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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

Joseph was mocked by his brothers for being 'a dreamer', but God gave him those dreams for a reason. God speaks to prophets via dreams and visions (Num 12:6), and He will do so to you, too, as He wishes, if you will accept the fulness of His Spirit (Acts 2:17). Here are some recent dreams we have received.

Dream of Bouncing Cheque
2nd January 1998. Malcolm. I had written out a cheque to Derek Prince Ministries to obtain some of their material. I thought there was enough money in the account to pay for the stuff, but the cheque bounced. The staff at DPM were not at all understanding. They berated me for the unfortunate mishap. Apparently, they didn't understand our predicament, nor what it is like to have to struggle along without much income to do a work for God.
Meaning: Our present financial difficulties, which Derek Prince Ministries are not at all understanding about. We have to buy ministry materials from others, but then pay to give ours away to those whom God has given us to reach. Hence, we are 'skint'!

Allegory of Sin
3rd January 1998. Helena.
In this dream, Helena was shown the spiritual significance of sin –  that it was like submitting to a foreigner and allowing him to rule in your life. This was illustrated by a Japanese-like Emperor figure with whom she had to bargain. She had to resist him and claim her rights. She withstood him. Scripture given: Romans 6 especially verse 16.

Sin is like giving your loyalty to other gods. It is like having sex with another partner. It is cheap and cheapens the relationship of which sex is a part. This is an allegory of what it is like when we sin against God, when we are not loyal to Him.

Sin leads us into an idolatrous and adulterous relationship. We are to flee idolatry and flee fornication.

Demonised Girl
6th January 1998. Malcolm.
This dream featured a young girl, aged about 13. She had been perverted by the world and had become spiritually corrupt. I pleaded with her not to allow herself to be influenced, but she wouldn't listen. She gave in to the demons who wanted to take her over, and at times she was unable to help herself. One of the perverse things she would do is strip all her clothes off. She didn't want to, but she was unable to stop herself. A demon would take her over, she would shake uncontrollably and she would tear at her clothes. We had to cast the demons out of her to bring her back to her senses. That took some effort!

Meaning: Through spiritual permissiveness, demons have taken over some people in the Church. The age of the girl symbolises the person's immaturity, and the satanic influences she has succumbed to. Only a drastic assault against the demonic strongholds will deliver her.

Have You Mended Your Fence?
7th January. Malcolm. Dream of the Broken Fence
In this dream I saw individuals sleeping rough. They were homeless and the only shelter they could find was outside against a garden fence. It was highly unsatisfactory. The ground was muddy, and a fence offers little protection. I jumped up to look over one fence to see, and the top foot of fence was already broken and just fell off. Obviously someone had put this broken piece back in place, but it was absolutely useless. They should have repaired the fence properly.

Meaning: The state of many in the Church. They have little protection from the elements and are very isolated. But much of the problem is of their own making. They are lazy and don't do what they should, spiritually. It takes work and effort to make things satisfactory. The broken fence represents their insufficient response to what God lays out in His Word.

Opposition & Mess of Others
9th January 1998.
In this dream, Helena was driving a small vehicle. She had to struggle against a stream of vehicles coming the other way. Everyone was coming the other way, against us. Not only did we have to avoid the opposition that was coming directly towards us, and negotiate that problem, but we also had to avoid big cow pads along the way.

Meaning: These cow pads are the spiritual dung of others who should have been helping us, but who have "done the dirty" on us and actually made our lives and task much harder by failing to stand with us.

Corrupt Churches!
9th January 1998. M. Dream of Women Stripping
This dream featured three women. One was in her forties. The other two were younger, in their twenties. It seemed they were following the example of the older woman's behaviour. They were not good looking, just plain and ordinary. But they had no shame. They stripped completely before an audience. It was pre-planned, the event listed beforehand in the TV Guide. I was horrified! I could not believe that people could be so depraved! (Jer 7:28 to 8:13, esp 8:12. Jer 13:25-27).

10th January 1998. M. Same Dream again as yesterday.
Meaning: The depraved morality of the churches who have thrown out God's requirements for salvation.

Isaiah 3:16-26. The daughters of Zion are haughty and arrogant. They do seductive things. Therefore God will strike them with a scab and deprivation. They will be brought down in desolation. They will mourn and lament.

The dream is a symbolic representation of the spiritual condition in the WCG who have thrown out truth to live by. However, the churches of God are no better either because they have dispensed with spiritual gifts and thrown off the covering of the power of the Spirit.

To whom much is given much is required, and the spiritual response of these churches is as vile to God as the strippers' behaviour was to me in this dream. It also portrays all humanly led churches which do not obey God's truths.

Re-Siting the Drains
11th January 1998. Malcolm. In this dream I had built a manhole and put in new drains. But someone said the thing was in the wrong place. Being somewhat naive, I believed him. So, I dismantled the drains and removed the pipes to move it three feet to the right. In removing the pipes, I dropped one by mistake, which broke. Another one got knocked against something and also broke. Things just were not working out – because I had listened to what others said, rather than following the lead of the Spirit which God gives me in this prophetic ministry. After removing the pipes, I then realised that it didn't matter whether the manhole was three feet in the wrong place. The point was irrelevant! There seemed to be a pause in the dream and the next thing that happened was that I was walking over to a car park. A mechanical digger was there, and we were going to use that!

Background and Meaning: Yesterday, we prayed as a group for guidance in the ministry. I had wondered whether our work in reaching WCG folk was now over, and thought that we should turn our focus towards new people, those who have no WCG background. But this dream at night made me aware that I was being influenced wrongly by the negative circumstances and what others said about these circumstances. God told me at the beginning of our ministry to deliver from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed (Jer 22:3). He was referring to those trapped in Worldwide. That must be the central thrust of our ministry, and we must not allow ourselves to be swayed from it by what others say who do not understand what God is doing through us.

Never look to human means or listen to human rationalisation. Follow God, not men. As we follow what God tells us, we don't have to listen to critics. Their words would only cause us to undo what we have done and achieved. The digger waiting in the car park is the power God has waiting for us in this work in the future.

Little Chicks Begin to Fly
12th January 1998. Malcolm.
This dream concerned some who have come out of Worldwide. I entered the grounds of a large mansion. Although you would expect to be stopped by security, somehow I managed to get in unhindered. On the wall of this mansion, high up, there were two large wooden boxes which served as nest boxes. I saw some little fluffy chicks in them and one or two were learning to fly. I saw them take their first leap out of the box into the air and plummet down. They made good. It was an encouraging sight. One thing that the dream conveyed was that although you would expect there to be a mother hen incubating the eggs and keeping the chicks warm, there wasn't.

Meaning: The few from the WCG who are learning to 'fly' spiritually after receiving our materials.

Pentecostal Churches Need to Reform
13th January 1998. M. Dream of Unsatisfactory Pentecostal Video
In this dream I had a video made by the Elim Pentecostal Church which was unsatisfactory. What was wrong with it was they had filmed a shapely young woman lying in a seductive pose in a red bikini. Half of the video was pure entertainment also – just musical fun. Because of its inappropriate content I had to edit the video before I could let others have it.

Meaning: The permissiveness of Elim in permitting some things which are wrong for the sake of 'salesmanship', human appeal and expedience.

MM Effects Changes in WCG
16th January 1998. M. Dream of Changes
Little Kimble Lodge was depicted in this dream. (This was an old ornate former lodge of the Chequers Estate on which I did some extensive building work when a builder. I was in the WCG at the time.) I was engaged in doing extensive alterations to this property yet again, but this time it was situated over the other side of the road!
Meaning: The Lodge depicts the WCG. The alterations we are engaged in depict the profound effects our ministry will have on this organisation and many of those in it.

The State Wants To Break My Back!!
17th January 1998. M. In this dream I was being persecuted by the State. The men who were opposing me wanted to break my legs, and they even considered breaking my back. They used a big wooden truncheon like a baseball bat, but much bigger to break people's legs.
Meaning: The opposition which will come against us from the State. Someone used by the devil wants to stop us operating (symbolised by breaking our legs).

Harassment of Those Who Resist Us
18th January 1998. M. I was awoken early and in my half- sleep, thoughts were implanted in my mind as to how I should respond to those who have asked to be removed from our mailing list. Some use legal excuses to resist us. God told me to write to them turning their own words back on their heads. They express their so-called 'rights' under the Data Protection Act and the new regulations on harassment to have 'freedom' from contact with us. I am to express my spiritual rights to present them with truth, and exhort them to exert their SPIRITUAL rights toward us which they have neglected with phoney excuses.

The Joy of Little Children
20th Jan 1998. Helena. Dream of Chasing a Whistle
Helena had read Merlin Carother's book From Prison to Praise and that night she dreamed she was chasing a whistle, one of those ones which were home-made out of willow.
Meaning: God is saying pursue joy and those things which bring it; express it like small children do.

