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Midnight Ministries' Dream Diary

Princess Diana
In a dream which my wife
received last year (1996), Diana  former Princess of Wales was portrayed meeting us. We were not sure whether this was literal or figurative. [We now know it is literal. Explained in leaflets: How Long Revival? and Diana – Flowers In Every City.] Another dream I received confirmed that God was pointing us to contact her.  [See also pp 10, 37, 46.]

Some months ago (written 1997), I sent her a couple of packages of our booklets, which were acknowledged by Kensington Palace, followed by two cassette tapes about life after death. And in May we sent her a video "And These Signs Will Follow Those Who Believe..." which featured excerpts of international evangelists... This video contained much miraculous testimony, showing a demonstration of the power of God through healings, miracles and spiritual gifts.

This demonstration of power was what witnessed to the living Jesus through the Acts of the Apostles. The same demonstration is still active today. Jesus has not changed. But in many quarters, the church HAS. It has lost contact with the Head and therefore has lost faith for this activity. Many 'believers' simply don't believe in Jesus' miraculous power! They shut Him out through unbelief.

Although many advances have already taken place in certain sectors of the church, this is an aspect that still needs full restoration within the body.

A Vision of Heaven
On 23rd April, my wife Helena received a vision of heaven. She saw heaven opened and in the background patriarchs dressed in long robes were watching what was about to take place. God was looking to see where He could shine a great beam of light.

We have written in previous Awake! Awake! journals of some of what God is going to do in this nation as part of its end-time witness before the nation enters the time Bible prophecy refers to as "the time of Jacob's trouble" (Jer 30:7).

  • There will be an outpouring of unprecedented miraculous power. Many dead people will be raised again to life.

  • This will accompany a great spiritual shaking in the church. 'Lost' Bible truths will be restored. Those who love the truth will embrace these new (to them) aspects and move forward. Those who don't accept these truths will step back and be engulfed by the influence of the Beast and receive his mark instead of God's.

There will be a distinct separation in the church. It will divide those who sincerely worship in spirit on God's Sabbaths from those who don't. This has been shown to us in previous dreams and visions.

What the beam of light represents is this great outpouring of the Holy Spirit with its concomitant revelation.

God is waiting for the right time to beam His next wave of power through His people. He is looking to see who will be ready and whom He can use to be vehicles of His power and revelation.

Dream of an Apostate Church
Also on 23rd April 1997, God gave me (MBH) a dream. In this dream I was walking into a WCG[1] meeting on a Feast day. The people were all sitting at tables covered with tablecloths and were engrossed in their physical rituals of eating and socialising. No one took any notice of me. They totally ignored me.

I met a deacon who knows me, but his demeanour was not pleasant or agreeable. In a friendly manner I asked him if we could resolve our differences. There is division between us and I said to him that this situation is not right. I want it resolved, but because he will not concede to any wrong on his part, reconciliation does not take place.

The dream conveyed all this and more. He continued to blame me for the division between us and wouldn't discuss anything objectively. He just argued.

The meaning of this dream was shown. This man's present implacable state of mind is symptomatic of those who refuse to stop worshipping at the high places of human organisations. They put their church organisations before God, and want nothing to do with those who have severed themselves from man worship in order to worship God more fully in Spirit and in truth.

For those still in human dominated systems of worship, the human set-up becomes their messiah, their god, their idol. They have compromised true worship, compromised truth, and substituted the true Messiah for one who is false. They rely on their church instead of relying upon God. The transfer of loyalties is subtle, but deeply rooted. Those who fall prey to this trap of Satan have adopted the mark of the Beast without knowing. They have accepted the mark and number of MAN, not that of God. (Explained in God’s Church: Whose Authority?)

People in churches are generally reluctant to come out of such illicit systems of worship. (This is not just peculiar to the WCG. It is a problem in all human dominated ecclesiastical organisations.) The dream conveyed the blindness and physicality of WCG worship. God sends prophets to warn them of their blindness, but they take no notice of prophets, and so don't benefit from the words they bring to spiritually help them.

Another Dream About The Church
On 24th April 1997, Helena was given a dream about a fat, ugly, spoiled baby. Instead of being capable of feeding on solids, this large baby was still on milk! It was sitting on the floor, waiting to be fed by mother. When feeding, it slobbered all over the place, and made a real mess!

This repulsive child was twice the size of a normal baby its own age, twice as fat, and incredibly indolent. It would not bother to go anywhere by itself. It expected mother to carry it!

This is a figurative representation of the church in its present state. Doctrinally, it slobbers everywhere. Most members are still very immature. They expect to be carried, rather than carry the gospel to the world themselves. In this highly immature state, they are useless to God's purposes.

Dream of the Beautiful Little Bird
On 26th April 1997, I received four dreams. One of these was of a beautiful little bird which I caught in my hand. I reached out so fast to catch hold of it that I thought at first that I might have hurt it and damaged one of its legs, but it was OK. I was relieved that it was not hurt at all.

I stood and admired this little thing close up. It was really pretty. It was a wonderful creature, so beautiful, so harmless, so endearing. As I admired it I felt such a love for it. It meant to me.

When I awoke God showed me what this dream meant. It portrays how God looks on each little child of His. He is so very fond of us and longs to hold us in His right hand. However, catching each child of His and drawing them so close to Him is like catching a wild bird. To reach out and catch us, even by His loving and tender hand, He knows that we may get hurt. He doesn't want to hurt us too much, but it is a risk He must take. All too capriciously we fly away from Him without realising what we are depriving ourselves of.

Dream of the Prophet's Rejection
On the next day I was given a dream of our former neighbour. I asked her if she wanted me to do any work on her house, but she declined my offer. She said that she needed a length of gutter replacing because it was tatty and worn, but she said she had not got the replacement bit yet so she told me my services were not needed. When I had finished talking to her I noticed that another builder was already at work on the roof, resetting some ridge tiles.

The meaning God gave was this. The former neighbour represents our former church association. Her excuse that she had not obtained the length of gutter was irrelevant really. She just didn't want my services. The church doesn't want to receive correction and redirection from a prophet.

She didn't care about the tatty old gutter, although she new it needed replacing. The church will put up with incorrect teaching and practice if it is expedient to do so. Church leaders ignore the promptings of a prophet to change church teaching to bring it into line with God's Word.

This trait is noticeable in many church quarters! We have received the same dead response from ostensibly Spirit-led groups. Pride, resentment and self-will are evident in their behaviour, preventing them accepting God's correction through His prophets.

The dream conveys how our service to the body is repudiated and rejected by the church. Church leaders will employ the services of others to repair aspects that are less noticeable, but they won't accept the words of the prophets.

God Sends His Encouragers
Some months ago, a prophetess overseas wrote me with a prophetic 'word' she had received for me. Part of this 'word' was that God would send people across our path who would encourage us.

