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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

The prophet who has a dream, let him tell it (Jer 23:28a)

The Motley Sabbatarians
10th February 2000. H. The Motley ‘Crew’.
Dream of a small group of people – Sabbatarians. They were motley, disorganised.
Meaning: People who are confused and mixed up by the changes made by WCG. They need spiritual food and care. (A letter came from an individual in England at this time. It represents him and those with whom he fellowships.) Fulfilled.

People Urinate On Us
13th February 2000. H. A dog urinated on Helena's coat. Helena was naturally very annoyed.
Meaning: This dream depicts those who have taken our ministry for granted, and who haven't supported us as they should. God reveals their spirituality in these terms. Their lack of respect is likened to treating us like an object to be despised and urinated upon! (See reference to dogs in Philippians 3:2).

Publicity To Promote God's Truth
25th February 2000. H. Dream of a large field where there was lots of activity and preparation. The field belonged to Alan Titchmarsh. He is a well-known TV personality.
Meaning: We will also have to face publicity to promote the gospel. A large bus was being prepared for the journey.

We Have To Give Someone A Car
25th February 2000. M. A woman was depressed
We had to give her a car worth £500. She was happy after we gave it to her.
Meaning: Besides being fulfilled literally in the physical, there is a spiritual allegory. The church needs what we have, but we have to sacrifice to give it to them so they can prepare for Jesus' return. They don’t pay for it themselves. 5 = preparation. Depression is induced by demons. It indicates the demonic strongholds extant in the Church that need countering.

Most Churches Are Spiritually Dry
27th February 2000. H. Dream of 4 women lying in the bath. There was no water. The bodies of these women were thin and emaciated. They were hardly alive.
Meaning: Symbolic of churches throughout the world. In Bible numerics 4 = the earth or world. They need cleansing through the Word (symbolised by water which washes clean – see Ephesians 5:26). But ministers are not giving the people meat in due season. Most churches are spiritually dry.

Most Church Leaders Weird
27th February 2000. H. Second dream: of a woman in labour. I looked closer, and instead of a baby I saw a man’s face. He looked odd, weird, twisted, but also a joker.
Meaning: The woman is the Church, but under human domination. She is giving birth to human leadership who have been corrupted through wrong teaching. They try to entertain congregations with jokes and humorous anecdotes, while they promote falsity mixed with truth.

WCG Thief
27th February 2000. H. I dreamt of Dxxxx Sxxxx (name withheld, minister in the WCG) coming to see us. We had many items that were unusual, and he was determined to get one particular item. He went to great trouble to get what he wanted.
Meaning: The WCG have stolen many things from our literature, and have not given us any credit. Instead they have vilified us, opposed us, and slandered our names.

Further Reading: The Notorious Open Letter To The WCG (£1.00).

Tony and Cherie Blair
28th February 2000. H. Dream of the Blairs (British Prime Minister and his family) being with us. I was trying to make them comfortable in our home.
Meaning: Through publicity, people will get to know us, just as publicity makes the Blairs well-known.

The Queen, Destruction, Turmoil
29th February. H. Dream of the sea. It was a scene of destruction and war. A group of people were watching an event. The queen was there, sitting. I looked and saw the queen go to sleep. We tried to wake her but her bodyguards took her away!
Meaning: The queen should be aware of the spiritual significance of what is happening to this country. When she will be challenged, she is not going to like it. The dream also depicts the destruction and turmoil that is coming, both in the physical realm and the spiritual.

Time To Prepare: Time Is Short!
6th March 2000. M. Three dreams. 1) We had 5 minutes to get out because of danger. Time is short! 5 is the number that depicts preparation by God's grace.
2) A tank was driving down a dual carriageway. A civilian car pulled up in front of the tank, the driver got out, aimed his gun and shot the tank driver. I watched with amazement.
Meaning: The tank symbolises the local Council; the car is our ministry. It is to do with the forceful way officialdom ride roughshod over people, and the way local officials approach us. But they will be stopped abruptly [by God's power].
3) The scene was the dual carriageway part of the Oxford Road in Aylesbury, opposite the Aylesbury Vale Community Church. Someone was lopping down big trees. I was sitting on a high chair of a big vehicle [publicity coming]. Someone tried to shake me off the seat, but I held on [opposition in many forms].

The Church Is Not Ready!
20th March 2000. H. The Church Unprepared!
I visited several houses. They had storage places under the floorboards full of pieces of cloth. I was looking through these fabrics and couldn’t find any suitable material which could be used. It was most frustrating.
Meaning: Most Christians collect religious information like bits and pieces of cloth. But we have to have a garment of righteousness to PUT ON. This needs to be large enough for the task. Clothing is to wear, not to store underneath our floors, out of sight, like bits of fabric that have no practical use.

Jesus Is Tired Of Waiting!
24th Mar 2000. H. Jesus, Tired of Waiting for the Church!
I was busy cleaning toilets and doing household duties [symbolic of our ministry bringing truth to clean up the Church]. There was someone outside waiting (like a fiancée – Jesus waiting for His bride). I would go and show Him love occasion- ally [
Helena was put in the position of the Church in the dream]. Although He was totally loyal and faithful to the woman (church), He was worn out by waiting.
Meaning: The Church is busy doing its own thing. Jesus is exhausted waiting. Jesus says to the church: WAKE UP, MY LOVE!! The woman wakes up slowly, smiling as she wakes up, with demons leaving.

When The Spirit And The Truth Come
2nd April 2000. H. Our Large Van
A family obtained a large van from us. They were delighted with it because it was useful and served their needs.
Meaning: The van is a vehicle for practical use. God shows that through our ministry many will benefit from the truths of God which we bring, and what we have others need. It depicts a large impact overall.

7th April 2000. M. When the Spirit Comes
A man was in a queue with me. Suddenly, the Spirit came upon him and he was filled with joy and exuberance. He was really enjoying this experience. It was great fun.
Meaning: When God pours out His power at special times in His plan, great manifestations occur which bring release, happiness, fun and excitement. This dream was a small foretaste in vision of how God will release His Spirit upon hungry and devout people.

Getting Rid Of The Sunday Substitute
8th April 2000. H. The Dirty Old Coat
A large group of people, like army generals, were standing still and watching as I walked to a dirty army coat lying on the ground. I picked it up and put it in the bin in front of them all.
Meaning: One major sin in the churches today is Sunday- keeping. Church leaders have done nothing about reforming this aspect. What is to occur will cause this old overcoat to be dumped in full view of all these church leaders.

Very Few People Want The Whole Truth
13th April 2000. H. I was trying to put a few stones and pebbles into a wheelbarrow, but there were very few. I had to take the mostly empty wheelbarrow on a journey. I felt frustration at not being able to fill the barrow. I had to move on to a destination. At least I would get some exercise, I thought.
Meaning: The frustrating lack of response to our work. Pebbles represent people, but relatively few want to come along with us in our work.

Someone In Self-Willed Rebellion
15th April 2000. H. Some of us were in the river with children playing in the distance. One little boy was carelessly running into the distance. I was concerned about his safety.
Meaning: Some people are careless about their spiritual safety due to their self-will! The boy is known to us. He is in a stage of rebellion against God.

Who Cares?!
15th April 2000. M. 4 Dreams
1. Someone called when we were out. They left a note for us but they couldn’t be bothered to wait to see us on our return. I would not have known that they had called except for the fact that I asked a little boy on my return if anyone had called. He told me they had left a note in the glove box of one of my cars. I found the scribbled note all crumpled up in the compartment.
Meaning: Illustrates the casual way people treat us. We are given little respect. Those who know us treat us as friends, which is fine. That’s the way we want to be treated, but they don’t consider the deeper value of the spiritual input God gives us as a prophetic voice. They don’t care about that. Their attention is merely focused onto things on a surface level, in the physical, not in the spiritual, hence the lack of respect and absence of honour which prophets ought to receive.

WCG Not Changed Much Despite Fuss
2. I was at a WCG meeting. It was a bit different to the way it used to be, but not much. The preacher was still hogging the ‘show’, making himself the centre of all the proceedings. He no longer had a pulpit or a sound system (illustrating how the ministry have come down in the world, and are no longer in such an elevated position). He had to stand in the middle of the congregation, shouting at the congregation to get them to listen to him. He was preaching AT them, not to them. (Traditionally a problem in the WCG where leaders are arrogant.
The WCG (and CoG) ministry have never really taken the views, feelings or opinions of the church into account, but have made decisions as if they were overlords and then imposed them on the flock.) This man was short in stature (symbolising his spiritual standing before God) and used a lot of physical force to preach (depicting the coercion, manipulation and control which WCG ministers still use on their subjects).

