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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

Inexpensive Provision
4th January 2001. M. 2 Dreams
1) I was offered the car of a former worldly neighbour. I could buy it if I wanted to. So I tried it out. I fixed our trailer to it, to see how well it would respond and how easy it was to back up with the trailer on. It may have looked good on the outside, but it was hard to handle, its steering was stiff and the gear change was atrocious. I didn’t like it at all! It may have cost £15,000 but it wasn’t as good as the car we drive at the moment, which cost only £350.
Meaning: We don’t need to be like those in the world who think that they need to spend huge sums on, for example, fancy cars. God can provide things that are just as good, if not better, but using up less resources.
Our ‘car’ – our means of ‘going’, or getting the job done – has to be practical. It’s not for looks, it’s for service.

A Dream Of 'Our' Outreach In Africa
2) In the next dream I saw the gardens of what I understood to be the next situation / circumstance. These gardens were small, very small. They weren’t what I would like at all, but they were what most people had to put up with. They were so restrictive, just little boxes! By contrast, God had given us a lovely garden with so much scope and with more to explore and develop. It was large and long but it was not all in one whole. There were different areas, fenced off into little compartments. [Depicts ‘our garden’ in Africa.] At the end there were overgrown areas, rough areas, where the grass had grown up through the wire fences. It looked a bit untidy, but there was freedom with it, which was wonderful. Helena had grown her runner beans in one fenced off area, but a strong wind had blown them over. Although they were lying on the ground, they were OK. She was still able to gather the crop and benefit from her labours.
Meaning: The gardens represent people’s spiritual freedoms as a result of what God has offered them through His truth. Deception is restrictive; it keeps you bound in mediocrity and in limited experience and knowledge. By contrast, the revelation of God provides much more scope and freedom to experience the good things of God. This is what our ministry is here to promote – and we do so through our publications.
There, people can learn about how to hear from God, how to listen to Him, how to serve and obey Him more fully, and how to let Him guide you in life. Such knowledge, when practiced, opens up a vista of spiritual experience that is truly invigorating and very desirable.

Why People Face Trials
Early Jan 2001. H. A dream about changing
Some people change for the better through trials, others fail. They need to face bigger trials in the future to make it into the Kingdom.

About The Outreach In Africa
6th Jan 2001. H. Two visions
Each vision was of a young boy of dark skin with a very bright background.
This is to do with
Africa – two church leaders who need to develop or grow spiritually.

7th Jan 2001. M. The Sloping Roof
In this dream, I was asked, along with some others, to help in a building project. While I had the option of saying “no” to the request, it was as if one just didn’t exercise one’s option. [The commission God gives us is not debatable. While we could turn it down; you just don’t do that, do you?]

I asked how much people were being paid for this work. The answer was £20. I asked: “£20 a day or an hour?” There was no reply. [20 is a number which denotes expectancy. It depicts the early stages of this work we are in for God. We expect much more to be achieved.]

This task was to construct a roof on a difficult sloping site. It was to be built on a hillside, which was sloping steeply – at about 45 degrees! There were no walls to this building, yet. In this job, unusually, the roof was to be constructed first, the walls afterwards. A framework of scaffolding had already been erected, on which the roof decking was to be laid out. And it seemed that it was divided into four sections, parallel to one another, running from the highest point to the lowest. [Four symbolises the whole earth, in all its continents and regions. ]

Then I saw that in the first of these sections, someone had begun to lay the decking on the roof. It was some sort of timber sheeting. It was only a small bit, a minimal part of the whole. Much more work yet remained to be done. It wasn’t square, which I thought was unusual; it was rhomboid (a sort of lop-sided rectangle). While I thought it was a bit strange, there wasn’t much I could do about it, so my attention turned to the next section of roof.

Here I saw another board, smaller than but similar to the first one, a strange shape, but even stranger! It had a jagged lower edge. The top edge was straight, as all edges should be, but the lower edge (lower represents later in time) was jagged. It was not cut properly, if at all. It had been laid on the roof, and I was aghast that someone would lay such an inadequate bit of board. It was most unworkmanlike!

Then, alongside this picture, I saw in vision something that was grotesque. It was sexual, and perverse. Someone was fulfilling his sexual desire, using a woman for his own sexual gratification. [Using the church membership.] The dream then moved on. There were other people involved in this work, but God was not focusing my attention on their work for Him, so I didn’t see the rest of the construction. That was it.

Meaning: Two of our African outreaches which need adjustments to bring them into proper spiritual shape. Also, in a dream that Reuben Oviomor was given in 1992 (on p 49) God showed that some whom He has called are working against Him. He has appointed various people to do various things for Him in spreading His truth. He appoints some to be providers, so that those with other callings can go forth. One provider was shown in this dream and he was strenuously tightening up a nut on a huge wheel, to prevent the truth of the Sabbath going out to the ones to whom God wanted to send it. His actions directly opposed the will of God, and consequently he (as the dream showed) will be held accountable for his failure to provide, which resulted in many people dying in ignorance, never knowing about this truth of God.

God wants us to realise the very serious consequences of our actions in our personal lives. The ramifications of ‘simple’ things we do, can affect others indirectly. The way we live either brings God glory or it defames Him. And the effects of letting demons govern our behaviour through uncontrolled desires damages the covering which God is having us erect as a protective ‘roof’ over His spiritual House here on earth.

God is warning that the conduct and approach of those whom He has called is seriously damaging His work. The sexual aspect of the dream does not represent literal sexual sin in the physical, but God showed me later that it is an allegory. When anyone looks to other men for spiritual union, instead of to God, spiritually he commits adultery/ ‘sexual’ sin.

Self-Willed People Are Secretive
8th Jan 2001. H. We lived in a large house. Some things needed to be sorted out [spiritual meaning]. We had a large field which had to be limed (white). Liming was bringing balance to the soil. We had two young girls staying with us. They had nowhere to go. We had to care for them. They had unusual habits, one of them was storing away secretly in a cupboard.
Meaning: Depicts how some people who are secretive need to be more open. People are secretive because they are trying to hide something they don't want to change. This is rooted in self-will.

Breakdown In Society Coming Soon
10th Jan 2001. M. Fuel Shortages?
In this dream, I had gone to our local garage to fill up the car with petrol. After I had put in about a gallon, the petrol stopped flowing, so I yanked the hose on the filler gun. Then the hose broke. I noticed that where it had broken, it had rotted away.
Although it was not my fault, the garage manager blamed me for the damage. Obviously, the rotten hosepipe was a fault of their maintenance – or lack of it! Because the garage had blamed me for the mishap, I said they would have to compensate me for their false accusations. The price of this compensation? A free fill-up of fuel each week from here on!
Meaning: Possibly refers to coming shortages in this country which we have warned about. The breakdown in society, and the semblance of normality disappearing. While these problems are the end result of a system where people live for themselves and have thrown out God’s morality, we are blamed for it, because we have warned about it. The same happened to the prophets God sent to Israel in the OT.

Selfishness Swallows People Up
10th Jan 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) Vision of one individual with glasses sitting in an armchair, making himself rather comfortable. He ended up being wrapped up in the chair. Another person with him was smoking a cigar and being rather spoilt by it. The same thing happened to him (he was consumed by the chair).
Meaning: The dream portrays someone close to us who has sought his own way, and another colleague equally selfish.

Many Will Come And Experience God
2) I saw a large number of people running to be with us in the cellar. Someone took the hose and watered the place so they wouldn’t trip up (in a spiritual sense). People were glad to be with us and to experience God with us. I said to someone that everyone has a need for God!
Meaning: Depicts the outpouring of the Spirit to come and the cellar’s use in the revival.

Consumed By Greed
11th Jan 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) I saw someone trying to break in through the window. I saw their face turn aggressive and demonic. He was prevented from breaking in and entering.
Meaning: An attack on the ministry by an outsider who is being used by Satan, but he will not prevail! This occurred in Africa where someone got swallowed up by greed.

Preparing For Our Journey
2) We were in a vehicle getting ready for a journey. I was busy getting everybody comfortable with cushions.

God Holds People To Account
16th Jan 2001. M. The Prankster’s Parking Ticket
I dreamed that we were all going somewhere together in our car. Scott was also somewhere around, but it seemed that he was separate. I thought I would play a prank on Scott and put a parking ticket on his car. So, I got a piece of paper and wrote out a parking ticket. I thought it would only take a short while, but as it developed, it got quite involved. On the back of the ticket I wrote a long indictment. The ticket was headed Wandsworth Borough Council. Ironically, after the dream that morning a letter came in the post from Wandsworth Borough Council about an alleged parking offence [God chooses metaphors of the moment to portray something greater].
Meaning: In this dream I was put in the place of God, who held someone to account for his offence. If you want to go your own way, God catches up with you like He did with Jonah. You can't run from God's assignment in your life. One sin leads to another, just as this dream portrayed, your life can become a long story that God has to indict you for, to bring you back to Him. Payback time comes to encourage / induce repentance.

Publicity When Dead People Arise
18th Jan 2001. M. Ron McKenzie and The High Hedge
I was doing some mowing on a hedge (yes, a hedge, you did read that correctly) on a country road. There were white bindweed flowers on the top of this hedge, so it definitely needed trimming! As I was standing up there, 6 to 8 feet above ground, Ron and Hilary McKenzie came walking along the road. They were on their way to a wedding or some function.

As I looked down on Ron (Marc’s father), I joked “I can see someone’s bald patch!” Ron didn’t have a bald patch. I was only joking to instigate a response. He and Hilary looked up, astonished that I would be there. I said “Hello”.... I invited them to come round and see us some time. Ron said, “Yes, we’ll have to do that some time.”

I replied, “Good. OK. See you later.”

At that point, a teenage boy jumped up alongside me on top of the hedge. His name was not Marc, it was Paul (means ‘little’). He was playful and mischievous as most teenagers are. I responded in like manner. Since I had been so used to doing a manual job which involved using mechanical equipment, and I have spent a lot of time alone, writing, I was not used to responding to people, I pressed his nose as I said, “Right, switch on...” (I was looking for the switch on his face.)

Meaning: High up symbolises a prominent position, being noticed. Mowing depicts the chores of the mundane work I continually have to do. The bindweed is a metaphor for neglect – it thrives where herbage is not mowed or grazed. This is the state of the Church in so many quarters – neglected. The meeting with Ron and Hilary depicts something that is going to happen shortly. And their son, who died in tragic circumstances many years ago, is going to be brought back to physical life.

The revealing to the world of this boy, and others, restored to life again, will spark national controversy. There will be 50 people resurrected, possibly more, among them Diana former Princess of Wales, and Barbara Jackson (not necessarily in that order, because God has not told us how He’s going to do this).

Imagine people coming to life and testifying of their experiences through death and in the spirit realm (whatever amount God allows them to recall). It will be sensational! No wonder the press will hound us for coverage!

We are not far away now. That dramatic door has opened. Things are already happening preparing the way for the big events that will shake this nation. God’s objective will be threefold:
1. To tell of His love, and of His plan through Jesus Christ.
2. To create a platform so the truths which the Church does not want to accept may be proclaimed, and
3. To warn this people of their imminent national takeover at the hands of the European Union because of unrepented sin.

Twisted Christians Fail To Perceive
20th Jan 2001. H. I saw a vision of a person’s face twisted up and deformed. This shows the demonic strongholds in that person’s life. Christians often fail to perceive the depth of demonic influence in their lives!

We Will Be Falsely Accused
22nd Jan 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) I was talking on the phone with a newspaper reporter. He was accusing us of treating our children unfairly and unjustly. I had to argue my case.
Meaning: The media will want to find fault with us.

God's Truth Is Rejected At First
2) Someone was carrying milk in containers. As time went by the milk went sour. It looked like it was all spoilt. I said not to throw it away, because all the churning had produced butter and we could still retrieve the butter from it.
Meaning: This is an allegory of what happens when you first present God's truth to people. They reject it. It takes people (the Church!) a long time to come round to accepting His pure truths, and that only occurs after a great shaking.

Taming The Badger
22nd Jan 2001. M. The Badger
I dreamed that I was befriending some badgers. Badgers are very cautious, secretive animals. As a boy, I used to go badger watching some evenings. They are very difficult animals to see, because they are so cautious. But in this dream, I was getting very close to them, and, with patient encouragement, I was getting even closer to two young ones.

Then, holding out my hand and speaking to them softly and kindly, I managed to touch one of them. It let me scratch it under its chin. It liked that! It was lying on its back, ‘lapping up’ this treatment. I was even able to get hold of it (with a bit of a struggle) to take it into my arms like a baby. But once there, it accepted the position and enjoyed it.

The dream depicted me high off the ground on some sort of platform, behind a curtain. My mother came up to take a look behind the curtain to see what I was doing. She was curious. When she saw the badger as tame as could be in my arms, she was absolutely astonished. She didn’t know what to think or what to do with herself.

Meaning: The badgers represent some believers who have not wanted to be close to us. But eventually, God will cause them to accept their position which is in our arms, because we represent God. It is a figure for being in God's arms, as they accept our prophetic position.

Going To Scotland
24th Jan 2001. M. Malcolm Campbell
I was driving uphill along a two-lane carriageway on our way to Scotland. There was a car in front of me in the fast lane and one in the slow lane just behind, but it was keeping pace with me. As the incline was steep, I was losing a bit of speed, and thought to pull in to the slow lane, but the car in that lane was fairly close behind and I didn’t want to cause him any problems by pulling in, so I had a chat with the driver about it (you can do that sort of thing in dreams, can’t you?).

He was a young man in his twenties or early thirties. He got out of his car and came alongside in the fast lane (this was as the cars were travelling along at high speed!). We had a really good chat and I took a real liking to this guy.

When we got to our destination, I found out that he was going to the same place I was. It was near the sea, and there were sand dunes, but I noticed that there was water on the ground in one place so they had been troubled with the floods too.

We went to a small hut where all the new arrivals checked in (it was as if it was the Feast, or some similar occasion) and I asked this young man his name. “Malcolm Campbell” he replied.

I stuck out my hand and said “Malcolm Heap.” It was good to meet.

Church People Having Silly Picnics
23rd Jan 2001. H. This dream was about a lot of people, all sitting around in their little groups, having their own picnics, without being aware of each other. We were at the side trying to get on with our business. We were ignored. They were all doing 'their own thing'.

Meaning: This depicts the attitude of most Christians to the truths God wants them to accept and move on with, and it depicts their attitude and approach towards us. They are involved in their little church programmes, doing what they want which is not God's main agenda for this time. These are days of Elijah – the restoration before the End (Mal 4:4-6).

They take little notice of what God is doing with us, and what we have written at His command, so they fail to grasp the spiritual depth of many issues. Taking input seriously from the prophets of God is one of those neglected issues. So, instead of having a more substantial feast, they are content to just picnic.