MM Driving Too Fast for Some!
21st January 1998. M. I was driving an old Ford Escort. The family was in the back seat, all four. I was going fast – too fast for the next corner – and the car ran off the road into a clump of small trees. The car was wrecked!

Meaning: Our ministry is unable to stay on the road because of lack of finance. There is a lot to do, a lot of road to travel and I want to get going. However, circumstances don't allow it. The car being a write-off means that this present phase of our ministry will end and be superseded by the next phase – when miraculous power comes. This is pictured by coming up to the corner – a radical change in direction for the ministry. The car – like the "ship" in Kevin Van de Westhuizen's June 1992 prophecy to me – can also symbolise those who are meant to provide our means of "going". But they are not up to the challenge. Many have run off the road. In effect, I am going too fast for them.

'Little' People Come
22nd January 1998. Helena was shown two small people, very small – cat size. They were sitting in a big armchair and Helena was warming up their feet, massaging their feet.
Meaning: 2 new people, who are spiritually very tiny, but whom we will reach and be able to help. (NB  This morning, after writing this down, we picked up the mail. There were two positive letters from new people. One is in the WCG, the other is ex-PCG. This is the meaning fulfilled.

Flying Supernaturally!
22nd January 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Flying
This was an incredibly vivid dream. I was flying like superman with my arms stretched out and fists clenched. I had supernatural power flowing through me and I could go anywhere, do anything!
Meaning: The anointing that came upon me to write the more than 40 articles to help Worldwiders. (From Jan to Mar 1998.)

27th January 1998. M. Dream of One-Page Articles
In this dream, God showed me that I was to write lots of one page articles and that these would be very helpful to Worldwiders.
The dream was fulfilled over subsequent weeks, when an 'anointing' came upon me to write all those articles for WCG.

The Scattering of the Church
27th January 1998. H. Dream of Small Hills Surrounded by Water
In this dream Helena saw lots of small hills projecting out of what was like a large expanse of waterlogged ground.
Meaning: The distribution of the Church into lots of small groups and how the water of God can better reach them in this environment, than if they were amalgamated as larger mountains.

Total Economic Collapse Coming!
28th January 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Financial Straitness to Come
I was backing our trailer, with some hay on it, down our driveway, when a neighbour lady drove up alongside. Her driveway joined ours. To get to the main road, she had to use our drive. Not wanting to hold her up while I was manoeuvring the trailer, I pulled up and waved her on. She came past, then got out to come and have a chat. She was distraught. Usually a very confident woman, some of her self-assurance had departed. It was obvious she was worried. Her income was gone! Almost overnight, it would seem. As a result of whatever financial crisis had occurred, she was now virtually destitute and looked to us for help. I could only jest, "Join the club!" We had been virtually destitute for the past few years while doing this ministry work, so I could only regard her fears as being a bit silly.
Meaning: There is a financial collapse coming, and the 'posh' people who have lived off the fat of the land in city trading are in for a mighty rude awakening!

Sexual Depravity
1st February 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Sexual Depravity
God conveyed the perverse preoccupation with sexual deviancy. People are so depraved that many in the media have no shame about promoting sexual depravity in entertainment. It's there all the time – an illicit undercurrent of sexual perversion undergirding almost every theme, story, joke or whatever. It is vile and disgusting. It is part of an unseen spiritual conspiracy to totally corrupt people and undermine the first foundation of decency and stability in society – the family.

Some things are so vile they should never be thought about, let alone mentioned. But the perverts in high places not only promote such things without shame, but take delight in contaminating the minds of others with their depravity. They even foul the minds of the minority who are still untainted by this vileness! There is no protection in society against this loathsome media erosion of moral standards.

'Ministerial' Critics
2nd February 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Critics
Several well-dressed, respectable-looking people were sitting at their desks. They were watching me with a disparaging look although they said nothing. Their body language gave away what they were thinking. They clearly didn't think much of me at all! But they had learned the clever politician's response of not saying anything when cornered – of staying cool and calm. Their lack of response was a hypocritical sham, so I ribbed them by saying something that was penetrating and which they would take as insulting. After that, their 'chief' one – a bigger man than all the others – started badmouthing me, and accusing me falsely.
Meaning: The leaders of the split Sabbatarians who will not communicate with me. They eye me with a combination of suspicion and belittlement. (Dart, Rector, and ALL the others!)

Boiler Bursts!
6th February 1998. H. Dream of Bursting Boiler
There was a heating system and the pressure of the heat and water was mounting up, ready to make the system explode. The best way to release the pressure was to open the hot water taps and run some of the water off. This would stop an explosion taking place. As she opened the tap, small blocks of ice fell out, followed by a big gush of water.
Meaning: What God is doing in the WCG (and with other churches He has us contact) is coming to a head. Those who are blocking it are about to be flushed out of the way so God can do what He has in mind. Some people have allowed their hearts to become iced up and totally insensitive to the flow of the Holy Spirit in relation to what God wants to do in the church. Either they will have to be softened or they will be blown out of the way by the power that is coming. God's patience is nearing its end.

MM Versus WCG – A Close Contest!
25th February 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Football Match
This game was us versus the WCG. On their side they had some very competent professionals. One player was Mark Hughes! We were mere amateurs and it was expected that they would win hands down.

The football was the size of a pea! Funnily enough, every time they scored, we equalised. It was quite stunning how we kept pulling back goals.

They thought they would have us licked, but the final score when the dream ended was about 4-3 to them. They may have had one up on us, but I felt that if the dream had continued we would have won. Obviously, it is not God's time for us to win yet.

MBH In Pasadena
6th March 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Being in Pasadena
I was in Pasadena, at WCG HQ, in a church meeting. We were all standing up. No one knew my name. None knew me and, until I initiated it, no one talked with me. Then, a man in the row in front suddenly saw a 'new truth'. He turned around to share it with someone next to me and some animated conversation followed. I recognised this truth as that which I had written in God's Church – Whose Authority?, so I touched the man on the arm and asked if I might join in.

I opened up the Bible to find Matthew and explain a bit from there. I had a hard time finding that section. For some reason, I kept going forward to Ephesians or backwards to Isaiah, but I did get there in the end.

Meaning: Some of what will happen as a result of our materials going on Internet soon. The allusion to Ephesians is about Eph 4:11-13, where prophets are an integral part of the Church ministry gifts. They are overlooked and unrecognised by organised churches.

Isaiah contains much which we repeat in our ministry, too. Because there are so many problems to address in the Church, it takes a long time to get round to coming back to the issue of Church government, but the matter is fundamentally important!

Woman Left In The Drawer
6th March 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Woman in Drawer
'They' put a woman in a filing cabinet drawer and left her there, intending to come back to her later. I thought she might die there, but amazingly she didn't – not quite!
Meaning: The WCG hierarchy files away the church, ignoring them and leaving them to die spiritually.

A Boat That Will Not Change Course
9th March 1998. Malcolm. Dream of a Boat
We were on a yacht, sailing along. Another larger boat came up over the horizon.

Some said, "Hey, want to see what Noah's Ark looked like? Then, take a look at this!"

Along came this big boat, ploughing straight ahead. It took no notice of us, but was adamantly set on its own course. It was not powered by the wind, like we were, but was humanly-driven by an engine.

Meaning: Depicts a ministry we sought God's input on (Ron Dart's CEM). But it also depicts other large ministries or churches which many consider Noah's Arks for them. Notice the pride people have in 'their' church. Yet, their human leadership will not change course or let the Spirit guide.

God Reveals People's Hearts
On 15th March 1998 I was given 4 dreams about various people, revealing God's thoughts. One of them was this:

Two women on the shore. The tide was in and flowing away from me. These two were walking away from me, following the direction of the tide's ebb and flow.
Meaning: Two women we have tried to reach but who are stuck in the PCG and will not listen to outsiders. They have walked away from every attempt to converse with them!
They are by no means the only ones walking away! This is the approach of nearly everyone!

Sin Is More Serious Than You Think!
1st April 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Sin
In this dream, somehow God conveyed what sin is like when we view it from the spiritual dimension. It is much more ugly, much more wrong, much more vile than we tend to see it from our contaminated physical perspective.
Meaning: God wants us to see sin more from the right angle, from His vantage point.

Condemned By Others
2nd April 1998. Malcolm. 2 dreams. 1) Condemned!
Someone behaving pompously (as if they thought of themselves as an official, or a traffic warden – but the person was not a traffic warden, they were just throwing their weight around) booked me for attending to a lorry that was stopped outside our house. He "did" me for speeding, yet I wasn't even driving the lorry! I was quite upset by the penalty imposed and protested that I had been fined unfairly several times before!

Meaning: How we are penalised and condemned by some for what we do in this ministry. We are "speeding" in their eyes. Yet I am not the One driving the lorry. God is. People condemn and criticise us for all sorts of reasons, depending upon their background and experience. Many cannot hack what we say or do. But what we do is according to God's instructions, irrespective of what others think.