Appalling Concordant Teaching
3. The Concordant Bible Society/Publishing Concern
I was at a friend’s home. They had invited me there for a meal. I saw on the side, one of the Concordant’s latest missives, a newsletter which contained their latest teaching. I was horrified by what I saw there. They were propounding a gross heresy! The host asked me what I thought of ‘the Concordant people’ and I had to say that I was appalled by what they teach. (They teach that all will ultimately be saved, which is diametrically contrary to the thrust of New Testament warnings to be careful that we do enter in through the narrow gate. Many will seek to enter in, but will not be able to.) The word appalled was very strong in this dream. It is God’s view of what they teach, as expressed through human means.

Selfish, Stingy People
4. The Seed and the £5. I was parking my pick-up (like a Ford Transit Tipper which I used to own) in some fella’s car-park (it seemed to be a breaker’s yard – a symbol of the spiritual mess in the Church at the moment). The surface was all unmade, just hard-packed hardcore with a rough muddy surface. (Symbol of the way the Church has not yet put a proper surface on the ‘way’ God has shown them, and as a result they only have a static ‘parking area’ for church folks.)

In the back of my vehicle was some precious seed. It was flax seed or something similar which could later grow into a good crop of fine, unusual plants. I asked this fella if he wanted some seed. He took a look and said “Yes”. Then he proceeded to help himself to what I had brought along, throwing handfuls of the seed over his bare land.

I said, “But I’d like a fiver for it.” It wasn’t much to ask, but when he heard me say that I would like to be reimbursed, he backed off and declined to take any more. The money was more important to him than the seed I had brought.

Meaning: How our spiritual information in literature is not really valued by most who receive it. They often take it but are not willing to reimburse me for what it has cost me to provide it for them, let alone provide my wages!

Few people really count the cost, and even fewer appreciate the real cost of prophetic ministry. Most people prefer to use their money for physical things than for spiritual. The result, which we experience, is that we have been depleted by their thoughtlessness, selfishness, or spiritual apathy.

When a person is willing and desirous of reimbursing you for literature containing things of spiritual value, you know that they are truly being reached and touched by the Spirit which moved me to write the stuff in the first place.

Our New House
17th April 2000. H. Dream of Move. We moved into a new house. Upstairs was used for the family and for our ministry. Downstairs was being organised into an office with desks and other things being put into place. There were people helping us. I was having a brief conversation with Mrs Thatcher.
Meaning: The current and coming changes in our ministry. Since this dream, Helena has written to Mrs Thatcher. We have presented God's truths, in our publications, to many famous or influential people in society.

Reinhard Bonnke And Our Van
29th April 2000. M. Dream of Reinhard and Our Van
Yesterday, 28th April, I was moved by the Spirit to send God’s Church – Whose Authority? to Reinhard Bonnke, via his office manager here, Bernard Jones. Then, God gave me a dream to indicate the response, and the immediate future of our ministry.

In this dream, Reinhard was temporarily occupying a Council house. It was a very ordinary place. Our ministry was represented as a small white van which was parked in the front garden. It was squarish, small, and white, but nothing much to look at. It was not an impressive vehicle.

There were meetings being held in Reinhard’s Council house. They were very ordinary, and the material was so familiar to us that they held little interest. I wasn’t sure whether to stay or leave, but I showed respect by sitting down and staying. I sat at the back. The meeting was soon over.

I got up and, on leaving, I passed Reinhard, who was sitting in an empty room with only his chair and a telephone. He was making a call to book his airline flight. I wanted to stop and talk with him but he was busy, so I just walked by him and left. Even if I had used sign language to him to acknowledge him and smile, that would have distracted him from his call, because he didn’t know me, so I said and did nothing as I went out.

I got in my small white van and drove off. Before doing so, there was a pile of paving slabs outside which I moved (supernaturally) from the place where they had been left to the middle of the lawn in front of Reinhard’s Council house. They must have weighed a ton or two, but they had been moved (not by human might, but by God’s). Yet, they complained that I shouldn’t leave them there, the grass would die underneath. I said “That’s not my problem; it’s yours”, and walked off.

I drove off in my van. Not long down the road, I noticed that I had a flat tyre. I wasn’t sure whether to go back and change it or what. While I was stationary, considering what to do, I noticed that there was a fork in the road. The road to the right went past a nice new home some guy was building opposite a large mountain. He had chosen this idyllic spot because he liked the view. The mountain opposite his house was about 5,000 feet tall, yet it was in the Chilterns! (Just a low range of hills in southern England.)

The other road was the road to the left. That was the route I chose, but it was unclear what lay down that road ahead. The dream ended there.

Reinhard’s Council house, and the meetings
: The more permanent physical nature or structure of his ministry compared with ours, and the very ordinary teaching in his ministry.
The plane booking: Symbolises the large finance Reinhard has compared with ours and what that makes possible in his ministry. He can go places fast, unlike us.
My small white van: Our ministry is nothing much to look at on the outside, but our teaching is practical. It is not a ministry backed by large resources, so it epitomises that lack of support, but it is going places by our efforts and with God’s guidance.
The flat tyre: The obstacles we have to contend with in doing this work. We face many difficulties and lack of funds.
The stack of paving slabs which I moved and left on their front lawn: Part of the work of ‘Elijah’ is restoring the way, showing the path to walk. But it is others’ responsibility to lay the pavers out and walk that route. We can’t do it for them. The symbolism shows the unwillingness of personnel at CfaN to incorporate the truth about Sabbaths and holy days into their Christian walk.
Their being supernaturally moved: What is to come in our ministry will make the truths about the Sabbaths so plain to CfaN that they then have the responsibility to lay those aspects of truth out, and put them into practice.
The nice house some guy was building: His preoccupation with the physical. (Richard and others like him who pursue their own way, who go the way they want to.)
The left fork in the road: The way which is unclear what lies ahead. This is the faith walk.

Steve Martin
2nd May 2000. M. (Steve?) Martin
I was in a church service. At the end of the service, they took up an offering by handing out envelopes with a colourful picture card in them. I reached for my wallet, which was stuffed with notes. I was going to put £40 into the envelope, until I remembered all the financial obligations of our ministry. Instead, I put in a fiver. As I awoke I was given the name of the pastor. It was Pastor Martin, I think Steve Martin. And the town is
The next part was a sort of vision as I was waking up, in which I was made aware that he is looking for a partner or assistant. I wasn’t sure whether it was a wife he needed, or someone to help in counselling, or both. But I saw a woman whom God has selected to help him. I think she is in his congregation. She is tallish, slim, dark haired, not particularly attractive in appearance, but not unattractive either. She is very reliable and trustworthy. She is devout. She is the one.

Evangelist Colin Urquhart
3rd May 2000. M. Colin Urquhart
Colin had moved home. It was an old property, run down, but with a large garden around it. There was a wall separating the front garden from the back and he had started to knock this wall down which separated the two gardens. He had demolished it to half its height, but it was an unfinished job. He was moving some furniture into the house, and I saw him lifting an armchair all on his own. I went over to offer to help him, because it was heavy, but he declined my help.
Meaning: How he disdains our input. (Colin Urquhart is a well known figure in the charismatic, Pentecostal, and evangelical church sectors in England.)

Don't Love Family More Than Jesus
3rd May 2000. M. About my mother and sister
They had arrived to join the ‘party’ at someone’s house. They had come to join in the ‘fun’. It was a house-warming party, I think, and they were admiring a kitchen the young lady of the house had just decorated to her liking... (More was given, but it is not relevant to others. I just repeat it here as a reminder of what Jesus said that we are to love Him more than family. See Matt 10:37.)

The Hope Of The World
3rd May 2000. M. Xxxxxxx Print
I had given Xxxxxxx Print (a firm which does our printing and bulk copying) our book Understanding the book of Revelation to produce. In this dream, they had put another cover on it with the wrong title also on the spine. It read, The Hope of Buckinghamshire. The cover was not the one I had given them. It was a picture of a house with a light shining from an upstairs window, and looked rather like a modern magazine cover. It was a dreadful mistake.
Meaning: This was fulfilled a few days after the dream was given, when I had a call from the firm saying that the covers had not come out as planned! They had come out the wrong colour. The symbolism of the other cover – the hope of Bucks – has spiritual significance to those with insight. Jesus is the hope of the world, and we are His instruments also in Buckinghamshire.

Danger Of Flooding
3rd May 2000. H. Two Dreams. 1) Stayed with some friends in a house. Suddenly there was a flash flood and the river next to the house started to overflow and the house was in danger of flooding. There was fear of a flood, but the level of water stabilised.
Meaning: Besides foretelling of a literal incident, the flood and water represent God’s power and the outpouring of His Spirit that is beginning now and is to increase. Miracles are very much a part of that outpouring.

Man Runs Off The Spiritual Road
2) I saw a man driving a car fast. He lost control around a bend and veered off the road down an embankment. I thought the driver would be killed, but he survived!
Meaning: The dream was to forewarn us of what would happen to someone we know, so we are not alarmed.