On 27th April we received a visit from an American couple who were here in this country on business. James and Tina Moore were moved by the Spirit to call on us after they saw the signwriting on the front of our house "Jesus is Lord". They were looking for a Spirit-led church where they could fellowship. We invited them in and, since they wanted to have a fellowship prayer meeting with us, we all prayed together. As we did so, Tina was given a vision of many seeds which we had sown which were now germinating and green shoots were appearing.

This was certainly encouragement for us! Through the Spirit God was saying that the literature and other materials we have been sending out are now beginning to produce some visible results in the lives of others, even though we could not see it ourselves.

Vision of a Black Giant
One day as we prayed together, Tina again received a vision in the spirit. She saw Helena and me fighting a large giant. This giant was black and foreboding. It was a real struggle, but in the end we overcame this big evil 'thing'.

The giant represents all church heresies and denominational prejudices which have gripped the minds of God's people, depriving them of the light of His truth. Our job is to demolish these strongholds through our writings so that proper biblical truth and understanding is restored for the church in all its quarters.

Our task is prophetic, in re-establishing correct doctrinal foundations which have been eroded over many dark centuries. There is much to change!

On 5th May Tina phoned. She had had some revelations for us as she interceded that day. God had come through strongly and revealed that He will restore our honour, but we have a message to deliver to the nation. She was given Isaiah 61 and told that the whole chapter was relevant to our ministry.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release [recovery of sight] for the prisoners [the blind], to proclaim the year of the Lord's favour and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and to provide for those who grieve in Zion – to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendour.

They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations. Aliens will shepherd your flocks; foreigners will work your fields and vineyards. And you will be called priests of the Lord, you will be called ministers of our God. You will feed on the wealth of nations, and in their riches you will boast.

Instead of their shame, My people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance; and so they will inherit a double portion in their land, and everlasting joy will be theirs.

"For I, the Lord, love justice; I hate robbery and iniquity. In My faithfulness I will reward them and make an everlasting covenant with them. Their descendants will be known among the nations and their offspring among the peoples. All who see them will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord has blessed."

I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God. For He has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations (Isaiah 61:1-11, NIV).

Tina is an intercessor and while she was here she was moved to pray in our cellar which will be used as a meeting hall.  She spent two hours there, praying in the spirit, and God gave her visions of what will be taking place there. People will be healed, set free, delivered, encouraged, and come to know our wonderful God!

The Coming Attack
On 20th May 1997 I dreamt that I was walking into our bedroom. The door was a bit jammed, which was unusual. A cable on the floor prevented the door being opened as easily as usual. This was strange. It had been interfered with.

From the bedroom, I headed towards our bathroom. As I opened the bathroom door, a man who had been hiding inside lunged at me and frightened me. Somehow I managed to escape his clutches and was not seriously hurt by the attack.

God has warned us for more than two years now (via dreams) to expect an attack against us. We were not sure from which direction it would come, whether church or state, but it will come [we now know that it is an attack from the state police]. We have been forewarned. He allows these things to show who it is who has His approval (1 Cor 11:19). We will go through turmoil for a time, even possibly facing legal or civil action, but we will win in the end. This is the Lord's promise to us:

No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from Me, declares the Lord (Is 54:17, NIV).

A week before, on 13th May, Helena was given a dream of a paedophile who said about us: "They looked at me. Take them to court!" This evil man persuaded another who had the power to take us to court to act against us. Who wants to take us to court for exposing their corruption?

The dream portrays the evil motives of the leaders of the WCG, who have considered taking me to court to silence me.

On 5th July, I had a dream of Bolivia. Helena and I were walking along a river side. We saw lots of houses in Bolivia. The ones we saw were well maintained. You could see that people took care of what they possessed.

Then the scene changed. We were inside one house and doing things. There were many children present. A mother looked on as we tried to converse with the children, but we didn't know their language and they didn't know ours. She was not antagonistic but a bit detached, probably because of the cultural differences between us. She was kindly disposed towards us but she couldn't communicate with us. I dropped something like coffee powder on the floor and got a dustpan and brush and tried to teach the children how to sweep it up. Then the dream ended.

Meaning: God is flowing through Bolivia with His river of spiritual life. Perhaps we will have some influence with some people in Bolivia, but due to the language barrier, it will be limited. Children are always the most receptive to learning new things.

Two Women
On 6th July 1997 I had two dreams of two women. The first was blonde; the second was dark-haired. I had an affinity with the first, although she was not physically attractive like the other one.
Meaning: The two parts of the Church which our ministry serves. The first woman represents the sabbatarians. The second, the charismatic 'sector'.

In the first dream, I went into a large old open room with wooden floorboards. There was no furniture. It was not an inviting place. It was very plain and drab. I met a blonde woman. She was not attractive, just rather plain looking. I became engaged in conversation with her. She was sad. There were many other people in the room, but they were in the background in this dream.

Apparently, I was looking for a place to rest. She told me that the floor in the corners at the two ends of the room were rotten, so not to go there lest the floor give way.

As we talked, I discovered that she was bereft after losing her husband. She was lonely and emotionally distraught. I felt sorry for this woman and hugged her to give her the emotional strength she needed. However, the longer this embrace lasted, the more I realised the danger of compromise. I told her that she could not rely upon me for emotional support, but she had to look to God, read the Bible and pray to Him for the strength she needed.

Meaning: An allegory of the sabbatarian sector of the Church.  Some extremities are rotten and can't support people spiritually. The main building is not appealing. It is drab. There is no joy there. Most in the church have been separated from their spiritual Husband through the lifeless teaching. It is as though He is no longer around!

Although I have compassion for these people, deep involvement with them is out of the question. If they look to me for spiritual support they are looking in the wrong place. They must look to God. Heed the Bible (not their teachers) and pray to God.

The second dream involved another woman, physically quite different from the first. This second woman was very attractive, but I suspected that she had manipulated her looks by surgery. I asked her if that was so, and surprisingly she was not offended by the question. In fact, she was flattered. But she said all her attractive features were genuine – in other words, they are from God, not surgically supplied by man.

I did not embrace this woman like I did the first one. We simply sat side by side talking. I did not want to get involved in any illicit relationship. Once again, however, the end of the conversation was the same as with the first woman. I said to her that she couldn't look to me, she must look to the Bible and pray to God.

These dreams were not erotic. The sexuality they contained conveys a meaning in symbol.

Meaning: A pictorial analogy of our relationship with the charismatic Church, which is very conscious of the influence of God's power. Like some women flaunt their physical form to lure men, charismatics may tend to display God's power rather openly to attract others.

God does not want us to be drawn away by the enticements that can spiritually border on being adulterous. Nor does He want His power to be used with pride, like some like to show off their bodies! There is nothing wrong with God's power, but it must be used properly, not illicitly.