Some condemn us for being supportive of other ministries (like, for example, Benny Hinn's, which comes under intense fire because of the power displayed). The charges against us are ridiculous, but those who accuse don't see that. They are moved by wrong spirits; resentment is one of them; jealousy another.

There is another meaning to the dream, to do with the police and their victimisation of me.

2) Accepting the "Wood" of Others
In this dream, I had ordered a huge flat thick piece of hardwood to make a shelf. When it came it had some quite deep blemishes. It was obviously going to need a lot of work to make it presentable. Another relatively smaller piece (but it was still big) was also delivered, but it was so poor I didn't think I could use it at all. People were amazed at what I was doing. They thought I had gone over the top!

Meaning: The doctrines upon which Christians place their spiritual possessions have some deep blemishes. The Trinity is one which mars an otherwise splendid piece of timber. Sunday worship, Christmas, Easter and repudiation of the law of Moses are other deeply rooted traditions which are wrong. The huge piece of timber could represent the basic 'plank' of Christianity – all the fundamental, correct doctrines such as Jesus' divinity and atonement; our justification and purification through Him and through the Word; the sanctity of the Word of God; the gifts of the Spirit; life after death, and many other aspects of biblical truth that are right which many Christians possess and upon which they rest their salvation. But there are big blemishes in this shelf which it will take some work to eradicate.

The smaller board which was so poor I didn't think it could be used represents the Sabbatarian sector of the Church. The doctrines of these people have such a ritualistic leaning that Christ is shut outside the door. They do not rely upon Jesus, but upon what they do by their own works. Most Sabbatarians have lost contact with Jesus in their bid to be so doctrinally 'correct'! Ironically, although they know we should worship and rest on the Sabbath, keeping it holy, they have fallen into much worse spiritual error than 'Sunday-keepers' who welcome the Spirit of God actively in their lives.

One aspect of the way we have worked in this ministry is not to dismiss all the teachings of non-Sabbatarian believers, but to learn from them where we can and also to add to their understanding. Many Sabbatarians cannot understand our approach. They think that just because we subscribe to certain views, or because we accept other Christians who have got some things so obviously wrong in their understanding, that we must be grossly misguided ourselves. They don't understand how God works, nor can they see what He is doing through us.

An anonymous letter came in the post today (after the dreams) purporting to be a word from the Lord. It was actually inspired by a demonic spirit trying to find fault with us because the person couldn't understand what we are doing in this ministry. The person wrote:

A word from the Lord to you: He will gather you all to Him and you will know [H]is love.

Many words have been spoken from your mouths and written from your pens that have not been from the Lord but from your own desires. [This is a false accusation.] But He does not rebuke you in anger as He knows you, and He knows that you are not as strong as you appear to others.

The Lord wills to prosper you spiritually and financially in great abundance. No longer does He wish to see you struggle [we are not struggling spiritually in the negative way you make out] in these areas of your life. [Well, if that is so, why did Paul struggle financially in his life? And if you are so understanding, whoever you are who wanted to have a subtle self-righteous "go" at us, why don't you donate some of your finance? Words can be cheap. Put your money where your mouth is to show you care about us!]

But remember this: When the Lord chooses to do this for you [your subtle implication is that we are outside His will and that our low financial state is a result of that, but you are unaware that He has delivered us financially several times already] it is not because you are more special than any other person in His Kingdom. But He will do this because He loves you, this is His nature, He can be no other way! [True, I fully concur with that.]

Too long have you been food for the birds of prey and hungry wolves [oh yeah?!]. These dark spiritual powers have caused you pain beyond belief! The Lord has seen all of this! [And you are adding your own subtle bit of pain via demonic forces, which is why you don't give your name and address. Why are you afraid to be identified?] All there is left to say is: Seek Him, not material or apparent spiritual things of this world [whatever that means?!], but seek Him with all your heart! [You wrongly imply I am not!] Because you know He loves you!

Psalm 25:12-14.  Who then is the man that fears the Lord? He will instruct him in the way chosen for him. He will spend his days in prosperity, and his descendants will inherit the land. The Lord confides in those who fear Him; He makes His covenant known to them.

This correspondent did not supply his/her name or address. He/she gave a 'prophetic' word which was a mixture of truth with subtle error. Its inference is that we are outside the will of God (which we are not) that what we are doing in this ministry is not bearing fruit (which it IS!) as a result of our alleged failure to do God's will, and that we are misguided. A demonic spirit  has spoken!

The verses quoted also imply that if we were in God's will we would be prospering financially. But the person fails to grasp the reasons why the righteous can, and do, go without through no fault of their own. Paul was one particular case in point (1 Cor 9). We know who this person was, and they have never contributed anything to this ministry! In fact, they harmed it by their self-will, pride and apostasy!

The person who wrote this is misguided and fails to see the spiritual impact our ministry will have throughout the world (and is already beginning to have).

People always misunderstand the work of prophets, so all they can do is question and condemn.

Peacock Returns
6th April 1998. Malcolm. I dreamed that our lovely peacock, which we admired and treasured, returned to us.
Meaning:  God will restore the 'treasure' we have lost.

God Knows The Heart
6th April 1998. Helena. This dream portrayed us in a small meeting with some other believers one of whom was Jill [not her real name]. There were some snacks on a table. We would have liked to have had something to eat but we had no money, so we had to go without. Helena commented that she didn't have even enough money to afford to buy a pizza. Jill whispered something under her breath. Helena asked her what she had just said, and Jill grumbled: "If you can't afford pizza, there's something wrong."
Meaning: Jill is like many who are not really behind us. She hid from us what she really thought, but God revealed it to us.

Tall Sign Seen By Many
6th April 1998. Helena. In this dream, a sign outside our home was being constructed. It was very tall, the tallest thing around. Besides being really high, it was an unusual shape, like a high tower tapering to a point.
Meaning: The prominence which will come to us as a result of the unusual nature of the miracles God will perform through our ministry.

Someone Tries To Shoot Me
13th April 1998. M. Someone tried to shoot me. However, I ducked and they couldn't get me. Helena just stood there.
Meaning: This occurred on 22nd April. An overseas person was disagreeing with something I wrote about the ‘Toronto Blessing’ and looked for every way he could to find fault with me and accuse me. He has a false religious spirit. Recounted on pages 1 to 10 of Newsletter 6 of July 1998.

Intimidated by the Police
16th April 1998. M. Dream of Police
Two police officers were intimidating me with words. They had me over a barrel because of their position of authority. To defend myself I could do nothing, but I turned around and made a note of their numbers from their jackets.
Meaning: Future opposition and how to handle it.

People Hiding
18th April. H. Dream of People Hiding Behind a Wall
Several people we know were keeping their distance from us, watching us from behind a garden wall. Instead of getting directly involved and helping us, they stood way off. All you could see were parts of their faces. It was as if they didn't want us to know who they were.
Meaning: Many aren't committed to supporting us because they have misgivings. Their belief / commitment are too shallow.

Jesus and Smith Wigglesworth
28th April 1998. M. Dream of Jesus and Wigglesworth
This dream was very short. Smith Wigglesworth came to me and gave me a present. It was a bottle of olive oil for anointing. It was not a tiny one but quite large for a bottle of anointing oil. He told me to minister to him. I felt a bit out of place at first (Who am I to pray for him? It ought to be the other way around!), but I did as he said. I prayed for him and invoked God's love upon him. When I opened my eyes, I was standing before Jesus, not Smith Wigglesworth! Whatever we do to another person, we do to Jesus (Matt 25:40).

A WCG Minister
4th May 1998. Malcolm. I was given a dream of a friend of mine who is still a WCG minister. This dream was quite complicated, but the gist of it was that there was something which was holding him back spiritually. It was lust of some sort (for power). The dream did not convey what it was specifically, probably because it has various facets and cannot be oversimplified, but what holds WCG ministers inside the WCG is often that they don't want to lose their position.

TV Presenters
5th May 1998. Helena. Dream of 2 TV presenters
This dream was similar to Malcolm's on 1st May. It concerned some well-known TV presenters. Helena was invited as a guest to their private party. On the way out there was a half finished bottle of wine by the door. She asked them if she might have it. The lady said, "Oh, we'd better check it out first." Helena was left waiting.
Meaning: They live a luxurious lifestyle themselves but are very selfish.

Burst Appendix
6th May 1998. Malcolm. Dream of G C. [Name withheld.]
He came to me and thanked me for a prophetic word we had given him (although it was relayed by me to him, it seemed to have come from a third party). This prophecy concerned his daughter-in-law (or possibly daughter) who suffered a burst appendix and was heavily pregnant also. They were worried. The prophecy told them not to worry, but that everything would work out all right. It gave some directives on what to do in the situation so that things would be OK. They followed the advice God had given and things DID work out fine. GC came to thank me and was most relieved. [GC was an insurance consultant whom I knew near our former home.]

