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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10).

God's Precious Truths We Hold
1 Jan 1999. M. Dream of woman buying up everything
I could hardly believe it! She wanted to buy an old caravan we had up the back for £100. She also wanted to buy an old car for £200 which I didn’t think was worth anything much at all! She really valued these old items.
Meaning: The time is coming when the materials which we have possessed for a long time will be highly prized by others.

Physically-Minded (Un)Believers
2 Jan 1999. M. 2 Dreams.
1. Dream of a particular WCG minister. He wanted to show me around the brick shed which was annexed to the side of his garage. He had a new device in it that he had designed. He was very proud of this gadget, which was like a photocopier. I could see that he was very physically minded. There was no spiritual life. He also lacked wisdom and spiritual discernment, for I wondered to myself in the dream, “Doesn’t he know that he made us his enemies? Yet here he is talking with me as if nothing ever happened!” He oozed pride.

2. Dream of C M’s son (a WCG member). He was asking me for tyres for his BMX bike.
Interpretation: The WCG legacy: mere physical pursuit, virtually no desire for the things of the Spirit.

14th Jan 1999. M. 2 Dreams.
1. There were people on a ship, who wanted to get off the ship and swim some 200 yards to an island. But there was a general consensus against doing so. I couldn’t understand why people were dissuaded from taking the plunge. It was a pleasant swim. The water was not turbulent or cold. I could only think to myself, “What a waste of time.” People were put off going in the water and moving out by themselves. They were being made to procrastinate; were being held back by very subtle mental coercion.
Meaning: The way church leaders tend to put people off being more independent. They want you on board their ships!

Tongues NOT The Only Sign
2. About tongues. This dream conveyed how God doesn’t give speaking in tongues to quite a large number of Christians.
Meaning: The Pentecostal doctrine that tongues is the sign of the baptism in the Holy Spirit is incorrect. It is only part of the truth. While many receive tongues when they receive this baptism, many do not, even though they are baptised in the Spirit. They are given other gifts for use to the rest of the body.

Huge Damage The WCG Caused
20th Jan 1999. M. Dream of J. She was in a kitchen, waiting for us. It didn’t seem to be our kitchen. When we woke up [symbolic of a new beginning – when the miraculous anointing arrives] she came to see us and we met together in this kitchen.
Meaning: This person was a former friend before WCG hierarchy destroyed our relationship through their psychology. But relationships will be restored after God shows by miraculous power who is for Him and who is not.

29th January 1999. M. Dream of Tkach’s farce
This dream portrayed us attending a festival meeting of the WCG. A bucket of water got kicked over and created confusion all over the place. Tkach took this as a sign from God, a good omen, when in fact it was the opposite. He encouraged the confusion by his total lack of spiritual discernment!

Hostility of WCG
30th January 1999. H. 2 Dreams:
1) Of H (WCG man) not wanting to speak to us. The WCG is governed by demons. As Jesus said of false ministers, you know them by their (spiritual) fruits (see Matt 7:15-23). One fruit is their hostility to us and rejection of the truth we hold.
2) For other dream, see below.

Be Bold! Don't Be Afraid To Change
30th January 1999. M. Dream of Changes to a House
This dream depicted someone else’s home. They had moved into a new home at the end of a street, next to open space. They had made some dramatic changes to the house. They blocked up the front door and used the side (kitchen) door as the main entrance. To get to it you passed a large window and could see in to this room. Although it was a kitchen, it also served as a sitting room. It was very homely and very practical.
Meaning for the Church: Don’t be afraid about making really drastic changes in your spiritual life. Be bold. When you do, God can change things and totally transform your life, giving you an outlook that is really free. Others will be able to see into your dwelling – but that is good. Be a practical Christian. Not a conformist, blindly following the crowd.

30th January 1999. H. 2 Dreams:
1) Of H (WCG man) not wanting to speak to us.
2) Of Miss Jackson running in the distance.
Meaning: Barbara Jackson was 85 at this time. She died a month after this dream was given. The dream is a prophetic representation of her freedom now that she is no longer bound by the restrictions of an old physical body and mind. She can ‘run’ in the spirit realm.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
1st February 1999. M. 2 Dreams:
1) Of JH in Australia. I was visiting him. His car was a sofa. (Don’t ask me to explain how God could convey such a thing, but He did!) It needed some bodywork repairs. At the base of the sofa there was a trim with tassels hanging around it (like our sofa at home). Above this trim, the surface was pitted and needed repair. I said that it should have the imperfections filled and then sanded smooth before being over-sprayed. But J didn’t want to bother. He was happy to leave it as it was.
Meaning: J is content where he is, spiritually speaking. A car is supposed to take you places, so you can take what you have to others. It can take you to see new scenery and broaden your horizons. ‘Our religion’ is not meant to be treated like a comfortable sofa. To do the works of God you have got to get out of your comfort zone.

UCG, a Poky House
2) Of Cxxxxx in the UCG
In this dream, C was living in a very poky house. There was no ‘room to swing a cat around’. He was married to this woman and his wife was the boss. He was very subservient to her. They needed to extend the place, but because of lack of space, I inquired how C would achieve this. I asked whether he would build it out of blocks, but he said “No”. It would be a temporary structure, of some lightweight fabrication. Thus, it could be put up and then taken down shortly afterwards. It sounded a very strange proposition to me! They didn’t have the space for a permanent structure. Apparently, they didn’t think of moving!
Meaning: The spiritually restrictive environment of the church C now belongs to (UCG). He has surrendered himself to that church, Consequently, he forfeits the latitude of real spirituality and freedom because of the ‘woman’ (church) whom he allows to dominate him. The ‘growth’ of the UCG is temporary. The church will be dismantled. It is not permanent. True freedom and spiritual scope lies outside the restrictive confines of a humanly dominated church structure.

The Charismatic Church
5th February 1999. M. The Lovely Woman in the Queue
I was standing in a long queue of people. This represented people waiting to enter the Kingdom of God. A few people were pushy and rude and jostled in front of me. There are some Christians like that who are rude and ill-mannered, who don’t consider others as much as they should. Their motivation is self- centred and ambitious.