What this signifies is that people are all engrossed in what THEY are doing, concerned about their little area of activity.

It is the product of a selfish spirit. It is idolatrous and blinds people to the bigger picture. They don't see what God means to do through our literature. They may see the publications, but the value of what is inside them is lost on them. They fail to see how God wants to give this purer truth to the Church worldwide and how it is meant to totally reform it around the world, preparing the Bride of Christ, ironing out all the wrinkles of false teaching. This selfishness causes blindness which keeps them out of the revival which God means for many more to share in.

The Church Is Too Regimented
25th Jan 2001. M. Regimentation and Control in the Church
I was shown many people all standing in tightly regimented rows and blocks. They were so regimented that not one was out of line. There was a woman over them who controlled them.

This woman was a lady we knew in our former church association. She was a 'good' woman (or so people thought!). She was always 'serving'. She made the tea after services. She was a Martha in that church. She was kind and friendly. She was a nice person to know. She was submissive to her husband, to the church, to the church’s ministry, etc. She really seemed to be a paragon of virtue in the church.

What we could not see at that time was her heart. All her behaviour stemmed from a desire to look good in the eyes of others. She operated from the basis of fear of man, not fear of God.

When we were cast out of that church and falsely accused, she knew it was unjust treatment. She went to the pastor who had done the dirty deed, and asked him why he had done it. He said little to really enlighten her. But he encouraged her to fall in line with his wishes. She did. She did nothing effectively to follow her conscience which was bothering her about our mistreatment. In that act of cowardice, she resisted the Spirit and complied with the devil.

Some years later, we tried to contact her. We went to her home, and we got a hostile reception. She had allowed the devil to push the door of her mind open through the false minister who disfellowshipped us, and she had accepted obeisance to him instead of obeisance to God. She lost truth. She lost the Holy Spirit. She lost her salvation. God showed me in a dream that she was not saved and cannot be rescued because she chose to deny God by exalting the church and its human leadership.

Why did God show me her in this dream on 25th January? Because she represents the religious spirit in people who 'play church'. She was religious. She was 'good'. She did 'good' things. She acted out the part. She was the 'God-fearing' lady. (Appearances can be very deceptive!) But she was subservient to satanic control in the church, and she furthered Satan's aims through hierarchic dominance, and through control. There is a parallel in many churches today.

Where there is hierarchic dominance over others, where there is a situation of "we are the ministry; you are the members", or the "us-and-them" mentality, of ecclesiastics and laity, you have the devil's system masquerading as God's.

In this dream, this lady was shown taking my keys; my car key and my house key. Thus, she was effectively taking away my freedom to go where God wanted me to go, and to live how He had decreed. By doing this, she took God's place in my life (this was in the dream, not in actuality). Every minister must be careful he is not doing that inadvertently with those to whom he ministers or he ends up being their 'pope'.

Church leaders can easily get elevated. Money and power over others can puff up, giving influence to the one who has them. Those wrong impulses damage God's work.

And when ‘men of the cloth’ find themselves in this position of power, they can easily abuse it through regimentation or control. Spiritual control in the Church is satanic. The spirit behind it is the spirit of witchcraft!

Spirit-Led Worship
While we are talking about this subject, a word about countering control in worship meetings. Three things will encourage the Spirit of God to guide and prevent human control dominating:

Sincerity is essential as Jesus said in John 4:23 – “...worship in [spirit and in] truth...”

Simplicity can go out the window when meetings become too organised, too erudite, or religious. Simplicity can mean being without affectation (not false), without put-on airs and graces, without sanctimoniousness, arrogance or pride.

Spontaneity is most important. The larger the meetings, the greater the problem. Meetings can end up so pre-programmed, so organised, that everyone is doing their bit and the Holy Spirit agenda is overlooked. Most churches are guilty of denying the moving of the Spirit because of this.

It is often the spontaneous prophetic word, the spontaneous tongues interpretation, the spontaneous praise and worship song, or the spontaneous message that carries the anointing of God. But church leaders often do not allow this spontaneity because it disrupts their plans or their tradition.

Church customs and church traditions are chief culprits in denying the working of the Spirit in meetings. Church organisation and regimentation often works against what God wants to do. So, God is saying, “Beware human control by church leadership.” Beware having exactly the same format or service as previously. Let the congregation take part as much as anyone who is moved to preach. Avoid leadership domination. Avoid always having an assigned preacher, or an assigned topic to preach on. Allow the Spirit to show what to preach about (this can occur during the meeting, or a few days before the meeting if God knows the person must do some research before presenting his message). Expect the unexpected. God loves to work unexpectedly. It gives Him the greater glory.

The Rich Uncle Finally Arrives
26th Jan 2001. H. A rich uncle finally arrived after a long journey. Everyone was pleased to see him, especially a little girl who was waiting for him. He was delayed on his journey.
Meaning: Help in finance is on the way to provide for this work of God! But first, God allows delays to test people.

The Vileness Of Self
26th Jan 2001. M. Dream of Travelling People and Their Approach
Some travellers (vagrants who live in caravans) came here. I had agreed to help them by buying some soft sand (used in building for laying bricks, building walls), and they came to collect it. One guy turned up in his pick-up truck. Another pulled in to our front drive with a front-end loader. He didn’t care where he parked. All he cared about was himself and what he had come to get from us. He didn’t care about the inconvenience he caused to us by just parking his big machine wherever he wanted.

Then the other guy wanted to know exactly how much the sand had cost me. I couldn’t remember. It was just under £40, but I didn’t know the exact price. He asked to see the sale ticket so I had to go and look for it. When I found it, I showed it to him but the figures were illegible, so we still didn’t know the exact amount. This concerned the fella, who didn’t want to pay any more than he had to for the sand. (Illustrating his selfishness!)

In the next scene, there was a lay-by outside our home where people dumped rubbish they didn’t want. They didn’t care about leaving an eyesore for others to see. They only cared about themselves and their convenience. Someone had left a black pick-up truck (probably a Nissan or Toyota) with an old wheelbarrow or piece of equipment on the back. The next time I looked the vehicle had been moved. It was in a different position, but the load of discarded equipment was on the ground, just left where it was convenient for him. No consideration was paid to anyone else.

Meaning: Illustrates the selfish nature of various people, who use us and our ministry to get what they want. Their attitude selfish because they consider themselves more important than anything else.

They are not concerned about our ministry for God, nor about the truths we are here to promote. They don’t really care about those because their conversion is skin deep. Their concerns and considerations revolve around themselves, and only themselves. They are more despicable to God than the unscrupulous travellers who will dump their rubbish in lay-bys and leave it for others in society to clean up after them!

MM Expanding
31st January 2001 H. Expanding
I saw two men. One of them had a pickup truck; he was able to lift and lower the pickup in a magical way [symbol of his ingenuity in designing the property]. The other man was friendly. I was able to take a cake to them.
Explanation: God is providing new premises for our ministry headquarters. We went to see this place and met the second man who was friendly.

2nd February 2001 H. Trials
I saw something being divided or cut into small pieces. It felt like it was part of us being subdivided.
Meaning: God is showing that from now on we are going to grow and be blessed. We have had to face many difficulties and our faith has been tested to the limit. God is going to act on our behalf – multiplication being the end result.

MM's Meat
3rd February 2001 H. Meat to eat
I tried to carve up a huge piece of meat to share with others. Many things were in the way that had to be cleared away.
Meaning: Sharing spiritual food with others – not milk, but meat!

Are You Destroying The Snake?
4th February 2001 H. Snake
I saw a plastic snake in a bath tub as if a garden ornament.
Meaning: God showed me that the purpose of human life is to destroy the snake (Satan in allegory) until he is like a dead garden ornament.

Miraculous Provision Is Coming
10th February 2001 H. 2 Dreams
1) Heavenly back-up! I saw a magnificent flying ‘ship’, long in shape and cream in colour, which had no wings. It landed next to our property.
Meaning: I felt that the flying ship arrived from heaven to give us support with the job we have to do. God is giving us miraculous back-up from heaven!

2) Monetary Support for God’s Work. Malcolm’s dad (who passed away in 1989) gave £1.53 to the woman by the well.
Meaning: (153 = 9 x 17). There was a miracle of 153 fish in John 21:11, when Jesus reminded Peter to preach the gospel to catch His ‘fish’. This dream signifies supernatural deliverance in order for us to do our part in God’s Work today. It will be a special delivery from heaven. The woman by the well was the first recipient of Jesus’ new teaching about worshipping miraculously in spirit (part of our message).
The amount of money from my dad depicts the finance that will come from others after he is brought back from the grave.

Selfish People Likened To Pigs
13th February 2001 H. 2 Dreams
1) 3 Animals. I saw three animals in a corner, cuddling up to each other. They had mouths like pigs and were sucking up food. Two were smaller but one was large. I tried to move them but they hid in the corner again. 
Meaning: The animals represent people whom we know who are self-centred, and who care only for themselves.
2) Neglected Items. I saw some items scattered around in a muddy puddle. I started to pick them up: a purse, a bag, and some money in a plastic bag. These were dumped through neglect.
Meaning: Some people misuse money and possessions for power and prestige and not for others’ benefit. Selfishness leads to neglect and waste.

Reform Needed In The Church
14th February 2001 H. Field of produce needing work done
I went into a field to inspect it, a large field, to see what was growing there. There were some herbs, vegetables and other plants growing. It looked like the field needed attention and work done to it.
Meaning: Adjustments need to be made in the Church’s outreach to bring God’s plans into action.

Cleansing Is Coming
15th February 2001 H. New place with courtyard
We were in a new place with a big courtyard, where there were many washing lines stretched across the courtyard, on which were clean clothes hanging.
Meaning: Washed and clean clothes represent spiritual robes of righteousness which are based on true teachings and doctrines. The clothes are waiting there for the Church (the bride of Christ) to accept them. The new place with the courtyard is the new property which will shortly come for MM’s headquarters.

Ahead Of Us
16th February 2001 H. Meeting people
In this dream I was meeting people and discussing things with them. The police were in the background, and I walked with a tool in front of me. Someone invited me into their home that was nice and spacious, and I was able to use their bathroom.
Meaning: This dream indicated publicity and meeting new people, particularly the ‘rich and famous’. The police symbolise opposition. The tool represents the miraculous from God which prepares the way.

So Much Abuse And Evil In Society
23rd February 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) Abuse. I saw someone abusing a younger person. I tried to intervene to stop it.
Meaning: There is a lot of evil in society we have to speak against and try to counter.
2) Challenging road. I saw a challenging road ahead, and while I travelled I found nice things along the way.
Meaning: An allegory of our spiritual journey.

Our Lack Of Proper Support
5th March 2001 H. Flat in need of renovation
Malcolm and I were staying in a flat on the second floor. We opened the French doors to look outside and there were railings. We held onto them but they were loose. Malcolm fell down as the railing broke away. As I saw him falling I cried, “Jesus!”
As he fell he was protected and he was able to walk away without hurt. I looked at our apartment and realised that the ceiling needed redecorating and refreshing. There were also several beds that needed cleaning.
Meaning: The broken railings depict our desperate financial situation. We have to rely upon God to deliver us. Our ministry needs to be refreshed and renewed for the next stage of miracles and revival. The beds represent the sleepy state of some individuals who are involved with us but who need reviving.

Travelling Along The Road
10th March 2001 H. Travelling along road
I was in a large room with many people and children, and I was trying to relate to them. As we were travelling in a small car I saw someone we know standing by and so we called him in. I gave him a kiss and he got in the car, although it was cramped. Along the road I saw some healthy spinach that I was able to pick for our dinner later that day.
Meaning: A person known to us will join us in the ministry. As we go along, God will provide our needs and nourishment.

Our Impossible Circumstances
11th March 2001 H. Underwater vegetable plot
I had a vegetable plot under water. Most of what I was growing were strawberries, and it was expected of me to grow them underwater.
Meaning: This signifies our financial position where we are trying to do things that are impossible considering the circumstances. (Strawberries hate lots of water!)

Irresponsible Person
15th March 2001 H. 2 Dreams
1) Car crashed by young and inexperienced person. One of my relative’s children was allowed to drive one of our cars. They crashed it because the driver was young and inexperienced.
This pictures a person who can’t handle responsibility and who will crash spiritually.

2) Flooding in open spaces
I was walking across open spaces and the whole area was flooded.
A spiritual allegory of the future when God will pour out His power and miraculous events occur.

Spicy Food Going To Be Served
18th March 2001 H. 3 Dreams
1) Cooking food with flavour. I was busy cooking food in a house. There was a lot of boring food which I needed to spice up and add flavour to.
Meaning: This is to do with the next stage of our ministry where we need to give better quality food, through literature, to people who have been fed boring food from churches. It will take lots of money and effort to get the job done.

Opposition Against Us
2) Opposition. There were people gathering together to oppose the work we were doing. I had to stand up to them letting them know there were more on our side!
Meaning: Spiritual allegory of opposition to our ministry.

Government Treats People Wrongly
3) Group of children. I saw a group of children penned in, in a controlled manner. They looked like orphans, but they were like little people. Then some officials came in and ordered them to move on. I felt compassion for these little people who were controlled by the state officials.
Meaning: The way the government has oppressively handled the foot and mouth crisis in Britain. Officials dictate to the people as if the farmers are inconsequential, lord it over them with little regard to their feelings or the devastating repercussions of ruthless government policy – which for many farmers has totally ended their means of livelihood and shattered their lives. Some have committed suicide.

Our Inadequate Situation
19th March 2001 H. Little support makes job difficult
We were in a small house. I was trying to start an open fire in the lounge, but the chimney had a poor design and smoke hovered in the room before being able to escape. The bedroom floor blended into the wall without having a square corner which made it impossible to put the bed close to the wall.
Meaning: This dream shows how the little support we receive and the lack of back-up is making the job we have to do virtually impossible.

The Spiritual Battle
20th March 2001 H. Spiritual battle
There is a spiritual battle going on. The powers of darkness and heaviness had to be resisted. The devil and demons are working against us. There was heaviness even in the bad weather. Satan is blocking the next move of God! Through the power of Jesus we have to resist evil powers.

Church Is Old And Empty Of Truth
31st March 2001 H. Allegory of the Church
I was staying with some people in a big mansion. There were many rooms which were empty. The people were happy for others to move in. But I was not allowed to see the building on the outside, and the interior was old.
Meaning: The mansion pictures the Church. People are waiting for new things to happen. Some will be glad to receive us, but church leaders don’t want us to see the state of their church. They don’t accept the prophets God sends.