Two WCG Ministers
7th May 1998. M. In this dream two WCG ministers we know had moved house, into an older end of terrace, very "average" house. They were a bit cramped for space, but had to make do with what they had. They had a satellite dish fixed to a rock at the front corner of the house. It was the only place they could put it, so they asked everyone to be careful they didn't kick it when coming in. I talked with them briefly, but it was only small talk and uselessly superficial, so I politely departed and waited in my pickup parked outside. Helena talked with them inside while I re-stacked some of the logs [literature] on my truck.
Meaning: Future dialogue to take place.

Warned of Opposition
26th May 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Opposition
3(?) men attacked me. It was horrible!

Man in the Light-Coloured Raincoat Will Eventually Cause My Death
4th June 1998. M. In this dream, a man with a light coloured raincoat was on his way to plant something which seemed to be a bomb. I knew it would eventually kill me, but I was not perturbed. I was resigned to my fate. It is part of the reason for my existence. However, that effect of the bomb was not to be immediate. My death would come later, after other things had to occur. I laid down and prepared to die. I was quite happy about that, for I could then return to God.

God Assures Us About What Is Ahead
6th June 1998. H. Dream of Going Backwards
Helena was in the car and it was going in reverse. She couldn't stop it. Finally we stopped reversing and everything worked out OK.
Meaning: Depicts our financial state and lack of support at present.

9th June 1998. H. Get Ready for Man with Black Hair
A fairly tall and handsome man with black hair appeared. Helena was not fully dressed when he appeared. We had to get ready! Meaning: This was fulfilled by a particular person visiting us.

11th June 1998. M. Dream of Cash
Someone handed me a large wad of banknotes. Another scene portrayed a big wad of banknotes being shoved through our letterbox. Presumably these had arrived by post.
Meaning: Finance will come!

11th June 1998. M. Dream of Return to Woodside
Woodside was our previous home. This dream depicted us moving back to our former home. It seemed a good move. We thought it was right to move back there again and that it had over-riding benefits. However, after moving back, it was not as pleasant as we had thought and we would have preferred to be where we are now. We resigned ourself to the situation.
Meaning. What we have to do by 'returning' into the domain of the WCG is part of our life's duty. God has put it in our hearts, but what it brings will not be pleasant.

People Determine Their Fate
14th June 1998. M. I saw a person with long sharp spikes sticking out of their head. Meaning: A seriously demonised person. (Fulfilled already.) What people do is often crazy! They will harm themselves so seriously by their foolish and self-willed ways, but there is nothing you can do to prevent them.

The Most Incredible Dream!
15th June 1998. Malcolm. Dream of the Miraculous Way
I cannot describe accurately what I saw, for there are no words to express such things. But it was as if God created a being for us. This being was huge and powerful. He was like a man in stature, but he was not a man. He was able to do anything. No man could stop whatever he did. This being acted for us and helped us to do whatever we needed to do. Anything could occur by us simply willing it to occur and the being made it possible.

We were all alone. We had no support. We were in the middle of nowhere, or so it seemed. Yet we were going towards our destination. However, humanly, it was impossible to get there even though we were going. Suddenly a way opened up for us from nowhere. One minute it didn't exist; the next minute it did. It was like a dirt track out in the wilds, with a stone foundation. It was straight and narrow and went directly across water, like a new track intersecting a huge reservoir. At the beginning of this track there was something which half blocked our way. We had to walk around this obstacle [a person] to continue. Helena and Tonya went first, followed immediately by me. I didn't look behind to see who was following, but there may have been a couple of others who followed behind. I'm not sure. That part of the dream was obscure.

In another scene, a creature was brought before us to help us. It was a giant animal, like nothing on earth, part living creature, part machine. All we had to do was find out how to start this 'thing' and we were away! I took a small disc like a tiddlywink and felt for a 'slot' in the surface of this 'beast' where I could insert it to start it. I must have been led to find the exact spot where this slot was, because there was nothing showing where it was. It was completely hidden. No one else could find it, but miraculously my hand was guided immediately to the right place. I inserted the disc and we were off! "Whahay!" The creature started up with me sitting high up on it. This 'thing' was so powerful, nothing would stand in its way!

Rainbow Sign
On the evening of Sunday 21st June (the summer solstice), there was a Dramatic Rainbow over our home. It had been a hot day and in the evening, unusually, it clouded over. There was a freak rain shower which was isolated to our locality. The setting sun emerged on the northwest horizon as the clouds moved southward, and the sun shone over us. A complete rainbow appeared in the sky over our house, from the ground on one side of our house to the ground on the other side, as if to frame our home. I believe it was a sign from God that His protective covering is over us. I have never seen such a perfect rainbow! And never in that position! It was unique.

Kenneth Hagin's Teachings
Unbalanced and Incorrect
23rd June 1998. Malcolm. Kenneth Hagin and HWA
In this dream something caught my eye in one of Kenneth Hagin's publications. I noticed he claimed that he was told by God to visit Herbert W Armstrong on his deathbed (at age 98) and that HWA repented.
Purpose: HWA died at 93, not 98. So, Kenneth Hagin's publication misrepresented the facts. (I wrote to him today to find out whether he did visit HWA, but I very much doubt whether he did. [Postscript: he didn't.]) The dream is almost certainly meant to be figurative and to convey that K Hagin has made some claims in his literature that are not true. Whether they are deliberate or not, I don't know, and I am not his judge in that. But one claim is that he has never been sick or had a headache since believing God for healing. Others have pointed out that this is untrue. He has had a heart bypass operation, so it is said. Faith in God does not automatically guarantee healing at all times. There are other factors which need emphasis, so his teachings are unbalanced. They can give people a false impression, and can lead to disillusionment when people fail to receive healing in times of great distress.

Worldwiders Shut In
24th June 1998. H. 1) Dream of Struggling to Climb Wall
Helena was really struggling to climb up over a high wall so she could reach Worldwiders. The dream emphasises how hard it is to reach these people. That's because of their prejudice which shuts them in, and deprives them of further truth.

Same date. H. 2) Revival
In this dream she was talking to Worldwiders about the coming revival and the book The World Aflame. She was trying to make them aware of some of what God has done in the past.

More Work Ahead
24th June. M. I dreamed that lots more letters came in.
Meaning: There will be a lot more correspondence to do!  This dream looks ahead several years, to the time when God will perform miracles and that will really bring an influx of mail.

Minister's Warped Mentality
1st July 1998. M. WCG Minister's Arrogance and Prejudice
He needed others to help him with ministry work. I offered to help him but he would not have it. He had written a book entitled "100% Truth!" He later let me minister to his flock, but only on the condition that I read this book to them. When I put his book onto tape, they were surprised at how good it was. They never thought I could do anything which would be much cop! In another scene, Andrew conceded to me helping him out. He was willing to pay my train fare, but when it came to Helena's train fare he balked. He refused to pay that. Yet she was the more outspoken and capable partner in the ministry!

Meaning: This man is shackled by the mentality WCG has cloned into him. Top on his list is CONTROL! He, like most WCG ministers, feels he must be in control. He determines what his flock reads or knows about, spiritually.

Secondly, he thinks that he doesn't need to learn from others. He thinks he has all truth and has no need to learn from other Christians, least of all from us! This is sheer arrogance, combined with Laodicean complacency.

Thirdly, his concept of women ministering is radically decrepit. He still thinks it's a man's task – probably because his concept is still one of ruling over others – and that it is out of place for a woman to be prominently ministering to the spiritual needs of others, whether in teaching or other forms.

Looking Forward to Being In God's Presence
1st July 1998. M. Dream of an exhilarating woman
Futuristic. Helena was no longer around. It was a new situation. I met this wonderful woman from up North and we went off in great enjoyment together. It was real bliss!
Meaning. Not physical but spiritual. After our physical existence, we will go into a new experience. The woman represents Zion from the North (Ps 48:2, NKJV); the wonderful wedded bliss of being in God's presence and enjoying pleasures with Him (Ps 16:11).

Japanese In Africa
4th July 1998. M. Dream of Japanese
The Japanese were exerting their influence in Africa. The country could have been Nigeria, or possibly Ghana or another African country. The dream depicted me being there (although I don't feel this is meant to be taken literally for me).
A Japanese soldier was trying to get me to accept something or do something and I didn't want to. He put his automatic rifle to my head and threatened me with death if I didn't.
: The Japanese have exerted their influence up to now through economic means. Now that is diminishing rapidly, they will use military means to impose their influence.

Vision of Jesus
4th July 1998. M. Vision of Jesus
My eyes were closed. We were praying in our small fellowship group. I saw Jesus standing in a church graveyard. He appeared just as any other normal person. There was no blinding vision of glory. He wanted to be as one of us and not make us feel inferior or insecure because of how He could have presented Himself. He beckoned to me with His body language and His thoughts. He didn't have to speak any words. His body was turned to go the other way, as if to go forward, to move on. He looked over His left shoulder and beckoned with His head by a prompt that I can only describe as a transfer of thought: "Come, follow Me."
Meaning: Jesus was depicted leading me forward in a grave yard because the Church is very much asleep, and in some areas the people are spiritually dead. Where we have come from there are many dead people – spiritually speaking!

