was.

Comment: There is a WOW song entitled “God is preparing a feast.” This is an allegory of our invitation to partake of immortal life with Jesus as His eternal partner. In 1992 we went to Cannock, where Andrew Wommack, a visiting American preacher was speaking. God moved us to go. During the meeting something very unusual happened to that group.

A lady received a vision of a Canada Goose (migratory bird) flying in with two tables laden with luscious fruit under its wings. She spoke out what she was seeing in vision, but I don't think anyone there knew what it meant. Ironically, Wommack didn't ask anyone if they had received an interpretation. I had, but they never received it, just like he didn't receive me as a prophet. (I wrote several lengthy letters to him to encourage him to move on in the faith, but he dismissed all our input.)

The vision was given to point to the fact that God was coming via someone who would not stay [the migratory bird] and was offering two tables of fruit (cf. the ten commandments on 2 tables of stone) to them. We were there that day in 1992, but had no contact with them after that. We ‘migrated’.

There is a banquet coming up for the entire Church, in which we will be presenting to the Church the truths which God has had us compile in our literature.

God Predicts A Large Cheque Coming
30th Jan 2002. M. 4 dreams

1) We were given a cheque for about £100,000, but it was a figure that contained the numbers ‘123’. S was in the background, sidelined, watching this occur. Psalm 123 says:

I lift up my eyes to you, to you whose throne is in heaven. As the eyes of slaves look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maid look to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God, till He shows us His mercy.

Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we have endured much contempt.

We have endured much ridicule from the proud, much contempt from the arrogant.

2) We experienced a large response in Canada. This is a prophecy for the future.

How Demonic Dementia Is Cured
3) A man was mentally deranged and took all his clothes off and walked around naked in full view of everyone. His wife was upset by his behaviour but there was nothing she could do about it. They weren’t believers. I went up to this woman and explained that the dementia was caused by demons affecting him. I told her that he could be helped, but it would mean that they would have to let God into their lives – not that they would be able to let Him come into their lives completely, but if they simply opened the door to Him, He would deliver her husband from this very troubling condition.

4) There was a small croft in Scotland to which some building work was being finished. I had been plastering the walls inside. A couple of people came by and we exchanged brief chat. It was a nice sunny day and I commented on this positive aspect. They agreed. Then I noticed that where the plaster was still wet and soft in one corner, some children had sculpted a face on it.
Meaning: Some Christians in Scotland who are very immature. God likens them to naughty children. They are too immature to handle our materials properly.

Talking With Reinhard Bonnke
15th Feb 2002. M. Two dreams about Reinhard Bonnke
1) I was talking with Reinhard about things to do with his preaching of the gospel. These words came out of my mouth (prophetic words God inspired). "A preacher's success is not rated by the number of people he reaches, but by the depth of repentance he teaches." John the Baptist was the most highly rated man of God, according to Jesus, because of the depth of repentance he taught.

2) While talking to Reinhard, I brought up the important subject of keeping the Sabbath holy as God instructs us in the Bible. This analogy was given by the Spirit. I said:
"When you make tea you make it with hot water because you want to keep it hot. You don't wait until the water is cold before pouring the water onto the tea." So it is with the Sabbath. It is holy time ('hot') and God commands us to keep it holy (Ex 20:8-11). He tells us how to keep it holy. That holy time comes to us as the 7th day of the week begins Friday evening.
But the customs of most of the Church in this present evil world are to wait until holy time has expired and keep Sunday instead. You can't keep cold water hot, nor can you keep Sunday as holy time when it isn't.

I Am Swindled
16th Feb 2002. M. Three dreams
1) A man tricked me into selling him our assets (valuable paintings in this analogy) for a really low price, so that he could make money out of them. If we had held onto these assets for a bit longer, instead of giving them up to him, we would not have forfeited what we did. We would have received so much more increase.
Meaning: An allegory of how someone has talked us out of our assets which should be put to maximum use for God's Work. Instead, he has, through deceit, managed to get these assets from us for his own selfish use.

Filthy Cat
2) Another man who kept a filthy cat (the cat was mangy) was trying discreetly to scrounge food from us. I didn't know where it was safe for him to have his barbecue without setting fire to our things.
Meaning: This describes pictorially someone we know and what he is doing. The cat represents a person close to him.

New Car Incomplete
3) I received a new car
However, there was a large cut-out in the dashboard, as if something had been removed – it was missing.
Meaning: To do with what we will receive. The giver will not give me all I should receive. He will fail to fulfil all God's will.

Deluge Coming!
23rd Feb 2002. M. A Deluge
The sky was extremely overcast and lowering. It was so heavy, that the only light that penetrated seemed a sickly yellow in the gloom. Then it rained torrentially. But, unlike most heavy downpours, it didn't stop. It kept on and on.
I was worried by this. I knew that the land around our home and a few miles uphill drains into a ditch beside our property. The threat of flooding would be very real! I took this to mean that we should make preparations for such an eventuality and get a powerful pump to deal with potential flooding of the cellar.
Meaning: The dream depicted more rain to come for this country and the problems it brings. [This happened in late 2002 and early 2003. Our cellar got flooded in Jan 2003. And other areas of Britain suffered severe flooding.]
It is also most likely an analogy of what is coming from God, spiritually. A massive outpouring from heaven brings its own problems, with correspondingly great response, opposition and judgement.

New Bibles Arrive
3rd January 2002. H.
Two new editions of the Bible arrived in the post.
I was very eager to receive them and read them as I felt they would be used for evangelism.
Meaning: The Bible will be given more exposure and new life through:
1) exposition (done through our publications) and
2) through evangelism.
The Bible will be made alive and meaningful to ordinary people. The witness will go to 1) the Church and 2) the nation (symbolised by the two new Bibles).
It also depicts more inspiration from God (the Bible was inspired by God). So are our publications in their content, and in the dreams we receive from God.

WCG Minister Hides The Truth
5th January 2002. H. 2 dreams
1. Dream of WCG minister
He looked much older (signifying spiritual tiredness). He was interested in seeing some of our cushions, which were designed in different shapes, in light blue colour. I left him to have a good look, but when I came back the cushions had been hidden under an armchair cushion.
Meaning: These cushions pictured are the MM publications inspired by God (blue, which is a heavenly colour). A few weeks ago we sent a certain WCG church leader some of our literature which he would find interesting and challenging. However, because of pride and fear he would do nothing about the new truths. He hid them away.

Hard Church Leadership (False Ministers)
2. Evil church leadership
I was shown men who were used by the devil. They were part of the church leadership structure. Their faces looked rigid, mechanical and hard.
Meaning: These men are false ministers controlling the Church through their leadership, keeping God's people in bondage and blocking the flow of the Holy Spirit, causing the Church to fall asleep and die spiritually. The Church needs to be released from the grip of the synagogue of Satan (Rev 3:9). God will do this through miracles and the right teaching.

At Chris Tarrant's
7th January 2002. H. 2 dreams
1. I was a guest at Chris Tarrant's home. I noticed that they had an unusual way of wrapping cutlery and food together. He also offered me an alcoholic drink.
Meaning: This shows they have some unusual ways as a family. Through publicity people will be aware of the work we have to do, who otherwise take no interest in the things of God.

Spiritual Washing To Occur
2. Huge washing machine
A huge washing machine was being installed. Meaning: The spiritual washing will begin with the proclamation of God's truths and teaching. As people receive the right teaching they will be able to put on the robes of righteousness.

Two 'Parts' Of The Church
9th March 2002. M. The antiquated state of the Church
In this dream, the Church was represented by two properties. One was tall and thin, about three storeys high, like an old townhouse. The other was more like a mansion, spread out and spacious. The latter was appealing, the former was not, but neither was modern. They were both antiquated.

Three builders lived at the 'mansion'. There was a large gravel driveway, which was very convenient for them. They could park their vehicles there – two vans and a lorry. I got the impression that the property, despite being the more appealing of the two, was run down and neglected, because the builders' attention was more focused on their work outside. [This is a parody of the charismatic church.]

Then, I saw the other property, the narrow, restrictive 'townhouse'. In fact, at one time I had wanted to renovate this property, but when I saw it now, I was glad that I hadn't been given the task. I saw the face of this building completely removed. The building was gutted, and a real mess! Now that the exterior wall had been removed, it revealed the dreadful mess the entire place had been inside! Now it was opened up everyone could see what a shambles it was! [An allegory of the more restrictive Sabbatarian sector of the Church.]

God Takes Care Of Every Need
10th March 2002. M.
A small amount (but very welcome!) of money was showered down upon us. [God is reassuring us that our financial needs will be provided. Thank you, Lord.]

CoGs Are Perverse!
17th March 2002. M. The perverse pride of the Churches of God
I saw a woman. This woman unzipped her trousers and exposed herself. But she was a man! She was proud to let her male member hang out, and did this on more than one occasion. It was uncircumcised.

Lest you get the wrong impression, this dream's perverse sexuality was not erotic. God is using the imagery to convey something in the spiritual, if you have the eyes to perceive it. In the Bible (mostly in Revelation), as you know, God uses sexual imagery or likenesses to portray spiritual qualities or characteristics.

The dream was given after an ex-WCG man had called me on the phone mentioning what they had covered in their Sabbath meeting. He had invited a Church of God preacher to come and preach a sermon to his group. God wants to convey something to help him in his spiritual journey towards the Kingdom of God. [But he won’t receive it.]

A woman being a man sounds ridiculous, but it conveys the fact that the subject(s) of the dream should be part of the Bride of Christ, although he (or they) is a man. While one person was depicted, it can include others who are of the same mind. It depicts those with a Church of God mindset.

They have a perverse pride in what they possess, or think they possess. This pride runs throughout the Churches of God which are spin-offs of the WCG system. They are proud of their heritage, of the 'biblical knowledge' which they possess, which they have not cast aside like the mother church in her gross apostasy.

But, God portrayed this person as uncircumcised, meaning unconverted. They have not yet allowed the Spirit of God to change them within, but still have a hard heart that is resistant to the cleansing of the Holy Spirit.

To be blunt, they operate 'in the flesh' and don't accept the Holy Spirit, so they reject spiritual gifts, the value of revelation from God through prophets, and the everyday guidance of the Holy Spirit which they could have (when needed) like the prophet receives in dreams, visions, prophetic words and with signs and wonders as God provides to fulfil His plan.

All in all, they simply carry on in spiritual perversity because they are proud and self-satisfied with their present state and don't want more of God. In this state, the words of God through His prophets sound strange and they can't understand. Jesus called such ritualists blind.

The Coming Tribulation
16th April 2002. M.
In this dream, Helena was concerned about the coming tribulation. I believe
Helena depicts the attitude of the Church towards this impending time of trouble. I was reminded of Richard Wurmbrand’s excellent writings in The Church Triumphant, preparing people to face hardship, repression, and such horrendous difficulties. [Some of this is included in Articles of Faith, Volume 3.]

Get Ready To Do More Building!
17th April 2002. M. Three dreams. 1 and 2 were of the need to get ready to move ahead, to do a building job.

Free Again
The third dream was about a woman who was so glad to be able to fly again. The scene was a coastline, with cliffs and grassy slopes, coming down from moorland above. She was able to hang-glide there and was so glad to be able to do so. It was as if we had paid for her to do this. She had wonderful freedom again.

The Outpouring Ahead
18th April 2002. M. A Deluge Coming
The scene was a muddy river. It wasn’t flowing fast, but a big deluge was expected, when the situation could become quite perilous. There was a lot of flotsam and detritus in the water besides being thick brown!

Helena and I had to climb up the very steep bank at this river’s side. But it was so steep; it was about 70 degrees! It was really difficult and dangerous. It would be so easy to slip and slide all the way down into the water!

Helena made it to the top first [she is the intercessor, not me], and I followed. It was a relief to make it.

But I wanted to salvage a board of plywood, so I went back for it, before going up the bank again, this time with the board. Just after having done that, there was a sudden rise in the level of the water as the river started flowing very fast.

One other thing was conveyed in the dream: it was as if the river was the River Elbe in Europe.

Meaning: A short while after this dream was given, heavy rain caused the River Elbe in Germany to become swollen and muddy like in the dream and there were floods.

But that's not the main meaning. It depicts the sure arrival of a massive spiritual outpouring from heaven when God will raise the dead, pour out His power in dramatic ways, to promote the truths we have written in our publications.

21st April. M. S turned up and sat next to me. [Personal.]

Church Teaching Is POISON!
22nd April 2002. M. ERGOT!
We sliced open some pitta bread. It was really old and dry. Inside it was all blue with mould spores which spread like dust. Then I was shown ergot in wheat.
Meaning: It may refer to another curse on our land that is imminent, as part of the judgment upon Britain. The deadly fungus Ergot killed many people in the Middle Ages!
But it also depicts the dreadful teaching in churches which is analogous to the old, stale, yeast-infected bread!

Our MM Headquarters
29th April 2002. M. Two dreams
1) I was looking for another place for us to establish our ministry headquarters. We were expanding and needed more space. But the first place I went to see wasn’t any good. It was too small. Then I considered an old farm which was up for sale. But it was really old, and needed so much work doing to it that it would be a waste of our time trying to operate from there. It was as if we just couldn’t find a suitable place.
Meaning: Humanly, it is impossible to find the ideal place for MM to operate from in the near future, when physical expansion will occur like an exponential curve. With man these things are impossible, but not with God.

I Don't Want To Hurt, But...
2) S came to see us. His visit was only a few days away. It wasn’t long. He was a bit sheepish and cautious with me, but I was glad to see him and welcomed him with open arms and gave him a hug. (Correction tends to hurt, but any whom God tells me to correct must understand that it is not me who is correcting them. It’s part of the prophet’s task, but, humanly, I just want to be friends with them. I don’t want to hurt them.)

Refurbishing The Spiritual Church
1st May 2002. M. Refurbishment work
I had to do a job of replastering the ceiling of an old Victorian house. It was very high up, which made me a bit uneasy because I was not used to working at such a height. [High up depicts prominence or being in the public eye, and doing something which God considers important.] Also, all around this ceiling there was coving and I wasn’t sure how to go about refurbishing this.
Meaning: The spiritual task ahead of us in the Church. It will be a new, and somewhat daunting job.
In another scene, I was cleaning up a spade which had mud stuck on it. I whacked it hard against a post to make the mud fall off. I did this sideways, and a big lump of mud flew off, and because the front door of this house was open, it landed on the nice blue patterned carpet in the hallway. I asked Zenya to go and pick it up.

Our Car Faltering
1st May 2002. M. Our car faltering
In this dream, the car we were driving started to develop engine problems and I went back to the Person who had passed on the car to me to see what we could do about it.
This symbolises how I am seeking God for His deliverance because our ministry is not able to move forward for lack of finance.
Also, the back wheels on this car were not upright, they must have been loose because they were slanted at a very marked angle. It looked like the car could collapse at any moment!

Meaning: The ‘impossible’ state of our ministry due to lack of sufficient money to move on as we should be doing (we have large credit card debts).

In another dream which Helena was given some weeks previously, God revealed that our insufficiency at present is due to the failure of the those whom God has called to support us as they should have been doing.

Most of those whom God called to provide our financial support have selfishly run off to do ‘their own thing’ first. They should have given God the FIRSTfruits, after which He would have blessed their efforts. Instead they languish under the repercussions of losing out on the prophet’s reward (Matt 10:41). The reward you receive from helping a prophet is firstly understanding his God-given message and secondly the deliverance of God in your own life in various specific ways.

People lose out on this reward when they don’t believe a prophet of God (because their heart is not right). This is the over-riding problem in the Church today. God showed Helena in that dream that our financial precariousness is a result of the fact that the Church doesn’t want to hear what HE has to say!

Everything is Preordained!
One of the most amazing things about God is His complete foreknowledge of everything. He knows beforehand all that will occur, and when (Ps 139:16). Many people just cannot accept that. It blows their minds! But the more prophetic input you receive from God, the more you realise the immense scope of God’s knowledge, and that the future is pre-ordained.

It’s as if everything that will ever occur is ‘pre-recorded’ on a ‘tape’ of life stored in the spirit. For example, this dream given a year ago depicts our present situation, held up:

5th July 2001. M. We were driving along a road, on which there was a whole stream of traffic, following three vans which I wanted to pass. Finally I seized my opportunity and managed to pass them. I passed all three in one move and pulled in behind another car in front. But, no sooner had I achieved this move, than I came up against traffic lights ahead and they turned red. They allowed the car in front to go through, but we had to stop.

The situation was just before a sharp right hand bend at the bottom of a hill. The hill was very steep, something like 45 degrees! We waited and waited for the lights to turn, but they didn’t turn green. There was a long queue of traffic behind us, all held up, too. I was getting impatient with all this waiting, so I took matters into my own hands. I went to look up the hill to see if there was anything coming. There wasn’t, so I went through the red lights and carried on my way. I don’t know what the other traffic behind did. That wasn’t the main focus of the dream.

Meaning: This depicts the ‘journey’ in our ministry. This is an allegory of what we have gone through, and are going through now, and more that is yet to come. [See also p 86.]

The Churches Of God Steal What Is Ours
On 3rd May 2002 God gave me 2 dreams.
In the first one, a former friend (I will call him Peter – not his real name) who is now a minister in a ‘Church of God’ group bought a caravan worth between £1,000 and £2,000 which should have been ours. The owner was offering it for sale for only £300. Peter had the cheek to offer him £250 for it (which illustrates his personal stinginess). He bought it for that, but I knew that it should really have come to us.

Meaning: The caravan, worth a lot to us, represents the financial support we should have had from various people who have joined the offshoot CoG church to which Peter has given his loyalties. During the nineties, we paid out a lot of money and effort to try to deliver those people from the WCG and its dominating, restrictive mentality, but they have been ‘stolen’ from supporting us by the selfishness and cunning of others.

Peter knew us well. He knew we were faithful to God and His truth but he ignored us. He never contacted us, despite my attempts in the early nineties to reach him with further truth from God. We sent wave after wave of publications, tapes and videos to show what was wrong with the WCG and its theology. It cost us thousands! For all our sacrifice, we never had a proper word of thanks or financial remuneration from anyone bred by the ungrateful selfish WCG system.

During those years that we tried to alert WCG members to the spiritual dangers they faced, Peter stayed in the WCG, only leaving them some years later. Now ‘his’ church leadership financially benefits from those who left WCG at that same time to follow ‘his’ group.

God is saying that their tithes rightfully belong to us.

The Exhibition And Outpouring
2) We had a big top, a circus tent
It was huge. Inside this marquee were many exhibits. Much was being offered, and a great deal had been assembled for people to enjoy and gain from. God portrayed it in a very positive light.
Then there was a massive downpour. Some of the rain came through the roof and, although I could not see what damage it had caused, I knew that it must have caused some destruction.
Meaning: The dream portrays in symbol, this ministry in the near future, after expansion. What is on offer under this canopy are many publications that have been assembled over the years since 1991. Their positive impact and appeal was also indicated in the dream. But Satan is out to destroy the value of God’s liberating truth. In symbol, the devil tries to harness the heavy rain as a destructive force.

Most People Are Not Prepared To Pay
7th May 2002. M. People’s Reluctance to Contribute
I was sitting in the middle of an audience of people. A man came up to me holding a copy of Volume 1 of Articles of Faith. He had obviously benefited from reading it and asked me if the next volume was available. I said regrettably that it wasn’t, because of lack of funds to print. “It is written, but we need about £10,000.” At that, he was visibly shocked.

Meaning: People don’t realise what it takes to do this work. They have no concept of the massive costs involved, which are totally out of reach of individuals like us who have so little support that the word is a joke. His body reaction and language showed that he wasn’t prepared to pay the high price towards producing these publications, despite the fact that he found them very helpful. The dream highlights the lack of commitment in people.

If you read about the commitment in the fledgling Church, it was totally different. It was total: All the believers were one in heart and mind. No-one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had (Acts 4:32, NIV).

If there were the same commitment today to doing God’s Work, we would not be short of funds to do the job. But “everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ” (Phil 2:21, NIV).

Jesus has raised up an Elijah-like work, to bring down the strongholds of Satan that bind people in pagan syncretism and a compromised faith, and “they paid no attention and went off – one to his field, another to his business” (Matt 22:5, NIV). (See also the leaflet God's Work Cancelled For Lack of Interest! and under Firstfruits in box below.)

The Allegory of The Firstfruits

Our work for God will not fail, (because it is ordained by Him), but it may falter. God allows that for various reasons. (See box on p 88.)

One reason is to show those who have let us down how their failure has hurt and hindered us. It is meant to bring them to repentance, so that they turn over a new leaf and do what God expects of them first, before they do what they want for themselves.

That was the spiritual lesson to be learned from the allegory of the firstfruits (Prov 3:9) and the giving of the firstborn under the old covenant.

The extension of it in the new covenant is epitomised by Christ, who went before us, showing us the sacrificial example to emulate.

Man Rips Up His Driveway
8th May 2002. M. The man and his wife next door
Our property was adjacent to another, in very close proximity. (This is metaphoric, not literal.) Both properties had a lot of space / land with them [freedom / latitude that comes with accepting Truth]. There was an older man and his wife who lived next door. Another feature was that we both had a JCB (mechanical digger). Also, although I hadn’t seen it before, when I now looked I noticed that the man next door had ripped up all his concrete driveway. He was beginning some major alterations. One other aspect of the dream was that I was in the bathroom and I wondered whether the neighbours could see that.

Meaning: This was a real puzzle until an e-mail arrived this morning, which shed some light on it. A man wrote from Alaska, with a corrective prophetic letter which he had been moved by the Spirit to send to Assemblies of Yahweh in Bethel, Pa, USA.

Ripping up the driveway represents radical transformation and could also symbolise the first duty of what a prophet has to do to present scriptural truth. He has to tear down what is wrong (Jer 1:10) as well as present what is right.

We have noticed that God’s prophetic anointing (function) on our ministry often transfers to others when they are either in our company for fellowship, or staying with us, or when they fully accept our office as prophets in the Body and the teaching (God’s truth) that we promote. It doesn’t make them prophets, but God can use them in a prophetic capacity as the need arises. God moved David to do what he did.

But the downside to this is that he got lifted up in pride and later threw out all the truth he learned from us, and was seduced by false teachings from the Concordant Bible Society. God predicted that in the imagery of ripping up the driveway.

What God Expects Of You
11th May 2002. M. The Debts We Owe
As you will know, credit card companies charge interest on the amount which you owe them. Some cards also continue to charge interest on the whole amount you have previously borrowed, if some of it still remains unpaid. Even if 99% of it has been repaid, and 1% of the original balance remains outstanding, they will charge interest on the whole 100% until that 1% is repaid!

In this dream, I was made to think that something more exacting was in force. We have several credit cards, from various companies which are independent of one another. But in this dream, I was made to think that even though I had repaid the full amount owing on one card, that the interest on what I previously borrowed on that card was still accruing and being charged on another card.

In other words, what I thought I no longer owed in one place, I was held accountable for and had to repay in another place.

Meaning: I didn’t know what to make of this dream for a while, but while praying, God revealed that the meaning is spiritual. It has to do with what He has loaned Christians and what Christians owe Him as a result.

As Jesus’ follower, there are several areas of your conduct and response which you must examine to see that you are giving God what you owe Him.