We are not here to get involved in church activities or to look to man. We are here to prepare the Way, spiritually. People must continually look towards God and His Word, not to the human instruments He uses.

The Outpouring of the Spirit
On 7th July 1997, my wife Helena was given two dreams. One of these was of heavy rain. Helena looked outside the window and the ground around our home was flooded. There was a sizeable lake!
Meaning: The outpouring of the Spirit to come shortly.

Kindergarten at the WCG
On 9th July 1997, Helena received a dream of the WCG. The people were given little boxes as they came in, like toy boxes. They were getting ready for a service, but when the time for the service began all the people went by themselves into another room where they kept themselves busy like small children in kindergarten having a happy hour. It was just like playtime. There was lack of order and lack of direction. They had no concept that they should have been receiving spiritual teaching.

Meaning: Spiritually the WCG is so liberal and lacking proper spiritual direction, but people go along with it. A consensus of opinion is: It doesn't matter what you believe any more. "Just let the church decide."

This approach accommodates all the faulty doctrines without causing upset within the organisation. There is a marked lack of zeal for truth. They don't care where they are going so what does it matter how you try get there? The weak leadership does not teach truth any more. People merely play around spiritually.

Unsuitable Alterations in the Church
On 11th July, I had two dreams. In the first, builders were altering our building. Although I didn't recognise it as our personal home, it was the structure which we considered ours [so I believe it must represent the Church]. But they were not doing a good job. Where they were altering it, the roof had not been given any protection from the elements. It had been opened up, and if it had rained, the rain would have poured inside. A very flimsy structure served as a wall. They had cut corners on materials used. Instead of using 4 x 2 studwork, they used 3 x 2, and this was just insufficient. When you opened the door, the partition was just like cardboard, it shook and wobbled like jelly.

Meaning: The Church is in the process of alteration, but the builders aren't doing a proper job. The job which we have to do in this regard cannot be done properly by anyone else.

Will You Be Late for the Wedding?
On 12th July Helena received 2 dreams.

One was of journey to a wedding. There were obstacles in the way. When she finally arrived, the wedding ceremony was over and people were leaving.
Meaning: Many Christians have started on the Christian walk, but they won't arrive. Things come in the way and believers get sidetracked.

Truth in Store
The second dream was about storing loads of egg yolks. They were really large (almost as large as footballs). We had to squash them all into a big round container, like a swimming pool, to protect and preserve them.
Meaning: God's truth entrusted to us in writing. There is so much. It is to be protected and preserved to nourish others.

Unseen Flaws in the Church
On 13th July, I was given a dream of alterations going on in a large house. Part of this work was to take up a carpet. It had been fixed with gripper rods around the perimeter, as most are. In lifting this carpet, we caused a water leak in a pipe in the floor. When the gripper rods had been nailed down, a nail had penetrated the pipe, but it had not leaked until it was disturbed when the carpet was removed. I had to cut out a hole in the concrete floor by hand so that the pipe could be accessed for repair.

Meaning: In the Church, there is much underneath that needs repairing but it is covered up. Only when things are disturbed does the faulty workmanship become noticed, which is why God causes upheavals, so damage can be noticed and rectified. Much of our work is unnoticed, doing the preparation for the repairs that must follow.

With Us 'In Spirit'
On 23rd July, God gave me a dream about a former acquaintance in the WCG. He was at our place in our shed. He is a mechanic and in this dream he was working all day doing motor mechanics, but he didn't come and see us in our house. I was involved in doing ministry work all day in the house, and it wasn't until the end of the day that I was free to go and talk to him. I wanted to. I wanted to befriend him. It was getting dark, and I went to say 'Hello' and have a chat, but by that time he had gone.

Meaning: Although I want there to be physical contact and an active friendship with brothers we formerly knew, such is not feasible. Circumstances make it impossible to meet. The dream also shows that certain ones are in agreement with us – with us in spirit.

The Supertrain
On 24th July Helena had a dream of what she could only describe as a supertrain. It was like a great big centipede! It burst down from the sky, powered its way like a bullet through our house coming through the white gable end at the front and bursting out at the back. It left a huge hole through the house and, coming out at the back, zoomed up again into the sky. It went on its way taking its influence far afield.
Meaning: The spiritual power which God will pour out through our ministry and the terrific impact it will have on many people.

Held Back by Human Small-mindedness
On 24th July, I was given three dreams. Here is the first.

I dreamed that I was travelling in the car, intent on doing what had to be done. I was travelling down a dual carriageway and there was nothing else on this road. I was doing somewhere between 40 and 45 mph. In front of me, however, loomed a speed check. As I drove through it I thought to myself that there's no way the man would stop me. I was quite within the law, I thought. But he did stop me! He pulled me over and said that it was a 30 mph limit. I thought that was preposterous! It was dual carriageway. There was nothing else on the road. It was perfectly OK doing 40 mph or so. I was really troubled by this decision. It was so petty, so unreasonable! I lamented over it at length. How could such people be so picky, so legalistic!

Meaning: We are frustrated by human authority which restrains and suppresses the truth we are promoting. No one else cares to travel this road, but those in control want to prevent us doing so.

The WCG's Moral Depravity!
The second dream on 24th July was grotesque! It was of a woman whose upper torso was tattooed all over with a map of Britain!
I could hardly believe it, but they used her bare torso to do a weather forecast on TV, pointing out the areas which would have rain or whatever.

Meaning: I thought at first that this was a graphic portrayal of the depraved immoral mental state of affairs in the nation and expressed on TV. Producers stop at nothing to use seductive women to market whatever they want, even in the seemingly harmless areas of viewing! But, on 26th July, a lady who was staying with us was awoken at 6 am and given some strong prophetic words that this meaning was incorrect. She was told that it portrayed the vile, lewd spiritual state of affairs in the WCG.

They were pointing out changes that were occurring in various areas, just as a weather forecaster uses a map to point out changes in weather patterns in certain areas of the country.

Rev 2:20 – Jezebel, by her teaching, lures My servants into fornication... Rev 2:15 – Pergamum was being seduced into fornication. Fornication is a metaphor for entertaining wrong teaching – satanic heresy! It lures its victims into a relationship with the devil, taking them away from the holy One (Rev 3:7). Rev 3:18 – Laodicea is spiritually naked. The Church has suffered this satanic onslaught from the outset. Apostasy is still taking its lethal toll! The WCG is one recent victim.

As I prayed, I was guided to see that I should tell Worldwiders of the dream and its meaning. In August, we sent out hundreds of copies to members about this. I hope many will take heed!

The third dream on 24th July was of water dripping through our ceiling again — a real aggravation!
Meaning: The constant recurrence of problems, aggravating things that we have to face, particularly from false brothers.