Lonely People May Be Stubborn, Too
10th July 1998. M. There were many people on the platform at a train station, all milling around. There was another part of the platform where there was no one except one person. A woman we know sat there all alone, just feeling sorry for herself, hunched up, wanting nothing to do with anyone else. Stubbornness, selfishness and rebellion can all lead to this sorry condition.
Meaning: Illustrates why she is lonely. If she made an effort to express the opposite qualities to those mentioned above, she would not be lonely. Jesus would come in and she would be full.

What Do You Want?
10th July 1998. M. In this dream I was given the words "What do you want?" We should ask this of people who come to us for ministry. People generally don't want all the truth. They don't want all that God offers. They just want what they want, but that doesn’t bring results!

WCG Minister's Desolate House
10th July 1998. Zenya. Dream of a WCG Minister’s desolate spiritual house. (Narrated by Zenya.) The start of the dream began with me standing outside the gates of a massive mansion, which was dark and gloomy [the spiritual state of the WCG]. It looked empty and lifeless, and indeed it was, hardly known of by anyone, most probably because it was surrounded by acres of woodland.  The gates were ajar, and the house was unlocked, waiting to be intruded. Then I was inside, this time not on my own, but with my mum, my dad, and Tonya. We were searching the house for some kind of evidence, against or on behalf of him I do not know. We were searching absolutely everywhere, every crack and hole would be covered. It was as if we were carrying out a police search, over the whole house.
Meaning: To do with our dealings with this man. We know the derelict spiritual state of the WCG. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed (Luke 12:2).

Raise Your Faith and Receive
14th July 1998. M. Dream of Many Prophetic Words
Another person was receiving loads of prophetic words, and seeing the power of God flow in their life. I was astonished that they could be receiving so much. They even received something about a little dog belonging to someone else. When I asked God why they were getting so much information from Him, He reminded me that the Spirit searches all things, so why not? Why should I be so surprised? ...God revealed it to us by His Spirit, [for] the Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. (1 Cor 2:10.)
Also depicts revival.

Prophecy Following the Above
15th July. M. Dream of Home Videos
Many ordinary people were making home videos which were shown on national TV.
This trend was fulfilled a year or so after the dream. And TV programmes with some home videos continue to attract considerable TV audience interest.

Church Tradition Is Hard To Break
24th July 1998. M. Dream of an ex-WCG man and others
In this dream I was talking to a number of people in a small group situation. Various things were being discussed, among them moving forward spiritually and receiving tongues and other gifts of the Spirit.
I asked if they would like me to pray for them to receive the Holy Spirit's gifts. Axxxxx Sxxxxx was among those present.

The conversation came around to something to do with Xxxx. I was quite frank and said that not all he did was ideal. Then I said that to move forward, sometimes God wants us to move – physically – just as Abraham had to leave his family and home behind. We must be prepared to leave family and friends behind, and that often means being willing to physically separate ourselves to get in line with God's will for us. I said that I hadn't got a final word on Xxxx's situation, but that that may be what God was indicating for him.

Meaning: The WCG minister is so limited by his indoctrin- ation in that church that he looks to the example of others in that church before him and follows their example more than the Word of God. He really needs to leave that church behind, to be able to move on spiritually and accept the truths of God and the spiritual fulness which Jesus wants to share with him.

Helena Meets Richard Madeley
27th July 1998. Helena. Dream of meeting Richard Madeley.
Meaning: Publicity coming. RM is a TV presenter.

Overview of MM's Work & the WCG
3rd August 1998. H. Dream of Returning to finish a job [to do with the WCG]. Helena started on a long journey by foot. It was tedious and lonesome and it took a long time [depicts the path of our ministry which has been difficult]. Then Helena realised she had to go back to where she started, to finish a job that needed attention. She ended up in the company of a group of people [the WCG]. This group seemed to be run like a camp [WCG control]. David Stirk seemed to be the supervisor.

When the job was done she had to pay her way out of it, as if she had to pay for the uniform used while she was there [things are backward in our relationship with those in the WCG whom we are trying to help; they should be supporting us, but they end up costing us dearly!]. She looked in her purse, but didn't have enough money [our low financial state].

Then she left them and carried on walking back on the same journey where she was previously [the return to WCG will only be temporary]. Miss Jackson was with her [this lady was with us at the time of this dream, but she died in 1999 and will be raised up from the dead]. Helena was amazed how Miss Jackson was able to walk with such strength and determination [unlike some others who have been 'with' us, Miss Jackson doesn't give up. She is faithful and loyal supporter]. She and Helena just carried on walking. The walk seemed to be endless! [The task of this ministry.]

Meaning: [In brackets.] WCG are so arrogant they expect us to pay them for the 'privilege' of being with them! What a farcical insult!

The Evil Giant
21st August 1998. H. Dream of an Evil Giant
Helena was aware of being in a public place with lots of people. She could see in a crowd an unusual looking man with a short dark beard and moustache. She felt he was like Goliath. He had a threatening and menacing look about him.

When we went inside our home with some of our friends, we were aware of him watching us from outside through the window [police surveillance]. He watched every move we made. Helena had to draw the curtains very tightly to get some privacy.

Meaning: At the time we thought this dream was about forthcoming publicity which will surround the raising of the dead. We thought the evil giant could represent the publicity ‘machine’ of the press. They never leave ‘celebrities’ alone!

However, it is more likely that it depicts the State and evil police surveillance that we have had various dreams about. These are expounded in Is Britain Now A Police State? and When Prosecution Is Persecution.

Church 'Pipework' Needs Rearranging
26th August 1998. H. Dream of Weird Pipework
Helena had to rearrange this ridiculous arrangement of pipes. It was totally unreal!
Meaning: The Church in many quarters is nothing like Jesus had originally established. The water of the Holy Spirit is meant to flow without hindrance. But the Church has developed complex and unnecessary ‘pipework’.

Catholics Sorely Need Help!
27th August 1998. H. Dream of Medicine Bottle and Plumbing Pipes
Helena dreamed of pipes coming out of the ceiling and down into the wall. They were in entirely the wrong place and were in the way. She cut these pipes and re-sited them so they wouldn’t be in the way. 

Meaning: At the time, Helena’s family from Poland was staying with us. They are Catholic. They are connected to God, but their doctrinal views don’t allow the water of the Spirit to flow as it ought. Their ‘pipes’ need re-arranging. The truth of God would help them be connected to Him more directly. God's truths are symbolised by the pipework that enables the water of God's Spirit to flow properly.

Someone gave her an old medicine bottle. She tried her hardest to open it. It was really hard to open! Meaning: There are so many obstacles to receiving healing. People need it so much, but it is so hard to help them accept this truth and have faith that God will heal them if they trust Him completely.

Tonya Will 'Fly'
27th August 1998. Whilst staying with us, H’s sister in law, also called Helena, had a dream. She was in a car with our elder daughter Tonya, who had a small baby. The car changed into an aeroplane. She started flying.
Meaning: Radical spiritual changes to come in her life.

In Poland
31st August 1998. H. In Poland
We seemed to be on a journey to Poland. We arrived in Lubatowa [Helena's birthplace and home village]. She entered the local meeting hall. When she came inside it, she could see the sheer size of the hall. It was so enormous. The roof was in the shape of a dome. It was very high and rounded at the top. The height was unbelievable! The colour inside the dome was ultramarine (blue).
Meaning: She felt God was saying there isn’t a hall big enough for His glory and power; there is so much available. And our ministry outreach will impact people in Poland in due course. Blue is the colour that depicts His heavenly things.

No Privacy In The Public Gaze
31st August 1998. M. I dreamed I was in a glass-fronted room and there was nowhere I could get privacy. I was trying to have a bath; I was naked but I couldn’t find anywhere I could get away from people’s gaze.
Meaning: The publicity coming won’t give us any peace and privacy.

The Unforgiving WCG
5th September 1998. M. Dream of Unforgiving Woman
It was as if we were at some function, like a gathering at a Feast. The woman in the dream was a WCG member and we were once friends. I still wanted to treat her kindly as a friend. She was sitting at a small table with another friend, talking. As I walked past, I noticed her and was glad to see her. I said hello and asked to come and chat with her some time, to renew fellowship. However, her response was cool. She didn’t want to spend time with me. She would rather get on with her own friendship. She didn’t want to know me at all.
Meaning: It conveys the hostile and segregationist psychology which the WCG spawned in their members’ minds. That psychology is so damaging that it leaves its mark in the spirit even after the person is dead! The woman depicted in this dream died and did not make it into the Kingdom of God. (Revealed to us in another dream).