We steadily moved towards the man who was checking people at the end. Before we got there, a woman somehow got in front of me. She was very attractive, with beautiful features, lovely hair and really pleasant personality. I was most taken by this woman. When her time came to be ‘checked in’ at the end of the queue, the ‘official’ looked at her hands. She had extremely long fingernails. He told her to cut them, but instead of doing that herself, she got someone else to do that for her.

Meaning: This is a parody of the charismatic church which is very attractive. However, works are downplayed. People can be very spiritually zealous, but when it comes to doing menial physical things, they tend not to. They expect someone else to do the works which they should be doing themselves. Some even think that Jesus has absolved us of our responsibilities concerning works. They think that He has done the works for us so that we don’t have to. For example, keeping the Sabbath and festivals holy, well that's 'crazy' to most 'charismatics'.

Spiritual Filth!
5th February 1999. Saving Excrement!
H was given an opposite dream. It was quite repulsive. In this dream she was saving her excrement. This dream represented the opposite spectrum of the Church, the ‘law-keepers’ whose approach to God is based, not upon what Christ has done for us, but on what they do themselves. But that’s just filth to God! (Is 64:6.)

Sabbath Is The Day For Worship
16th February. M. Dream of mice scurrying out of a cosy nest high up in an old building. I had found this little hideaway full of dead leaves and gravel chippings. I poked around in it and a number of mice came scurrying out! Then, three rats came out of cover, but didn’t run away like the mice. Two were white. I was represented as a cat in this part of the dream. I saw these two rats, and licked one of them. I didn’t attack them. They lay down beside me.
Meaning: This dream, and the next, were given after we had had some correspondence with two friends in the USA who had disputed the Sabbath teaching we are trying to get the Church to consider. Most people who disagree don’t face the issue head on. They act like frightened mice and run away when their cosy little world is disturbed.

16th February 1999. H. Dream of declaration
A young man (symbolising a new move of God) stood up and boldly shouted, “The Sabbath is the day for worship.”

Chinese To Attack USA
25th March 1999. H. Dream of Chinese Attack
In two years' time the attack will start. It is a definite plan, like a machine, it is programmed. There is no turning it back because America will not turn to God.
Note: God did not say when the 2 years is to reckoned from. It is from a presently undisclosed starting point. We have speculated a couple of times about this, not being sure, but we now think the two years is connected with this ministry, and the raising of the dead that has been prophesied for some years. However, that is only speculation. The fact is, we don't need to know when the two years begins. Time is short!!

WCG Thieves
1st April 1999. M. Dream of an official-looking person, a ‘solicitor’, whom I could not trust. This person had stolen what was owing to me.
Meaning: The legalistic, 'respectable'-looking WCG leader- ship have stolen the credit I should have received from all my writings, some of which they have utilised for their benefit in making various changes, to appear good before their members. When the dream was given, an old College friend, still trapped by WCG, got in touch at this time. He could not see the duplicity and deceit of the WCG leadership. I brought up with him the subject of WCG prejudice against Christians in other churches, which our booklet A Message To Worldwiders challenged head on in 1992, three years before the WCG made their changes to accept Christians from outside their church. But this former friend casually dismissed any guilt on the part of WCG mentors, overlooked this terrible prejudice, and equally casually made dismissive remarks as if WCG mentors knew all along what we revealed for their education. They are not willing to give one ounce of credit to the truth we revealed to deliver their trapped minds! Like an arrogant solicitor, who knows it all, they sat in their unchallenged position of lordship and control.
Like the Pharisees in Jesus' time, all they do is done to be seen of men, to look good in the eyes of others. They are robbers and good-for-nothings at heart.

The Charity Shop And The Great Tribulation
2nd April 1999. H. Dream of Charity Shop
In this dream I was picking up a couple of items of clothing. I heard someone say that the leader of this charity shop was going to burn the shop down. I was horrified and advised her to get out of it. She was going to leave with me, but as she began to come out, others heard about it, and the leader suppressed her decision. The people in the shop were all assured that everything would be fine. The people all believed the lie that there was no need to panic and so they all stayed behind.

Meaning: Churches are led by their human leadership, who persuade the people about what to do, etc. Church leaders control people’s thinking in those churches. When there is an alarm, that alarm is hindered or suppressed by leadership controls, and the people, like sheep, ignore it.

The charity shop provides all the things you may want, but they are 2nd hand items. Likewise, churches provide 2nd hand and unbiblical traditions which have been passed on down from others. People in these churches are content to buy these erroneous beliefs and practices.

There is an alarm going out at this time, to warn the Church to prepare for what is ahead. People need to get out of these old ‘charity shops’ and leave 2nd-hand clothing (passed-on, hand-me-down, traditions) behind. True prophets are warning about the coming tribulation, but their words are not passed on to the people in the churches. The leaders stop it reaching them, or talk them out of believing it and responding properly.

The trouble is, ‘ordinary’ people are prepared to put up with 2nd best passed-down traditions with their errors, rather than put on the new robes of righteousness which God is now offering the Bride at this late hour.

Further Reading: He Saw The Tribulation (50p).

Publicity Coming
4th April 1999. M. Dream of David Davis
I was going up the stairs into a large building. David Davis, Chairman of the Football Association, came down stairs and smiled at me in recognition that he knew me.
Meaning: The publicity that is coming will make us as well known as him. He will know of me, just as I now know of him from seeing him on TV. (Oh, I wish I could be anonymous! Let no man accuse me of wanting prestige or pre-eminence. That’s the last thing I desire!)

The CoG In A Coffin
8th April 1999. Helena. Woman in a Coffin (The CoG)
Friends of this woman were standing around the coffin, doing nothing. It seemed like this woman was their mother (the 'Church of God').

Helena was agitated in the dream and wanted them to deal with this coffin, as it was their responsibility. But they were slow to face up to their duties in that regard.