Helmut Kohl Sad
On 8th August God gave me a dream of Helmut Kohl, the Chancellor of Germany. I was congratulating him on all his hard work and effort to be fair and broad-minded. He was downcast. It was as if he was no longer in power and the political scene had changed in Germany.

The new regime that had arisen was far from broad-minded! Although I did not see the new man at the helm of power in Germany, from Chancellor Kohl's reaction, he was much more radical, hard-line and dictatorial. I got the feeling that it was a sad day for Europe!

Meaning: Helmut Kohl later fell from grace in Germany through allegations of scandal. The transfer of power is also a portent of a much worse political situation emerging.

WCG Promotes Prostitution!
In the morning of 11th August, Helena awoke from a forceful dream which featured a member of the WCG who is well known to us. It was as if he was in our home and that he had invited a prostitute to lie with him. While this lewdness went on, his wife had to wait outside. Naturally, she was very downcast. This behaviour was repugnant in the extreme.

As Helena related this vision she was given, I was reminded of how God viewed Israel's and Judah's apostasy. Ezekiel 23 relates it. God called them Oholah and Oholibah, names derived from a cultic pagan background, which they preferred to drift back into rather than be wed to God.

Global Church of God Restrictive
On 15th August I was given a dream of Roderick Meredith, leader of the Global Church of God, a pro-Armstrong splinter group from WCG. In this dream, I wanted to go and see him at his home. It was as if we were going to his place after being in a meeting or somewhere together. It was a very average home in less than average claustrophobic surroundings. [Not his actual home, which is luxurious; the home in the dream depicts the group, his church].

The road was so narrow that there was barely room for another car to pass the parked cars in the narrow lane. We couldn't drive at any speed for fear of causing an accident. We had to push the car, not drive it. When we arrived at his front door, I hoped he would invite me in and we could talk, but he made a few cursory remarks and went inside and shut the door in my face.

Then, in another scene, I wanted to approach him to ask him a specific question about Matthew 10:8, to challenge him concerning its relevance today. This time, I went by bicycle (perhaps an allusion to the 'magic bicycle' in an earlier dream.) When I finally got to him, his answer was 'know-it-all', but useless. He waffled on about it, saying irrelevant things, missing the whole point that Jesus raises the dead today. He didn't acknowledge the fact that God raises people from the dead for a witness. Yet his reply was the usual swan song, from a man who thought he has nothing more to learn, yet is totally out of touch with the reality of the power of God.

In the next scene there were two stacks of bricks, some dark coloured which looked very nice, and another stack of light-coloured, insipid-looking bricks. There was great demand for the dark bricks. People wanted them. They went very quickly. But the insipid coloured ones hardly moved. No one seemed to want them.

Meaning: The building blocks of teaching that Global and similar churches of God are still perpetuating from their past. They are not moving on, but are merely perpetuating the past insipid ritualism. Teaching which encourages the miraculous, which is highly appealing to many, is downplayed by them. Consequently, there is little response to their work.

At the end of this dream, I left him behind and went away. I tried to leave by going round the block and along the next lane. That was even more narrow. Cars were parked nose to tail and no one could move.
Meaning: The people around him are hemmed in spiritually and aren't going anywhere.

On 16th August I had this dream: The telephone rang. It rang once then stopped, so I assumed that the person had hung up. A minute later it rang again, and stopped again. I thought, "That's funny! I wonder who that was?"

Out of curiosity I went to pick up the receiver, not really expecting anyone to be on the end of the line. But when I picked it up there was no dialling tone. I said, "Hello. Can I help you?" I heard a woman's voice. She had a very strong accent and spoke with broken English.

She was phoning from Tunisia. She was distraught and had obviously been crying. I don't recall anything specific in what she said, and I wondered how she managed to get our number. That was all the dream conveyed.

Meaning: The Church in Tunisia going through terrible hardship/suffering, and in need of help??

Reinhard Bonnke Pays Us A Visit
On August 18th I was given a dream about international evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. He came to visit us and was very interested to know what we were doing. He inspected our electrical room and made some suggestions as to how we could alter the wiring to get more output from our equipment. He was very well-meaning and full of enthusiasm for the work we were doing. He was a real joy to be with, and so helpful.

Going To Scotland
August 19th, Helena had a dream about many of us going to Scotland in a big vehicle. It was most unusual; she had never seen a vehicle like it. It was quite an expedition! Many were involved, and others shared the cost.
Meaning: Much more lies in store for us in this ministry. Perhaps Scotland will be the start of revival for this country. Many people will be involved as God works out His glorious purpose.

WCG Hostility
August 21st. Malcolm had a dream that the WCG were planning a court case against us. I heard someone say in a very meaningful, serious tone, "Oooooh! They've got some really serious charges against you!"

August 23rd. Malcolm Dream of 4 men (presumably in the WCG hierarchy) looking for 'evidence' they could use to incriminate me.

August 24th. Malcolm 2 Dreams of what is ahead
1. 4 women and a 16-year-old girl called on us at our home. They had come from the USA and were here to keep the Feast. When they learned that we kept the Feasts too, they were glad to know that. We invited them in to stay with us and they did.

2. Briefly, we seemed to be back at Woodside, our former home.
Meaning: A temporary 'return' to the WCG for some reason.

Alterations to the Church
August 29th. Malcolm Dream of alterations to a building going on. I was called upon to do some really tricky work high up, installing some roof timbers. I didn't want to do it because of the awkward nature of the task. It involved considerable risk and seemed to involve balancing precariously on top of a fork-lift's forks high up at full stretch. I certainly didn't fancy the job! But it had fallen my lot. The dream ended.

Unless The Lord Builds It...
Sept 1st. Malcolm  Dream of 7 pillars being erected in the church, at either end of the building. These were stone pillars, erected in segments one on top of another. We left it up to the builders to install these, and also left it up to them to get hold of the materials from the suppliers. I didn't see any problem with this. The correct procedure was to consult the Designer before each pillar was erected, which those involved in putting them up, did. All went well – for a time.

After a while, however, those entrusted with this work began to think that there was no point in consulting the Designer. After all, they had put the pillars up and thought they could continue to do so. They forgot that they had been given guidance from above on how to place each piece, and assumed that they had done it all by themselves. When it came to putting up the next pillar, they didn't bother getting in touch with the Designer. They just went ahead themselves and did what they thought they could just as easily do by themselves.

However, they had got part way through this operation, when God spoke to someone else about what they were doing. This prophet contacted them immediately and told them what God had said. They were dumbfounded. "How did he know what we were doing?" they wondered to themselves. They were speechless. The dream ended.