7th September 1998. M. Dream of Mr and Mrs S (WCG members) coming to meet with us in our mansion. The large house, where we were, seemed old and well established. However, they didn’t want to get involved in what we were doing. We went out into the garden to work, but they stayed inside.
Meaning: These people are WCG members and are hostile towards us. They are stand-off-ish. Typical of the result of WCG philosophy, which is hypocrisy.
“Established mansion” is a pictorial representation of our ministry after we receive recognition following the outpouring of miraculous power from God.

The Stage Is Set For Revival
7th Sept 1998. M. Dream of Waiting for the Revival
The above dream continued with another scene. We went to see what was going on elsewhere. There was a ‘show’ being staged nearby so we went there for some entertainment (this portrays 'the charismatic church' with which we have felt some affinity because of our full acceptance of the power of God). Many people were gathered waiting for the show to begin. They were engrossed in conversation with each other. A man in the row in front of us said this was the best show on earth. We wouldn’t be disappointed.

What was strange was that all the seats in the audience were not facing the stage. The stage was on the right hand side, and all the seats were looking forward. They were facing the wrong direction.

I was curious to see what was going on behind stage [God gives us glimpses of this in dreams]. I could see that a good- looking middle-aged woman with black hair [the 'charismatic church'] was in charge. There were a number of pretty girls behind stage, waiting for the start of the performance, practising their dance movements.

We waited and waited. Some two hours passed and nothing happened, but the audience didn’t sense that something was wrong. They simply carried on talking, fellowshiping amongst themselves.

Meaning: The charismatics think that they are going to be the focus of the next wave of the Holy Spirit. They’re not. They’re looking in the wrong direction. It’s going to come from the right. The right (politically) is the more conservative wing. In this context it’s to do with publicising the relevance of the law of God.

Church Folks 'Imprisoned'
7th September 1998. H saw a cage with some tiny little people in it. They were like chickens imprisoned in a cage. They were not fed or looked after. They were locked up and neglected. They were slowly dying. They needed to be let out, fed and watered, and cared for.
Meaning: Some church folks are spiritually imprisoned!

Church Hierarchy Needs Lopping
8th September 1998. Malcolm. Dream of lopping trees
This dream showed a row of really tall Leyland Cypress conifers. Leylandii have been in the news here recently because they grow so fast in people’s gardens that they become an oppressive nuisance. They cut out the light from neighbouring gardens, and make some people’s lives a misery. Legislation has been considered to curb the social nuisance of these trees.

In this dream, I had to cut them down to below half way, to about six foot high. To do so in one fell swoop would be dangerous to people and property nearby. So, they were lopped in several 4 or 5 foot sections, from the top down.

Meaning: A parable of the church and how hierarchy must be lopped down, until the government structure in the church is at the right height, on the same level as the people to whom it is meant to minister.

Heavenly Crystal Sea
15th September 1998. H. Dream of the Crystal Sea
Helena had to climb a very steep rocky mountainside. At first she couldn’t find a foothold to move on up. She looked down and saw a rock ledge where she could securely put her foot down. Although it meant going down a bit, she was then able to go up. From then on she scaled this edifice.

At the top she saw a lake of beautiful crystal. The crystals seemed to be suspended on top of the water. A couple of people were lying in bed suspended in the crystal sea, enjoying it. As Helena swam through it she was strengthened and rejuvenated.

Next she went into a huge area where there were lots of people. She saw a huge swimming pool, slightly raised, full of water. Many people were enjoying themselves.

Meaning: The coming revival. The outpouring from God's heavenly realm, bringing restoration and rejuvenating people spiritually.

People Doing 'Their Own Thing'
20th September 1998. H. Dream of Huge House
It was a very open-plan house. People were doing their own thing. Things were disorderly downstairs. Helena tried to go up, but the ladder was not long enough. There was no way to go upstairs and reach people.
Meaning: The state of things in the Church and how difficult (impossible, humanly) it is to get to others with what God has given us.

People Resist Truth
21st Sept 1998. H. Dream of People’s Unwillingness
We tried to help someone with materials, but the tapes were given back. Milk was pouring out of them. It was easily digested food, but they didn’t want it.
Meaning: The dream depicts allegorically the reaction and rejection of most people to whom we send our materials.
People would rather stay in the dark than see the light. Shows the strength of demonic strongholds in people’s minds to which they submit. They will have to go through trials and tribulations before they will wake up.

Selfish Woman
21st September 1998. M. Dream of AB
(AB is someone whom we know.) In this dream, we had some huge horseradish roots. They were six feet long. AB wanted some of these and asked us for some. The only way to get them to her was for us to take them to her by car. We did so. She had some remarkable things too. She had some radish which were a foot long. She gave us some of those.
Meaning: The miraculous outpouring ahead with really remarkable things happening. However, we have to pay to give her what she wants. We had to go to her, at our expense. She didn’t consider the price we had paid on her behalf. Despite God’s free outpouring, some have to pay the price in human terms.

Be More Aggressive With God's Truth
22nd September 1998. M. Dreamed of playing cricket
I wasn’t batting well at all. I was playing such weak strokes that I nearly got caught. Then I realised I should play much more aggressively. I lashed out with vigour after that. Even though I missed some balls, at least I was putting my whole strength into it!
Meaning: A gentle reminder to me to change my approach. (But an aggressive or assertive approach offends many!) To present new truth to a Church that doesn't want it, you have to be aggressive. Prophets are not called to compliment people, but to offend them (not deliberately; it just happens) by giving them the truth God wants them to accept, so they can then change.

WCG Leaders Selling Off The WCG
27th Sept 1998. M. WCG reduces its church to the level of playing mere games! I had a dream of a flat. The owner felt they should sell off part of the flat to make ends meet. So they sold their living room for £50,000. It was a crazy thing to do. They subdivided the flat and made the living room separate from the other rooms, which the dream conveyed were upstairs. Two fellows bought it, intending to use it for play as a snooker room.
Meaning: Symbolic of what the WCG has done. The living room is the heart and core of the home. In the WCG, they have sold off the heart and core of their church They have been willing to sell anything to get what they want. Expedience is the name, but in reality it is ridiculous to the overall well-being of the organisation.
What WCG leaders have done by dividing the church, selling off the heart and core for quick ‘profit’. They have treated it with disdain. Their mercenary attitude toward it is one of “What can we get for it?” They have no qualms about selling it off to others – to mere snooker players – where nothing but games take place from now on.

Things Explode!
29th September, 1998, Helena saw a large kitchen
Suddenly, drawers and other objects started lifting up and moving around. It was freakish and scary. A large fridge and cooker started pulsating with energy. They were literally vibrating up and down, ready to explode. The plugs were even smoking, about to catch fire. To stop the things exploding in the dream, she had to pull the plugs out.
Meaning: What this dream means is that demonic opposition will come against us first to try and thwart what God is doing through us. But it won't have any lasting bad effect. While the devil wants to destroy our ministry, and will try to do so through other people, principally those whom we are witnessing against, he will be the loser.

Ugly Dominating Man
7th October 1998. M. Dream of an ugly man who tried to exert his supremacy over me. I got hold of his hands, and wrapped his arms around his body. I held him tight in this position so he couldn’t move. He couldn’t get out of my hold. I had his hands gripped so tight that it hurt him and he complained that I was injuring him.
Meaning: Fulfilled a few days later when I wrote to a certain minister. (I had lengthy written correspondence with him.) His hands symbolise his ability to promote his teaching via writing. But what he promotes is wayward. I countered his errors in writing. He ceased corresponding after that.

WCG Produces Delinquent Daughter
9th October 1998. M. Dream of delinquent girl
I was berating a delinquent girl in this dream. She was dirty and terribly badly behaved. In fact, she was so unruly, obnoxious and repulsive that I tried to get hold of her and spank her. But her mother intervened and prevented me doing so.
I burst out in anger against this woman’s natural reaction. I told her she was a silly fool not to discipline her child, as that lack of direction was making her the evil way she was.
Meaning: The WCG leadership could be likened to the woman who refuses to give proper guidance to those in their care. The result is to be seen in a spiritually unruly, spiritually dirty, spiritually repulsive daughter.

WCG Leaders' Illicit Meddling
10th October 1998. M. Dream of man who came to meddle without permission. It was a sort of gimmick like TV shows arrange for publicity stunts. This man (who behaved affably, like TV presenters, who know how to present themselves well to an audience) took a gadget (like a waste disposal unit) out from under our kitchen sink. I didn’t want this removed, but he said he would put it back later. It was inconvenient to have it removed, especially against our wishes! He had no right, but that didn’t concern him. Even though he said it would be put back, I didn’t have that faith that everything would work as it did before. I didn’t trust his workmanship. His tampering with things could damage the threads and cause it to leak. All sorts of problems could have resulted from his meddling.  
Meaning: This is an analogy of what has happened in the WCG. The leadership have meddled with fundamental doctrine which the people in the church (who should really be regarded as the owners of the church – but who aren’t – they are merely used by the leadership) didn’t want altered. They didn’t want the sanctity of the law of God tampered with. But the leadership have removed the basis for regarding the Sabbath and holy days as sacrosanct. The only basis now is church tradition. They are not kept for any other reason than to bring in money and retain a measure of stability and control over the people. If the ruling junta could conveniently dispose of these biblical customs, they would! At the moment, they can’t do so without greater political upheaval and financial loss to themselves.