The WCG And CoGs Are Unspiritual
3rd April 2001 H. Spiritually dead church
I was staying with some people I knew from our previous church. There was someone among them who had a nervous breakdown in the past and had demonic influences in his life. He was a worldly character with many personal sins and was involved in drugs. [Allegory of the sinful state of some of these people. CoG people are not being delivered from demons.]
The people wanted to study about the
Roman Empire, which is a very unspiritual subject. I wanted them to have some of our literature but was unable to get it to them.
I had a very old bike for travelling [allegory of MM’s lack of funds] and I had to use the bus to get along part of the way.
Meaning: The Churches of God are unspiritual and preach mere intellectual knowledge. What MM has, needs to reach these dead Christians, but it is very hard to get our literature to them because of the restrictions imposed by their churches.
Moreover, our funding is not adequate for the job that has to be accomplished, and we need back-up and help.

Our Run-In With The Police
7th April 2001 H. 2 Dreams
1) Police car fuse blew. A group of us were parked along the side of a road. We noticed a police car behind us put its lights onto full beam, but then the fuse blew. Their power went and they were stuck. We went to assist the passengers in the police car.
Meaning: God will blow out any opposition against us. Nothing will stand in the way of what God is going to do to reach the ‘passengers’. These represent believers in churches controlled by ecclesiastical officialdom ('police') as well as some Christians in the police force.

High Up
2) Unstable stand. I was standing on something high, as if I was going to make an announcement, but then I got down as it didn't feel secure.
Meaning: The present unstable position of our ministry due to lack of finance and support. God also intimates that we are 'high up' (in contact with Him, receiving input for MM public- ations), and will be 'high up' (noticed, in the public eye) because of the message we have to deliver to the nation and Church.

Are You Using What God Has Given?
10th April 2001 H. Flour and Shoes
I went into a big store to buy some items. Some of them were two pairs of large sized shoes (size 11). [11 depicts inspired writings – our literature which God has had us prepare twice.] The other item was a bag of flour costing £1.88, reduced from £3.
Meaning: Helena is always looking for bargains when shopping. She saves money wherever she can. So God used that as part of the imagery in the dream. The number 188 was vivid in her mind. We noticed that Understanding The Book of Revelation has 188 pages in it [it used to when this dream was given; now it has 196 pages]. This book contains information that is needed by churches. It is part of the end-time witness. It (the flour – information) needs to be made into bread and fed to the people. The shoes are needed to take the gospel to others.
Indirectly, God is saying what His Commission is with us. And by inference, isn't He suggesting to you that you need to take this literature to feed people, and fulfil your part in the Great Commission by so doing?

Former Friends Will Be Worried
12th April 2001 H. Worried Couple
I was in the midst of many people. One couple whom we knew in the past were in the company. When I came into view the man looked very worried. (We witnessed to this couple years ago but they rejected our witness and our friendship.)
Meaning: When those who formerly knew us, but who rejected us, see what God is doing through us, they will be worried. Whoever rejects us rejects the One who sent us – Jesus (Luke 10:16).

You Must Respect God's Sabbaths
30th Jan 2001. M.
In this dream I had gone to buy some electrical supplies; things like bulbs, filaments for floodlamps, etc. As I was standing in the shop, I suddenly realised that it was the Sabbath, and I had taken no notice of that previously. As the shop assistant went off to make out the invoice, I walked out of the shop with the bag of goods, forgetting that I had to pay for it. Only when I got home did I realise – to my horror! – what I had done. I had neglected to pay! The cost was about £40. The dream also conveyed my good intentions. Although I had every intention in the world to pay for these items, and fully intended to do so, they weren’t paid for!

Meaning: This dream was given after I asked last night for guidance about the property we are to have for MM’s HQ. I believe God is re-emphasising that obedience to the Sabbath command is as critical as any other. But most Christians pay little attention to the Sabbath, as the dream indicated. Breaking the Sabbath is akin to stealing. It’s stealing time from God. If we decide to do our regular commercial work on that day we are in sin. We are out of the will of God.

When we violate a law of God, we become spiritually blind – unaware – as I was unaware in the dream that I had stolen some goods. We lose something in the mind (which is our most important ‘commodity’); we lose our spiritual reasoning.

One sin also leads to another, because we open the door for Satan to deceive us. He makes us unaware of what we are laying ourselves open for. The logical outcome of my taking those goods without paying – despite the fact that I had every good intention in the world to pay for them – would have been prosecution! They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Intending to do something is nothing like actually doing it. (The dream was not intended to apply to me, but to someone else who is breaking the Sabbath carelessly, stealing from God for selfish reasons. When you break the Sabbath day, and don’t keep it holy, you are stealing from God.)

WCG Minister Will Only Have Effective Evangelism When He Listens To God
12th Feb 2001. M. Dxxxx Sxxxx (a WCG minister).
God showed that Xxxxx was concerned about evangelism. He was praying often for God to show him what he needed to know or understand about this. Every time he prayed, he was given my name.

He wrote me a note on a tiny piece of paper in the smallest handwriting. It was so small that it was difficult for me to read it. After I read it I realised that all his questions would be answered by our book Dreams and Visions From God.

Meaning: The WCG is going nowhere because it has no proper evangelistic outreach. This must be of great concern to Xxxxx and others like him.

God is speaking to him to take note of what I have written (which is not written for my benefit but for the benefit of the Church), and when he finally does make contact, he will feel very small because of all that God has done for us, and the very evident moving of the Spirit in 'our' work.

His questions are answered in our book Dreams and Visions From God. That book highlights what our function is. When he recognises that, he will be acknowledging the One who is behind us, and he will then be able to hear from Him too.

In other words, he needs to start receiving from God directly as we do, so that he can evangelise effectively.

It Will All Happen Suddenly!
15th Feb 2001. M. Sudden Emergence
This dream depicted us being in our new place – the next phase of our ministry – being in the new ministry premises. At the edge of this property was a busy main road. [This is not actuality; it is symbolic.] We had an automatic gate leading out onto this road. There was also another automatic gate on our property.

The gate onto the main road opened in, because there was no footpath by the road. You had to be very careful when going out, because you were immediately onto the carriageway. You had to edge out inch by inch, being very careful and watchful.

There was no traffic coming from the right [the Sabbatarian sector of the Church], but there was traffic in the distance on the left [the Spirit-led sector], so I ventured out and started to accelerate. I was headed to the right, but I was not able to accelerate fast enough. I saw in my rear view mirror that the front car coming from the left was rapidly catching me, so I stayed in the right lane for a while to allow him to ‘undertake’. Then I pulled back into the left lane.

Meaning: The next phase of our ministry. We will emerge onto the ‘main road’ suddenly. However, our ability to move as fast as we should, as soon as we should, will be curtailed – because of some setbacks.

African Outreach In Need Of Reform
17th Feb 2001. M. 2 Dreams
1) It was as if landscape gardeners had landscaped the front of our home with a large water feature which had a dual purpose. It was also functional as a swimming pool. To one side (where the garage is at present) there was a shrub border containing some large conifers and a Silver Birch tree.

I considered that they were too big for the situation and too close together. They would soon overcrowd one another. I was not consulted. The gardeners had just gone ahead and done this, after giving me a quote over the phone, to which I had agreed. It was a new situation for me to be in, where others got on with the job and did something for me without asking me what I wanted.

Meaning: The dream applies to part of our African outreach. The dual purpose refers to double-mindedness on the part of some people engaged in the outreach. A swimming pool is for pleasure. So, God is hinting at the wrong uses to which money is sometimes put, instead of being used principally for gospel reasons.
The gardeners not consulting with me depicts how they have not listened to the Spirit to find out what should have been done.
What would you think of people who just did what they wanted on your property, at your expense? Would you not think they were arrogant, presumptuous, and impertinent?
That is one reason God gave the dream, so that the people concerned can humble themselves and repent.

The Long White Juggernaut
2) A long white juggernaut pulled up outside our house. We couldn’t see out of the windows because the thing was so big. All we could see was this white container.
Then it backed up (in the direction of Aylesbury) to another property which we owned down the road. He pulled into a long driveway off the main road, down to some storage buildings.
I was standing in the doorway of the store, peeping around the corner (rather timidly, not wanting to be seen), curious to see more of this arrival and of the man who was driving it.
Meaning: It depicts symbolically our future expansion with the literature outreach.

MM's Post Boxes
18th Feb 2001. M. The Post Boxes
I was concerned about whether I had dismissed too readily what someone else had written to me that he thought we needed to do. God then gave me a dream.
In this dream, He showed me three postboxes in a remote country place, and three in a town outside what was a former post office that we were now living in or working from.
Each group of three were very close to each other – more or less side by side. But in one post box (the central one), the mail had not been collected. What we had put in there was still there many months later.
Then, in the second part of the dream, God showed that we had paid some very high prices in postage [symbolic of the cost of our activities], but that we had to pay more to get this held-up post on its way again.

Meaning: The post boxes represent our ministry work, which is mostly done via mail. The two different locations of the boxes represent the two major outreaches of our ministry. The remote or country place is a figure for the WCG and its offshoots, which are far away from God and out of touch with true spiritual living; the town location represents the sector of the Church where there has been more life up to now.

Living in the urban area shows the area of our outreach at the moment. Our work of witnessing to the WCG is past, for the time being. They rejected our input, so we go now where others listen – where there is life!

In both places, our mail did not get collected from the central post box. Someone had failed in their duty to transmit what we had sent. This depicts the present blockage in our activities.

Not only are we not going anywhere, and failing to get on with a central function of our work – producing and distributing our literature to spiritually enrich others – but it is costing us more in the long run to continue. (The last part about paying more to get the post on its way again.) We have credit card debts which are accruing interest. These should have been paid off long ago, but delay after delay in money coming in has put us in this predicament. When you are in a position where others are the ‘providers’ whom God has brought to support you, but who are not spiritually right with God, things go wrong. People will always let you down. God won’t.

God gave the dream to encourage us that He knows about it all, to reassure us that the blockage is outside of our control, that it is the fault of someone else, and that we don’t need to pray in the way the correspondent suggested.

Michael Howard's Bible College
19th Feb 2001. M. A Religious Order arrives
It was as if our home was for sale and a contact had brought round some people who were interested. This contact had told these people about us. They had not gone through a main estate agent. Helena opened the door for them, and they came in and went upstairs to look around.

As I stood beside the stairs, they all filed in. Most were girls or young women, dressed all the same in some uniform as if they were part of a religious order, possibly Catholic. There were three or four young men who followed them, also dressed the same.

I was surprised at the large number. There must have been about 40 of them! I thought, “There’s no way they will all fit in here! The place is too small for them. They need a much bigger place to live in.”

They were all rather shy, reserved and detached, and they ignored me standing there (nothing malicious or deliberately rude, but just because they were shy and lacking confidence). But when I said “Hello” in a welcoming tone, they responded.

Meaning: Perhaps it is also a picture of what most church members are like spiritually – shy, detached, reserved. (I remember that I used to be like that.) They are made that way by the church regime. Most churches repress their members (usually not intentionally).

Besides specifically depicting Michael Howard's Bible College in Sudan (we have had contact with him), the dream may also depict the numbers of people who will descend on us in the near future, merely as a result of recommendations from others such as the agent’s contact.

MM's Progress Predicted
20th Feb 2001. M. 2 Dreams. 1) Sliding downhill
There was a long straight road ahead of me, like Fosse Way, or Icknield Way (Roman roads). I was squatting down, to travel down this road. The first part was all a downhill run. I had beside me a 5 or 10 gallon drum (like a drum of bitumen which I have used when doing roofing). I had my arm around this drum which was heavy and we both slid down this slope together.

There was a fellow on the side, observing this, quizzically wondering about it all. He must have thought what a ‘dinkum’ I was, but I thought this was a pretty good way to move ahead. When we got to the bottom of the hill, of course, that’s when our progress stopped. The road continued on ahead, the next part uphill, and there were many ups and downs ahead after that, too.

Meaning: The dream depicts the progress of our ministry – our slide downhill, financially. Richard watching. And what is ahead. [Note: 2005. It depicted accurately our very precarious downhill financial slide, with fiscal ups and downs since then.]

Upsetting Aggravation
2) Our Caravan is Stolen
I was storing my caravan at a nearby farm. I had left £600 in it, too. One day I went to collect it. I went searching with the owner of the farm, to find it. We looked everywhere, but it wasn’t around. Someone had stolen it. I was really upset.  Not only was I upset about this caravan being stolen, but more so, because it was the second time it had happened!
Meaning: The £600 is a meaningful figure. 6 x 10 x 10 = 600. 6 represents evil perpetrated by people. 10 represents man. The dream portrays how we have suffered as a result of what others have done.
The caravan is a symbol of the temporary housing / facilities for our ministry.

The Church - Old-Fashioned And Divided
23rd Feb 2001. M. The Church Is Divided
It was as if we were in a new home. I looked at the rooms. One had dark oak wall panelling. Another was decorated in a 1930s style. The rooms were all different and reflected different eras and personal tastes.
I wondered what to do about this, when I hit upon the right idea. We wanted to use the place for meetings, so that everyone could get into the same room and share fellowship.
So, I considered knocking down all the internal walls and supporting what was above with steel beams. Then, we could turn four rooms into one big room, where everyone could meet. That would be ideal.

Meaning: A figure of the Church in the whole world (the world is numerically represented by 4) with all its different denominations. Unity will only come when the differing doctrinal walls that separate each group are demolished and people willingly come together to fellowship with brothers and sisters from other groups and denominations.

Unity is created by a complete willingness to change and get in line with pure biblical truth. Partial truth is not enough. The function of MM is to bring that pure truth to believers. The Spirit is behind this move, but it involves confrontation which people don't like. The resistant ones fail to move on in the Spirit and accept new truth, so division remains.

This process of confrontation, acceptance and change is only accomplished through the Spirit.

Preparing For MM Literature
3rd March 2001. M. Dream of preparing for literature
A lady asked me to make her some bookshelves, and I set about to make them for her. We discussed what wood to use, and I was thinking of using ¾ inch board, as I have done previously. However, it was suggested that this was not substantial enough for the loading, and that 1¼ inch thick board would be required. I agreed. So, I set off to find the timber. (We don’t have helpers. I have to do all these things – reminiscent of the earlier dream about our “do-it-yourself” ministry – Helena's dream of 16th July 2000 on page 41.)

I went off on my motorbike to find this wood (I don’t have a motorbike; this was in the dream). On the way, there was another rider on his bike in front of me on the road. He was a real nuisance because he kept meandering in and out in my path. I wanted to get a move on, but he was holding me up. I was exasperated and shouted to him to either speed up and get out of the way or to slow down and let me pass. Every time I tried to pass, he would speed up and prevent me overtaking. [This depicts how this individual wants to be in front; how he aspires to pre-eminence and wants to be in control. It also shows how he is uncooperative, and doesn’t want to really help us in the work we have to do for God.]

