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Facing the British Police

In Is Britain Now A Police State? and When Prosecution Is Persecution, I relate many dreams from God
about what is wrong with the civil system in Britain. It is most uncivil! Here are some more revelations.

People don’t understand God. So they wonder about dreams. A mind without the Spirit of God cannot comprehend. To him, such things are foolishness or inconsequential.

However, God and what He says are far from inconsequential! Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police, and all who are involved in this police attack of Midnight Ministries are going to find out firsthand!

In Africa, where evil people stood against those promoting MM’s literature, some of them lost their lives for their hostile opposition.[1] Elijah likewise called down the fire of God upon a captain and his 50 soldiers – more than once (2 Kings 1). And God is just as vehement against evil today as back then! Anyone who tries to harm servants of God, who are at the forefront of God’s Work on earth, will pay a high price for their hostility.

God only forgives upon a person’s repentance. The obdurate receive the wages of their truculence.

Wrong Approach

The following story illustrates serious flaws in police behaviour and approach. You may say it is an isolated case, extreme, and not representative of the police as a whole. I would agree with you up to a point.

However, the underlying mentality is much more prevalent than many think. And God has good reasons for putting the British police under scrutiny – exposing duplicity and gross moral failings, and bringing them under the hammer of His judgement.

Chris Brooke in The Daily Mail of 11th February 2008 wrote:

A father told yesterday how police made a dawn raid on his home – to arrest his 12-year-old son following a ‘scuffle’ with another boy.

Taher Faleh, 31, said he was woken at 6am by two officers hammering at his front door. They insisted on waking his son Dean themselves.

When the worried father objected to them being the first to walk into the bedroom Dean shared with four young siblings, he claimed they threatened to arrest him as well.

By the time Dean was led away, the other youngsters were all ‘scared and crying’, their father said.

The schoolboy was taken to Sheffield’s Attercliffe police station where his DNA and fingerprints were taken and he was released on bail at 9.30am pending further inquiries into the alleged assault months earlier.

Recalling the incident at his home in Shiregreen, Sheffield, the father of six said: ‘I was woken by the knocking. I went downstairs and they said they were the police and they had come for my son.

‘I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I thought it was a joke. But they were ready to smash the door down so I let them in.

‘I told the two policemen I would wake him up. I didn’t want them going upstairs and frightening my children.

‘They said they had to arrest him from his bed. I stood in front of them on the stairs because I knew they [the children] would be frightened if strangers burst into their bedroom.

‘I was adamant the police officers shouldn’t violate my children’s space. In my culture it’s a sin to violate other people’s space, especially children.

‘But they said if I didn’t move, they would arrest me for obstruction of justice. They refused to allow me or his mother to wake him up and they insisted on going into my children’s bedroom, where there were four children under ten asleep, and waking him up.

‘I have six children, they were all scared and crying. There was a big commotion.’

Mr Faleh said he phoned the police switchboard when the officers were in his house but could find no one willing to  help him or discuss the arrest of his son.

Mr Faleh, originally from Yemen, said Dean was involved in a ‘scuffle’ with a boy on the way home from school.

He added, ‘I found out about it and I spoke to the other boy’s mother and we both agreed we would not take the incident any further.

‘They are only children and they have fights, that’s what they do. They had a little scuffle and we tried to sort it out. Two children had a fight. There were no broken bones, no scars and no lasting damage.’

But six weeks later, in September, Mr Faleh received a letter from South Yorkshire Police asking him to contact them about an allegation of assault.

He said he took Dean to the local police station five days after receiving the letter. There, they spoke to two officers.

Mr Faleh made a counter-complaint of racist abuse against the boy’s mother, whom he claimed chased Dean home, calling him racist names.

He added: ‘My son is a good lad. He’s got no criminal record, he’s doing well at school and he respects his elders.

‘I thought England was the cradle of civilisation and then something like this happens, it’s unbelievable.’

He said he was speaking out about the incident because he was so shocked at the attitude of the police.

A South Yorkshire police spokesman said: ‘A 12-year-old boy was arrested in connection with an alleged assault, following numerous requests for him to present himself at a police station.

‘He has been released on police bail pending further investigations into the alleged assault. We treat allegations of assault very seriously and are determined to bring offenders to justice using proportionate means.’ (End of Mail account.)

What’s Wrong?

You shouldn’t need a course in human relations to see what is wrong in the above incident. The police were behaving like thugs, abusing their authority by being insensitive, uncaring and overbearing.

A person is not guilty until proven so. Until then, he should be treated with the same respect as other citizens, and afforded the same rights and freedoms. Dean was treated like a common criminal, as if already proven guilty. Nor was he treated like a minor.