Wicked Brute!
10th October 1998. H. Brute who tried to rape a girl
A young girl (portrayed as about 12) was being pursued by a brute of a man who wanted to rape her. He had her in his grip, so she couldn’t escape. He was going to use her for what he wanted, despite her protests. She was so weak and defenceless against this promiscuous thug. He had an accomplice, too, who was nearby. Helena grabbed him, held onto his hands to stop him running away. She waited for the police to arrive. That took some time, but she had to hold on to him until they came. Eventually, the police arrived, took him away, and also dragged the accomplice away by the hair.
Meaning: A figure of what WCG leadership has done to the WCG. They have tried to force what they want onto the powerless members, without considering the feelings, wishes or will of those members. This dream parallels the one above about the man who meddled without permission. The accomplice represents the evangelicals who have encouraged WCG apostasy. The police represent the power of God, who will eventually judge all the wicked and take them away to their punishment.

Foolish Builders
13th October 1998. M. Dream of Inept Builders
Builders were altering a house. In their ‘enthusiasm’ to speed on with their schemes, they had stripped the roof covering, leaving only some boards on the framework of what was once the roof. I thought to myself: “How foolish!” No way would this keep out the weather! Then the scene changed and I went into one of the rooms. It was the bathroom. I noticed that they had moved the toilet, but I noticed too late that they had foolishly disconnected the waste outlet from the drain. When the toilet was flushed, the water went all over the floor, which was concrete, and which was also left in an unfinished state. Loose gravel on the floor was washed into the drain and blocked it. This had to be arduously removed by hand.
Meaning: The state of things in the WCG. They have removed the protective covering over the church by introducing antinomian teachings. There is great protection in obedience to law (1 Tim 1:8 – the law is good if a man use it lawfully). But the WCG have removed the protective roof, and now call obedience to God’s precepts “legalism”. Their ineptitude is akin to leaving the toilet disconnected. Confusion reigns. They have created an equal mess in WCG members’ minds through their enthusiastic changes!

Lots of Growth Ahead
19th Oct 1998. H. Dream of lots of bulbs shooting.
New spiritual growth occurs as a result of our ministry.

The Night Is Coming
25th October 1998. H. She dreamed that it was the middle of the night. She got up to check if the lights had been turned off. Some people were standing by the front door, ringing the bell. She was surprised to see some former friends calling on us so late at night. She let them in and told them to go and sleep in the beds in which they slept previously.
Meaning: Some people who were with us before will be back. They will have left it rather later, however.

A Friend and The Churches of God
31st October 1998. M. Dream of me and another man
In this dream, we were doing a number of different things, going places, seeing people, etc. [This depicts the interaction with others concerning spiritual things – either over the web or in personal contact, etc.] After visiting a number of different houses where we talked to people, and after doing some shopping together (this bit was vague), we (the young man in the dream and I) went to a church meeting together. I got the impression from the dream that the person who was with me was very supportive, and that we had a really strong bond of friendship, perhaps even a bit like David and Jonathan's. We supported one another. Anyway, we went to this church meeting. We just arrived moments before the service was to start. Everyone was seated. All the people were sitting quietly, passively, waiting for the meeting to begin (like a typical Church of God group meeting). So, when we walked in, everyone would have noticed us, although that didn't bother us. We walked to a side wall to find some seats on the side. The place was full and nearly all the seats were taken. There were a few vacant ones, but on closer inspection it turned out that they were broken. Eventually we found two seats and sat down for the meeting to begin. The dream ended there.

What God is saying is that this person and I have a job to do together. It is not a literal physical visit to the Church of God, but via electronic or other means. The people will all get to know we have 'walked in' and that we are involving ourselves in their spiritual 'meeting'.

The few broken chairs indicates the wrecked lives in that part of the church which have not been put right, or the problems that are not dealt with, but just left.

Preparing For The Great Tribulation
3rd November 1998. H. Dream of a missile launcher
It was revving up and getting ready for an attack. The scene was in the open, like in the middle of a field. A little girl was vulnerable and exposed to danger. Helena got hold of the girl’s hand and took her to a safe place, away from the vicious machine which was about to attack. They ran and hid behind a big oak tree.
Meaning: The enemy is planning a vicious attack on the Church, and us. The Church needs help to run to a place where God can protect people. The truth sets people free. Christians need further truth to run to God and save them from the spiritual enemy.

10th November 1998. M. Dream of man impaled
A man had willingly impaled his head with an iron bar through the front of his skull right through to the back. He also had a sword which went straight through his head from ear to ear. He seemed to want me to help him do this. He thought this demented behaviour was ‘good’ or, at least, acceptable or right. He accepted this condition as being “crucified with Christ”. He covered himself with a towel and sat in this condition. That was the level of his spirituality. Like a monk, he was cut off from being able to help others. He desperately needed help himself, but didn’t think so!
Meaning: There are ascetics in the Church today. Theirs is a misguided ‘spirituality’. They misconstrue denial of self, and take it to an extreme. They actually harm themselves in self inflicted punishment. Yet denial of self is not meant to harm, but to protect from harm!
Sin harms, and that is why God tells us to deny our fleshly desires when they would take us into sin. But He doesn’t tell us to inflict harm upon ourselves or others.

Lion Constantly Present
11th November 1998. H. Dream of Constant Lion attacks
In this dream, wherever we went, we had a lion following us everywhere. Whenever we tried to confine this lion with fencing, he would jump out. You just couldn’t keep him contained.
People were rather fearful of this, so we had to tell them not to be afraid. At the end, the lion would walk alongside wherever we went. We had to treat this lion like a naughty dog and keep him disciplined and in his place all the time.
Meaning: People used by Satan are always present causing trouble. They’re like a thorn in the flesh. The dream depicted someone used by the devil who was troubling Helena. It also depicts the devil. We do not need to fear the devil, but oppose him and ignore his temptations or distractions.

False Believers Slippery
11th Nov 1998. M. Dream of two families who were with us in the past but who fell away. They returned, not out of sincerity, but merely because they could see God is with us. They were just a nuisance being around us. (God sometimes warns us of whom to beware.)
Daniel prophesied of false Christians who will cling to true believers with flattery or 'slipperiness' (Dan 11:34).

Lubatowa, Poland
11th November 1998. H. In this dream, Helena was walking on the main road in Lubatowa, Poland, looking around seeing things. Whenever she saw something on the road she picked it up and put it in its right place.
Meaning: Spiritually, things (Catholic doctrines, beliefs, practices, etc.) need tidying up, sorting out in people's minds. This will occur through the distribution of MM literature, where believers are willing to accept the truth and change.

Three Categories of Christians
13th November 1998. H. 3 Categories of Christians
This dream outlined three 'types' of believers:
1) Those who look and listen to the Spirit;
2) Those who study the Word;
3) Those whose Christian faith is expressed by what they do.
As believers we need all three in our lives to be balanced. An emphasis on each one alone is insufficient.

Miracles Will Reach People
21st November 1998. M. The Witness of Miracles
I was talking to a woman from the Far East. She was either Chinese, Korean, Malay or something similar. Her background was Hindu. She was convinced ‘her god’ was the true God and that the God we worshipped was not.

I drew her to myself in a really warm hug. Because she would not accept the truth about the true God of the Bible I said to her: “Well, there’s only one way to decide who is serving the true God – by miracles. You pray to your god and I’ll pray to mine, and we’ll see who will answer with miracles.”

We parted company. Then, as I came to Helena I had a prophetic word that God would cause her to get sick and then heal her. After that she would believe.

Passing On The Baton After I Die
22nd November 1998. M. Handing Over Teaching
I was in a meeting of many men of various ages. Somehow I knew they were soldiers, although they did not wear uniform nor were part of men’s armies. I was standing at a lectern on a platform, as if to teach them all. The hall was packed with about 200. But I didn’t want to teach. So I asked if any of them would like to take my place. Virtually every hand went up!

It really surprised me, because the post didn’t appeal to me. (I just don’t care to stand up before loads of people and preach or teach.) Not knowing whom to choose to fill the vacancy, I stepped off the platform and walked down the aisle. I looked first at one man then another, wondering. But I didn’t get a witness in my spirit that any of these were right. Then I passed a man on my right who was really tall, but not extraordinary.

I felt that he was the one. I chose him. His features were somewhat rough and partially unshaven. He was 7 feet tall and older than me, or so I thought. He obligingly stepped forward and onto the platform, where we talked for awhile together about what should be presented to the people before I left.