Meaning: Those who start out relying upon God as they erect the doctrinal support for the Church, can easily become complacent. Whenever they assume they can continue on alone, leaving God's guidance out of it, they veer away from what God intends. They can't see it, and when God sends a prophet to correct them they are so unbelieving, not aware of His continual awareness of them, that they are astonished that God should do such a thing. In fact, they don't attribute it to God at all. They just languish in astonishment. Oh, how blind we all are by ourselves!

Psalm 127. Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.

Mending People's Lives
Sept 4th 1997. Helena. Dream of a tiny wicker chair. Some of the delicate strands in this chair had become frayed and broken. The chair needed mending.
people's lives and relationships need mending. Helena is helping to do that in her life.

WCG Ministry Aloof
Sept 4th. Malcolm. Dream of WCG ministers. They were aloof, out of touch with reality, and not helping people with their problems. They are not feeding people what they need spiritually. They are merely giving them tid bits and soporific stuff to keep them 'happy'. They preach 'smooth things' simply to soothe their ears and to appeal to the rationalism of the majority who don't have faith and who don't want to be told 'straight up'.

Paraplegic To Receive Healing
Sept 5th. Zenya had a dream of Eddy Marriott
She was shopping in a supermarket when she saw Eddy wheeling himself to the exit with a basket of paid food on his lap. She immediately left her shopping, as she was standing in a queue, and ran over to help him. She pushed him out to the car park where a car was waiting with one door open to the rear passenger seats. In one second someone put all the shopping in the back and then Eddy changed totally, almost into a different person although she still knew it was him. He stood up; he had no difficulty in standing, no disabilities, and got straight into the car and sat in the back seat, closing the door behind him.

Meaning: The complete healing which is on its way in due course for Eddy. Also, the dream includes the changes that will take place in his life spiritually – his change that will come about personally, after which the healing will come. The shopping may symbolise all the knowledge and understanding of how to live that comes through God's truth. It says in Proverbs that we should buy the truth and not part with it. The truth sets us free when we incorporate its precepts into our life.

Postscript 2005: Eddy Marriott DIED around 2003. GOD WILL RAISE HIM UP FROM THE DEAD TO FULFIL THIS.

Diana's Return ... Later
Sept 10th 1997. A friend staying with us temporarily had a dream about Princess Diana coming back to life. It was vivid. This person's mother and father also figured in the dream, reassuring her that her parents are not lost. In this dream about Diana, she was made aware of a strongly pungent smell, as of a rotting body.
Meaning. Confirmation of what God gave us prior to Diana's death (see Newsletter 2), and confirmation that Diana will indeed come back again. The smell may be an indication that there will be quite a delay until we see her.

Torture of the Faithful
Sept 13th 1997. Malcolm. Dream of three men tied up by persecutors. They had bound their hands and feet with ropes and hoisted them up on pulleys. They were left suspended in the air for a long time, helpless. I felt a little of the pain that got more intense the longer they hung there. It was a horrible torture. (Later in the day we watched a video by Dave Hunt about The Woman Who Rides the Beast[2] – the highly political Catholic Church, who has brutally suppressed opposition and persecuted, tortured and martyred millions of true Christians in the early centuries AD. On one wood-cut he showed on that video there was a picture of some men strung up with ropes, just as I had dreamed.)

Meaning: Besides being fulfilled by seeing the scene on the wood-cut, it is a reminder that the Catholic oppression against the saints is not over. It will occur again in the few years ahead, just as Revelation portrays.

The Two 'Ends' of The Church
Sept 16th. Malcolm. Dream. I saw a large assembly hall, like schools have where the whole school can get together. It was full of people. On either side were smaller assembly halls, also with people in them. There were seats in rows and many people also sat at long tables where they could eat. But there was not much conversation taking place. Those in the main building kept themselves to themselves, and those in the two side rooms did likewise.

I was in one of the side assembly halls and got up in full view of everyone. I walked out. I passed by some of the people sitting at a table, and casually joked as if I was going to 'steal' a drink from one of their glasses of water. The person responded with body language as if to say, "yes, please have a drink from it!" But I declined the offer as I was on my way out. To get out, however, was not so easy. I thought there would have been an exit in the smaller meeting halls, but there wasn't. You had to go into the main meeting hall first in order to get outside. Rather strange, I thought.

Meaning: The Church. The main church with its two 'extremities', represented by the Sabbatarians and the charismatics. They have come out of the broad church, yet they still bear some similarities with the mother. The main meaning of the dream is probably to convey the lack of true fellowship taking place. It was relatively quiet in these assembly rooms, yet with the numbers present you would have expected to hear much more noise.

Power Outburst Imminent
Sept 19th. Helena. Dream of big boiler, pulsating and bursting with power.
The power that God is about to pour out on His people and through our ministry.

Stealing A Tool of Ours
Sept 23rd. Malcolm. Dreamed that someone just picked up a power tool that belonged to us and started to use it without asking our permission. Although it was not specifically intended for breaking up concrete, they decided it could be put to good use that way and began to use it as a breaker. I was a bit annoyed that they had the gall to just take what was ours and use it as if it were their own, without thanking us at all.

Meaning: Truth / information which is powerful, and which can break through hard impenetrable layers in the Church. We have worked hard to gather and obtain all this, but some others simply take it and use it without giving us any credit. Some even have the gall to plagiarise our material! Never mind! At least some receive the benefit, even if others illicitly get the credit!

Lovely Fruit Developing
Sept 24th. Helena. Dream of fruit. She saw some lovely fruit like juicy red-currants. She looked at it very protectively and lovingly. Somewhere off to her left there was someone else who was really 'working over' some much fatter larger fruit like plums. They were pounding them and screwing them to try and get juice out of them. She asked "What are you doing that for?" It did not seem to be the right thing to do.

Meaning: The fruit that is now coming to us as positive spiritual response to our work. The large plums may represent those in WCG and similar churches, where there are much richer people, but the leadership try to coerce money and spiritual response out of them. Perhaps it reflects the reluctance of those who have wealth in such churches to give financially and to move forward spiritually.

N.B. Later that day, two young men turned up on our doorstep, tired and in need of food and rest. They had walked from Great Yarmouth and were heading back to Southampton. Helena talked to them for a long time and gave them booklets. They were very open and receptive, spiritually. We also gave them the postal address of Graham Cooke, a prophet who ministers around the Southampton area.

More Young People To Help
Sept 25th. Malcolm  2 Dreams
1. I was in a large pre-Victorian house. The ceilings were high, the rooms were large. I don't know where this was or why I was there, but I felt at home. There was a knock at the door. I went to see who it was and there were a couple of small boys asking for Tim. As I asked them to come in, I looked to the left and some 20 yards away there were many more young boys coming, too, possibly as many as 40 in all, with a couple of adult instructors. I changed my mind about inviting them in, because of the numbers. I didn't think we could accommodate them. I went to look for Tim. I went into all the rooms to see where he was. There were people sitting around large old-fashioned tables, talking, like at the old-style men's clubs. I looked everywhere, but Tim was nowhere to be found. He had gone.