Meaning: Death means the end of one phase and the beginning of another. God is starting a new movement. People now have to come out of the old dead mother Church (and breakaway churches). It's hard to make the transition, but it must be done to follow the lead of the Spirit.

The call is to the Bride – to individuals – not to corporate churches as a whole. These individuals must come out and be separate for God to work with them as He wants.

But the breakaway groups from the WCG are standing around doing very little. Too many are not looking forward, and following God’s lead, but are looking back, tied by former traditions, beliefs and practices.

CoG folks don't realise that their Church is DEAD! When I wrote Awake! Awake! of Spring 1999, about WAKING UP THE CHURCHES OF GOD, that was no joke! But most sleepily meander along, fretting over petty issues, ignoring the greatest single malaise in the Church – its spiritual DEATH!!

They have shut out the Spirit of God, and are trying to organise things humanly. Hence all the infighting, squabbling, lack of consensus, bickering, and poor outreach to the world, the almost complete absence of miraculous power, etc., etc..

Miraculous power is the only language the world recognises! But CoGs are not willing to learn from charismatics about how to receive it. They need to 'buy' the power of the Spirit from God. (Explained in the booklet The Ten Virgins.)

Further Reading: Awake! Awake! 7-3 – WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WAKE UP THE CHURCHES OF GOD?

Perverse CoG Pastor
9th April 1999. H. Dream of a Perverse Man
Helena had a dream last night about a man who was sexually perverse. It was as if he was homosexual in his leanings. I don't believe the dream is meant to be taken literally. But she sensed it refers to Jim Rector and his 'spirituality'. He comes across as harsh, 'masculine', without tenderness, humility or compassion. He is not responsive in the spirit, and certainly he has been dead against the 'feminine' spiritual traits displayed by the charismatics.

Meaning: Sexually perverse people are self-willed. That is the root of JR's problem. He is self-willed spiritually, and refuses to change his views or to learn from me or anyone else who tries to teach him about the need to soften up to the Spirit.

This self-will also stems from the fact that he wants the pre-eminence, and has the mistaken view that our input, WHICH GOD HAS GIVEN US FOR THE CHURCHES OF GOD, would detract from his supremacy. He treats his mailing list as HIS, not as God's children whom he is temporarily feeding or nurturing. If he had the latter approach, he would not have been averse to mentioning about our publications and recommending them to his mailing list. But no, he won't do that!

He accuses me of creating a following, when it is he who is guilty of that, and he is cleverly trying to protect the status he has gained in the eyes of the people.

Perverse sexual behaviour is abusive. JR is abusing God's people by controlling their thinking and not permitting them to hear from the full quota of apostles, prophets, and evangelists in the Church – the other 'pastures' which Jesus leads them to. He shuts the door to keep them in his fold only.

CoG folks have fallen asleep, playing church. They are not following the lead of the Spirit. They don't hear God's voice. Most don't care to hear from Him because they are content to follow their favourite church leader, whether Ron Dart, Rod Meredith, David Hulme, Jim Rector, Ray Wooten, Dave Havir, or whoever.... Personalities have become more important than the Person of Jesus Christ through the witness of His Spirit.

Three Years Left In Europe
9th April 1999. M. Dream of woman predicting three years left in Europe.
Comment: Like the earlier dream of Two Years Before The Chinese Attack USA, this dream needs a starting point to make accurate sense. The start may be when the dead are raised in MM's outreach to Britain. Perhaps God is comparing Britain's demise with America's, to point out that Britain will go down one year after America? I don't know. Revelation is continuous.

Paul McCartney Gives Me £1m
20th April 1999. M. Dream of Paul McCartney
He was sitting at a bar with me, as if we were having a drink or something to eat, in front of a huge window, with glass from floor to ceiling [means being in the public gaze]. We didn’t talk. But he was sitting next to me. He then got up and left. As he walked outside, I noticed that he left behind a huge wad of money. Quickly, I picked it up to wave at him with it through the glass, to let him know he had left it behind. Nonchalantly, he didn’t care, and with his body language he said “Don’t worry. You keep it.” When I counted it they were £1,000 notes!! 1,000 of them! [It will cost over £1 million to reach this nation with a booklet to warn them of Britain’s imminent fall.]
Meaning: The dream may not mean that PM will give MM literally that amount of money. At the time we were calculating the fiscal cost of reaching Britain with a warning message via a booklet about its downfall. So, God used this imagery to point out that we will be as well known as PM, when that time arrives, and that He will provide the means to witness to the nation. The raising of the dead will produce FREE publicity through the media that would have cost £1 million to buy, but even then it would have been less effective!

Others' Waywardness Hurts Us
26th April. M. Two dreams about opposition / difficulties which come against us due to the waywardness of others.
Comment: It is not generally appreciated how much harm Satan can do to a ministry by appealing to others' selfishness, pride, greed, or carelessness. By exploiting these weaknesses in people who are called to support a ministry, he can cause great damage. If you read Paul's letters to the Corinthians you can see how much these pitfalls caused Paul to suffer want. People were not mindful of his needs. Likewise, today, we have suffered for similar reasons.

Koreans' Inadequate Building
7th May 1999. M. Dream of Koreans and their Roof

This dream featured some oriental people. I think they were Koreans. They had made a flat roof and were trying to put it in place. However, the joists were all fixed together in one unit, with joist hangers at the end of each joist (the joist hanger enables the joist to be easily fitted to a wall), and perspex was already on the roof before it was in place (this was premature – the final covering is best fitted after the roof carcass is in place). They hadn’t even nailed the joists to the joist hangers. They were just loosely hanging on the ends of the joists.

The whole exercise was totally unsatisfactory. Several people were struggling to get this edifice in place, but there was nothing to properly fix it to. There were no walls!

Meaning: When I told Helena, the first thing that came to her mind was that it might depict Paul Yonggi Cho’s church in Seoul, S Korea. This is the biggest Pentecostal church in one place. It comprises millions of believers. It grew up very fast.