A lot of Christians have been duped to believe that salvation is a one way street – that it’s a real bargain because it’s God doing all the giving to us, and that He does not expect anything in return from us. I heard about just such an individual with that approach, recently.

Our son Richard runs a mobile motor mechanic’s business. In the course of his rounds, one day he met a man locally who said he passed our home frequently. (There is a main road running by our property.) This man said “Every time I go past your house and see ‘Jesus Raises The Dead!’ written on the front, I say ‘Hallelujah’!” He also said about being a Christian, “It’s a really good deal. You’ve got nothing to lose.”

He knows Christ died to pay for his sins, and that by accepting what Jesus has done he has the promise of eternal life. That’s about all he sees. His Christian faith is very shallow. He is certainly exuberant, but not so educated!

Jesus said every disciple must count the cost of following Him (Luke 14:25-35). Why? Because there IS a price to be paid! You must expect to lose EVERYTHING to be a fully committed Christian! That’s not to say you will lose everything. But you might; you could; and you have to be prepared to! It’s like giving up all in order to buy the pearl of great price or the treasure hidden in a field (Matt 13:44-46).

This dream was given after I had to write a letter to someone who was having difficulty coming to terms with the price that he must pay to reform his life into God’s righteous image. It’s not easy for any of us. It hurts when you have to change! And habits are hard to change. We all have habits that need to be corrected, so that we are brought into line with God’s will instead of our own.

That day the Spirit led me through the Word to list several aspects of our conduct where we need to submit to God. I reproduce those notes here, so that they may help anyone else.

What We Owe God
1. To obey Him diligently, carefully
Deut 6:5-6.
Deut 6:8 (compare with
Rev 13:16-17).
Deut 6:17-18, 25.

Are these actions without emotions and love? Hardly! But many believers treat them as if they were. Such people are ritualists, merely doing works of the flesh (‘dead works’ – Heb 6:1), but ignoring the corrupt and evil state of their spirit!

2. To love Him and to love others
Matt 22:37-39.
Rom 13:8,9. It is a debt we OWE!

God has given us love. Actually, He has not given it, He has LOANED it to us, because He expects a return on His investment! Have you read Matthew 25:27? What God has loaned, He wants back with interest!

After a long time (at the end of your life), He’s going to settle accounts with you (25:19). What will you have paid Him back by then? Will you still owe Him something? Will there be things in your life that you want to keep for yourself instead of giving them all to Him?

He’s given us the Holy Spirit which imparts spiritual qualities and virtues. He wants to see a return on what He’s given you. He’s waiting to see in you:
Love, not hatred.
Faith, not fear.
Joy and thankfulness, not grumbling or complaining.

Do you still do harm to your neighbour? (Rom 13:9.) Do you still harbour thoughts against him of resentment, anger, bitterness, hostility, unforgiveness? These are not vibes of love from God, but vibes from the evil one! Whose son are you? The devil’s? While you harbour his thoughts, you are his! Don’t kid yourself you’re God’s son! He won’t tolerate such evils in the spirit. You’ve got to change!

God has called you to become like Him and your giving is the barometer of your conversion. It’s the proof of your acceptance of His love. So:

What’s Your Giving Like?
Here are some of the areas of giving in life:
1. Money.
2. Time.
3. Emotions.
4. Alms and actions.
5. Plans and ambitions; hopes and dreams.

1. Money
Luke 6:38. Give, and it will be given to you. This is a promise. God will do what He says when you do what you should, from the heart.

Look at a flower that He has created. It’s always giving out beauty. It reflects God’s nature. They say that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. He wants you to be like that flower, always giving out, making others glad. A giving person is always beautiful like a flower.

Are you like that? Or are you so selfish that you bring others grief?

Giving extends much further than just money. Read Luke 6:27-37 to see how He wants you to be transformed by His Spirit. He wants you to take on His spiritual image. That passage explains what that image is like.

Its outgoing love is wonderful. It doesn’t try to find fault with others because it’s dissatisfied in life (Lk 6:37). True love does not try to put others down in order to elevate oneself.

2. Time
1 Peter 1:17. Your stay on earth is temporal. Don’t forget that! Most do. And it gets them into spiritual trouble.

Phil 2:12. You’ve got to work out your salvation. Ever had a work out in the gym? It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Working out your salvation is not easy, either. It’s much harder!

1 Pet 1:13-16. How you use your time leads to, or detracts from, the object of your life – holiness. What do you spend your time doing? Conforming to worldly (physical) lusts / desires? Or working out what God wants?

There’s a lot of hypocrisy around in believers who deceive themselves they are living out a holy lifestyle. They are merely kidding themselves as they just go satiating one lust after another.

Matt 6:19-20. What do you spend your time laying up? Heavenly treasures / pursuits, or earthly ones?

Mark 4:16-19. Are you one of those worthless seeds sown on the stony ground who just grows for a while, but gives up when you don’t get what you want?

Mark 4:20. Or are you one of the few bearing fruit?

3. Emotions
Matt 7:1-2. The pay-back in this area is most emphatic! This is a rebuke against a fault-finding, critical attitude; a habitual one of wanting to find fault with others, to put down. It’s based on an unforgiving approach. Unforgiveness is a spiritual killer! Get rid of every speck of it that you hold against anyone.

Mark 11:25,26. What narks you? Do you get upset when God corrects you? Or when others do? Do you let hurts fester? Do you let them develop into bitterness and rancour? When another says something that hurts, do you dwell on it? Or do you forgive and forget it, and just get on with your life? Don’t hold any grudges, or they will hold you – in a spiritual prison where Satan will lock you up so that you can’t be with God!

Matt 6:14,15. This aspect is so vital that it’s repeated after the ‘Lord’s Prayer’. It seems out of context following the verses immediately before it. But it’s the one point Jesus emphasises more than any other! He’s warning you not to let yourself get upset against another brother or sister because of what may have happened.

4. Alms and Actions
Acts 9:39. Dorcas was raised from the dead. I wonder why? Because she was such a sterling example of human labour to help others in need?!

Matt 25:31-46, especially vs 41-43. Some Christians will be among the cursed, who will be thrown out into the place of torment. Because they only care about themselves. They don’t care about the hurt they cause others. They don’t really care to do good. They’re just living for themselves all the time.

5. Hopes and Dreams
Heb 12:1,2. Jesus, for the hope that was set before Him, endured the cross! If your hope is in physical things, you won’t endure anything. You MUST have spiritual hope (Col 3:1).

Phil 4:4. You can rejoice in any situation when your hope is in God.

1 Pet 1:13. Hope in Christ. Don’t hope in anything else.

Rom 12:1. The complete giving of yourself to God – that must be your aim in life.

Have you done that yet? What’s your giving like?

If You Try and Ignore One Point...
To return to the beginning again, to the dream. It stated that what I thought I no longer owed in one place, I was held accountable for and had to repay in another place. This is the crunch!

It is a warning to anyone who is complacent about their sins, who thinks that because they have ‘done their duty’ in one area (say, for instance, keeping the Sabbaths and holy days) that they are absolved from responsibility in another area (for example, not counteracting hostility, resentment, or unforgiveness). You cannot afford to overlook something. Deliberately ignoring an aspect of your conduct, when you know you should repent, is spiritual suicide.

Whoever sins in one point is guilty of all (James 2:10).

God is saying that the person who does this – who ignores a sin that they know they should deal with – will lose everything they have already gained with God. There’s no half way house. With God and His holiness, it’s all or nothing!

Which will it be for you?

US Space Rocket
9th May 2002. M.
I saw a rocket on its launch pad before blast-off into space. It was a very sleek, slender, ultra-modern design. Then I saw it tilt and lean over to one side. Things had gone badly wrong! Panic ensued. I saw the response among personnel.

Their reaction (figurative imagery) to try and put things right was remarkable, almost superhuman, very daring and even bordering on self-sacrificial. One man leaped high up, and held onto a grappling iron on the wall. He held on till a mechanical gantry or ladder could be swung around towards him.

Another man did an acrobatic manoeuvre, like a back somersault to project him upwards onto an iron girder in the midst of an elaborate structure. It was really amazing how people responded to try and rescue the situation.

Meaning: The dream could be a portent of disaster for the US space programme. Despite all the vaunted scientific achievement, technology will seriously falter. People will go to great lengths to try and rescue the situation, because there is a huge amount of personal and national pride wrapped up in it.

The pride in achievement in science and technology is immense. They are false gods. But God is about to break that pride in human power! [A few weeks after this dream, there was a serious set-back when a rocket launch failed.]

Stressful Situation Nearly Kills MM
15th January 2002. H. Stranger making himself as part of the family
While we were asleep a man came into the house and made himself comfortable in one of the bedrooms. In the morning he came in and introduced himself and carried on as if he was part of the family. He gave Malcolm a strong hug; he squeezed him so hard he almost fainted. I was concerned about him.
Meaning: This shows a real-life situation which lasted about a year. We were put in the position where we had to support a man and allow him to stay with us. This became a great burden and nearly destroyed the ministry. God watched over us and performed miracles of provision.
In the end, this man is meant to help us to keep going.

Barefoot In The Snow
19th January 2002. H. Journey through snow barefooted
This was a dream of me doing many things. I also had to set out on a journey through thick snow barefooted.
Meaning: The dream depicts great difficulties ahead of us. and our lack of physical provision. Even if we don't have all we need we must move forward and get the job done. We must complete the journey. The time is short.

Legal Problems Hinder Progress
20th January 2002. H. 3 Dreams
1) Dream about a delay due to obstacles
A lady lawyer came to me and gave me a knife asking me to put it to metal and tell her the truth about my husband's past work. After I told her the truth the problem was resolved.
Meaning: This dream is about some legal matters which are slowing down our progress.

2) Dream of a washing machine. Malcolm told me to get a license for the washing machine and to get the paperwork sorted out.
This ministry is symbolised by the washing machine; we help people clean their spiritual clothes. We thought that we might need to register as a charity.

3) I was shown a small board with black marks on it.
Meaning: This shows the devil is using people that we know to attack the ministry and our family.

[Note: 2005. A man called David Sheridan told lies about us in court in 2004 to sully our character. He also wrote to the Charity Commission telling them lies to prevent us ever getting the charity status we are entitled to by law. He is a slanderer.]

The Hand Grenade & Fat Cow
22nd January 2002. H. I was given a hand grenade
I was given a hand grenade. I had to find a place to make it secure.
I tried to hide it in the orchard in one of the trees but still I felt it would be dangerous there.
I took it to the next house and tried to find a secure place to hide it there as I didn't want to endanger anyone's life.
In the orchard I was being chased by cows that were curious. One of the cows was very fat looking.
Meaning: The grenade represents literature containing God's truth which is as dynamite.
The cows represent churches.
The fat cow is a selfish and self-seeking one. The churches don't care for God's truth. That is why they are divided, and they like to stay that way.

Fight The Powers Of Darkness
26th January 2002. H. Working for God and fighting the powers of darkness
Dream of fighting the powers of darkness. Every time we do something for God the enemy is always there to block it. It takes willpower and determination to push away the dark forces and to move forward for God. Each person has to face the enemy in their own personal journey! God helps us as we submit to Him.

27th January 2002. H.
The graves are ready to receive the dead. (Judgement against the spiritually immoral!) This dream was of three dead bodies of homosexuals. There were three graves nearby.
Meaning: The judgement of God will fall on those who choose immoral behaviour. Three is a number meaning finality. Sin and pride are intertwined. These are the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah (Ezek 16:49-50). God shows His power by punishing those who flagrantly choose to sin against Him.

Clearing Up Spiritual Mess
29th January 2002. H. Cleaning up mess caused by others
A man that we know was standing nearby.
Meaning: It takes a lot of effort to clear up problems and the spiritual mess that people cause.

Talking To Prince William
1st February 2002. H. Talking with Prince William
I met Prince William and he was friendly. I was trying to give him some spiritual guidance, helping him to understand certain aspects of life and the future ahead of him.

3rd February 2002. H. Leaking ceiling
Malcolm gave me a back massage but didn't have time to finish it. When I got up, the ceiling was leaking.
Meaning: Malcolm will be busy dealing with emergencies and there will be things that will be unpleasant to deal with. The leaking ceiling is symbolic of nuisances and difficulties. They are caused through the devil, but God works through many circumstances. We have to forgo what we want.

A Caribbean Outreach
5th February 2002. H. Reaching out to the Caribbean
Dream of taking pieces of food and throwing them into the area of the Caribbean, reaching out there.
Meaning: God is showing us we will send literature into the Caribbean area and there will be many people who need spiritual food. God is preparing for the revival in that area.

Challenging People's Deceptions
8th February 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Deception in the churches
As I was meditating about people being deceived in the churches I saw people's faces covered with bees (representing demons that cause deception). As one person's eyes were opened others turned on that person. A woman (representing the Church) became hostile, and as the dream developed, some people's faces turned into those of pigs. (Similar to dream of 16th Feb.)
Meaning: Those who won't accept new truth turn nasty.

2) Helping a small group
I met with a small group of people but I felt I had nothing in common with them. One of them showed kindness to me by giving me a chocolate drink. Another lady was sleeping in an armchair, and she was covered with strange objects that were glued to her (representing spiritual teachings). I tried to help them to move on to a better place with more comfort.
Meaning: It is hard for people to separate themselves from the doctrinal delusions they have become used to.

Reaching The Far East
11th February 2002. H. Eating in a Far-Eastern country
I was transported into a Far-Eastern country. I was given local food to eat with a kitchen utensil.
Meaning: God is showing us that we are going to reach those countries with God's truth.

People Used By The Devil Oppose The Move Of God
16th February 2002. H. Demonic control over people and division in the Church
I saw a break-up or a division in a group of people. After that the boundaries were reinforced and put in place (representing demonic control). When a few want to see the light and want to move on spiritually, others who are blind choose to shut out those who are stirred up by God. (Similar meaning to dream of 8th Feb.)

In Bed, High Up
19th February 2002. H. In bed on a platform
I was on a double bed which was raised up on a platform. I joked with someone that there was some room for someone else in the bed with me!
Meaning: High profile coming through publicity. We don’t seek it for ourselves, and we are willing to share it with others (if they could – but remember the calling comes from God).

Look Out, Helena's Vacuum Is About
21st February 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Plugging in the vacuum
There were several cables plugged into a socket. I tried to plug in my vacuum cleaner but I couldn't make it work. I had to unplug the other cables in order to get the vacuum cleaner plugged in properly.
Meaning: ‘Our’ teachings are meant to clean up the Church. But several things prevent that occurring.

Police Want A Statement
2) Police visit. I had to make a statement to the police.
Meaning: We expect a visit from the police. God will use the situation to give them a witness. All sorts of people find fault with us, but we are innocent of their false charges.

Richard Madeley & Judy Finnigan
24th February 2002. H. Near Richard and Judy's house
I was near Richard and Judy's house in
London, as if I had a reason to be there.
Meaning: God will put us in the public eye to give the gospel public exposure. The nation will hear the message. Miracles will bring glory to God. The rich and famous will learn, too. (Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan are well-known TV presenters in the UK.)

Changing The Chair Legs
7th March 2002. H. 3 Dreams
1) Changing legs of chairs
Dream of changing the legs on our chairs; there was urgency in the air.
Meaning: There are changes coming to our everyday life, which will become more hectic. The dream probably also indicates that our support is going to change. New people will support us.

Dreadful Lust In Society
2) I was given a disturbing picture of lewdness and lust
The society we live in is headed for the gutter and moral cesspit, where immorality is the norm. Pornography leads to sexual perversion and promiscuity. It’s getting worse!! [Since this dream was given, the downward spiral has accelerated.]

3) I was travelling on the main road with my feet on the ground. The traffic on both sides got out of the way. As I was able to concentrate I was able to speed up.
Meaning: We will be able to make progress soon. Reassurance after the long series of difficulties that have held up progress in this work.

The Beckhams
9th March 2002. H. David & Victoria Beckham
I was giving them some literature to help them to understand the future. Victoria was being promiscuous and I said to her, "Save it for your husband!"

Growth & Moving Ahead
18th March 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Developments. Dream of developing a new relationship with someone.
Spiritually there will be a new beginning, more growth for the Church and power from God to witness to the world.

2) Making preparations to move forward. I was very busy doing many things, dealing with new situations and getting things sorted and helping to move things forward.

Having A Think
19th March 2002. H. Shocked to find our friend back
I was trying to keep my head down so not to be visible through the windows. I went into a large room and saw our friend there. I was shocked and I asked Malcolm what he was doing there. Malcolm said, "He is having a think."
Meaning: This shows in advance the circumstances in his life will change, and how he will need to rethink his priorities in life, putting the spiritual things of God first.

Arrogant Approach Of Police
23rd March 2002. H. A teacher giving orders
A man who presented himself as a teacher came into our home telling me we would have to make changes. He thought he had the authority to give us orders. I responded by asking what changes we would need to make, but he couldn't tell me!
Meaning: This is the authoritative and proud attitude of people who use power to abuse others. Many of those who hold positions of power are not qualified to lead because of their lack of spirituality and right morality.

Miss Jackson (Deceased) Visits Us
1st April 2002. H. Miss Jackson visiting
Miss Jackson arrived and we were sorting out her house. I was trying to make sure that her heating system was in order.

Wading Through Deep Water
4th April 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Wading. I was wading through deep water.
Meaning: God's power will be released with miracles!

2) Pulled out of car. I was sitting in a car and a huge arm pulled me out. I was concerned about my clothing.
Meaning: We are going to be thrown into a situation which will be outside of our control. God is in charge and He directs the events, He prepares us for what we have to face.

MM Literature To Adorn Your Life
7th April 2002. H. Choosing dresses for somebody
I was sorting out some dresses. I picked a few specific ones for somebody.
Meaning: The dresses represent the spiritual clothing. The dream accompanied sending out of MM literature to a person known to us who went away from God.

10th April 2002. H. Person doing their own thing
Dream of a house. One person kept coming to stay the night, but during the day he did his own thing.
Meaning: This represents a person who used our ministry for selfish reasons (as bed for the night) while they lived their life selfishly and as in the world.

The Church Getting Dressed
11th April 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) The nakedness of the Church
Dream of a woman using a small garment to try and cover her nakedness. The garment was too small to cover her front, while her back was completely naked. This caused her embarrassment.
This shows her spirituality as very shallow, and the woman reflects the Church today. The little truth the Church has doesn't cover her nakedness.

The next scene of the dream showed the woman wearing a pinafore inside out.
This shows the Church receiving more teaching and truth, but she still has some things reversed.

Eventually the woman is able to put on a dress as she should wear it.
The Church has to accept the whole teaching from the Bible and put on the garments of righteousness to prepare for the return of Christ.

2) Disorganised house
The house needed to be reorganised and there was a pit in the middle of the room which had to be covered. The people had to be shown how to use the house.
Meaning: The Church needs help to apply new truth to daily living and worship.

Church, To Get Rid Of Old Ways
13th April 2002. H. Man's suit on ground
I saw a men's suit lying on the ground. I picked it up and put it away. [A man is often used as a symbol of church leaders.]
Meaning: The suit represents old ways of doing things like worship (Ps. 51). Prepare the way for God; you have to change your ways so God can use you.

God Describes Articles Of Faith
20th April 2002. H. Enterprising woman making Salad Cream
There was a woman shredding lots of vegetables to make it into Heinz Salad Cream. This lady was resourceful, busy, enterprising, and working hard to achieve the end result (sounds like Helena!).
Meaning: The woman represents those used by God, and the vegetables are the spiritual food which needs to be put together and made available to others. [At this time we were compiling articles into volumes entitled Articles of Faith. These five books add flavour and spice to Christian life.]

Articles Of Faith
Each volume contains about 30 or more articles on a wide range of biblical topics and spiritual issues to build up the body of Christ. They were written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit from Sept 1992 to Jan 2000 and first published in our then regular journal Awake! Awake!

Clearly there is a need for these to be produced or God would not have given the dream above. At that time, we didn't have money to print, but we went ahead in faith (see dream of 5th July 2001 on p 80 about going through the red light). When the dream was written, Volume 1 was at the printers, although we didn’t have the finance to pay for it. Later, God moved someone to pay the bill of thousands outright! Praise God!

Attacked By Judases
24th April 2002. H. Attack
Dream of someone trying to attack us and find fault with us. A person whom we have helped defended us.
Meaning: There will be those who attack us but we need to be defended by those who are willing to give us support.

Help & Support
25th April 2002. H. Receiving a precious stone
I received a precious stone through a catalogue and this stone represented wealth. I had to do something with a scratch- card to receive the benefit from this stone.
Meaning: God is showing us that the provision for the ministry will arrive! (When people see that what we promote is Truth.) The scratch card depicts people's need to scratch out whatever they must in their lives to get to the hidden truth of God, which is what the purpose of life all revolves around.

28th April 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Receiving help and support
We were busy preparing a church building for people to meet and to worship God. Someone was helping me with fixing something and he gave me some money but I said he could keep it. [We don't seek money; that's not our motive!]
Meaning: This shows that we will receive help and support from someone who is helpful and generous.

We Need To Organise Things First
2) Driving along with loose papers
We were driving our vehicle along a busy motorway. There were loose papers at the back of the car that were being blown around so we had to stop to secure them.
Meaning: The papers represent literature which is being prepared for publications. We are not quite ready yet to go on the main road. Some more publications are to be written and things need organising (like these dreams in this volume).

Opposition & Persecution
1st May 2002. H. 3 Dreams
1) Opposition and persecution
We were shown to come out of our secret place into the open to face opposition and persecution.
Meaning: There is a spiritual war going on. When we come out into the open, terrific opposition will erupt against the truth.

Church Swimming Pool Upside Down
2) Upside down empty swimming pool
There was a huge swimming pool which was turned upside down and was without water.
Meaning: Swimming is refreshing on hot days. But society does not provide a spiritual cleansing and refreshing facility. The Church has failed to provide this in our society. Her teach- ings are upside down, so the receptacle doesn’t hold water.

The Queen's Position
3) The Queen as a monument
The queen was sitting on the side, inactive, as if she was a monument.
The queen has no spiritual influence over the people. Ideally, she should have, because she is a moral figurehead to the nation.

God's Stream Flows To The Right
18th May 2002. M. 3 dreams
1) The route of God’s river, as seen from above. I was shown the main stream, now turning to the right, and where we joined it, also by flowing to the right. The stream continued and I wanted to see how this went on but I was not able to see how it flowed after that.
Meaning: The outpouring of the Spirit, bringing new revelation, reforming the Church. This reformation is carried in the stream as it turns towards the right, which represents conservatism – the restoration of the Sabbath and holy days of God.

Derek Prince
2) Derek Prince
Someone was talking about him and his ministry. I said, “But he’s dead now.” They replied, “No, he’s not.” [People don't want to accept that his ministry is over and that his teachings are in need of reformation.] Other things were mentioned in the dream. It seemed to imply that Derek Prince was dead and his ministry over.
Jesus previously told him that he would live to see the revival in these islands. I believe he doesn’t have long to live; and the revival is nearly upon us. [He died a short while later.]