Finally, I did manage to pass him. At this point the road became treacherous because it was packed snow and slippery. I slowed down, took the bends carefully, and maintained my position ahead of him. [Spiritual as well as physical meaning.]

When I got to the place where they sold this timber, there was no timber to be seen. It was like a built-up area, a housing estate. I wondered how they could have timber here, but they assured me they did. They told me that the wood I needed was in another place nearby and offered to take me there to show it to me. I agreed to go and see it. Before setting off there, I saw Peter Nathan (a false minister). He was standing there, with a smug, condescending manner. Patronisingly, he said something to me as if he was the Mr Know-It-All. (God is showing Peter Nathan’s arrogance. There are many other CoG ministers who are equally corrupt in their spirit.) I ignored him and went off to see the timber I had come for. The dream ended there.

Meaning: The present stage of our ministry, in preparing for the influx of massive amounts of literature. God is saying that we need to prepare to produce and handle far more than what we have thought!

Insufficient Support
5th March 2001. M. 2 Dreams
1) I took our caravan on a journey. When I went to wind the legs down, they crumpled up and disintegrated. They were all rusted away. The rust fell off and dropped down a drain in the road.

Meaning: Our caravan is our means of going from one place to another in this ministry – our place to stay while we are on our journey. It represents all that is physically necessary in accomplishing the task of this ministry. But the ‘legs’ are gone.

We have no finance, only debts, so we have nothing left to stand on to accomplish the job God has given us to do. It highlights the human impossibilities we face. Only God can rescue us and restore the legs’ to our ‘caravan’.

The rust falling down the drain represents the waste that others have caused us by not coming up with the support we need when we need it.

God's Judgement On Two People
2) Two people were in harnesses
The harnesses were attached to a long bungy cord or rope, hanging from a tall crane. The focus of the dream was on one of these individuals. The other person just stayed in the background. The crane hoisted this young woman up very high, and then.... I couldn’t believe such an awful thing would happen.... then dashed her to the ground! I was horrified.

I thought: her bones are bound to be broken! She was not just dropped, she was forcefully thrust to the ground! The impact was so fierce that I was sure she would be seriously hurt!

Meaning: Two individuals we know. One of them is going to be lifted very high, and the pride that is engendered will allow Satan in to throw him to the ground in an attempt to destroy him. The fact that the person was represented as a woman does not mean it is a woman. It is actually a man, but he was depicted as a woman, because he is meant to be part of the Bride of Christ. [This happened as the dream portrayed.]

My Friend The Badger
15th March 2001. M. 2 Dreams. 1) A badger, which was very big and stroppy came to me and was very friendly. It was really cocky. It behaved in an overly confident manner, full of bravado and gusto.
A person we know.

Economic & Moral Signs Of The Times
2) The factory
I had some contact with someone at a garage, where he sold cars made in Eastern Europe. It was either Lada or Skoda. I saw this really nice black sports coupé just like the Porsche coupé (which probably costs something like £50,000 or more) and quipped to the salesman, “Hey, that’s a bargain for £2,500!” He replied “£3,500.” I couldn’t believe it! It was less than a tenth of the price of the one which I suppose it imitated!
Meaning: Could have two meanings: 1) A sign of the times, economically. Things are going to get bad for some manufacturers. An impending recession. 2) Imitation goods are seriously undercutting manufacturer’s profits.

Then I went to their factory. When I arrived, all the workers were having a break. They were sitting around in twos or threes, chatting. The men wore overalls, but most of the women had nothing on. They were totally naked! I was aghast, but it didn’t bother them. There were a few women who had modesty and decency, and who would not expose themselves, but the majority freely displayed their sexuality for all to see.
Meaning: A reflection of the moral values of society, which have gone so low. Only a few don’t cheapen themselves to go along with the crowd. Many men, especially manual workers, treat women as sexual objects, and sadly many women respond as though they are, and go along with this perversity as if it doesn't matter.

Kenyan Outreach Of MM
17th March 2001. M. Our outreach in Kenya
This dream had two parts. In the first part I saw a new building which was quite substantial and modern, representing our outreach in Kenya. But in this house on the ground floor there was a huge open pit. It was their ‘toilet’. All the human waste was collecting in this septic pit. Disinfectant had been poured over the waste to try and ‘neutralise’ it, but it stunk something terrible and the disinfectant was really no way to treat this waste. What was needed was to bury it.

A man came along with a pole and somewhat casually poked around, and looked at it. But he didn’t properly deal with it. I suggested that they cover the waste with soil, as it says in the Bible. All human waste should be buried in the ground, where microbes can start the necessary processes of decay, and it is hygienically dealt with.

Meaning: The unaddressed sins of gospel workers in Kenya, with whom we have had contact, have led to a vile state of affairs in the Church in the region. [See also the dream of 2nd April.] Sin needs to be dealt with biblically, but there is a tendency there to be very lax with sin, hence the vile imagery portraying God's disgust at their failure to be ruthless against evils. Deceit is terribly prevalent!

All sin must be dealt with and 'buried', not left lying around to infect others.

Why Britain Will Fall Soon!
In the summer of 1996, the Lord spoke to me and stated that “this nation has three years left.” He didn't mean that Britain would fall three years from 1996, but that Britain would not be able to prevent the coming disaster after that time.

It is interesting to note that the year 1999 (when the three years expired) marked a dramatic shift in moral lassitude. There was an exponential increase in immorality portrayed and promoted in the media. And there was a concerted political campaign to give homosexuals and lesbians ‘equal rights’ – which no longer meant being decent to those who choose to be indecent, but promoting their lifestyle as if it were laudable!

This transition in moral standards has brought Britain under a curse from which there is no turning around this side of destruction. 

On 21st March 2001, God gave me (MBH) a dream about Judgement on This Land and the Church. There were three categories in this dream. Each contained a relevant message concerning God’s dealings with Britain, revolving around His righteousness and judgement.

1) Radioactive Fallout And Environmental Upset
We felt that we were being affected by radioactive fallout from a nearby nuclear power station. Radioactivity was escaping from the nuclear power plant near Oxford and it was adversely affecting our health because we live about 20 miles downwind. (We were put in the position of being the ones directly involved, but it is meant to convey how others will be affected by similar environmental disasters.)

Meaning: There is a judgement upon this land because of sins that it tolerates. Part of this judgement is increased environmental catastrophes, bad weather, floods, disease outbreaks (in 2001, the serious foot and mouth epidemic) and the failure of society’s agricultural and industrial support system.

Previously, some months ago, Helena was given a dream of more rain to come in Britain. This was after the land had already received so much rainfall that many rivers had broken their banks and flooded a number of towns! Obviously, the country could expect more of the same. It was not over!

Some reports said that the rainfall over the year to date (April 2000 to April 2001) was the worst on record for 250 years!

2) Hardness of Heart in the Church
A woman went to a large church building to preach a message which God had given her. To begin with there were songs and praise, which everyone participated in and enjoyed.

Then a man stood up to introduce this lady and to pray for God’s blessing on her message. Even if he hadn’t prayed, it would have been good anyway. (Prayer for her wasn’t necessary, but it’s a custom in most churches to pray for God’s inspiration on the message – usually because they don't have it.) Somehow I knew that it was going to be really anointed. God had sent her there, so that was a foregone conclusion!

The church was half full (or half empty might be a better way of stating it), but before she started to speak, half the people got up and left. They didn’t even care to hear what she had to say! There were many empty seats after this exodus.

Meaning: Many people have lost interest in what God has to say to them. And of those who seem to care and who take some part in Christian worship, half of them aren’t open to what God must say to the Church at this time about His judgement that is befalling this land, and which will intensify.

Through this dream, God is showing the Laodicean malaise in the Church. Most don’t care about what God is saying. And the last person they want to listen to in this somnolent condition is a prophet.

God used a woman in this instance to depict what He wants to say, for several reasons. Firstly, the people whom God chooses as prophets are often the least likely in the eyes of men. They are downplayed, or are of little repute. Women are often not esteemed in society, also. Yet, women can be and often are more spiritual than men. But men often look down on women, or pay less attention to what they say. So it is with those whom God sends to warn in the Church. People don’t want to hear negative reports, even though they are for their ultimate good.

3) The Writing Written in Bold Lettering
Like the bold type on this page, I saw a prophetic message written in bold. However, I wasn’t shown anything specific. I wasn’t allowed to see or know what was written there. But I knew that it contained judgements upon the people of this land.
They were much more intense and severe than in category 1, which were merely forerunners of the destruction and disasters to come!

Nuclear Bomb In London
On 29th April 2001, AXXXX IXXXX (a friend of Zenya's at the time) was staying the night at our home. God gave him a dream depicting one of the terrible things that will happen to London as part of this increasing judgement. [People who stay with us often get dreams, as they come under the anointing which God has on this ministry.]

In his dream, he was portrayed as if he were a member of a large powerful gang in London. A terrorist sect was warning of a bomb attack that would take place in the next 24 hours.

He saw a nuclear device, extremely advanced weaponry, explode in a large subway or train station. Allan managed to escape from the blast. The radius of the explosion was very wide, and he found out later that roughly 1,000,000 people had been killed. At this point Allan woke up with a deep sense of sadness.

He said: “I kept thinking how concerned I was for my friends in London, because the dream was so vivid, I actually believed it had happened!

“I fell asleep again and dreamed that I was walking away from the wreckage. A boy younger than me, about 14 or 15 years old, followed me through London to my car. He was smiling all the way, and I remember thinking how I believed he had a large part to play in the bombing. When I got into my car, he did also, and asked for a lift. I felt insulted at this boy’s impudence.”

Isaiah prophesied of this time when youths would be society’s oppressors (Is 3:12) when God rises to judge His people (Is 3:13-14).

"Watchman, What Of The Night?"
On 26th March God spoke to me in a dream. There were many features to this dream, but it ended up focusing on one aspect in particular.
We were on a journey in a white vehicle [white symbolises righteousness] which seated many people [depicts our ministry outreach], something like a VW camper van.
As we went along, it grew very dark, so dark that we couldn’t see where we were going. It was virtually pitch black! [Darkness is a symbol for the dreadful lack of spiritual goodness and truth.]

There was a lot of traffic on this road. [Many other preachers and prophets have brought the gospel.] We weren’t the only ones by any means, so I was very conscious that I had to avoid a collision. [But it is easy to run into a collision course with others, because there is a lot of hostility and friction from various quarters, particularly church leaders. They are hostile to the truths we bring.] For some reason, none of the vehicles had lights, either, so the speed we were going was a snail’s pace. [Depicts the slow progress at the moment, as we await the outpouring of power from God to shed light into the situation so that others in the world will see.]

We came upon a timber lorry [the early stages of a publishing venture we are embarking upon] parked in the road. I could only just see it, so I started to pull out to go around it, and looked in my mirrors to check that I would not be colliding with another vehicle behind me or alongside.

That was where the dream ended. Then, as I awoke, some words I had read yesterday came to my mind: Watchman, what of the night? These are from Isaiah 21:11.

Meaning: The watchman is the prophet, called to warn the people about the terrible time of darkness coming upon the earth. We are fulfilling that responsibility. We have produced a booklet, Why Britain Will Fall Soon which explains that the moral vacuum in this nation – the result of a deliberate rejection of God and His values – is bringing catastrophe upon this country. The booklet is made available free to any caller at our front gate. (I have made a rainproof glass-fronted display case and fixed it to our gate. Anyone who wants to, can take a copy of the booklet from it.)

The main publicity to this message will be aired shortly via the media, triggered by events that God will supernaturally engineer.

To return to the specifics of the dream:

The watchman of Ephraim [Britain] is with my God; but the prophet is a fowler’s snare in all his ways – enmity in the house of his God. (Hosea 9:8, NKJV).

Carnal people do not like us. They hate our message from God! I do not just mean those in the world, I mean, church folks hate it!!

Hostility And Persecution
Persecution coming: In another dream given to Helena in April 2001, God warned of the hostility and false accusations that will be levelled at us for daring to speak out so forthrightly about this moral lassitude.

The Decadent Church
1st April 2001. M.
A woman was talking with some other people (depicting her mingling with society). She had a gown half covering her body, but it was quite clear that she was lewd. She was exposing herself carelessly. Then something happened and her gown came right off and she was totally naked. But, the astonishing thing to me was that she didn’t care! One other thing God conveyed was that she was quite skinny.
Meaning: A pictorial representation of the Church at this time. It is spiritually careless, morally lewd, and undernourished.

God Exposes Corrupt Kenyan Pastor
2nd April 2001. M. A pane of glass in our window was broken. It was not smashed, but a burglar had carefully cut a hole in it. However, he had not been able to break in because he had been disturbed. We had found him out.
Meaning: The situation with a person in Kenya who has misused his position and stolen from our ministry; a spiritually corrupt and dishonest individual. A ‘Judas’.

Fire Damages Our Sheds
16th April 2001. M. (Last day of Unleavened Bread.)
In this dream our sheds caught fire and burned down. [This symbolises the first property which could have been our ministry HQ but which we lost.] The fire started by spontaneous combustion in one spot. [Indicates that its loss was attributable to something supernatural.] Then, I saw the sheds again (rebuilt) and I saw this spot heating up once more. I was worried that it would happen all over again! [The present situation with 2nd property.] My anxiety was not without foundation, because it was very close to igniting! Then, I was given the scripture Hebrews 12:29, that God is a consuming fire. He razes things in His judgement upon men.

Meaning: God is pointing out that the cause of the difficult situation we face concerning the new premises is unrepented sin. We lost the first place because of sin.

A visitor from Poland, who was staying with us at the time, was shown a leaning cross over the property. Then I was given Habakkuk 2:4, which says, “Behold the proud; his soul is not upright in him; but the just shall live by his faith.”

While God would ordinarily remove the new premises from our grasp as a judgement against sin, I believe He won’t because of His mercy. While He is not condoning the sin, which still remains to be dealt with, He will show mercy to us for the sake of His work that He intends to do through us, and for which we need that property.

Large Outreach Coming
22nd April 2001. M. 1) Dream of preparing to speak to a large audience.

Demonic Opposition Will Follow
2) Dream of Harry Sullivan (a false minister in the WCG, representing demonic opposition) opposing and confronting me. I got vehement (and woke myself up through the physical exertion of my anger against the demonic opposition).