For a police officer to barge into someone’s home, overruling the father’s right to wake up his own son, is completely unacceptable.

Then, to use manipulation and intimidation by a threat to prosecute him for ‘obstructing the course of justice’ if he didn’t move out of the way, is also wrong.

If you, me, or anyone else threatens a police officer, he takes it very seriously, and will invariably charge you with an offence for ‘threatening behaviour’. Yet, they use threats to gain control over you. Not only is it wrong; it’s double standards – one rule of behaviour for you, but exoneration for them.

We see this in British society in so many cases. One example is in prosecutions for speeding. Most police officers wriggle out of it and are not prosecuted, but the ordinary citizen is not granted any clemency. Gone are the days when one would receive a polite caution! It’s ruthless enforcement now, that’s all! And if you dare oppose it, or object, you’ll get even harsher treatment!

I have heard it said by an experienced lawyer that if you ever ‘cross’ the police, they will never forget it. They wait for their opportunity to ‘get even’. It’s not just revenge; it’s also a matter of proving their supremacy. It’s a pride thing. And that’s very wrong.

Inflexible and Uncaring

When laws are enforced with rigid ruthlessness, without any human qualities of decency and fairness being shown, something is dreadfully wrong! The root of the problem is in police attitudes that have become hardened. There are several contributing factors.

I realise that the task of a police officer today is much more stressful and difficult than 40 years ago. When you deal with evil people almost every day, you become hardened and tainted by it, losing respect for humanity. If you are around decent, reasonable, and caring people, you tend to be a more reasonable person yourself. But if your contact with errant humanity is only with the lowest and the worst, morally speaking, you can be dragged down to the same level.

How sad, when police become our attackers and oppressors, instead of our defenders!

However, there is a mental and spiritual defence from being tarnished by society’s demons. I use the word ‘spiritual’ deliberately, because that is the source of the problem. Any officer who has God in his life, and is actively in tune with God’s Spirit, does not harbour the same antagonism, resentment and hostility against suspects. But because of the moral downturn in society, and the relegation of Christian values to the dustbin, such individuals are rare.

Repression is one result. Now we have a ‘Big Brother’ society, with jackboot oppressive Stasi police. It’s the final outcome of rejection of God’s morality.

God Said These Things

All this sad state of affairs is supported by what God has revealed in dreams to me, to Helena, and to Kassahun Ayele, a prophet in Ethiopia.

As well as the repression, there is mendacity, and malice, as this revelation from God showed:

On December 28th 2002, Kassahun had this dream:

I was in a large house where there was a pulpit. On it stood many lamps which were burning. These lamps needed a constant supply of oil, and quite a number of us were engaged in carrying oil and filling them. Malcolm and his companion were busily engaged. And I noticed that Helena poured in more oil.

Then Malcolm went to a door which opened on to a warehouse, where there were many barrels of oil. [This depicts the publications and means to distribute them which God will provide, so that His truths go out in bulk and make it possible for many people to receive God’s Spirit.]

Just then a company of men came along [police] with a great quantity of black stuff that looked like soot [false accusations], and heaped it all upon Malcolm and Helena, completely covering them with it. I was very grieved, and watched anxiously to see the end of these things. I could see Malcolm and Helena both working hard to get out from under the soot, and after a long struggle they came out as bright as ever, and the evil men and the soot disappeared. Then Malcolm set to work, more heartily than ever, in supplying the lamps with oil.

Kassahun finished:

This dream has strengthened my confidence that the Lord will lead you out and finish the work of restoration that is begun. May the Lord bless you and your companion and children and grant us to meet in his kingdom.              Kassahun

Here are various other relevant revelations:

Injustice Masquerades As Justice

24th April 2003. M. Unjust court case.

(A real situation; the dream is not symbolic.) I received a court summons for failing to identify the driver of our car for having exceeded a 30 mph speed limit by 8 mph after midnight in September 2002.

Despite the fact that I am told the law in this land does not expect you to remember details after 11 days, the police want to prosecute me for failing to identify the driver (a ridiculous 'crime'). In my defence I wrote out a long statement which I asked them to read out in court. It included the article Is Britain Now A Police State? and Angela’s Trial and the Tiger.

But in this dream, God revealed beforehand that they would NOT read out any of this in court! I will not be present, so they think they can get away with avoiding reading out my defence in full.

And that's precisely what happened. Because I was not present in court, they didn't read out what I had written in my defence. The magistrate didn't care about me or justice, merely about clearing his or her bench as quickly as possible. I got a hefty fine (£250) and 3 points on my licence for supposedly 'breaking' a law that is unreasonable anyway! This is typical of our justice system which does not seek fairness, but merely to convict and condemn wherever it can.

Unreasonable State Punishment

19th Jan 2008. M. Unreasonable state punishment.