Evangelist Rejects Vital Truth
2. In this second dream the same night, Colin Dye came to a table to talk with me. He gave me a garment, folded up, which he didn't want. Presumably I had offered it to him previously. He also asked me what I thought of the play. I replied that I didn't think much of drama because it is essentially enacting a lie. I explained that I am a very straightforward person, simple, down to earth, perhaps even primitive or crude to some people. I didn't care for put-ons like drama.

Meaning: Colin Dye (Kensington Temple, London) likes performance. Dramatisation is part of his style of preaching. The garment he gave back to me represents the truth about the Sabbaths, one of the robes of righteousness Jesus has given to His Church. He doesn't want it.

N. B. One of the penalties of rejecting something which God offers is that a lying spirit will take greater control. Since our contact with Colin Dye, a demonic manifestation has been accepted in KT as if it were from God (oily deposit on hands).

Some Pastors Don't Want Truth
Sept 27th. Malcolm. Dream of Colin Dye again
We had given him something and he gave it back. Also in response, he asked me a question: why I do not eat clams. I replied that they concentrate heavy metals in their flesh and so are harmful. He said nothing else.
Meaning: He doesn't want the aspects of truth we have about which he is ignorant. His question was not because he sought truth, but to try to find fault and make me look silly. He thought I wouldn't be able to give him a sensible reason why unclean food should not be eaten, but the answer silenced him.

Opposition and Persecution
October 1st. Zenya. Dream of Police Opposition
Her dream as she related it: I was in the house with Dad. There were only the two of us. It was night time. I was wandering about the house from the TV room to the kitchen and bathroom. Dad was sitting in the TV room. There was a police van standing at the door with a machine gun ready to shoot. The end of the gun wasn't just a black hole but bright red (as if it were a warning). I told Dad, staying calm, not worrying at all. Dad just dismissed it, not worrying at all either. I carried on walking around the house.

The next scene: We were outside, but there were no cars. We were standing side by side outside the garage. Opposite us was a police van with a guard dog, except it didn't look like a guard dog at all (they were both standing by the hedge). It had a big, round, cuddly, furry, cute body, a bit like a teddy bear, and a small head looking like a dragon's head. It was the same height as the policeman (about 6 feet tall).

The policeman blackmailed Dad, asking him to do something or the policeman would set the 'dog' on us. Dad wasn't worried and wouldn't be forced to do anything. The policeman let the 'dog' loose to attack us. It tried to bite Dad's feet, but it couldn't as there was a barrier all around Dad's feet. I saw what faith Dad had (as I was afraid before) and immediately I  had that faith too. Then I started to kick the monster's head in.

Meaning: Wait and see! We will be persecuted.

Angels Help Us Win The Race
October 11th. Malcolm. Dream of Winning the Race
This was a cycle race. My rider was someone I knew as "Andrew". He did all the hard work, pedalling. I was essentially a pillion rider, but I was very much involved and all my heart and effort was behind Andrew. While cycling, Andrew seemed young, strong and vigorous. At another time, he was like a white-haired patriarch. We cycled ahead and left all the other riders way behind. When we won the race, somehow I had supernaturally swapped places with Andrew. I was at the front, and as we went through the finishing line, I raised my arms in triumph. I felt it was a great victory for me, personally. Amazingly, there were only a handful of people at the finishing post, and they were not there to applaud us. They didn't take a lot of notice. It was as if the race was only important to me. Even my helper didn't seem to figure in the final victory, although he had been the effective driving force, giving me the help I needed all the time.

Meaning: Our guardian angel(s) are the real force behind our successes in life. Generally, we give them little thought and credit. They are assigned us by God, who is deserving of all the honour, recognition and praise. My angel will help me finish my task, a task which very few take any notice of.

Gathering God's 'Chicks'
October 12th. Helena. Dream of chicks. She was gathering several little chicks, and a duck.
Helena is very caring for others. She does what she can to help and encourage others, who are here likened to these likeable creatures.

The Harmless 'Pussy' Explodes!
October 13th. Helena Dream of Pussy-Cat
A harmless looking pussy cat suddenly exploded with a torrent of words!
Meaning: How Helena reacts to those who refuse to do what is right for the sake of God's chosen imprisoned in cults like Worldwide.

Rickety Scaffolding Shored Up
October 13th. Malcolm. Dream of Scaffolding
In this dream, there was some wobbly scaffolding that needed to be made firm and secure. I was incredulous that no one was able to stabilise it. It was such an easy job! I took one scaffold clip, attached it to an upright and used another long pole as a brace. The whole structure was thus made rigid and stable.

Then, in another scene, some three or four people were discussing the Church and its condition. I overheard their conversation. They were standing near another structure of scaffolding. I said to them that it was very easy to rectify the condition of the structure simply by using one pole and a swivel coupler. They were amazed and wanted to see how it was done, so I offered to show them. I didn't think it would be any problem. I went over to an upright, but instead of finding a 2" diameter tube, there was a 6" tree trunk! I tried to climb it, to get up higher to fix the clip above, but it was impossible to get up, and I couldn't have fixed the simple stabiliser tube anyway, because the standard (the upright member) was too thick.

Meaning: Some people have not got the right basic structure or standard of truth, so it is impossible for them to go on in the Spirit. They must go back to the basics. Salvation and stability is in simplicity. Some people's religion has become too complicated. All they need is Christ. He is true and upright. He's the standard, the perfect upright. It's impossible to shore up a structure that has the wrong basic standard. Ritualism is the tree trunk that many cling to, instead of to the firm but simple truth of Christ being our salvation.

[Dream about RP.]

A Car Crash
October 15th. Rosie, a friend, was staying with us at the time when she received this vision. Vision of Richard in his car. He skidded on an icy stretch of road and crashed into a bridge. The bridge was hidden behind some trees.

Picking Lots of Fruit
October 21st. Helena. Dream of Fruit
Helena was picking lots of small fruits, like tomatoes, cherries or berries.
Meaning: God will reward the labours of the faithful. Depicts the final fruit of MM's work – much of it!

The WCG Overgrown!
October 21st. Malcolm. Dream of Neglected Entrance
We were going by a house with a stone wall outside. The wall was all overgrown. On top were lots of cacti! A man was removing them in an attempt to overhaul the place and make it as it ought to be. We wanted to get to the front door. It was real job doing so as the path was all overgrown with huge creeper-like shrubs. We managed to worm our way through the labyrinth of stems, stooping beneath its canopy to get to the door. Finally, we reached the front door and rang the bell. There was a notice on the door telling us not to use the front door but to come round the back. After all that effort getting to it, I wasn't about to go to the rear! Someone finally came and opened the door. We went in and tried to shut the door (since it opened outwards, it had to be pulled shut), but at that moment a massive wind blew [it would seem it blew from the inside] making it almost impossible to close. This wind was so fierce that it took all of us all our strength to pull it to. The force of the wind bent the latch on the door, which was not just a normal 1" latch. It was huge – about 3" or more!  No wonder they tried to keep the front door shut!