Leaning On Smith Wigglesworth
4th May 2001. M. Leaning on Smith Wigglesworth
In this dream, there were a lot of people in a large hall. It seemed as though I was to address them, but they were not looking at me. They took no notice of me. (I wasn’t speaking. I was just there, in the big room.) [This depicts how people take no notice of our prophetic ministry.] There was a man there who was a preacher. It was someone like Smith Wigglesworth or Reinhard Bonnke. (God conveyed this person as unidentifiable because He doesn’t want us following or leaning on specific individuals, even though we can learn from them.) I was leaning, like a very close friend would, resting my arm on his back.
Meaning: A new situation where we will find ourselves in a position similar to these other evangelists? Preaching assign- ments? I don’t know; we will have to wait and see.

Three Things Ahead
5th May 2001. M. 3 Dreams. 1) Going To Die
In this dream I was required to die. I didn’t know how I was going to achieve this. (It was as if it was a voluntary thing, because whatever God requires you to do, He does with your consent. He never forces you against your will. He brings you to the place where you can accept His will.)
How I was going to arrange my death was a real dilemma. I wondered how I could do this and considered the various options. My dilemma was solved when I found out that I didn’t have to kill myself – someone would kill me. I was relieved and said, “Oh, that’s all right then.”
Meaning: I will die physically one day when someone kills me. God is saying it is necessary so that His plan is worked out. I don’t mind. Whatever is God’s will, is mine.

2) The All Night Bike Ride
I had worked all day, but I then had to ride all night on my bike. I started out on this journey with my light on, but I turned it off when I realised that I might be seen, and I didn’t want to be noticed. The region where I had to ride was a wilderness.
Meaning: How we have to do so much to operate this ministry. One meaning of not wanting the light on could refer to how I don’t want to be noticed. Another meaning is that we are presently unseen. The wilderness represents the spiritual state all around us.

3) Our New Place
The phone was ringing in our new place (new ministry premises). I was running down a long driveway to try and reach it before the caller hung up. I could hear them leaving a message on the answerphone, but I wanted to get to the phone before they hung up because I knew I would have to return their call and I didn’t want to have to pay for the return call. I was conscious of the need to keep our expenditure down because our income is not enough.
I picked up the receiver and talked to them. They asked where I had been and what I had been doing, as if I had failed to do something. They were totally unaware of all the sacrifices we had made over the past 10 years to write the literature which God has shown was necessary. I said: “What should I have been doing, then?” They were silent.
Meaning: How many people just want to find fault with us. But their criticisms are unjustified. How we are very conscious of our need to avoid any unnecessary expenditure, because money is insufficient. And how we have been doing a work of providing a library of spiritual literature for the Church, but how the Church is unaware of what we have been doing, and is unappreciative of the sacrifice we have made on their behalf.

God Approves MM Ministry To Isaya
15th April 2001. Isaya Owak. 2 Dreams
Malcolm, me and five other men were in a certain field, and in this field there were two mud houses. One of the mud houses had a wall that had fallen down and so I decided to break the whole house down so that we could rebuild it properly with bricks. [Proper spiritual construction for long-lasting service.]

By that time one of us had a drum, written on it was “Israel Medicine”. [Israel was unconverted and rebellious, which is why God ceased working with that nation. But, He has given MM the spiritual 'medicine' that can heal all who heed.] We started building this new brick house. The side which Malcolm was building was higher than anyone else’s. [God's confirmation that MM has further revelation from God that all should take note of.]

I was not building, but I was mixing cement and sand and giving it to Malcolm. After that someone came in a helicopter and took us. [Jesus' return? Or being taken to heaven.]

2) I was walking to my house when I spotted  a young lady of about 5 years of age. This lady was playing in the toilet. She was jumping from the toilet seat into the toilet bowl. [The immaturity of many church people we are dealing with.]

When I spotted her I was annoyed by her actions and I looked for a cane, to hit her with it. After I caned her, her body was covered in human waste. She ran away to her mother and her mother came back to me asking, “How can you cane her like that?”

I said to her, “If she would have died, would you come to help her? Now I have punished her so that she would not go back there, and you are quarrelling with me?”

The girl’s mother went and reported me to the police and I was taken to court and questioned. I said, “Before you pass a sentence on me, let me pray.” This was my prayer:

“Father in heaven, you know everything I did to this lady. I chastened her not to go back into the toilet. You be my judge and act according to Your will. Amen.” The sentence was passed and I was found not guilty and was released.

Meaning: Allegories of our work in Kenya in releasing people from Church of God groups.

Note: 2005. The second dream portrayed beforehand the mess some believers would get themselves into through sin. They needed cleansing. But instead of being cleansed by taking heed to what we have written in MM publications, they went back to the filth of Church of God groups who do not have the Spirit nor the fulness of the Word to wash them clean.

The Vast Revelation Given To MM
10th April 2001. Isaya Owak. Vision
God gave me this vision as Tonya was praying in tongues in our Sabbath prayer meeting.

I saw the light was coming into the cellar. As Tonya continued to pray, the light increased, getting brighter and brighter. After that I saw that the six of us [those in MM's fellowship at that time and Isaya who was visiting] were taken up a high mountain [symbolic of being taken into God's presence] and we were able to see all around the earth [depicts the vast spiritual vision or revelation that God has given MM].

The Greatest Revival
16th April. Isaya Owak. Vision of Greatest Revival
A very thick, white cloud [God's glory cloud] was coming from the right [bringing the Sabbath message], and I saw very many people chained [need deliverance from demonic concepts]. When I saw them, a man was hurrying to loosen their chains so they could escape from the coming cloud. I was asking God in my heart to reveal to me the meaning of this vision.
Meaning: The cloud represents the soon coming revival and judgement that follows when new truth is rejected. It is right at the edge and it is going to be the greatest revival ever seen in this country. (See The Last Outpouring Of The Spirit.)  The people had to be set free from their bondages, symbolised by loosening their chains. Acceptance of truth sets people free (Jn 8:32). Rejection of it brings judgement, symbolised by the white cloud of God's presence (Ex 14:19).

Out Of Body Experience Or Open Vision
20th April 2001. Isaya Owak. The Choice Facing People
This is what I saw at night in what seemed to be an out of body experience. It was so real! Immediately after I went to bed I saw that the room I was sleeping in started to enlarge until it became a big house. The house had gold doors and was glittering.

I saw that we were taken into a house [symbolic of God’s dwelling place], Malcolm in front, followed by two young ladies (whom I was convinced were Tonya and Zenya) then myself and Helena. In this room was a man having a crown placed on his head [Jesus]. He told us to come and see what is in the world, what people do. He brought us to the window and we saw how people were misbehaving, some were drunk and others dancing. [Selfishly preoccupied!] Again the man said, “Come.”  We circled round the table, walking in a line and then the curtain was drawn so we could see outside the window. We saw people being thrown into the burning inferno, and they were crying and crying [future punishment].

I saw on Malcolm’s arm it was written “Captain”. The golden cup appeared and the Man with a crown on his head said, “This is the cup you will drink from with me on the table.” The house was very glittery and was a very nice place to live.

When my spirit was returned to me I was terrified and panicking. The Holy Spirit whispered to me to read Jeremiah 6:16-18 and to do what it says before it’s too late.

Comment: This is a warning to accept God's righteousness or be lost.

God Gives MM Special Documents
16th April 2001 H. Special documents
I was given special documents by a man. My job was to give these documents to someone important.
Meaning: Malcolm has been used to write revelation which has come from God. I have been a witness to what God has done with him.

MM's Big House With Gym
21st April 2001 H. Big house with gym
I dreamt of a big house that has a huge gymnasium round at the back.
There will be an emphasis on activity and getting in spiritual shape in our ministry job to come.

Caring For Young Believers
22nd April 2001 H. 2 Dreams
1) Rescued babies. I was aware of two tiny babies living in a tent near some shops. There was heavy rainfall, and one of the babies nearly drowned in a puddle. I reached out and took care of the baby and enquired about the family.
Meaning: Some people are spiritual babies and when problems come they need a helping hand.

2) People come to seek attention.  One person of Asian origin came to see me because he wanted some attention. Someone else also came along. (This occurred a few days later when an Asian man was given some of our literature and learned more about God.)

God Provides Our Finance
23rd April 2001 H. Plate of golden material
A plateful of golden looking material was divided into parts, and one part of it was released.
This signifies the release of finance which we have been long awaiting. God is assuring us through the dream, that despite our acute lack of money, He has things in His hands and we will survive.

27th April 2001 H. 2 Dreams
1) Ready to go. I was driving a car, sitting in traffic and waiting to move forward. I was revving the car and was ready to go onto the main road and roundabout.
Meaning: Lack of finance has held the ministry from moving forward and we are stationary, ready to go!

Meeting New Believers
2) Meeting family members
I met up with other people. We had a common goal of moving forward on the journey so that we could meet our relatives.
Meaning: God will bring us into contact with other believers whom He represents as close relatives because we are all part of His family in Christ.

Lion's Attack
3rd May 2001 H. Lion on attack
A lion was devouring someone's head. He was ready to devour the person.
Meaning: This was about one person close to us, but it can apply to many. When people get careless and complacent Satan sees. He doesn't sleep and when people are weak spiritually, he is ready to devour them. But, you know, they don't notice his schemes, and they fall into his trap.

Spiritual Filth!
12th May 2001 H. People going to the toilet
People were using different means of going to the toilet. There were some who used proper toilets, designed for the purpose. Others, however, would go in any convenient place.
One group of people even went where they were, then used a long stick to ‘clean up’. But they just spread it, making the situation worse. They put twigs on top of it and sat on it. Instead of solving the problem properly, the situation is worsened through people’s laziness and lack of a proper solution.
Meaning: This is a graphic illustration of how some Christians fail to properly deal with their spiritual filth – sin. Instead of dealing with it properly, they spread it. This situation has happened in Africa, where some men whom God called to evangelise did not deal with their wrong motives first.

Family From Holland
13th May 2001 H. Family from Holland
A family from Holland came to see us. They had a handicapped son who was mentally retarded. The son offered us a sum of money in case he wanted to stay with us.
Later the parents asked for the money back. I went to get it for them, but as I returned the car sped off. I tried to run after the car in order to catch it up but was unable. They returned later to collect the money.
Meaning: The dream signifies how the support that we should receive can be taken back or snatched away by the devil. Our time is wasted by people with selfish desires, Instead of helping us with the gospel these people hinder us and cause us great inconvenience. The likeness of the son to being mentally retarded is a figure of spiritual stupidity. We are utterly stupid if we think we can get away with sinning.

Hitler's Demons Still Around
14th May 2001 H. Hitler
We were in bed as children and someone looked at us through the window as if he was spying on us. He looked exactly like Hitler and it was scary.
Meaning: The demons of Hitler are still around and are becoming active through world leadership. Europe will soon be transformed, and become a much more spiritually ugly place to be.

Like A One-Legged Man
18th May 2001 H. One-legged man
A one legged man was doing improvements to the house. I was using the bathroom. This man went around the corner, put the missing leg on and carried on as normal.
Meaning: Through lack of finance we have not been able to operate as we should. The printing of booklets had to slow down. It is like working with only one leg.

Man From Australia & Many Others
19th May 2001 H. Many people coming
There were hundreds of people coming to see us. A minister in Australia, came to see us and I was showing him around the cellar while trying to explain some things to him. He was rather cautious.
Meaning: A figurative foretaste of what is to come. Many people will be reached by the work that we have to do.

People Who Will Be Cleansed Of Sin
20th May 2001 H. Making changes
I was changing bed sheets, of which some were stained, making beds and moving a bath.
Meaning: Stained bed sheets represent those who have hurt the ministry through their selfishness. There will be many changes needing to be made for the better. A bath symbolises making provision for people to be cleansed through the washing of water by the Word (Eph 5:26).

Spiritually Helping People Prepare
21st May 2001 H. Preparing for journey
I was on my way to visit a relative but had to come back as there was a bath waiting for one of our guests, we needed to help him change his lifestyle. I had to get ready for the journey.
Meaning: Of one person, and also many challenges ahead of us. Symbolic of the way we will be so busy helping people.

23rd May 2001 H. Ready to journey in a big bus
There was a group of us who were staying at Miss Jackson’s. We were ready to move on and journey in a big bus.
Meaning: The big bus signifies a new outreach for the ministry. Miss Jackson will be raised from the dead also.

25th May 2001 H. Helping man move on
I was in conversation with a man who had two children. He was explaining his disappointment with the Church of God teaching, and how he had to think for himself and depart from them. I was rather fond of his children.
Meaning: Through friendship we can help people spiritually and show them that we care. People need new direction in life – away from church and more towards God. (The dream was partly fulfilled 5 weeks later when we were able to spiritually help two ex-WCG folk.)

When Someone Rejects Truth
26th May 2001. H. Young girl falling asleep
I had a dream of a young girl who wrapped herself in a garment. She marked the garment with black pagan marks and symbols and then covered herself completely. She fell asleep.
Meaning: The young girl represents someone who rejected the Sabbath, and by extension the Church, covering itself with pagan practices through wrong teachings which lead to spiritual sleep. If people don’t move along with God the devil is then able to take God’s place In their lives.

Helena's Coming Public Duty
27th May 2001. H.  Shying away from the public eye
I was expected to help Cherie Blair (the Prime Minister’s wife) to prepare some desserts, but I hid under the table. Eventually I came out to help and prepared apple desserts and cake. There was a lot to do.
Meaning: This dream shows that I will initially shy away from publicity. Dealing with publicity will be like performing a public function that has to be done, for the benefit of the gospel.

False Miracles
28th May 2001. H. False miracles
There was a bag of false miracles which Satan had.
Meaning: False miracles which Satan performs take away from the effect of true miracles and their source, which is God.

N.B. In Testing The Spirits we relate some false miracles that have been occurring in the Church, such as gold dust and oil on the hands. By ‘false’ we do not mean that they are not real. They are very real! But they are performed by Satan and demons, not by God and His good angels.

There are also false (occult) miracles in the world, such as are performed by the New York magician David Blaine. He has caused a dead fly on a person’s hand to come to life. And he resurrected a dead pigeon. These miracles were not video tricks. Satan is allowed limited power, and if he is able to take the spirit of an animal away for a short while and then restore it, by so doing he can cause wonder and even deceive.

This is part of Satan’s onslaught against the miraculous outpouring that is just ahead, when many people long dead will be raised to life. The former is nowhere in the same league as the latter!

Churches Need Truth
1st June 2001. H. Giving tour to old ladies
I was visiting a nice house that was beautiful inside. I was giving a tour to a group of old ladies. They were amazed at the beauty of this big house. Some of these ladies were feeble and I had to help them along and down steps. One lady fell and shrieked like an owl. I asked the owner if the house had been sold and he said it had – for £133,000.
Meaning: The old ladies signify churches. The old lady who fell shows that there are demonic strongholds in certain churches where they are led by false teachers and who fall away from God’s truth. The number 133 (19 x 7) is symbolic of unity. Psalm 133 speaks of unity among God’s brethren. This unity is achieved through the acceptance of truth. God's Truth unites and brings peace. Churches need more truth in order to prepare the Bride for Jesus’ return.