Hypocritical WCG Needs Our Input
8th May 2000. H. 4 Dreams
1) Sorting out the house of a WCG lady. I was dusting and cleaning, and sorting things out in the house of a lady I knew in the WCG (WL). There were many things that needed sorting and throwing away.
Meaning: Members in the WCG need their spiritual homes put in order and the confusion sorted out because the church has lost its way.[1]

2) Christian hypocrisy. A former WCG friend walked past our window, dressed up and cheerful. He never stopped.
Meaning: WCG members are told to be nice to others, to put on a good ‘front’. They try hard to appear good to others, but they don’t care for us. They won’t even stop for a chat. Like the Pharisees in Jesus’ time, what they do is done to be seen of men. This sort of hypocrisy is not limited to WCG folks, of course.

The Famous Will Be Reached
3) God’s Work Affects the Famous. I was involved with a famous couple who are TV presenters (R & J), helping them to get their home organised.
Meaning: The work that God will be doing through us will impact some of the lives of the famous.

17th June 2000. H. 2 Dreams
1) I was in open fields and I saw Cliff Richard. He was cheerful and waved. I was glad to see him.
Meaning: In 2005, the dream was fulfilled when God moved Helena to send him some of MM literature. He has faith in God. Just as we know him, after the publicity breaks, he will know us.

Oppressive WCG Authority
27th May 2000. H. Authority in the WCG is oppressive
In this dream I was staying with a few others at a camp run by guards. At the gate sat a German guard surveying everything that went on. Those at the camp had to be careful and watch every step they made, submitting to the surveillance of the guard. There was a lack of communication and self- expression.
Meaning: This is the state of the WCG and most churches run by human authority.

Christian Teachings Are Bits & Pieces
17th June 2000. H.
2) I saw a big van or a caravan full of little items (trinkets) as if for sale.
Meaning: The belief system of most Christians consists of bits and pieces, an incomplete collection of ideas without plan or harmony.

Miss Jackson To Return From The Dead
18th June 2000. H. I was preparing a house for Miss Jackson to come back to.

Zenya In The Future
29th June 2000. H. Dream of a black alarm clock which I bought for Zenya, reduced to £1.48 (4 x 37). 37 is the number of the Word of God; a common denominator of all His numeric features. There were engraved flowers on the clock.

Daunting Publicity And MM Expansion
3rd July 2000. H. We lived in the middle of open fields in the valley with a cross-country trade route going through our property. A chariot pulled by horses, and lots of people, came thundering down a steep hill towards us with speed and terrific noise. We felt threatened by the suddenness of it.
Meaning: Circumstances can change overnight. We are going to feel overwhelmed by the coming publicity.

MM's Worldwide Literature Outreach
16th July 2000. M. 4 dreams.
1) This dream featured four big articulated lorries.
Although I could not see specifically what was in them, I got the sense that they were loaded with our ministry’s literature. I drove the first one, Tonya the second, etc.. I said, “Follow after me...!”
Meaning: The primary value of our ministry is in the written materials. They will go out in bulk in future around the world. Four is the number symbolising the world.

2) I went to visit a pastor. He had the back of his estate car all kitted out to house our literature. He lifted a fibreglass or plastic lid that spanned the width of the car, and underneath was an array of publications. What a good idea! He was able to take them wherever he went, so that he could distribute them to others whom he met.

Teeth Supernaturally Restored!
3) I was ecstatic about having my teeth all restored. I was totally healed! God had given me a complete healing of all my rotten and poor teeth! I wept before God with joy. [There will be an outpouring of remarkable healings in the wave of God’s power to come.]

Other Christian Literature Inadequate
4) Someone showed me a book with lots of yellow and ochre squares in it. Some squares had writing in them, but many didn’t. I said, “That’s no good, all these squares are empty. The publication isn’t finished!”
Meaning: The worth of many Christian ministries and groups whose teaching is inadequate. There are many pieces of the ‘puzzle’ that are missing. Their ‘book of life’ is unfinished.

MM's Future Ministry And Literature
16th July 2000. H. A printing press was being delivered
Some items needed to be decided to do with printing and colours. There were other things to be done, we were very busy. Someone came asking for assistants to help, I said, “Do it yourself, there are no assistants.”
I felt I was at the centre of circumstances (on display). WCG  leaders were aware of us (publicity).

Confronting A Lion
28th July 2000. H. A lion got out of a cage. I had to confront the lion face to face. I had to be still and not afraid to face the lion. If I moved and made the lion panic, it could devour me.
Meaning: We have to face difficulties, with peace and faith. The devil will come against us, but God is greater than the devil.

People Fail To Appreciate Publications
29th July 2000. M. Selling a car
Someone was inspecting a car I had for sale. They were spending a long time looking over it, They then offered me £315 (5 x 7 x 9), but the car was worth £500 (10 x 50).
Meaning: The value of our ministry is not appreciated. 'Our' Work is undervalued. People don't perceive God's anointing.

Much Work Ahead
29th July 2000. H. Dream of serving 10 cups of tea.
Meaning: Serving others in menial, practical ways. There will be more demands on us in the near future, as we minister to more people.

God Verifies Our Ministry To A Relative
12th August 2000. 2 Dreams of Helena Zajac (my wife’s sister-in-law), who was staying with us from Poland.
1) God’s light in our cellar.
Helena saw the stone wall in our meeting hall. The light of the sun shone out of the wall.
Meaning: By this dream, God was confirming to her His presence in our ministry, and the spiritual light that He has given us in our teaching.
2) Moon over chimney. She saw a light shining in the garden at night. As she looked up, she saw a moon over the chimney.
The moon reflects the sun (Christ). We, as a ministry, are supposed to reflect Christ in this dark world.

Size Doesn't Matter
12th August 2000. H. Swimming competition
Get ready for the swimming competition. We can win with God, it doesn’t matter how small we are.

MM's Financial Plight
24th August 2000. H. Sinking ministry
Dream of a caravan stuck in the ground, three quarters down. Tonya was trying to lift it, but she was unable to do much.
Meaning: Our temporary financial situation. We are stuck, waiting for finance to come through so that we can get moving. Even Tonya’s salary (she has given us nearly all her wages to help out) does little to deliver us from this sticky situation.
Doing this ministry has been a continual financial struggle. People have rejected us, opposed us, bled us, sponged off us, hindered us, and exploited us. But by God's grace we stand. We have come through because of His supernatural help! We trust in Him. He won't let us down, even though most people do.

God Provides
19th September 2000. H. Dream of a beautiful garden
This garden was nicely laid out with different plants. It was a nice place to relax and enjoy nature. The garden wasn’t large, but adequate.
Meaning: God will provide all our needs. What God does is beautiful. There is always satisfaction and enjoyment associated with what God calls us to do for Him. God wants us to enjoy life. But that doesn't mean life is easy.

Reinhard Bonnke Is 'Assassinated'
19th September 2000. M. Reinhard Bonnke. Two dreams

1) In the first dream, Reinhard was assassinated. Everyone was shocked and could hardly believe it! I saw the assassin’s ‘bullet’ embedded in his body. It was not a bullet, but a round piece of aluminium, splayed into a rough star shape. (This indicated that the dream was not meant to be taken literally but has a figurative meaning.)
I went close to Reinhard and wanted to pray for him to be resurrected, but I didn’t feel it was appropriate because it would have drawn attention to me. That I didn’t want. But my presence there drew the anointing of God on our ministry into the situation, and... Reinhard came back to life.
Meaning: Reinhard is a wonderful man of God, but he needs the truths contained in our ministry’s teaching. These include the knowledge of the Sabbaths, holy days (festivals of God) and new moon celebrations. They are an integral part of the faith once delivered to the saints, about which he is still unaware.
What God is going to do with us will spell the death of his present ministry. It will cause him to be made aware of us and of these truths of God. The result will be a new lease of spiritual life in him, and enable him to start again with fuller truth.

2) In the second dream of Reinhard, he was coming out of his headquarters which was depicted as a caravan. He was leaving to go to his next campaign. I waited for him to leave, and as he walked away I went up to talk with him. I encouraged him to keep up the good work and to do a ‘good job’ as he always does at campaigns. I felt a real affinity with him in the spirit. Then, as the Spirit moved me deeply, I said: “There is not much time left. You know, we only have one or two years left!” He was surprised, but he believed me. [See also p 76.]

Derek Prince – The Need For Reform
3) The next dream was of Derek Prince. He was depicted as old in this dream, and like most old people, not prone to change. He asked me if I could obtain for him a pony and trap, so that he could use it for travel. (Indicative of how old- fashioned he is in some of his views and his unwillingness to review his beliefs and doctrines.) I said that I thought I would be able to get him one and asked if I could contact him by e-mail to confirm that I had managed to get one. He said that he doesn’t use e-mail. (I realised that, although this may have been because of his unwillingness to move on with the times, it was quite sensible, considering the damage computers do to one’s health and wellbeing.)
Then I related to him the dreams I had just had about Reinhard (very curious!). But, as I tried to relate the second dream I couldn’t remember it and quipped: “That’s brain damage – the result of too much computer work!”
Derek Prince has since died.