3) This dream was also concerning Derek Prince Ministries. There was a leaking garage roof. I went to inspect it and see if it could be repaired. It was concrete! I put a bucket under the hole to catch the water, but it poured in quite fast.
Then the hole opened up even more and I noticed that a drain grille had been installed in the roof in the first place and concreted around. (How crazy!!) It had managed to survive this long, but it now needed radical attention. I wondered how this roof could be repaired. It would have been very difficult to achieve!
Meaning: This emphasises how there is something fundamentally wrong with the teaching of DPM. Their covering (roof) is wrongly constructed, because they reject the validity of the fourth commandment as God originally delivered it, nor do they observe the festivals of God, despite various references in the NT to their observance by the apostolic Church.
Note: More about Derek Prince and the ministry he founded is written in Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus! and in He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease (leaflets available from MM).

The Insolence Of The Wayward
19th May 2002. Pentecost. M. 2 dreams
1) God’s Discipline
Exx (a former friend) came here looking for help, but not looking for me or Helena; presumably looking for Richard or for some physical help. I looked through the window and saw his car in the driveway. I had wanted to get in touch with him to ask him about the money he owed me, so I was glad to take this opportunity to confront him about his failure to come back to me on what he owed. The interchange was not that cordial.

Then I began to prophesy to him (say things to him, inspired by the Spirit), correcting him. I would have liked to have remembered the exact words which God inspired, because they were so fitting in the dream. There were two ‘outbursts’ of them.

As I was talking to Xxx, his two other brothers were present. One interrupted me, ignoring what I was saying. I slapped him (not hard) on the face (to get his attention), and said “Shut up and listen.” Then the other brother did the same thing. I mildly slapped him as well, and said, “Shut up and listen”, too. Then I woke up. The time was 5.25 am. (I went back to sleep and woke up later, to record this.)

I remembered Isaiah 5:25, one of 5 references to God’s correction of His people. (Others are Is 9:12; 9:17; 9:21; and 10:4.) “For all this His anger is not turned away, His hand is still upraised” in judgement.

Then I ‘happened’ to read this also: “This ability to receive help – allowing another’s spirit to touch our spirit [ie, to be corrected] – is proof that one is broken. Cleverness does not make it hard to be helped; rather, it is evidence that the outer shell is harder than others. In the Lord’s mercy, a clever person must be drastically dealt with, broken many times and in many ways until one day he is able to receive the Supply of the whole Church” (Watchman Nee, The Release of the Spirit, p 98).

The slaps in the dream convey how God has to get people’s attention, and that involves some discipline which may even seem harsh.

2) The rudeness and selfishness of some learned people in society
The place was like a museum or other exalted place of learning. I was outside with Helena. There was no one else around, so I had a leak against their wall. It brought out all the contours of the individual stones in the wall and highlighted their definition. [An insult! How God views the things that are highly esteemed by society: they’re rubbish to Him!]

Then a man came along. He didn’t come to see me to learn, but to try and prove his superiority in knowledge, or impress me with his vaunted intelligence. He asked me a question about why there is a difference in time between the hand and the foot. He didn’t think I would know why, but I told him the correct answer straight off. It was because of the different frequencies of the two parts, or something like that. It was surreal.

He continued to talk with me, not because he cared about me or wanted to give me something of value, but because he wanted to elevate himself. The time got to five minutes to the hour. He was leaving at the hour to go home after his day’s work. Without any cordiality or politeness, at 5 sharp, he simply shut the door in my face and went off. It was quite rude and unfeeling, but that was the way he was – selfish, self-centred. He only used me for what he wanted.

Hectically Busy During The Revival!
26th May 2002. M. 4 dreams
1) No time for ourselves. It was daytime. The sun was shining. Helena and I were looking for a quiet place where we could be together alone, but we couldn’t find it.
Meaning: This will make more sense when you read the dreams about the outpouring of the Spirit and publicity coming.

Our Desperate Lack Of Funds
2) Lack of money for ourselves
I needed 4 or 5 pounds to buy myself a pair of socks and pants, but I didn’t have it. (How we have emptied ourselves of all we have, so that we have had to go without.) I asked someone who was nearby if he could lend it to me. It was only a small amount of money, but he was begrudging at first. Then, as time progressed (presumably as he got used to giving, and realised that I was really in need, and not merely asking to get something for myself), he gave willingly. He gave me more than I asked for. He put a number of pound coins in my hand; about eight or ten of them. Even though I offered to give him back the extra ones, he didn’t want them back. (The meaning of this part of the dream may be that once people learn to be giving, instead of keeping everything for themselves, they find out that it doesn’t hurt them and they actually enjoy it.)

The Kenyan Outreach Costs A Fortune
3) The ‘bargain’ shed that wasn’t a bargain
I was offered a garden shed that was a real bargain – or so I was told. So, I went for it without hesitation. It would be a useful addition to the other shed I already had. It was the same as that in size. But I had to do everything myself – collect it, transport it, and erect it. It was in sections, as sheds are when you buy them. But the roof section had a corner broken. The broken bit was fairly large and was a bit rotten which is why it had broken. I could only shrug it off and ignore it, because there was nothing I could do about that now. The damage was done. I said that I would put a bit of polythene over it to cover it up.

The shed cost £486. Later, I realised that it wasn’t a bargain at all. (The first shed had only cost me £286.) What was more, there was no roofing felt with it. (New sheds come with roofing felt supplied. This one didn’t!) The ‘bargain’ was no bargain at all. Instead of being useful to us, it drained us of money that we could have better used elsewhere.

Meaning: An allegory of ‘our’ outreach in Africa (not Ethiopia, but other countries).
The shed which cost £486:
486 = 6 x 9 x 9, or
486 = 2 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 9, etc.

The numbers have significance. They can mean any of the following:
6 = 2 x 3.
2 = certainty. 3 = finality.
6 = evil in people.
9 = spiritual gifts, and /or judgement.

One meaning is that the purpose of our outreach in Africa has been to try to help these people accept more of God’s Spirit so that He can lead them with spiritual gifts. But that the human weaknesses and failings have allowed evil things to occur, wasting some of the money, and so minimising what God could do. This has brought judgement upon the ones who have misused this privilege.

The shed which cost £286:
286 = 2 x 11 x 13.
2 = certainty (indicating God’s involvement).
11 = writings inspired by God.
13 = Satan.

Meaning of the numbers in this context: Satan always attacks whatever God is doing. So, the presence of the number 13 (which often, but not always, identifies Satan) shows that he has been trying to undermine what God has been doing through the writings (11) which He has had us produce.

The first shed (£286) illustrates how things began with us – economically. The cost was relatively low. God worked by inspiring the written materials.

But Satan tried to prevent them going out, illustrated by the second shed, in getting others with evil motives (6) to steal money, reducing the effectiveness of our outreach, which was to bring spiritual enlightenment and gifts (9) to others. That permission of human evil (6) brings judgement (9) upon those who are responsible.

How The Devil Opposes God's Work
If you wonder how human evil has prevented God's purposes being fulfilled for this Work, let me explain:

For years, as we have written the spiritual material to take God’s Truth to others, we have had totally insufficient physical support (because people are innately selfish). We have had spiritual support. God never fails to provide that! But the physical arm has been weak.

Most of the time, finance has had to come from within our own family, to make this venture possible. Up until 2001 that ‘internal income’ barely provided the funding for publishing costs and office expenditure. The small amounts in contributions from others were so meagre that they only went part way towards postage costs. As for paying wages to those of us who work full time at the task... well, that’s a joke! If Helena or I expected to be paid, we wouldn’t be doing the job! We have worked for years without being paid, and now are owing Zenya her wages for the past year [written 2002], so she effectively works for nothing, too [she worked for MM gratis until 2004]. We are not complaining, just explaining.

God has called us all to be living sacrifices (Rom 12:1), following the example of Jesus. As you lay down your life as a living sacrifice, God will replace it with His. This is the simple principle behind the gospel. It’s simple in principle, but hard to practice.

It’s much easier to reason, “I really want that car, or that holiday (or anything else that YOU want with your human desires). So, let me get that first, and then I can give to God’s Work.”

That’s no good. God doesn’t approve of that. He expects you to thank Him by your giving. He doesn’t want your leftovers, nor even your seconds. He gave His firstborn Son for you. He wants your FIRSTfruits, too. If you don’t give Him your firstfruits, don’t be surprised that He leaves you to wander in spiritual limbo and get in a mess. Your understanding and spiritual vision will depart, and demons will gladly take God’s place in your life.

People don’t see how the devil does his work. How does he get you to oppose God’s Work? Simply through your physical desires. When he gets you to take care of them before taking care of what is on God’s agenda, he’s achieved his aim in damaging what God intended, and thwarting His Work.

You’ve got to give up giving in to your selfish passions or whims. You’ve got to put God and His Work first, before you do what you want for yourself. Then, God will give to you. That was the message of the prophet Haggai. It was recorded for all subsequent generations to learn the same lesson.

No One Wants To Get Involved

4) No one wants to join with us
I was waiting for others to join me and have a game of football. But no one came. No one wanted to get involved with us.
There was a new room or building. It was small and painted white on the inside. (This represents our ministry, spiritually.) But because it was new, things needed doing and no one was there to do them. The walls were dripping wet and needed wiping down.

30th May 2002. M. 2 dreams
1) Personal dream for financial advice

Kassahun's Work In Ethiopia
Kassahun was riding a moped with two other people on it. He was also carrying a set of traffic lights [he is a prophet]. A woman traffic warden or policewoman [government official?] saw him and wanted to arrest him and charge him. But K was away, and I don’t think she was able to catch up with him.
Meaning: A pictorial analogy of Kassahun's outreach. In going to other places to take God's truths he has to struggle because circumstances are very difficult. State officialdom is against him, but God will protect him and make a way for him to escape their persecution. He has God's right of way (the lights).

Cutting Across The Mainstream
9th June 2002. M. 2 dreams
1) Near collision with another ministry
We were in our car, wanting to come out onto a main road [depicts coming into a situation where we are a recognisable ministry to others – people tend to only recognise ministries of substantial size]. It was a dual carriageway and traffic was coming from both directions. Someone else was driving [Jesus drives this ministry] and I was in the back seat on the right.

We wanted to come onto this main road and go to the right, so we had to cut across the two lanes. When the appropriate moment came we pulled out.

As we did so, a silver Honda like the one we drive (but with a different number plate) [this depicts a very similar ministry that teaches the truths about God's Sabbaths], came round the corner fast and had to brake suddenly, as did another car behind that one. Fortunately, they didn’t collide and the Honda just missed the back of our car by inches. It was a close shave!

Meaning: This is a pictorial illustration of how another ministry, which also teaches about the Sabbath (similar car), had a ‘run-in’ with us over some prophetic issues.

C D who runs that ministry does not accept various prophecies we have been given, nor does he accept that I (MBH) am a prophet, despite various revelations given to others, some of which are recorded in What God Said About MM and Revelations From God About MM (two small leaflets).

The dual carriageway represents how he is merely travelling down the same route that most go – evangelising the way the majority does – by human means.

In contrast, we rely upon the Spirit, so I crossed his path, and he will have to pull up sharp or have a spiritual smash up.

Afraid To Come Near Us
2) Fxxxxxx Bxxxxx came towards us in his Mercedes. Although he was coming towards us, he parked it a long way away, in a road lined with trees. It was very pleasant there, leafy and shady. He didn’t want to get too close.
Meaning: This person is afraid to get too close to us. He doesn’t want to get in a position that could be ‘uncomfortable’ by having to face the mistakes of the past, or face us to do with what transpired in the past. So he stays where things are not too confrontational. He takes the easy way out.

Hypocritical Facade Of Many People
11th June 2002. M. Hypocritical facade; sham pleasantries
An audience of several hundred people were gathered together in ‘our place’ and Helena walked up to give a talk on something. She began, and wrote on the blackboard the name “Bach”, the originator of the Bach Flower Remedies. She wrote his name in brackets, which probably means that he was incidental to what she was talking about.

I was sitting at the back, when a man just in front of me started objecting vociferously. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but Helena answered him back and he was a bit put out. So I said to him kindly, “We have a book about that which you can read to learn about such things, if you would like to.”

But he replied, smiling, “I’m not that sort of person.” (Many people put on a front of being nice, smiling, but their hearts are cold and their minds are closed. They prefer to be ruled by prejudices than to learn new things.)

Trying To Economise & Be Enterprising
16th June 2002. M. Making best use of our assets
There was a false floor in our cellar made out of pallets. It was at about six foot high, dividing the height of the cellar into two. I looked underneath and thought to myself that we could utilise the space below it, but then thought again, “No, I don’t think so.”
Meaning: We’re always thinking of ways to economise.

People Find Fault With Us
17th June 2002. M. Our neighbour’s heating system or boiler got damaged somehow as a result of us. We had to pay him compensation.
Meaning: Probably means that worldly people and unconverted church folks will find fault with us, persecute us, and try to use whatever means they can to inflict their selfish will against us.

Recognise When People Need Encouragement
30th June 2002. M. Cxxxxxx Dxxxxxx
A few days before this dream this person came to my mind and I mentioned to Helena about him. Then this dream came about him. In the dream, he was re-doing a ceiling for us. It was as if he was helping out at our new ministry premises.
He was very particular and thought that he should even re-do it with plasterboard, so went off to get that. It wasn’t really necessary, but he was so fastidious that he felt he had to do that. Someone else might have corrected him, but he needed encouragement more than correction.
So I told them, “Leave him alone, he’s doing OK.” His heart was right, even though the result was not what was ideal.
Meaning: The dream was to convey how some people need encouragement more than anything else, even when it doesn’t look like it. They are the way they are because of their upbringing, and their background, etc., and when a person’s heart is really good, it would dampen their spirit to be told off for the way they do something physical, like their job or the decisions they make in life.

One More Person Who Will Be Saved
1st July 2002. M. Txxxy. (A person we know.)
The day before this dream I had to write a letter to Xxxxy. The dream portrayed his, and Richard’s, disrespect towards me and towards God through their unbelief and mockery. In the second part of the dream, I gave him a really big kiss.
Meaning: The kiss represents affection or love shown to the person. God is conveying that, although he presently does not believe in God, he will respond to affection that God will show him through us in the future. I believe the dream shows that he will be saved. Wonderful!

Starting Up My Chain Saw
2nd July 2002. M. My chain saw
I was starting up my chain saw. P H was in the back- ground, playing his bass guitar. But the noise from my chain saw drowned out that coming from P H’s guitar.
Meaning: P H has disbelieved all our prophetic stuff from God and turned away from God to seek his own pleasure. In effect, he’s been playing around, entertaining himself.
Our chain saw depicts the destructive work we are about to do in the Church, demolishing strongholds, and getting the attention of those who should have noticed the truth we promote, before.

Helpful People Will Come
3rd July 2002. M. 2 dreams
1) Someone wanted to help us out. They ran a car hire firm called “Go Cars” and offered us the use of one of their hire cars.

2) Similarly, another person wanted to give us some money.
Helpful people are going to come along. Praise God.

Bad Company Corrupts Character
8th July 2002. M. Charles Hunting and Richard
Charles Hunting was coming here. He was curious to see what we were doing. Apparently, his visit was planned for a Wednesday. Richard was pleased, but he didn’t tell us of his plans or what he was scheming. He simply asked us where we would be on the Wednesday in question. We were going to be out, which rather suited Richard. Hunting came round when we were out and spent some time with Richard. He even made Richard a cup of coffee, which rather pleased him.
Meaning: Charles Hunting is a figure for those who have been bad influences on Richard. Hunting was a false minister who tried to introduce subtle heresies into church teaching about the Sabbath (back in the mid 70’s). He represents how Satan has got to R via others. False ministers and people used by Satan do not always appear evil in their presence. Hunting was charming, charismatic, capable, persuasive, and appealing. He was an attractive personality. But what was in his heart, hidden, was highly damaging and seductive. This is how R has been influenced by his ‘friends’. Never underestimate the influence ‘friends’ can have on your spirituality!

How Willing We Have Been But How Unreceptive Others Were
9th July 2002. M. R M and the cooker
Ron needed a new cooker. I told him that we had one. I was eager to give it to him, and tried to persuade him to let me give it to him. We had had it from new, but it was spare. It was being stored in our shed. It took quite a bit of persuasion to encourage him to take it. When finally he seemed willing to accept it, I went to get it.

I found that the oven door had gone rusty in places through storage and not being used. [His fault for not pursuing the truth we possessed much earlier. He had access to it, but turned away from us.] There were large patches of rust where the paint had peeled off.

Restoring it was not a simple matter of painting the patches. To do the job properly, the paint on the door would have to be stripped down to bare metal. I was willing to do that for him, sanding it down. I don’t know what the outcome of that was.

The dream then switched to a long conversation between us. He was sceptical to begin with, but was very edified afterwards, so much so that he asked me to call him by phone every Thursday evening to repeat the process of edification.

Meaning: What a lot of work these people are! It takes a load of effort to get them delivered!

11th July 2002. M. 2 dreams
1) Struggles and Opposition
None of the specific features of this dream were remembered, but it was a long one about struggling in the face of seemingly endless opposition.

2) David G gave me £109.
Meaning: Psalm 109 is about the vindication of the righteous and God’s judgement falling on those who have opposed them. The righteous, who have been falsely accused, will finally be cleared and see God’s justice meted out.
David G will see us vindicated, and probably will give us a donation as a token of his agreement with what we have stood up for. It will have taken more than 14 years!

The Unsung Heroes Of The Faith
15th July 2002. M. The ones through whom God works
I met and talked with a man who had been imprisoned for his faith. He was not handsome and was nothing special to look at. There was nothing really to endear you to him, he was so ‘ordinary’. He was almost scruffy, because he owned so little, physically. But when he told me his story it was amazing! He casually joked about it. But he had been imprisoned and had not eaten for 2000 days! What?!!! I was absolutely astonished!
This was a story of the exploits of the Holy Spirit, not of a mere mortal. But, it was something known to him and not to others, because he had been locked away out of sight.
Meaning: When God moves, He often does so unnoticed by most. His workings among men (and women) are miraculous, if we are open to them, but they can be unseen in the everyday happenings of life. God will work the most unexpected miracles in the circumstances of life, without necessarily changing those circumstances. He helps us go through them with His miraculous power and inner fortitude.

Bribery & Corruption In Society
20th July 2002. The Bribe
In this dream a property was up for sale. It was run down and ramshackle, but there was a lot of land around it. It may have been an old railway goods yard. The ground was covered in large gravel with weeds growing in it. This sizeable plot sold for only £300,000. It went very cheaply.
Some people grumbled about this scandal: “Why did it not fetch more? That was far too cheap! Look at all the land that was with it. There were acres of space!”
Then, in the next scene, I saw an official from the local Planning Department with the purchaser. He said to him, “That will be £120,000, please.”
Furtively, the purchaser passed over a white envelope with the cash in it to the planning officer. It must have been a bribe.

Meaning: Our society is now riddled with bribery and corruption, because most people don’t uphold or live by the law of God. The Labour minister John Prescott has just announced that there will be much more land made available for housing development to ease the acute shortages. ‘Brownfield’ sites such as that in the dream are top of the list to get planning permission for large-scale development. That substantially increases their value, so greed immediately kicks in, and brings with it bribery and corruption. God is forewarning that there will be more of it along with the new government initiative. Why? Because our society has forgotten or rejected the laws of God which regulate fairness and honesty.

The government never promotes morality based on God’s laws. It never promotes God, nor His laws, so it is beset with troubles, scandals and sleaze. Rather than dealing with the causes of crime and corruption – which stem from breaking God’s law, (sin; 1 Jn 3:4) – it tries to curtail it by treating the effects. Palliatives and appeasement are no substitute for prevention by promoting biblical righteousness.

Why Jesus Had To Die For You & Me
21st July 2002. M. Restoring ‘the Law’
I was erecting a wooden cross, that looked so authentic. It was horrific to see it and realise that Jesus had to die on it!
I was putting it up in a very restricted space. One of the horizontal arms had collapsed and I had to put it up again. It was the one on the right of it. What I realised I had to do was to make people aware of the reality of the cross. I was making it real to them. That was the purpose of putting up this life-like replica of it.

Meaning: There are two ‘arms’ to the Church’s teaching.
On the left is the liberal wing, on the right is the conservative. One symbolises grace, the other represents law.
The responsibility we have to obey God’s law is not properly understood in most of the Church, hence that arm has ‘dropped’ down. It is not upheld by most Christians. Our job is to make people realise why Jesus had to die – because everyone has broken His law. Each and every infraction of God’s law requires the death penalty. Most Christians don’t realise this.
So, the purpose of Christ’s awful death FOR THEM is not fully appreciated. Most just think of His death and the reason for it as a philosophy, not as a reality.
To be blunt: Jesus died BECAUSE YOU BROKE HIS LAW – the law of the 10 commandments.

Much More Rain Coming!
22nd July 2002. M. More rain for Britain!
I saw some guys preparing to seal a roof with hot bitumen. I saw their bitumen boiler and went to have a closer look at it.
I wondered how they were going to get the job done because the weather prospects were not good. It looked as though it was about to rain.
Meaning: Times are difficult and getting more so. More rain is on the way for Britain!

Tony Blair
23rd July 2002. M. Tony Blair was very confident or cocky. He tried a new ‘trick’ or gimmick. But he was in danger of getting his hand burned.
Meaning: A character synopsis of Tony Blair, the Prime Minister. The motivation for some of his decisions or actions is not moral, but effectual – for appearance’ sake or effect. But, when decisions are not based on true values – God’s morality – the results are not good. He will get his hand ‘burned’.

Miraculous Financial Deliverance
23rd July. M. God saves us from disaster
Another dream was about the road with the large hole in it that our van was in danger of falling into. Beneath the road was a hollow chasm, with a 15 foot drop to the floor. If the van had fallen in, it would have been catastrophe. Later, I came back and looked at the hole and it was now smaller.
Meaning: About our debts. God delivers.

Hungry For The Meat We Offer
27th July 2002. M. The spiritual food is really good here!
I saw beefburgers on brown bread or toast, being served. People were coming from far and wide to collect them. Some drove all the way from Scotland to get them! I thought they were crazy! In the physical it made no sense to come and collect a burger, but these represented the meat of the Word of God which we were offering, and these people were that hungry for God’s truths!

Helena had a dream also, which showed that former WCG friends, who are now in CoGs, will thank us and be grateful for the deliverance they will receive beginning with the Mind of God series of booklets. (The dream was given during the week these were being revised and prepared for reprinting.)

Iraq War Confirmed Beforehand
28th July 2002. M. Iraq and the ‘alliance’ between America and Britain
In this dream, four men were in a car. It must have been in America; the car was left hand drive. Tony Blair was on the left in the back seat; someone was to his right, but I didn’t know who that was. George Bush was in the front right hand seat (passenger seat), and the driver was a US air force pilot who had just successfully completed an important mission. George Bush was elated and was congratulating the pilot on his mission accomplished. I was not shown where this mission was, but it might represent the first assault on Iraq, which may be in the planning stages at the moment.

Positive Indicators Of Expansion
4th August 2002. M. Two dreams
1) We took delivery of our new car. (Ministry expansion.)

2) I picked up an egg which a hen had laid under our leyland hedge on some straw. Then I noticed another hen somewhere else had just laid another egg and was walking away from it. I was eager to go and collect that one as well. “Things are looking up,” I thought.
Meaning: The eggs represent a small amounts of financial help donated to us by others. (We sure need it!)

5th August 2002. M. A real friend!
I struck it off with a black haired friend (male). We got on really well. He was a new friend to me and I was so glad to meet him. It seemed as though it was a workplace situation, like a carpenter’s workshop.