Helping People
2nd June 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) Visiting a fellowship
I was visiting a group of people who were showing me their fellowship and their premises. They were well organised and well behaved.
Meaning: That day we had contact with a group of people who kept the Sabbath and learnt about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We sent them literature to help them spiritually.

2) Helping old man with accommodation
We were helping an old man with accommodation on a housing estate. He was very thankful for the help given to him.
Meaning: God will show us how to help people who are neglected by society. In part, this was fulfilled already in one incident.

Boring Catholic Ritual
6th June 2001. H. Attending Roman Catholic church mass
I was told in my dream to go and attend a Roman Catholic church mass in the Polish language with the Polish pope. I was rather bored by the experience.
Meaning: God hates Catholicism, and He wants it exposed for the religious sham it is, hence the imagery of going to a mass. (It's not to participate, but to show how wrong it is.) The dream is showing that our witness will penetrate Poland, and probably the whole world and worldly churches.

Our Work Sabotaged
8th June 2001. H. Glass bottles in oven
Someone placed glass bottles in our oven in our house in order to harm the people who lived in the house. I knew it was an attempt at sabotage.
Meaning: Satan has sabotaged us by depriving the ministry of finance and trying to cause us harm. God gave us this dream, along with some others, to show us some of what has been going on to prevent us receiving the money we need to continue this work for Him.

Barbara Jackson
12th May 2001. M. Miss Jackson
She was talking with
Helena. Her conversation was very animated! She was really saying some interesting things. She was not like the Barbara Jackson we knew before. She was a bit younger, as if about 60 or so.
Meaning: You will see other dreams about this lady who was a friend for about 24 years until she died in 1999. God will bring her back from the dead to witness for the Truth.

No One Hides From God
13th May 2001. M. Fxxxxxx Bxxxxx
It was night time. He was asleep in his bedroom, but Helena and I were there too. He was up one end and we were at the other.
Meaning: This dream is about a WCG minister who has repudiated our witness for truth. As a result, he is spiritually asleep.
We recently sent him some of our literature. Although he has consistently tried to ignore us and forget us, we are right inside his private bedroom – not literally, but by our literature going to him. (Compare with Elisha in 2 Kings 6:12.)
God shows us various things about others, as if we are right inside the room where they are. No one can hide from God.

God Says MM Brings Beauty & Diversity
19th May 2001. M.
We were deciding what trees to plant at our new ministry HQ. There was a courtyard between the buildings which needed trees to beautify it. Someone suggested a number of species but I realised that after they grew up they would all look much the same. There was not enough diversity, so I decided what to plant.
I started with a Cotinus Royal Purple (Rhus cotinus) which has dark red leaves, almost purple. Then I thought a Codaeum would be good with its leaves having many-coloured centres. Then, I chose two Japanese maples, one with dark red highly-divided leaves (the variety of Acer palmatum known as atropurpureum), and the other a green leaved variety which goes a deep rich red in the autumn.
Meaning: The Church needs beauty and diversity, and our ministry is helping to provide some of the impetus for that.

Being Held Up
23rd May 2001. M. Being held up
I dreamed that I was driving along the road. There was a car in front which was holding me up and I wanted to overtake it and get a move on. It was driving frustratingly slow for my liking. But, although I attempted to overtake it several times, it was impossible. There was always something coming the other way to prevent it. Then, suddenly, the conditions changed and there was snow and ice on the road.

The car in front lost control on more than one occasion. Once it skidded and turned 90 degrees! It amazed me that it managed to stay on the road! Then, equally suddenly, the road ended up in a farmyard where it veered to the left, but the car in front carried straight on because it was out of control. I turned to the left, to continue along the road.

Then the scene changed and a football became the focus of the dream. I saw it somewhere, as if it was for sale. I used to have one like that and I wondered whether it was the one I once had, (but I knew that it most probably wasn’t), and I wanted to have it. It was as if the football could have been mine again, but I didn’t see the outcome.

Meaning: These dreams have great personal meaning to us. The first one depicts the progress of our ministry, partic- ularly in relation to the hold up in finance coming through. The second scene is a reminder of a dream (several years ago) of a football game I had with the WCG. The football represents what we used to own, but gave up in order to try to help release these people from their spiritual prison.

People HATE God's Law
25th May 2001. M. People assume that the law of God is done away
The council had put on some sort of function. I think it was a concert, and in the review of this function in the newspaper the writer had made some comment about the law of God. She said something that was totally illogical, but which revealed the prevalent view that the biblical law of God is done away.

The fact which was presented in support of the claim was totally irrelevant to the conclusion drawn. And that conclusion was merely a rehash of what most people think the Christian Church believes on this subject – that the law of God has been abandoned.

This dream came in the middle of my revision (25th and 26th May) of the booklet Apostasy in God’s Church! which I have been getting ready for republishing.

In there, I explain that apostasy is a departure from, and abandonment of the truth and the Truth. The Christian Church, for the most part, has abandoned the faith once delivered, abandoned the law of God, and abandoned God who is our ultimate Lawgiver! And the layperson has accepted the prevalent view that the law of God has been abandoned, even though the reasoning behind this conclusion is totally inept and illogical. Its basis is really self-will. People don’t want to obey God, and that’s that.

God Doesn't Think Like Us
27th May 2001. M. A world leader prophesies
Helena and I were talking with a world leader. He was a prominent statesman, but I don’t know his name. His views were so contrary to ours that, the longer we talked, the less I was taking notice of what he said. Then he claimed to be able to prophesy by the Holy Spirit. I thought, “Now that’s just well over the top!” I didn’t accept that he could. But he began to talk under the unction of the Spirit, and at first I didn’t listen because I had already shut my mind to the plausibility of him prophesying. In my natural human reaction to what he said, without listening to what he was saying, I argued and disagreed with what he said. But
Helena checked me. He WAS prophesying! He said that our ministry would have 7 ‘lean’ years, followed by 7 ‘fat’ years, and some other things. I felt rather small and stood corrected.

Meaning: God will give His Spirit to anyone who seeks Him. The views you hold do not necessarily prevent His working in your life. We all have to start from somewhere in this deceived world, to come to know Him, and it takes time to reform our views. So what people believe is not always a deterrent to the moving of God in their lives.

Besides prophesying that our ministry has gone through the ‘lean’ years (where few take notice of us, and where income is small and the physical output of our ministry is minimal), it is also a corrective word to me, and to anyone else who disputes that God prophesies through us.

Some Want To Prosecute Me
29th May 2001. M. Someone called up on the phone. I wasn’t in, so they left a message. They said that whatever I said would be taken down and used as evidence against me.
Meaning: Opposition is coming. Possibly a court action.

God Told Me: "Don't Give Away What You Have Worked For"
1st June 2001. M. The three Chrysanthemum flowers
I had grown some really nice show flowers. They were three large-headed Chrysanthemums. It took a lot of care and effort over a long period of time to grow them.
Someone wanted to have them all [shows his greed and selfishness; he didn't care enough about us] and I was willing to give them all away, but then something stopped me from doing so. I realised it wouldn’t be right to give him all he asked for. It wouldn’t have been good for him. That’s how you spoil children, by giving them all they want. I realised that I should keep one for those at home, for my family and those close to me. So I let him have one of the three.
Meaning: It applies to how someone benefited a lot from our generosity. He is in Africa. If God had not prevented me, I would have given him all I had. God says it is not good for them to have all they ask for. They have to learn to work, too, and be content with the little He allows them to have.

Alterations To The New Place
4th June 2001. M. 3 Dreams
1) Building Alterations
I went into the builders’ merchants to buy a small amount of plasterer’s scrim tape (used for reinforcing joints in plaster finish over plasterboard). I only needed a very small length. It seemed almost so small as to be not worth bothering writing out a ticket for it. Then I went into their stores to get one sheet of 9.5mm plasterboard. The stores were all jumbled. A real mess. Most of the sheets of board were thicker, but there was one sheet of plasterboard on top which was the one I wanted.
Meaning: The alterations coming up to the new ministry HQ. They won’t be large. Only a little compared with what we have done before. The mess in the stores represents the way things are in this world, spiritually.

Our Train Is Ready To Go
2) The trains
I was reorganising the trains. They hadn’t been running properly, so I made some changes to improve the system by reorganisation. I rearranged things so that they ran on roads. On one of the trains I saw Christian Kiernander, who was interested in all this reorganisation. He found it rather exciting and was watching with interest.
There were several trains in a siding, ready to go. The one I was to get on was ready to pull out. I had left the door open in the last carriage, ready for me to hop on.
Meanwhile, because I thought I had some time before the train was to leave, I sauntered over to do something else, as if it was something recreational. But as I was there, the train pulled out and I had to run like fury to catch up with it and jump on. I just managed to get on!
Meaning: When things move, they will move fast! The trains symbolise ministries, taking the truth of God to others.

3) Leeches
Many leeches were around, and people had to beware of them. Someone demonstrated what a nuisance these creatures were. As long as you kept your distance from them, they posed little problem. But as soon as you allowed one to attach itself to your skin, you couldn’t get it off! One person demonstrated by allowing a leech to fix itself to his arm. Once attached, although he bashed it and banged it, it would not release its grip, no matter how hard he hit it.
Meaning: False Christians and the threat they pose. Many are spongers – parasites, sucking the lifeblood of true believers. Some true Christians are very egocentric too!

God Gives Reassurance
13th June 2001. M. The Spanish Villa
On the evening of the 12th June I had asked the Lord for some peace of mind concerning the money situation (because things have been very difficult financially, with large, threatening debts). Then this dream came at night.

It was as if we had gone to see around a Spanish villa, prior to buying it. Someone was buying it for us. It was on a rocky coast line, and situated high up, in a very prestigious, sought- after location. It was a very nice place in a beautiful spot. It was really idyllic.

The family who invited us there was very warm and friendly. They had children and Friday night was their special night. The children really looked forward to it. They called in their quiz night, when they would play a family quiz game.

Then, I was shown something really remarkable. The man had devised a scheme to turn the rock, on which the home was situated, into sand. I saw some piles of this sand. It was a commercial enterprise, and provided some income. So, the house was not just a scenic ‘pad’, but had its practical usefulness too.

The WCG Finally Folds Up
27th June 2001. M. 2 dreams about the WCG
1) The WCG finally folded up and Gxxxx Xxx Xxx Xxxxx (a former associate in that church) was looking for a new fellowship arrangement. He contacted me and was enquiring about meeting together. I asked him if he wanted to fellowship with us, but he was not happy about that arrangement. Instead, he expected us to come and fellowship with him.
Meaning: This man was a side-kick of WCG ministers and was appointed by their hierarchy to preach sermonettes. But the appointment to positions of human authority in the church bred attitudes of pride, arrogance, aloofness and spiritual superiority. The dream illustrated this.
The guy considered that we should be subservient to him in some sort of hierarchic pecking order, and that he is superior to us. To condescend to join in with our fellowship was out of the question. He considers that he has little to learn from us. This is typical of the vile attitude and approach in arrogant WCG overlords who always want to be pre-eminent. They don’t look on fellowship meetings as opportunities to meet with God, but to exercise their own dominion over others!

The WCG's Lack Of Spirituality
2) In this dream I was planning to sing a song for special music during a church meeting. This was again as if I was associating with the WCG. (The dream was given to show their spiritual attitude and approach, not that I will actually associate with them.) The song I had chosen was particularly poignant.
It contained some words about a knife doing its work (implying that it would cut out the wickedness of man’s heart, or kill evil, or something like that). It had a deep spiritual meaning. But Tonya said to me that it wouldn’t be a good idea to sing that song because they would take it the wrong way.
Being so unspiritual, narrow-minded, and prejudiced against me, they would think it was provocative, coercive, aggressive, or something like that. They would fail to realise its spirituality and would be offended by it.
Meaning: The WCG’s unspirituality and hostility towards me causes them to fail to accept our corrective message.

When The Power Comes
1st July 2001. M. Three dreams
1) Waiting for the electricity to come
In this dream I was on the sea shore and I was waiting for the electricity supply to be installed. While I was waiting, I put my bank paying-in book down on the ground [depicts our lack of finance to do this Work] and got on with something else.
Then the sea came in suddenly and 6” or a foot of water washed over the book and I lost sight of it. I looked and looked but couldn’t see it.
I prayed to God to help me find it and it was supernaturally given back to me. (In the dream I didn’t see how I got it back.).  
Meaning: The electricity supply is the anointing from God bringing supernatural power to perform wonders. In this case, there will be many healings and a number of people raised from the dead.
Some people who don’t understand, criticise and say that God’s power is always here to heal and perform wonders. That is true up to a point, but there are special times in God’s plan, appointed in His timetable to pour out unusual ‘amounts’ of His power. We can see this from Luke 5:17, where it says that power from God was present to heal the sick, etc. That strongly implies that such power is not always present.

Increasing Spiritual Latitude
2) Then I was laying out some chairs beside a walkway. When I got to putting three chairs in a rather restricted place, Helena advised me not to put them there because it would restrict the access for others to come and go. So, we altered things.
Meaning: Perhaps a reminder to listen to spiritual women in the Church. The new booklet The Woman Question (just compiled) addresses the importance of women having an equal say in church governance.
It also emphasises that the object of our ministry is to bring freedom and more latitude to people in worship.

For Personal Change
3) I was doing some alterations to a window or something in the house [letting more spiritual light in]. I was improving some- thing over the wash basin and I went off to get glass from the glaziers. When I got back I installed this. It was in several small panes, about a dozen. A few of them were fixed like some mirrors are, with mirror screws. But after I had done it I stepped back and looked at it. I was not entirely pleased [how I want to get all details precisely correct]. Two of these screws were not precisely in equidistant positions from the edges. It wasn’t perfect, and that bothered me. I also wondered why I hadn’t used mirror glass, instead of normal clear window glass. With hindsight it would have been better having a mirror there over the basin.
Meaning: The mirror is God’s Word, His law; and obedience to His law is first and foremost the measure of how we can see ourselves.
So, while the outpouring of power coming is to bring publicity (dream 1) and replace what we have sacrificed to achieve; and bring greater spiritual latitude for people; it is also to bring a greater awareness of the need for personal change. Its final object is repentance and restoration.

God Will Remove All Obstacles
13th June 2001. H. Obstacles removed
This short dream reassured us that God would remove all the obstacles in front of us, to achieve His task for MM.