One Person's Character Weaknesses
20th Sept 2000. M. Three areas of one person’s Life
I saw a caravan, parked in a field. Strewn all over this field were this person’s possessions. It was so untidy I was aghast! I couldn’t believe that he could leave things all over the place. There were boxes left open, the contents open to the elements, just carelessly left to get ruined. There were tins and containers and bottles and everything you could imagine all left lying around. The owner was obviously nonchalant about what he possessed! He just didn’t seem to care.

Then the scene switched to another ‘segment’ or ‘compartment’ of his life. There I saw a fenced compound, in which he had packed all the equipment he owned. He seemed to hoard things that looked like gates. They were packed in so tightly that I wondered how on earth he could get so many into such a small space. Clearly, he valued these things and he hoarded them. I sensed there was some greed attached to this, for he didn’t need all these.

Then the third area of his life came into view, represented by a timber-framed one-room building. It was nothing special, but he was sitting in this room with a few other people, chatting. It showed that he valued social contact and enjoyed sharing time with his friends.

Meaning: This is a pictorial representation of three aspects of this person’s psyche, showing character weaknesses. The dream is not meant as a put-down, but to encourage reform.

Outreach To Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya
23rd Sept 2000. M. 2 Dreams
1) Three skips. I filled one with top soil and wanted to save the soil and move it to another place. On top of this I had put some timber boards that I had salvaged from somewhere. The boards were not being utilised where they were, so I took them to make use of them. There was a lot going on.
Meaning: The skips signified three areas of activity, and a lot was happening. Our ministry outreach to Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Someone Who Is Spiritually Zipped Up
2) A woman was doing some work to a road. She was doing a man’s job. Her man was like a hippy with long hair and a long robe. He was fixed to the ground somehow by a zip. He was not free to move. After she had done the job to the surface of the road, she motioned to him, and he was able to move over to where she was. I noticed that the zip was undone and there was a 6-9 inch split in the road surface. He zipped up the fastener and moved the 6 or 9 inches to his new spot.
Effectively, she was running the operation and he was her lackey. She had him tied to the ground. But he didn’t seem to mind this. He was accommodating.
Then another man came on the scene and, still bent over, on her knees like a dog or cat, she rubbed her shoulders against this man’s legs in what was a show of affection.
Meaning: A woman who has her husband tied down so he has little or no freedom to move. After doing what she wants with him, she will turn her affections toward another man.
The dream was about specific individuals known to us. It shows both these individuals' wrong approaches.

The Gibraltar Rock
24th September 2000. M. Dream of The Gibraltar Rock
I was looking for a place where we could move to, where our ministry could effectively operate. An agent took me to a property in Whiteleaf (a most prestigious area near Princes Risborough). It was a rather old Victorian building, nothing special. It needed a lot of modernising and decorating. Outside, there was hardly any distance between the property and the adjoining house. I didn’t think it was suitable, so I asked the agent if he had anything else, more secluded and private.

He took me through a dense Hazel coppice. There was no undergrowth because of the dense canopy, only leaves on the ground. It was somewhat dark. We wound our way through the trees until we came onto what was a hardly noticeable path. Then we started to run.

The skip in my step suddenly became pronounced. I was running in the spirit. It was delightful. I had a new lease of life, and bounded with energy. It was like being young all over again. Finally, we came to the edge of the wood. It opened out into a quarry where rock had been hewn. To my right was the quarry face, a lovely blue-grey rock. To the left was the home, a beautiful frontage of dark mahogany and glass. It was called The Gibraltar Rock. Over in the distance on the far side of the quarry was what looked like a model village, or the quaint houses from Gulliver’s Travels. They were picturesque and very pretty. It was all a wonderful sight to behold. I asked the agent how much? He did not reply and the dream ended. It was most vivid and uplifting.

Meaning: About new premises God will provide for this ministry’s offices and packing facilities. Confirmation that what God has up ahead of us in this ministry is good, and that we need not be anxious about it. He has what can only be described as the best in store, so that His name is glorified.

Large Selection Of MM Publications
25th September 2000. H. 3 Dreams
1) Clothing. A trader set up a big stall full of different clothing items. There was a large selection.
Meaning: God is making truth available through our publications to help people to put on robes of righteousness – preparing the Church to be the Bride.

2) Flooded Land. The area was flooded. I had to go up a hill to find dry land.
Meaning: God is going to flood the land with His power. [Shortly afterwards this happened in the physical in many areas of this country. Several rivers overflowed their banks.]

We Have To Be Very Careful
3) Our driving. I was driving a car, and took constant care not to lose control of the car.
Meaning: Besides being a reminder to all to beware going astray spiritually, and to be constantly vigilant to avoid it, the dream also hints at how vulnerable we are financially.

The Spacious House Coming
27th September. H. 2 Dreams
1) Spacious House. I was led to a house where there were spacious rooms, and space to expand – welcome at this time.
Meaning: The expansion coming in our work.

Cleaning Up The House of God
2) House needing cleaning. There was a room which had to be cleaned up. Doors were dirty and sticky. It needed tidying. The carpet was dirty, and there was a dead mouse that needed cleaning up. Another mouse was alive, and needed to be killed.
Meaning: God at work in the lives of people He is calling. A physical analogy of what is going on in the Church and with which our ministry is very much involved.

Our Car Overheats
28th September 2000. H.  Car overheated
The car I was driving had overheated. I had to stop and push the car to where I was able to get help. There was a house where people helped us to sort things out.
Meaning: Humanly, this ministry is impossible to operate. The only reason we survive is: God.
The dream hinted at what was coming: we had to take on serious debts over the next four years to manage to keep going.

No Eggs In Stock
30th September 2000. H. No eggs in stock
I tried to buy eggs from a supermarket, but there weren’t any. I asked someone where the eggs were and they said that there were none. I felt that the eggs were unavailable because of the risk of disease.
[Significantly, the Daily Mail carried a front page article on November 4th 2000, entitled “Food Bug Fear Over Chickens”. The dream may be predicting a further development concerning eggs, which will cause them to become scarce in the future. In early 2005, Bird Flu in the East is raising alarm.]

People Steal From Us
1st October 2000. H. Trust taken advantage of
I was waiting for some meals, and had £50 in my hand. I left it on the counter for a while but I kept an eye on it. However, it was soon taken by someone.
Meaning: We trust some people, but they take advantage of our trust. How some people have stolen money from us.

Trials Effect Spiritual Cleansing
5th October 2000. H.
1) Cancer. I was picking bits of cancer from skin.
Meaning: The need for spiritual cleansing in many Christians. God uses trials to get rid of spiritual uncleanness, and impurities. Cancer cells are harmful, and if they are allowed to remain untreated, they multiply, eventually killing the patient.

Massive Task!
2) 12 ft Giant. I saw a 12 ft tall giant. He was huge compared to my height.
Meaning: We have to grow more for the job we have to do. there is a big job ahead.

About Homosexuality
10th October 2000. H. Two men were making 'love' together. Their behaviour was learned.
Meaning: Homosexual behaviour is perverse. It is influenced by demons and passed on to others. It is a learned behaviour. It is not genetically inherited (which is often used as an excuse by homosexuals to justify their perverseness.)

Our Lost Money Returned
11th October 2000. H. Lost wallet returned
I shopped at Sainsbury’s and lost my wallet. When I went there the next time, the lady at the checkout recognised me and returned my wallet to me with the money still in it.
Meaning: The money we have ‘lost’ will be returned to us. (God is encouraging us by this, so that we don’t need to be overly concerned because of our present lack of finance.)

A Stranger Visits
12th October 2000. H. 2 Dreams
1) Stranger wanting to meet us. Someone wanted to meet us and get acquainted with us. I gave him a warm welcome.
This was fulfilled when a man from Ethiopia visited us.

Forthcoming Publicity
2) We had to secure our property
We had to get the gates shut so that outsiders couldn’t get in. We could watch what was going on outside.
Meaning: The dream depicts forthcoming publicity after the dead are raised. We will see it all on TV.

Someone's Lack Of Consideration
24th October 2000. M. Dream of Farm Scene
It was a Scottish farm, not literal, but figurative. A man drove his car up to this farm, which was basically a living room with some animals in front of it, outside. I sensed that these creatures were able to come and go – inside as well as out. As this person drove up, some animals with their young were lying down on the ground in front of the building. But, he took no care as he drove up. The older animals sensed the danger and got out of the way, but the young ones were unaware of the danger to them and just lay there. I thought they would get run over, but thankfully, they didn’t. It was a miracle some did not get squashed under the wheels of his car!
The dream conveyed his self-will and carelessness, as he ‘bulldozed’ his way to where he wanted to go. Another part of the dream conveyed how I had to care for this person and help him, spiritually.