The Effect of MM's Work
24th November 1998. M. Dream of Storm
This dream portrayed the effect of all our written material. God depicted our house and garden surrounded by sea. There was a furious storm raging. The waves were colossal – 20-30 feet high! But the waves didn't lash over onto our land. They were all around us, but stopped short of affecting us.
A boat was tossed to and fro in this storm, and was blown against our land at the end of our garden. We went down to help the people in this boat.

Blaze Will Engulf Shultz's Ministry!
26th November 1998. M. Dream of Van and Fire
A van was parked close to where we were working. I was pouring petrol on the ground to set it alight, but this was so close to the van that it would have damaged it if the owner didn’t move it. I told him to get it out of the way or it would get severely damaged!
Steve Shultz’s ministry (the Elijah List, on the www) which rejected us and blocked our progress.

Only One More Day
26th November 1998. M. Dream of One More Day
My old pick-up only had one more day’s road tax and MOT before they ran out.
[I didn't understand this dream when it was given. Later, we could see that it meant we only had one year left 'in the black' financially. A year later our money ran out. Explained in
Midnight Ministries' Price Tag.]

Evil Control of WCG Leaders
27th November 1998. M. Dream of 3 men
In this dream 3 men were ‘in charge’. They had control and whatever they said the people had to do. There were several other people in this dream, including me and Helena. Their command had to be accepted and obeyed. They determined who would work (and presumably, who would eat also).

However, I was adamant I would not obey them. I ignored their commands. They would have to kill me before they would break me! I wasn’t going to give in to them! That is the way I felt about their illicit behaviour.

They discussed amongst themselves how they should treat people, what to say to them, and how they should next act. Whenever they talked, they turned their backs on us and conferred together in private. Helena complied with their wishes for a while, before I told her to get out from under their thumb and not work for them.

Meaning: The illicit behaviour of WCG ‘rulers’. These evil men will not relinquish their power. Power means more to them than anything.

Some Evil People Exploit Us
8th December 1998. M. In this dream I had sold three cars to a dealer. I found out later that he was marking them up astronomically. He put phenomenally high prices on them.
Meaning: Some underestimate the value of the truth we have been given. Others who learn truth from us make greater profits from using it than we do. For example, Jim Rector exploited my booklet God’s Church – Whose Authority? to great personal advantage. I got nothing from him for my labours. Instead, he plagiarised the contents of my work on one of his tapes in 1996 entitled Who Is The Greatest? impressing others on his tape list with his presentation. He made money out of his 'ministry'. We didn't.

Stock Market Crash Coming
9th December 1998. M. Dream of The Stock Market
Share values were plummeting. I was in the situation, as if I was trading (we will be affected by the drop in share values, but not directly). I was advising others to sell and if they took out contracts, to go ‘short’. The dream was given in such a way as if I was trading, and benefiting from the drop (which I would have done, if I had traded futures contracts by going ‘short’).
Meaning: The imminent collapse of share values and its knock-on effect in people’s lives. Perhaps one way we will ‘benefit’ is because people will be receptive to truth more when their financial situation is shaky.
When will this happen? We don’t know. God hasn’t said.  But it will not be long. Don’t place your trust in uncertain riches. Put them to use to build the House of God!

Dogs Are More Faithful Than People
12th December 1998. M. Dream of Wounded Dog
I was looking around a ‘farm’, and admiring the endearing animals. There were playful goats which I liked to see and other animals, but my focus was not on them. I was drawn to a Labrador dog which was lying inconspicuously in a corner. It was alive, but it was a wonder that it was! It’s right shoulder had been completely destroyed by a gun shot from a sawn-off shotgun at close range. I learned that it had been badly injured in a robbery and the criminal had aimed to blow off its head as it had tried to protect its master, but he missed, and destroyed its shoulder. In the dream, this creature was given the option of being either a person or a dog, but it had chosen to be a dog.

No Second Chance For The Wicked
12th Dec 1998. M. No Second Chance for the Wicked
I was given a very brief glimpse into God’s mind about the destruction of the wicked. I could see that their fate was so right!

Many people have the mistaken view that, “Well, the wicked aren’t that bad. In fact, since we’ve all done evil things and come to God afterwards, that these people could probably do so as well.” Not so! God said that what they receive, they deserve. They will be blotted out and rightly so!

They have had their chance, but they choose to go the way of selfishness and rebellion. Their stubbornness deserves their obliteration. They will not get a second chance.

The Destruction of the Wicked
I know of those who teach that all will eventually be reconciled to God, including Satan, God’s arch-enemy. That flies in the face of many clear scriptures! And in this dream, God re-emphasises the immutability of His righteous destruction of the wicked.

Fat Slugs!
17th Dec 1998. Helena’s dream of fat slugs
She was stirred up against them and threw them into a barrel of water.
Meaning: Those who have sapped our strength will be taken away.

Those Who Put Muck In Our Shoes
In the second part of the dream, she had to clean her shoes which were messed up. Someone had put dung in them.
Meaning: Some people who were supposed to help us in our ministry have only added to our difficulties, like dumping excrement in our shoes!

Christian Leaders Elevate Themselves
19th December 1998. Helena had a dream of being part of a large crowd at a big meeting. She felt small and surrounded by tall people. She felt they were unfriendly and unhelpful.
When she tried to stand on a bench to be able to see better, they stood up with her on the bench, looking down on her. She got fed up with this and felt she should get out of the crowd to the sides to get a better view of what was going on.
Meaning: We have been in touch with so many Christian leaders, but they resist what we present to them. God will put us in a situation where they can’t ignore us any more.

Antagonistic Ministers
22nd December 1998. M. 3 dreams.
1) About John Trescott being pushy, overbearing and trying to lord it over us.  More about this man is given in Newsletter 26 under Light Versus Darkness.
2) Personal for me.
3) About Philip Powell and his associates (including Siam Bhayro [Vanguard magazine], Tony Pearce, et al ) being blind.

Philip Powell produces a magazine entitled Contending Earnestly For The Faith. He addresses some issues concerning the Assemblies of God and other Pentecostal or charismatic churches, but he doesn't have that Faith Once Delivered to the Saints! He finds fault with just about every charismatic minister who has miraculous testimony. It's a pity he is so quick to condemn those who have the evidence he ought to have himself, in order to authenticate his claims!

When I wrote to him some years ago, I presented the truth about the Sabbath, as it is outlined in Our Sabbath Rest and Sunday Versus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis. But he just wanted to argue, as an article says in that tome. He doesn't want the truth, just what HE wants, what suits HIS intellect.

The Church Needs Tidying Up
23rd December 1998. H’s dream of tidying up rooms.
Besides our need to prepare for the future – because many changes are coming – the dream also outlines the need for all the spiritual chaos and untidiness in spiritual teachings to be sorted out for church folks, so they know what is correct.

Tkach And the WCG Mess
23rd December 1998. H. Dream of Joseph Tkach and his church. Everything he did was disorganised – confusion! It seemed like anything went. He did whatever was convenient or expedient.
There were pound coins nearby on top of some papers, and it became clear that whatever he and his helpers decided upon was done for monetary expedience. The dream conveyed him with his ‘generals’, the top brass, executive ‘ministers’, their pomposity and their loyalty to one another. The men who were his associates were represented like a clique of gangsters, and Tkach’s whole approach was totally liberal and free and easy, yet there was order to it – submitting to Tkach. Helena was sitting at the top table, waiting for the leader to arrive. When he came, the meeting quietened down. He was very jovial and convivial. (His position is not challenged. All his underlings defer to him.) Helena looked at him and said. “Oh, it’s you.”

Former Friend Begins To Wake Up
25th December 1998. M. Dream about former WCG person. He had been out of WCG for some time and spent time with UCG. But now he was coming to see what we were saying was right. It wasn’t possible for him to appreciate it before. Time had to pass and he had to experience various things before he could accept what we are putting forward.

Helena In The Public Eye
26th Dec 1998. H’s dream of being on a Train Station
As if she was in the middle of it all, things coming and going, people’s activity, etc. High stairway. Our ministry going forward and up. Helena also preparing food, sandwiches, for others. As if she was on show, others taking notice of her.
Meaning: (Although we don’t look forward to it) we know that publicity is coming as a result of the miraculous outpouring.

Urgency Needed
29th December 1998 H. Dream of Caravette Van, driving very fast. She had to hold on very tight to the outside of it (how exposed and vulnerable we will be), as it careered along.
Meaning: We are not a static ministry. We ‘go’ here, we ‘go’ there, as God directs. Hence the caravette (camper van). And God sometimes moves very fast. We have to keep up with Him.

Unblocking Spiritual Waste
30th December 1998. H. Dream of a toilet blocked up with tissues, etc. Helena had to use a special tool that went around bends to unblock it.
Meaning: Cleaning up the spiritual mess in the Church is likened to having to unblock a toilet. Even some of those whom God called to help us have caused blockages, and have hindered us from getting the job done for God. He will remove the blockages so we can finish the job. 

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