Bad Traits Of Independence
7th August 2002. M. Correction for someone
A fair-haired man, who was a bit scruffy, was building a brick wall. He was working fairly fast, building this structure, and was confident of his ability, because instead of building up the corners first and running bricks in between to the line, he just went ahead and laid the bricks freehand. [Cocky, self-confident, not following the line that the Spirit lays out for us.]
I got the impression, too, that he was not obedient to God, and was not careful about how he observed the Sabbath.
Meaning: I had reason to write to Marcus S in the USA, at the time this dream was given; it refers to him, as well as to others with the same bad traits of independence.

Juggernaut Power Units
9th August 2002. M. Juggernaut power unit
There was a juggernaut cab (and engine) in our living room, and another one came and parked there, too.
Meaning: A juggernaut cab is the engine and driver’s cab for an articulated lorry. That symbolises the potential huge quantity of literature that this ministry is going to send out, and for which we are getting ready.
The twinning up probably depicts an outreach to another sector of the Church – the ‘
Charismatic Church’ – because it was given while I was revising the booklet Understanding The Mind of God – A Message To The ‘Charismatic Church’.

Wicked Prickly Person
10th August 2002. M. 2 Dreams
1) ‘Prickly’ ‘Christian’. In a very brief dream, I saw a large prickly pear cactus (we have one in a pot) thrown down and smashed into bits.
Meaning: This depicts a person from Poland who has been here who has rejected God’s truth and is so self-willed! She was a thorn to Helena! The fate of the wicked is to be destroyed, because God cannot mould them.

Our 'Logs' Are Being Prepared
2) Spiritual ‘logs’ getting prepared
I saw a tall pile of large chopped logs [depicting MM's publications], piled up in the shape of the Matterhorn. Beside it was another pile of smaller logs, cut from conifer tree branches. This second pile was smaller, and fresher. Bits of green foliage were still on them.

These logs were on the other side of the road outside our home [represents going into the whole world]. They spilled out onto the road somewhat, and I thought to myself that they were likely to be an obstacle to drivers. Cars would have to slow down to manoeuvre around them.

Meaning: Logs are fuel for the fire. The fire of the Holy Spirit is fuelled by our publications as the truth they contain is accepted in people’s lives. The other imagery conveys the impact and repercussions of our ministry in the future.

The 7th 'Mind Of God' Booklet
11th August 2002. M. Another Mind of God booklet
 I had a dream that there is another publication to be written yet in the MG series. It will bring the number to 7.
Comment: When the Mind of God series of booklets began in 1992, God prophesied through a man who was with us at that time, that there would be seven of them. For many years there were only six. Then, some weeks or months after the above dream was given, Jim Bartholomew in the USA wrote to tell me that he had been given the title: it was to be A Message To Catholics.
Understanding The Mind of God – A Message To Catholics hadn't been thought about, let alone written in 2002. After Jim was given the title, I set to in 2003 to follow the Spirit's prompts, and the booklet was compiled, all except one last half page, which awaits its completion after a miracle that God said to wait for.

What The World Offers Is Worthless
13th August 2002. M. What this world offers is worthless
Richard bought a caravan. It was really grotty, and I was surprised that he had done so. It was impetuous of him. At eye level, there was a seam inside, and it was obvious that it was leaking water. I asked him how much he paid for it, and when he said “£1600” I was horrified! It wasn’t worth £200.
Meaning: What he has chosen in life is so worthless compared with what God offers. (He has temporarily stepped back, but God knows how to turn some people around.)

Walking On Water
14th August 2002. M. Walking on water again!
Helena and I were walking on water again. She went first, and I followed her.
Meaning: The current state of the ministry, as we continue to get the publications ready. It is like walking on water. Helena often leads the way spiritually, because she has the intercessory gift that helps beat off demonic attacks against us. I follow as I make specific decisions.

What CoG Ministers Need To Read
21st August 2002. M. A CoG minister who drastically needs to revise his teaching
Fxxxx Nxxxx. This person’s approach and teaching is ‘primitive’, God says. It needs modifying and updating.
He needs 14 publications to redress the lacks in his teaching: LAD, Lis, ISG, AA7-3, 3-7, 8-2, NDE, 10V, MG4, GC, MG1, MG2, DV, PP; but he doesn’t want to know!

Someone's Death Foretold
21st August 2002. M. Zenya came to tell me that R S died. This person will either die physically or spiritually, or both.

Wrong Theology
31st August 2002. M. A C
Helena threw out the washing machine belonging to this person (A C) whom we know, but his wife was not happy about it. The washing machine represents AC's wrong theology learned from a false minister (William Dankenbring).

A Cheat Defrauds Us
3rd September 2002. M.
I was planning to exchange my van for a larger Landrover which belonged to another guy. I was hoping to do this the following Sunday, but when the day arrived, he had already sold it to someone else, so the exchange didn’t happen.
Meaning: This was about David Sheridan, who defrauded me of money and part of the value of a vehicle. He is wicked.

The Church Rejects 'Our' Message
4th Sept 2002. M. The Church Rejects ‘Our’ Message
The scene was a building site. It was a real mess. An old property was being altered. It was being underpinned, but the builder (not me, someone else) was doing it in consecutive sections – not the proper way to go about it!

Waterproofing and other tasks were also being carried out.

The builder was away for a day and for some reason I was on the job for that day. I ordered a load of lightweight blocks and a lorry load of soft sand (used in laying bricks and blocks, and in plastering). The blocks arrived on a pick-up and trailer. (The last two loads of booklets arrived to us from the printers by van and trailer. I thought it was unusual to use a trailer, but it was a practical means of transport).

The sand, however, arrived before I managed to get to the site and because there was nowhere for the driver to tip it, he went up the A41 towards Bicester and tipped it in a layby, which meant we had to double-handle it, by transporting it from there to the site. (This is what we will have to do with the publications, when we get the new ministry premises.) However, when the builder came back the next day, he said he didn’t need the sand or the blocks. He had enough of his own.

Meaning: Our publications are not wanted by the Church in its work of restoration.

That Evil Man Again
5th Sept 2002. M. D S
I was in a bungalow. It was late and I was wanting to rest and sleep. I had already dozed off when David Sheridan turned up. I just did not want to see him! He didn’t care about my needs, however. The fact that I was in bed didn’t deter him from intruding one bit. He started talking. Boy, can he talk! As he was going on and on, I was leaning up against a doorway, in a state of semi-sleep. I hoped that he would see that I wanted to be left alone, and go away, but he didn’t. He just carried on.
When I realised that he was not going to go away until he had got what he wanted, I pushed the door behind me so it shut in his face, and went back to bed. At least I could get some peace now!
Meaning: This highlights this man’s acute selfishness, and thoughtless approach. He doesn’t care about God’s Work that we are trying to do. The wicked don't care about others or God's Work, only themselves.

God Sees Your Hidden Faults
9th Sept 2002. Feast of Trumpets. M. The Hidden Faults
The Feast of Trumpets symbolises Jesus’ return. The main purpose of Jesus’ invisible coming at this time is to reveal aspects in our lives that we need to change.

In this dream, I saw a page, as if it was from one of our publications. It was on the computer and the text was highlighted. The size of the font (print or type) was 11 point. But underneath the text, hidden, was a 12 point format in the document. This only became visible at the end of each paragraph. It caused the bottom line of the paragraph to be out of line with the rest of the wording. It took some insight and a trained eye to see it.

Meaning: God used something that I have had to look out for in setting out some of our publications, as the basis of an analogy that has spiritual significance.

There are certain hidden things in our lives which God sees that are not quite right. They are not in line with the rest of what He is writing on our hearts. He is trying to highlight these things. They need adjustment to bring them into line with His perfect Word.

When the dream was explained in the meeting, one person asked: “If these faults are hidden, then how can we know about them and know what they are?” The answer is: By the Spirit of God. The only way is for the Spirit to enlighten each person individually.

[We were reading the scripture in Matthew 24 about Jesus’ coming – to two people in identical circumstances – which is sudden and which causes one to be taken and the other left. This is His coming to enlighten (if you accept what He reveals), or to bring judgement upon you (if you reject His further revelation).]

I 'Win' £1 Million
14th Sept 2002. M. £1,000,000
In this dream I had won £1 million in a phone-link game show. The host may not have been Chris Tarrant, but it was someone like him. He asked me the million pound question and I knew the answer immediately. My reply was so casual it was bland, which was rather disarming to the show, because they want to have suspense and hype leading up to a climax. There was none of that. The answer was so matter-of-fact, natural, and without affectation or ceremony, that it was almost a let-down. Anyway, it won me £1,000,000 and I was elated. There must have been quite a bit of publicity over this result, too, because I went out to shift some soil near the road and a road worker saw me and made a comment showing that he knew what I had won.
Helena also had a dream the same night about conducting funeral services for church leaders while they are still alive.
Meaning: Symbols of what is to come to this ministry; the publicity; the means to do a large work for God, etc.

Revival Will Come To Scotland
15th Sept 2002. M. The Bicycle Ride to Scotland
This dream portrayed me getting on my bike in a hurry to go on a trip to Scotland. It seemed to be an almost spontaneous decision, one made suddenly. On the way I realised that I had not packed my small camping stove that I would need for cooking. (Whenever we have been away on ‘holiday’ we usually camped, because it was cheap. The analogy depicts how we continue to go the same cost-cutting route in this ministry. We can’t afford to ‘travel’ like other well-off ministries.)

On the journey, we came to a very narrow point in the road where there was only enough room for one car to pass. A car was coming the other direction, so I got off my bike and pushed it for this bit. I was holding the saddle when the car hit my peddle as it went past. It didn’t stop. When I got on my bike and started peddling again, the left peddle was bent. I could feel it was ‘wonky’, but I carried on.

Meaning: An allegory of what is coming up – how our ministry will spread to Scotland, where (from previous dreams) revival will break out. The bicycle represents our meagre financial means to do the task. Others would be able to afford cars, but I only have a bicycle.

The car coming the other direction probably depicts the force of opposition that is in the world, which is travelling the other way to us. It doesn’t care about the things of God. In God’s plan, although it cannot stop us doing God’s Work, things do happen which affect and hurt us. The bent peddle represents some minor damage done to our ministry operations or influence. Usually, media publicity does not properly represent the truth. They slant it in the way they want to. The bent peddle may portray the way the media will report what God does through us, which could damage or limit the response from others, thereby affecting our means of ‘travel’ – taking the message to others. (Curiously, although it was the right peddle that was hit by the car, the left peddle was the bent one! Explain that!)

Richard & Publicity
27th Sept 2002. M. 2 Dreams
1) Richard. I bought him a notebook and glasses. While I was in the shop I asked the shopkeeper if I could go and take them to him before paying, to see if I had bought the right ones. I wondered if she would let me have credit. She said, “You’re Mr Heap, aren’t you?” and she said it would be OK, I could pay her later.
Meaning: A combination of matters to do with Richard’s need to see spiritually clearly again; our inability to pay at the moment, and the way this ministry has to run on credit for now; and the fact that people will soon know our names.

2) I was getting dressed beside my pick-up truck. Richard came around the corner fast in his white van, but I was not fully dressed. Although I was fully dressed on top, with a thick winter jacket on, I still had pyjamas on my legs. Suddenly, I realised people were watching me from a distance. I ran uphill (and I got quite hot running in my jacket!) in a built up area and then round a corner.
Meaning: A combination of imagery representing the change Richard will soon make in returning to our ministry; and how I am not personally ready to ‘run’ with the message (I am not naturally a speaker or preacher); but I will run anyway, and it will be accomplished.

Unnecessary Police Ruthlessness
28th Sept 2002. M. The articulated lorry
A large articulated lorry pulled onto the grass in the field opposite our home. Because the ground was soft, he kept on the move. He steadily drove it onto the drive in the direction of the farm opposite. When he was on hard ground, he put it in reverse and backed up with speed towards our house. It was as if he intended to completely smash our place (fortunately, the driveway was not exactly opposite us, so the lorry missed). He backed the artic’ down the driveway with venom. I had never seen anyone back an artic’ at speed like that; it was really skilled, but very ruthless. I was horrified! He had no regard for anyone who might be coming down the main road that he was blindly backing out across!
Meaning: An analogy of the machinery of the State and how they will try to destroy us. It is completely uncalled for!

Disregard For Others
29th Sept 2002. M. Disregard for others
The scene was at our ‘old’ house in Ellesborough. The farmer next door here came along with his tractor mower, as if he were making silage, and, without asking us, cut a swathe through our front garden. He cut the grass and the hedge and went right over our front lawn. He had a rotating boom on the opposite side of the tractor to the cutter, which narrowly missed the windows on the house. I went out to confront him and complain. He hadn’t asked our permission and his action was one of total disregard for us and our human rights.
Meaning: Perhaps an allegory of how respect for others has been severely eroded in society, by greed and self-seeking so that the ‘average’ person flagrantly does ‘their own thing’ without any regard for others. This is a reflection of the lawless trend Paul prophesied would cover the earth in the last days (2 Tim 3:1,2).

Man Waiting For Tonya
30th Sept 2002. M. Two dreams
1) A fella gave Tonya a lift on his motorbike and trailer. (Unusual combination?!) They had arranged a meeting place, where he would pick Tonya up, but when he got there, Tonya wasn’t there. She had to walk ½ mile or so to the pre-arranged pick-up point, and she was late. He waited a while, but after about a minute he was wondering whether he should go, or whether to go and look for her. Just as he was about to go, she arrived. She jumped on board and they went off together. We saw them later in a commercial setting, but that part of the dream was hazy and faded out.

Dual Outreach Ministry
2) The man with two pick-ups
I went by someone’s home. It was in a fairly hilly setting, where space was at a premium. He was a builder and he had two pick-up trucks. In order to park one pick-up he had excavated into the slope at the side of the property and built a retaining wall. I saw his pick-up parked there, neatly tucked away into the ‘dug-out’. The other pick-up was parked some way away.

As I was walking by, I walked into the garden (which was fairly small, but tidy) and had a quick look. But I didn’t want to be invasive or nosey, so I equally quickly went out and on my way. I noticed that there were no building materials anywhere to be seen. That really surprised me; it was strange for a builder not to have any building materials visible anywhere on his property!

Meaning: An allegory of someone else’s outreach. The two pick-ups represent the potential of reaching out in two directions: one to the people in the charismatic church, and the other to the people he knew in his former church who are further away in spiritual terms. The building materials represent our publications that can be used (by being given to them) to build the Temple of God.

Man Commits Spiritual Prostitution
4th October 2002. M. 1) M going to a prostitute
Meaning: M, a friend of ours who has stayed with the WCG, committing spiritual prostitution. (I had been planning to write to him that day, when God gave me the dream to add to my letter.)

Jim Rector's Deceit
5th October 2002. M. 1) A big coach featured in this dream. It had squarish / very regular features. It was driven by one man. He was capable and knew how to drive it. He was so proficient that he managed to get it through some iron gates that left next to nothing on each side. I was amazed that he didn’t scrape the side of the coach. The gate was less than an inch away!

As the coach pulled away, I heard a swishing sound and looked to see an electric cable being dragged along behind. There were several awkward bulky connectors joining several lengths of cable. It was a real sight seeing this thing going down the road with the long cable being dragged behind!

There was one man in the back of the coach. It seemed there were no other passengers on it (but perhaps they were not significant from God’s perspective, so they weren’t shown).

Then this man got off and decided to go elsewhere into a more permanent building. When he did so, the driver got upset and berated him for leaving him. It seemed that his departure jeopardised the driver’s work of taking the coach, and he was blamed for the impending failure (the failure of this man’s outreach was strongly implied).

Meaning: This concerns a minister in the USA, Jim Rector, his outreach (coach) and someone who has been supporting his outreach (the passenger). The passenger has now moved on spiritually, and is leaving this other minister behind.

The electric cable symbolises that ministry’s human power supply, and the theology which is a combination of bits and pieces of teaching from various sources, all joined together. The berating is indicative of the driver’s use of intimidation and control to try and get what he wants out of his ‘passengers’.

He doesn't follow the lead of the Spirit. He has rejected our input for him. He has deceitfully plagiarised our booklet God's Church – Whose Authority? to get acclaim for himself. He is very unwell. He is a false minister.

Others Agree With What We Teach
2) Some famous people will agree with the content of our publications
I saw one of my publications. It was open and in some of the text I noticed that part of it had been written by a famous person. It was in his own handwriting, to authenticate that he definitely DID write it, symbolising that he agreed with what was written in my booklet.
There was also another person who agreed with what was written therein. And the person’s name was given in the dream as Sir Anthony Buzzard. He was agreeing with or confirming it.
Meaning: A representation of the fact that not all oppose us. Some honest intellectuals (Anthony Buzzard was one) can see the truth in what we write.

God's Way Is Far Better Than The World's Pleasure-Seeking Way
8th Oct 2002. M. The golf balls
This dream highlights the comparative worthlessness of what this world offers, compared with what God offers us.

I wanted to buy some golf balls, but they were not sold in the shops. To get some you had to go through ‘Central Command’. I asked the person responsible for actioning requests if I could have some golf balls, but he said it was totally out of the question. His response was really discouraging.

Then, a short while later, he came back to me and said that he had got some for me and gave me some second-hand balls that were really worn. They were pitted and smaller than new ones because they were so badly worn.

Then in another dream, there was something else I really wanted and I knew that it could only come from God. What was wonderful was that God made it readily available. And not only that, He provided MORE than I asked for – much more!

Meaning: These dreams portray the difference between God’s way and the world’s.

In this world, people seek happiness, fun, entertainment, and enjoyment symbolised by the game of golf and the golf balls. But true satisfaction and lasting fulfilment only comes from God – seeking Him and living in obedience to His way.

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (Jn 10:10, NKJV).

Do You Worship In Spirit? Or Are You A Ritualist?
10th Oct 2002. M. Are you a ritualist, doing things out of habit?
A guy was regularly going up into our loft to worship. By habit, he climbed the rickety, flimsy aluminium loft ladder to get there. I didn’t think it was worth doing what he did. To me it was empty ‘worship’, because it was merely a habit, so I didn’t go along with him. I wanted something better.
Meaning: Some people rely upon others instead of upon Jesus. Or their worship becomes habitual, or they rely upon a flimsy physical substitute. But there is no substitute for true worship in the spirit, when you allow the Holy Spirit to take central place in all you do to worship God.

People Unspiritual; Poor Response...
11th Oct 2002. M. Disappointing response
The scene was of a mature shady garden, with trees and plants, etc. There was a road adjacent, down which water was flowing. I threw a bouquet or plant into this water, expecting something in return, but nothing came. Then I was beside a garden centre cum builders’ merchants, looking at various things like pavers, pots and other items. I didn’t know why I was looking at these things. I woke up feeling a bit let down that nothing much seemed to have been achieved.
Meaning: Depicts the disappointing response so far.

...But That Will Change Suddenly!
14th Oct 2002. M. 2 dreams: What God will give us
1) The diamond-tipped masonry saw
A guy was selling his diamond-tipped masonry power saw / cutter. There was an advert in the paper where he was asking £237 for it. (Not much for a machine that costs several times more when new!) But I couldn’t even afford that much, and the market was depressed, so things were selling for ‘silly’ cheap prices. I thought to offer him about £100 for it, so I offered him £100 plus VAT (about £117). He wasn’t happy with that, so I then offered £127. Then finally, the figure of £137 came up. I was not shown the outcome but I think I got the saw.

Meaning: Not entirely clear as yet, but it probably is an allegory of what God is about to give us in this ministry – power to do His Work.

A further significance is in the figures. Sevens figure in each number, combined with 11 (inspired writings), then 12 (God’s rule), then 13 (Satan and opposition). There is also a progression from Psalm 117, to 127 and then to 137.
Ps 117 is an exhortation to everyone to praise God for His faithfulness and love which lasts forever. (People need to truly know and ‘see’ how good God is.)
Ps 127 is a reminder that unless He builds the house, the builders work in vain.
Ps 137 is a dirge or lament of God’s people held captive in Babylon because of their failure to do what was mentioned in the first two psalms. Satan oppressed them because of their disobedience and rebellion against His laws.

This progression is also illustrated numerically in the dream. Our writings, inspired by God, come first, followed by God’s rule (His intervention and power: involvement in people’s lives, etc.), followed by punishment on those who fail to accept what God is presenting. This nation is about to go into captivity (Ps 137) because of their failure to praise God (Ps 117), and to let Him build their house (Ps 127).

There is an allusion in the dream to the constantly worsening economic situation which this nation and other nations will go through.

Another thrust of the dream indicates why we don’t have the resources we should have in this ministry to promote God’s unadulterated truths – because of people’s selfishness and lack of love for the truth above all else. The next dream continues that theme.

People Hinder Us Instead Of Help
2) People seek success, but not sacrifice
Someone phoned me to tell me of a vision he had had. This man said that he realised that it meant he should be helping me. But their idea of help was not help at all.
Instead of providing the money we needed to get the job done (the tithe is still a command under the New Covenant; it has not been abolished) he got more involved with us personally, and made himself a confounded nuisance by taking our time. We can do without ‘helpers’ like that! That’s not help; it’s interference!
Meaning: When people ‘catch the vision’ and see that we have a lot of truth from God, they want to be ‘part of the action’. But their response is misguided. Instead of doing the very necessary practical things that enable us to get these truths to others, they want to involve themselves with us in a more personal way, often out of a wrong motive. People want personal ‘success’ but not personal sacrifice!

Austin A35
16th Oct 2002. M. The Austin A35
I was with someone else in his grey Austin A35 (a reliable car which was around when I grew up as a boy). We were getting on really well. There was a real friendship between us. This person was taking me where I needed to go.
Meaning: A pictorial illustration of the bond between one individual and me, and how he is helping us get where we need to go in this ministry.
Years ago, when this ministry was just beginning, we bought a Ford Escort car for £1100. It had the number plate A35 MBH (my initials). The A is significant in that it is the first letter of the alphabet, and is an allusion to the prime place on God’s agenda that this ministry holds (not because of us, but because of the Truth that He has given us to convey), and the 35 is significant, being 5 x 7. (5 = God’s preparation / grace; 7 = God’s perfection.)

Scotland Yard Will Come After Me
17th Oct 2002. M. The basketball game
Several guys were playing basketball, but were all up one end of the court. The ball was at the other end of the court, on the floor under the basket. Cheekily, I went onto the court, picked it up and attempted to score with it. (But I never was much of a good shot!) When they saw me with the ball, they all turned and came after me, and put me off my shot.
Meaning: This has to do with a situation here involving the police. They are chasing another man, whom I know is innocent of the charge they are trying to find him guilty of.
I have challenged Scotland Yard over their approach and about their allegations. They will consider my involvement as ‘cheeky’.
Officials in positions of authority don’t like being challenged or exposed when in the wrong. But when they come against me, their wrong and malicious motives will be exposed.
(Also related to dream of 28th Sept.)

Our Ship Comes In
18th Oct 2002. M. 3 dreams
1) The big ship comes in (our ministry expansion)
A big ship came in, but it had a dent in the bow. Somehow it got dented as the water level dropped, and the ship became caught up on a protruding edge of the concrete dock.
There were many things going on; many people coming and going, but none of that was distinct. I went to report the dent to someone in charge. The way I explained the dent was in my fashion of almost apologising for my lack of technical knowledge or jargon. It didn’t matter that I was not versed in shipping terminology, but perhaps I felt a bit inadequate because of that, hence the way I reported the fault.