Caring For Plants
24th October 2000. H. Plants. I was caring for plants, and preparing the flower beds.
The plants represent people God is nurturing spiritually. The dream uses an analogy that was fulfilled physically in 2004 and 2005 as Helena began to nurture plants and offer them to others by the roadside. These 'little' dreams show the complete foreknowledge of God.

Adjusting The Headlights
27th October. M. Adjusting the Headlights
Under the headlights of cars there is usually a small screw by which you can adjust the tilt of the beam. In this dream I was adjusting it.
Meaning: Getting ready for what God is next going to do, shining His light and power. We are preparing at the moment for this outpouring by getting our facilities and publications ready for the increased activity that will come as a result.

MM's Progress
30th October. H. Two cars were coming onto a roundabout very slowly. They were staying on the edge of the road so as not to get in the way of the main traffic.
Meaning: Concerning our ministry progress in certain details. Things are moving in the right direction, but slowly.

31st October 2000. H. 2 Dreams
1) Tornado. There was a tornado coming towards our property. I saw it coming from the upstairs window. I prayed for God’s protection and the tornado stopped. We were safe!!
There were very strong winds, above storm force, which threatened our property some while after this. We commanded the storm to abate, and it did a few minutes later.

Christians Need 'Replanting'
2) Special plants needing moving. I had a few special plants growing under the bushes. One was a banana plant. They were a bit too close to the roots of a bush. I was concerned that the plants were overshadowed by the bushes and that the plants’ growth would be stunted. They needed to be transplanted to give them more space and light.
Meaning: Some Christians can be overshadowed by churches and ministries, therefore their spiritual growth is stunted, unless they are moved where they can receive more light of the truth.

Juicy Spiritual Fruit Coming In Africa
1st November 2000. M. Huge juicy fruit! In this dream I saw some huge, juicy oranges. They were the fruit of our ministry in Africa. Although they were sweet like oranges, they were bigger than grapefruits – almost as large as footballs!

Nuclear Attack!
1st November 2000. M. Nuclear Attack!
It was as if I was in a tower block of flats in some large city in this country. As I looked out of the window, what I saw astonished me. A huge, tall, black pillar or column of smoke towered up into the sky and on the top was a massive mushroom head or cloud. For several moments I looked at this thing, not sure what to make of it. What was I seeing? Surely it could not be a nuclear explosion!? I could not believe my eyes! I was absolutely incredulous, but that is what it was!
Then I saw another one, and another... There were about three or four of these atomic mushroom clouds on pillars of black smoke. Then a wave of fear hit me. I sensed in a small way the emotional reaction that someone in that position would sense. I realised that death was inevitable, and prayed to God to protect me. But as I prayed, I felt a sense of inadequacy and doubt. I wondered whether God would hear my prayer. I felt that I had not been close to Him and that I did not have the intimacy with Him which I should have now in this hour of desperation.
Meaning: I experienced some of those people's feelings. Seek the Lord while He may be found (Isaiah 55:6).

New People; New Developments
2nd November 2000. H. Caring for plants.
We were moving into a new area, and had to take care of the plants and land.
New developments ahead. New people.

Blood Sucking Leeches In Africa
3rd November 2000. H.  Blood Sucking Leeches
1) Many blood sucking leeches were attached to my feet. They had two heads and a looped body so I was able to pull them off by their bodies. I was constantly having to pull them off. It was a continual struggle.
Meaning: Many have sapped our strength from the ministry. Instead of helping us with the burden, they added to it substantially. We have had to take time to sort out their difficulties. While the dream portrays a common problem with the approach of those in Africa, others have behaved selfishly, too, sapping our strength.

People Helped And Healed
2) More people, and social occasions. People are helped and healed. Lots going on! (What lies ahead.)

Independent And Capable Person
11th November 2000 H. 3 Dreams
1) Dream of a pool which was covered. There were lights flashing through the covering from underneath. I found a big fish, a cod, lying on the dry ground instead of being in the pool [being independent]. I wanted to give it some well water to keep it alive.
Meaning: About someone we know who is resisting swimming in the life-giving waters of the Spirit. He is a self- made man. Capable people find it hard to truly submit to God.

2) Coins. I was in possession of some coins. One was a £10 coin which was unusually big.
Meaning: Some financial help.

Someone Wants All For Himself
3) One lady asked me if I had a coin with a special head on it. She wanted it.
Portrays what a man from
Africa wanted from us for his work for God. He wanted to take all that we have worked so hard for, and use it selfishly for himself.

Without God You Mess Things Up
13th November 2000. H. Someone messed up the wallpapering job. Someone had papered a long wall in a nice satin beige paper. It looked fine from the distance, but it wasn't right. Soon the wallpaper got into a tangle and couldn't be used. It was one big mess!
Meaning: Trying to accomplish something in the flesh gets people into trouble.

There's No Excuse – Truth Is Here
16th Nov 2000. H. 2 Dreams
1) The time is here to sign an agreement – the New Covenant.
The time has come when Christians will be required to live according to the rules in the Word. The truth is available. There can be no more excuses when the truth is proclaimed clearly.
2) A dream about two people whom we know who are separated and who will come back together again.

Church Needs Radical Restoration
18th Nov 2000. M. The Empty Shell of a Building
I was standing on a road, looking right into the empty shell of a building. It was tall (about 20 feet above ground) and went into the ground quite deep too (about ten feet below ground), but there was nothing in it. It was a mess, with old paint and paper peeling off the walls. It looked like a bombed out building in London during the Blitz. No one seemed to care about the state of this building. When I looked at it I thought “This has got such great potential. Why doesn’t someone do something?! It could have floors put in and made so much more productive and useful.”
Meaning: An allegory of the empty state of the Church. It has deep traditions and great potential, but it needs radical transformation. It needs the disciplined work of incorporating the missing aspects of the faith once delivered into its structure to make it what it should be. But who cares to do that? No one, it would seem!

Tolerating Demons
22nd Nov 2000. M. ‘Wormy things’ in Bedding.
In this dream I was looking at someone’s bed. The duvet on top and the mattress underneath had lots of wriggling ‘wormy things’ in them. They were red in colour. It was a repulsive sight. I wondered how a person could put up with this situation, but it seemed that it didn’t bother them.
Meaning: At this time we had a man staying with us who had a number of demonic strongholds in his life. His selfishness and self motivation and direction in his spiritual life are compared to the physical bedding.
Neglect, compromise and selfish pursuit allow demons to live in a person. God was illustrating his spiritual neglect through a pictorial physical analogy.

27th Nov 2000. M. Hindus
This dream featured a Hindu man who was sitting at a table with another person and myself. He was really convinced about the correctness of his religion. He was telling the other person all about it, and about the ‘miracles’ in his life which he felt were divinely accomplished. He was convinced that he was inspired by God, that his life had been guided by God, and that he should convert others to his faith.
I sat quietly listening to this ‘guff’, but after a while I could take no more and I suddenly blurted out that his religion was a sham; that his ‘guidance’ was not from God, but from demons. He was horrified at what I said! I made no apologies, although I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.
As I continued talking, his manner and attitude changed. Instead of being aghast that I should disagree with his conclusions, he began to see that I could be right after all.
Comment: Another dream about Hindus is on pages 23 and 24. Nothing is more convincing to people than to SEE God's power at work. Few, who want truth, argue then.

A Man Not Up To The Job
30th Nov 2000. H. 2 Dreams
1) A man was setting out on a journey but felt unwell. We gave him something to comfort him. He had to rest because he felt weak.
Spiritually this man is not up to the job ahead of him. Fulfilled by a person in the Midlands.

Evangelist Benny Hinn With Us
2) Benny Hinn. There were many Christians with us. Benny Hinn and two others were staying with us. Benny was very excited about the angel experience that occurred in Kenya. I offered to make them coffee, but first I wanted to give them the booklet Miraculous Manifestations. These booklets were on the floor and someone had trodden them into the dirt and had rubbished them. They were not fit to give out anymore. I had to look for another booklet. Richard was sitting there.
I said to the other Christians that the friends from Jordan should have been here and there would have been enough room for them. It seems that they will miss out on all the excitement! There were a good number of others who were staying with us.
Meaning: The friends from Jordan are Christians known to another friend of ours. They needed a place to stay for a while and could have stayed with us, but they were discouraged from coming because of circumstances. God is saying that He wanted them to meet us. They should have come, and we would have been able to accommodate them, despite our friend’s misgivings about it.
Our literature being trodden into the dirt depicts the way most believers disrespect our publications and fail to appreciate the spiritual value of what they contain.
Benny Hinn figuring in this dream shows that he will get to hear about us through the miraculous events ahead and the publicity which will follow. His fascination by the angel experience in
Kenya recounted in Miraculous Manifestations is understandable. He has a God-given miraculous gifting and that sort of thing is immensely popular to include in his TV programme / evangelistic outreach.