Interpretation: To do with the WCG and us, and the turbulence that will finally come as a result of our entry and the satanic opposition to it.

October 22nd. Malcolm. Dream of Deirdre Watts
We were going to the home of Mr and Mrs Watts. We wanted to meet them and find reconciliation. I got to their home and walked in. No one let me in. I was just there. After a short while one of their daughters came downstairs and noticed me standing there. She went off to tell her mum that "Mr Heap is here." I waited and waited, but Deirdre did not come out to meet with me.
Meaning: Her unwillingness to really have anything to do with me. This woman rejected our appeals for reconciliation. She was unforgiving and later died of cancer. She was not saved.

Publicity To Come
October 29th. Malcolm. Dream of Publicity
I was standing in front of many hundreds of people, perhaps thousands, answering questions being put to me. People were very attentive. There was no dissent or arguing. I was able to talk without being heckled or interrupted, but I was also casually leaning against a wall as I did so. The proceedings were being videoed and I told those present not to look at the camera but simply to ignore it and carry on as though it was not there.

Other Races To Find God
Oct 29th. Helena. Dream of Talking to Pakistanis
Perhaps it was a Post Office which we know, but in this dream Helena was talking to some coloured people. Maybe it will happen after the publicity comes.

Sorting Things Out
Nov 2nd. Helena. Dream of Sorting Things Out
Unusual. Many things she didn't understand. There was a real mess which had to be sorted out, but it was so involved. It was hard to believe that things could have got so bad.
Meaning: The state of things in the Church. People's lives reflect a vast range of different problems that are the result of Satan's interference. Straightening everything out is not straightforward and takes a long time and considerable effort!

Jimmy White and John Parrott
Nov 3rd. Malcolm. Dream of John Parrott & Jimmy White
I was in the company of John Parrott and there was some jovial banter between us. I slapped him on the shoulder in a friendly way, but he jerked back a little, somewhat afraid of me. The next scene was of Jimmy White being present. (These men are professional snooker 'stars' in the UK.).
Meaning: The dream seemed to convey the upcoming publicity which will bring us into prominence as great as that which is given to these two world snooker stars.

God's Resurrection Power
18th Nov. Malcolm. My Father Raised Up From The Dead
In this dream, my dad was dead. Helena and others brought him into a room and laid his body on a bed for a while. I said, "What are you doing that for?" He lay there for three days. Then, suddenly, life came into him and he started talking. We were amazed! I said, "Get him to make us a cup of tea to prove that he's really alive." After that he disappeared.
Meaning: A humorous reminder of God's resurrection power which is to come.

Nov 21st. Malcolm. Dream of 40
I dreamed I was walking down a road. On the opposite side was a café. Someone sitting there shouted across to me, "When did your father die?" I replied that he died on my 40th birthday.

Meaning: 40 is a number often used to represent what God is doing in preparation for His new Work on earth.  5 x 8 = 40.  Or 2 x 4 x 5 = 40.

2 depicts certainty, 4 is a symbol of the earth, 5 represents His grace, and 8 is salvation / deliverance, etc. In Noah's time it rained for 40 days. God was preparing the earth for His new work through Noah's descendants. Jesus fasted for 40 days. He was being prepared for the new work God was about to do through Him. Moses was in Egypt 40 years, in Midian 40 years before being used to deliver Israel. He was up the mountain 40 days before receiving God's instructions, and the second time he ascended he was there 40 days also.

My father dying on my 40th birthday was also a sign of God's preparation. He is doing a new work. It pictures the severing of what we have received from the past, from our forebears, to receive revelation and truth directly from God, just as Noah, Jesus and Moses did. This is written down for others to benefit. However, few want it. The fact that someone shouted to me from across the street, shows that they didn't want to be in our company. They would rather know about us from a distance than get closely involved and associated with the truth we are promoting and walk with us side by side. It is not easy moving forward spiritually. Most others prefer to sit in their spiritual 'cafés' and enjoy the comforts of spiritual complacency and ease.

Prophetic word: I was also reminded by being given these words: God's Severity! Many in the Church do not understand why the terrible severity of the tribulation will engulf much of the Church. It is because lawlessness abounds. The majority (of believers) want God's grace, but they don't want the responsibility of obedience to His law and other statutes in the Bible. Because of their stubborn refusal to seek God's will and be obedient and submissive in all things, they will find themselves engulfed in this awesome trial. 40 also depicts trial and testing. God will prove them. And they will have to prove themselves to God. Then they can be part of God's new work.

A 'Loose' Woman
Nov 22nd. Malcolm. Dream of Loose Woman
I dreamed that I was doing some building work at a person's home. It seemed to be our former house, and yet it wasn't. There were many things about the building that were different to what we were familiar with. The owner of this house was a woman. There must have been some structural problems because water was dripping from a ceiling. It was hard to find out what the real cause of this was, whether condensation, a leaking pipe, or a roof leak. I put it down to the latter, but it was hard to pinpoint.

In the next scene, I was turning up for work in the morning. As I arrived I walked in the door and the woman was taken aback. She was not expecting me then. She was standing there before going out. She was dressed seductively. Her dress had a plunging neckline, revealing too much. It was deliberately seductive. I ignored her and went off to get on with my work. The next moment I saw someone rushing out of the house. Through the window I caught a glimpse of this woman racing out with nothing on. I tried to see properly because I couldn't believe it, but there was so much stuff in the way that I wasn't able to see clearly. She raced out and jumped into her car, which had been in the driveway when I arrived. It was a posh, well-maintained, polished sporty soft-top, maroon in colour, with bits of glittering chrome. (As I arrived, one door was wide open, as if someone was preparing to go.) She certainly did! But not in the way you would expect of someone whom you would expect to be respectable and well-behaved.

One other thing which the dream conveyed. I kept getting large dark brown oily marks on my hands, which I had to repeatedly clean off. Being oil, they wouldn't wash off, so I had to try and wipe them off on the grass.

Meaning: The spiritually decadent WCG and our involvement with the church.

Religious Women
Nov 29th. Malcolm. Dream of Church, and Women with Head Coverings
We went to a meeting hall where a church meeting was taking place and sat at the back. No one openly welcomed us or offered us a seat. We had to find one for ourselves. To get mine I had to remove a plate with some food left on it so I could sit down.
Meaning: To make room for us in the church, we are clearing up the mess left by others. Illustrative of the chaotic spiritual state within the Church.