2) I was staying in a hotel and there were various things going on, but again unspecified. I wanted to go to the loo, but someone was in the bathroom having a bath or washing, and I had to wait. (Inconvenience?) I was given a cup of coffee but it was almost black, there was so little milk in it!
(Things not the way I would personally like them to be?)

Topsy-Turvy Weather From Now On
3) We can expect topsy-turvy weather
In this brief dream it snowed. It was only October, and the weather had been unseasonally warm just a week before. Now, everything had a covering of snow!
(A picture of how the weather can switch suddenly from one season to another, making the seasons seem irrelevant.)

Britain's Shameless Immorality
19th Oct 2002. M. The vile immorality in this nation!
The place was a sea-side resort, and it was summer. I walked around the corner of a street onto the sea front and the first thing that accosted my eyes was a young woman, totally naked, spread-eagled on top of a man, locked in sexual union. I was aghast! I had to turn my eyes away.
Meaning: The shamelessness of people in our society, especially the young. There is such brazen immorality!

This lurid dream is illustrated by the atrocious attitude expressed in the following comment by Suzanne Moore of London’s Daily Mail of 13th October 2002:

“Thank God ordinary people are demanding that the BBC lives up to certain standards. Many viewers had to phone in on Wednesday after watching BBC2’s Tipping The Velvet. I nearly did myself. We were promised it would be absolutely filthy with loads of lesbianism, corsets and heaving bosoms. It was more like The Good Old Days without the variety. Most of those who phoned complained that there was not enough sex. There certainly wasn’t and it’s about time we demanded more from the Beeb.”

How disgusting can minds get?! It’s no joke. It’s symptomatic of how low the morality of the majority has sunk!

Hello, Mr Policeman!
12th May 2002. H. Police arriving
A police car arrived but was blocked by the gate.
Meaning: The police want to interview us but God will be in control when they are allowed to come.

Richard's Trial
17th May 2002. H. Richard in terror
Richard was hit by an obstacle. He yelled out in terror.
Meaning: A future event which will result in Richard’s conversion. (Possibly a car crash.)

Sudden Spring Of Water Gushes Out
19th May 2002 (Pentecost). H. Spring of water
We were making alterations in a large house, preparing it for some future event. I went into one of the rooms, when the floor started heaving and a spring of water burst out. I was startled and shaken by it.
Meaning: This is symbolic of spiritual outpouring that's about to occur, bringing about the revival for the Church and a witness to the nation.

Giving People Spiritual Nourishment
22nd May 2002. H. Food from flour and water
I was dealing with people, giving some of them sacks of flour. I was also showing them how to make a drink from flour and water in a bottle. This preparation was meant to be for food for the people.
Meaning: One of the men was a minister from WCG and God will use him to feed the 'water' of the Holy Spirit to people. The flour represents spiritual food (teaching), broken down fine.

God Creates Another Opening
25th May 2002. H. Opening window
I was in a room and trying to open the window, but I could only open it slightly. There was an obstruction on the outside. However, soon another window opened on the other side of the room.
Meaning: At the moment we are restricted by the lack of funds (external restriction), but soon God will open a way to move forward. When one 'door' closes, God will open another.

Get Ready For The Revival!
28th May 2002. H. Loud, urgent knock
There was someone knocking on the bedroom window. The knock sounded desperate and insistent. There were two knocks, and they were so loud it woke me up.
Meaning: This is a warning to prepare for future events. God wants us to have a sense of urgency and to be ready spiritually.

Coming Down To Earth
30th May 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Obese woman free-falling
I was staying in a big house with other people. I was aware that some people were staying in our home. Looking out of the window, I saw an obese woman free-falling from the sky! She seemed carefree and unaware of the danger of hitting the ground. She was almost enjoying the falling experience. I could see there was a balloon with a rope attached to it. I shouted at the woman to get hold of the handle, that the balloon could let her land safely. Next I was aware she was with the rest of us, safe and well, although maybe slightly bruised on her bottom.
Meaning: These are events concerning someone we know.

God uses imagery of the moment in your life to convey His spiritual message, so you can relate to His deeper meaning.

Nice Strawberries
2) Strawberry plant
I saw a tall strawberry plant with lots of ripe strawberries on it. They were in different sizes.
Meaning: There are a number of individuals whom we have reached who are bearing fruit and growing spiritually.

Bear Walking Around
31st May 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Bear walking around
Malcolm was tolerant of it. I became anxious that the bear might hurt someone. I asked that the bear would be locked up in a barrel. The bear didn't like it at first but settled down. We put a lid on top so the bear would not escape.
Meaning: The bear represents someone who has lived a selfish lifestyle under the influence of demons. He had to be restrained for his good as well as to protect others.

Rains Of Revival Needed
2) I helped to plant some plants on the embankment. They did not look great as they were waiting for the rains to develop further.
Meaning: Some people are waiting for the rains of revival to help them grow further.

Prince William
7th June 2002. H. Prince William
Dream of Prince William coming to see me. I was glad to have a chat with him.
Meaning: In the future God will bring him into our company because of his mother being brought back from the dead as we have prophesied for about 11 years.

We Will Be Subjected To Police Abuse
10th June 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Big menacing man
Malcolm was working around a small house in a field. Next door there was a big house. I saw a man towering over the house. There were little people, or children, who were afraid of this man. He was oppressive, bossy and abusive, and suddenly he turned on Malcolm. He was towering over Malcolm in an abusive and menacing manner.
I came to Malcolm's aid and started to rebuke him. The man represents someone in authority, employed by the State, who is abusive, controlling and unreasonable towards some people. We should not be afraid of ‘officialdom’.

Difficulties Of The Task Ahead
2) I was trying to swim in the sea with a chainsaw
It was a very strange experience.
Meaning: The water represents God's outpouring and the chainsaw represents a powerful tool to get the job done.

Church & Its Leaders Will Be Shaken
19th June 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Dream of a big warehouse
Inside there were huge heating pipes. These had been put out of action, or toppled over.
Meaning: God is going to shake the Church and put it out of action. It is no longer in God's will.
First, He will raise the dead to draw attention to 'our' End-Time Message. Then God's power will shake all things, causing what is not of Him to fall in His judgement.

2) Ugly leader of group
I went to visit a group of people and I asked to see their leader. I said, "Who is in charge here?!" He looked very ugly.
Meaning: Ugliness represents the spiritual state of the leader. God will give us a platform to challenge the leaders of the Church. God is going to deal with everyone.

Forced To Put Up With What Is Unclean
22nd June 2002. H. Made to eat pork
A group of us were sitting at a table to eat a meal, but the food contained pork (which we don't eat because God forbids it in Lev 11). It seemed we had no choice but to eat it. There was a man among us who refused to obey God and do God's will.
Meaning: The dream portrays a past situation we found ourselves in. We abhorred the way we were treated and the difficulties we were put through because of someone else’s disobedience to God’s laws. We had no choice but to persevere and trust God to work things out and to deliver us from the dreadful situation we were put through.
God finally delivered us, and gave us victory over the devil and those who were used by him.

Another Miracle Of Heavenly Support
27th June 2002. H. Dream of a caravan
There was a hole in the roof, in an egg shape, from wear and tear. Malcolm was walking on the roof and I was concerned that he would not fall through the hole. He carried on walking and, instead of falling through the hole, it seemed that he was supported by a thick plastic sheet or perspex. The roof was miraculously mended.
Meaning: The danger of falling through the hole in the roof represents the danger we are in financially. We are in danger of collapse but God miraculously supports us as we walk and keep going. These are the miracles of provision.

Person Regrets His Decision
28th June 2002. H. Missing out on God's work
Someone from Africa, who fell away through selfishness, came to see us. He went on top of the roof to pray. Malcolm gave him attention and he now knows he lost out on what God is doing and that other churches don't provide all the answers.

Tony Blair Doing His Own Thing
2nd July 2002. H. Saw for Tony Blair
I was holding a long saw in my hand. I was showing the tool to Tony Blair but he ignored it and went off doing his own thing and using his own tool.
Meaning: The saw represents the spiritual tools given to us through God’s Word and God’s guidance. God is saying that what we have spiritually could help the nation, but Mr Blair prefers to try to solve problems his way rather than God's way.

Midnight Ministries In USA Is Evil
3rd July 2002. H. Evil man in distance
I was busy doing different things, planting and travelling. I was aware of a man, who looked like a businessman, in the distance. He tried to exert dominance in the situation.
Meaning: A week later we received a communication from a man in the USA who operates under the same ministry name as us. His name is Robert Harris, of Midnight Ministries Inc. in America. But he is hostile, proud, and elevates himself while falsely accusing us and putting us down. While he thinks he is someone special, he is a tool of Satan, promoting heresies.

Famous People Will Visit To Learn
7th July 2002. H. Being seen getting dressed
Someone famous came to see us. As I was talking I finished getting dressed.
Meaning: We are going to be very busy and we are going to lose our privacy.

Pastor Determinedly Rebels
11th July 2002. H. Idol kept upright
Dream of a round basket with some plants in it. Next to the plants there was an idol lying on its side. I saw someone pick up the idol and they were determined to keep it upright.
Meaning: A pastor in the US was challenged through the story of the boy in Nigeria being raised from the dead. Through it, we challenged him about the Sabbath, but instead of considering the ‘new’ teaching he stuck rigidly with his past doctrines. He was determined to keep the idol in his life upright.
Pastors are very hard to reach with more truth! They've got so much to 'lose'.

More People Responding
12th July 2002. H. Chickens and rabbits
I saw chickens and rabbits running together into a hiding place.
Normally we have rabbits coming into our garden. The chickens represent more activity with different people. But they tend to be a bit reserved about complete truth.

Oriental Power Bloc Emerging
13th July 2002. H. Controlling oriental nation
I had a long dream about an oriental nation, or nations, using coercion and power to control people, to restrict their freedom, enslaving them through rigid and cruel control. It was totally evil and inspired by the devil.
Meaning: This oriental power is rising now and threatens the security and peace of many.

Polish People Need Revival
16th July 2002. H. Polish house and dry flowers
Dream of visiting a big Polish house. There were people responding. I was given a long pot of young flowers (‘Busy Lizzies’). There were lots of them, but they were dry and needed water desperately.
Meaning: There are people of different races that we need to reach with the gospel. They are waiting for the outpouring to receive the ‘water’ of the Holy Spirit the Truth to revive them spiritually. Busy Lizzies are very colourful, active plants, which in this dream, depict the hard-working character of Polish people.

Our Privacy Invaded
17th July 2002. H.
1) Peeping at me
I was using the bathroom and as I looked out of the window I could see people in the field.
Some of them came to my window and peeped in, but I tried to pull the curtains shut to stop them looking in.
Meaning: Through media publicity our privacy is going to be invaded.

2) I saw a strange man watching us
He looked hostile and as if he was trying to find fault with us. After a while he tried to get into one of our rooms. I tried to talk to him but he couldn't understand. I had to use sign language to communicate with him. He was intruding into our lives and trying to cause trouble.
Meaning: Someone who is unconverted, spiritually deaf or blind. Because of that, he has an evil approach and will not listen to others. He thinks he is the know-it-all teacher, yet his theology is totally heretical. This was Robert Harris. The devil uses people like this to cause trouble and persecution.

Money Misused Through Wickedness
19th July 2002. H. Wickedness and the misuse of money
I wrestled in the spirit about why we have to suffer financial needs while some people are sitting on wealth and wasting it on themselves. The Work of God has great needs while the wicked enjoy themselves. We have to rely on God to provide the needs we have. God performs miracles but it's still not easy. It takes sacrifice to do the work of God.
There is a great blessing and spiritual reward for those who care for the Work of God. This in itself is a witness against those who are selfish and don't care.

Problems Others Cause
23rd July 2002. H. Leaking roof
I was in bed with my husband in an open plan house. Someone came in and went upstairs as usual. Water was leaking from the ceiling.
Meaning: The open plan house depicts how we use our home for the benefit of others. The water leak represents problems we have to live with caused by others.

24th July 2002. H. 3 Dreams
1) I found a pair of shoes which belonged to our friend. They were made of leather and were extra large in size with pointed upturned toes.
Meaning: The shoes reflect the person's character. He puts himself first and thinks of himself as special or better than others. He likes to appear good and impress others. He is a bit flamboyant.

Polish Girl Accepts Holy Days
2) Truth known in Poland
I was speaking to a coloured girl in Poland who learned about God's Festivals. I was amazed that she understood this truth.
Meaning: God is showing that the literature will reach the most unlikely people in different countries.

Massive State Onslaught Against Us
3) I saw a huge vehicle arrive
It suddenly went for the house. The wheels reached the roof. It gave me a fright, I thought our house would get run over! The vehicle stopped suddenly with an inch to spare.
Meaning: The threat against us from those whom the devil can mobilise to do his dirty work.

Some In CoGs Will Be Supportive
25th July 2002. H. CoG showing us affection
A lady whom I knew from the WCG was keen to show me affection and love. I was glad to respond likewise.
Meaning: The lady represents some in the Church of God groups who will give us support once their eyes are opened. We have literature to help them spiritually. Although they have opposed us up until now, they will change and help us to give the witness. (Dream given at the time when the Understanding The Mind of God series of booklets were going to print.)

Jesus Is So Wonderful!
27th July 2002. H. Sweet Jesus and His bride
I had a dream of a young man of
Middle East origin. I was telling him, "You are so sweet! Did anyone tell you how sweet you are?"
Meaning: The man is Jesus. The Church should be learning to show Jesus affection and to make herself ready to be His bride. Jesus is waiting for her!

Approaching The Next Stage
28th July 2002. H. The next stage of MM's work
We were staying at a house and a close friend, E G, was there with us. We were living on the edge of a lake (nice, spiritually). I could see the property of MM.
Meaning: God has used this close friend to assist us financially, as the dream shows we are living together spiritually. We are getting closer to the next stage of the work. The water is symbolic of the outpouring of God's power.

Our Task Similar To Deborah's
29th July 2002. H. In a big house
We were in a big house where there was a peacock inside. A film about Deborah was available to see and I was keen to watch it.
Meaning: The peacock represents blessing from God. (What God gives is so beautiful.) Deborah was a prophetess and a judge to Israel. God used her and Barak to deliver Israel from their enemies. God has given us a job to do, to deliver people from their spiritual enemy. This is a complex job and only God can help us to accomplish it. This story of deliverance at this end time would make an interesting film.

Apostate Christians
9th August 2002. H. Blind and unwell Christians
Mr and Mrs Sxxxxx came through the front door. Mr. Sxxxxx was unwell, blind, and a shadow of his former self.
Meaning: Their loyalty to their apostate church has nearly killed them spiritually. [Note: 2005. He is now blind, 3 years later.] They gave their loyalties to their church instead of to God. If they were to change their focus and direction of adoration, he could be healed of his blindness.
Note: To give your loyalty to anything or anyone other than to Jesus, is to accept the Mark of the Beast, which is a symbol of homage to man instead of to God.

God Is Taking Care Of Us Despite The Pressures & Problems
10th August 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Purse protected. I was walking with Malcolm on the road. Soon he became exhausted and I had to assist him with a wheelchair. I had to leave my purse behind as I was tied up with Malcolm. When I came back the purse was still there.
Meaning: This shows how God is looking after our money situation. We need not fear, because the purse is protected.
The wheelchair is symbolic, not literal.

God Is Doing A Work In Japan
2) Hospital treatments in Japan
I was taken into a Japanese hospital where there were doctors helping others to get well. (This has a spiritual meaning.) It was a big building with many floors and there were many treatments going on in different rooms. I was able to look at different things going on. I was on the top floor and as I looked down, the floors opened up and I could see much was going on. This work was going on in secret.
Meaning: God’s ‘invisible’ work in Japan. Henry Gruver (a US evangelist) visited Japan with his testimony about how he was shown around heaven when he died. Many were converted in Japan when he gave his testimony, and others have evangelised there too. During a recent earthquake, Christian homes were protected. God is caring for those who belong to Him in Japan.

We Provide Washing Facilities
13th August 2002. H. Washing facilities
We were preparing washing and showering facilities for visitors.
Meaning: This is symbolic of spiritual cleaning and purification. People need help in many areas of their lives, because they are in bondage to a system or to ideas and they need deliverance from those. God's truth delivers people (Jn 8:32) and we are expounding that through our literature.

The Charismatic Church Shrine
24th August 2002. H. Money making venture in factory
I saw a big factory disappear into a huge water spring which sprang up underneath the factory. After the factory had gone, the managers built a new factory on top of the water springs, and opened up its doors to people to show them inside.

They charged money for the spectacle. The directors were like shrewd businessmen. They saw this wonder as an opportunity to make money.

One of the directors befriended me. I came to see him but he turned up late and left quickly, as if he wasn't bothered about me. He didn't care for me or what I had to do. He left me stranded far away from home.

Meaning: What this dream depicts is the wrong motive behind the modern structure that has developed as an outgrowth of what is dubbed conveniently as the 'charismatic church'.

Pursuit of money is not a valid motive behind ministry. True godly ministry is to bring God into the lives of others; to reveal and expound His truth that sets people free when accepted and practiced (Jn 8:32); and to promote the love of Christ.

Any physical pursuits that replace these divine purposes are idolatrous substitutes. They are usurpers, as are the men who promote them.

Yet, we see church structures, programmes, ministers, teachings, worship services and way of doing things all lifted up on an idolatrous platform. They have taken the place of the pure and simple purpose of the gospel and the faith once delivered.

The Holy Spirit was poured out to bring people into an individual freedom with Christ, so they can hear from Him directly and be led by Him into all truth (Jn 16:13). But many men who call themselves 'ministers' have usurped those divine prerogatives and enslaved people to a system that has made a shrine out of what God has given.

Here is the meaning of the various parts of the dream:

A big factory: This represents the Church under human direction. It has lost its true identity and has become distorted or perverted into an edifice for human production. 'Saving souls' has become like a business with high pressure salesmen trying to bring many into churches.

Huge water spring: The outpouring of the Holy Spirit which has generated massive spiritual changes and renewal throughout the Church.

After the factory had gone: The former outpouring of the Spirit has had its heyday, and now the part of the Church which benefited from that has also waned.

The managers built a new factory: The contemporary state of the 'charismatic church' which is developing all the while to accommodate people and use what it can exploit to appeal to them and bring them through its doors.

...and opened up its doors to people to show them inside: Today, various sectors of the Church make merchandise out of the gifts of the Spirit and other spiritual manifestations (many of which are actually demonic counterfeits of the true – these are easily seen at places like the Toronto Airport (formerly Vineyard) church. This is a fleshly attempt to capitalise on spiritual manifestations – a totally wrong motivation. It is experience-based, not centred on truth and a repentance which is based on the acceptance of more of God's truth.

They charged money for the spectacle: This reveals the motive behind the behaviour. It is unseen until God reveals it. Hence this dream!

When ministers have cleverly appealed to converts to lure them into their churches, it is commonplace to find strong emphasis on giving financially to their church to support its structure.

Besides that, the 'charismatic church' also markets its publications, tapes and videos for profit – invariably with slick and attractive presentation for maximum human appeal, as in any worldly marketing approach.

Thus, this dream portrays how this part of the Church has turned the outpouring of the Spirit into a money-making enterprise. They have used spiritual manifestations to bring in money to them.

They are more concerned about money than people!

This sad fact was amply demonstrated when someone I know wrote to one of these charismatic ministries and requested some tapes they were offering on prayer. He was hard up at the time and could not afford the amount they were asking for the two audio tapes. So he sent them £5. It was all he could afford. He received a letter saying that he had not sent enough money, and that the £5 would be considered a donation unless he sent in the full price – which was high for just two tapes! (I think it was about £10.)

Our friend replied, explaining his difficult financial circumstances, but the ministry policy was apparently more important to them than the person writing! He asked if he could have just one tape, but was not granted his request. The ministry didn't return his £5. Not only did they keep his money, they denied him any tape! They added insult to his injury!

That's not feeding the poor. It's abusing them! In Jesus' day the gospel was preached to the poor (Matt 11:5). It's just as well Jesus didn't charge for it, or we would not be able to afford to be saved!

Money and power are perhaps the two most ubiquitous corrupting influences. Of course, it is not them by themselves which are the corrupters, but the way they are sought, used, or desired.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (1 Tim 6:10).

The lust for power is equally ruinous. Where men (and sometimes women) love to hold power over others, they are spiritually corrupt.

Both are widely to be seen in churches. The 'charismatic church' is no exception.

Those who are in control (ministers and church leaders) have merchandised – for selfish reasons – what came from God. It has created a system to fleece people and provide entertainment for them, while the leaders make an excellent living from it. How disgraceful and vile! God hates it!!

The word of the Lord came to me saying: Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds ... prophesy and say to them 'Thus says the Lord God to the shepherds: Woe to the shepherds... who feed themselves. Should not the shepherds feed the flocks...?' (Ezek 34:1,2).

This prophecy, which is highly appropriate in this context, goes on to lament on the poor spiritual state of the people whom the shepherds are meant to nourish. Because of leaders' wrong motivation and approach, God's people languish in spiritual impoverishment. God's contemporary witness through other dreams which He has given to us, confirms this tragic state. For example:

5th December 2002. H. Preparing the apartment
I was trying to get the apartment ready for the next job. Tonya tried to wash the carpets and they needed to dry. I was aware of a big building next door which looked like a hospital, full of sick people.
Meaning: The sick people in the hospital represent the people in churches. We have teaching materials which help people to receive healing, both physical and spiritual, and they are waiting for the miracles God is about to perform to get their attention!

Our Lacks
25th August 2002. H. Living on the corner with no house
This was a dream of a street of houses. We lived on the corner [prominent position in God's scheme of things] but we had no house. We only had a place to stay, but without a roof or any shelter. I bought a big TV set and took care of it.
Meaning: The TV symbolises publicity which is to come with the miracles. As a ministry we have debts, symbolised by the lack of shelter and only God to shelter and protect us from failure. He watches over us and performs miracles.

27th August 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) There was a huge downpour over our house
The water was leaking through the roof. The container which I was using to catch the water was totally inadequate.
Meaning: Our situation, which is currently incapable of handling the massive influx which will soon come once people are raised from the dead here, and publicity follows.

TV Interview About Raising The Dead
2) I was being interviewed by Richard Madeley. We were enjoying a lively discussion about the miracles of the dead being raised.
Meaning: He is a well-known TV presenter who interviews celebrities and comments on some current affairs. The dream is one of so many showing that publicity will be God's main way of spreading the gospel in Britain from now on.

Pope Will Know Of Us
30th August 2002. H. The Pope (John Paul II, deceased).
The Pope came to see us, and an Irish lady, Mrs Stella Smith was there helping him.
Meaning: God was showing that the pope will change after death. He will receive help to move on in the spirit and learn more of God's truth, to unlearn the deception he has been bound by.
Stella Smith was our supporter for many years before she died in 2000, and she is well qualified to give assistance to the pope. When he goes on the other side [see Why Human Life? Life After Death, and The
NDE if you are unfamiliar with the fact that your spirit continues consciousness after the death of the body], he will be re-educated with truth he has lacked.