A man had bought a second-hand car. It had road tax on it, and he naturally assumed that it was valid. It was the middle of the month and had some time to run. But the disc was forged and he didn’t know it. He was pulled up by the authorities and faced a penalty. He had to fill in a form and had to tick a box on the form beside a question which said: “Have you driven or kept the car on the road before such a date?” which was the date when the new tax disc began.

Of course, he had, but he hadn’t deliberately tried to avoid paying road tax. He thought his disc was genuine, so he had not committed any criminal offence. Because he was trusting that the authorities would be reasonable and have common sense, he answered ‘no’ to the question.

However, the judge ruled that he had committed the offence and passed a severe judgement upon him of a fine of £1,000. He was crushed by it!

Big Brother Madness & Jimmy White

4th Dec 2002. M. Jimmy White (an internationally known snooker player, and recognised as a decent honest fellow) was wanted by the police. They sought to charge him for something rather petty and unclear how it was in violation of the law. It was something to do with the white frontage of a house. The windows had been altered – made a different size. You could see the new small horizontal-slit windows and white paint around them which was now much whiter than the original white wall. For some reason the authorities found fault with this. I couldn’t help but think, “What is society coming to?! This is nit-picking and loss of freedom under the Orwellian Big Brother.”

The Komodo Dragon

24th Jan 2003. M. The Komodo Dragon.

In this dream, there was a dragon in our garden. (A huge crocodile-like land lizard which can be ferocious.) I jumped on the back of this thing to drive it out of our garden, and drove it out. I shouted to a small boy to open the gate at the end of the garden, so I could direct it through the gate and to the outside. But the small boy didn’t listen to me first time, so I had to shout urgently to him again, “Come on, open the gate. Hurry!” [This has a spiritual meaning as does the Midnight Cry in Matt 25:6.] That time, he did – just in time. The beast kept going in the direction I wanted him to go. He left our garden.

Outside there was a road which we crossed [publicity], and then a patch of green grass. A small driveway was nearby, between some other houses. I thought that would be a good place to leave him. He could feed on the grass, and explore up the driveway if he wanted, I thought. So I left him there. I was glad to get him out off our property.

Then the scene changed, and I saw two lovely pairs of exotic birds in someone else’s garden. One pair were very colourful, the others were white. They were standing tall and proud like egrets, or flamingos but with different beaks – long and like a heron’s, and their heads were directed upwards.

I wanted to show the little boy these birds and beckoned across the road to him to come and see. But instead of going through the gate, this small youngster (who was only about 2 feet high) started to climb the iron fence which had sharp spikes at the top. I was aghast! I was really worried for his safety. But he clambered up, and managed to get over without hurting himself. Where he climbed over, there was a group of people gathered in the road. The dream ended there.

Meaning: This lizard was huge, had a broad back covered in smooth grey scales. It crawled on its four legs, close to the ground like lizards do. It was a formidable creature. It represents the State police machinery.

The small boy is a person who has lived ‘dangerously’.

The beautiful birds represent some of the beauty of God’s creation which He has made for us to wonder at and enjoy; they represent 1) a parallel in the spirit realm which God possesses and wants to share with us, and 2) what God is doing with His people who truly look up to Him and obediently honour Him.

When Insecure, God Is Our Security

22nd January 2003. H. Insecure apartment.

We felt the enemy was going to attack us. The apartment we were staying in felt insecure, so I used a couple of pieces of wire to secure the doors.

An Alsatian dog died (Alsatians are used as guard dogs for security) so I threw it out so that the foxes might have it. When I closed the door I noticed that the dog had revived and was running away.

Meaning: The Alsatian represents someone we know. The foxes represent evil police personnel who are after him. And we are in jeopardy as a result of this pursuit.

However, God is indicating that although we feel insecure and helpless, He will perform miracles to keep us safe. God is our protection and His angels watch over us as Psalm 91 assures.

Police, Police, Police

27th Jan 2004. M. Unfair treatment.

I went to buy some items of underwear in a shop. Wanting to be private, I put the items over my shoulder but under my jacket where they could not be seen. When I came to the check-out I couldn't remember for a moment where I had placed them. Then I remembered, and took them out in full view of the shop assistant. She thought I was trying to conceal things like a shoplifter would, and wanted me to go into a little room where I could be searched. But I refused. I protested that I wasn't hiding them out of sight from a wrong motive and that I wasn't concealing other things. "Would I bring this out in full view and hide other things there as well?" Of course not! But she wasn't satisfied. I looked all over the package to see what the price was, but that was concealed. So, she wasn't being fair with me. I gave her £20 to pay for the items and waited for the change, but she refused to give me any. I felt cheated and insulted! First I was insulted that she would be suspicious of my motives. I wasn't trying to do anything underhand. She was accusing me falsely. I was also annoyed that she wouldn't give me any change and refused to be co-operative. Although I asked for my £20 note back, she held onto it. I felt so frustrated!