Explosion In Demonic Influence
16th June 2001. H. 6 Dreams
1) Madonna, the pop singer, was performing on stage. I saw a huge explosion, like an A-bomb, in witchcraft.
Meaning: She is being used by the devil to draw down the powers of darkness. Young people who are drawn by her music are being drawn into the occult. People don't realise how dangerously powerful such rock stars' influence is upon society!

About Various People
2) A stocky man of medium height, came to our property. Malcolm went to see him.

3) Unhappy young man. I saw the face of a young man, who was unhappy.
Meaning: Someone who is being used by the devil will see us being blessed. Envy kills some people!

More Floods For Britain
4) Flooding.
I was driving home but flooded streets prevented me from getting back.
Meaning: There are more floods to come to Britain.

Man Kidnapped
5) Kidnapped man. A man was kidnapped and held captive in a house. Someone who is corrupt and evil used his power to hold the man in bondage financially.
This was a prior warning about what would happen to someone we know.

Financial Help Will Finally Come
6) Security of financial situation. I was visiting a bank and one lady who knew my situation was rather helpful.
Meaning: God will deliver us in our financial situation.

Jesus Watching Over Us
18th June 2001. H.  Working in harvest field
I was working as if in a harvest field. There was someone special overseeing what I was doing. This gave me comfort.
Meaning: This person was Jesus watching over us through the Spirit as we labour for Him in the spiritual harvest field.

Delay Because Of Spiritual Problem
19th June 2001. H. Cheques in post office
I went to the Post Office. There was an envelope waiting there for us with cheques in, but there was a problem with one of them.
Meaning: This indicates the provision to do the work of God is delayed through a problem. When God highlights such a thing, it is a spiritual problem He is highlighting, not physical. This is a dream for the provider's benefit.

The Flower Head
23rd June 2001. H. Flower head
I cut the top of a flowering plant. I took the flower head and threw it to someone who was waiting for it. There was an item (special need) which needed to receive the flower head. The man put this flower head on this item and there was a great relief. Things were made right again.
Meaning: The flower head is a long awaited fruit (financial assistance) which is needed desperately to pay the bills so that the printing can be carried out. [This was fulfilled by someone sending us their life's savings. God delivered us from disaster.]

Miss Jackson Arrives
26th June 2001. H. Miss Jackson
I saw Miss Jackson and went to meet her. I gave her a hug, I was so pleased to meet her again. We had to look into buying a cottage for her.
Meaning: This will be the next stage in our ministry – the miracles are coming! Presently she is dead, but through God's power she will come back to live on earth, and relate some of what she has experienced in the spirit realm.

Interfering And Demanding Men
7th July 2001. H. Demanding men
Several men arrived on the scene demanding attention and service, dominating, and expecting instant assistance. We felt pushed to the side.
Meaning: This shows how the devil will use people to do his will and interfere with our work. [The police.]

Swallowed Up By Darkness
19th July 2001. H. 3 Dreams
1) Person drawn away into darkness
A person was drawn into the grave with demons, until the person disappeared into the darkness.
Meaning: This illustrates one person's attitude to new truth. Instead of being set free by the Truth the person holds onto old, false doctrines which keep him in bondage to the devil.

2) A person was criticising me. I took something out of their mouth and said, "This is my property! Get out!"
Meaning: We share spiritual food with others, but instead of them appreciating the food, some will resist us and be critical. We need to be aware of those who are being used by the devil.

Miraculous Replenishment
3) Fire started
An open fire double hearth was empty and dead. Instantly fire started.
This shows our resources are going to be miraculously replenished by God.

Deceit Leads To Spiritual Blindness
21st July 2001. H. Long nosed face
I saw the face of a person, he had a long nose (indicating lying). There were blockages in his eyes (spiritual blindness), and he had long hair (a sign of spiritual carelessness, wandering off the right way).

Stubbornness And Self-Will
22nd July 2001. H. Refusing food
I was trying to give someone food from my mouth. He refused to receive it.
Meaning: This person refuses spiritual food. Stubbornness and self-will lead to blindness.

We Struggle On
23rd July 2001. H. Pulling car forward
I was pulling a car along the road with the help of a rope.
Meaning: This signifies our present situation – the lack of finance to carry on. We are struggling onwards.

Darkness Overwhelms The Self-Willed
24th July 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) People overwhelmed. Meaning: People who refuse to accept the scripture (the truth of God) into their heart will be overwhelmed or overcome by darkness. When you accept it into the heart, you believe it and live by it, and God smoothes the way before you.

Fear And Obey God Alone
2) Teaching others
A person was teaching others about God. I stepped in and taught them to, "Fear and obey God Almighty, the only God of the universe. Do not give your heart to any other god by giving your loyalty to them."

God's Help In Time Of Need
26th July 2001. H. Difficulties avoided by the hand of God
A car was driving down a steep country road. It seemed the car was out of control, driving very fast and nearly crashing into another car. I had to take avoiding action, and at one moment an Unseen Hand steadied the back wheels.
Meaning: We have experienced obstacles and difficulties, but God's hand has guided us and supported us through the difficulties.

Reunion With An Old Friend
28th July 2001. H. Mr. Bxxxxx returns
I was busy doing something on the streets. I saw Mr. Bxxxxx speaking to someone. I felt I was accepted by him. I was pleased to see him again.
Meaning: Through the public witness God will send some old friends back towards us and bring unity to His Church!

Man Living Dangerously
1st August 2001. H. Man riding a crocodile
I saw in a vision a man riding a huge crocodile like a speed boat. I threw milk towards him and this shook him.
Meaning: The man is involved in worldly pursuits, which are part of Satan's system. Milk, in spiritual terms, is food; teachings that can nourish the receptive.

3rd August 2001. H. We need Richard's help in the ministry
I was mending and fixing things, and getting things ready. I needed Richard to help fix something mechanical.
Meaning: Richard's gift is to solve mechanical problems, and we need him in the ministry. When he turns to God he will be a great help.

Unable To Serve People Now
4th August 2001. H. Unable to feed the hungry people
Many people arrived and they needed feeding. Some of them were foreigners and there was a problem with communication. Some were like street children, they needed special attention and care. The porridge pot was ready to be served. I tried to serve the food but felt unable. The bowls were not to be found and spoons were missing.
Meaning: In our present situation it is impossible to give the Church the food it needs without the appropriate support and assistance. We can't move forward.

Another Former Friend Reunited
5th August 2001. H. Meeting with Mr. SXXXX
I met up with Mr. SXXXX. He was glad to meet up with me and we had a good chat about what God is doing. I went to a big church meeting.
Meaning: There are many in the Church who are waiting to see the next move of God and yet they need to be delivered from the apostate church they are stuck in. When God pours out His power to confirm His backing of our ministry, these old friends who deserted us (because they could not accept what we said) will return and accept us.

Our Literature (Meat) Wasted!
7th August 2001. H. Meat wasted
I saw a person packing the toilet with steaks of meat and fish.
Meaning: This strange dream showed the attitude of the church, how the church doesn't have a love for the truth and the real meat of the Word of God. Instead of living by the meat of the Word, the Church despises it and degrades it, and treats it very cheaply. This reflects the response of most that we have tried to reach, including some in Africa.

The Church Is In A Mess!
13th August 2001. H. Untidy dwellings
I was walking through narrow streets of a village full of dwelling places on top of each other, with rows of beds that you had to walk across to get from one end to the other. There were many corners that needed to be sorted out and rubbish that needed to be cleared up. Some of it was tricky, to deal with all the rubbish in detail.
Meaning: This is the Church situation. It is complex, with a confused mess of different doctrines, and impossible to bring order into the chaotic situation.

People Who Get In The Way
17th August 2001. H. Rabbits in the way
I drove a big bus onto a new, large field. I stopped and noticed there was a nest of rabbits in the way.
Meaning: There are some who are not supportive of the work we have to do, but are actually a hindrance.

Progress, With Opposition, Ahead
19th August 2001. H. Driving the train onwards on a journey
We were getting ready for a journey. Many things needed to be sorted out and unwanted baggage thrown away. Richard was helping and giving prophetic words, helping us to make the right preparations. We got into a vehicle like a train. There were bees buzzing and trying to get at us. Someone got into the cabin to drive the train as fast as possible to get away from the bees.
Meaning: The bees signify demonic opposition against the work that we have to do for God. Some will be used by the devil to resist us. We will fight the opposition, and go forward in the job God has given us, as fast as possible.

Morris Cerullo's Dominating Horse
25th August 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) Large dominating horse
There were several big horses. One of them was bigger than the others and tried to dominate us. He was overbearing and pushy. We tried to get away with great effort and determination and managed to get away from this horse. We were able to move forward.
Meaning: Horses represent powerful ministries which dominate the Church. The pushy horse represents Morris Cerullo. He imposes his agenda on others. We are a small ministry with little support, and it takes more effort for us to move forward.

2) Dead hand in glass
I was forced to drink from a glass containing a dead human hand in it. I found it revolting and very disturbing.
Meaning: This represents a source of financial help but which the devil blocked, preventing us from receiving the support we needed, causing us a lot of grief. What we were put through was as bitter as the analogy in the dream.

27th August 2001. H. Shallow water to bath in
I was in a huge spacious room, filling it with water to have a bath. Because the room was so huge the water was shallow.
Meaning: This represents revival and the outpouring of God's power, but few will want the full depth of God's truths.

Some Prominent People Helped
29th August 2001. H. Helping Mrs. Thatcher
I was giving a WCG minister some advice on health but he wouldn't listen. I was also helping a famous person. Another person I was helping was Mrs. Thatcher. Her goal was to get to
Buckingham Palace and it was an uphill struggle through a deep gully. We had to climb higher levels.
Meaning: Buckingham Palace represents heavenly / royal rewards. Our literature will help her to face the challenge of her spiritual journey. She was willing to face the difficult struggle.

Barbara Jackson
4th September 2001. H. Miss Jackson returns
We were at a meeting, a church gathering. Suddenly Miss Jackson turned up and we were glad to see her and introduce her to the Church.

The Church Is Like A Dungeon
5th September 2001. H. Dungeon visit
I was visiting a dungeon. There was a pit with water in it. I had to be careful not to fall into it. There were plants and a grassy area, but it was very dry and it needed fresh water to make things grow. The place was not habitable.
Meaning: An allegory of the state of the Church. It has become a prison rather than a dwelling place for God's people.

Civil Unrest Ahead
6th September 2001. H. Civil unrest and difficulties
We were travelling on a bicycle avoiding obstacles along the way. There were gangs throwing stones at each other and civil unrest. Someone was with me, but then I was alone.
Meaning: God is warning us that the difficulties ahead will be considerable, and there will be civil unrest, threatening our lives. Being alone in the future is what Helena must face.

Midnight Ministries Threatened
9th September 2001. H. Vision of cutting down tree
I had a vision of someone cutting down a tree.
Meaning: One who has been used by Satan against the ministry, but he will be removed so he doesn't destroy us.

Money For Publishing
13th September 2001. H. Large sum of money
Someone gave us a big amount of money. This was connected with a book.
Meaning: Literal, likely to be connected to publishing work. MM's purpose is to publish the truths of God. He will make funds available to do this job, because He has inspired what is written.

An Overview Of MM's African Work
17th September 2001. H. Two thieves come to steal
Two thieves were breaking into our home. One of them was nearly in, but I resisted the thief and fought them off. In the next scene there was a beautiful garden. I saw in Africa where people are waiting, desperate for assistance, and praying to God for help!
Meaning: The devil was using these thieves – through selfishness and greed – to steal finances which were meant for the ministry work. The garden signifies the breakthrough in finances to accomplish God's work, including that of Africa where it is needed.

Christians Who Are Spiritually Filthy
20th September 2001. H. Visiting underground homes
I visited people who had their homes underground, in dug out tunnels. They were uneven and rough, and without light. One person had a dirty home with faeces on the door handles.
Meaning: This signifies a dirty, sinful, and dark spiritual life.

Revival And Miss Jackson
28th September 2001. H. Teaching others
Many people were coming to stay with us for re-education. Someone (A D) came from Australia and brought with him his books which were damaged. He was tired and I told him to go and rest [he can't be reached yet] before we did anything more.
Miss Jackson was also with us and was eager to see revival spread through the news on the TV.
Meaning: People need their lives sorting out spiritually, and wrong teachings straightened out. The revival will make that possible for those who want it.

Empty Offer
1st October 2001. H. Empty offer of help
I was busy writing down, "Christians shall live by faith." Someone was sitting nearby and he moved closer and offered to help. The trouble was, he couldn't help, and his offer meant nothing. I said, "Go back to where you came from, you can't help."
Meaning: Some people cling with flattery, but the only ones who can really help in this Work are those who truly live by faith.

God Digital, Spiritually Worldly
5th October 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) Large white horse out of control
Dream of a large white horse running around, wild and out of control. I tried to catch it but I couldn't.
Meaning: The horse signifies the character of the God Digital movement: wild, worldly, and out of control, spiritually. They use worldly means to attract Christians. They organised a conference in Edinburgh named 'Braveheart' to try and kick-start revival in Scotland. When God told us to take literature to them they treated us with hostility and contempt.
Rick Joyner and his band were part of the 'conference'. The music was occultic, leading people into false worship with demonic manifestations.

We Are Preserving God's Truths
2) I was next to a woman that was asleep
The handbag with money was next to her and I realised I had to secure the money, so I took the handbag to keep it safe.
Meaning: God is releasing money to get the job done. The sleeping woman signifies the Church and its present state (particularly in relation to God Digital). The Church isn't holding onto and keeping safe what is precious – God's truths.

Rick Joyner's Mind 'Screwed Up'
6th October 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) Rick Joyner's mechanism
Rick Joyner's head had a mechanism which was screwed up and needed readjustment. The focus had to be redirected into another position. The lead singer of the Morning Star band was shown to be bound up by demonic influences. She behaved like a witch, leading people into worship of demons.
Meaning: Rick Joyner is a false prophet (known by his fruits). His theological thinking and 'worship' is twisted and unbalanced. He needs correction and further understanding but he won't accept our input.

God Digital Spreading Deception
2) Vision of a woman's face who had demonic bondages, and a beam was in her mouth.
Meaning: This signifies the above movement in the Church that is spreading deception and false claims, and leading people astray.

Don't Fear Them; Shock Them!
13th October 2001. H. Unashamed in public
I was having a conversation with some people. As I was talking to them I did something which I would only do in private, which shocked the persons concerned. I was totally confident and unafraid of what they might think.
Meaning: God is showing how we are not to be afraid of speaking out publicly, even if it shocks people. The job has to be done! Prophets have consistently shocked people from time immemorial.