Malcolm Heap Called Out
1st Dec 2000. M. My Name is Called Out! I dreamed that I was sitting at the back of our meeting hall, in the corner. I was quite happy being there. But suddenly someone called out loud “Malcolm Heap” as if he were announcing my name for some important reason, and I had to come forward.
Meaning: Shows the way I am, that I am somewhat shy and retiring by nature. But also tells of being projected into prominence ahead. (Oh, dear!)

1st Dec 2000. H. Publicity
God was showing me how some people are self-publicist. They are so famous that whatever they do becomes public knowledge. God showed me that we will be put in that position.

Diana Returns
2nd Dec 2000. H. Diana’s Return
God was using different methods to accomplish healing. Someone's head was opened with a big knife. I was telling about Diana being brought back to life in order to be a witness for the gospel to the rich and famous. Some people were listening.
Meaning: God has to use some drastic measures to get through to some ‘thick skulls’ before He can help and save them. Diana’s return will be one such measure, which God will use to get through to some of the rich and famous.

Aylesbury Will Hear
3rd Dec 2000. H. Clearing the path to Aylesbury
In this dream the country lane was overgrown, so I was clearing a way to Aylesbury with a strimmer.
Meaning: God is preparing a way to witness to this town.

Witnessing To Many People
4th Dec 2000. H. Big bus full of people
Someone arrived in a big bus full of people. The driver had to be careful driving it so not to tip it over.
Meaning: God is preparing us for unusual public events which have to be handled rather carefully.

Many Don't Listen!
5th Dec 2000. H. Some people are just not listening to what God is trying to tell them! An older man was listening to a tape about the Ark of the Covenant. I was in another room. I got annoyed at the man because he wasn't listening, but I could hear the message from my bed next door!
Meaning: One man is not listening to the truth. It applies to him, but it also applies to many others who are just like him. They are more involved in doing their own thing than in caring about God’s truth and what He has to say.

Money Needed, And Found
6th Dec 2000. H. Money found in old coat pockets
Someone gave me an old coat. I went through the pockets and found some money. In one pocket there was a small amount, and in the other was a good amount. I was very pleased, as we were in need.
Meaning: Illustrates our financial position. We are often in dire need, but God supplies our needs miraculously!

Arrogant People Ignore What We Say
7th Dec 2000. H. [Person’s name withheld] visited us. When I welcomed him he hardly looked at me and practically ignored me. Yet, there were others who moved near us and settled.
Meaning: God was revealing this person’s obduracy and unwillingness to heed anything that comes from us. This sort of response is rooted in an arrogant spirit.

Paparazzi Won't Leave Us Alone
8th Dec 2000. H. Man following me everywhere
A man sat next to me and would not leave me alone. I couldn't go anywhere without him following me.
Meaning: Yet another dream about publicity. The publicity machine and paparazzi hound people for newscopy.

Others Will Build Upon The Foundation We Have Laid
11th Dec 2000. M. Three Dreams.
1. Many Watching the Builders. In this dream some bungalows or houses were being built of bricks. The bricklayers were building on what I had previously built. I got the sense that they were doing a good job and the brickwork was very colourful and attractive. What was more fascinating was that quite a crowd of onlookers had gathered to watch this interesting work. In an aside, I saw a small wall of about three or four bricks high which I had only built as a temporary divider to keep two things apart, I saw that someone had built more bricks on top of it. They were a different colour and looked out of place. This wall was not straight but was in a flat S-shape.
Meaning: The foundation we have laid in this ministry is now being built upon by others, and will continue to be. It will attract considerable attention. People even value the temporary things we have produced, which were never intended as permanent pieces of literature to teach doctrinal truth (such as Raising the Dead – Testimonies in Our Time). They even utilise and ‘build upon’ these also. (One brother from Africa planned to translate this into his native tongue, yet it contains no doctrinal truth of what I would call lasting value. They are merely anecdotes.)

In Scotland
2. Trip to Scotland. In this dream I was preparing to go to Scotland. I was looking forward to the trip. It would be a change of scene. When I arrived, there was a woman who was very friendly. It was as if we were buying her house, or she wanted to donate her home to us, or something like that.
I was quite content to sit out in the village square under a tree to eat my sandwiches, but she looked out for me and invited me in, and wanted to share all she had with us. She wanted to be really generous towards us. While it was a wonderful attitude, I felt a bit put out by it, because I was quite content with being where I was, under the shade of the tree.

Some Things Ahead In This Work
3. Considering New Innovations. In this dream I was in the builders’ merchants. I saw some prefabricated panels which I thought would be useful to line some walls. I had never seen any of these before. I thought “What a good idea!”
Meaning: God is showing ahead of time that we are moving into a new phase of His work, one in which expansion is involved, and the acquisition of other buildings, some of which may well need adapting.

David G With Us
12th Dec 2000. M. David G. David (full name withheld) was with me, in this dream. It was as if I had inherited a large area of land, like an old aerodrome or run-down estate, with acres of farmland attached to it. This property would have been very desirable to those with a keen eye on property development. It provided a lot of scope to do things. The dream also conveyed that David was with me, co-operating with our work in some way. In the next scene David’s daughter was looking for a place to continue her occupation. It seemed as though we provided her with an area or facilities in our place where she could do it.

We Have Been Fleeced
13th Dec 2000. M. People Stealing Our Money.
In this dream, God showed our money for this ministry being stolen from us by stealth. Someone asked to borrow some money from me, and of course I obliged. But then they borrowed again... and again. It was in small amounts but it was causing me concern, because it could jeopardise our financial viability.

What was worse, God showed me that this person could die soon, and if that happened I would be unable to retrieve the money they owed me unless I got them to sign an IOU so that I could recover the money through their estate after their death. So, on the 13th I dreamed (this was in the dream – I dreamt I was dreaming!) that I should ask this person to sign an IOU, saying that they owed me £500 or something. Then, again on the 26th, I did the same again, concerning another individual who had also reduced our effectiveness by ‘borrowing’ from us.

Meaning: The 13th and 26th of the month indicate Satan’s interference in our finances and the failure of some individuals to check his influence, thereby causing our ministry harm financially. People can allow Satan to disrupt things in several ways, and God is not pointing out specific ways, but spiritual principles at the root of these difficulties.

At the top of the list there are selfishness and pride. Then there is fear – fear of man, fear to change, fear to do what is right because it could jeopardise one’s own physical interests. There are other factors which allow Satan a home, such as rebellion, self-will, and lusts of the flesh.

The Rebellious Argue With Us
13th Dec 2000. H. I was talking to a group of people explaining to them the purpose of our ministry and what God was doing to prepare the Church. After they listened they argued and didn’t want to learn anymore.
Typically, people don’t care to inculcate the truth we are promoting.

Contacts With Many People
14th Dec 2000. H. I was trying different jackets to see how they fitted.
Changes are coming. I need to be prepared to fit into any situation that arises.

15th Dec 2000. H. I was in a large building mixing with many people, showing and explaining things. Then I took some- one with me to visit another place. There were more people to see. On the way there we went through a huge construction site where there was a lot of building going on and a highway under construction. There were big holes with cisterns for collecting water, with buckets rotating and drawing the water.
Meaning: The highway which is being constructed is meant to unite the Church and give us one way to God. It is a job of immense proportions and complexity.

Cleaning Up Vomit
17th Dec. H. Cleaning up messes, vomit, and bags of sick.
Meaning: Spiritually people have compromised in their lives, and through sin, they have allowed the devil to create a mess in their lives. It falls our lot to help them. It is not easy.

Selfish Takers
18th Dec 2000. H. We had to work hard to clean up, build and alter some living quarters. A person came along and claimed them as their own.
Meaning: Depicts the fact that we have had to work hard over many years to have a place that can be used as a ministry HQ. We have also had to work equally hard to write the publications for the spiritual benefit of others. However, many people just ‘come along’ and take the products of our efforts without considering the sacrifice. They don’t appreciate what it took to produce all this. Their approach is selfish. They want to benefit from these things, but their appreciation is shallow.

Having To Walk For Lack Of Money
21st Dec 2000. M. Dream of Not Moving On
Aylesbury was completely snarled up with traffic. It just wasn’t moving at all. So I walked from
Mount Pleasant (where Stella Smith used to live – we often went there) to the other side of town where I needed to go. I couldn’t drive because of the circumstances. I just had to walk.
Meaning: Our present situation. Financially, we are not solvent. Circumstances not of our own making have prevented us driving ahead at speed, so we use the only option we have available. We go much slower. We walk.
Two other things which were also shown in the dream. As I was walking I was eating, and in my left hand I was carrying something that looked like truffles. They were brown, knobbly things.
Meaning: Eating = taking in truth, as we are continually willing to learn. Truffles are very rare and expensive. They are considered a delicacy which few can have. So is the truth God has given us. Only the minority are privy to it.