Meaning: An allegory of the way the police look at me. They think I am involved in some underhand activity. I am not. Their surveillance of us is unreasonable, but they are determined to find fault. In their pursuit of their wrong suspicions they treat me unfairly, take away my rights, and freeze my money.

I am writing this on 27th Jan, the morning after God gave the dream. It is a testimony against the police who will come against me and my family in due course, as God has revealed in many dreams. Why will they do this and why will God allow it? To expose the wrong motives behind many criminal investigations, which too often target the wrong person. Why do they often target the wrong person? Because of pressures put upon them by government to bring down crime rates. It's harder to catch the hardened career criminal, so they come against the soft options, the people who are law-abiding but whom they can catch out on technicalities and get prosecuted on trivia. It increases their 'success rate' and makes the figures look good.

What is so wrong with this type of prosecution and victimisation is that it completely fails to take into account the true motives of the individual and WHY he does what he does.

We see a similar abuse of power in the operation of speeding fines. Prosecution takes no account of all relevant circumstances, nor motives – why someone is breaking the speed limit. Often it is a simple oversight, an innocent slip-up, a mistake that has harmed no-one, but for which the 'offender' is punished severely.

God wants to highlight the abuse of power going on in too many instances by police utterly failing to perceive or care about the motives of decent people who end up trapped by the law for having committed some offence of which they are totally unaware. They had no intention of being lawless, but some fault-finding officers are intent on prosecuting for prosecution's sake, not for the sake of justice. Such abuse is very hurtful and damaging to the victims. And, so much of this may be going on that the frustration underneath that it is producing in society may soon come to the boil and erupt into a wave of rebellion against the police and their maintenance of law and order. Anarchy can be the result!

Police: Provocative And Aggressive!

6th March 2004. M. A large animal shoved me from behind. It was very provocative and aggressive.

Meaning: Police – how they behave.

Police: Interfering

17th March 2004. M. Police blocking our e-mails.

In this dream some e-mails were not arriving in our mail box. It seemed that ones with the word ‘police’ in them were being intercepted and were being prevented from reaching us. Meaning: The dream depicts police interference with some of our activities. Actually, this sort of thing is illicit, but it goes on because police power is unchallengeable when it goes unseen.

Watching Them Watching Us

25th March 2004. M. Police car.

I was travelling down a three-lane highway, behind some other vehicles. There was a police car up front on the left and I took notice of it. I was watching it. The queue of traffic passed it with our car behind. We were the last vehicle in this queue. I was trying to slow down and had to keep braking, so as not to get stopped by the police car.

With the police car now behind us, I was conscious of the fact that he was now watching us instead of us watching him.

Also, as the dream ended, it was impressed on me in the spirit that they will be concerned about the publication Listening To God. They will know that God speaks to us!

Massive Police Iceberg Ahead!

Kassahun wrote:

10th February 2004

Last night God gave me this dream:

Huge obstacle will get in MM's way

The family of MM was on a large ship. Malcolm and his family, with a number of other faithful ones, were sitting on one side and I and some other Africans were sitting on the other side parallel with each other. We all were praising God.

After the praise, Malcolm stood and told us that the ship was given to MM for the work of spreading the truths to other continents and we must all participate in doing the work as never before.

Suddenly, the lookout cried, “Iceberg just ahead!” We all went to see. There, towering high above the ship, was a gigantic iceberg. Malcolm cried out, “Meet it!”

There was not a moment’s hesitation. It was a time for instant action. The captain steered the ship straight into the iceberg [iceberg depicts cold authorities lacking God’s love].

With a massive crash she struck the ice. There was a tremendous shock and the iceberg broke into many pieces, falling with a noise like thunder to the deck.

We were violently shaken by the force of the collision but no lives were lost. The ship was damaged, but not beyond repair. She rebounded from the contact trembling like a living creature. Then she moved forward on her way.

Meaning: The dream depicts the massive confrontational attack against MM by British state police and legal machinery. God is going to allow this, to bring a witness against the forces of so-called law and order in Britain before He prophesies their doom for rejecting Him.

He is shaking all things!

‘Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven.’ Now this, ‘Yet once more,’ indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.

For our God is a consuming fire (Heb 12:26-29, NKJV).

Malcolm B Heap, February 2008

[1]   Recounted in When God’s Judgement Falls (£1.00) from Midnight Ministries

Copyright: Midnight Ministries, PO Box 29, Aylesbury, HP17 8TL, UK