Gospel Shoes Abandoned
14th October 2001. H. Scattered running shoes abandoned
I was sitting on a mount with pairs of shoes scattered around and abandoned. These were running shoes discarded by the owners. It was a strange sight.
Meaning: I pondered on the meaning of this and God showed me that the shoes are used to take the message of the gospel to others. (Eph 6 and Isaiah 52.) Many have been called to do this job, but few have responded. They have neglected the commission of taking the good news to the world.

Church Foundations Soft
18th October 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) Soft foundations. I was with some people near a good looking house. With my hands I scooped up some foundations which were very soft. I was very surprised by this.
Meaning: As I meditated I realised this represented the Church which looks good and well built, but which has foundations that are not based on the Word of God, not on Christ who is our Rock.

We Want To Send Out Light & Truth
2) I was looking for a post box to send a bedside light to someone
This represents our literature which is to bring light to people who have been denied the truth.

You Must Put On Your Own Clothes
23rd October 2001. H. Basket of clean, wet clothes
We moved into a large house done up with timber boarding. Some things needed to be readjusted. There were some people in it and a basket of wet, clean laundry still to be dealt with.
Meaning: The house represents a group of people in Scotland. God brought them into our company to challenge them. They need more spiritual teaching to make their lives more dynamic and filled with the Spirit, so they can move on from the basics to further truth. The clothes represent God's truths which MM has brought them, but they don't want them. God has provided them with clean spiritual clothes through 'our' literature, but it's up to them to utilise these truths in their lives.

Publicity To Reach 'High Society'
26th October 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) Losing privacy. I was doing something in a public place which I would do normally in private.
Meaning: God was showing me that I will lose my privacy.

2) I saw the actor Michael Crawford standing still and waiting. I was puzzled why he would be waiting for something.
Meaning: There are many people like him who have knowledge about God but are waiting to learn more about Him and His power. God's miracles will bring many into God's presence.

When Demons Take Over
27th October 2001. H. A bear's head
I saw someone's head replaced by a bear's head. This was done by the enemy.
Meaning: Through sin a person becomes seduced by the enemy and God's Spirit is pushed out, then the personality of the enemy takes over.

29th October 2001. H. The entombed bear
I saw a bear put in a cage, like a tomb, by the enemy. The bear's paw tried to reach out through a small hole, but the enemy quickly sealed the opening. Next to the tomb was an idol, which was ugly and monster like.
Meaning: This shows someone who made the pursuit of wealth and money into an idol, and rejected God's rule in His life. Through this obsession of money he becomes a slave to the devil. God can only deliver this man by smashing his idol. When he is truly humble God can come in. The love of money breeds pride and arrogance; these are the attributes of Satan.

Deliverance Comes Through Trials
2nd November 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) New born baby
I saw a baby being born from inside a sack-like bag.
Meaning: The bag represents trials and difficulties. As we trust God and look to Him for deliverance there will be new growth (the baby).

2) Woman delivered from demons
I also saw a woman being delivered from demons.
Meaning: A church, or group of people, face trials thrown at them by the devil but they will be delivered by God. (Dan 6:18.) There are times when only God can deliver us from negative circumstances. Jesus was tested by Satan for 40 days, and each believer has to face the enemy in their life.

The Church Needs God's Spirit!
6th November 2001. H. God's Church, Whose Authority?
I was talking to a group of church people about their situation. They were preoccupied with the church activities in the flesh, like running the church and paying the rent.
I was encouraging the people to allow God to come into the church and the service. They needed more of God and less of man, and His leadership. I told them to let the Holy Spirit lead them in everything that they do.

Revival In Poland
9th November 2001. H. Downpour in Poland
I was walking up a hill in my home area of Poland. There was a great downpour, and there was so much water that streams were forming. There was a huge stove on the oven next to the house and it was giving off heat.
Meaning: Water symbolises God's Holy Spirit and His power and truth poured out for a witness. The heat of the stove is God's healing power for the people. God will release His power for the benefit of the people in Poland, to release them into the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and deliver them from the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church. Miracles will also give a witness of God's power and point to His law of the Sabbath.

14th November 2001. H. 2 Dreams
1) Someone was shooting me with a water pistol
I felt personally attacked even though it was not meant to harm me. It seemed as though they were mocking me and didn't have any respect for me.

Harvest Follows
2) I was talking to Mr. XXXXX
There was a field of tall plants.
Meaning: Future fulfilment. There are many people who are waiting for God's work to become reality to them. The harvest time is near.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
17th November 2001. H. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Dream of Chris Tarrant (the TV presenter and radio DJ). He was coming to us to do the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? show. I was going to be on the show.
Meaning: This dream was an answer from God about the financial situation.

Someone Must Die For His Rebellion
18th November 2001. H. Dying person
Someone was in a coffin and was dying, being attacked by demons. Meaning: We expect someone to face death because he has run from God.

Demons Blind Through Selfishness
22nd November 2001. H. 2 dreams
1. Troubled guest
I had a vision of a face of someone who was a guest in our home. He had problems seeing through his eyes, and there was tension and oppression in his face caused by the devil and his selfish lifestyle. The selfish life of a person leads to idolatry and allows Satan entry into their life because of sin.

We Are Taken For A Ride
2. We were driven in a van by a woman through a narrow footpath. The journey was hazardous and dangerous and we were completely helpless in the situation.
Meaning: God is using a person who is meant to help us financially (driving the van). The support is totally inadequate, but God is watching over us and He will cause the finances to come and provide for the great need of preaching the gospel. We are helpless in the situation, but when we trust in God He delivers us. People who were called to help us have failed us.

Get Ready!
24th November 2001. H. 3 dreams
1. The door bell rang
In my dream I heard a door bell ring.
Meaning: This symbolises that something is going to happen when we least expect it. It is a wake-up call, and we need to be alert. God is preparing us for future events.

Miss Jackson Waiting To Come
2. Miss Jackson was lying on a couch, covered by a blanket. She was waiting.
Meaning: God is going to bring her back to life and she will be a great witness for God and the gospel. Revival is nearly here. God has shown us Miss Jackson will live in Scotland, where revival will start, after which it will spread to England.

Squashing The Fat Fly
3. Fat fly
I opened up a packet that contained a cake. Inside I found a fat, black fly, so I got hold of it and got rid of it by squeezing it.
Meaning: This represents a person who should have supported us, instead he used us to pursue his personal ambitions. Squashing represents what God will do with him.

Real Warfare In The Spirit!
26th November 2001. H. 4 dreams
1. War in the Spirit!
[Someone who wrote on intercession made a comment that we don't have to fight demons. I asked God to show me how I could help this person.] God gave me a vision of spiritual warfare, where there was aggression, weapons, fighting, and wild animals flying (demons are sometimes portrayed as wild animals, such as pigs, snakes, lions and crocodiles) – this was real war alright!!
Meaning: We have to be aware of the enemy and his schemes to deceive us, to hurt us and to destroy us. He will use those who are weak and closest to us. Life is a constant struggle against the flesh, the devil, and the world!

Church Leadership Naked
2. Unashamed naked man
In a big room there was a big television. On this television I saw a naked man who stood next to a modestly dressed woman. The man was not ashamed of his nakedness, as if he was proud of it.
Meaning: The naked man represents the church leadership. God is going to expose the nakedness of the church leadership publicly! The Church (represented by the modestly dressed woman) needs to be delivered from man's domination and influence. [Recent examples include Morris Cerullo, Ray McCauley, and Ray Bevan.]
Comment: Ray McCauley and Ray Bevan are two church leaders with high profile (hence the imagery of being on TV). Both have recently divorced their wives, which is unbiblical in the circumstances. [For further info, see Issue 24 of Contending Earnestly for The Faith from CWM, PO Box LB 1475, London W1A 9LB, UK.]

Ministries & Churches That Resist This Move Of God, To Be Cut Down
3. Trees axed
I went out into a field and saw huge trees cut down and branches chopped off.
Meaning: These trees represent ministries and churches, which God will cut down. These include some of the most well- known and massive ministries! God does not mess around! He expects people to accept His truth, otherwise.... Those who resist the next move of the Holy Spirit will be rejected by God. The truth of God and the Word has to be the basis of revival in order to prepare the Bride for Christ.

Derek Prince Now Learning Again
4. Derek Prince. I saw Derek Prince riding a motorbike, arriving to start a new office.
Meaning: He has a huge ministry that is dominated by the leadership rather than by Jesus. Because of the wrong approach, God has to destroy what man has built up.
Derek Prince will have to start learning all over again on certain issues when he passes on. Truth and error are a dangerous mixture. The Church has to be purified before she will be acceptable to Jesus.

[Some time after this, Derek Prince died. The dream depicts him learning again in the spirit realm. In August 2001 I contacted DPM, hopeful of a positive response, but they shut the door in my face. What happened is recounted in the leaflets Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus and under Everyone's Busy With Their Own Agenda, in Blessing Or Curse?)

For The Gospel
27th November 2001. H. A piece of land
I rescued a young girl that looked like Tonya, and I was comforting her and protecting her. I told her that we would look after her and buy her a piece of land.
Meaning: This predicts future property to be acquired for the benefit of the gospel in MM's work. Tonya will be used to help many people, and to assist with this outreach. Literature will be the main means of conveying the truth to people.

Massive Literature Outreach
28th November 2001. H. Preparation
I saw shelving units being installed and literature being prepared for the next stage of the work.
Meaning: This is the present situation. God is providing the finance to facilitate the preparations. Space will be needed to store the huge amounts of literature. People will be needed to assist us.

Our Deliverance Coming
2nd December 2001. H. 3 dreams
1. Guard leaving. I saw a guard on the upper balcony taking a last look and getting ready to leave. I felt that we had been kept prisoners by the enemy through someone who resisted the work of this ministry.
Meaning: God allows the enemy to test us. (Jesus was tested by Satan before His ministry started.) We had endured a very difficult time, where our ministry was jeopardised by this person's pursuits and demands. He actually controlled us, like a guard has control over how prisoners come and go.

Miss Jackson Will Bring Revelation
2. Miss Jackson was sitting on the side playing Scrabble, and she was rather good with words!
Meaning: She will be with us soon! When she was alive she was a great reader. God will use her ability to reach people with the gospel. She will bring new revelation or words from heaven.

Flood Of God's Truth And Power
3. The road to Aylesbury was flooded
I was concerned about someone going on the bus to town.
Meaning: Flooding represents God's power and miracles that are outpoured. These will witness for the gospel, creating a public platform for the truth to be proclaimed.

MM Literature Can Wake People Up
6th December 2001.H.
Someone was in a state of sleep and they needed the literature to help them to be revived spiritually.
Meaning: People are stuck in churches and denominations. When God does a new work they are unaware of it, because they are spiritually blind and need to be released.

Christine Hamilton
7th December 2001. H.
Christine Hamilton came to see me and she was friendly. I was glad to see her and made her welcome.
Meaning: We have had contact with the Hamiltons through sending literature and a letter. Publicity will bring further contact. They have suffered through false allegations that were made against them. They have a measure of faith and God will use them in His work in due course.

Spiritual Sight Imparted
8th December 2001 H. 2 dreams
1. Eyes opened. I saw that a man's eyes were opened because the obstruction had been removed. Glasses were given to him in order to have spiritual vision. A young lady was near to him and God gave her a dream to help this person.
Meaning: A man who is presently blind will come to see spiritually. God uses people and circumstances to help him see.

The World's Treadmill Of 'Success'
2. "Tread mill." I saw many people getting onto this road which was rough. Through sheer will power the people made the road move forward. The more effort they put into moving the road, the faster it moved. It became like a conveyor belt.
Meaning: This portrays this world, and the frustration and futility of trying to achieve human ambitions through self-will.

Being Prepared To Present God's Truth
11th December 2001. H.
We are being prepared. I was shown that our feet are being prepared to take the gospel to the world (Eph 6:15).
Meaning: As Christians, we face trials and difficulties that make us stronger, in order to preach the gospel. God trains us for the job that He has meant for us to do.

Temporary Blockage In Finance
15th December 2001. H.
Stones brought in. We were in a large room with another man. He was bringing stones into the room and it was nearly half full. The doors were being blocked.
Meaning: This shows the provision for the ministry that God is arranging, being temporarily blocked.

Huge Clean-Up Job!
16th December 2001. H. 3 dreams
1. Many Boxes of toilet paper.
: What is needed for God to clean up people spiritually is unbelievable! There is so much mess in people's lives that needs to be got rid of.

2. A lady was trying to resist demons which were overwhelming her, through the influence of a friend.
Meaning: We can help those who are weaker than ourselves. It takes a great spiritual battle and confrontation to have a victory. This dream is about a specific person we are  helping to be delivered from demonic bondage.

Saw The Light Before He Died
3. Lights were switched on, but suddenly they were turned off.
This involved someone's death. [Footnote, Feb 2002: Frank Rothwell died in January after receiving a box of our literature, bringing light to him shortly before he died.]

God Helps The Desperate
17th December 2001. H.
People wanting healing. A group of people came to our house early in the morning. They seemed to be in trouble, because of an accident, and they came to receive healing.
Meaning: We need to be ready and prepared for people who will need help. He helps the desperate who trust Him.

Church Is Not Ready To Meet Jesus
18th December 2001. H. 2 dreams.
1. A young woman met up with a young man of Middle East origin. There was an attraction between them. The young lady's dress was see-through and her nakedness was visible through the dress. She felt uneasy and left the young man.
Meaning: The young woman represents the Church, and the young man, Jesus. The Church is not yet ready to meet her Groom, but she must make herself ready by putting on robes of righteousness. Accepting right teachings will help her to be ready for Jesus.

Difficult To Help People
2. Two clay pots. There were two clay pots that were round like a balloon at the bottom but very narrow at the top. I was taking something out and trying to put something in.
Meaning: The clay pots represent two people who need help. They had wrong ideas and they needed help in getting rid of wrong concepts and deception and accepting right teaching. This shows how difficult it is to help people. The narrow necks of the pots shows that people resist change. People have to be tried and tested before they change.

WCG Recompense
22nd December 2001. H.
Provisions given to us. I was having a discussion with a man who had some packets of food. He gave me some packets containing cake and biscuits. I shared these with others. I was relating my past with him and how I attended Ambassador College in the former church.
Meaning: I believe the leaders in the WCG one day will give us some provision to make up for the way they treated us.

Avoiding A False Minister
25th December 2001. H.
Unwelcome visitors were trying to come into our home. We had to hide so that we couldn't be seen by them.
Meaning: The visitor was a false minister from Africa writing to us wanting co-operation. Spiritually we have to avoid him. This was brought about by a minister in Africa writing to him seeking to work with him. He shouldn't have contacted him!

So Much To Do!
28th December 2001. H.
I was busy doing different things. There was so much work, I didn't have time to use the bathroom!
Meaning: In the near future there will be many changes and challenges. There is so much to be done that our lives will become extremely busy.


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