In the audience was a row of ladies all wearing head scarves. They were all sitting together, as if part of a clone. They stood out from everyone else. You could tell they were 'religious' because of the strange way they wore their hair in buns on top, rather than letting it hang down. They also covered it with a head scarf. Even the teenage girls did this.
Meaning: This is one aspect of women's behaviour in some Christian circles which is not understood properly. I was shown that I should write an article about this, explaining why it is irrelevant today in our culture.

A Short Work
Nov 30th. Malcolm. Dream of a Short Work
Yesterday, one of the scriptures we were given in our fellowship meeting was Romans 9:28. God will do a short work on earth. He will cut it short in righteousness. At night I was then given this dream. I saw a huge construction operation underway, supplied by a convoy of vehicles. It was like a big new College being built. I assumed it would take a long time to complete, but when I came back only a day later I was astonished! It was half way completed! It would only take another day or so to get the job finished! (In this dream, however, I didn't see the end of the operation.)
Meaning: The end-time work we and many others are involved in. God will do a short work on earth before the Tribulation comes to encompass the whole earth (Is 28:22, NKJV, a destruction decreed upon the whole earth). We were told about three years ago that there would be a short-lived revival in this nation prior to the onset of the tribulation. This revival is to last about two years, God said.

In the next part of the dream, the convoy of vehicles was heading towards an Islamic or middle-eastern country. We planned to travel near to the border on Friday and then rest over the Sabbath, resuming the journey by crossing their border the following day. However, we wondered whether this would put them off (their knowing that we observed the Sabbath – there is such prejudice against this in so many circles). Anyway, the dream conveyed that there was a delay of a day before we could reach these people.
Meaning: A delay of a year before the revival which precedes the ghastly tribulation.

Passing The Security Check
December 1st. Malcolm. Dream of Being in Large Church
The building was huge, something like the Royal Albert Hall. I recognised some of the people there. I was coming into this arena but there was a security guard to pass. One of the men on security was Jonathan Buck (a minister friend in WCG). We both knew each other. A bit of friendly banter passed between us, and he allowed me to slip into the meeting.
Meaning: The dream conveys the fact that I am not welcome in most church circles, especially those of the WCG and its offshoots. Prophets rarely are. To keep the prophets out, churches erect 'security' barriers. To pass this 'security' is usually not humanly possible, or extremely difficult, but God makes a way where it is His will. He will cause us to penetrate and for the work which He is doing through us to achieve His ends.

Renovating The Building
December 3rd. Malcolm. Dream of Alterations / Renovation to Building
We were involved in doing extensive alterations to a building. On one wall the electricity supply was attached. We had to remove this box from the wall in order to complete the job. This could be done without disconnecting the electricity supply. However, for some reason, when we loosened the inlet box the power went off. We were blamed for cutting off the power supply, although we had not done so.
Meaning: We are blamed for much that has gone wrong in the Church, yet it is not our fault. Spiritual power and influence disappears when people step back from doing what is right in God's sight.

Vile Tapeworm!
December 5th. Helena. Dream of Tapeworm
Helena saw a long, writhing tapeworm. This thing could only be killed by pouring boiling water on it. Otherwise it was impossible to get rid of it.
Meaning given: The prodigious power of the devil to invade Christians if they compromise in their life.

The Power of Deception!
December 6th. Malcolm. The Power of Deception
In this dream, pieces of card (about 3" x 4", cut unevenly) were being handed around as though they were £50 notes. Everyone believed that they were £50 notes even though they didn't look a bit like it. They had nothing much drawn on them other than a few lines which made no particular pattern. But people were deceived into thinking that they were £50 notes.

Interpretation: The power of deception in the Church is so great that people believe (for example) that Christmas is a valid Christian celebration, and that Sunday is OK to replace the Sabbath.... etc. These customs are nothing like the real thing. They have unchristian pagan origins. But people have come to believe in them, just like they could believe in silly bits of card being valuable currency notes. The meaning extends much further also. People consider so many really worthless things as valuable. They become a totally deceptive substitute for what is of genuine value.

Spiritual Help Takes Effort
December 12th. Helena. Dream of Big Barn
In this dream, Helena saw a big barn where there were lots of rooms. People were being temporarily housed. It was like a health farm, where they could go to recuperate, to find help and to get their spiritual bearings. She was helping many people,  making beds and doing lots of chores.
Meaning: A picture of the spiritual help she is providing for many. It takes a lot of physical work to provide and care for others, so they can receive the spiritual help they need.

The Ever-Present Lion
December 16th. Helena. Dream of Lion
In this dream a lion was bothering us. It was constantly present, causing a lot of trouble, continually looking for something to devour. Helena was in a big household (representing the Church). There was a lot of mess which needed clearing up. There were nasty creepy things getting in the way and a mound which was a nest of wasps. The lion was continually looking at us ready to pounce, so she gave him the nest of wasps to keep him happy.
Meaning: In whatever we do, the devil is there to cause trouble and cause aggravation. We are continually battling with unseen powers, but many children of God are oblivious to the depth of it all. They give place to the devil far too often without even thinking about it. Christians are not alert enough to see just how much confusion he causes. Each one is involved in a battle of resistance to the devil, of not complying with his evils.

A Peacock Comes To Us
December 17th. Malcolm. Dream of Peacock
In this dream a peacock wandered into our garden, attracted by the seed we had put out for the birds in this cold spell. (We used to have a pet peacock but he died about four years ago.)
Meaning: God will replace what we have lost. He will cause our honour to be restored, the joy of His salvation to be increased, and restore what we seem to have lost in sacrificing for Him.

Footnote: This was literally fulfilled also, six or seven years later, when a peacock actually chose our garden to stay in for a few days before wandering on.  
These are just some of the night visions God has given us. They are the ones which we feel should be written down. We have recorded them here for you, whoever you are, so that you may "run with them".

Habakkuk wrote:

Write down the revelation and make it plain.... so that a herald may run with it (Hab 2:2).

That is your responsibility. If you know friends or brothers who also need to know what God has given us – and now given to you – "run" with them. Tell them!

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the housetops (Luke 12:2,3).

[1]   The WCG is the Worldwide Church of God. While the dream depicted this group, its meaning is not confined to them. This church organisation has apostatised by rejecting formerly held true biblical beliefs and practices in favour of apostate ones in order to gain wider public and ecclesiastical acceptability. They ignore the warnings of the prophets who are sent to urge them to repent of their moral depravity and awaken them from their spiritual stupor.

[2]   A Woman Who Rides The Beast, available in UK for £10.00 from NPN. Tel. 0700 073 737 or 0181 909 9937. Fax 0181 909 9938. Or in USA , for US $24.00 from: Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, PO Box 7019, Bend, Oregon 97708, USA.

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