The Work Is Hard-Going
21st Dec 2000. H. I was going to plant potatoes in the ground, but the land was very heavy clay.
Meaning: God is ready to put the seed in the ground but people don’t want more of God and His truth. There is resentment and hostility to what God is doing.

22nd Dec 2000. H. A flood
There was a flood everywhere. Big water containers were full. It was hard to move about. I was helping people, making tea, making them comfortable. There was dirt and rubbish to clear off the table. Someone was helping me.
Meaning: Revival (flood) is almost here. God’s power will become visible to others, and when this happens people’s lives have to be cleaned up. The table should not have been polluted with filth. God’s truth should be put on a clean table.

22nd Dec 2000. M. Dream of 29.
This dream was ‘heavy’. There was oppression and negative things in it, but I don’t recall any of it other than when I awoke the number 29 was impressed on my mind. 29 = expectation of judgement.
Meaning: Expect judgement to fall on those who should be in God’s will, but who are not.

The New Bank
23rd Dec 2000. M. Dream of New Bank. (Good, we could do with some money.)
I was going down the A 418, the road outside our home. On the stretch of road near Dinton crossroads, there were some houses (where there are only open fields at the moment). I noticed a new bank which had just opened, and felt drawn to it. It was a small bank, and somehow I knew it was operated by one person. The nameboard on the front of the bank was tastefully done in dark blue and purple. I felt like banking there, so I called in to see the proprietor. She was a widow, and I was glad to meet her. She was finding the schedule hard. She said she had to be on call from 6 am to 2 pm, and then again in the evening from
6 pm. I didn’t quite understand, but I could tell that it was a burden to her. I felt sorry for her and wanted to help. I felt an affinity with her. There was one other customer present when I was talking with her, and I was glad to get to know her. I wanted to encourage our friendship, which was only superficial at the moment, purely on a business level.
Meaning: Our changing situation and the new circumstances just ahead to do with financial help, etc.

Many Christians Still Have Idols
23rd Dec 2000. H. Vision of a collection of idols, of different shapes and sizes, some fat and round, some small and knobbly. I was also shown an idol to the sun god: It was a flat and round face with spikes all round.
Meaning: Christians are unaware that they have many idols, keeping them in sin and in contact with the demonic.

Held Back And Not Ready
24th December 2000. M. Not Ready! 
Someone wanted to buy my blue Ford Escort, but the driver's door paintwork was in an awful mess. It wasn't ready for them. I had to spray it, but the spray job I did on it was not very good. It was rushed and unfinished. I believe the meaning to be that God is ready to do what He has said, while we are not quite there yet. To do with publicity coming after the dead are raised, and preparing some of our publications with better covers / presentation. Moreover, we have been held back by lack of support – financial, moral and practical assistance.

Two Levels
24th Dec 2000. H. Two levels of activity
I was sorting things out on an aeroplane, making sure that everything was all right. Then I was on the ground using a vacuum cleaner.
Meaning: There will be two levels of activity. One on a higher plane and another at a more mundane level.

25th Dec 2000. H. 3 Dreams
1) I saw a lady sorting out her house. Old furniture had been thrown out and left in the garden, and she was putting new furniture in. I saw a man with her very briefly. (Personal meaning for someone we know.)
2) I was loving and caring towards a baby. (Personal meaning for another individual.)

Christmas Honours The Sun-god Not The Son of God
3) Vision of a sun god (idol).
Meaning: This dream has to do with Christmas celebrations, which are idolatrous and originate in sun worship. God hates Christmas!!

Don't Compromise Over The Sabbath
25th Dec 2000. M. Complacency and Compromise
A man was running a pub, but he also knew the truth about the Sabbath and that Christmas is pagan. He was rather proud of the fact that he had taken part of our booklet on Christmas, enlarged it and made it into a poster which he was going to hang up on the wall of his pub. (His poster was rather good! It wasn’t rubbish. It showed his cleverness and ingenuity.) But it surprised me what this man’s approach was to keeping the Sabbath. On Fridays he would let his pub stay open until
8 pm in the winter, even though sundown was hours earlier; he compromised the Sabbath in that way. He was complacent about it. It didn’t bother him at all. He preferred to follow the expedient route than what is strictly correct.
Meaning: It is illustrating a particular person’s approach.

Man From Morris Cerullo's Ministry
26th Dec 2000. M. 3 Dreams
1) A man from Morris Cerullo’s ministry came to see us. He was affable, but he didn’t want to talk about the doctrinal aspects of our ministry. He discussed some things with us to do with Morris’s ministry, and he had some justified criticisms of it.

Empty Materialism And Wealth
2) A Road in Suburbia
I was travelling down a road where all the houses were one after another. Cars were in the driveways. Everything was neat and orderly. At the end of the road, there was a bend, as it turned into another street. On this corner, I saw a garage with four collector’s cars parked in a new garage which the son of the owner had built. These things were the treasured possessions of people whose lives were bound up in the physical. It was all so mundane. It all seemed so foreign to me. I doubt if these people had much thought about God.
Meaning: The materialism that is endemic in this land.

£2½ - 3 Million
3) A Lady and a Man
This lady and man came to visit us, as they had surely been instructed by the Lord to do so. She sat at a table with me and talked; the man stood some way off in the background. Perhaps he was her partner who just accompanied her. He was not involved in the conversation. At the square table which could seat four, she sat to my left. She told me that she was to give me a large sum of money, perhaps 2½ to 3 million pounds. The figure was approximate, but I knew it was very big.

I asked if we could draw it all out of her bank account at one time and she said that was OK. I was astonished and asked her whether she would prefer me to withdraw it in several amounts. She said that would not be necessary. Thinking she might wonder why she was to give such a large sum of money to us, I explained that God had told us that we should get a warning out to the nation about its imminent future, so that people would know why Britain’s demise is coming.

Comment: The Great Tribulation is so close now, and money is soon going to be worthless. Money cannot save you. Only God can do that through His truth. So it's top of God's list of priorities to get His truths out while we can. The money is not for us, but to achieve God's objective for us in this Work of His.

26th Dec. 2000. H. Tidying up logs
Meaning: Making preparations for the future.

Making A Bomb Safe
27th Dec 2000. H. 2 Dreams
1) We had to isolate a bomb and make it safe.
Meaning: Some situations are explosive and need careful handling.
2) I was on top of a roof. There was a slender tree growing which had to be broken off.
Being on the roof means being visible, in full public view. Breaking off the slender tree has to do with an aspect of our work for Jesus.

Lack of £'s
27th Dec 2000. M. 2 Dreams
1) Dream of Vehicle Faltering. I was driving a car, but the car was not running smoothly. It kept faltering. So I thought I should go and buy some spark plugs or plug leads. I went off to buy two spark plugs (not four as one would normally do). There were a number of people in the queue at the shop, so I had to wait. As I stood there waiting, I realised that I hadn’t got the code number of the plug, so I turned around to go and get it from the car and said to the guy in the queue behind me, “I’ll be back in a minute”, hopeful that he would let me back in the queue when I returned. At my car, I looked for the engine, but there wasn’t one. It was a most unusual contraption, all home made. Amazing that it went at all, really!
Meaning: A pictorial depiction of our ministry at the moment; how it has been faltering because of lack of finance; how we have to wait; how we have to put up with inconvenience; and how our ministry is all a result of our own efforts, not others’, as God has guided us.

Careless Person Breaks The Sabbath
2) Dream of Glass Being Broken
The scene was a building under construction. It was quite large and obviously a fairly long-term venture that would take some years to build. I was doing the building. I bought some glass, all various sizes, for glazing the windows, and before it could be installed, I stacked it at the top of the building. It was all open to the sky above.

When I came back later to see it, I found that it had been broken. Someone, somehow, in their carelessness, had smashed it! They obviously didn’t care! I was horrified and really upset. I was puzzling as to how anyone could be so heartless! It was so inept and inane to break it.

Meaning: Windows are to let light in. God’s Word is light (Ps 119:105). The Church has windows in its walls. These represent its ability to incorporate truth into its structure.

The pieces of glass represent individual doctrines from God’s Word. But people don’t like the truth and when they don’t care, they break God’s commandments and other aspects of His Word. To ‘smash’ God’s precious truths in this way, with impunity, is reckless and so hard-hearted.

This action hinders the Work God is doing through us in restoring this truth and glazing the windows for the Church’s completion.

Comment: The most frequently broken commandment in the lives of many Christians is most probably the Sabbath. Very few want to obey that one. Most prefer to 'keep' Sunday, so they can get what they want in society, either work-wise, financially or socially. They don't put God first. They commit idolatry.