Dead Chickens
31st August 2002. H. Dead chickens
I was walking on a footpath. I had to fight my way through many dead chickens hanging by their heads. We met people along the way.
Meaning: Dead chickens represent sacrifices. We have a job to do for God to give a witness to others and this involves sacrifice of ourselves to get the job done.

The Queen
2nd September 2002. H. The Queen
The Queen stopped by to speak to me briefly. We chatted about food and vegetables. She showed her intent and desire to communicate. After a while she moved on.
Meaning: This depicts what has occurred. Today, I sent a personal letter to her, with some items of our literature.

8th September 2002. H. Queen walks by
Prince Philip and the Queen were walking their dogs, and children were walking in front creating lots of noise. I was sitting on the side and wondered if the Queen would notice me. She passed by pretending she didn't see me.
Meaning: She shows a facade as if she is in total control of her situation. She does not show emotion to people and sometimes pretends not to notice when she actually does.

These dreams indicate that God is working with her, and that He has a plan in which she figures, but He is not giving much more away than that.

Falsely Accused By State Police
2nd September 2002. H. Tall fault-finding man
There was a tall man who tried to find fault with us. He accused us of having a secret bank account and cheque book. (What a joke!!)
Meaning: Tall represents authority – in this case that of the State police, who will accuse us falsely.

Our Ministry Underprovided For
10th September 2002. H. Driving a toy vehicle
Malcolm was driving a toy vehicle towing a trailer made out of pieces of wood. I was trying to sit in it.
Meaning: This imagery shows how we don't have the right equipment to help us to get the job done. What we do is done with the least expense.

The Traveller & Our Next House
11th September 2002. H. Running to the house
I was staying at a place. I saw a traveller coming towards me. I realised I needed to get to the next home which was some distance away. I started to run and then had to go up a hill. I had to push myself hard to keep up the pace. [The struggle it has been to keep going in MM.]
I noticed the traveller was walking behind me. I wasn't too sure if I could trust him so I kept my distance from him. Eventually I reached the house. There were people there and I knew I needed to be there.
Meaning: This is the next stage of our ministry, where we need to move quickly as there is more work to be done, fast!
The traveller is a friend who is coming back from his spiritual journey and who is meant to help us with the next phase.

WCG Minister & His Drab Doctrines
14th September 2002. H. Old drab clothes
I met up with D Sxxxx and his first wife. They were not together but were present at a market place. They were selling old fashioned clothes, dark and drab looking and not very appealing to the eye.
Meaning: The man's first wife stands for the old church with its ritualistic emphasis and the clothes represent that church’s doctrines which are old-fashioned and lack vitality. Not only are they old-fashioned, they are mixed with error! The WCG has apostatised and taken on board orthodox views and opinions.

A New Christian
15th September 2002. H. Dream of a new Christian
There were many things in his life that were holding him back. His eye was squeezed and a lot of muck came out. His past is preventing him making progress and moving forward.
Meaning: Someone we know whose outlook is at fault.

Not Much Happening In The Church
18th September 2002. H. Mansion of many rooms
I was aware of a huge building or mansion [the Church universal]. Within this building there were many meeting halls. I went for a visit to each of them. There was an air of expectancy but nothing was going on and there were no activities, as if they were waiting for something to happen. No-one was inside.
I saw a pile of nice clothing there. Where we stayed was a small room which was occupied by a lady with two children. I was concerned that she was cramped with her children but she was quite happy to be near us.
Meaning: The Church needs reviving! God is the one who is in control and He releases revival power. Through miracles He will revive the Church.
The clothing represents the teaching waiting to be accepted. The true teaching of the Word is at the centre of revival.
The lady and her children represent some people who will be helped by our literature and who will accept us and be friendly toward us.

Helping Lorry Driver Turn Around
20th September 2002. H. Helping lorry turn around
I was helping a lorry driver turn around at night, but after he turned around he went straight for me!
Meaning: After helping this particular person, he turned on us in antagonism because of his selfishness and pride.

Man With No Trousers
21st September 2002. H. Man with no trousers
I was walking with a man who had a long overcoat on but had no trousers. Just underpants!
Meaning: A man we know. It shows this man to be set in his ways and is blind to the fact that he is in a state of spiritual undress, symbolic of his spiritual apathy and unrighteous life.

Our New House & Office
24th September 2002. H. New house and office.
We were moving into a new place where we were trying to settle down. Nearby there was a room to be ready for an office for F Bxxxxx. There were files there and a desk was put in.
Meaning: This is the next stage of our ministry work.

A Selfish Woman
25th September 2002. H. Untidiness and waste of money
I was inside a car with a woman we know. The car was untidy. As I was sorting things out there were coins on the floor. This shows that the family waste money. She wanted some food, so I asked her, "Have you tried to grow carrots? They are good for you."
As I was looking at some framed pictures I saw money hidden underneath. I took the money because it was meant for us. The dream concerns the wife of a man we know, DS, and reveals her selfish character.

Requests For MM Literature
29th September 2002. H. Eggs
I delivered a stack of eggs to a depot where I was able to leave them for further sale.
Meaning: Eggs represent the fruits of the ministry which are the publications. When a door opens there will be a great demand for the literature in some quarters.

The Evil WCG
30th September 2002. H. A black man secretly moved in
A black man from Pasadena moved into one of our bedrooms with his three children. He did this secretly without wanting us to see that he was there. I peeped into the room and saw the man lying on the bed completely naked. He was apparently separated from his wife. Suddenly he disappeared.
I enquired at the local GP waiting room to see if anyone had seen them and someone told me that they left a message saying they wanted an anointing from us.
Meaning: The man represents the WCG and the three children are offshoot churches. Being black is a comparison with being a Gentile, and illustrates being unconverted and evil.
The sudden disappearance refers to the WCG's downfall through apostasy, members leaving, and its failure to continue as an instrument in God’s hands.
Enquiring at the GP’s (doctor's) is an allusion to the WCG’s spiritual sickness.
But they want the power that God is giving us, hence they asked for anointing, but don’t want to pay the price necessary to receive it. They don’t want to hang around us because they are of a different spirit.

Can't Help People Who Don't Want It
1st October 2002. H. Trying to pull a barrow from a pit
Dream of trying to lift a very heavy, long barrow from a deep pit. I used all my energy to try and pull it out, but in the end I gave up.
Meaning: This is a symbol of the person I tried to help, to try and get him out of a spiritual pit. The person would not respond and didn't care to change. He chose to carry on in his lifestyle of selfishness and fellowshipping with people who were hostile to the gospel. What he wanted was more important than God in his life. The devil made inroads into his life and he became spiritually blind.

One Seed Which God Is Nurturing
3rd October 2002. H. Seed ready to grow
Dream of working in the garden. One big bush had to be removed and underneath there was a big seed ready to grow.
Meaning: We received a letter from a young lady in the Philippines who wants to be baptised. She has been under the influence of a false minister, symbolised by the bush in the dream, who has dominated her thinking. His influence had to be removed by providing her with information to expose the minister’s falsity and errors in teaching. As she sees the truth which our literature expounds, she will be able to learn more about God, imbibe the Holy Spirit, and grow spiritually.

Spiritual Battle Against Authorities
5th October 2002. H. Spiritual battle
Someone who was hostile towards us was putting a gun to our head. There was a spiritual struggle going on. In a vision I saw a seat of authority with several wild animals, one of them a lion, getting agitated and aggressive. I had to resist them.
Meaning: The wild animals represent demons who are in control in the world. They come against us; one way is through people in jobs of power, like the police, and who can use their power to find fault with others under false pretences. Aggression and intimidation are in their means of operation.

Man Chooses What Is Foreign
9th October 2002. H. Nuisance man learning Japanese
A man we know tried to learn Japanese. He was using a special pedal. When it was pressed it produced the Japanese sounds. But it squeaked loudly, and he made himself a nuisance by doing what he was doing.
Meaning: This man is still following his self-willed ways. His learning Japanese is a symbol of him wanting foreign influence, in other words, to be part of unconverted society.
The loud squeaking is symbolic of how he makes himself heard, exerting his dominance.

Changes Coming At Buckingham Palace
12th October 2002. H. Standards made central in Buckingham Palace
We found ourselves in the Royal Palace in a large room. The Queen mother was on the stage prostrating herself. Others were present. Then there were 'standards' (flags) hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room. We moved them to a central position.
Meaning: The Queen mother has been the spiritual guide of the Royal family; an icon. This idolatry has to go. She has to be brought low and God will replace their idolatry with trust in Himself. God will be moved to centre stage and He will be the spiritual standard.

MM In Some African Countries
15th October 2002. H. Parsley plants and pictures of countries
Dream of several parsley plants. Between the plants there were some pictures of countries or continents. I chose those that were extra colourful and burnt them in the fire. The other pictures I kept.
Meaning: We have spent lots of money and time to reach certain countries in Africa (represented by the bright colours). But the time has come to move on to other countries to get the literature to them. The plants represent people who are spiritually established and flourishing.

New House Coming
16th October 2002. H. New house
We were settling into a new house of medium size. The house was nothing special but was functional. When I finished I noticed there was a familiar visitor sitting at the table, sitting quietly. I wondered if I should give him something to eat.
Meaning: To do with a friend, feeling at home with us, after previously not being at one. It also confirms that MM will have a new place from which to operate, despite the appearance that it looks totally impossible.

Abuse Of Children In Society
17th October 2002. H. Torture of children
Dream of demons torturing children.
Meaning: The dream is the realistic portrayal of the horrible abuse of children in our society, whether it be sexual abuse or spiritual abuse. (There is so much that is not seen!)

Ulrika Jonsson, Publicity & Travel
18th October 2002. H. Ulrika Jonsson
Dream of Ulrika Jonsson. I felt like my life was similar to hers, in that I was in the public eye and it brought great pressures into our family’s private life.

22nd October 2002. H. Rushing out quickly to travel
While I was in the bathroom some people arrived in the car. I had to rush out to deal with the situation. I had to get ready quickly and go on a journey with the couple of people to visit someone. One of the ladies stayed behind. I felt she was someone famous. We soon returned. There was a young child in our midst.
Meaning: God is warning how quickly things happen, and we are not always ready for them. Many people will receive a witness about God and His power through miracles.

29th October 2002. H. Shifting gear to a higher level
Dream of slumber, then shifting gear into a higher level of spirituality.
We have to be in a higher gear to go with the flow that God is going to pour out.

31st October 2002. H. Huge scaffolding
Dream of a huge scaffolding erected over the road (like a huge sloping roof). It was meant to protect our property from the huge oak tree nearby. Bad weather conditions were expected. Protruding through the scaffolding was a tower – construction was underway and a building taking shape.
Meaning: The bad weather reflects the turmoil in the world. The sheer size of the scaffolding will draw attention to our work of spiritual reconstruction. People won't be able to ignore it.
God is doing a work through His Spirit which will bring changes to millions of lives here on earth.

Richard's Learning & Restoration
2nd November 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Young boy learning. Dream of a little boy who was playing with a wall light. I was showing him how to switch it on.
Meaning: Richard will become like a little boy. He will need help with how to receive light from God. We have to help him to grow spiritually.

2) Coming out of a cocoon. He came out of a cocoon-like sleep. His eyes were opened and his mouth was cleansed and purified.
God will give him complete restoration and healing.

Anticipating Future Beauty
3rd November 2002. H. Planting crocuses
I was planting crocuses.
Meaning: These plants represent people. We are going to see the beautiful results of our labour later. But first there will be a delay.

Others Will Join 'Our' Team
8th November 2002. H. 2 Dreams.
1) Football team and activities
Dream of many activities, and being part of a football team. I recognised one of the players as Xxxxx Xxxxx who was at college with us, but who left.
Meaning: People will be brought together to face the opposition. There is a spiritual battle going on. Through this God will bring people together for His purposes.

Zenya's Flashing Light
2) Flashing light
Zenya had a flashing light on her. It's hard to ignore a flashing light (what emergency services have). Something will happen to her that will make her visible to others. God will use her as a witness to others through things that will draw publicity.

Meeting A Vicar & Many Other People
10th November 2002. H. Changes to come
Meeting people, talking to a vicar. I was feeding him food, beefburgers etc. I was shy in his company.
Richard was at school, and I was asking about Richard's classroom.
Meaning: I won't like the attention and publicity. The part about Richard means he has a lot of spiritual growing to do to make up for all the lost time.

13th November 2002. H. Tart on stage
I was mixing with many people. I noticed one young woman who behaved like a tart. Some people got lifted up on a platform above the other people, and the tart was there behaving lewdly and exposing her bottom to others. I was furious and when she came down I gave her a verbal lashing for behaving lewdly.

She was shaken by this and ran off. I said to the group of people, "If you are meant to go for somebody, then do it." [Because people don't understand confrontation and they shy away from it.] I felt that President Bush was there. He had to deal with unfinished business! [Become truly converted.]

Meaning: Lately we have had dealings with someone from WCG who has thrown away their spiritual garments – the truth. They elevate themselves, along with others, and our job is to expose their nakedness. Other churches are equally guilty of pride and arrogance, and false teaching.

Next Stage Of MM Comes Fast
15th November 2002. H. Kitchen redecorated
Dream of a visitor in my kitchen slicing a tomato. I went to get a board for her but when I returned the kitchen was redecorated and transformed instantly. There was no sink [no washing to do – depicting that MM publications are clean and contain the whole truth]. The walls were colourful and clean.
Meaning: This new kitchen represents the next stage of the ministry, a fresh and new beginning. A kitchen is a place for food preparation. We have a job of feeding the church through literature which will prepare the church for the tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ.

Not Much Time!
16th November 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Clock. Vision of a clock indicating time is up!
Meaning: We need to be ready for action.

People Released From Demons
2) Demonic person released
I saw the face of someone influenced by demons. They are in bondage and when they hear the truth they will be released.
Meaning: It was a picture of a person being delivered from the devil. Our job will be to release what God has given us so that people can be healed.

Great Injustice!
21st November 2002. H. Angela Cannings
[Included in N20.] (I watched a documentary on Angela Cannings, how she suffered the deaths of her three children due to ‘cot death’, and then how she was charged by the police and found guilty of their murder! She is now in jail, distraught and suicidal, and there is an appeal for her release taking place this Friday. She was innocent of the charge against her, but the police found fault with her statements. They can be master tacticians, knowing how to get someone incriminated by crafty presentation of facts and ‘evidence’.)
The dream showed how men in power are taken over by demons and become harsh and accusing in their judgement, and an abuse of power takes place as a result. (God is showing us that when they come against us they will be abusive and evil in their approach, too.) [See also p 108 about Angela.]
We were concerned about a seven year old boy being caught up with the police authorities. Then someone who was nearby said that he was just next door, safely asleep, and someone helped him to get away.

A Publicity Deal
23rd November 2002. H. Giving urine sample for publicity
I was in the company of unusual people. If I co-operated with someone in a publicity deal we would be offered a free flat in a hotel. In the hotel I was expected to give my urine sample on a regular basis. Someone in the hotel showed me great affection and loyalty. I felt shy about it. I requested that, if possible, could we have the flat on the ground floor?
Meaning: There will be some benefits to the publicity but we are going to lose our privacy. Everything we do will be analysed in detail. Some people will show us moral support.
Having the flat on the ground floor shows that we don't seek elevation. As I was in the company of some people I was leaning towards one of them. Perhaps this shows that someone will be helpful towards me and I will have their support.

Driving Our Vehicle Up A Steep Hill
26th November 2002. H. Moving uphill
Malcolm was driving a vehicle up a steep hill. There was another vehicle in front of us which was stationary and prevented us from moving forward. I was afraid that we might roll backwards down the hill so I got out to see if I could push it. Somehow we managed to get to the top of the hill. As we got to the top of the hill there was a lake next to the sea.
Meaning: It's difficult to make progress when there are obstacles in the way. The lake represents the ministry’s growth and development in its outreach. The sea is people this ministry will reach in the future.

Helena Stirring A Big Pot
2nd December 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Herbal mixture. There were lots of activities. I was stirring a big pot with a herbal mixture of runny food.
Meaning: This would be for cleansing, nourishing people who are waiting for spiritual guidance and teaching. It depicts our ministry's efforts to promote God's truths.

Someone Close To Us Will Die
2) Neighbour's coffin. There was a coffin in front of our house from a neighbour nearby. They didn't have the room to keep it in their front garden.
Meaning: Someone close to us will die. For God, all things will work together for good, even through death.

Are You Sorting Out Your Clothes?
3rd December 2002. H. Hanging garments
A friend arrived in a small car. Outside the car he put up his clothes stand. There were many garments there hanging and he was busily tidying them.
Meaning: Garments represent spiritual teaching and the truth which he has accepted as a way of life.

Two Individuals Depicted
5th December 2002. H. 3 Dreams
1) Lion caught
Dream of a wild animal like a small lion running around. People were afraid of it but I managed to chase it and corner it, and deal with it.
Meaning: A young man who became hostile and rebelled against God is going to receive a new direction from God and a new life.

2) Horse rearing to go
I saw a horse, full of strength, rearing to go. I tried to restrain it but eventually it went on its journey.
Meaning: This represents a person whom God is using to accomplish a job. He is self-willed and needs taming.

Churches Full Of Sick People
3) Preparing the apartment
I was trying to get the apartment ready for the next job. Tonya tried to wash the carpets and they needed to dry. [These preparatory things take time.]
I was aware of a big building next door which looked like a hospital, full of sick people.
Meaning: The sick people in the hospital represent Christians in churches. We have teaching materials which can help them receive healing, so they are no longer spiritually sick through false teaching. But before they can accept these things, God will have to convince them by miraculous power that we bring His truth.

Large & Small Ministries Compared
7th December 2002. H. 2 Dreams
1) Dream of a tall tree. There was a branch lower down that one could climb. Suddenly the branch fell to the ground. I felt there could be some fuel through the logs from the branch. The tree looked taller and unreachable. [God will cut back some ministries that are too dominant like Morris Cerullo's.]

2) Small kitchen. There was a house with people in it. I went in to see the kitchen. Although it was small there was quite a bit of activity going on as food was being prepared. The people were making the most of the situation.

Some People Really Need Shaking!
9th December 2002. H. Shaking a box
I was given a box with something inside. I had to shake it really hard several times.
This represents people who need a good shaking for them to obey God. We have known many people who have rebelled against God and have stepped back to live their selfish lifestyle, in worshipping idols. God uses trials and circumstances to give people a good shaking and to bring them to repentance and obedience to God's laws.

Police & State Authorities
10th December 2002. H. Strange chickens and dog
There were tall chickens with little eyes and long beaks [for digging deep]. I also saw a dog with a pig face and a hook at the end of its nose. [A really evil person whom we will meet.]
Meaning: These animals represent the authorities who have ways of attacking people by picking on them.

Fuel For God's Revival Fire!
11th December 2002. H. Logs!
We took delivery of a huge amount of logs. They covered a third of our field.
Meaning: God will provide what we need. The logs are fuel and represent the literature, fuel for God's revival fire!

We Are Put Under Media Scrutiny
13th December 2002. H. Photos at show
I saw a show with lots of excitement, and photos being taken.
This represents future activities; what will take place, how we will be thrust under the media spotlight.

Someone In The Salvation Army
14th December 2002. H. Baby with diarrhoea
I came into a building. There were a number of small children, almost babies. I picked up one of the smallest, but as soon as I picked him up, he started to have severe diarrhoea.
I held up the baby near a dirty pond. As soon as the baby recovered I held it and gave it some attention. I felt it needed loving care. After a while I left it safely in one of the beds. There was a made-up lady who looked like a business-woman [depicts the Salvation Army organisation which has become just a business]. There was also a man [depicts church leadership] who didn't bother much about the children [spiritual children].
Meaning: The baby needed spiritual cleansing. This represents a young man with whom we had contact from the Salvation Army.

MM Literature: Many Decisions
15th December 2002. H. Logs
Dream of working things out to do with the logs. There were many decisions to be made about a programme to do with the logs.
This represents the literature programme.

16th December 2002. H. Giving water
We were both in bed when someone knocked on the door. We had no privacy! I noticed someone was sleeping in our bedroom in the corner. I filled up a big container with water for people to drink from it. People were very keen to drink from it. All the water was consumed.
Meaning: We are going to lose our privacy and we have to open our house to strangers! God will make people thirsty to drink of the Holy Spirit and we have to make the literature available for people to be nourished.

MM Outreach Expands Overseas
19th December 2002. H. Buying visa
I went to buy a visa for £30.
Meaning: This shows we're reaching out abroad and that will expand. God is opening up doors for His truth to reach more people and to prepare the Church.

Profit Motive In Church Renewal
20th December 2002. H. New property with old window
I was looking at the new property. The builder had done a good job, except he didn't change the old window and left that for the next owner. He only did the minimum he had to do in order to get the profit he wanted.
Meaning: This is an allegory. Like builders tend to do the minimum to properties and to maximise their profits, so does the Church. In accepting changes, they don't want to accept the completely new doctrinal outlook that we bring, which involves keeping God's Sabbaths and festivals, because it would not bring them the profit they want. It would lose them members.

MM's Solid Truth
21st December 2002. H. Solid turkey
I was given a bag of solid turkey meat which I took care of. There was a big bus going out on a journey. I was taking care of a little girl who needed cleaning up.
Meaning: Meat represents the solid Christian teaching which we are looking after and want to share with others. The bus represents MM's work which will reach into more countries.
The influence of the world and our friends makes believers unclean, and they need to be purified like the girl in the dream.

Preparing For The Revival Coming
25th December 2002. H. Large hall
I saw a huge meeting place, so big you couldn't measure it! I put a big container in one of the boxes and secured the side doors. Malcolm and I went outside and prepared a rubber floor covering [needed if you have many people coming in and out] and brought it into the hall. All of these preparations are necessary in order to accommodate many people.
Donal was at the side trying to help.

26th December 2002. H. Preparations
We were making practical preparations for people who will respond and will need help and teaching.

Many People Reject The Truth
27th December 2002. H. Defending the literature from faultfinders
I was aware of people being critical of what they read, they were being negative and faultfinding. I was trying to defend myself saying that the literature is very accurate and truthful but they were not listening. These people are confused, fearful and don't know their own minds.

Malcolm Pricked By A Needle
28th December 2002. H. 4 Dreams
1) Malcolm pricked himself with a needle. He felt frustrated with the pain, and I couldn't help him with it.
Meaning: Some situations are painful and frustrating but you just have to grin and bear it. Suffering is part of the course.

It's Difficult Cooking Porridge Below Ground
2) Cooking porridge
I was cooking some porridge in a pot on a cooker which was several feet deep in a hole. This proved to be difficult. (Have you ever tried cooking like that?)
Meaning: Our job is as difficult as the above allegory and it costs us dearly to provide good spiritual food for people.

Billy Connolly
3) Billy Connolly. I was sitting next to Billy Connolly. He was very still and I felt warmth coming from him.
Meaning: God is showing that he will respond to God even though he's a man of the world now.

Young Woman And This Evil World
4) Witch. I saw a young woman's face. She looked like a witch and had horrible features. [This imagery was used to draw an association between the young woman's behaviour and the ways of this evil world that she needs to renounce.]
Meaning: God was showing the ways of the world. Friends and the pulls of the flesh are used by the devil to bewitch us and take our eyes away from God. Any loyalty to anything other than God is idolatry, and that has to be smashed from our lives.