But what about its teaching and discipline? Where are the walls upon which their ‘roof’ can be put? They want as much light as possible in their building, obviously, which is why they chose a clear perspex roof, but there is a lack of solid structure of accurate biblical teaching.

Helena's Vacuum Cleaners
12th May 1999. M. Dream of Helena’s Vacuum Cleaners
Helena bought a job lot of 18 (2 x 9) vacuum cleaners for £85 (5 x 17). They were not the modern ones, but rather old fashioned in style, but they were reliable.
She then sold each of these for £45 each (5 x 9).
I was astonished that she had sold them! When she bought them we all moaned that we thought she was wasting her money. We were all sceptical about her business sense!
Meaning: 5 is the number of preparation and God’s grace.
17 pictures healing and salvation.
9 denotes gifts of the Spirit and/or judgement.
The ‘old fashioned’ truths we promote (Sabbaths, etc) can help clean up a lot of lives. We are engaged in promoting gifts of the Spirit (9) to Sabbatarians, which bring them healing (17) by God’s grace (5), and prepares (5) them for what is to come.
Also, getting rid of the dirt of apostate teachings concerning the Sabbaths through our writings, helps Sunday-keepers to clean up their worship, too.
The reaction of most, however, is to mock and scoff at the value and effectiveness of our ministry, which is why God depicted us mocking Helena for her decisions.
As for the number 18, 2 x 9. 2 is the number of certainty, and 9 symbolises judgement. There is certainty of judgement to befall those who repudiate ‘our’ message, because it is part of God’s final witness.

True Believers and False Believers
25th May. H [as related by her]. Dream of ‘our cousins’
A vehicle arrived with several people in it; like relatives. [Brothers and sisters who come into our company in the course of our ministry.] They were welcome visitors. I befriended a lady in the group. We held hands and set out on a journey. [This particular group or person will be very close to us and be very supportive of us in what God has us do.] It was a long journey, through towns and villages [the many groups we have to provide with ‘our’ information], big meeting places like supermarkets [the charismatic ministries are big and sell their materials; we will minister to them through our written input] with lots of activities on the way and people involved.

Along the way we met up with two individuals coming towards us, and we realised we had to watch out for these. They ‘spelled’ trouble. [False Christians.]

As soon as they noticed us, they turned around and followed us. We had to be very circumspect and speedy at times to try and lose them, and get out of their sight. [False believers will latch onto our ministry and that of our close ‘lady friend’, like a Judas. The only thing we can do is keep going in what God has given us to do, and try and ignore them as much as possible so they don’t waste our time and energies.]

Accepting The Spirit, Finally
27th May 1999. H. Dream of CS (a former friend who was in the WCG). It was a big meeting and CS stood at the side of the hall. Towards the end of the service she started expressing prayer in tongues. It seemed new and different for her.
Meaning: Some from WCG will receive tongues and will be blessed through the exercise of that spiritual gift. This, after being 'churched' against the experience for decades! How wonderful that it's never too late!

On The Wings Of The Spirit
5th June 1999. M. Dream of On the Wings of the Spirit
I was given some sort of gadget like outstretched wings on which you could glide in the air. I went to the edge of a cliff to try this thing out. It was daunting to go over the edge for the first time, but I got hold of this thing and glided over the edge.

As I swooped downwards there was a couple on the beach below. A man was imposing himself on a younger, weaker woman. He was a brute of a man and used his weight and strength to smother and dominate the woman.

As I glided over this couple, there was a loud crack, like a bone breaking. Several other loud cracks then occurred later, and the dream faded.

Meaning: The woman is the Church. The overbearing man is the wrong system of government with its false ministers who dominate for their selfish ends. The winged gadget is the power supplied by the Spirit. The cracking is demonic strongholds being broken. My gliding is a symbol of the prophetic ministry which God directs.

God ingeniously gives dreams to portray double meanings. The dream also depicts someone who tried to dominate us, but whom God 'cracked' in His own way, to protect our daughter.

Wonderful Reconciliation
4th July 1999. M. Dream of K (WCG man)
He met me and was most apologetic. He was in tears. I put my arm around him and gave him a big hug.
Meaning: The wonderful reconciliation which will come after he sees how wrong he has been to attack us (12-14 years ago) and oppose what God used us for.

God's Opinion of Catholicism
5th July 1999. M.
In this dream I was standing on a hill overlooking Krakow, Poland. I had a jolly good leak when I thought no one was looking!
Meaning: The Pope comes from Krakow. The ‘leak’ (urination) depicts God's contempt for Catholicism.

The True and Supportive Church
6th July 1999. M. Dream of being married to a very attractive woman. I was so pleased to be with her. (Yet I was still married to Helena but our relationship was not marred by the new situation. The dream was not meant to be a literal marriage in the physical.) She came along with me in a car, wherever I went. She was reliable and wanted to be with me.
Meaning: This probably depicts the people whom God will draw out to be with us, supportive of our ministry. They will not do their own thing like so many who have been ‘’with’ us in the past, but will be real companions. It will be a pleasure to be with such people and have them around.

17th July 1999. M. Dream of Towns and Cities in Poland. They were being taken over by foreigners.
Meaning: Probably the EEC buying up and investing in Polish industry and commerce, thereby taking over in an unseen way.

Newspaper Reporters Turn Up
17th July 1999. H.
Two newspaper reporters came to visit us.
Meaning: To do with coming publicity.

Economic Collapse Coming
19th July 1999. M. Dream of Van
I was asked if I wanted to buy this really old vintage van. I wasn’t much interested, but I thought, “Well, at least I could give £25 for it,” so I did. Amazingly, the seller accepted my offer.
Meaning: How the value of things will become next to nothing soon when the stock market soon crashes.