Reuben Oviomor had a dream in 1992 which complements the one above, so I include it here:

I found myself in a very large hall [the Church], full of men and women singing praises to our Heavenly Father and it was a worship service. The man next to me was conducting the service while I was commissioned to preach the sermon.

As the praises were going on then I was in the spirit (within the dream) and I saw a very clear revelation about what the devil is doing concerning the Sabbath message.

I saw a man. In fact, this man was as black [depicts sin] as if he was out of the oven of fire. This man was in a serious action tightening a nut in a wall [we are involved in building the wall of the Church, through teaching God's truths to people], and the nut was big. It was the size of a bicycle wheel! His actions were so ambitious and determined that I sensed that he would even choose to lose his life than to stop what he was doing.

Later, I saw three men trying to stop what he was doing so as to loosen the nut, but no sooner had they started than they became tired.

The same man would come again to continue what he was doing. In fact, this placed me in a confusion. [He was perplexed by it.]

I then saw that a man [an angel] was standing by me. He said, “It should not surprise you to see this man doing what he is now doing; that man is an agent of Satan doing the very assignment given to him, with all his might.”

I was then told that he was commissioned to resist all the financial source of the real elect of God so that they might not be able to reach the world with the true message of salvation especially the Sabbath and the feasts. And that when the true message is delayed, a lot of people will die in ignorance, and when this happens those that are meant to spread this message will be held responsible for its not being known or heard of. Reuben Oviomor, Nigeria

Dishonourable Motive In Successful People
28th December 2000. M. Lust for Power or Willingness to Serve?
I was walking down a street, talking to a young man. I was explaining that the motive underlying the success of many accomplished people in society was not a worthy one. A lust for power over others, a desire to control and dominate, lay at the root of these people’s accomplishment. These ‘successes’ in life included many politicians, bankers, lawyers, accountants, businessmen, etc., – the ‘reputable’ people, as society looks at things.

I also explained that this is the reason many go into the clergy – to pursue their motives of seeking pre-eminence and power; to be looked up to, to be highly esteemed by others over whom they exert their influence.

As I was saying these things in this public place, another man overheard the conversation. He fully concurred with it.
I also explained that conversely, the ‘ordinary man in the street’ has little influence over the lives of others. The only way he is noticed is by his example.

Selfishness Is Stupid And Blind
29th Dec 2000. M. Selfish Determination
I was selling a caravan, but the caravan had two windows broken which I had bought and was about to replace. They were not yet installed. They cost me £750. A man wanted to buy the caravan and offered me £700 for it, but I refused and said that I was not going to accept less than £750. He persisted in offering me £700 and I kept telling him “£750”. He was adamant that he would offer no more, even though I told him that I had paid £750 for the windows and that I still had to fit them also. I wasn’t making anything out of it. But it made no difference. He wanted the caravan for £700 and that was it! Finally, I said, “OK, you can have it for £700 like it is.” He agreed. But the windows were not installed, and I wondered what sort of fool he was to want it in that condition. It seemed his pride was more important to him – that he had to get the caravan for the price he wanted, not what I wanted.
Meaning: This is a trait of human nature. It reflects the selfishness that is inside man, which makes him adamant, immovable and inflexible to the point of being unreasonable. It is even harmful to his interests but he is blind to that.

Wonderful Caring Person
28th Dec 2000. H. There was a young man who was fond of me and rather caring in a special way.
Meaning: Some people will show us love and support in our work.

Evil 'Vampire' Person
29th Dec 2000. H. This was a vivid dream of a man (foreigner) sucking blood out of another man’s neck. He stopped to take a breath and then went back again for the kill.
Meaning: A specific message of warning to a particular person we know. A year or so after the dream was given, a foreigner did just that – he sucked a man completely dry financially. He stole his financial lifeblood.

New Ministry Premises Coming
30th Dec 2000. M. 5 Dreams
1) Our New Place. In this dream, we were in new ministry premises. There were new challenges. There was a big L-shaped meeting room, which I thought could have been built as a gymnasium originally. There was some equipment there to one side which I had to look after. It seemed that I also had to supervise it being sent out for others to use.
There were acres and acres of open space outside, with a hilly area to climb. This had a muddy path uphill (obviously very popular with walkers!) and with my working shoes on (which have splits in them) I had to lift my feet up fast to try and prevent getting my feet too wet (depicts how we have gone without some personal things – we don’t mind).
Meaning: The new premises for the HQ of Midnight Ministries.

2) Helena had a new washing machine and had to learn how to use it.
Meaning: Again, to do with our changing circumstances. Spiritually, washing depicts cleansing from sin – helping people to clean up their clothes. Clothes represent righteous deeds and lifestyle (Rev 19:8).

3) My car key broke in the ignition. The stem broke off, leaving the key in the ignition.
Meaning: Depicts the difficult financial situation we have been in, hampering our ability to drive on.

4) Disused Tarmac Area
The scene was of undulating hills, like where we used to live previously in the Chilterns. But there were no trees, no grass. It was all tarmac. It was a disused industrial storage area like Vauxhall in Luton.
Meaning: Possibly referring to the economic recession which is going to get worse (and lead to depression?). Vauxhall in Luton have stopped production. Other core industries are suffering downturns, too. It was depicted as a place where we lived, showing that this recession or depression will affect all people. It will come close to home.

5) M B. In this dream I asked M B (a person we know who once worked for me) if he could arrange to obtain the equipment we needed for the cellar meeting hall. He moaned about the fact that there would be no money in it for him. So I suggested that if he phoned the supplier and told them to get the stuff ready, I would go and collect it and pay them direct.
Meaning: Reveals his selfish approach.

Comment: All these five dreams above have a bearing upon our Work of the Spirit.
1) The first is amply clear – that we will have a new place for our ministry HQ. What we have at present is insufficient.
2) The second dream illustrates MM's spiritual purpose.
3) Thirdly we are hamstrung for lack of finance. God is also showing ahead of time, that we will also be short in the future, because of the size of the operation and the speed with which it must be accomplished (revealed in other dreams).
4) The economic recession or depression that will exist at the time when we are thrust into prominence and the first dream comes to pass.
5) M B is just one of many who should have been helping us but whose selfishness precludes such ability. He illustrates the spiritual malaise predominant throughout churches.

Those Who Resent Us Are Moved By An Evil Spirit Of Murder
31st December 2000. M. Murder!
A man with a spirit of murder was threatening three women. It was as if he had almost murdered them.

Meaning: This dream, although short, is highly significant. It reveals one of the demonic influences behind the opposition against our ministry. It depicts what is actually happening in the spiritual realm, when people submit to this evil spiritual influence and hold hostility and resentment against us. We have been opposed by MANY from our former background, and also from others whom God brought across our path to test them. They failed the test because they cared more about themselves or their selfish pursuits in life, than they did about the Work of God which we are engaged in.

It is also relevant to three particular areas of God’s working in the Church. These three ‘groups’ of people were illustrated by women in the dream.

This dream is also analogous to Reuben’s dream of August 1992, described on page 49. Although we know this individual whom God singled out here, who was the focus of the dream, he is not alone in his mistake. There are many others who have committed equally heinous sins in their mind against us – and against God.

But I believe the dream was given, not only to highlight what people need to beware and repent of (that's the primary function of the work of a prophet and why God gives dreams – to bring people in repentance to Him), it also hints very strongly (to me) that this man will repent, turn around, and be used by God to great effect after enduring trials that God must allow because of his sins and wrong direction. 


Imagery Used In Dreams

God will often utilise everyday things with which you are familiar as imagery. For example, on page 48, logs were used in Helena's dream of 26th December to depict the spiritual truths we were busy 'sorting' out through MM publications.

The Almighty has His reasons. These are some of them:

1) By using something you are familiar with, you can more easily relate to the spiritual message He is conveying by comparison.

2) He is reminding you of His complete awareness of all you do in your life, down to the most insignificant detail.

3) He is able to encourage you in times when nothing much seems to be happening. He has to take you through lengthy period(s) of preparation – 'dry' times – when His presence does not seem apparent, and when you have to labour many days doing mundane physical things before the blessing comes.

You cannot be on the mountain peaks all the time. Hard work must be done in life's valleys most of the time. He is reminding you by using commonplace imagery that the way you use the commonplace things of life are as vital to His plan as the supernal things of His Spirit. For whoever is faithful in what is considered least is faithful in much.



[3]   Much more on this subject is contained in Dreams From God For the WCG. This publication contains accounts of what God has conveyed to us in dreams about the WCG (Num 12:6). Another highly relevant publication is God Speaks to the WCG. It explains how God showed His love to the people in this organisation, but how they rejected His input from the prophets He ‘sent’ to them. The result was that they fell under judgement. The book details what transpired.

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