The Inflexible System Of British Law
30th December 2002. H. 3 Dreams
1) Head set in concrete. Head of a leader, someone in authority, was rigid and set in concrete. God is going to crush it!

God Portrays Some People's Traits
2) Rhino. I saw a bull terrier change to a rhino.
Meaning: This symbolises someone's character. Rhinos are slow and bull like, unyielding and very thick-skinned, almost as if they were armoured. They want to be left alone and some people are like that.

3) Girls steal an ear-ring
An older girl and a younger girl were staying with us. Zenya came in and said that they had left during the night without saying goodbye and that they had taken an earring with them.
Meaning: These represent two individuals we tried to help but they don't want to accept the help and won't respond because of fear and stubbornness. They took something valuable with them; they know we have spiritual treasures but are not willing to give us the credit or remuneration due.

Africans Want Us To Take Care Of Them
31st December 2002. H. Cows wanting to be tethered
As I was driving by, I saw some cows grazing. When they saw me the cows started to move towards me as they wanted to be tethered to a stake.
Meaning: Cows represent individuals or churches that want someone to take care of them and support them with money. This is a selfish approach. Instead of people helping us, they expect to receive support from us. [Tanzania, Kenya, etc.]

God Says MM Is In The Lead
26th Oct 2002. M. 1) The bobsleigh race
In this race, all the bobsleighs were on the track at the same time (in real life, they do not compete like this; they perform singly, and are timed to determine who wins).
In this dream we were in front – ahead of all the other contenders for the title. It showed us as the winners.
Meaning: Symbolic of the truths we bring to the Church.

Ripping Up The Ground Upon Which Sunday Worship Is Based
2) I saw a set of stone steps. It was a wide staircase that you would see in a public place, like leading up to a museum or art gallery [well established institutions]. I didn’t see the number of steps, but there may have been 7.
At the top there was a big board of plywood or similar man-made building material. (It was no place for a board!)
I ripped it up, which left its fixings exposed. These were long nails, which were now pointing upwards menacingly, sharp end uppermost! They had been set in concrete, to hold the board in place. They protruded through some old fashioned Marley tiles (these were plastic coated man-made floor tiles, about ¼ inch thick or less, which were commonly used on concrete floors in the sixties). They were now split and broken. What a mess!
Some could have blamed me for creating this mess, but it was no place for the board to be. It should never have been there in the first place! The solution, while it would take some effort, is to lift the old Marley tiles, and grind off the nails at floor level. Then, we would be back to the original intended base at the top of the flight of stairs.
Meaning: An allegory of the disruption that will occur from introducing the truth about the true Sabbath and removing the man-made tradition of Sunday worship. It takes some effort!

Nigerian Fraudsters
27th Oct 2002. M. About a minister in Nigeria
A man was lying in the road, made to look like he had been run over. But it was a set-up, a con, to try and trick me into giving help. Then a person got in touch with me and tried to persuade me to come to Nigeria, to help them out. He insisted I came! He tried to use this ‘accident’ as leverage to lure me. But, of course, I’m a bit wise to the cunning and deceit that Nigerians (and other Africans) often use to extract money and assistance out of ‘gullible’ westerners.
Meaning: The dream is to highlight evil spiritual character traits in many Africans, who try to extract funds from us, thinking that we are well off and can give them money (which we can't). They use deceit and cunning. They should practice Eph 4:15,25.

The Spiritual Pond Has Run Dry!
2nd Nov 2002. M. The pond has run dry!
After praying for revelation about one person’s ministry situation in the USA, I was given this dream of a pond. Actually it was almost two ponds. There was a pond at a higher level, which narrowed into a neck where it joined onto another pond at a lower level. Before I saw this scene, we were at the front of our house. God gave this imagery to connect what He is doing here through MM with what has happened in the drained ponds.

The ponds represent what He has been doing through the waters of His Spirit and Word in:
1) the Sunday-keeping sector of the Church, and
2) the Sabbath-observing part.

But the water in these ponds had drained away and all that was left was thick sticky mud – not a place where you would want to be.
I saw a man walking away out of this mud. This was Jesus walking away from the situation.
In one corner of the lower pond, there was a little bit of water left and two geese were standing there, robust and ‘proud’ (as geese behave). It looked like they were intent on staying put.
Meaning: The people represented in this dream were in contact with us and we accepted them, but they didn't fully accept us or the message we bring. Their pride got in the way.

Disgusting Christians!
3rd Nov 2002. M. The toilet
In this dream I walked into a public toilet. It was a large building and there seemed to be a lot of people there. I wanted to have a leak, and I thought the most private place was a cubicle, so I went into one and began to close the door.
I noticed that there was no lock on the door and before I had shut it, a fella pushed it open and came in. I thought “OK, bud, what sort of joker are you?!” With a grin, he claimed it was his space and that I had no right to be in his domain, so I left without argument.
I passed by the wash basins, and was horrified by what I saw next. Someone had defecated on the top of the wash basin (not even in it!) and left two huge lumps of excrement, each about nine inches long. It was disgusting! I thought of clearing it up, but then thought again. It was not my responsibility, but someone else’s, so I left.

Meaning: The toilet is an allegory of the Christian Church because it is the place where people can get their lives cleaned up, and get rid of waste (sin). The excrement left by someone who obviously just didn’t care, depicts the depravity of some ‘believers’ who are no better than animals. They are certainly not Christian! They are so selfish, they have no concern for others, and live their lives only considering themselves. The huge size of what he left behind portrays the person’s greed.
The incident in the cubicle, where I was not welcome, depicts how others don’t want us around. They consider their church, denomination or group to be theirs, and take the approach that I have no right to be there. They don’t want a visit from a prophet.
Dream also significant and applicable to one individual from Lincs who called today. Hence given at this time.

It's Silly Trying To Hide
4th Nov 2002. M. A rabbit (FJB) tried to hide in our seed-trays (represents our work of producing literature, which can propagate spiritual seed). It was stupidly trying to burrow beneath the soil in one of them. The seed-trays were all surrounded by water (symbolises the Spirit of God surrounding us). A cat (R) killed the rabbit. It was not a pretty sight. There was another tiny baby rabbit in this dream. I picked it up and just tossed it casually onto one side, where there were a couple of other ones waiting to be dealt with by the cat.
Meaning: The rabbit depicts someone we know, who has tried to hide by not responding properly to my letters, and by ignoring the spiritual issues we raise. But this is folly. God sees, and He tells us about him anyway.
Richard is the cat in this dream. What will happen to him will wake this man up and cause him to repent and turn fully to God.

Close To God's High Voltage Power
5th Nov 2002. M. In this dream, I was putting up scaffold boards [represents MM literature] very close to some high voltage power lines. They were so close – only millimetres away! Someone else saw this and remarked at what a dangerous situation it was. To them it was a hazard!
Meaning: 'Our' message is one which takes people as close as humans can get to the realm of God and His power.

A Friend Asks For Help
8th Nov 2002. M. 2 dreams. 1) Cxxxxn. It seemed that the IR was giving him some stick, and wanting more tax out of him.
Meaning: It may have a literal fulfilment, but also it may depict the fact that God requires more from such CoG people.

2) In the second dream, Someone was wanting me to assist him in his work. He was doing some fiddly work, trying to cut a slender drill bit which was only about ½ inch long. He asked me to pass him the pliers. I looked around but couldn’t see them at first. I felt a bit incompetent and lacking confidence in such an area [this ministry work to which I am called is not something which I personally want; humanly I feel inadequate]. Then I saw the pliers and passed them to him. He wanted me to do something else to assist him, too, but I didn’t see what it was.
Meaning: God is saying these CoG people need our help.

Scotland Yard's Tiger Attacks
12th Nov 2002. M. The tiger attacks!
I saw a tiger in the distance, but it didn’t look like it would do much. But then, suddenly, it attacked me ferociously! The attack was horrific and extremely hard to defend myself from.
Meaning: Scotland Yard’s ferocious and malicious attack which they are preparing to mount against me. The attack is unwarranted and unjustified, merely because I have had contact with someone they consider a criminal.
God is warning about it beforehand, because He sees the evil motives behind their behaviour. They have a suspicious, fault-finding approach, and want to find me guilty of something. The old precept that a man is innocent until proven guilty has gone out of the window in far too many cases of British ‘justice’. In our case, this attack is not objective, but is the outgrowth of a desire of the investigating officer(s) to incriminate me. Perhaps the motive is one of seeking promotion. Certainly, it is an evil motive, which is why God forewarned me in a dream.
[See Police and Persecution in Newsletter 20, pages 20-23, and also N20 pp 24-25.]

We Have Little Support
14th Nov 2002. M. 2 dreams
1) There was a large crowd of people coming together for a rally or convention in some big city. I went there on my bike, but all the others had come by public transport or a more conventional means.
Meaning: A picture of our ministry, and the effort we have to put out to keep it going (symbolised by the bicycle), compared with other ministries who have ‘public’ support.

MM Smoothes Out Errors
2) I was rendering or plastering walls. There was a large area to be covered, and a machine was necessary to do the job to level it out smooth. The more it was ‘floated’ (a term plasterers use for levelling it), the wetter it became.
Meaning: The work we are doing in the spiritual. Analogy of helping people to put a smooth surface on their rough spiritual walls by providing more truth. The more you use the words of God in life, the more the Holy Spirit comes to the surface. (We had a letter today from a man in the Philippines who is doing much to apply the ‘plaster’ to the walls of the Church!)

Freddie Ljundberg
15th Nov 2002. M. Freddie Ljundberg (an Arsenal footballer) wins £7 million. It was a bet, and he got a word right and won this huge amount of money from the bookies. In some way, Ollie (Z’s friend) benefited from it, too.
Meaning: Possibly shows the inequality in this world, where a few privileged people who don’t care about God get plenty of money.

God Tells Us Of Zimbabwean Coming
17th Nov 2002. M. A very young child was cuddling up to Helena and me, as we were travelling along on a train. Another toddler came and jumped up onto our laps and made himself at home. He was very dark skinned. As black as the ace of spades, with broad features like Morgan Tsvangirai, the Zimbabwean opposition leader.
Meaning: About two people who got in touch with us here. The second individual came from Zimbabwe. He met us for the first time in January 2003.

Pride In Many Africans
19th Nov 2002. M. A seducer and Africans
A dream of a young woman who wanted me to make love to her (symbolic of a wrong spiritual approach, not literal physically). When I declined, she went after someone else and sought his favours.
Before this, in the dream, I saw a building where a number of young men came out all dressed in a typical African coloured robe, rejoicing and showing off their robes, as they paraded out in single file. Then, a column of young women did likewise. They were very proud of their robes in which they were dressed.
Meaning: The adulterous woman represents someone to whom I had to write about his need to find and accept the truth on Law and Grace. The other people depict the African outreach and how it is bearing fruit. People there are more open in their acceptance of Christianity than here, but their approach regarding promoting the things of God can tend to be proud.

Britain's Prosecutors & Oppressors
21st Nov 2002. M. A man was calling out numbers: “3”; “5”; “12”; “36”, etc. When these were called out at random, completely arbitrarily, that number of people lost their freedom, and they were either killed or victimised in some serious way.
I stood watching this, aghast! It was stupid, inane, unreal and pointless! At the call or command of one man – simply because HE decided – they lost their individual rights.
As I stood there numb, watching this bizarre scene unfold, he saw me standing there and shouted to me, “And you; yes you! You too!” And, without any recourse, without any means of defending myself against this unfair and brutal rule, I had to comply. Then the dream ended.
Meaning: A caricature of the prosecution service and police power that has gone mad in this country as in many other lands.

[Also included in N20, pp 20-25.]

Angela’s Trial
Last night (20th Nov 2002), at 10.35pm, BBC1 featured a programme entitled Angela’s Trial. It was a documentary about the travesty of justice surrounding the Angela Cannings case. She was a mother who lost three young children to cot death, over the space of several years. She was heartbroken and perplexed. But the police decided that she was guilty of their murder, and incredibly, the court was persuaded by the prosecution’s argument to pronounce a “guilty” verdict.

Helena had a dream last night, also, in which she was shown that certain individuals in the police force have been taken over by an evil power, and have gone power mad. She saw a face of a man, which she knew to be the face of authority. It became taken over by demons; it became very hard and rigid. This is not a situation where just one or two have become crazed, but many.

But, as Lord Acton said to Bishop Creighton, “power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.” And some police officers are evil, and are not seeking fairness and justice. They are exerting power with intimidation, coercion and manipulation, using these evil tactics and fear to pursue their wicked agenda.

Court hearings, instead of being fair, are oftentimes merely psychological contests between prosecution and defence – two mentalities fighting for supremacy, not for justice; trying to press their case, irrespective of the true facts – the defendant a helpless victim, trapped in the middle.

Invariably, police prosecution will ignore facts and truth from witnesses, preferring to presume the defendant guilty. Then, based on their presumption, they use their power of heavy persuasion to sway the minds of jurors, slanting facts, and emphasising minor points of no real relevance, in order to psychologically cajole jurors into thinking that the police have superior judgement and discernment. Many miscarriages of justice have occurred because of this abuse of police power. The Angela Cannings case is only one, albeit a very tragic one.

Her life and the life of her husband have been ruined because she was wrongly found guilty. The worst thing a caring mother could ever be accused of, is that she murdered her own children! On top of the agony of bearing that false accusation, she has to face a sentence of life imprisonment, separated from her husband who needs her support (and she from his). Terry Cannings suffered a nervous breakdown, lost his home, and lost his job because of the effects of the stress he suffered through this police brutality.

That’s what it is – police brutality – which is what the dream from God last night conveyed. There was no real care, no true concern, shown for the people involved. Without any consideration of the effects on others of their arbitrary decisions, the man in power was dictating HIS orders.

We are supposed to live in a democracy, which originally meant government of the people, for the people, by the people. But, we have ended up in what is effectively a multi-faceted dictatorship, where many ‘little’ dictators assert their asinine authority over others, without love or concern for them, without care for true justice, with merely a demented wielding of power for power’s sake.

These dictators are found in local government, regional government, as well as the police force. Wherever power is wielded, you find these Hitlers, abusing power without true consideration to the moral issues which should underlie its exercise. The greatest moral consideration which should undergird the exercise of judicial power is love – true care and consideration for others, based upon what is morally right and virtuous. THAT is now nearly extinct in this land because it has THROWN OUT God and His law for man!

[Since this account was written in 2002, Angela Cannings' case received the attention it deserved, and she was finally released two years later! But there are still many others like her incarcerated unjustly in jail!]

Helena’s dream of 21st Nov: She saw a face of a man, which she knew to be the face of authority. It became taken over by demons, very hard and rigid. We were concerned about a little boy who was stuck in a difficult situation to do with the authorities. Then I heard a man from another room say, “Oh, we’ve got him here.” So, he managed to escape somehow. Someone was looking after him.

Those Who Harbour Antagonism Against Us
23rd Nov 2002. M. I was driving down a two-lane road, and tried to overtake another car. But the driver got upset by my overtaking him. As I tried to come past, he leaned out of his window and waved a newspaper cutting at me.
On the newspaper page was a picture of Windsor Castle and the road alongside that palace belonging to the Royals. It also seemed that I was driving down that road where the man showed his antagonism.
Meaning: Other preachers and churchmen, especially church leaders and ministry leaders, don’t like us moving ahead spiritually, and wanting to ‘overtake’ them. But that is what our literature does for those who accept the truths therein.
The man represents some of these people, and the hostility which they harbour against us for what we have been commissioned by God to do.
Why are they hostile? Because they lack humility and want to be 'number one', as Diotrephes did (3 Jn 9,10).

Church Leaders Shut The Door
25th Nov 2002. M. The Christian Convention
We were ‘at’ a Christian retreat, which began at the week-end for a few days. The dream conveyed that we had to work for our ‘keep’, however. [This highlights our lack of support, in contrast to theirs.]

The next part of the dream showed Zenya [our younger daughter, aged 18 in 2002], dressed in a pale turquoise suit. She was really smart. Then, I saw a preacher, enthusiastic in his preaching. As a result of the way Zenya was, he preached about the destruction coming (although I wasn’t shown how this came about), but he said that the whole world would be engulfed in war in 10 years’ time.

In the next scene, a sizeable group of people were gathered on a lawn in a nice setting. But they were all looking in one direction only, taking no notice of what God was doing elsewhere, which was far more important. They all followed like sheep; they went in the direction that looked most sensible from a human perspective – the direction that their leaders had pointed them. Effectively, they were being led astray.

Meaning: I didn’t know what the dream meant until we opened the morning post. The dream concerns World Harvest Christian Centre, an association or organisation run by Wale Babatunde. A glossy four-colour flyer advertising their up-coming conference came in the post today. This is the Christian ‘retreat’ in the dream. As I prayed this morning, God showed me that I should write to them and send them some pieces of our literature. [I have been shown by the Spirit what to send, and these 23 publications are enclosed.]

But the dream conveys that they aren’t listening to the prophets God is raising up to do the short, sharp work at this end time. They are not aware of how God is going to raise the dead to jettison His Work into prominence. They are seeking prominence for themselves. They want to be seen and heard, because they think they have valuable input for the Church. They are intent on promoting themselves. But God promotes those whom He has called and chosen for the end-time task of ‘Elijah’. His means of putting them in the limelight will be through raising the dead. Those who seek prominence for themselves are not seeking prominence for Jesus. They could end up being false prophets, if they are not very careful!

Our younger daughter, Zenya, helps us out in our office, sending literature and doing other necessary office work. She figures very prominently in God’s plans to reach this nation. (More will be explained about this in the future. It’s not the right time to elaborate on this, but there is much more significance about why she figured prominently in the dream, particularly with regard to the turquoise suit, which is a symbol of beautiful heavenly garments.)

The world conflagration in 10 years’ time is a false prophecy, a human prediction, which illustrates that the prophetic stuff they are receiving is a mixture, tainted by error – ideas of men (biblically, 10 is the number of man). Like the message from Satan in the Garden in Eden, it’s truth mixed with error. Who wants that?! Apparently, many do, because the dream showed all the people going the wrong direction, away from what God is doing, following in the direction which their teachers are leading them.

The spacious lawn in lovely surroundings depicts Ashburnham Place in Sussex, where they are holding their meetings.

As I was praying this morning, God also reminded me of what Jesus said about human nature being evil. “If you, then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children....” Why did He remind me of this? Because many believers look at Christian leaders and think that they are well-meaning. They assume that they have laudable motives, because they are preaching Christ and are running their independent ministries. But what God sees is very much different! They are only listening to the Spirit in part. They only want to hear what God has to say which will bolster their ministries, or support their present doctrinal positions. They don’t want to turn around, and do something totally different. They don’t want to accept the ‘new’ truth which God is presenting to the Church and the nation at this time – which He will do through raising people to life who have been dead for years!

Their motive is selfish – they seek to be noticed and heard. Even if not intentionally, they promote and elevate themselves. That’s why you see their faces on a glossy colour brochure, advertising their event which they want you to attend and pay them for the privilege of attending! That’s a human way of doing things. It’s what unconverted advertisers do in this world, to try and get your attention. But God works differently. He gets people’s attention by supernatural means.

How did Jesus get people’s attention? Was it by human advertising, or miraculous power and situations which God set up?

Compare the way they operate with the way those whom God has called to front-line evangelism operate (a good example of this is in Like A Mighty Wind by Mel Tari, about the Indonesian revival), and you can readily see which is of God and which is of man.

These ministries (and there are many of them who operate like this) call their seminar or get-together a ‘conference’, but it’s not really a conference. In a conference people confer; they exchange views. There is a level playing ground. There is an opportunity for a free exchange of views to take place and for open discussion to occur. However, if we were to turn up, and try to open up the floor for the exchange of 'our' [God's] views to occur, we would either be shut up, ignored, or shown the door! This has happened before, so I know whereof I speak.

No, it’s not a conference. It’s a platform for them to promote their ministries, their theology, their agenda. They want you to accept them as their spiritual leaders. That’s why they call the event. They want to promote themselves. They are making a living out of what they are doing, and they want you to support their effort, so they can continue to pursue their goal.

Don’t be deluded by people’s approach. It may look good, even though it is compromised by humanistic philosophy. Remember Jesus’ words: “If you, being evil....” (Matt 7:11). They may have a picture with a nice smiling face, and words of approbation underneath, extolling their ministerial credentials, giving them great acclaim. They may herald themselves as ‘watchmen’ or ‘prophets’, ‘operating in a strong prophetic and apostolic anointing’, etc., but have they truly heard from God or are they merely trying to, or hoping to hear from Him as they pursue their own ends and agenda? Did He really send them with a commission and a specific message for the people, or have they just run of their own accord, hopeful to get acclaim for themselves?

Be not deceived, the human mind, even that which has been touched by the Spirit of God at times, can be very devious and deceitful! (Jer 17:9.) Are they selflessly promoting Jesus and the truth of God, or are they using what they know of Jesus and the truth of God to build their own empire?

The Pharisees in Jesus’ day went over sea and land to make just one convert! (Matt 23:15.) They put out a lot of effort in their bid to influence people’s minds. But they were self-motivated. They wanted elevation, too. And they got it.... for a while. But when the Spirit of God blew in, they blew out!

How many ministries there are in our day who will go the same way when God turns up the heat! They can’t see that their modus operandi is laced with pride, arrogance and self-will. There is presumption written all over their advertising campaigns. And as long as they are in that mode, they won’t hear from God, or do many wonderful works for Him.

True prophets are sent by God, appointed by Him, not by men. They are certainly not self-appointed and their motive is not one of seeking attention for themselves, but for the message from God which they bring. And that message, although full of spiritual goodies, is harsh and uncompromising in its flavour. God’s prophets are hardly accepted at all in our hedonistic, self-seeking age. Like it was with Jesus, what they have to say is rejected. It is unacceptable.

Jesus did not say what He did for effect, or to gain a following. That was not His motive. He didn’t try His utmost to get people to follow Him. He cared only about conveying the truth of God.

Jesus did not seek attention; the attention came to Him, because of the power of God working through Him, because He was commissioned from Above. So, it will be when the dead are raised through 'our' ministry. People don’t want what we are saying, because we have the unadulterated truth of God. Only the minority want it. Only those who are truly seeking truth, who are humble, who have no airs and graces, who are not living a sham. Those few accept it, and when they find more truth through our publications, they rejoice and accept the purity of God’s Word into their lives, changing the way they live. Revival occurs, and they are built up and their lives transformed.

They don’t go to a conference of men, paying them for the privilege! As they learn from our publications, which expound the truths of God that the Church doesn’t want to accept, they can open up to the Spirit of God, and He comes in and transforms them. I don’t need to be lifted up on a platform in front of them. They can read what the Holy Spirit has had me write and totally ignore who the human instrument was. And that’s good, because the more man gets lifted up in any move of God, the more God’s Spirit withdraws to the shadows.

Who is “preparing the Church for such a time as this?” (Motto on World Harvest Christian Centre’s advertising brochure.) I can tell you it’s not the ones whom most think. It’s not the recognised ones. It’s the Elijahs of our day who have next to no human support, who are virtually all alone, but who have the resurrection power of God behind them.