Dishonest and Selfish Ministers
19th July 1999. M. Dream of someone hi-jacking our pick-up truck. It was parked in a car park, but someone came along, got in and started to drive off with it. I jumped up on it and opened the door to get in. The driver wasn’t going very fast, but it was still difficult to get in. So, I climbed onto the back of the vehicle. A bit further down the road I managed to get in the cab, and with a few kicks, I thrust the driver out and took command of the pick-up myself.
Meaning: How the information we have presented in our ministry has been hi-jacked by others, like Jim Rector, taking control of the vehicle that God has entrusted to our direction. We have to be forceful to seize our rightful position and oust the infidels who dare to try and steal what is ours.

MM Outreach
24th July 1999. M. Turning the Taps on!
I dreamed that I was running up a big flight of white marble stairs. At the top was a building. I went in to the bathroom and started to run a bath. But I didn’t have a bath. I left immediately – I left the water running – and went to the next building and did the same thing. There were people milling about everywhere, but I didn’t have time to stop. I was very busy going from place to place.
Meaning: Getting the water running in the Church to purify it by “the washing of water by the Word.” (Eph 5:26.)

WCG's Impoverished People
25th July 1999. M. Three dreams.
1. Of CM (WCG member) and his family. They were living in a small one bed townhouse and were very hard up. They were sitting in bed, doing nothing. The children were well behaved, however. C asked me if we could help him financially because of their difficult situation. I didn’t reply (because I can't do that).
Meaning: The WCG has left a legacy behind of impoverished people. CM represents these. He is poor, both materially and spiritually and will look to us to support him. But even that is a wrong approach! He needs faith in God, not in us!

God Performs The Unexpected
26th July 1999. M. Dream of a soccer game
The two goalies were on the pitch. One had the ball. But all the players were off the pitch distracted by something in the bushes. I was one goalie. I had the ball and, while all the players from both teams were off the field, I scored against the other goalie in a most unlikely way.
Meaning: Those who think they are the main players in the Gospel 'Game' are looking the wrong direction, distracted by other things than what is foremost on God's agenda. When 'we' raise the dead, we will score against our opponents.

The Camper Van
27th July 1999. M. Dream of camper van and the pothole in road
I parked my camper van (I don't have a camper van, but it symbolises the temporary nature of our ministry's visits to others) outside someone's house. There was a big pothole in the road. I got out of the van and filled the pothole in with the only readily available materials that I could find, and then began to walk away. As I was going someone shouted to me from the house in angry tones, falsely accusing me of creating the pothole in the road!
Meaning: Some find fault with me about what I am doing, and try to blame me for causing the problems that exist. Yet the problems are because of the neglect of others, or failure to do what was needful when it should have been done. All I’m trying to do is to fill the holes left by the neglect of others.

Zenya Moves Out
28th July 1999. Zenya. Dreamed that she was moving out. There were lots of things going on and some people didn’t like her moving out. The Hell’s Angels (with leather jackets on) didn’t like it, but some of them later changed their minds.
Meaning: This began to be fulfilled five years later in 2004.

The Dead Churches of God
2nd August 1999. H. Dream of Three Men Doing Nothing of Much Use
Helena saw a dead man inside a room. Nearby there were two old men sitting around, doing very little. Next, she saw three men spread out, lying on the floor. Each one had a large round stone on his belly. They were waiting for something to happen.
Meaning: Many church folks hang on to their old doctrines and their denomination. They’re not willing to learn new things outside their former experience. They would rather lie down beside their dead mentor, and cling to what they have been used to. Yet what they do is useless. They need to learn what new thing God has in store, and what He would have them do now that their former church system has ceased. (This dream is particularly pertinent to the Church of God groups which have broken away from the WCG and represents the influence of leaders upon the members.)

The Queen
Date forgotten. Helena had a dream about the Queen calling at our door. Surprised, Helena asked her, “Did you come to see us?” But she replied, “No, I’ve come to see my mother.”
Meaning: People are more interested in the physical than the spiritual, and in spending time with their relatives and friends than in spending time for the things of God. It is human to be wrapped up in the things concerning you and yours.

Morris Cerullo Not Now Interested
16th August 1999. M. Dream of Morris Cerullo (1)
I went to meet him. He handed me a publication of some sort. It was quite big. But the way he gave it to me indicated that he didn’t have much time for me. He was abrupt. Perhaps he was so busy doing ‘his thing’ that he didn’t have time to consider ‘my thing’.
Meaning: Unfortunately, with all due respect to Morris Cerullo, he is part of the Laodicean trend of this age of not wanting any more from God. Oh, he would want a greater anointing or outpouring of power (he has a miracle working ministry); that is down ‘his street’. But he doesn’t want any more that would challenge his present doctrinal persuasion, as the second dream illustrates, which follows.
I do not say these things to condemn Morris. He has done much for God. It’s just that he needs more. God has used him as an example, because there are many other world ranking evangelists who have yet to move on and embrace the entire scope of available truth at this time.

16th August 1999. M. Dream of Morris Cerullo (2)
In this dream I saw all his theology published in 13 volumes. They all had pale green glossy covers. They looked very nice. But, as far as he was concerned, his theology was all stated and not for alteration. It was a finished work.
Meaning: 13 represents Satan in this dream. Morris’s 13 volumes are truth mixed with error. This is how Satan has compromised God’s truth, not just in Morris’s ministry, but in that of every evangelist who fails to move on and accept all truth which God is now making available.

WCG Pride
16th August 1999. H. Dream of Mrs S (a current WCG member). Helena was doing the washing, while Mrs S had a huge deep sink fitted in her kitchen. She was very proud of this big impressive new fitment.
Meaning: The pride of WCG folks in their new empty ‘vessels’ which need filling and using.

CoG, Archaic
17th August, 1999 H. Dream of Old Mansion
There were items of really old furniture there. Through a hole in the floor, Helena noticed some items of valuable jewellery under the floor. Andrew J was there and she was glad to see him.
Meaning: The CoG, with its archaic old pieces of doctrinal furniture, but the things of real value are hidden away under the floor. They could see them if they wanted to, but they don’t care to look. They only continue down the one road of their tradition.

Leaders Block Move Of The Spirit
23rd August, 1999. H. Dream of Leaders Blocking Next Move of the Spirit
A friend who was on holiday in this country phoned for a chat. I felt in the spirit that there was a gulf between us. We had nothing in common and I puzzled over it. We shared so much truth and yet there was division. We weren’t in unity. God gave me a dream to clarify the situation. In this dream, there was a group of cousins or relatives finding out about each other for the first time, and having great conversation, sharing the joy of discovering each other.
Meaning: This applies to different Christian groups, with similar beliefs, e.g. Messianics and us, who could benefit by sharing together what we possess in biblical truth. The overall feeling was of a family coming together again. On the sideline were elders. One of them had Jewish features [represents the Messianic church leaders]. It was obvious he was a religious leader of standing. He showed great displeasure at what was going on, and told the others that he was not going to back this get-together, and he certainly was not going to commit his money to it. Great sadness fell on the little group because of the decision of the elders. Whatever was developing there through the Spirit was destroyed by the human leadership.

Church Likened To A Rubbish Tip
9th Sept 1999. H. Dream of Rubbish Tip
I was walking through this rubbish tip and trying to bring some order to it. [Our ministry task.] It was an impossible job and nothing could be done with it. As I was walking through it, I came to a timber house [depicts Chris B's ministry which we contacted] on the edge of the tip site. As I walked past the house, I noticed that the corner was rounded instead of being true. The house was well constructed and looked quite well organised, except for the corner. I was puzzled why this would be just left the way it was.
Meaning: God showed me that the tip site was the Church in chaos and confusion in its teachings. Satan has dumped all his rubbish into the Church, causing people to accept it.
The house on the side represents the group who think they have it all and have no need to modify any of their teaching. (Laodicean attitude.)
God is giving up-to-date revelation and preparing the Church to be His bride. She must accept all aspects He is revealing, to be considered in this number, and make the necessary changes. But few want to. Very few!

We Are Ignored & Not Remunerated
12th Sept 1999. Feast of Trumpets. M.
1) In this dream I sat next to Colin. He said he owed me some money. He had a bowl of money beside him, but I didn't accept any money from him. Then a girl came and sat on my lap. She took no notice of me and only wanted to talk to Colin.
Meaning: Colin is a fictitious character, representing church leaders to whom we have ministered via our publications. We are not after their money; that is not our motive. We only want to promote the truth which God has given. The girl represents the Church in its immaturity (children sit on your lap). But she ignores our input, does not recognise our prophetic office and is only interested in listening to church leaders.

12th Sept 1999. H. People Ignore and Reject Correction
Malcolm was cutting the hedge with a hedge trimmer and all that was being cut off was blowing in his face. He had to wear a face guard to protect himself.
Meaning: Using different symbols, this dream confirms the previous one. People don’t want to be corrected when they are shown they are in error, so they throw things back at you when you correct them, trying to justify themselves.

Z. Dream of friend helping himself to our beer in our fridge.
Meaning: A friend who is selfishly using our ministry.

T. Dream of going to lose her job. Someone set her up and falsely accused her.
Besides the literal meaning of Tonya going to lose her job [which occurred five years later in 2004], it also symbolises persecution coming.

Don't Treat Sin Lightly!
13th Sept 1999. M. Dream of Spiritual Pornography
A young man had some pornographic photos, which he regarded lightly along with his other sins. He put them on top of a pile – which represented the sins of his life. In this pile there was murder and other awful sins. But when he noticed that I had seen what he had, he shrugged it off with a casual laugh and just placed the pornographic photos on top of his sin pile.

Then the scene switched and I was going to his house where these things were ‘stored’. I burst through the front door without knocking. The handle came off in my hand. It wasn’t broken, just loose, because the woman who was the householder was painting. She was going round touching up the paintwork and improving the appearance of the place. I noticed that I had painted the boarding on the walls previously, and some of that paintwork was now fading with age.

Meaning: God is pointing out a person who takes sin lightly, not truly turning away from sin. Knowing it is wrong, he casually dismisses it and continues on in life the same old way. (But if the shoe fits you as well, wear it, for he is not alone.)

The preoccupation with pornography is an allegory of the religious hobbyist’s obsession or excessive curiosity with literature from religious groups that don’t have the Holy Spirit. He lusts after it, just like a sexual pervert lusts in the physical. When you have the truth but go desiring something else to take your spiritual fancy, spiritually you are entertaining wrong desires. You have a wrong approach to spiritual things. They are not here to entertain us, but to teach us how we should live.

Religious hobbyists downgrade their personal commitment to change and replace it with an intellectual seeking which titilates their mental fancy (“ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the Truth”). This amounts to nothing more than selfish gratification.

The house in which I recognised I had done some painting previously represents this person’s spiritual home. It identifies the person as one whom I have helped previously in life, but now their spiritual ‘home’ is being painted by another. In the dream God represented her as a woman, which shows that he is welcoming another church or source of spiritual instruction to take a prominent place in his life, perhaps even taking over his life to the point where she is painting over the top of our work, which now appears rather ‘old hat’ to him.

Arrogance And Pride Of WCG Men
13th Sept 1999. M. Dream of 2 WCG Ministers. Axxxxx Sxxxxx and another WCG minister were driving along in their car. Helena and I suddenly appeared in their back seat. When they saw us behind them they were taken aback at first. Axxxxx looked scared and I said “Hello Fxxxxxx”, wanting to find a real spirit of camaraderie between us but it was all rather hollow. I could tell that there wasn’t any reciprocative feeling there. He didn’t respond.

For his colleague, driving, however, the response was different. He turned round and very condescendingly in an arrogant, smooth, smarmy, pompous manner, said: “If at any time we can be of help, by all means get in touch.”

I put my hand on his shoulder and calmly responded: “Can I say something to you?” He replied, “Yes.” I said bluntly: “You know, you always talk down to people. With such arrogance, you are the last person I would ever come to if I needed help!”

Meaning: Two literal WCG ministers (being fulfilled as of writing) and also representing the WCG mindset: arrogant and aloof, but wanting to appear caring and good. These men not only thinking they are superior to others, but so does the WCG have similar arrogance and pride.