So what’s the sign of such prophets today? It’s those who have prophesied of resurrecting the dead – people who have been long dead – not just dead for minutes, but for days, weeks, months and even years! This is the sign we have given the Church since 1992. (Recounted in our first volume of Dreams and Visions From God.)

The appropriate response to a sign from God is to believe and accept His prophets. Then you can benefit from the new thing God is doing today and comprehend the message they bring from the Throne of God.

Today, it’s really very little different from the way things were in Jesus’ day. He contested with the religious leaders then about their hypocrisy and sham. He called them vipers and worse! It sounded slanderous, but it was not. His accusations against them were true!

Religious leaders today display similar hypocrisy and sham. Too many do not lead people to God, but to follow THEM! And the people don’t see it, because the transfer of loyalties is so subtle. Jeremiah prophesied of this debacle:

An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land: the prophets [leaders who claim God is directing them] prophesy falsely, and the priests [the teachers of God’s Word; church leaders] rule by their own power; and My people love to have it so (Jer 5:31, NKJV).

So, God sends out a prophetic cry to alert the Virgins to the fact that all are asleep to this disastrous spiritual situation. Sleep depicts deception. The Midnight Cry goes out at this late hour, as the world and Church approaches its darkest time in history. (Explained in The Ten Virgins.)

[The above account was also included in the leaflet Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus! which also contains further information.]

Two New Suits
30th Nov 2002. M. New suits
Helena had obtained two new suits for me in the sales (not real, this is symbolic). They were dark charcoal with a delicate, thin red check pattern; very smart. They were reduced to £150.

In the next scene I saw someone else wearing one of my suits. He was standing in a long queue of people, waiting in the shop. But he was not facing the counter, the direction others were looking, he was facing the other way, towards us. He was a stocky, well-built fellow. (I wonder if this is Michael Howard?)

In the next scene, I was doing something else with a vehicle, and had a small pool of petrol on top of the load. Exx was there with a new suit on, which had also been reduced in the sales from £170 to £140. It was green and looked very smart. But he was waving a lighted paper around. It was so dangerous with the petrol nearby. I shouted at him to stop being so stupid.

Then there were other scenes of things to be done, grass to be mowed in a churchyard next to someone else’s property, etc.

Meaning: Suits represent something which God has given; something spiritual; an anointing or covering for His purposes.

While the suits clothe us with God's power and abilities for the sake of reaching others with His message, they do bring the wearer some honour, and identify him to others. (You will know a prophet by his fruits. In Matthew 7:15-20, Jesus tells how to identify false prophets. True prophets, conversely, are recognised by their good fruits and by what God does with them or says about them to others who are receptive to His Spirit.)

Two leaflets (amongst other publications) contain input from God, showing that I do not come to promote myself, but that I speak for God, especially in MM publications: Viz. Revelations From God About MM; and What God Said About MM.

Exclusivism & Pride Are Blinding
4th Dec 2002. M. 5 dreams
1) Of Axxxxx Cxxxson’s group
It was a ‘motley crew’, a diverse group of people. They were all sitting in one room and didn’t want to go out of that room. [Depicts how they are exclusively loyal to one ministry, to a man who is a false 'prophet'. Exclusivism is an outgrowth of pride. It is a serious sin.]

While there, I tried to evoke some positive response, but there was none. A boy [a very spiritually immature person] threw a drink around, making a mess. He was behaving in a delinquent, stupid manner. Clearly there was no evidence of disciplined true Christian living here. I saw no fruit of the Spirit and so I left.

Outside, I was taken away in the Spirit on something like a trapeze. It was a fantastic ride, but I had to hold on tight. My right hand nearly gave way at one point. The sky and clouds were whizzing by overhead, and things were flying past as I moved along at considerable speed on this thing empowered by the Spirit. It was exhilarating! [This depicts the supernatural outpouring from God which will transform our ministry and cause a lot to happen in a short time. Updating this in April 2005, it depicts much that has already happened now.]

The Church Of Colin Urquhart
2) Of a church founded by Colin Urquhart in Australia
It had become big. Many people were drawn to it, probably because of the miracles God had performed. That attracted people to it. But there was a big problem. It was fast becoming a church of Colin Urquhart, not a church of Jesus Christ.
Through what had happened, Colin was drawing attention to himself. And people felt they needed to belong to his church, which is wrong. This imbalance can only be corrected through proper teaching. [This is provided in our book God’s Church – Whose Authority?.]

Big Brother Madness & Jimmy White
3) Jimmy White (an internationally known snooker player, and recognised as a decent honest fellow) was wanted by the police. They sought to charge him for something rather petty and unclear how it was in violation of the law. It was something to do with the white frontage of a house. The windows had been altered – made a different size. You could see the new small horizontal-slit windows and white paint around them which was now much whiter than the original white wall. For some reason the authorities found fault with this. I couldn’t help but think, “What is society coming to?! This is nit-picking and loss of freedom under the Orwellian Big Brother.”

The Price Helena Pays In Ministry
4) Helena and I were at our entrance, beside the main road, waiting to pull out and turn right. Nothing was coming immediately from the left, but there was a big lorry coming from the right. However, I saw I had just enough time to get out before him, so I pulled out safely and accelerated away. But this left Helena behind.
Meaning: This indicates that to do what is to come in this ministry, she will not see as much of me as before. Perhaps it indicates much more individual aspects in ministering to others.

What Makes Prayer Succeed
5) A man came up to me and asked me to pray for a friend of his who was very sick. I looked over my shoulder to see the infirm young man. He was standing facing another man, which represents the ministry to which he looks and is loyal. He didn’t come to me like his friend did, asking for help. I refused to pray for him. I told the inquirer that prayer is not a formula or magic ritual for releasing people from sickness. People can be healed as they surrender their lives to God. That yielding to God in the spirit is the basis of proper prayer, so miracles and healings take place as people sort their lives out before God.

Presumably the man had come to ask me because he had seen so many others healed in our ministry. But I told him that Jesus only spent a few percent of His time attending to the sick, praying for them or healing them. He spent something like 90% of His ministry time teaching them. I told the man to tell his friend to get his mind transformed by the teachings we publish. Then he could expect healing.

The dream illustrates how people tend to look to the minister whom they see performing miracles or delivering people from demons and sicknesses, instead of to God who is the One behind such feats.

For people to really come into the presence of God and know His love, they have to accept the full teaching of the gospel God makes available. They must not be loyal to their church, or their ministry, or their minister. They must accept the whole counsel of God – all available truth from God.

Fired Up Against Jim Rector!
5th Dec 2002. M. The Fire
I was in a pleasant open space like a village green. Our car [symbolises our ministry] was there and I was copying some tapes in the car. Suddenly a conflagration erupted in the car and we rushed to grab hold of a hose to put the fire out. It was quite a large fire!

Meaning: This dream was fulfilled in a verbal conflagration that ignited between me and Jim Rector in the USA. Jim R had plagiarised my book God's Church – Whose Authority? He read whole sections of it on a tape he made in 1996 entitled Who Is The Greatest? but he gave no credit to me whatsoever. He didn't even mention to his audience where any of his material came from, or where they could obtain a copy of my book. He was using my material and taking all the credit for himself. [The WCG has done similarly with material from MM publications.]

I wrote to him about this and encouraged him to make the appropriate restitution of the wrong. I asked him to either send me his mailing list so that we could send them each a copy of that book (I didn't ask him to bear any costs), or to offer it to them on one of his regular tapes. But he refused. He shut the door on them, so he was in full control (an indicator of someone who is motivated by an evil spirit).

Instead of rectifying his misdemeanour against me (and against his mailing list) he then ruthlessly attacked me on a tape he made on 22nd February 1997. I subsequently made a series of three audio tapes as a rebuttal of his false claims (The Truth About Jim Rector). But those went to so few on his mailing list – because we obviously had no way of reaching most of those people – that they still remain to be released and to know the full truth that has been denied them.

The more recent dream summarises what happened, but would also seem to indicate that this conflagration is far from over! Churches of God, who broke away from the WCG after the mid-nineties Great Apostasy which Tkach fuelled, are still hampered by a near total lack of appreciation of spiritual gifts and things supernatural. These tapes prepare the ground for an acceptance of the gifts of God's Spirit, besides exposing what is wrong with most CoG ministers whose approach mimics that of Jim Rector. False ministers display tell-tale traits.

Publicity & Neil & Christine Hamilton
7th Dec 2002. M. I was sitting with Neil and Christine Hamilton.
There was another man present, too; perhaps he was an interviewer. It was as if we were in front of an audience, but that was not visible. I was sitting in between Neil and Christine. She was on my left, Neil was on my right and the other man was to the right of Neil.
Then Neil left the scene, so there were now only three of us there. Soon afterwards, I got up and moved to the left of Christine, with my arm on the sofa back, somewhat relaxed. I meant nothing by it, but others could have tried to make something out of it (especially the newspapers, who are always trying to find moral imperfections in people who are in the pubic eye). Then Christine made some comment about sex, which really set the cat among the pigeons! It made me feel awkward and uneasy. [She is outspoken, and will jest for effect.]
Meaning: It depicts some of the publicity that is coming.

Evil Person
11th Dec 2002. M. A mangy blind cat
This animal had only one eye. One was completely missing; all that was left was an empty eye socket. It was all diseased and there was puss in it. I felt like getting a stick and cleaning out the eye socket with it. The other eye was virtually blind because it was so diseased.
Meaning: An e-mail came today from DS, attacking me and an associate whom God has brought across our path. The e-mail was vengeful and written from other evil motives.
I replied. Another letter was written on 12th December, as if like an empty eye socket being cleaned out with a stick. The letter would not be pleasant to DS to read!
God brings various people into contact with our ministry. They are tested, and the evil ones are weighed in the heavenly balances and found lacking!

Restoring Faulty Workmanship
13th Dec 2002. M. 2 dreams
1) We had completely removed the walls around the bathroom. Now it was totally open. The pipework was still in the same place, but now I thought that it could be removed and altered, so I asked a plumber I knew to come and help us with this work. Likewise, he showed me a section of brickwork in a wall where he was working which was faulty. Someone had filled in with bricks where a large beam had been before, but the bricks were laid on soft mortar that had perished, and so the whole section was loose. The mortar was like sponge. I knew immediately how to go about to rectify the problem and rebuild the section.
Meaning: Publicity(?) opening us up to view. The walls of Church dogma being removed (?). The need to rearrange the means by which the Holy Spirit can flow (the pipework). Restoring the walls of the Church. And the benefit of co-operation: in this instance between myself and one other. I can help him and he can help me in this work of God.

Very Few Share Our Burdens
2) I had a large publication of about 800 pages [depicts beforehand the enormous amount of publishing that we have done since this dream] that I needed to get printed. The cost was enormous, and I didn’t have the financial means to put it in print, so I considered a cheaper option for binding it instead of doing perfect binding which is expensive. I thought of doing it with a plastic binding. However, when I mentioned this to others (it seemed to be in a place like a library) a lady said, “Oh no, you must do it in perfect binding!” I was hurt by the comment and felt sad, because I didn’t have the money to do what needed to be done. I told her “I can’t afford it.” She looked at me, surprised. What made me sad also was that it seemed that no one cared to share the burden with me. Like the lady, people would expect me to do everything ideally, but didn’t lift a finger to help. (Compare with Philippians 2:20-21.) We have totally insufficient support to do this ministry.
Although I didn’t have the means to do the job, I agreed with her that it should be done with perfect binding anyway, and went ahead despite my financial inability and others’ unwillingness.
Meaning: A picture of our position regarding publishing. So very few help us! They assume we have the financial means, but we don't. “We walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Cor 5:7).

14th Dec 2002. M. 2 dreams
1) I was rebuilding an outdoor shelter for someone. It was like a storage area, similar to what we use to store our logs and firewood, but a bit better. Although I did most of the work myself, someone else was involved in completing the roof.

Raising The Dead
2) Raising the dead
In this dream I was being most emphatic to various people about raising the dead. I boldly challenged them, and moved into position to be the agent for God to restore life to a dead person. The person came back to life.
Then, a short while later, I had another assignment to raise someone from the dead. It was as if it was only the next day or next week. Before it could happen, though, I had to really confront these people with their spiritual obduracy, unwillingness to accept new truth, and their unbelief.
Meaning: God raises the dead for important spiritual reasons, not for fun! He uses His power to draw people's attention to Him, to the truth He wants them to believe. But that inevitably is confrontational, because people don't naturally want the truth.

God Depicts Our Contact With One Of The WCG / CoG Offshoots
16th Dec 2002. M. I went in my van to buy some cement at the builders’ merchants. I enquired about the price; I was very careful with our money. It had to go a long way. They couldn’t supply me with the five bags I wanted; so I had to settle for two. [In this job of building up the House of God we are short of what we need, physically, to do the task as well as we would like.]

As I went on my way, somehow I had a cup of grain (wheat seeds) in my hand. [These depict the Word of God which we carry in our publications, to be planted in others’ lives.]

I went into a housing estate. [The Churches of God.] Everything seemed to be very neat and orderly. It was a quiet and respectable neighbourhood [there are many demons of respectability, by the way].

The houses were built in the mid-20th century, rather old- fashioned now, but one of them had some bizarre alterations done to the roof. They had altered the roof to open it up in an outlandish modern style, with big wooden beams projecting at ostentatious oblique angles and glass in between. [One of the off-shoot organizations which has tried to be more open and modern than most in the CoG movement. But God is not impressed with it.] It was designed to let more light in.

I entered this house from above, on the upstairs floor, and called out “Hello, is anybody there?” A lady appeared, really disturbed that I was inside. She was really agitated and worried. But I wasn’t there to do her any harm, although it was clear she feared I was. She would have wondered how I got in and why. I merely said something about the grain in the cup in my hand.

I went downstairs to leave and on the way out saw two other workmen who were not doing much, but were there in her house.

Meaning: The dream was about our contact with Norman Edwards' organisation which published a paper called Servant's News. He rejected our input, so I left as the dream portrayed. The next dream also portrayed him.

More About Norman Edwards
18th Dec 2002. M. I saw a young girl, aged about 7 or 8. Her left leg was half the thickness of a normal leg. It was like a stick in comparison to her other leg. How it had got like this astonished me. I was shown that it was due to another person’s self-will. This other person was in a position of power or control. He was in ministry.

There had been a situation where this girl was so close to what he was doing, that she was entwined with his project.

I was not shown what his project was except that it was represented by some timbers in what appeared to be mud and water. But, rather than cut the timbers of his project back, he cut her leg down the middle from top to toe, so it was now half its normal width. (I didn’t see any blood or bone; it was just like a normal leg except for its thinness.) He had done this to salvage his project. That was more important to him than her or her leg.

Naturally, she was sad about the condition of her leg and had to live with this deformity for the rest of her life.

[Meaning: About Norman Edwards (who compiles a journal with the initials S N in the USA) to whom I wrote yesterday.]

In the next part of this dream, three young women were in touch with me and wanted to help me in my work. They were on the look-out for information that they thought I would need to know about. They came to me with a paper in which they had found something significant and showed this to me. As it happened, I had seen this news the day before and told them. But I thanked them for their help and told them to keep me informed of anything else that they might come across that they thought might be useful to me.

[Meaning: Possibly infers that our present situation, almost without anyone who is likeminded, will change. Also shows that others think they can inform us, or have something to teach us, but really God has already given us what we need to know to do the job.]

In the third part, I had just finished mowing the lawn. It looked very nice. Then I realised that it was December. It was most unusual to be doing such a thing in that month!

Meaning: Probably means some amazing and unexpected things are ahead. But God is a God of miracles and He is behind us, so we can expect the unexpected!

How You Use Money Indicates Where Your Heart Is
19th Dec 2002. M. Several dreams.
1) I dreamed that I met up with John Ferrier, a New Zealander that I knew in College over 30 years ago. It was at what seemed to be some sort of function like a Feast gathering.
I also met another man whom I knew from the past. He was working in a Far Eastern country in the financial markets, selling bonds. I thought to myself, “Oh, goodie. We could do with some money!” I hoped that he would realise our desperate plight for funds to do this work, and give us a donation, but there was no indication in the dream that he did.
Meaning: Most people are insensitive to our needs in operating this ministry. When we are ‘famous’, they may seek contact with us and be glad to renew friendship again, but when it comes to practical usefulness and thoughtful generosity there is precious little of that!
Money is a great indicator of where your heart is, and your state of spiritual awareness.

Helena's Aspirations
We were having lunch somewhere. It was by the sea. I sat on a rock, but Helena saw a small conical pile of sand and went over to it. She was content to sit on that. It reminded me of how a chicken is content to sit on her nest.
Meaning: Helena’s aspirations for herself are not grandiose. She is happy with the little things in life. She was reared on a farm in Poland and is humble and content to stay ‘simple’.

This psalm depicts her and others like her:

My heart is not proud, O Lord. My eyes are not haughty. I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have stilled my soul; like a weaned child is my soul within me (Ps 131:1-2, NIV).

My Average Salary
3) I was at the Builders’ Merchants. They were going to employ me. I was asked what would be a sensible salary. I hadn’t got a clue, so I said first “£50K would be too much, wouldn’t it?” The reply was “Yes”.
So I said, “Well, what about £20K?” Then I realised that that was too low. So, I said thirdly, “How about £25K?”
Meaning: As of editing this in 2005, £25K is considered an average salary in this land.

MM's Outreach In Ireland
20th Dec 2002. M. The House In Ireland
We had built a new house in Ireland. It seemed to be on the grounds of another smaller older property (perhaps a bungalow, although I didn’t see it in the dream, I just had the impression that it was there). The house was fairly large (probably four bedrooms) and near the sea. There was a grass lawn and a high wall of stone, or part brick and stone, about 7 feet high between the house and the beach (which I think was stony but I didn’t see it).
Meaning: Depicts an outreach ministry in Ireland. The imagery is depictive of the area where it will be based.

God Reveals Secrets To His Prophets
21st Dec 2002. M. About Ainsley Harriett. (Details omitted.) A symbol of the decadence in our nation that is hardly recognised for what it is. It is laughed off. Ainsley is a celebrity.
Meaning: People would be shocked at some of the things God points out to us about others. He reveals an awful lot of things to us in dreams. It's a bit like it was said of Elisha, that God told him the very words the king spoke in his most private of places (2 Kings 6:12).

Altering The New Place
23rd Dec 2002. M. The new place. Considering alterations, wondering whether to make two bedrooms from rooms that were not bedrooms at present. We didn’t want to offer more, because it was in India. There were quite a number of things that were not right that needed changing or improving.

After Two Warnings, God Then Judges Those Who Resist
24th Dec 2002. M. Unpaid rent
A young woman had not paid her rent on two previous occasions. This was the third week she was missing. I gave her a warning that it was her last chance to pay, or she would be OUT!
Meaning: Yesterday I had written a note to someone in Europe about Christmas, sending our literature on the subject. She has consistently resisted accepting truth that we have presented. She has ignored it, preferring to go along with the world’s customs, rooted in unbiblical Catholic dogma.

In Titus, Paul said:

Warn a divisive person once, and then warn him a second time. After that, have nothing to do with him. You may be sure that such a man is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned (Titus 3:10-11, NIV).

Reinhard Bonnke
26th December 2002. M. Two dreams
1) People's Esteem For Reinhard Bonnke
Reinhard Bonnke has such a following that many will simply not accept that he has anything more to learn.

In this dream I was finding it impossible to convince certain people that RB is missing certain things in the spiritual. But he is; he is not receiving in the spirit all that he should; he is not hearing from God about everything that he ought to be doing.

It was a real struggle to try to make them see that he was not open to receiving certain truths from God.

Meaning: People, being like sheep, tend to follow leaders such as Reinhard Bonnke, without thinking that the mentors they place such trust in could have anything much more to learn. Yet, God showed me in other dreams about Reinhard, that although he is a wonderful man of God, he is not willing to accept (at the time of writing) that there is anything wrong with church hierarchy. However, hierarchy in the Church is the biggest single abomination and factor limiting the spiritual growth and development of God's people!

There are also other spiritual issues Reinhard has yet to face such as accepting worship on God's Sabbaths and festivals and getting rid of Sunday worship, Christmas and Easter.

More work has yet to be done, and Reinhard has yet to move ahead in all these areas, but try convincing the sheep whom he has reached in his ministry that he is in need of so much correction, and they would show you the door!

Don't Take Things For Granted! They Won't Always Be Here!
2) The lectern disappears
A ‘conference’ was arranged. At this venue, there was a stage or platform [opportunity to preach the gospel] inside a large building [represents the Church], and spiritual educating was taking place.

They didn’t have a lectern [preachers stand behind a lectern when they preach; it's something upon which they can place their notes and books], so I offered to obtain one for them and went to hire it for a week. They then used my hired lectern. [The truth we bring will only be offered for a limited time, before the Tribulation prevents it being preached.]

One day about a week later, a lady was going to address the audience, but the lectern was no longer there. I wondered where it was. She squatted on the edge of a seat, with her notes and Bible on the rest of the seat. This was far from ideal and I said to her, “Do you want me to get that lectern?” She did, so I went off to look for it behind stage.

There I met Boris Johnson [he is a Member of the British Parliament, and a colourful worldly character], and when I told him what I was looking for [this probably alludes to the contact we will have in due course with people in prominent positions in society, when 'our' message goes public], he reminded me that it was only on hire for a week.

I had forgotten that it was on hire [the truth God has given to us and to you is given for a certain period of time; we are only put on earth for a temporary sojourn]. I had taken it for granted, like you tend to do when something is always there.

But I really felt for this lady; it was far from ideal squatting on the edge of a seat to deliver her message [there are always pressing needs in the Church, and while we would love to do so much more, we are simply unable to provide all that people would like]. So, I determined to get the lectern and pay for another week’s hire with a credit card [how we have struggled along financially, always playing 'catch up', because of insufficient income]. But, the lectern was now no longer around. Although I looked for it, I couldn’t find it. [This symbolises the fact that the open preaching of the gospel will come to an end, and the prophesied Great Tribulation, that Jesus predicted in Matthew 24:8-22, will descend upon the world unexpectedly.]

The New Place
28th December 2002. M. The new place
Tonya and I were looking at a house that we were considering buying. It was up for £85,500, and we were thinking of offering £85,000 for it.
Cautiously and politely, I asked the owners if we could come and have another look at the property before making our final decision. It was not the first time we had been to look and they may have been wondering how long it would take us to make up our minds.
We looked at various aspects and considered at first using a large room as a hairdressing room. Then, we realised that we could use a smaller room for that, and it made much better use of the property to do that.

We All Need Perseverance
30th December 2002. M. Various dreams, one of which was about a woman carefully making a pink dress for herself.
It took her ages, but she persevered until she had painstakingly completed it.
Meaning: Tonya’s perseverance?

Billions of Pounds Given
31st December 2002. M. £ Billions are donated!
A huge sum of money – billions! – was being donated.
I didn’t know where it was coming from, but it was so huge that the Queen (if she had not already been one) became a millionaire through it, and we benefited to some extent, too.
Meaning: This dream is possibly to do with a repeat of what occurred in Acts 4:32.
At that time, people’s lives were so shaken and transformed by the life and death of Jesus, by His teachings, and the miracles done by the apostles, that they sold their possessions.
Similar tumultuous happenings are ahead and many people will come to see how futile the accumulating of wealth is and will give away what they own to charity. The dream indicates that MANY will part with their worldly wealth!


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