Freedom From Catholic Oppression
15th Sept 1999. M. Two dreams of Freedom from Catholic Oppression occurring. The first one was of a young man who stood up in the middle of a Catholic service. God spoke to him during the meeting and urged him to stand up and interrupt. He resisted this prompt for a long time, but he finally recognised that he should do as God said. He stood up and spoke out. What he had to say was to announce his upcoming wedding. The result was almost ecstatic. Everybody was elated by this news. The effect of what he said was to demolish the strongholds that bound people under the leadership’s domination in that church, and they were able to break out from under their thumb because of what this young man did.

Meaning: The Catholic Church is not the only hierarchic structure which dominates its members, holding them in spiritual penury. Every hierarchic group or church with strong leadership controls and domination stifles its people.

The outrageous actions of this young man broke the mould, so that people could be released into a new joy. New truth and new practice introduced into such churches brings new release, a new openness and more of the true freedom Jesus means His own to have. This release for many is coming.

Don't Delay
15th Sept 1999. M. Dream of Urgency
The second dream was similar, but the ones who were challenging the system had some connection with us, learning from our ministry. In the first dream, one thing God conveyed to the young man was that the sooner he did what God required, the more financial benefit would come as a result of it. There was something about the need to obey God quickly. It had to be done urgently. The longer the delay before doing what God said, the greater the forfeit.

Lovely Food Served At Great Feast
21st Sept 1999. M. Dream of Feast
Thousands of people were present at this great banquet. All the seats were taken! Helena and I could hardly find places to sit. But we did see two empty seats in between some children. People were queuing up for the food which was being served at a counter. It was minced beef with other vegetables. Lovely! And loads of it. Everyone got the same food. It was a really good feast!
Meaning: The sameness of the food is a symbol of the uniformity of basic doctrine that Jesus wants the Church to have. We shouldn’t have a situation in the Church where one group believes one thing and another group believes something else. Yet differences abound on basic issues such as Sabbath or Sunday; Christmas and Easter as opposed to Passover, Pentecost and the other biblical festivals; the Holy Spirit and the Trinity doctrine; when Jesus died and was resurrected; the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts, etc.
But the Feast coming up is the revival which will straighten out these differences for those who want to eat this food which will be served.

Prophetic Pigs
21st Sept 1999. H. 3 Dreams. One of a pig
It was parading itself, arrogantly, in the Church.
Meaning: The snobbery of many who receive prophetic input, and who have some gross misconceptions in their theology. They are so wrong on some things, but they think they are so right. God is sorely displeased with this state of affairs.

Changes Ahead For MM
26th Sept 1999. H. Dream of new home. Moving to a new place.
A change coming in our ministry.

The Sure Foundation Of 12 Stones
28th Sept 1999. M. Dream of 12 Stepping Stones on the ground. These formed a sure foundation upon which we could walk. They paved the way – a right way on the earth.
Meaning: They symbolise ‘our’ teaching which God has given us for others’ benefit.
12 depicts God’s government. This teaching is preparing the Bride of Christ who will govern the earth with Jesus during the Millennium. Another confirmation of God’s approval of our work for Him. I thank you, Father in heaven.

Some Want To Shoot Me
29th Sept 1999. M. Dream of Opposition
Military police took me for interrogation. They gave me the hot and cold treatment. (Richard Wurmbrand suffered this awful torture when imprisoned in Communist jails. They would put him in a refrigerator or freezer until he was nearly dead, then bring him out for a few hours to thaw out, then put him back in again until he nearly passed out. This process was repeated over and over, each time stopping just short of him dying.) There was a man high up on a wall with a submachine gun.
He was pointing the gun at me and wanted to shoot me, but he fell off the wall and died. I was released.
Meaning: How our prophetic input is shunned and people become either hot with rage against me or cut me dead with a cold response. The gunman refers to a particular person who has opposed us. God will deal with him. It also represents what is coming against us by state police.

Power Surge Coming
30th Sept 1999. M. Dream of Huge Electrical Discharge!
Helena and I were walking inside some sort of top secret security area. After some time we were told that the area would soon become very dangerous and that we should get out quickly, urgently! We only had seconds!
We started to run. I outran Helena and got out first. Then, when Helena was just safe outside the area, there was a huge crack of electricity which made the earth shake and lit it up bright red where the discharge occurred.
Meaning: The outpouring of power which is to come in the body of Christ. The dead will be raised and many mighty miracles performed to back up the witness of MM.

You Can Receive Healing
2nd October 1999. M. I trust in God for healing
A friend who refuses to keep the Sabbath asked where I go to get healing when I need it. Do I go to some high-powered evangelist? “No. I just get it at home!” I answered. He was stunned. “Of course,” I said, “it doesn’t always come immediately nor easily. Sometimes I have lessons to learn through the infirmity.”
Meaning: He needs healing, but is not receiving it because of his stubborn refusal to obey where he ought. If only he would submit to God and obey Him in all things, he could be healed.

Prophetic Fools
2nd October 1999. M. Totally inadequate teaching
Many young people were coming into a building for a teaching meeting. So was I. For some reason, we had all taken off our jackets, pullovers, shirts and ties, etc., and we were receiving our clothing to put on as we were listening to the preacher teaching. These young people were standing listening and getting dressed. I watched amazed as I saw them put on their neckties without any shirt or collar. They looked ridiculous, but they didn’t think so.
Meaning: The teachings of some who have dispensed with foundational truths such as the Sabbaths, and who add their own embellishments via prophetic words, etc. (It was at this time that I was confronting Glenn Jackson’s prophetic ministry in Canada.) False prophets abound!

What Happens After A Prophet Comes
7th October 1999. M.
I cut off the gas supply to some woman’s fish and chip take-away shop / stall.
Meaning: Temporary shut off of power to a church. People don’t realise that when a prophet comes to give a message from God, and they reject his words, then God shuts off His Spirit and power to those people to a certain extent and for a certain length of time.

Evangelist Melvin Banks
29th October 1999. M. Dream of Melvin Banks
Melvin was appearing on stage at various locations throughout the country. He was an entertainer in demand. He had a big pantechnicon with writing on the side, advertising his performance and company. He appeared on stage, cocky and very self-confident, and knew how to entertain the people.
Meaning: This illustrates some of what is wrong with his ministry and his approach to the truth. He has become cocky and has become a centre of attention.

Diana To Return From The Dead
30th October 1999. M. Dream of  Diana
Diana was sitting with Helena at a table for two outside a café. There were other tables nearby and others were sitting talking together. It was a public place. I drove up with someone else in their car. I was sitting in the passenger seat. He pulled up rather sharply, and I was projected forward suddenly. Taken aback by seeing Diana. I was a bit overcome with trepidation at the situation and reacted by standing up, grabbing hold of an upright bar on this vehicle, and swinging around to face the other way. It was a knee-jerk reaction. When I turned around, Diana had gone. She asked about her accounts, what she should do about them.
Meaning: Diana will return from the dead. She will have a close relationship with Helena [they have the same birth date], who will get on very well with her. My response typified how I don’t find conversation easy with others. I feel ill at ease with people and would rather do manual work, or something in the background out of public gaze, away from the inevitable publicity which Diana’s return will bring. I will find the new situation daunting. Humanly, I don’t want to face the publicity surrounding Diana’s return. But Diana will only be with Helena for a while. She has her own life to live after she returns. Her concern about her accounts will be a real difficulty for a while.

Further Reading: More about Diana is to be found in How Long Revival? and Diana: Flowers In Every City (50p), also in Dreams and Visions From God, Vol 1 (£5.00).

Proud UCG Minister
5th November 1999. M. Dream of a Minister in United Church of God. I was working at my desk in the office when Xxx crept past along the landing corridor, hoping I wouldn’t notice him. He was going to the bathroom to get washed, but it was locked and he couldn’t get in.
Meaning: He is seeking some of the aspects of truth which we tried to pass on to him some years ago, but he was too proud to accept them from us. He wants to get washed [acquire these truths] without me noticing. But why hide? Why not be transparent and be willing to converse with us?
If he’s intent on salvaging his self-esteem or pride, it won’t work. He won’t be able to access the things of God.
We all need washing by the water of God’s Word, but humility is the greatest key that unlocks God’s water to us.

The Huge Tree Of The Church
27th Nov 1999. H. Dream of Huge Tree
This tree was like a massive Cedar. It was not a living tree, but was put together humanly, with lots of branches fixed to one another tenuously, assembled for the sake of looks.
Meaning: A picture of the Church at this time, with its many churches and different denominations. They don’t fit together as a living organism. There is no life flowing through them as a coherent whole. Things are mostly done for show, for the sake of appearance.
In the dream there was no light getting to the tree. Light depicts truth. God wants the churches to have more truth but they are not getting it. They don't want it. Leaders shut it out.

Evangelist David Hathaway
27th Nov 1999. M. Dream of David Hathaway’s ministry
A man was running a coach or travel company. He had 'arrived'. He had a great sense of achievement. He had gone through hard times. The dream depicted that as a recession.

During this recession, because funds were minimal, he had to drive his coach one mile at a time and refuel it every mile. So, with the least resources, he had taken this coach to its destination.

The end of the dream depicted him in his present situation. I knew it to be NOW. God conveyed David’s great feeling of having achieved something quite stupendous. He was elated, and rejoiced in having got to where he is now. But he felt the recession was over. He seemed totally unaware of even harder times ahead.

The dream conveyed a commendable aspect of David’s ministry, as well as a blind spot or danger. The commendable aspect: Going one mile at a time developed reliance upon God.

The danger of the present situation is complacency in the spiritual, and even pride. Once a person has been used by God and achieved what he thinks is much for Jesus, he is only one step away from the pride that can lead to a fall.

While the dream conveyed his feeling that the recession was past, in this dream I couldn’t help feeling that he was blind to the fact that there is a depression ahead, far worse than the recession which he felt he had weathered. There is a darkness coming on the earth that few evangelists realise. How he could not see this, I just couldn’t understand. I was incredulous.

Meaning: The dream depicts David Hathaway’s pride and his ministry outreach to Russia. It also conveys the blindness of, not just David Hathaway’s teaching, but that of many similar evangelicals and Pentecostals. They have a big blind spot on end-time events, although they think they are very informed.

They misunderstand one basic foundational element of Bible prophecy: the true identity of Israel today. Because they don’t see Israel in its proper scope, and think that the present country of Israel (which is only a segment of Judah) is the restoration prophesied by the OT prophets, they fail to see where the greater part of Israel is (in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking peoples, along with some democracies of NW Europe). With this wrong basis, they misinterpret some fundamental prophecies and thereby deceive, not just themselves, but other people too.

David Hathaway is also mistaken that the Great Tribulation is past. He thinks the Jewish holocaust in WW2 constituted that.

Second Attempt To Join The Main Road
27th Nov 1999. M. Dream of driving up a track beside a field, though a gateway and onto the main highway. After the second attempt up this track, I turned onto the main road. Driving along, I noticed a big truck in my rear view mirror. There was a car ahead [represents someone] and I was trying to speed up to overtake it, but an oncoming car prevented it.
Meaning: We are going to come into public view, (on the main road) and no longer be a ministry that is on a totally unrecognised track.
The big truck symbolises the work of God that follows in our wake. We want to move ahead, hence the overtaking attempt. But opposition from the police (the car coming the other way) will prevent us doing all we would like to achieve.

Apostle Peter Visits Us
24th Dec. H. Dream of Apostle Peter’s Visit
It was a special occasion, and this special visitor from heaven came to visit us. Peter shook our hands and showed a special friendliness towards us. I saw his living room, tastefully decorated, orderly and colourful.
Meaning: God is leading us onto the stage where we will be visible to others, and where we have to show a daring quality like Peter had to walk on water.

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